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All My Children Recaps: The week of October 8, 2007 on AMC
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Monday, October 8, 2007

Annie grabbed Emma from Ritchie. Annie told Ritchie to wait while she brought Emma into the bar, but Ritchie was gone when she returned. Everyone inside the bar was upset that Ritchie got away. JR began to chastise Babe for letting Little Adam near a felon. However, Adam defended Babe and, even Krystal, for their involvement with Ritchie. Krystal was surprised by this and asked Adam why he was being so supportive and understanding. Adam felt that it would be more productive to work with Krystal, instead of working against her. Krystal looked surprised and impressed, but stated that she still hated Adam. Meanwhile, Annie worried that Ritchie might have left the bar so he could hurt Ryan. Greenlee shared Annie's concern and hoped that Aidan was not in danger either. Still, Babe asserted that Ritchie was kind and attentive to Little Adam, Emma, and herself during the storm. The cop asked Babe if Ritchie kidnapped them or hurt them. Babe assured everyone that Ritchie was a good guy. Annie snapped and insisted that Babe stop defending Ritchie. Annie then announced to everyone that Ritchie was a sociopath that manipulated people into thinking that he was a saint. However, Colby asked Babe and Krystal if they thought that Annie might be the liar and that Ritchie was actually being victimized.

Aidan and Ryan found Ritchie and held him hostage in a secluded place. Ryan began to question Ritchie about why he sneaked around Pine Valley for so long. Ritchie claimed that he was going to reveal himself and tell everyone who he really was. Then, Ritchie asserted that Annie was a liar, but that he forgave her for falsely sending him jail. Ryan became enraged and wanted to beat up Ritchie, but Aidan stopped Ryan. Aidan suggested that Ryan go back to the bar to check on Annie. So, Ryan left, but he did not go back to the bar. Instead, Ryan called Annie to let her know that he and Aidan had Ritchie, but he did not disclose their location. After Ryan hung up, Annie told the cop what Ryan said. Annie also described the music she heard in the background and they concluded that Ryan and Aidan had Ritchie in the pump house near Oktoberfest. So, Annie, Greenlee, and the cop rushed there. Meanwhile, Ryan returned to the pump house and found Ritchie hanging by a noose. Aidan wanted to torture Ritchie in order to get information out of him. However, Ryan did not like this idea and told Aidan to let Ritchie go. Just then, Annie, Greenlee, and the cop arrived. Ritchie realized this and hung himself just as they entered the pump house. Ryan dove to catch Ritchie to prevent him from dying.

Hannah admitted to Josh that she was obsessed with Zach. Hannah claimed that she received psychiatric help for this while she was gone. Hannah explained that she was over Zach, but worried that she would be fired anyway. Josh stated that Hannah was a valuable asset to Cambias. Josh offered to convince Zach to keep her with the company. Hannah thanked Josh and told him that she liked him more and more as she got to know him. Josh kissed Hannah and left. Then, Hannah made a phone call. Hannah asked the person on the other end of the call to meet her immediately. Then, Adam entered. Hannah explained that she hit a "speed bump" and that she would need more time. Adam demanded that Hannah keep up her end of the deal. Adam revealed that Hannah was supposed to track down his money, so that he could reclaim Chandler. Hannah asserted that Adam would get his company. Adam said he better, so that Hannah could keep her "secret."

Kendall said that she understood Hannah was distraught over losing Ethan and this was why she propositioned Zach for sex. Zach was surprised by Kendall's calm reaction. Then, Kendall began to yell. Kendall said she would not pretend that everything was alright. Kendall called Hannah a bitch. Kendall felt betrayed because she confided in Hannah. Kendall then asked if Hannah was interested in a relationship with Zach. Zach admitted that Hannah made a play for him. Zach affirmed that he would fire Hannah. However, Kendall did not want Zach to do this on her behalf. Kendall stated that she trusted her husband to never cheat on her. Kendall said it was Zach's decision whether or not he would fire Hannah. Zach smiled and kissed Kendall. Then, Josh entered as Kendall exited. Josh advised Zach not to fire Hannah because she was still hiding something. Josh wanted to keep her close, so he could divulge her secret.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ryan and Aidan are arrested for kidnapping and attempted murder when Richie makes it look as though they were going to kill him. Meanwhile, Babe visits a hospitalized Richie and wants to know why he wasn't honest with her. Richie continues to paint himself as the victim as he spins his tale of woe to Babe, who remains wary of his claims against Annie. Richie and Annie's father, Walter, arrives and immediately takes Richie's side. Babe is stunned to learn what Ryan and Aidan did to Richie. Greenlee pulls Aidan into a kiss and admits she was worried about him. Annie and Greenlee fear what lies ahead for Ryan and Aidan, who are led to their jail cell. Ryan vows to beat Richie at his own game. Lily makes a list of all the logical reasons why Ava should marry Jonathan as she struggles to come to grips with her own feelings. Ava fantasizes about her future and envisions both good and bad scenarios of marrying Jonathan. Amanda makes it clear to Jonathan that she thinks his marrying Ava would be a disaster. Jonathan defends his love for Ava as he tells Amanda to mind her own business.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Greenlee went into the interrogation room to see Aidan and Ryan. Ryan wondered why Annie was not with Greenlee. Greenlee explained that Annie went to see Ritchie at the hospital. Ryan did not want Annie to have any contact with her brother, so he asked Greenlee to go and stop her. Aidan was annoyed by Ryan's request because Ryan still had a surveillance team on Greenlee. Ryan apologized and promised that he would call of the private investigators. So, Greenlee accepted the apology and agreed to go to the hospital. Then, Zach arrived. Zach offered to help Ryan. Ryan asked if Zach could help him make Ritchie disappear without anyone finding out. Zach suggested that Ryan look into Ritchie's past. Zach felt that Ritchie might have slipped up along the way with his plan against Annie. Ryan stated that Ritchie was probably behind Eddie's murder. Zach told Ryan to look into Eddie's death, so that he could implicate Ritchie.

Annie was at the hospital when she ran into Kendall. Kendall wondered why Annie did not call her when Ryan was first arrested. Annie said she did not want to burden Kendall. Kendall thought his was ridiculous because Annie was family. Kendall then offered to help Annie in anyway she needed. Annie explained that she wanted to visit Ritchie in his hospital room, but her father hired a security guard to keep her out. Kendall said she would distract the security guard, so Annie could sneak in. Kendall then walked in front of the security guard and fell to the floor. The security guard rushed to Kendall's side, just as Greenlee arrived. Greenlee rushed to help Kendall as well. Kendall tried to hint to Greenlee that she did not really need help, but Greenlee was oblivious. Finally, Annie made it into the room and Kendall got up. Kendall asserted that she was fine and the security guard went back to his post. Then, Kendall explained the scheme she had with Annie. Greenlee stated that she was there to bring Annie back to the police station for Ryan. Kendall was shocked that Ryan entrusted Greenlee with this task. Then, Kendall told Greenlee that the hospital still brought back terrible memories of Spike and Ian. Greenlee apologized once again. Kendall said she understood Greenlee's guilt and wanted to take the next step in their reconciliation. Greenlee was excited because she thought Kendall was sincere. Meanwhile, Annie was with Ritchie. Annie told her brother that she would do anything to stop him from torturing her family. Annie was willing to admit that she perjured herself in addition to giving Ritchie a lot of money. Ritchie explained that Annie could not put a price on the years he spent in prison. Ritchie then stated that he wanted Annie to get help because she was sick. Annie freaked out and grabbed Ritchie. The security guard, Kendall, and Greenlee entered because of this commotion. The security guard removed Annie. Then, Annie and Greenlee left the hospital and arrived at the police station just as Aidan and Ryan were being transported to the courthouse for their arraignment. At the courthouse, Ritchie entered. Ritchie declared that he came to make things right.

Hannah was eating breakfast and talking to Krystal at The Comeback. Then, Adam entered. Krystal introduced Adam and Hannah. They pretended that they met each other once at Cambias. However, Krystal realized that they knew each other very well when she overheard them discussing a business deal. Adam told Krystal that it was none of her business. Adam then reminded Hannah that she needed to find his money or he would reveal her secret.

Amanda and JR were on the yacht together. Amanda questioned JR about files she found. The files contained information on Greenlee and Zach. Amanda demanded to know why JR was doing in depth research on these people, especially Greenlee. JR explained that Zach was funding his network in exchange for Greenlee's Fusion stock. Amanda asked how JR would get the stock. JR stated that he could not divulge this. Then, they had sex. After, JR began talking about his network. Amanda said it would never happen because of Jonathan. JR did not understand and Amanda laughed. Amanda explained that Ava promoted Jonathan from boyfriend to husband. JR looked very upset.

Ava and Jonathan were at The Comeback. As Jonathan told Ava about Ryan's arrest, the paparazzi showed up. Then, Ava jumped on top of a chair and revealed a tattoo that said "yes." Ava announced that she was accepting Jonathan's marriage proposal. Jonathan was surprised as the photographers snapped hundreds of pictures. Finally, when the paparazzi left, Ava saw that Jonathan looked upset. Ava asked if Jonathan still wanted to marry her. Jonathan affirmed that he wanted to marry Ava. Still, Jonathan wanted them to take their time so they could plan a big wedding. Then, Jonathan put the engagement ring on Ava's finger. Jonathan then left to go to Ryan's arraignment. JR then entered and insisted that Ava could not marry Jonathan.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ever the manipulator, Richie takes everyone by surprise when he clears Ryan and Aidan, claiming they didn't try to hurt him. While alone with Ryan, Richie lets his truly evil self show as he throws down the gauntlet. Ryan isn't intimidated by Richie, and it's clear the battle between the two men is just beginning. Kendall continues to plant fake, psychotic journal entries on Greenlee's computer. Kendall envisions Greenlee, who warns that this scheme could cost Kendall everything. Ava is psyched when JR tells her he got the money to launch the network. JR and Ava can't keep their hands off each other, but Ava stops before they give into their lust completely. Greenlee decides to join Aidan on his mission to dig into Richie's past crimes. Jack sincerely wishes Jonathan well and hopes he'll be happy with Ava.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Zach walks into the house and interrupts what looks like Kendall's mad rantings at the wall. She tells him about running into Greenlee at the hospital and tries to blame it on just needing to vent. Zach asks her if she is sure that she is telling him everything, and she promises that she is being completely forthcoming. She then says that she can't ever completely get away from Greenlee and just has to learn how to deal with her anger and frustration in her own way. He takes this moment to suggest that she start a new business, one that Greenlee isn't a part of, but she refuses. Recognizing how much of herself she has put into Fusion, she tells him that she refuses to let Greenlee run her out of the company that she loves. Soon after, they put Spike down for the night and reconnect on the couch over Spike having another surgery. Zach is confused because he thought they had pretty much decided that Spike would indeed get cochlear implants. She admits that she is concerned that Spike would have to go through yet another surgery. She then starts to spin off on how they wouldn't even be talking it if Greenlee hadn't ruined their lives. Zach tries to divert her attention from her rage by offering to make her a cup of tea. She initially refuses but at Zach's insistence, she realizes that it is a tactic to calm her down. She agrees and he trots off to the kitchen.

Adam joins his son at the Yacht Club when he sees a look of what he believes is disappointment. He assumes that JR wasn't able to get the financial backing he needed for his network, but JR surprises him by saying that part of the funds are in place, and more will be coming. Adam probes further, knowing something is on JR's mind. His son pauses for a moment, and then admits that he thinks that he built his idea on the wrong person – especially now that she is going to marry Jonathan. Adam couldn't agree more and wastes no time in launching a trashing session with Ava as the star. However, when JR doesn't join him, he questions what else could be wrong. He guesses that JR is sleeping with Ava and JR immediately denies it, only to follow by saying that they almost slept together. Adam doesn't understand how something like that would work, but he warns his son against getting taken in by a skilled con artist. JR jabs back saying that his situation is no different than getting drunk and married without much forethought. Adam is slightly angered since he believes that there is no comparison between Ava and Krystal, and his reaction convinces JR that his father is still in love with Krystal. JR continues to provoke Adam a little by asking if he plans to continue to dress up as his brother so that he can spend time with his almost ex-wife, but Adam refuses to indulge his line of questioning. Instead, he tells his son that he is proud of him and excuses himself to make a call.

On the way to the kitchen, Zach makes a call to JR. When the call goes unanswered, he continues his preparations and returns to the living room with Kendall's tea. He tells her that there is a problem at work that he needs to attend to. He makes her promise that she won't have any more shouting matches with the wall, and she sends him off almost too quickly. She drags out her latest weapon of destruction – the laptop that is remotely connected to Greenlee's computer – and composes more journal entries that she believes will be Greenlee's eventual downfall. After a few entries, she decides to implement another step.

Aidan and Greenlee hang out at the Comeback, talking over their preparations for their trip to unearth skeletons – mostly figurative, but perhaps a few literal – from Richie Novak's proverbial closet. Greenlee expresses some slight dismay at the latter notion and Aidan immediately pokes fun at her. Just then, a woman at a neighboring table gets up to leave, but before she does, she throws Greenlee a smile. Greenlee is amazed because since the accident, most of the people in town have only shot her dirty looks or glared at her. She then tells him that there has only been one person has been there for her consistently since she drove her car off the road – Aidan. She thanks him in earnest but because he can't ever be too serious, he tells her that she should avoid crying in the bar lest she ruin her reputation. He then allows her to savor the moment of genuine emotion and tells her that it has been his pleasure getting to know her better. The moment is interrupted when Greenlee's phone rings and she finds Kendall on the other end. She finds out that her former best friend wants to further their efforts in being friends again by meeting up. Her heart broken, she informs Kendall of her plans to leave town, and Kendall tells her that maybe it's for the best ¬– maybe they can try again when she gets back. Greenlee hangs up the phone but is completely despondent. She asks Aidan if he would be upset if she delayed joining him on the road, and although he still thinks something is amiss, he understands. Back in the house, Kendall is sure that Greenlee is desperate enough to change her plans and waits impatiently for the phone to ring. When it does, she smiles slyly and then answers the phone as if she is clueless. When Greenlee tells her that she has modified her travel, Kendall happily tells her that they should meet in the park in 15 minutes.

Zach arrives at the Yacht Club and breezes directly over to JR's table, unaware that by doing so, he is directly in Adam's eyesight. He tells the young mogul that he needs an update on their plan to get Greenlee out of town. JR tells him that he had been making headway until the debacle with Annie's long-lost brother distracted Greenlee. Zach demands more proactive decisions as he needs Greenlee away from his wife as soon as possible.

While Ryan considers the gun he now possesses, Annie extends an olive branch at the courthouse. She tells Richie that he wins, and she wants to call a truce. He tells her that he doesn't hate her and never did, and that he lied in court so that Ryan wouldn't have to go through what he went through in jail. Annie wants to make an opportunity to get beyond the past and invites him to dinner. She tells him that Ryan is out of town on business, and that would give them time to talk things out. Stunned at the offer, Richie accepts before she has a chance to renege. A short time later, after shopping for dinner, they show up at the condo at the same time. Richie tells her that he thought it a good idea to show up early so she wouldn't have a chance to poison him. Not knowing how to respond, Annie simply prepares dinner so that they can get to the part where they can come to some sort of deal. However, it is soon apparent that things won't be that simple. She tells him that she has a husband, daughter and stepson that she loves and that she just wants to be able to simply live her life out with them. Richie replies that she took seven years from his life by lying on the stand when they were younger, despite all of the begging that their mother did. He doesn't feel that she has earned a simple life, and says that the payback he will exact will be in their mother's name. He starts to walk out, but she grabs his arm and says that she can't continue to live her life the way she has been. Richie makes it clear that she has no choice, but when he opens the door to leave, he finds his wary brother-in-law on the other side. Before he can completely flip out, Annie explains that she invited Richie over. This does nothing to appease Ryan, and he quickly shows the gun he purchased. Horrified, Annie tells him that shooting Richie isn't the answer, especially since doing so would definitely take Ryan away from his family. Ryan tells her that he is willing to make that sacrifice because he would know that Annie and his children are safe. Annie is unwilling to let that chain of events start and grabs Ryan's arm in an attempt to get him to put the gun down. Instead, the gun goes off and Annie staggers backwards and falls to the ground as the slug burrows into her body.

Jonathan and Ava arrive at the Yacht Club and in short order, Ava sees that the table where they will be seated is close to JR's table. She asks about being seated somewhere more romantic, perhaps closer to the water, but Jonathan wants to show off his brand new fiancιe to the world. Somewhat dejected, Ava slumps at the table and immediately lets her guilt over what happened with JR spur her into giving Jonathan ways out of his proposal. She tells him that he needs someone better than her – someone more like Lily. He tells her that he is madly in love with her and can't wait for them to be married. When her only response is that she is grateful for his love and how nice he is to her, Jonathan insists that she tell him what is wrong. She finally confesses that JR got the funding for the network, which would mean that they would be working together. Jon tells her that it doesn't make him happy, but since the project is a go, he will support her because he wants her to be happy. He tells her that they will find a way – together – to deal with JR.

When Greenlee shows up at the park, she is surprised and pleased to find that Kendall brought Spike with her.



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