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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 8, 2007 on GL
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Monday, October 8, 2007

Ashlee runs into Daisy who is standing outside the Family Planning Clinic at Cedars. Daisy gets close to telling Ashlee that she is pregnant but doesn't. Ashlee confides in Daisy about the trip she and Coop have planned. Ashlee talks herself out of going. Daisy makes an appointment to speak with a counselor. Later she runs into Buzz and worries that she won't be able to live up to everyone's new expectations of her. Buzz consoles her.

Mallet and Frank get nowhere in finding any new leads on either Marina or Harley. Frank is worried for both his daughter and his sister now. Since he can't get through to Harley on her phone and Cyrus has cut off his ankle bracelet, he thinks it is time to put out a Wanted Poster for Cyrus.

After finding the boat captain tied up, Harley and Cyrus learn that Marina is still alive, but still missing. They are contacted by Griggs who says it is no longer just about the money. Cyrus begs Griggs to take him and let Marina go. Griggs refuses. When they return to their room, Harley watches as Cyrus breaks a glass in his hand in frustration. Harley agrees when he says it is all his fault. She tells him to stay focused, that it's all about him now.

Ava tells Doris not to set up Coop. Ava knows what Doris has done to hurt friends of Ashlee in the past and doesn't want it to happen to Coop. Doris agrees to let Ava try to break them up before doing anything herself. Doris goes into Company where Coop and Buzz have been discussing how Doris has ruined people in Ashlee's life. Coop leaves and Buzz locks Doris inside with him. He asks what happened to her in her past that made her so protective of Ashlee. Ashlee walks in as Doris is admitting that she set Summers and others up in order to keep them away from Ashlee. Buzz leaves the two alone, saying he'll be there for Ashlee if she needs him. Doris says that Ashlee was safer when she was in Juvenile Hall. Coop arrives and cries in Coop's arms as Coop and Doris exchange ominous looks with one another.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Billy, Josh, and Cassie argue on Main Street about which one of them will take the blame for the building collapse, each one wanting to take the blame their own self, as their lawyer, Mel, tries to get a word in edgewise. Lizzie finally is able to get their attention and tells then she read the contracts and none of them is to blame. Lizzie noted that the contractor that was hired was chosen because he came with a recommendation by Billy's son, Bill. Bill worked with that contractor in Venezuela. Mel, finally able to get a chance to speak, adds that she has a letter from one of the families who were victims of the collapse. The letter is to the judge saying how wonderful the Lewis' have been and asking the judge to consider that. The group now has a hopeful path, and begins to gather more information to support their case. Mel leaves, and Cassie and Lizzie leave to begin gather information, leaving Josh and Billy alone. Billy tells Josh that he can focus on his ministry while he continues to take care of Lewis Construction, but Josh tells Billy that he's off the hook now and no longer has to be responsible to run the business. Billy wants to keep running it, and the two brothers banter back and forth, as Lizzie watches from inside the diner, enjoying watching the brothers act like brothers. Josh finally agrees to allow Billy to continue in his position.

Later, Billy and Lizzie are discussing Billy's role with Lewis Construction, as Billy is trying to find out more information from Bill, but instead, all he has found was information from others that Bill has made some bad decisions in the business. This, and the fact that Billy can't reach Bill himself to get an explanation, causes Billy to leave a message for Bill that he is fired.

Later, Josh and Cassie go to the room that is used as the church office, and discuss changing Rev. Rutledge's office into his own (since he'll be the new preacher). He picks up the mail that is addressed to him, and finds a card that is for Cassie, from the fertility clinic, confirming her appointment.

Gus and Natalia are at the diner and Nat shows a picture of a dressed up Rafe that is in the newspaper. As they chat, Alan walks in announcing to Nat that Remy is outside on his motorcycle waiting for her. He encourages her to go and have fun, while Gus doesn't like the idea and tries to discourage her from going. Alan tells Gus that Nat is an adult who can make her own choices. Nat seems to appreciate what she sees as Alan's support, but Gus tries to point out that he's just trying to win points with her - she says it's working, and leaves to go with Remy. Alan, now alone with Gus, tells him that if he decides he wants to go after Nat, he has more than Remy to worry about and that he'll have to get by Alan now.

As Natalia and Remy are on Main Street, a man approaches Remy and tells him he owes his boss money from his gambling losses. Nat offers the man to take her antique watch that has sentimental value, but just then, Gus arrives and springs into police mode, getting the "collector" in a police hold and taking a knife away from him. Gus remembers the thug from a previous bust and warns him to stay away from Nat, then sets him free. Gus then talks to Remy, telling him that he should do the right thing by staying away from Nat so that she doesn't get hurt. Nat defends Remy, and tells Gus he had his chance and that unless he decided to change his mind, she will make her own choices on who to be with. Gus leaves, and Remy decides that what Gus said is correct, then, after all of his chasing Nat to be with her, he sets Nat free.

Later, Alan is at the hospital meeting the thug, who has just been treated for a slight sprain in his altercation with Gus. It becomes clear that Alan hired this man to scare Nat into thinking that Remy isn't a good choice for her, as we see Alan pay the man and thanks him for his services. The man informs Alan that Gus showed up and rescued Nat, and tells Alan that women love that 'resue me' thing, but Alan says that he will take care of that.

Next, we see Gus at the police station, calling Nat's phone and getting her voice mail. At first, he looks as though he may leave a message but changes his mind before saying a word and hangs up. Gus sees Harley's picture on his desk, then picks it up and puts it insider his desk.

Reva goes to the hospital for what she has been told is a cancer fundraiser meeting but finds it was Jeffrey's trick to meet with her. He tries to convince her to go to the police about the murder that she and Alan committed, telling her that if the incident ever led back to Springfield that Alan would throw her under the bus to save himself, and advised her that she be in control by throwing him under the bus first. But Reva responds that things are under control and that she can't go to the police because Alan saved her life. Jeffrey tells her that maybe she can't do anything but he still can, and he's considering doing so. Alan appears, discovers that Reva told Jeffrey everything, and is very concerned about what might happen next. Alan tries to bargain with Jeffrey so that he won't report the incident to the police, then leaves with Reva while Jeffrey ponders about what to do. Later, Jeffrey returns and tells them that he was able to call in some very big favors to have the sheriff's story be about his gambling and that it caught up to him, and that someone killed him over a debt he owed, and how it's best to not investigate, to save the public humiliation. Alan is impressed with Jeffrey's ability to do this, but Jeffrey quickly lets Alan know that he can also undo that story if need be, and cautions Alan to stay away from Reva. With that, Jeffrey and Reva head for home. But first, Jeffrey lays down one more rule with Reva. He tells her that he chased her this time, but he won't be like Josh and keep chasing her. He continues that they she needs to tell him everything, no matter what, and responds that she will, and the happy couple heads for home together.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Inside the Light: Consequences

Harley and Cyrus hang on by threads as, frustrated, they continue the hunt for Marina. In New York, Harley isolates sound on the recorded call from Griggs. She discovers the Springfield bells in the background. Harley and Cyrus drive to Springfield. Once back in town, Cyrus sees a wanted poster on the wall. He assumes that Harley lured him back to Springfield to be rearrested, not to find Marina.

Harley tries to convince him that she doesn't know anything about the wanted poster. They break into Marina's hotel room to hide him. She asks him to stay put till she can talk to Frank at the station. Cyrus receives a call from Alex's doctor and decides that he must go see Alex at the hospital. Harley implores him to wait till she can make it safe for him move about.

Meanwhile at the hospital, Alex awakens to learn that she has been unconscious for a week. Frantically she demands a phone and calls Griggs. She asks if Marina is alive. Griggs informs her that Alan told him about her condition, but he wasn't interested in paying him. All this extra work Griggs has done will cost Alex more money. Before she can find out if Marina is alive, Cyrus sneaks into the hospital disguised as a chauffeur. Alex cuts the call short, saying that she must talk to her husband.

Cyrus apologizes for not being around, but he was in New York. He didn't know about her condition. He explains to Alex that he went from working with Harley to being a fugitive. He wanted to come there to make sure she was okay. He tries to mend his friendship with Alex. She tells him that he is her husband. It'll take a while to find Marina. There's no reason they shouldn't just stand by each other.

At the station, Frank grabs Harley and hugs her. He is angry that he hasn't heard from her in days. Harley explains the heat was too high to call him back. She asks him to recall the warrant on Cyrus. Frank refuses and asks where he is. Unable to reason with Frank, she lies to him that Cyrus and she split up when they got back to town. At the Beacon, she relays the situation to Cyrus. He is anxious to get out of town, but Harley believes that it's more important than ever that they work together since she has been unable to tell Frank what is really going on. She asks him to remain at the hotel while she goes out.

In the hallway, she runs into Gus. Gus is very concerned about the investigation. He's glad that Harley is okay. He asks about Cyrus and Harley lies about where he is. He wonders what she was looking for in Marina's room. Harley says she just wanted to see if she missed anything, but there is nothing in there. Gus thinks she needs another set of eyes. He goes into the room. Harley barges in and sees that Cyrus is not there. Gus senses her stress and holds her. Harley breaks out of the embrace. Gus knows she wants to be held right now. Harley says she can't do that. She wonders what happens the next time she needs him and he can't be there because he's with his family. Harley advises him to go be with his family. She's fine. Gus leaves.

Harley returns home to see the children. Frank comes over to reconcile with Harley. As she hugs him, she spies Cyrus outside the window. They all go to Company for dinner. Harley looks out the window and discovers that Cyrus stole her car.

On Main Street. Cyrus sees a police officer and ducks into a photo both. Harley catches up to him and he snags her into the booth with him when he sees the cop again. Harley takes Cyrus back to the Beacon, but Zack, who is concerned about everyone leaving him, has followed her. He recognizes Cyrus from the wanted posters. Harley explains to him that the posters are part of their undercover operation and asks him to keep it a secret. She promises him that she will never leave him and returns him to Company to stay with Buzz.

She calls Cyrus out of the bushes around Company and asks him to go with her to the station. They have to get Frank to understand the situation and call off the warrant in order to have an effective hunt for Marina. Cyrus won't let Harley take him in. Instead he hits her over the head.

At the station, Frank gives Harley an icepack. She shakes her head, saying she shouldn't have trusted Cyrus. They speculate as to whether Cyrus left town or is still looking for Marina. Frank asks her not to worry about it. Back at home, Harley finds Gus on the stoop. He offers several times to help her with the case, with the children or to just listen as a friend. Harley turns him down. The children have to get used to him being gone. She wants him to walk away from her. That's the best thing he can do. Gus reluctantly agrees and leaves.

Inside the house Cyrus comes out of hiding, wondering if Frank bought their plan. Harley agrees that Frank believes that Cyrus skipped down. Now that Frank won't be focused on looking for Cyrus, they can move around town more freely. Harley is exhausted, but they order pizza and continue their investigation.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Josh starts moving into Rev Rutledge's office. Cassie tells him his first meeting with a parishioner is Reva. Reva shows up and the meeting is uncomfortable. She confides in him that Daisy's pregnant. They reminisce having their first child together. Josh tells her Daisy is lucky to have her in her life. She thanks Josh for his help. He tells Reva he's not ready for diaper duty again himself. Reva turns around from the doorway, closes the door and offers to listen to Josh's problem. He confides in her that he doesn't want to be a new dad again.

Dinah is moving out of her room she shared with Mallet. She runs into Matt and he tells her he's glad to see her. She tries to explain why she's leaving Mallet while she still loves him. Matt thinks she doesn't want to choose between him and Mallet. She says she's choosing to be on her own. She goes back to get more of her things and Mallet walks in on her. They discuss what's going on with Marina's case. Dinah tells Mallet he's not responsible for what happened to Marina. She tells him he's a mess and he can't take care of her either. She tells him to ease up on himself. Mallet gets a call from the station; Dinah tries to take a message for him and doesn't get it right. She tells Mallet she doesn't want him to keep taking care of everything.

Rafe stops to visit Natalia at work bringing her lunch as Gus shows up doing the same. Gus gives Rafe an invitation from Alan for a visit to Europe by himself as a graduation present. Natalia tells him they'll talk about it when he graduates. Rafe gives the gift back to Gus. Gus assures Rafe that Natalia has other support people now besides Rafe and that Rafe should consider going to Europe.

Mallet runs into Daisy outside of Company offering her French fries which makes her vomit with Reva as a witness. Daisy tells her she's the only one who knows she's pregnant. She leaves a voice mail for Harley telling her she'll stop by later to talk with her. She goes for her first visit at the hospital to talk to someone about the pregnancy.

Daisy watches an exchange between Olivia and the babysitter. Daisy comments on it to Olivia and Olivia tells her how it's all worth it. Cassie is there and tells Olivia she wants another baby herself. Daisy overhears the conversation. Olivia warns Cassie to not have a child to keep their family together.

Daisy meets up with Rafe on Main Street. He tells Daisy about his difficult childhood and tells her how Gus told him he should go to Europe. Rafe offers to trade in his first class ticket for two coach tickets and go together after graduation. She realizes how excited he is about the trip. She tells Rafe she has to go talk to someone and she'll call him later.

Gus visits with Natalia again while she's at work. Natalia tells Gus she's on a break with Remy. She accuses him of checking up on her and she doesn't want that from him. They end up kissing. Rafe sees them in the hallway kissing. Rafe accuses him of using his mom. Rafe doesn't want Gus to hurt Natalia again. Gus assures him he will always be good to Natalia.

Dillon is at the hospital and sees Daisy's name of a patient list. Reva walks in, sees him demanding information from a nurse who won't share anything with him. Reva tells him Daisy's pregnant. Reva tells Dillon Daisy needs his support. Dillon says he doesn't think Daisy can handle having a baby and she has choices.

Cassie tells Josh she has a void. Josh found something that makes him feel whole and she wants that, too. She wants to have a child with him. She knows how he feels but it doesn't make how she feels wrong.

Dinah goes to Matt's room and tells him she doesn't want to be alone. He thinks she's going back to Mallet. She tells him no and that she wants to be with him.

Daisy goes to talk with Natalia about her problem.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Harley tries to calm down Cyrus, who's nearly losing his mind waiting to hear from Griggs. Later, Harley assures Frank she and Cyrus will find Marina. A frustrated Cyrus promises to hunt down Griggs and kill him if he even touches Marina. Daisy tells Natalia she cares about Rafe. Daisy asks Natalia if she has any regrets about having a kid so young. When Rafe shows up, Daisy runs off, leaving him confused. Later, Daisy sees Dylan and he nearly blows up at her, saying this pregnancy can ruin her life. As Daisy waits for Harley to show up, she meets a young pregnant woman who is going to put her baby up for adoption. Alex gets a menacing card from Griggs, which says she better pay up soon. Cyrus is extremely grateful for all of Alex's help in finding Marina, and she's moved to call Griggs to tell him his money is on the way. Alex makes a call to ensure the transfer of money has been made. When Harley learns that Alex had been calling Griggs from the hospital pay phone, she tells Cyrus she thinks Alex paid Griggs to kidnap Marina.

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