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All My Children Recaps: The week of October 15, 2007 on AMC
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Monday, October 15, 2007

Adam watched as JR and Zach conversed with each other. Zach demanded that JR needed to make progress on getting Greenlee's Fusion shares. JR promised to make good on their deal. Then, JR went to his yacht to see Amanda. JR was in a good mood and gave Amanda enormous diamond earrings. Still, Amanda was not happy. Amanda assumed that JR bought her this jewelry out of guilt because he was sleeping with someone else. JR adamantly denied this. Amanda stated that she would rather have her money than the earrings. JR said the earrings were a down payment. Then, JR vented about his network and how Ava was going to ruin it by marrying Jonathan. Amanda listened and came to the revelation that JR was sleeping with Ava. JR insisted that he would never even touch Ava. Then, JR kissed Amanda and they made love. Afterwards, Amanda looked at the earrings and secretly remarked that she still thought JR slept with Ava.

Josh went to see Hannah in her hotel room. Josh announced that Hannah was on probation and that he was her probation officer. Hannah laughed at the idea. Then, Josh kissed Hannah and left. Right after, Adam arrived and demanded to speak with Hannah. Hannah was getting into the shower and told Adam to leave. However, Adam did not go. Hannah asked Adam to leave once again because she wanted to get dressed. So, when Adam still remained in the room, Hannah dropped her towel and stood naked in front of Adam. Adam looked shocked, but tried to act calmly. As Hannah got dressed, Adam demanded that Hannah take on another task for him. Adam wanted Hannah to confirm if Zach was the backer of JR's network. And, if so, Adam wanted to know all of the details of their deal. Hannah was resistant to the idea, so Adam threatened to tell the world "what she did." Hannah retorted that she would tell Zach herself if Adam pushed her too far. Hannah wanted Adam to respect her or she would ruin his chances of retrieving his money and his company.

Josh met Zach at the hospital. Josh told Zach that he met with Hannah and that he was keeping a watchful eye on her. Zach was glad to hear this. Then, Zach informed Josh about his plan to get rid of Greenlee. Zach explained that JR was just the front man. Zach also needed Josh in on the scheme because of his medical expertise. Zach wanted Josh to make his plan seem viable. Josh said he could make it appear like Greenlee's eggs still existed. Josh then admitted that he continued to feel guilty over the harm that Greg Madden caused Kendall and Spike. Josh decided to help Zach because he wanted to make amends to Kendall and Spike for Greg's evil doings.

Greenlee was very excited that Kendall brought Spike to their secret meeting. Kendall said that she wanted to see if Spike could get along with Greenlee. Greenlee went to touch Spike, but Kendall pulled her son away. Greenlee realized that Kendall still harbored feelings of hatred for her. Kendall tried to hide her disdain and started to discuss their past. They both reminisced about how close they were. Greenlee wished she could go back in time to when they acted like sisters. As Greenlee said this, Kendall gripped the park bench tightly to hold herself back from divulging her true feelings. Then, Greenlee said good bye to Spike and thanked Kendall for meeting with her. Kendall smiled and cordially said good bye as well, but when Greenlee left, Kendall's smile quickly faded. Kendall promised Spike that he would never have to see the "bad lady" again after she was done with Greenlee.

Richie stood speechless as he watched Annie fall to the ground after being shot. Then, Annie told Ryan that she loved him and became still. Ryan felt Annie's pulse and cried out that his wife was dead. Richie wanted to call an ambulance, but Ryan pointed the gun at Richie and told him not to move. Ryan stated that Annie's murder was Richie's fault and that he wanted this to happen. Richie protested that he loved his sister. Then, Ryan said that he would tell the cops that Richie pulled the trigger. Richie was irate, but Ryan insisted Richie would go back to jail. Richie ran out of the penthouse as Ryan kissed Annie's lifeless body.

Babe and Tad were at The Comeback. Tad asked Babe how she was doing. Babe was upset over possibly dating a sociopath. Babe wondered if Richie was as bad as Annie claimed. Tad encouraged Babe to keep away from Richie. Then, Richie arrived at the bar. Richie was frantic when he told Babe about Annie getting shot. Tad overheard this and demanded to know the details. Richie explained that he was innocent and that Ryan was trying to frame him for Annie's death. So, they all rushed to the penthouse. Ryan calmly opened the door. Then, Annie appeared. Both Ryan and Annie acted like nothing happened and they called Richie crazy for saying otherwise. Babe thought that Richie was playing a sick game and stormed out. Richie realized that he was conned and quickly exited. Tad gave Ryan a look of approval and left also. Then, Ryan and Annie went out to dinner to celebrate their victory. Ryan was happy to give Richie "a taste of his own medicine." However, Annie worried that their stunt might have provoked Richie further. Meanwhile, Richie was watching Ryan and Annie eat. Richie stared at them with a sinister glare.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Zach tells JR to convince Greenlee that Zach actually stole Ryan and Greenlee's frozen embryos and is keeping them in a private facility. Zach even gives JR "evidence" to back up his claim, which may or may not be true. JR later dangles this supposed evidence in front of an enigmatic Greenlee.

Joe tells Ryan, Annie, Zach and Kendall that Spike could have the cochlear implant surgery within weeks. Ryan and Zach want all their troubles – namely Richie and Greenlee, respectively – tied up before Spike's surgery. After examining Spike, Joe returns with some unsettling news.

Aidan questions the parents of a boy who drowned while on a scout trip with Richie. The parents explain how wonderful Richie was to them after the accident, and how they rewarded him with their son's valuable baseball card. Aidan also learns that another boy later came forward and claimed the death wasn't an accident, but they dismissed him. Meanwhile, Richie receives a one-two punch from the Carey women: Krystal refuses to give him his job back and Babe says she can't see him anymore because of all the drama in his life. Yet, Richie insists Babe take the valuable baseball card for Little Adam.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Greenlee was appalled that Zach might have kept her frozen embryos after all. Greenlee wanted to confront Zach right away about the location of her eggs. JR suggested that Greenlee let him look into the location. JR claimed that he did not want Zach to know what they were up to. JR said that he would help Greenlee because he hated Zach just as much as she did. JR also explained that he would state his payment for finding the eggs later on. Greenlee agreed, but rushed off after JR left. Meanwhile, Josh was at work when Hannah approached him. Hannah asked about the status of Chandler. Josh did not think that Hannah needed to be updated on the company. So, Hannah asked point blank if Zach and JR were working together. Josh said no. Hannah stated that Zach and JR were seen meeting around town. Josh asserted that Zach would not work with JR. Then, Greenlee busted into the room. Hannah left the room, but stayed close to listen in. Greenlee insisted that Josh tell her if her eggs still existed. Josh pretended to know nothing and urged Greenlee to forget about the entire situation.

Joe informed Kendall, Zach, Ryan, and Annie that Spike could not get the cochlear implant surgery. Joe said that Spike had fluid in his ear. Joe did not know if this was a symptom of Spike's fever or if it was a symptom of the accident. If the fluid was from the accident, Spike would no longer be a candidate for the surgery. Kendall was horrified and blamed herself. Kendall thought that she waited too long to get Spike the surgery. Zach assured Kendall that this was not her fault. Zach believed it was Greenlee's fault. Kendall agreed and stated that Greenlee would pay. Zach wondered if Kendall had a revenge scheme in the works. Kendall pretended that she was simply fantasizing over revenge. Zach was pleased and told Kendall that Greenlee would eventually get what she deserved. Meanwhile, Ryan, Annie, Annie and Spike were together. Ryan was disappointed that Spike may never hear again. Annie assured Ryan that Spike would always know that his father loved him. Annie then began to teach Ryan some sign language and lip reading techniques. In turn, Ryan did this with Spike and the boy responded well. Spike signed "daddy" and said "da da." Ryan and Annie were ecstatic and hugged the baby.

Colby and Corinna arrived at Fusion. Babe and Amanda asked them to view a photo shoot with Ava, so they could give Fusion feedback on the teen perspective. Then, Ava arrived. Ava was dressed like a mummy with a turban in her hair. Babe and Amanda were furious and told Ava to change. Ava refused and began to throw papers around as the reporters from Craze arrived. Ava told the reporters that her managers did not give her creative freedom. Then, Ava removed her turban to reveal that she shaved her hair into a Mohawk. Babe and Amanda took Ava aside and explained that her plan to get fired would not work. They threatened to keep Ava on contract, but not use her in any way, so JR could not utilize her for his network either. However, the reporter from Craze informed Babe and Amanda that he loved Ava's new look and that he wanted to do a big story on her. The women were shocked and apologized to Ava. So, Ava began her photo shoot. Then, Colby showed Babe and Amanda how well Corinna photographed on her album cover. The women seemed intrigued by Corinna's beauty.

Kendall called Greenlee. Kendall insisted that she needed to see Greenlee right away. So, Greenlee rushed to Kendall's condo. When Greenlee walked inside, she saw Spike's bloody car seat surrounded by candles.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Adam goes to see Krystal. He apologizes for what he did to Jenny, but admits he still loves her. Adam says losing Krystal was the worst decision he ever made, and begs for a second chance. Krystal says she made mistakes too and apologizes for hurting him. Moment later, Krystal's daydream ends and Stuart comes by to visit. Stuart says that Adam is making some positive changes in his life, but she says he should stop pushing Adam back into her life. Stuart says that Adam would never hurt her or Jenny again and she knows it. Krystal says it doesn't matter if they are both sorry about past mistakes, but Adam will never forgive that Tad is Jenny's father. Stuart says that Jenny would steal Adam's heart.

Babe almost burns a baseball card given to her by Richie, but Ted stops her before the card goes up in flames. Babe tells Tad she doesn't know what to do with the card, so he suggests pawn it to put in a college fund for Little Adam. Babe smiles and goes to see Richie at the Pine Cone hotel. Richie tells Babe that the hotel is kicking him out, but he plans to stay in Pine Valley. Babe hands Richie the baseball card back, but he refuses to take it. Richie gets a phone call for a job interview in Pine Valley. He says that he doesn't know what the job is, but would be working for a wealthy businessman. Richie asks Babe to stick around, but when he comes back into the room, she is gone and the card is left on a table. When Babe goes home, Stuart immediately rushes out. Babe tells her mother about visiting Richie and his job offer.

Ryan calls home to check on Spike, whose temperature is breaking and shows signs of improvement. Tad comes over to Ryan, who breaks the news about Spike possibly not being able to get cochlear implants. Ryan says he feels like a failure if he can't protect Spike, but Tad assures him that children do not come with instruction booklets. Tad says he wants to find Kate, but it is out of his hands, and he must look after Krystal and Jenny. Ryan says that Annie is having a tough time dealing with her brother, but he has a plan to get rid of him. Krystal rushes to Adam's house and accuses him of hiring Richie.

Colby, Sean and the band come into The Comeback. Colby seems excited about the possibility of Corina being a model for Fusion, but Sean remarks that the company does not need another Ava. Colby says Corina is nothing like Ava and would never steal another man's boyfriend. Colby continues boasting Corina to be the perfect model, but Corina is not sure if that's what she wants. After the girls leave to get more food, the guys ask Sean if he had sex with Ava. Sean is silent, giving them the answer they need. They pretend to be models and make silly poses when Tad comes outside.

Kendall brings Greenlee to their old house, which is scattered with candles and an empty car seat. She tells Greenlee that Spike may not be able to have the cochlear implant. Kendall admits she has tried so hard to be friends with her, but still believes that if anyone should have been injured in the accident, it should have been her. Greenlee agrees with Kendall, saying she wish she was the one who had been hurt instead of Spike. Kendall takes Greenlee's hand and they lean down towards the car seat, which is stained with Spike's blood. She demands that Greenlee tell her everything about the night of the accident, but Greenlee does not think it will solve anything. Kendall pretends the car has landed upside down in one corner of the room and asks Greenlee how far Spike was thrown from the car. Greenlee picks up the bloody car seat and moves it to the location where it would have landed. Kendall asks Greenlee what were the last words Spike heard before the car accident. Greenlee claims she does not remember, but then spits out the words, "I am taking you back to her." Kendall breaks down in tears when she realizes that Spike knew he was coming back to his mother. Greenlee holds Kendall as she sobs uncontrollably, but she pulls away. Kendall says that she is finding it hard to be nice to her, but has tried to do it for her families sake. Greenlee says there may be a way they can go back in time and start over. She suggests they could become a family again if Spike had a brother or sister.

Aidan calls Greenlee again, but gets frustrated when she does not pick up. His thoughts immediately go to Kendall. Aidan calls Ryan and asks if he has seen Greenlee. Ryan says he hasn't seen her, and is more concerned about finding Richie.

Richie goes to his mysterious office and is surprised to find Ryan behind the desk.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Kendall demands to know how Greenlee could possibly give Spike another sibling, aside from the ones he already has. Greenlee, shocked that she almost spilled the secret, madly backpedals and says that she was referring to the children she might have some day. She then admits that she still thinks about their kids growing up and sharing things together but maliciously, Kendall tells her that the only way that would happen is if they went through what Spike and Ian experienced. Sadly, Greenlee notes her belief that they will never be able to reconcile, causing Kendall to try to seem honest in saying that she really wants to work on their friendship. Greenlee then tells her that she feels she has done enough – by keeping the fact that they were talking a secret, by reenacting the crash because it was what Kendall wanted – but feels that she can't keep taking hits between the eyes as a part of Kendall's healing process. This angers her former best friend, who thinks that there is no end to the amount of pain that Greenlee should suffer because of the choices she made. She starts to launch into yet another attack but Greenlee stops her, reminding her that Kendall isn't the only mother who has suffered. She points out that she lost out on the children she could have shared with Ryan because Zach decided to take matters into his own hands. Realizing that she has a point, Kendall backs down and Greenlee suggests that perhaps it's not meant for them to be friends again in this lifetime, and that maybe they should stop trying. Kendall reminds her that neither of them is the type of person that stops trying before attaining a goal and urges Greenlee to hang in for a little while longer. Trying to retain faith, Greenlee agrees and leaves quickly before Kendall can change her mind.

Zach stops by the condo to check on Annie and the kids and visit for a while. She tells him that things are going well, but that she is uncomfortable because she is constantly waiting to see what her brother will do next. She is unsure of what will happen next between Ryan and Richie and is worried that Emma will get caught in the crossfire. Zach assures her that her life now is different from when she was on her own and on the run, and says that she has plenty of people that will protect her from whatever Richie can dream up. With that, he heads out to the hospital to say good night to his son.

Ryan gives Richie 3 options – the first is to work for Ryan; the second is to take a million dollar check and leave town. For the third option, Ryan loads a gun with a clip and shows it to his brother-in-law. Richie doesn't believe it's real but Ryan assures him that he is. He follows by saying that he's not dumb enough to use it, especially on a waste of time like Richie, because he doesn't want to be separated from his family for the rest of his life. At the mention of family, Richie rips up the check and says that reconnecting with his sister and getting to know his niece is more important than anything else. Ryan admits that he prepared for the chance that Richie would actually decline the money, and reminds him that his only option is to work for Ryan. Richie wants to know what his new job will entail and what benefits he will get, but Ryan tells him that all he needs to do is sign the employment agreement, and all he'll need to know will be explained to him in the orientation the following day. Richie gives in, signs on the dotted line and takes his leave. Once in the hallway, he calls Babe and leaves her a message telling her that he got the job. Before hanging up, he adds that he has plans to find a way to celebrate.

Greenlee shows up at the hospital and asks a nurse if there was a fertility doctor on staff that could help her with questions about embryo viability after being frozen. The nurse is sure that someone would be available to assist her and leaves briefly to track someone down. When Greenlee turns around, she spots none other than the man who started her nightmare – Zach.

Across town, Kendall sneaks into Greenlee's place with the intent to do some more damage. To her surprise, the lights come on, and Aidan catches her red-handed. He asks after her reasons for being there, but Kendall is speechless.

Ryan calls Annie to check in and tells her that he will be home soon. She tells him that Spike is up because he is a night owl, but that their daughter is asleep. She ends the call and Emma proves her wrong by appearing at the top of the stairs. She tells her mother that her stomach hurts, moments before Annie notices the chocolate around Emma's mouth. Although she wasn't supposed to tell, Emma admits that she got a brownie from her Uncle Richie. Alarmed and thinking that something poisonous might have been in the treat, Annie immediately loads up the kids with the intent of heading straight to the hospital. She herds the kids into the elevator and hits the button that will get them to the ground floor. Halfway down, the elevator stops and the power goes out. Although scared and at the end of her rope, Annie clambers to retain her cool composure.

Jonathan meets with a party planner at the Yacht Club with plans to celebrate Ava's birthday and their engagement. Ava shows up shortly thereafter, wearing an odd hat to cover up her radical new hairdo. JR and Amanda enter soon after and JR seats them nearby so they can have a bird's eye view of Jonathan's reaction. Amanda is irritated because she believes that JR has more of an interest in Ava aside from the desired involvement in the beauty network. JR blows her off, saying that Ava just draws people in, regardless of how off the beaten path her actions are or how explosive the end product. On the other side of the patio, Ava strips herself of her headgear, and although Jon is amazed, it's not for the reason she thinks. He tells her that he will love her despite any stunt she pulls, but is mystified by why she feels like she needs to pull the stunts in the first place. She is soothed by his words, and immediately feels more worthy of a party. She comes up with all sorts of ideas to make it her own, and he tells her that anything that will make her happy, he will do. At the same time, JR insists that his interest in Ava is purely professional but Amanda doesn't buy it. She demands that he take her somewhere else to eat but JR appears mesmerized by the Face of Fusion. Fed up, Amanda threatens to walk out and that gets her the attention she wants. Even though she thinks he's horrible for making her go to such lengths, she is pleased that she finally gets her way – and they leave.

Krystal barges into the Chandler Mansion, accusing Adam of being the only person dirty enough in Pine Valley to offer Richie a job. Adam is completely clueless as to what she is talking about, but is willing to play along for the sake of keeping Krystal with him as long as he can. He tells her that he thinks she showed up, not out of some sense of rage toward Richie but because she is still in love with her ex-husband. She is irate at his implication and tells him that she deserves an apology from him. Not willing to budge this time, Adam makes light of the situation, which pushes all of her buttons. He tells her that he has no reason to give in on this demand, and she gives him a two word reason why he should: Janet Dillon. This fuels Adam on and he shoots back a two word response of his own: Tad Martin. He tells her that they should just let the past go and work on being good to each other now, but Krystal can't even begin to imagine taking all of the hurt and pain she carries around and just throwing it out of the window. Instead, she chooses to storm out, not expecting Adam to try to stop her. When he does, he catches a tie on her shirt and it falls loose, showing skin and bra. He can't help but stare at the beautiful creature he let get away, and is hopelessly drawn into a kiss with her. She pretends to fight him off, but the fight drains out of her quickly as she gives into the kiss she'd been waiting for.

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