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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 26, 2009 on ATWT
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Monday, October 26, 2009

At the Oakdale Police Station, Audrey Coleman complained that she had been "cooped up" there too long. Margo reminded her that she had tried to kill Barbara Ryan and asked if that had something to do with the Stenbeck inheritance. Audrey claimed that she had just been celebrating Barbara's cancer-free diagnosis with her friend, but Margo didn't buy it. Margo wanted to know where Ralph Manzo was, but Audrey said that no one could find Ralph if he didn't want to be found.

After shots were fired in the warehouse, Henry ran to Katie and picked up the baby, while a horrified Jack stared at his brother, Brad, whom he had shot in the chest. Jack implored Brad to "keep breathing,"as Brad weakly told him to make sure that Katie was okay. Brad was also able to tell his brother that "Manzo" had kidnapped her, but then he lost consciousness. Jack yelled at Brad to stay awake, but just then the police, including Margo, arrived, followed closely by the paramedics.

Margo ran to her sister, and Henry explained that Katie had lost a lot of blood, but the baby seemed all right. Margo was stunned that Katie had delivered the baby alone on the floor of a warehouse, but she quickly pulled Jack away from Brad so that the paramedics could do their work. She asked Jack what had gone down, and Henry backed up Jack's story. When Margo learned that Jack had actually shot Brad, she asked for his weapon, but she comforted him by saying she was sure the incident was "clean."

A second team of paramedics arrived for Katie and the baby, and took them out on a stretcher. Katie was in and out of consciousness, but Margo reassured her that her little boy was in good hands. Katie asked for someone to call Brad, unaware that her stretcher was right next to him in the warehouse.

At the hospital, a doctor told Margo and Henry that Katie had lost a lot of blood. The baby was premature and the delivery very traumatic, but they were hopeful that the little guy would make it. He was receiving care in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. A team wheeled Brad on a gurney through the corridor on their way to surgery, followed by Jack. Jack stayed with Margo and Henry, but Margo was restless and she left to return to the station to find Ralph Manzo.

Dusty found Alison having a late lunch in Al's, and he asked where her "boyfriend" was. When Alison said she didn't have one anymore, Dusty offered to talk with Casey. The hospital paged Alison, and she told Dusty that "something big" must have happened, because she was finished with her regular shift for the day. Dusty offered to walk her to Memorial.

Casey sent out an emergency call to Maddie, asking her to show up at his house as soon as possible. When she arrived, Casey told her that he desperately needed help on a government paper, but Maddie reminded him that they weren't in high school anymore. There was no way was she writing a paper for him, but she did suggest that he drink a lot of caffeine "to get the brain cells firing." She asked if he wanted to go to Java, and Casey agreed.

Once at the coffee shop, Maddie took a call from her mother, who said she was at the police station falsely accused of attempted murder of a "rich lady." She wanted to see Maddie, and suggested that Maddie also fetch that nice boy, the one who was the police lieutenant's son, along with her. Maddie and Casey did go to the police station, but Casey stayed out in the foyer. Audrey told her daughter that the police had it all wrong: Barbara Ryan had tried to kill Audrey with poison. She asked Maddie to talk to Casey about it, so he, in turn, could put in a good word with his mother.

Maddie refused, but Audrey figured that the girl "owed" her. Maddie shouted "No way in hell!" and said her days of trying to save her mother were over. She wished Audrey good luck and walked out, grabbing Casey on the way out. Margo was just returning from the hospital, and she informed her son that his Aunt Katie had almost died in childbirth and that Uncle Brad had been shot. Margo was very disturbed, so Casey and offered to help. He said he and Maddie would go to the hospital.

Margo explained to Audrey what awful things Ralph Manzo had done that morning, and she offered the woman a way out of jail. Audrey jumped right on that and volunteered to give Margo the head of Ralph on a platter if Margo would drop all the charges against Audrey and let her go. Margo tried to hold tough, but she really wanted Ralph, so she agreed. She made many threats to Audrey about what would occur if Audrey did not deliver by the end of the day, and assigned a cop to tail her.

A wounded and shaky Ralph limped into Metro, and a surprised Teri helped him sit down. He said he had gotten involved in something that had nothing to do with him. "It was like a big business deal that turned into a big double cross," was how he explained it. He also whined that he was getting all the blame. Teri wanted to help, but Ralph said he could clean up his own mess. Teri saw how much Ralph was bleeding from his leg, however, and she offered to go get supplies to clean it up. Ralph promised he would not leave before she returned.

Alison and Dusty arrived at the hospital and found Henry outside Katie's room. Alison asked for details about the shooting, and she went to check on Katie. Dusty correctly guessed that Ralph was behind all the trouble, and he suddenly said that he knew how to find Ralph, and he dashed out. He spotted Teri taking medical supplies from a cabinet, and he told her what her "beloved uncle" had done. Teri refused to believe Dusty, and she walked out, but Dusty followed. She accused him of stalking her, and she denied knowing where Ralph was. Dusty repeated that there was no "business associate" involved, and the perpetrator was Ralph. Teri looked frightened, and she ran off.

Teri returned to Metro and an anxious Ralph. She told him that she had heard all about what had gone down at the warehouse, including the baby, Margo's sister, and the shooting. Ralph again claimed that none of that had to do with him, but Teri said he should turn himself in. Ralph yelled at her to "stay out of it." Teri stood up and took out her cell phone to call the police, and Ralph pulled out his revolver and pointed it at her. A terrified Teri put down her phone.

Henry went into Katie's room, and she awoke. She asked for her baby, so Henry told her he was being well taken care of. When Katie asked about Brad, Henry lied and said he was fine, so Katie assumed that her husband was with the baby. Henry urged her to go back to sleep, but she kept waking and asking for Brad. Alison was taking care of her, and Henry wandered in and out. He finally sat beside her and coaxed her back to sleep.

Jack waited through Brad's surgery, and Janet ran into the hospital and was relieved that Jack was not hurt. She hugged him, and a distraught Jack told his wife that he had shot Brad by mistake. The doctor appeared then and told them that the bullet had done a lot of damage. The next few hours would tell them if Brad would make it. Janet asked for more details, and when Jack finished telling her, she asked if Jack had told anyone that he had been drinking before the incident. Jack said no, because he felt that he was not impaired. He asked Janet to find out how Katie was doing and to pray for Brad.

Alison wheeled in the baby, and Katie was reunited with her son. She wanted to hold him, but Alison suggested that she wait until she was stronger. The baby could not stay long, so Katie asked if Brad could join them. When no one answered, she implored Henry to find Brad because the three of them should be together. Henry walked out of the room and ran into Casey and Maddie. Maddie spoke with her brother as Casey looked through the window at Katie, the baby, and Alison. Alison wheeled the baby out and let Casey have a look at his new cousin.

In Brad's room, Jack sat with his brother and talked and got emotional. Brad was unresponsive, so Janet joined him after saying some prayers in the hospital chapel. Jack answered his phone, and the caller was Margo, who needed Jack's statement because they had a lead on Manzo. She wanted an airtight case when Audrey made good on her promise. Jack said he would be right there.

An anxious Katie took off her oxygen mask and monitors and got out of bed. She was woozy, but she made her way to the door and saw Jack and Janet leaving the room across the hall. Katie opened her door, but Henry and Maddie met her and didn't let her out. Katie wanted to know "what the hell" was going on, but she was so weak that she could not resist when Henry put her back to bed. She still questioned Brad's whereabouts, however.

Jack gave Margo his statement, and she said it was possible that, according to the evidence, that one of the shots Jack had fired had hit Manzo. She also told Jack that the shooting appeared justified, and he was reinstated on the force, and he could pick up his gun on the way out. Janet, who had heard her husband's statement, asked him privately if he thought he should tell Margo that he had been drinking before the incident, but Jack said no.

Henry sat by Katie's side, and Audrey tapped on the window. He went out in the hall, and Audrey said that she had promised Lieutenant Hughes that she would lead the cops to Ralph. She demanded half of Henry's inheritance money from Stenbeck, but Henry went ballistic. Audrey then changed her tune and asked instead for some "traveling money," in cash. Henry bolted, as a weak Katie walked out of her room. She saw the room across the hall and shuffled over and opened it. She saw Brad unconscious in the bed, and she moaned, "Oh, my God! What happened to you?"

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Margo was frustrated because, according to the policeman tailing her, Audrey Coleman was no closer to leading them to Ralph Manzo. Barbara Ryan burst into Margo's office, furious that Margo had let Audrey go free. Margo said that she could not discuss the case with Barbara. Margo filled Barbara in on the news that Katie and the baby would be fine, but Brad was hovering between life and death from a gunshot wound.

Barbara was further upset by that, and she reminded Margo that Audrey had thought up the poisoning stunt all by herself. The chief of detectives was sure that Audrey would lead them to Ralph Manzo, and she reassured Barbara that when that happened, Audrey Coleman would be back in her cell where she belonged. Margo also warned Barbara not to get in the way.

Audrey shadowed Henry in the hospital, but he spotted her and ordered her to leave. Henry felt responsible for what had happened to Katie and her family, and he told his mother that he "didn't give a damn" where she ended up. Audrey said that "Jimmy's inheritance" would give her a chance to start a new life, and, besides, she had worked hard for it. Henry grabbed Audrey and led her into Katie's room so she could see firsthand some of Ralph's handiwork, but Katie's bed was empty.

Henry was frantic to find Katie, but Audrey wanted to know if he had cashed the inheritance check yet. Henry was disgusted because Audrey wanted her share at such an inappropriate time, so he shoved the check into his mother's hands and told her to "take the whole thing." Audrey said a perky, "Fine!" and she grabbed the check as Henry dashed away to find Katie. Audrey kissed the check and marveled at all the little zeroes.

Audrey spotted the cop tailing her outside the room, so she began figuring out a way to ditch him. She led him to a ladies' room on the first floor and went inside after he had checked it out. Audrey put on quite a performance, turning on lots of running water and sobbing loudly. She opened a window to the outside and made her escape. Eventually the officer called to her and then went in, finding only the open window and no Audrey.

Audrey tried to run in her high heels, and she finally made it safely to a park bench. She sat and looked lovingly at the inheritance check before giving it a kiss. Suddenly, Barbara Ryan appeared right behind Audrey and snatched the check right out of her hands. Barbara taunted Audrey by saying, "You'll have to be a lot quicker than that, honey." Audrey made a dive for the check, but Barbara said she believed that Audrey had stolen it, and she wanted to hear the truth from Henry.

Audrey tackled Barbara on the lawn, and the two of them wrestled. Audrey ended up with the check, and she leaned over and gave Barbara a kiss on the cheek and remarked that she hated goodbyes. Audrey did not notice that Barbara had slipped her cell phone into Audrey's purse. Audrey headed for her car and from there to a bank. She cashed the check and took the money in a satchel back to her car. She noticed that she was very low on gas, so she called the greenbacks her "lovelies," and she said they had one more stop before they could say farewell to Oakdale.

Audrey filled her car with gas and went inside the convenience store to pay in cash. While she was inside, Margo, Barbara, and an officer pulled into the gas station, thanks to the GPS on Barbara's phone. Barbara identified Audrey's car, so Margo instructed her to wait there while she and the cop went inside. Audrey saw them walking, so she made a hasty exit out the back. She wished adieu to her "lovelies," and she crawled through the bushes to freedom.

Jack and Janet spent some time in Old Town while they waited for news of Brad's condition. Janet asked her husband when he was going to tell Margo that he had been drinking before the shooting incident, but Jack said that wasn't important. He had told the police everything they needed to know. They argued on the sidewalk, as Jack accused Janet of saying that he had lied. Jack described exactly how Manzo had fired first, and then Jack returned fire. The only problem was that Manzo had been using Brad for cover, and Jack had hit the wrong guy. Jack had no idea that Brad was even in the building.

In Memorial Hospital, Katie walked into Brad's room and asked him why he was there. She was upset that he was non-responsive, and Dr. Bob rushed in and urged her to go back to bed herself. Katie demanded to know why Brad was there, so Bob explained that he had been shot in the warehouse where Katie had delivered the baby. He further told Katie that Brad's condition was "very serious." Bob said that the doctors had done everything they could, but the rest was up to Brad's body.

Katie got hysterical, but Bob advised her to take care of herself so that she could be the mother her baby needed her to be. Bob promised to stay with Brad, so Katie agreed to go back to her room, but she could not make herself leave. She begged to stay for one more minute, and Bob agreed to wait outside. Katie began talking to Brad about their son and all the things that Brad needed to teach him. She laid her head on Brad's chest, and she barely noticed when he began stroking her hair. Suddenly Katie realized that her husband was waking up.

Katie told Brad that he was alive, and she kissed him. Brad said he felt as if he had been hit by a truck, but he had been thinking only of her and the baby. He asked to see the baby, and Katie promised that someone would bring him in to meet his daddy as soon as Brad got a bit stronger. Bob looked into the room through the glass, as Kim approached. They were both delighted that Brad was awake, but Kim cautioned Bob that he was still recuperating himself. Bob said it was still too early to predict if Brad would make it, but he called Jack in Old Town to let him know that his brother was awake.

Katie and Brad talked about how Manzo had not shot Katie or the baby, and Brad sarcastically called him "a real prince." Katie said that Brad was incredibly brave, but he said that she was the brave one for delivering the baby alone. Katie said that she hadn't been alone at all; Brad had been there coaching her, and even the baby had helped her. Katie was delighted to find the necklace Brad had given her among his effects, and he put it around her neck again. Brad again requested to see their son, so Katie said she would ask.

They kissed, but Brad faded away for a moment. Katie was concerned, but he reassured her that he wasn't "checking out" until the Cubs won the World Series. Suddenly Brad closed his eyes and coded, and the monitors began to blare. Katie opened the door and screamed for help. Bob and a nurse ran in, and Bob began listening to Brad's heart. Bob yelled at the nurse to call for a "Code Blue," and he ordered Katie outside. Henry heard the commotion, so he took a hysterical Katie outside.

Katie refused to go back to her room until she knew Brad was okay, and just then Janet and Jack arrived. Katie shouted at them that Brad had stopped breathing, and they were stunned. They tried to encourage Katie to think positively, and Janet told old high school football stories on Brad. When Janet said something about the Snyder boys' father, Katie had an idea. She decided that Brad needed his son to talk him through the episode, so she called Henry over and said they were going to get the baby so he could save his dad.

Jack and Janet waited alone, and Jack kept going over and over the shooting in his mind. He agonized over his reaction of returning fire and shooting his own brother. They looked through the window into Brad's room and saw that the monitors had all flat lines. Bob checked once more for a heartbeat and then called the time of death at 6:30 p.m. Bob exited the room and told Jack how sorry he was.

Jack and Janet went in to be with Brad, and Janet sobbed as she dreaded telling Liberty that her father was dead. Liberty had waited years to know her father, and suddenly Janet had to tell the girl that he was gone. Jack urged her to go right away so that the girl did not hear the news from someone else. He convinced Janet that he would be all right. After Janet left, Jack began beating himself up emotionally and saying that he had killed his own brother. He cried, "God help me!"

Katie and Henry ran back with the baby, followed closely by a Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit nurse. Katie protested that it was a matter of life or death, so Kim intervened and calmed the nurse by saying that Dr. Hughes would approve. Katie and Henry dashed to Brad's room, and Jack met them as he walked out. Katie asked him to get out of the way because she had to get the baby in there, but Jack blocked her. He said that Brad couldn't see his son anymore, but Katie walked in with the baby. She put the baby in Brad's arms and sobbed.

Janet went home to the farm and was just heading upstairs to talk with Liberty when someone knocked. It was Kim, who said she wanted to make sure that Janet was all right. Kim was sad because of her long association with Brad at WOAK, so Janet asked her to help her give the sorrowful news to Liberty.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Janet was crying softly in the kitchen at the farm when Jack returned home from the hospital. He was numb, and he told Janet that he wanted a reversal of time so that none of the day's horrors would happen. Jack asked how Liberty had taken the news of her father's death, and Janet said that her daughter had been asleep when she'd gotten home, and Janet had not wakened her. Liberty did not yet know Brad's fate.

Jack grabbed his gun and holster and told Janet that he was going to work to check on the investigation, and then he was going to find Ralph Manzo. Janet wanted him to stay home and help her deal with Liberty, and then she suggested that they all go to church to light a candle and pray for Brad. Jack reminded his wife that the praying hadn't much helped save Brad's life, and he got sarcastic. Jack said he knew exactly who to blame, and it was up to him to find Ralph before he crawled under another rock. Jack left immediately, a man on a mission.

At Fairwinds, Parker and Liberty, who was not asleep at the farm as her mother thought, paid a visit to Paul and Emily. Both Paul and Emily were excited to see them, and they vowed that they would not put any more pressure on Liberty about adopting her baby. They repeated their Malibu offer, but Liberty interrupted and told them that there was no baby. The girl apologized, while Parker told them about Liberty's accident in Chicago. Emily assured Liberty that no one blamed her. She said she and Paul sympathized because they had lost a baby, too.

After the teens left, Emily burst into tears. Paul tried to comfort her, but Emily begged him not to try to "fix" anything and not to make any phone calls or think up another plan. She ran out of the living room to hide in her room upstairs.

At the Lakeview bar, Barbara had a drink, and Dusty joined her. He noticed her glum mood and asked Barbara what was wrong. Barbara told him that Brad Snyder had died of a gunshot wound, and Dusty quipped that Ralph Manzo had nine lives. Barbara asked if Dusty knew Manzo, and Dusty said that he had crossed paths with him in Chicago before Manzo had turned into a cold-blooded killer. Barbara answered her phone, and then ran out in a hurry.

Barbara showed up shortly at Fairwinds carrying Audrey's satchel full of cash. She opened it and told Paul that there had been "a development." Paul told his mother that, as usual, she had no idea what he wanted or needed. Emily heard the arguing, so she joined them. Barbara told her that Paul was being "intractable," and she thought that she and Emily should work together in their best interests. Barbara sympathized with Emily about Liberty's baby, and then she mentioned "the news about Brad Snyder." Emily asked what had happened to Brad.

Paul and Barbara told Emily that Brad had died, and Emily agonized for poor Liberty, who had suffered two recent losses. Then Emily noticed the bag of money, and Barbara said it was Paul's inheritance that he was shunning again. Barbara asked Emily to hold out her hands, and she piled the money into Emily's arms. She asked her to "feel the power and the good" in all that cash. Paul was disgusted with his mother, and he made her leave. She refused to take the satchel with her, however.

Paul looked at Emily and said, "And people call me crazy." He threw the packets of cash into the fireplace and lit a match, meaning to destroy the "cursed money." Emily blew out the match, however, and said the money was not cursed; only James had been, but he was dead. Emily said that she had decided that there was no love without risk, and perhaps the money was a risk they were meant to take. She said it was possible that the money might lead to their having a family. Paul smiled and said Emily was probably right, and they kissed.

At Metro, Ralph held his gun on Teri, who called herself a fool for believing him, and said that when everything was over, she never wanted to see him again. Ralph said that when his buddy, Sal, showed up, they would take off, and Teri would never see him again. Someone knocked on the door, and Ralph assumed it was Sal until a voice called out, "Police!" Ralph warned his niece to be "very, very smart," and he sent her to the door. Teri opened it, and an officer asked if she was Ralph Manzo's niece, Teri Ciccone.

Teri said she was, and the cop said that Ralph had been involved in a shooting where a man had died. He asked her to call the station immediately if Uncle Ralph contacted her. Teri agreed, but she was upset as she locked the door again. Ralph called out from behind the bar and swore he had not shot "that boy." He referred to Brad as "collateral damage," but Teri knew the blame was her uncle's. She said that she used to think that Ralph was "a good man," but she no longer even wanted to breathe the same air as Ralph. He raised his gun and warned Teri not to test him.

Ralph called Sal and found out that there had been a change in the plan. He asked Teri to get him to the alley behind Yo's bar, and then he promised to let her go. Teri yelled that Ralph was a liar and had broken her heart, and then someone knocked on the door again. Ralph sent Teri again, but this time the visitor was Dusty Donovan, and he stood in the doorway. He told Teri that Brad was dead because of Manzo, and he was worried about who was next. Teri shoved Dusty out the door and locked it. Ralph forced Teri out the door, as well, but they found Dusty waiting for them outside.

Ralph led them all back inside and called Dusty "an idiot" for sticking around if he thought that Ralph was inside and armed. Dusty told him to put down the gun because Dusty was Ralph's escape ticket. He offered the man a passport and a private jet to anywhere Ralph wanted. Dusty continued by saying that Teri was also a "complication," so he grabbed her and pushed her into a chair and stuffed a bar cloth in her mouth. He asked Ralph to hand him some tape from behind the bar, and, while Ralph was doing that, Dusty whispered to Teri to "sit there and be quiet."

Ralph threw Dusty the tape, and Dusty tied Teri's hands behind her back. Ralph asked why he should trust Dusty, so Dusty outlined the man's options: he could kill Dusty, kill Teri, take one or both of them with him as a hostage, or he could let Dusty help him get away. Dusty said it was Ralph's call.

At the police station, Jack wanted to know from the other officers why he had no status report on Ralph Manzo on his desk. He ordered one of the cops to get the information for him, as Parker walked in. Parker said he had gone with Liberty to Fairwinds to tell Paul and Emily in person about the loss of the baby. Jack realized that was the reason for Parker's visit, so he took his son into the interview room. There Jack told Parker that there had been a shooting and that his Uncle Brad had gotten caught in the crossfire and been killed.

Parker wanted all the details, so his father explained how Ralph had kidnapped Katie, who had delivered her baby in a warehouse. He said both Katie and the baby were all right, but the hard part for Jack to tell Parker was that he had shot Brad by mistake. It took Parker a minute to digest all the information; however, he did suggest that Jack go home, but his dad refused. Jack said that he had to be at the station and do something. He suggested that Parker go to Liberty to support her, and Jack had a difficult time controlling his emotions when he told Parker to tell Janet that he loved her.

Parker left for the farm, and Jack went back to his desk. Finally, he started for the door, but he overheard one of the officers on the phone mention that "Manzo's guy" was at Yo's bar. Jack called for another cop to accompany him, and they raced out the door.

Janet finally realized that Liberty was not sleeping in her room, and she panicked and grabbed her purse and headed out the door. She stopped suddenly when she found her daughter sitting on the porch of the farmhouse, looking at the moon. Liberty said that she and Parker had gone to speak with Paul and Emily so that she could tell them about the baby in person. Janet called that "an adult thing to do," and she assured the girl that she was not angry. Janet suggested that they go inside, but Liberty wanted to stay outside for a while. She said that the moon was "waxing gibbous," and she explained that her dad had taught her all about the phases of the moon.

Janet began to cry, and Liberty assumed her mother's sadness was about the miscarriage. Liberty sat down, and Janet broke the news about the shooting and Brad's death. Eventually they went up to Liberty's room and lay on her bed. Liberty mentioned how excited Brad had been about having a son. She asked her mother for more details of the shooting, but then she decided that it didn't matter, because nothing would bring her dad back.

A short time later, Parker walked into the kitchen and found Janet cooking. She took one look at the boy, and she knew he had heard about Brad. They hugged, and Parker asked if he could see Liberty. Janet hesitated, but she finally agreed. Parker went upstairs, and Liberty ran into his arms. The two of them talked, and Parker mentioned how upset Jack was. Liberty wanted to know what Jack's connection to the shooting was, and Parker assured her that it had been an accident. Suddenly Liberty realized that it had been Jack who had shot her father.

Liberty walked Parker out, and then she joined Janet in the kitchen. She told her mother that one of the things she loved most about Parker was that he always told the truth about everything. Liberty cried out and asked how long Janet was going to wait before she told Liberty that Jack had killed her father. Janet's excuse was that she thought it was something Liberty hadn't needed to know right away.

In the alley behind Yo's, Jack and the other cop sneaked around waiting for Ralph or his "guy." Suddenly Jack flashed back on the shooting in the warehouse, and he began to sweat heavily. Jack told the officer to circle around the building the other way. Jack's gun hand began to tremble, and he dropped down into a crouch.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lily told Lucinda that she felt deceptive for tricking Holden into believing that he was going to spend the weekend at a cabin with their children, when, in reality, she was planning a rendezvous with him to attempt to put their marriage back on track. Lucinda was sure their scheme would have good results, so she wished her daughter well, and left. Damian showed up at the door holding the papers for a legal annulment, and he told Lily in no uncertain terms that he would not sign them.

Damian noticed Lily's overnight bag and asked if she was going somewhere. Lily said that she was going to a nearby cabin for a few days with the kids. She confided that it had not been easy for her to ask her lawyer to draw up the annulment papers, but Damian countered by saying that "running away" would solve none of their problems. He suggested that when Lily returned to town, that they could "work on" their marriage, but Lily declared that the marriage was over. Damian refused to accept that, but a conflicted Lily asked him to do what was right and sign the papers, and she walked out with her bag.

Holden went to the farm and expressed his sympathy to Jack on the loss of Brad. Holden was surprised to learn that Jack had been following a lead in the case just the night before. Jack said he had not been able to pull the trigger and had frozen on the job. He was exhausted, and he became argumentative with his cousin, who tried to convince Jack that Brad's death had been a tragic accident. Holden said that no one blamed Jack, and Jack shared that Liberty and Janet were out spending some time together. He told Holden that Liberty had lost her baby.

Holden offered to postpone his weekend with the kids to stay with Jack, but Jack would not hear of it. The cousins hugged, and Holden left. Jack picked up his service revolver and stuck it in the waistband of his pants, put on his jacket, and walked out.

Damian returned to the Lakeview and ran into Holden in the elevator. He saw Holden's bag and asked if he was going somewhere, and muttered that Holden was not the only one "headed off on a little getaway." He quizzed Holden and learned that his rival was going off on a weekend jaunt with his kids. Damian wished him "good luck with that," and he told Holden that he was being set up, because it was Lily, not the children, who was waiting for him at the cabin.

Damian said that Lily, herself, had told him about it, and he suspected that Lucinda had the children. Holden had no delusions about Damian's attempt at being helpful, nor did he believe when Damian said that if Lily chose Holden over him, he would walk away. Holden detoured to the World Wide offices and barged in on Lucinda, who was on the phone with Sierra. Holden demanded to know if she had arranged for him and Lily to be alone for the weekend.

Lucinda defended herself by saying that Damian had manipulated and taken advantage of Lily during her time of grief. Lily had not chosen Damian; he had engineered it and pushed her into a quick marriage. Lucinda said for Holden to forget about his anger and concentrate on forgiveness. She suggested that he go to the cabin as planned and put his arms around Lily and tell her that he loved her.

At the cabin, Lily set the mood with music and candles as she waited for Holden to arrive. She waited until she was sure that he was not going to show up, but as she opened the door to leave, Damian walked in. He told her that he had figured out that she was waiting for Holden, and Lily apologized for lying to him. Damian said that he just wanted her to know that Holden would not be there. Lily said that she wished she knew why Holden had stood her up, and Damian was frank and said that he had told Holden that Lily would be there.

Lily was angry, but Damian said that Holden had given up on her and their marriage. He asked her why she wanted to be with someone who would not fight for her love. Lily refused to jump to conclusions, but Damian then asked why Holden was not leaping at the chance to resume his life with her and the children. Damian said that if Holden wanted her, he would be there. Damian grabbed Lily and kissed her, as Holden arrived at the door of the cabin. He got out his keys, but he looked through the window first and saw his wife embracing Damian.

At the hospital, a nurse informed Katie that she was doing very well and could go home. The baby, however, would have to stay in the nursery for a few more days. The nurse told Katie that the hospital had rooms for parents whose children were in intensive care, and she offered one to Katie, who declined. Katie said she just wanted to go home.

Henry showed up outside Katie's door with a bouquet of flowers, but Craig and Rosanna headed him off. Craig was outraged that Henry didn't get it that he was the reason that Katie was in that hospital room. Craig also blamed Henry for his brother-in-law's death, because Henry was the one who had led Ralph Manzo to Oakdale. Craig told Henry to "get the hell out," and Rosanna spoke up and said that Henry could not force Katie to forgive him. Henry asked Craig to tell Katie that he had been there, but Craig told him not to count on it.

Craig and Rosanna went into the room and found Katie dressed and ready to leave. Craig questioned his sister about the baby, and Katie explained that he had to stay a few more days. Katie lied and said that there were not enough beds to accommodate her in the parents' rooms, so Rosanna offered to intervene on Katie's behalf. Katie asked Rosanna not to, so Craig suggested that she go with them or to Margo's, but again Katie refused. Katie sent the two of them to the nursery to see her baby, and she promised to be there shortly.

A dejected Henry left the hospital and met Barbara in Old Town. He told her he was afraid that he had lost his two best friends, and he was frustrated that he could not do anything to help Katie. He wished that he had not given all his inheritance money to his mother, because he could have done something worthwhile with it, such as setting up a trust fund for Brad and Katie's baby. Barbara informed Henry that Audrey had not gotten away with the money and that Barbara had it back. The bad news for Henry, however, was that according to a court ruling, James's original will naming Paul as the sole heir was back in effect.

Henry was frantic and told Barbara that she had just ripped up what was left of his heart. Barbara reminded him that no one could put a price tag on the loss of a husband, but Henry answered that apparently he had. Barbara tried to encourage Henry, and she remarked that he wasn't nearly as wicked as he thought he was. She reminded him that he had saved her life by knocking the poisoned drink from her hand. Henry decided to give Katie another try at the hospital.

Katie went to the nursery and found Jack there looking at her baby. Jack asked if she had named the little fellow yet, but Katie began to cry and said she had not chosen a name yet. She asked Jack to explain to her just what had happened in the warehouse and why Brad had been involved. Jack said it was simple; he had gone into the dark warehouse and had returned Ralph Manzo's fire. Jack began to cry also, and explained that he had not known that Manzo was using Brad as a human shield, so Jack had fired two shots, one of which hit Brad. Katie said that she did not blame Jack for what had happened to her husband, and she thanked him for being honest.

Katie went back to her room, crying, and Henry appeared in the door. She told him to go away, because she had nothing to say to him. Henry tried to talk with her, but Katie accused him of being the reason her son would never meet his father. Katie said she wanted to know if her entire life had fallen apart because of Henry's "stupid inheritance." She accused Henry of ruining her life and also of breaking Vienna's heart. Katie called Henry "selfish and weak," and said that, thank God, Vienna had left before Henry killed her "by accident."

Henry was shattered, and he went to the Lakeview bar to drown his sorrows. Even his martinis did not make Henry's mood any better, and Barbara walked in and saw him there. She sat next to him at the bar and took his hand sympathetically.

At Carly's, Craig told Rosanna that tragedies seemed to draw the two of them closer together, and they embraced. Jack burst in and asked if the kids were there. He berated Craig and Rosanna for not thinking about Parker and Sage before they began their tawdry affair, and Craig suggested that Jack not try to pick a fight with him. Jack reminded Craig that Brad had hated him, and vice versa. Rosanna defended her lover, but Jack was not surprised. He accused Craig of enjoying watching Jack screw up so badly.

Craig came close to losing his temper and snarled that if Jack and Brad weren't such "hotheads," then "everything" would have been different. Jack continued to taunt Craig, who hurled back accusations. Jack said that he wanted to hear Craig say what he really thought, and Jack pulled his gun and pointed it at Craig and Rosanna. Jack cried that he only had himself to blame; he had killed his own brother. Jack was out of control, and urged Craig to call him a murderer.

Craig refused, and repeated that Brad's death had been an unfortunate accident. Rosanna begged Jack to put down the gun, and she reminded him that the kids could walk in at any moment. Jack agonized, as his gun hand wobbled, but he could not pull the trigger. He lowered the gun, and walked out the door.

Katie left the hospital alone and went home. She walked in to find all the presents and decorations from the baby shower that she never had a chance to attend. She went into her bedroom and slammed the door. She picked up a photo of her and Brad and lay on the bed, sobbing.

Friday, October 30, 2009

After Holden witnessed Daman and Lily kissing through the cabin window, he left angry. Lily pulled away from Damian, and pressed him for an annulment. Damian insisted that she couldn't shake her feelings for him, but Lily said she needed more than passion. Though she'd married Damian to escape her grief, she needed Holden, her true husband. Damian urged her to give their marriage a chance, but Lily replied that she couldn't love anyone as she loved Holden.

Lily tried to drive away from the cabin, but her car wouldn't start. Damian followed her outside, and she insisted upon seeing Holden. Damian reasoned that she was too upset to drive, and offered to drive her back to town. Lily reluctantly agreed to take the ride.

At the Lakeview, a cowgirl clad Maeve welcomed trick-or-treaters to her suite. When Lucinda arrived, Maeve kidded that she was a little mature for trick-or-treating. Lucinda replied that by leaving town, Maeve could perform a trick that would be a treat for everyone. Maeve guessed that Lucinda was "the mother-in-law." Lucinda revealed that Holden and Lily were reuniting at that very moment, and urged Maeve to get out of town to avoid a showdown.

Later, Maeve wheeled her suitcase down the hall, and encountered a distraught Holden outside his door. She said that Lucinda had indicated that he'd be with Lily. Holden murmured that Lucinda was wrong. Maeve sensed Holden needed a friend.

In Holden's room, he explained to Maeve that he'd been set up to be alone with Lily, but he'd left unseen after witnessing her "draped all over Damian." Holden felt that he needed no further proof that it was over with Lily. "Maybe I can help," Maeve said, walking over to him.

Maeve started kissing Holden, and they moved onto the bed. She said she'd waited a long time to be with him. Holden shrank back, realizing that Maeve was trying to make memories, but he was only trying to forget. She said it was okay, but Holden knew that it wasn't. Maeve guessed that they'd be just friends, and Holden left to get them a snack.

As Maeve stared at the disheveled bed, Lily arrived, looking for Holden. When Lily looked at Holden's bed, Maeve said that Holden was in the shower, but they would have tidied up, if they'd known that they'd have a visitor. Maeve stated that Lily could stop feeling guilty about her new marriage, because Holden had moved on. Lily wordlessly walked away.

Downstairs, Lucinda saw Holden, and wondered why he wasn't at the cabin. Holden said that when he'd gone there, he'd seen that things were officially over with Lily. Lucinda asked what had happened. "The end happened," Holden replied, walking away.

When Holden returned to his room, Maeve explained that Lily had stopped by, and during their exchange, Maeve had allowed Lily to believe that Holden and Maeve had slept together. Holden decided that it was okay, and concluded, "She's got her life; I've got mine." Maeve reasoned that Holden deserved a woman who'd put him first, but because Lily never would, Holden could use the incident as a chance to make a clean break.

As Maeve and Holden ate, she abruptly decided to leave. Holden suggested that she get her hotel room back, but Maeve said she couldn't live that close to him without being with him. He insisted that she could be his friend, but she tearfully said she couldn't be around, knowing that he'd never love her back. Maeve left, hoping that he'd be as happy as she planned to be.

At home, a stunned Lily told Damian that things wouldn't work out with Holden. "I thought he loved me," she uttered. Damian said Holden hadn't even shown up at the cabin. Damian wished that, for Lily's sake, Holden could see Lily's love and devotion; however, for his own sake, Damian was thrilled that Holden was blind, because it freed Lily to move on.

Lily cynically quipped that it made sense for her to move on with her other husband; however, she declared, "I'm not that woman." She didn't want to be the kind of woman who felt worthless without a man, and she refused to accept just any man. She decided that she needed to make choices based on what she wanted, not based upon whether or not a man loved her.

When Lily once again insisted on the annulment, Damian refused to give up on their marriage. Certain that she didn't really want to give up either, he convinced her to hold off on the annulment. Lily agreed, even though she felt it was cruel to keep him hanging on. As Damian left, he wished her luck on her being solitary, and said he'd be waiting.

In Dusty's room, Ralph and Dusty reviewed the plan to get Ralph to Mexico. Ralph stepped into the bathroom, and Dusty swiped a cell phone from the desk. He called Margo, and left her a message to get to the Lakeview's back alley, where she could catch Ralph Manzo. He whispered that he hoped she got the message before Ralph killed him.

Ralph caught Dusty with the phone, but Dusty claimed that he was arranging transportation. Ralph forced Dusty to the door at gunpoint. When they opened it, a man and his son stood on the other side, announcing that they were trick-or-treating for charity. Dusty offered to write them a check, and Ralph scowled impatiently behind the door.

Henry trudged into Metro for a drink, and found Teri gagged and bound behind the bar. Henry freed Teri, who frantically explained that, for some reason unknown to her, Dusty had tied her up to help Ralph escape. Henry wanted to chase Ralph down, and kill Ralph with his bare hands. "No offense to your hands," Teri said, and suggested they call the police. "Yes, they have guns! That's a very good idea," Henry agreed, dialing Margo.

Katie lay in bed, hugging a picture of Brad and her. When the doorbell rang, she let Margo inside the baby shower decorated living room. She shrieked when Margo almost touched the cake that Brad had left on the coffee table. Katie claimed that she was well, but Margo disagreed, suggesting that Katie take Bob up on the offer to have a bed near the baby in intensive care. Katie seemed reluctant to visit the baby, and Margo wondered why. Katie responded that she was tired, and the baby was getting excellent care without her.

Margo insisted that they to Memorial, and Katie sighed when she heard another knock at the door. Kim entered with food and condolences. She explained to Katie that she'd put together an "Oakdale Now" special about Brad, which would air that day. Katie tearfully said that Brad would have loved that. The two hugged, and Kim left.

Later, Katie broke down, sobbing that the baby reminded her of things that would never happen, like Brad giving him a bottle, or playing with him on the floor. She cried that her baby would never know his father. Margo reasoned that Katie could tell her son everything about Brad every day of the boy's life, starting that day. "No, I can't!" Katie insisted, bursting into fresh tears. Margo held Katie, saying that Katie could do it, because she was a mother.

Katie went to freshen up, and Margo received a call from Henry and Teri, who frantically told her about Dusty and Ralph. Margo realized that Dusty had left her a message. Henry offered to help, but Margo threatened to shoot him if he went anywhere near the scene.

When Katie returned to the room, Margo explained that she had to leave on a police emergency. Katie promised to visit her baby on her own, but after Margo left, she flipped on the television to see that Kim's special about Brad had just begun.

Upon Margo's arrival in the Lakeview lobby, Teri, who'd been watching for signs of Ralph and Dusty, expressed her guilt for trusting Ralph. Margo warned Teri to stay out of the chase. Ralph and Dusty disembarked the elevator. Margo drew her weapon, and ordered Ralph to drop his gun. Dusty dove toward Teri to push her out of harm's way. Ralph grabbed an innocent woman to use as a shield, and ordered Margo to not to follow him.

Margo called for backup, and pursued Ralph out of the hotel. Teri ordered Dusty to get off her. Dusty stated that he'd abetted Ralph to save her; however, Teri hadn't wanted to be saved. Instead, she'd wanted to make up for her mischaracterization of Ralph. Dusty left to get Teri some water, and Teri hyperventilated into a brown bag.

When Dusty returned, Teri berated him for going along with Ralph to save his own skin. "To save your skin!" Dusty retorted. Teri continued bickering with him about the sleazy person he was, and Dusty relented to leaving her to take care of herself. He left, saying, "You know me. Always looking out for number one."

At the television station later, Katie told Kim that she wanted to talk about Brad on the air. On camera, Katie discussed how Brad had driven her crazy at the beginning of their romance, and he'd never left her alone, even when she'd begged him to do so. She said he'd given her everything she'd wanted, except that. "He never left me...until now," Katie sobbed. Kim started to approach Katie, but Katie said she was okay. She told the audience that she wanted to talk about the best gift Brad had given her, their baby.

At Yo's, Henry watched Katie on television as she sobbed, "It's wrong that he's not here. That he left me alone with a baby, who has no name and no father. Brad should be here to help me raise our son. Teach him how to walk, and talk, and love. Brad knew how to do that better than anyone. He loved me so much!" Katie broke down, and Kim helped her off camera.

The bartender shut off the television. Looking toward the door, Henry panicked to see Ralph enter. Ralph didn't see Henry, and in one decisive move, Henry leapt onto Ralph's back, yelling, "Give it up, Ralph! You're not getting away this time!"

As Henry and Ralph wrestled with each other, Ralph pulled out his gun. Henry swatted it out of Ralph's hand, and Ralph slapped Henry onto a pool table. Margo entered, and told Ralph not to think about picking up the gun. "Like I said, Ralph, you're going down, and I'm going to watch it all from this pool table," A dazed Henry stated.

Margo's backup arrived, and led Ralph away in handcuffs. Henry thanked Margo for saving him, but she retorted that she was just doing her job. After she left, a paramedic asked Henry questions to make sure that he didn't have a concussion. Henry fired off the correct answers, but said his vision was fuzzy. As it cleared, Henry saw Brad standing at the bar.

Back at the television station, Katie laughed with Kim, as they watched footage of Brad and Katie's show. Katie said that Brad had always pressed on, living life; however, she realized, "I stopped when he stopped." Katie had stopped her living life, thinking that doing so would reverse time. Katie abruptly told Kim that she was going to the hospital to hold her baby. Later, Katie returned home, and ripped down some of the decorations. She leaned against a wall, sighing.

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