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Passions Recaps: The week of October 8, 2007 on PS
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Monday, October 8, 2007

Vincent is still on his quest to destroy Eve & Julian. He makes himself known to Eve, and then he disguises as Valerie, so that when Julian discovers him, he finds Valerie instead of him. Eve wonders why Valerie is at her house and not Vincent. Valerie tells her that Vincent is dead, and that she is there to check up on her since she heard on the phone that Eve thought she was Vincent. In addition, she tells Eve that what she saw on the wharf with Julian is not what she thinks. Eve disagrees but doesn't want to focus on that. All she cares about is finding Vincent. She calls out his name and goes looking for him around the house. Julian tells her that Vincent is not there. Eve asks where he could be, and Valerie says, "closer than you think, mother." A flashback appears showing Vincent putting on a Valerie mask just b/f Julian wrestles him to the ground. Julian tells Eve that whatever she thinks she sees is coming from the booze and that she is hallucinating. Julian leaves to go to the kitchen to get a sedative out of Eve's bag and some tea in order to keep her calm. He tells Valerie to keep an eye on Eve while he is gone. Eve lays on the sofa. Vincent uses that opportunity to appear to Eve again, so he takes off the Valerie mask and moves behind the sofa to reveals himself to Eve. Eve looks up and is shocked to see Vincent. She runs to the kitchen to get Julian, only to return and see Valerie. Eve is now appearing as if she is losing her mind. Julian goes to comfort Eve while Valerie/Vincent slips some drugs in Eve‘s medical bag. Eve turns to Valerie and accuses her of knowing where Vincent is and begins to attack her. Julian pulls Eve away to calm her. Eve thinks that whatever is going on, Valerie is a part of it. Eve orders Julian and Valerie out of her house because they do not believe her.

Kay is the first to show up at Fox's viewing before the burial. She cries over the loss of Fox and expresses her love, even though things did not work out. Esme arrives and tells Kay that she and Fox were an item. Kay seems a bit shocked. Sam and Ivy are the next to walk in the room, and as soon as Ivy sees Kay, she slaps her and accuses her of killing Fox. Ivy orders Sam to arrest Kay for murder. She thinks Kay and Miguel kill Fox. Sam mentions that Esme has had a string of bad luck in that she witnessed Fox's murder, and also a fling of hers named Pete. Viki walks in and Esme runs to comfort her. Sam looks through the evidence and finds that there is a thread that comes from a black cashmere sweater. Kay happens to be wearing a black cashmere sweater, so Sam asks to get a sample to see if it matches. Kay tells Sam that she picks up the sweater when she walked in the room, and Ivy thinks that it's way too convenient. Kay then empties out her purse to prove that she has nothing to hide. Sam discovers a small black pouch that contains cat nips. Sam then asks Kay for her whereabouts while Pete was killed. Kay tells Sam that she was with Tabitha, but then she realizes that she shrunk Tabitha and placed her in a paper bag. She tells Sam that Tabitha is gone, and Ivy accuses her of killing Tabitha as well. Ivy then tells Sam to search Tabitha's basement. Sam discovers that Endora is also missing, so Ivy accuses Kay of being a serial killer and tells Sam to arrest her.

Pretty opens Fancy's bedroom to see her and Luis kissing, and she expresses disbelief and wonders why they cannot keep their hands off each other. She wishes that she was the one in a man's arms and not Fancy, and immediately she focuses on Alistair's plans to destroy Fancy and Luis. She goes to get Alistair's controlling device and uses it on Fancy. Luis tells Fancy that they need to stay sharp just in case someone is trying to tear them apart. Pretty then walks back towards Fancy's room with Alistair's remote control. She presses the control; Fancy gets a headache, and then slaps Luis telling him to get out of her room. Luis is shocked because everything seems normal a minute ago. Luis questions why Fancy just slaps him, and she tells him that if he does not like it to get out and leave her room. Luis questions her and asks her if she is losing her mind. Fancy threatens to call security and tells Luis to leave, so Luis leaves. Pretty returns and gloats. Pretty pushes another button to calm Fancy down, and Fancy wonders why she just did what she did.

Gwen rushes over to Rebecca and warns her to stay away from the computer before she does anymore damages. She then proceeds to try to break JT's code so that she can find something in her aid to destroy Theresa. Rebecca raises a concern and tells Gwen that it's unusual how quiet the baby is and how he is always sleeping. Gwen tells her that the baby is fine and that sleeping is good for him. Gwen thinks that she will find something on JT's USB stick to use on Theresa, even if Alistair's plan does not work. Gwen is panicking because she thinks she hit's a key, and it's erasing the entire USB stick. It turns out that JT added a program that tells the user that s/he is close to breaking the code. Gwen is excited because it's only a matter of time before she finds some dirt to use on Theresa. She and Rebecca are so excited because they now have the dirt on Theresa. Meanwhile, Theresa is telling Pilar that she has lost everything, including Ethan. She blames Gwen and Alistair and that fate is torturing her. Pilar tells Theresa that if she wants Ethan, she should fight for him because Gwen and Rebecca will be waiting in the wings just to get the upper hand. Pilar decides to tell Theresa how to stop Alistair. She tells her that she has to tell Ethan the truth about Little Ethan, and then she can stand up to Alistair. Theresa fears that if she tells Ethan the truth, Alistair will kill Ethan. Theresa decides to fight for Ethan by telling him the truth.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Sam and Ivy confront Kay in Tabitha's kitchen. Ivy accuses Kay of killing Fox because fibers from Kay's sweater were found at the scene. She also accuses Kay of having Miguel kill Fox, then killing Endora and Tabitha, who, unbeknownst to Sam and Ivy, is residing in a paper burger bag. She is a miniature version of her former self, thanks to powerful magic by Kay. Kay ever sanctimonious after usurping the moral high ground is stumped for a reply to Ivy's accusations and Sam's tepid questioning. As Kay bumbles around for an explanation as to where everyone has gone, Tabitha uses what little magic she has left to cause a spot of blood to appear on the floor. Ivy is quick to spot it and point it out to Sam. Kay starts talking to the burger bag, imploring a decidedly uncooperative Tabitha for help. Ivy accuses her of being crazy, but a no-nonsense Sam tells Kay that he will take the blood to the lab and whether or not it belongs to Tabitha, he will be back to ask her more questions.

A the Crane mansion, Pilar and Theresa split up after Theresa decides for the hundredth or so time to tell Ethan that he Little Ethan's biological father. Gwen, who overhears them, confronts Pilar, who tells her to give up on getting Ethan back and let Theresa and Ethan be happy. Gwen details the many times that Theresa hurt or insulted her and says "No way," to Pilar. She also points out that even if Alistair is put in jail and kept there, he will follow through on his promise to "kill them all," rather than let the world know that Little Ethan is not his grandson. She suggests that Pilar call Theresa and stop her from telling Ethan the truth. When Pilar refuses, Gwen brings out blackmail material on Pilar and threatens to use it. A stunned Pilar moans that it will destroy both her life and Theresa's life if the information Gwen holds is made public.

Theresa tracks Ethan down in the conservatory where he has planned a romantic, midnight supper for the two of them. He tries to assure Theresa that his new son does not change anything between them. Dense as ever, Ethan cannot grasp that every time Theresa says that Little Ethan is his firstborn, she means it literally, and for Theresa, it seems impossible to say, "Little Ethan is your biological son, and I have a DNA test to prove it." Eventually they tire of talking at cross-purposes and start dancing while someone watches through the windows.

After searching Alistair's room for clues to Marty's whereabouts, Sheridan runs into Luis outside Fancy's room. Luis admits that he and Fancy are having some rough spots. They head down to the kitchen where Luis pours out his problems as Sheridan pours wine into two crystal goblets. Sheridan is secretly delighted as Luis describes Fancy's mood swings. Sheridan says its Fancy's nature, but Luis thinks it's something else and he makes his intent to support Fancy known to Sheridan. As he starts to leave, Sheridan gets a phone call from Spike who appears to have a clue to Marty's location.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

As Kay talks to Tabitha, who she trapped in a paper bag to prevent from doing evil, she tries to come up with a plan to keep herself out of prison. She's interrupted by Ivy and Sam who have further questions for her. Ivy Pushes Sam to see his daughter for what she really is - a murderer! When Kay tries to explain herself, Sam questions whether she's telling the truth.

As Fancy beats herself up over how poorly she treated Luis, Esme unsuccessfully tries to cheer her up. When Fancy confesses that she thinks she's losing her mind, Esme tells her she needs to control her outbursts or she'll drive Luis back into Sheridan's bed. Pretty eavesdrops in the hallway, taking pleasure in Fancy's pain.

Luis and Sheridan meet Spike for information on Marty. In exchange for their son's whereabouts, Spike demands Luis destroy all the evidence against him and erase his file in Harmony PD's system. Though Sheridan urges him to agree to the terms, Luis can't. He attempts to arrest Spike, but has a gun pulled on him. As Spike flees, Sheridan furiously orders Luis to catch him before all hope of finding their son vanishes for good!

After making love, Theresa admits that the only reason she had the courage to defy Alistair and return to Ethan was because of Pilar's words. Ethan makes Theresa promise never to doubt her mother again. Meanwhile, Gwen threatens to reveal Pilar's secret if she doesn't convince Theresa to give up Ethan once and for all. Pilar is torn, knowing if her secret is revealed, it would mean the death of her and her whole family!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Theresa does as Pilar told her and tells Ethan it's over - She can't see him anymore. Ethan is blown away, unable to understand where this is coming from. A confused Theresa can offer little explanation and races out before Ethan can question her further. Meanwhile, an angry and pained Pilar lashes out at Gwen for blackmailing her into making Theresa give up on Ethan. The mystery builds as to what damaging information Gwen has on Pilar. As Pilar laments having to hurt her daughter this way, Theresa bursts in and tearfully asks why her mother made her give up the man she loves. At the same time we see a pleased Gwen using her and Ethan's son to bond them as a family.

A very torn Luis agrees to Spike's demand and will destroy Spike's police record. Sheridan is grateful, but Luis feels he is selling his soul to get their child back. Sheridan declares she will pay any price to save her son. Later at the station, Luis deletes Spike's file just as Fancy appears next to him. Did she see what he did?

Pretty tries to set Fancy up so she will see Luis and Sheridan in each other's arms but her plan fails when Fancy notices the time and rushes off to first day of work back at the police station. Esme easily catches on to Pretty's scheme and confronts her. Esme doesn't buy Pretty's act of concern for Fancy, and makes it clear she'll be watching her.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Passions no longer airs on Fridays. The show airs Monday through Thursday, with catch-me-up marathons on the weekends.

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