One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 2, 2009 on OLTL

Nora admitted her love for Bo and decided she had to end things with Clint. Matthew and Danielle sneaked away from their school in England. Kyle realized that he was in love with Fish. Markko voted for Viki but was afraid to tell Langston. Rex's Aunt Corrine, working with Nadine, lured Rex to the same house as Brody. Natalie disappeared. Nash's remains were missing. Rachel told Shaun that she wasn't interested in him. Shaun found Rachel and Greg together.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 2, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, November 2, 2009

Wholly Matrimony!

At Angel Square Park, wedding participants, as well as angry protesters, gathered for the mass gay marriage ceremony. As Dorian admitted to Langston that she was still in love with David, Amelia approached and told Dorian that the ceremony was about to begin. With a look of regret, Dorian handed her phone to Langston and suggested that the teen hold onto the phone just in case. Realizing that Dorian was hoping to receive a call from David, Langton placed a call to him. Unable to reach David, Langston left David a voicemail, informing him that Dorian was still in love with him. Langston urged David to stop the wedding before he lost Dorian to a woman.

Destiny and David arrived at the Buchanan Compound in London. While Destiny hid in the bushes, David knocked on the door and was stunned to discover a butler, who resembled Nigel. Upon learning that the butler was actually Nigel's cousin, Neville, David attempted to gain entry into the compound. Instead, Neville insisted that he had never heard of David, and refused him entry.

Meanwhile, inside, Nora was speechless when Bo confessed that he was still in love with her. Bo believed that Nora was in love with him, as well. Admitting that she still loved Bo, Nora reminded him of the pain he had caused her when he refused to forgive her for her indiscretion with Sam. Conflicted, Nora told Bo that she also loved Clint and questioned why Bo had decided to proclaim his love for her after she had married his brother. Bo continued to point out that he and Nora seemed to be drawn to one another. With tears in her eyes, Nora stated that she had never stopped loving Bo. Nora and Bo shared a passionate kiss.

Meanwhile, outside, Destiny distracted Neville, and David raced into the house to search for Matthew. David entered the living room and was startled to find Bo and Nora in an embrace. Afterward, Destiny and Neville stormed into the room. Pleading with Bo and Nora to allow her to see Matthew, Destiny stated that she wanted to be certain that he was all right.

At Llanfair, Todd paid Viki a visit. Todd wondered if Viki was prepared for election night, but Viki could only think of the turmoil her family was experiencing. After Todd placed a few calls to assist her campaign, Viki questioned him about his relationship with Téa. Todd informed Viki that Téa had planned to steal from him, but Viki was unconvinced and urged him to find out the truth about Téa's secret.

Téa and Elijah sat on a plane headed for London. Téa explained that she had kept Danielle away from Ross because he had threatened to run off with the teen. When Elijah reminded Téa that Ross had a right to see his own child, Téa informed Elijah that Todd was actually Danielle's father, not Ross. Téa related that she had only recently discovered the truth about Danielle's paternity, but Elijah was convinced that Ross would kill Téa once he learned that Danielle wasn't his child. Revealing that a paternity test confirmed that Todd was Danielle's father, Téa related that Danielle acted very much like Todd's daughter.

Elijah asked if Todd knew about Danielle. After relating that Todd didn't have a clue that he had another child, Téa admitted that she hoped Todd would be thrilled once he learned about Danielle. Téa confessed to Elijah that she had never stopped loving Todd.

Inside Matthew's dorm room in London, Danielle suggested that they plan an escape, but Matthew reminded her that he was confined to a wheelchair. Certain that the school was wheelchair accessible, Danielle insisted that she wanted to fly to Tahiti and find her father. Danielle told Matthew that her mother had plotted to keep her away from her father. Danielle was convinced that her father was searching for her.

Out in the hall, Ross attempted to locate Danielle. As he searched the halls, Ross mumbled, "Daddy's coming for you and I'm not leaving without you!" Moments later, the headmistress cornered Ross and demanded that he leave the campus at once. When Ross identified himself as Danielle's father, the headmistress informed him that he wasn't allowed to visit Danielle. Ross refused to leave, and the headmistress called security.

As the security guard escorted Ross off the premises, Ross began screaming Danielle's name. Inside Matthew's room, Danielle heard the commotion and was certain that the voice she had heard belonged to her father. Danielle rushed out into the hall, but saw no one.

At the Buchanan Mansion, Rachel told Nigel that she was nervous about her date with Shaun, and related that it would be their last. Meanwhile, Shaun stood outside the door, anxious to begin his date with Rachel.

Greg answered his door at the Palace Hotel and was stunned to find Vivian. Once inside, Vivian attempted to seduce Greg, but soon realized that he wasn't interested. Vivian wondered if Greg's mood was connected to the feelings he had for Rachel. Greg insisted that he could never have a relationship with Rachel because his brother had met her first. Greg related that he had promised his mother that he wouldn't hurt Shaun by romancing Rachel. Vivian stated that Rachel had feelings for Greg, not Shaun. Vivian pointed out that it wasn't fair for Greg to hurt Rachel by denying his feelings for her.

Rachel tried to gently break off her relationship with Shaun, but he continued to tell her how much he cared for her. When Rachel referred to him as a friend, Shaun questioned if Rachel had feelings for his brother, Greg. Rachel tried to convince Shaun that her feelings for him weren't related to Greg. Shaun was devastated.

Shaun thanked Rachel for being honest about her feelings. Rachel suggested that they remain friends, but Shaun wasn't sure that he could grant her that wish. Walking away, Shaun exclaimed, "I hope you get what you are looking for. Whoever he is, he had better treat you right, or I'll make him sorry!"

Back at the wedding, as Oliver expressed his feelings to Kyle, Nick approached and advised Kyle it was time. Oliver appeared sad as Kyle walked off with Nick. After Oliver quieted down the protesters, Andrew began to officiate. As he held hands with Nick, an emotional Kyle stared at Oliver. Meanwhile, a nervous Dorian continued to scan the crowd -- looking for someone.

Noticing that Kyle appeared distracted, Nick stated, "Let's take it one step at a time. I love you!" Nick's words caused Kyle to shiver. Instantly, a panicked Kyle screamed out "I can't do this!' Privately, Kyle told Nick that he couldn't go along with the ceremony because he didn't love Nick. Looking back at Oliver, Kyle explained, "I want to marry the man that I love one day. I just hope it isn't too late!"

As Nick watched, Kyle approached Oliver and apologized for denying his feelings for him. Admitting that he had always loved Oliver, Kyle asked if they could start over. A devastated Nick ran off. Roxy suggested that Kyle and Oliver get married. Kyle understood when Oliver decided to put off the wedding and settle for a first date.

Observing Dorian's nervous state, Amelia offered her the chance to back out of the ceremony. After a brief hesitation, Dorian announced that she would go along with the ceremony.

Back in London, David and Destiny continued to beg Nora and Bo to reveal Matthew's location. David received voicemail. A look of panic crossed David's face as he listened to Langston's plea that he return home and stop Dorian's wedding to Amelia. Racing into the living room, Neville stated that Nigel had called and suggested that the Buchanans watch Dorian's wedding ceremony, which was televised on the international channel.

As Andrew asked that all loving couples honor the love they felt for that special person, Llanview residents thought about their own relationships. Greg and Rachel thought about one another. Bo and Nora shared a nervous glance. Téa was consumed with memories of Todd. Destiny wondered where Matthew was that very moment.

When Andrew asked Dorian to kiss her bride, Dorian hesitated for a moment, but gave Amelia a kiss on the lips. Upon witnessing Dorian's display of affection for Amelia, a shocked David dropped his cell phone.

Observing Oliver and Kyle share a kiss, Mrs. Burns began shouting negative remarks at the couple. Defending her friends, Roxy suggested that Mrs. Burns relax and gave the woman a kiss on the lips.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Veni, Vidi, Vino, Vote

As Dorian left the voting booth, a long line of voters patiently waited for their turn to participate in the election. Langston and Starr stood next to Markko and Cole. Starr confessed that she was relieved that she couldn't vote; she didn't think that she could chose between her aunts. Langston announced that she wouldn't hesitate to vote for her mother. Langston grew concerned when she noticed that Markko and Cole remained silent.

When Langston tried to confirm that Markko intended to vote for Dorian, Markko reminded Langston that Viki had opened her home to him when he had needed a place to live. Langston argued that it wasn't sufficient reason for Markko to vote for Viki. Before Markko could respond, Dorian approached them. Dorian was eager to know how her wedding had played out with the younger voters on the Internet.

Starr took the opportunity to apologize to Dorian for giving her a difficult time about the wedding. Starr conceded that it had been a beautiful ceremony and she was glad that she had attended the wedding. Langston smiled as she handed Dorian a newspaper and then added, "If I didn't know better, I'd think that you two were a real couple." Dorian glanced down to see a picture on the front page of her kissing Amelia.

Later, Langston remained upset because Markko was tight-lipped about whom he intended to vote for. The tension mounted when Ernesto and Aurelia Rivera approached their son. When Ernesto commented that he had seen Markko on television during the mass wedding ceremony, Langston defiantly announced that they had all attended Dorian's wedding because they supported the cause.

Dorian greeted the Riveras and then introduced Amelia. Dorian made a point of clarifying that Amelia was her partner. Ernesto and Aurelia politely nodded their heads before Aurelia asked if Amelia and Dorian were, "Mrs. and Mrs." Dorian started to explain that the marriage had been symbolic, but Amelia rushed to clarify that Dorian's first act as mayor would be to make the marriages legal.

The Riveras appeared uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation, so they decided to cast their votes. After the Riveras walked away, Dorian asked to have a private word with Markko. Dorian realized that Markko loved his parents. She credited the Riveras with raising a fine son, but she referred to their conservative views as "idiosyncrasies." Dorian was confident that Markko was capable of thinking for himself. Markko turned to Langston as he confirmed that he was an "independent" thinker.

Langston refused to back down; she continued to pressure Markko to vote for Dorian. When Langston failed to sway Markko, she threatened to break up with him if he didn't vote for Dorian. Markko was stunned. Later, Markko didn't hesitate to cast his vote. He appeared pleased as he left the booth. Langston immediately pounced, demanding to know whom he had voted for. Markko made it clear that his vote was none of her business.

Amelia approached Nick as he sat on a bench, reading the newspaper. Amelia tried to offer Nick words of comfort. She suggested that perhaps Kyle wasn't ready to get married. Nick looked up at Amelia with a look of disbelief as he asked, "You think?" Amelia ignored the question to congratulate Nick on all he had accomplished for their cause.

At the Angel Square Hotel, Kyle and Oliver were surprised that they had spent the entire night on the rooftop, talking. Kyle tensed when Oliver announced that they needed to discuss their future. Oliver was worried because he had no idea how to be in a relationship. Kyle relaxed as he teasingly explained that relationships were very complicated. Kyle advised Oliver to start with the first step: going on a date with Kyle.

Oliver smiled as he accepted Kyle's invitation to dinner. However, Oliver remained troubled. Oliver was concerned that he would somehow disappoint Kyle. Kyle didn't share Oliver's fears. Kyle explained that they had wanted the relationship for too long to take it for granted. Kyle suggested that as long as they were honest and talked things through, they would be able to make it work.

Oliver visibly relaxed, prompting Kyle to suggest that they grab a bite to eat. Before Oliver and Kyle left the rooftop, they exchanged declarations of love and then kissed.

Later, Kyle and Oliver bumped into Nick while they were on their way to the diner for breakfast. Oliver stepped away while Kyle talked to Nick. Kyle apologized for hurting Nick; he promised that it had never been his intention. Nick appreciated Kyle's honesty, but it was clear that Nick didn't find any comfort in knowing that Kyle hadn't meant to break his heart. He wished Kyle and Oliver well and then walked away.

Gigi went to Angel Square to vote. As she made her way to the voting poll, she passed Schuyler. Gigi stopped in front of him, but didn't say anything. Schuyler reminded Gigi that he was the guy that she had feelings for. When Gigi remained silent, Schuyler admitted that when they had discussed how they would deal with the situation between them, he hadn't figured that she would opt to bury her head in the sand.

Gigi regretted telling Schuyler about her conflicted feelings. Gigi reminded Schuyler that she and Rex had gone through hell to be together, so she intended to make her relationship with Rex work. Gigi argued that Schuyler would be too busy with medical school anyway. Schuyler informed Gigi that being busy wouldn't make his feelings go away. Frustrated, Gigi demanded to know if Schuyler expected her to run away with him.

After Schuyler walked away, Noelle approached Gigi. Noelle wanted to know whom Gigi intended to vote for, but Gigi was too preoccupied to discuss the election. Gigi wondered, "What if the love of my life isn't really the love of my life?" To Noelle's surprise, Gigi revealed that she had kissed Schuyler. Noelle understood that Gigi might have some unresolved issues about Rex and Stacy, but she advised her friend not to act rashly. Noelle warned Gigi that if she continued to "stir up" things with Schuyler, she might lose Rex.

In the voting booth, Gigi looked at the ballot. However, rather than Dorian and Viki's names, she saw Schuyler and Rex's names. Gigi was too lost in her thoughts to realize that her cell phone was vibrating. Later, Gigi bumped into Marty. She apologized for canceling their first appointment, but promised to reschedule when Rex returned to town. Marty suggested that Gigi could get a jump-start on things by making an appointment for herself.

Starr was surprised when she spotted Schuyler at Angel Square. Schuyler was delighted to see Starr. They talked about Hope and then Schuyler told Starr about his plans to return to medical school. Starr was happy for Schuyler. After they parted, Starr joined Cole. When she realized that Cole had seen her with Schuyler, she assured him that he didn't have anything to worry about. Starr promised that Cole was the only one for her.

John tried to question the clerk at the motel that Rex and Natalie had tracked Jared to. The clerk claimed that he had told John everything, but John didn't believe him. When the clerk pointed out that John was out of his jurisdiction, John smiled and then called out to someone. Moments later, a local police officer appeared.

John informed the police officer that the clerk had a criminal history that made him a likely suspect in the recent rash of robberies in town. The clerk denied that he had been involved in the crimes, but the police officer and John ignored him. John hoped that a few days in jail would jog the clerk's memory.

At the Buchanan mansion, Viki, Charlie, and Clint discussed the troubles that their children faced. Viki was concerned because Jessica had left to help Brody; meanwhile, Natalie had gone in search of Jared. Clint assured Charlie that he thought of Jared like a son. Charlie appreciated Clint's support.

A short time later, John checked in with Viki, Charlie, and Clint. John was disappointed when he realized that no one had heard from Natalie. John confessed that he suspected that Natalie was intentionally avoiding him. Charlie insisted that his son was not a killer, so he understood Natalie's reluctance to trust John. John decided to leave, but he asked that they notify him if they heard from Natalie.

After John left, Viki and Charlie went to Angel Square. Viki left an urgent message on Natalie's voicemail for her daughter to return her call. As Viki disconnected the call, a reporter approached her. When Dorian saw Viki with the reporter, she decided to force Viki to share the limelight. Dorian approached Viki and then made a show of making peace with her rival before shaking hands.

Rex and Natalie arrived at the vineyard in Napa Valley. They searched the cottage, but found it empty. However, moments later, they heard a noise. Rex and Natalie ducked out of sight long enough for someone to cross their path. Rex managed to capture the intruder before the person could escape. It was Jessica.

Jessica explained that Nash had directed her to the cottage. Natalie poked around while Jessica told them about the events that had led to her arrival in Napa Valley. To Jessica and Rex's surprise, Natalie informed them that the cottage had not been abandoned. Natalie lifted a coffee pot as proof; it was warm.

Rex was frustrated when he realized that Jessica hadn't told anyone about her plans to travel to Napa Valley. Rex pointed out that, for all intents and purposes, no one knew where Natalie and Jessica were. Moments later, Rex's phone rang. It was his aunt, Corrine. Corrine revealed that she was dying of cancer. According to Corrine, she only had a few days to put her affairs in order. Corrine wanted to see Rex, so that she could tell him about his father.

After Rex ended the call, he told Natalie and Jessica about his aunt's plight. Natalie urged Rex to honor his aunt's wishes, since Corrine had practically raised Rex. Rex was reluctant to leave Natalie and Jessica alone. Natalie assured Rex that she would contact the police. Rex called Gigi to let her know about his change of plans.

Rex continued to stall at the cottage until Natalie called John to arrange for the Napa Valley police to search the vineyard. After Rex left, Natalie revealed that she had merely pretended to place a call to John. Natalie didn't have any intention of involving John or the police while Jared had two murder charges hanging over his head.

In Niles, Michigan, Brody discovered that he had been tied to a chair. When his sister Nadine entered the living room, Brody accused her of drugging his coffee. Brody demanded to be released, but Nadine ignored him. She taped up his mouth and then, with Corrine's help, moved him to the next room.

Corrine and Nadine returned to the living room to finalize their plans for Rex. Nadine drugged the coffee, while Corrine settled on the sofa and then proceeded to play the part of a dying cancer-stricken patient. When Rex arrived, Corrine introduced Nadine as a friend who was nursing Corrine through the final stages of her terminal illness.

John met up with Marty in Angel Square. She immediately sensed that John was troubled. John admitted that he was concerned because he hadn't been able to locate Natalie or Rex. John was stunned when Marty announced that she might be able to help him. According to Marty, Rex had called Gigi to let him know that he was headed to Michigan to see his aunt.

John found it strange that Brody and Rex had gone to Michigan. He suspected that someone was trying to isolate Jessica and Natalie.

In Napa Valley, Jessica and Natalie sat in the cottage. They were unaware that someone lurked outside, watching them.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tall, Dark and Proper

At the Sun, Todd defaced his latest "Election Night" edition of the paper by drawing a beard and mustache on Dorian's picture. Yelling into the phone, he ordered an underling to get him the mayoral poll results so he could find out who won. A private investigator entered and handed him a dossier on Téa, but had no information on who she had traveled to London with. Todd ordered the P.I. to follow her; he said he needed to know everything about Téa's alleged con against him, and wondered if the man flying with her was Ross.

Blair entered the office just in time to hear Ross's name mentioned, and immediately began to denounce her former partner in crime, calling him trash. Todd explained that Ross had skipped town, and Blair claimed she was pleased. As the P.I. left, Blair told Todd they needed to celebrate "his child."

Todd was confused until Blair revealed that Starr and Cole had asked her to plan a party for Hope's birthday. Todd was reticent to get involved, but Blair encouraged him to take a more active role in his family's affairs. She knocked over the dossier on Todd's desk, and picked up the photos of Téa that scattered on the floor. Irate, she asked him if he was still chasing Téa.

Todd admitted that he found Téa's confession of her plans to con him suspicious, and wanted to know why she'd headed for London. He figured that she'd only come clean in order to hide a much bigger secret. Eager to change the subject, Blair told him to let Téa go, and suggested he focus on his children and grandchild rather than his sad love life. Todd agreed to take part in the festivities for Hope, and Blair comforted him, reassuring him that he would be okay.

After Blair left, Todd called his P.I., who said he was stuck at the airport. Todd commanded him to take the company jet and get to London at all costs.

At the Warwick Academy in London, Tom, Danielle, and Matthew continued strategizing their "great escape." Tom and Danielle were at odds over key details, which interrupted Matthew's call to Rachel. Matthew told them to be quiet as he spoke to his sister.

On the phone in Angel Square, Rachel apologized to Matthew for his parents' deception, and said she was ready to visit. Matthew told her to wait a while, and asked her about Shaun's condition. As he spoke, Rachel noticed Greg entering the park.

At the other end of the line, Tom and Danielle continued to argue. Tom warned Danielle that many had attempted to escape Warwick and failed. Danielle said she and Matthew had true motivation: freedom and mobility. Exasperated by their interruptions, Matthew yelled at them to shut up. Hearing the commotion, Rachel told Matthew she'd call him back when he wasn't so busy.

Hanging up back in Llanview, Rachel greeted Greg. She explained the circumstances of Matthew's unexpected trans-continental move, and said Bo and Nora had gone beyond the pale to protect him from himself. Greg was surprised by the Buchanans' actions, and reminded Rachel that the longer Matthew's operation was put off, the worse it would be for him. "Like us," she said wistfully.

Rachel told Greg that she'd broken up with Shaun, but said she'd lied to him and hadn't told him about her feelings for his brother. Greg suggested they tell him together, but Rachel said there was nothing to tell; she wasn't ready to pursue a romance. She said she needed time to think. Greg agreed, and kissed Rachel to "start the clock." Just then, Shaun walked into the park, spotting them.

Seething, Shaun confronted the lovers. He told Rachel she could've told him the truth, and slammed Greg for betraying him for a woman. "How long have you been playing me, brother?" he snarled, getting in Greg's face.

Rachel said no one was playing him, but Shaun didn't believe her. He asked if they'd been together since Greg hit town, and said he knew his brother's routine; Greg used and abused people, then tossed them aside, just like Destiny and the rest of the family. He said Greg would abandon Rachel, as well. Rachel wanted to apologize, but Shaun told her to save her self-serving apology. He warned them to leave him alone, and stalked out.

Not far away, Kim met Stacy on a park bench and handed her a sonogram photo of someone else's baby, one which would match the date of conception for a child fathered by Rex. Kim credited "lonely people" at the hospital lab with aiding her scheme, and told Stacy to give Rex the photo in case he asked after the baby. She joked that unless the baby was born with a craving for Liza Minnelli, no one would ever know that Stacy's child was actually Oliver's.

Stacy thanked Kim for her help in bagging Rex, but noticed her friend's loneliness. Kim bemoaned being single in Llanview, and said her plan to grab a rich Buchanan had hit a snag, as Bo was in London with his ex-wife and "crippled son." She said she'd been at the Palace bar and heard gossip about Bo and Nora's long history, and concluded she didn't stand a chance with the lone eligible family member in town, who apparently still had eyes for his ex.

Stacy told Kim to cheer up and take aim at Clint instead. She reminded Kim that with Bo and Nora out of town and getting cozy again, Clint was all alone at the mansion, rich and lovelorn. Comparing and contrasting the brothers, Stacy explained that Clint was richer than Bo, as well as closer at hand. As Bo and Nora hit the sheets, Kim could be the next Mrs. Clint Buchanan. Delighted with the idea, Kim embraced Stacy.

In London, Destiny wandered the Buchanan compound, searching for a place to charge her cellphone so she could call Matthew. Neville suggested she use the landline; before she could do so, however, Neville answered the ringing phone himself. As the butler walked down the hall, David entered the foyer and asked Destiny if she'd been able to get in touch with her beloved yet. Destiny begged him to keep his voice down, and said she hoped to convince Bo and Nora to take her to see Matthew at his new school. David told her to let Bo and Nora be, as they had their own issues to work out.

Down the hall, Neville spoke to Nigel in Llanview. Neville complained about David's boorish behavior, and Nigel warned his cousin to keep an eye on the scheming new heir. He asked Neville to connect a call from Clint to Nora.

Nora walked into the drawing room to find Bo working on his laptop. Bo leapt to his feet, pleased to see she'd returned, but Nora said she'd needed to get away and think. She admitted that she had been avoiding him. Bo asked her why, prompting a surprise entrance from David, who said he knew the reason: if Nora were alone with Bo, "[she'd] jump your bones!"

Bo and Nora were infuriated by David's endless meddling and eavesdropping, but David didn't sympathize. "If I knocked, I wouldn't walk in on anything good," he reasoned. He urged the star-crossed lovers not to hide from each other; they'd spent years burying their feelings, and if they kept running away, they could end up "old and alone." Bo told David that their lives were none of his business, but before the argument could continue, Neville arrived with the phone. It was Clint, calling for Nora. David told her to put it off, but Nora took the call.

In the foyer, Destiny asked Neville if she could use the phone to call Matthew, but Neville apologized and said Nora was using the line. Destiny wasn't worried, as she figured Matthew wouldn't be leaving London in the near future.

As Nora spoke with Clint, David and Bo bickered about the situation. Bo ordered him to stay out of it, but David insisted that Bo and Nora belonged together. Bo asked what that would mean for Clint. David said that Clint or no Clint, they shouldn't end up like him and Dorian, unable to get past their differences and all the obstacles in their way. Bo asked why he cared, and David said he wanted to see his "Daddy" happy with Nora, who he called "Big Mama."

At the other side of the room, Nora spoke with Clint. When she told him that Matthew was still angry with her, Clint suggested that he could head to London to provide reinforcement. Nora said that Jessica and Natalie needed him, but Clint said that she needed him, too; he wanted them to work things out together, as a family. Nora insisted he was needed at home and hastily said her goodbyes, promising that she wouldn't be gone much longer.

After Nora hung up, Clint put down the phone and stared at one of their wedding photos. Turning to Nigel, he said to fuel the family jet; he was flying to London.

After Nora finished her call, David led Destiny into the drawing room to face the adults. Destiny made her case to Bo and Nora, pleading with them to let her see Matthew. To her surprise, Bo and Nora readily agreed, and said she could give Matthew the good news about Shaun's recovery, as there was still time for Greg to help their son; they just didn't want Matthew to hate them anymore. Bo asked Destiny to keep looking out for Matthew, and to tell him to call home if he needed them. Bo said Neville would drive her to the Warwick Academy.

After Destiny left the room, David asked Bo and Nora why they weren't go ing along. Bo said they still had things to discuss. Catching the hint, David leered at them: "Don't do anything I would do!" Bo asked if David would take his own advice about Dorian, but David doubted it; he didn't think he and Dorian could make it work, unlike Bo and Nora.

Meeting Destiny in the foyer, David told her he was ready to go. Destiny asked him to stay behind, explaining that she wanted to confess her feelings to Matthew without an audience. David applauded her courage, pleased to hear that someone was "going for it."

In the drawing room, Nora told Bo she'd asked Clint to stay in Llanview. She asked him if his feelings had changed overnight, but Bo said no; he was still in love with her. "And I'm still in love with you, Bo Buchanan," Nora enthused. But she was still married to Clint, Bo reminded her, and asked what that meant. Growing melancholy, Nora said that meant she was going back to Llanview, and he was staying in London.

At the Warwick Academy, Téa and Elijah were escorted into the headmistress' office. The headmistress explained that she had had Ross thrown off the property, and showed them a photo the security team had taken in order to identify him if he tried to return. Téa warned her that Ross would get ugly in order to see Danielle. The h eadmistress explained that Danielle hadn't been alerted to his presence, and would remain safe. She left the office to retrieve Danielle.

Alone, Elijah confronted Téa, asking her if she was ready to see her wayward daughter. Quickly removing Todd's wedding ring, Téa told him she was.

In the boys' dormitory, Tom, Danielle, and Matthew were still going over their master plan. Tom said he was set to provide the distraction they would need to escape, complete with a rotten egg stink bomb, but remained unconvinced that they could pull it off. Danielle said the plan would work; she couldn't stay there, and she didn't want to go back to her mother, who she said barely knew her. Just then, the headmistress burst in, having guessed correctly that Danielle would be there. The old woman ushered Danielle out of the room for "a serious talk about her future."

As the headmistress walked Danielle back to her office, the young girl hoped to find Ross waiting for her, but was dismayed to find Téa and Elijah. Téa wanted a hug, but Danielle wasn't interested; she demanded Ross, her father. She asked if Elijah was Téa's new boyfriend. Téa said Elijah was her uncle, and explained that it was time for her to pack her things; she was moving to a new school.

Danielle exploded at the thought of having to pack up and move once again; Téa attempted to calm her by calling her "Daniela," but the teen insisted her name was "Dani." She wanted to go home, but Téa said she wasn't safe there or at Warwick. Seeing through Téa's anxiety, Danielle realized that her mother was hiding her from Ross, and asked if he'd been there, after all. Dashing past Téa, she discovered Ross's picture on the headmistress's desk.

Enraged, Danielle demanded to know why Téa was keeping her from her father, and asked if it had to do with what he'd always claimed, that Téa loved someone else. She asked if it was Elijah. Téa attempted to shut down the discussion, ordering Danielle to pack her things immediately, but Danielle drowned Téa out. She screamed and fled the room.

In the boys' dorm, Matthew and Tom worried about Danielle. Tom was convinced that the headmistress was onto them and said Danielle wouldn't be going anywhere, leaving Matthew out of luck. Matthew was convinced Danielle would return for him. He turned out to be right as Danielle flew back into the room, snarling that "my mother the bitch" wanted to take her away, but she wasn't going anywhere with anyone, except Matthew; they were leaving together.

Impressed by Danielle's courage, Tom handed her a wad of cash and wished them luck as he left to prepare his stink bomb. After Danielle packed her things, Matthew thanked her for returning. Danielle told Matthew they were in it together, her to find her father, and Matthew to walk again. As she opened the door so they could make good their escape, she found Destiny standing there.

In the headmistress' office, Téa wondered what was taking Danielle so long. Elijah recommended she give her daughter space, given that she'd turned Danielle's world upside-down once again in order to keep the girl from the father she loved. Téa shrugged him off, insisting that Danielle would adjust. Elijah asked how well Danielle would adjust when she learned that her father wasn't Ross, but Todd.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hell's Belles & Cells

Matthew was pleasantly surprised when Destiny walked into his dormitory room at the Warwick Academy in London. She was equally surprised to see his bags packed. "Are you going somewhere?" she asked. As Matthew began to explain that he was "busting out," Danielle urged him to hurry because they didn't have much time left to escape. Destiny advised Matthew that Shaun had awakened and she was insistent that Matthew return to Llanview so that Greg could perform Matthew's surgery.

A disappointed Matthew realized that his parents had known about Shaun and had never told him. He also wasn't sure that Greg would be on board with performing his surgery. He advised Destiny that he already had a firm commitment from the doctor in Seattle, which was where he and Danielle were heading. After his surgery, they planned on traveling to Tahiti so that Danielle could locate her father, he continued. Just then, Tom returned to the room and asked if everyone had heard his diversionary explosion.

Downstairs in the headmistress's office, Téa expressed her concern to Elijah about successfully getting Danielle out of the school. She was not planning on disclosing that Todd was her daughter's real father, but she was afraid she'd never see Danielle again if Ross got to the girl first. She was planning on offering Danielle several choices for her next move. Téa was also nervous, realizing that she hadn't seen all of the security that the headmistress had assured her was present.

As Téa grew more anxious waiting for Danielle, she began to yell at the headmistress, and demanded that the woman find out what was taking her daughter so long to pack. She also wanted the security people around and alerted. Elijah reassured Téa and attempted to calm her down. When the headmistress returned, she apologetically reported that Danielle was nowhere to be found, but the headmistress was sure the girl was around somewhere. She also advised Téa to remain calm. Téa and Elijah agreed to join the search as Téa blamed herself for all that had gone wrong. She was remorseful that she had remained with Ross for so long. She asked Elijah to call in the local authorities to aid in the search.

Elijah was certain that Danielle was a runaway and not with Ross. Téa was frantic, wondering if she had lost her daughter forever.

The headmistress walked into Matthew's room and was surprised to see Tom, who emerged from the shower without any clothes on. He grabbed a towel. Matthew advised the woman that Danielle had stopped by to say goodbye, but he had no idea where she might be. The headmistress poked her head into the bathroom for a look and advised the boys that security was on the way. Once she was gone, Tom pulled the covers down from his bed, revealing both Danielle and Destiny.

Danielle and Matthew needed to leave, and Matthew invited Destiny to accompany them. She refused, thinking that it would be too difficult for her to leave her family members. Matthew promised to return to Llanview wearing his new sneakers, after his surgery. Calling out that she had something important to tell him, Destiny was interrupted when Danielle insisted that they hurry. "Good luck," Destiny uttered.

Over at the Buchanan compound, Nora and Bo declared their love for each other. Nora decided that she needed to return to Llanview after she ended her discussion on the phone with Clint. She realized that she had been living in a cocoon in London, but Clint had said all of the right things and had hit her with a dose of reality. She was a married woman. "Is it too late for us?" Bo wondered, as they each voiced their regrets at not stopping Nora's marriage to Clint.

The two began to reminisce about their own wedding to each other long before, and how they thought they'd be growing old with each other. Bo still wanted that to happen, while Nora was afraid that something would happen to derail things. Assuring her that "stuff happens," Bo announced that he was willing to take a chance. "Will you leave Clint and try again with me?" he asked.

"Wow," Bo exclaimed. He couldn't believe he had asked Nora to leave Clint. He was sure that it would tear the family apart and Clint already had a lot on his plate, with the disappearance of Jared and problems with Jessica and Natalie. Exclaiming, "our timing sucks," Nora was appeased when Bo assured her that there was no right time. "What are we doing, Red?" he asked her. He would get along if she chose to go back to Clint, he assured her. The two agreed, though, that they couldn't imagine their lives without each other. Disclosing that Bo was all she ever wanted, Nora stated that she wouldn't fight her love any longer. She hated herself for not thinking things through before the wedding, but she planned on telling Clint she would be leaving him.

Nora realized she had no clue what she would say to Clint. She decided she was a terrible person. The couple embraced and Nora decided she would return to Llanview right away to get it over with. Bo wanted to go with her since he was worried that there would be major consequences. He vowed to keep his distance and then show up so that Clint could take his shots. He thought it was okay for them to leave Matthew in London since he was in a safe place.

Gigi arrived at Rodi's and quietly tried to locate her paycheck, hoping to avoid Schuyler, who was working nearby. Unfortunately, her plans were waylaid when she had to wait around for the check. She awkwardly advised Schuyler that she had plans to get home and watch some television with both Shane and Rex out of the house. She admitted to almost crossing the line with Schuyler, but said she couldn't allow it to be more. She was going to make arrangements to fly to Michigan to help Rex with his sick aunt, she added.

In Michigan, Rex passed out after drinking the tea his aunt had offered him. "The hard part's over," Nadine assured Corrine as they attempted to bind Rex up in rope. As Corrine muttered that she felt bad about lying to her nephew, Nadine reminded her that they had their instructions and they needed to keep Rex away from Natalie. An unconscious Brody, tied to a chair close by, was awakening and beginning to struggle with his own bindings. Just then, the women panicked, when the front doorbell rang. It was John.

Answering the door, Nadine assured John that her brother had returned to Llanview, when the detective asked to see Brody. John was confused, noting that Brody had insisted that he'd be there. John forced his way past Nadine into the house, pretending to realize that Brody was playing a game and tricking John with his whereabouts.

At the vineyard in Napa, Jessica and Natalie began to argue. Jessica didn't think it was right that Rex had left, and she wanted to call John. She felt that she and Natalie were "sitting ducks." Natalie disagreed, still sure that Jared was going to show up. As someone watched them through a window, Jessica gave in. She still planned on calling John, but promised just to ask about Brody; she would not divulge their location.

As John stood talking to Nadine, his phone began to ring. In the other room, Rex's phone also began to ring. John suggested that Nadine answer the phone, since it could be Brody, but she quickly said, "He doesn't have that number," and told John to answer his own. Becoming suspicious, John answered his own call. It was Jessica, who was inquiring about Brody. John advised her that he had no information on Brody but was still actively looking for him. Jessica was evasive when John asked where she was. She hung up abruptly.

In the other room, a struggling Corrine managed to locate Rex's phone in his pocket and answered in a whisper. It was Gigi, who indicated that she wanted to fly out to Michigan to help Rex take care of his aunt. Corrine urgently stated that she didn't need Gigi's help and did not want her to show up. She she advised Gigi that Rex deserved some space.. Corrine disconnected the call and hung up.

Nadine attempted to get rid of John and he dared her to call the cops. As Corrine continued to struggle with an unconscious Rex, Brody was doing his best to get John's attention. Suddenly, he managed to tip his chair over and crash to the floor. Nadine assured John that it was just her huge cat. She denied knowing Corrine when John asked about her, and she had nothing but nasty things to say about Gigi. John handed her his card and advised her to let him know if she heard from Brody.

After he was gone, Nadine went back to help Corrine. She was shocked to find Brody, out of his ropes, with his arms locked around Corrine. Gasping, she turned and dashed for the front door. Pulling it open, she ran into a smiling John. He pushed her back into the house.

Jessica was upset to learn that there was no news about Brody. She started to think about Bree and realized that she not only missed her daughter, but Chloe, too. It was her former baby's first birthday. She began to cry that she was a lousy mother who did horrible things, and had found herself she chasing after Nash's ghost. She called home to speak to Bree and then advised Natalie that she would be returning to Llanview. "Do you really think Jared's a killer?" Natalie asked her, but Jessica did not respond.

Just then Natalie received a text message: " Meet me outside. Don't tell Jessica." She headed outside for some fresh air. A short while later, Jessica clutched her keys and went outside looking for her sister. Suddenly, Jared grabbed her and gestured to her to remain quiet.

Advising Schuyler that her plans had changed and that she would not be going to Michigan, Gigi also told him that she couldn't run to him every time she had a problem. Stacy arrived looking for Rex, and learned that he was away. Stacy was disappointed, as she pulled a copy of "her" ultrasound from her purse. She had wanted to show it to Rex. Schuyler grabbed the picture as Gigi asked if Stacy was ready for the paternity test. Stacy reminded her that it would be done after the baby's birth but it was time for Gigi to "deal" with the existence of the baby and learn how to share.

As Schuyler flashed back to the night he was tricked into bed with Stacy, Gigi admitted that Rex had never seen a sonogram before. Stacy acknowledged that she had other copies in case anything happened before Rex saw it. Once Stacy was gone, Gigi headed behind the bar and started pouring and drinking shots. "Gigi, stop it," Schuyler ordered, to no avail. He thought she should talk to him, and advised her she would only feel numb after the drinking. Gigi admitted that she didn't want to feel anything, especially her feelings for Schuyler.

A wasted Gigi headed to the jukebox to play a favorite song. As she tripped and began to fall, Schuyler caught her. She asked him to take her home.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Banks Bailout

In Napa, Jessica was terrified when she encountered Jared, who pulled her into a shed and gestured for her to keep quiet. When Jessica accused Jared of stalking her, Jared claimed that Wayne Landers had been the culprit. Jessica attempted to escape Jared's grasp, but he pulled her closer and exclaimed, "I can't let you do that!"

Jared begged Jessica to allow him to explain, but Jessica was convinced that Jared had harmed Natalie. Upon learning that both Natalie and Jessica had been lured to Napa, Jared panicked and insisted that he hadn't spoken to Natalie since leaving Llanview. Jared was desperate to locate Natalie. A frightened Jessica attempted to phone the police, but Jared tossed her phone away and screamed, "If the police come anywhere near here, Natalie could die!" Convinced that Jared had plans to kill both her and Natalie, Jessica pushed Jared to the ground, knocking him unconscious. Jessica raced off to find help.

Viki placed flowers at Chloe's gravesite. While Viki sat at her granddaughter's grave, Marcie approached and revealed that she was seven months pregnant. After relating that she and Michael were happy in Seattle, Marcie commented that she had returned to Llanview to vote for Viki and visit Chloe's grave. Viki was pleased to learn of Marcie and Michael's good fortune and thanked her for thinking of Chloe on what would have been the child's first birthday.

After updating Marcie on the past several months of Hope's life, Viki discussed the trouble that Jared faced and the strange phone calls that Jessica had received. Viki believed that John would return Jared home safely. She was convinced that Jared hadn't committed a crime against her daughters. Marcie said goodbye to Viki and related that she had one more stop to make before returning to Seattle.

At La Boulaie, The Crammers, Mannings, and Saybrookes gathered for Hope's first birthday and to watch the election results. Upon learning that it was a tight race, Dorian was adamant that she would prevail. Alone with Amelia, Dorian vowed to keep her promise to legalize gay marriages once she became mayor. Amelia thanked Dorian for helping the cause.

Langston pleaded with Markko to reveal who he had voted for, but Markko refused. Succumbing to pressure by Langston, Markko finally announced that he had voted for Dorian. Langston was thrilled that her boyfriend had voted for her mother.

Across the room, Marty observed Blair and Todd playing with Hope. As Todd held his granddaughter, Blair remembered the moment that Téa had admitted to giving birth to Todd's child. Once Todd had walked away with Hope, Marty approached and questioned how Blair could keep Todd away from his child. An angered Blair blamed Téa for keeping child's Todd a secret, but Marty reminded Blair that she could reveal the truth to Todd.

Blair demanded that Marty mind her own business, and a heated argument ensued between the two women. Todd interrupted the altercation and wondered what had taken place. A horrified Blair listened as Marty announced, "I have something to tell you, it's about your child!" To Blair's relief, Marty didn't reveal Blair's secret, instead, she warned Todd not to interfere in Starr and Cole's relationship.

Nearby, Cole and Starr discussed that awful night that they thought Hope had died. Urging Starr to forget the past, Cole reminded her that they were a family.

Later, Markko told Cole that he had lied to Langston about voting for Dorian. Markko feared that Langston might learn the truth -- he had voted for Viki. When Cole assured Markko that his secret was safe, Markko grew confident and proclaimed, "It's not like my one vote would decide anything!" However, a look of panic crossed Markko's face when he heard a news commentator declare that the election would be a close one.

Starr was delighted when Marcie arrived at La Boulaie. Presenting Hope to Marcie, Starr told Marcie that she would always play a part in Hope's life. When Todd rudely announced that he was leaving, Blair asked him to stay and watch the election returns, but Todd insisted that he didn't care about the election. Once Todd left, Blair and Marty resumed their argument. Marty warned Blair that Todd would never forgive her once he learned that she had withheld information regarding his child. Blair replied, "It doesn't matter, because he'll never find out the truth!"

Outside of La Boulaie, Todd placed a call to his private investigator and demanded that he find out what Téa was doing in London.

At Rodi's, a drunken Gigi sulked as she studied Stacy's sonogram. Gigi begged Schuyler to drive her home. Upon learning that Shane was at the cottage with Noelle and Moe, Schuyler related that he didn't want Shane to see his mother in such a condition and encouraged her to seek refuge inside John's office, but Gigi insisted upon going home with Schuyler. Schuyler warned Gigi that Rex would be upset if he learned that she was with Schuyler. Near tears, Gigi mumbled, "He doesn't care! He has important stuff on his mind!"

Once inside Schuyler's apartment, Gigi asked for more alcohol, but Schuyler refused to accommodate her. Pulling Schuyler close, Gigi planted a kiss on him. Unwilling to take advantage of a drunken Gigi, Schuyler pulled away. When Gigi admitted that she was consumed with thoughts of a pregnant Stacy, Schuyler defended Rex's actions for leaving, but Gigi told him that Corrine had told her that Rex had said he needed a break from Gigi.

Meanwhile, in Michigan, a drugged Rex began to stir. At that moment, Brody managed to untie himself from the ropes, and grabbed Corrine. A few feet away, Nadine attempted to escape, but John prevented her from doing so. Upon realizing that Corrine and Nadine had drugged Rex and Brody , John demanded to know what the two women were up to.

Both women related that an unknown male had called and instructed them to keep Rex away from Natalie, and Brody separated from Jessica. While Nadine claimed that the man had offered her money, Corrine stated that the caller hadn't offered her money. Instead, the caller had frightened Corrine enough to lure her favorite nephew into a trap. Nadine revealed that half the money had been deposited into her bank account -- she was told that the remaining funds would be deposited provided that she kept Brody in Michigan for the entire week.

Brody guessed that the mystery caller was watching Nadine's house, but John was convinced that the unidentified person had an accomplice. Pulling out photos of Jared and Nash, John asked Nadine and Corrine if they had ever seen either of the two men. The women claimed that they hadn't encountered Jared or Nash. Realizing that a connection existed between the sinister plot and someone pretending to be Nash, Brody was anxious to find Jessica. At that moment, Rex regained consciousness and revealed that Jessica and Natalie were in Napa, at Nash's old vineyard.

After retrieving his phone from Nadine, Brody noticed that Jessica had phoned several times but hadn't left a message. Brody grew suspicious when he phoned Jessica and received her voicemail. Brody related that Jessica never turned off her phone because she feared that she might miss an important call concerning Bree. Rex explained how he, Jessica, and Natalie were lured into traveling to Napa. Rex was stunned to learn that Natalie had never phoned John. Anxious to explain his whereabouts to Gigi, Rex placed a call to her.

A drunken Gigi looked at her phone and flew into a rage when she noticed that Rex hadn't phoned. As Schuyler tried to calm her down, the phone vibrated, but Gigi didn't notice that Rex was calling. Stating that Schuyler always provided a shoulder for her to cry on, Gigi began to remove her blouse.

Unable to reach either Jessica or Natalie by phone, John announced that he and Brody were traveling to Napa. As Brody exited her home, Nadine apologized for her actions, but a disappointed Brody insisted that he thought things had changed between him and his sister.

As the police led her away, Corrine begged Rex not to press charges. When Rex ignored her pleas, Corrine promised to reveal the identity of his father.

Back in Napa, as Jared regained consciousness inside the shed, Jessica tried to start the car, but the engine was dead. Noticing a lit cabin a short distance away, Jessica ran toward the cabin.

Jared began to search for Jessica. Hearing Jared's voice, Jessica continued to head for the lit cabin. Upon entering the cabin, Jessica locked the door and called out for help. As she continued to look around, Jessica noticed someone with blond hair sitting in a chair toward the back of the cabin. Rushing toward the unknown person, Jessica asked, "Nash, baby! Is that you?"

Back in Llanview, Viki walked toward Nash's gravesite and was shocked to discover that someone had dug it up. Nash's grave was empty.

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