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Monday, November 9, 2009

At the boarding house, Aidan slipped out of bed while Kendall was asleep. He crept to the living room where Kat was lounging on the sofa. When Kat saw Aidan, she observed that he looked as if he'd been through a meat grinder. As she offered to take care of Aidan, Kat slid her arms around Aidan's neck and then confessed that she had missed him. The two shared a brief, but passionate kiss.

Afterwards, Kat revealed that she knew who "Sarah" really was. When Aidan glanced up, he noticed that Kendall was approaching. Aidan quickly slipped back into the role of "Tom" before Kendall overheard his conversation with Kat. Kat immediately picked up on the change. Kendall entered the living room, but she seemed unaware of the undertones between Aidan and Kat.

When Kendall spotted a folded flag, Kat explained that it had been given to her after her husband, a military man, had died. As Kat talked, she revealed that one of her husband's friends had told her that her husband had died a hero. Kat kept her eyes focused on Aidan. Afterwards, Kat offered to go to the store to get some coffee. After Kat left, Kendall confided that something had seemed off about Kat.

Kendall feared that Kat knew their secret. Aidan insisted that Kendall was just being paranoid, but Kendall remained troubled. Moments later, a knock at the door heralded the arrival of one of Kat's friends, a sheriff. While the sheriff waited for Kat's return, he made small talk with Kendall and Aidan. Aidan seemed relaxed, but Kendall was fidgety. The sheriff appeared to pick up on it. When he asked them where they were from, Aidan answered, "New York," while Kendall answered, "Miami." The sheriff demanded that they drop their act and then explain what was really going on.

Aidan spun a tale about Aidan and Kendall hiding from Kendall's jealous husband. Aidan claimed that he had fallen in love with Kendall, so they had decided to run away together. With a wink, the sheriff revealed that he didn't visit Kat for her coffee. He assured Aidan and Kendall that he knew how to keep a secret. As if on cue, Kat entered. The sheriff approached Kat and then snaked his arm around her waist.

Kendall decided that it was a good time for her and Aidan to return to their room. As Kendall and Aidan passed Kat and the sheriff, Aidan hesitated. Kat seemed a bit uncomfortable with Aidan's scrutiny. In their room, Kendall confessed that she had been worried that their secret was out. Aidan assured Kendall that she didn't have any reason to be concerned. Kendall was curious about Aidan's comment regarding his claim that he had loved her for a long time. Aidan covered the slip by suggesting that he'd just been improvising.

Kendall decided that she wanted to contact Zach, but Aidan didn't think that it was a good idea. Aidan explained that it would be too dangerous. Kendall didn't argue. When Aidan decided to spy on Kat and the sheriff, in order to determine if they knew anything, Kendall didn't stop him. As soon as Aidan left the room, Kendall walked over to the laptop and then contacted Zach. Kendall wanted to know how things went with Adam, but Zach didn't answer the question. Instead, Zach asked Kendall how she was. Kendall promised Zach that she loved him and she always would.

Aidan entered to living room to find Kat's friend, Hank, gone. Kat assured Aidan that Hank's arrival had been a coincidence. Aidan appreciated Kat's help. Kat smiled as she admitted that she had always been a sucker for Aidan. However, she observed, it appeared that Aidan no longer gave "a damn." Aidan explained that he was helping Kendall because she was innocent. Kat realized that Aidan was in love with Kendall.

After Adam collapsed during his wedding, Zach tried to resuscitate him. Annie hovered nearby with an expression of dread on her face. As time ticked by, Annie demanded to know where the ambulance was. When Adam failed to respond to Zach's attempts to save him, Annie knelt down, intending to take over. Zach ignored Annie as he continued giving Adam CPR.

Colby was furious as Annie carried on about Adam. Colby claimed that Annie meant nothing to Adam or to the Chandler family. Meanwhile, Ryan ushered Erica to the patio, in order to assure her that Zach was doing everything that he could to save Adam. Annie followed Ryan and Erica to the patio. Annie accused Ryan of nearly killing Adam. "For what?" she demanded, "To punish me? Are you really that evil?" Ryan appeared shaken by the accusation.

Adam found himself standing alone in some sort of waiting room. A sign indicated that they were serving number three; unfortunately for Adam, he held a ticket that read 420. Moments later, a man wearing a red suit and sporting a handlebar mustache and beard entered the waiting area. The man bore a striking resemblance to David Hayward. Adam immediately asked for help, but the man insisted that Adam had to wait.

Adam demanded to know who the man was. The man laughed as he snapped his fingers; a second later a pitchfork appeared in the man's hand. He suggested to Adam, "Surely you've figured out where you are by now." Adam asked if he was in hell. The devil explained that hell was "one flight down." He clarified that Adam was in purgatory. According to the devil, they had to decide if Adam was headed in the "right" direction.

AMC Recap Photo 091109 The devil directed Adam's attention to a monitor, which showed Adam what was transpiring in the Chandler mansion at that moment. Adam watched as Zach fought to save Adam's life. When Adam turned away, he noticed a file on the devil's desk. The devil explained that Adam could use the nearby elevator to return to his life; however, Adam's file gave the devil plenty of ammunition to justify sending Adam on the "Hades Express."

Adam confessed that he had killed Stuart. According to Adam, there was no defense for his crime. The devil appeared to agree. As the devil expressed his eagerness to "get started," his phone rang. The devil was annoyed by the direction of the conversation. After the devil ended the call, he explained to Adam that there would be a slight delay. It appeared that someone was determined to save Adam's life. The devil pointed to the monitor where Zach could be seen giving Adam CPR.

Adam was surprised when the devil announced that Adam's guardian angel was on the way to plead Adam's case. Moments later, a vision in white appeared in the room; she looked exactly like Annie. The guardian angel urged Adam to go back to where he belonged. Adam argued that he had to pay for what he had done to Stuart. The guardian angel explained that there would be time for that later. She reminded Adam that Annie loved him and that he had a new baby on the way who needed to know his or her father.

Adam glanced up at the monitor to see Annie watching over Adam with her hands clasped as if in prayer. Annie begged Adam to live. According to Adam, what was done was done. The guardian angel agreed; she advised Adam to focus on the future. She pleaded with Adam to return, so that he could heal and make amends for what he had done. The devil cautioned Adam that the guardian angel was not offering Adam absolution. The guardian angel acknowledged that the devil was correct.

The devil and guardian angel pushed Adam to decide his fate. Adam seemed conflicted, but he ultimately chose to live. The guardian angel asked Adam if he was certain that was what he wanted. Adam answered, "I do."

In the next breath, Adam woke up with the words, "I do" on his lips. Annie was overjoyed. As everyone stared at Adam in amazement, the paramedics arrived. After an oxygen mask was secured to Adam's mouth, he was transferred to a gurney. Annie turned to the priest to remind him that Adam had uttered the words, "I do" as he had opened his eyes. Annie insisted that it meant that they were married.

Erica was horrified when she realized what Annie was trying to do. However, Erica couldn't stop the priest from pronouncing Annie and Adam legally married. After Adam and Annie left for the hospital, the other guests filed out. Ryan, Erica, Zach, and Liza remained in the parlor. When Zach announced that he was headed to the hospital, Scott suddenly appeared in the doorway to block Zach's path.

Zach argued that Adam was the reason that Stuart had died. Scott disputed Zach's claim; according to Scott, everyone in the room had killed Stuart because they had all been at the mansion, with the intention to kill Adam, on that fateful evening. Zach insisted that Kendall was innocent, but Scott disagreed. Scott claimed that Kendall had dropped the loaded gun that had been used to kill Stuart. As far as Scott was concerned, Kendall had received exactly what she had deserved.

Scott warned Zach that if he went anywhere near the hospital, Scott would have Zach and his friends arrested. After Scott stormed out, Zach, Ryan, and Erica discussed their theory that Adam had killed Stuart. Liza was stunned by the news. Ryan decided to collect Emma and then leave. Zach was close behind them.

Colby, JR, and Marissa arrived at the hospital moments behind Adam. As they approached Adam's room, Annie barred their entrance. Annie reminded Adam's children that she was Adam's wife and therefore they had to go through her to get to Adam. Colby was livid; she continued to berate Annie, claiming that she was nothing to the Chandlers. JR threatened to hire a lawyer to challenge the validity of Annie and Adam's marriage. Annie insisted that she was trying to protect Adam.

Colby argued that Annie had failed in her quest because Adam was in the hospital. Fed up, Annie revealed that had been protecting Adam since the night of Stuart's murder. Marissa found the comment curious. It didn't take Marissa long to figure out what Annie had meant. Marissa voiced her suspicions. She accused Annie of marrying Adam in an effort to keep from having to testify against him about Stuart's murder. Colby and JR appeared stunned, especially when Annie didn't deny it.

David reviewed Adam's test results with a sense of awe. David revealed that the heart attack that Adam had suffered should have been fatal. To David, it was proof that Adam was too mean to die. David stepped into the hallway to let Annie know that Adam would make a full recovery. Annie was relieved. She rushed into the room to see Adam. Adam referred to Annie as his guardian angel; he admitted that he was happy that he had Annie and the baby in his life.

Annie asked Adam to "kiss the bride" and then she advised him to rest. Annie left the room to find Scott waiting for her. As they talked about Adam, Scott discovered that he had Annie's wedding ring in his pocket. He pulled it out and then asked Annie's permission to put it on her finger. Annie agreed. Annie and Scott stared deep into each other's eyes as Scott slid the ring into place.

Marissa felt terrible for suggesting that Adam had killed Stuart. JR assured his bride that she had simply opened his eyes to a possibility that he should have considered sooner. JR confessed that he saw similarities between him and his father; they were both weak. JR admitted that he had been tempted to drink recently, but that Tad had knocked the drink out of JR's hand before he could take a sip. Marissa insisted that JR was stronger than he gave himself credit for.

Colby arrived at the Chandler mansion where Liza was waiting. Liza immediately sensed that her daughter was upset. Colby confided that Adam had been accused of killing Stuart. To Colby's horror, Liza confirmed that the rumor appeared to be true. Liza was momentarily distracted when her phone rang. It was Bailey. Liza explained that she would have to call the girl back and then ended the call.

Colby didn't think it had been necessary for Liza to cut-off Bailey for her sake. Liza disagreed; she regretted that she had neglected Colby in recent months. Colby was moved by her mother's confession; she admitted that she needed to lean on her mother.

At ConFusion, Erica realized that Ryan remained troubled by Annie's claim that Ryan had been willing to put Adam's life at risk, in order to get to Annie. Erica claimed that the accusation had been nonsense and that Ryan shouldn't put any stock in what Annie had said. Erica then confessed that she needed Ryan's support. Ryan sat down next to Erica and then wrapped his arms around her.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

On the porch at Wildwind with Jake, Amanda recounted her nightmare, in which David had been forcing her to undergo artificial insemination attempts for twenty years. David eavesdropped at the door as Amanda worried that the dream could become reality. Jake assured Amanda that the insemination would happen without incident, and he left for work.

When Amanda went inside, David announced that he wanted to remodel Wildwind into a real home for their children. He asked Amanda to head the project, and offered her an unlimited budget to complete it. Amanda reasoned that the project would take longer than the nine-month period that Amanda intended to live there. David countered that the insemination could take some time to work, which would mean that she'd be there for a while.

Amanda insisted that she'd get pregnant immediately. David claimed that he wanted that, but he'd thought that redecorating would give her something to focus on throughout the pregnancy. Amanda said she'd rather redecorate her home with Jake. David left for the hospital, stating that he didn't always have devious motives.

At the hospital, Angie snapped at Jake. She quickly apologized, and he wondered if the pressure from her new job was really worth it. "I did this for my family. And to be honest, I did it for you, too," Angie replied. She confided that David had threatened to implicate Jake in the tampering of Adam's pills. Angie worried that she'd sunk to David's level by blackmailing him out of his position. Jake said she'd be a terrific chief of staff, and David would be too preoccupied over the next nine months to cause Angie problems.

Elsewhere in the building, David and the fertility doctor discussed Amanda's impatience with the process. The doctor relayed that she'd informed Amanda of the possibly long road ahead. David said that getting Amanda pregnant was his first priority; however, it was important that everyone understood that things might not go as planned.

After David parted with the doctor, he saw Jake in the corridor. Jake figured that David sought to prolong the insemination process, so that he could work his "black, Satan magic." David reasoned that Jake had nothing to fear since true love was supposed to trump "black Satan magic." Jake insisted that David intended to make everyone miserable, including Angie. Jake accused David of looking to terrorize Angie out of her new position as chief of staff. David responded that Angie would implode entirely by herself.

Damon showed up at Liza's place, insistent upon seeing Bailey and his son. Bailey entered as Liza said that Bailey was Liza's guest, and Stuart was Liza's son. Damon was angry that Bailey's parents, not Bailey, had told him that Stuart was his son. Bailey accused Damon of attempting to "cash in" on the baby. Stuart cried, and Bailey took him for a diaper change.

Liza asked Damon if he wanted money, as Bailey had suspected. Damon sensed that Bailey didn't like Liza calling herself Stuart's mother. He offered to remove Bailey from the picture by feigning an interest in her. "The kid or me kind of deal," he said. Liza stated that Bailey and she were in it together, and Liza did not intend to sell Bailey out.

Bailey returned to discover that Liza had kicked Damon out. Liza said that Damon wasn't interested in being a father, and he hadn't even looked at Stuart during the visit. A disturbed Bailey wondered why Liza had told Damon that Bailey was just a guest. Liza claimed that Damon needed to realize that there was nothing for him there.

Bailey left to get Stuart ready for a doctor's appointment, and Amanda arrived, asking to see the nine-month time stipulation in David's contract. Liza replied that the contract contained no timeline. Instead, Amanda was contractually bound to live with David until she produced a child, no matter how long it took. Liza stated that she'd tried artificial insemination for years before she'd finally adopted.

Amanda antagonized over how Jake and she could survive if the procedure wore on for years. Liza encouraged Amanda to hold onto her love for Jake. Amanda asked what she would do if love weren't enough. "Then you have me," Liza sternly replied. Liza said that she'd signed onto the deal to protect Amanda's interests, and Liza had an idea of how to do just that.

When Bailey, Liza, and Amanda arrived at the hospital early for Stuart's checkup, Liza strode off, saying that she needed to check on something. Damon approached, and noted that Stuart had Bailey's smile. Bailey insisted that Damon leave before Liza returned. Damon warned Bailey to watch out for Liza, who was only interested in keeping their baby. "Our baby," he said, sighing. Damon told Bailey to watch her back, and left.

Liza sought out David, and accused him of intending to prey upon Amanda's fears about the insemination timeline. Liza figured that the harder the insemination process was on Jake and Amanda, the more vulnerable they'd be to David's destruction. Liza intended to stop David by renegotiating the contract to include a timeline. David considered it a great idea, because he wanted to amend the custody arrangement and restrict Jake's access to the children. Liza called David a son of a bitch, and he replied that no truer words had ever been spoken.

Amanda returned to Wildwind to find paint swatches on the table and a note from David, saying, "Just in case you change your mind." Jake arrived, and Amanda ranted about David's redecorating idea and her living arrangements. As Jake and Amanda cuddled on the sofa, Jake said that David just wanted to possess Amanda, because he didn't know what love was. Jake reasoned that if they believed in what they had, they'd win.

Randi and Frankie lay in bed, sharing a glass of champagne. Frankie wondered if Randi were disappointed that they hadn't honeymooned in Hawaii. She felt that a week alone with him, hiding away in the casino, had been just fine with her. Frankie noted that they were due to return home that day. He kissed her, intending to make love one more time before they left.

Later, Frankie went to shower, and Randi turned on his cell phone. She saw a text message from an unknown person, saying, "I need to see you." When Frankie returned, Randi showed him the message. He text messaged back, asking who the person was.

As Angie worked at ConFusion, Jesse invited her to Natalia's welcome home party for Frankie and Randi. Angie wasn't in the partying mood, and she didn't want to deal with Jesse, either. She abruptly left, saying that she needed to get back to work.

At Randi and Frankie's place, an anonymous woman wearing black hid in a closet as Natalia and Brot entered to decorate for a welcome home party. Natalia accused Brot of holding out on her about his possible early graduation from the academy. He said it wasn't a big deal, and he hadn't want her to get angry if he'd mentioned it. She retorted that she was angry, because he thought she'd be so petty. Brot smiled, saying that she was hot.

Jesse entered, and said Angie couldn't make it, because of her new job. Natalia disbelieved that Angie would miss Frankie's party. Jesse admitted that Angie and he were on the outs. As they set up for the party, Natalia left to get beer from the car. Jesse asked if Brot knew who had opened the back window. Brot assumed that Natalia must have done it.

In the hallway, Natalia sneaked a call to Angie to ask her to join the party. Angie claimed that she was swamped with work. "It's Dad, isn't it?" Natalia knowingly said. Natalia claimed that Jesse had decided not to attend the party, because he didn't want Angie to miss it due to their argument. Angie said that she might stop by for a little while.

Brot left to see what was keeping Natalia, and Jesse heard a cell phone beep. Just as he was about to open the closet door, Brot and Natalia entered with the beer. Brot asked Jesse why he looked unsettled. Jesse said that he'd heard a noise, but he concluded that it must have been the neighbors. In the closet, the unknown woman closed her cell phone.

Just then, Angie entered, hoping that she wasn't too late for the party. She was shocked to see Jesse there, and accused Natalia of lying to her. Natalia said she'd just wanted the family to be together. Jesse told everyone that he deserved his fate for keeping secrets. As Angie and Jesse bickered over who'd stay and who'd go, Randi and Frankie strode in, laughing.

Randi thanked everyone for the surprise party. When Jesse asked about Hawaii, Frankie said that they'd had a change in plan, but they'd still enjoyed themselves. Angie decided that everyone should leave, but Frankie wanted to know what was going on with his parents. Jesse agreed with Angie that they should leave.

After Natalia and Brot left, Natalia stated that Jesse was right in saying that keeping secrets could destroy a relationship. Randi walked Jesse and Angie outside. When Frankie went to the closet to hang his garment bag, he was stunned to find Madison hiding inside.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

When Frankie saw Madison in his closet, he said that she should be dead. Madison replied that her "death" had been her father's way of protecting his family's reputation. Randi entered, and gasped. Despite Madison's pleas, Randi called Jesse, and tied Madison to a chair. Madison explained that her father had given her a new life, but she couldn't live with her crime. She wanted to turn herself in, but didn't know how to do it without implicating the Hubbards.

Jesse entered the apartment, shocked to see Madison. He wondered why she couldn't have just remained dead. Madison replied that she wanted to do the right thing without implicating Randi or Jesse. Randi mistrusted Madison's motives, but Madison felt that she'd shown her intentions by handing Frankie the safe deposit box key. She said that they should be worrying about her father, not her.

Jesse decided to take Madison downtown, and to assume the blame for the-cover up. Madison insisted that Jesse find a way to protect himself and Randi. Jesse said that he'd book Madison under an assumed name until he figured out what to do. Jesse called the police station to arrange Madison a "Jane Doe booking" in a solitary cell. He worried that Madison was playing them, but Madison appealed to Frankie, who'd seen her sincerity before. Randi retorted that Frankie tried to see the good in everyone. Jesse handcuffed Madison, and led her out.

Randi told Frankie that he really was a good person, and that was why he wanted to believe Madison. Frankie said he'd almost killed Madison, and he did believe her. "I don't believe a damn word that comes out of that bitch's mouth," Randi seethed.

Suddenly, they heard a thud. They rushed into the hallway, where Jesse rolled on the ground, reeling in pain. Jesse said that two men had jumped him and grabbed Madison.

At the new hideout, Aidan entered with food, but Kat said that his "lady friend" had already raided the kitchen. When Kat commented that a newspaper article had upset Kendall, Aidan raced upstairs to find Kendall reading about the Chandler wedding. Kendall was sure that everything was over, because Zach would never get Adam to turn on his wife.

Kendall panicked that her life was over, but Aidan assured her that she'd get through it. Kendall said she didn't know what she'd do if she didn't have him. Placing her hand on his chest, she apologized, and said she was turning herself in.

"Are you joking with me right now?" Aidan raged. He admonished her losing her courage, and told her that she wouldn't dare give up after all he'd done to help her. Aidan insisted that she'd see things through to the end. Kendall reasoned that he could start over, but she couldn't. Kendall asked for time alone, and Aidan left upset.

Downstairs, Kat sensed Aidan's troubled demeanor. She recalled that Aidan had helped her through a bad time in her life. Aidan replied that he'd owed it to Justin. Kat said she'd fallen in love with Aidan, but he stated that he hadn't meant for it to happen. Kat felt that she wouldn't be a good friend if she didn't help him to see that it wouldn't work out for him and Kendall.

Kat insisted that Kendall was in love with her husband, but Aidan reasoned that Zach wasn't there. Aidan had tired of being second to Ryan and Zach, and vowed not to lose again. Despite having other loves, Aidan had never gotten over Kendall. Kendall was with him again, and he refused to let her go.

Upstairs, Kendall instant messaged Zach to say that she was returning home. Zach warned that her return would jeopardize their plans to prove that Adam, not Annie, had killed Stuart. Kendall wrote that Aidan had forbade her to leave. Zach asked her to listen to Aidan. As Zach filled Kendall in on her sons, she heard Aidan returning, and logged off the computer.

When Aidan entered, she apologized, and hugged him. She said she'd forgotten how much she could count on him. Aidan replied that it would never change.

As Annie and Scott wheeled Adam into the mansion, Scott said that Adam needed to rest after his heart attack. Adam hopped out of the wheelchair, assuring them that he wouldn't be running any marathons. Scott went to get Adam some tea. Annie opened the parlor doors, kissed Adam, and said they were alone at last. "Alone? Not quite," JR said from inside the parlor.

JR wondered what would happen to the Chandler stock once shareholders learned that Adam had married Annie without a prenuptial agreement. JR couldn't understand how any man could kill his brother and then gaily move on with a new wife and baby. When Adam didn't deny it, JR guessed that it really was true; Adam actually had killed Stuart.

Scott entered, warning JR to ease up on the recuperating Adam. JR offered to help if Annie were blackmailing Adam. Adam retorted that JR had shown his reliability, and Adam knew whom he could trust. Adam said he'd begun a new generation of Chandlers, and he hoped to have a new son soon. "God help him when he finds out who his father really is," JR retorted.

As JR left, Scott stopped him at the door. Scott said he was family, and wanted to help. JR stated that Scott wasn't a Chandler; he was the adopted son of the one man that JR had truly cared about. "But, hey, I'm not a Chandler anymore. No, not anymore," JR concluded, and left.

Zach, Erica, and Ryan met to strategize their next move. They couldn't figure out why Adam had gone through with the wedding after discovering that he'd killed his own brother. They figured that JR might side with them, because he'd greatly loved Stuart. Zach assumed that JR would want justice; however, Ryan worried that JR prided family, and he'd protect Little Adam at any cost. Erica reasoned that JR was still their best shot.

Eric, Zach, and Ryan found JR at ConFusion, and asked for his help. "Desperation times three," JR commented. Zach said that JR knew that Adam had killed Stuart. JR claimed not to know what Zach was talking about, and refused to collaborate with them. JR stated that his uncle was dead, and pinning it on Adam wouldn't make Stuart return.

Erica implored JR to do it for Kendall. Ryan urged JR not to let Annie win. JR said he'd made peace with Kendall, and Annie already had won. Upon leaving, JR stated that Annie was probably decorating the nursery as they spoke. "Oh, my God, Annie's pregnant," Ryan gasped.

Erica thought that Adam's actions suddenly made sense. Ryan figured that they wouldn't get anywhere with JR. Zach left to figure out another plan. Erica hopelessly said that the baby had stopped Adam in his tracks. "If there is a baby," Ryan replied.

JR went home, and sat in the dark until Marissa arrived. She wondered if something had happened. A sullen JR said that he was free. All his life, he'd wanted acceptance from his father, but not anymore. "It's Independence Day," he uttered, citing that Adam was no longer his father.

JR said that Marissa had given him the strength to walk away. He realized that Adam had treated his mother and him like hell. JR vowed never to treat Marissa or Little Adam that way. JR played music, and asked Marissa to dance with him as if it were New Year's Eve. Little Adam entered. JR took the boy into his arms, and the three danced together.

Back at the mansion, Scott found Adam and Annie kissing on the sofa. Scott said that a company board member was on the phone, concerned about Adam's health. Adam left to handle the call, and Scott berated Annie for making out with a recuperating Adam. Annie insisted that she needed to get pregnant. "Get pregnant some other time. Don't risk his life," Scott told her. Scott received a call, and said he'd be right back.

Adam returned to the room, and Annie coquettishly said that Adam looked strong enough to run a marathon. Adam said that he was really tired. Annie suggested that they go to bed together, but Adam said he needed to sleep. Adam left, and a disappointed Annie poured herself a drink. She roamed onto the terrace, where she heard Ryan say, "Bottoms up!"

Ryan wondered why she was drinking while pregnant. Annie claimed that it was soda, but tossed the contents of her glass into a plant, because she didn't need the caffeine. Ryan wondered how Annie had gotten pregnant. Annie attempted to explain the fundamentals of sex, but Ryan interrupted, saying that Annie couldn't get pregnant. He asserted that either it was an immaculate conception, or she was faking the whole thing. Annie called him absurd.

Ryan figured that Annie must have been too dazed after her miscarriage to hear the doctor say that it'd be a miracle if she ever conceived again. "You're lying," a stunned Annie uttered. She quickly laughed, saying the doctor had been mistaken. Ryan had arrived to tell Adam, but figured Adam would take the news better from Annie. Ryan wished Annie luck, and left.

Erica arrived at the Chandler Estate to congratulate Adam on the baby. She wondered if the pregnancy had been planned. "That has to be the most damned, 'It's none of your business,' remark I've ever heard," Adam retorted, chuckling. Erica thought Adam had more smarts than to marry a gold digger and get her pregnant. She continued, saying that she thought he'd express more genuine emotion about how Stuart had really died.

Erica reminisced about Stuart and his funeral. She reminded Adam that he'd said he'd lost the best part of himself; however the expectant baby seemed to have pushed aside Adam's grief. She said that Stuart would surely be happy for Adam. After Erica left, Adam sobbed.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

At the ConFusion bar, David caught Liza and Tad sneaking out to avoid him. David and Tad bickered with each other about the arrangement in which David had ensnared Amanda. David said Tad should feel lucky that he hadn't been arrested for his part in the Trevor cover-up.

At home, Amanda implored Jake to make love to her. Jake reminded her that they were under contract to remain abstinent. He insisted that they meet David for the insemination appointment, because missing it would add another month to her stint at Wildwind. Jake said that after the baby was born, they'd figure out how to rid themselves of David forever.

Later, Jake and Amanda were late meeting David at the bar. When an impatient David stated that he'd chosen an out-of-town clinic for the insemination, Amanda said that wasn't part of the contract. David bid her to talk to Liza, but warned that missing the appointment would delay them another month. Insisting that the procedure needed to happen that day, Amanda left with David.

In the car on a dark road, Amanda complained that David had taken an obscure route to the clinic. As they bickered, Amanda asked how much longer the drive would take. The car crawled to a stop, and David surmised that it had run out of gas. He faked a call to a towing company, and pretended that the company said that a truck wouldn't arrive until morning.

Amanda raged that David had done it on purpose to delay the insemination. David defended that he'd simply forgotten to put gas in the car. He reckoned that they'd reschedule the appointment for next month. "No! It's now or never!" a sobbing Amanda yelled.

David said that waiting another month wouldn't hurt anything, considering that they'd conceived Trevor quickly. Amanda reasoned that an insemination was different from a drunken night of sex. David grinned, replying that it had worked. "You're not suggesting that we...?" Amanda disdainfully asked. David glanced at her, innocently replying, "I thought you were."

At JR's place, a stunned Colby sat down when JR said that Annie was expecting a baby. Colby proposed that they save Adam from their "evil stepmother," but JR had written Adam off as a lost cause. JR explained that Adam had started a new family with Annie, and he didn't care about JR and Colby anymore. Colby persisted that the real Adam still resided within Adam. JR didn't know who Adam had become, but Colby said she needed to see it for herself.

At the mansion, Annie told Scott that Ryan had ambushed her with the bombshell that she couldn't conceive. She worried that she had to tell Adam before Ryan did. Adam entered, wondering what she needed to tell him.

Annie stammered, so Scott intervened, saying Annie feared that, because of the new baby, Adam no longer wanted custody of Emma. Adam insisted that Emma's loyalty to him had made her family. To prove it, Adam left to get his lawyer to petition for full custody of the child.

Annie wondered why Scott hadn't told Adam the truth, and Scott wondered why Ryan hadn't done it, either. Scott suspected that Ryan was bluffing about Annie's condition to trick her into telling Adam the truth. Annie realized that she was "a walking lie." She asked Scott to help her fix it, and he asked how he could help. "Throw me down the stairs," Annie instructed.

On the staircase, Scott reasoned that Annie didn't have to actually fall, but Annie insisted upon making it look real. Scott worried that he'd be blamed for the "miscarriage." Annie said she'd made it too far to fail, and she had to realistically lose the fake baby. "Then double over and fake a few cramps, because there's no way I'm pushing you down the stairs!" Scott responded.

In the study, Adam instructed Barry to go after full custody of the child. Colby overheard Adam's call, and assumed that he was seeking full custody of Annie's unborn child before giving Annie the boot. Adam replied that he was suing for custody of Emma, so that Annie and he could raise their children under one roof. Colby resentfully wondered where she'd fit in.

Adam sat Colby down to explain that she'd always be family. Colby wondered if moving on eased his guilt about killing Stuart. Adam replied that it was a horrible mistake. "Just like Annie having your baby," Colby retorted. Just then, they heard Annie shriek.

"Annie, no!" Scott grimaced upon finding her at the bottom of the staircase. Colby and Adam rushed over, and Annie murmured that she'd fallen. Adam worried about the baby, and wanted to take Annie to the hospital. Annie insisted that the doctor would just send her home to rest. Adam fretted over Annie and the baby, and Scott carried Annie upstairs to rest.

Colby assured a worried Adam that Annie wouldn't stay down for long. Colby left in a huff, claiming that she no longer cared, because Adam obviously wanted Annie to trash his life.

Later, Scott found Adam in the parlor alone. "All my children hate me," Adam brooded. Scott reasoned that Colby was spreading her wings into adulthood, but Adam said that Colby and JR believed that Annie had put a spell on their father. Adam admitted that Annie had bewitched him with her love, and he wondered if Scott had been bewitched, as well. Just then, Annie staggered in, worried that she'd lost the baby.

Scared for Kendall, Erica told Ryan that she couldn't wait for a deranged Annie to get around to telling Adam the truth. Erica decided that she'd reveal that Adam was protecting an imaginary baby. Ryan reasoned that Adam would consider it a trick if Erica delivered the news. Ryan asked Erica to be patient, because he suspected that Annie would make a drastic, false move to protect herself. Erica hated always being careful. She stormed out, ranting about leaving her daughter's fate in Annie's hands once again.

Later, Ryan approached Jake at ConFusion to enlist his help exposing Annie's fake pregnancy. Ryan was certain that Annie would wind up in the hospital, faking a miscarriage. Jake said it would be easy to prove it, if Annie weren't pregnant; however, Jake insisted that Adam be at the hospital, so that Jake wouldn't break doctor-patient confidentiality laws by telling him separately from Annie.

Later that evening, Erica and Ryan met at the hospital. Ryan said he'd figured out what Annie's desperate move would be. He revealed that, in anticipation of Annie faking a miscarriage, he'd put Jake on standby to catch her in her lie.

Erica apologized for being impulsive earlier. Ryan considered that they really had been too careful, specifically regarding their relationship. He reasoned that they'd have plenty of time on their hands once they exonerated Kendall, and he planned to spend that time with Erica.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Jake called the West Valley clinic to check on Amanda, but the nurse on the line wouldn't break confidentiality rules. Jake stated that he was Amanda's husband and a doctor. The nurse retorted that being a doctor meant that Jake understood the rules.

Jake found Erica and Ryan in the waiting area to say he was on patrol in case Annie was admitted. Just then, a nurse arrived to say that paramedics had gone to pick up Annie Chandler.

Back at ConFusion, Tad and Liza took a table, and Tad berated Liza for letting David corner Amanda in the baby deal. Liza said it was the only way that David would give Amanda joint custody of Trevor. Liza assured Tad that if David broke the ironclad contract, he'd lose both children. Tad accused Liza of working to make David's dreams become true.

As Liza and Tad debated, JR approached to enlist Liza's help in declaring Adam legally insane. Liza said that being stupid and crazy weren't the same thing. Tad thought that tossing Adam into a rubber room was an extreme way to protect him. JR was concerned about protecting people from Adam. "He killed Uncle Stuart," JR revealed.

Tad scoffed at the idea, but Liza and JR confirmed that others were putting the pieces together. Tad thought it made no sense for Adam to kill Stuart, but JR retorted that nothing Adam did made sense. JR insisted that Adam was dangerous, and JR said he'd be damned if Annie and Adam would run their business into the ground. JR worried about Little Adam and Colby the most. Liza vowed to take care of Colby, and strongly advised JR to let it go.

Liza left the table, and JR insisted to Tad that someone had to protect Little Adam's legacy. Tad replied that JR could make a fresh start with Marissa and Little Adam. Tad said that JR had begun recovering once he'd broken free of Adam's grasp. Tad warned that chasing after Adam would hurtle JR toward the very thing that had made him sick.

Colby arrived at ConFusion, livid about their father. JR said he'd wanted to have Adam committed, but he'd realized that they just needed to let it go. JR and Liza promised to be there for Colby. A tearful Colby hugged Liza.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Amanda thought that David wanted to try to conceive their second baby the old-fashioned way. In turn, David thought that the suggestion had been Amanda's. Amanda quickly rejected the idea, and David insisted that she'd misread his intentions. David said that while Amanda might hate the night that they conceived Trevor, she would never regret it. Meanwhile, Jake tried to call Amanda again, to no avail.

David took Amanda back to the night that Trevor was conceived, but they had drastically different recall. David first asked if Amanda would always look for David's ulterior motive, and then asked if she knew of Jake's real agenda. Amanda decried David's attack on her marriage and said that she didn't have to be on the defensive.

David told Amanda that he didn't want her in his house any longer than she had to be, because he didn't want their children to see Amanda miserable. He told her that the sooner she gave him another child, the better, because Amanda could go back to living happily in the Martin house. Amanda then decided to take a walk to clear her head.

Amanda returned from her walk, just as frustrated as when she left. David tried to be comforting and said he understood her frustration. Amanda cried and repeated that she just wanted to conceive so that she could get back to Jake. David asked again if she wanted to try the old-fashioned way. Amanda resisted out of loyalty to her husband, but David said Jake would never have to know.

Amanda said that she would always know that she'd betrayed Jake, but David said that she shouldn't look at the situation that way. David told her that the conception would be out of necessity, not carnal lust. He continued to rationalize it until Amanda was about to agree. Amanda demanded that David swear on their son's life that Jake would not find out about the indiscretion, and David did as asked.

Amanda tearfully agreed to the conception attempt so that she could get back to her life more quickly. David made some comments that were hard to take, so Amanda told David that he needed to be quick, and that he couldn't look at her during the attempt.

Aidan softly brushed Kendall's hair as she slept. As she awoke, Kendall seemed confused by Aidan's proximity. She got up and launched into a series of tidbits about her husband. Aidan realized what he'd done and apologized. He told her that he'd been concerned about her lack of eating and sleeping. Kendall insisted that she would be okay -- as soon as Zach got in touch with her via the chat board.

Aidan went downstairs and was pleased to find out that Kat had been able to intercept all messages between Zach and Kendall. Kat then checked in to see if Aidan still wanted Kendall, despite how devoted Kendall was to Zach. When Aidan said he did, Kat tried to explain that the best way to make Kendall fall out of love was through jealousy. She asked who Kendall would least want Zach spending time with, and when Aidan offered up Liza's name, Kat prepared to get to work.

Aidan gave Kat details about the tryst between Zach and Liza and said that although it happened while Zach and Kendall were divorced, it was still a sore spot. Kat asked if Liza was still around, and was almost gleeful when Aidan revealed that Liza was Kendall's lawyer. Armed with everything she needed, Kat wrote a message that was guaranteed to spark Kendall's jealousy.

Kendall threatened to throw the laptop out of the window if she didn't get a message from Zach. As if it heard and understood, the computer displayed a message from "Zach. " As Kendall read through it, she became more and more upset that Zach and Liza had spent the night together, albeit as friends. Aidan showed up with a bottle of wine and two glasses, took one look at Kendall, and asked what had happened.

Kendall shared the message she received from "Zach," and went on a rampage about how horrible Liza was and all of the bad things that could happen while she and Zach were separated. Aidan encouraged her to push those thoughts aside before they drove her crazy. Kendall asked for a few moments alone, and Aidan granted her request.

Aidan went downstairs and Kat offered to play a game of cards to pass the time. Aidan wondered what they were waiting for, and Kat promised that he would know it when he heard it. Upstairs, Kendall read the message from "Zach" again, and then closed the laptop in frustration. She swore that she was done with Liza and Zach and went to lie down. She immediately dreamed of an ultra-romantic get-together which ended with Liza and Zach in a liplock. Kendall awoke with a start and rejected that image.

She got up, read the message a few more times, and then flashed back to her dream. Enraged, she threw her glass against the door. On the other side of the door, Aidan was pleased at the sound, as he knew the messages had finally eaten through Kendall's calm exterior.

Zach stormed into ConFusion and when he spotted Liza and JR, he made a beeline for their table. Zach insisted that JR leave with him, but JR acted as if he didn't know why. Zach noted that JR needed to go to the district attorney's office and relate the story of how Adam killed Stuart.

JR noted that he couldn't tell the DA anything because he hadn't seen Adam pull the trigger. Zach was unfazed and said that JR needed to do the right thing. JR said that if he threw his father under the bus without first-hand knowledge, he would be no better than Adam. Zach told JR that nothing mattered except getting Adam to confess.

Zach decided to try to rough JR up a bit, and thought that would make the young man change his mind. The bartender tried to step in, but Liza loudly insisted that everything was okay. JR wrested himself from Zach's grasp and made it clear that he would not do Zach's bidding. JR walked away, and Zach started to take his frustration out on Liza. She refused to entertain Zach's drama and managed to ignore him until Zach claimed that Liza was back on the Chandler payroll.

Zach started to leave the club, but Liza wouldn't let him. She demanded that Zach sit down for a few moments so that they could talk strategy. Zach grudgingly did as asked. Almost immediately, Zach realized that he needed to apologize for his insinuation that Liza was a traitor. Liza said that she understood his frustration and desire to give a mother back to her boys. Zach agreed and then said that he also needed his wife.

Annie walked slumped over into the Chandler living room and told Adam and Scott that she thought she had lost the baby. Adam called emergency services and Scott helped Annie to the couch. While Adam was on the phone, Scott asked Annie how she planned to pull off a miscarriage. Scott pointed out that faking one wouldn't be easy, but Annie felt that she could improvise.

Erica and Ryan were with Jake at the hospital when the call was received about an emergency at the Chandler house. Jake instructed the nurse to prep the room and when she left, Erica was amazed that Ryan had so precisely predicted Annie's moves. Jake said that if Annie were lying, they would find out.

Jake stepped away, and Erica prematurely started to celebrate Kendall's homecoming. Ryan tried to temper Erica's joy, and pointed out that they still needed Adam to confess. Erica knew that Ryan was right, but admitted that she couldn't help being happy that Kendall would get to see her sons grow up. Erica then asked if they needed to update Zach, so that Zach wouldn't get into any unnecessary trouble. Ryan told her that given recent history, they wouldn't be able to keep Zach out of hot water.

Adam ended his call, and Annie was immediately apologetic. Adam told her that the only thing they needed to be concerned about was Annie's health. He told her that he called an ambulance, and Annie was alarmed. She told her new husband that she didn't need to go to the hospital. Despite her protests, Adam told Annie that he would feel more comfortable if she was checked out by medical professionals. They heard the sirens, and Annie's agitation increased. Scott belatedly told Adam that he should listen to Annie, but it was too little, too late. Adam instructed Scott to let the paramedics in, and, helpless, Scott did as his uncle asked.

Adam and Annie arrived at the hospital, and after a nurse got Annie settled into a bed, the nurse took Adam away to tend to paperwork. Scott took the opportunity to consult with Annie. He told her that he would figure out a way to keep Adam out of the room when the doctor examined her. By doing so, Scott told her that the doctor would be bound by confidentiality and wouldn't be able to tell Adam that Annie had never been pregnant. Grateful, Annie told Scott that they were more than family and that she didn't know what she would have done without his help.

Erica found Adam in the waiting room and feigned concern for Annie. Adam didn't fall for it, and attempted to dismiss Erica. Scott showed up and once he saw Erica, he told Adam to leave and spend time with Annie. With Adam gone, Erica attempted to use her act on Scott, but Scott was no more a fool than Adam.

Scott asked what Erica wanted, and Erica very clearly stated that she wanted the charges against Kendall dropped. Scott started to walk away, but Erica stopped him in his tracks with her note of surprise that Scott turned out to be more like Adam than Stuart. Scott told Erica not to mention his father, but Erica said that there was no way to do that while discussing what Adam did. Scott tried to explain why he had banded together with Annie to protect Adam, and Erica realized that as long as Adam was around, it would seem like Stuart was, as well. Regardless, Erica drove here point home and said that no amount of pretense would reverse what had happened to Stuart.

Jake stopped into Annie's room and said that he'd gotten a rundown from the paramedics. Annie told Jake that she knew from experience that she had miscarried. Ryan marched into the room at that moment and said that Annie should let a doctor decide what had happened. Annie demanded that Ryan leave the room. Instead, Ryan asked for two minutes alone with Annie, and Jake practically bolted out of the door.

Ryan admitted that he had lied to Annie about her ability to conceive a child, and said he was surprised that she was so easily taken. Annie asked what Ryan wanted, and Ryan told her that she had done all of his work for him. Once Jake did the exam and realized there was no baby, Annie would be forced to admit her lies and she would eventually have to reveal that Adam was the real shooter.

Annie attacked Ryan for what she perceived to be Ryan's obsession with making Annie miserable. Ryan claimed that he was doing what he needed to do to protect Emma. Annie decided to air Ryan's laundry list of misdeeds against her. Despite the recount, Ryan said that Annie didn't know him at all. Ryan also said that Annie didn't have any concept of what it was like to care for someone unselfishly. Ryan told Annie that the truth would be revealed and she would have nothing. Irate, Annie launched out of bed and physically attempted to silence him. Suddenly, Annie stopped and passed out cold.

A short time later, Erica and Adam met up again, and Erica revealed that during a heart-to-heart with Scott, she had told Scott what he needed to hear. She then asked about Annie, and when Adam responded with silence, she assumed that Annie had lost the baby. Adam thought that Erica would rejoice, but Erica managed to hide her joy. Instead, she said Adam would need to brace himself for what was about to happen.

Zach told Liza that he needed to leave, but before he could get out of ConFusion, Erica found him. She was able to update him on what had happened with Annie, and said that once Adam found out that the pregnancy had been a lie, there would be nothing to stop him from confessing. Zach smiled at that note, as he realized that Kendall would be able to return home.

Adam got to Annie's room and was alarmed to find his wife on the floor with Ryan simply watching her. Adam called for help, and when Jake arrived, with Scott on his heels, Ryan maintained that Annie was acting. Jake asked Scott to help him get Annie back in bed, and then demanded that everyone leave the room. Ryan was the last one out, and Jake briefly turned to Ryan and said that Annie was really unconscious.

Jake was there when Annie woke up and told her that he was able to complete her exam. He told her what he'd found and then Jake went to the waiting room. Erica and Zach arrived just in time to find out that Annie hadn't miscarried -- she was actually still pregnant.



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