One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 9, 2009 on OLTL

Jessica encountered Mitch Laurence. Brody and John rushed to the rescue in Napa, but Mitch managed to shoot Jared. Charlie learned that he had killed Jared's stepfather while drunk; Charlie had no recollection of the event. Jared died from his wound. Gigi made a drunken pass at Schuyler. Rex learned that his real father was Mitch. Matthew and Danielle made it to Seattle for Matthew's surgery. Marcie and Michael named their new son Gabriel.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 9, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, November 9, 2009

Skin and Bones

Inside Schuyler's apartment, a drunken Gigi tried her best to seduce Schuyler, but he managed to resist the temptation. When Schuyler argued that she would regret betraying Rex, Gigi wondered if Rex was the man meant for her. Convinced that Gigi loved Rex, Schuyler insisted that Gigi was upset over Rex's sudden business trip. Gigi shocked Schuyler when she revealed that Rex had been her only sexual partner. Admitting her love for Rex, Gigi explained that once her relationship with Rex had ended, she had been unable to have a sexual relationship with any other man -- including Brody. Gigi confessed that she had never stopped loving her son's father.

A sympathetic Schuyler listened as Gigi related the events that had transpired the day she had planned to tell Rex that she was pregnant with his child. Gigi explained that Rex had lived with his Aunt Corrine during their high school days. When Gigi learned that she was pregnant, she showed up at Corrine's doorstep to tell Rex the news. Refusing to give Gigi any details, an uncaring Corrine simply told her that Rex had left town and had no plans to ever return to Michigan. In tears, Gigi confessed that she still felt the way she did that day on Corrine's doorstep -- alone in the world.

After regaining her composure, Gigi asked Schuyler if she could remain at his apartment until the effects of the alcohol wore off. Once Schuyler agreed, a fully dressed Gigi lay on top of Schuyler's bed and asked him to hold her. When Schuyler innocently placed his arms around Gigi, she admitted that she felt safe.

At the Angel Square Hotel, Kyle confided in Roxy that he was excited about his first date with Oliver. Roxy wished Kyle well as he headed off to pick up Oliver for their date.

At the apartment, Layla kidded Oliver about the outfit he planned to wear on his first date with Kyle. Layla was thrilled that Oliver had reunited with the love of his life. Oliver mentioned that he had witnessed Layla's tears the previous night. Stating that Layla had helped him find his way to the person that he loved, Oliver insisted that he wanted to help Layla do the same.

At the Llanview Cemetery, Viki was horrified when she discovered that someone had dug up Nash's grave and his body was missing. Upon hearing the news, Charlie rushed to be by Viki's side. The couple couldn't believe that someone would do such a thing.

Back at Layla and Oliver's apartment, Layla was relieved when Kyle arrived and interrupted her conversation with Oliver. As the two men discussed their plans for the evening, Oliver received a work-related phone call. Oliver explained that he had to handle a police matter, but asked Kyle to remain at the apartment and wait for him to return. Declaring that he had waited a long time to spend an evening with Oliver, Kyle promised to wait.

Once Oliver had left, Layla and Kyle discussed Oliver's decision to reveal his sexuality to the world. Although thrilled that he had rekindled his relationship with Oliver, Kyle expressed the regret he felt over hurting Nick in the process. When Layla advised Kyle that he could always make things right with Nick, Kyle insisted that she could do the same with Evangeline. Startled by Kyle's knowledge of the circumstances surrounding her relationship with Cristian, Layla tried to explain, but Kyle insisted that Layla be honest about her feelings for Cristian. Heading for the door, Layla asked Kyle if he would mind waiting alone for Oliver to return.

At the Buenos Dias Café, a helpless Carlotta watched as Cristian sulked. Handing Cristian the phone, Carlotta urged her son to fight for Layla. Aware that Cristian was in love with Layla, Carlotta begged Cristian not to give up on Layla. Frustrated by Carlotta's interference, Cristian asked to be left alone. Once Carlotta had left, Cristian was consumed with thoughts of Layla. He was shocked to turn around and find Layla standing in the doorway.

Back at the cemetery, Viki and Charlie were relieved when Oliver arrived to investigate Nash's missing body. Upon learning that no other graves had been tampered with, Viki realized that the act was directed at her family. While Charlie blamed himself for Jared's predicament, Viki hoped the police would find Nash's body before Jessica learned of the crime.

In Niles, Michigan, Corrine promised to reveal the identity of Rex's father if Rex agreed not to press charges against her. After dropping the charges, Rex demanded that Corrine provide him with proof. Handing Rex an envelope, Corrine explained that the mysterious man had sent it to her. Corrine related that the stranger had advised her to present the evidence to Rex once the caller's scheme had played out. Corrine said that the mystery man had revealed that the contents of the envelope belonged to Rex's real father. Rex became nervous once he realized that the envelope had been mailed from the clinic where Roxy had obtained Shane's stem cells. Insisting that she only wanted to protect him, Corrine warned, "Once you see what is in that envelope, there is no going back!"

On a flight to California, John and Brody attempted to develop a list of possible culprits who might have lured Jessica and Natalie to Napa. Brody acknowledged that Nadine was capable of plotting against him, but was surprised that Corrine would lure Rex into a trap. Brody stated that Rex had spoken about his love for Corrine and that the woman had raised Rex. Brody's thoughts regarding Corrine caused John to wonder who could possibly frighten Corrine enough to betray Rex.

John explained that Corrine had raised Rex because she believed Roxy was an unfit mother. Brody wondered why Corrine hadn't taken custody of Natalie, also. Relating that Corrine had believed that Rex was Walter's child, John stated that Corrine had a stake in Rex's well-being. After a brief hesitation, John wondered if Corrine had actually known that Walter wasn't Rex's father.

John told Brody about Natalie and Jessica's birth. John recalled how Walter Balsom had kidnapped Natalie at birth. When Brody questioned what would cause a doctor to commit such a crime, John told Brody that Walter hadn't acted alone-- he had the help of a religious cult leader. John received a text message from Oliver. In a sarcastic tone, Brody asked "Don't tell me, he thinks Nash is back from the dead!" A composed John replied, "No but apparently someone else could be!"

Later, Oliver returned home and was pleased to find Kyle waiting for him.

In Napa, after escaping from Jared, Jessica sought shelter in a nearby cabin. Inside the cabin, Jessica spotted someone with blond hair sitting in a rocking chair. Calling out to Nash, Jessica raced toward the person in the chair. As she approached, Jessica was horrified to discover a fully clothed skeleton with a long blond wig. A terrified Jessica crawled into a corner of the room and let out a bloodcurdling scream. At that moment, Jared appeared at the door and pleaded with Jessica to let him in. Refusing to allow Jared entry, Jessica yelled at him through the window and accused him of digging up Nash's grave. Pleading his innocence, Jared begged Jessica to open the door.

As Jared observed though the window, Jessica heard a strange noise in a nearby closet. Jared warned Jessica that it might be another trap. Ignoring Jared's pleas, Jessica opened the door. She screamed when an unconscious Natalie fell at her feet. After regaining consciousness, Natalie spotted Jared at the window and raced to let him in the cabin. Insisting that Jared had dug up Nash's grave and accusing him of being a crazed maniac, Jessica begged her sister not to open the door. Pushing Jessica out of the way, Natalie opened the door and rushed into Jared's arms. A cautious Jessica picked up a shovel.

Brody asked John to reveal the name of the cult leader who had convinced Walter Balsom to kidnap Natalie. John told Brody the man was named Mitch Laurence.

Back in Michigan, Rex opened the envelope and appeared suspicious when he discovered a pair of monogrammed cufflinks. A nervous Corrine suggested that he read the birth certificate that was also in the envelope. After scanning the document, a horrified Rex exclaimed, "My father is Mitch Laurence!"

Back in Napa, Jared denied killing anyone or being responsible for digging up Nash's grave. Jessica screamed, "If you didn't do it, who did?" A familiar voice announced, "That would be me!" A look of terror crossed the faces of Jessica, Natalie, and Jared as Mitch Laurence stood before them.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Back From The Dead

Matt and Danielle were on a plane bound for Seattle. As they chatted, Danielle suggested that Destiny was Matthew's soul mate. Matthew chuckled; he was curious if guys had soul mates. Danielle believed that everyone had a soul mate; she pointed to Matthew's parents as a perfect example. Matthew confessed that he wished he could see Bo and Nora's expressions when they learned that he had left the school.

Matthew suspected that Bo and Nora would do everything in their power to stop his surgery. Danielle advised Matthew to call his attorney when he reached Seattle. Matthew rejected the idea because his lawyer had not returned his last call. Matthew grumbled, "Some shark Téa Delgado turned out to be." Danielle was gobsmacked at the mention of her mother's name. Matthew was equally shocked when Danielle revealed that Téa was her mother.

In London, Bo and Nora prepared to depart for the United States. They intended to drop by the Warwick Academy to let Matthew know that they would return in a few days. David entered the foyer moments later. David wished them well when he realized that Bo and Nora intended to tell Clint about their relationship. David offered Bo advice about how to break the news to Clint. To everyone's surprise, Clint entered the foyer.

Nora was relieved when it appeared that Clint hadn't overheard David's comments. She greeted her husband and then asked him what he was doing in London. Nora wondered if Jared had been found. Clint explained that he had wanted to surprise his wife with a visit. Clint was confident that someone would call him as soon as they had any new information about Jared. Moments later, Nora, Clint, and Bo went to the parlor.

Clint was eager to get a drink, but Nora seemed determined to talk to him. Clint became suspicious when Bo offered to stay while Nora talked to Clint. However, before Clint could question Bo and Nora about their odd behavior, Neville announced that the headmistress of Matthew's school was on the phone. Bo instructed Neville to put the call on speakerphone. Bo and Nora were stunned when the headmistress informed them that Matthew was missing.

When Destiny returned to the mansion, David asked her how her meeting with Matthew had gone. Destiny confessed that she hadn't told Matthew that she loved him because Matthew had met a new friend. David understood Destiny's dejection when Destiny clarified that Matthew's new friend was a girl. Destiny decided that it was best for her and David to return home, since it appeared that Matthew no longer needed their help. Destiny was surprised when David revealed that he had decided to remain in London.

Later, David offered Destiny some money before she left for the airport. Destiny admitted that she was going to miss David. David seemed touched by Destiny's words. After Destiny left, Bo and Nora approached David. They were desperate to know if he had seen Matthew or if Destiny had returned from the school. David claimed he had not seen either teen.

After Nora, Bo, and Clint left, Neville found David lounging in the parlor. To Neville's horror, David informed the butler that he had decided to stay in London. Neville was further dismayed when he learned that David was a Buchanan. On the other hand, David was delighted to discover that Neville had impressive connections to the royal family. David was certain that his relationship with Neville was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

At the Warwick Academy, Téa was livid over Danielle's disappearance. Téa was certain that Ross had taken her daughter, but Elijah pointed out that there wasn't any evidence to support Téa's theory. Téa turned her wrath on the headmistress. Téa promised all manner of retribution if anything happened to Danielle as a result of the headmistress's neglect. Moments later, a student entered the room with a snapshot of some surveillance footage.

To Téa's surprise, the headmistress announced that the cameras had captured an unknown young black girl on the premises. Téa snatched the picture out of the headmistress's hands. As Téa and Elijah studied the picture, they realized that they were looking at Destiny. When Matthew's name was mentioned, the headmistress revealed that he was a new student and Danielle's new friend. A quick check of Matthew's room confirmed that Matthew was also missing.

A short time later, Bo, Nora, and Clint arrived at the Warwick Academy. Bo and Nora demanded to know how the school had managed to lose a boy in a wheelchair. The headmistress ushered the Buchanans to her office where Téa and Elijah were waiting. Nora immediately suspected that Téa was involved in Matthew's disappearance. Nora and Téa traded heated words and then Nora threatened to prosecute anyone who had helped Matthew, including the student who had left the school with him. Téa warned Nora that no one messed with "my daughter."

Layla went to the diner to talk to Cris about their relationship. Layla confessed that she had a million reasons not to get involved with Cris. She was worried about Evangeline's reaction if her sister emerged from the coma, and she had reservations about how badly Cris had bungled things with Sarah. Layla was also leery about her own history of failed relationships. According to Layla, she was doing much better without a man in her life. However, despite all of the reasons not to explore her feelings for Cris, Layla worried that she might miss out on something wonderful if she held back.

After Layla poured her heart out to Cris, she waited for his response. Cris hesitated for a moment before he walked up to Layla and then kissed her passionately.

Oliver arrived home from his assignment at Nash's grave to find Kyle waiting. Oliver was embarrassed because he was covered with dirt, but he was touched that Kyle had stuck around. At Kyle's urging, Oliver showered and then returned to the living room. As Kyle handed Oliver's shirt to him, he suggested that they stay in for the evening. Oliver seemed nervous; he asked Kyle what they would do.

Kyle assured Oliver that they didn't have to do anything that Oliver wasn't comfortable with. Kyle simply wanted to spend some time with Oliver. Oliver admitted that he didn't want to disappoint Kyle. Oliver explained that he hadn't been intimate with another man since his college days when he had been with Kyle. Oliver and Kyle's kiss ended abruptly when the door suddenly crashed open as Layla and Cris stumbled through the doors, locked in a heated kiss.

Layla and Cris jumped apart when they realized that they weren't alone. Layla apologized to Oliver; she thought that Oliver and Kyle had gone out on a date. Oliver explained that he had been called in to work and that he had gotten dirty. Cris and Layla teased Oliver about showering alone while Kyle tried to hide his smile at Oliver's embarrassment.

After Layla and Cris disappeared in to the next room, Kyle and Oliver laughed and then decided that they would wait before they were intimate. They wanted their "first" time to be special. Later, Kyle and Oliver were watching "Christina Comes Home For Christmas" when Layla and Cris joined them in the living room. Layla was delighted to see that her favorite movie was on, so she and Cris sat down to watch the movie with Kyle and Oliver.

Brody and John were on a flight headed to Napa Valley. John explained that Mitch Laurence was the only link that could tie all of the recent events together. Brody had never heard of Mitch Laurence, so John revealed that Mitch had been a cult leader and a rapist. Brody was stunned to discover that Mitch was also Jessica's biological father. John revealed that Jessica and Natalie were fraternal twins with different fathers. Brody's shock turned to confusion when John added that Mitch had been killed five years earlier.

Rex stared in disbelief at the birth certificate that Corrine handed to him. Rex didn't want to believe that Mitch Laurence was his biological father, but Corrine insisted that it was true. Corrine reminded Rex that Roxy and Walter had been mixed up with Mitch during the time that Rex had been conceived. Rex wondered if Roxy had been raped. Corrine didn't think it mattered. She pointed out that Mitch could be eerily persuasive when he set his mind to something.

Rex surmised that Roxy had known that Mitch had been alive because she had been able to harvest his stem cells while he'd been in a nursing home. He realized that Mitch had been the secret that Roxy had been hiding.

At the vineyard in Napa Valley, Jessica stared at Mitch Laurence in horror. Instinctively, Jared used his body in an attempt to shield Natalie from Mitch. Natalie jerked away from Jared and then reached for a weapon. While Mitch rambled on and quoted the B ible, Natalie launched herself at Mitch. Within moments, Mitch overpowered Natalie and then he disarmed her. Once he had gained the upper hand, Mitch used Natalie as a means to control Jessica and Jared.

Jessica demanded to know how Mitch had survived being bludgeoned by her with a lead pipe. Mitch responded, "Funny you should ask. I had come to realize that, well, Llanview was no longer open to my teachings, so I made a few arrangements and let you and the police believe that I had perished." Mitch explained that afterwards, he had "resurrected" himself in more "hospitable surroundings."

Mitch regretted that he had allowed Jessica to believe that she had dishonored her father; however, he had returned, so he hoped that the healing process could begin. Jessica was outraged that Mitch had dug up Nash's body, in order to lure her to Napa Valley. Mitch regretted going to such extremes. He promised to give Nash a proper burial, which was more than he intended to give Jared. Natalie warned Mitch to leave Jared alone. According to Natalie, Jared had nothing to do with what was going on.

Mitch disagreed; he claimed that Jared had been doing exactly as he had been instructed since "day one." Jared appeared uncomfortable as Mitch dared Jared to reveal the truth to Natalie and Jessica. Jared insisted that he had not known that Mitch had been behind everything that had happened. Mitch hinted that Jared had been motivated by a desire to protect Charlie.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sing Along With Mitch

At Llanfair, Charlie entered the bedroom he shared with Viki just as Viki wrapped up a phone call from John, who relayed to her the news of Jessica and Natalie heading for Napa. Viki feared that her daughters were in grave danger. She recounted to Charlie the abductions of Rex and Brody in Michigan, and how they were tricked to leave the women unprotected. Charlie panicked, fearing that Jared really was responsible for the stalking and Nash's grave-robbing, but Viki refused to believe it. Charlie couldn't get over the thought that perhaps his years of alcoholism had irreparably scarred his son.

Viki told Charlie that Jared wasn't responsible for what had happened, and that John believed something much larger was at work. She urged Charlie not to blame himself, and said she would never turn his back on him regardless of what Jared had or had not done; they were married for better or worse.

At the Warwick School in London, Bo, Nora, and Clint were floored to hear Téa's confession about Danielle. Nora asked Téa if Matthew knew Danielle was her daughter, but Téa blew her off, growing evasive and nasty as she tossed off veiled jibes at Bo and Nora's "close relationship." Nora blamed Téa for the mess, fearing that if the kids were together, Matthew could also be in danger from Ross. She asked why Téa hadn't told anyone in Llanview about Ross, Danielle, and her "double life," but Téa couldn't find an answer.

Elijah returned to the headmistress' office after questioning Tom, and discovering Matthew and Danielle's escape plan. The respective parents were stunned to realize their children had conspired together, and dismayed when Elijah revealed that Tom had given Matthew cash in order to eliminate a credit card trail. Téa said she didn't need it, pegging the kids as young lovers who had flown to Danielle's former home of Tahiti; she called Matthew and Danielle "young and impulsive," then tossed another jab at Bo and Nora's own "impulses." Nora and Téa fell into a slanging match over their parenting failures, as Clint entered the fray, curious about why Téa was needling his wife about Bo. Before Téa could tell all, Bo stepped in with his own theory: Matthew was headed to Seattle, so he could get his surgery and walk again.

While Bo began to investigate, Elijah cornered Téa and suggested he call Ross, in order to determine whether or not Danielle was with him. Téa resisted, and said she had to be the one to call her ex-husband.

In Seattle, Matthew and Danielle arrived at the hospital where he'd been scheduled to have his operation. Matthew congratulated Danielle on getting them to their destination, and said she was resourceful just like her mother, a comparison the girl detested. The teens had Dr. Nance, Matthew's surgeon, paged, then Danielle reviewed the game plan. They'd would get Matthew his operation, then head for Hawaii to find Ross.

Danielle feared that their elders could track them down, but Matthew wasn't so sure, and explained that there was no love lost between their parents. He theorized that Téa and Nora's personal issues could buy them some time, and recounted how Téa had used Bo and Nora's forbidden love to win points in court.

Dr. Nance arrived in the reception area, surprised to see Matthew. Matthew explained that his parents had lied and canceled his operation without his consent, and said he was desperate to go under the knife. Just then, Bo called the hospital's front desk, asking for Dr. Nance. Matthew begged the doctor not to reveal his location, as his parents were standing in the way of his health.

On the phone with Bo, Dr. Nance claimed he hadn't heard from Matthew. Disappointed, Bo told him goodbye.

Matthew thanked Dr. Nance for covering for him, and Dr. Nance replied that he didn't appreciate being lied to about a patient. As Nance left to check his schedule, Matthew was unable to contain his joy, amazed that he would soon be able to walk again. He told Danielle it was all thanks to her, and that she had the same determined streak as her mother. Danielle was upset to realize that Téa hadn't told anyone in Llanview that she had a daughter.

Dr. Nance returned and told Matthew he had an immediate opening in his schedule, and was ready to perform the operation. "Let's do it!" Matthew replied.

Back in London, Bo and Nora were stymied; if Matthew wasn't in Seattle, Nora wondered where he was. Growing emotional, Nora found refuge in Bo's arms, much to Clint's chagrin as he hung up from his own troubling phone call to Viki. Bo and Nora pulled away from one another as Clint explained what Viki had told him about Jessica and Natalie being lured to Napa.

Clint apologized to Nora and told her he had to rush back to the States to help his daughters. Bo insisted Clint take the company jet, and assured his brother that he and Nora would find their own way home. Bo watched as Clint embraced Nora and told her he loved her, then departed.

Back in Llanview, Charlie continued to fear for Jared and the girls' safety. Viki told Charlie that Clint was on his way back, and there was no point in their sitting around doing nothing. She suggested they head to Napa, and Charlie agreed.

At Todd's, Todd and Jack suffered through a frightening horror movie. As Jack averted his eyes, he asked Todd to change channels to Blair's favorite, the Llanview holiday classic Christina Comes Home For Christmas. Todd was reluctant, but Jack pressed the issue of Blair, and insisted she belonged there so they could be a family again.

When the doorbell rang, Jack listened in as Todd met with his private investigator. The P.I. told Todd he had a man in London who had tracked Téa and Elijah to the Warwick School, but had been unable to obtain information as to what she was doing there. Todd wondered where Ross was, and if he was also at Warwick. He urged the investigator to stay on the case.

After the P.I. left, Jack cornered his father and asked if he was going to London to find Téa, who he thought loved him, after all. Todd told Jack to mind his own business, but the boy wouldn't let up. Jack reminded Todd of his parents' close encounter on Halloween, and said that while Téa was nice, she wasn't Blair, and she'd hurt Todd with her lie about Ross. Jack asked why Todd wouldn't simply reunite with Blair, or at least, if he still wanted Téa, stop stringing Blair along.

At La Boulaie, Blair sat in her bedroom, shedding tears at Christina Comes Home For Christmas. Suddenly, Ross burst in. Ross told Blair he had a score to settle, and asked her why she'd fed Todd a line about him running a scam with Téa. Blair was surprised to see Ross still in Llanview, and asked if he'd reunited with Téa. Ross vehemently denied wanting anything to do with his ex, and said Blair was his only friend in town.

As Blair feigned surprise, Ross explained that he and Téa had a daughter, and he was being kept from his child on Téa's whim. He told Blair about his failed excursion to England, and said he hadn't wanted to do anything crazy or frighten Danielle. He'd flown back to Llanview to get Blair's aid.

Before the conversation could go further, Téa called Ross from London, ready to question him about her daughter's whereabouts. Téa asked her ex if Danielle was with him. Confused, Ross said no. He demanded to know if Danielle was missing, but Téa hung up on him, infuriating Ross.

Turning back to Blair, Ross pleaded with her to help him. Blair was hesitant to get involved, but he reminded her that there was still something between them. Grabbing Blair, Ross said she was all he had left, and kissed her.

Blair pulled away from Ross, claiming there was nothing between them; they'd helped each other, and it was over. Unwilling to reveal her own scheming about Danielle or the girl's true paternity, she cryptically suggested Ross let both Téa and Danielle go and return to Tahiti. Ross flew into a rage and accused her of using him to get to Todd, just as Téa had. Blair claimed that Ross losing Danielle was "for the best," but Ross couldn't believe it. "She's my daughter!" he cried. "Danielle brings out the best in me."

As Ross's fury grew, Blair demanded he leave. She dashed for the phone, but Ross ripped it out of the wall and threw it across the room. He backed her against the bed, and said everyone else had gotten what they wanted; "now it's time for Ross Rayburn to get what he wants!" Just then, Todd rushed in, tackling Ross to the ground.

At the Warwick School, Téa was beside herself after her conversation with Ross. She teared up, unable to think where Danielle could be if not in Seattle or with her father. She excoriated herself for poor parenting, but Elijah comforted her. Elijah told her she could start over with Danielle, beginning by giving her the truth about Todd.

Nearby, Bo and Nora attempted to regroup. Nora couldn't believe what she was dealing with; Matthew was missing, Clint's daughters were in danger, and meanwhile, she was in love with Bo. Bo embraced her, and told her to hold on to his love until the turmoil passed. He got a phone call from airline security, which confirmed that Matthew and Danielle had boarded a flight to Seattle. The concerned parents resolved to hurry back to the States.

John and Brody arrived at Nash's old vineyard in Napa, concerned by the lack of police backup they'd called for. Searching the grounds, they found the barn Jessica and Jared had gone through, and discovered the local police bound and drugged. John concluded that Mitch was responsible. Brody spotted lights shining near the greenhouse, and he and John began to sneak through the darkness.

Inside the greenhouse, Mitch brandished his gun at his prisoners, holding forth with his dark gospel. He called Jared a "pretender" who wanted to take his "wife" and daughter from him, and assured Jessica and Natalie that he had big plans for "my girls." Natalie told Mitch he was delusional and had no followers anymore, but Mitch begged to differ; he explained that his cult had reconstituted itself into a commune on the vineyard grounds, lacking only his loving family. Jared called Mitch insane, and reminded him that neither Natalie nor Jessica wanted anything to do with him. Cocking his gun, Mitch said that would be remedied once Jared was dead.

Natalie leaped in front of Jared, and told Mitch that if he shot her husband, he'd have to shoot her, too. Jared apologized to the sisters for dragging them into his nightmare, and said he'd had no idea Mitch was behind things. Jessica stood in front of him with Natalie, blocking Mitch's aim, and told Jared he wasn't to blame, it was all Mitch. But Mitch disagreed, and suggested that neither Jared nor his father was innocent. "You shut up about my father!" Jared shouted, lunging forward.

Mitch needled Jared, urging him to tell Natalie the whole truth about his deep, dark secret. Natalie told Mitch that no matter what he said, nothing could change how she felt for Jared. Mitch said that Jared was lying to her, lying to keep Charlie out of prison. As John and Brody crept towards the greenhouse entrance, Mitch told Natalie the truth: "Your drunk of a father-in-law is a murderer." Jessica and Natalie didn't want to believe it, but Jared told them it was true.

Jared explained that he'd discovered weeks before that Wayne Landers was the stalker and had wanted to turn him in, but Landers had used the information about Charlie's past against him, blackmailing him to keep silent. Landers had claimed to only be after the Buchanan fortune, so Jared had attempted to protect the family, hoping to handle his old cellmate on his own; he agreed to stage his own assault at Buchanan Enterprises in order to give Landers access to family finances. He had hoped Landers would go away after being paid off, then found him dead; he'd planned to tell Natalie everything, but then had been called away to the Buchanan lodge. There, he found Pamela Stuart. Jared had initially thought Pamela was behind everything, but Pamela explained that she'd also been called there by an anonymous text message; then, the lights had gone out, and when they turned on again, Pamela was dead, and Jared was knocked out.

Jared realized that Mitch had killed Pamela, then taken him prisoner and dragged him to Napa. "He used you to get to us," Jessica mumbled. Overcome, Jared begged Natalie for forgiveness. "Of course I forgive you," Natalie said, "but not if you die here!"

Jared said she couldn't protect him from Mitch's wrath, and Mitch encouraged Natalie to listen to him. Staring into Jared's eyes, Natalie said she was listening, to his heart, which was full of love, something Mitch would never understand. She hugged Jared, who spotted John through the greenhouse windows, creeping up behind Mitch. John signaled to Jared to maneuver Mitch away from the women.

As Brody crept around the back of the greenhouse and John advanced on the front, Jared began to wind Mitch up, flaunting Natalie's love for him. He taunted Mitch about how much his "girls" hated him, and how they'd turn his followers against him and destroy him. Breaking away from Jessica and Natalie's protective circle, Jared got Mitch to move away from the sisters, and told him he'd never have the family he craved. Mitch lost his temper, lunging at Jared, and John leaped out from behind the door, pointing his gun at Mitch, who promptly grabbed Natalie as a human shield.

Mitch warned John that Natalie was "only" his wife, and therefore dispensable, but John told him he had nowhere to go. Out of options, Mitch relented, releasing Natalie. As Natalie and Jared embraced, John ordered Mitch to back away and put down his weapon. Mitch backed up and knelt down to let go of the gun, but as he did so, John turned to check on Natalie and Jared. With John's back turned, Mitch raised his gun and fired.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Greenhouse Effect

Inside the greenhouse in Napa, John aimed his gun at Mitch and ordered him to put his weapon on the ground. Lowering himself gradually to the floor, Mitch fired the gun instead, shooting Jared in the chest. Brody and John quickly tackled Mitch as Jared slumped to the ground. John handcuffed Mitch to a post and, racing over to Jared, Brody took off his jacket and began to apply pressure to Jared's wound.

Natalie urged her husband to stay with them as they waited for an ambulance and the local police. Jessica offered to return to the area closest to the house to wait for the ambulance, so that she could direct them to the greenhouse. "And I have risen again," shouted Mitch, declaring that he was Natalie's husband. Calling him a monster, Natalie began to have a shouting match with the ranting and raving Mitch. John, having heard enough, walked over to Mitch and knocked him out with one swift punch. "Just don't leave me," Natalie begged Jared.

Charlie and Viki arrived at the vineyard in Napa and found the unconscious policemen. Stooping to the ground, Charlie picked up Jessica's cell phone. They were frantic and didn't know where to turn. As they pondered their next move, Jessica ran towards them and, out of breath, filled them in on the events in the greenhouse. Charlie took off in that direction and Jessica remained to wait for the ambulance.

She advised a clearly disbelieving Viki that Mitch was in the greenhouse and was the person behind all that had happened. She avoided telling her mother the reason behind Mitch's blackmailing of Jared at first, but at Viki's insistence, Jessica admitted that apparently, Charlie was a murderer. While Viki was incredulous, Jessica admitted that Jared thought it was the truth. When the ambulance arrived, Jessica directed the driver to the greenhouse and then she and Viki took off on foot behind it.

Back in the greenhouse, Natalie continued to apply pressure to Jared's wound. He began to mutter her name. Charlie arrived and when Jared saw him, he told his dad, "I did it for you." Charlie was clearly confused as John assured an awakened Mitch that he would love prison. When Viki arrived at the greenhouse, her eyes landed on Mitch.

"Hello Viki, so nice to see you again," Mitch said in his spine-chilling manner. "You belong in hell," Viki responded to him. As Jared was picked up and loaded into the ambulance, Mitch began to wave. "Bye, bye, Jared," he called. Natalie climbed on board the ambulance with Jared, reassuring him that he would recover.

On the airplane headed for Seattle, Nora and Bo hoped they arrived in time to stop their son from having his surgery. Bo suspected that it was possible that Dr. Nance had lied about not seeing Matthew at the hospital. Nora thought that if she were superstitious, she would believe it was fate stepping in to halt her disclosure of her newly found relationship with Bo to Clint.

Elsewhere on the airplane, Téa and Elijah bickered about Téa hiding Danielle's true background from her unsuspecting father, Todd, while keeping her from Ross, the father she already knew. She noted that there were plenty of reasons to keep a father from his daughter. Elijah berated Téa for keeping so many secrets that seemingly only benefited her. He felt that she should introduce Danielle to Todd. Téa was afraid that Todd would only believe whatever Blair told him, like he did when he heard about the money scam Ross and Téa were allegedly conducting.

Elijah pointed out that Téa was not a shark in her private life like she was in her professional one. Téa replied that while she was never afraid of a fight, Todd was a war and a losing battle to boot. Elijah urged her to fight for Todd, not with him. He was concerned about Téa, though she was immediately suspicious. She had been stabbed in the back one too many times, she explained to him.

Loathe to take Elijah's advice, Téa informed him that Blair had already won.

At the hospital in Seattle, Matthew was getting edgy as he waited for Dr. Nance at the nurses' station. Danielle assured him that it was probably due to lots of paperwork, but she would be around waiting for him after the surgery. A disappointed Matthew longed for his own family to be there. As if on cue, Dr. Nance returned, citing the vast amount of paperwork that still had to be completed. Matthew took the papers, and he and Danielle moved out of the way to finish them off.

Marcie McBain walked off of the elevator and greeted her husband, Michael, who was employed at the hospital. They talked about her trip to Llanview, but were interrupted when Michael received a call from Bo. Michael agreed to do his best to stall Matthew's surgery until Bo and Nora arrived from the airport. When Dr. Nance advised Matthew that it was time to be prepped, the boy turned and spotted the McBains. Marcie and Michael did their best to linger and make small talk, but Dr. Nance advised Matthew that it was time to go. Suddenly, Marcie grabbed her stomach and fell forward, announcing that she was in labor.

Michael convinced Nance that his help was needed, and they escorted Marcie to a nearby examination room. An unhappy Matthew gave his consent, noting that he had waited so long for the surgery that another few minutes wouldn't matter. A short time later, Marcie and the doctors emerged, with Marcie confessing that she had been in false labor. Dr. Nance headed towards surgery with Matthew and Danielle. Marcie apologized to Michael, admitting that she couldn't carry through with the lie after there was talk of fetal monitors being hooked up.

As Matthew was about to be prepared for surgery, Danielle took his lucky sneakers and advised him she'd be waiting. Marcie doubled over in pain and told her shocked husband that she was really in labor.

Back in Llanview, Destiny arrived at Todd's house looking for Shaun. She grudgingly admitted that she had been in London, not in Washington, DC, as everyone had presumed. Upon questioning from Shaun, she confessed to taking money from her savings, and she assured him that David had accompanied her and looked out for her, which did nothing to soothe Shaun's uneasiness. She explained that she had encountered Matthew, but a friend at his new school was helping him to escape to Seattle. She wanted Shaun to speak to Greg and ask him to perform Matthew's surgery, since Greg would be far superior to Dr. Nance. Greg had saved Shaun's life, she reminded her brother.

Declaring that he would never be speaking to Greg again, a sneering Shaun shocked Destiny with his bitterness and anger. She suggested that maybe Rachel could help, but Shaun hastily shot her down, advising her that "Rachel is what happened between us." Destiny, shocked, listened as her brother gruffly stated that Rachel was never his woman and that his coma was a result of Greg's doing, so that Greg could have Rachel for himself. It was possible that Rachel was in on it, too, he added. Destiny disputed his remark, believing that neither Rachel nor Greg would ever be in on something so callous.

Shaun urged his little sister to speak to Greg herself, because he would not be going with her. Destiny walked out, exclaiming that Shaun could stay behind and feel sorry for himself.

Rachel paid a visit to Greg at the Palace Hotel, but it was only to say goodbye, as she divulged that she could not be with him and she was leaving. He was unable to talk her out of it as she explained that her home was in Chicago, and that she had merely arrived in Llanview to help with Matthew, who was no longer there. She mostly appreciated Greg's helping her to find her true self, and she wanted to let him know.

Greg did his best to get Rachel to change her mind, but she insisted that she would not hurt Shaun and didn't want to get between the brothers. Greg felt strongly that his family would survive Rachel's choice, as worse things had happened over the years. He was sure that he would be able to talk to Shaun, as well. He leaned forward to kiss her, as Destiny showed up at the door. "So it's true," she pronounced. Before Greg and Rachel could talk, Destiny admitted that she had no time to be angry, because she was there to help Matthew.

She made her plea to Greg to head to Seattle to perform Matthew's surgery, but Greg refused. He was not planning on operating and was certain that Dr. Nance would be fine. He wouldn't be able to trust himself, he advised his sister. "Do it for me," a booming voice called from the door, as Shaun walked in. "You owe me."

At La Boulaie, Todd grabbed and threw Ross to the floor, as Ross appeared to go after Blair in her bedroom. Todd wondered why Ross was there, and tried to get information from Ross on Téa's activities in London with Elijah. As Ross began to enlighten Todd, a nervous Blair, still trying to hide the truth from both men, began to weave a story about Téa dating Elijah and pulling a scam on both Ross and Todd. Todd received a phone call and stepped out of the room, which interrupted Blair's ploy.

Blair assured Ross that she was on his side and would help him to locate his daughter. She thought that if Todd found out about Téa's daughter, he would feel sorry for Téa and help to keep Danielle away from Ross. She thought that they couldn't let that happen, and she, like Ross, didn't want Todd and Téa to be together. Todd learned that Téa and Elijah were headed to Seattle. Todd headed back into Blair's bedroom and she pretended to be kicking Ross out. Ross retorted that he had heard what she said. Todd asked Blair to take their kids back a few days early, as he had to head out of town.

Blair did her best to prevent Todd from leaving town and reminded him that Téa had moved on to another man. He admitted that he didn't believe any of the stories about Ross and Téa scamming him for money or anything else he had heard about Téa recently. He wanted the truth, and was heading to Seattle. Blair finally succeeded when she advised him that Téa didn't need him, but his children and family did. Todd agreed to stay put.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Angel of Death

Rex arrived home, but before entering the cottage, he cringed as he studied his birth certificate that listed Mitch Laurence as his birth father. Shane was elated to see Rex and quickly gave his father an update on the exciting events that had taken place in Llanview, during Rex's absence. Rex was thrilled to be reunited with his son, but became agitated when he learned that Schuyler had accompanied Shane and Gigi to the Halloween party, in Rex's place.

Inside Schuyler's apartment, Gigi awoke with a splitting headache. Realizing that she had fallen asleep in Schuyler's bed, Gigi panicked when she remembered that she had tried to seduce Schuyler during her drunken stupor the previous night. After informing her that he had been a perfect gentleman and that nothing sexual had taken place between them, Schuyler related that he had phoned Noelle and made up an excuse to cover Gigi's absence. Gigi thanked Schuyler for being a good friend and headed home.

Out in the hall, Roxy observed Gigi, whose hair and clothing were disheveled, exiting Schuyler's apartment. Enraged, Roxy accused Schuyler of plotting to steal Gigi away from Rex. Schuyler made several attempts to convince Roxy that he and Gigi were only friends, but Roxy refused to believe that Schuyler wasn't attracted to Gigi. Fed up with Roxy's accusations, Schuyler demanded that she leave his apartment.

Rex was anxious to speak with Gigi, but was alarmed when he discovered that she wasn't at home and that Noelle was taking care of Shane. Attempting to cover for Gigi, Noelle lied and stated that Gigi had left home that morning to handle a situation that had occurred at the bar. As a suspicious Rex questioned Noelle concerning Gigi's whereabouts, Gigi entered the cottage.

Alone with Rex, Gigi explained that she wasn't feeling well and asked for a few moments to compose herself. When Gigi informed Rex that Corrine had told her that Rex left town because he wanted some space, Rex stated that Corrine had lied to Gigi, just as she had lied to him. Gigi asked Rex for answers. Overjoyed to see Gigi, Rex promised that he would tell her everything that had taken place in Michigan, but insisted that he had some business to attend to first.

At the Angel Square Hotel, Rex confronted a clueless Roxy and demanded to speak with her. Roxy told Rex that she had something important to tell him, but she nearly fell over when Rex announced that he was aware that Mitch Laurence was his father.

Meanwhile, Gigi phoned Schuyler and thanked him for his help. Gigi wasn't pleased when Schuyler informed her that Roxy had spotted her leaving his room.

Inside the g reenhouse in Napa, a disgusted John listened to Mitch's ramblings, while awaiting the arrival of the Napa authorities. Quoting Psalm 23, a handcuffed Mitch stated that he was reciting a prayer for the dying. John advised Mitch that he would have more trouble to face if Jared died, but Mitch claimed that he had merely defended himself from a killer. Mitch charged that Jared had held him captive and made Mitch watch as Jared bludgeoned Pamela Stewart to death. Stating that he had tried to save Pamela from Jared, Mitch insisted that Jared was a killer, just like his father. When John questioned what Mitch knew about Charlie's past, Mitch responded with a sly smile.

John informed Mitch that he would be transported to Llanview to face charges involving Pamela's death. Upon learning that John intended to also have past charges against Mitch reinstated, a confident Mitch assured John that he didn't have a case against Mitch. With a devilish smile, Mitch exclaimed, "I'm excited to return to Llanview! There are people there I can't wait to see!"

Meanwhile, in a Napa hospital, Jessica, Viki, Charlie, and Brody rushed into the emergency room and discovered Natalie screaming as she held onto Jared's bloodied body. Before prepping Jared for surgery, the doctors allowed Natalie a moment with him. As Jared struggled to speak, Natalie assured Jared that he would be fine. Jared asked to speak with Charlie.

Charlie questioned why Mitch Laurence would want to hurt Jared. Jessica watched as Viki pulled Charlie to the side. Charlie was puzzled when Viki informed him that Mitch had blackmailed Jared into helping him by threatening to expose Charlie as a murderer. When Charlie denied hurting anyone, Viki assured her husband that she believed in his innocence, but insisted that it was important to learn what had caused Jared to believe Mitch's claims. Natalie interrupted the conversation and informed Charlie that Jared had requested to see him.

Charlie entered Jared's hospital room and told his son that he loved him. Holding Jared's hand, Charlie questioned why Jared would believe Mitch's accusation. To Charlie's horror, Jared stated that Charlie had murdered Jared's stepfather when Jared was a child. Charlie admitted that he had hated Jared's stepfather but was adamant that he hadn't committed any crime against the man.

Jared related that many years before, a drunken Charlie had showed up on their doorstep and became involved in an altercation with Jared's stepfather. After receiving a blow to the head from Charlie, the man hit his head and later died. Jared stated that Charlie never knew what had happened. Jared's mother and Pamela had lied to the police and the crime had been ruled an accident.

Charlie questioned why Jared had never mentioned that fateful night. Reminding Charlie that they had become close, Jared stated that Charlie was doing well, and that Jared didn't want to risk Charlie's recovery by telling him about the past. Charlie was horrified. Jared also related that during his time in prison, he was consumed with hatred for Charlie and had told another prison inmate, Wayne Landers, about the crime. Landers had threatened to use the information against Charlie unless Jared did his bidding.

In the waiting area, Viki was alarmed when Charlie exited Jared's room. As Natalie returned to be by Jared's bedside, Charlie told Viki what Jared had revealed to him. Insisting that he didn't remember the incident, Charlie was devastated at the thought that he had killed someone. He blamed himself for nearly causing his son's death, as well. Viki tried to console her husband.

Back inside Jared's room, Jared apologized to Natalie. Jared regretted that he hadn't told Natalie the truth. Holding him close, Natalie stated, "Just promise me that you will tell me everything next time!" Gasping for breath, Jared, murmured, "I don't think there's going to be a next time." Instantly, Jared lost consciousness and his heart began to fail.

Inside a Seattle hospital, Bo and Nora demanded that the hospital administrator stop Matthew's surgery. The hospital administrator advised Matthew's parents that they had no legal right to stop the surgery, and reminded Bo and Nora that a court order existed that granted Matthew the right to have the surgery performed. Glaring at Téa , Nora insisted that she held Téa responsible.

Meanwhile, Téa chastised Danielle about running away from the boarding school. Blaming her mother for keeping her away from her father, Danielle stated that Téa no longer controlled her life. Danielle related that she intended to travel to Tahiti to see her father, after Matthew recovered from his surgery. Citing Matthew's relationship with his parents, Danielle warned her mother that she would lose Danielle the same way.

Unable to reason with Danielle, Téa approached Nora and apologized for helping Matthew obtain the court order. Téa stated that she would pray for Matthew and offered Nora her friendship. Nora refused to accept Téa's apology and questioned her parenting skills. Reminding Téa that her daughter was alive and well, Nora stated that she didn't know what the future held for Matthew because of Téa's interference. A guilty Téa admitted that she was to blame, and walked away.

Elijah approached Danielle and demanded that the teen listen to him. A defiant Danielle listened as Elijah related that Téa was simply trying to protect Danielle from Ross.

Téa advised her daughter to give the Matthew's parents a few moments alone as they awaited word on Matthew's surgery. Mother and daughter relocated to another section of the hospital.

Nearby, in the maternity ward, Michael stood by Marcie's side as she went into labor. Experiencing painful contractions, Marcie insisted that she wasn't ready to give birth and begged the doctor to stop the labor. Michael and Marcie's doctor told Marcie that she would be fine and that the baby was on the way.

Later, Marcie and Michael beamed with joy as they held their baby boy. Declaring that he was an angel, Marcie decided to name her son Gabriel.

As John continued to listen to Mitch's claims that Jared was a murderer, he received a phone call from Michael. Upon learning about the birth of his nephew, John promised to visit his family in Seattle, but insisted that he had a job to complete first. John gave Mitch a hateful look.

Back at the hospital in Seattle, Dr. Nance approached Bo and Nora and advised them that he had some bad news.

Inside the emergency room in the Napa Hospital, Natalie and Charlie panicked when the doctor informed the family that they had discovered that the bullet was lodged in Jared's heart. Jared was dead.

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