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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of November 2, 2009 on ATWT
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Monday, November 2, 2009

Casey needed help with his tie, so Margo did the honors as they got ready to attend Brad's funeral. Maddie Coleman walked in, and Casey told his mother that the girl would be accompanying him to the service. As Margo left to go help Katie, she made a point of getting assurance from Maddie that she was the only member of the Coleman family who would be attending. Maddie was fearful that the whole town hated Henry, but Casey convinced his old friend to stick with him.

Katie received a call from Alison Stewart at the hospital telling her that her baby was doing wonderfully and asking if Katie would be stopping by before Brad's funeral. Katie was torn, but she promised to be there. Margo arrived then, followed almost immediately by Craig and Rosanna, who all declared that they were Katie's transportation to the church. Katie said that she had already called a car service, and, besides, she was stopping by Memorial to see her son on the way.

At the Lakeview, Henry was spooked, and he checked out his whole room and even looked under the bed. He left his room in a hurry, and the specter of "Brad" was waiting for him in the corridor. Henry went directly to Memorial, where he asked Alison to check him out. She did some cursory tests and told Henry that he was running no fever. He claimed that he was suffering from hallucinations and reminded her that he had a head injury not long before.

Suddenly Brad appeared again, and Henry began hollering at him to go away. Alison became confused, so she offered to go get an attending physician and told Henry to stay put. Brad tried to get Henry to look at him, but Henry wouldn't do it. He referred to Brad as "a Brad-shaped figment" of his imagination. Henry began singing "O Susanna" at full voice and plugging his ears with his hands. The specter not only did not leave but got annoyed

Alison returned with the news that the doctor was busy, but she asked Henry not to leave. She also mentioned that she was worried that Katie was not spending much time with her baby, and that got Brad's interest. Alison said that the baby had no name yet, and that was not normal. After Alison left, Brad told Henry that they needed to go see Katie right away.

Henry dashed back to the hotel with Brad at his heels. They argued, and Henry admitted that he was a money-grubbing, rotten person. He asked Brad to "be gone," but Brad advised his friend to "man up" and help Katie. Brad said that he had recently taken home from the farm a box of memorabilia from his childhood. He wanted Henry to find a notebook in that box and make sure Katie saw it.

Henry went to Katie's and knocked on the door, but she tried to slam the door in Henry's face. Henry told her that she could avoid him for all eternity if she chose, but she couldn't avoid her baby. Katie yelled at Henry, who asked if she had named her boy yet. Katie was furious and told him that, speaking of names, Henry was never to call her "Bubbles" again. She also said that there was no way she wanted him in her life anymore, and she threatened to call the police. Henry spotted the notebook Brad" hd mentioned, so he thumbed through it and found a note for Katie. He faked a panic attack and made for the door. Katie saw the open notebook and picked it up, uttering, "Oh, my God! Brad!"

Rosanna helped Parker with his tie, and he asked if anyone had called Carly about Brad's death. Rosanna said that she had left a message with his mother's doctor. Craig arrived, and Parker decided that he couldn't deal with the two of them, so he left, saying that he was going to the church with Holden. Rosanna mentioned to Craig that she was dreading Carly's homecoming.

At the farm, Jack sat on the porch, and Janet walked out to ask him if he had gotten any sleep at all. Jack said no, as he looked at a picture of him and Brad when they were young boys. He told Janet how hard it was to write something appropriate for his brother's service. He stood up to hug Janet, but she stopped him and asked if he had been drinking. Jack said he had "a couple of beers," and Janet cruelly reminded him what had happened the last time he had drunk a couple of beers.

Jack walked inside, and Janet followed, apologizing for her harsh words about Jack's drinking the night he had shot Brad. Liberty had just entered the kitchen and heard what her mother said. The girl got very upset and told Jack that her father was dead. She suggested with great sarcasm that Jack have another beer, and she walked out. Janet ran after Liberty and told Jack that she would meet him at the church. Holden arrived and told Jack that he shouldn't agonize about what to say at the service; he should just speak from the heart. Jack sent Holden on ahead and said he would go to the church alone.

Outside the church, Craig and Rosanna walked on the sidewalk. Craig took Rosanna's hand just as Margo approached them. "Whatever you are thinking," said Craig, "it's all true." Margo asked them bluntly what the hand-holding meant, and the two admitted that they had a relationship.

Casey and Maddie were already inside the church when Alison walked in, and Maddie graciously invited her to sit with them. Alison mentioned that she had seen Henry at the hospital and that he had freaked out about seeing ghosts. Maddie got worried and decided to go find her brother, so that left Casey and Alison alone in the pew. Conversation was a bit awkward, but then Alison asked Casey about school, and he told her he was doing very well.

Maddie found Henry hiding in his hotel room. She urged him to go back to the service with her to see his friends, but Henry said that Katie made it very clear that she didn't want him there. He also claimed that he was not safe to be around. Maddie said their mother had started his run of terrible luck, but Henry could not bail. He had to do what was right.

Katie stopped by the NICU and held her baby and told him how much he looked like his handsome dad. She cried and said that she did not want to go to the memorial and say goodbye to Brad, but she knew everyone was waiting for her. She cried that she wasn't ready to give up her husband yet.

Janet arrived at the church, and Liberty met her outside. The girl claimed she could not go in, but her mother said that they had to do it for Brad. Liberty finally agreed to go into the church, but she refused to sit next to Jack.

Meanwhile, Jack was still at the farm. He had dressed for the funeral, but then he had sat back down at Emma's table and was looking at the picture of the Snyder brothers. He flashed back to a scene in that very kitchen when Brad had left a gate open on the farm and an animal named "Aster" had escaped. A young Jack took some link sausage out of the refrigerator because that was "Aster's" favorite food. Jack had already figured out how to pay for the sausages so that Emma wouldn't find out. Little Brad told little Jack that he was always looking out for him, but adult Jack muttered, "Not always, bro, not always."

Katie arrived at the church and reported that her baby looked just like Brad. She hugged Liberty, as Maddie and Henry walked in. The pastor was eager to start, but Janet wanted to wait until Jack arrived, even though Liberty was pleased that Jack wasn't there. Finally the pastor stood at the pulpit and asked if anyone would like to speak about Brad. Craig made a movement to stand up, but Margo stopped him. Craig was not to be deterred, however, and he whispered to Margo that he would say only nice things.

Craig said that it was no secret that his brother-in-law Brad did not like him. Brad's saving grace, however, was how much he loved his wife, Katie, and that was with all his heart. Craig said some other nice things about Brad, including what a great father he would have made to the new baby, and he sat down. Janet then rose and talked about meeting Brad when she was only 15 years old, and he was a state football champ. She praised his parenting skills with Liberty and said he had been a great husband to Katie. Liberty stood and said that she had only known her dad for two years, but she would miss him forever.

Katie stood at the pulpit and thanked everyone for being there. She talked about how Brad hadn't gotten a chance to tell her what he wanted to name the baby, but then she cried and said that Brad had left her a sign. She told her friends how she had found an old sixth grade notebook of Brad's, and in it was a clip marking an essay he had written then. The essay was titled, "My Hero," and was about Brad's brother, Jack. Katie announced that her son would be named "Jacob Bradley Snyder," after the two best men Katie had ever known.

Unknown to anyone, Jack had entered the church and was standing hidden in the balcony. He heard every word that Katie said, but when she declared the baby's name, Jack lost it, and with tears streaming down his face, he walked out of the church.

After the service, Alison left, and Maddie returned to Casey's side and hugged him. Holden was worried that Jack had not shown up, and Parker expressed concern, as well. Liberty was very disturbed that Katie had named her baby after the man who had killed her father, but Janet scolded her for speaking out. Katie went into a quiet room in the church to gather herself, and the specter of Brad appeared behind her. Henry also walked in and saw them both.

Still sitting in the church, Craig turned to Rosanna and told her that he loved her. She, in turn, said it back to him.

As soon as people began exiting the church, Jack made for his car. Suddenly, as Jack was fumbling with the keys, Carly walked up dressed in black, and she asked if she was too late.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Jack was stunned to see Carly outside the church following Brad's memorial service. She told him that she was ready to return home but wanted to pay her respects to her short-time husband and former brother-in-law. Jack said he was taking "a breath of air," but Carly asked why he was really outside when his family was in the church. Carly grabbed Jack's arm and marched him to a side entrance of the church.

Carly stopped and said she knew the circumstances of the shooting because Rosanna had called the rehab center. She warned Jack that running out was not the answer. Jack said he could not stay in Oakdale after what had happened, and he apologized to Carly for not realizing sooner what was happening to her as she spiraled out of control on alcohol. Jack suddenly changed his mind and walked into the church; Carly followed .

Meanwhile, in the church pew, Craig asked Rosanna if she had just told him that she loved him. Rosanna admitted it but confessed that she was "scared to death" of Carly's return. Craig said he would not give up Rosanna without a fight, and they kissed. Craig then asked Margo what they could do to help, and she explained that some people were going to gather at Katie's house for food.

In a quiet room in the church, Katie talked to Brad, telling him how much she missed him. Henry stood in the back, watching her and seeing Brad's image behind her. "Brad" talked about how he wanted baby Jacob to grow up solid and reliable like Jack, and that was why he had named his son that. Katie cried, as Brad assured her that he was still there. Brad was frustrated that Katie could not hear him, and he urged her to turn around. Katie did turn around but saw only Henry, and she shouted at him to go away. She said she hoped he felt miserable the rest of his life, and Katie walked out, calling for Margo that she wanted to go home.

Still in the quiet room, Brad railed at Henry that he was the only one with whom Brad could still communicate, and he complained that he had no experience in being "either dead o undead." Brad warned Henry that he would be sticking around him until he could figure out what he was supposed to be doing. Henry dashed out of the church with Brad close on his heels. Brad" said he didn't understand why he had to be saddled with Henry, of all people, instead of his wife. He begged Henry to help him reach Katie and swore he would find a way.

Janet suggested that Parker and Liberty catch a ride with someone to Katie's house, but Liberty was afraid she would just cry all the time. Parker offered to hang out with her, and if the situation got unbearable, he would drive her home. Liberty agreed, and Janet said that she was going back to the farm to see if she could find Jack.

Jack and Carly could find no one left in the church, but Carly guessed that everyone had gone to Katie's house. Jack told her that it had been a very rough summer for the Snyder family, particularly Liberty, and he said he was proud of Carly's recovery, and he wished her well. He gave Carly a kiss on the cheek and walked out.

At Katie's, she gave Liberty her father's championship football jersey as a keepsake. Liberty was unhappy that she had disappointed her dad so much with the pregnancy and blowing her chance to go to college. Katie gave her step-daughter a pep talk and tried to reassure her how proud Brad had been of her. Liberty said she did not understand why people looked up to Jack so much, particularly since Jack was the one who took Brad from them.

Margo interrupted to say that the shooting had been a tragic accident, but the girl answered that Margo would not say that if she "knew everything." Liberty said she had to leave, so Katie hugged her, and wished her goodbye. Katie told Margo that she wanted to be alone, so her sister agreed and said she had to "follow up" on something anyway. Liberty's words had obviously struck home with the chief of detectives.

Katie looked through her wedding album, as Brad peered through the window. He tried the "ghost walks through the door" maneuver , and it worked perfectly. He stood inside the door and called, "Honey, I'm home!" He got frustrated again when Katie could not hear him, and he talked about how much she had changed his miserable life for the better. He called her his "Dream Girl," and ran his fingers down her cheek. Katie looked up from the album and touched her cheek.

Someone knocked on the door, but it was Henry, so Katie slammed the door in his face. Henry found himself on the outside, with Brad. They went to the Lakeview bar, where Henry said he had attempted to call Vienna, but she had changed her number. Brad said at least Henry had hope, because he was still alive. Henry invited Brad to "cross over," but his friend said he wasn't ready for "eternity" yet. He asked Henry to figure out how he could return to earth, but Henry's only suggestion was to sell his soul to the devil, like James Stenbeck. Bra d asked where he should sign.

At the farm, Jack arrived home, and Janet was very relieved. He told her he had been in the church balcony for most of the service, and he mentioned that Carly was home. He said he was worried about how Carly would take the news about Craig and Rosanna. Margo drove up and saw Liberty and Parker out on the porch. Janet went out to greet Margo and sent the teens inside. Jack joined his wife and told her that Margo was there to speak with him. Jack and his boss went outside, and he confessed to Margo that he had lied about their being "no unusual circumstances" surrounding Brad's death. He told her that he had drunk a "couple of beers" before the shooting, but he did not think it had clouded his judgment.

Jack and Margo went to the station, where Jack turned in his badge and weapon and walked out. He paid a visit to Katie and told her that he didn't want her to feel obligated to name her baby after him. Katie reminded Jack that Brad would never blame him for the shooting, but Jack told Katie the truth about his having two beers. Katie refused to change her mind, and she said she knew Jack well enough to know he would never have discharged his weapon if he was the least bit unsteady. She reassured him that her husband's death was not his fault. Jack kissed her on the forehead and gave her a hug.

Janet listened to Parker and Liberty argue, and she finally declared that the discussion of the shooting was officially off-limits. Liberty, however, insisted that Parker needed to know the truth, so she blurted out that Jack had been drinking the night he had shot Brad. Parker categorically denied that and accused Liberty of looking for someone to blame. He got up and left, determined to ask his dad for the truth. Liberty sobbed.

Rosanna and Craig walked a bit after leaving the church and then returned to Carly's house. They kissed tenderly on the porch, and then Rosanna opened the door to find her sister walking in from the kitchen. Carly hugged Rosanna and thanked her for letting her know about Brad's death. She said Rosanna's message had convinced her that it was time to go home. Carly turned to Craig and declared him her "first order of business." She said that they needed to talk about their engagement. Craig said that she could tell him anything, so Carly began, a phone call from Sage interrupted her .

Rosanna gave Craig the high sign, so they both went into the kitchen while Carly took her call. Rosanna said that they had to tell Carly the truth right away, but Craig waffled and said he was sure that Carly was going to break their engagement anyway, so he suggested that they let her do it and save face. He said they could "fill in the details" later. The couple rejoined Carly, and Rosanna offered to leave, but Carly asked her to stay. Carly handed Craig her engagement ring and told him that she needed to return it because they had gotten engaged under false pretenses.

Carly said that when she had accepted Craig's ring, she was a drunk and not capable of making such an important decision. She said she had further dumped her life on him and Rosanna without any warning. She said her biggest impetus to getting sober was that she knew the two of them, particularly Craig, were waiting for her. She said she was going to be proud and happy to be Craig's wife. Craig asked why she had returned the ring, and Carly answered that she wanted him to ask her to marry him again, and she would soberly accept it.

Rosanna and Craig were both shocked at the turn of events, and just then Parker stormed in, still angry from his discussion with Liberty. He was delighted to see his mother, and Carly announced that things were "as they should be." Parker turned to Craig and Rosanna and said, "You didn't tell her."

Jack returned to the farm and, through the kitchen window, he saw Janet consoling Liberty. He took out a pad of paper and a pen and wrote something. Liberty finally went upstairs alone, and Janet walked outside. She found the note from Jack, which read:


I have to go away for a while. I'm not sure how long. One thing I couldn't bear was you thinking you had anything to do with it. You didn't Janet, not in any way. This is about me and what I did. I need to make peace with it. Take care of Liberty. Love you. "

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Noah issued orders for interior shots for his film. Lily had comped him a room in the Lakeview for his shoot, and Noah wished that Luke could be there to share the moment with him. Mason, however, told Noah that he was better off without Luke there. Noah took offense and told his advisor that it was his set, and he got to say who was allowed. Mason apologized and said that he only meant that Noah's having his boyfriend on the set might make him even more nervous.

Holden spoke with Luke and Lily at the farm and told them that he had arranged for a court hearing that day to nullify his death certificate and to "settle some other things," especially the issue of his marriage to Lily. Lily panicked and demanded to know if Holden was planning to end their marriage. She said that she should have suspected something when Holden had not shown up at the cabin the weekend before. Lily asked why Holden had never arrived, but before he could answer, Lily went off about what a fool she had been waiting for someone who had been preoccupied by his girlfriend.

Holden bit his tongue and refrained from mentioning that he had seen Lily kissing Damian through the cabin window. He said that the hearing would cut their ties and that Lily could remain legally married to Damian. Lily was angry and marched out, saying she would see him in court. Luke scolded his dad and ran after his mother. He caught Lily on the porch and urged her to be honest. He implored her to fight for her marriage.

Luke went back inside and told his dad that Lily was thrown for a loop thinking that her marriage to Holden might be over by the end of the day. Luke asked Holden if he had "something going on" with Maeve, but Holden told the boy that Maeve had left town for good. Then Holden admitted that he had gone to the cabin to meet Lily, but Damian was already there with her, and it was obvious that she was enjoying his company. Luke urged his dad to tell that to his mother, but Holden shouted that he'd had enough. It was all ending with the court hearing.

At Memorial Hospital, a nurse checked Damian's gunshot wound and pronounced that it was healing well. She began rubbing some Vitamin E on his back to lessen the chance of scarring, and Meg peeked in the exam room and gave a signal to the nurse, who was a friend of hers. Meg quietly opened the door and took the nurse's place with the back rub. The back rub got a bit more personal, so Damian looked around and leaped off the table when he saw that it was Meg. She laughed, but Damian yelled, "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

Damian told Meg that she had crossed the line, so Meg apologized. She said she had not gone in there with any agenda; she had simply seen him on the treatment table and thought she would have a little fun. Damian was serious, however, and he warned her that she could not manipulate him into loving her. Meg thought that was amusing since, after all, that was what Damian had done to Lily. Damian got dressed and took Meg out in the hall. He then took a call from Lily informing him of the impending court hearing. He promised that he would be there, and he told Meg that Holden was petitioning the court to end his marriage to Lily.

Luke finally showed up at the movie set and apologized for being late. He blamed his "drama family," as Noah stopped the action and gave his boyfriend a kiss. Luke said he was sure Noah was doing a spectacular job, as a cranky Mason urged Noah not to keep the actors waiting. The shoot resumed, and some of the dialogue between the two lovers affected Luke adversely. The scene finished, and Mason declared to Noah that "the student" had turned into "the Master." Noah looked around for Luke, but he was nowhere to be found. The camera man told Noah that his boyfriend had seemed upset and left.

In court, Holden told the judge that Lily had married another man while Holden was presumed dead. Lily spoke as well about how difficult her life without Holden had been, and she asserted that she would never have married another man under different circumstances. Holden asked to have one of the marriages annulled, but the judge said that it was up to Lily to choose which marriage that would be. Damian walked into the courtroom and halted the proceedings. He identified himself and asked for a moment to speak to Lily.

Damian and Lily went outside, and Damian told her that he would respect any decision that she made. He also said that if she decided to annul both marriages, he would not fight her, but take it as a sign that they might have a fresh start. Lily went back to the courtroom, obviously stressed, so the judge suggested that she take another day to make her decision. The judge adjourned the hearing for 24 hours. Damian left, and Lily swore at Holden and asked him to talk to her. She needed to know what he wanted. Holden said that he had never stopped loving Lily, but the problem was Damian.

Holden said that if Lily wanted to save their marriage, she had to agree never to see Damian again and keep the vows they had made to one another. Lily reminded Holden that Damian was Luke's father, and Holden asked what that made him. He held firm on the terms, and Lily asked Holden to look at her. He stared for a while, and then he kissed her poignantly, and turned and walked out.

At her homecoming, Carly asked Rosanna and Craig what Parker had meant by saying that they had not told her something. Craig lied and said they'd had a disagreement about whether or not to tell Carly about Brad's death while she was still at the clinic. Parker hinted again that they had not told his mother "everything." Carly urged them to tell the truth, and blamed her lack of truthfulness for many of her troubles. Craig thought fast and said they had argued about how much to tell Carly about Jack's involvement in Brad's death.

Carly accepted that, and she turned to Parker and asked him to tell her all the things that had happened in his life. Parker stalled and said that he was going upstairs because the adults had "a lot to talk about." After Parker left, Carly asked more questions, but Rosanna said that the boy was just upset about Brad's death. Craig jumped in and said that Liberty had been going through a lot, as well, and for a minute Carly was afraid that the teens were back together. Craig assured her that was not the case and said they were just good friends again.

Carly thanked her sister for taking such good care of the children, and she gave Rosanna a hug. Carly went into the kitchen to make some coffee, so Rosanna told Craig that they had to tell Carly the truth immediately. Craig reluctantly agreed, and they both went after Carly. They found her frozen in front of the cupboard where she used to keep her hidden bottles of vodka. She looked shaken, even though Rosanna insisted that she had gotten rid of all the booze.

Carly said she needed to attend an AA meeting, so she went back to the living room to call the hospital to find out the meeting schedule. Craig joined her, and Carly gave him a big hug. She commented on the fact that he had pulled away from her during the hug, so she stepped in close and gave him a big kiss just as Rosanna walked in. Rosanna was shaken up, and she asked Carly to sit down so they could talk. Carly said she knew that they were worried about her, but she truly wanted them to accompany her to the AA meeting so that they could observe the tools she had at her disposal. There was a meeting soon at the hospital, so the three of them left.

At the meeting, Carly announced that she had been sober for 114 days. She then acknowledged Craig as the man who had stuck by her even though she had used him and taken advantage of his love. Then Carly talked about her sister, saying that it was a miracle that they still had Rosanna in their lives and how much she had helped with Carly's family. Rosanna couldn't stand it, so she got up and walked out.

Carly and Craig followed, and Carly apologized for embarrassing Rosanna. Carly said that she was just catching up on being honest about her feelings, but Rosanna had been forthright all her life. Carly took a call from Sage, who was on her way home, so Carly left quickly. At home, she reunited with her daughter, who said that, in the beginning, Rosanna and Craig had had terrible arguments, but lately they seemed to "like each other" a lot more.

Carly went up to her bedroom and began gathering up Rosanna's clothes to move them to the guest room. She found a black, lacy negligee in a fancy box, and she mused why her sister would need something like that.

Damian ran into Luke in the Lakeview lobby and told him about a meeting the next day at Grimaldi Shipping. Luke seemed depressed, so Damian asked him why. Luke said that Noah's script, which Mason had penned, seemed very personal to him. Damian suggested that Luke fight for whatever he wanted.

Rosanna visited Craig in his suite at the hotel, and she chastised him for kissing Carly. Craig protested that he had been the one who had gotten kissed, not the other way around. Rosanna was petulant and whiny, and Craig recognized that she was feeling insecure. He assured her that he still loved only her, and he kissed her passionately. They tore off their clothes.

At the farm, Meg, holding baby Eliza, opened the door to a Kentucky State Patrolman. He introduced himself as Officer Grady, and Meg recognized him as one of the investigative officers for Holden's case. He explained that Eb Stone had attacked and locked him up for a period of time, so he had been unable to communicate. He said that Detective Snyder had called the department after Holden turned up alive, and chewed them out for misidentifying the body in the truck. Grady wanted to set the record straight that his department had not made an error.

Meg pressured the officer for details, and although Grady wanted to speak directly to Jack, he told Meg that they had proved by DNA testing that the body was not Holden Snyder. Meg cried out that they should have notified someone in Oakdale about that, and the patrolman said they had: Damian Grimaldi. Meg was stunned to realize that Damian had known all along, especially when he was courting Lily, that Holden was most likely still alive.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Carly called Rosanna after realizing Roanna was not there in the morning, and she interrupted her sister with Craig in his bed. Rosanna lied about having begun a relationship with a "mystery man," but afterwards she told Craig how much she hated doing that. She insisted that they tell Carly the truth. Craig said absolutely not; he wanted Carly to have her whole support system around her when they dropped the bomb about their affair. Rosanna agreed to wait only one more day, and she agreed with having others present.

Rosanna went back to Carly's and told her that the negligee did not mean what Carly thought. Carly was afraid that Rosanna's lover was Paul Ryan, but Rosanna scoffed at that. She told Carly that she had it all wrong; the black lace outfit was a homecoming gift for Carly from her. Carly appeared delighted, because Craig had been very reserved with her since her return, and she was counting on the lace to change all that. Carly wanted to make a deal with her sister that they would never keep secrets from each other again.

Rosanna stumbled over her words and told Carly that she was afraid that she hadn't always pulled off doing right by her sister while she was running the household. Carly asked what was going on with Craig, but then she switched gears and said that Rosanna was being very coy about her "man" because obviously Carly knew him. Carly walked upstairs, and Rosanna reached immediately for her cell phone. She called Craig in a panic and said they had to tell Carly the truth.

Craig agreed reluctantly, but he wanted to tell Carly alone, not with Rosanna present. Carly walked in and asked who was on the phone, so Rosanna handed it to her and said, "It's for you." Carly took the phone and asked how Katie was, as she had assumed that was where Craig had spent the night, since he hadn't been with Carly. Craig said he hadn't been with his sister, but he invited her to join him as soon as possible in his suite. Carly agreed and told Rosanna that Craig sounded tired, probably from having to give so much. Perhaps it was time someone gave something to him, she quipped.

Luke went to Yo's, where Noah and his crew were celebrating the all-night filming session. They were enjoying beer for breakfast, and Luke stuck out in his business suit and tie. He told Noah that he had a morning meeting at Grimaldi Shipping, hence the formal clothes. Noah wanted to introduce Luke to everyone, but Luke felt out of place. Mason walked up and referred to him as "Luke Skywalker," and that made the young man uncomfortable. When Mason went to get another beer, Noah asked Luke why he had cut out of the shoot the day before.

Luke answered that he had some heavy family issues to deal with, including the fate of his parents' marriage. Mason held out a phone for Noah. He announced that a campus reporter wanted to get a quote from the newest film success. Luke said goodbye and left reluctantly.

Patrolman Grady from Kentucky met with Meg at Java. He was upset that Damian Grimaldi had kept such important information as the DNA test results from the Snyder family. Grimaldi had definitely slowed down the process of finding Holden, and Grady wanted to give the information to Detective Jack Snyder himself. Meg explained that Jack's brother had just died and that Jack was taking some personal time off to mourn. She assured the officer that Damian would get exactly what he deserved. Then Meg left and went to Fashions, where she bought a beautiful form-fitting dress with a high price tag.

The court hearing reconvened, and Damian arrived to support Lily. He said that all he wanted was for her to be happy. He hugged her as Holden walked into the courtroom. The judge arrived then, as well, so they all took their seats. The judge asked each of them to state what he wanted, and she began with Holden. Holden stood and said that his marriage was over, and it was time to put an end to it. He added that fate had dealt him a difficult hand, but he was ready to move on.

Next, the judge asked Lily is she wanted that, too, and Lily shed a tear, but she answered yes. The judge then declared that the marriage of Lily Snyder to Damian Grimaldi was legal and binding. Holden stood and wished Lily good luck, but she asked him to wait. She wanted to know why he had kissed her the way he had the day before if what he had told the judge was true. She blamed Maeve for putting "her claws" into Holden, but Holden said that Maeve had left town for good.

Holden also said that Lily was not so different from the teenager he had first met in her mother's stable many years past; she was still looking for the next person to rescue her when things went wrong. Damian stepped up to defend Lily, so Holden turned on his heels and walked out. He went to the Lakeview, where he ran into Luke, who asked about the hearing. Holden said that he was confirmed as being alive, but his marriage had died. He counseled Luke that sometimes, you just had to let go.

Lily and Damian went to the Lakeview after the hearing, also, and they sat in the lounge. Lily asked him what would happen if she were never ready to be with him again, but Damian said that she would be, and he would be waiting for her. Just then, Meg, in her new frock, walked in, and Damian noticed her. He told Lily that he had to take a conference call, but he would return soon. Damian took Meg by the arm and ushered her to the elevator, telling her that he was in the middle of something.

Damian said that he knew that Meg was baiting him, and he just wasn't interested. They went to Damian's room, where Meg asked if he was too busy to talk about a certain DNA test in Kentucky. She produced a copy of the report and said that it proved that Damian had asked Lily to marry him knowing full well that the body in Holden's grave was not her brother's. Damian attempted to defend himself, but Meg yelled that if Jack had known about the test results, he never would have quit looking for Holden. Damian asked what Meg wanted from him, as he ripped up the test paper. Meg said she wanted to be his "friend," and she kissed him.

Lily got tired of waiting for Damian to return, so she headed to the elevator and bumped into Holden. He was not pleased that Damian had left Lily alone in the lounge after such an emotional morning, but Lily said that Holden was no longer allowed to worry or even care about her. She got on the elevator and went to Damian's room and knocked. Damian came out in the hall quickly, leaving Meg inside. He claimed he was still on the conference call, but he promised to be back in the lounge in ten minutes. Lily said she would wait for fifteen, but then she would leave. Damian went back into his room and found Meg, with drink in hand, lounging on his couch. She teased him, and then walked out, leaving Damian worried that she was a loose cannon.

Craig opened his hotel door for Carly, who was wearing a raincoat. He asked if it was raining, but Carly opened the coat and let it slip from her shoulders. She was wearing the black lacy lingerie that Rosanna had "given" her. Carly made a move towards Craig, but he stopped her and said they had to talk. He put the coat back around her shoulders and was about to have a serious conversation with her when someone knocked on the door. Craig answered it, and Rosanna burst into the room, talking fast. She said she didn't want Craig "to handle it alone." She was shocked to see Carly standing there in the black outfit and a raincoat.

"Handle what?" asked an irked Carly. Rosanna immediately switched the subject to the "Midnight Sun" project and all the crises they had averted while Carly was gone. Craig ushered Rosanna out and pleaded with her to trust him. He went back in, and Carly asked "What the hell was that?" Craig led her to the couch, and they sat. He explained that he and Rosanna had been thrown together a lot in the past three months, and he reminded Carly of his history with her sister. Carly made an assumption and interrupted by saying that her therapist had warned her about such things, so she was not surprised.

Craig was confused, so Carly went on and said that caretakers at home, while a person was in rehab, soon began to resent the person in treatment, and she was convinced that Craig and Rosanna resented "the hell" out of her. She wouldn't let Craig speak, but she urged him to tell her the truth. Craig realized that he was temporarily off the hook, so he made up a suddenly remembered appointment with Johnny's teacher to discuss spelling. He sent Carly out the door and promised to show up at her house when he was finished. Carly left, but she said she had a strange feeling that Craig didn't want her any more. Rosanna ran in and confessed that she was jealous, and she called the situation "a colossal mess."

Craig put his arms around Rosanna and suggested they just tell Carly straight out about their relationship. Suddenly the door flew open, and a furious Carly stood there. She looked at the two of them and said to Craig, "When were you planning on telling me that you were sleeping with my sister?"

At Yo's, the film crew, plus Luke, watched the dailies of Noah's film. The camera was still rolling while Mason had called Noah "the Master" and had planted a kiss on his forehead. Noah took a call, so Luke approached Mason, who asked what Luke had thought of the film. Luke praised the film, but he said Mason's kiss to Noah was pathetic. Mason got in Luke's face and said that Noah was off-limits to him because he was Noah's professor; however, as soon as the film project was finished, it was "game on."

Noah noticed Luke's look of displeasure, so he assumed that his boyfriend had not liked the dailies. Luke assured him that the film was great, but he was only human, and Mason had tossed Luke's script and taken over as director. All that had affected him, Luke explained. Mason moved on, and Luke told Noah that after the project was done, the professor had admitted that it was "open season" on Noah. Noah didn't take that seriously, and he told Luke he looked cute.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Jack entered a Philadelphia bar, and asked if the bartender had heard of the Hideaway, a bar where Brad had once worked. The bartender had never heard of it, but figured that the operator of the nearby food bank might know it. When Jack went to the food bank, he saw Ben Harris exit. Jack tried to avoid Ben. Ben saw him, and joked that Jack was running from him.

Jack stated that while on break from a case, he'd decided to look for the Hideaway. Ben said that the place had been leveled into a parking lot. Ben asked about Brad, but Jack didn't answer. Ben offered Jack a tour of the "Philabundance," food bank, saying that he wanted to learn if Brad's wild stories were actually true. Jack said it'd be nice to remember the good times.

On the tour, Jack wondered what had happened to Ben being a doctor. "I keep my hand in," Ben replied. He asked how Jack was, but Jack avoided the question. The men encountered two boys, apparently brothers, discussing apples. Suddenly, Jack said that he had to leave. Ben pursued Jack onto the street, asking what was wrong.

Jack noticed police cars in the square and a jumper on a roof. Ben conferred with police, and learned that Irv, the jumper, had robbed a bank dressed as Ben Franklin. Jack offered to help; however, the police resented his tone, and ordered him to stay out of it. Ben wondered what had gotten into Jack, and insisted upon talking about it over coffee. When Ben received a call, Jack said he was fine, and they'd talk another time. Ben reluctantly left, asking Jack to tell Brad hello.

After Irv threatened to jump, Jack sneaked onto the rooftop to say that Ben Franklin wouldn't do it. Jack thanked Irv for sharing his roof, and stated that he was a former cop, who was just as messed up as Irv. Irv confided that he didn't know what to do next, but figured that he'd regret his actions for the rest of his life. Jack said that he felt the same way.

At Memorial, Janet found Katie reading a baby book. Janet had heard from Margo that Katie was picking up Jacob that day, and Janet offered to help. Katie declined, assuring Janet that she wouldn't drop Jacob, or leave him on a bus. When the nurse handed the baby to Katie, Janet noted that he looked like Brad. Katie replied that she wouldn't want it any other way.

Outside her door later, Katie wished that she'd allowed Janet to help, so that they wouldn't be lonely. Katie didn't have the heart to enter the house, and left with Jacob.

At the Lakeview, Brad's ghost hounded Henry to make Brad return to life. Henry went to the bookstore, and bought a book called Ghosts Are People, Too. Brad appeared, asking how he could escape "limbo land." Henry said that dead was dead, but he could perform a séance that would enable Brad to rattle a few chairs.

When Katie strolled by with Jacob, Brad made Henry stop her. As Brad marveled at his newborn son, Katie ordered Henry to get away from her. She explained that she couldn't even go to her home, because it was too painful. Henry slinked away, but Brad said that Henry couldn't pity himself, because it was his fault. Henry yelled that he felt sorry for Katie, not himself.

Katie looked confused, and Henry said that Brad's spirit was among them. Katie advised Henry to sell it in a greeting card, and she turned to leave. Brad threatened to haunt Henry forever if he didn't do something. "What else do you want me to do!" Henry asked. Katie said she'd already told him to get away. Henry screamed that he was talking to Brad, not her.

Katie strode off, but Henry stopped her, explaining that he'd hit his head while fighting with Ralph. Henry said it'd made him have visions of Brad, who was standing beside him at that moment. Henry implored her to trust in Brad's love, and insisted she'd see him, too. "I'm looking," Katie said. When she saw nothing, she called it a cruel hoax, and stormed off.

Brad wondered how hard it could be to get Katie to see him again, and cited that she'd seen him while she was in labor. Henry wondered how Ghost Brad could have been at the birth, but Brad said not to question things when talking to a ghost. Henry realized that they'd been going about it all wrong. He said it wasn't up to him to make Katie see; it was up to Brad.

Later, Katie marched into her house, saying that she'd never forgive Henry for pulling such a lowly stunt. She heard a noise, and turned. Brad stood by the door, telling her that, for once, Henry had been telling the truth. Katie called Brad's name, and wished that he were there. She sobbed, saying that she had to accept that he was gone.

Ghost Brad pleaded with Katie to see him. She sat down, and cried. Brad reached for her shoulder, but his hand went through it.

Dusty and Teri bickered outside Al's, but Dusty said that Teri ought to kiss his feet for saving her. Teri refused to discuss it further, and Dusty smirked, watching her enter the diner.

When Janet strolled in, Teri asked about Liberty. Janet said Liberty wasn't good after losing her father and baby. Teri was sorry to hear about the miscarriage, but Janet disbelieved it, since Teri had advocated an abortion. Teri claimed that she'd been trying to help. Janet seethed that Katie had to raise Jacob alone, because Teri had involved Ralph in their lives. Teri reasoned that Janet had loved Ralph, too. Janet retorted that she'd opened her eyes to Ralph, unlike Teri.

Dusty intervened, and Teri stated that she didn't need Dusty to fight her battles for her. As Teri stormed out, Dusty said that Janet was supposed to be the nice sister. Janet poured Dusty coffee, still ranting about Teri and Ralph. Dusty reasoned that Ralph was a charmer, and if he'd focused on Janet, then she, too, would have been charmed.

Dusty asked what was really bothering her. Janet confided that losing Brad had hurt, and Jack had taken off instead of turning to his wife, who'd vowed to be there for him. Dusty said that Jack would be back, because he knew what he had at home. Dusty advised her not turn her back on her sister. Janet couldn't believe that she was taking family advice from Dusty Donovan.

At Metro later, Dusty found Teri beating herself up for being gullible. Dusty offered to listen if she wanted to talk, but said she could pity herself on her own time. Teri asked him to stay. After their talk, she felt better, but warned that he wouldn't get a free meal out of it.

When Carly stormed into Craig's suite, she wondered who'd get it first: Rosanna, for stealing Carly's fiancé, or Craig, for bedding her sister. Carly assumed that their affair had been Rosanna's revenge for Mike Kasnoff. Rosanna stated that Craig and Rosanna had been married once. Carly responded that Rosanna had supposedly hated Craig. "But the minute I left for rehab-" Carly said. Sparking with realization, she asked, "When did it start?"

Rosanna swore that they hadn't sneaked around behind Carly's back. "Evidence to the contrary," Carly seethed, opening her coat to reveal her lingerie. She guessed that Craig had bought it for Rosanna. Craig agreed, but Rosanna insisted that they hadn't acknowledged their feelings until after Carly had left. Carly sneered that Craig liked a dash of attempted murder in his romance, but Craig said he wouldn't let Carly cheapen the love that Rosanna and he shared.

Carly took that to mean that Craig didn't love her, and he probably never had. Rosanna apologized again, swearing that they'd wanted to tell her. Craig reasoned that after Carly had refused contact with him for months, he'd assumed that she'd been rethinking their engagement. Carly said the truth was that Craig didn't want her after the chase had ended.

Carly was horrified to learn that Parker knew about the affair, but surprised that Jack hadn't "sniffed out" the two of them. Rosanna replied that Jack had known for weeks. Carly insisted that if Jack had known, he'd never let her be blindsided that way.

Carly left, and Craig stopped a sobbing Rosanna from pursuing her sister. Rosanna wondered if Carly were right about Craig losing interest after he'd conquered things. She'd already lost Craig a few times, and wondered how that time would be any different. Craig said he'd fallen for her years before; he'd never gotten over her, and he never would.

Carly went to the farm looking for Jack, and found Janet in an edgy mood. Carly groaned when she learned that Jack had told Janet about Craig and Rosanna. When Carly turned to leave, Janet explained that Brad was dead, and Jack had taken off somewhere to lick his wounds. "So I'm really sorry if I don't give a damn about who your boyfriend is sleeping with," Janet said.

Janet further explained that Jack had been drinking before shooting Brad. Carly said that Jack would never drink on duty. Janet replied that he'd been off-duty when he'd heard that Katie was in trouble. Carly said Jack needed Janet. Janet snapped that she didn't need Carly to spell out what Janet's husband needed. Janet said Jack didn't want her help, which hurt worst of all.

Later, Rosanna entered Carly's house to find Carly dumping Rosanna's things at the front door. Carly said that if she heard another apology, she'd ram a coat hanger down Rosanna's throat. Rosanna returned to the porch, where she told Craig that Carly was throwing her out. Rosanna worried that if she left, she'd lose her sister. Craig entered the house, and a scowling Carly shoved clothes at him. "Maybe another time," he said, and left with Rosanna's things.

After Carly locked the door, Ben Harris called her to say that he'd seen Jack in Philadelphia. Ben sensed that something troubled Jack, and Ben hoped that Carly could tell him what it was.

For exclusive behind-the-scenes video and photos from As the World Turns' Philadelphia shoot, click here.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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