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All My Children Recaps: The week of November 2, 2009 on AMC
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Monday, November 2, 2009

At the abandoned church, Kendall was concerned because she had not heard from Zach. Nearby, Aidan fiddled with some wires, in an attempt to provide power to the laptop computer. Kendall grumbled because she had to live on the run while Annie was free to walk around. Kendall felt as if she and Zach deserved to have some peace in their lives because of all of the hardships that they had suffered.

Aidan yelped when an electrical current zapped him. The live wire reminded Kendall of Annie; she was curious how Aidan and Annie had ended up together. Aidan claimed that he'd been exposed and vulnerable. According to Aidan, Annie had a knack for taking advantage of people's weaknesses. Kendall agreed; she pointed to Ryan as an example. As they talked about Ryan, Greenlee's name was mentioned. Kendall realized that Aidan had lingering resentment towards Ryan because of the affair that had destroyed Aidan's marriage to Greenlee.

After Aidan hooked up the laptop, Kendall was disappointed to discover that Zach hadn't sent her a message. Kendall hoped that it meant that Zach's plan was succeeding. Aidan realized that Kendall was worried, so he tried to distract her with something that he had found. It was a book that contained pictures of all of the couples who had been married in the church. As they flipped through the pages, Kendall recalled her wedding to Zach.

When Aidan remarked about Zach's scruffy appearance, Kendall grew quiet. Aidan continued talking about Zach until he noticed Kendall's silence. He realized that he had made Kendall sad. Kendall confessed that she just wanted to go home to Zach and her boys.

At ConFusion, Damon sat down next to David. When Damon noticed that David was focused on a couple in a passionate embrace, Damon made an off-color remark about them. David angrily informed the young man that the woman Damon was talking about was the mother of David's children. Damon observed that it didn't appear that Amanda was with David.

David approached Amanda and Jake as they kissed and cuddled in a corner of ConFusion. David suggested that Amanda and Jake call it a night before they did something stupid that might jeopardize their agreement. David suggested that Amanda leave with him because they had a doctor's appointment in the morning. Jake observed that Amanda was perfectly capable of deciding when to go home.

Amanda stepped in before David could respond. She asked David to leave, but he argued that he didn't want to have to worry about the paternity of their baby. Amanda assured David that she understood what was required of her; she promised to hold up her end of the bargain. After David left, Jake sensed that Amanda was upset.

Amanda confided that she was concerned that the artificial insemination wouldn't work right away. She feared that repeated attempts to get pregnant might take its toll on her body. Amanda also hated the idea of her and Jake having to live apart until the baby was born. Jake realized that Amanda's resolve was weakening. He urged Amanda to be strong.

Jake told her how much she meant to him. He revealed that the love that he felt for her was stronger than anything he'd ever felt with anyone else; she made him want to be alive. Amanda was moved by Jake's touching declaration of love. As her eyes welled up with tears, Amanda threw herself into her husband's arms.

Liza was trying to soothe a fussy Stuart when Bailey arrived home. Bailey offered to help with Stuart, but Liza declined. Liza suggested that if Bailey wasn't happy living with them then she was free to move out. Bailey flatly refused to leave her new home. After Liza put Stuart in his crib, she rejoined Bailey in the living room.

Liza was furious because Bailey had invited Stuart's birth father into Liza's home. Bailey denied it, but Liza didn't believe her. Liza confessed that she'd had her fair share of relationships with bad boys, so she understood the allure. Liza warned Bailey that Damon would never change; if Bailey tried to transform Damon into something that he wasn't then she'd be subjecting herself and Stuart to disaster. When Stuart woke up crying, Liza dashed off to check on him.

A short time later, Liza returned to find David standing in her living room. David explained that he had passed Bailey in the hallway and that she had left the door wide open. According to David, Bailey should stay gone. David realized that Liza intended to call Bailey when Liza reached for her cell phone. He advised against it, but Liza ignored him. When the call went to voicemail, Liza ended the call and then demanded to know what David was doing in her home.

David was curious if Jake and Amanda had asked Liza to distract him earlier that evening. Before Liza could answer, David confessed that it was okay if they had because David enjoyed spending time with Liza. To Liza's surprise, David suggested that they spend more time together. Liza claimed that she wasn't interested in dating a "narcissist." David figured that she wouldn't have agreed to help Jake and Amanda if a part of her weren't interested in David.

Liza reminded David that he was having a baby with Amanda; she informed David that the closest that he would get to having sex would be when he went to the room to provide the sperm donation for the artificial insemination. When Liza ordered David to leave, he complied. However, he smiled after Liza firmly closed the door in his face.

As Bailey entered ConFusion, her cell phone rang. When Bailey saw that it was Liza calling, she let the call go to voicemail. Moments later, Damon spotted Bailey. He confessed that he was surprised that she had returned. Bailey smiled as she joined Damon at a table. Her smile slowly dissolved as Damon began talking about his band.

When Damon sensed Bailey's distraction, he asked her what was wrong. Bailey explained that things were different between them because she'd had his baby. Damon didn't appear to understand how that changed anything.

Annie and Scott were stuck in an elevator at ConFusion. Annie battled claustrophobia while she tried to find a way out. As the panic set in, Annie became anxious to get to Adam. In her desperation, she kissed Scott. When Scott pulled away, he demanded to know why she had kissed him. Annie wanted Scott to understand that she was willing to promise him anything that he wanted in return for his help. Scott was offended when he realized that she was offering him sex because she thought, "it had been a while" for him. He clarified that he wasn't interested in her "pity sex."

Annie denied that she was offering him pity sex, but Scott didn't believe her. Annie confessed that she'd never had much success with friendships or any other kind of relationship. Scott confided that he desired Annie; however, it was wrong and he was determined to find a way to stop lusting for his uncle's fiancée.

Annie admitted that she considered Scott her friend; she insisted that she didn't want to lose what they had. Scott reminded Annie that friends didn't offer to have sex with their friends. Annie opened up a bit about how her parents had mistreated her. Annie believed that Adam was the first person in her life who had loved her for whom she was. She was also certain that Adam was the only person who would never turn his back on her. For those reasons Annie loved Adam and was determined to do whatever she could to help him.

Scott and Annie decided that their best hope of escape was to climb out of the elevator's roof. Scott tried to avert his eyes as Annie stripped down to her slip, in an effort to have more freedom of movement.

On the patio, Adam was assailed by memories of Stuart's murder. Adam stumbled into the parlor as he cried out, "Oh God, I remember. Stuart, I remember." Adam collapsed to his knees as grief overwhelmed him. Ryan and Zach emerged from the shadows as Erica slowly approached Adam. In a gentle voice, Erica asked Adam what he had remembered. Adam didn't appear to hear Erica; his thoughts were lost in the past.

When Adam finally looked up, he saw Annie instead of Erica. Adam recalled Annie approaching him on the patio moments after the shooting. As Erica, Ryan, and Zach watched, Adam slowly made his way the spot where Stuart's body had been found. While Adam repeatedly murmured, "no," Zach tried to question Adam about Stuart's murder. When Adam failed to respond, Zach pushed harder.

Erica and Ryan urged Zach to ease up on the questioning. As Erica, Ryan, and Zach argued amongst themselves, Adam reached for a gun and then pointed it at his trio of uninvited guests. Adam threatened to shoot if Erica, Ryan, and Zach didn't leave. When they failed to take his threat seriously, Adam triggered the alarm.

Within moments, Adam's security guards flooded the parlor. A short while later, Jesse arrived. Overcome with grief, Adam ran out of the room before anyone could stop him. Erica, Ryan, and Zach tried to chase after Adam, but Jesse blocked their path. He demanded to know what was going on. Erica briefly updated Jesse.

Annie and Scott entered the mansion in time to overhear Erica's version of events. Annie and Scott lingered in the foyer, eavesdropping until they learned that Adam had left the mansion armed with a gun. Annie and Scott quietly slipped out the door before anyone had spotted them.

Jesse revealed that Annie and Scott had managed to escape from the elevator. Erica warned Jesse that if Annie managed to get to Adam first, they might never learn the truth. Zach grew impatient with Jesse. As Zach tried to storm out, Jesse reached out to stop him. Zach responded by punching Jesse. One of Jesse's officers immediately intervened. As Jesse hauled Zach off to jail, Zach ordered Erica and Ryan to, "Finish this."

After Zach was placed in a jail cell, Jesse decided to slip a cell phone to Zach. Jesse instructed Zach to keep the phone hidden from view and then he advised Zach to write some poetry. After Jesse departed, Zach sent Kendall a message that read, "It's almost over. He remembers."

At the abandoned church, Aidan held Kendall in his arms while she slept. Aidan checked the laptop when he heard a message notification. Rather than wake Kendall, Aidan read the message and then closed the laptop.

Erica and Ryan were disappointed when they didn't find Adam at ConFusion. It took Erica only a few moments to realize that Adam had likely gone to see Stuart.

Adam approached Stuart's grave with the gun firmly clutched in his hand. As he looked at his brother's headstone, Adam wailed, "Stuart, how could I?" Adam tearfully confessed that he had intended to kill himself, not Stuart. Adam explained that he had wanted to end his own life, in order to punish himself for all of the pain that he had caused. According to Adam, knowing that he had murdered his own twin was much worse than any punishment he could have devised.

Adam didn't think that he deserved forgiveness for what he had done to his beloved brother. He believed that Stuart's biggest mistake had been to love Adam. In Adam's eyes, he was evil because he had taken the life of an angel. Adam dropped to his knees and then wrapped his arms around Stuart's headstone as he gave in to his grief.

Later, Adam picked up the gun. He told his brother, "Finally, I'll get what I deserve. I have nothing left to live for." As Annie rounded the corner, she heard Adam's confession. She quickly spoke up to let Adam know that he had to live for her.

Erica and Ryan arrived at the cemetery moments later.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

In the cemetery, Adam wielded a gun, telling Annie that he didn't deserve to live after all he'd done. Annie pleaded with him to accept that it was a horrible, drug-induced accident. Adam was astonished that she'd known the truth, but never told him. Erica and Ryan stumbled onto the scene. Annie wrenched the gun from Adam, pointed it at the duo, and ordered them not to move.

Scott arrived, and Annie directed him to take Adam home. Ryan and Erica asked Annie to put down the weapon. Annie sobbed that they would fight to ensure that the killer paid for removing Stuart's beautiful soul from the world. Ryan reached for the weapon. Annie relinquished it, saying that she'd taken it from Adam to prevent him from shooting her.

Ryan and Erica took the gun to Jesse at the police station, and rendered their theory that Adam had pulled the gun on Annie after realizing that she'd murdered Stuart. When Erica and Ryan couldn't say that Annie had outright confessed, Jesse entered the interrogation room to warn Annie that the truth would surface at any moment. Annie asked to see a lawyer.

In the hallway, Ryan told Erica that he saw no benefit in Annie continuing to lie, since Adam had uncovered the truth. Erica commented on the look that she'd seen in Adam's eyes. "He certainly didn't seem like he wanted to kill her," Ryan remarked. He figured that it all centered upon what Adam really knew.

At the Chandler estate, Scott told Adam that Annie and Scott had kept the secret in order to protect Adam. Scott had felt that there would have been no justice in punishing Adam, who hadn't even realized what he'd done. In Adam's mind, Adam recalled finding the gun outside, and peering through the terrace doors. "Adam Chandler, you're a bastard," he'd said upon seeing Stuart inside. Adam snapped out of his recollection, and said that he'd been outside himself, hating himself. That was why he'd pulled the trigger.

Scott responded that Adam's guilt, along with everyone else's persecution of him, had driven him over the edge. Adam said he'd felt their hatred for him, and his own. "You were shooting yourself," Scott concluded; however, Adam responded that instead, he'd killed a completely innocent Stuart. Scott replied that Stuart would never have stopped loving Adam. Scott didn't hate Adam, either, because Adam was all he had left.

Just then, the police arrived to question Adam about the cemetery confrontation. Scott suggested they return in the morning, but Adam let them in. The police said they had Annie in custody, but she hadn't been forthcoming. Adam explained that it'd been an emotional evening, and he wasn't sure he could help them. Scott added that Adam needed rest, and the police left.

Scott said that Adam had done the right thing for the family. Adam added that he'd done it also for Annie, who hadn't given him up to the police. Adam felt that Annie was paying a horrid price for his actions, and said he couldn't keep quiet while Kendall ran for her life. Scott reasoned that Kendall had been intent upon killing Adam, just like everyone else. Scott insisted that the whole family would fall apart if Adam confessed. "Keep the past where it belongs, and be the man that we need you to be," Scott implored.

Back at the station, Jesse informed Erica and Ryan that neither Adam nor Annie was talking. Jesse had nothing to hold Annie on, and he had to let her go. Erica pleaded with him to let Zach out, as well. Annie approached, saying she wanted to press charges against Zach, Erica, and Ryan for what they'd done to Adam and her.

Jesse decided not to arrest anyone for that evening's events, and advised Annie to leave. Before she did, she warned Erica and Ryan to leave Adam and her alone. After Annie left, Ryan wondered if Annie had been lying to cover for someone else. "What if Adam killed Stuart?" Ryan asked Jesse and Erica.

When Annie arrived home, she clung to Adam, who asked why she hadn't told him what he'd done. She said she loved him, and wanted him to have peace. She hadn't wanted to be separated from him, either. She said she'd seen him fire the gun, but she'd seen that he hadn't been in his right mind. Annie had prayed that he'd never remember, because he'd paid enough by losing his brother. Adam said the only way that he'd pay enough was to confess.

At the abandoned church, Kendall awakened, thinking that she'd heard the computer beep. Aidan claimed that there weren't any messages, and encouraged her to return to sleep. Once she did, he opened the laptop, and read Zach's incoming message. Zach said that it was almost over, and all he could think of was holding Kendall again. Aidan deleted the message.

Later, Kendall awakened as Aidan entered with an old bottle of sacramental wine that he'd found in the basement. Kendall wondered if Zach had sent them any messages, and Aidan replied that Zach hadn't. She toasted to Zach uncovering the truth. As the two drank, they talked about their past experiences. Aidan said he enjoyed their adventure, because it'd brought out a spunk in Kendall that reminded him of Greenlee.

When Kendall left to freshen herself up at the nearby creek, Aidan, guised as Kendall, wrote an email message to Zach. Aidan wrote that the hideout was drafty, and she'd had to find ways to "cozy it up." He added that Zach needn't worry about her, because she was in good hands. "Here he comes now. Gotta go," Aidan wrote, and sent the message. In his jail cell, Zach read the message, and seemed puzzled.

Kendall returned, and fell back to sleep. Aidan composed another fake email; that time it was to Kendall from Zach. When Kendall awakened and checked the computer, she was excited to see a message from Zach. Kendall read aloud, saying that Zach was glad that she was safe, and Zach had admitted being too tough on Aidan. She said that Zach wanted her to thank Aidan, and she added that Zach wasn't the only grateful one.

Before cancer group therapy, J.R. told his doctor that he looked forward to hearing Trent's perspective on things during the meeting. The doctor reluctantly informed J.R. that Trent, who'd hidden the progression of his illness from everyone, had died that morning. After the session commenced, J.R. reflected on how Trent had died alone after pushing Cynthia away. The doctor encouraged the group to recognize and accept when loved ones reached out to them. J.R. commented that no one wanted to die alone, but Trent had.

At ConFusion, Tad encountered Marissa, who was staring into a glass of wine at the bar. She explained that J.R. wanted to have a baby. Though Marissa wanted a child with J.R., she feared he was doing it for the wrong reasons. She said that J.R. wanted to leave behind a piece of himself, but he felt that he had to act fast for fear that the chemotherapy would prevent him from doing it. Marissa insisted that she wanted all of J.R., not just a piece of him.

Tad reasoned that even though J.R. felt bound by his mortality, Marissa giving J.R. a child would also be giving him a reason to fight. Tad encouraged her to think of the child as a symbol of happiness, not death.

Later, J.R. strode up to Marissa and Tad, and Marissa beamed with excitement about having a baby. J.R. decided that it was no longer a good time for a baby, and he ordered a scotch from the bar. Tad stated that J.R. shouldn't feel sorry for himself. J.R. retorted that he'd seen the sad look that Tad had given him when he'd walked in the place. "'No one wants to die alone. Reach out, embrace your loved ones.' Well, it's a bunch of crap, and total waste of time," J.R. remarked, reaching for his scotch.

Tad slapped the drink out of J.R.'s hand, and J.R. shoved Tad. Tad stated that J.R. was being a jerk. J.R. replied that doing so was better than hanging onto a useless dream. J.R. stormed out, saying that he'd find a place to have a drink in peace. A stunned Marissa wondered what was wrong with J.R. Tad escorted her to the exit, saying they'd find out.

Tad and Marissa visited J.R.'s doctor, and learned that J.R. had taken the news of Trent's death very hard. As the three discussed it, J.R. strode up, looking for his cell phone. He cynically asked if they were talking behind his back. Marissa followed him into the counseling room, and expressed sympathy about Trent's death. She said she knew what J.R. was going through, but he replied that she had no idea.

Marissa felt that J.R. was abandoning her, and said she couldn't fight it alone. J.R. reasoned that Trent had been all alone at the end. Marissa didn't believe it had been what Trent had really wanted. J.R. said that he'd lost the point of fighting or talking about making babies that he'd never see grow up. He considered that he ought to be mountain climbing, skydiving, or seeking peace at an ashram, rather than making her life miserable.

Marissa stated that her time with him had been the most wonderful months of her life, but she couldn't stand watching him give up. Tad interrupted, saying that she didn't have to. He announced that J.R.'s test results had posted. The doctor entered, swearing she hadn't shown Tad anything confidential. "Congratulations, you're in remission," Tad said.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Scott entered the Chandler living room as Adam insisted upon confessing. Adam grabbed the phone, but Annie snatched it away. As Scott and she bickered with Adam, Adam clinched himself, writhing in pain. Annie prevented Scott from getting Adam's medication, because she suspected Zach of drugging Adam to recreate events from the night of the murder.

Scott asked if Adam had taken any pills. Adam replied that he'd taken some to calm his nerves. Scott nodded, stating that the pills had made Adam worse. Scott and Annie saw Jake's name on the bottle, and decided to take Adam to the hospital to get some answers.

At Wildwind with Liza, David ranted that the mother of his children had stayed out late with Jake, doing "God knows what." Liza accused David of caring more about driving a wedge between Jake and Amanda than about having another child. Jake entered, hand in hand with Amanda, saying that it'd never happen. Jake said he hadn't realized that Amanda had a curfew, and he joked that David might want to give her a breathalyzer. "Don't think I won't," David retorted.

David berated Amanda for not considering that she should be in top form for their fertility appointment the next morning. Amanda said she'd hold up her end of the bargain, as long as David did the same. David replied that it depended upon whether Jake and Amanda had had sex earlier that night. Jake replied that they hadn't, but David wanted to hear it from Amanda, who retorted, "We-didn't-have-sex!"

Just then, the hospital called David in, because Adam had arrived there with heart problems. Liza wondered if Adam were okay. David hoped not, but added that Adam was still breathing. David ordered Liza to review the contract with Amanda and Jake again, and left as the couple griped about the order. Liza told Jake and Amanda that they were out of their minds.

At the hospital, David checked Adam out, and concluded that he hadn't suffered a heart attack. Outside Adam's room, Annie and Scott accused David of drugging Adam again. Scott warned that Angie would analyze the pills. David stated that Jake had been Adam's attending physician that day. "Let's just hope this isn't one of his colossal mistakes," David quipped. Angie grabbed the bottle as she walked up, and said she'd decide who'd made the mistake.

Later, David bragged to Angie that Adam was doing just fine. "No thanks to you," Angie seethed, and announced that the pills contained the same chemical compound used to drug Adam previously. David implicated Nurse Gayle in the first drugging, but Angie countered that Gayle wasn't around for the second one. David then implicated Jake, whose name was on the bottle. Angie demanded that David admit what he'd done. "Okay, fine," David said.

David confessed to making the prescription, but said that Zach, Ryan, and Jesse had administered it. "You expose the contents of those pills, you expose your husband," David warned. Angie retorted that if David thought he'd gotten away with it, he'd better think again.

At the police station, Ryan asserted that Adam had shot Stuart. Erica and Jesse seemed skeptical, because Adam had remembered seeing Annie shoot his brother. Ryan reasoned that they didn't know what Adam had remembered, and if Adam were the culprit, it would explain a lot of things, like why Adam hadn't had Annie arrested and why Emma had feared Adam.

Still unconvinced, Erica wondered why Adam had a gun at the cemetery. She concluded on her own that he'd been trying to kill himself, not Annie. Ryan concurred, adding that Annie had been protecting Adam, not herself. "Isn't that one and the same?" Erica quipped.

Ryan and Erica started to rush over to the mansion to give Adam one more push, but Jesse refused to let them go, warning that a push had landed Zach in jail. Officer Jeter entered to announce that Adam was in the hospital. Jesse ordered Erica and Ryan to wait there while Jesse went to the hospital. The duo balked, but Jesse retorted that they could wait there, or in a cell.

When Jesse arrived at the hospital to question Adam, Scott and Annie insisted that Adam needed rest. After a heated exchange, Jesse conceded to wait around while Adam slept. After Jesse left, Annie noted to Scott that Jesse had always treated her like the prime suspect, until just then. "I think they're onto Adam," she concluded.

Jesse returned with coffee, and questioned Scott's allegiances. Scott reasoned that family rallied around each other, no matter what. Jesse replied that everyone had a limit. Just then, Jesse saw a distressed Angie, and followed her down the hallway.

Angie questioned Jesse about his involvement with Adam's drugging. Jesse said he'd found out about it after the fact, but he'd let it go in order to get the truth. Angie reasoned that she could have taken David down if Jesse hadn't bent the rules again, leaving her to clean up the mess. Jesse stated that he'd done it for Kendall, who was being hounded by the Feds.

David walked by, and Angie followed him down the hall. "I see you've been conferring with Jesse. Welcome to the dark side," David said. Angie announced that she planned to go public with her findings, because stripping David of his license would be worth the sacrifice. The only thing that would change her mind would be if he stepped down as chief of staff.

In his hospital room, Adam awakened, insisting upon confessing to Jesse. Annie begged with him not to do it, because Scott and she would be charged as accessories. She said that she couldn't go to prison in her condition. "We're going to have a baby!" Annie announced.

Later, Erica and Ryan left the police station, and went to the hospital. Ryan distracted Scott and Annie by insisted upon seeing Adam. As Scott and Annie bickered with Ryan, Erica slipped into Adam's room unseen. She asked Adam to admit that he'd killed Stuart, so that Kendall could return home. Though Adam admitted that he'd remembered, he refused to act on what he knew. An outraged Erica asked if he was really going to keep pinning the crime on her daughter. "Yes, I am," Adam replied.

At the abandoned church, Kendall thought it was strange that Zach had sent her a message without reporting his progress. She wondered if all the messages were actually arriving. Aidan grew defensive, sensing that she was accusing him of something. Kendall assured him that she just worried about Zach, who didn't usually keep her in the dark about things. "No, he prefers to keep you in secret rooms," Aidan quipped. The two argued about how forthcoming Zach was about things, like his fling with Liza, and Aidan went for a walk to cool off.

Kendall stared at a cell phone, remembering Aidan's warning that the Feds had Zach under surveillance. She grabbed the phone, and called him anyway. In a jail cell, Zach whispered that she shouldn't have called. She asked about the plan. He replied that they were close, but they had to end the call before it got traced. Zach heard gunshots, and then Kendall screamed.

Back at Wildwind, Liza tried to warn Jake and Amanda that David was obviously out to destroy their marriage. Jake left the room, and Amanda asserted that as much as David wanted her, she wanted Jake even more. Just then, Liza received a call from Zach. He instructed her to get him out of jail because Kendall needed him. Liza left, explaining that she was off to save someone else's family.

Jake returned, and Amanda said they could make love without getting in trouble. Jake thought David was probably spying on them. Amanda kissed Jake, saying, "Let him watch." Jake moved her to the sofa, but Amanda pulled away, saying that she needed to explain the rules first.

Amanda said that they'd make love, using only their imaginations. She lit candles, and Jake concluded that she was trying to kill him. Amanda thought he should look at it as a test of his mental, emotional, and physical endurance. The couple closed their eyes, and verbally made love to each other. At the end, Jake asked if it were as good for her as it had been for him. Amanda replied that it had been better. They kissed, and cuddled on the floor.

As Liza bailed out Zach, he told her that Kendall had screwed up by calling him. He was sure that the Feds would find her. Liza assumed that Aidan could handle it, but Zach said he'd heard gunshots. He rushed out of the station, determined to find his wife.

Back at the chapel, Aidan lowered his gun, and scanned the aisles for the snake he'd shot. He saw the phone in Kendall's hand, and went ballistic when she said she'd called Zach. Aidan crushed the phone beneath his heel. Certain that the Feds would close in on them, he instructed Kendall to help him make it look as if they'd never been there.

Later, Zach entered the vacant church with his gun drawn. Kendall left her hiding place, and rushed to him. Aidan entered, shocked to see Zach, who'd said he'd heard a gunshot on the phone. Kendall explained about the snake, and Zach berated the two for even having a phone. Aidan insisted that they had to leave the area, but Kendall whined about separating from Zach again. Zach kissed her, and Aidan growled for her to hurry up.

Zach gave Kendall her wedding ring, and as they shared a moment, Aidan glanced outside. He announced that they had company. Aidan impatiently pulled Kendall from another lingering goodbye with Zach, and the fugitives ducked out of the church. Moments later, federal agents burst into the sanctuary with guns drawn. "Can't a man pray in peace?" Zach asked, raising his hands above his head.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Marissa awakened J.R., and he said that he felt surprisingly good that morning. He told her that he usually woke up, immediately thinking of his illness; however, that day had been different. Marissa remarked that everything had changed because the cancer was in remission. J.R. wondered why she didn't seem happy about it.

Marissa said that the cancer had been prevalent throughout their relationship. It had forced him to live in the moment, and make many choices quickly, like the one to get married. "Now you're wondering if I made a mistake," J.R. assumed.

Marissa offered to give J.R. time to return to himself, and figure out if he actually wanted the marriage. J.R. said that he didn't want to be the man he'd been before the cancer. He was thankful for the cancer, because it had forced him to go after what he'd wanted. He reasoned that the cancer had made his life better, because it led him to Marissa. The couple made love.

At the Chandler Estate, Scott disconnected Annie's call with her wedding planner. He said she ought to be worrying about Adam confessing while alone at the hospital. Annie replied that Adam was too worried about her pregnancy to confess. "This is wrong," Scott responded.

Annie claimed that she hadn't known how else to keep Adam quiet. She figured that Adam valued family above all, and she'd given him the hope that the family would continue. She'd also given him a reason to bury the truth. Scott retorted that Adam would expect that reason to show up in nine months. "Not a problem," Annie stated.

Annie whipped out a note pad, and showed Scott her plan to get pregnant. "That's not a plan, Annie. That's math," Scott replied. Figuring that she'd be sunk if she didn't get pregnant right away, he suggested that she'd be better off faking a miscarriage. Annie said she'd miscarried before, and needn't fake that kind of pain.

Later, Annie called Lucretia in to pick up her uniform for the wedding. "This isn't a uniform," Lucretia responded, staring at the bridesmaid dress. "Congratulations! You're my maid of honor!" Annie beamed. Lucretia felt uncomfortable with the idea. Annie offered Lucretia a 10% raise, and Lucretia bargained for 20%. Annie rolled her eyes, and agreed.

At the hospital, Jesse questioned Adam about the night at the cemetery. Adam insisted that he'd been grieving that night. Adam said that Kendall had confessed, and a closed case would make a nice wedding gift for him. Adam suggested that Ryan and Jesse get a hobby.

Jesse exited to the corridor as Adam signed himself out of the hospital. Jesse said that none of the evidence pointed to Adam, and Ryan realized that they needed to get Adam to confess. Jesse said that Erica and he had already tried, but insinuated that Ryan might try once Jesse left.

When Ryan entered Adam's room, Adam assumed that Ryan wasn't there to help write Adam's vows. Ryan said it sickened him that Stuart's murderer would get married in a day. Adam asserted that Annie hadn't killed Stuart. "Who's talking about Annie?" Ryan asked.

Adam cynically figured that he'd become the target simply because he made Annie happy. Ryan told Adam that stuffing his guilt into a tuxedo might stifle the pain for his wedding day, but it would never completely go away. Ryan, who'd shot his own brother, figured that he could give Adam insight into life after shooting one's sibling. Adam replied that Jonathan hadn't died. Ryan was grateful for that, but figured that Adam's guilt was worse, because Stuart really had died. Ryan encouraged Adam to admit his guilt, so that Kendall could be free.

Scott entered, wondering what was happening. Ryan claimed to be just visiting. A nurse wheeled a visibly shaken Adam out, and Ryan warned Scott that no one could protect Adam from his own inner turmoil. Ryan wished Scott wanted justice for his father as much as everyone else did. Scott wordlessly left.

Back at the mansion, Lucretia complained that her dress didn't fit, but Annie stuffed her into it anyway. Adam and Scott entered. Adam said Lucretia looked lovely. Annie wrapped Lucretia in a shawl to hide the dress's broken zipper. "25%," Lucretia murmured, striding out.

Scott suggested that they postpone the wedding to give Adam more time to recover. Adam insisted that the wedding go on as planned. Annie placed Adam's hand on her stomach, and said she'd told Scott the news. Scott congratulated the couple, and Annie hugged Adam.

Once alone with Scott, Annie berated him for suggesting a postponement. Scott said that Ryan had been grilling Adam about murdering Stuart. Annie reasoned that gave her even more reason to push ahead with the ceremony. Scott worried that the pressure would kill Adam.

Adam visited Stuart's grave to tell Stuart about the wedding and the new baby. Adam said it killed him that he couldn't confess, but he had to stay silent for the family. "So my secret is buried with you," Adam told Stuart.

Ryan went home to relieve the babysitter. He discovered Emma drawing wedding pictures. When Ryan said he wanted to see Emma as a flower girl, Emma wondered if he were okay with Annie marrying Adam. Ryan explained that, though Emma's parents weren't married, they still loved her. Emma wondered if he hated Annie, but he assured her that he didn't.

Ryan said that he knew that Annie hadn't shot Stuart, and he understood why Emma couldn't discuss it before. Emma replied that she never wanted to discuss it again. Ryan said that she didn't have to, and he assured her that he'd always look out for her.

In a hospital corridor, David and Angie called a press conference to announce that David had relinquished his chief of staff position to Angie. As Jake looked on, David explained that he wanted to devote more time to his family. Angie stated that she planned to run the hospital in the spirit of Joe Martin, who'd once operated it with dignity and strength.

Jake met Amanda and Trevor in a waiting area, and said that David had given up his position so that he could spend more time ripping their marriage apart. David approached, and Jake ribbed him for demoting himself. David stated that he wanted to help out more at home. Jake thought David would have waited until Amanda was a few months along before he gave up his power over Jake. "Is that what I'm doing?" David asked, walking way.

Later, Jake and Amanda congratulated Angie on her new position. Jake pressed Angie for the real reason that David had stepped down. Jesse arrived just in time to hear Angie say that she'd made a deal with the devil, something that Jake and Jesse knew all about. Angie strode off, but Jesse pulled her aside, guessing that she'd threatened to bust David about Adam's pills.

Angie explained that David had threatened to drag Jesse, Zach, and Ryan into the pill scandal. Jesse figured that instead of giving in to David's threats, she'd turned the tables to get what she wanted out of the deal. Angie said it was the first time she'd benefited from Jesse's mess. Jesse didn't know what to say. "How about congratulations?" Angie replied.

Angie picked up some files that David had left her at the nurse's station. An assistant also handed her a stack of congratulatory messages. A guilt-ridden Angie sighed, and went home, where she found a trail of rose petals leading to the fire escape. Jesse waited there with wine to celebrate her new position. He said that he hadn't gotten the chance to say that he was proud of her. "For threatening David to hand over his job?" Angie asked.

Jesse felt that she'd deserved the promotion no matter how she'd gotten it. Angie said that it mattered to her. She'd wanted the job, so that she could change the hospital for the better; however, she'd turned herself into David in order to get what she wanted. Angie had thought she was rising above David's treachery, but instead, she'd just sunk into it.

Amanda paced the waiting room, figuring that they could use what Angie had on David to get out of the pregnancy deal. Jake doubted Angie had anything, but Amanda reasoned that Angie didn't coincidentally wind up with David's job. Amanda explained that she was freaking out, because the baby deal was becoming a reality. She didn't know how to get through the next nine months under David's rule. Jake said that he really needed Amanda to believe in them.

A nurse called Amanda into the exam room, and after a checkup, a fertility specialist told Amanda that she was in good shape to get pregnant. The doctor said that if everything went well, Amanda would have a baby by fall. Amanda wondered why the doctor had said "if." The doctor explained that the procedure didn't always work on the first try, and it could be a long process.

As Jake and Trevor waited for Amanda, David arrived to see Trevor. Two men exchanged barbs. Jake said that he wanted to be Trevor's real father, but he could wait nine months to have his own children with Amanda. David figured that a lot could happen in nine months. David referred to Jake as Trevor's nanny, and handed Trevor over for a diaper change.

After her exam, Amanda told Jake that the insemination process could take a long time. Jake said he'd wait for her. Meanwhile, Amanda's doctor told David that she could inseminate Amanda mid-month. David said that it was just in time to give thanks for his new family.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Zach told FBI agents that he'd gone to the church to pray, but they didn't believe him. Jesse entered, claiming that Zach had sent them on a wild goose chase. Jesse stated that Kendall and Aidan had been spotted far from the church, in North Carolina. The agents left, and Jesse berated Zach for taking such a risk to check on Kendall.

When Zach wanted to stop Annie's wedding, Jesse informed him that Adam, not Annie, had killed Stuart. Jesse said that Adam was still pinning the crime on Kendall. An anxious Zach said he wanted to prove Kendall's innocence the way Jesse had done for Randi. Zach said that he hadn't stood in Jesse's way, and asked Jesse not to stand in his.

Aidan and Kendall rented a room above a mechanic shop. The employee glared, saying Kendall looked familiar. Kendall doubted that they'd met, and the woman guessed that Kendall looked like her sister, whom she loathed. Aidan introduced them as Tom and Sarah, and said they were on their way to California. The woman warned them not to snore, or touch her bikes.

Once in their room, Kendall refused to sleep in the dirty sheets. She wanted to help Zach. Aidan told her to relax, but she didn't think she could -- until she saw a bathtub in the room. As Kendall soaked in the tub, Aidan yelled to her that he hadn't seen any reports of Zach's arrest. Aidan ambled to the cracked bathroom door to watch her in the tub.

After her bath, Kendall wanted to contact Zach. Aidan forbade it, saying they had to stay off the grid for a while. Aidan made a pallet on the floor, but Kendall insisted that he sleep in the bed. She said she missed reading her sons bedtime stories. Aidan said she could tell him a story.

Downstairs, the woman saw Kendall's picture on the front page of a newspaper. Aidan crept downstairs, and the woman said, "You look like you've been through a meat grinder, 'Tom.'" She approached Aidan, and kissed him, murmuring, "I missed you, Devan."

When Liza saw Bailey ignore her ringing phone, Liza asked if it had been Damon calling. Bailey said that if it was, she didn't care because she was over him. Colby entered, and saw the Chandler wedding announcement in the newspaper. She refused to attend the wedding to watch her father make the biggest mistake of his life.

Bailey left with Stuart, and Liza said that Adam could use Colby's support. Colby claimed that she was too busy to go. She sighed, wondering how her father could marry Annie. Liza said that he was in love. Colby asked if Liza really believed that. "Well, he loves you," Liza replied. Liza advised Colby to go to the wedding to show Adam that she loved him, too.

Bailey offered to babysit Stuart, so that Liza could accompany Colby. Liza said she didn't trust Bailey anymore. Bailey apologized for Halloween, and swore that she'd never leave Stuart with anyone else again.

At the penthouse, Ryan told Erica that he'd assured Emma that she never had to talk about the murder again. Erica reasoned that Emma could clear Kendall. Ryan said they no longer needed Emma, who'd become an unreliable witness. Ryan stated that the wedding was the best place to strike, since Adam would be vulnerable. Ryan worried about Annie, but Erica said that Annie couldn't stop them, because they were fighting for their daughters.

As attendants decorated the Chandler Estate, Scott said that Adam didn't have to go through with the wedding while he was ill. A gleeful Adam figured that he could manage to recite a few vows. Scott warned that Ryan would use the event as a chance to drill Adam about Stuart. Annie entered, agreeing with Scott that they should cancel the wedding.

Annie said that while she could live without a frilly wedding, she couldn't live without Adam. She suggested that they go to city hall, but Adam insisted that the wedding would happen at the mansion, with his friends and enemies witnessing their commitment to each other.

After Adam left, Scott noted that Annie hadn't pushed too hard for the city hall option. He took a champagne glass from her, saying that it wasn't good for "the baby." Annie grabbed her glass back, gulped down the drink, and promised to be pregnant by her honeymoon's end.

Adam returned to send Annie upstairs to dress. JR entered the house, telling Adam not to expect congratulations. Adam ordered JR to leave if he couldn't be happy for his father. JR asserted that Annie would destroy the Chandlers. Adam disagreed, stating that a pregnant Annie would help them rebuild the family. "You don't actually think the kid is yours?" JR asked.

Adam ordered JR to leave, but JR stated that he had reasons to question the baby's paternity. JR claimed that he'd seen Scott and Annie going at it. Scott admitted to kissing Annie when he'd been at a low point in his life, but said that Annie had rebuked the advance, because she loved Adam.

JR said he'd let Adam down when he'd been drinking, but JR felt that he was sober enough to reclaim his place in the family. Adam retorted that Annie and the baby were his only family. When Marissa entered with Little Adam, Adam told JR that Little Adam was the only reason that JR could stay at the wedding; however, Adam would throw JR out if he continued to disparage Annie. Adam took Scott aside, and warned him not to ever touch Annie again.

Later, Scott told JR that Annie had never cheated on Adam. JR noted that Scott had moved into the mansion to prevent the wedding, but instead, he was championing Annie. Scott said that he was protecting Adam more than JR could ever know.

Adam greeted Erica, but said he didn't want any trouble. When Liza and Colby entered, Adam was glad to see Colby, as long as she wasn't there to add a voice to the mob against Annie. Adam said that Scott was his best man, but Adam had written JR off until he stopped badmouthing the bride. Liza warned that she'd go after Adam if he let Annie hurt Colby.

Later, Erica asked Liza where Zach was. Liza said that the last she'd known, he'd been released from jail. Erica asked why Liza was lying, and Liza walked off without a response.

Upstairs, Annie asked her reluctant maid of honor to help her find things that were old, new, borrowed, and blue. "I've already got the old," Annie said, looking at Lucretia. Lucretia wiped her nose on a tissue, and offered it as something borrowed. Annie dismissed Lucretia, and told herself that she had Adam's blue eyes and her new life as Mrs. Chandler.

Just then, Ryan appeared in her mirror, saying that she'd always made a beautiful bride. Ryan said he knew that Annie had forced Emma to cover up Adam's crime. Annie stated that Emma's faulty testimony wouldn't hold up in court, but Ryan said that Emma was out of it. Ryan was leaving it all was up to Adam, who was too tortured to live with his guilt.

Ryan asserted that Annie wouldn't give a damn about Adam once she'd married him. Annie said that her love had made Adam strong, and he'd mean his vows to her, unlike Ryan. She asked him to take a front row seat to see her getting the happiness that she deserved. Lucretia returned to say that it was time for the ceremony. Before Ryan left, he said that it was fitting to have the ceremony at the crime scene.

The wedding began before a half-empty room. Suddenly, Adam heard thunder, and saw Stuart collapse. Annie snapped him out of his vision when she joined him at the end of the aisle. When the officiator asked if anyone knew why the couple shouldn't be joined, Ryan stood up. JR advised Marissa to take the kids for cookies.

Ryan said that he didn't want to disrupt the wedding. "Then sit down," Adam flatly responded. Ryan said he wanted to apologize to the couple. He decided that they were in love, and he was happy for them. Ryan was sure that Stuart would have loved to have been there for Adam on that day. Scott motioned for Ryan to leave, but Ryan sat down. Jesse and Zach entered as the service continued. Annie saw them, and asked the officiator to skip to the vows.

Annie recited her personally written vows to Adam, saying that he'd listened to his heart, despite what the others had said. In Adam's mind, he heard the voices of others, pressuring him to confess. Adam hallucinated that Stuart was there, urging Adam to admit that he'd killed Stuart. When the officiator prompted Adam to say his vows, figment Stuart told Adam to just say what he had to say: That he'd killed his own brother.

Adam said he was sorry, but Annie told him that he had nothing to be sorry for. Adam hallucinated that Stuart aimed a gun at Adam. "You're going to hell, Adam!" Stuart yelled, and fired the imaginary gun. Adam jolted as if he'd really been shot, and he fell onto the floor.

JR and Jesse performed CPR, and Ryan said that an ambulance was on the way. Zach murmured that Adam couldn't die until they had a confession. Jesse couldn't find Adam's pulse, and JR said that Adam wasn't breathing. "Oh, my God, he's dead!" Annie shrieked.



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