One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 26, 2009 on OLTL

Ross searched for Danielle and located her in England. Brody's sister Nadine tricked him into returning home. David and Destiny flew to England. 'Nash' asked Jessica to meet him in Napa Valley. Gigi told Schuyler she had feelings for him. Natalie and Rex searched for Jared. Fish tried to stop Kyle's wedding. Kyle was impressed when Fish stood up to protesters at the mass gay wedding ceremony. Bo revealed that he was in love with Nora.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 26, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, October 26, 2009

The Call is Coming from Inside Your

At the apartment, Cristian and Fish became involved in a discussion about Fish's relationship with Kyle. Acknowledging that he was in love with Kyle, Fish informed Cris that Fish's relationship with Kyle was doomed because Kyle had agreed to marry Nick. Cristian related that gay marriages were illegal in the state of Pennsylvania, but Fish explained that Kyle had agreed to marry Nick in an attempt to make a political statement. Convinced that Kyle was still in love with Fish, Cristian expressed his thoughts on the matter. Reminding Fish that he had hurt Kyle in the past, Cristian was certain that Kyle wanted to make Fish pay and fight for Kyle's love.

Kyle didn't appear pleased when Nick arrived at his apartment, carrying a garment bag that contained the tuxedo that Nick expected Kyle to wear at the wedding ceremony. Upon realizing that Kyle had mixed feelings about their pending nuptials, Nick questioned if Kyle still had feelings for Fish. Insisting that Fish was aware of Kyle's upcoming wedding to Nick, Kyle attempted to reassure Nick that Kyle no longer desired Fish. Kyle was surprised when Nick asked him not to go ahead with the wedding if he was having second thoughts. Nick told his lover that he didn't want Kyle to resent him later. Kyle thanked Nick for being understanding, and agreed to marry Nick as planned.

At Llanfair, Jessica panicked when she heard the mysterious phone call. A voice that sounded very much like Nash stated, "Baby, it's me, Nash! Please help me, I'm so cold Jessica!" Upon hearing Jessica's screams, Viki and Charlie rushed to her aid. Viki and Charlie were both stunned when Jessica claimed that she had received a call from Nash. Charlie tried to learn the identity of the caller, but the caller identification read, "Caller Unknown." Viki immediately contacted John McBain.

When John arrived at Llanfair, he questioned Jessica about the strange call. Although she admitted that there had been some interference in the phone call, Jessica was convinced that the voice on the other end had belonged to Nash. Jessica, Viki, and Charlie were startled when John informed them that he had placed a wire tap on their calls. Relating that their personal calls would remain private, John stated that he wanted to perform a voice analysis of the call. John told the family that he would need a documented sample of Nash's voice in order to complete a voice comparison. Jessica presented John with a taped message that Nash had left for her a few days before his death. John accepted the tape from Jessica and placed a call to Fish.

Back at the apartment, Fish wondered if Cristian had admitted his true feelings to Layla. After confessing that he had kissed Layla, Cristian explained that Layla didn't want to pursue a relationship with him because she feared that it would mean that she had betrayed Evangeline. Relating that Layla wouldn't become involved with him unless she received her sister's blessings, Cristian sadly revealed that scenario would never take place because Evangeline was in a coma. While the friends agreed that their situations were similar, Fish received a call from John, requesting his assistance at Llanfair.

Once Fish had left, Layla returned to the apartment and appeared uncomfortable once she learned that Fish had left moments earlier. When Cristian explained Fish's dilemma involving Kyle, Layla expressed her concern for their roommate. While Christian insisted that Fish had waited too long to admit his feelings for Kyle, Layla wondered if the relationship wasn't meant to be. Moving closer to Layla, Cristian stated, "Maybe I shouldn't have never taken no for an answer, and risk regretting it for the rest of my life!" Ignoring Cristian's comment, Layla stated that she felt bad for Fish and Kyle. Cristian replied, "Yeah, but I feel worse for you and me!"

When Fish arrived at Llanfair, John gave him a quick update on the mysterious phone call, and asked Fish to perform a voice comparison. Reminding John that he was on administrative leave, Fish questioned why John had sought out his help. John insisted that Fish was the only person he trusted to perform the job. After Fish explained how to retrieve the test results, John instructed him to leave at once. Before leaving, Fish asked John to do everything within his power to conclude the investigation against Fish. John promised to help his friend. Relating that he missed his job, Fish told John that police work was his life. John replied, "Don't let it be!"

Seconds later, the result of the voice comparison was completed. Observing the computer monitor, Jessica, Viki, and Charlie were stunned when the results concluded that Nash's voice and the voice of the caller were an identical match. Jessica and Viki asked John for an explanation, but he had none.

Kyle tried to study, but couldn't take his eyes off the tuxedo that Nick had given him. Kyle began to have flashbacks of past conversations with Fish. Kyle recalled how Fish had proclaimed his love for him. A knock on the door interrupted Kyle's thoughts. Kyle was surprised to find Fish on his doorstep.

Téa stormed into La Boulaie and called out to Blair. As she headed upstairs to locate Blair, Téa's cell phone rang. It was Danielle.

Inside Matthew's dorm room at the International Warwick Academy, Matthew inquired about Danielle. Tom advised Matthew to watch himself around Danielle and referred to her as a "b itch." Matthew appeared intrigued by his new schoolmate, Danielle.

Meanwhile, out in the hall, Danielle phoned Téa. Describing how terrible the boys were at her school, Danielle begged her mother to allow her to return home. Urging her daughter to give the boarding school a chance, Téa told Danielle that she couldn't grant Danielle's request to return home. At that moment, Ross entered La Boulaie and demanded to know who Téa was talking to.

Upon hearing Ross's voice, Danielle asked to speak to her father. Lying to her daughter, Téa insisted that Danielle had mistaken the television for Ross's voice, and quickly ended the call. Realizing that Téa had been speaking with Danielle, Ross attempted to grab the phone. After an intense struggle, Téa retrieved her phone and deleted the address book. Heading upstairs, Téa warned Ross to stay away from Danielle.

In Blair's upstairs bedroom, Blair attempted to seduce Todd. Blair pulled Todd on the bed and the two shared a passionate kiss. When Todd pulled away, Blair questioned if Todd was still in love with Téa. Todd told Blair that he thought he had changed due to Téa's influence. Hurt by Blair's revelation that Téa had teamed up with Ross to steal Todd's fortune, Todd admitted that he couldn't believe that Téa had plotted against him.

Todd wondered if Blair was certain about her claims against Téa. With a devilish smile, Blair assured Todd that Téa and Ross were running a scam on Todd. Ignoring Blair's advances, a confused Todd insisted that he needed to slow down and stop making drastic moves. Drawing Todd close, Blair pouted. "I understand how you feel, but I just don't want to be alone tonight!" Todd responded by giving Blair a passionate kiss.

As Todd and Blair prepared to make love, Téa barged into the bedroom. A horrified Téa chastised Todd for falling for Blair's tricks once again. As Blair and Téa began to argue, Todd suggested that Téa leave, but she continued to criticize his predictable behavior. Fed up with Téa, Todd revealed that he had learned of Téa's plan. Todd announced that Blair had remembered that Téa and Ross had planned a scheme to steal from him. As Téa stared at Todd and Blair in disbelief, Blair claimed that Téa had admitted to plotting against Todd before Téa pushed Blair out of the window.

A startled Ross entered the bedroom and spotted Blair in a compromising position with Todd. In disgust Ross exclaimed, "You're back with that loser?" Realizing that Todd didn't know about Danielle, a relieved Téa tried to convince Ross to leave with her, but Todd cornered him and questioned Ross's plot against him. Upon learning that Blair had lied to Todd, Ross played along and, to Téa's relief, didn't mention Danielle. After criticizing Todd and Blair's sick relationship, Téa and Ross exited the bedroom.

Alone with Blair, Todd admitted that he hadn't believed Blair's claims until Téa failed to deny the accusation. Reminding Todd that Téa had married him for money in the past, Blair insisted that Téa was up to her old tricks. With a look of regret, Todd declared, "She didn't deserve my love!" A devilish smirk crossed Blair's face.

Downstairs, Ross pointed out that he had kept Téa's secret from Todd, and demanded that Téa allow Ross to see his daughter. Walking away, Téa advised Ross to stop looking for Danielle.

At the International Warwick Academy, Matthew located Danielle and apologized for using her cell phone. A distraught Danielle confided in Matthew that she hated her parents. When a curious Matthew questioned what had caused Danielle to distrust her parents, he was surprised to learn that she had been tricked into attending boarding school, just as he had. While Danielle expressed her anger that her mother was keeping her away from her father, Matthew related that his parents had shipped him out of the country, in an attempt to prevent him from having surgery.

The teens compared stories and soon learned that their circumstances were similar. Although she was upset by her mother's betrayal, Danielle admitted that her mother was a great lawyer and could probably help Matthew. When Matthew referred to himself as a cripple, Danielle quickly corrected him, and insisted that Matthew's disability didn't make him any less of a person. Touched by her kind words, Matthew asked if he would see her around. Walking away, Danielle gave Matthew a friendly smile and replied, Where am I gonna go?"

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Struck Lucky with Motel Matches

Starr and Langston entered Cole and Markko's apartment to announce that they had met Dorian's fiancée, Amelia. When the girls told Cole and Markko that Dorian expected all of them to attend the wedding, Markko objected. Markko explained that he refused to risk alienating his father, in order to support Dorian's stunt to win votes. Langston insisted that Dorian believed in the right for gay people to get married.

Cole agreed with Markko. According to Cole, Dorian was using the situation for personal gain, not to fight for civil rights. Starr and Langston were determined to attend the wedding, despite Cole and Markko's decision to skip the momentous occasion. Disappointed, Starr and Langston decided to leave, but only made it as far as the hallway before Cole and Markko persuaded them to return to the apartment. Later, the four friends ate pizza, played cards, and laughed as they enjoyed their time together.

At the apartment, Layla confessed that she felt as if she were taking over the life that Evangeline couldn't have. Cris argued that they had to move forward with their lives. Layla was curious what would happen if Evangeline woke up and wanted to work things out with Cris. Layla wondered if perhaps Cris owed it to Evangeline to try. Cris accused Layla of being afraid to take a chance with him.

Layla denied that she was using Evangeline as an excuse to hide from what she was feeling for Cris. Layla explained that she couldn't give up the hope that one day Evangeline would wake up. Cris insisted that he wanted to be with Layla. He didn't think that Evangeline would object to their relationship. However, Layla argued that he couldn't know that for certain.

Later, as Cris lit a match, he had a fantasy of Layla entering the living room to confess that she was afraid of the past repeating itself. Cris promised Layla that he would never hurt her. Cris returned to reality when Layla approached him to reveal that she had decided to move out. Cris didn't want Layla to feel pressured to move in with her mother, so he offered to move out. Layla objected, but Cris insisted that it was easier for him to move than it was for Layla to move.

As Cris packed, Layla fantasized about Cris returning to the living room to announce that he had changed his mind; he wanted to work things out with her. Reality intruded when Cris approached her with a check for rent in one hand and his packed bags in the other hand. After Cris left, Layla broke down in tears.

Oliver went to Kyle's apartment to talk to him about their relationship. When Oliver spotted Kyle's tuxedo, he asked if Kyle truly intended to marry Nick. Kyle was curious why he should cancel the commitment ceremony. Oliver confessed that he loved Kyle and that he wanted to explore a relationship with him. Kyle explained that he wanted more than Oliver was prepared to offer.

Oliver felt as if Kyle were trying to turn it into a contest between him and Nick. Kyle clarified that he wasn't; he was just in a different place than Oliver was. Kyle explained that he needed someone who didn't mind holding hands in public. Kyle was comfortable with his sexuality and he was ready to settle down with someone who wasn't afraid to let more than a few close friends know that he was involved.

Oliver was hurt, but assured Kyle that he was happy for Kyle if Nick fulfilled Kyle. Shortly afterwards Oliver left. As soon as the door closed, Oliver's eyes filled with tears. A short time later, Oliver arrived home. When he saw a teary-eyed Layla, he opened his arms to offer her comfort.

In his apartment, Kyle tried to focus on his books, to no avail. He appeared preoccupied and restless as he walked around and then stared off into the space.

Gigi and Schuyler arrived at the carriage house after the concert. Gigi was curious why Schuyler had agreed to attend the concert with her. Schuyler admitted that he had hoped to get her mind off of her problems for a while. Gigi confessed that it had worked; she hadn't thought about Rex or his decision to skip out on their first couples therapy session for hours.

Gigi and Schuyler then discussed Kim and Stacy's obvious attempt to throw them together. Gigi and Schuyler confidently agreed that it had been a wasted effort. After Gigi fetched them each a bottle of beer, Schuyler and Gigi began talking about music. Eventually, they settled on the sofa to share a set of headphones while they listened to music. Schuyler was smiling at Gigi when the phone rang. It was Rex.

Gigi was furious when Rex told her that he was working on a case and wouldn't be able to make it home. Gigi realized that the case most likely involved something illegal, since Rex refused to share any details. Angry, Gigi disconnected the call. Schuyler decided to leave. After Schuyler walked out, Gigi slipped the headphones back on and then lit a lighter.

As she stared at the flame, Gigi had a fantasy of Rex arriving home and then apologizing for letting her down. In the fantasy, Rex promised to attend a therapy session with her on the following day. Gigi was unaware that while she daydreamed about Rex, he was trying to call her. The music drowned out the sound of the phone, so eventually Rex ended the call without leaving a message.

When Schuyler arrived home, he discovered that his power was out. As he lit a candle, he had a fantasy about Gigi entering his apartment and then kissing him.

Rex questioned a janitor at an out-of-town motel. The janitor did not recognize the picture of Jared, but suggested that Rex question the maids. The janitor explained that he had just started his shift.

Natalie sat in a motel room waiting for Jared to call her. When the phone rang, Natalie jumped. She hoped that it was Jared, but it wasn't. Natalie was disappointed to hear John's voice on the other end. John wanted to know where Natalie was. Natalie refused to tell him. When Rex entered the room, Natalie quickly disconnected the call.

Rex was curious who had been on the phone. Natalie explained that John had called, but she had refused to reveal where she was. Rex wondered if Natalie was prepared to go on the run with Jared once they tracked down her husband. Rex wanted to know what Natalie planned to do if Jared was actually guilty of the murders.

Rex pleaded with his sister to reconsider her decision; he urged her to convince Jared to turn himself in. Natalie insisted that it was impossible because John had already made up his mind that Jared was guilty. Natalie didn't care what she had to give up as long as she was with Jared.

Later, as Natalie lit a match, she had a fantasy of Jared knocking on the motel room door. Jared was thrilled that Natalie had figured out the clue that he had left behind at the lodge. She snapped back to reality when Rex knocked on the door. He had forgotten the key. While Natalie went to the bathroom to change her clothes, Rex called Gigi.

Later, Rex fantasized that Gigi had joined him in the motel room. Gigi promised that they would get through their rough patch and be stronger for it. Gigi was determined that Stacy would not destroy what Gigi and Rex had built. Rex returned to reality when Natalie entered the bedroom with a lit match.

Natalie realized that the match was a poor substitute for a birthday candle, but she invited Rex to make a wish, anyway. Rex made his wish and then blew out the match. Shortly afterwards, Rex settled on the sofa for the night. In bed, Natalie pulled a picture of Jared out from beneath the pillow and then looked at it.

John sat in his office, frustrated because Natalie had ended the call. Marty entered moments later. She immediately sensed that John was troubled. John admitted that he was frustrated because he suspected that Natalie had found something; however, she wasn't willing to share the information with him.

John suspected that the people Jared was involved with were dangerous and that the situation was out of Jared's control. Marty understood that John was concerned that Jared's associates might harm Natalie. John confirmed that was worried for Natalie's safety, which was why he was determined to find Jared before Natalie did.

Moments later, Marty received a phone call. While she stepped away to take the call, John checked to see if his tech people had been able to zero in on Natalie's location. He was irritated when he was told that Natalie's whereabouts remained a mystery. As John tried to search his mind for clues, he had a fantasy of Natalie perched on the edge of his desk. In the fantasy, Natalie offered to help John find Jared and then handed John a matchbook.

When Marty returned to John's office, she found him lost in his thoughts. John's fantasy evaporated when Marty called out John's name. Marty decided that John needed to focus on his work, so she offered to leave. Shortly after Marty's departure, John received word that Natalie had disabled the GPS device in her cell phone. John suspected that Natalie had intentionally sabotaged the phone.

Before long, John had another fantasy of Natalie. As Natalie flirted with John, she revealed that he had been so focused on Jared's wallet, that he had missed another important clue at the lodge. According to Natalie, the clue might lead John to Jared. Natalie offered to help John by handing him a matchbook. As the fantasy disappeared, so did the matchbook in John's hand.

This episode featured the song, "Come Home," by OneRepublic.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"For Whom The Bellman Tolls"

Viki arrived at La Boulaie, where she was greeted by David in his ubiquitous towel. David assumed that, given her recent family strife, she wanted to join him for a round of naked tai chi: "If now isn't the time for sexual healing, I don't know when is!" Viki told him he was out of luck and she was there to see Dorian.

In the drawing room, Dorian tore into her personal shopper for getting her the wrong pair of shoes for her walk down the aisle. As the young woman rushed away, Viki entered, informing Dorian that she was pulling out of their final debate due to her family crises with Jared, Natalie, and Charlie. Dorian mocked her for what she assumed was merely a sympathy ploy, and told her that she couldn't take the heat. Dorian promised Viki that soon, she would be the first gay, partnered mayor of Llanview.

Noticing David lurking on the periphery, Dorian ordered him to put on some clothes. "Clothes make me look fat!" David complained. After he walked out, Dorian attempted to goad Viki into staying in the debate by calling her a weak quitter. Viki said she'd already sent out her announcement, and that her family came first. As the personal shopper reentered with another pair of shoes, Viki wished Dorian good luck on her wedding day, even if she wasn't sure whether Dorian was the bride or the groom.

Meeting David in the foyer, Viki asked him why he'd stuck around for Dorian's latest scheme. David admitted that he'd hoped she wouldn't go through with the wedding to Amelia. He cracked a series of jokes, but Viki saw through his facade to the heartache beneath, and urged him to tell Dorian how he really felt. Hoping to change the subject, David asked her about her family troubles. Viki explained that Jared was on the run and Jessica was being stalked, and Viki was glad her daughter had Brody at her side.

In the drawing room, Dorian examined her new pair of bridal shoes and declared them satisfactory. She told her personal shopper she couldn't wait to put them on and marry Amelia in front of friends, family, and all the state media outlets.

In the foyer, Viki pushed David to pour out his heart to Dorian, and gave him a hug. Dorian walked in just in time to see her nemesis in her ex's arms. As Viki took her leave, Dorian asked David what he was doing with his arms around another woman. "What do you care?" David asked.

Dorian played off her jealousy and said it didn't matter what Viki did with anyone, as her forfeiting the debate would cost her the election. David asked if that meant she would call off the wedding to Amelia. Dorian said she couldn't abandon her gay and lesbian constituency, quoting Spider-Man's motto of "with great power comes great responsibility." David asked her what her marriage would mean for the people she truly loved.

At the carriage house, Gigi and Shane prepared the Halloween candy stash. Shane asked her when Rex would return home, but Gigi said she didn't know, as his father was busy with a case.

As Shane performed an errand, Gigi answered the door to John, who was looking for Rex. Gigi explained that Rex was out of town on a job, and she didn't know where. Noticing Gigi's "Hale-Bopp" ticket stub, John asked if Rex had left after the concert. Gigi awkwardly told him that she'd gone to the concert with someone else, and quietly revealed that she and Rex had been having problems.

Shane returned to the living room and greeted John. As Gigi took the boy aside to help in the kitchen, John examined Rex's papers on the nearby desk, and took down Rex's credit card number. When Gigi returned, John thanked her for her help and told her she and Rex were doing a good job with Shane. Walking outside, he placed a phone call to a colleague and asked to run a trace on a credit card.

At the Angel Square Hotel, Schuyler walked out of his apartment and Roxy immediately confronted him. Roxy said she was swamped at the Hair Haven in preparation for the mass wedding, and begged him to take the Balsom family's Halloween costumes over to Rex and Gigi's place. Without skipping a beat, Schuyler agreed.

At the Lakeside Inn, Natalie continued to puzzle over the book of matches found at the Buchanan lodge. Rex returned to their hotel room with bad news: No one on the day shift staff had seen Jared. Natalie couldn't understand how Jared could've gotten the matchbook from the Lakeside if he'd never been to the inn. Despairing, she told Rex she feared she was losing her husband for good. Rex suggested that perhaps Jared really was guilty and they should return to Llanview, but Natalie refused and said she had to find Jared before John did.

Rex called Gigi and told her he wouldn't be home for another few days. He apologized for not being able to tell her the details, and said he loved her. Still annoyed, Gigi took his platitudes without emotion.

After hanging up, Rex told Natalie they had to review their situation; they were breaking the law by interfering in a police investigation, and though John was looking for them, they had no leads on Jared's whereabouts. Just then, a bellhop wandered in with new information. He told the siblings that he'd seen Jared check in, evading the police, and said he'd quickly checked out again, but not before borrowing the bellhop's computer. Natalie asked if they could use it as well.

The bellhop lent Rex his laptop, and Rex scanned the recent browsing history. He found a map of an area in California's Napa Valley, where Nash's original vineyard was located. Natalie and Rex raced off in pursuit, thanking the bellhop for his help.

Schuyler arrived at the carriage house with Rex, Gigi, and Shane's Halloween costumes. Gigi thanked him for his help, but Shane said Schuyler couldn't leave; they needed a third person for their costumed trio in order to win the local costume contest, and Rex was out of town. Schuyler and Gigi were uncomfortable with the idea, but Shane wouldn't take no for an answer. Suiting up as "Batman, Robin, and Catwoman," the three prepared to wow the contest judges. At Shane's insistence, they took a picture together.

Back at the hotel, Amelia, Nick, and Kyle prepared for the mass wedding ceremony. Amelia wished that she had a true life partner at her side like the two men, but the nervous Kyle shrugged it off and said the wedding was for the cause of equal rights. Nick insisted it was more than a symbolic ceremony, but the beginning of something bigger. Kyle asked what else the wedding would mean, but Nick distracted him by pointing out a missing button on his dress shirt. Kyle exited to seek help for his fashion emergency.

After Kyle left, Amelia cornered Nick and said she knew he hadn't told his fiancé "everything," including his hopes and dreams for their future as a married couple. Anxious, Nick assured her that their hopes and dreams could wait until after they'd said their vows. Amelia told him that she was ready to put "phase three" of her master plan into effect.

Out in the corridor, Kyle found Roxy on the phone arguing with her staff at the hair salon. She asked him if he was really going through with his wedding plans, and Kyle said he was, and asked her to attend and support him. Roxy refused to go to a wedding where she knew Kyle would be marrying the wrong man, and accused him of having a last fling with Oliver, the man he really wanted, the day before. Kyle said that nothing had happened with him and Oliver, and they were over for good.

From faraway Michigan, Brody called Jessica at Llanfair. He asked how things were, and Jessica reluctantly told him about her call from "Nash." Freaking out, Brody wanted to go home, but Jessica insisted that everything was fine and John was on the case. They said their goodbyes as John arrived at Jessica's door.

Going inside the Lovett family home, Brody told his sister, Nadine, that he had to leave, and her money problems could wait. Nadine begged him to stay, and said she needed his help staving off foreclosure on her house. Brody balked at the idea of staying a week for a court hearing, but Nadine grew emotional. She apologized for not having been there for him during his breakdown, and said she knew she had no right to ask for his help. Softening, Brody promised to help her as much as he could for the day, then leave to check on Jessica and return before the court date.

At Llanfair, John informed Jessica that Rex and Natalie had split town in search of Jared, and he'd lost track of all three. Jessica couldn't fathom how Wayne Landers, Pamela Stuart, and her stalking were all connected, but John knew that the common denominator was either something, or someone. He said it was unlikely that Jared had placed the call as "Nash" while on the run from the law, and asked Jessica if she knew of anyone else who could've been so close to her and Nash as to know the intimate details of their personal life. Jessica couldn't think of anyone.

John got a call back from his colleague, and told Jessica he'd tracked Rex's credit card to a gas station out of town. For her own safety he didn't say where, but told her he was going after Natalie and Rex. John told her to be careful, and reminded her that Nash had not made that phone call.

Jessica called Brody back and told him that John was on Rex and Natalie's trail. Brody was worried by the thought of Jessica all alone, and said he'd return home that day. Hearing his words, Nadine snapped a pencil in half.

At the Angel Square Hotel, Nick said his goodbyes to Kyle as they prepared for their nuptials. Working to sew a button back onto his shirt, Kyle looked anxious and fearful.

Amelia arrived at La Boulaie to interrupt Dorian and David's romantic standoff. As David headed upstairs, Dorian took Amelia into the drawing room, scoffing at David's newfound romantic notions of marrying for love. She didn't understand why David was making such a fuss, since, after all, her wedding to Amelia would only be symbolic. "What if it doesn't have to be?" Amelia asked her.

John arrived at the Lakeside Inn in search of Rex and Natalie, but found only the helpful bellhop. However, he wasn't so helpful a second time; when John showed him pictures of his quarry, the bellhop lied that Natalie and Rex were heading back to Llanview, and said he'd never seen Jared in his life.

Viki returned to Llanfair, ready to comfort the frazzled Jessica. Jess said she was okay, and urged her mother to tend to Charlie. As Viki left the kitchen, Jessica got another phone call from "Nash." As she listened in horror, "Nash" told her he needed her to go to the Napa vineyard, and to tell no one.

Brody prepared to leave Michigan, and promised Nadine he'd return as soon as he knew Jessica was safe. Nadine insisted he stay for a cup of coffee, and surreptitiously slipped something into the drink behind her brother's back. After Brody downed the coffee, he grew disoriented and collapsed to the ground, unconscious. Nadine made a call to a mysterious superior, saying she'd hated to use the "emergency plan" to keep Brody away from Jessica but had no choice. "She's all yours," she told the person on the other end of the line.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Date with Destiny

At the Llanview Halloween event, a costumed Gigi, Schuyler, and Shane arrived at the same time as Blair, Todd, Jack, and Sam. When the mistress of ceremonies advised them that none of them would win the prize for the scariest costume, Blair muttered that she should have dressed as Téa.

As the party progressed, there were two teams left to win the grand prize for best costumes. The Mannings strolled down the stage, dressed as the Fantastic Four. Gigi, Schuyler, and Shane followed, appearing as Catwoman, Batman, and Robin. An awkward few moments ensued when Blair and Todd were announced as a married couple, as were Gigi and Schuyler. The top trophy went to Gigi, Schuyler, and Shane, who couldn't wait to tell Rex how great Schuyler had been. Todd admitted that he was having fun with Blair and his kids. Blair challenged him to a competition to bob for apples.

At the Palace Hotel, Téa quickly pulled Rachel into her room and slammed the door, worried that Ross would see them. Téa admitted that Ross was agitated due to his inability to locate his missing daughter. Rachel wondered if Téa was afraid of Ross, and Téa disclosed that Ross infrequently had a mean temper and that she had been subjected to some abuse. Rachel picked up the phone, suggesting that the police be called right away. Téa quietly rejected the idea, citing her ultimate need to prevent Ross from kidnapping his daughter. She was afraid that would be the end result, but with charges still pending against him, he would be removed from the picture soon enough, she thought.

Téa disclosed that she had found Todd in bed with Blair again and she had learned that Blair had lied about a scam, accusing Téa and Ross of plotting against Todd. She wasn't sure why she hadn't told Todd the truth, she admitted, balking at Rachel's suggestion that Téa try to win Todd back. Téa said she wouldn't be able to win him back and she didn't think she wanted to. She wasn't sure if she wanted things to change since, regretfully, she didn't believe she and Todd were good for each other, even if she did love him. Rachel thought that Téa should continue to pursue Todd.

In a nearby room, Elijah advised an out of control Ross that Téa was "holding most of the cards," but he had successfully located Dani via Téa's phone records. Ross learned that his daughter was in London, apparently at a boarding school, since there were calls to an administrative office there. He wanted to leave for London immediately and demanded that Elijah accompany him.

Refusing, Elijah was surprised when Ross started to show his temper and push him around. He explained that he couldn't allow Ross to leave the country with charges still pending against him, so he would go alone. Angrily, Ross pulled a punch and knocked his brother out. Searching the pockets of an unconscious Elijah, Ross pulled a credit card from Elijah's wallet. He promised that Elijah could return the punch at a later time.

In London, Tom and Matthew were surprised when Daniellei showed up at their dormitory door. Announcing that she wanted to see Matthew, Dani ordered Tom to leave the room. She was angry when she spotted a care package from her mother sitting on Tom's bed. Claiming that it had been in his mailbox by mistake, Tom left the room. Dani explained that her mother sent packages to assuage her own guilt in leaving her daughter at the school. Matthew and Dani shared tales of their parents.

Dani recalled the message that Destiny had left for Matthew on her phone and she handed it to him. He was pleased to hear Destiny's voice, though Dani suggested that Destiny sounded worried. He recalled that Destiny had no idea what had happened to him. He explained that Destiny had stood by him for a long time and had purchased him the sneakers that he'd probably never get to wear. He explained that nothing ever stopped Destiny from getting what she wanted. Dani urged him to "call in the cavalry."

At Kevin's house, in a call back to Llanview, Bo learned that protesters were expected at the site of the gay marriage ceremony. He ordered additional security. Nora was worried about Matthew making friends at school but Bo assured her that their son was fine. Even though the headmistress had advised them not to visit Matthew until he was acclimated, Bo and Nora decided to visit him, anyway, and headed for the door.

Just as Matthew prepared to call Destiny in Llanview, the headmistress entered the room. She sternly advised Dani that she had been instructed to stay out of the boys' wing, especially since she had reported the boys for misbehavior previously. She ordered the teen back to her own quarters and happily advised Matthew that he had visitors. Bo and Nora stood in the doorway.

They cheerfully exclaimed how much they had missed him, but they were disappointed to hear that Matthew still hated his new school. Nora pointed out that Matthew had hated school in Llanview, also, but Matthew assured her it was different. When asked if he had made any friends, Matthew replied that it was none of their business. Hearing that his parents loved him and wanted him to be happy, Matthew snarled that if they didn't plan on taking him home for surgery, they could leave. He assured them that was the second best thing that could happen for him. They handed him a phone, advising him that he would be able to phone whoever he wanted to. Disappointed, they retreated.

Dani, eavesdropping in the hallway, reentered the room after Matthew's parents left. "That was intense," she admitted. Matthew cited the fact that his parents had all the power. Dani noted that he would be able to call Destiny but he offered her the phone first, suggesting she call her father. Dialing the number in Tahiti from memory, Dani was taken aback when she heard that it had been disconnected. She shrugged it off and suggested that Matthew call his lawyer, since it didn't appear that his parents were acting legally. He managed to reach Téa and told her that he was in trouble.

Shaun eagerly signed his hospital release forms as his father and Greg wondered where Destiny had gone. Greg informed Shaun of a follow-up appointment but Shaun was more concerned about his long-delayed date with Rachel. He pointed out that she had been waiting as long as he had been. A visibly upset Greg turned away as Shaun left the room to dress. Mr. Evans wondered if his son was okay and if he had given up on Rachel.

Much to Greg's surprise, his father noted that he had learned of Greg's feelings for Rachel from his wife but he didn't agree with her assessment of the situation. He thought that Greg should be with Rachel if they desired one another. He felt that there was no way to avoid Shaun's heart from being broken and his mother would have to learn she couldn't protect him his entire life. He believed that she would also have to learn to stop living Greg's life. It was all entirely up to Rachel, he concluded.

Destiny arrived at La Boulaie and announced that "we have to save Matthew." David apologized, but explained that he needed to stay behind as head of Dorian's public relations. He thought he should be around for when everyone figured out that Dorian was pulling a scam. Destiny insisted that Matthew was being held a prisoner and it was up to David to help him. He was annoyed that Destiny managed to make him feel guilty as she informed him that she had a passport and had scraped all of her money together to buy them airplane tickets.

Slipping, Destiny admitted to loving Matthew, and David wondered if Matthew knew. Destiny assured David that even if she confessed, Matthew would never hear her. David empathized, explaining that it was the story of his life. He reluctantly agreed to escort Destiny to London.

In the study, Amelia advised Dorian that their cause would attain a great victory if Dorian was to legalize all of the gay marriages once she was elected. Noting that Dorian looked concerned, she added that Dorian could issue marriage licenses, but still be free to love David.

A curious Dorian wanted an explanation, since she couldn't afford to be "outted." Amelia explained that Dorian would be able to make arrangements and plans to see David on the sly, since she didn't want Dorian to sacrifice her own life in order to meet Amelia's objectives. Dorian asked Amelia if she wanted to cancel the wedding, but Amelia replied by asking Dorian," Do you?" Just then, David wandered into the room and Amelia left. Dorian asked David for advice, wondering how he would feel if all of the symbolically performed marriages were to be made legal.

David pointed out that Dorian and Amelia would be "wife and wife," but he couldn't see how people could be married without genuine love. He concluded that the decision was hers. Dorian resolved that she couldn't disappoint and had made a promise to the people. David announced that he was quitting and that politics had never been his thing. He was heading to London to help someone be with the person she loved, he revealed to an astonished Dorian. She would always have a spot on her staff for him, Dorian assured him, and he'd always be welcome at La Boulaie. "Even after you're Mrs. Amelia Bennett?" David asked. "I still need you," Dorian replied. "Not enough," David said as he walked away.

Arriving at the hospital, Destiny informed her father that she had been hiding in the morgue, a quiet place to do her homework. She reminded her dad that she had a school trip to Washington the next day. Perplexed, Mr. Evans was unable to recall the trip, though Destiny reminded him that he had signed the permission slip quite some time ago. She claimed that her mom knew about the trip. Mr. Evans handed her some spending money in case of an emergency. Shaun returned to his room, dressed up for his night on the town with Rachel.

Rachel arrived and was surprised to see that Shaun was decked out. He asked her out on a date for that evening. Greg looked on, unhappily.

Bo and Nora returned to their London residence, upset over Matthew's behavior. Bo vowed that he wouldn't apologize for keeping his son from making stupid decisions. He threw his filled goblet at the wall and Nora followed suit. Picking up additional pieces from the bar, they tossed them at the wall, glass flying everywhere. Nora noted how wonderful she felt and suddenly, she and Bo flew into each other's arms, kissing fervently.

Destiny returned to La Boulaie to wait for David. Dorian slowly descended the stairs in her bridal attire. Realizing that she was wearing the outfit that she had worn to their own disastrous wedding, David assured her that she was breathtaking. Dorian asked him to remain for the wedding, as she wanted him to be the one to give her away. "I think I already gave you away," David replied. "I have a date with Destiny and apparently so do you," he stated poignantly. A disbelieving and distressed Dorian watched him go.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

At their London residence, Bo and Nora were enraged over the altercation they had engaged in with Matthew. Bo and Nora relieved their frustration by shattering their wine glasses against the wall. Afterward, they shared an impulsive kiss. As Bo and Nora kissed passionately, Kevin entered the room and demanded to know what was going on. Bo and Nora stood speechless.

Bo and Nora were relieved when they realized that Kevin hadn't noticed their embrace, instead Kevin had observed the broken crystal that covered the living room floor. Detailing their hostile visit with Matthew, Bo and Nora explained that they were upset and had decided to blow off a little steam.

When Kevin left the room, Bo and Nora expressed their guilt. Bo suggested that he and Nora discuss their feelings for one another, but Nora insisted that there was nothing to talk about. Claiming their emotions were high at the time, Nora was adamant that they had merely experienced a crazy, impulsive moment. Bo demanded that they deal with the strong emotions that they shared for each other once and for all. Nora insisted that she loved Clint, but Bo questioned why they continued to share such intimate moments together, if she truly loved his brother. Nora refused to acknowledge that a problem existed between them. She was stunned when Bo declared his love for her.

Roxy was surprised to find Gigi and Shane with Schuyler at the Llanview Halloween event. Explaining that Rex had left town on business, Gigi related that Shane had invited Schuyler to accompany them to the party, in Rex's place. Displaying their costumes, Gigi and Shane informed Roxy that they had won the grand prize for best costume.

When Roxy announced that she had plans to attend the mass gay marriage ceremony, Shane begged his mother to allow him to tag along, insisting that he didn't want to miss such a historic event. Although Gigi expressed concern about the protesters who were in attendance, she allowed Shane to accompany Roxy to the event.

Nearby, Todd and Blair bobbed for apples. Noticing that Todd was distracted, Blair questioned if he was thinking about Téa. Blair quickly reminded Todd of Téa's betrayal, and suggested that he forget about her. When Jack and Sam approached their parents, Todd remarked, "At least I have my kids!" Remembering Téa's revelation that she and Todd shared a child, Blair chimed in, "And Téa's got Ross!" Blair suggested that Todd and the boys accompany her to Dorian's wedding ceremony. When Todd and the boys declined, Blair asked Todd if they would see each other later. Todd stated that it was a safe bet. Blair smiled as she headed off to Dorian's wedding ceremony.

Inside Matthew's dorm room in London, as Danielle sat nearby, Matthew phoned Téa and explained that his parent's had kidnapped him and transported him to England. Stunned, Téa demanded to know exactly where in England Matthew was residing. As Matthew attempted to reveal his location to Téa, Elijah pounded on Téa's hotel room door. Covering the phone, Téa yelled and told Elijah to go away.

Meanwhile, Danielle wondered what was going on. A confused Matthew told his friend that his lawyer was arguing with someone. Matthew assured Danielle that his lawyer was the best and could help him. Thinking about her own situation, Danielle wondered if Matthew's lawyer could help her win a case against her mother, for false imprisonment.

Back inside her Palace Hotel room, Téa hung up on Matthew and rushed to open the door when Elijah claimed to know where Téa was hiding Danielle. Initially, Téa denied having any knowledge of the International Warwick Academy, but panicked when she learned that Ross had stolen Elijah's credit card and was headed to London to find Danielle.

After placing a call, Elijah confirmed that Ross had used his credit card to purchase a plane ticket to London. Relating that Ross had knocked him out cold, Elijah acknowledged that his brother had always had a temper, and admitted that their relationship had been strained due to Ross's rage. Enraged, Téa informed Elijah that Ross's temper was the reason that she had hid Danielle from him. Téa revealed that Ross had threatened to run off with Danielle. Elijah didn't believe Ross was capable of such a thing, but Téa stated that Ross was capable of anything. Realizing that Ross was dangerous, Elijah offered to help Téa locate his brother. Ignoring Elijah's admission of guilt, Téa made reservations for a flight to London. Elijah insisted on going with her.

At the London boarding school, Matthew was upset after Téa abruptly ended their call. While Matthew expressed the anger he harbored for his parents, Danielle criticized her own mother's actions. Although she berated her mother, Danielle told Matthew that her dad was the best.

Meanwhile, Ross sat on a plane headed for London. Posing as Elijah, Ross told the flight attendant that he would soon be reunited with his daughter.

Destiny and David sat a few rows away from Ross on the plane. While an anxious Destiny anticipated her reunion with Matthew, David pined over Dorian. Destiny expressed her regret that David wouldn't be in attendance at Dorian's wedding. Hurt, David exclaimed, "Dorian has made her choice, and apparently it isn't me!" At Destiny's urging, David re-lived past moments from his wild relationship with Dorian.

When Destiny asked if David had ever told Dorian that he loved her, David replied, "I never got the chance!" Continuing to reminisce about his past life with Dorian, David stated that he and Dorian were soul mates. With a grin, Destiny related that she and Matthew were also soul mates. Destiny vowed to tell Matthew that she loved him when she saw him.

Back in London, Matthew attempted to phone Destiny, but received her voicemail. Danielle pointed out that Destiny appeared to be a good friend to Matthew. With a loving smile, Matthew stated that Destiny was the best and that he missed her. Unable to reach Destiny or Téa, panic set in and Matthew worried that he wouldn't be able to contact anyone who could help him. Danielle suggested that Matthew calm down, but he informed her that if he didn't have his surgery performed immediately, the possibility existed that he would never walk again. Realizing that time was of the essence, Danielle revealed that she had an idea.

While Dorian introduced her fiancée, Amelia, to Andrew, a large number of angry protesters gathered nearby on the lawn of La Boulaie. A pleased Amelia thanked Andrew for agreeing to officiate. Once Amelia left them alone, Dorian asked Andrew if Cassie had mentioned her thoughts on Dorian's fiancée. Giving Dorian a knowing look, Andrew stated that although Cassie believed in the cause, Cassie didn't believe that Dorian loved Amelia or that Dorian was a lesbian. Before Dorian could respond, she noticed Starr and Langston. Dorian thanked the girls for attending the ceremony. The teens told Dorian that they didn't agree with her methods but supported the cause.

A few feet away, Oliver observed Nick and an extremely nervous Kyle prepare to say their vows. Straightening Kyle's tie, Nick kidded his fiancé and questioned whether Oliver might show up and disrupt their wedding ceremony. Annoyed, Kyle insisted that Oliver wouldn't interfere in their plans.

When Nick stepped away, Oliver approached and offered Kyle his congratulations. Kyle was surprised to see Oliver in attendance. Explaining that he had been reinstated on the job, Oliver pointed to the barricades that separated the large crowd of angry protesters from the invited guests, and stated that he had received orders to provide security. Acknowledging that the marriage wouldn't be legal, Oliver questioned if Kyle and Nick planned to live together after the ceremony.

Meanwhile, Nick and Amelia discussed the big announcement. Moments later, Amelia approached Dorian. Handing Dorian a microphone, Amelia informed Dorian that the time had come to reveal their plans to the crowd. As the angry protesters shouted insults at the gay participants, Dorian shocked the entire crowd when she announced that her first official act as mayor would be to issue every gay couple in attendance with a wedding license.

Dorian's words sent Kyle into a state of shock. Kyle panicked at the thought that his marriage to Nick would be legal. Nick emerged and expressed delight over Dorian's announcement. When Kyle asked if Dorian could actually make the marriages legal, Nick informed his fiancé that she would have the power to do so immediately after she won the election. While Kyle questioned what had taken place, Oliver rushed off to control some of the rowdy protesters. Aware of Kyle's nervous state, Nick reminded Kyle of his promise that they would take their relationship one step at a time, if Kyle desired to do so.

While Oliver attempted to control the hostile protesters,, Cristian arrived to support his friend. Cristian explained that he wanted to stand by his friend's side as Oliver watched Kyle marry Nick. Oliver was more concerned with learning why Cristian had decided to move out of the apartment. Before Cristian could explain, Layla approached and stated that she wanted to offer her support to Oliver. Suggesting that the ex-roommates discuss their own personal issues, Oliver excused himself and headed off to maintain peace. Meanwhile, Layla and Cristian appeared uncomfortable together.

Nearby, Starr and Langston were thrilled when Cole and Markko arrived at the event. The boys stated that they wanted to the support the cause, as well as their girlfriends. Markko noticed that Cole's tie was crooked. When Markko straightened Cole's tie, a friend of Markko's parents spotted the boys standing close to one another. Misinterpreting the situation, the nosy friend accused Markko of being gay and spoke negatively about gay marriages. Unnerved by Mrs. Burns's comment, Markko pulled Cole close and the two boys claimed to be in love. As the horrified women chastised the boys, Starr and Langston joined in and proclaimed their love for each other, as well.

Dorian stood alone and had flashbacks of the happy times she had shared with David. Observing Dorian's quiet demeanor, Amelia questioned if Dorian was thinking about David. When Amelia asked why David hadn't arrived, Dorian replied, "David has a date with Destiny, and so do I!" Unconvinced, Amelia suggested that Dorian come clean about her feelings for David. After a brief hesitation, Dorian asked, "David who?" Alone again, Dorian continued to think about David.

When Roxy and Shane arrived at the ceremony, Roxy immediately spotted Kyle, who was sitting alone in a depressed state. Roxy handed him a lucky rabbit's foot. She related that she had given it to Adriana on the day she married Rex. Stating that the marriage was a disaster, Roxy smiled and declared that Rex had ended up with the woman he truly loved.

As Gigi and Schuyler entered Rodi's, Schuyler opened his mail. Upon noticing a letter from Llanview Medical School, he grew nervous and begged Gigi to open the letter for him. When Gigi informed Schuyler that he had been admitted to medical school, he pulled her close and gave her a passionate kiss. Immediately Schuyler pulled away and apologized, but he was surprised when Gigi didn't appear upset. Acknowledging that she didn't reject the kiss, Gigi admitted that she had developed feelings for Schuyler. While Gigi expressed guilt over having feelings for him, Schuyler wondered how they would deal with the situation, but Gigi had no idea.

Back at the wedding ceremony, Oliver was stunned when Mrs. Burns suggested that she knew he would rather be on the other side of the barricades with the protesters, rather than hanging around the "perverts." Oliver became unnerved when a fellow officer approached the protesters and agreed with their stance on gay marriages. As everyone listened, Oliver screamed, "What's wrong with you people? What are you afraid of? Are you afraid of me? I'm one of those perverts, I'm gay! I can't wait for the day that I can marry the person I love!" Kyle stared at his ex-lover in amazement. When Oliver announced that he was proud to be gay, the gay couples and wedding guests applauded him.

Kyle stared at Oliver with a newfound respect. Meanwhile, Nick listened as Andrew referred to Oliver as a courageous man. Nick appeared bothered by Oliver's declaration. Elated, Starr and Langston approached Dorian and commented on Oliver's brave actions. In a grim tone, Dorian remarked, "He was inspirational. It takes a lot of courage to come out and say what you really feel!"

Later, Dorian perked up when Blair arrived. Surrounded by Blair, Langston, and Starr, Dorian announced, "Now, I can accomplish anything, including changing the status quo!" Afterward, Langston confronted Dorian and asked what was bothering her. Dorian admitted, "I still love David! I still love the man I made leave town!" Amelia interrupted and told Dorian that it was time to start the ceremony.

Meanwhile, Destiny questioned what David intended to do about his feelings for Dorian. With a look of regret, David moaned, "It's too late! She's probably already Mrs. Amelia Bennett by now!"

Back at the wedding ceremony, Kyle and Oliver sat close and discussed Oliver's spontaneous announcement. Although pleased, Kyle couldn't believe that Oliver had made such a public admission. A confident Oliver replied, "I did it and I meant it!" As Oliver expressed his feelings to Kyle, Nick interrupted the discussion. In a nervous tone, Nick muttered, "Come on Kyle! It's time to get married!"

As Elijah listened, Téa phoned the boarding school and requested that someone watch Danielle closely throughout the night. Téa related that she would arrive at the school the next morning. Elijah promised Téa that Danielle would be okay. Téa tried to convince herself that Danielle would be safe that night.

On the plane, Ross stared at a photo of Danielle and said, "Hold on baby! Daddy's coming!"

At the boarding school, Matthew was surprised when Danielle announced, "We're breaking out of this hell hole!"

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