One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 6, 2006 on OLTL

Antonio and Jessica were married. Todd thought there was some meaning behind his catching the garter while Evangeline caught the bouquet. Britney planned revenge on Starr and Cole. Kelly and Kevin made a commitment to each other and Zane. They decided it might be a good idea to leave Llanview. Vincent visited Hugh in the hospital but realized that patient wasn't Hugh.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 6, 2006 on OLTL
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Monday, November 6, 2006

Rex is distraught over the fact that he got so far in trying to locate Todd's son only to be have run into a brick wall now that the lawyer who gave away the baby died in the tornado. Adriana tries to assure Rex that he will find a way to help Todd. As Rex thinks about the situation, an idea comes to him as to how he can still use the dead lawyer to find Todd's son so he calls Todd to give him the news. Todd tells him to spare no expense and that there will be a nice monetary sum waiting for him when he locates the child. Rex assures Todd that he will get working on it first thing in the morning. When Todd wonders why Rex can't get started at that moment, Rex informs him that he and Adriana are going to Antonio's and Jessica's bachelor and bachelorette parties. Todd hears that Antonio is having a party and decides to crash the party since Antonio is about to marry his favorite niece.

Jessica, Viki, and Natalie are at Capricorn going over last minute details with Jessica's wedding when it occurs to Jessica how painful it might be for Natalie to hear her discussing her wedding. Natalie assures her that all she wants is for Jessica to be happy and she knows that John would want that as well. When Roxy shows up and decides to get the party started with a few Cosmos, Jessica opts instead for a lemon drop shop which raises Viki's eyebrows. Jessica begins to worry that Tess is not gone for good and that she will not allow her to walk down the aisle with Antonio tomorrow. Viki tries to reassure Jessica by telling her that everything she is feeling is part of the integration process and that Jessica should not worry about the fact that there is some Tess coming out. When Viki wonders if Jessica still wants to marry Antonio, Jessica tells her that she knows that marrying Antonio is the right thing to do. Their discussion is interrupted by Blair and Adriana who join in on the festivities.

Meanwhile over at Nash's, Antonio, Cris, and Clint arrive to find Nash missing in action and a fire roaring in a barrel. When Antonio wonders what has happened to Nash and if he has gone back to drinking after Antonio left, Nash appears with sodas and beers. Clint informs Antonio that he is at the bachelor party that he didn't want. Antonio is mad at first but then relaxes to enjoy the party and do some male bonding which doesn't get off to a good start when Antonio confesses that he would not have done the same thing for Nash if the situation were reversed. As the ice thaws, the men begin to bond until their party is interrupted by Todd who wasn't invited.

David visits Hugh and runs into Paige who is keeping a constant vigil on Hugh's progress. David shares with Paige the news that Spencer has turned out to not be a Buchanan and has spent his whole life trying to get revenge that was based on a lie. Paige is surprised but relieved that Spencer is not a Buchanan while David still wonders why his mother would have lied about Spencer's parentage on her deathbed. David steps inside to visit his injured nephew and promises to take him to get a Cannoli when he recovers. Thinking of Cannoli's makes David remember how he single handedly cracked the case of Thomas McBain's murder and was rewarded with the baked treat. When he mentions how John was in the same wreck as Hugh but did not survive, John becomes agitated and tries to tell David that he is not Hugh.

Kelly begins to make plans to move back into Dorian's when she is able to leave with Zane. She is not thrilled by the idea but feels that she needs someone to help her with her son and knows that Dorian will do everything possible to make sure that she and the baby are safe and comfortable. Kevin suggests that maybe he could help Kelly with Zane when she is released from the hospital. He is concerned that Dorian will try to turn the boy against his Buchanan family. Kelly agrees and then is taken aback when Kevin suggests that she move back in with him so that they can raise the baby together. A touched Kelly kisses Kevin after accepting his offer.

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Nash cleaned up the mess from the bachelor party. He had a flashback to kissing Tess and tossed a beer bottle at the wall. "How can I let this wedding happen?" he asked himself. Natalie came by and said she was there to make sure Nash doesn't do anything to ruin her wedding day. Vincent came by as she was leaving. Nash gave Vincent a check for the money he borrowed, plus interest. Vincent asked where Nash got the money, but Nash told him not to worry about it. Natalie ridiculed Vincent for being a shady loan shark. Vincent countered that she should think more of him now that he's confessed to setting up Cristian. When Natalie refused to cut him any slack, he told her it was a mistake for him to ever have listened to anything she had to say to him.

Once alone, Nash saw a vision of Tess sitting on the floor wearing black leather thigh-highs. She told him he was giving up too easy. Nash said he fought hard to get her back, but it just didn't work out. The Tess vision told Nash he has to figure out how to find her inside of Jessica. "Go to the wedding and stop it and give us a fighting chance," the vision told him before vanishing.

Clint dropped by Llanfair as Jessica was getting ready for the wedding. Jessica told her father that she isn't sure Antonio knows what he's getting into marrying her because she's not "low-maintenance." Clint replied that Antonio has stuck it out this far so he must know how lucky he is to have her. Later, Viki talked to Jessica about Tess. She told Jessica that she's integrated and needn't worry. Jessica pointed out how Niki spoiled one of her weddings, but Viki said she was not integrated on the day Niki came out and ruined her nups to Joe. Natalie and Adriana came in. Viki gave Jessica antique earrings as something old. Adriana pointed out that Jessica's dress was the something new, and then handed her a blue garter. Adriana said she made it herself and that she's thinking about making lingerie. Natalie gave Jessica a pearl hair clip that she said John gave to her as the something borrowed. Jessica put on her dress, but then removed the veil and the lace covering her cleavage. "That looks better," she said. Although the difference was extremely subtle, Natalie responded, "You look exactly like Tess." Jessica objected to the comparison, but Natalie pointed out that if she and Adriana saw the similarity, Nash would also see it.

Kevin gave Kelly a photo of Duke so Zane could have a photo of his father to inspire him. Dorian came by the hospital to see how Zane and Kelly were doing. Kelly said she's fine and that they're waiting to see how Zane does. Kevin excused himself and went to the wedding. Dorian said to Kelly that it seems she and Kevin are getting along well. Kelly said yes, that Kevin has been great in being there for her and Zane.

Kevin came by Llanfair and talked to Clint about Kelly. He said that there's too much going on in Llanview for he and Kelly to really make another go of things. Clint suggested they go to London for a fresh start. Viki walked in and Kevin and Clint told her about the plan. Viki said she's glad to see Kevin and Kelly happy even though she'd miss them if they move. Dorian barged in and said she was there for the wedding. Viki told Dorian she wasn't invited. Dorian retorted that she was there on behalf of Kelly, who was invited, but then Kelly walked in. Viki said Dorian could stay, and Clint added that it'd be no stranger than Antonio asking Nash to be there. Dorian walked into the church and sat down. Adriana saw her mother and shared a few terse words with her. She ran back to Rex, who told her to just let it go.

Cristian talked to Antonio about how nice it was that Antonio was finally marrying Jessica. Antonio told Cris that if Nash screws up his wedding that he'll "kill him in front of everyone right then and there." Nash arrived at the church and said hi to Antonio, but then got flustered a bit and ran out. Meanwhile, back at Llanfair, Jessica slapped some bright red lipstick on and instructed Natalie to go ahead to the church so she could have a minute for herself. After Natalie left, Nash walked in.

A nurse read an article about the wedding to "Hugh". When she got to the bridesmaids' names, the patient got worked up at the mention of Natalie's name. "Natalie... Natalie," he grunted. Later, Vincent came by to talk to "Hugh." He explained how he confessed to setting up Cristian because Natalie got under his skin. "Eventually, she's got to move on," he said. "Hugh" got riled again. "No!" he grunted. The nurse came in to check on "Hugh." Vincent was surprised when she mentioned the patient's "nice blue eyes."

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Vincent was upset that the doctor wouldn't believe him about Hugh having brown eyes, not blue like the nurse said. He began yelling about how he went to college with the guy and knew darn well the color of his eyes (how many street thug criminals went to college???). The doctor told him to calm down or leave, but Vincent would not be denied. "You trying to tell me that a car accident is changing the color of a man's eyes?" Vincent asked. The doctor seemed uninterested in Vincent's point and said they need to let "Hugh" rest.

Antonio noticed that neither Jessica nor Nash were at the church yet. Cristian asked Antonio how his nerves were. Antonio said he was a little nervous. Cristian told Antonio that he and Jessica already got through the hard part and now have only happiness before them.

Back at Llanfair, Nash asked Jessica not to marry Antonio. He told her that even though she is integrated, she is now a new person with a new heart and that she isn't ready to get married yet. He began yelling about how Antonio doesn't love the beautiful, exciting part of her that is Tess. "You're integrated," he said, "which means you're a new person, and until you and Antonio understand that, this wedding is doomed to fail before you even get to the altar." Jessica refused to rethink anything. Nash said he can't promise he'll keep his mouth shut when the clergyman asks if anyone objects to the marriage. Jessica walked up to Nash and went in like she was going to kiss him. Nash got all into it, but then Jessica just whispered, "Go to hell." Nash shrugged and said, "That's exactly what Tess would say," and then left.

Claudia sat at the bar drinking with Blair. She commented on how they were the only two people in town not at the wedding. Blair said she wasn't going because Todd didn't want her to. After they were both good and sauced, Blair suggested they go crash the wedding. Claudia liked the idea. Claudia and Blair got to the wedding and realized that Jessica wasn't at the church yet. Claudia barged into Antonio's dressing room and asked where Nash was. Antonio noticed she was drunk and pointed out that she's blown a year of sobriety. Claudia dismissed the comment and asked Antonio if he's worried that Jessica and Nash were not there yet. He said he was not.

A drunken Blair stumbled around the church, knocking things over. Todd noticed her and promised that if she embarrassed him in front of his niece that he would throw her out.

Dorian saw David at the church and wondered why he was there. David asked Dorian how she got invited, and Dorian explained that Viki invited her. David commented on how "bizarro wedding" that was.

Antonio asked Cristian if Jessica arrived yet and got upset when Cristian said no. A moment later, Rex came in and told the boys that Jessica just pulled up to the church. Antonio gathered his composure and went out to get married.

Clint caught Nash on his way into the church. He asked what was going on between him and Jessica, and Nash just said that he should ask Jessica.

Vincent went to the church and asked Evangeline if she remembered how "Hugh" was acting strange. She said yes, but that she chalked it up to heavy medication. Before he could explain any more, Jaime walked down the aisle with the flowers and the ceremony started. Nash popped in just as the organist began playing "Here Comes the Bride." He took his place at the altar and Antonio asked, "What the hell is going on?" Before Nash could say anything, Jessica appeared with Clint, set to walk down the aisle. Clint asked her if she was ready. She did not answer him.

Thursday, November 9, 2006

Going over and over in her head, "I'm marrying the man of my dreams," Jess walks down the aisle with Clint, towards Antonio. The ceremony begins but suddenly she says, "I can't do this." Jess pulls Nash out of the chapel and once and for all, explains to him that she has a new combination heart and that she needs to find out for herself what she's after. She thanks him for standing up for her in the wedding but she knows that her new heart is telling her to marry Antonio. She won't change her mind. An inebriated Blair stumbles out, followed closely by Todd. Out in the rectory, Todd tries to get her to drink some water, as Blair denies having had too much to drink. She needs him, she tells him, and doesn't want to be alone. She's quite upset and jealous over the thought of Todd and Evangeline being together at the wedding, she admits. They recall their second wedding with the gold balloons and as they kiss, imagine those same balloons falling again. Todd agrees to take Blair home to lie down. Jess returns to Antonio and tells him she's ready to get on with their wedding now that she's taken care of some unfinished business with Nash. They have written their own vows. Jess: "...put you through a have this inner strength...been half a person...loved me anyway...believed in in gave me understanding...gonna love you for the rest of my life..." Antonio: "...I don't have to wait til morning to see you...supporting me in everything I do...a long road to get where I am today...I always knew you'd be there at the end of the road for me..." Nash stands by ripping petals from a rose. Antonio messes up and alleviates some of the tension with laughs, as the couple finally becomes husband and wife.

An exhausted Michael returns home from the hospital and only wants to go to sleep, disappointing Marcie who had plans of celebrating their 6-month anniversary. To top things off, a fussy Tommy, who has already kept Marcie from the wedding, continues to cry and fuss as his parents try to quiet him down. Finally, Michael tricks his wife into going into his bag for his pager and she finds a wrapped gift for her. He couldn't help it, he exclaims. She's such an easy mark! Inside is a beautiful ruby necklace while her gift to him is a remote control key finder. They talk about not making love for well over a week as the baby continues to fuss. Finally, Michael comes up with the solution, a singing Marcie pre-recorded. Tommy goes to sleep and the pair can celebrate.

Starr wishes Cole luck at the big game as he heads into the locker room. Britney discloses to her cheerleader friends that Cole is waiting for her inside, so she can dispense some tension relief. Inside, the coach tells him they're depending on him for his speed and power. He also decides that he no longer wants to take steroids and tries to refuse them from his teammate. When Britney walks in, he quickly stuffs the pills into his locker. She wants to help him relax, she tells him. Having overheard Britney's pronouncement, a panicked Starr reports to Langston who comes up with a quick fix. She offers the mascot some money in exchange for the costume and urges Starr to don it and sneak into the locker room under the pretense of getting the team fired up. Wearing the lion's costume, Starr immediately spots Britney coming onto Cole but is surprised to see him push her away as she tries to kiss him, telling her that he's not interested in being with her. He doesn't want her and never will, he yells. She threatens him for talking to her like that and stalks out. Starr, still dressed in the lion's outfit, tries to follow, but is waylaid by the coach. He admonishes her for being in the locker room and tosses her out. Cole is upset with himself for blowing up while a thrilled Starr reports back to Langston. She also learns that the "mascot kid" left and so she's stuck playing lion for the game. Britney lies to her friends and tells them how she relaxed Cole in the equipment room. As she walks by, Starr trips her, in front of the team. Cole is deeply amused, as Brit rips off the lion's head to expose Starr's identity. He tells Starr what happened as the enraged cheerleader heads back into the locker room, intent on getting back at Cole. Rummaging through his locker, she finds the pills that Cole didn't have the chance to return.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Antonio and Jessica make their entrance into the reception at Capricorn as husband and wife. Antonio spies Nash at the bar and thanks him for showing up under the circumstances. Antonio wonders why Nash and Jessica were late to the wedding but all Nash reveals is that he had business to clear up. In front of family and friends, Antonio and Jessica share their first dance as a married couple. Cris interrupts their dance to toast the happy couple. Nash decides to make a toast as well and wishes the happy couple much love as well as expressing his gratitude that his daughter will grow up in a house full of love. When Jessica steps outside to catch her breath she runs into Nash who despite his skepticism that Antonio will be able to accept and love the Tess part of her, he still wishes her all the love and happiness that she deserves. When he wonders if Jessica told Antonio the truth about what delayed them to the wedding, they both decide that Antonio doesn't need to know about what happened at Llanfair. Unbeknownst to them, Antonio was around the corner and heard the tail end of their conversation.

Adriana is furious that Dorian showed up at Jessica and Antonio's wedding especially since the only reason that she is there is to get next to Clint. Rex tries to get Adriana to let go of her vendetta for one night so that they can enjoy the reception. He also reminds Adriana that she now has a new business venture to look forward to as opposed to plotting revenge against Dorian. Rex gets a call and steps away to take it. Dorian uses that moment as an opportunity to try to make small talk with Adriana who walks away instead.

After receiving the cold shoulder form Adriana, Dorian glares at Viki and Clint who seem to be enjoying themselves a little too much at their daughter's wedding. David steps up before Dorian has a chance to do something stupid. He reminds her that it's not unusual for the mother and father of the bride to share share a dance at the wedding. David wonders if Dorian has room for him on her dance card and Dorian happily obliges. When Clint comes up and takes Dorian on the dance floor, Dorian becomes hopeful again but the feeling is short lived when Clint finds his way back to Viki's side.

Todd finds Evangeline after returning from putting a drunken Blair to bed at the penthouse. As Todd flirts with Evangeline, Cris walks up and begins to talk about the wedding. Todd wonders what Antonio was thinking when he invited Tess' ex to the wedding. Cris believes that when two people love each other as Jessica and Antonio do, no third party can come between that kind of love. Cris thinks that Todd and Blair have that kind of love but Todd disagrees and decides to put Cris' theory to the test by asking Evangeline to dance with him. When Evangeline associates Todd's catching of the garter with his eventual reconciliation with Blair, Todd thinks that maybe he is destined to be with someone else and reminds Evangeline that it was she who caught the wedding bouquet.

Kelly and Kevin take their leave to get back to the hospital to be with Zane. Kelly tries to get Kevin to stay but Jessica insists that they both get back to their baby. At the hospital, Kevin and Kelly reaffirm their commitment to each other and Zane but Kelly is skeptical that they can make a fresh start in Llanview. Kevin and agrees and shares with Kelly how Clint offered to transfer him to an opening in their Paris headquarters. He asks Kelly if she and Zane would be interested in moving to Paris with him. Kelly wonders if Kevin can truly accept and raise Duke's son. Kevin assures her that he couldn't love Zane anymore if he were his own son. Kelly isn't so sure that Kevin would feel the same way if Duke were alive but Kevin tells her that neither one of them could predict what would be happening if Duke were still alive but since the situation is what it is, they have to make decision based on their lives now. Kelly is excited to be starting over with Kevin after so much pain.

Natalie stays behind at the church and imagines what it would be like on her and John's wedding day. She imagines that John is there and is trying to tell her something but he doesn't know how. Vincent arrives to find answers to his predicament regarding Hugh's "blue" eyes and runs into a defensive Natalie. Vincent assures her that he wasn't following her and that he needed to find answers and thought the church would be the best place to go since he would find answers in his mother's church when he was younger. Vincent tries to tell her about how Hugh is getting better and about what the nurse said about his eyes but Natalie doesn't wan to be reminded that Hugh is getting better while John is dead. Vincent is disappointed in Natalie's lack of faith in miracles but Natalie doesn't have any proof that miracles can happen. Vincent leaves saying that he thinks he has found the answers he was looking for while Natalie finds her way to the reception much to the relief of Viki and Jessica who have been worried about the day's effects on her.

Vincent returns to the hospital just as the nurse has given John something to calm him down. Vincent goes to the bedside and tells the bandaged man that although he seems to not like him, Vincent is his only hope of getting the word out about who he truly is since Vincent is now convinced that Hugh did not survive the crash. When Vincent wonders who is really lying in that hospital bed, John answers "I'm John."

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