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All My Children Recaps: The week of October 26, 2009 on AMC
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Monday, October 26, 2009

In the abandoned church, Kendall confided that Zach used to quote Lord Byron's "She Walks in Beauty" to her. Aidan listened as Kendall began to recite the poem. To Kendall's surprise, Aidan quoted several lines of the poem. When Aidan returned to working on the laptop, Kendall sensed that he was troubled. Aidan admitted that hearing about her relationship with Zach had affected him. Kendall assured Aidan that he would find someone to special one day.

A short time later, Aidan announced that he had set up an account for Kendall on a poetry web site, so that she could communicate with Zach. Aidan explained that once they contacted online, they could move to a private chat room to correspond. Kendall was curious how Zach would know to find her, but Aidan assured her that he had taken care of it.

In Ryan's living room, Ryan asked Erica how she had managed to survive her parents' divorce without lasting damage. Erica explained that children tended to be resilient; however, she credited her mother's unwavering love. Ryan expressed his regret over the situation with Annie. Erica insisted that Ryan had made every effort to work things out with Annie. According to Erica, it was Annie who had forced his hand; he had to protect Emma. As they spoke, Erica's cell phone rang. Erica quickly learned that Annie had never arrived for her appointment.

In Emma's bedroom, Annie implored Emma to keep quiet about the night that Stuart had died. Emma threatened to tell everyone that Adam had shot Stuart, if Annie married Adam. Emma explained that she was terrified to live at the Chandler mansion and worried that Annie would get killed. Annie insisted that Stuart's shooting had been the result of a horrible accident because someone had drugged Adam. Annie promised that Adam had loved Stuart; he would never have intentionally hurt his brother.

When Annie insisted that Adam loved Annie, Emma countered that Spike and Ian missed their mother. Annie deftly changed the subject by warning Emma that Ryan and his friends did not want what was best for Emma. Annie begged and then resorted to bribing her daughter, with the promise of a new pony, in order to persuade Emma to remain silent about what Adam had done. Ryan burst into the room moments later. As he swept Emma up in his arms, he glared at Annie.

Ryan was curious how Annie had managed to slip into Emma's room. He also wanted to know what they had been talking about. Before Emma could answer her father, Annie announced that she had decided to call off her wedding to Adam. She had wanted Emma to hear it from her first. Ryan set Emma down and then he led Annie to the living room. Erica trailed behind them.

Annie snidely informed them that she had not fallen for Erica's ruse. Ryan was curious why Annie had suddenly changed her mind about marrying Adam. Annie insisted that they wouldn't understand, and then she stormed out of the penthouse. Erica and Ryan agreed that Annie was up to something. They didn't believe that her decision to cancel the wedding stemmed from genuine concern for Emma's welfare.

Ryan was horrified when he realized that the only thing that could have forced Annie to call off the wedding was if Emma had blackmailed her mother by threatening to reveal the secret. Ryan and Erica realized that it was more important than ever for Zach to succeed with his plans for Adam.

At the Chandler mansion, Zach interrogated Adam about the night of Stuart's murder. Adam grew increasingly agitated as the powerful drug, which had been secretly slipped to Adam, triggered flashes of memory. Adam begged Zach to stop, but Zach was relentless. Zach's frustration grew as he continued to question Adam, to no avail.

Scott entered the parlor in time to see Zach grab Adam. Scott immediately ordered Zach to release Adam. Adam stumbled back as Zach complied with Scott's demand. After Adam retired to his bedroom, Scott accused Zach of drugging Adam. Zach picked up Adam's drink and then took a long swallow to prove that the drink had not been tainted. When Scott questioned the purpose of Zach's visit, Zach claimed that he had hoped to discuss Adam's offer to help Kendall.

Scott decided that it was time for Zach to leave. As Zach walked away, he warned Scott to watch his back, because sooner or later Annie would plunge a knife in it. When Zach reached the front door, he paused and then turned to look at the parlor. Scott stood in the doorway with a gun aimed directly at Zach.

As Zach slowly approached Scott, he urged Scott to help him find the truth about how Stuart had died. Scott insisted that it no longer mattered who had pulled the trigger because everyone who had gathered at the mansion, on that fateful night, to hurt Adam had contributed to Stuart's death. With the gun aimed at his heart, Zach admitted that he understood Scott's desire to end the nightmare.

Several heartbeats later, the anger appeared to drain out of Scott. He lowered the gun and then walked into the parlor. Zach was curious why Scott continued to protect Annie, whom Zach believed had killed Stuart. Zach was unaware that Annie had entered the mansion seconds before. When she heard Zach's question, she loudly slammed the door shut to announce her presence. Zach and Scott turned to watch as Annie marched into the parlor with an expression of determination.

Annie demanded that Zach leave, but Zach ignored her. Zach seemed to sense that Scott was wavering. Annie snatched up Scott's discarded gun, aimed it at Zach, and then repeated her order for Zach to leave. When Zach didn't budge, Annie raised the gun and then fired off three shots. Scott ducked while Zach calmly watched Annie. Scott pleaded with Annie to put the gun down, but she ignored him.

When Adam and a security guard rushed into the room moments later, Annie assured everyone that it had been an accident; however, no one seemed to believe her. Zach smirked as he informed Adam that Annie didn't usually miss, and then turned to leave. After the security guard followed Zach out, Annie suggested that Adam return to the bedroom, so that he could rest. Shaken by the incident, Adam agreed. As soon as Adam was gone, Scott demanded to know what had possessed Annie to shoot the gun.

Annie claimed that she had to do something, in order to stop Scott from "blabbing" to Zach. Scott insisted that he had never had any intention of telling Zach anything. Annie muttered that she should have shot Zach because he had ruined everything. Scott was incredulous; he accused Annie of being crazy. Annie argued that everyone had pressured Emma. Scott was stunned when Annie revealed the details about Emma's demands for Annie not to marry Adam. He observed that Emma was more like her mother every day.

Annie defended her daughter; she told Scott that Emma just wanted her parents to get back together. Annie decided that she just needed some time to persuade Emma that marrying Adam was for the best. Scott suggested that Annie was only interested in what was best for Annie, not Emma. Scott then informed Annie that she had bigger problems; Adam's memories were returning.

Scott didn't think that there was anything that anyone could do to stop Adam from remembering. His fear was that it would kill Adam when he realized the truth about Stuart's murder.

Later, as Adam slept, Annie gently stroked his hair as she confessed that she truly loved him. Annie vowed that it was real, no matter what anyone else claimed. Annie confessed that she would give anything to be Adam's wife, but she couldn't marry him. Annie insisted that she loved him too much to hurt him; she hoped that one day he would understand.

Zach went to Ryan's apartment to let Ryan and Erica know that he had failed to make progress with Adam. Ryan and Erica were disappointed. Moments later, Zach received a phone call from Jesse. Jesse was at the Slater residence; he insisted that Zach meet him. After Zach left, Ryan went to check on Emma and Spike.

When Ryan returned to the living room, Ryan admitted that he was concerned that Emma would use her secret to try to manipulate Annie to reconcile with him. Erica suggested that perhaps Emma might have objections about Ryan and Erica's relationship. However, Erica didn't believe that what she felt for Ryan was wrong. Ryan confessed that what they shared felt right to him.

When Zach arrived home, Jesse was waiting. Jesse revealed that Aidan had contacted him with a strange message; it contained an address to a poetry website. Zach clarified that the message was from Kendall, not Aidan. Zach raced over to his laptop and then logged on to the web site. Moments later, Zach and Kendall had found each other online.

At the Yacht Club, Amanda asked David to clarify what he expected from her. David suggested that they have another baby via artificial insemination, unless Amanda wanted to try getting pregnant the traditional way. Amanda was curious why David wanted to have another child with her. David claimed that he wanted Trevor to have something that David had been denied: a sibling.

Amanda reminded David that he had a brother, Leo. David argued that there had been a big age gap between them, so he and Leo hadn't grown up together. Amanda suspected that the real reason that David wanted to have another child was because he missed his daughter. David changed the subject by offering to share custody of the children, so that she could move out of Wildwind. He also assured Amanda that she could take all the time that she needed to mull over his offer. After David left, Jake approached the table.

Jake was furious when Amanda told him about David's proposal. His anger turned to hurt when he realized that Amanda appeared to be considering it. Amanda argued that she would become pregnant through artificial insemination, but Jake didn't care if it was through "email." It was wrong. Jake reminded Amanda of their plans to have a family and then wondered where that fit in to the scheme of things.

Amanda assured Jake that her life was with him, not David. If giving David another child meant that she could be with Jake, then it was worth it. Jake didn't agree. He stood up and then walked away.

Jake went to the hospital to confront David. After Jake accused David of being sick for making such an outlandish proposition to Amanda, he vowed that David would not succeed in destroying his marriage. David sarcastically responded that Jake could babysit Trevor while David took Amanda to Lamaze classes. Jake warned that he would not remain on the sidelines; he was determined to support Amanda's decision.

At Wildwind, Amanda confided her problems to Trevor while she cuddled her son in her arms. Amanda explained to Trevor that "Daddy Jake" missed them terribly. She realized that things were complicated, but she insisted that she couldn't lose Trevor or Jake. Moments later, the doorbell rang. It was Jake. He promised that he loved Amanda and he desperately wanted to make their "crazy marriage" work. Jake assured Amanda that he would support her decision.

Amanda insisted that it was their decision, but Jake disagreed. He reminded Amanda that it was her body and therefore ultimately up to her whether or not she would have a baby.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

In the park, Brot jogged past Natalia on a bench, and U-turned to jog in place before her. She advised him to get in shape for his fitness exam. Brot claimed that his body was in top shape, but then toppled over from a nagging cramp. While stretching, he noticed a map pulled up on Natalia's laptop. She showed him the map of the area near Wildwind, and stated that she was tracking Kendall and Aidan.

On the map, Natalia discerned a stretch of open country located beyond the Wildwind Estate, and claimed that was exactly where police needed to look. She added that when Jesse had been on the run, he'd hidden his family in places just like that, and she didn't understand why Jesse hadn't searched that area himself. Brot replied that she should trust her father's instincts. Natalia decided to go for a drive, and said, "Maybe I'll find a couple criminals."

On the laptop at the church, Kendall read a romantic poem from Zach, and then made up a "Roses are Red" poem to instant message back. Zach joked that she needed practice, and they discussed how they missed each other. Zach received a knock at his door. Aidan stirred on a church pew, and the couple ended their session.

Zach let Jesse into the house, and Jesse asked if Zach knew Kendall's whereabouts. "Officially, for the record, no," Zach answered. Unofficially, he admitted that Kendall and he had been instant messaging all night. Zach said he'd give anything to have Kendall in the secret room, instead of in an abandoned building somewhere. "You know where she is?" Jesse asked.

Zach said he didn't know exactly where she was. Jesse offered to halt searches of certain areas, if he knew which ones to avoid. Zach guessed Kendall was at a deserted church in farm country. Jesse had suspected that the fugitives had taken refuge in an abandoned church on the outskirts of town, and he'd sent his team in the opposite direction of it to buy time. Jesse worried that Kendall and Aidan would be discovered if they remained close to town.

Back at the church, Kendall told Aidan about the beautiful things that Zach had written the previous night. Aidan warned her to conserve the laptop battery. Kendall recalled hating to be locked in the secret room, but she wished she was back there, at home with Zach. She admitted that she'd said to Zach that nothing was safer than a house of God. As she gushed over Zach's poetry, Aidan appeared woozy. He said he was fine, and left to get them some food.

Later, Zach and Kendall took a nap at the same time. In their heads, they each heard the other say, "I love you." Zach dreamed that Kendall had awakened him on the sofa. He gasped that she was home, and kissed her. Meanwhile, Kendall dreamed that Zach had found her at the church to take her home.

A knock at the door roused Zach from his sleep. Jesse had returned, saying that Aidan's car had been spotted. He explained that Natalia had followed a hunch and taken a drive. Zach rushed to the laptop to warn Kendall, who was still asleep. Zach panicked, repeatedly messaging Kendall. At the same time, Aidan returned to the church. Kendall awakened, and they heard squealing tires outside the church.

J.R. and Marissa arrived at a group therapy session for cancer patients, and announced their marriage. Sweeping Marissa into his arms for a dance, he said that it was the perfect place for their reception. Trent decided that, as the "self-appointed" best man, he'd say wise words to the newlyweds. J.R. told the group that Marissa had given him a second chance at love and life.

Just then, Dr. Kahn entered to start their session, and Marissa left. J.R. told the group that he had renewed hope in his son and new wife, who reminded him of how much he wanted to "stick around." He admitted that he was scared, and another patient said she was, too.

Trent shared his story about Cynthia proposing to him the moment he'd been diagnosed. She'd been a rock for him, until something within him had changed. He'd cavalierly refused to freeze his sperm so that they could have children, and then he'd fallen into drinking, staying out all night, and picking fights. He concluded that Cynthia had left him, not because of his cancer, but because of him. "I pushed my wife away because I didn't want her to watch me die," he said.

At David's place, Liza entered, telling David that he could get other lawyers for whatever it was that he wanted from her. David said she was the only one that he could trust, and the only one who had the personal experience he required. He hinted that it involved a custody issue, and stated, "Congratulate me. I'm about to be a father again."

After the nanny left with Trevor, Liza couldn't believe that David had asked Amanda to be artificially inseminated for him. David said Jake and Amanda had brought it upon themselves by keeping Trevor from him, but he'd found a solution that gave everyone what they wanted: David would get a child, Jake would get Amanda, and Amanda would get shared custody. "You're a regular Santa Claus," Liza quipped.

David explained that he needed a lawyer that Amanda trusted to draw up a contact. Liza assumed that David wanted Liza to convince Amanda that playing a "baby factory for her freedom" was a good idea. David reasoned that Liza just had to relay that it was beneficial for everyone, including Stuart and his college fund. David claimed it'd all be above board, but Liza replied that she'd only do it if David told her what he really was planning. At his silence, she guessed that he planned to nullify the contract somehow, and then take custody of both children.

David feigned innocence, and called Liza paranoid. He guessed that Bailey's presence in Stuart's life had colored Liza's ability to think rationally. Liza refused to discuss that topic with him, and she stood to leave, saying that she wouldn't be on his payroll while he screwed over Amanda again. David wondered what it'd take to get Liza to trust his intentions in the bargain. Just then, Marissa entered, asking, "What bargain?"

Marissa figured out David's scheme, and Liza left, insisting that David find someone else. Marissa assumed that David wanted to "order up" another kid that he could control, since Marissa had wed J.R. David insisted that he loved his children, while the Chandlers treated their offspring like pawns. He reasoned that if she birthed a "junior junior," then she'd see firsthand how the Chandlers devoured their young. She screamed at him to shut up, and ran out.

Marissa went home, and fumed over David's actions. When J.R. entered, she ranted that David used kids for deals while some deserving parents couldn't have their own. J.R. looked concerned, but Marissa didn't want to burden him with the issue. She decided they'd take a nap, and a tired J.R. cuddled with her on the sofa. Later, J.R. awakened to see Marissa sobbing at the window, just as Trent had said his wife, Cynthia, had done before leaving him.

Jake and Amanda awakened on the sofa together. She said that the only way they could wake up to each other every morning was if she gave David what he wanted. After they put on their robes, Amanda weighed the cost of their freedom from David against the ramifications of carrying a baby for him. She wanted desperately to live with Jake and have joint custody of Trevor, but she questioned whether David was just setting her up.

As Amanda agonized over what to do, Jake remained silent. She said she desperately needed his input, but Jake sensed that she wanted him to make the decision for her. Jake understood that David's offer seemed tempting, but Jake reminded her that David was unbalanced. While Jake said he'd be there for her, he left the choice to her alone.

The nanny dropped off Trevor, and Jake advised Amanda to take Trevor to the petting zoo alone, so that she could think about things. After they left, Liza arrived, hoping Jake had talked Amanda out of caving in to David. Jake said that David's offer wasn't easy to refuse. "Can you tell her to wake up?" Liza quipped, and insisted that David would take the children, leaving Amanda with nothing. Jake said he'd already flipped out about it, but it hadn't helped.

Liza couldn't believe he'd just give up a child that he loved. Jake figured that her statement was more about her life, and asked what was happening with Bailey. Liza confessed that pulling Bailey into the picture wasn't a good idea. "You think?" Jake sarcastically replied. Liza said she couldn't survive losing Stuart, and insisted that Amanda could lose her kids to David. Jake wondered if Liza could make the contract ironclad in order to protect Amanda.

At the park, Tad was excited to see Amanda and Trevor. Amanda sobbed, saying that she had to make a decision, which could result in the biggest mistake of her life. When Tad heard David's proposition, he seethed that David was a bastard. They talked about the maturity in Jake's restraint, and Amanda wondered how she could choose. Tad reminded her that David was out to destroy her and Jake's love for each other.

Later, Tad visited Jake to find out how he was feeling in light of David's proposition. Jake hoped Amanda did the right thing for their family. Meanwhile, Amanda called Liza to meet her at Wildwind. There, Amanda told David that she'd made her decision. Amanda said she'd do anything to be with Jake and Trevor, including giving David another baby. Amanda insisted that David not interfere any further in her life or her marriage to Jake. David knelt before Trevor, and said he'd have a new brother or sister.

Wednesday, October 29, 2009

Zach and Jesse feared that Natalia had found Kendall and Aidan. Jesse tried calling his daughter to tell her to end the search; meanwhile, Zach tried warning Kendall in an Internet chat that Natalia was hot on her heels.

Kendall and Aidan were alarmed to hear a car pull up outside of the abandoned church. They hid behind the altar as the door opened. They were relieved to see two teenage boys enter the church. The boys heard that the church was haunted and wanted to check it out. Aidan opened the computer and played a scary noise. The boys heard the noise and ran out of the church. Kendall and Aidan laughed.

Kendall questioned Aidan about his love life. She wondered if he ever got lonely. He admitted that he wanted a family; however, he feared that he lost the love of his life when Greenlee died. Kendall hoped that Aidan would find love again.

Natalia and Brot approached a cabin in the woods. She was certain that Kendall and Aidan were hiding in the cabin. Brot urged Natalia to wait for backup, but she barged into the cabin with her gun in hand. She was disappointed to discover that the cabin was empty.

Natalia called her father to tell him the news. He ordered her to return home, but she refused. Jesse asked to speak with Brot. Brot told Jesse that he tried to stop Natalia. Jesse asked Brot for a favor.

Brot secretly removed parts from Natalia's car. Natalia was frustrated when her car would not start. She called for a tow, but she was annoyed to learn that it would take a long time for the truck to arrive since they were in a remote area. Brot told her to relax, but she was eager to find Kendall and Aidan. She stated that she wanted to be a great cop. He noted that she was trying too hard. She admitted that she wished to make amends for messing up on her first day. He looked sympathetic and offered to try to fix the car.

Brot could not fix the car. He returned to the cabin with oil all over his shirt. Natalia laughed when she saw him and asked if he had tried to fix the car or wrestle it. He removed his shirt. She was shocked to see the burn scars covering Brot's arms. She immediately looked away. Brot noticed her uncomfortable reaction. He noted that he liked Natalia because she was honest with him and did not treat him with kid gloves. He did not want her to start acting differently towards him because she saw how badly he was scarred.

Zach and Jesse were relieved that Kendall and Aidan were safe. Kendall told Zach, in the chat room, that she was fine. He replied that they would have their happy ending soon.

Zach thanked Jesse for his help with Kendall's case. Zach admitted that he had a plan to get to Adam and that it was working. Jesse wanted more information, but Zach said it was best if Jesse did not know the details of the plan.

Erica arrived at the mansion. Erica told Adam that she would be there for him in his hour of need. He was confused, so she realized that Annie had not told Adam that she had called off the wedding. Adam refused to believe Erica. Erica insisted that Annie told Emma and Ryan that she was no longer marrying Adam.

Annie arrived at the penthouse with a ladybug costume. Ryan asked if Annie was still marrying Adam. She stated that she had called off the wedding, until Emma felt better about it. Ryan accused Annie of trying to manipulate Emma again. Annie asked if she could give Emma the costume, but Ryan declared that he was limiting Annie's time with their daughter.

Emma entered the living room and saw her mother. Emma was dressed like a Disney princess. Annie said that Emma could have two costumes and the girl was excited. Then, when Ryan left the room, Annie tried to convince Emma that Adam was a good man. Emma did not buy it and was still scared of Adam.

When Emma left the room, Ryan demanded that Annie leave. Annie said that she prayed for the day that Ryan was in her position. Annie swore that she would laugh in Ryan's face if he asked to see their daughter.

Erica informed Zach and Ryan that Adam had looked upset when she told him the news about Annie. Zach and Ryan were pleased. They all agreed that Adam needed to be pushed over the edge. Erica suggested that they use Stuart to get to Adam. She noted that Stuart was Adam's conscience. She announced that she had a plan to bring Stuart back from the dead.

Annie arrived at the mansion. Adam informed Annie that Erica was there "spouting rubbish." Annie looked sheepish, so Adam realized that Erica was telling the truth about the wedding. Annie said that she had tried to tell Adam, but he was not feeling well. She explained that Emma was upset about the wedding, so Annie had to postpone it, not cancel it completely. Adam understood. He noted that Emma was probably frightened of him because he looked like the man she killed. Annie looked nervous as she agreed with Adam.

Annie vented to Adam about Ryan. She was upset because Ryan only let her see Emma for a short time. Annie explained that she wanted to help Emma get ready for a Halloween party that she was attending in the park. Adam promised Annie that he would make everything better.

Annie found a note in the parlor from Adam that said he was making good on his promise. Annie exclaimed, "No," and rushed out of the mansion.

Adam arrived at the park and saw Emma playing games at the party. Adam approached Emma and she looked scared.

Marissa entered her hotel room and announced that she had run a bunch of errands for JR. She bought him magazines, snacks, and medications. He looked distraught and said that he was disgusted over how Marissa took care of him. He assumed that Marissa was unhappy because she was his caretaker. He called himself selfish for marrying her because he could not give her a proper marriage due to the cancer. He commented that he might be sterile as a result of the chemotherapy.

Marissa swore that she was happily married. He asked why she had been crying in the morning then. She explained that she was mad because the man she loved had cancer. She did not want the cancer to win, because she wished to spend the rest of her life with JR. She told JR that they needed to fight the cancer, not each other. She kissed him and left.

JR called his doctor and asked if he could have children. JR heard Marissa returning, so he hung up the phone before he got an answer.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

At ConFusion, David seemed perturbed that Liza had called him away from the clinic. Liza gestured to Jake and Amanda, who were seated at a nearby table, and said that David needed to handle the contract face-to-face. David agreed, because he didn't want to wind up in the same mess that Liza had found herself in with Bailey.

Once at the table, Liza passed out contract copies. Amanda was flabbergasted that the contact stipulated that she and Jake couldn't have sex for the term of the pregnancy. David asserted that he wouldn't risk Jake impregnating Amanda while she was performing the same service for David. Jake said the rule shouldn't apply after conception, but David retorted that he also refused to risk Jake giving Amanda an STD during her pregnancy. "How do I know how you're spending your time apart? Syphilis, Herpes, who knows?" David cynically asked.

Jake offered to take David to task in the parking lot, but Liza prohibited fist-fighting. Amanda was additionally shocked to read that David expected her to live with him during the pregnancy. David felt that he had to protect his interests, considering the fact that Jake had made David think Trevor was dead. Amanda refused to be David's slave, and ripped up the contract.

At the bar, Amanda fumed over David's demands. Jake said they should consider themselves lucky that David hadn't pushed for more. Jake suggested they treat it like a business deal, so that they could get their family back in nine months. He said he could wait the nine months, if she could.

Alone at the table with Liza, David said that when people were that frustrated, it meant that he was winning. He was sure that Amanda would ask for a new copy of the contact, and he suggested that Liza envied him for knowing how to get things done. Liza hoped that the thought kept him warm on the lonely nights, since he had no friends. David retorted that she could use a friend like him, because he'd resolve the Bailey situation for her by winter. Liza declined, and he said she'd regret turning him down, because he was good at what he did.

To Liza's surprise, Jake and Amanda returned, requesting another copy of the contract. Amanda and Jake turned to leave, and David asked where Amanda was going. "It's none of your damn business. I haven't signed on the dotted line yet," Amanda replied, and seductively kissed Jake's neck. After the couple left, Liza told David, "Yeah, you're really good at this."

As Liza packed up her papers, David wondered if she understood why he wanted another child. He said that he wanted someone to love him, and he wanted to give Trevor a sibling. Liza said he'd almost sounded sincere. "Love and family, Liza. It's no joke," he said as she departed.

At home, Jake and Amanda passionately made love. Amanda said that in 24 hours, sex would be a breech in contract. Jake replied that he only cared about the contract that they'd made to love each other forever.

At the Halloween festival in the park, Emma was stunned to open her eyes, and find Adam smiling at her. Before she could speak, Adam's grandson trotted up, and hugged Adam. Emma watched as Adam explained to Little Adam that J.R.'s new wife would love Little Adam as if he were her child, but that didn't mean that Little Adam had to stop loving his real mother. The two hugged, and consoled each other about missing Stuart. Adam tearfully wished he could trade places with Stuart, who Adam felt had been a good man.

Elsewhere in the park, Ryan and Erica overheard Annie frantically asking a festival host where Emma was. The couple halted Annie, demanding to know what she was up to. The three spotted Emma watching Adam with his grandson, and they rushed to the scene.

Emma announced to the adults that she'd won the costume contest, dressed as a lady bug. When Annie took Emma aside, Emma whispered that Adam seemed really sorry, and she didn't think he'd meant to kill Stuart. Annie asked if Emma were still afraid of Adam, and Emma shook her head "no." After Annie and Adam left, Erica wondered what had just happened. "I have no idea, but I don't like it," Ryan uttered.

When Zach strode into the Chandler Estate, Scott was astounded at how Zach always managed to infiltrate the house. Zach apologized for angering Scott into drawing a weapon the other day; however, Zach incensed Scott once again by asking how Scott could let Kendall take the blame for a crime she hadn't committed. Zach wondered what Stuart would think of Scott letting the farce continue.

Scott threatened to call security, but Zach said he'd escort himself out, using a short-cut that he knew. Zach sensed that being half like Adam and half like Stuart was a tremendous struggle for Scott. "It's almost over. Now that Stuart's gone, the good in you is slowly fading," Zach surmised, and then pondered why Scott had chosen to protect Annie. "You want to sleep with her, you have slept with her, both?" Zach guessed as Adam and Annie entered the room.

Adam said that Zach was desperately hurtling baseless accusations. Zach wondered why they'd canceled the wedding. Annie announced that it was back on, and she preferred to marry at the mansion, not the casino. Zach left, and Scott warned Annie not to bluff Zach. A beaming Annie replied that she'd told the truth, and she asked for a moment alone with her fiancÚ.

Scott left, and Annie revealed to Adam that his talk with Emma had put the child's mind at ease. Adam said that he'd spoken directly from his heart to Little Adam about Stuart. Annie assured Adam that, with time and space, Emma would warm to him.

Annie smeared lipstick on Adam's jacket. While he changed clothes, she slipped into the foyer to see Scott, who insisted that they talk. Annie led him outside, where she explained that instead of accusing Adam of murder, Emma had pitied him. Annie rejoiced that her wedding would go on as planned, and she said all the skeptics could "shut up." Scott was unsure that keeping the secret was beneficial, and he suspected that Adam might be figuring it out on his own. Annie grabbed Scott, begging him to stay strong. Scott persisted that gently nudging Adam toward the truth might assure that Adam got the help he needed.

Back at the park, Emma said that Adam had been crying because he missed Stuart. She returned to the party, and Erica commented that Adam just needed a little push in order to unlock the truth. Zach rounded the corner, cautioning that they needed to act fast because the wedding was back on. Zach said he'd run into Scott while casing the estate, and Zach suspected that Scott was hiding something. Erica stated that Adam was primed to recall the truth. Zach remarked that he knew what he had to do. "So do we," Ryan responded.

At ConFusion later, Erica met Ryan, and said that things were set on her end. Ryan received a text message on his cell phone that said, "It's done." He told Erica that everything was ready, and the late Stuart Chandler would be making his appearance on Halloween.

Back at the Chandler estate, Adam entered the living room to see that a wall painting had been replaced with a framed white board. On it, the message, "Help me Adam," was scrawled in what appeared to be blood. Adam screamed, "Stuart!" and ran to find Annie and Scott.

As Adam led Scott and Annie back inside, Zach replaced the white board with the art print that normally hung in that space, and slipped out. Adam rushed into the room, and pointed to the wall. He was confounded to see that the seemingly bloody sign had disappeared.

At the country cabin, Natalia claimed that she hadn't looked away from Brot because of his scars. With some prodding from Brot, she admitted that his scars had thrown her for a loop at first, but after getting to know him, she only saw him, not the scars.

Brot, clad in pants and a tank top, asked if she saw him as the guy she'd gotten stuck with at the dance marathon, or the guy who'd annoyed her by wanting to be a cop. Embarrassed, she called those states petty first impressions. "I am who I am, and you are who you are," she concluded. Brot struggled to wipe car grease off his back with a sponge, but declined her offer to help him. When he dropped the sponge, they reached for it in unison, and touched hands. Natalia gently insisted upon helping him.

As Natalia slowly sponged his scarred shoulder, Brot explained what he knew about her. He said she liked to blend into the woodwork, a trait she'd learned from Jesse. He stated that she was independent, goal-oriented, and "pretty hot, too." Brot touched her hand, and after a moment, she revealed what she thought of him. Natalia said she admired the strength, bravery, and confidence that he'd gained while handling the raw deal that he'd been dealt.

Natalia tossed his shirt to him, and the spark plugs fell on the floor. An outraged Natalia realized that he'd removed the parts from her car. She assumed that he'd pulled the stunt at Jesse's request, just to keep her off the case. "Maybe I was just trying to score-get some alone time with you," Brot stammered. She ordered him to walk back to Pine Valley, because she was taking the car.

At Liza's house, Bailey struggled to pick up Stuart's toys as Colby returned from a shopping spree. As Bailey helped herself to trying on Colby's new shoes, Bailey admitted that she loved Stuart, but parenting wasn't what she'd expected it to be. Colby showed off two costumes, saying that she couldn't decide which to wear to the Halloween party. Eyes twinkling, Bailey wondered who Colby's date was. Colby said that Pete was her "default date," and Bailey teased that Pete probably wanted to "bump it up a notch."

Colby snatched her costume away, preferring not to "go there." Instead, she asked if Bailey had a boyfriend. Bailey recalled dating Damon, Stuart's father. Damon had made her the "Queen of the Pack" by dating her, but he'd seemingly forgotten her name after she'd gotten pregnant. Bailey complained about being stuck with a baby on Halloween, her favorite holiday, and Colby retorted that things would be better if Bailey "just walked," leaving Stuart with Liza.

"Ouch," Bailey muttered, and Colby apologized. Bailey said that Colby was right, but Stuart was a part of Bailey. "I can't walk away from that...Can I?" she asked. Colby said that Bailey had done well with Stuart, and Bailey imagined that he'd look cute in a Peter Pan costume, once he was older. Bailey said she saw Damon in Stuart, and Colby wondered if Bailey missed Damon. Stuart cried, and Colby left to check on him.

Later, Bailey scrolled through her cell phone. She pulled up Damon's number, and texted, "Trick or treat." She hesitated, and pressed the send button.

Friday, October 30, 2009

While taking Trevor out for a walk, David checked in with Amanda about her plans for getting pregnant. Amanda surprised him when she revealed that she already had an appointment with a fertility specialist. She told David that the sooner she got pregnant, the sooner she could get back to her life with Jake. Amanda took a seat on a nearby bench and picked up a piece of Halloween candy from the ground. She started to eat it, but David snatched it out of her hands and insisted that Amanda needed to be more careful about her health.

David then confronted Amanda about her view that having another child for David was a means to an end. Amanda promised that the new baby would be just as loved as Trevor, but confirmed that she was anxious to get back to life with her husband. David was perturbed and tried to assert what little control he still felt he had. Amanda lashed back and made it clear that she understood the terms of their agreement.

Dance marathon participants began to file into ConFusion, which was closed for their private Halloween party. Jake, who was among the crowd, called Liza and begged her to join him at the club as soon as she could. Liza ended the call and told Bailey that she needed to leave. Bailey seemed slightly dismayed that she had to stay home. When Liza questioned Bailey's reaction, the young girl backtracked and insisted that she was happy to spend time with her son.

A short time later, Bailey heard a knock at Liza's door and thought that the pizza she ordered had arrived. When she opened the door, she was surprised to see Damon, Stuart's biological father. Damon thought that the text messages Bailey had sent were her way of inviting him to have a night on the town. He got a surprise of his own when he saw baby Stuart. Bailey quickly told him that she was simply babysitting, but said that they could have fun hanging out at Liza's place. Damon was not interested, and told Bailey to call him if she changed her mind. Bailey only hesitated briefly before asking him to wait for her.

AMC Recap Photo 091030 Ryan and Erica met up near the bar at ConFusion, and Erica said that her main goal for the evening was to find proof of Annie's guilt. She asked if Zach had been in contact, and Ryan told her that, although he'd not heard anything from Zach, he knew that the plan would be in motion soon.

Erica thanked Ryan for working with Zach, even though it was the last thing that either man wanted to do. Ryan said that he did what he needed to do to help both Kendall and Emma. He questioned what would happen if Annie were able to get away with murder. Erica was certain that if their plan worked, Adam would lead the charge to get Annie convicted. Ryan thought that Adam's love for Annie might get in the way, but Erica reminded him that Adam would never love Annie as much as he loved Stuart.

Zach hid in one of the tunnels in the Chandler Estate. Zach watched as Scott told Adam that he was available to talk if Adam ever had the need. Before Adam could respond, Annie appeared in the doorway of the living room and said that they all needed a distraction. Annie told Adam that she'd procured him a costume, and she sent him upstairs to change. Once alone, Annie warned Scott not to pressure Adam. Scott insisted that Adam was starting to remember, and Annie insisted that she could prevent Adam's memories from returning.

Zach recorded Annie and Scott as they argued about what they thought was best for Adam. Annie said that if what Scott wanted was to push his uncle over the edge, then Scott should feel free to tell Adam the truth. Adam returned to the living room at that moment and wanted to know what the argument was about. Annie covered without missing a beat and suggested that they take down Stuart's painting until Adam felt better.

AMC Recap Photo 091030 Adam refused and said that Stuart and his art needed to remain up-front and visible. Annie changed the course of the conversation when she focused on how Adam hadn't changed into his costume. Annie said that Stuart would want Adam to embrace life, but Scott pointed out that Adam would be fine if he missed one party. Adam sided with Annie, and the two of them went upstairs to get changed. As they did, Zach sent a message to Ryan so that he and Erica could prepare for Adam and Annie's arrival.

Liza got to ConFusion and was less than enthusiastic about the costume that Jake had picked out for her. Jake was apologetic, and Liza thought that Jake had made his decision because he didn't have a date. Jake broke the news that Amanda was his date, and that Liza had been assigned to David. They got changed, and Liza weathered another storm of Jake's vitriol about David's controlling ways. Liza was able to get Jake to stop when she pointed out that Amanda had arrived.

Colby and Pete showed up at ConFusion, and Colby had to explain to Pete that the theme -- Monster Mash -- explained why everyone had dressed in a scary costume. Across the room, Jesse and Angie met up with Tad and Krystal, and they all caught up for a few moments. Brot joined them in short order and asked if Natalia would be joining them. They all spotted Natalia at the same time, and Angie encouraged Tad and Krystal to leave, as the look on Natalia's face did not bode well.

Tad and Krystal made a hasty exit just before Natalia confronted her father about what he'd done to sabotage her search for Kendall and Aidan. Jesse pulled his daughter aside and tried to explain that Brot running interference was to keep her from making a rookie mistake. Natalia didn't buy it and said that Jesse was being overprotective because of her gender. Jesse hotly denied Natalia's claim, and pointed out that she still needed to deal with having shot a man her first day out. Natalia swore that she was over it, so Jesse decided to treat Natalia as the real cop she insisted that she was. Much to her dismay, he laid a suspension on her for disobeying a direct order.

AMC Recap Photo 091030 As soon as Scott, Annie and Adam set foot in ConFusion, they found themselves face-to-face with Erica and Ryan. Adam sent Scott to get drinks just as the verbal melee between the two couples began. When Adam commented on how long Scott was taking, Annie volunteered to go find him. Once gone, Erica and Ryan quickly set about getting Adam away from the crowd so they could start to mess with Adam's mind. Ryan said that the men's room had a long line, so Erica suggested that Adam use her office to cool off.

Krystal spotted David and scoffed as David scanned the party for the mother of his child. Tad corrected her and mentioned that there would soon be another child with Hayward blood in Pine Valley. Tad shared the details, and the plan enraged Krystal. Before Tad could stop her, Krystal marched over to David and slapped him across the face.

David reeled for a moment, and then talked frankly about having another baby with Amanda, with full knowledge that such a discussion would be painful for Krystal. Tad dragged Krystal off before she could hit David again. Jake tried to confront David about his behavior but David blew him off.

Liza waited until all the spectators had dispersed and then flippantly suggested that David might have been able to save himself some pain if he'd worn a costume. David thought it was pointless, since everyone already thought of him as a monster. Liza reminded David that he didn't give people much reason to think otherwise. She then said that regardless of how many children he shared with Amanda, Amanda would never fall in love with David.

Annie and Scott rushed back into the thick of the crowd and Annie was alarmed that they couldn't find Adam. Annie spotted Ryan and Erica and her paranoia increased when she saw them whispering to each other. Annie grabbed Scott's arm and insisted that they check upstairs for her fiancÚ. They rushed into the elevator, but soon after its ascent began, the power went out and the elevator stalled.

AMC Recap Photo 091030 Annie's anxiety spiked when she thought about the possibility of Adam remembering what happened the night of Stuart's murder and confessing to Erica. Scott continued to insist that the truth being revealed wouldn't be a bad thing, but Annie vehemently disagreed. She said that if Adam remembered anything, it should be in a safe environment with people he trusted. Scott didn't think that Erica would turn Adam in, but Annie told him that Erica would do anything to protect her daughter.

Adam stumbled into Erica's office and took some more of his medication. He was shocked when he saw the same plea for help that he'd seen at the Chandler Estate written on a mirror behind Erica's desk. Erica arrived moments later and after she took in Adam's physical state, she suggested that they change out of their costumes and head back to the Chandler house so that Adam could rest.

After they walked away from David, Jake pleaded with Amanda to make David a topic that was out of the question. Instead, they found other things to talk about that stoked the romantic embers of their relationship.

Angie told Jesse that Natalia's assertions in the discussion she'd had with her father had been correct. Jesse thought that Angie was supposed to be on his side, and Angie explained that Jesse's entire family had his back. The problem, Angie pointed out, was that in trying to protect his family, Jesse held everyone at arm's length. Angie encouraged Jesse to break down some walls and let his family get closer.

Brot found Natalia on a bench outside and tried to apologize for the stunt he pulled. Natalia tried to take him seriously, but his clown costume from the party made it difficult.

Ryan emerged from the tunnels in the Chandler house and indicated that Erica and Adam would be there soon. Zach said that everything was just about ready, and played a sound bite from his laptop. Ryan was impressed, but didn't have time to express it, as they heard Erica and Adam at the door. Zach went back into the tunnels and Ryan hid in a different room moments before Erica and Adam entered the living room.

AMC Recap Photo 091030 Erica got Adam settled on the couch and said that she would get him some water. When she did, she made eye contact with Zach, who took that as his cue to start haunting Adam. The first sound bite was of Stuart begging for help. Adam was freaked out equally by the voice, and by Erica's response when it seemed she'd not heard the same thing. Then, Zach darkened the house, which allowed Erica to slip away. Adam's fear built and he called out for Annie.

Adam tried to tell Stuart's voice that he didn't know how to help, and a lack of response only served to heighten Adam's anxiety. Then, Adam saw a form pass outside of the patio window, and he ran to the doors and flung them open to see who was outside.

Bailey and Damon showed up at the ConFusion party and after a brief round of introductions with Colby and Pete, Bailey ran into Liza. Liza was concerned about Stuart, but Bailey said she'd called Corrina, since Liza had used her before. Upset, Liza said that the best scenario would have been if Bailey had stayed home as she had promised.

Liza then realized that the guy that had accompanied Bailey was Stuart's biological dad, and worried that she would lose her son. Bailey assured Liza that Damon had no interest, but Liza's relief lasted only until she realized that Bailey had left Stuart so Bailey could have sex with Damon. Liza excused herself and, although Jake tried to get her to stay, Liza stormed out of ConFusion.

Tad sat Krystal down and asked if not being able to have more children wa s why David was able to get under her skin. Krystal admitted that being barren was part of it, but said the other part was a fear of not knowing love again. Tad scoffed at the notion and said that Krystal would land on her feet once more . Krystal suggested that she might not have it in her to try again, but Tad countered that he might, and that they could pursue things together.

Annie's claustrophobia was heightened when she began to liken being stuck in an elevator to her cell at Oak Haven. Nothing that Scott said or did helped to calm Annie down. Suddenly, as if it were the only thing that would make a difference, Annie drew Scott into a passionate kiss.

Adam stood on the patio for a moment, and then walked back toward the house. When he reached the doorway, memories from the night of his brother's death flooded back, one flash, one voice after another. When Adam remembered holding the gun and firing it at his brother, he fell to his knees in sorrow.



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