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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of November 16, 2009 on ATWT
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Monday, November 16, 2009

Teri brought a sausage pizza casserole to the farm for Liberty, but Janet told her sister that Liberty would not eat sausage since she saw a documentary on how it was made. She also told Teri that Liberty was at the library writing her college essay. Teri apologized again for not realizing how evil Ralph Manzo was, but she still blamed Dusty for letting Ralph escape from Metro. Janet said that Dusty had Ralph all set up for the cops to grab when Teri screwed things up at the Lakeview. Teri was upset and went to the door, but Janet relented and said that if she wanted to please Liberty's palate, she should make something with mushrooms.

Liberty, however, was nowhere near the library. Instead, she walked into Yo's and asked the bartender to serve her a gin and tonic. The bartender asked for the girl's identification, but it didn't fool him. He picked up the phone and began dialing the Oakdale Police Department when Dusty walked in. Dusty told the bartender that Liberty was with him, and he offered her a ride home. Liberty said she was procrastinating writing her college essay because she had totally messed up her senior year. She had accomplished nothing of note, so consequently she had nothing to write about.

Dusty suggested that Liberty write about the pain of losing her father. He said he knew what that felt like, and he thought it would make a meaningful essay. He finally talked Liberty into letting him take her home, and when they got to the farm, Dusty told Janet that he had run into her daughter at the library. Liberty confessed, however, and said that she had been at Yo's trying to buy a drink. She explained how the bartender had been calling the police when Dusty had arrived and saved her.

Liberty went inside to begin writing, as Janet and Dusty talked out on the porch. Janet got melancholy about Brad's death, the loss of Liberty's baby, and an absent Jack; so Dusty gave her a big hug. Then Dusty asked if there was anything he could do around the farm to help, but Janet said that Holden dropped in every day to take care of those things. Dusty left, and Janet went inside to find Liberty typing on her laptop.

Liberty finally finished her essay, and she took it out on the porch to read it to Janet. Janet wept with pride at her daughter's poignant words, and Liberty said that Dusty had suggested that she just be real and write about where she was in her life as she looked forward to her college experience.

Dusty returned to the Lakeview and grabbed his mail from the front desk. Teri walked by and noticed that Dusty also had received a subpoena to testify at Ralph's trial. She asked him why he had not told her that he was planning to turn Ralph in to the cops, and then she handed him the casserole as a peace offering. Dusty invited Teri to watch him eat it, so she sat with him in the lounge. They discussed their testimony as Dusty shoveled in the casserole.

Finally Dusty asked what the ingredients were in the dish, and Teri listed them all, including fennel. Dusty was horrified and said if he had ingested fennel, in about ten minutes he would not be able to breathe. They dashed for Dusty's room, and he told her where to find the antidote. Dusty demanded that Teri jab him in the thigh with the syringe, which she did. Suddenly Dusty began to breathe easier, and within minutes, he began to recover. Teri made sure he was all right and made a fast exit.

In Damian's suite, Meg hid in the bathroom and listened to the conversation between Lily and Damian. Lily was frantic that Holden was trying to take the children away from her, so she asked Damian to move back into the house with her and the kids. Damian asked if she was asking him to put on a show for Holden or if they were they beginning their new life together. Lily answered, "Both," as Meg looked disgusted in her hiding place. Damian could hardly wait to accept Lily's offer, and they hugged.

Meg walked out of the bathroom, but only Damian could see her. He looked daggers at her, but Meg just smiled and retreated back into the bathroom. Damian was worried that Lily's kids would not accept him, but Lily assured him that everything would be fine.

At the site of his film shoot, Noah took a bad fall from a ladder while he was rigging some pyrotechnics. Noah hit his head when he landed, plus his face was badly burned from the fireworks. Luke rushed to him and called 9-1-1, as he tried to rouse an unconscious Noah. The EMTs arrived, along with Holden, but the paramedics could not get a pulse and immediately began CPR.

The paramedics transported Noah to Memorial and took him into an exam room, telling a frantic Luke to wait outside. The nurse asked Luke for Noah's insurance information, but Luke did not know it. Luke was also worried about all of Noah's filming equipment, so he volunteered to go look for it. When the nurse left, Luke confided to Holden that he didn't even know if Noah had any insurance. He said Noah's only relative was an aunt with whom he had no contact.

Lily left Damian's suite, and her phone rang as she stepped from the elevator. The caller was Holden, who told her that Noah had been badly hurt on his shoot and that Luke was with him. Lily promised to go to the hospital right away, but instead, she returned to the elevator. In Damian's room, he was in the middle of accusing Meg of breaking into his room, but Meg countered with the threat from Officer Grady and the DNA test results. Suddenly Lily knocked on the door again, so Meg returned to the bathroom. Damian answered the door and Lily explained that Noah was in the hospital with serious injuries. Damian said he would accompany Lily to Memorial.

At Memorial, Mason showed up and accused Luke and his "daddy" of getting Mason fired. Mason taunted Luke until Luke took a swing at him and broke Mason's nose. Damian arrived then and grabbed Luke, subduing him, and then he chased Mason away . Luke told his father that Noah had gotten hurt because they had been fighting, and Noah was not concentrating on what he was doing while hooking up the fireworks. Luke said Noah was upset that the dean had fired his mentor, but Luke felt some blame because he had given the incriminating DVD to Damian.

The doctor emerged from Noah's room and explained that Noah needed immediate surgery to relieve cranial pressure. If they did not operate soon, there was a chance that the young man would lose his sight. The doctor asked who Noah's closes t relative was, and he made it clear that a partner did not count. Luke was panicked that, even though Damian guaranteed to hold the hospital blameless, the doctor would not operate to save Noah's sight. Luke ran out and returned to the site of the accident. He picked up Noah's phone and left a message for Noah's aunt to call back as soon as possible.

Lily and Holden talked privately at the hospital, and Lily said that she needed to find Luke and tell him that she was there. She also mentioned Damian, but Holden was not eager to have his nemesis there. In fact, Holden said that Damian was responsible for Noah's accident in the first place by getting Noah's advisor fired for inappropriate conduct. Holden said that Mason had planted a kiss on Noah, and Lily said that sounded like grounds for dismissal to her. Holden then explained how Damian had gone behind Luke's back and given the incriminating DVD to the d ean. Holden said he never wanted Damian around his kids.

Damian offered to have his lawyers draw up a waiver that would indemnify the hospital, but then he spotted Meg in her hospital scrubs. He went outside to talk with her, as Luke continued to beg the doctor to save Noah's sight. Damian yelled at Meg that he had no time for her, and Meg understood, but she said she was actually on duty and taking care of Noah. Then Meg grabbed Damian's arm and in a threatening whisper she announced that his moving back in with Lily was a bad idea. She brought up Officer Grady again with a smile.

The doctor finally told Luke that the best thing he could do for his partner was to find his aunt and get her permission for the surgery. Luke had no confidence that the woman would even call him back.

Damian, Lily, and Holden gathered outside Noah's room, and Lily said that Luke had disappeared. Holden challenged Damian about blindsiding Mason, but Damian said he did not regret it. Holden accused Damian of causing everything that had happened to Luke and Noah by taking what Luke had told him in confidence and manipulating it for his own purposes. Luke ran in and asked about Noah. Holden assured his son that they would take care of whatever Noah needed, even if he had no insurance. Luke said that was not the major issue since the doctor would not operate without permission from Noah's only living relative.

Meg approached and invited Luke to go in for a minute with Noah. Luke walked in and talked to his boyfriend, begging his forgiveness. Meg left them alone, but soon Mason peeked in the room through the glass. Luke went outside, and Mason threatened to sue Luke for breaking his nose, and then he said he was going to sue Damian. Mason said that no matter what Luke threatened in return, Luke would have to live with what he had caused for the rest of his life.

Holden spoke with Meg about Damian, while Lily and Damian waited for the phone call from Noah's aunt. Damian suddenly suggested that they give Noah "some more family," and he said to Lily, "Let's adopt him."

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Carly sat in a bar in Greenville, South Carolina, and ordered another drink. Suddenly, Craig appeared at her side, asking "what the hell" she was doing. Next he asked how many drinks she had already imbibed, and when Carly answered, "three," Craig went ballistic. Carly laughed and said that she was only drinking seltzer water. Carly further said that Craig had given up the right to weigh in on her life decisions when he slept with her sister. When Carly refused to leave with him, he agreed to go to her hotel room with her.

In Carly's room, Craig said that he was very worried about her and her wild goose chase. Carly finally got Craig to admit that he had a guilty conscience about being in a hotel with her, but he claimed that he and Rosanna had complete trust in one another. Carly called Craig "an equal opportunity liar" and challenged him to call Rosanna and tell her that they were alone in a hotel room Craig apologized yet again for not seeing that Carly had been on a downward spiral with her drinking, so she asked him to respect her enough to leave her alone.

Craig went to the door, but noticed an empty booze bottle from the mini-bar in Carly's waste basket. Carly said she had wanted to drink it badly, but instead she had dumped it out and called her sponsor. Craig cleaned out the rest of the liquor in the mini-bar, but he handed her the chocolate. Carly thanked him, and they sat on the bed and devoured the candy, as Carly voiced her fear that Jack was unraveling.

Carly told Craig that Jack was on a quest to find someone for Katie to love, since Brad was gone. Carly felt that she owed Brad for all the times that he had picked up the pieces for her. Craig answered his phone, and the caller was Rosanna. He told her that he was in South Carolina with Carly, but he did not want her to worry. Rosanna stayed calm, and after Craig hung up, Carly urged him to go home to her sister.

Back home, Rosanna visited Emma at the farm and offered to help with chores. She told Emma how much she had enjoyed working on the co-op, and then she worked her way around to asking if Emma had heard about Rosanna and Craig. Emma had, and she said she hoped Rosanna knew what she was doing. The two women talked some more, and Rosanna voiced her concern that Carly might resume her drinking habit.

Craig returned to the Lakeview bearing flowers for Rosanna. They kissed, and Rosanna said that while he was gone, Rosanna had talked with Emma. She asked Craig why they didn't get married right away, and Craig flashed back to when his hand had touched Carly earlier in the day, and he had felt an electric shock. Craig then told Rosanna that he thought it was a good idea for them to marry soon.

At the hospital, Luke attempted to comfort an unresponsive Noah. Meg and Holden joined Luke, who agonized over not hearing from Noah's aunt, who was the only person who could give consent for the young man's surgery. Dr. Bob walked in and vouched for the surgeon who would perform the operation as soon as they got the word from the aunt.

In the hall, Lily questioned whether they could legally adopt someone as old as Noah. She gave Damian permission to get the paperwork started, as Holden informed them that Noah was running out of time. Damian suggested that he call his lawyer, so he left to make the contact. Holden was of the opinion that Luke should be consulted about the adoption instead of letting Damian continue to make all the decisions. Luke walked up and told Holden to back off.

Damian instructed his attorney to bring the adoption papers to the front desk at Memorial. Meg approached and asked if Damian had thought through the consequences of what he was doing. She cautioned that Noah's recovery from a traumatic brain injury would take a terrible toll on the family, but Damian said that Noah was already part of the family. Meg brought up Damian's marrying Lily when he knew the chances were good that Holden was still alive, and Damian responded by yelling at her to accept his choices and leave him alone.

Luke readily agreed to the adoption, much to Holden's chagrin. Bob said they had to begin the surgery right away, but he still needed legal consent. Damian spoke up and said that he and Lily were in the process of adopting Noah, and they gave their consent. Bob thought about it for a while and then reluctantly agreed to send Noah to the operating room if they all kept it a secret until the papers arrived. Meg took Damian aside in an exam room and apologized for offending him earlier. Then she stepped up and kissed him hard, as orderlies wheeled Noah away on a gurney.

In New York City, Jack pretended to be a government agent and got into the CBS building. He met up with Lonnie, the station's weathercaster, and asked for help. Jack said he had heard that one of their reporters had done a story about the notorious art thief, Simon Frasier, recently. He asked to speak to that reporter, but the weatherman said the reporter was busy at that moment. Jack began to prowl the studio on his own, and he walked into an office where he surprised an underwear-clad woman who turned out to be Molly Conlon from Oakdale.

While Molly covered herself with her dress, Jack asked "who" she was doing. A flustered Molly had obviously been having a romp, and she confessed that her lover was married, but that was going to change soon. Lonnie joined them and warned Molly that her lover was "no good." Molly told Jack that she was the noon news anchor at the station, and she asked why he was in New York. Jack said that he had heard that Molly was investigating an art theft that might involve Simon Frasier, and he asked her for help.

Molly took Jack to a room where she showed him a grainy video of a man removing a painting from a wall. Molly was convinced that the man was Simon, although they could not see his face. Molly then dragged Jack down the street to a press conference called by New York Congressman Silas Whitman. Molly was excited and said that the congressman was going to make a "bombshell" announcement any minute. Jack realized that Whitman was Molly's secret lover, and she admitted as much.

Molly also said that Whitman was going to announce his retirement from public life so that he could divorce his wife and marry Molly. The congressman stepped to the microphone and said he wanted to invite a "special lady" to join him at the podium, and Molly was ecstatic. Then, however, the congressman's wife and two children joined him instead, and he announced his candidacy for the governor's seat. Molly dissolved in tears, and then she swore to get even.

The press conference was ending when Molly regained some of her composure and called out to the congressman. She asked where he had been just prior to his press conference, and Whitman looked worried. Jack pulled Molly away and marched her down the street to the CBS studio. He said goodbye to her and said he was off to Pittsburgh, where there had been a possible Simon sighting. The two of them hugged, and Molly put herself together to do the noon news.

On the newscast, Lonnie finished his weather segment and handed off to Molly. Jack sneaked back into the studio because he was worried about his friend, and he was just in time to see Molly rant that Congressman Whitman had been having a torrid affair with a local newscaster -- her. Molly called him "a liar, a cheat, and a hypocrite of the worst kind." The producer raced through the door and cut to a commercial. Then he walked up to Molly, fired her on the spot, and demanded that she leave the set.

Jack watched the producer fire Molly, so he placed a call to Carly and informed her that her cousin Molly was in big trouble in New York. He said Molly needed help right away, and Carly said she was on her way.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

At Java, Hunter hovered over Maddie, who was on her laptop playing her fantasy game. Finally she made him sit across from her, and he complimented her on how rapidly her avatar had caught his. Maddie boasted that it had been one of her character's easiest captures, and Hunter confessed that his avatar had "wanted to be caught" because their two avatars were "totally into each other." Maddie reminded Hunter that they were only role-playing and that had nothing to do with the two of them personally.

Alison and Casey met by chance in Old Town, and Alison asked if Maddie had gotten into Oakdale University. Casey said yes, and then asked if Alison was dating the guy he had seen her with the other day. Alison knew that Casey meant Mick, and she asked if he cared. Casey chalked it up to "morbid curiosity," as Maddie walked out of Java. Casey invited Maddie back to his house, and Alison went into the coffee shop.

Alison noticed Hunter at a table and remarked that he looked terrible. He complained that he was completely striking out with Maddie. Alison got upset when Hunter mentioned wooing Maddie so that Alison could get back with Casey. Suddenly Alison realized that it had most likely been Emily who put that idea in Hunter's head, and she vowed to kill her sister. Hunter apologized, and Alison said that she was already in a grumpy mood because of Casey and Maddie.

Casey and Maddie went to his house, and Casey teased her about playing fantasy games on the computer. Maddie defended her hobby as an escape, but Casey said he liked to escape in different ways. They began kissing, but Casey called a halt soon afterward. He said that he was worried that his folks might walk in on them, so Maddie suggested that Casey think about getting his own place. Casey said he couldn't afford that because he didn't have a job, so Maddie told him to get one. She suggested that she could be his roommate and that way they could split the rent.

At the Lakeview, Paul and Emily waited for Mick and discussed their pending business venture with him. Paul was having second thoughts, but Emily was very excited, and Paul said how much he enjoyed seeing his wife happy again. At the front desk, Barbara literally bumped into Mick, who said that he was looking forward to working with Paul and Emily on their "Reclamation of Youth" project. Barbara was immediately skeptical and asked for a couple of minutes alone with her son before Mick joined them.

Barbara marched up to Paul and Emily and hurled out the challenge that if James's inheritance was burning such a colossal hole in Paul's pocket, he should just set it all on fire and be done with it. Emily was so enthused about the project that she shared with Barbara her hopes for changing mankind. Mick approached then and offered to give Barbara a demonstration of his product. He asked if she would we willing to let him apply an ointment to her face, which she allowed him to do, as he explained all about cellular rejuvenation.

Mick asked if Barbara would be interested in volunteering for the clinical trial on the product, but Paul stepped up then and said that Barbara was "not a good fit" for clinical trials because of her own health issues. Mick stated that cell rejuvenation was a natural preventative against cancer, but Barbara was disturbed and asked how Mick knew that she had cancer. He took her aside and mentioned that she was at an age when many women were interested in whatever would make younger lovers stick around longer.

Mick was continuing to explain the good points of his discovery when suddenly he turned his back and gave a huge sneeze. Suddenly blood was all over his face, so he covered it with his handkerchief and called back to Barbara that he had just remembered an appointment. He asked her to tell Paul and Emily to reschedule their lunch meeting.

Paul, Emily, and Barbara sat at the Lakeview bar, and Emily told her mother-in-law to go ahead and blast her about wasting Paul's inheritance on a crazy scheme. Barbara, however, said that she had decided to support them in their decision to invest with Mick. She was also willing to go into the clinical trial. Paul spoke up and questioned his mother's sudden willingness to be a "personal guinea pig," but her response was that Mick had shared his rejuvenation cream with her so that she would trust his principles.

She did say, however, that if Mick turned out to be "full of it," she would have his head on a platter.

Mick showed up at Memorial with his bloody nose, and Alison spotted him. She put him in an exam room and went to find a resident. She came back without a doctor, but she treated him with packing and an ice bag. She began to search again for a resident, but she ran into Casey in the hall. He said that he had heard that the hospital had lifted its hiring freeze and he wanted his old job back. Casey and Mick stared at each other through the window in the exam room, as Alison resumed her hunt for a doctor.

Alison returned empty-handed again, but she discovered that the bleeding had stopped. Mick wanted to leave without seeing a doctor, and he promised her that he was okay. Alison warned him that the amount of bleeding could mean nothing, but it could also be a symptom of something more serious. Mick said he had to go, and he walked out.

Maddie and Casey ran into each other again in the diner. He told her that he had filled out the paperwork for his old job, but Maddie didn't understand why he went to all that trouble. She wondered why Casey hadn't just asked his grandfather, the chief of staff, for his old job back, but Casey said he didn't like to take shortcuts. Then Maddie asked him to spend the night with her, since Henry would be gone, but Casey put her off by saying "another time." He gave Maddie a perfunctory kiss and promised to call her the next day.

Maddie sat down in the diner and opened her computer. She signed on to her game as "Ladyhawke," and in Java, Hunter saw her avatar appear, and he grinned. He told "Ladyhawke" that "Leonidas" had been waiting for her.

In New York at the CBS Broadcast Center, Molly Conlon tearfully packed up her belongings as Jack supervised. Jack was concerned that Molly's former lover, Silas Whitman, was a powerful man who might have some payback in mind for Molly's stunt of outing him on the noon news. Molly said goodbye to the weathercaster, Lonnie, and she and Jack left the building. They went outside and Molly picked up a newspaper and read the sordid details of the incident, including a direct quote from the congressman who stated that Molly was "in the midst of a psychotic break." Jack hurried Molly to her car and climbed into the driver's seat. As they pulled away from the curb, they just missed seeing Carly, who was entering the CBS building at that moment .

Carly asked at the front desk for Molly, but the receptionist snickered and said that Molly no longer worked there. He explained that Molly had been fired that day during the noon news. Molly's producer walked up and overheard Carly say that she was Molly's cousin. He offered to show her the tape of the news so that she would understand exactly why her cousin had been canned. Carly understood everything while she watched the tape, but then she wondered how she would locate Molly.

As he drove Molly's car, Jack explained about Brad's death, and Molly was shocked. The next time Jack stepped on the brake, however, his foot went to the floor and the car did not slow. Jack did some creative steering and used the emergency brake to bring the car to a safe stop at a curb. Molly yelled, "What the hell happened?" Jack examined the brake line and found it dry as a bone. He explained that someone had messed with it, and he suggested that it was "Congressman Blowhard."

Jack wanted to know if Molly had any friends in the local police precinct, and she mentioned a "Joe." The two of them walked to the station house, and Molly introduced Jack to her friend, Joe. Jack told Joe that he believed that Silas Whitman had drained Molly's brake line to frighten her into silence, and he asked for Joe's help in proving it. Joe arranged for the car to be towed and made safe, and he confirmed that Jack's explanation was correct. He fitted Molly with a wire, and he and Jack both wore earpieces. The c ongressman emerged from his office, and the cops sent Molly out to confront him.

Molly ran up to Whitman and yelled that she at least deserved a conversation from him after all they had shared. She invited him to get in her car and take a drive with her, but the congressman declined. He appeared reluctant to even get into the car, but Molly wasn't about to give up. She inched him over to the car at the curb when suddenly someone yelled "Molly," and Carly hurled herself into her cousin's arms. Molly was stunned and tried to get her cousin to back off for a minute. Carly took a good look at the congressman and realized who he was, just as Jack dashed up and swept Carly away.

Molly returned her attention to Whitman and told him to just get in the car or she would scream bloody murder. Whitman agreed to that, but he said he definitely did not want to drive anywhere in the car. Meanwhile, Jack pushed Carly behind some pillars where Joe was hiding and listening, and he told her that she had interrupted a sting operation.

In Molly's car, the congressman got very nervous when Molly started the engine. He stopped her from putting it in gear, however, and said that he had arranged for someone to tamper with her brakes to scare her. Molly unlocked the car at that point, and told him to get out. When he stepped to the curb, Jack and Joe grabbed him. Joe placed Whitman under arrest and recited the congressman's Miranda rights.

Carly ran out and hugged Molly, and Jack took the two women for coffee. Molly was very grateful to Jack for his help, and she mentioned that he could get on with his search for Simon Frasier. That stopped Carly cold, and when Molly excused herself to "have a private meltdown," Carly asked Jack to catch her up. She also begged him to return to Oakdale and his family, but Jack said he had to find Simon for Katie. Carly called Jack crazy to think that Simon or Mike or anyone could replace Brad.

Jack advised Carly to save her breath because he was on a mission. Carly declared that if Jack was "going on the road," she was going along. Jack asked her to stay in New York for a few days with Molly, but Carly continued to urge Jack to go home so that she could stay. When Jack got even more stubborn, Carly reminded him that she had been on the run with Simon, and she knew how he moved around. Jack said he was going alone, and he walked out.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The spirit of Brad popped into his old house, and he watched his beloved Katie setting the breakfast table for two. He watched her fuss over the coffee and Danish, and then the doorbell rang. The visitor was Margo, who was just checking up on her baby sister, and she was disappointed that baby Jacob was asleep. She did check out Katie's new alarm system, which Margo had insisted that Katie install because of Ralph Manzo's impending trial. Margo noticed the breakfast for two, just as a man arrived at the door.

"Brad" was stunned to see the man enter, and Brad groaned that "grass wasn't even growing" on his grave yet, and Katie already had a date. He was mistaken, however, and Katie introduced Margo to Tom Jones, a psychic who was going to do a sťance. Brad changed his ethereal mind in a hurry and was delighted that he might get to talk with Katie again.

Margo asked to speak privately with Katie, and they went into the bedroom. Margo wanted to know what Katie was doing, so her sister explained that she had been experiencing weird sensations, and she was worried that Brad was trying to contact her. Katie claimed the psychic was highly recommended, and she was determined to go through with it. Tom called out from the living room that he was getting "a powerful vibration," but he cautioned Katie that he could not work if there were any "doubters" in the room, and he glared at Margo. Margo took the hint and said her goodbyes, and then Tom asked Katie for cash up-front.

Brad tried to make his presence known to the psychic, but it didn't take long for him to figure out that the man was a fraud. Brad was desperate, so he departed and surprised Henry, who explained that he could no longer try and help his friend because of Katie's restraining order. Brad complained that Katie was dealing with a psychic who was a phony, and he asked for advice. Henry said that since Brad was a ghost, he should "creep out the con man."

Brad popped back home and attempted to tell Tom Jones to leave his wife alone. Jones, however, translated that to Katie as, "Your husband wants you to move on with your life and find someone new." Brad was outraged, and he used all his strength and power and kicked Jones right out of the chair. Katie was alarmed and wanted to know why Brad was so angry, so she asked Tom to sit down again. Jones refused to go anywhere near the chair.

The psychic said that the house was "unclean," and had "bad vibrations," so he canceled the session and made a break for the door. Brad was ecstatic that he had finally made contact on the other side, but he could not move the chair again no matter how hard he tried.

Henry went to see Margo at the station, and she said she could not do a thing about Katie's restraining order. The district attorney's office called and asked Henry to stay at the station, as they were sending over and Assistant DA to give him advice on his testimony in the Manzo trial. Henry told Margo that the psychic that Katie had hired was bogus, and Margo was curious as to who had told that to Henry. Henry claimed he had a source "on the other side." Brad appeared suddenly and bumped into Henry, who was carrying a cup of coffee, and both of them felt the physical contact. Brad was hopeful that if Henry went to see Katie that perhaps they could all make contact. Henry said he had to think about the trial right then, so Brad said he would try to contact Katie himself.

Henry called several lawyers, all of whom hung up on him when they learned that he was testifying against Ralph Manzo. Henry got irritated and declared that he didn't need "no stinking lawyer," and he marched out of the station. One of Manzo's goons picked up Henry's trail immediately and followed.

Margo got to thinking, and she went back to Katie's house and asked how Henry knew that she had hired a psychic. Katie had no idea, and she said she had certainly not told him; in fact, she wasn't even speaking to Henry. Katie told Margo about the incident in which Jones flew out of the chair, and Margo said that she had been thinking a lot lately about Katie's dad, Casey Peretti. She confessed that after she had pulled the plug on his life support, as per Casey's instructions, she felt his presence and she was relieved of all feelings of guilt.

After Margo left, Katie looked hard at Brad's photo and implored him to help her. Brad stood in the room near his wife and began to concentrate very hard.

At Memorial, Luke got the good news that the staff was moving Noah out of intensive care and into a regular room. Luke was relieved and asked Damian to call his mother and give her an update, while Luke went to wait for Noah in his new room. Damian called Lily, who was supervising the movers who were delivering and placing Damian's clothes and personal items in her house. Damian said how eager he was to begin his new life with her, but Meg walked up and overheard that part of the conversation. When Damian hung up, Meg said that if he was about "to play house" with Lily, then he needed to tell her the truth.

Meg reminded Damian that Officer Grady was apt to show up unannounced at any time. She even mentioned that Damian could be deported from the country for breaking laws, but Damian was distracted by Luke's unhappiness about Noah. Meg said if Damian moved in before telling Lily the truth, Lily would never forgive him. Meg wanted to be the one to tell Lily how Damian had hidden the fact that Holden was probably still alive when they had married, but Damian forbade it.

After Lily hung up from talking to Damian, Holden appeared and saw the movers. He asked if Damian was moving in, and said if that was so, she should save some of the boxes because they would need them when Holden moved the kids out. Lily got furious, but Holden said he needed to do whatever he could to protect his children from the man he hated most. Holden also blamed Damian for Noah's accident, and said Damian should never have interfered with the d ean. He and Lily traded more harsh words, and finally Holden demanded that Lily deliver the kids to the farm by sundown.

Noah arrived in his private room with his head and eyes still bandaged. He told Luke that he understood about the bandages, and the doctor returned to remove them. Dr. Logan asked Luke to step outside, but Noah said he wanted his boyfriend there.

The doctor removed the eye bandages, but then Noah panicked when he opened his eyes but could not see. Dr. Logan examined Noah's eyes and said the blindness could be just temporary, but Noah was fearful about what the doctor didn't say. He panicked and ordered Luke out of his room so that he could be alone.

Luke gave his boyfriend some space, but then he returned. Damian stayed at the open door, as Noah began reciting all the things he could no longer do if he lost his sight. He was most concerned about finishing his film project, and declared himself the world's first blind movie director. He said without any humor that they'd love him at Sundance. Noah began blaming Damian for interfering in his life, but Luke said that he was the one at fault. He apologized for acting stupid and jealous, and Noah threw him out of the room again.

Damian heard all of that conversation, so he immediately called Lily and told her that Noah appeared to be blind. He said Luke was devastated, and Lily said she would go to the hospital right away.

Holden went to the farm looking for Emma. He found Meg instead, since Emma had Eliza out looking for Thanksgiving decorations. Holden told his sister that he was moving his kids to the farm because Damian was taking his place at Lily's. Meg said that no matter what their motives, neither she nor Holden wanted Damian living with Lily. She also hinted that things might change soon, and that Holden had no need to force the issue. Holden wanted to know what Meg knew that he didn't, but Meg wasn't saying any more. Holden was afraid that Damian had told Meg he would go back to her, and he angrily declared that whatever promises Damian made to her, he would break.

Lily arrived at the hospital and was talking with Noah when Luke and Damian entered. Noah always asked who had arrived, so Lily said that the three of them had a proposition for him. She told Noah that the family wanted to adopt him, and their lawyers had said that Noah was not too old. Noah, however, asked why he would want to be part of their family. Damian said that all they needed was Noah's assent on the adoption, but Noah said he wanted no part of Damian or anyone like him, namely Luke. He ordered them all out, but Luke refused to go.

In the hall, Damian was upset, but Lily told him that he had only been trying to help. Damian asked her if he had done something horrible with good intentions whether Lily could ever forgive him. They hugged, as Meg walked up. Noah's social worker arrived, as well, and Lily pleaded with her to talk with Noah about accepting their help. Lily went to talk with Dr. Logan, and Meg approached and asked Damian if he had told Lily the truth about keeping Holden's survival a secret. Damian felt threatened, and he asked if he could call her later. Then Damian got an idea, and he walked away with Meg.

Noah stated that he would not allow Damian to adopt him just to soothe the man's guilty conscience. Noah kept asking Luke to be quiet, and said he wanted to speak only to the social worker. Noah said if he went along with the adoption, he would be saying that he was okay with what Damian did by interfering with Mason. Luke begged his boyfriend to take their help.

Holden arrived at the hospital and asked for Noah's room number. He took a call on his cell phone as Lily approached and informed him that Damian was not in Noah's room if Holden wanted to visit. Holden spoke only a few sentences on the phone and then hung up and told Lily that he had to leave town on personal business. He assured her that nothing had changed, however, and when he returned, he would be moving the kids.

Holden went into Noah's room and heard the young man agree to the adoption. Everyone left, but no one knew where Damian was. Damian and Meg had escaped to his room in the Lakeview, where Meg was sure they would enjoy a romantic interlude. Damian, however, picked up the phone and asked Meg to call Officer Grady in Kentucky and tell him that the Snyder family had decided not to pursue charges against him. Meg said she had already tried to call, but Grady would not take her word for it.

Meg pushed Damian, however, by saying that sooner or later, the cop would contact Lily directly. Damian then promised that as soon as Noah was settled in the house, he would tell Lily the whole story. Meg guessed that Lily would turn her back on Damian, but she swore she would never do that to him. She pushed him against the back of the door and locked it. Then Meg asked Damian to show her just how much he appreciated her, and they began kissing and taking off their clothes.

Friday, November 20, 2009

At Katie's house, Katie begged Brad to give her a sign that he was there. A frustrated Brad tried to move a chair, to no avail. The doorbell rang, and Katie hoped that it was a sign; however, it was only Janet, offering veal and help. Janet wondered if Katie was expecting someone else. "Not anymore," Katie disappointedly said.

Janet stated that she had plenty of time on her hands, since Jack had taken off to search for Mike. Katie pretended not to need help, and when Katie left the room, Ghost Brad begged Janet to hear him, because Katie really did need help. Katie returned with a fussy Jacob, and Janet suggested that the child could sense stress. Katie snapped that he just wasn't used to strangers, and Janet took that as her cue to leave.

Brad futilely implored Janet not to let Katie push her away. Before Janet left, Katie asked her to tell Jack to return home, so that Katie could stop worrying. Once alone, Katie told Jacob that they would be okay, but Brad sadly said that they wouldn't. Katie paced the room with Jacob, wishing that she'd let Janet stay. Katie doubted that she could raise Jacob alone.

Henry stormed into his room, ranting to himself that the justice system was trying to get him killed. As he showered for court, a stranger broke into his hotel room. Henry exited the bathroom to find the man brandishing a knife. He threatened Henry not to testify against Ralph.

As Henry groveled for his life, Brad appeared, demanding that Henry stand up to the intruder. Henry confused his assailant when he implored the invisible Brad to do something. Suddenly, the assailant saw a vase fly through the air. It hit the man, and he fell to the ground.

"I did it!" a stunned Brad said. Brad and Henry wondered how it had happened. The man ran out of the hotel room, and Henry yelled that he'd see Ralph in court. Brad grabbed Henry, and the men were further shocked that Henry felt Brad's grip. Brad said they had to get to Katie before whatever was happening wore off. Henry reminded Brad about the restraining order, and said that when the time arrived, Brad had better be able to unlock a jail cell.

When they got to Katie's house, she slammed the door in Henry's face. Henry persisted to ring the bell, and she let him. He offered to hold Jacob, and a worn-out Katie agreed. She was amazed when Henry calmed Jacob down. Henry instructed Katie to get some rest. Katie said that Emma used to sing "Get Along Little Doggies" to Brad, and Jacob liked the song, too. After Katie went into the bedroom, Brad recited the song, and Henry sang it to Jacob.

As Katie slept, she dreamed that Brad was there with her and Jacob. He said he was sorry he'd been gone for so long, and promised that she wouldn't have to raise Jacob alone. Katie awakened to find Henry, rocking Jacob. Henry said that he needed to leave. He planned to testify against Ralph, and jail everyone who'd hurt Katie. "Except you," she uttered. Henry left, and Katie sat down to sing to Jacob. Ghost Brad knelt beside her, and joined in.

In Pittsburgh, Jack flashed Simon's picture at a museum, wondering if anyone knew him. Carly arrived, startling Jack. Carly explained that Holden, who probably wanted an excuse to leave Oakdale, had agreed to check in on Molly. Jack asked how Carly had found him so easily, and she replied that she knew how his mind worked. Carly said she knew how Simon's mind worked, too, and that was why Jack needed her help.

Jack ordered Carly to return to Oakdale. Carly called him on his reckless actions, saying that if he wound up dead, she wouldn't even know what to tell the kids. Jack said he was just searching for Simon, and he didn't need Carly. She countered that he needed someone, and since he'd turned his wife away, he was stuck with Carly. Jack accused Carly of running from Rosanna and Craig. "Maybe," Carly replied. Jack decided that instead of questioning each other's motives, they'd find "this loser," and go home.

Janet called Jack, and as he ignored his ringing phone, Carly said, "Don't be an idiot." Sighing, Jack answered the call, but hurriedly told Janet that he was in the middle of something. Janet said that it was important, and explained that an overwhelmed Katie wasn't doing well on her own. Jack said he'd be home as soon as he could. Janet asked what he was doing, but he said he couldn't get into it. As she pressed him, he hung up on her.

Jack and Carly accessed the museum's database to search the registered dealers list for one of Simon's aliases. Carly spotted Bartley Symington in the system, and said it was Simon's favorite alias. The pair discovered an art charity event happening that day, and Carly said that Simon couldn't resist a room full of benevolent marks, waiting to be parted with their cash.

Carly took Jack shopping for clothes suitable to crash the posh event, and Jack balked at the $2,000 price tag of the suit. "Whoops! I guess I forgot to give this back to Craig," Carly said, flashing a credit card. Jack smiled, asking to see a $4,000 suit.

At the benefit later, Carly and Jack posed as Carina and Richardson Morgan. The host introduced them to the Dells, and while discussing art, Mrs. Dell referred Carly and Jack to their dealer, Bartley Symington. Mr. Dell said Bartley had been standing there only moments before.

Carly and Jack figured that Simon had bolted upon seeing them. Carly hinted that it was time to return to Oakdale, but Jack said that if he'd found Simon once, he could find him again. Carly heard a song that reminded her of dancing with Jack in a bar. They started dancing, and Simon tapped Jack on the shoulder, saying, "Mind if I cut in?"

At Metro, Dusty wondered why Teri wasn't at Ralph's hearing, which was set to start in ten minutes. Teri handed Dusty a threatening letter from Ralph, and Dusty urged her to take it to the police. Teri worried that her testimony couldn't stop Ralph, who'd go after her family in retaliation for her betrayal. Dusty warned her that if she didn't do the right thing, "sorry" wasn't going to cut it the next time Ralph hurt someone.

Dusty left, and saw Janet sulking on a bench, after talking to Jack. Dusty joined her, and Janet asked what he was doing. "I'm just sitting here," he said with a shrug. Janet got up, and Dusty stated that Ralph was frightening Teri out of testifying. Dusty didn't think Janet wanted Ralph to go free, but Janet said she couldn't deal with it right then. Dusty insisted that Teri needed someone on her side that she could trust.

Dusty and Janet found Teri anxiously pacing at the courthouse. Teri wished Dusty hadn't involved Janet, because it was Teri's problem to deal with. Janet replied that they were family, which made it their problem. Janet admitted that she'd fallen for Ralph's charms, too. "If he comes after one Ciccone girl, he comes after all of us," Janet declared. Teri wondered how Dusty knew that she'd testify. He replied that he'd had faith. Teri thanked him for getting Janet there. Janet and Teri left to give testimony.

In New York, Molly watched a follow-up news story about her near death experience with the congressman. She answered her door, expecting Carly, but was shocked to see Holden. They hugged, and Holden explained that Carly had sent him to watch over Molly while Carly was in Pittsburgh with Jack.

Holden mentioned the ordeal with the congressman, and Molly felt that Abigail would be ashamed of her. Holden assured Molly that Abigail's feelings wouldn't change. Holden figured that the well-connected congressman wouldn't be in jail for long. Holden advised Molly to get out of the city, and suggested she go with him to Oakdale. "Like hell!" Molly replied.

Molly said she'd rather go to L.A., because she hadn't burned as many bridges there as she had in Oakdale. Molly didn't think Lily would like it if Molly blew into town on Holden's arm. Holden explained that Lily had married Damian while Holden had been "dead." Molly suspected that Holden needed someone to look out for him, too. On her way to the bedroom to change, Molly dropped her robe, revealing her nudity, and said, "I'll just be a minute."

At an out-of-town diner later, a man recognized Molly from television. He asked if there were naked pictures of her and the congressman on the Internet. Holden warned him to take a walk while he still could. The man left, and Molly said that if Holden insisted upon taking her to Oakdale, he'd better get used to that kind of thing. Holden said that he could deal with her baggage, if she could deal with his.

While driving in the car, Molly still worried about returning to Oakdale. She was certain that Holden's problems would be worse once Lily saw Molly. Holden joked that Lily wasn't the only person that Molly had to worry about. Holden said that for some reason, he'd missed Molly. She replied that for some reason, she'd missed him, too.



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