One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 8, 2007 on OLTL

Markko told Langston that he loved her. Dorian learned the truth about Langston's parents. Dorian offered to look after Langston. Talia and Shaun kept up their ruse. Todd won custody of his son, but Marcie left town with Tommy. Michael, left to deal with the police, begged Marcie to return the boy. Todd got a lead on Marcie's location.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 8, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, October 8, 2007

Todd, Blair, Michael and Marcie gather at the courthouse as the judge prepares to announce his decision on Tommy's custody. Todd, fearing he might lose his son to Michael and Marcie, suggests they all consider a shared custody agreement, but Marcie won't even entertain the idea. Marcie remains angry at Michael for lying to her about how long he had known the truth about Tommy. Meanwhile, John and Marty seem poised for lovemaking when they're interrupted by a call from Michael. Everyone is on pins and needles as the judge begins to announce his decision. Dorian questions Starr and Cole about Langston. Langston is blown away when Markko tells her that he loves her. Dorian tells Langston she knows the truth about her parents. Starr is impressed by Cole's cooking skills when he whips up dinner for the two of them. Jared tries to win Clint over. Natalie admits to Clint that she hired Jared, but doesn't reveal why she had no choice but to do what she did. Jared continues to antagonize Natalie. Talia is forced to keep the charade with Shaun alive in front of Antonio. Sarah is thrilled by the coup she pulled off in getting the big name act to perform at Capricorn.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Michael and Marcie's world is shattered when the judge awards Todd custody of Tommy. The judge grants Michael and Marcie one hour to get Tommy ready for the transfer. Marcie rails against Michael, letting it slip that he had known the truth about Tommy for months. Todd vows to John that he'll destroy Michael. Michael says a heartfelt and tearful goodbye to his son. Todd arrives to take Tommy, only to discover that Marcie has fled with the baby. Sarah's pride shows when Cristian credits her with landing Timbaland to perform at Capricorn. Talia and Shaun keep up appearances in front of Antonio. Vincent reminds Shaun that Talia doesn't have real feelings for him. Jared puts his foot in his mouth in front of Natalie. Jessica balks at the idea of going to Timbaland's concert at Capricorn out of respect for Antonio's feelings, so Nash comes up with a clever alternative. Starr wishes things could be normal for her family, and is thrilled when Blair tells her what happened in court. Dorian reaches out to Langston, knowing all too well the pain she feels. Langston breaks down in Dorian's arms.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dorian tells Langston she's not alone. She says the past year and a half must have been awful for Langston, with her parents dying so tragically. Langston says she will never be all right. She says she feels worse now that the secret is out than she ever has before. dorian says she needs an adult to watch over her; Britney says she is doing just fine and wants everyone to stop bothering her. Dorian asks how she could have kept the secret of her parents' death for so long. Langston says because telling would have made it real. Markko arrives at the door, worried about Langston. He won't leave until he knows Langston is okay and pushes his way in. Langston reluctantly tells Markko that her parents are dead. Dorian helps her by saying she's not ready to tell all the details right now. Markko invites her to stay with him, unless there are relatives she can stay with. Langston says there's no one. Dorian says she's wrong, she can stay with Dorian. Langston decided to go with Dorian. Markko tells her he loves her.

Bo arrives at the empty courtroom to find an upset-looking John, who tells him Todd got custody of Tommy. Bo and John wonder why the judge ruled that way. John says it's over, that the case won't get overturned on appeal. Bo is shocked to learn that the judge turned Tommy over to Todd the same night. John wonders how Tommy will get through the night, missing the only parents he's ever known. Bo says he knows it really hurts, but John has to stay out of it.

Blair tells Starr, Cole, and Jack that baby Tommy is coming home. Blair asks Cole and Starr to bake a cake. The kids tease each other about stuffed animals, then Blair and Jack go upstairs to get Tommy's room ready. Starr says Tommy is a great kid. Cole seems uncomfortable about Tommy and feels bad about Marcie losing her son. Cole and Starr argue about Marcie losing Tommy. Starr doesn't want to hear about it. Cole says he wants her to be happy. Starr defends her father. Cole says he's on her side. Jack teases Starr some more. They finish decorating the cake and Cole leaves, saying Tommy coming home is a family event. They wonder where Todd is with Tommy. Starr says the McBains were great parents. They wish Todd would see the McBains side of the story. Dorian arrives with an upset-looking Langston.

Todd realizes Marcie has kidnapped Tommy and accuses Michael of being in on it. Todd snaps at the social worker when she tries to help, then accuses her of being in on the kidnapping, too. Todd says he's the most hated man in Llanview. Todd starts to call Marcie names and Michael snaps, causing the police officer to intervene. They say Marcie's car isn't in the parking lot, and Todd demands they bring her back, now. Michael says he doesn't know where Marcie is. Todd wants Michael arrested for conspiracy but the police say there's no evidence. Michael calls John and at the same time Bo gets a call from one of the police. Bo reminds John he's suspended, and John says he's going after Marcie anyway and Bo agrees. They head over to Michael's apartment. Todd threatens that Marcie will spend the rest of her life in prison. He tries to call her again, but Marcie doesn't answer the phone. Bo and John arrive at the door. John asks Michael what happened, where Marcie might have gone. Bo reminds John it's not his case and Todd agrees. They try calling Marcie again and she doesn't answer. Todd demands that Bo arrest Michael. They start tracking Marcie down by her credit cards. Bo tries to get Todd to have some compassion for Marcie. Todd and John lock horns. Bo tells Todd to back off, then asks for an APB for Marcie, who's now a fugitive. Todd tells Bo the police are useless idiots. Michael defends Marcie to Todd while John looks on. Todd says he can't wait until Marcie's charged, as it becomes a federal case and he'll deal with the FBI instead of the local cops. Bo says it's his case until Todd hears otherwise. They call Marcie again.

Marcie drives away in the night with Tommy, explaining that they're going on an adventure. She keeps talking to Tommy, explaining it's just going to be the two of them. She says she couldn't let Tommy go. Marcie hears a siren, but after a tense moment, the police car passes her by. Marcie tells Tommy that one day he will understand this is for the best. She heads to New Jersey. Marcie wonders whether to answer the phone, and finally does.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Jared and Nat get back to work but argue from the minute they walk into the office. He suggests she go home and get some sleep while he works but she doesn't trust him; she thinks he wants to screw her over. He knows everything about her, she learns, while she knows nothing about him, she retorts, except for the fact that he's obnoxious and an arrogant jerk. She decides that they'd better call a truce though since they have to work together. No more talk about the Buchanans or his fake resume, they must work for the good of the company and show each other respect. It's his turn to distrust her but suddenly he pulls her into a passionate kiss. She's furious and fires him! He reminds her of their contract, which she is breaking. He's lucky she's not pressing charges, she snarls, for sexual misconduct. He claims it's a joke and tries to apologize but Nat refuses to accept it. Jared has no choice but to bring up the fact that he can still call the ACPD on Jess but Nat isn't buying it. He'll keep holding that over her head and demanding more, she rationalizes.

Michael finally reaches Marcie via cell phone and tells her to come home with Tommy. She's not coming home, she tells him. There's no us anymore after what he did to her. Michael insists that they still love each other and what he did was out of love. Marcie says she'll call back and hangs up. Todd demands that the FBI be called in but an annoyed Bo says they will have to wait to see if she returns. Todd is highly doubtful and wants a better plan. John is honest with Michael and acknowledges that he doesn't know if Marcie can avoid jail; it's in her own hands. She calls back a short time later with her decision but before she can say anything, Todd grabs the phone from Michael and yells and screams and curses her out, threatening her if she doesn't return with Tommy. She will never bring him back, she yells back. Bo attempts to calm down a crazed Todd but Manning goes off, vowing to find Marcie himself. Bo asks for a list of contacts and advises John not to pursue this case himself. She will be in more trouble if she crosses state lines, Michael hears. He doesn't think that his wife will ever get over this. He has nothing now. Marcie talks to Tommy, telling him she has to do what's best. After driving for some time, she is happy to see that they've arrived in New Jersey. She eventually stops the car at a house and rings the doorbell, asking an unseen someone for help.

Clint and Nora wonder where Dorian is since she cancelled a date. Clint admits that he likes her a lot and that they've both changed. Nora admits that she always saw him back with Viki; Clint sees Nora with Bo. "Touché," she smiles. As Nora decides to make a decision about whether she and Matthew will continue to live there, her son enters the room and demands a say in the matter. He reminds her that they loved their old house because of the people in it and the memories they had. If they move into a new house, that will be starting over. They already have memories at Asa's house, a wise little boy says, and he would prefer to stay there. Just then, Renee walks through the room and hearing what Matthew has to say, supports his decision. The house would be empty without them, she says. Nora accepts the offer to remain at Asa's and Renee and Clint happily decide to throw a housewarming party. Renee especially wants to invite the nice young man, Jared, who reminds her of a young Asa. Clint wonders if she's trying to be a matchmaker. After she turns in, Nigel, who had been accompanying Matthew, speaks up. He has trouble putting his feelings for Jared into words and Clint helps out. "A bootlicking kiss-up?" Nigel agrees and both men emphatically deny that there's a resemblance between Jared and Asa. It's best if they keep an eye on him, it's decided. Bo arrives and fills everyone in on the custody hearing. When Nora hears that Marcie has run with Tommy, she excuses herself to get to work. Bo pulls Matthew into a big hug.

Starr and Blair hear the truth about Langston's parents. Starr grabs her friend's hand as she talks, hesitatingly, about how she couldn't bear to tell anyone the truth, especially if it meant she would end up in foster care. When she gets up to go home, Dorian won't hear of it. Langston will stay with them, she tells a weakly smiling young woman, as she cries at the same time. Langston admits that she felt bad about lying to Starr and Marco but didn't know what would happen. Starr assures her friend that everything will be all right. They head up to bed and Starr suggests that Langston spend the night in her room. She just holds and comforts her devastated friend. Downstairs, Dorian wonders if she should call the authorities but her thoughts are put on hold when Todd walks in. He informs them that Marcie has kidnapped Tommy.

Friday, October 12, 2007

At La Boulaie, Todd is on the phone giving orders to someone he has hired to locate Marcie and Tommy. Todd expresses to Blair the agony of being so close to Tommy and losing him all over again. After Dorian enters the room and questions Todd about his son's whereabouts, he abruptly leaves to find Tommy and Marcie on his own. Dorian and Blair discuss what lies ahead for Langston. Blair tells Dorian that Starr and Langston are unaware about Marcie running away with Tommy. Dorian fears that all the drama will not help Langston deal with the loss of her parents. Blair blames herself for not realizing what was going on with Langston. Blair asks Dorian has she considered contacting social services, regarding Langston's plight. Dorian is adamant about not putting Langston through such pain so soon. Dorian reveals to Blair how difficult it was to force Langston to deal with the reality of her parent's death. Blair commends Dorian for actions.

With the help of John, Bo and the Llanview police set up a command post in Michael and Marcie's apartment. After concluding that Marcie has obviously abandoned her vehicle, John attempts to take control of police operations. Bo quickly reminds John that he is suspended, but takes John's advice and has his officers run a trace on Marcie's car. Michael confides in John that he is afraid he may never see Marcie or Tommy again. Bo has pictures of Marcie and Tommy released in the entire Tri State area, including where Marcie's father and brothers all live. Michael has given Bo the names and addresses of everyone Marcie may have contacted. Bo relates that Marcie's father and brothers claim to have not heard from her. John believes they would do what they could to help Marcie. Bo reveals that the homes of Marcie's family members are under surveillance. Bo asks that Michael contacts the family again. Michael asks John to seek help from his friends with the FBI. John advises him that it would be wise to keep the situation a local matter for as long as possible because if Marcie has crossed state lines it now becomes a felony offense.

Ron returns to his apartment to an anxious Marcie. Marcie questions him about whether or not he was followed. He tells Marcie that the police will be watching their whole family now. Marcie believes that the police bought Ron's story that she has not attempted to contact him. Marcie reveals to Ron that she has no idea of what to do next. Ron tries to convince Marcie to do the right thing and return Tommy. After Marcie refuses, Ron tells her that he plans to call Michael and tell him where she is. Marcie lashes out at Ron for threatening to turn her in. He questions how she will survive on the run with a toddler. Marcie is unaffected by his pleas; she has no life without Tommy and can no longer trust Michael because he lied to her. As Marcie threatens to leave Ron's apartment and flee with Tommy, the telephone rings. Ron informs Marcie that it is Michael. As Marcie stands nearby, Ron tells Michael that he has not heard from Marcie and will let him know if Marcie makes contact.

Clint leaves Dorian a voicemail insisting that she calls him; he cannot understand why he hasn't heard from her. A joyful Natalie walks in and informs Clint that she has fired Jared. As Nigel listens, Clint questions Natalie's firing of Jared. Nigel informs Natalie that Jared recently visited Rene and he did not have a good feeling about him. Natalie is receptive to Nigel's comments and attempts to convince her father that Jared is bad news. As Clint and Natalie argue about Jared, Nora enters the room and observes the tension in the room. Natalie defends her actions to Clint and hastily leaves the mansion. Clint is interested in Nigel's opinion of Jared. Nigel believes that Asa would have had no use for him. Clint tells Nigel and Nora that he overheard Jared refer to Natalie as "Sparky". Clint, Nora and Nigel wonder about the extent of Natalie and Jared's relationship. As Nigel leaves Nora and Clint alone, Nora begins to question the current state of his and Dorian's relationship. Nora does not care for Dorian's actions towards Clint. Clint admits that he is bothered by Dorian not calling after she did not show up for their date last night. Nora reminds Clint of other situations, in which Dorian did not show respect for his feelings. Clint tells Nora that he is done chasing after Dorian. Nora is pleased with Clint's new attitude.

Jared visits the vineyard and warns Nash that he had better help him get his job back at BE or else he (Jared) will have Jessica thrown in jail. Jessica enters the room and she and Nash attempt to ignore Jared's threats. As Jared continues to threaten and ridicule Jessica, Nash comes close to attacking him. Jessica prevents Nash from throwing a punch and tells Jared that he can do whatever he wants to her, but she will not allow him to cause Natalie any problems. Jessica apologizes for any pain she may have caused Jared when she was living as Tess. Jessica tells him that she will pay for whatever she has done but has been through so much lately that neither he (Jared) nor the police frighten her. Jessica tells Jared now that Natalie has fired him, he is finished harassing their family. As Jessica continues to stand up to Jared, Natalie enters the room and comes to her sister's aid. Nash tells Jared to leave his home; Jared informs him that he owns the vineyard. Nash, Jessica and Natalie are speechless.

Starr comforts Langston. Langston reveals to Starr that Markko told her he loved her. Langston worries what Markko will think of her because she lied about her parent's death for so long. Starr tells her that it won't matter and blames herself for not realizing Langston was suffering all this time. Starr tells Langston she is now a part of their family; Langston is touched. As Starr leaves Langston to go downstairs and spend time with Tommy, Dorian comes to visit Langston. Dorian asks Langston if she has any relatives that should be notified. Langston tells her she has no other family. Dorian offers to give Langston's parents a funeral. Langston reveals to Dorian that she doesn't want to go out in public because she is embarrassed. Dorian attempts convince Langston that she has no reason to feel embarrassed. Langston expresses her fears concerning Markko; Dorian tells her that he cares for her and has already come by this morning to check on her. Dorian tells Langston that many people may feel she is interfering in her life. Langston does not feel Dorian is interfering; Dorian is pleased.

Blair gives Starr the news about Marcie going on the run with Tommy. Starr worries about her father's state of mind; Blair is worried as well. Starr is surprised by Marcie's actions. Blair tells Starr that they must support Todd. Todd has played by the rules this time and that is what is truly hurting him; Blair feels that this may have made him crazed. Starr wonders if Tommy will be okay. Blair does not believe Marcie will intentionally hurt Tommy, but feels that what Marcie is doing is dangerous and hopes she keeps a clear head in order to keep the child safe. Dorian asks Blair if she knows where Todd is. Blair becomes unraveled and tells Dorian that things are going to get awful and she doesn't feel that she can handle another crisis.

As Michael is informing Bo and John that Ron claims to have not heard from Marcie, Todd enters the apartment. Todd tells everyone that he believes Ron is hiding Marcie and question why no one will do anything about it. Todd is angered by Bo's actions in regards to apprehending Marcie. As Bo's attention is diverted by information on a possible hit on Marcie's vehicle, Todd observes a list with the names and addresses of Marcie's relatives. Todd steals the list. Before leaving the apartment, Todd demands to be kept informed of any updates in the case. Bo is suspicious that Todd left without any information. John calms Michael's nerves, by telling him that Todd has no more information than they do.

Marcie slyly questions why Ron did not reveal her whereabouts to Michael. Ron tells Marcie that he fears what would happen to her if the police find out where she is. Ron continues to plead with Marcie to return to Llanview before she ends up in prison. Marcie refuses to turn Tommy over to Todd. Marcie confides in Ron about how becoming Tommy's mother has changed her life. Ron tells Marcie that she may go to jail and Tommy will be given back to Todd; Marcie will then be left with nothing. Marcie says that is exactly why she must make sure no one ever finds her.

John thanks Bo for allowing him to be involved in the investigation. Bo reminds him that his involvement is limited, but welcomes any advice he has to offer. Bo is still suspicious of Todd's behavior and asks John his take on it. Bo wonders if Todd has any information. John tells Bo that he didn't want to alarm Michael, but if Todd has obtained any leads, he will certainly follow up on them. Clint hopes that Nora does not regret agreeing to stay at the mansion; he wonders if she gave in due to Matthew's pressuring. Nora states she has no regrets. Blair tells Dorian that she is trying to stay strong but reveals she almost lost it when she first heard about Marcie's actions. Dorian assures Blair that she will get through this trial, just as she has gotten through the others. Starr bursts into the room and reveals that she wants Langston to move into La Boulaie. John tells Michael that he has a friend with the bureau that may agree to look into the case unofficially. Michael asks John to call him. Michael is saddened that he no longer has his family. As Marcie tells Ron she can never go back to Michael nor hand her son over to Todd, Todd stands on the other side of Ron's apartment door.

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