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Mitch had no remorse for his deeds, and he was held in Napa Valley. Roxy refused to answer Rex's questions about his father. Todd met Téa's daughter Danielle, and Ross learned that Danielle was not his biological daughter. Greg had to step in and complete Matthew's surgery. Schuyler found Kim adjusting Stacy's pregnancy padding. David decided to stay in England.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 16, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, November 16, 2009

Dads Gone Wild

At the Angel Square Hotel, Roxy trembled as Rex demanded to know if Mitch Laurence was his birth father. Roxy continued to deny having any knowledge of Mitch Laurence until Rex presented her with the birth certificate that Corrine had given him. Refusing to reveal Rex's father's true identity, Roxy simply stated that Mitch had been dead for years. Rex wondered why Roxy had claimed to kill Mitch. Blurting out that she had disconnected Mitch's life support machine at the clinic, Roxy told Rex that Mitch was dead, and suggested that Rex forget about the evil man.

Pleading with Roxy to understand his position, Rex said that he couldn't drop the issue because Jessica was his sister. Rex questioned how Mitch had impregnated her -- he wondered if she had been raped. Rex threatened to enlist Jessica's help, but Roxy remained silent. Unable to obtain answers from his mother, a frustrated Rex exited the hotel. A helpless Roxy watched as her angry son stormed off.

Inside the greenhouse in Napa, Mitch congratulated John on the new addition to his family. Watching John closely, Mitch exclaimed, "When I'm cleared, I can't wait to be a hands-on father!"

John told Mitch that he would be prosecuted for the murders of Wayne Landers and Pamela Stewart, but Mitch was convinced that John had no evidence to support his claim. John was appalled when Mitch stated that John was responsible for the murders. Mitch stated that had John kept an open mind and remained detached from the case, Jared wouldn't have been shot. Mitch insisted that John had wanted to believe that Jared was the culprit. Mitch said that Natalie would never forgive John for Jared's death, and that John would never forgive himself.

Inside the Napa hospital, Natalie cried as the doctors informed the family that Jared was dead. Clint, Viki, Jessica, and Brody tried to console her, but Natalie continued to scream that it was a mistake. The doctor advised the family to say their goodbyes.

Meanwhile, Charlie was devastated as he observed Jared's body through the window. Viki promised to stand by her husband's side. While Viki comforted Charlie, Brody asked Clint to stay with Jessica while Brody placed a call to John.

After relating the news to John, Brody spoke with Jessica. Apologizing for not telling Brody that Mitch was her biological father, Jessica related that she thought Mitch was dead and that she had tried to forget about the monster. Stating that Clint was her father, Jessica announced that Mitch Laurence would never be a part of her or Bree's lives. Realizing that Brody had to help John with Mitch's relocation to Llanview, Jessica begged him to be careful. Promising to return to Jessica safely, Brody admitted that he worried about John being alone with Mitch.

Upon receiving the news from Brody about Jared's death, John informed Mitch that Mitch was responsible for yet another murder. Mitch was confident that he wouldn't stand trial for any of the murders. Attempting to cause John grief, a handcuffed Mitch stated that John was supposed to stop bad things from happening to good people. John became unnerved when Mitch announced, "You let me kill the man that Natalie loved!"

As Mitch spoke, John continued to fumble with his revolver. Mitch related that John was known to take on the pain of helpless victims and his friends who had been wronged. Mitch stated that John became consumed with guilt when he was unable to help a victim. When Mitch began to rant about John causing Cai tlin's death, John became enraged and pulled his weapon on Mitch. As John placed his gun in Mitch's back, Brody rushed into the greenhouse and screamed, "Don't do it, John! He's not worth it!"

Inside Jared's hospital room, Charlie said goodbye to his son. Alone with his son, Charlie blamed himself for causing Jared's death. Holding Jared's hand, Charlie exclaimed, "You died trying to protect me. I killed you. I failed you your whole life and I'm not going to fail you again! If I killed that man, then I guess I'm capable of killing again!" Giving Jared a kiss on the forehead, Charlie told his son that he loved him. Walking toward the door, Charlie took one last look at Jared and vowed, "I promise you that Mitch Laurence will pay for this!"

When Charlie emerged from Jared's room, Viki tried to comfort him, but Charlie rushed off to the men's room. Later, Clint told Viki that Charlie wasn't in the men's room. Nearby, Jessica held Natalie and appeared concerned when she observed Viki rush off.

Back at the greenhouse, Brody convinced John not to shot Mitch. Once John released his grip on Mitch, the rambling conman apologized to Brody for Jared's accident. Mitch insisted that a daughter needed to have a relationship with her father, and asked Brody to allow him some time with Jessica once Mitch's ordeal was over. At that moment, Charlie entered the greenhouse and yelled, "What about my son?"

Charlie grabbed Mitch by the throat and began cho king him. John and Brody tried to stop Charlie, but Charlie was a man on a mission. Viki rushed into the greenhouse and was stunned when she witnessed Charlie's violent state.

Dorian, Amelia, Langston, Starr, Cole, and Markko awaited the election results at the Buenos Dias Café. As Amelia received a call from the election committee, Cole warned Markko that he had better pray that the election wasn't determined by one vote. Everyone was stunned when Amelia announced that Viki had one the election by one vote. Dorian demanded a recount, but Amelia related that the committee had already conducted three recounts, and that was all that the law required. Dorian fumed when Amelia stated that the fight was over.

Langston tried to convince Dorian that she had made history by taking a stand on gay rights, but Dorian vowed to locate the person that had betrayed her. Dorian was adamant that she had conducted an accurate poll and was certain that she had the necessary votes to beat Viki. A nervous Markko shook in the corner as Dorian declared, "Some rat fink that promised me his vote, voted for Viki instead! I'm going to find that flip-flopper and he will pay!"

Destiny and Shaun sat in another corner of the café. Holding her cell phone close, Destiny wondered if Greg had managed to make it to the hospital in time to help Matthew. The discussion turned to Destiny sneaking off to London with David Vickers. Destiny believed that David truly cared about Matthew, but Shaun was convinced that David didn't care about anyone but himself. Looking across the room at Dorian, Destiny stated that David cared about Dorian. When Destiny told Shaun that some people were meant to be together, an emotional Shaun replied, "I used to feel that way!" Realizing that her brother was consumed with thoughts of Greg and Rachel, Destiny expressed her sorrow that they had betrayed Shaun.

Moments later, Dorian approached Shaun and Destiny and began ranting about her defeat. To Dorian's surprise, Destiny informed Dorian that David still had feelings for her. When Destiny suggested that Dorian phone David, Dorian made up an excuse and rushed off.

Meanwhile, Markko admitted to Cole that he felt guilty about lying to Langston about his vote. Cole suggested that Markko tell Langston the truth. Alone with Langston, Markko admitted that he had voted for Viki, instead of Dorian. Langston appeared disturbed by Markko's confession.

Nearby, Dorian informed Amelia that David was in London pining over Dorian. A curious Amelia wondered if Dorian had plans to travel to London.

At the Seattle hospital, Nora and Bo were stunned when Dr. Nance announced that Matthew had survived the surgery, but things hadn't gone as well as expected. Relating that he was unable to get a good visual, Dr. Nance stated that he didn't want to risk more damage to Matthew's spine, and suggested that Bo and Nora convince their son that life in a wheelchair was better than no life at all. Dr. Nance apologized, but an enraged Bo physically attacked the doctor and blamed him for giving Matthew false hopes.

As Bo tried to choke Dr. Nance, Greg and Rachel arrived at the hospital. After prying Bo's hands from Dr. Nance's throat, Greg received an overview of Matthew's operation. Upon learning that Matthew was still on the operating table, Greg was convinced that he could complete the surgery. Rachel looked on, as Nora and Bo begged Greg to help Matthew. Racing to scrub up, Greg promised to do his best.

In the waiting area, Rachel explained how Destiny and Shaun had convinced Greg to operate on Matthew. While Bo hoped that Greg wasn't too late, Rachel begged Bo to give Greg a chance. Later, Greg emerged from the operating room with good news. Explaining that the damage to Matthew's spinal cord hadn't been too severe, Greg related that he had been able to remove the scar tissue. If the nerves regenerated the way they should, there was a great possibility that Matthew would walk again. Acknowledging that Llanview Hospital had an excellent physical therapy department, Greg said that he was optimistic about Matthew's recovery.

After Bo and Nora left to be by Matthew's side, Rachel thanked Greg for performing Matthew's surgery. Admitting that he had been nervous about performing the surgery, Greg stated that he regained his confidence once he stepped foot in the operating room. Greg said that he was thankful for Rachel and Destiny encouraging him to help Matthew, but Greg insisted that Shaun had been instrumental in Greg actually getting on the plane.

Bo and Nora smiled when their son opened his eyes. They told him that the operation had been a success and that Greg had performed the surgery. Matthew was pleased that his parents were by his side. After Bo and Nora's visit with Matthew, Greg and Rachel suggested that Bo and Nora check into a nearby hotel and get some rest. Rachel and Greg promised to phone them if there was any news.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Destiny received a call from Greg. When she asked about Matthew's condition, Greg sent her a picture of Matthew sleeping in the recovery room. Destiny smiled as she studied the photo of her friend.

Back at the Napa hospital, Natalie entered Jared's room. Stroking Jared's face, Natalie reminisced about that day in Texas when they had proclaimed their love for each other. In tears, Natalie cried, "I never told you, but I made a wish that I would die before you!"

After escorting Nora to her room at the hotel, Bo announced that he would be down the hall in his own room if Nora needed him. Noticing Bo's nervousness, Nora told him that Matthew would be fine. Displaying a loving smile, Bo asked Nora to dance with him. As they held each other close, Bo and Nora shared a passionate kiss. Unbeknownst to them both, Nora's cell phone rang nearby. The caller was Clint.

Jessica watched as Clint placed a call to Nora. Jessica wondered why Clint didn't leave a voicemail message. Clint said that he refused to report Jared's passing and Mitch's resurrection in a voicemail.

Later, Clint and Jessica comforted Natalie as the nurses wheeled Jared's body away.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hold the Phone!

When Rex returned home after his visit with Roxy, Gigi knew that something was bothering him as soon as she saw his face. She admitted that she had something to tell him as he told her he had learned some news from Roxy. Gigi deferred to Rex, who confessed that he had learned about his real father. "He's the scum of the earth," he told her, filling her in on what he knew about Mitch Laurence.

"He's a fake, twisted preacher," Rex exclaimed. He presented the birth certificate and money clip that he had obtained from his Aunt Corrine. Gigi advised him that even if the man was a rapist and murderer, Mitch was only his biological father. She was shocked to learn that Mitch was also Jessica's father and that made her Rex's sister and therefore Shane's aunt. Rex explained that Jessica never let on about Mitch and she considered Clint to be her father.

Gigi assured Rex that he was the same man he always was, though he was beginning to think he was his father's son. He recalled some of the awful things he had done in the past and thought that he was just like his father. Gigi pulled Stacy's sonogram out and handed it to Rex. She noted that while the baby had some of both Stacy and Mitch, it was perfect. She stressed that children were not their parents.

Remembering that Gigi hadn't been feeling well, Rex realized that she had been looking at the sonogram. He apologized for his thoughtlessness. He recalled that she had wanted to tell him something, but Gigi assured him that it wasn't important. She wanted him to remember that he was a great dad. They expressed their love for each other.

Charlie did his best to try to choke Mitch to death in the Napa greenhouse, but Brody and John finally pulled him away. "You killed my boy," Charlie accused the deranged evangelist. "Would it help if I said I'm sorry?" Mitch replied. Continuing, Mitch noted that everyone was probably surprised at his contrition. He added that Jared had been killed in the "climax of a struggle" and that Jared had threatened him. He accused Charlie of murdering Jared's stepfather and pointed out that children often take after their parents.

Charlie and Mitch began a screaming match, and Charlie threatened to kill Mitch if he ever found him alone. Mitch demanded that Charlie be arrested. "For what?" John asked him. As Viki stood quietly, Mitch turned his attention to her. He asked why she was ignoring him. Sarcastically, she remarked that she had preferred it when Mitch was dead.

She told him he was a "sadistic, evil excuse for a human being." Mitch disagreed, complaining that compared to Charlie, he was "righteousness itself."

As he began to rant and rave, Viki walked to him and slapped his face. She advised him to never utter her husband's name again. She returned to Charlie and urged him not to listen to anything that Mitch said. Convinced that Jared's death was his fault, Charlie reminded her that he had indeed killed someone and didn't even remember it. Viki begged him to stop and assured him they would face it together.

The local police department arrived, and an officer advised John that Mitch would remain in Napa, as his crimes were committed there. As John objected, the officer pulled a court order from his pocket.

At the hospital in Seattle, Clint spoke to Jessica on the phone and she assured him that Natalie was settled into a hotel for the night. He advised her that he was making the arrangements to transport Jared's body home.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Danielle unsuccessfully tried to find out about Matthew's condition from a nurse. Téa assured her daughter that they would be able to find out what was happening. Téa spotted Rachel, and introduced Rachel and Danielle to each other. Téa knew that Rachel would have news about Matthew. Rachel assured the teen that Matthew was doing well and he would be happy to see her. Danielle asked an astonished Rachel why Téa had kept her daughter a secret. Rachel covered up nicely, explaining that she had known about Danielle's existence but Téa had been afraid that Danielle's father would take her away from Téa.

Accepting Rachel's explanation, Danielle left the women so that she could sit with Matthew. Téa admitted that she hadn't spoken to Todd yet about his daughter. "I suck at being a mother," she confessed to Rachel. She knew that Todd would eventually find out about Danielle.

Nora and Bo shared a passionate kiss in Nora's Seattle hotel room, falling onto the bed and removing their jackets. Bo pulled away abruptly. He needed to head to his own room for some sleep, he advised his ex-wife. Nora agreed that they shouldn't be cheating on Clint.

Later, they shared a pizza and agreed they were both glad they didn't get carried away. Nora decided that she would tell Clint about Bo after things settled down with Jessica and Natalie. She called Rachel at the hospital to check on Matthew. Her daughter assured her that Matthew was fine and urged her to get some sleep. After hanging up, Nora noticed that she had missed a call from Clint.

Nora returned her husband's call and gave him the good news about Matthew. She asked if Jared had been located and heard the details of what had happened in Napa. She learned that Jared was dead. "I love you," Clint said, needing to tend to Jared's affairs. "You too," Nora replied. Crying, she told Bo the news. All they could do was hold each other.

Blair arrived at Rodi's with Todd, thanking him for protecting her from Ross. She had fond thoughts of Rodi's since she and Todd had originally gotten together there. Todd snidely remarked that it had been before John was the owner. Ross sat at the bar, hidden behind a newspaper. Todd seemed eager to leave, but Blair complained of being scared of Ross finding her. Todd wondered if she was actually afraid of Ross or if she was really trying to stop Todd from going to Seattle.

Todd checked with his private investigator and learned that Téa had been located in Seattle. As Todd spoke on the phone, Ross grabbed Blair and pulled her aside. He wanted to know where his daughter was, reminding her that they had a deal. He wanted to take his daughter away and then Todd and Blair could be together, he emphasized. Giving in, Blair advised him that his daughter was in Seattle and she had heard the details via Todd's private investigator. Suddenly, she gasped and told Ross about a new idea of hers. She thought he should tell Téa that Todd was living with Blair and their children.

Roxy was surprised to see Schuyler working at Rodi's. He wanted to know if she had spoken to Rex about seeing Gigi emerge from Schuyler's hotel room. Roxy admitted that she was upset at something she had relayed to Rex. As the pair spoke animatedly, Kim and Stacy approached the bar. From the pieces of conversation they heard, they deduced that Gigi had spent the night with Schuyler. Stacy couldn't wait to expose the fact that her slutty sister had cheated on Rex.

Kim thought it would be a bad move to tell Gigi. "Cogitation, meditation, plan," she stated in explanation. In response to Stacy's confusion, Kim clarified that she had obtained the motto from the website of Buchanan Enterprises and Clint had been the author of it. She was formalizing her plan to sink her claws into Clint, since Nora had no time for her new husband.

As it turned out, Buchanan Enterprises was looking for an executive administrative assistant and her name was written all over it, Kim told Stacy enthusiastically. She admitted that while she couldn't type, she was able to text and it was the same thing. She also fudged her resume, she admitted. The men that she had danced for would give her good recommendations or she'd tell their wives about them. She would come up with a plan on the best way to let Rex know about Gigi and Schuyler.

Roxy continued to talk about the awful thing that she had to tell Rex. "At least the bastard is dead," she mumbled to Schuyler. It took him a moment until he realized that Roxy wasn't talking about Rex. She gruffly told him to stay away from Gigi as Rex would be needing his wife more than ever.

Walking out of Matthew's room, Danielle spotted her mother's belongings left alone on the sofa. Searching for Téa's cell phone, Danielle finally grabbed it and searched for her father's phone number. Unable to locate the deleted number, she was surprised when the phone rang. "Who the hell is this?" Todd griped, when Danielle answered. She asked the same question in response, but was startled when Téa grabbed the phone from her hand.

Téa told Todd it was no one when he asked her who had answered the phone. She revealed that she was in Seattle visiting Matthew, and she learned from Todd that Ross was back in Llanview causing trouble. He denied hating her and admitted that he didn't believe what he had learned about Téa and Ross taking part in a scam. He wanted to know the real reason behind Téa not confessing that she was married to Ross. Téa admitted she had made a mess and needed to clean it up.

"We have a...," Téa began, before being interrupted because Blair grabbed Todd's phone out of his hand. Blair, yelling at Téa, told her to stay away from Todd. She made it clear that Todd had his children to take care of. Téa hung up the phone and refused to answer it when a disgruntled Todd tried to call her back. Blair advised Todd that she was trying to protect him from Téa, who had nothing better to do than call Todd. He quickly advised her that he had been the one to call Téa.

"Who was that jerk?" Danielle asked her mother. She wanted to know if Todd was the reason that Téa and Ross had split up. Téa assured her daughter that Todd was only a client. Relieved, Danielle told her mother she would hate for Téa to be associated with someone "so gross."

Later, as Téa and Rachel chatted, Téa conveyed that she had sensed that Todd was ready to forgive her. She had planned on telling Todd the truth, but Blair had grabbed the phone.

Back at Rodi's, Blair reminded Todd that he was supposed to be forgetting his troubles. When a song that she liked began to play on the jukebox, she asked Todd to dance with her. As Todd looked at her, he suddenly saw Téa instead, and agreed to dance. As he refocused and Téa turned into Blair once again, he looked thoughtful.

During the montage, Téa and Danielle shared a mother and daughter moment, as Bo and Nora hugged. Rex and Gigi grabbed hands and headed for the stairs, and Clint watched the orderlies change the sheets on the bed that Jared had lain in. Mitch was taken away from the greenhouse. He smirked at John, but barely looked at Charlie and Viki.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dare I Weep, Dare I Mourn

John returned to his apartment in Llanview in the middle of a call to Bo, who was in Seattle. He inquired about Jared's body being taken back to Pennsylvania, and asked about Mitch's case. John wanted to head back to California, but Bo reminded him that the Napa police were handling Mitch . "Let it go," Bo ordered him, and asked his top cop to take the day off.

After hanging up, John got a visitor, Marty, who was ready to offer a shoulder to lean on. John shrugged off her sympathy, and said he had it easy compared to Natalie and Charlie. He told her about his conversation with Mitch in Napa, and how Mitch had suggested that John was responsible for Jared's death; he'd wanted Jared to be guilty, and had pursued that chain of evidence to the end.

Marty disagreed, and said it wasn't his fault; blaming oneself was only a mechanism of grief. Hoping to cheer him up, she showed him a picture Michael and Marcie had sent her of his new nephew, Gabriel. She reminded him that life went on, both the bad and the good. John kissed her, and they began to make love.

Afterwards, Marty got dressed as John slept. Leaving a note for him, she kissed his head and exited the apartment.

At Seattle General, Greg met Rachel in the waiting area outside Matthew's room. Rachel congratulated him on the successful operation, but Greg had other things on his mind, namely, whether she still going back to Chicago, and leaving him behind. Rachel said she wasn't ready to make a decision, and any travel plans were on hold as she was focused on her brother's recovery. Pleased, Greg agreed to focus on Matthew.

Inside his room, Matthew awoke to find Nora watching over him, followed by Bo. Matthew was comforted to see his parents, but grew worried when they said they had some bad news. Greg and Rachel entered just in time to hear Nora break the news of Jared's death and Mitch Laurence's latest return from the grave. Matthew instantly wanted to return to Llanview for the funeral, but Greg said that was impossible, as he needed to stay in Seattle and begin his physical therapy.

Matthew asked his parents to head back to Llanview in his stead. Bo and Nora were reluctant to leave, but Matthew said he could handle his therapy on his own with Greg and Rachel, and besides, Clint needed Nora. Matthew apologized to them for the ugliness of the civil case and his blackmail attempt, but Nora said it was all in the past. Bo asked Matthew to call if he needed them, and the family said their goodbyes.

At their hotel, Danielle was awakened by Téa packing her bags. Téa attempted to put a bright face on things, and told the girl they were leaving for Puerto Rico. Danielle hit the roof, accusing her mother of shuttling her around the country just to keep her from Ross. "I'm not eight!" Danielle cried. She told Téa to stop lying and tell the truth about their jaunts around the world.

"Your father's not who you think he is," Téa began, and reminded Danielle of Ross's violent temper, which had displayed itself numerous times during their life in Tahiti. Danielle had an excuse for each incident, and refused to believe Téa's claim that there were two sides to her dad's personality. She couldn't believe that Téa hated Ross enough to hide Danielle away, and asked about Téa's admission of love for "the father of her child." Téa hedged and said things were complicated. Danielle asked who Téa loved; if it was n't Ross, Danielle wondered if it was the "jerk" on the phone.

Téa refused to discuss the situation further, but Danielle was undeterred. She told Téa to leave her there and go be with her new Romeo. Losing her temper, Téa ordered Danielle to pack her things and prepare to leave. Danielle declared that she wouldn't leave Seattle without saying goodbye to Matthew.

At La Boulaie, Blair awoke to find Todd entering her bedroom. Todd was bearing good news: his private investigator had spotted Ross leaving Llanview, which meant Blair no longer needed his protection. Blair asked him if that meant he was heading to Seattle to find Téa. Todd said he'd planned to go, but had missed his flight in order to see his ex. He said if Téa didn't trust him enough to tell him her secrets, he wouldn't chase her, and didn't want to know.

Blair supported Todd in his new resolve, and said he was better off without Téa. Todd marveled at her patience with him, and mused about how they always seemed to be there for one another and the children, no matter what. Moving closer, Blair said it wasn't just about the kids, and she knew he felt the same way. Seizing the moment, Todd kissed her, and they fell into bed together.

Just as soon as the lovemaking began, however, Blair pulled away. Todd asked her what was wrong, and she told him he wasn't there with her -- his heart was with Téa instead, in Seattle. "Go find Téa," she said resignedly, but asked him to remember Téa's lies, and how she'd been unwilling to trust Todd with all the parts of her life; in the meantime, he wouldn't be worth having if he didn't settle things with the woman who was really on his mind. Todd asked Blair when she'd gotten so smart. "When you weren't looking," she said softly.

After Todd left, Blair struggled with her feelings. "Did I just let him go forever?" she wondered.

At Llanfair, Viki, Charlie, Clint, and Natalie returned home from California, grief-stricken and solemn. Viki and Clint told Natalie they'd handle funeral arrangements, but Natalie had a more pressing matter: how she was going to live without Jared. "I don't know how to start the day without him," she sobbed. Viki hugged her daughter, and then Natalie, noticing Charlie's grief, rushed to hug him, too. Clint ushered Natalie upstairs, urging her to get some rest.

Lost in thought, Charlie staggered into the drawing room, gazing at his old nemesis, the liquor cabinet. He made a beeline for the decanter set out for guests, but turned away when Viki entered the room and embraced him. They began leafing through a scrapbook full of pictures from throughout Jared's life, but Charlie's mind was obviously elsewhere. When Viki pointed out a picture of him with a ten-year-old Jared, he was unimpressed, noting that he was drunk in the picture; "He's holding me up...he's ten years old, and he's holding me up," Charlie said. Overcome, he stumbled away from the scrapbook, and told Viki he couldn't revisit the past with her, as he was responsible for Jared's lot in life -- after all those years, "he was still holding me up!"

Viki told Charlie that Jared had loved him, and had been prouder of his father than Charlie thought. "There's only one thing I'm thinking about," Charlie muttered, turning his gaze back to the decanter. He gripped the bottle's neck in his hands, and told Viki that liquor was what had killed his son. Uncapping the bottle and sniffing its contents, he hurled it across the room, smashing it against the fireplace. "Jared died trying to protect a useless old drunk!" he shouted.

Viki attempted to calm him, but Charlie told her that he'd killed a man in front of his son; he'd gone to Valerie's to discuss visitation, and discovered a fancy new skateboard her new husband had bought Jared. The man had been able to care and provide for Jared when Charlie hadn't, and Charlie had hated him for it. Viki reminded him that the incident with Jared's stepfather had been an accident, whereas Mitch was responsible for what had happened in Napa; Jared had been a means to an end, and if Mitch hadn't manipulated Jared and Charlie, he'd have found another way to get to Jessica and Natalie. Viki told Charlie he hadn't intentionally killed Jared's stepfather. Maybe not, Charlie allowed, but he told her that if Brody and John hadn't stopped him, he would have killed Mitch in Napa, stone-cold sober.

Viki begged Charlie not to let Mitch ruin his memories of Jared, and the love he shared with his son. She promised him that Jared was proud to have Charlie as a father. Charlie asked her to give him a moment alone, and as Viki left the room, he wandered over to the fireplace and the shattered mess of glass, picking up the tattered label of the decanter.

Upstairs, Clint got Natalie settled in her bedroom, and gave her a sedative to help her sleep. Natalie noticed Jared's clothes on the dresser, including a blue shirt; picking the shirt up, she grew emotional as she recounted Jared's untidiness around the household. She asked her father if he'd noticed how Jared's shirts always smelled like mint. Jared hadn't liked keeping mints in his pocket, but had done it for Natalie, because she loved the scent. Breaking down in tears, she collapsed in Clint's arms and let him put her to bed, as she still clutched Jared's shirt.

Later, Natalie was roused from sleep by a familiar voice. "Hi, Sparky," Jared said, sitting down beside her, wearing the same shirt Natalie held in her arms. "You won't start a new day without me," he assured her, and promised never to leave her side. Natalie wept as she told him about how she was struggling to remember the last time they'd made love, and so many other memories, so she'd have something to hold onto, but "it's all gone." "It's not," Jared said, kissing her, and Mr. and Mrs. Banks fell onto the bed, making love.

Viki peered into Natalie's room, finding her asleep and alone on her bed. Without a word, she closed the door and went back downstairs.

In the drawing room, Charlie stood alone at the patio door as Viki returned to his side. She pleaded with him to go to bed, but Charlie wanted to wait for Jared's body to be shipped in from Napa. Just then, Clint entered, promising to let them know when the body arrived. Charlie relented and let Viki coax him upstairs.

Bo and Nora arrived outside Llanfair, concerned about facing Clint. They both agreed that it was not the appropriate time to break the news of their forbidden love, and that their official reunion would have to wait until after the family settled down. Summoning their courage, they rang the doorbell, and Clint opened the door.

Viki led Charlie down the upstairs corridor, past Natalie's bedroom, and encouraged him to get some rest. Unbeknownst to them, Natalie's room was empty.

Across town, John awoke from his sleep and found Marty's note: "Glad you're home safe." Hearing a knock at the door, he dressed and opened it to find an ashen Natalie on the other side. She slapped him across the face.

In Seattle, Danielle dragged Téa back to the hospital and Matthew's room, which was suddenly empty except for Rachel. Danielle asked if Matthew had been released already, but Rachel said no, the doctors were only running some tests. Ignoring Téa's entreaties about leaving town, Danielle asked if she could wait for Matthew's return, alone. Rachel agreed to give the teen some space, and led Téa into the waiting area.

In the waiting area, Téa bemoaned Danielle's impossible behavior, and said she had to get them to Puerto Rico before Ross or Todd got wind of their location. Rachel reminded her of her pledge to tell Todd the truth, but Téa explained that Danielle was in no mood to hear it yet, and she still didn't know what Todd would do with the news; she had to prepare Danielle for the possibility of simply having no father at all. Rachel offered to watch Danielle while Téa packed their things for an afternoon flight.

Some time later, Danielle returned to Matthew's room to greet him upon his return from the lab. She asked about his surgery, and Matthew told her everything had gone well. Danielle was pleased, because she had bad news; her mother was taking her away, and she had to say goodbye.

In the waiting area, Greg tried to tempt Rachel away from Matthew's room with the seductive offer of hospital cafeteria lunch. Rachel said she couldn't budge. Across the corridor, the elevator doors opened, and Todd stepped into the waiting area.

Back in Llanview, Blair called the airline to ask when Todd's flight to Seattle had landed.

Téa returned to her hotel room, ready to finish packing for the flight to Puerto Rico, but was surprised to find the room already occupied--by Ross. "Miss me?" he asked her.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Seven Year Mitch

At La Boulaie, Dorian vowed to continue on her vendetta to find the one person responsible for causing her to lose the mayoral election. Blair urged her aunt to "move on," admitting that she herself had the defeatist attitude because that was exactly how she felt. "We are the Cramer women, hear us roar," Blair said sarcastically before she growled weakly. She had good news for Dorian, she admitted. She had probably lost Todd forever but she sent him off to Seattle to see Téa. She had looked at his face before they made love and she could see that he was still in love with Téa.

Blair conceded that she had done everything she could to make Todd forget Téa. "Why did he sleep with her on that island?" she wondered out loud. A confused Dorian asked Blair to clarify her statement. She was astonished to learn that Todd and Téa had a daughter together. Blair admitted that she had known for some time, since the day she had argued with Téa and plunged through the window. She really did lose her memory but Marty had helped her to remember everything and was sworn to secrecy. She knew Téa's child would not be a secret forever. "This Cramer woman is tired of fighting a losing battle," she sighed.

"Suck it up," Dorian ordered her niece. "A Cramer woman doesn't roll over." Blair knew that once Todd saw his daughter, it would be over. She knew how Todd felt about all of his children. Dorian thought that perhaps Téa would be worried that Todd would kidnap Danielle and show up in Llanview with her. She didn't think Todd would smile and say thanks after being kept from his daughter.

Blair wondered if that would really happen. Dorian hoped not and ordered Blair to "cut Todd loose." Blair though, finally admitted what her aunt had known for a long time. She admitted that she loved Todd. "Are you happy now?" she asked her aunt. Dorian was definitely not happy as Blair agreed that things would be easier if she didn't have those feelings.

In Seattle, Téa was shocked when she found Ross waiting in her hotel room. "I've come for my daughter," he told her calmly. Téa denied having any knowledge of Danielle's whereabouts, even when Ross picked up an item of clothing that was definitely not Téa's. He prevented Téa from leaving the room and became louder and more agitated. Calling him on his behavior, Téa expressed her thoughts about Ross one day harming Danielle. Ross swore that he'd never lay a hand on the girl, though Téa noted that Danielle was a teenager and she was difficult to handle at times. Ross noted that Danielle had never treated him badly.

He accused Téa of keeping Danielle away from him to punish him, but Téa insisted that she was just trying to take care of her daughter. Ross picked up on Téa's choice of words and immediately tried to clarify that she meant our daughter, not her daughter. He recounted the many ways he had been a good father, from cutting the cord when Danielle was born to cooking her breakfast. Téa began to cry and told Ross she was sorry. She wanted him to listen to her and quickly made the truth known. She told Ross that he was not Danielle's father. Ross thought that Téa had reached a new low, even for her.

Matthew was disappointed to learn that Danielle had made the decision to leave Seattle to search for her father on her own. She didn't want to go with Téa and she was afraid she'd never see her father again if she didn't look for him. She confessed that her mother had said some evil things about her father losing control of his temper. As far as she was concerned, Ross was a sweet man. She didn't understand why Téa had been saying such negative things about her father, she continued. Matthew confessed that he thought Téa was "cool" at times. Danielle couldn't believe he was talking about her mother.

Matthew and Danielle agreed that they wouldn't forget each other. They had both had lots of fun in the short time they'd known each other. He laughed that he would be surfing the next time she saw him.

Todd arrived at the hospital in search of Téa but he ran into a protective Rachel first. She slammed the door to Matthew's room before Todd could get a look inside. Rachel was evasive in response to Todd's questions regarding Téa. She informed him that Téa had been in Seattle to make sure there were no legal complications pertaining to Matthew's surgery.

Todd did his best to find out who was in the room, where Téa was, and who answered Téa's phone when he called. Rachel insistesd that Téa was not in the room with Matthew and she had no idea where Téa was, or who answered Téa' phone. Todd was sure that Rachel was hiding something and he informed her that she could not stop him from going into Matthew's room. "But I can," Greg announced suddenly as he grabbed Todd's arm.

Citing the many reasons why Matthew could not be disturbed after his surgery, Greg and Rachel convinced Todd that Téa had been at the hospital but had left. Todd was adamant about finding out what the real reason was that he was being kept from Matthew's room. He was sure that they were hiding Téa's location from him. Finally, he admitted that he was worried about his wife, or she was almost his wife, he clarified. She didn't sound right when he heard her on the phone. He thought he had wanted her out of his life, but he was thinking otherwise. Rachel told him that Téa was fine.

She agreed to call Téa, but when she reached Téa's voicemail, she left a long message about Todd showing up at the hospital. As Téa's phone began to ring, Ross looked at her in disbelief. Téa had no choice but to continue, as she told him that she was pregnant when they left the island. She was pregnant with Todd's child. Ross thought she was lying as she explained that she had only had sex with Todd one time, when she had tried to prevent him from leaving the island without Téa and Ross.

She assured Ross that she was committed to him during the time they were married and she didn't even know she was pregnant when they married. She had proof of Danielle's real father, though, as she had a DNA test run when she returned to Llanview. Todd and Danielle were a match.

Bo and Nora arrived back in Llanview and headed straight for Llanfair. "Thank God you're both here," Clint exclaimed when he saw them. He filled them in on what had happened at the greenhouse in Napa and how Charlie had been pulled off of Mitch. He acknowledged that Charlie was overcome with grief over Jared's death. Bo explained that the Napa police had jurisdiction over Mitch since they didn't have proof that he had actually committed any of the recent crimes in Llanview.

Bo and Nora were unaware and shocked to hear about the removal of Nash's remains from his grave. Their shock intensified when Clint told them that Jessica saw those remains in Napa. Talk turned to Matthew and his surgery. The happy parents advised Clint that doctors were optimistic that Matthew would walk some day. They were back in Llanview at Matthew's urging, they shared. Clint thought that Bo and Nora had done a great job of raising their son, and he was extremely happy that his wife and his brother were back in town. He told them both how much he loved them, as he headed upstairs to check on Natalie. Smiles frozen on their faces, Bo and Nora waited until Clint was out of the room to let their guards down.

They both felt guilty. "He needs me," Nora told Bo, referring to Clint. Swiftly, Clint ran back into the room proclaiming that Natalie's room was empty. He was frantic and asked Bo to begin a search. He was afraid that Natalie could be in danger if Mitch was released from jail.

At John's place, he opened his door to find Natalie standing there. She walked in and slapped him, yelling that her husband was dead because of John. Crying and raging, Natalie reminded him that she had told him that Jared was innocent and that he had been chasing the wrong guy. "You made me doubt my husband," she shouted. She quickly shot down John's brief apology, wondering if that meant everything was okay. She added that Jared had depended on her and he thought she trusted him. She had let him down because of John. She broke her husband's heart, she concluded, as she walked to John and began to beat on him, hysterically. He pulled her close.

Natalie pulled away, berating John for giving her his usual silent treatment. She wanted to know that there was nothing else he could have done. John conceded that he should have been aware that Mitch was still around. As if he didn't know, Natalie informed John that Jared had been trying to protect his father. She added that there would be no next time for Jared to go to her first before taking action. He died right in front of her, she said before she began to sob once more. John pulled her to him again, stroking her hair and putting his arms around her.

In Napa, Jessica and Brody, walking slowly, headed to Mitch's jail cell. "Jessica, I knew you'd come. Where's Natalie?" Mitch said in greeting. Jessica advised him that Natalie had accompanied her husband's body back to Llanview. Disrespectful as always, Mitch concluded that perhaps Jared would be able to take Nash's place in the family burial ground. Gasping, Jessica informed him that he was the one that deserved to be six feet under.

She wanted to know why Mitch had perpetrated all of his crimes on her family members. "You might experience heaven with me," he explained. Brody advised Jessica that Mitch was only going to play with her. Mitch told Jessica he forgave her for trying to kill him, when she had been consumed with guilt. Mitch insisted that he knew that part of Jessica loved him. "Make up your own reality, Mitch, not mine" she retorted. Goading her, Mitch responded that Jessica was fragile when she was herself but she wasn't always herself.

"Back off," Brody yelled as he turned to look at Jessica. He knew that she was trying to find something human in Mitch, but she wouldn't, he consoled her. Mitch interjected that Brody didn't know anything about him but knew about insanity. He hoped that he didn't touch a nerve with Brody, Mitch said quietly, in a ploy to appease him. Jessica insisted that Brody was a hero, as Mitch mentioned the details involving Brody's kidnapping of Shane. "That's all you got?" Brody retorted. He was happy that he met Jessica at St. Anne's after that incident, he informed Mitch. He and Jessica had their souls, but Mitch was a "soulless bastard" who cared about no one but himself.

Mitch insisted that he loved his daughter and he was in her blood. Without a moment's delay, Jessica snapped that she would drain his blood out of her if she could. Smugly, Mitch promised her that they would be together some time, in this world or the next. Jessica had hoped to understand Mitch, she sighed. He asked if she would forgive him if he apologized. "Don't contact me, ever," Jessica ordered Mitch. She didn't want him anywhere near her family members. Stepping close to the cell, Brody advised Mitch that Brody would kill him if he ever went close to the family. Mitch yelled that he would always be Jessica's father and part of her, "now and forever."

John placed a call to Clint to let him know that Natalie was with him. Heaving a sigh of relief, Clint pleaded, "Don't let her out of your sight." John promised that he would keep an eye on Natalie. Bo and Nora assured Clint that they would help him to get through the upcoming tough times. Nora agreed to stay at Llanfair with Clint, who wanted to be there if Viki and Charlie awoke and discovered that Natalie was missing. She walked Bo to the front door and they both expressed their love for each other. Nora knew that Clint needed her and Bo understood. He knew that they would get through it.

John poured Natalie a drink. She apologized for hitting him and blaming him for Jared's death. She knew that it was herself she had to blame, she continued. She did her best to throw John off of Jared's trail and she should have let him know what was happening when she got to Napa. She was afraid that John was right about Jared being guilty and it clouded her thinking. She was the one who got Jared killed, she concluded. Sinking to the floor, she began to sob again. John joined her on the floor, trying to comfort her. He insisted that she was not the one to blame. Mitch "played" everyone, he told her.

Sitting on the couch sipping her drink, Natalie quietly confessed that she was unable to return home, especially to the bedroom that she had shared with Jared. She felt his presence there, still. John told her that she would be able to stay with him for as long as she needed to. She leaned over and laid her head down in his lap.

Todd continued to wonder who was behind the door of the hospital room and began to yell for Téa. Suddenly, Danielle walked out. "Who are you?" he asked. Danielle told him that he needed to be quiet, because they were in a hospital.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Who's your Daddy?

Inside John's apartment, Natalie vowed to return to Napa and cause harm to Mitch Laurence. Insisting that Natalie needed to focus on her family and find a way to say goodbye to Jared, John pleaded with Natalie not to allow Mitch to ruin her life.

Inside his cell at a jail in Napa, Mitch smiled as he spied the gun inside a guard's holster. Mitch asked the guard for a Bible. Sliding the Bible through the bars, the guard suggested that Mitch pray for a miracle. With a sly grin, Mitch replied, "Friend, that's exactly what I'm going to do."

Afterward, Mitch read passages from the Bible and occasionally called out, "Father, take me out of this prison so I can praise your name!"

At the cottage, Rex answered the phone but the caller hung up after hearing Rex's voice. Unbeknownst to Rex, the caller was Schuyler. Later, Gigi listened as Rex expressed resentment over learning that Mitch Laurence was his birth father. Gigi reminded Rex that things could be worse -- he could be romantically involved with Stacy. Gigi's words caused Rex to shudder as he thought about raising a child with Stacy. Apologizing for allowing Corrine to lead him on a wild goose chase and causing him to abandon Gigi, Rex promised that he would never leave her again. Recalling that he had promised to check on Natalie, Rex phoned John to get an update on the situation in Napa.

Rex was shocked when John informed him that Jared had been murdered, and that Natalie was in a terrible state. Gigi insisted that Rex rush over to John's apartment and offer Natalie his support. Once Rex had left the cottage, Schuyler appeared on Gigi's doorstep, and announced that he had waited for Rex to leave. A guilty Gigi asked Schuyler to leave, but Schuyler informed her that Stacy and Kim had overheard Roxy state that Gigi had stayed overnight in Schuyler's apartment.

At Rex's loft, Kim helped Stacy affix padding to Stacy's flat stomach. Kim related that she had stolen the padding from a maternity ward. She was convinced that the enhancement would help trick Rex into believing that Stacy was farther along in her pregnancy. As the ladies finally managed to properly place the padding inside Stacy's clothing, Roxy barged into the loft and demanded to know why Stacy had summoned Roxy.

A cocky Stacy said that she had a job for Roxy . Stacy instructed Roxy to tell Rex that she had spotted Gigi leaving Schuyler's apartment. Stacy threatened to reveal the identity of Roxy's mystery donor, unless Roxy carried out Stacy's orders. With a smirk, Roxy related that Rex had learned the identity of the donor and advised Stacy that she no longer had anything to hold over Roxy's head. Insisting that Schuyler and Gigi's relationship was innocent, Roxy glared at Stacy and stated, "Rex will never let a scammer like you raise his child. You remind him too much of his mother."

Back at the cottage, Gigi panicked upon learning that Stacy and Kim were aware of the night she had spent inside Schuyler's apartment. Gigi was certain that Stacy and Kim would tell Rex about their discovery. Gigi regretted that she hadn't been honest with Rex. Instantly, Gigi began to feel guilty about focusing on her own problems and expressed concern over Jared. As Rex attempted to comfort Gigi, Roxy entered the cottage and attacked him. Roxy accused Schuyler of chasing after Gigi. After calming Roxy, Schuyler stated that he had warned Gigi about Stacy and Kim. A frustrated Roxy announced, "They're not wasting any time!"

Roxy pleaded with Gigi to tell Rex the truth before Stacy interfered. Gigi promised to tell Rex the truth once he returned from his visit with Natalie. Realizing that Roxy was unaware of Jared's death, Gigi told Roxy that Rex had gone to John's apartment to be by Natalie's side. When Roxy learned that Natalie was in trouble and that Rex might encounter Stacy at the hotel, Roxy raced off to find her children.

Afterward, Schuyler urged Gigi to avoid telling Rex about their night together. Consumed with guilt, Gigi thought she should confess the truth to Rex before Stacy caused a problem. Reminding Gigi that they hadn't done anything wrong, Schuyler believed that he could convince Stacy to keep quiet. Once Schuyler had left, Gigi stared at a photo of her and Rex during happier times.

Back at John's apartment, Natalie thanked John for being a good friend and promised not to travel to Napa to avenge Jared's death. As Natalie discussed making arrangements for Jared, Rex arrived and Natalie cried in her brother's arms. While Rex consoled Natalie, John left the siblings alone.

Rex listened as Natalie detailed the events that had led to Jared's murder. Rex was shocked to learn that Mitch Laurence was alive and had killed Jared. Rex reminded Natalie that Mitch was dead. Relating that Mitch had lured both her and Jessica to Napa, Natalie informed Rex that Mitch was alive and well. A look of horror crossed Roxy's face as she entered the apartment and heard Natalie's announcement.

At Rex's loft, Stacy and Kim devised a plan. The friends decided to plant a pair of Gigi's underwear inside Schuyler's apartment and lead Rex to the evidence. Stacy was certain that Schuyler would realize that they were the culprits. As the women continued to discuss possible strategies, Kim helped Stacy, who was having a difficult time, remove her padding. At that moment, Schuyler burst into the loft and discovered Stacy's secret -- a padded stomach.

Back at the jail in Napa, the guard announced that Mitch had a visitor. Standing to his feet, Mitch greeted his visitor. Smiling at the unknown person, Mitch boasted to the guard that God had heard and answered his prayer.

At the Seattle hospital, Todd encountered Danielle outside of Matthew's room. Unaware of the other person's identity, both Todd and Danielle rubbed each other the wrong way, and began hurling insults at one another. Meanwhile, Rachel stepped away and placed a call to Téa. Upon receiving Téa's voicemail, a panicked Rachel whispered into the phone, "Téa please call me back, Todd is talking to his daughter right now!"

Todd was convinced that Rachel and Greg were hiding something from him, and he was determined to gain entry into Matthew's room. Danielle warned Todd to step away from the door, but Todd smirked and informed the teen that she didn't know who she was talking to. As Rachel and Greg tried to lure Todd away from the door, Todd and Danielle continued to argue like archenemies. Rachel tried to separate the two, but Todd refused to leave the hospital until he uncovered Téa's secret.

Fed up with Todd's antics, Danielle demanded to know her mother's whereabouts. Todd listened as Rachel promised to locate Danielle's mother. As Rachel ushered Todd from Matthew's door, Danielle asked Greg about Todd. Danielle confided in Greg that Todd frightened her. When Greg announced that he was going to call security to remove Todd from the premises, Todd stated, "Call security and find out where Téa is!" Danielle demanded to know why Todd was looking for her mother. Todd was stunned when Danielle related that Téa was his mother.

A shocked Todd asked, "Are you saying my Téa is your mother? If Téa is your mom, who's your dad?" As Danielle stared at Todd in disbelief, Rachel did her best to usher Todd away. Todd continued to badger Danielle, and began to demand her date of birth. When Todd remarked that Téa was his wife, Danielle informed Todd that Téa was married to her father. An aggravated Todd demanded to know the name of Danielle's father. Danielle proudly announced that her father was Ross Rayburn.

Inside Téa's hotel room in Seattle, Téa presented Ross with the DNA test that listed Todd as Danielle's father. Tears streamed down Ross's face as Téa declared, "You're not Danielle's father, Todd is!" Meanwhile, Téa's cell phone rang. Convinced that the document was a forgery, Ross informed Téa that he wouldn't allow her to keep him from his daughter. When Téa offered to provide Ross the opportunity to conduct his own DNA test, Ross demanded to know the location of his daughter. Téa feared that Ross might harm Danielle once he realized that she was Todd's daughter. Realizing that it would be difficult to convince Ross of the truth, Téa informed Ross that Danielle was with a friend, and agreed to phone the friend and make arrangements to conduct another paternity test.

As Téa attempted to phone Rachel, she noticed that she had a voicemail. Retrieving her voicemail, Téa panicked when she heard Rachel's message concerning Todd and Danielle. Realizing that something was wrong, Ross snatched Téa's phone. A look of horror crossed his face as he listened to Rachel's message. Convinced that Todd was feeding Danielle lies about him, Ross ordered Téa to take him to Danielle. Insisting that he was taking his daughter back to Tahiti, Ross told Téa that she was welcome to tag along. As a frantic Ross began to pack Danielle's clothes, Téa attempted to calm him and offered to allow him visitation. Refusing to lose his daughter, Ross warned Téa that she would be sorry.

Todd threatened to tell Danielle awful things about Ross unless Rachel revealed Téa's whereabouts. Promising not to harm Téa , Todd insisted that he just wanted to talk to Téa. Rachel informed Todd that he could locate Téa at the hotel across the street.

Meanwhile, inside Téa's hotel room, Téa attempted to escape from the room, but Ross forced her back inside. As a terrified Téa screamed, Ross viciously beat her.

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