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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 8, 2010 on AMC
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Monday, March 8, 2010

At the Chandler mansion, Brooke and Adam took advantage of the relative calm and shared a drink. Without much direct input, Adam knew that Brooke desperately wanted to know why Adam had married Annie. Adam explained that Annie had saved his life after Stuart was shot. Brooke thought that Adam's passionate nature had magnified his gratitude. Adam insisted that he genuinely loved Annie and assured Brooke that he wasn't being used.

At the hospital, Annie worked herself into a full-blown panic attack. Angie tried to calm Annie down. After a few deep breaths, Annie said that she was ready to proceed. Angie warned Annie that they couldn't go through with the bone marrow extraction until Annie's vitals returned to a normal level. Angie suggested calling Adam, but that upset Annie even more. Annie said that she didn't want Adam to be worried that something would go wrong.

Brooke asked how Adam and Annie fell in love, and Adam asked if Brooke was jealous. Brooke was only able to laugh off the question before a phone call interrupted their conversation. Adam found Angie on the other end of the line, certain that it would be best for Annie to have Adam by her side. Angie filled Adam in on Annie's panic attacks and suggested he try to help Annie in person. Adam agreed and quickly ended the call.

Adam told Brooke that he needed to go to the hospital to attend to some board duties. He invited Brooke to make herself feel at home and assured her that he would return soon. Scott showed up shortly after Adam left and asked after his uncle. Brooke told him where Adam had gone, and the news bothered Scott.

Brooke borrowed the computer so that she could check JR's website and was surprised to see that she was the subject of Annie's search. Brooke was amused when Scott told her that her presence in town and in the house made Annie nervous. Brooke insisted that the only thing she wanted back was her position at Tempo. Scott was well aware of that but indicated that Annie was somewhat unpredictable.

Brooke shared that despite overwhelming support, a full match for JR had yet to be found. She encouraged Scott not to give up. Scott expressed his gratitude that Brooke had returned to town, and said that she was exactly what Tempo needed.

Brooke asked Scott about Adam's health. Scott informed Brooke of the medical problems Adam had been having. Brooke was shocked to hear the news and realized why Scott was so worried. Scott told her that Adam refused to listen to anyone about what might be best for his health. Brooke was certain that she could get through to Adam, and quickly headed out the door.

Adam's arrival at the hospital upset Annie. Adam was slowly able to talk Annie down by telling her that the only people that mattered to him were Annie and JR. Annie brought up Colby and the shoddy way Colby had treated Annie. Adam told his wife not to waste her time thinking about Colby. Annie asked how Adam felt about Brooke.

As an answer, Adam gifted Annie with a guardian angel pin to watch over her during the procedure. Adam assured Annie that she was the only woman he loved and wanted around for the rest of his life. With the gift, Annie was sure that Adam wouldn't leave her. Angie returned and found Annie's numbers were at a much more acceptable level.

Brooke showed up at the hospital and, undetected, overheard the doctors talking to the Chandlers about Annie's donation. When Adam exited the room so that the doctors could prep Annie for the procedure, Brooke confronted Adam. She revealed that she'd overheard the doctors and knew why Adam held so much gratitude for Annie.

Greenlee attacked Ryan for attempting to get David arrested. Ryan insisted that his motives were good. Greenlee pointed out that David had saved her life while everyone else abandoned her, and asked what Ryan had done for her. Ryan told Greenlee that he'd never stopped loving her. Ryan also felt that it was important that Greenlee not regard David as her hero because David needed to pay for how he'd hurt people.

Greenlee's tirade was cut short when Jake, Natalia, and another police officer arrived at Wildwind. Natalia made it clear that David couldn't have gotten far because she'd had his car towed. In an effort to cast her husband in a better light, Greenlee started to list all of the things that Ryan had done wrong. Ryan was able to easily explain his actions and, as he did so, Greenlee became more upset. As Natalia and the other officer stepped out to get an update on the hunt for David, Greenlee wondered how many other people had been pulled into the plan.

Greenlee reminded Ryan that he was supposed to refrain from interfering in Greenlee's life. Because he failed to do so, Greenlee didn't feel as though she could trust Ryan. Ryan realized that anything he said in the heat of the moment would be misconstrued. Ryan tried to make it clear that he just wanted to do right by Greenlee. Greenlee stood firmly against Ryan's claims and said that if Ryan succeeded in having David sent away, he would regret it for the rest of his life.

Greenlee told Ryan that she would do whatever she needed to do to save David. Ryan thought that Greenlee was trying so hard to get away from Ryan that she couldn't see what was really going on. Ryan likened David to a plague that needed to be destroyed. Greenlee was appalled that Ryan regarded himself highly enough to pass judgment on another person. Ryan insisted that he was playing by the rules that David set.

As she finished fighting with Ryan, Greenlee started to storm out. Ryan called her back because she had forgotten her purse. As she grabbed it from Ryan's hands, she asserted that David would never spend a day in jail. Greenlee added that if David had to spend the rest of his life on the run, she would stay by his side.

At the police station, Natalia and Jake showed David's signed confession to Jesse. Jesse asked about Gayle's whereabouts. Jake admitted that Gayle was with Amanda because she didn't feel comfortable talking to the police. Jesse realized that the nurse wanted a deal in place before she talked. Jesse asked if Natalia had followed up on the claims in the confession. Natalia said that as soon as she told the morgue attendant that they were investigating, he confessed.

Jake was optimistic about the chances of making David pay for what he'd done. Jesse remained hesitant and said that they needed to find David first. Greenlee showed up at that moment and interrupted the conversation. She loudly announced that many laws were broken in order to obtain the confession. Greenlee pointed out that Gayle had brandished a gun and shot Erica. Jake insisted no harm was done because everything had been staged.

Jesse asked Natalia how much she knew about the plan. Natalia claimed that the only thing she knew was that people had witnessed David's signing of the confession. Greenlee strongly suggested that Gayle, Greenlee's ex-husband, and Greenlee's most bitter rival should not be considered valid witnesses. Jesse told Greenlee that she needed to get David a lawyer and walked away.

Unwilling to let things go that easily, Greenlee attacked Jake next for his betrayal of their friendship. Jake felt that Greenlee would thank him someday when she realized that she truly needed to get away from David. Greenlee needlessly reminded Jake that David had saved her life and thereby had earned more respect than Jake had received. Jake said that David shouldn't have kept Greenlee from the people that she loved. Greenlee caustically mentioned that Jake was no better because he had let David believe his son was dead. Jake told Greenlee that she needed to stop talking before she said something that she regretted.

After the chief retreated to his office, Greenlee started to bang on the door in the hopes that Jesse would see her again. Natalia threatened to throw Greenlee in lockup if she didn't cease and desist. Greenlee got into a heated argument with Natalia. Jesse emerged from his office and tried to defuse the situation but only managed to redirect Greenlee's anger from his daughter to himself.

Greenlee insisted that she would hire the best attorney and said that once David was cleared of all charges, she would sue everyone involved. Unbothered by the threats, Jesse asked where they could find David. Greenlee said that if she knew, she wouldn't tell them. Natalia thought that they would be able to track David down once he called his wife. Irate at the possibility, Greenlee dropped her phone on the ground and destroyed it with her heel.

After Jesse received an update on the search for David, Natalia confronted him about his anger. Jesse pointed out that Natalia had broken a lot of rules to get her results. However, because she had helped to build a solid case against David, Jesse forgave her.

Erica was surprised to see David at her place and asked how he'd gotten there. David revealed that he had hidden in her trunk. David confronted Erica about lying to him, but Erica was unmoved. Instead, she reminded him that he'd double-crossed her when he lied about getting Greenlee away from Fusion. David felt that he deserved better because he'd saved Kendall's life. Erica told him that she did what she felt was necessary.

David decided that he needed to put himself first and tied Erica up. With the tables turned, Erica didn't think that the situation was as fair. She acted appalled that David allowed Gayle to shoot her simply to save his own skin. David dismissed her supposed distress because the entire incident had been staged. Erica demanded to be released and, when that didn't work, she tried to appeal to David's sense of compassion.

Erica suggested that David turn himself in, but David said he would never do something that would essentially mean admitting that he lost. Erica said that things would be much worse if David ran. She listed the possible charges that could be filed against David. Erica told David that he needed to turn himself in, as his only option was the possibility of a deal with the district attorney. David said he always had other options.

Erica countered David's claim and said that because Ryan had managed to get the best of David, David had nowhere else to go. David corrected Erica and said that she was the person that had gotten to him. When he saw Erica on the floor, supposedly lying in a pool of her own blood, David knew that he would do anything to save her. Erica admitted that she saw the pain in David's eyes when he realized just how far Erica had gone to betray him.

Erica begged David not to hurt her, and promised that she just wanted to ensure things didn't get worse for David. David told her that what he needed was the ten million dollars that he had invested in Fusion. David was furious when Erica told him that she didn't have the money. She explained that she'd used the funds to launch her new product line. David asked if Erica had any money stashed in her new house, but Erica said that her safe hadn't been installed yet. She told David that the only money she had was in her wallet. David pulled a small wad of cash from her purse and pocketed that along with her car keys. As he tried to figure out his next move, Erica tried to convince David that he shouldn't run.

David told her that he couldn't stay, and then asked how she could betray him. He told her that he thought they meant something to each other. Erica said that they did, and that was why she warned him not to run. David was sure that Erica didn't really care what happened to him. Erica said that if David managed to convince Greenlee to leave the country, Erica would have enough time to arrange safe passage to a country without an extradition treaty. Erica also promised to get the charges dropped and deliver the money that David had invested.

David was irritated that the only way Erica would help him would be if he removed Greenlee from Erica's path. Erica said that she had too many things to do at Fusion and didn't need to be bothered by Greenlee's outbursts. David reminded Erica that Greenlee was part owner of Fusion and therefore entitled to do what she wanted.

Erica was surprised that David seemed to have genuine feelings for Greenlee. David initially wrote it off as feelings connected to marriage. When Erica challenged that, David told Erica that Greenlee had been part of his family since her marriage to Leo. Erica didn't believe David's words and asserted that David was falling for Greenlee. Erica noted that Greenlee was still in love with Ryan, and David said that Greenlee would get over it.

Erica suggested that David hold on to hope that one day Greenlee would truly belong to him. Erica said that Greenlee was incapable of true love, and that David's life would be torture in his marriage to Greenlee. Erica noted that she just needed to tell David what kind of person Greenlee had grown into.

Greenlee arrived home and, after realizing that David wasn't there, she frantically looked through some papers to try to find out where her husband might have gone. The phone rang, and anger boiled over when her caller ID told her it was Erica. Greenlee answered the call and immediately spewed her ire into the mouthpiece. David spoke up and Greenlee was relieved that he was okay. David asked his bride if she remembered the Valentine's Day gift she'd given to him. She did, and Greenlee knew what to do. Greenlee told David to be safe and they ended the call. A short time later, Greenlee showed up at Erica's new place and found Erica in the dark, tied up. After a hearty laugh, Greenlee blithely asked if she had interrupted something.

Ryan stopped by to check on Gayle, and Amanda told him that Gayle was still a nervous wreck. Almost to prove a point, Gayle ran out of a back room when she heard Ryan's voice and asked for an update. Ryan told her that David hadn't been captured but said that he had good news. He told her that a deal had been put in place that granted her total immunity in exchange for her confession. Gayle was excited, and asked if she would be allowed to live with her sister away from Pine Valley once she cooperated with the authorities. When Ryan said that Gayle would be able to do whatever she wanted, Gayle hugged Ryan and gleefully ran off to call her sister.

Ryan wished that Greenlee would have had that reaction, and Amanda said that Greenlee just needed the love of a good man. Jake walked in, overheard what Amanda said, and assumed that he was the subject of conversation. Amanda happily greeted her husband. After a brief reprieve from the drama, Jake asked if David had been found. Ryan replied in the negative but was certain that they would uncover David's hiding place soon.

Jake knew that he couldn't go to the police, so he suggested that they ask Tad for his help in finding David. Ryan thought it was a good idea. Jake took one look at Ryan's expression and assured his friend that things with Greenlee would right themselves. Ryan admitted that he was angry with himself for not being there for Greenlee when she needed him. Ryan noted that no matter how long it took, he wouldn't give up on his attempts to win Greenlee back.

Jake wanted to go over the plans that were in place to find David. Ryan revealed that he had hidden his phone in Greenlee's purse and said that he was tracking her via GPS. Ryan indicated that as long as his phone stayed on, Greenlee could lead them directly to David.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Martins and Chandlers gathered at the hospital to await the start of JR's procedure. As they wished they could thank the anonymous donor, Colby rasped that Annie, who was on a massage table somewhere, couldn't care less about what the family was going through.

Nearby, Brooke realized that Annie was JR's private donor. Adam admitted it, but he made Brooke promise not to reveal it, because he didn't want anyone to prevent JR's transplant. Brooke worried about Adam's health, but he claimed that she was being overprotective. An insistent Brooke said that she knew about Adam's health problems. Shrugging, Adam claimed that he'd had a bad year, but he was fine. Brooke stated that the last thing JR needed was for Adam to be admitted right alongside JR.

Dr. Kahn arrived in surgery garb and announced that the procedure would soon begin. She explained to JR's family that the days following the procedure would be critical to JR's recovery. Dr. Kahn left, and Marissa worried that the transplant wouldn't work. Tad and Krystal encouraged Marissa to stay positive. Colby asked Adam if the donor was still in the facility, because she wanted to thank the person. Adam reassured Colby that he'd find a way to express the family's gratitude.

Aside, Marissa thanked Krystal for being there. Krystal replied that it was what mothers did. Though Krystal knew that she had to earn that title, she was proud to be there for Marissa. Sighing, Marissa wished she could be strong, like Krystal; however, Krystal praised Marissa as a loving wife and a wonderful mother. Marissa said that Krystal didn't have to "earn" anything, because Marissa knew that she could count on Krystal.

As the staff prepped JR for surgery, Marissa thought of being in his arms. While holding each other, they both believed that they could take on anything after battling cancer. Nearby, Scott commented to Colby that nothing had been the same at the company without JR. In her mind, Colby thought of convincing JR to live at the mansion.

After leaving a message for Liza, Tad thought of JR presenting Tad with a father's day card, which read, "To Tad, my other father and the reason I'm standing here right now." Tad thought of telling JR how strong he was for overcoming his setbacks.

Brooke remained by Adam's side as he watched JR through the hospital window. Adam asked Brooke to check on Annie, because he didn't want to leave JR's side. In Adam's mind, he thought of asking JR to return to the family business. Adam thought about being with JR and saying how much he believed in JR.

The family huddled outside the glass doors of JR's room as the transplant procedure began. Suddenly, JR convulsed, and Dr. Kahn yelled that JR's airway was constricted. Adam cried out for JR and lunged forward, but the family held Adam back. The medical staff grappled to hold JR down, and Dr. Kahn pressed an oxygen mask to JR's face.

At Jake's house, Ryan demonstrated how he could track Greenlee from his GPS as long as the phone that he'd planted on her was active. Citing Greenlee's location, Ryan and Jake wondered what Greenlee could possibly be doing at Erica's new place. Ryan wanted to charge over there, but Jake worried that Ryan would alienate Greenlee. Ryan left anyway, because he couldn't let David slip away.

At Erica's penthouse, Greenlee erupted into laughter at the sight of a bound and sulking Erica Kane. David was no longer there, but Erica was certain that he'd left Greenlee a clue to his whereabouts. Erica suggested that she and Greenlee work together, because they both wanted David to get away. Greenlee, who had no intention of collaborating with Erica, claimed to be there for a laugh and to wipe away David's incriminating fingerprints.

As Greenlee snooped around, Erica tried convince Greenlee to work with Erica. Greenlee spotted some red roses behind Erica's chair. Beneath the vase was a note and a key. With her back to the roses, Erica asked if Greenlee had found what she'd been looking for. Greenlee sneaked the note into her pocket and showed Erica the handcuffs key that David had left. Greenlee considered tossing out the key, but Erica reasoned that they should act like adults. "This child likes you right where you are," Greenlee decided, placing the key on the coffee table.

Greenlee left, and Ryan entered Erica's apartment to release her. Erica disparaged Greenlee as David's dirty accomplice and relayed that David was desperate for cash. Ryan explained that he was tracking Greenlee with his GPS, and he hoped she'd lead him to David. Ryan's phone vibrated, and, upon checking it, he cited that Greenlee had gone to the hospital. Erica insisted upon accompanying Ryan on his pursuit of David.

In a hospital corridor, David paused to observe Krystal hugging his daughter. He slipped into Angie's office and took a false bottom out of the desk drawer. Beneath it lay stacks of cash and a passport. David hastily stuffed the items into his pockets.

Later, disguised as a priest in glasses, David met up with Greenlee in the hospital chapel. She suggested that they hide out somewhere in Pine Valley; however, David waved his passport and indicated that he was getting as far away as possible. Greenlee didn't want to leave town, but David declared that she didn't get a vote in it, because he was going alone.

Greenlee insisted that her marriage vows gave her a vote. She wanted him to stay, so that they could fight together, just as they'd planned. David stated that he'd married her to protect her, not drag her down. Greenlee countered that she and Marissa needed him. David replied that he hadn't asked much of her in their marriage, but he had to insist that she honor his decision.

Greenlee heard a phone ringing in her purse. Upon retrieving it, she saw Emma's name on the caller ID. Greenlee figured out that Ryan had planted a cell phone on her, so that he could trace her. David stated that they didn't have much time, since Ryan could be on his way. David thanked her for giving a "damn" about him. He hugged her and promised that he'd be back.

When Erica and Ryan arrived outside the hospital chapel, they heard Greenlee inside bickering with Jake. Erica and Ryan entered, and Greenlee quipped that the gang was all there. Greenlee claimed to be schooling Jake on friendship, but Ryan suspected that Greenlee hadn't been at the hospital just to talk to Jake. Jake left, and Erica asked where David had gone. Greenlee pretended not to know anything, and she snickered that it hadn't taken Ryan a long time to run to Erica's rescue. Greenlee tossed Ryan's phone to him and left.

In the corner of a dank, concrete place, David removed his glasses and lit a match. He sank to the floor, and with a defeated expression, blew out the match.

Jesse stopped by the hospital to tell Angie that David might finally be going down. He explained that Ryan and Jake had enlisted Gayle to get the dirt on David, who the police were searching for at that moment. Jesse figured that David was too worried about his own "ass" to go after Angie. Jesse noted that his wife seemed unsettled, and she said that he'd caught her at a bad time. She claimed that she needed to get back to work. Angie kissed him and strode off.

Later, Jake found a sullen Angie in her office. He wondered why she wasn't more excited about the developments with David Hayward. Angie stated that she'd taken her job to protect the hospital from people like David, and Jake reasoned that she was the best person for the job. Angie asked what about Jake. "What about me?" Jake quizzically responded.

Angie reasoned that Jake was qualified, and he had a much stronger stomach for the job. Jake thought she was giving up, but Angie said that she just wanted out of the lies and political games. Jake asserted that she'd had to play David's game in order to win, but once she finally defeated "Dr. Evil," she'd be free. Angie grumbled, but Jake said that nothing he could do would change that she was chief of staff. "See you later, Chief of Staff," he said and left.

Later, Angie smiled upon reading a card attached to some flowers that Jesse had ordered for her. Jesse called to say that he'd wanted to let her know that he was thinking of her. Angie asserted that she should be sending him the flowers. Jesse figured that she had more on her mind than JR and her job, and Jesse promised to be there for her, if she wanted to talk. Torn about revealing the truth behind her troubles, Angie grimaced.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

At the hospital, JR's loved ones watched with bated breath as the medical team struggled to stabilize JR. Adam yelled for JR to breathe, and a nurse closed the blinds. JR's loved ones clung to each other, and Adam spotted Annie peeking around the corner. He grew concerned, and Brooke decided to check on Annie, so that Adam could concentrate on JR.

When Brooke approached Annie, Annie pretended that she'd returned from the spa with a twisted knee. Brooke revealed that she'd figured out that Annie was the donor, and Brooke escorted Annie back to her room. Once there, Brooke explained that JR had suffered a bad reaction. "What if JR dies? Everybody's going to blame me!" Annie exclaimed.

Brooke thought it was hardly Annie's fault, but Annie persisted that everyone loved to blame her for everything. Brooke replied that Annie had done a fantastic thing for JR. Annie said she'd done it to prove her love for Adam, but if JR died, Adam would stop loving her. Brooke stated that Annie was forgetting who was in real trouble. Ignoring Brooke, Annie continued to fret that Adam would divorce her, and she'd lose everything. As Annie whined that she'd just wanted to be a part of the family, Brooke yelled for Annie to stop it.

Annie accused Brooke of returning to town to ensnare Adam, but Brooke scoffed that she didn't like to repeat herself. "Adam is mine. You can't have him," Annie declared. An amused Brooke decided that Annie was more desperate than Brooke had realized.

Annie got offended, but Brooke said that she understood Annie, because Brooke had been just the same way. Brooke had needed to be loved and wanted, but in her incessant quest for those things, she'd screwed up her life. In the end, Brooke had learned that true love didn't require plots or schemes, and she advised Annie to just trust the love. When Brooke started to leave, Annie asked Brooke to stay, because Annie didn't want to make more mistakes.

Opening up to Brooke, Annie explained that Adam was Annie and Emma's shot at love and a happy home. Despite Annie's bad childhood and failed marriage, Adam loved her for herself, and she didn't want to screw it up. When Annie remarked that Colby and JR were dogging her every move, Brooke reasoned that it wasn't easy to integrate into the family; however, considering the setbacks that Adam had faced, Annie should focus on him, not herself.

Annie retorted that she always focused on Adam, and Brooke suggested that Annie get herself back on her feet, so that she could make sure that Adam rested and took his medications. Annie barked out that she knew how to care for her husband. Brooke left to check on JR, and making a face, Annie mocked Brooke's instructions on how to care for Adam. "I don't need your advice, English. I need you gone," Annie grumbled.

After Angie evaluated JR, she told his family that he'd gone into anaphylactic shock. The medical team had medicated JR and placed him on a ventilator. Angie hoped to resume the procedure, if JR responded to the medication; however, in JR's weakened state, he might not pull through. "If you want to say anything to JR, now is the time," Angie delicately said. With a dazed and blank expression, Marissa wondered how she'd say goodbye.

In the chapel with Jesse, Tad said that he felt Dixie in the air. Tad confided that he'd once heard Dixie singing, and he'd found a hymnal open to the very song that he'd heard. Jesse remarked that he'd felt Angie's presence when he'd been on the run, and he figured that all Tad needed was to know that Dixie was near. "I don't know. I just..." Tad stammered. Dixie, who'd been listening in from her world, uttered that she missed Tad, too.

When Jesse and Tad left the chapel, Angie explained JR's situation to Tad. Adam refused to say goodbye to his son, and when Adam saw Tad headed to JR's room, Adam demanded that Tad not say it, either. Adam admitted hating Tad for his connection to JR, but because JR always listened to Tad, Adam instructed Tad to tell JR to fight for his life. "He'll listen to you," Adam asserted.

In JR's mind, JR returned to Dixie's porch in Pigeon Hollow. He announced that he wanted to stay, but Dixie was no longer welcoming. JR asked why she wanted him to leave, and she said that he was behaving just as selfishly as his father. JR lashed out at Dixie for selfishly abandoning her family, and he blamed her and Adam for his life struggles.

Dixie sarcastically asked if that gave JR the right to die hurt and angry. She insisted that JR's whole life wasn't horrible, and there was at least one person who still needed him and who'd never hurt him. "AJ," JR uttered and started crying. Dixie thought that JR was emotional because he was still connected to his loved ones. Dixie, however, no longer felt that earthly pull, because in death, she'd learned to send her love out and to sense when it had been received.

Dixie beseeched JR to sit and listen to his loved ones, who were preparing to say their goodbyes. JR looked attentively at the sky and heard Scott's voice. At JR's bedside, Scott reminisced about their childhood. Scott said that the family loved JR, and they were with him in whatever he needed to do. Next, JR heard Colby, whose words were barely audible over her sobs. She said that he couldn't die, because he was the only big brother that she had. A disheartened Colby yelled that she couldn't do it, and she fled the room. Liza followed her.

In Pigeon Hollow, JR remarked that he'd never seen Colby that way before. Dixie reasoned that perhaps it had taken such a tragic event to make JR really see his sister. Dixie told JR that Adam would never give up on JR, either. JR remarked that just when he'd given up on his relationship with Adam, the cancer had drawn them back together. Thinking of Marissa, JR said that they'd only been together in sickness, not in health. He worried about leaving Marissa and AJ after promising to be there for them.

Dixie and JR heard Krystal's voice as she spoke to the bedridden JR. Krystal recalled being unsure of JR's intentions when she'd first met him; however, time had taught her that he had a heart of gold. Krystal was sure that, if JR had to say goodbye, Babe and he would find each other in the afterlife. Just then, JR saw Babe, bathed in light, at the entrance to Pigeon Hollow.

JR rushed toward the door, but it slammed. He lamented wasting so much time when Babe had been alive. He decided that he wanted to stay with Babe, but then he heard Marissa's voice echoing through the garden. Marissa said that she loved and missed him, and AJ did, too. She begged JR not to die, because she didn't know how to live without him. She realized that they needed a miracle, and she was willing to wait for it.

At the Martin house, Damon was reading when he saw a purposeful AJ stride into the room to grab his hat and coat. Opal entered and asked AJ where he wanted to go. Swinging open the front door, AJ announced that he wanted to see his father.

Later, a breathless Colby arrived at the Martin house to find Damon alone. She murmured that JR was dying, and Damon hugged her. Colby felt horrible for running from the hospital. Damon said that he knew what "running" was all about, but whenever he'd finally decide to face his issues, things had already irrevocably changed. He programmed his phone number into her cell phone. Just then, Liza entered, and Colby asked Liza to take her back to the hospital.

When Opal arrived at the hospital with AJ, Marissa asked Angie how to tell the boy that his father might not make it. Angie stated that when she'd gone through that with Frankie, she'd answered his questions honestly. Marissa remarked that Jesse had returned to Angie, so it was possible that JR would return, too. Angie hugged Marissa.

Krystal, Opal, and Angie lent their support to Marissa as she explained to AJ that he couldn't make JR wake up. AJ asked if JR would die like Babe. JR listened in from Pigeon Hollow as Marissa frankly replied that they didn't know. JR smiled at Marissa's strength. He said that life wasn't about just getting through. He'd always been more concerned about what others should give him, not what he could give them. JR realized that he had much to do and fix.

For the first time, JR was seeing how selfish he'd been to his family and loved ones. He'd never been a real brother to Colby, and he'd never even asked Tad about his life. JR wanted to make things right, but he didn't know how.

Back in JR's room, Tad strongly felt Dixie's presence and assumed that she was hovering around JR at that moment. Tad asked Dixie to tell JR how much everyone needed him on earth. From her world, Dixie replied that it was what she'd been trying to do. Though Tad couldn't hear Dixie, he went to the chapel to continue his appeal to her. He said that losing Dixie had almost killed JR, and they couldn't let that happen to AJ.

Adam and AJ sat at JR's beside. Adam said that JR was in the fight of his life. "Fight for life!" Adam encouraged. In Pigeon Hollow, Dixie and JR heard the voices of their loved ones drifting through the garden. "Daddy, I love you," AJ said. Dixie heard Tad whisper for her to send JR back. From her porch, Dixie blew JR a kiss. He smiled, turned his back, and drew in a deep breath.

Back in JR's hospital room, JR's body twisted, and he gasped for air. Adam's eyes widened, and he cried out, "JR! JR!"

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tad had stretched out on a chapel pew to sleep, but he was awakened when Dixie's glowing hand stroked his head. Tad smiled, saying that he'd known that she was there. Dixie said it was a dream, but a disbelieving Tad knew that she'd been around for days. Tad figured that she'd heard his pleas, and she'd returned JR to them. Dixie stated that she didn't have power over life and death; JR just had more life to live, and he'd live it.

Dixie asked Tad to watch over JR, and Tad assured her that he would. When Tad said that he missed her, she said she missed him, too, and she enjoyed watching him with Kathy. Tad responded that he saw Dixie each time he looked at Kathy. Dixie had to leave, but Tad asked her to stay longer. "I'll see you again-in the stars," Dixie said and faded away.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Angie released Annie, who claimed to be humbled by her experience. Annie remarked that JR would live, thanks to Annie. Later, Brooke approached Angie with concerns about Adam's health. Brooke wasn't interested in seducing him, as Annie feared, but Brooke felt that he should take it easy. She recalled that he'd been his best while married to her, and Angie advised Brooke to do all that she could to help Adam, despite Annie.

Dr. Kahn informed JR's loved ones that he'd pulled through, but they still needed to monitor him closely. Dressed in hospital garb, Marissa and Adam visited JR to say that the whole family had been pulling for him. JR weakly murmured, "AJ..." Marissa said that Opal had taken AJ home, but he'd be back. "Mom..." JR uttered with a distant look in his eyes.

JR described seeing a white light while he'd slept, and Dixie had been with him. Colby fussed at him for scaring her, but she was glad that he'd made it. JR spotted Annie in the hallway, and Colby told him not to worry; she'd get rid of Annie.

Later, Angie arrived to evaluate JR, and he inquired about his donor. She reminded him that the donor wished to remain unknown. JR understood that, but he wanted to know because the person had saved his life. JR peered into the hall. His eyes met Annie's, and she turned away. Angie refused to break confidentiality and asked that JR respect the donor's wishes.

Once Angie left, JR told Marissa that the donor had helped, but the whole family had saved him. The family had fought for him, and he'd fight for them, too. JR fell asleep and dreamed of Dixie, who bid him a poignant goodbye. Standing at her glowing door, she sang, "You Are my Sunshine," and he smiled in his sleep.

When Colby entered the corridor, she told Annie, Adam, and Brooke that the sight of Annie might kill JR. Adam suggested that Annie go home to rest. Annie balked that Adam was trying to get rid of her, even after what she'd done for JR. Colby asked what Annie had done for her brother. Everyone crowded around as Annie stammered that she'd been by Adam's side. Tad intervened to pull Colby away for Damon's trial.

Aside, Adam told Annie that Colby might not know what Annie had done; however, he did, and he'd never forget it. Adam asked Brooke to take Annie home, but to Annie's surprise, Brooke advised Adam to go and rest with Annie. Brooke stated that JR would be there when Adam returned, but Adam looked uncertain.

At home later, Annie was happy that JR was recovering. A shaken Adam reeled at the thought of losing JR. Adam sobbed that he didn't think he could go on if JR died. Annie petted and consoled her husband.

In the cemetery, David sneaked out of a crypt, and visited Leo's grave. David spoke about missing Leo and marrying Greenlee to protect her from Ryan. David said he didn't really want to leave town, but he had no choice. He told himself that Greenlee would be fine.

At Fusion, Jackson arrived to see Greenlee. Because of David's newest troubles, Jack assumed that his daughter wanted him to draw up annulment papers. Greenlee insisted that David and she would be together, but she needed Jack's help. She asked Jack to represent David, but Jack flatly refused. Undaunted, Greenlee pledged to find another lawyer.

Jack tried to reason with his daughter, but Greenlee staunchly defended her husband. Jack warned that she could be charged as an accessory for helping David flee, and Jack swore she'd get hurt if she stood by David. Greenlee countered that Jack had said the same about Ryan, but Jack claimed that Ryan and Greenlee actually loved each other. She responded that she couldn't be with Ryan for the same reason that Jack couldn't be with Erica: self-preservation.

Jack said that he didn't trust David. Greenlee implored Jack to consider the request for her sake, but Jack declined. She attempted to threaten him; however, he said that, no matter her threats, he was still her father, and he wouldn't help her stay with David.

Jack left, and Greenlee went off on Randi for not rushing Erica to fax something. Madison offered to track Erica down, and Randi stormed off. Madison sympathized with Greenlee's spousal choice, because Madison had married a ruthless district attorney, who'd eventually died. Greenlee shooed Madison back to work, and someone approached Greenlee with a call about a roses delivery. Upon answering the phone, Greenlee heard David on the line. He asked her to meet him. "I'm with Leo," he hinted.

When Greenlee arrived at the gravesite, she called out two police officers who were hiding in the bushes. As she berated them for following her, they received a robbery call and took off. David approached, and Greenlee hugged him. They discussed how the police had been hounding her, and he apologized for dragged her into it. Greenlee insisted that she was the reason that he was in trouble, and she'd find a way out of it.

David laughed when she said she'd asked her father to represent David. David thought her father was right about an annulment, but Greenlee insisted upon sticking by David. David planned to lay low until the heat was off, and she expressed her desire to help him. He considered that he might need her help with something after all.

Back at the Chandler mansion later, Annie proposed that Adam and she have champagne, but he said that Brooke was right: he needed to rest. A whiny Annie asked what about her needs. She said she'd only made it through the procedure because she'd imagined him holding her in the end. As Adam hugged her, David watched from the door to the secret passageway.

At the police station, Ryan and Jesse discussed how Greenlee had helped David give Ryan the slip at the chapel. Jesse said that David had locked the chaplain in a closet and stolen his clothes. Jesse had put up roadblocks and grounded David's pilot. Ryan figured that David was hiding someplace that no one would think to look.

Later, Jesse went to Leo's grave, where he blasted his officers for losing Greenlee. Jesse picked up a chaplain's collar and proclaimed that David had been there. Jesse threw the collar at the inept police officers.

Ryan met Jackson at ConFusion, and Jackson expressed his outrage that Greenlee had wanted him to defend David. Ryan figured that she was using David just as much as David was using her, but Ryan had the perfect plan to break up their alliance. Jackson and Ryan agreed that Greenlee was using David to keep Ryan at bay, and Ryan decided that he would end the stalemate by giving Greenlee exactly what she wanted.

After Greenlee got home, Ryan arrived. She tried to slam the door on him, but he said that he was there to offer her a deal. Ryan realized that she wanted him out of her life, and he was willing to let her go for good-if she'd give up David.

At the Martin house, Liza prepped Damon for court. Hill called Damon, and when he got off the phone, he told Liza that he'd taken her advice and called his mother. Hill had said she'd attend the trial, but his father had talked her out of it. An emotional Damon said that his father had written him off after Bailey had gotten pregnant, but his mother had at least agreed to send money for Liza's legal fees. Liza remarked that all kids needed their parents, but Damon replied that it was a good thing that he wasn't a kid.

When Damon went to change, Liza researched Hillary Miller on her cell phone and saw the name Hillary Wilson. Liza called Tad to meet her at the courthouse to talk about Damon's mother. Damon returned downstairs, and Liza stared at him strangely. He asked if something were wrong with his clothes. Liza dismissively said he looked fine, and they left.

Tad and Colby met Damon at police headquarters, and Colby conveyed that JR had awakened. Damon and Colby exchanged lingering stares, and Tad pulled Damon aside to make sure that Damon understood that he had to be genuinely sorry in front of the judge. Tad reasoned that it was the only way that Damon would get his "narrow butt" out of trouble.

Later, Liza and Tad met in a corridor. Liza said that she'd done some research on Damon's mother, Hillary Miller, and learned that Hillary's maiden name was Wilson. Tad wondered if Liza were trying to say that Damon's Hill was Tad's Hillary. Liza affirmed her belief that Damon was the son of Tad's lost love, Hillary Wilson. Tad looked dumbfounded at Damon, who glanced back expectantly.

Friday, March 12, 2010

At Wildwind, Ryan questioned Greenlee about David. Greenlee claimed that she didn't know where David was. Ryan remained skeptical. Greenlee believed that it was Ryan's fault that she had lost David forever. Ryan pointed out that David had broken the law. "To protect me," Greenlee justified.

Greenlee insisted that David was far away; however, she didn't know where because David didn't want Greenlee to be an accessory. Ryan was curious how David had managed to slip out of town. Greenlee answered, "Coffin." "The one he sleeps in, or did he have a special travel casket made?" Ryan wondered. Greenlee ignored the taunt; she insisted that David had ordered a coffin, sealed himself inside it, and then shipped himself to an unknown destination. Ryan bit back a smile as he responded, "Really."

Greenlee didn't care if Ryan believed her or not. She vowed to do everything in her power to get David back. Ryan confessed that he knew that Jackson had turned down Greenlee's request to help David. Greenlee was annoyed by the reminder. She grew increasingly agitated as she vented that she felt as if her life had gone to hell. Ryan stepped forward to comfort Greenlee. Initially Greenlee allowed Ryan to pull her into his arms, but she quickly pulled back when she realized what she had done.

Greenlee angrily accused Ryan of having manipulated the situation to his advantage. Ryan claimed that reaching for her when she was upset had been an old habit. Greenlee stubbornly held onto her fury. Ryan assured Greenlee that he had never intended to cause her pain. Greenlee didn't believe Ryan. Ryan invited Greenlee to hate him as much as she wanted to, but he was happy that David was out of Greenlee's life.

Later, Greenlee went to Fusion. Greenlee promised Madison and Randi that everything would settle down at Fusion because Jack had intervened. Randi and Madison visibly relaxed. Randi announced that she had found the perfect place for the photo shoot for Greenlee's new line. Greenlee was not amused when Randi showed Greenlee a picture of the castle where Greenlee and Ryan had been married.

Greenlee wasn't surprised to learn that Erica had suggested the site. Greenlee ordered Randi to find another location for the photo shoot. After Randi walked away, Madison admitted that she knew why the castle had upset Greenlee. Madison revealed that she had "googled" everyone after she had been hired at Fusion. Greenlee was impressed by Madison's resourcefulness; however, Greenlee didn't want to discuss it.

Greenlee tried to focus on work, but Madison seemed determined to talk about Ryan. Madison wondered why Ryan had helped Erica with Fusion. Greenlee explained that Ryan ran Cambias, which once owned Fusion. Greenlee and Kendall had bought Fusion, so Ryan was no longer a part of the cosmetics company. Greenlee reminded Madison that they weren't in boarding school; Madison was Greenlee's employee.

Later, Greenlee mentioned that she had heard about Madison's husband. Madison confessed that Henry's death had been a turning point for Madison. Madison recognized that she had spent many years blaming others for her problems. Eventually, Madison realized that the only person she should have blamed was herself. Greenlee suggested that sometimes others were to blame, like Ryan and Erica. Madison was curious if Greenlee truly hated Ryan. Greenlee quickly changed the subject.

Jesse and Ryan met at ConFusion to discuss the search for David. Ryan decided to take a step back, so that Greenlee would drop her guard. Jesse suggested that Ryan make a point of checking in at Fusion to see if there were any clues about David's whereabouts. Ryan reminded Jesse to make certain that someone kept an eye on Marissa, in case David contacted her.

At the Pine Valley Police Station, Tad was stunned when Liza revealed that Damon's mother was Tad's first love, Hillary Wilson. Tad wondered if Damon was aware of Hillary's connection to Pine Valley. Liza doubted that Damon knew about Tad and Hillary's history.

Nearby, in the squad room, Damon worried that Tad thought that Damon was "working" everyone. Colby was curious if it was true. Damon realized that the judge might have similar doubts about Damon. Liza approached Colby to give her some last-minute tips on how to persuade the judge to show leniency when he sentenced Damon.

Opal entered the squad room a short time later. She immediately sensed that there was something troubling Tad. Tad confessed that he had discovered that Hillary Wilson was Damon's mother. Opal was shocked. She recalled that Hillary was Tad's first love and that Tad had broken Hillary's heart. Opal was curious who Damon's father was.

Tad explained that Hillary had married a man named Paul nineteen years before. Opal observed that it seemed like things had returned full circle with Tad helping Damon. Tad wondered why he shouldn't offer assistance to Damon; Tad thought Damon was a good kid. Opal was curious if Tad was influenced by the knowledge that Hillary was Damon's mother.

Later, Damon and Colby returned to the squad room after talking to the judge. Colby was hopeful that the judge would rule in Damon's favor. Colby thought that Damon had made a great impression on the judge. She told Opal and Tad a story about Damon stealing money from his grandmother. Opal recalled a time that Tad had stolen money from his grandmother, Kate. Opal confided that Kate had forgiven Tad.

Damon confided that no one had forgiven Damon. Damon's father had written Damon off long before, while Damon's mother had been deeply disappointed in her son. Damon believed it was the reason his mother had stayed away after his arrest. Liza returned from the judge's chambers to let Tad know that it was Tad's turn to talk to the judge.

Later, the judge agreed to sentence Damon to probation and community service under the condition that an adult would supervise Damon during his probation. Damon feared that he didn't have anyone to stand up for him. Tad volunteered to keep an eye on Damon during the probationary period.

As Tad walked away, Liza was curious if Opal had any objections to Tad's decision. Opal made it clear that it was Tad's house. Opal would support her son's decision provided there wasn't any "funny business." Liza wondered if Damon was okay with the arrangements. Damon assured Liza and Opal that he intended to take advantage of the opportunity that he had been given.

Tad pulled Jesse aside to tell Jesse about Damon's mother. Jesse was curious when Tad had last seen Hillary. Tad confided that it had been just before Hillary's third marriage. Hillary wanted to make certain that she was making the right choice by marrying Paul Miller. Jesse wondered if Tad and Hillary had done more than simply talk about their past. Tad didn't have an opportunity to respond because Damon approached them.

Damon let Tad know that the judge wanted to see Tad. Before Tad went into the judge's chambers, Damon thanked Tad for helping.

David lurked in the tunnel of the Chandler mansion and watched Adam and Annie. Annie became concerned when Adam appeared to suffer a wave of weakness. Adam assured Annie that he was fine. He suggested that she fetch them some champagne. Annie eagerly sprinted off to the kitchen. The moment Annie left the room, Adam began frantically searching the parlor. Adam didn't find what he was looking for, so he settled for a strong drink.

Brooke entered the parlor as Adam set the glass down. Brooke demanded to know why Adam wasn't resting. Adam dismissed her concerns; he argued that there wasn't anything wrong with him. Brooke warned Adam that he couldn't fool her. She knew when Adam was lying. Adam grumbled, "Leave me the hell alone," when Brooke continued to fuss over him. Adam explained that he had merely skipped his medication.

Adam was certain that he would feel better once he had his pill. Brooke quickly located the medicine and then handed it to Adam. Adam took a tablet and assured her that he felt much improved. Shortly after Adam left to get some rest, Annie entered the parlor. Brooke frowned when she realized that Annie had champagne and a tray of food. Brooke warned Annie that Adam was not healthy enough for what Annie had in mind.

Annie resented Brooke's interference, so she seized the opportunity to ask Brooke to leave. Brooke seemed surprised, but assured Annie that she had never meant to intrude on Annie's marriage. Annie didn't believe Brooke. Annie suggested that Brooke's concern for Adam's well-being was a ruse. Annie was certain that inside, Brooke was "pissed" because Annie could give Adam what Brooke couldn't. To prove her point, Annie bared a shoulder. Shaking her head, Brooke left the room.

Annie quickly called Ryan to arrange for Ryan to pick up Emma. Later, Annie announced that Annie and Adam would have the house to themselves for the evening. Adam was curious where Brooke would be. He was livid when Annie revealed that she had asked Brooke to move out. Adam explained that Brooke had done him a huge favor by taking over Tempo. Adam demanded that Annie call Brooke, apologize, and then invite Brooke to move back in.

Later, Annie revealed that she had tried to call Brooke, but she had only reached Brooke's voicemail. Adam insisted on clearing things up with Brooke, so Adam and Annie left to call Brooke again.

David slipped into the parlor to gather mounds of food. He quickly dashed back to his hiding place before he was discovered. Emma entered the parlor moments later. She popped a grape into her mouth just as Annie joined her. Annie assumed Emma had eaten all of the food on the tray; she warned Emma not to ruin her appetite. Emma squealed with delight when Ryan arrived to pick her up. Ryan confessed that he had heard that Emma had been eager to spend time with him.

Emma clarified that it had been her mother's idea. Ryan asked Emma to wait for him in the car. After Emma left, Ryan demanded to know why Annie had lied to him. Annie insisted that Ryan would have accused her of trying to unload Emma, so she had lied to avoid the drama. Annie claimed that she had merely wanted some time alone with Adam. According to Annie, her marriage had to be strong and solid for Emma's sake.

After Ryan left, Annie dashed off to change clothes while Adam waited in the parlor. Adam took a pill, but he realized too late that he had taken the wrong one. Adam clutched his chest, stumbled around, and then collapsed on the sofa. David stepped out of the tunnels. "Looks like you're a dead man, Adam," David observed.

At the hospital, AJ wondered if JR would be going home. "Soon," JR promised his son. AJ wanted reassurance that JR would never leave them again. JR explained that he loved AJ and Marissa deeply and he would do everything to protect them. Later, Marissa returned to the room without AJ. Krystal had taken AJ home for the night. Marissa urged JR to rest; she assured him that he didn't have to protect them from anything because everything was fine.

Brooke arrived at the hospital a short time later. JR called out to Brooke when he heard her voice in the hallway. Brooke donned a sterile gown and then entered JR's room. JR thanked Brooke for looking after Adam. Brooke insisted that JR needed to focus on getting well. She promised to visit JR every day or to call him from the hotel.

Marissa was surprised to hear that Brooke was staying at the hotel instead of the mansion. Brooke explained that Annie had asked Brooke to leave. "That bitch," JR growled. A short time later, Brooke announced that Annie had left her a voicemail message requesting that Brooke move back to the mansion. JR implored Brooke to accept the invitation. JR feared that Annie would try to kill Adam by using sex to induce a heart attack.

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