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All My Children Recaps: The week of October 19, 2009 on AMC
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Monday, October 19, 2009

Marissa stopped by to see JR. She had a grocery bag full of healthy food that she promised would help boost JR's immune system. JR appreciated Marissa's concern, but he confessed that the food didn't sound appetizing. When he spotted the newspaper in the bag of groceries, JR tried to reach for it. Marissa pulled the bag away from JR in an effort to prevent JR from grabbing the newspaper, but her efforts failed.

As JR scanned the pages, he discovered an unflattering article that suggested that JR had relapsed into alcoholism. JR admitted that he was lucky that he hadn't been drinking when he had been diagnosed with cancer. JR doubted if he would have sought treatment for his illness. JR suspected that he would have been perfectly content to drink himself into oblivion while he blamed the world for everything that had gone wrong in his life. JR credited his sobriety for making him realize how much he had to live for.

As Scott sat down at the bar in ConFusion, the bartender recognized him as the man whose father had been recently murdered. As the bartender struck up a conversation with Scott, and offered him a drink on the house. By the time JR and Marissa entered ConFusion, Scott was very intoxicated. JR tried to persuade Scott to leave with them, but Scott declined. Scott didn't want to sober up.

JR refused to leave Scott to his own devices. JR reminded his cousin that Scott had promised to keep an eye on Adam. Scott was certain that Adam saw Stuart every time he looked at Scott. According to Scott, the best way for him to protect his uncle was to stay away from Adam. Eventually, JR managed to convince Scott to leave with him. Shortly after Scott entered JR's suite, Scott passed out.

Marissa warned JR that Scott would have a nasty hangover in the morning. JR agreed, but that wasn't what was troubling him. JR suspected that Scott knew the identity of Stuart's killer.

At the police station, Natalia talked to Brot about the shooting. She couldn't believe that she had been forced to draw her weapon on her first day on the job as a police officer. Natalia hoped that Aidan hadn't been seriously wounded. Brot suggested that Natalia take the day off, but Natalia declined. She revealed that she had an appointment to discuss the shooting with the department's psychiatrist. Moments later, Dr. Diamond arrived to fetch Natalia.

Dr. Diamond and Natalia went to a nearby office for their session. Natalia admitted that she wasn't happy that the situation had occurred; however, she had gained confidence in herself as a police officer because she knew that she wouldn't hesitate to use her gun. After the session, Dr. Diamond promised to have his report on Jesse's desk as soon as possible. Natalia was upset when she learned that it was mandatory that she be assigned to desk duty for one week. When Jesse refused to intercede on his daughter's behalf, Natalia stormed out of the police station.

As Brot approached Jesse, he passed Natalia. Brot wondered if Natalia was okay. Jesse watched his daughter leave as he answered, "She will be."

Later, Brot found Natalia at ConFusion. Natalia ordered Brot to leave when he sat down at the bar. Brot agreed to go, but under the condition that Natalia be truthful with herself regarding the shooting. Natalia emptied the contents of her shot glass and then sat down next to Brot. As Brot and Natalia drank, Natalia appeared to relax. She admitted that after the shooting, she had talked to someone in Internal Affairs. The person had advised her what to say during her session with Dr. Diamond.

Brot was surprised by Natalia's confession. He suggested that Natalia not hide from what she had done. Brot believed that until Natalia learned how to live with the knowledge that she had almost killed someone, she wouldn't be able to move forward. Natalia realized that Brot was speaking from experience. Moments later, Jesse approached them. Jesse told his daughter that he would pull some strings with Dr. Diamond if Natalia didn't want to work desk duty. Natalia appreciated her father's offer, but she turned it down. Natalia realized that the policy was in place for a reason.

At the hospital, Zach pleaded with Jesse to allow Kendall and Aidan to escape. Zach handed Kendall's letter to Jesse in the hopes of persuading Jesse that it was the right decision. As Jesse read the letter, his cell phone rang. It was David. David claimed that he had spotted Kendall. After Jesse ended the call, he let Zach know that he wouldn't rush to find Kendall and Aidan. Zach appreciated Jesse's help.

Amanda stood in the barn looking down at David's body in horror. Amanda feared that she had killed David when she had bashed him over the head. Jake quickly checked David for a pulse and then reassured Amanda that David was alive. Moments later, David slowly opened his eyes. When David regained consciousness, he revealed that he had seen Kendall.

Amanda claimed that David had been unconscious when she had found him. According to Amanda, she had called Jake for help. Jake confirmed Amanda's story, and then added that Kendall and Aidan had managed to escape. David decided to call the authorities to report that Kendall and Aidan had been spotted on the grounds of Wildwind.

After David, Amanda, and Jake returned to the main house, Jake offered to check David for a possible concussion. David didn't want Jake's help; he wanted Jake to leave. After Jake left, David demanded to know what had really happened in the barn. Amanda accused David of being paranoid. David walked over to his medical bag to fetch something for his headache. When he discovered that all of the necessary items to treat a gunshot wound were missing, he turned to Amanda for an explanation.

Amanda stuck to her story until David accused Jake of whacking him over the head. Amanda quickly confessed that she had knocked David out. Amanda insisted that she had done it in order to protect her friends. David was hurt that Amanda had lied to him. Amanda suggested that if David weren't such an "asshat" peop,le wouldn't feel the need to continually lie to him.

A short time later, Jesse arrived at Wildwind. Amanda was stunned when David admitted that he had been mistaken about having seen Kendall. David claimed that he had been confused after he had fallen and bonked his head. Jesse knew that David was lying, but Jesse let the matter drop. Amanda walked Jesse to the door, but instead of leaving, he turned to ask if Amanda had been responsible for David's head injury.

Amanda's silence confirmed Jesse's suspicions; he praised her and then advised her to hit David harder the next time that she took aim at David's head. Amanda returned to the living room. As Amanda cleaned David's head wound, she admitted that she was curious why David had lied to Jesse. David didn't think that it mattered.

Later, David had a vivid dream of a passionate kiss with Amanda. After David woke up, he looked around the empty living room in surprise. Meanwhile, Amanda and Jake were in the barn making love.

Ryan consulted with Frankie about Emma's condition. Frankie was a bit surprised that Emma remained unconscious; there didn't appear to be a medical reason for her unconscious state.

In Emma's hospital room, Annie whispered to Emma that they were alone. Emma wanted to know if she could open her eyes. Annie dashed to the door, closed it, and then locked it. When Annie returned to Emma's bedside, she pulled the curtains closed, in order to obstruct the view of Emma's bed. Once Annie was assured of their privacy, she instructed Emma to open her eyes.

Emma confided that it had been difficult for her to pretend to be asleep. Annie apologized, but she wanted to make certain that she had an opportunity to speak to Emma before everyone else. Annie implored Emma to keep their secret; she explained that no one, including Ryan, would understand. As Annie conspired with Emma, Ryan and Frankie approached Emma's hospital room. Ryan was furious when he discovered that the door was locked.

Ryan demanded that Annie open the door as he pounded on the window. Moments later, Annie threw the door open and then promptly announced that Emma was awake. Relief replaced Ryan's fury. He ran to Emma's bedside to assure himself that his daughter was awake and alert. Frankie and Annie followed Ryan to the bed. Frankie decided to examine Emma, so he asked Annie and Ryan to step into the hallway.

The moment that Annie and Ryan were out of Emma's earshot, Ryan demanded to know why Annie had locked the door. Annie claimed that it must have accidentally locked, but Ryan saw through the lie. He accused Annie of pressuring Emma not to discuss Stuart's murder. Ryan made it clear that he intended to find out what Emma was hiding. Zach walked up during the argument. It was clear that Zach had overheard the tail end of Annie and Ryan's heated exchange.

While Ryan went to talk to Emma, Zach remained in the hallway with Annie. Zach was curious what Annie had said to Emma. Annie insisted that she had simply assured her daughter that she loved her. Zach didn't know how Annie could live with herself; he wondered if she feared that Emma would realize one day that her mother was a monster.

Inside Emma's room, Ryan assured Emma that she would make a full recovery. Emma smiled as she told her father that she loved him. As they talked, Ryan began questioning his daughter about the secret that she had been keeping.

A short time later, Ryan stepped into the hallway to inform Annie that Emma wanted to see her. Annie smiled with satisfaction as she entered the room. Zach realized immediately that Ryan had failed in his quest to discover Emma's secret. Ryan explained that Emma had claimed that she couldn't remember what had happened at the Chandler mansion. Ryan and Zach realized that Annie was behind Emma's sudden memory loss.

Zach pointed out that Ryan, Zach, and Annie grew up with a sociopath in their lives. Zach was determined to spare Emma the same fate.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kendall and Aidan broke into an abandoned church. Kendall told a weary Aidan that he looked worse than he had before Jake had treated him. They heard a helicopter overhead, and Aidan drew his gun. Kendall said he didn't need the gun, because they'd surrender if they were found. He wrenched with pain, and she worried that she'd be responsible for his death. Aidan didn't plan on dying, but he vowed to keep her safe until Annie was caught.

Kendall figured they could hide out at the church for a few days, and she left to get supplies from a nearby country store. When Kendall returned later, she noted that Aidan looked even worse. Upon observing his rash and fever, she deduced that he'd had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics. She patted him down with a cold rag, insisting that he needed help. Aidan said that he'd let her know if he thought he couldn't make it.

Kendall resented Annie for everything she'd put them through, and Aidan assured Kendall that Zach would take care of Annie. As Kendall tended to Aidan, his fever dissipated. She asked him to rest while she kept a lookout. He thanked her, promising that he'd get better.

Scott awakened at J.R.'s house, unable to remember the last time he'd been so hung over. J.R. reasoned that Scott drank heavily to drown the secret of who'd killed Stuart. Scott dismissed anything he might have said the night before to drunken ramblings, adding that J.R. knew how it was. J.R. said that it was unhealthy to bottle up secrets, and appealed to Scott to talk about what he knew. Scott joked to Marissa that J.R. had shaved his ears off along with his hair, and Scott insisted that he just wanted to be left "the hell alone."

When Scott left, J.R. wanted to go after him, but Marissa refused to let Scott miss his chemotherapy appointment that day. Later, Marissa and J.R. returned from the doctor's appointment, and Marissa was disappointed at the prognosis. J.R. soberly responded that he'd heard just what he thought he'd hear: that he was in for a long, tough fight. He thanked Marissa for reminding him that his priority was his cancer battle, not Scott's trouble. Marissa sensed that Scott had felt bad about bringing up J.R.'s drinking problem, and said she was proud of J.R. for keeping the demon at bay. He remarked that he'd found something to take away the pain.

Marissa and J.R. kissed, and made love. As they held each other in bed, J.R. lamented about the time. She felt they had all the time in the world. He wasn't so sure they did, and worried about what he'd do without her. "I want you to be my wife," he uttered.

At the police station, Jesse coordinated the search for Aidan and Kendall. Zach wondered how long the fugitives could evade the U.S. Marshals, and Jesse said he'd been giving the authorities false leads in the search. Zach thanked Jesse, and left to go "poke the nest."

Erica arrived at the Chandler estate expecting to hear Adam gloat that Kendall's escape proved her guilt; however, Adam surprisingly said that he wanted to help Kendall. He realized that Kendall had a target on her back, and he didn't want anyone else to die. Adam remembered when Erica had helped him hide out in the past, and offered to return the favor by helping Kendall. Erica slapped Adam, yelling that she didn't need him lying to her at a time like that.

Adam claimed that his offer had been sincere, but Erica assumed that he felt guilty because he knew that Kendall hadn't killed Stuart. Erica wondered if Adam wanted justice for his brother. Adam stated that justice wouldn't bring Stuart back, and Stuart wouldn't want revenge. Just then, Zach entered, telling Adam that he was about to wed his brother's murderer.

Adam asserted that Annie wasn't a murderer, and reminded Zach that even Zach had once agreed with that. Zach replied that he'd changed his mind, because Annie would do anything, even fake her love for Adam. Adam countered that Annie had admitted faking her love to get out of prison, but it had turned into something real. Zach suspected that Adam was hiding something.

Scott entered the house, and lurked in the foyer as Adam told Zach that he'd marry Annie in two weeks, after which, he planned protect her and Emma. Adam ordered Zach to leave. Zach warned Adam that turning his back on secrets would prove deadly.

When Zach strode through the foyer, Scott stated that secrets were deadlier than guns. Zach wondered about Scott's statement, and Scott elaborated that the Chandlers were no different from Zach in their determination to protect their family. Zach pointed out that Annie wasn't a Chandler. Scott advised Zach to leave town with his family before the problem between their families caused another casualty. Zach said he'd reunite his wife with her kids, and he didn't care who got hurt in the process.

In the study, Erica told Adam that he had two weeks until his wedding. That gave him two weeks to pull his head out of his posterior and wise up. Erica said that otherwise, he'd live to regret his wedding, if he got to live at all.

Erica left, and Scott wondered if Adam was okay. Adam replied that he reached out to others, but they branded him an idiot and a liar. He wondered how they'd react if he could tell them that Emma had set it all in motion. Adam and Scott agreed that Emma would be crushed, and no one could know what she'd done. "She?" Jesse said, entering the room. "You mean Annie. And why is that Adam? What did Annie do?"

When Annie arrived at the hospital with gifts for Emma, she was shocked to hear from a nurse that Ryan was working with Jake to have Emma released that day. Outside Emma's room, Annie overheard Jake telling Emma and Ryan that once Emma was home, her fuzzy memory would clear up. Annie called her lawyer to get her visitation rights extended, but the lawyer said he couldn't do it. Annie trotted over to David, and questioned Jake's judgment in releasing Emma so soon after brain surgery.

In Emma's room, Emma wondered if she'd be in trouble for not remembering. Ryan assured her that there was no pressure, and she'd regain her memory in due time. Ryan left, and Jake attempted to get Emma to open up by confiding how hard it was on him, missing Trevor. Jake said that talking to Emma had made him feel better, and he'd listen to her if she ever wanted to talk. Emma blurted out that it was hard when her parents fought over her.

In the corridor, David and Annie approached Ryan about Emma's release. David said Emma couldn't leave until he signed off on it. Ryan quipped that David was smart enough to know when someone was playing him. David, who wasn't interested the war between Emma's parents, said his only concern was making sure that Emma had gotten full care. Ryan and Annie bickered, and David called a time out. He left, saying he'd get back to them with his opinion.

Ryan and Annie continued to bicker until Jake entered the corridor to discuss the release. David returned to give his second opinion. Jake led David away, and Annie sneered at Ryan, who threatened to go over David's head for the release. David and Jake returned, and Annie was shocked that David agreed with Jake on the release. Annie wanted to listen in as Jake discussed Emma's home treatment with Ryan, but Ryan said that Annie would have nothing to do with Emma once she left the hospital.

When Ryan and Jake went around the corner, Annie eavesdropped on Jake telling Ryan that Emma felt too much pressure from her parents. Jake suggested tons of TLC to prevent an emotional breakdown. Zach arrived, and snagged Ryan before he could return to Emma's room. Zach urged Ryan to act fast before Adam took Annie and Emma under the Chandler wing. Ryan said that he couldn't move any faster because Emma was physically and emotionally fragile.

Zach strode off frustrated. At home, he tossed aside Kendall's goodbye letter. He reflected on the promise that Kendall had made to never turn her back on their family. At the same time, Kendall watched Aidan sleep, and remembered the vows that Zach had made to her.

Back at the hospital, Annie slipped into Emma's room, betting that Emma was excited about being released. Emma meekly murmured that it was okay, and Annie sensed something was troubling her daughter. She wondered if Emma worried about keeping the secret while at home with her father. Emma nodded, and Annie said she had the solution.

Erica arrived at the hospital to drop off items for nurses who'd participated in the dance-a-thon. Jake and she discussed how meaningful volunteering was. As Erica went to Emma's room, she saw Annie and Emma hugging. Erica informed Ryan, who said he had to handle it delicately because of Emma's emotional state. Ryan and Erica entered the room, and Emma whined that she didn't want to go home. Looking at Annie, Emma said she wanted to go to the big house with her mother.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Adam and Scott discussed that they needed to protect Annie's secret that Emma killed Stuart. Adam stated, "No one can ever know what she did." Just then, Jesse entered the mansion and overheard their conversation. Jesse assumed that they did not want anyone to know what Annie did. Scott asked why Jesse was there. Adam revealed that he invited Jesse over because he was worried that Kendall would try to kill him again. Jesse did not believe Adam, since Adam's door was unlocked and there was no security around. Jesse warned Adam to be leery of Annie, not Kendall.

After Jesse left, Scott asked why Adam invited Jesse over. Adam said that he wanted to make Jesse think Adam still believed Kendall was the killer. Scott felt bad about pinning the murder on Kendall, since she was innocent. Adam said that they did not have a choice, if they wanted to protect Emma.

Ryan, Annie, and Erica were in Emma's hospital room. Emma announced that she did not want to go home with Ryan; instead, she wanted to live with her mother in the "big house." Ryan looked surprised and reminded the girl that the house scared her. Emma did not care, because she wished to live with her mother. Ryan said that he would discuss the matter with Annie.

Ryan and Annie stepped outside of the room. They smiled at each other, so Emma would not see that they were really fighting. As Ryan grinned, he called Annie a "manipulative bitch." She stated that Emma was in a fragile psychological state, so she urged him to give in to Emma's demands. Ryan was furious because Annie was using her daughter, again. She told him to face the fact that Emma wanted to live with her, not him. Ryan slyly smiled and said that he had a solution.

Emma asked Erica if her parents were fighting. Erica said no because they were smiling at each other. Emma looked at her parents and seemed content.

Ryan and Annie returned to Emma's room. Ryan announced that Emma could live with her mother because Annie was going to move into the penthouse. Emma was excited and asked her mother if it was true. Annie scowled at Ryan. Annie told Emma that she had a lot of work to do, so she was not sure if she could move in. Then, Annie left the room and Emma looked sad. Ryan hugged his daughter.

Ryan, Emma, and Erica arrived at the penthouse. Emma assumed that her mother did not move in because she and Ryan no longer loved each other. Ryan reminded Emma that her parents would always love her, regardless of how they felt about each other. Emma asked if Ryan loved Erica. Erica and Ryan looked uncomfortable. Erica explained that they were best friends and loved each other like friends. Emma was satisfied and left the room.

Erica wondered what Ryan would have done if Annie called his bluff and moved in. Ryan was certain that Annie would not move in because she had a wedding to plan.

Annie went to the mansion and told Adam and Scott what happened with Ryan. Annie was distraught because Ryan "tricked" her. Scott urged Annie to move in with Ryan, so she could be with Emma. Adam also supported the idea. Annie was surprised by their reaction, but took their advice.

Annie arrived at Ryan's penthouse with suitcases. She revealed that she was moving in. Ryan and Erica looked shocked. Annie stated that she did not need to live at the mansion to plan her wedding. Emma overheard her comment and asked if Annie and Ryan were getting married. Annie explained that she was marrying Adam. Emma was upset and yelled, "No, I hate you!" Emma ran away and Annie appeared stunned. Ryan told Annie to leave, because her daughter no longer wanted her there.

Angie arrived at the police station and saw Natalia. Angie noted that Natalia had an exciting first day on the job. Natalia laughed and stated that some officers never shot their gun in their entire career and she had to on her first day. Angie commended Natalia on a job well done.

Natalia answered the phone and a reporter asked for Jesse. The reporter asked for a comment on the "news." Natalia inquired about the news and she looked surprised to hear it. After Natalia hung up, she told Angie that Madison was dead. Natalia explained that Madison survived her surgery, but died in the ICU afterwards.

Angie said that David was right to warn Madison's father against taking Madison to New York. Angie then announced that she was going to church. Angie felt bad that she hated Madison and wished her dead. Angie wanted to say a prayer for Madison and ask for forgiveness. Natalia then called Jesse to tell him the news.

Randi had a nightmare about Madison. In the nightmare, she could not escape Madison. Madison continually told her, "It's not over." Frankie assured Randi that Madison was out of their lives. Angie, Jesse, and Natalia arrived at Frankie and Randi's apartment. Frankie and Randi were shocked to hear that Madison had died. Randi was relieved because Madison was done torturing them.

Jesse could tell that Frankie was upset. Frankie admitted that he felt guilty for Madison's death. Frankie reminded his son that the car accident was indeed an accident. Jesse urged Frankie to move on. Jesse told Angie that he advised their son to move on. Jesse asked Angie if they could repair their relationship and move on, as well. She replied, "I'm trying, babe."

Madison's father arrived at the apartment. As he opened a briefcase, he said that he had questions about Madison. Inside the suitcase were the CDs and tapes. The Hubbards looked nervous.

Marissa and JR arrived at Tad's house. They announced that they were getting married. JR asked Tad if he would marry them. Tad and Krystal looked surprised. Tad agreed to officiate their wedding.

Krystal admitted to Tad that she disagreed with the marriage. She could not believe that JR proposed to Babe's twin sister only a year after Babe had died. Tad assured Krystal that JR and Marissa loved each other very much. Krystal warned Marissa that JR was using her. Marissa refused to listen to her mother. Marissa affirmed that JR was the man she loved.

JR told Little Adam that he wanted to marry Marissa because he loved her very much. The boy was pleased because he liked Marissa.

Tad married JR and Marissa in the living room as Krystal, Cathy, and Little Adam watched. Marissa and JR professed their love for each other and kissed. After the wedding, Krystal told Tad that she realized JR and Marissa truly loved each other. Krystal was happy for them.

JR and Marissa visited the mansion. They told Scott that they were married and he congratulated them. Adam entered the room and JR told his father the news. Adam responded, "Are you sober?" JR affirmed that he was not drunk. Adam replied, "I wasn't asking you." Marissa looked nervous.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

When James Beardsley confronted the Hubbards about the blackmail tapes, he said they indicated that Randi had killed Henry, and Jesse had covered it up. Jesse wondered why James hadn't turned them in to the police. Frankie assumed that Madison had confessed to her father.

James flashed back to the moment that Madison had confessed murder and blackmail to him on her deathbed. He'd wanted to believe that Madison had confessed to protect the Hubbards, but he could tell from their faces that Madison had told the truth. He gave the tapes to the Hubbards, and everyone agreed that, for their families' sakes, the tapes were "history."

After James left, Angie asked the family to humor her by joining hands in a circle. She asked each of them to swear that they'd never discuss the North case again. Angie hugged Jesse, thanking him for always pulling their family back together.

Everyone left, Frankie couldn't stop thinking about Madison, even though they'd agreed to forget the matter. Randi remarked that Natalia seemed unconvinced, but Frankie stated that Madison had died after confessing, which meant they really were free.

Later, Randi and Frankie watched the tapes before burning them. The surveillance video showed Randi entering and leaving North's room. Randi then returned to the room, followed by Jesse. Frankie and Randi were perplexed that the video didn't show Madison. Frankie decided to call Jesse. Randi insisted that they just burn the tapes, as they said they would. Frankie tossed them in a wastebasket, and set them ablaze.

The couple napped on the couch, and Randi dreamed that someone had leaked the tapes to the press. In her dream, she awakened Frankie, and ran to the door to see Madison on the threshold, holding the murder weapon. Randi jolted herself awake.

While dining at the Yacht Club with Jesse, Natalia didn't believe it was over. She questioned James's change in demeanor, citing that he'd gone from ranting to sympathetic too quickly. Jesse said James was grieving, and the Henry North file was closed. As they left, Angie arrived with Natalia's cell phone. Angie said Madison's hospital had returned Natalia's call. Natalia explained that she'd just wanted confirmation of Madison's death. Angie stated that it was all there, and the nightmare was really over.

At the Chandler mansion, Adam cynically asked Marissa if she'd been sober when she married J.R. The newlyweds professed their love for each other, and Adam retorted that J.R.'s love had sent Babe to an early grave. J.R. insisted that Adam leave them alone if he couldn't congratulate them. Adam apologized to Marissa, and asked Scott to escort her out.

Marissa left, and Adam ordered J.R. to annul his charade of a marriage. Adam said that J.R. had seen Babe as his salvation, and she'd almost saved him from the bottle; however, J.R. had dived back in, parading Marissa around like a "new and improved" Babe. J.R. didn't give a damn what Adam thought, and vowed not to waste the second chance he'd been given. J.R. proclaimed that he hadn't been drinking. He said his head was above water, and that was where it would remain. Adam warned J.R. not to walk on the water, because most humans sank.

At the Yacht Club, Zach overheard David tell the press that he hoped the police caught the murderous Kendall. After the interview, Zach accused David of being "locked and loaded" the night of the murder. Zach asserted that David had poisoned Adam. David said that, for the record, he'd been cleared of drugging charges after a hospital nurse had claimed responsibility.

Liza broke up the argument, and David went to the bar. Liza warned Zach against provoking David. Zach explained that he'd been on edge since he'd received Kendall's note. Liza whispered that the D.A. was all over the case. Zach pointed to a man nearby, and indicated that he was tailing Zach. Liza warned that the police would swarm if he contacted Kendall.

Zach insisted he was going after Annie, and Liza cautioned him not to make more trouble for his wife. Liza walked away, and Zach received an urgent call from Erica, insisting that Zach go to Ryan's house. "This could be it," she explained.

Liza saw David at a table with Bailey and Stuart. Bailey explained that David had mistaken her for the nanny, and Liza revealed to David that Bailey was actually Stuart's biological mother, who'd traveled to town for a visit. Astonished, David said that he couldn't merely visit his own child. Liza replied that he was a totally different breed. David remarked that he was like any other parent, who wanted the best for his child.

When David said Marissa and J.R. enter, he left Liza's table to greet them at the entrance. Liza briefly explained to Bailey that David's only redeeming quality was his children. Liza asked if Bailey had made a decision about her son. A torn Bailey said that Stuart seemed happy with Liza. Liza suggested that Bailey consider what was best for herself and for Stuart. Bailey said she didn't know how plan for Stuart's future when she was barely an adult herself. Liza said Bailey was more grownup than Bailey thought.

David sat with Marissa and J.R., and commented about J.R.'s "cue ball look." J.R. joked that it made him think more clearly. David remarked that Marissa should shave her head, too, if it would give her better taste in boyfriends. "I think you mean husbands," Marissa replied, and J.R. explained that he'd asked Marissa to marry him. David hoped that they didn't expect to get his permission. The couple replied that they'd already eloped.

David offered to toast with champagne, but sardonically quipped that he couldn't remember if J.R. drank alcohol or not. Marissa called David jealous, because his family, united by blackmail, was a total joke. She said she'd made a mistake going to David, who'd discarded her for Trevor. Marissa and J.R. left to honeymoon in the place where they'd fallen in love.

When David saw Bailey leave with Stuart, he commented to Liza that letting Bailey near Stuart was a big mistake. Liza quipped that biological parents had the right to have their kids anytime they wanted, at least that was the case for David with Trevor. David replied that he was just trying to be a friend, because he knew how much she loved Stuart. She replied that she loved Stuart as much as Jake loved Trevor. "Don't say I didn't warn you," David stated.

Later, J.R. carried Marissa over the threshold at the doctor's office, and a nurse prepared his chemotherapy treatment. J.R. couldn't believe that was really the place where she'd fallen in love with him. Marissa said she meant it, and they sat in the treatment chair together, kissing.

At Ryan's penthouse, Emma ran upstairs, screaming that she hated her mother for marrying Adam. As Ryan went after Emma, he ordered Annie to go home, because Emma didn't want her there. "Oh, what? This is my fault? Like everything else?" Annie said to Erica. Erica asked what Annie had expected to happen after springing her nuptials Emma.

Annie told Erica not to pretend that she wanted Emma wedged into her new relationship with Ryan. Erica found the statement absurd, and halted Annie from going upstairs to intercede between Emma and Ryan. Annie accused Ryan of messing with Emma's head, and Erica insisted that the only person doing that was Annie.

Upstairs, Ryan said he was sorry that Annie hadn't told Emma about the wedding. "You didn't tell me, either," Emma pouted. She said Ryan had taught her that secrets were bad. He agreed, and apologized for keeping it from her. He reasoned that it felt better, though, to have all of his secrets out in the open. Emma hugged her father, and said that she was ready to tell.

Just then, Annie entered the room, hoping for a chance to explain her engagement. Emma didn't want to listen, and asked both of her parents to leave her in private. After they exited to the hallway, they heard her lock the door. Downstairs later, the adults bickered about where Emma would live. Ryan and Erica insisted Emma that wouldn't leave the penthouse. Annie collected her suitcases, and told them both to go to hell.

After Annie left, an agitated Ryan said he'd gotten very close to cracking Emma. He hated seeing Emma agonize over Annie and Adam, but rationalized that it could work in their favor. Ryan was even more aggravated when Erica said she'd called Zach. Erica reasoned that Zach and he had been working their angles, which were finally joining together. Ryan didn't feel that Zach and he were on the same team, because Zach wasn't concerned about protecting Emma.

Ryan stated that the only person he could think about was his daughter. "Then you understand exactly how I feel," Erica remarked, grabbing her purse. Ryan grimaced, and Erica said they needed a break, because they were worked up. Upon leaving, she encountered Zach at the threshold, and said she'd made a mistake in calling him.

After Erica left, Ryan told Zach that they had a new problem. Ryan discussed how Emma seemed to want to divulge the secret. Zach reasoned that they should focus their pressure on Annie, who was vulnerable since Emma had isolated her. Ryan agreed that they should change their focus, but decided that they should put the heat on Adam instead.

Ryan figured they'd help Adam reacquire his memory by recreating his mental state at the time of the event. Zach asked if Ryan were suggesting that they drug Adam as David had done that night. "You got a better idea?" Ryan asked.

Upstairs, Emma recalled what happened the night of Stuart's murder. She saw Stuart dressed in a suit. Then she saw Adam outside a window that stormy night. He raised a gun and fired it. Emma jolted out of her recollection, and gasped.

Later, Annie stormed into the Chandler estate, and dropped her luggage. She worried to Adam that Emma, who had been upset about the wedding, might confide in Ryan. Scott listened in the foyer as Annie feared that everything was all about to emerge. Adam figured that Emma should reveal the truth, because keeping the secret had to be killing her. "It sure is killing me!" he exclaimed. A strange look settled over his features, and Annie asked him what was wrong.

Friday, October 24, 2009

When Aidan awoke, he found out from Kendall that he'd slept an entire day away. She told him that at one point, she thought his condition warranted a trip to the hospital. Aidan resisted the suggestion and Kendall calmed him down when she told him that his fever had broken and they were in the clear.

Kendall pointed out that Aidan needed to eat so that he could get some strength back. She grabbed a container of soup and, as she prepared to feed him, she thanked Aidan for all he'd done to keep one parent home with her sons. Aidan told her that he was the one that needed to give thanks, as Kendall had gone above and beyond to take care of him.

As Aidan rested once again, Kendall started to write a letter to Zach. Aidan awoke with a start and ripped the letter out of her hands. Aidan warned that any contact with Zach could lead the officials to them. Kendall understood, but said that she needed to find a way to let Zach know that they were okay. Kendall turned her back briefly and asked what she should do if she couldn't send the letters. When she turned around again, Aidan was gone.

Kendall peeked out of the church and quietly called out for Aidan, to no avail. She briefly went back inside, but when she looked at the letter she'd written, she changed her mind. She ripped the letter off the pad of paper and took it with her as she slipped out of the church.

A short time later, Kendall returned. Aidan turned up shortly thereafter with a laptop that he had stolen from a police patrol car. She was glad that they would be able to keep track of the cops and stay ahead of the force. Aidan told her that messages from the computer were untraceable and that she could use it to contact Zach.

Adam was worried that Annie hadn't gotten enough rest the night before, but Annie was consumed with anger because she felt Ryan had sabotaged her. Annie said that she was worried Emma would buckle under the pressure of keeping a secret to herself. Annie also feared that Emma might say something about the night Stuart died while in the house with Ryan.

Adam promised that he would do what he needed to protect Emma, but Annie wasn't sure that was possible. Adam told her that after the wedding, his lawyer's top priority would be to get Emma moved into the Chandler house. Annie calmed down some, and that allowed Adam to swoop in with tales of how charmed their life would be once they got married.

Ryan met up with Erica at the Yacht Club. She thought that Ryan had invited her there to apologize for his recent behavior, but Ryan said it would have to wait. Instead, he requested that Erica tap into her devious side to help him with a plan. Instead of immediately jumping in to help, Erica attempted to focus on her relationship with Ryan.

Ryan told Erica that he didn't like it when they fought any more than she did, but said that he needed her to put that aside. He admitted that Erica was correct when she said that getting Annie to crack could be fast-tracked if he and Zach worked together. Ryan promised to explain it in detail at a later time, but said that he needed Erica to devise a way to separate Annie and Adam.

Intrigued, Erica volunteered to help, and asked how much time she had. At that moment, she and Ryan turned and saw that Annie and Adam had just arrived. Ryan told her that time was up just as Adam suggested to his fiancée that they find another place to eat. Annie refused to be sent running by the mere presence of Erica and Ryan.

Erica pretended to take a call from a supposed benefactor and loudly protested the idea of getting involved with Annie in order to get a donation for her charity. Annie approached the table with Adam in tow, which prompted Erica to abruptly end her call. Annie demanded to know what the call had been, about but Erica refused to divulge any content. Ryan opted to leave, and Annie asked Adam to find them a table so that she could talk to Erica alone. Erica created a story about a designer, Ricky Zia, who wanted to design Annie's wedding gown. Annie was delighted at the thought that Erica needed her for something.

Zach went to Pine Valley Hospital and found Jake. Zach asked the doctor to detail what had been in the medication David had fed to Adam shortly before Stuart's death. Jake was unsure and said that Zach would have to check with David himself. Zach inquired into David's whereabouts and a quick glance into the adjacent hall revealed that David was with Amanda.

David asked Amanda why she and their son were at the hospital, and was relieved to find that Trevor just needed a checkup. David then asked if Amanda would meet him for lunch at the Yacht Club, as he had a proposal for her. Amanda suggested that David be direct and tell her right away, but before David could consider it, Zach dragged the doctor into a nearby room.

Once Zach closed the doors, he asked David for details about the drugs that had been secretly administered to Adam. David feigned innocence, and Zach made it clear that he didn't have time to play games. David concurred and tried to leave, to no avail. Zach assured the doctor that there was something good to be had should David choose to help out. Curious, David probed further and Zach said that his plan would take Adam down for good.

David thought that Zach wanted to kill Adam, but Zach said that he merely wanted to administer a blow that Adam wouldn't recover from. David was amused that Zach would ask him for help since Zach had ripped into David the day before for speaking to a reporter. Zach decided to make the choice to help easier, and reminded David that Adam was not only responsible for Ian's near death experience, but Adam had also taken Little Adam away from David.

Zach asked if David wanted the fight to be between the two of them, or if David could be swayed to join forces against Adam. Zach started to walk away when he didn't get an immediate response, but stopped when David admitted that a Chandler had stolen Marissa, as well. David then asked what Zach hoped to accomplish by re-drugging Adam, and Zach confessed that the drugs could help Adam remember what happened the night Stuart died.

David told Zach that even if they gave Adam the same drug, there was no way to be sure that the drugs would unlock Adam's unconscious. Zach indicated that he just needed David to provide the drugs so that Zach could handle the rest. David revealed that Adam had a checkup appointment and said that he could handle getting the drugs to Adam. Zach asked if he could trust David, and David fired back that Zach didn't have a choice.

Zach exited the room and ran into Ryan in the hallway. Zach said that David would help, and Ryan noted that Erica was attempting to work her magic on Annie. Meanwhile, at the Yacht Club, Erica confirmed that the designer didn't necessarily want Annie, but rather the publicity he could find through her.

Adam rejoined them and told Annie that he couldn't stay for lunch due to an appointment at the hospital. Erica delivered some final scathing remarks and walked away. Adam asked what Annie and Erica had talked about, and Annie revealed that Erica had tried to play her for a fool. Adam seemed taken aback, and Annie simply wanted to know why.

Adam suggested that Annie play along with the ruse that Erica had tried to set up in order to find out the real motive. Adam felt that Annie was smart enough to beat Erica and her cohorts at their own game. Across town, Erica met up with Ryan and Zach at the penthouse and requested to know what the plan was. When they filled her in, Erica worried that her performance hadn't been good enough to fool Annie, and asked what they would do if Annie didn't fall for it. Zach said that they would need bait that Annie couldn't resist, and the answer fell into their laps when Emma showed up in the room.

Ryan refused to let his daughter get mixed up in their latest plan. Just then, Erica's phone rang and she was pleased when she found Annie on the other end. Erica fed Annie some bogus information about a photo shoot where Annie could find the designer they'd previously discussed. When Erica ended the call, she told Zach and Ryan that Annie had agreed to meet with the designer. Zach took the opening and headed out to find Adam. With Zach gone, Ryan finally found his way back to the apology that Erica had expected. Erica accepted, and was glad that Ryan was helping Kendall, as well.

Jake surreptitiously found Amanda and staged a brief make out session. Jake then suggested that they drop Trevor off at Tad's house so that the two of them could get more intimate. Although Amanda was more than willing, she resisted and told Jake that David wanted to meet with her. Jake was irate, and wasted no time in making sure that Amanda knew exactly how he felt. Amanda told Jake that they couldn't ignore David, because that would make David pursue her more strongly.

Amanda then admitted to her belief that David's proposal had something to do with their living arrangement. She went on to say that she had confessed to hitting David over the head so that Kendall and Aidan could escape, and said that something had changed in David. Jake didn't buy the "New and Improved David" idea, and told Amanda that she should reject any offer from David. Despite Jake's protests, Amanda said that she wanted to hear David out in case his offer could benefit Amanda and Jake as a family. Jake told her that David would never suggest anything that wasn't self-serving in some way.

Jake conducted an exam on Adam and then chastised him for not refilling his heart medication prescription. Adam agreed to be better, and Jake asked a nurse to refill the prescription. The nurse did so, but David was able to distract her at the nurse's station long enough to switch the pills. When the nurse returned to the room, Jake insisted that Adam start taking the pills right away. David witnessed this from the hall, made a quick call to note that the mission had been accomplished, and then called Amanda to apologize for his lateness.

David finally showed up at the Yacht Club and tried to cordially order lunch. Amanda demanded to know what David was up to. He told her that he was willing to reconsider joint custody, but said that he wanted something in return. He told an incredulous Amanda that he wanted another child with her.

Adam returned home, perplexed and worried about how he felt. He stumbled through the foyer and into the living room, and was irate when he found Zach there. Although Adam tried several different methods to eject Zach from the house, Zach refused to budge. Instead, he pelted Adam with questions about the night that Stuart had died, and insisted that Adam knew who the real killer was.

Annie sneaked into Emma's room and, although initially excited, Emma's disposition soon soured. Annie tried once again to explain that she never wanted her wedding to be a secret and that she just wanted to wait for the right time. Annie then promised that she would make sure to keep Emma safe. The little girl sprung out of reach of her mother and said that Annie couldn't marry Adam. Emma went on to say that if Annie proceeded with the wedding, Emma would tell everyone that Adam killed his own brother.

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