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Natalie and John drew closer, but Natalie learned that John and Marty were expecting a baby. Kim and Clint were married. Layla wasn't happy that Jessica believed that she was in high school and continued to pursue Cristian. Charlie refused to give up on Viki. Todd offered Kelly a job after she refused to sleep with him. Hannah cried on Cole's shoulder.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 8, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, March 8, 2010

Bunny in the Oven

Inside John's apartment, Marty appeared distraught as she stared down at the home pregnancy test that displayed a positive result. Suddenly, Roxy barged into the apartment, and Marty did her best to hide the test. However, Roxy announced that she had noticed the positive pregnancy test result, and remarked, "You've got a bun in the oven!"

Admitting that she was pregnant, Marty told Roxy that John wasn't aware of the news, and asked Roxy to keep her secret. Realizing that Marty intended to keep John in the dark, Roxy questioned if Marty and John were experiencing problems. Marty stated that she and John had never discussed having a child. Roxy asked Marty if she believed that John had unresolved feelings about Natalie.

When John arrived at Llanfair to speak with Jessica, Natalie informed him that Jessica had stepped out, but Natalie invited John inside. John listened intently as Natalie informed him that she had dreamed about him. Natalie was surprised when John related that he had experienced a similar dream about her.

John believed that they shouldn't take their dreams seriously. With a look of uncertainty, Natalie recalled the kisses they had shared and insisted that it had all been a mistake, and they would never allow it to happen again. Natalie told John that she was convinced that something special still existed between them. Admitting that she often thought about escaping into John's arms, Natalie insisted that the timing was off. Natalie stated that she was still grieving the loss of Jared, and she reminded John that he wanted to be with Marty. John agreed that he wanted to continue to pursue his relationship with Marty.

After concurring that they shared unresolved feelings for one another, Natalie asked John if they should avoid each other and ignore their feelings. Maintaining that dreams didn't have any hidden meaning, John stated that he didn't want to go through life avoiding her. They agreed to forget about the dreams and shook hands. After a brief handshake, John and Natalie embraced. Staring into each other's eyes, John and Natalie shared a passionate kiss.

Afterward, Natalie asked John if they had made yet another mistake. To her surprise John remarked that it wasn't a mistake. Stating that he didn't want to complicate her life, John insisted that they needed to figure out what was happening between them. Before leaving, John stated, "We can't keep going around in circles!" A confused Natalie watched as John reluctantly exited the house.

Back at John's apartment, Roxy encouraged Marty to tell John about the baby, but Marty maintained that she didn't want to trap John. Opening the door, Roxy asked Marty if she was considering terminating her pregnancy. Before Marty could respond, Roxy blurted out, "Don't get rid of it without telling John!" They were both shocked when John appeared and asked the topic of their conversation. Once Roxy bolted out of the apartment, John asked, "Is there something you want to tell me?"

Meanwhile, Natalie was consumed with romantic thoughts about John.

Inside Oliver's apartment, Oliver was stunned to learn that Kyle had stolen a DNA sample from Oliver and had compared it to a sample of baby Sierra's DNA. When Oliver maintained that Sierra didn't deserve to be raised by gay parents, Kyle objected. Reminding Kyle that he had illegally obtained both DNA samples, Oliver chastised his lover for committing a crime. Stating that he knew Oliver didn't want another man to raise his child, Kyle insisted that he had conducted the test because he loved Oliver, and wanted them to find out the truth together. Kyle pleaded with Oliver to open the envelope and learn the truth about Sierra's paternity. To Kyle's horror, Oliver walked toward the door and announced, "You're on your own!" Kyle watched sadly as Oliver left the apartment.

At the hospital, Rex, Schuyler, and Téa listened as Gigi announced to Elijah that she intended to seek custody of Sierra. Schuyler insisted that he loved his daughter and wanted to raise her, but Gigi was convinced that Schuyler was an unfit father and didn't truly love Sierra. Schuyler refused to give up his daughter. Gigi suggested that if Schuyler loved Sierra, he would allow Gigi to raise the little girl. When Schuyler asked to speak to Gigi alone, Rex objected, but Gigi agreed to talk to Schuyler.

Pulling her aside, Schuyler begged Gigi to consider raising Sierra with him. Declaring his love for her, Schuyler pleaded with Gigi to give their relationship another chance, but Rex appeared and interrupted the conversation. Reminding Schuyler of his confession about stealing the drug to induce Stacy's labor, Rex stated that he doubted that Schuyler loved Sierra. Denying that he had administered the drug to Stacy, Schuyler was adamant that Kim would clear him of the accusation that he had induced Stacy's labor, resulting in Sierra's medical condition. Upon learning that Kim was Schuyler's alibi, a disgusted Gigi stormed off. Calling out to her, Schuyler yelled, "I didn't use the drug! Kim will vouch for me!" While Téa gave Schuyler a disapproving look, Elijah listened intently to Schuyler's confession.

In an attempt to prevent Schuyler from incriminating himself any further, Téa reminded him of his appointment. When a confused Schuyler inadvertently mentioned the scheduled ethics board meeting, Elijah chastised Téa for trying to keep the meeting a secret, and commented that he was aware that Schuyler had stolen the drug from the hospital. Upset to learn that Gigi had confided in Elijah, Schuyler asked if Gigi was only seeking custody because she wanted to punish him.

Alone with Schuyler, Rex told him that they could fix the entire mess without a long drawn-out custody battle. Rex stated that he wouldn't inform the ethics board of Schuyler's crime, if Schuyler stepped aside and allowed Gigi and Rex to raise Sierra. When Schuyler refused, Rex insisted that Schuyler didn't love Sierra. An irate Schuyler nearly attacked Rex, but Oliver arrived on the scene and prevented Schuyler from striking Rex.

Oliver listened quietly as Rex maintained that Schuyler was only using Sierra to keep Gigi in his life.

Meanwhile, Schuyler approached Gigi in Sierra's hospital room and insisted that he wanted to raise his daughter. A determined Schuyler declared, "I don't want to do this, but I'll walk out of here with Sierra. She's my daughter and she's all I have left!" Oliver appeared conflicted as he watched Gigi and Schuyler argue over Sierra's crib.

Later, when Elijah asked Gigi if she still wanted to seek custody of the child, Gigi stated that she was unsure. Shocked, Rex reminded Gigi that Schuyler was manipulating her and was pretending to care for Sierra in an attempt to impress Gigi. Rex pleaded with her not to fall for Schuyler's lies again. Affected by Rex's statement, Gigi told Elijah that she had decided to file for custody of Sierra. Rex promised to stand by her.

When Oliver returned home, Kyle apologized for betraying him and offered to burn the DNA test. As Kyle lit a match, Oliver asked him not to do it.

Inside Cristian's class at Llanview High School, Cristian tried to explain to Jessica that it wasn't a good idea for her to take his class. With a sly grin, Jessica assured Cristian that he would one day realize that they belonged together.

As Jessica drew hearts on the blackboard, Cristian pulled the principal aside and explained the situation with Jessica. Cristian informed him that he expected a problem to result from Jessica being enrolled in his class. Reminding Cristian that Jessica was a Buchanan and recalling the large cash donation that Todd had made to the school, the principal suggested that Cristian accept Jessica as one of his students.

A reluctant Cristian entered the classroom and welcomed Jessica to Llanview High School. With a smile, Jessica replied, "It's nice to be back, Mr. Vega!"

Starr, Cole, Langston, and Markko enjoyed breakfast at the Buenos Dias Café. Langston received a sexually charged text message from Ford. As Langston hid the text message from Markko, she was terrified when Ford entered the café and announced he wanted to speak to his favorite student. When Ford engaged in conversation with Markko, Langston quickly excused herself. After observing Langston's strange behavior, Starr noticed Hannah enter the café and decided to join Langston. Before heading off, Starr teased Cole about his sexy sociology partner.

Ford glanced at Hannah for a moment, but soon turned his attention to Langston, who was waiting outside the café for Starr. With a devilish look, Ford watched as Langston walked away.

Later, Cole attempted to discuss the school project with Hannah, but noticed that she couldn't keep her eyes off of Ford, who was sitting at a booth with Markko.

As Markko detailed his film project to Ford, Markko noticed that Hannah was fixated on Ford. When Markko directed Ford's attention on Hannah, Ford grinned. Markko tried to discuss his film project with Ford, but Ford was preoccupied with sending a text message. Ford told Markko that there was girl that he just couldn't get off his mind.

At Llanview High School, Langston received a text message from Ford. Starr interrupted her thoughts and mentioned that Hannah had dropped by their apartment to work with Cole. When Starr asked if she should be concerned about Hannah, Langston had a flashback of her sexual encounter with Ford. Starr was convinced that something was bothering her friend.

Starr was pleased when she realized that Cristian was her new art teacher. When Jessica noticed Starr, Jessica approached her cousin and asked, "Are you a high school senior, too?" Starr was stunned to learn that Jessica had no memories beyond high school. Once class started, one student asked if Jessica was a student teacher and another referred to her as a "cougar." Upon learning the definition of a "cougar," Jessica informed the class that she had a boyfriend. As Cristian gave his lecture, Jessica moaned, "Isn't he a hunk?"

Back at the café, Hannah suggested that Cole find a babysitter so that they could study at his apartment. Gathering his belongings, Cole informed her that they would hold their next study session at the library.

As Ford continued to send Langston text messages, Hannah grabbed his phone. Hannah accused him of leading her on and then abruptly ending the relationship. Retrieving his phone, Ford informed her that he never promised her anything. As a cocky Ford exited the café, Hannah declared, "And I never promised that I'd let it go!"

At a nearby booth, Clint told Kim that he wouldn't marry her unless she signed a prenuptial agreement. Insisting that she wasn't marrying Clint for his money, Kim maintained that she only wanted to give Sierra a happy home. Clint related that he was protecting his family' fortune and refused to marry her unless she signed the prenuptial agreement.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Heart Appreciation

As Rex and Gigi continued their vigil at the hospital for Sierra, Elijah stopped by and informed them that things had been set in motion for Gigi's custody hearing. Gigi was sure that she would be a much better parent than Schuyler, and Rex assured her that she was right to make the choice. He didn't think that Schuyler had any right to raise a child with everything else he had going on in his life. Gigi wondered if Rex really wanted to be involved in the custody battle, as she was sure that things would get ugly.

Oliver returned to Kyle's place at the Angel Square Hotel after checking in on Sierra at the hospital. He still felt the need to protect the baby, especially after he had protected her during Stacy's pregnancy. Kyle offered up the sealed envelope with the DNA results again and vowed to support Oliver no matter what. Oliver was uncomfortable and declared that he needed some air. He walked out.

Roxy left Marty and John to talk as Marty quickly hid the home pregnancy test. In response to John's questions, Marty stammered and admitted that she didn't feel well. He handed her a container of chicken soup that he had picked up and mentioned that he had stopped at Llanfair to see Jessica about the shooting but visited with Natalie instead. Marty was less than pleased to hear that, and she wanted to know what John saw for himself and Marty in the future. "Like marriage and family?" John wanted to know. "Yes," Marty replied.

Before John was able to reply, there was a knock at the door. It was Oliver, who wanted some advice from John. Marty needed to get dressed for work, and she left the men alone. She stopped short and out of sight when she heard Oliver's question. "What would you do if you found out you were going to be a father?" Oliver asked John. Marty was clearly interested in John's response.

Without revealing too much, Oliver explained that there was a baby who was possibly his own, and he and Kyle were thinking of raising it. John thought that the baby would be lucky to have Oliver as a parent. Oliver thought that perhaps there were some people who should not be parents, but John thought that Oliver wasn't one of them. Oliver noted that Kyle was okay with having a child. John decreed that both adults involved should be "on the same page" because it wasn't up to one person to make the decision. Oliver asked what should happen if one person might not be ready. John was adamant that there shouldn't be a child if there was a choice to be made.

Oliver apologized for taking up John's time. John thought that Oliver wasn't too sure of what he wanted, but Oliver thought that he should accept responsibility if need be. John thought it was natural for Oliver to have doubts and pointed out that his brother, Michael, was unprepared, but he turned out to be a great father. Oliver hoped he would make the right decision, and John assured him that Oliver would have to see if it was what he wanted and then he would know what to do when the time approached. Marty received a call from Viki during the men's conversation and left, telling John their own conversation would have to wait.

As Cristian's art class at the high school drew to a close, Jessica asked him for some extra credit homework. Cristian assured her that he had given out his assignment and there was nothing additional for her to do. He stressed that he would not fraternize with the students. Jessica felt that everyone else was okay about her returning as a student except for Cristian.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Clint urged Kim to sign his prenuptial agreement. He advised her that it was a good deal and there would be no negotiating. He headed out and left Kim to contemplate her next move. She began to read it, but it was clearly worded in jargon over her head. As she mentally undressed her waiter, Stacy "appeared" and warned her to knock it off and get back to the agreement. Stacy wanted her friend to get things moving so that Kim could take care of Sierra for her.

She told a confused Kim that worrying about specifics on the agreement could be handled later. Suddenly, Elijah arrived, and a flirty, teasing Kim asked him to look over the prenuptial for her. She envisioned him in a state of undress. He agreed and sat down in the booth. He was stunned to see that Clint was the groom-to-be. He perused the document and decided that it was a well-written contract, though there was an infidelity clause that Kim should be aware of. If she were unfaithful, she would receive nothing in a settlement, not even the clothes on her back, Elijah warned. He added that there were no loopholes. Stacy "joined" them and wondered if Kim was willing to give up a chance to sleep with other guys.

An excited Carlotta finished icing a congratulations cake for Cristian as Layla looked on. Carlotta was thrilled that her son had a new career and a beautiful woman in his life. Layla updated Carlotta on Jessica's latest plight as a teenager who still had feelings for Cristian. She was certain that Jessica was "on a mission." She showed Carlotta the photo that had been on display until Jessica broke the frame in a "hissy fit." She was emphatic that Cristian had no intentions of sacrificing his relationship and his future with Layla. Just then Jessica walked into the café and introduced herself to Layla.

Carlotta was thrilled to see Jessica, who was astonished at the made-over eating spot. Carlotta enlightened her on the changes that Charlie had made and watched as the young woman's confusion grew when she heard that her mother had been a waitress in Texas. Jessica asked Carlotta for her "usual" and, noting Carlotta's own bewilderment, clarified that she wanted a root beer and fries. Jessica asked Layla to sit with her and share her fries.

Layla made Jessica aware of the fact that the two of them were friends previously and she mentioned that she worked with Jessica's boyfriend, Brody. Jessica assured her that Brody wasn't her boyfriend. She offered Layla money for a new picture frame, but Layla refused to take it. She sneered that she would be able to replace the picture if she needed to because she had plenty of them. Jessica grinned that she had lots of pictures with Cristian too.

At Llanfair, Natalie daydreamed about her recent kiss with John as Allison lurked outside and peered through the doors. Bree asked about her mommy, and Natalie assured the girl that Jessica was upstairs resting. Viki suggested that Bree color a picture and asked Natalie where her mind had been. Natalie was evasive as Viki asked about John's visit but talk was cut short as Viki received a call from Cristian, who asked her to see him. Allison snapped a photo of Bree with her cell phone. Roxy arrived to have a private chat with Natalie. "What's up with you and Johnny McBain?" she hurriedly asked her daughter.

Stumbling over her words, Roxy declared that she knew that Natalie and John cared for each other but she wanted Natalie to leave John alone. She did not want her daughter to be a home wrecker. Natalie pointed out that it wasn't like the couple was married with children. Roxy shouted that she didn't say anything about children, but she thought it was a bad time for Natalie to be "making a play for John." Annoyed, Natalie denied that she was after John, but she did want to know why her mother was protecting John and was suddenly a "card-carrying member of the fidelity police."

Roxy shouted that it was since she found out that John and Marty were...Suddenly, she stopped. She tried to change the subject but finally spat out that John and Marty were spending lots of time together. She didn't want Natalie to waste her time. Bree approached them, and Roxy pointed out how great Natalie was with kids. "Too bad you're not the one with the baby," Roxy stated. Natalie thought she was referring to Stacy's baby, and she told her mom she hoped that Gigi and Rex got back together because of Sierra.

Shane arrived at the hospital and announced that he wanted to see his sister. He quickly corrected sister to cousin, but Gigi informed him that it was possible he could be a big brother, after all, because she wanted custody of Sierra. Shane was perplexed as Gigi made it clear that she would not be with Schuyler but would have custody on her own. Rex shed more light on it for the youngster and noted that Gigi wanted Sierra to be in a loving home. Gigi wanted to know Shane's feelings on the subject before she went any further.

Shane reminded them that he had expected the baby to live with them originally, so it was all acceptable to him. He wondered how Rex would feel about the baby since she was part of Schuyler and part of Stacy, two people he disliked intensely. Rex assured his son that he would be able to see the baby as an innocent child and see her for who she was, which was herself. He pointed out that people didn't hate him because Mitch was his father.

Gigi was summoned to see the doctor, and Rex accompanied her. Shane wanted to stay behind and look in on Sierra. He noticed Allison snapping his picture and called her on it. She told him she was a nurses' aide and was taking pictures of the babies for the parents. Shane pointed to Sierra and Allison agreed to take a picture of the two of them together. Shane stood by the glass window as Allison focused. "Heed the messenger," she told him to say. She hastily said it was like "cheese" in her family. She would get his email address and send him a copy, she told him.

Gigi returned and Shane turned to give Allison his email address but she was gone. She had vanished quickly. "I think the messenger will be quite pleased," Allison told no one in particular as she looked at the pictures she had snapped. Elijah arrived and advised Gigi that papers had all been filed and the fight would begin as soon as he had the date. Gigi had her own good news; Sierra was going to be released soon.

Cristian welcomed Clint and Viki to his classroom and told them of Jessica's return to school. The couple was dumbfounded that Jessica had enrolled and unsure of their next move after Cristian asked them to talk Jessica out of it. Clint wondered how his daughter was able to enroll in the first place, and Cristian mentioned the large donation that Todd had recently given the school. He was certain the principal was afraid of losing it so he allowed Jessica to attend class. Cristian wanted Jessica out of his classroom, though, as things were getting uncomfortable for him. He wanted her to get better, but it was all a bit much. Clint and Viki were undecided on what they should do. They were concerned about Brody, who wasn't handling things well.

Marty met with Viki at Llanfair and assured her it was okay for Jessica to be a high school student again as she didn't know the exact cause of Jessica's memory loss. She thought that Jessica was feeling secure as a teenager, during a time when she was still a virgin and didn't have all of her problems. Viki thought that Jessica was "retaking the journey." Marty felt that Jessica needed to experience life since she had no recollection of it.

Viki and Marty wondered where Jessica was and Marty assumed she was hanging out like a teenager. She wanted to leave before Jessica arrived, because she wanted Jessica to think of her as a friend, not a doctor, and to trust her. The phone in her purse began to ring, but Marty didn't hear it because it was on the table in the foyer. As Natalie and Bree ran by, the purse was knocked to the floor and its contents spilled out. Natalie picked up the phone and saw that it was John calling. She didn't answer it.

Natalie picked up Marty's things and began to stuff them back into the purse. She spotted the pregnancy test with the plus sign shining brightly. She hastily shoved it into the purse and ran upstairs. Marty grabbed her things on the way out. "Oh my God, Marty and John are going to have a baby," Natalie gasped.

John left Marty a phone message. He promised that they would pick up where they had left off earlier.

Layla grew indignant and told Jessica that she was insecure. Cristian entered the café as the tension between the two women began to grow. Carlotta asked about the first day at school, and both Cristian and Jessica replied. Bordering on outrage, Layla couldn't believe that Jessica had returned to school. A bubbly Jessica announced that she had homework to do and needed to get home. She and Layla glared at each other as Jessica headed for the door. Cristian maintained that he was keeping a teacher and student relationship with Jessica, but Layla noted that Jessica was at school to look for more than an education.

Kim continued to sit in the café and pictured all of the men without clothing. Stacy stressed that it was important for Kim to raise Stacy's daughter and she had to sign the prenuptial. Kim thought that forever without other men was a long time. Stacy assured her that she would understand if someone else had to raise Sierra. Clint returned and Kim handed him the signed prenuptial. "Let's do it, cowboy," she purred at him.

Oliver returned to Kyle's room and advised his partner that he needed time to think. He wasn't ready to look at the DNA results yet and requested that Kyle put them away for safekeeping. Kyle agreed that he would wait for Oliver to decide to look at them, but he was nervous putting it off. Oliver acknowledged that in time he would get to where he needed to be. Kyle assured him that he would wait for as long as it took.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Baby, Baby, Who's Got the Baby?

Clint sat in a booth at the Buenos Dias Café, and chatted on his phone with his attorney about the pre-nuptial agreement for his impending marriage to Kim. As he finished his call, Kevin arrived, still wearing his black suit from Melinda Cramer's memorial service. Clint inquired about Kelly, and Kevin said she was faring as best as could be expected; unfortunately, their relationship was over, as she'd turned his marriage proposal down flat. At the nearby lunch counter, Todd overheard Kevin's tale of woe.

Seizing the moment, Todd sauntered over to the Buchanans' booth and began to taunt Kevin about Kelly; Todd was incredulous that his old nemesis was still in love with his ex despite her lies, infidelities, and even having his son's child. Enraged, Kevin launched himself at Todd, and socked him on the jaw. Clint and a waiter pulled the old rivals apart, just in time for Danielle to walk into the restaurant and witness the scuffle.

As Kevin and Clint retreated to their corner, Todd nonchalantly strolled over to Danielle. Danielle recognized Kevin's picture from Starr's photo albums, and asked Todd why he was assaulting his own nephew. Todd glossed over the issue and asked Danielle why she wasn't in school, then quickly deduced that she was cutting class. Defiant, Danielle told him he couldn't tell her what to do or where to go.

Todd attempted to make headway with his taciturn daughter, and asked her about her hard times with the kids at school; he specifically asked if they were still taunting her about being Todd Manning's child. Danielle replied that the other students weren't the issue, he was: "I'm not gonna have a father-daughter chat with a rapist!" Todd claimed he was attempting to become a better man, and presented her with The Sun's front page story about his charitable endeavors to prove it. Danielle was unimpressed, but Todd pressed on; he promised not to turn her over to the principal if she spent the day getting to know him. Danielle considered the offer, then left, choosing school over Todd.

At the lunch counter, Kevin licked his wounds, and mused that Todd still hit like a girl. Reflecting on his unfortunate visit, he told Clint he'd been foolish to keep pursuing Kelly, and hoping to rekindle what they'd lost; instead, it was time for him to go back to London and move on with his life. As Bo and Nora entered the restaurant, Clint told Kevin to stay in Llanview long enough to attend his wedding -- to Kimberly Andrews.

The Buchanans were stunned to hear of Clint's engagement, but Kevin managed to take it in stride and agreed to be there for his father. As Kevin left for the mansion, Bo and Nora approached Clint, concerned; Clint gloated that his relationship with Kim had blossomed in their absence, but Bo feared Kim was taking him for a ride. Insulted by the condescension, Clint told Bo he'd made Kim sign a pre-nuptial agreement, and the "happy couple" wouldn't need to trouble themselves worrying about the man they'd lied to, or the family money.

Bo put his best foot forward, and told Clint he only wanted Clint's happiness as he still considered Clint his brother. Clint grudgingly agreed that there was still a connection between them, but reacted coldly when Nora asked him if he really loved Kim: "None of your business!" Bo and Nora congratulated Clint and hastily exited the cafe.

Outside, Bo asked Nora if she was slightly jealous of Kim, and Nora replied by giving him a big kiss. She said she was only worried about Clint's well-being, but Bo reassured her that the brothers' bond was rebuilding itself, and with the pre-nup, Clint had Kim well in hand.

At the Buchanan mansion, two of Kim's oldest and dearest friends, Sin City strippers Laudine and Leah from Las Vegas, greeted Nigel at the door. As the exotic dancers asked what time the wedding was and where the DJ was set up, the clueless Nigel could only ask what wedding they meant. "Mine," Kim replied, descending the staircase in the foyer to embrace her girls.

As Kim escorted her long-lost friends into the drawing room, Nigel scurried off to make brunch. Kim was troubled that Clint hadn't told Nigel about the wedding, and Laudine and Leah wondered if her rich groom had backed out. Kim was confident that the wedding was still on, and told the girls that once she was Mrs. Clint Buchanan, they'd have the run of the house. Jealous, Laudine looked down on Kim for settling on a marriage of convenience, and claimed she'd only marry for love. Kim insisted that her marriage to Clint was about more than money, but she couldn't quite articulate what that meant.

Laudine and Leah asked after Stacy, and received the tragic news that Ms. Morasco had died. Kim explained that she and Clint would raise Stacy's daughter together, and told them that together, she, Clint, and Sierra Rose would make a family. After Nigel served brunch, Leah lauded Kim for landing the ultimate social position of trophy wife, who could have her pick of male affections along with a large bank account. But Kim claimed she wouldn't cheat, and told the stunned girls that she'd signed a pre-nup barring against all infidelity -- cheat, and she'd lose everything.

Kim strove to convince her old friends that she could be happy with Clint without lies, schemes, or multiple partners, but Leah and Laudine remained skeptical. Their tune changed, however, when Kevin entered the drawing room to meet his new stepmother. The girls mistook Kevin for Clint, and were amused to learn Kim was about to become his "mother."

Kevin graciously greeted Kim, welcomed her to the family, and embraced her. As they hugged, Kevin whispered in her ear that if she hurt his father, he'd crush her. After Kevin left, Kim continued to talk up her whirlwind relationship with Clint to her fellow strippers; she swore she didn't need any outside distractions, just Clint and their new family. Laudine agreed that that was what Kim really needed, love, not sex or money, but Kim still looked queasy.

Later, Kim found herself alone in the drawing room, and was examining the fine furniture. Clint's arrival shook her from her reverie. Clint asked Kim if she was ready to get married.

Following Melinda's memorial service, the Cramer women returned to La Boulaie. As Dorian, Kelly, and Blair entered the living room, Dorian wondered aloud where Kevin had driven off to so quickly after the service, but Kelly seemed glad to be rid of her ex. When the doorbell rang, Dorian rushed off to answer it, while Kelly quietly prayed Kevin had not returned for another confrontation. Sensing her cousin's anxiety, Blair shut the living room doors and took her to task, asking why Kelly had turned down Kevin's marriage proposal.

Blair didn't understand Kelly's choices; she and Kevin had raised Zane together for years despite Kelly's mistake with Duke. They'd gotten past that, so Blair wondered why they couldn't they find their way back to each other. Irritated, Kelly brought up Kevin's own mistake of sleeping with Blair, but Blair warned Kelly not to blame her personal problems on ancient history. Softening, Kelly explained that raising Zane had only sustained her and Kevin's bond for so long; with Zane in secondary school, there wasn't enough to keep them from falling apart. She needed to move forward with her life.

Blair asked Kelly what was next for her, if not Kevin. Kelly wasn't sure, but remained grief-stricken over her mother's death. As she dabbed at her eyes with Todd's handkerchief, Blair noticed the monogrammed initials, "T.M." Snatching the hankie, Blair asked Kelly if Todd had given it to her. Kelly explained her encounter with Todd at St. James, and how she'd felt pity for his sad situation with Danielle and Téa, but Blair had one piece of advice for her on sympathy for Todd: "Don't!"

In the foyer, Dorian answered the door and greeted Charlie. She was surprised to see him, because she figured she'd gotten him in enough trouble already, but Charlie had only stopped by to offer his condolences regarding Melinda. Dorian thanked him, but admitted she suspected foul play, and Mitch. Charlie warned her not to go after Mitch again, as fighting violence with violence had already cost him everything, including a second chance with Viki, who wanted a divorce.

Dorian was saddened to hear about Viki and Charlie's split, and blamed herself for dragging him into her scheme. However, Charlie said it was his fault and his choices, and despite Dorian's entreaties, he was sure Viki would not reconsider her decision. Nonetheless, Dorian was sorry about him and Viki, and Charlie was sorry for Melinda. Exchanging knowing glances, they said their goodbyes.

In the living room, Kelly asked Blair if she was jealous of Todd spending time with other women, and Blair said she was over Todd for good. Kelly surmised that someone else was in her life instead, and asked who it was. Blair remained cagey, and said it wasn't serious; she reiterated for Kelly to be careful if spending time with Todd, as he was always most dangerous when wounded.

Blair wondered if her cousin was returning to London, but Kelly said no; Zane and Kevin had their own lives, and she needed to find a new path. Blair urged Kelly to give herself time to regroup, and Kelly considered doing just that, in Llanview. As Blair left to run errands, Kelly answered the front door and found Todd standing there, smiling at her.

Téa arrived at Llanfair to see Viki, who told her she had need of Téa's legal skills to handle the Banks divorce. Téa was surprised to hear of Viki and Charlie's breakup, and asked if it was only because of Jessica's shooting. Viki said the split was more complex; Charlie had shut her out after Jared's death, and put his revenge against Mitch before their marriage, before her, before everything. He hadn't trusted her with his pain, and hadn't let her be there for him, or vice versa; her love hadn't been enough.

Téa felt sure that Viki's love was more than enough for Charlie, but Viki said she was also hurt by his dependence on Dorian instead of his wife; she needed a fresh start. Téa admitted she could relate to the idea of a clean break like the one she'd had from Todd over Danielle, but Viki suggested Téa keep her options open: it was possible that one day, Danielle could accept Todd, and open the door for Todd and Téa to reunite.

At Schuyler and Rachel's apartment, the roommates worked together to assemble a crib for Sierra Rose in anticipation of her going home with her "father." Both were thrilled at the prospect of Schuyler immediately taking custody, but Rachel warned her friend that the judge might not rule in his favor, and the results of the hospital ethics committee hearing could sink his chances for parenthood. Schuyler agonized over how he'd let Téa and Rachel stretch the truth for him and conceal the oxytocin from the hospital board, and said he'd "squeaked by" on dishonesty. Rachel rationalized her actions, insisting that Schuyler was working hard to right his wrongs, and deserved a second chance. All Schuyler could think about was how Kim was the only one available to testify that he did not administer the oxytocin to Stacy.

Schuyler told Rachel she should be furious with him for his foolish, desperate actions, and reminded her that her boyfriend, Greg, wanted him drummed out of the hospital. "I don't," Rachel replied. Schuyler asked what would become of Rachel and Greg's relationship if Dr. Evans learned Rachel was keeping her roommate's secrets.

Just then, Greg arrived with news about the ethics hearing: Schuyler had been cleared of all charges due to lack of evidence. Schuyler and Rachel were overjoyed and embraced each other, but Greg was less than thrilled and quietly commented that he'd voted against Schuyler retaining enrollment in medical school. As Schuyler raced off to the hospital to retrieve Sierra, Greg asked Rachel to think the situation through: was Schuyler with a baby and access to a pharmacy really a good idea? Greg said he knew that Schuyler had stolen the oxytocin, and he knew Rachel knew it too.

Rachel grew angry at her beau's "baseless allegations," and asked Greg if he believed Schuyler didn't deserve to be a doctor or a parent. Greg shot back that Schuyler's actions proved he was unfit; "he's an addict, people don't change!" Rachel was struck by his words, and asked if that meant she was still a crack whore and a prostitute, or that Greg was still a cold, heartless ladies' man. Greg attempted to defuse the argument, but Rachel told him he had no proof of Schuyler's guilt. Greg said he was sure Schuyler was guilty, and asked Rachel to tell him the truth: did she know for a fact that Schuyler had stolen the oxytocin?

At Llanview Hospital, Gigi and Rex waited outside the nursery, and were anxious to learn who would be taking Sierra Rose home: them, or Schuyler. Gigi reminded Rex that they'd been barred from Schuyler's ethics hearing, unable to testify about the oxytocin; if he was cleared of those charges, their custody challenge would be much more difficult. Rex took a call from Elijah, who was speaking to a judge about a temporary custody arrangement to block Schuyler from taking the baby. As Rex spoke, Gigi stared at Sierra Rose from behind the nursery's glass window, and marveled at the infant's beauty. Turning to Rex, she thanked him for being there, and they shared an intimate moment as Rex told Gigi he'd missed her and wanted to be with her.

Rex and Gigi drew in for a kiss, but Elijah interrupted them as he rushed into the corridor. He told them the judge was still deliberating, but Sierra could possibly go with Schuyler for the time being; they had only a slim chance to take the girl, as the courts favored biological parents, though the ethics hearing results could help if the hospital staff voted in their favor. As Elijah hurried off to speak to the judge again, Gigi and Rex waited alone in the corridor, only for Schuyler to arrive with baby gear, ready to take Sierra home. Gigi watched in despair as Schuyler explained that he'd been cleared by the hospital, and the nurse handed him Sierra to cradle in his arms.

Just as Schuyler turned to leave with Sierra, Elijah rushed in and told him to stop: Sierra wasn't going with him. Instead, after reciting the litany of Schuyler's misdeeds to the judge, Elijah had obtained temporary custody for Gigi and Rex. Elijah ordered him to hand Sierra Rose over to Gigi. Desperate, Schuyler called Téa at Llanfair, and Téa told him she was on her way.

After Téa said goodbye, Viki was left alone with her thoughts at Llanfair, and found herself flashing back to Charlie's marriage proposal. Across town, at the Buenos Dias, Charlie entered the restaurant he'd rebuilt, and remembered his wedding night alone in the cafe with Viki as his bride.

Back at the hospital, Schuyler clutched Sierra to his chest, and winced as Gigi, Rex, and Elijah needled him to hand his daughter over. Heartbroken, Schuyler finally relented, speaking softly to Sierra and telling her he loved her before passing her to Gigi. Gigi promised Schuyler she'd take good care of the little girl. As Gigi and Rex headed for the exit, Téa stopped them in their tracks, and told them they weren't going anywhere with Sierra Rose.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rachel Getting Harried

Blair stopped at Starr's place to drop off a piece of mail from Llanview University. Starr's excitement turned to disappointment when she saw that it was only a brochure. She urged her mom to call off Todd's party plans until she was officially accepted to the school but Blair reminded her it was impossible to tell Todd what to do. Blair thought maybe Kelly could talk to Todd and Starr quickly turned up her nose at the mention of her cousin's name.

Blair reported that Todd and Kelly had seen each other at the church and surprisingly, Todd had tried to make Kelly feel better. Starr was shocked and wondered if something was going on between her father and Kelly. Blair assured Starr that Kelly wasn't his type but she didn't care as she had "broken the Todd cycle." As they high-fived, Starr asked her mother if she was serious about her "mystery man."

Blair denied the existence of any man and insisted her life was an "open book." Starr teased that the multiple texts and phone calls her mother had received were obviously a chapter in that book. Blair insisted she was not dating and Starr asked what she was doing. She looked at her mom, changed her mind, and adamantly told her she didn't want to know.

Starr mentioned Cole's special sociology project and his partner for it. She was really nice, Starr mentioned. "She?" Blair asked. Starr told her not to start and the situation was nothing like Todd and Kelly. Starr was especially glad to see that Blair wasn't concerned about Todd while Blair was sure that Kelly was returning to London so there couldn't be any Kelly and Todd relationship.

Todd arrived at La Boulaie with the premise that he was there to visit his sons but Kelly advised him they were at school. Todd spied his handkerchief and admitted that he didn't recall giving it to Kelly at the church. He was happy to hear that Kelly had "shot down Kevin Buchanan" and refused his marriage proposal. He thanked her for her decision. Kelly was annoyed and suggested that Kevin was much more of a man than Todd was. Though Kevin meant the world to her, it just wasn't right, she added. She thought they would both be hurt. Todd noted how familiar that situation was to him.

Todd bragged about how much his sons loved him though regretfully Dani didn't feel the same way. He disclosed that Kelly had been right and his sizable donation to the school had done nothing to improve his standing with Dani. He wondered how Kelly and Kevin had worked their relationship out considering all they had been through. Kelly advised him that it took time and patience and she urged him not to give up without a fight.

Kelly told Todd he was vindictive, narcissistic, violent, and hypercritical. She did feel that his face lit up and he was a good person when it involved his kids, she concluded. She thought that Téa and Blair had only wanted a part of that. Todd couldn't believe that Kelly said something nice about him and hearing that she meant it, asked her to have sex.

Kelly couldn't believe her ears and after making a gagging sound began to laugh. She thanked Todd for providing her with the first laugh since her mother's funeral. She had thought of Blair whose head would explode if she were to find out the two had sex. The pair began to play out the entire scenario but Kelly assumed that Blair would never believe it anyway because she knew that Todd and Kelly hated each other. Todd assured Kelly he didn't hate her and offered her a job with his newspaper.

Kelly was surprised when Todd mentioned her blog Raising Zane that he was familiar with via some of his employees. He thought it would be a good idea for her to write it under his paper's umbrella for more viewing. "What about Blair?" Kelly asked. Todd wanted to forget about Blair. He thought he had made a good offer and wanted her to try it for a couple of weeks. He warned that Blair was his second choice if she didn't accept his offer.

Laudine and Leah flirted with Kevin at the Buchanan mansion while in the next room, Clint advised his bride-to-be that the justice of the peace was on the way. He remarked that she would be Kimberly Andrews Buchanan in no time. Kim gulped and confessed that she thought she would just keep the name Kimberly Andrews because she wasn't sure she wanted to go through with the marriage. She wasn't sure what she wanted. Clint chalked it up to pre-wedding jitters.

Kim admitted that she was fine until her bridesmaids had arrived and told her she was making a mistake because she wasn't getting married for love. She only wanted to say "look at me now" and soak up their envy. They weren't very good friends anyway. Clint assured her that they didn't have to get married but she was the one who had asked him. Kim panicked and asked if he still wanted to marry her and Clint reminded her that she was the one backing out. He thought they would make good parents, they had fun together, and they liked each other. Kim only wanted to be sure.

Clint surprised her with a large diamond in hopes of making her feel better. "Ring-a-ding-ding," Kim gasped. Just then the justice of the peace arrived. "Let's stick it to those bitches," Kim declared.

Kim's friends were positive the marriage would not occur and they wondered why anyone would want to be tied down by choice. They asked Kevin about his status and they were surprised to hear that he didn't have anyone special. He began to pour his heart out and by the time he was finished talking about Kelly, the women felt sorry for him. They agreed that Kevin was better off though Kelly would regret her decision. They continued their flirtation and led him upstairs for a special "tour" of the mansion's upper floor.

Later, as the trio made their way back downstairs, Kevin went off to find his dad. He wanted to know if Clint was going through with the wedding and asked if Kim was really "til death do us part material." Clint assured his son he knew what he was doing though he wondered how happy Natalie would be when she heard about it. Even Viki had extended her warm wished to him, he informed his son.

Soon, the wedding began and the bridesmaids danced into the study. Kim stood behind them in her wedding dress and slowly made her entrance. As the ceremony began, Kim asked that they skip straight to the "I do's." Clint and Kim were married in a matter of seconds. The ceremony was over and Kim chastised her friend for trying to steal some silverware. Kevin escorted the women out the door as the women made comments on the marriage. They expected it to be over in no time. Clint thought he and Kim should focus on the honeymoon and Kim wanted to direct her attention to Sierra. It would be the three of them on the honeymoon, she said.

Dorian paid a surprise visit to Llanfair and told Viki that she was making a mistake by divorcing Charlie. Viki snidely informed her nemesis that she wasn't about to discuss things with Dorian who was by no means a marriage counselor. Dorian assured her that she understood what was going on because Charlie was her friend and he had needed a confidante. She knew that Viki and Charlie loved each other. A speechless Viki refused to discuss her state of affairs but Dorian persisted. She maintained that Charlie was a broken man and it was all the fault of a cold and unfeeling Viki.

Viki reminded her of Charlie shooting Jessica and the fact that he had wanted to kill someone. Dorian couldn't believe that Viki had referred to that again and she stressed that Charlie was in agony. Viki assured her there was nothing she could do about it but Dorian responded that Viki had to forgive Charlie. Viki thought that Dorian really wanted forgiveness for herself because her scheme went wrong. She suggested that Dorian "look elsewhere for absolution." Dorian disagreed and stated that all of the frustration began with Viki when she paved the way for Mitch to do all of his misdeeds.

She explained that it happened because Viki had abandoned her office. Irate, Viki reminded her of all of her family woes though Dorian thought that Viki shouldn't have run for the mayor's office in the first place. Viki was sure she shouldn't have ceded that office to Dorian who had then allowed Mitch to manipulate her. She had to protect her girls, Dorian whined. Viki countered that it was all Dorian's fault. Dorian stood by her belief that Viki had thrown the office way, just as she had tossed Charlie away.

Dorian was adamant that she wasn't pretending but really cared about Charlie. She urged Viki to take him back and he would be himself again. Viki insisted it was too late and he had turned his back on her when she needed him. Dorian thought that Viki was paying him back instead and that Viki wanted to be like Dorian. She didn't think Viki should pretend like that and that Viki couldn't be like her. After Dorian left, Viki placed a call to Charlie and told him she wanted to see him.

Rachel advised Greg that she would not reveal anything she had been told about the oxytocin and betray Schuyler in the process. Greg wondered if it was okay to betray him instead though Rachel quickly assured him that it was not about Greg. She insisted that Greg didn't have all of the facts but she couldn't tell him anything. Greg accused her of choosing Schuyler over him and that she had enabled him instead of protecting him. He felt that Schuyler was still exhibiting addictive behavior and ordered her to give him up.

"Or you'll give up on me?" Rachel asked him. She thought that Greg sounded suspiciously as though he were giving her an ultimatum though Greg saw it as a choice. He was livid as he recalled that he had put Rachel before his family though Rachel asserted that she had never asked him to do it. Disappointed, Greg stated that he thought she had been worth it and he thought he knew Rachel.

Rachel remembered how she had needed kindness at one time and someone to believe in her and she was doing the same for Schuyler. She couldn't turn her back on him. Sarcastically, Greg countered that he was beginning to think Rachel had chosen the wrong brother. Rachel was dumbfounded when she asked Greg if he was breaking up with her. "I guess I am," he replied.

Battle lines were drawn at the hospital as Gigi and Rex began to leave with Sierra. Téa announced that she had a stay from someone higher than the authority who had given custody to Gigi. She would not back off until Sierra was returned to her father. Rex gave Téa a difficult time but she informed the group that the custody of the baby had been granted before Schuyler's hearing with the ethics board and things were different since it was over. Elijah admitted it was true.

Schuyler offered to work things out with Gigi but Rex stepped in and announced that they would ignore the court order. Téa wondered if Rex wanted to go to jail and Rex made it known that he would do anything for Gigi. He assured Schuyler that Schuyler would have to go through him to get the baby. He thought that Schuyler only wanted the baby to get Gigi back but Schuyler emphasized that he knew what being a parent was all about after all they had been through. He loved Gigi and was not trying to cut her out of the picture. Rex went after Schuyler and as the men began to shove each other, Elijah separated them.

Gigi handed the baby to Schuyler and reminded him of all that he needed to do regarding shopping for supplies and the baby's medications. She told Sierra to behave. "Come with me," Schuyler told Gigi. He was sorry that he had hurt her but he had to take care of his daughter. He thought that they could do it together and give the baby a family. Gigi replied that she only wanted the baby to be okay and that would be when she raised the little girl herself. She vowed that it wasn't over.

Rachel was crying when Schuyler returned to his apartment with Sierra. He was jubilant as he declared that having the baby was the best thing that ever happened to him. He noticed that something was wrong but Rachel brushed it off. He had his second chance thanks to Rachel and Téa, he smiled.

Still at the hospital, Rex vowed that they would fight Schuyler's custody. Gigi was upset when she spotted the doll she had forgotten to include with the baby's things. Rex assured her that they would be able to give it to Sierra soon. Gigi felt she had let her sister down but Rex was sure Gigi would have the infant with her soon.

Friday, March 12, 2010

I Saw Your Picture Today

At the apartment, Cole and Starr were pleased that Marty had agreed to babysit Hope, and the two decided to spend a romantic night alone. Cole pointed out that Starr had failed to notice a letter that was included in the pamphlet that she had received from Llanview University. The letter requested that Starr contact the university and arrange for an interview. With a renewed sense of hope that she might be accepted at LU, Starr and Cole discussed the benefits of attending the same college.

While Starr and Cole shared a romantic moment, Hannah arrived and insisted that she and Cole had scheduled a study date for that time. After realizing that she had arrived a day early, Hannah apologized and insisted on leaving, but Starr announced that she would pick up Hope, and suggested that Cole and Hannah study at the apartment.

When Marty entered the Buenos Dias Café with Hope, a waitress assumed that Marty was the child's mother. Upon learning that Marty was Hope's grandmother, the waitress insisted that Marty looked young enough to be the child's mother. Afterward, Marty stared at Hope and remarked, "Hope? Do you think grandma can pull this off?"

Marty appeared nervous when Roxy approached the table and inquired about Marty's pregnancy. Although Marty didn't wish to discuss her pregnancy, Roxy persisted. Relating that Mitch would've made a terrible father, Roxy reminded Marty that John was a decent man and would be a wonderful father to her baby. When Roxy mentioned that Natalie wouldn't cause Marty and John any further problems, Marty demanded to know what Roxy had told to Natalie. After explaining that she hadn't revealed Marty's secret to Natalie, Roxy warned, "Take my advice! Don't lie about your kids! Tell John before it's too late!"

Later, Starr arrived at the café and thanked Marty for babysitting Hope. When Marty questioned Starr about the difficulties of raising a toddler, Starr admitted that the job was challenging. Smiling at Hope, Starr declared, "But it's all worth it! You, me, and Daddy are a team!"

Once Starr had left, Cole noticed that Hannah was troubled. In tears, Hannah told Cole that she was experiencing a difficult time getting over her recent breakup. Hannah explained that she had recently ended a relationship with a teacher assistant, who had pursued her, and then dumped her after she had sex with him. Hannah stated that her ex-lover had lost interest in her after she gave in to his advances. Cole listened as a distraught Hannah recalled the night that she had heard her ex making love to another girl inside his classroom.

Hannah apologized for breaking down in front of him, but Cole told her that she didn't owe him an apology. Cole told Hannah that she was a beautiful person and would eventually find someone who deserved her. As she turned to leave, Hannah thanked Cole for listening to her problems and stated that she had never had a friend to confide in. Giving Hannah an innocent hug, Cole stated, "You do now!" At that moment, Starr stood unnoticed in the hall and watched the embrace. Once Hannah walked away, Starr entered the apartment with Hope. As Cole welcomed his daughter home, a suspicious Starr asked if everything was okay. With a slight grin, Cole remarked, "Everything is perfect!"

At the maximum-security prison, Mitch smiled when he observed Allison, who was impersonating Roxy, approach his cell. Mitch asked if Allison had done his bidding, and she happily informed him that he would be pleased with the job she had performed for him. Displaying a cell phone, Allison told him that she had taken pictures of his children.

Although he was discouraged to learn that Jessica still had no memory of him, Mitch was pleased to view pictures of Jessica, Bree, and Shane. However, Mitch expressed displeasure with Allison when she presented him with a picture of Sierra Rose. Referring to the infant as a brat, Mitch demanded to know why Allison had photographed the child. Allison told Mitch that Sierra was a very special child. In a serious tone, Allison stated, "This little girl is your ticket out of here!" Mitch curiosity was piqued.

Inside his office at the police station, John phoned the maximum-security prison and learned that Roxanne Balsom had paid two visits to Mitch Laurence.

When Cristian arrived at the police station for a visit, Layla asked if Jessica had attended Cristian's class. Upon learning that Jessica had made an appearance at the school, Layla maintained that Jessica was stalking Cristian. Insisting that Jessica had the mentality of a high school student, Cristian stated that Jessica had an innocent crush and assured Layla that she had nothing to worry about. Layla admitted that Jessica's sudden presence in Cristian's life intimidated her, but he managed to ease her nerves when he stated that he was annoyed by Jessica's behavior. After making a date for the evening, Cristian gave Layla a kiss and said goodbye.

John was stunned when Natalie entered his office and announced, "I want to congratulate you on the baby!" Suddenly, Natalie realized that John had no idea that Marty was pregnant and attempted to retract her statement, but John demanded answers. At a loss for words, Natalie advised John to speak with Marty.

When John continued to pressure Natalie to tell him the truth, she finally revealed that Marty was with child. As Natalie explained how she had accidentally discovered Marty's pregnancy test, John remembered how strangely Marty had been behaving. With a look of regret, Natalie stated, "We can't continue to take any more trips down memory lane because you're going to be a father. This is going to definitely change things for the two of us!" John watched silently as Natalie exited the room.

Later, Marty stepped inside the office and offered to treat John to dinner. Her face dropped when John replied, "Why, so you can tell me that you're pregnant?"

Brody approached Jessica outside of Llanfair. After noticing that she was wearing a Llanview High School jacket, Brody was stunned when Jessica proudly announced, "I'm a senior there now!" Annoyed by Brody's presence, Jessica rudely asked Brody to stay away from her. Promising to give her some space, Brody handed her a box of her belongings.

Jessica grew frustrated when she realized that she had no memory of the significance of each object. Brody admitted that he had hoped that the articles would remind Jessica of their life together. Jessica wondered if Brody had returned her things because he had decided to let her go. Declaring that he wouldn't give up on her, Brody promised that he wouldn't pressure her any longer. Touched by Brody's words, Jessica told him that he was a nice guy and didn't want to hurt him. With great sadness, Brody wished Jessica luck and walked away. Staring intently at the articles in the box, Jessica suddenly had an idea.

After encountering Brody at the police station, Layla remarked, "Your girlfriend is stalking my boyfriend!" Once Layla explained that Jessica had become obsessed with Cristian, Brody admitted that he wished there was a way to keep Jessica and Cristian apart. Layla told Brody that she had an idea to accomplish that goal.

Jessica approached Cristian at the café and presented him with a large box. When Cristian inquired about what was inside, Jessica exclaimed, "It's everything that you've ever given me! Since we're broken up, I don't need it anymore!" As Jessica walked off, Cristian slowly opened the box. Cristian smiled as he studied each item and recalled memories from the past. Meanwhile, Jessica smiled as she observed Cristian through the window.

Inside Llanfair, Viki told Charlie that she had asked Téa to draw up divorce papers. When Charlie asked if Viki was certain that she wanted to proceed with the divorce, Viki informed him that she was leaving town and had asked Téa to put the divorce on hold until she returned. Viki gave Charlie a detailed account of her encounter with Dorian. Charlie was surprised to learn that Dorian had begged Viki to forgive him. Admitting that Dorian could be very convincing, Viki told Charlie that she didn't want to give him any false hope regarding their future.

Relating that Jessica was stuck in the past, Viki feared that Bree might be affected by Jessica's behavior, and believed that it was best to leave town with the child for a while. While Viki prayed that Jessica would eventually regain her memory and realize the woman that she once was, Charlie hoped that Viki would find it in her heart to forgive him. Stating that she had plans to stay with Kevin in London for a few weeks, Viki informed Charlie that she had to concentrate on Bree. Charlie had faith that he and Viki would find their way back to one another, but Viki refused to make any promises.

Recalling how Viki had left town before, Charlie reminded her that they had managed to reunite. Vowing to never give up on her, Charlie gave Viki a passionate kiss. As Charlie attempted to stir up emotions in Viki, Natalie entered the room and interrupted the moment. Afterward, Viki pulled away, and Charlie said goodbye. Observing her mother's emotional state, Natalie asked if Viki was all right. In tears, Viki blurted out, "No! It's hard to say goodbye to somebody you love so much!" Consoling her mother, Natalie agreed.

When Gigi and Rex arrived at the cottage, Shane inquired about Sierra. Gigi explained that they would have to wait awhile before Sierra could reside at the cottage. Rex was suspicious when Shane mentioned that a nurse had taken a photo of him and Sierra at the hospital. Once Shane had left the room, Rex tried to cheer Gigi up, but she was heartbroken over losing Sierra. As they discussed the upcoming custody hearing, Gigi told Rex that he didn't need to get involved, but Rex promised to bring Sierra home to Shane. Afterward, Rex left to uncover information regarding the mysterious nurse.

Later, Shane questioned whether his mother and father were going to reunite. Admitting that things were calmer, Gigi told Shane that she and Rex were no longer romantically involved.

At the apartment, Schuyler told Rachel that Gigi intended to fight for custody of Sierra, and that he had nearly lost the opportunity to bring Sierra home from the hospital. Schuyler related that Gigi had declined his offer to share custody of the child. As Schuyler and Rachel tended to baby Sierra, Rex showed up at the apartment and asked for a moment alone with Schuyler. Lashing out at Schuyler, Rex criticized him for not allowing Gigi to raise Sierra. Schuyler insisted that he loved his daughter, but Rex reminded him that Gigi had risked her life to protect the child, and deserved to raise her.

Gigi and Shane were pleased when Roxy arrived at the cottage. Gigi apologized for falling for Schuyler, and Roxy embraced her. After the two women had made amends, Roxy hugged Shane, but was suddenly overcome with emotion. Holding onto Shane for dear life, Roxy mumbled, "All this talk about babies has got me all shook up!"

Roxy listened as Gigi explained that she and Rex intended to fight for custody of Sierra. As Gigi discussed the horror of having Sierra removed from her arms at the hospital, Roxy had a disturbing flashback from the past. Many years before, Allison Perkins had snatched a baby from the arms of a young Roxy and ordered her to keep her mouth shut. A look of horror crossed Roxy's face as she remembered that moment from the past.

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