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Kelly was distraught to learn that her mother, Melinda, had died of an apparent heart attack. Jessica signed up for Cristian's high school art class but was saddened to learn that he lived with Layla. Both Gigi and Kim decided to seek custody of Sierra Rose. Viki filed for divorce. Oliver received the results of his paternity test. Marty took a home pregnancy test.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 1, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, March 1, 2010

First Love, Last Love

At the maximum-security prison, the guard informed Mitch that Roxanne Balsom had returned for a visit. Mitch was pleasantly surprised when he spotted Allison Perkins sporting a blonde wig. Thrilled to see her, Mitch exclaimed, "Nice to see you on your feet again, Allison! You've always been my most loyal subject!" With a devilish smile, Allison replied, "It's nice to be at your service again, Messenger! All I want to do is fulfill your mission! I have news for you!"

When Mitch questioned her about Jessica's condition, Allison appeared nervous, but Mitch warned her not to lie to him. Allison regretfully related that Jessica had lost all recent memory. Mitch was disturbed to learn that Jessica had no memories of him. To Mitch's surprise, Allison informed him that her visit didn't relate to Jessica; her news involved Dorian -- a Cramer woman was dead.

At La Boulaie, Dorian panicked when Andrew entered the house and informed her that he had bad news. Convinced that something terrible had happened to Cassie, Dorian screamed, "What happened to her? Did Mitch Laurence hurt her?" Blair, Kelly, Adriana, and Starr were horrified. While the Cramer girls watched Dorian lose control, they were all shocked when Cassie entered the room and announced that she was fine. Relieved to see her daughter, a hysterical Dorian hugged Cassie.

Afterward, Dorian questioned why Andrew had made such a frightening statement. In a serious tone, Cassie stated, "I have some bad news! There's been a death!" A terrified Dorian asked if Langston was dead. Dorian's jaw dropped when Cassie replied, "No, it's your sister!" Assuming that Addie had died, a horrified Dorian watched as Blair and Starr comforted one another. Cassie told everyone that Addie was fine, but Melinda had died the previous night. As Kelly stared in disbelief, Cassie related that the clinic had phoned Kelly to tell her the news because they had been unable to contact her.

Relieved that Addie was fine, Starr and Blair discussed Melinda's death. When Starr commented that she felt terrible for Kelly and Dorian, Blair wondered where Langston was at that very moment. Starr placed several calls to Langston but received her voicemail. Unable to contact Langston, Starr hoped her friend was all right, but Blair insisted that Langston was fine. Starr wondered if her mother had any information regarding Langston. Directing Starr's attention to their grieving family members, Blair advised, "We don't need to upset Dorian today. What she needs now are all the Cramer girls by her side."

At Ford's apartment, Langston pulled away from him, and stated that she wished that she hadn't walked out on Markko to be with Ford. Remembering Dorian's reunion party, Langston insisted that she should be with her mother. Referring to her as a little girl, Ford suggested that Langston explore her wild side. A confident Ford told Langston that she wanted to make love to him, but Langston denied having feelings for him. Langston listened as Ford stated that she was missing out on life in an attempt to remain with Markko. Declaring that Langston was living a boring existence with Markko, Ford advised her to get out of her comfort zone.

Ford mentioned that Langston had an adventurous spirit trapped inside her, and questioned if Langston had abandonment issues. Reliving her parents' deaths, Langston wondered if Ford was right. Langston recalled the period in which she lived completely alone and how Dorian had saved her from a life of loneliness. After learning the story of her parents' deaths, Ford told her that she couldn't live in her safe existence forever. As Langston questioned her feelings, Ford warned, "If you go, you'll always wonder what we could've had!" Langston responded by giving Ford a passionate kiss. A shirtless Ford removed Langston's blouse and gently placed her on the bed.

After they made love, Langston's phone rang and she wondered if it was Markko. Retrieving her phone, Langston was horrified when she read Starr's text message, informing her that Melinda had passed away. As she quickly dressed, Ford stopped her and pleaded with her not to feel guilty about their intimate encounter. Once a frazzled Langston rushed out the door, Ford laughed devilishly to himself.

Back at La Boulaie, Andrew and Cassie consoled a grieving Kelly. Once Andrew left to make funeral arrangements, Dorian listened as Cassie explained that Melinda had suffered a massive coronary. Cassie's announcement left Dorian stunned.

Noticing her mother's demeanor, Adriana pulled Dorian to the side. Pointing out that she had kept abreast of Melinda's health records, Dorian informed Adriana that Melinda didn't have a heart condition and that she had been in perfect health. Terrified, Adriana asked, "So what are you saying? What do you think happened to her?"

Kelly blamed herself for putting off several visits to her mother, but Dorian assured Kelly that Melinda loved her. In tears, Kelly stated that she couldn't recall the last time that she had told her mother that she loved her. Hugging her niece, Dorian exclaimed, "She loved you the same way I love all my girls!"

Later, Langston entered La Boulaie and rushed into Dorian's arms. As Dorian embraced her, Langston cried, "I'm so sorry about your sister! I should've been here!"

As a grief-stricken Kelly sat alone on the couch, Blair approached, but Kelly stood up and walked away. Displaying a genuine concern for her cousin, Blair approached again. Citing her own experiences with Addie, Blair assured Kelly that she had done right by her mother. Kelly responded by hugging her cousin.

Back at the maximum-security prison, Mitch was delighted to learn of Melinda's death. When Mitch questioned how she had died, Allison displayed a devilish smile and remarked, "Natural causes, of course!" Mitch replied, "This will send Dorian a message! God is always watching and he'll act if someone crosses me!" Mitch informed Allison that he had another task for her to complete. Allison promised to do his bidding once again.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Brody spotted Roxy pouring liquor in her coffee. Joining her in the booth, Brody related that he was worried about Jessica. Pouring some liquor in Brody's cup, Roxy stated that Jessica was lucky to have no memories of Mitch. Realizing that Brody was troubled because Jessica didn't remember their life together, Roxy told him that Jessica would one day remember the love they shared.

Inside Jessica's hospital room, Cristian pulled away after Jessica gave him a passionate kiss. When a confused Cristian questioned what was going on, Jessica related that she had lost all memories after her senior year of high school. Mentioning Brody's claims that she and Brody were romantically involved, Jessica told Cristian that she only remembered being in love with Cristian.

As they discussed the past, Cristian showed compassion for her, and Jessica stated that he always knew the right thing to say to her. Reliving the past, Jessica reminded Cristian that he would always refer to her as the love of his life. Cristian informed Jessica that things had changed since their high school years, but Jessica pleaded, "But that doesn't mean that things have to change! Don't you still love me?" When Jessica asked why they had ended their relationship, Jessica was stunned to learn that she had cheated on Cristian, and was adamant that they would still be together if she hadn't.

Jessica was convinced that Cristian hated her for her betrayal, but Cristian informed her that they were good friends. A curious Jessica asked if Cristian was single. When he informed her that he was romantically involved with someone, Jessica appeared hopeful when Cristian admitted that the relationship was new. However, when Cristian declared his love for Layla, Jessica became emotional. Apologizing for cheating on him years before, Jessica was certain that they would still be a couple if she hadn't strayed. Jessica stated that she never imagined being with anyone other than Cristian.

Stating that first loves never lasted, Cristian reminded Jessica of the wonderful life she would one day remember, and wished her the best. As he gave her an innocent kiss on the cheek, Jessica closed her eyes and appeared to want more from him. Once Cristian had left, Jessica mumbled, "I love you, Cris!"

Back at La Boulaie, Layla interrupted Brody and Roxy's conversation, and inquired about Jessica. Layla was surprised to learn that Jessica had asked Cristian to visit her at the hospital. Upon learning that Jessica had no memories past high school, a curious Layla wondered if Jessica believed that she was still in love with Cristian. Out of concern for Brody, Layla assured him that Jessica would regain her memory and fall in love with him all over again.

A cocky Ford entered the café and demanded that Markko serve him at once. When Markko remarked that Ford would have to wait his turn, Ford gloated, "I just had a killer workout! I'm starving!"

When Cristian met Layla at the café, he informed her that Jessica had lost her memory and believed that they were still a couple. Layla wondered how Cristian had handled the confusing situation. Cristian stated that he had told Jessica that he had a girlfriend that he loved. Cristian was confident that Jessica had taken the news well.

As Jessica slept, Brody entered her room and noticed a notebook nearby. Brody was shocked to read the words, "Mrs. Jessica Vega."

When Hannah arrived at Cole's apartment to work on their school project, she was surprised to learn that he had a child. Curious about Cole's life with Starr and their child, Hannah questioned Cole about his domestic life, and wondered if he felt that he was missing out on the college experience. As he walked away to check on Hope, Cole remarked that he loved the life that he shared with Starr and their daughter.

Later, Hannah mentioned that she had once looked forward to a life similar to Cole's. Hannah told Cole about the ex-boyfriend that had left her once she left town to attend college. Cole recalled how terrible he had felt when he and Starr were apart, but Hannah was adamant that the breakup with her boyfriend was the best thing that had ever happened to her. Hannah remarked how she enjoyed a life of freedom.

As Hannah updated Cole on her college experiences, Cole received an urgent call from Starr. Upon learning that Melinda had died, Cole offered to pack up Hope and head over to La Boulaie, but Starr was concerned about the sick child infecting anyone else with her cold. Starr thanked Cole for his concern, and advised him to stay at home with Hope. Hannah listened as Cole told Starr that he loved her. Afterward, Hope continued to cry as they tried to study. When Hannah made a comment about the noise, Cole stated that he was happy with his life and child. Gathering her belongings, Hannah suggested their next study session take place inside her dorm room, since her roommate was never there.

Back at La Boulaie, Andrew returned and inquired about Dorian's state of mind. Dorian warned, "Mitch was behind Melinda's death, and we all have to be on guard!"

At the maximum-security prison, Mitch stood in his cell and murmured, "I'm not through with you Llanview! My work is not done!"

As a drunken Roxy exited the Buenos Dias Café, she expressed her hatred for Mitch Laurence. As Roxy stumbled away, she didn't notice Allison Perkins trailing her.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Que Sierra, Sierra

Gigi and Rex continued their vigil at Llanview Hospital as they waited for news on baby Sierra's condition. While Rex was certain that the baby would be okay, Gigi wasn't so sure. In the meantime, she asked him to help her with a plan for a memorial service for Stacy. Rex volunteered to pick up a change of clothes for Gigi who refused to leave the hospital.

Schuyler appeared so he could check up on Sierra, and Gigi was curious as to why he was there suddenly, especially after all of his months of denial. Schuyler explained that he had wanted to stay out of Gigi's way.

Kim arrived at the hospital with Clint; she was nervous to visit Sierra with everyone else hovering around the infant. She was afraid of what people might say to her regarding the chain of events that led to the baby's hospitalization. Clint was more than happy to provide her with the "moral support" that she desperately needed and advised her that she had as much right to see the baby as anyone did. He added that she shouldn't allow anyone to give her a hard time.

Jessica announced her determination to win Cristian back as a dismayed Viki tried to explain that the couple had dated many years previously and both of them had moved on. Jessica described how she was unable to make connections to people in the present and she was living day to day as if in a dream. She told her mother that she and Cristian had kissed and, seeing Viki's look of horror, she quickly defended him. She explained that it was she who had made the move but she was sure that Cristian had felt something for her.

Greg stopped by to check on Jessica and she asked him to release her. Viki attempted to explain to her daughter that her emotional recovery was as important as her physical recovery. Greg informed the women that he and Marty had been working on a plan, and they needed time to figure out exactly how to help Jessica.

Clint and Viki met with Greg outside of Jessica's room. Viki expressed how happy she was that Greg and Marty were pursuing Jessica's condition, but she was upset over her daughter's behavior. Jessica was acting like a teenager and seemed to be getting worse. She appeared to be going after a time that was safe in her life. Viki was sure that it was not a new personality, as Jessica had been integrated. Inside her room, Jessica fixed her hair and applied some makeup.

A grinning Ford informed his roommate that he had slept well the previous night and he wanted Cristian to press him for details. Cristian wasn't interested but that didn't stop Ford from providing the particulars. He had "finally gotten that girl into bed," Ford proclaimed. He had almost given up, but, as it turned out, he had given her a "new lease on life," he added. Ford was a "great humanitarian," Cristian scoffed. He asked Ford if it had been merely another conquest.

Cristian explained his own situation with Jessica and how she thought they were dating as if they were still in high school. Ford's immediate thought was to ask if Jessica was "hot" and Cristian was annoyed. He emphasized that he was not interested in Jessica and thought it was rather weird to think about being kissed by a high school girl. Ford was more interested in the kiss.

At La Boulaie, the saddened Cramers did their best to provide emotional support for Kelly after the loss of her mother. Kelly wondered how her mother's heart could have given out so suddenly, and Dorian agreed that they had never been told anything about Melinda having any type of heart condition. Kelly was sorry that her mother hadn't gotten to really know her grandchild, Zane.

Langston relived her clandestine meeting with Ford and looked longingly at her phone. Blair watched her curiously. Adriana announced that she had something to take care of and left. Dorian put her own coat on, and advised her girls that she had something to do that would honor Melinda. She warned Blair to be good. When the doorbell rang shortly after, Kelly was shocked to see Kevin standing on the other side of the door.

Kevin explained that both he and Zane had missed Kelly, and his reason for visiting Llanview was Kelly. He handed her a bunch of old photos of her mother that he had found. After Kevin left to visit his family, Kelly looked through the photos and cried.

Brody arrived at the maximum-security prison to visit Mitch. "May she rest in peace," Mitch declared. "May you rot in hell," Brody replied. Mitch made it known that he had been waiting for Brody's visit and thought that they needed to talk since they both cared for Jessica. Brody was thrilled that Jessica couldn't remember Mitch, and it was worth it to him even if Jessica had forgotten Brody as well. Mitch had an offer to put on the table for Brody; he explained that he would be able to get Jessica's missing years back. He had prayed for help and he was sure that he could undo his daughter's memory loss.

Brody advised Mitch that he couldn't possibly love his daughter if he had stolen everything from her that she cared about. Mitch wanted Brody to get him out of jail and he would see to it that Jessica returned to Brody. He pleaded with Brody to give him the chance to help Jessica. Brody turned to leave and bumped into Dorian in the outer room.

He blamed her for all that had happened because of her move of setting Mitch free. Dorian attempted to explain that she had not had a choice. He angrily told her that she didn't care what happened to anyone else's family but her own. He thought that he and John could have protected Dorian's family from Mitch. Dorian calmly told him that her sister was dead. Brody stormed out of the prison.

Dorian headed back to see Mitch, who extended his sympathy over Melinda's death. "How did you kill my sister, you monster?" Dorian demanded to know. Mitch reminded her that Melinda had died from a heart attack, and he insisted that he had threatened Dorian's daughters, not her sister. "There's a difference," he told her. Dorian accused him of going after her sister and wanted to know "Are we even?" Mitch declared that he "might leave them alone. Then again, I might not."

Rex arrived at his loft and was shocked to find Adriana waiting there for him. She pointed out that the door had been unlocked, and he remembered the last time he had been there. It had been the night of Stacy's false labor. Adriana wanted to know how he was, and made it known that she was up-to-date on all of his trials and tribulations. She was surprised that Rex and Gigi had broken up and she asked how the baby was. Rex stunned Adriana when he disclosed that the baby wasn't his. Taken aback, Adriana asked him if he and Gigi would be getting back together.

The pair agreed that they weren't losers, though it seemed that way. Suddenly, Adriana pulled Rex into a deep kiss. After the kiss, Adriana realized that Rex still loved Gigi, and she was sorry that he was going through hell. Rex filled her in on the details of Stacy and the baby and how he had been keeping Gigi company at the hospital. Adriana thought that Rex was a good person who had been taken advantage of.

Langston's behavior puzzled Blair and she called the girl on it. She wanted to know why Langston was so intrigued with the phone. Langston attempted to cover up by mentioning a phone call from Starr, but Blair asked her if she had spent time with Ford. "You didn't, did you?" Blair asked her. Langston broke down and admitted that she had slept with Ford and was remorseful it had happened. Blair gave the young woman a hug as Langston lamented the fact that she had cheated on Markko who was nothing but "good, kind, and decent." She loved Markko and couldn't believe that Ford hadn't even expressed sympathy over the death of Dorian's sister.

Blair's advice was that Langston needed to get over Ford as quickly as possible. As if on cue, Langston's phone began to ring. It was Ford, and he wanted Langston to know that he missed her. He wanted to see her, and he invited her to visit him; he noted that Cristian would be leaving and they'd have the place to themselves. Blair attempted to coach Langston in what to say and finally urged her to hang up. Langston thought it was best for her to visit Ford so she could tell him in person that what had happened between them could never happen again. Blair didn't want her to use that as an excuse to see Ford and stressed that she needed to end the relationship over the phone.

Ford was pretty confident that Langston would be visiting.

Blair advised Langston that she understood "bad boys" but felt certain that they would break hearts every time. She disclosed that she had conducted an experiment at Capricorn with Ford and had kissed him passionately. She was convinced that he had liked it and wanted more. Langston didn't believe her so Blair decided that she would perform another test. Entering Ford's number into her own phone, Blair placed a call to him.

Ford answered and, when he heard that it was Blair, thought that her call was about Langston. Blair assured him it wasn't but was rather about the "intimate moment" they had shared previously. She admitted that she had been thinking about him and she wanted him to visit to put her out of her misery.

Blair changed her clothes and put on an attractive and sparkling evening dress. Langston was sure that Ford wouldn't notice or even show up at the house. Blair was sorry that Langston had to learn the "hard way." Suddenly, the doorbell sounded.

At the hospital, the doctor arrived to give an update on Sierra. He explained to Gigi and Schuyler that the baby had taken a turn for the better, but he wasn't sure that her heart would continue working on its own. The infant's premature birth was working against her, he added. The doctor left and urged Schuyler to stop by the accounting office to provide his insurance information. Gigi knew that Schuyler didn't have insurance but Schuyler vowed to figure out how to provide for his daughter's care. Gigi promised to help out.

Greg encountered the couple and, after asking about the baby, advised Schuyler that he wanted answers on the missing oxytocin. He noted that Schuyler had missed a meeting of the Ethics Committee and there was another one scheduled. He ordered Schuyler to be present. Gigi was confused and pressed Schuyler for the facts. "They think I stole it and they're right. I did," Schuyler informed her. At that point, Kim was lurking nearby and continued to listen to the conversation.

Schuyler explained that he had forged another doctor's signature because Kim and Stacy wouldn't leave him alone. They had threatened him, and he thought it would be better for him to get the drug than for the women to administer the drug on their own. Gigi stared at him in disbelief as she realized that it was his fault that the baby had been born early and was in the state that she was. She refused to listen to Schuyler as she ranted and raved at him.

He finally managed to speak and reminded her of the day he had been on his way to see her at the cabin. There had been a turning point that day, he declared. He saw how far he had fallen in his attempts to keep Gigi and realized he couldn't go on with it. He insisted that he had not given Stacy the drug. He wanted Gigi to believe him and love him. Gigi reminded him that she had loved him before, but she had learned that it was based on lots of lies. She didn't know how she could believe in him again.

Schuyler insisted that he hadn't seen Stacy right before her real labor and there was no way he could have administered the drug from the time he actually did see her. Gigi advised him that she had no idea how it all worked. She knew nothing, she stated, as she walked away. Schuyler spotted Kim nearby and realized she had heard the conversation. He was angry at her for not interceding and defending him. He wanted her to see the baby and told her that she was one of the only people who could help him with Gigi.

Kevin paid a visit to Jessica with his parents, and her behavior baffled him. Jessica didn't know that Kelly had a baby, she told them. She asked if Joey was the father. She wasn't aware that Kevin lived in London either. She was happy when she was called to take some tests, because she knew that she'd be released from the hospital soon. Kevin and Clint decided to get some coffee. Kevin was interested in hearing about the stripper his father was living with who was young enough to be Clint's daughter.

Brody returned to Jessica's empty room and sadly picked up her book where she had been practicing her signature with Cristian's last name.

Rex returned to the hospital with some fresh clothing for Gigi who advised him she had made a promise to Sierra. She would never let Schuyler near the baby again.

Jessica arrived at Cristian's apartment and smiled happily when Cristian, fresh out of the shower, answered the door.

Kim returned to Rex's apartment and cried, "Oh God Stacy, what have I done to you?" She sank to the floor and looked at the pictures of the two of them. "Oh God, I wish you were here," she cried. "Your wish is my command," she heard Stacy say. She turned around and a smiling Stacy was standing there. She was wearing Kim's left-behind boots.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Couples Resort

At Rex's apartment, Kim looked up and saw Stacy there in the living room. Kim knew Stacy was a figment of her imagination, but she seemed okay with that. Kim apologized for letting Stacy down, but Stacy said that Kim could make it up to her by being Sierra's mother.

Stacy couldn't understand why Kim wasn't with Sierra, but Kim explained that the baby was at the hospital after undergoing an operation. Kim didn't think she could be a good mother, but Stacy explained that she had thought the same thing. Once Sierra was born, something clicked and Stacy knew what she needed to do to be a good mother. Stacy was sure the same thing would happen for Kim.

All Kim wanted was her best friend back, but Stacy said that she would always be there for Kim and so would Sierra Rose. Kim agreed to do everything she could to keep her word to the best friend she ever had, and she would fulfill her promise to become Sierra's legal guardian.

Meanwhile, Rex explained to Gigi that Schuyler had confessed to stealing the drugs, but he swore he hadn't administered them to Stacy and caused her premature labor. Rex believed Schuyler's story, and he didn't think it was that far-fetched to think Kim and Stacy had been behind the entire situation. Rex understood that Gigi hated Schuyler, though. Schuyler had done quite a number on Gigi in the past, but he was Sierra's father. Gigi knew Rex was right, but she still didn't like it.

Rex told Gigi he had a bag of things for her, and Gigi was thrilled to see two dolls at the bottom of the bag of things he had delivered to her. They were Gigi and Stacy's dolls from when they were younger, and the dolls had been named Sierra and Rose.

Gigi became emotional as she reminisced about younger days with Stacy. She told Rex that the few hours of bonding between her and Stacy certainly hadn't made up for all the bad things her sister had done to her throughout the years, but she was determined to make sure Sierra Rose knew the good side of Stacy. Later, Gigi visited baby Sierra and showed her the dolls Stacy and Gigi had played with when they were younger. When the baby was healthy and released from the hospital, the dolls would be hers. Gigi told Rex that she wanted to become baby Sierra's legal guardian. Rex said the first step would be to get a lawyer.

In another corridor of the hospital, Kevin and Clint talked about the younger woman Clint had living with him. Kevin asked if they were sleeping together, but Clint wasn't about to reveal any information about that relationship. Besides, Clint knew his wife had been having an affair with his brother. Kevin was shocked that Clint knew the deep secret.

Clint changed the subject and wanted to know what was going on between Kelly and Kevin. He couldn't understand why Kevin stayed with Kelly. It couldn't be because of Zane, because the child was already in secondary school and a separation couldn't be too drastic for him. Kevin decided to leave the hospital, but Clint remained while more tests were being run.

Meanwhile, at the church, Todd ran into Kelly. He handed her a check, but when Kelly turned around, he realized his error. Kelly couldn't figure out what her cousin had ever seen in Todd. She was grateful something made her cousin reach her senses, though. That comment made Todd realize what a "bitch" Kelly was, and he promptly told her so.

Todd and Kelly sat in the church and talked about their relationships and their past. Kevin and Kelly were still together, raising Zane, and Kevin had forgiven Kelly. Zane had pulled them back together, it had seemed.

Todd made excuses for his past and said he was his father's son. Kelly didn't buy that excuse and said Todd's father was evil. He had tried to steal his own grandchild. Kelly thought things could work out if Todd and Téa worked together, but Todd said that ship had sailed. Todd and Téa were over, and nothing would put them back together. Kelly told Todd that if he wanted to prove to his daughter that he really was a good person, he would really have to become a good person.

Later, after Todd had left, Kelly and Kevin reunited. To Kelly's surprise, Kevin asked her to marry him.

Clint, however, was still at the hospital when Kim arrived to see baby Sierra. She looked in on the baby from the glass windows into the nursery and promised the child she would take care of her. It wasn't hard for Kim to track down Clint, but she was surprised to see he had a gift for her. Kim thanked him, but she needed something else from him. Kim wanted Clint to marry her.

Meanwhile, Blair told Langston that Ford was a dog. Although Blair tried to set Ford up, her plan got sidetracked when Eli showed up. Blair kissed Eli and took him into the living room to talk. Langston decided she was going to leave, but as soon as she opened the door, Ford greeted her. Ford said he was there to see Blair, but then he changed his story and said he was really there for Langston. She became confused, so Ford used the situation against the young girl and told her he was tired of playing the high school games. He stormed off, but it didn't take long for Langston to run after him.

Ford had played his cards well, so he was expecting Langston when she arrived at his apartment. His shirt was unbuttoned when he opened the door, and he demanded to know what she was doing. Langston apologized for Blair and the set-up, but she promised to make it up to him. Langston threw herself at Ford and started kissing him.

Blair had no idea what was going on with Langston and Ford while she concentrated on her conversation with Eli. Blair explained she had worn the sexy dress to set Ford up, because she wanted Langston to know what a scumbag Ford was. During their conversation, Eli revealed that he had not been sleeping with anyone else besides Blair, and that information impressed her. They decided not to let the good dress go to waste, so they wanted to see exactly what it looked like on the floor.

Jessica left the hospital and arrived at Cristian's apartment. She was thrilled to see him answer the door in nothing but a towel. Cristian was less than pleased and wanted to know how she had found his apartment.

Jessica was impressed with the bigger place that Cristian was living in, and she told him that it seemed like just the other day when they were planning on making love after the prom. That was a long time before, though, and Cristian revealed that he had a live-in girlfriend, Layla. That information deeply upset Jessica, and she doubled over in pain. Cristian tried to tell her all the wonderful things about her life, specifically her child. Jessica wasn't interested in hearing it, though. She said that all she did was sit at home with a kid. Jessica wanted to finish the life that she had started.

Meanwhile, Marty was trying to convince Brody to lessen the pressure on Jessica. Brody was determined to get his life back with Jessica, though. They were going to raise Jessica's daughter and have their own children together. Marty warned him that he needed to back off. The life he had with Jessica was gone. She didn't think it would be best if he was there when Jessica arrived back at the hospital.

Unfortunately, Brody was still there when Jessica and Cristian returned to the hospital. Cristian explained that Jessica had arrived at his door, so he had taken her back to seek treatment. Marty told Jessica she wanted to help the young girl, but Jessica said that Marty wouldn't be able to help her.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rules of Engagement

Todd was summoned to school because his daughter was in trouble. He was surprised to see that it was Dani and not Starr. Dani was not happy when Todd walked in, but shortly after, Téa arrived. The principal informed them that a math teacher's desk had been broken into and test answers had been stolen. Dani had been seen leaving the classroom shortly before the break-in. Dani insisted that it wasn't her doing and refused to allow the principal to search her things. Speaking as an attorney, Téa seconded her daughter's refusal and advised the principal that he would need a search warrant.

The principal announced that he had no choice but to suspend Dani. Todd quickly gave his permission for Dani's things to be examined. He added that he trusted his daughter, and she was a smart and good person. Téa agreed but admitted that she also knew Dani. Just then Matthew walked into the room and confessed that he had been the one to steal the test answers.

Dorian sent for Bo and Nora and they turned up at La Boulaie where Dorian waited for them with John by her side. She assured Bo that Llanview needed him and so did she. She wanted him to take back his job of police commissioner. She also wondered why Nora was there and not at work. Nora quickly advised Dorian that she was indeed working and handed Dorian a list of charges that Nora had drawn up against the mayor. "Read it and weep," the district attorney called out.

Dorian was perturbed and wondered if that was the thanks she got from Bo. Nora hastily explained that it was all her responsibility, and perhaps Dorian should give her a reason not to pursue it. Mitch threatened her girls, Dorian protested. Bo thought that he would have been able to provide protection if Dorian had only seen him about it. Nora decided to overlook the charges because she didn't really want to implicate Charlie; she cited the fact that Dorian had used the man after he had lost his son. Dorian muttered that her sister had been murdered, but poor Charlie, he lost Jared. "Dorian, don't look a gift horse in the mouth," Bo ordered.

Nora received a phone call and learned there was a problem at school. She and Bo had to leave. "What about the charges?" Dorian called out. "What charges?" Nora answered. "What about the job?" Dorian called out again. "I'll take it," Bo yelled.

At the hospital, Marty ran into Natalie and suggested that they have a talk. Natalie was reluctant since they had already chatted, but Marty informed her that she knew about the second kiss that Natalie and John had shared because John had told her everything. Marty knew that the second kiss had nothing to do with Jared, and Natalie had known what she was doing. She wanted to know why Natalie had lied about it.

Natalie assured Marty that she hadn't lied; she just hadn't volunteered the information. Marty accused Natalie of hiding it because Natalie and John had a history. She understood why it happened, though, she offered. She knew that Natalie and John had been scared and it just happened. She had thought about it and knew it wouldn't happen again. She and John had talked about it, and he said the kiss didn't mean anything, Marty continued. She wondered if it meant something to Natalie, though, and if Natalie had feelings for John.

Natalie conceded that she and John had spoken to each other also. She knew it had been a mistake. Marty stressed that she just didn't want to see Natalie getting hurt. Marty rose and had to catch herself. She felt dizzy but chalked it up to a missed meal. She went off to get a glass of water. John arrived looking for Marty and was concerned that she had been feeling ill. He knew she had a habit of not eating, though, and he didn't seem too concerned. Natalie asked him if he had told Marty it was a mistake when he kissed Natalie. He admitted that they had spoken about it. It didn't mean it was a mistake about their feelings, he emphasized.

Marty returned with a glass of water. She found some aspirin to take and she was feeling better. Natalie headed to Jessica's room while John asked Marty to have dinner with him. He thought they should work on the two of them. Natalie stood hidden and listened to the couple as they spoke quietly to each other. Marty received a package delivery as she spoke with John. She opened it and peeked into the bag to look at a pregnancy test kit.

Kim asked Clint to marry her as he presented her with a new pair of boots to replace the pair she left behind for Stacy. "They're nice but they're not that nice," Clint retorted. "I'm serious," Kim replied. Clint asked why she was in a hurry, and Kim explained that she needed help. She and Stacy had no one but each other, and she had promised Stacy that she would take care of Sierra Rose.

Clint pressed for more information and the facts as Kim saw them spilled out. She didn't think that Gigi could support two children on the salary she made as a waitress, plus Stacy hated Gigi. Schuyler was a recovering addict who was fired from his previous job, and the baby was probably in the hospital because of Schuyler. Kim was the only one left for the baby, she concluded. She added that girls like herself and Stacy didn't have families. Clint wondered what any of it had to do with him.

Kim tried to explain that there was no way she'd get custody of Sierra as Kim Andrews, but she would have no problem if she were married to Clint. He asked about her dreams and wondered if she just wanted a ring. Kim denied his charge, noting that all of his friends from Texas had asked for her phone number. She'd be with one of them if that were all she wanted, she snapped. She didn't want to ruin their good times but she thought that if she married him, she'd be able to hold her head high. Clint asked what he would get from this "marriage of convenience." He would have her, Kim laughed.

Clint understood Kim's feelings perfectly, as well as the commitment that she made to Stacy. She had herself a deal. He would marry her. She had helped him keep his sanity. Besides, he joked, Asa had been married 14 times and Clint needed to catch up.

"Will you marry me?" Kevin asked a shocked Kelly at the church. He hastily explained that he never should have let her go, and they had already enjoyed a life together taking care of Zane. Kelly reminded him that they had also divorced for a good reason. "Have you forgiven me fully?" Kelly asked him.

Kevin remarked that they had shared their life, even if it wasn't in the bedroom. They had raised Zane together. Kelly noted that moving on and forgiving were not the same thing. She cried as she reminded him that she had slept with his son. She was grateful that Kevin had helped with the parenting. They spoke of a time when Kelly had kissed Kevin, but she acknowledged that it had been a "moment," one of many. "Let's build on that," Kevin implored her. She refused but admitted that she would always love him.

"So you love me but you can't marry me," Kevin clarified. Kelly sadly explained that he couldn't make things better for her right then because her mother had died. Kevin suggested that they talk about it at a later date but Kelly turned him down. She didn't think they could hide behind Zane forever. They had made many mistakes and they needed to see what they really wanted. Kevin insisted he wanted Kelly. She assured him she would always be Zane's mother and he would always be the boy's father in almost every way. Kevin was embarrassed that he had made a mistake, but Kelly thought he was sweet and she would never forget his proposal.

Kevin thought that Kelly knew him better than he knew himself. He said he'd see her later at the funeral. They bowed their heads together and shared a tender moment. Dorian arrived and comforted Kelly. She advised her niece that Kelly had a beautiful future ahead of her. "I hope so," Kelly replied solemnly as she wiped her tears with Todd's handkerchief.

Charlie stopped at Llanfair to retrieve some of his belongings and ran into Viki unexpectedly. He had hoped she would be visiting Jessica at the hospital. They made small talk about the family, though Viki was aloof. She advised Charlie that she didn't know if any of them would ever recover from all that had happened. She gave Charlie the details of Jessica's memory loss.

Charlie assured Viki that he wasn't going anywhere and she hadn't lost him. He was in recovery and would stand by her if she'd allow him to. He loved her and thought she might need him. He was trying to find his way again and wanted her to give him one more chance. "I can't," Viki replied. She had tried to help him but he had shut her out and turned to Dorian, she explained. Charlie pointed out that Dorian was only "the means to the end," but Viki didn't want to hear it. She was horrified that he would have used Jared's memory to commit murder.

She had every right to want to murder Mitch, as well, Viki continued, but she didn't try. She explained all that Mitch had done to Jessica before Brody had rescued her. Jessica already had the personality disorder and she was hanging on to her safe teen years. Charlie apologized and admitted that he had made a mistake. He had made a bad choice but wanted to make it up to her. Viki cried that she couldn't afford to give him another chance. She wanted a divorce. Charlie packed a suitcase and left Llanfair.

Bo and Nora arrived at the high school and heard about Matthew's confession. Bo wanted the proof while Nora promised that Matthew's confession was inadmissible since he didn't have a parent present. She grilled her son on his actions and wasn't convinced that he was telling the truth. "I think this is a load of crap," Bo exclaimed as Todd got his digs in at Matthew. Suddenly, Dani spoke up. She admitted that Matthew was covering for her, and she had the stolen answers.

Téa couldn't understand her daughter's actions. The principal announced that Dani was expelled. Todd defended his daughter and explained that she had been through hell lately. He told the principal of all that had gone on with Ross and said Dani had then learned about Todd. He was the one to blame for all that Dani went through at school with other students making fun of her because of Todd. He understood why Dani was upset and breaking rules, but they needed to support the children. He thought that a check for one million dollars to the school would be a fine way to cancel the discipline.

The principal was appalled and demanded to know if Todd was bribing him. Todd explained that he was a "practicing philanthropologist" and the principal could call St. James to check. He had just donated a large sum to them as well. The principal accepted the check and, before he could say anything further to Dani, Todd ordered him to go. Dani and Téa could only look on in disbelief. Téa wasn't too thrilled about the way Todd had handled the expulsion. She immediately grounded her daughter. "Whatever," Dani said sullenly.

Todd was annoyed that Dani had spoken to her mother so gruffly. Téa didn't deserve it, he admonished Dani. It was Todd's turn to be pleasantly surprised when Dani thanked him for standing up for her.

Nora wanted to know if her son wanted to go to college after making such a noble gesture that would go into his records. Bo thought it was a foolish gesture. Matthew advised them that he would go to college if Dani did.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Auntie Up

In John's apartment, as John lay alone in bed, he dreamt about making love to Natalie. Marty stood nearby and watched as a sleeping John tossed and turned in bed. With a look of concern, Marty clinched a home pregnancy kit in her hand.

When John awoke, Marty quickly placed the pregnancy test back into a paper bag. Concealing the kit, Marty stated that she noticed that John appeared restless in his sleep and wondered if he had experienced a bad dream. After recalling the kiss he had shared with Natalie in his dream, John denied having a bad dream. In an attempt to change the subject, John asked if Marty was feeling any better.

When John asked if she had taken any medication to ease the symptoms of her bout with the flu, Marty assured him that she was fine and asked him not to worry. Noticing the bag of medication that she had discreetly put away, John reached for the package, but Marty pulled the bag out of his grasp. Making up an excuse, Marty dropped the bag in the trash when John looked away.

As he prepared for work, John suggested that Marty take the day off and rest at his apartment. Marty agreed, and John promised to return that night. A troubled Marty mumbled to herself, "Good, I should be better by then... one way or another!"

Once John left the apartment, Marty retrieved the pregnancy kit out of the trash bin.

At Llanfair, Natalie appeared troubled when she observed an article relating to John in the morning paper.

As Cristian prepared for his first day of teaching at Llanview High School, Layla paid him a visit in his classroom. Presenting him with a photograph of the two of them, Layla informed Cristian that she had discovered the frame of the photo shattered into several pieces. Layla was surprised when Cristian informed her that Jessica had damaged their photo.

Layla listened as Cristian explained that Jessica had showed up at their apartment and became enraged when she learned that he and Layla were living together. Concerned for Jessica's well-being, Layla suggested that they hide their relationship from Jessica. Declaring his love for Layla, Cristian refused to keep their relationship a secret for Jessica's benefit. Before heading off, Layla joked, "Watch out for those teen-age crushes!" A self-assured Cristian replied, "Don't worry, I'm spoken for!"

Back at Llanfair, Viki and Clint escorted Jessica home from the hospital. When Jessica noticed a photo of herself and Bree, Jessica grew discouraged about the years she had missed. However, Jessica was pleasant when Natalie entered the room and welcomed her home. Viki suggested that Jessica rest, but Jessica asked Natalie to help her get adjusted. Once Jessica and Natalie left the room, Clint worried about Jessica being lost in her teenage years, but Viki reminded him that Jessica's earlier years contained many happy memories.

In the library, Jessica asked Natalie questions about Jessica's lost years. Natalie described their family's terrible ordeal with Mitch Laurence and Allison Perkins, but Jessica appeared to have very little interest in the matter. Stating that she didn't remember any facts relating to Mitch or Allison, Jessica sighed, "I'm glad I don't remember Mitch!" Meanwhile, Allison stood on the terrace and observed the two sisters.

Jessica noticed the article about John in the paper and questioned Natalie about their breakup. Admitting that their breakup had been a difficult experience, a sullen Natalie recalled how she later met and fell in love with Jared. Commenting that she had been shocked to learn that Viki was no longer married to their father, Jessica wondered if Viki and Charlie were happy together. Meanwhile, Allison continued to spy on the women.

Announcing that he had an errand to run, Clint suggested that he and Viki get the family together for dinner. When Clint asked if Viki intended to invite Charlie, Viki informed Clint that she had asked Charlie for a divorce. Clint expressed concern for Viki's domestic problems. Thanking Clint for standing by her side, Viki told him that he was her best friend, and Clint related that he felt the same.

Viki was stunned when Clint informed her that he was marrying Kim. Citing that he had only recently met Kim, Viki questioned if Clint was making a wise decision. Relating that Kim was a breath of fresh air, Clint responded, "I know what Kim is about and I'm going into this with my eyes wide open! If it's a mistake, I'm going to make sure that no one gets hurt!" Afterward, Clint headed off to meet up with Kim.

Flipping through the pages of her high school yearbook, Jessica reminisced about her senior year. Discouraged, Jessica stated that she wished that she could go back in time. Jessica searched frantically for Cristian's photo. Smiling at Cristian's image, Jessica told Natalie that Cristian was teaching a class at Llanview High. Detailing her visit to Cristian's apartment, Jessica admitted that she had flirted shamelessly with him. Natalie assured Jessica that Cristian wouldn't hold it against her, but Jessica was convinced that Layla might have a problem with Jessica's behavior.

Natalie appeared suspicious when Jessica questioned her about Cristian's life, but Viki appeared and interrupted the discussion. Viki suggested that Jessica get settled in, and Jessica agreed. Afterward, Jessica stood in the hall and smiled as she stared at Cristian's picture.

Alone with Viki, Natalie expressed her concern over Jessica's fixation with Cristian. Natalie was relieved that she didn't have to tell Jessica that Natalie had once been married to Cristian. A concerned Viki wondered if Jessica had been troubled by the thought of Mitch and Allison's terrible deeds. When Natalie revealed that Jessica didn't appear bothered by the mention of the two, Viki declared, "I think things are going to get a lot worse before they get easier!" As Viki turned her attention toward the terrace, Allison hid.

The doorbell rang and Natalie excused herself to answer the door. Natalie was stunned when she discovered John at the door. Meanwhile, Viki noticed that the terrace doors were open. As Viki closed the doors, Allison quietly observed.

Back at John's apartment, a troubled Marty held a pregnancy test in her hand. The test displayed a positive result.

Charlie spotted a distressed Brody at the Buenos Dias Café. When Brody inquired about Charlie's relationship with Viki, Charlie related that Viki had asked him for a divorce, and that he intended to abide by her wishes. Reminding Charlie of the love that existed between Viki and Charlie, Brody advised Charlie to fight for his wife. Ignoring Brody's plea, Charlie urged Brody to stand by Jessica. In a stern voice, Brody replied, "I'm not giving up on her!"

Nearby, Rachel and Téa reminded Schuyler that the hospital board had scheduled an ethics meeting to address the allegation that he had stolen the labor-inducing drug from the hospital. As Rachel and Téa tried to convince Schuyler that he was in desperate need of a lawyer, Schuyler maintained that his only concern was Sierra. Téa offered to defend him at the meeting, but Schuyler was determined to go to the hospital and check on the sick child. While Schuyler maintained that the ethics meeting wouldn't result in criminal charges, Téa advised him that the hospital board might refer the case to the District Attorney.

Realizing that his career was on the line, Schuyler decided to accept Téa's help. Convinced that Schuyler could fight the case, Téa related that the ethics board didn't have any hard evidence, only the testimony of one nurse. When a nervous Schuyler informed Téa that Kim was aware that he had stolen the drug, Téa stated that she wasn't overly concerned about the possible threat of an ex-stripper. However, the revelation that Schuyler had also admitted his crime to Gigi and Rex caused Téa to worry.

Téa admitted that their case could be jeopardized if Rex or Gigi had knowledge of the review board hearing. Expecting Gigi and Rex to make an appearance at the hearing, Téa advised Schuyler to deny any claim that he had stolen the drug. Schuyler had reservations about referring to Gigi as a liar. Reminding Schuyler that she was fighting to keep him out of jail, Téa informed him that she was in possession of the drug, and as his lawyer, she wasn't obligated to turn over the evidence. Téa suggested that Schuyler heed her warning and deny Gigi's allegations.

At the hospital, Rex discovered Gigi waiting for word on Sierra's condition. Concerned for Sierra's well-being, Gigi told Rex that she wanted to do everything possible to protect the sick child. To Gigi's surprise, Rex introduced her to Elijah and insisted that he could help her protect Sierra. After relating that she was Sierra's closest relative and explaining Schuyler's possible role in Sierra's premature birth, Gigi asked Elijah if she stood a chance of winning custody of the child.

Once Elijah had gathered the details of the case, he regretfully informed Gigi that they would need concrete evidence that Schuyler wouldn't be an acceptable father for the child. Citing that Stacy had named Schuyler as Sierra's guardian and the fact that the courts generally favored the side of the biological parent, Elijah asked if Schuyler had a criminal record. Gigi listened as Rex gave Elijah a detailed account of Schuyler's checkered past, but when Rex referred to Schuyler as a drug addict, Gigi spoke up and maintained that Schuyler had been clean for years.

Realizing that Gigi was having second thoughts, Elijah warned her that a custody case could become vicious. Elijah advised Gigi to pursue the case only if she could view Schuyler as the enemy. Pulling Gigi aside, Rex asked if she was willing to hurt Schuyler if it meant that she could gain custody of Sierra. Conflicted, Gigi stressed that she wanted to raise Sierra, but didn't want to go to war with Schuyler. As Rex promised to stand by Gigi, Schuyler and Téa approached. With a newfound confidence, Gigi told Elijah that she had decided to fight for custody of Sierra.

Kim arrived at Oliver's apartment with news for both Oliver and Kyle. The men were shocked when Kim announced that she was marrying Clint, and together they would raise Sierra as a Buchanan. While Oliver remained silent, an outraged Kyle objected to Kim raising the child. Reminding Kim that either Oliver or Schuyler had fathered Sierra, Kyle was adamant that the child's biological father should raise her. Kim referred to Schuyler as a drug addict and denied that Oliver could be Sierra's father, but Kyle was skeptical. Insisting that Stacy would want her to raise Sierra, Kim threatened to end Kyle's medical career if he interfered in her decision to raise Sierra.

Once Kim left, Kyle tried to convince Oliver that he would make a great father, but Oliver stated that Sierra would be better off with Kim and Clint. While Oliver argued that he wasn't the child's father, Kyle was convinced that Oliver was Sierra's father. To Oliver's surprise, Kyle displayed a sealed envelope and stated, "Let's find out the truth!" Oliver was stunned when Kyle informed him that the envelope contained a DNA test. Kyle related that he has taken a DNA sample from Oliver and compared it to Sierra's DNA.

Back at the Buenos Dias Café, Brody encountered Clint and inquired about Jessica. After informing Brody that Jessica was fine, Clint thanked him for giving her space, and offered Brody future support. Afterward, Clint stepped away to speak with Kim, who sat at a nearby booth.

Once Clint sat down, Kim began to discuss wedding plans, but Clint quickly interrupted her. To Kim's surprise, Clint declared, "Before a wedding takes place, there are a few things that we must get straight!' Kim's jaw dropped when Clint presented her with a prenuptial agreement.

Nearby, Layla approached Brody and asked about Jessica. After informing Brody about Jessica's impromptu visit to her apartment, Layla assured Brody that Cristian would never allow Jessica to get the wrong idea about Cristian's feelings for her.

At that moment, Cristian was startled when Jessica entered his classroom and announced that she had registered to take his class.

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