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All My Children Recaps: The week of November 16, 2009 on AMC
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Monday, November 16, 2009

In Annie's hospital room, Jake confirmed that Annie was pregnant. According to Jake, Annie was approximately four weeks into her pregnancy. While Scott and Adam celebrated the good news, Annie, Zach, Ryan, and Erica stepped into the hallway. Zach suggested that perhaps Adam wasn't the father of Annie's baby. Ryan was curious if Zach was implying that Scott and Annie were having an affair. Zach told Ryan and Erica that he had a DVD, which showed Annie and Scott "making out." Zach also revealed that the DVD contained footage of Annie and JR kissing.

Erica was disgusted; she called Annie a "lying tramp." Zach confessed that, to be fair, Annie had not been married to Adam when the DVD had been made. Zach, Ryan, and Erica decided that they had to prove to Adam that Annie was using him. They didn't think that they had to establish that Scott and Annie were having an affair; they merely had to plant the seeds of doubt. They put their plan into motion when they spotted Adam leaving Annie's room.

In Annie's hospital room, Adam confessed that he suspected that the baby was a boy. Annie was curious if part of the reason that Adam wanted a son was to replace JR. Adam explained that he hoped that a new baby brother would draw JR back into the family fold. Adam recalled the special bond that he had shared with Stuart. Adam had been disappointed that Scott and JR had never developed a similar closeness. Scott didn't want Adam to blame himself for JR and Scott's lack of a relationship.

Annie assured Adam that they would do things differently with the new baby. Adam decided to talk to Jake, so he asked Scott to remain with Annie. Ryan slipped into Annie's room moments later. Annie was livid because Ryan had scared her into believing that she couldn't have children. Ryan asked Annie if she was serious; he claimed he had simply been calling her bluff about the faked pregnancy.

Annie smugly reminded Ryan that she was pregnant and that she had an ultrasound to back it up; she was confident that it was "over" for Ryan. Ryan clarified that he would never give up; everything that Ryan had done had been in order to keep Annie away from Emma. Scott was stunned that Ryan considered Annie a threat to Emma. Before Ryan could respond, Annie revealed that she and Adam had filed for custody of Emma.

Annie promised that Ryan would lose Emma forever. Ryan smiled, but did not respond. After Ryan left, Scott and Annie absorbed the news that Annie was truly pregnant. Annie and Scott realized that they could have harmed the baby if they had gone through with Annie's plan to take a tumble down the staircase. Annie was happy that Scott had refused to help her.

Annie was thrilled that everything was "coming together." She was overjoyed that she finally had a family, which included Scott. Scott suggested that perhaps he shouldn't be part of Annie's family. Annie appeared alarmed as Scott revealed that Erica had suggested that he was using Adam as a replacement for Stuart. Scott believed that he needed to take a step back, in order to deal with his father's death. Annie begged Scott to reconsider; she claimed that she needed him.

Scott insisted that Annie was fine; she had Adam to look after her. Annie wondered who would look after Adam and the baby. She reiterated that she needed Scott to help her watch over the family.

Adam was barking orders at a nurse when Erica approached him. The nurse fled while Erica tried to calm down Adam. Erica's efforts were unsuccessful; Adam blamed Erica and her "goons" for nearly causing Annie to miscarry his baby.

Adam told Erica that if she had any shred of decency, she'd leave Annie alone for the sake of the baby. Erica wondered how Adam felt about his other children. Adam insisted that all of his children meant a great deal to him. Erica reminded Adam that his children had moved out and that they had very little contact with him. Adam believed that they would all return one day. In the meantime, Adam took comfort in the knowledge that he had Scott.

Erica was amazed that Scott had remained in Adam's home despite knowing that Adam had killed Stuart. Adam insisted that Stuart's death had been a terrible "mistake." Ryan approached as Adam assured Erica that Stuart would have wanted Adam to move on with the new baby. Ryan took the opportunity to praise Scott for being a better person than Ryan. Ryan confessed that if he'd been in Scott's shoes, he would have wanted to avenge his father by hurting Adam as deeply as he had been hurt by Adam.

After Adam left Ryan and Erica, he went to Annie's room. Adam stopped short when he saw Annie reach out to Scott as she revealed how much she needed Scott in her life.

At the boarding house, Kendall recalled the email that she believed that Zach had sent. As the words of the email drifted to her mind, Kendall's anger grew. The idea of Zach spending time with Liza prompted Kendall to throw glassware across the room. In the hallway, Aidan eavesdropped on Kendall. He smiled with satisfaction as he crept soundlessly away from the door.

Moments later, Aidan found Kat sitting in the parlor. He told her about Kendall's reaction to the email that they had sent. Kat was delighted that their plan had worked. They briefly discussed their next step and then Aidan returned to the bedroom. Kendall apologized when she saw Aidan enter the room; she explained that the shattered glass on the floor had been a result of an "accident."

Aidan asked if Kendall was okay. Kendall didn't know how to answer Aidan's question. She had been convicted of murder, she was on the run from the law, she hadn't seen her family in ages, and her husband was spending time with Liza, a woman he had once slept with, so things seemed far from okay to Kendall. She also couldn't understand why Zach had sent her an email to tell her that he had spent the evening with Liza; it seemed odd to her.

Aidan suggested that perhaps Kendall should send Zach an email to let her husband know how hurt she had been by his message. Kendall agreed. She typed it up and then read it out loud. Kendall feared that she sounded like a "lunatic," so she decided not to send it. However, Aidan persuaded her to change her mind.

The email went to Kat, not Zach. Kat reworded the message and then sent the email to Zach. Later, Aidan slipped into the parlor to express his concern that the emails wouldn't be convincing. Aidan didn't want Kendall to figure out that Zach wasn't sending the messages. Kat assured Aidan that she knew what she was doing. She was confident that Kendall would eventually turn to Aidan for comfort.

At home, Zach read the email that Kat has sent in Kendall's name. The message was filled with glowing comments about Aidan and how Kendall and Aidan were enjoying picnics together and sharing blankets. Zach's imagination ran wild as he envisioned Kendall and Aidan snuggled together in a big bed. Zach pushed the image away and then typed a response to Kendall's email. Zach revealed that Annie was pregnant and that Adam remained tight-lipped about Stuart's murder. Zach promised that they had a plan in place; he was hopeful that Adam would confess in the near future.

When Aidan received Zach's message, Aidan quickly deleted the email and then typed up a replacement to send to Kendall. Aidan's email was abrupt and a bit accusatory. After Aidan sent the message, he waited a few moments and then went to the bedroom.

Kendall was furious as she read the email that Aidan had sent minutes earlier. Aidan pretended to be concerned as he asked Kendall what was wrong. Kendall claimed that Zach was shutting down on her. The tone of Zach's email suggested that Kendall had struck a nerve by mentioning Liza. Kendall confessed that she wished her ordeal were over; she desperately wanted to go home. Aidan knelt in front of her, in order to offer her words of encouragement.

Kendall rubbed Aidan's arm while Aidan stared deeply into Kendall's eyes. To Kendall's surprise, Aidan quickly stood up, announced that he couldn't "do this," and then left the room. Kendall didn't understand what Aidan was talking about. A short time later, Kendall found Aidan in the parlor.

Aidan admitted that the boarding house reminded him of the time when Zach and Greenlee had been trapped in the mineshaft. Aidan explained that he feared things were getting complicated between him and Kendall. Kendall tried to reassure Aidan that everything would be fine, but Aidan remained troubled. Eventually, Kendall realized that Aidan feared that they might end up having sex with each other again.

Zach left Jesse an urgent voicemail message; Zach feared that Kendall was in trouble.

Amanda seemed resigned to sleep with David. Tears filled her eyes as she got in the backseat of David's car and then waited for him to join her. Amanda's emotional state remained fragile after David and Amanda had sex. When they returned to the front seat of the car, Amanda demanded that they leave immediately. David reminded Amanda that they had to wait for the tow truck to arrive. Amanda felt sick.

Amanda's guilt, over sleeping with David, was compounded when Jake called David looking for Amanda. Amanda held back her tears as she took the phone from David. Jake assumed that Amanda and David were at the clinic. When he offered to pick up Amanda, she quickly explained that she and David were about to leave. After Amanda ended the call, David assured her that Jake didn't suspect anything.

Amanda wasn't comforted by David's words. As she looked away from David, Amanda dissolved into tears. She wondered how she would ever be able to look Jake in the eyes again. David promised Amanda that Jake would never know what had happened unless she decided to tell him . David assured Amanda that once she held their new baby, Amanda would realize that it had been worth it.

When David and Amanda arrived at Wildwind, they found Jake waiting. Jake immediately sensed that Amanda was upset. David tried to cover for Amanda, but she didn't appear to appreciate his efforts. To everyone's surprise, David apologized to Jake. David promised that it had never been about Amanda. According to David, he had hoped to create a new life for himself in the most expedient manner possible. Jake had no idea how to respond to the confession, so he opted not to say anything.

After David left the room, Jake asked Amanda what had happened at the clinic. Amanda pretended that she had misunderstood the question; she claimed that she didn't want to discuss the procedure. Jake clarified that he wasn't asking about the artificial insemination. According to Jake, Amanda and David were "acting weird." Amanda explained that it had been a weird day; she had made a baby with a man that she didn't like.

Amanda didn't want to answer any more questions, but Jake was curious why David had suddenly apologized to him. Amanda suggested that it was because David felt as if he had won. Jake pointed out that if David had won then David would have Amanda. After Jake left, Amanda began weeping.

David entered the foyer, holding Trevor in his arms. Amanda wondered how she could betray Jake as she had. David handed Trevor to Amanda as he told her "You're doing it for your son."

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ryan arrived at the mansion, and ripped up Emma's custody petition. Adam asked Scott to pick up Annie from the hospital, while Adam dealt with Ryan's "hissy fit." Adam theorized that a judge would side against Ryan, allowing Adam and Annie to raise Emma and the baby in a loving home. Ryan handed Adam a DVD, remarking that Annie had a lot of love to give.

Ryan and Adam reviewed footage of Scott pulling Annie into his arms after a swim in the pool. Adam figured that the video was ancient, because he hadn't run the security camera in months. Adam insisted that Scott hadn't fathered Annie's baby, but Ryan wondered why Scott continued living in the mansion. Ryan suggested that Adam watch the tape again to see how good people were at deception.

At the hospital, Annie insisted upon being released, but she refused to allow Jake to examine her for checkout, because he'd conspired with Ryan. David entered, warning her to calm down for the baby's sake. In the hallway after David had performed the exam, David suggested that Jake shouldn't be treating patients in light of Annie's accusation. Jake found the comment funny, considering that David had drugged Adam twice.

David suggested that Jake get over his bitterness about Amanda and David before the baby arrived. Jake retorted that there was nothing between Amanda and David, except a lab procedure. In his mind, David recalled what had happened with Amanda in the car. To Jake, David agreed that the procedure had been purely clinical. Jake figured that after the baby was born, David wouldn't have any hold over Amanda or Jake. Jake found it pathetic that David thought he'd get more from the deal. David sarcastically applauded as Jake walked off.

Later, Ryan found Jake at the nurse's station, and requested a paternity test on Annie's baby. Ryan noted that Annie had been surprised by her pregnancy, and he wanted to expose her in order to protect Emma. Jake said that they had to wait 14 weeks to do an amniocentesis because performing tests sooner would be too risky, considering Annie's history of miscarriage. Jake doubted that Annie would submit to testing, but Ryan insisted that he'd handle it.

Jake warned Ryan against taking extreme measures, but Ryan was desperate to protect Emma and save Kendall. Jake agreed to advise Ryan, but refused to perform any tests. Jake said he wasn't even Annie's doctor anymore, thanks to David. Jake suggested that Ryan appeal to "Dr. Evil," but warned that David wouldn't do anything unless something was in it for him.

In David's vacant office later, Ryan saw Greenlee's medical file on displayed David's computer. David entered, and Ryan asked why David was looking at Greenlee's records.

In Annie's room, Scott said that Ryan had been at the house, complaining about the custody petition. Scott warned her not to provoke Ryan, but she refused to let Ryan get away with tricking her into believing that she was barren. Scott said that inflaming Ryan would make him strike back harder. Annie suddenly wobbled, and Scott caught her before she fell.

At the mansion, Adam stared at a red light in a wall vent in the parlor. Scott and Annie entered. Annie inquired about Ryan's visit, and Scott said it was a bad idea to go after Emma. After Annie went upstairs, Adam asked Scott to stay with her while Adam met with investors. Scott agreed, and strolled out of the room. Adam glanced at the recorder in the vent.

After Annie saw Adam off, she told Scott that she was glad for a break. Scott was sure that all the lying had taken its toll on her. Annie said it had been hard to lie about the pregnancy and attempt a fake a miscarriage only to learn that she was actually pregnant. She smiled, realizing that she'd actually start a family with Adam. She said that she couldn't have done it without Scott, and wondered why he'd helped. Scott said he'd done it for his family.

Scott wrapped a blanket around Annie. She felt chilly, and asked him to make a fire. Annie noted that Scott was tense, and she figured that she owed him a shoulder rub. As Annie massaged Scott's shoulders, he suddenly turned around, and kissed her.

When Jesse arrived at Zach's, Zach explained that he'd messaged Kendall, saying that he wanted to see her, but he'd gotten no response. Jesse figured that Zach was overreacting, because Kendall couldn't always respond while on the run. Jesse asked if Zach had lost trust in his wife.

Zach asked if Jesse and Angie had ever doubted each other during their separation. Jesse said that they'd found their way back to each other, and he was confident that Zach and Kendall would, too. Zach wanted to get Kendall back in the secret room upstairs, but Jesse explained that he couldn't search for Kendall, because the Feds were already suspicious of his meetings with Zach. Jesse advised Zach to just let things play out, but Zach insisted upon finding his wife.

After Jesse left, Tad arrived, disguised as a cable man. Zach said he'd asked Tad to dress like that to prevent the Feds from following him. "To wherever Kendall is?" Tad guessed. Zach worried about Kendall's lack of communication, and he asked Tad to track Aidan down.

Tad made calculations based on the times that Zach had received Kendall's messages, and said he knew exactly where Aidan and Kendall were. Tad refused to share his theory, because he didn't want an emotional Zach to jeopardize things. Tad promised to locate Kendall, but warned Zach not to alert her, because it might tip off the Feds.

At the new hideout, Kendall assured Aidan that nothing would happen between them, because she was completely devoted to Zach. Aidan went downstairs, and told Kat that he was done trying to win Kendall over. Kat reminded him that he didn't want to be second anymore. She showed him a new message from Zach, and said that Aidan had a real chance of blowing Kendall's marriage straight to hell.

In the message, Zach asked to see Kendall. Kat figured that her and Aidan's plan to infect the couple's marriage with doubt was working. Aidan seemed troubled and uncertain, but Kat insisted that Zach was "losing it." She wondered what their next move would be, and Aidan replied that he had it covered.

When Kendall entered, Kat left to work on a bike. Kendall apologized for hurting Aidan, and explained that Zach and she had trust issues after their past betrayals. Kendall felt that Zach wouldn't forgive her if he thought she'd betrayed him again. Kendall decided that it was unfair of her to lean on Aidan. She asked him to go home, while she stayed with Kat. Aidan said he'd given his word to Zach to see things through to the end. Aidan left to go for a run.

Kendall went upstairs, and wrote Zach a message, saying that she'd asked Aidan to return home after he'd confessed his attraction to her. She said that Aidan wouldn't leave due to his promise to Zach. She assured Zach that she'd be fine on her own, if he released Aidan from his promise. She insisted that she loved only Zach, and she'd be faithful to him always.

Downstairs, Kat and Aidan read Kendall's new message. Aidan couldn't believe Kendall had betrayed his confidence, and he wished for more time to turn things around. Kat asked what Aidan wanted to write to Zach in lieu of Kendall's message. Aidan said he wouldn't write a thing. Instead, he'd let Zach's imagination run wild with thoughts that Kendall might cheat.

Later, Kat read a message from Zach, asking Kendall to sit tight, because she'd soon be home. Kat figured that Zach had just given Aidan more time, but Aidan disagreed. He told Kat to put the kettle on, because he suspected that they'd have a visitor.

Natalia, Randi, and Frankie sat at ConFusion, wondering who'd emailed them to meet there. Natalia said that Madison's story about the mental facility had been true. Randi thought that James had been right to lock Madison away, but Frankie said that Madison didn't deserve to be abused. Randi resented Natalia and Frankie's desire to find Madison, and Natalia explained that police and doctors had an obligation to help others.

When Jesse arrived, he said he didn't ask for the meeting, and he doubted that Angie did, either. James Beardsley arrived, saying that he'd called the meeting. James said that he'd kidnapped a schizophrenic Madison to get her the help she needed and to protect his family. He claimed that Madison didn't remember escaping to find the Hubbards, because she weaved in and out of reality. James said he was sorry that his guards had been violent when they'd retrieved Madison, but he insisted that she was safe. Frankie said he wanted to hear it from Madison.

James motioned, and a robotic Madison strode into ConFusion. With a blank stare, she apologized for the break-in, and said she was grateful that her father was helping her get better. She assured the Hubbards that they wouldn't have to worry about her again. The Hubbards exchanged looks as Madison robotically shook their hands.

When Madison and James left, Frankie asserted that James had drugged his daughter. Randi felt that it was time to let that "freaky family" handle it themselves, and Jesse agreed. A skeptical Frankie left with Randi. After Natalia strode out, Jesse opened his hand to find a note inside it from Madison. It read, "Help me." Jesse scoffed, rolling his eyes.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

At the hospital, Ryan sat down to look at Greenlee Smythe's computer file, and David entered the office, upset to see Ryan sifting through confidential information. Ryan demanded to know why David had pulled up the file months after Greenlee's death. David reminded Ryan of the time that Greenlee had asked David to secretly inseminate her with Ryan's sperm. David claimed that he was comparing Greenlee's case, and dozens of others, to Amanda's situation. David asked why Ryan was snooping around the office.

Ryan shared his doubts about Adam fathering Annie's baby, and Ryan stated that the date of Annie's conception would be valuable to him. "You don't have anything I want, Ryan," David replied. David noted that the last time he'd helped Ryan and Zach, it had cost David his hospital position. David decided to uphold patient confidentiality, and ordered Ryan to leave.

In a private hospital room, Nurse Gayle tended to a sleeping patient. David called Gayle, and asked how the patient was doing.

Amanda sat in a bubble bath, agonizing over having sex with David in the car. Jake text messaged her that he was on his way to Wildwind. She cried, scrubbing herself clean.

When Jake arrived, Amanda behaved distantly, saying that she needed time alone to put the whole situation behind her. Jake tried to hug her, but she insisted that he not touch her. A confused Jake said that the insemination had been just a procedure. "To you, it's like-like-" Jake said. Amanda interrupted, concluding, "Like I was raped?"

Amanda said she felt violated because David was using her body for his purposes. Jake hoped that she didn't resent him for not stopping it. Amanda replied that Trevor and Jake were the only things that kept her hanging on. She sobbed, and Jake asked what he could do. He questioned why he couldn't hold her, because it was all he wanted to do. Amanda cried, and Jake wondered if there was something that she hadn't told him.

David entered, asking what was going on. Jake claimed that Amanda was upset by what David had done to her. David readily responded that things between Amanda and him had been mutual. Amanda interrupted, but Jake spoke over her, saying that the artificial insemination had taken an emotional toll on her. David persisted that Amanda and he had agreed on their choices, and Amanda could have refused at any point. David prompted Amanda, and she meekly agreed.

David conceded that he'd been obsessed with winning, and he'd made too many rules. He said that Amanda was a human being, not a receptacle for his baby. David decided that Amanda needed to relax so that the pregnancy could take hold. He offered to suspend the rules, and let Amanda go to Jake's house until they found out if she were pregnant.

Jake pounced upon the opportunity; however, Amanda refused to leave, stating that moving back and forth between the houses wasn't good for her or Trevor. Jake awkwardly said he'd stand by her, even if it meant leaving without her. Amanda attempted to take his hand to show him out, but he snatched himself away, saying, "I know where the door is." After Jake left, Amanda smacked David in the face, and called him a bastard.

David didn't think he deserved that after his goodwill gesture. Amanda yelled that David knew she wouldn't go because of her shame over having sex in the car with him. David said no one had forced her to make love to him. Amanda retorted that there wasn't a repulsive enough word to describe how the event had felt. David said he didn't want her to feel dirty. Amanda stated that she didn't know how she'd live with Jake or herself after what had happened.

Jake rushed to the hospital to talk to Dr. Hines. Jake expressed his concerns about how oddly Amanda had behaved following the procedure. Dr. Hines said that she couldn't answer his questions, because she hadn't been there for the procedure.

At the Yacht Club, Erica strode up to Adam, and heard an attendant say that Adam's room was ready. A shocked Erica wondered if Adam and Annie were having problems. "I left the toilet seat up," Adam quipped. He asserted that the DVD of Scott and Annie was old news. Erica figured that he hadn't confronted Annie about it, which meant that he had some other plan. Erica deduced that Adam had devised a test for Annie and Scott, which would tell him for sure if the baby was really Scott's.

Adam stated that Erica didn't know Scott, who was incapable of doing what Erica had suggested. Adam called Ryan's DVD reveal an act of desperation. Erica said that she was desperate, and she'd been driven to it by Adam's insistence that Kendall was the murderer. Adam said he was sorry that Kendall had been hurt. Erica encouraged Adam to test Annie, because then he'd see that, after a few days apart, Annie wouldn't be able to help herself.

Later, Ryan joined Erica at a table, and she detailed her encounter with Adam. A distracted Ryan revealed that he'd seen Greenlee's medical file on David's computer, and it had stirred up a lot of memories. Erica grew uncomfortable, and Ryan said that he hadn't meant to hurt her. He'd just wanted to be honest.

Erica reasoned that memories were like spirits, popping up at any moment. Ryan replied that Greenlee would always be in his heart. Erica understood that, and they discussed moving on from the past. She said she'd help him move on when he was ready. Ryan kissed her, and said he needed to get home to his kids. Once home, Ryan stood on his terrace, staring at the moon.

At the mansion, Scott spontaneously kissed Annie on the sofa. Scott pulled away, wrenched with guilt, because he couldn't help himself. Annie said that nothing had happened, and nothing ever would happen. Scott wondered how they could do that to Adam.

An upset Scott rushed from the room, and Annie followed him to the patio. Scott claimed that he'd somehow gotten the Chandler's destructive gene, even though he'd been adopted. "You want to sleep with me, don't you?" Annie asked. She dared him to be man enough to state what he wanted. Scott admitted that he wanted her, but vowed not to act on his desires. "In my head I know that you're right," Annie responded.

Adam returned home, and burst into the empty parlor as if he expected to catch Annie and Scott in the act. He sighed, and called for Annie. When Scott and Annie entered, Adam claimed that he'd changed his travel plans. Adam asked why Annie had been outside in the cold. Scott told an elaborate tale about having to air out the house because something had been stuck in the flue. Scott abruptly left, and Adam asked Annie what Scott's problem was.

Annie pretended to have no idea about Scott's mindset, and she told Adam how much it meant to her that he believed in her. After hugging him, she caught him staring at the video camera in the vent. Annie realized that Adam had turned it on just before his supposed trip. She accused him of watching her, and Adam replied that he'd been watching both her and Scott.

Adam revealed that Ryan had given him a DVD of Annie kissing Scott and JR. Annie said JR had been being a jerk, and the impulsive exchange with Scott had happened before she'd gotten to know Adam. Adam stated that he'd planned to catch Annie in the act, but he'd decided against being deceitful. He continued, saying that he'd returned home to discover Annie and Scott behaving suspiciously. Adam took a new DVD from the recorder, and asked Annie to declare that nothing had happened in his absence.

Annie swore that nothing had happened, and nothing on the DVD would make him doubt her love for him. Adam tossed the disk into the fire, and Annie sighed with relief. She thanked Adam for his trust, and decided to go to bed. Adam said he'd be up in a few moments. After Annie left, Adam retrieved another DVD from a book. He played it, and was devastated to see Annie and Scott kissing.

Scott went to the Yacht Club bar, and Erica asked him when Adam would return from his trip. Scott replied that she and "the Bloodhound Gang" really wanted to know if Scott had fathered Annie's baby. Scott revealed that it was definitely Adam's baby. Scott said that he hadn't slept with Annie, even though he'd wanted to. Scott warned Erica that she was fighting against the truth, the greatest weapon of all.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kat took Kendall to an abandoned bar to get her opinion about buying it. Kendall suspected that Kat had ulterior motives, and Kat confessed that "Tom" had asked her to get Kendall out of the boardinghouse while he planned a surprise. Kat noted that Kendall didn't seem pleased, and Kendall said that she was married to someone else. "If a guy like Tom came into my life, I'd be ass over boots for him," Kat replied. Kendall said it wasn't meant to be.

They saw a rat, and Kat decided that the place wasn't a good buy. Kat said that Kendall's life was none of Kat's business, but Kat was a hopeless romantic. As they turned to leave, Kendall imagined that Zach and she sat in a booth, toasting to their love and her return.

At the boardinghouse, Aidan grabbed a bottle upon hearing someone outside. When Tad entered, Aidan lowered the makeshift weapon, and Tad joked that he wasn't thirty. After looking around a bit, Tad announced that Zach wanted Kendall home. Aidan assumed that meant the murder charges had been dropped, but Tad explained that Zach had grown concerned about Kendall's dependence upon Aidan. "Zach's paranoid," Aidan concluded.

Aidan felt that the safest place for Kendall was with him, because the Feds crawled all over Zach. Tad asked to see Kendall, and Aidan responded that she wasn't there. Tad decided to wait, but Aidan advised him not to. Aidan explained that Kendall was vulnerable, and she missed her children. Tad thought that was even more reason for her to return home.

Aidan reasoned that Zach and Kendall were too emotional together, and their emotions would cause them to blow everything. Aidan advised Tad to report to Zach that Kendall was doing fine, but she'd stay with Aidan, who was rational enough to protect her.

When Kendall returned to the boardinghouse, she saw Aidan on the floor with a blanket, dinner, and candles. Kendall seemed confused by the romantic setting, since they'd agreed that nothing would happen between them. Aidan said he was trying to apologize for making her feel uncomfortable. He claimed that he'd transferred his feelings for Greenlee onto Kendall.

Over wine and dinner on the blanket, Kendall said she also thought of Greenlee. Aidan stated that Greenlee had let another man take her away, and Aidan hadn't gotten over it. Kendall said that she'd taken Greenlee from Aidan, but he replied that no one was to blame for Greenlee's death. Kendall pulled Aidan toward her, saying she needed another hug.

Later, a tipsy Kendall joked about getting a tattoo as Kat had one, but Aidan said that Kendall was fine the way she was. She said she liked the whole bonding thing, and left to get more wine. Kat entered, and cooed endearingly at the picnic site. Aidan stated that he needed to speed things up. He handed Kat an envelope full of cash, saying that he needed her help.

At the mansion, Adam reviewed the surveillance footage again, and JR stormed into the house, angry that Adam had left JR a message regarding custody of Little Adam. Adam said that the message had been a ruse to get JR to the house. Adam showed JR the computer screen, paused on Annie and Scott's kiss. Adam stated that JR had been right about everything.

As father and son watched the video, JR advised Adam to kick the traitors out, and get the marriage annulled. Adam asked JR to reconcile their differences, but JR refused to be a replacement for the traitors. JR suggested that Adam either confess, or learn to live with his cheating housemates and a child that probably wasn't his.

At the Yacht Club, Ryan talked to Erica on the phone about Scott denying sleeping with Annie. Zach overheard Ryan say that they only needed to plant doubt in Adam's head. Zach said that they'd better act quickly, because Kendall was returning home. Ryan argued that Zach couldn't possibly protect her. Zach revealed that he'd protected Kendall before by paying someone to take her place in prison while she hid in a secret room at their house.

Ryan figured that had been the reason that Kendall had refused visitors in prison. Ryan said that it was still too risky, and Adam would confess in a matter of time. Zach rasped that he was out of time, and he should have handled things himself. Ryan sarcastically guessed that Zach would have choked the truth out of Adam. JR walked up, saying that choking wasn't required.

JR said that Adam was close to crumbling over a video of Scott and Annie kissing. Ryan figured that a confession was imminent. JR said they'd get their truth, but it would gut Adam. JR strode off, and Zach said that he'd believe it when he saw it. Ryan implored Zach to be patient. Zach gave Ryan two hours to get a confession, or Zach would get it his way.

At Zach's house later, Tad arrived to say that he'd found Kendall, but he hadn't taken her back because he might have been tailed. When Tad said that he hadn't actually spoken to Kendall, Zach grew upset, insistent that Aidan had done something. Tad said it wasn't Aidan.

After Annie bailed Scott out of jail for drunken and disorderly conduct, she explained that she'd convinced a suspicious Adam to destroy a security disk of Annie and Scott kissing without watching it. Annie wanted to get their stories straight, since they were close to getting everything they wanted. Scott decided to return to Chicago, where there would be no more lies or moments of weakness. Annie implored him not to run out when Adam and she needed him.

When Scott and Annie arrived at the mansion, Adam noted that they'd been gone all night. Annie explained that she'd bailed Scott out of a drunken predicament with the police before the press caught onto it. Adam claimed that Scott's deed was detailed on the laptop, and he wondered if Scott had considered what it might do to the family. Annie looked at the laptop, and blanched when she saw footage of Scott and her kissing. Annie stammered that Adam had lied. "And you thought you were the master of deception in this house," Adam replied.

Adam bellowed that he'd told Scott to keep his lips off Annie. Adam theorized that it was Scott's revenge for Stuart's death, but Scott claimed that he'd never hurt Adam. Annie said that the kiss had meant nothing, and Adam would see Scott and her on the video talking about how much they loved Adam. Adam seethed that she'd never loved him, and the baby was Scott's.

Scott and Annie implored Adam to believe that they'd never slept together. "A fake pregnancy, a fake miscarriage, and now you want me to believe in a fake child?" Adam asked. Annie offered to take a paternity test in a few months. "A few months? I can't stand looking at you now!" Adam raged. Adam regretted listening to Annie over the others, and ordered both of them to leave his house by the time he returned. Adam slammed the door on his way out.

Annie pleaded with Scott to help her. She felt that Adam loved her, but he was hurt. Annie planned to use the truth to fight for her family. Scott replied that after she'd told so many lies, the truth from her sounded like "the granddaddy of all lies." Scott said that they'd screwed up, and it was over. He stated that Annie had gambled on too many lies, and lost everything. "The saddest part of it is, nobody gives a damn," he barked, and left.

Annie cried, staring at the video camera. She spoke to it as if it were Adam. She confessed that she'd lied about everything, but loving him. She'd wanted to protect him after he'd pulled the trigger, but she couldn't erase it. She'd hoped that their family would give him the courage to forgive himself for it. Annie vowed to tell their child that its parents had real love. Just then, Annie gasped, clinching her stomach. She writhed in pain, falling to the floor.

Adam went to Erica's, and when she opened the door, he said it was time for Kendall to return home. Erica retorted that Kendall should never have had to leave in the first place. A distraught Adam said he was ready to confess to killing his brother. Erica sarcastically wondered if he expected a pat on the back after he'd let her daughter take the blame for his crime. Adam realized that he should have gone forward sooner. Erica ranted that she'd broken the law for Adam's family, but he'd left hers to hang in the wind.

Adam explained that he'd chosen to believe Annie because he couldn't let himself consider that he'd done something so monstrous. He chuckled, saying that the baby wasn't even his. He stated that the baby had been his only redeeming quality; it had been an honor to Stuart and the biggest lie of all. Adam said he'd just wanted to tell Erica how sorry he was.

Erica attempted to hug him, but he pulled away, walking to the door. On the threshold, he said the only thing left was to do something he should have done long ago: admit that he'd killed his brother. Ryan entered, saying that Adam was going to the police at that instant.

Friday, November 20, 2009

After numerous unreturned phone calls, Jake confronted David about Amanda. David assured Jake that Amanda was fine and had been working to maintain a low stress level in case the procedure was effective. Jake revealed his conversation with Dr. Hines, and said that the doctor mentioned that she hadn't performed the procedure. David covered the truth and said that he'd told Dr. Hines that her services were no longer needed. Jake wanted to know why.

David concocted a story about a doctor who'd had twice as much success as Dr. Hines. Jake pelted David with questions, sure that something was amiss. David became more irate as Jake tried to figure out the missing piece of David's story. Jake said that he would ask Amanda, which happened to coincide with Amanda's arrival at the hospital.

David left Jake and Amanda to talk, and Jake implored his wife to be honest with him. Amanda said that the possibility of being pregnant with David's baby turned out to be harder to deal with than she'd imagined. Amanda's nervous demeanor led Jake to feel as though his wife wasn't sharing everything. Jake assured her that she could be completely honest.

Jake then asked why Amanda and David had decided not to use Dr. Hines. Amanda parroted the information that David quoted earlier, and Jake became more suspicious. He laid out the reasons why he thought there was something he didn't know, and as he did, Amanda became more and more uncomfortable. Jake then looked directly into his wife's eyes and stated that there had been no insemination.

Amanda continued to insist that she had been inseminated, but Jake was not convinced. Jake's questions sounded increasingly demanding, which made Amanda's nerves more frayed. Finally, Amanda said that she couldn't take Jake's badgering any longer. She told Jake that she didn't need his kind of help, and walked away.

Zach asked Tad why he hadn't taken Kendall home. When Tad hesitated, Zach wanted to know what Tad was hiding. Tad hemmed and hawed, so Zach thought that the problem was Aidan. Tad defended Aidan and said that Aidan was doing what he'd been hired to do. His impatience rising, Zach asked a final time about what Tad didn't want to say.

Tad tried to convince Zach that although Aidan was upset that Tad had tracked him down, Aidan had things well in hand. Zach didn't believe Tad's tale, and accused Tad of lying to protect his friend. Tad was curious as to why Zach felt Aidan would need protection. Zach clearly stated his belief that Aidan wanted to seduce Kendall. Tad tried to keep up the ruse, but eventually admitted that he hadn't seen Kendall.

Zach asked Tad why he lied, and Tad said that he believed in Aidan's attempts to keep the federal agents at bay. Zach demanded to know where Tad found them, but Tad refused to divulge any information. Tad said that if Zach pursued Aidan and Kendall without a plan, Kendall would end up in jail. Zach demanded that Tad leave, and called Rachel downstairs. Zach told the nanny that he needed to leave for a while. When Rachel went back upstairs to be with Ian, Zach retrieved a gun from his hidden safe.

Kat stopped by the house while Kendall was in the kitchen. Aidan handed her an envelope full of cash and she traded it for a small bag of an unknown substance. She wished him well with his plan and then left before Kendall spotted her. Aidan called out to Kendall, and Kendall stumbled back into the living room. They shared some small talk, and then Kendall decided that she needed more wine.

Kendall was able to clear her head enough to remember where she'd left the corkscrew. She went to retrieve it, and Aidan told her that he would pour her another glass. As soon as Kendall was out of the room, Aidan emptied the unknown substance into Kendall's wine glass.

Kendall returned, and she toasted Aidan over her renewed sense of hope and happiness. She noted that she couldn't wait to get back to her family, but said that she finally felt at ease with where they were in their journey. Kendall fell silent for a moment, and Aidan watched her closely to see if the drugs were starting to take hold. Kendall then said that she knew Aidan well, and knew what he was up to.

Kendall accused Aidan of trying to get her drunk, and said that it turned out to be just what she needed. Then, Kendall said she wanted to step outside for some air. She tried to stand but wasn't quite steady on her feet. Aidan propped her upright while Kendall proclaimed that Aidan had been her hero again. He was pleased when she decided that she needed to express her gratitude with a hug.

Adam visited Erica at the Yacht Club and apologized for what he'd done to keep Kendall on the run. As he opened the door and started to leave, he told Erica that he had no right to ask for her forgiveness. Adam said that he needed to put an end to the nightmare and confess. Ryan appeared in the hall and noted that he would make sure that Adam did as he promised. Erica called out to Adam before the men could leave and begged him not to confess.

Ryan was flabbergasted at Erica's request, but Erica quickly explained that she believed Annie needed to be the one to pay for the crime. Certain that Adam wouldn't have pulled the trigger if he had been in his right mind, Erica insisted that the cover-up was completely due to Annie's selfishness. Adam refused to let anyone else take the fall for the murder, and Ryan sided with Adam. Ryan assured Erica that Annie had already begun to pay for what she did. Adam ordered Ryan to contact Jesse and the district attorney so that Stuart's murderer could be arrested.

Annie made a tearful and impassioned plea for forgiveness towards the camera that Adam had recently reactivated. Her soliloquy was interrupted by sharp pains in her abdomen. She tried to get to the couch, but after a few steps, the pains became more severe and she collapsed to the floor. Moments later, Annie noticed that she was bleeding, but didn't have enough strength to yell for help.

Weak, Annie tried to pull herself across the living room floor to the phone. Meanwhile, Scott descended the stairs with a suitcase in hand. He looked at the closed living room doors, and briefly considered going in. He decided against that idea and swiftly left the house. Moments later, Annie fell into unconsciousness. Scott returned, and decided to check on Annie. He opened the door, and was shocked at the scene. He checked for Annie's vitals, and then called emergency services.

At the station, the district attorney approached Jesse and asked where he'd found Kendall. Jesse told him that Kendall was still at large. Confused, the DA wondered what Jesse meant when Jesse said that he'd found Stuart's murderer. Things became clearer when Adam, followed by Ryan and Erica, rounded the corner and said that he wanted to confess to his brother's murder.

Erica tried to call Zach, but was only able to leave voicemail. She and Ryan allowed themselves to be hopeful about Kendall's homecoming. They looked into the interrogation room, and Erica noted that Adam looked lost. She said that she wanted to help Adam, but Ryan reminded her that Adam had made it clear he just wanted the nightmare to be over.

Jesse started a recorder, and Adam immediately noted that he understood his rights and didn't need a lawyer - he just wanted to pay for what he'd done to his brother. The district attorney asked for a recount of everything Adam remembered from the night of Stuart's death.

At that moment, Natalia attempted to approach the interrogation room to tell Adam that an ambulance had been called to the Chandler house. Ryan discouraged her from interrupting, and explained why Adam had requested the meeting. Ryan said that the ambulance call was likely another stunt by Annie to prevent Adam from telling the truth.

Adam talked about how pieces of his memory from the night of Stuart's death had started to resurface, but in an illogical order. Before Adam continued, he asked for some water. Jesse excused himself to retrieve the water, and was surprised that Erica was still waiting, concerned. Erica reminded Jesse that she and Adam had been through a lot together, and said that she wasn't sure that Adam would survive everything that he stood to lose with his confession.

Paramedics took Annie to the emergency room. Upon initial evaluation, David said that Annie's bleeding was not typical for an early miscarriage. He gave directives to the other medical personnel and said that he wanted to rule out a tumor and aneurysm. As they wheeled her away, Scott asked David if Annie would be all right. David was unsure, but hoped that Scott had gotten her to the hospital in enough time.

Zach stopped by his casino and met with a dealer in an empty room. The dealer laid out cards as if they were about to play blackjack. Zach looked at the card that was face down in front of him, and saw an address written on the card. The dealer said that he'd almost lost Tad a few times, but eventually found out that Aidan and Kendall were at a rundown boarding house. The dealer then shared pictures the dealer had taken through the window. In the shots, Kendall and Aidan seemed to be in compromising positions.

Angered, Zach grabbed the dealer's shirt collar tightly and demanded to know if Tad had paid the dealer off. The dealer insisted that he'd only done what Zach instructed, that the pictures were taken from his car across the street, and that he had the negatives to back up his story. Zach released the man from his grip, and slowly left the casino.

Aidan suggested that Kendall needed to lie down, but Kendall resisted. She said that she wanted to go with the good feeling she had and said that the feelings made her want to dance. Aidan was hopeful that a few close spins would lead to something more, but his hope faded as Kendall started to talk about all the things she loved about Zach.

Moments later, frustrated, Aidan told Kendall that she needed to go to bed. Kendall was angry at being forced to do something she didn't want to do. Aidan felt he knew what was best and made her accompany him upstairs. When they reached the bedroom, Aidan wrested Kendall into bed. Kendall continued to call Aidan by her husband's name, and begged him not to leave her.

Furious that his plan had been a colossal failure, Aidan ignored Kendall's pleas and stormed out of the room. A short time later, Kendall descended the stairs and, without provocation, disrobed.

Ryan arrived at the hospital and found Scott in the waiting room. Initially, Ryan acted as though Annie had pulled another one of her stunts. Ryan quickly changed his tone when Scott mentioned how much blood Annie had lost. Ryan asked questions, but Scott told Ryan not to pretend her cared. Scott said that all of the pushing Ryan had done might have led to Annie's latest malady. Ryan insisted that he'd only been concerned with the truth.

Scott went home and found Lucrecia trying to scrub the blood out of the carpet. He sent her home and said that he would finish cleaning up. While he scrubbed, Scott had flashbacks of his father lying in virtually the same spot. After a few moments, Scott threw the scrub brush in frustration. He then spotted the red light of the hidden camera and went ballistic.

Scott ripped the recorder from underneath the liquor cabinet and threw it across the room. When he did, a DVD was ejected from the machine. Scott loaded the DVD into the laptop and watched Annie's tearful testimony and collapse. His cell phone rang and when he answered the call, he quickly asked about Annie's condition.

David emerged from surgery and told Ryan that Annie had lost the baby and still wasn't in good shape. David's pager went off and he quickly said that Annie was in trouble, then he ran off again.

Amanda found David and told him that Jake believed that she was raped. David told her that Jake would only find out what happened if one of them confessed. He tried to comfort her, but Amanda demanded that David never touch her again. Jake showed up and, having overheard part of the conversation, landed a punch on David's jaw.

Adam emerged from the interrogation room in handcuffs, but Erica stopped Adam before the officers could escort him downstairs. Erica revealed the news about Annie's latest hospitalization and the loss of the baby.

Zach arrived at the boarding house and when he looked through a window, he saw Kendall and Aidan locked in a passionate kiss.



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