One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 22, 2010 on OLTL

Snoop Dogg returned to Llanview for a concert. Gigi was furious that Schuyler had known for months that Sierra Rose was his daughter. Gigi also blamed him for Stacy's death. Jessica thought she was a teenager due to the electroshock treatments. Langston and Ford made love. Allison Perkins, dressed as Roxy, visited Mitch in jail.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 22, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, February 22, 2010

Displeasures of Sierra's Madre

At the hospital, John overheard Todd instruct his editor to print a cover story that implied that John had left Marty for Natalie. John warned Todd that he would regret printing the story, but Todd ignored his threat and accused John of planning to seduce Natalie. When John inquired why Todd was concerned about John's relationship with Natalie, Todd claimed that he was simply looking out for Marty's best interest. John informed Todd that Viki would be furious if Todd printed a damaging article about Natalie in the Sun. After a brief hesitation, Todd agreed not to print the story.

Outside of Jessica's hospital room, Clint, Viki, and Brody told Natalie that Mitch had performed electric shock treatment on Jessica. Natalie was shocked to learn that Jessica had no memories of Natalie, Bree, or Brody. Relating that she was unsure of the lasting effects of Jessica's condition, Marty asked Jessica's family members to be gentle with Jessica.

Meanwhile, inside her hospital room, Jessica panicked when a nurse informed her that the year was 2010.

As Jessica tried to process the fact that she had no knowledge of the previous thirteen years, Viki, Clint, Natalie, Brody, and Marty entered the room. When Natalie referred to Jessica as her twin, a panicked Jessica declared that she didn't have a twin. Informing Viki that the nurse had given her the correct date, Jessica pleaded with her mother to be honest with her. Marty suggested that Viki and Clint speak privately with Jessica. Reminding Viki and Clint that Jessica trusted them, Marty urged them to tell Jessica the truth.

Alone with Jessica, Viki and Clint explained that Jessica and Natalie had different fathers. Consumed with fear, Jessica couldn't believe she had lost memories of thirteen years. Viki told Jessica that she had experienced a trauma, which had caused her to forget many things. In tears, Jessica asked, "Who's Bree?" Jessica was terrified to learn that she had a daughter who she didn't remember.

Bo and Nora arrived at the cottage with Shane and Bree. While Shane expressed the desire to see his baby sister, Bree stressed that she wanted to see her mother. Bo agreed to stay at the cottage with Shane while Nora accompanied Bree to the hospital to see Jessica. Afterward, Shane continued to await news about his little sister.

As they sat outside of Jessica's room, Natalie and Brody wondered if Jessica had suffered permanent memory loss. Marty stated that if the police recovered the equipment that Mitch had used to perform Jessica's procedure, it might be possible to determine which brain cells had been effected. Marty encouraged them to remain prayerful. While they discussed Jessica's condition, Nora arrived at the hospital with Bree. When Bree asked to see her mother, Natalie told Nora that there was a problem.

As Viki and Clint attempted to calm Jessica's nerves, Marty entered the room and announced that Bree wanted to see her mother. Hoping that the child would trigger some memories, Jessica agreed to see her daughter. Before allowing Bree entry, Marty advised Jessica that Bree needed her mother's reassurance -- even if Jessica didn't remember the child.

As Marty, Viki, and Clint looked on, Bree rushed into the room and presented Jessica with a picture she had drawn for her. Realizing that the little girl was thrilled to be reunited with her, Jessica pretended to remember the child. Everyone had high hopes when Jessica told Bree that she would be home soon and asked the child to wear her pretty flowered dress at her homecoming. Once Bree had left the room, a teary-eyed Jessica displayed the photo that Viki had given her of Bree dressed in the flowered dress, and stated that she didn't remember the child.

Later, Jessica confided in her parents that she was afraid.

Afterward, Marty informed Natalie and Brody that Jessica had covered for Bree's sake, but didn't remember her daughter. Brody told Natalie that he couldn't bear to watch Jessica suffer. When Natalie insisted that there wasn't anything they could do about it, Brody declared, "Yes, there is!"

In the hospital corridor, as Rex, Oliver, and Kyle watched, Gigi was speechless when Schuyler announced that he, not Rex, was Sierra's father. Gigi stared in disbelief as Rex explained that he had recently learned that he hadn't fathered Stacy's child. As Schuyler signed the consent form, Gigi asked for a moment alone with Sierra before the baby was prepped for surgery. After Schuyler thanked Oliver for his help, Oliver ran off, with Kyle following close behind.

Alone with Schuyler, Rex berated him for using Sierra to destroy Rex's life. Insisting that his only concern was Sierra, Schuyler refused to argue with Rex. After receiving a call from Bo and Shane, Rex promised to return to the cabin and update Shane on his baby sister's progress. Afterward, Rex informed Gigi that Shane was concerned about Sierra. Rex advised Gigi that Shane needed honest answers, and Gigi agreed. She promised to return home after Sierra's surgery. Moments later, Gigi sat in the corner and wept.

When Rex arrived at the cottage, Shane inquired about Sierra and offered his condolences for Stacy. After relating that Sierra was undergoing heart surgery, Rex told Shane that he didn't have a baby sister after all. Explaining that Stacy had lied about him being the father of her baby, Rex told his son that Schuyler was actually Sierra's father. Rex reminded Shane that although he didn't have a baby sister, he did have a baby cousin. Rex encouraged his son to show Sierra as much love as possible, and Shane agreed.

After sending Shane upstairs to unpack, Rex gave Bo a detailed account of Stacy's drowning and the revelation that Rex wasn't Sierra's father. Rex admitted that he was worried about the child's health and Gigi's emotional state. While Bo offered his support, Rex was disgusted by the fact that Schuyler had used Sierra to seduce Gigi.

Once Bo had left, Shane wondered when his mother would return home. Rex stated that Gigi would remain at the hospital until Sierra was out of danger. Citing that there wasn't a baby to keep Rex and Gigi apart, Shane begged his father to reunite with his mother.

Back at the hospital, Gigi lashed out at Schuyler and accused him of being romantically involved with Stacy. Detailing how Stacy had miscarried Rex's baby, Schuyler recounted how Stacy had drugged and seduced him. Insisting that he didn't remember the incident, Schuyler told Gigi that he had attempted to tell her the truth several times. Gigi's heart dropped when Schuyler admitted that he had known that he had fathered Stacy's baby for the previous three months. Outraged by Schuyler's admission, Gigi pointed out that Schuyler knew the truth at the time she had left Rex and confessed her love for Schuyler.

Schuyler insisted that he had kept silent because he thought Gigi would leave him. Schuyler pleaded, "The day you told me that you loved me was the greatest day of my life! We love each other so the truth doesn't have to change anything!" In a disgusted tone, Gigi replied, "Schuyler, it changes everything!"

When Kyle and Oliver arrived at Kyle's apartment, Kyle noticed that Oliver was visibly upset. Pointing out how Oliver had rushed out of the hospital when Schuyler claimed to be Sierra's father, Kyle questioned why Oliver hadn't mentioned the child since they had left the hospital. Oliver insisted that Schuyler was the child's father, but Kyle continued to remind Oliver that Sierra might possibly be Oliver's child. Kyle pleaded with Oliver to allow him to perform a DNA test, but Oliver refused.

Insisting that Sierra had suffered enough, Oliver remarked that Sierra should be raised by normal parents. Oliver was adamant that Gigi and Schuyler would make excellent parents for the child. Reminding Oliver of the scene they had witnessed at the hospital, Kyle doubted that Gigi and Schuyler would remain a couple. Frustrated by Oliver's statement, Kyle informed Oliver that Oliver was an honorable man who had a loving partner. Kyle was convinced that Oliver would make a terrific father. Kyle questioned whether Oliver doubted he would be a good father because he was gay. Deflecting Kyle's question, Oliver begged, "If you love me, you'll drop it!"

Moments later, when an aggravated Oliver rushed out of the room, Kyle spotted a water bottle that Oliver had left behind. Kyle retrieved the bottle and placed it inside a plastic bag.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Downward Schuyler

Dani and Matthew were surprised that Téa was not to be found when they returned to the Palace Hotel room that Dani and Téa were residing in. Dani spotted a note and read it out loud to Matthew. She was irritated that Téa was out because "something came up" and she assumed that the something was probably Todd. Dani noted that her mother had been moping around and only cared about Todd. Matthew thought it might be a good idea if Dani could get along with her mother. Dani didn't think that would happen until Téa could finally see what kind of man Todd really was. The couple began to kiss and found their way to the bedroom.

The pair fell down onto the bed but Matthew pulled away abruptly. "What are we doing?" he pondered. "It," Dani replied. A shocked Matthew couldn't believe that Dani wanted to have sex. He explained that he really wasn't ready yet and he doubted that she was either. Dani insisted she was and told Matthew to remove his clothes. She wanted to have sex with a friend and not be a helpless victim later down the road with someone like Todd.

A sensitive Matthew realized that Dani thought she was going to end up like Marty and assured her that wouldn't happen. Dani began to cry and explained that she had wanted to get it out of the way. She overheard someone in school call her "the rapist's daughter." Matthew told her, "You're you, not what your dad did." She only wanted to get Todd's deed out of her head and Matthew made it clear that it would take a long time to accept it but then she could move on. Dani emphasized that no one had ever understood her like Matthew.

Blair found Todd working on the telephone, as he yelled at his employee to find some headlines they could use for his newspaper. "Where's Téa?" she asked him. She was astonished to hear that Téa had moved out. Todd informed her that Téa felt she couldn't be a proper mother to Dani and be with Todd at the same time. Calling Téa a bitch, Blair couldn't believe that Téa found it so difficult to "multi-task." Laughing, Todd praised Blair for making him feel good by putting someone down. He grabbed her and began to kiss her.

They fell down on the bed but Blair wrenched away. Todd accused Blair of saving herself for Elijah and while she denied having sex with the attorney, she finally admitted it when Todd exclaimed that he had heard the two of them. She added that she was not going to help Todd get over Téa because Blair had moved on and Todd needed to do the same. A confused Todd pointed out that he was offering something that Blair had schemed to get in the past but she suggested he find a friend with benefits. She needed to keep her own sanity and his "window of opportunity" with her had been "slammed and bolted shut." She was sorry that Téa had left again.

Todd swore he was finished with Téa, but Blair didn't buy it. Furthermore, Blair needed to break the cycle and planned to move back to La Boulaie with the boys. "Twist the knife in me, Blair," Todd moaned. Blair insisted that things were back to normal and safe, and it was better to move home than to be playing "second fiddle to Téa Del-got-a-ho." She urged him to stop moping around and prove that he wasn't an evil person.

Téa arrived at Rachel's apartment and learned that Rachel was seeking legal advice for Schuyler. Rachel showed Téa the empty vial of oxytocin and explained that she had found it in Schuyler's things. She had the idea that it had been for someone else. As she held the empty vial in her hand, Téa was able to piece together the entire scenario involving Schuyler, Stacy, Rex, and the baby. Rachel was sure that Schuyler wouldn't have jeopardized the baby, though Téa pointed out that in the past Schuyler wouldn't have denied his parentage. She wondered if Rachel really knew Schuyler.

Rachel wondered what kind of trouble Schuyler would be in if he had used the oxytocin to induce Stacy's labor. Téa revealed that murder charges could be involved if something happened to the baby. They didn't know if Schuyler had administered the drug, though, and only the empty vial existed, she added. They could only assume that Schuyler had stolen it, but even that was a vague accusation. Téa further explained that the police would need evidence, and she would take care of things. She planned on hiding the vial in a safe place. She suggested that Rachel refrain from keeping further secrets from Greg.

At the carriage house, Shane realized that, in light of the news that Rex was not Sierra's father, his parents could get back together. He was pretty sure that his mother would abandon Schuyler when she heard that Schuyler was really Sierra's dad, but Rex wasn't so sure. "Don't be a feminist dad," Shane urged Rex. "What?" Rex asked. Shane explained that it meant that his dad always thought the worst. Rex thought that Shane had been hanging around his grandmother too much.

As if on cue, Roxy arrived, giddy with the news she had heard. The guys advised her that they already knew that Rex wasn't the father of Stacy's baby. Roxy was surprised that they knew and expressed her wish that the "skank" would be told off like Roxy had already done to Kim. Rex quietly told her that Stacy had passed away, but the baby was at the hospital. Shane advised his grandmother that Schuyler was the child's father. Roxy was angry, but her anger quickly faded to happiness as it dawned on her that there was a chance for Rex and Gigi to be together again. She urged her son to get his girl back home.

Shane and Roxy wouldn't let it drop and carried on that Rex needed to get Gigi back. Rex tried to explain that she was busy with the baby and her sister had just died. He didn't think it was a good time. Roxy advised him that Gigi needed someone to lean on. He was convinced and agreed to go to the hospital.

Once Rex was gone, Shane had a question for his grandmother. He wanted to know if she had loved Mitch. "Not for a second," Roxy answered him. He pressed on and asked why they'd had a baby. Roxy was at a loss for words, but she felt it was worth it since she had Rex and Shane.

At the hospital, Schuyler tried to win over a reeling Gigi. He still believed in the two of them. "Don't you?" he pleaded. He didn't think that things should change between them. Gigi tried to explain that she had lost her family through Stacy's pregnancy, but she'd thought she had Schuyler forever. That was changed because everything was based on a lie. She declared that it was not okay to pass his child off as someone else's. Schuyler explained that he was afraid she wouldn't forgive him for fathering Stacy's child. She pointed out that he had been there for her every time she was upset but he, Stacy, and Kim had used her and the baby to rip apart her family.

Schuyler thought that Gigi loved him, but he asked if she had turned to him because of the baby. She assured him she had fallen in love with him and had survived because of him. He was no longer the same guy because the old Schuyler would have "stepped up" and claimed his child. Schuyler had believed he had done the right thing because he didn't want Gigi to give him the same look she had given Rex when she had learned Rex was the father at first. Gigi accused Schuyler of thinking only of himself.

Schuyler hadn't wanted to give up both Gigi and the baby but had always thought he had good reasons for his actions. Gigi wondered how Schuyler could give his infant up to another man, but Schuyler figured he'd be close by and keep an eye on her. Gigi angrily reminded him that the baby almost died because of the decisions he had made. Suddenly, she remembered that Mitch had wanted the baby because he believed it to be Rex's, and she accused Schuyler of knowing all about that. Mitch would have left Stacy alone if he had known about the baby's father from the beginning, Gigi screamed at Schuyler. She began to hit him and yelled that her sister was dead because of Schuyler.

Stacy would have still been alive if Schuyler had spoken the truth, Gigi cried out. Schuyler agreed, but he admitted he was scared of losing Gigi. She asked if it was worth it. He tried to explain how his life had only mattered because of Gigi after all of the years when he had suffered through some tough times. She had made his life "worth a damn," and he had panicked. He didn't realize that the baby had been a gift or the mistakes he had made. He thought that since he had finally figured it out, there was hope for the two of them too. Gigi was indifferent and sniffed that she couldn't bear to even look at him.

She returned to the baby's side and assured Sierra Rose that she would be fine. She added that the little girl was a fighter just like her mother. The doctor arrived to wheel the baby to surgery. Schuyler asked for a moment with his daughter. He told her that he had made a mess of things, apologized, and wished that he could take it back. He told her he loved her and would never stop. Rex arrived and looked on.

As Nigel helped Kim soak her aching and frozen feet at the Buchanan mansion, he asked what she had done with her two-thousand-dollar boots. Suddenly lashing out, Kim advised him that he was the butler and therefore needed to "butt out" or she would make sure he was thrown out of the house. As she screamed at him, Clint entered the room. "Who the hell do you think you're talking to?" he yelled.

Clint turned to Nigel and apologized to him for Kim's behavior. He sent him on his way and then turned to Kim and told her off. He reminded her that she was a mere houseguest and he would not have a trusted member of his household abused by her. He had enough on his hands with his daughters in the hospital. "Stacy's dead," Kim exclaimed.

She related the events on Llantano Mountain as Clint comforted her. She blamed herself for Stacy's death, even though she had left her friend for only one second. She thought back to all that had occurred during Stacy's pregnancy and blurted out that she should have handled things differently all along. Thinking that she was merely talking about the most recent occurrences, Clint reminded her that Mitch was responsible for Stacy's kidnapping. He refused to allow Kim to blame herself and suggested she turn her focus to Stacy's baby. She would have to fill the baby in on Stacy's life. Kim announced that Stacy was more than a "total bitch" and had fallen in love with her baby. Kim cried that no one knew that but her.

Clint took over Nigel's chore and helped Kim with her feet, gently pouring warm water on them. She apologized for leaving her boots by the mountain lake but she had to in case Stacy somehow returned. Clint liked her hopeful outlook and promised to get her a new pair. He told her that Natalie would be okay and Jessica had a long road ahead of her. "Why are you doing this?" Kim wondered. "Because I want to," he replied.

Téa returned to her Palace Hotel room just as Matthew and Dani were sharing a kiss. Matthew thought it was a good time to leave, and Dani thanked him for his support. He assured her it was "no big deal." He thought that things would have been worse if they had gone through with having sex. He admitted that it wasn't easy for him to refuse, but it hadn't felt right. He thought that maybe some day the timing would be right for it.

As the song "Ache" played in the background, Téa looked at the vial in her hand and Rachel seemed thoughtful. The baby was wheeled to the operating room. Clint helped Kim into bed, lay beside her, and wrapped his arms around her.

Rex thought that Gigi shouldn't be alone, and she admitted that she needed a friend. She turned to look at Schuyler and walked off with Rex. Schuyler leaned against the wall in agony.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Do the Dogg

Cruising into Llanview in his pimped-out limousine, rap superstar Snoop Dogg pondered his return to his hometown. "This town has always had some fine sceneries," he mused aloud. "Blonde, brunette, light, dark, and mocha! Well, look out, ladies of Llanview: the boss is back!" Snoop noted that Blair was a foxy lady and he couldn't wait for his gig at Capricorn, but first he had to see an old friend. "Llanview, what it do?"

Langston returned home to the apartment she shared with her friends, and fumbled with her keys. As she searched for the apartment key, her hand found Ford's office key instead, and she flashed back to her intimate encounter with the handsome teacher during the blizzard. Suddenly, Markko's intimate caress interrupted her fantasy. Markko was delighted to have found some free time with his girlfriend again, but Langston upset him by shrugging him off. Langston said she was overworked and distracted, but Markko suspected Langston's distance was more than that, and asked if she was deliberately pulling away from him.

Langston told Markko she didn't mean to be distant, and blamed her writer's block over the high school musical. Markko was understanding, but even as he gushed about spending time with his lady love, all Langston could think about was Ford. Breaking from her reverie, Langston apologized for being unfocused; she claimed she'd been "obsessed" with the musical, and said all she wanted to do was go to Capricorn, put her obsession out of her mind and find a way to be close to Markko again.

Inside the apartment, Starr dazzled Cole with her outfit for Snoop Dogg's concert at Capricorn. Cole was amused to hear that Danielle had helped Starr pick it out, and wondered what would become of Danielle since Téa had forced the girl to move back in with her at the Palace Hotel. Starr said she liked having more space, but admitted she missed having Danielle around everyday.

Before they could leave for Capricorn, Starr took a call from Hope's babysitter: she wouldn't be available, as she too was going to Capricorn. Starr was disappointed to think that she and Cole would lose their only night out together in weeks, but Cole suggested she look on the bright side, as they were alone in the apartment at last.

Just as Cole pulled Starr in for a kiss, Langston and Markko arrived to interrupt the intimate moment. Deflated, Cole gave their friends the bad news about the sitter. Langston immediately offered to babysit, which stunned Markko. Langston claimed she needed peace and quiet to work on the musical, and urged the others, including Markko, to go to the concert without her. Grudgingly, they agreed.

Matthew returned to Bo's garret apartment to find Bo and Nora awaiting him with a heaping pile of donuts. Matthew was thrilled to see his parents had returned from Texas. Bo told him that with Mitch Laurence in jail and everyone safe, their lives could finally get back to normal. Nora asked Matthew what they'd missed in his life while they were away, and Matthew hedged and told her there wasn't much to say.

Nora's eagle eye told a different story, however; she spotted a smudge of Danielle's lipstick on Matthew's cheek, and quizzed him about it. Nervous, Matthew lamely explained that he and Danielle had shared a "platonic hug" and that there was no more to it, then ran to his room to do homework.

Bo was amused by Matthew's nerves, but Nora found the idea of their son "fraternizing with the spawn of Satan" to be no laughing matter. Bo told her he'd known about the kids' relationship, but didn't find it to be a big deal. Nora said that Danielle was a sweet girl, but she wasn't sure letting Matthew into close proximity with anything Todd Manning was a good idea. Bo reassured her that he wouldn't let anything happen to Matthew, but Nora remembered well what Todd had done to Cole when he'd found the boy in bed with Starr. Bo believed that Matthew and Danielle's teenage flirtation would fizzle out, and told Nora to relax.

As Nora attempted to de-stress, Bo answered a knock at the door and found none other than Snoop Dogg - or, as Bo called him, "Calvin Broadus" - on his doorstep. "Bo Buchanan, we meet again," Snoop marveled. Bo and Snoop shared a hug, and Snoop explained he was back in town for a concert at Capricorn. Bo began to introduce Nora to Snoop, but Snoop kissed her hand and told the flustered lady lawyer that Bo's "baby mama" needed no introduction; he was glad to see that Asa had finally gotten his wish for the long-lost lovers to reunite. "Is there anyone Asa didn't tell?" Nora mumbled.

Snoop asked Bo and Nora how they'd found their way back together, and surprised them with his knowledge of her marriage to Clint. Before Snoop could explain how he knew so much, Matthew returned to the living room and promptly stopped dead in his tracks at the sight of the hip-hop legend. "You're..." Matthew began. "Fo'shizzle!" Snoop replied. He greeted "Kid Buchanan" and said it was a pleasure to meet him.

Snoop explained to the family that he'd heard all about their reunification thanks to "Shauny-Shaun" Evans, his former security man. He invited Bo, Nora, and Matthew to Capricorn to see the show, but Nora was hesitant as it was a school night. "Is Lil' B gettin' Fs?" Snoop asked. "Then don't say no, No-ra!" Nora relented and agreed; they would all go to Capricorn for a night out with Snoop and his crew.

Before the show, Snoop, Bo, and Matthew shared a pizza. Having heard from Shaun about Matthew's romantic entanglements with Destiny and Danielle, Snoop called the teen "a playa from the Himalayas." Snoop warned Matthew to always "keep it real" with the ladies and let them know how he felt, in order to avoid any future misunderstandings like the one he'd had with Destiny. Matthew told Snoop that he and Destiny were still friends, and his love life was in perfect working order. He asked Snoop if he could take his new friend to the concert at Capricorn.

At Todd's house, Todd was shouting orders into his phone at his private investigators, determined to keep an eye on Danielle. Blair interrupted Todd's outburst by entering his room with her bags packed; she was ready to move back to La Boulaie, but was still missing one crucial piece of luggage: Jack. Blair asked Todd where Jack was, but Todd had no idea. After they checked the boy's room, Blair feared the worst, and suspected Mitch, but Todd, still distracted by Danielle, wasn't concerned. When Blair called him on his casual attitude, Todd screamed at her that Starr had always gone missing as a child and it hadn't been a big deal, so he saw no need to worry about Jack.

Over at the Palace Hotel, Danielle walked into Téa's bedroom to find Téa storing the empty bottle of oxytocin in her wall safe. Danielle asked Téa about it, and Téa said it was an exhibit in a case and was confidential. Danielle sneered at Téa's love of secrets, and needled her mother about how long she'd kept the truth about Todd from the people she loved. Téa asked Danielle if the girl was going to hold Téa's deception against her forever. "Probably," Danielle replied.

Danielle answered a knock at the door; she was expecting Matthew, but instead she found Jack. "Who the hell are you?" Jack asked. Danielle recognized Jack from Starr's pictures, and was instantly dismayed to have a rude little brother, who reminded her all too much of Todd, on the premises. She explained that she was his sister, but Jack couldn't quite believe it. "Who were you expecting," she snapped, "Taylor Swift?"

Jack told Danielle he'd overheard his parents talking about her, but given the timeline of events, he'd expected a little girl, perhaps eight or nine years old. To have another older sister seemed somehow bizarre. "This makes no sense!" he said. "Get over it," Danielle shot back, and told him that she wasn't thrilled at having a "mini-Todd" for a bratty younger sibling, either.

Before the kids could start tearing each other apart, Téa entered the living room and asked Jack if Todd knew he was there. Jack explained that he was alone, and mangled a turn of phrase by declaring that he was "going commando" as opposed to "going solo." He reasoned that if Todd hadn't told him about Danielle, who Jack called "the soulless princess of adolescent fury," Jack didn't need to tell his dad about his comings and goings. As Danielle and Jack argued over his improper use of slang, Téa called Todd.

Still angry, Todd received Téa's call in ill humor and asked her if she'd forgotten that they'd broken up yet again. Téa explained that Jack was with her, and asked why Todd hadn't told Jack about Danielle before. Hanging up, Todd gave Blair the news. Blair had the same question as Téa, but Todd said it no longer mattered if Danielle knew Jack; she hated Todd, and they wouldn't be a family. Todd and Blair left to head for the Palace, and were still bickering about their family's future.

After Todd hung up, Téa interceded to break up the argument between Jack and Danielle. She told them it wasn't their fault, or Todd's, that they hadn't known each other before; it was only hers, and at least they could be unified by their disdain for their parents.

Todd and Blair arrived to retrieve Jack. Téa was none too pleased to see her rival and instantly assumed that Todd had taken back up with Blair on the rebound. Blair told Téa she was only there for her son. Jack and Danielle were miserable to see their mothers bickering once more.

Danielle got a call from Matthew inviting her to Capricorn. "I'd go see Kenny G. if it'd get me out of here!" she exulted, and immediately hung up and asked Téa's permission. Todd stepped in, however, and told Danielle he forbade her from spending time with Matthew Buchanan.

Téa told Todd that she would accompany Danielle to Capricorn and chaperone, but Danielle was appalled by Todd's presumption. She asked him what he expected Matthew to do to her; get drunk with his frat buddies and then do "Todd knows what?" Todd claimed he wanted to protect her, but Danielle saw through him: "You're trying to control me, and you can't even control yourself." She told him she was tired of kids at school mocking her for having him as a parent, and insisted she would go to Capricorn whether he liked it or not.

Todd announced that if Téa and Danielle were going to Capricorn for the concert, then he was going also. He said he'd meet them there. Jack counted himself in, as well, and continued bickering with his parents as they headed out into the hallway and onto the elevator. Jack told Blair and Todd they owed him a night on the town for not telling him about Danielle. Unable to argue with the boy's logic, Todd and Blair stayed silent.

At Capricorn, Ford pitched in to help Cristian prepare the club for Snoop Dogg's concert. Cris lamented that Layla was ill and unable to attend, but suggested Ford ask his new girlfriend along. Ford insisted that the lady in question was not his girlfriend, but Cristian sensed a rat, and asked his roommate why he was hiding the girl. He asked if she had another guy. Ford said it wasn't like that, and explained that his new love was a private person who chose to move slowly. Cristian asked if she was just a girl who'd left Ford her scarf, and Ford smirked that she'd return to him for it, and more, soon.

As the club began to fill up, Cristian asked Ford to take over door duty, and reminded him that Starr, Cole, Langston, and Markko were Blair's guests for the evening. When the kids arrived, Ford played a mean trick by asking for tickets, then finally let them inside. Ford asked about Langston, and Starr told him that she'd stayed home to work on the musical.

Hatching a scheme, Ford approached Cristian and claimed he was feeling sick. Cristian told him to head home and feel better.

Greg and Rachel arrived at Capricorn, ready for a night out with Snoop Dogg. They resolved to avoid an argument and not talk about Schuyler's case, but the topic seemed forced on them when Greg got a call from the hospital regarding Sierra Rose's heart operation. After hanging up, Greg told Rachel about Sierra's heart defect, and warned her that if Schuyler had forced premature labor, he could be responsible for Sierra being in jeopardy. Remembering her conversation with Téa about the oxytocin, Rachel reminded Greg that he had no proof against Schuyler, only circumstantial evidence and one nurse's word. Growing upset, she ordered him not to convict an "innocent man" without proof.

As Destiny walked over, Greg and Rachel broke away from their heated conversation. Destiny showed off her slimmer figure and her new dress; she was decked out for clubbing and ready to meet Snoop. Greg was impressed with his little sister's spunk, as well as her commitment to moving on from Matthew. As Greg headed for the bar, Rachel told Destiny she was sorry things hadn't worked out with Matthew, but Destiny said she and Matthew were still friends, and she found that she liked Danielle as well. When she asked Rachel about the tension between Rachel and Greg, however, Rachel was at a loss for words.

At the bar, Greg turned around to find Dr. Vivian Wright, his colleague from the hospital and ex-lover, standing beside him. Vivian congratulated Greg on his hard work during the snowstorm, and asked if he was alone at the club. Greg mistook her question for an advance, and was floored when he saw Shaun approach Vivian and take her in his arms for a passionate kiss.

Shaking off his surprise, Greg awkwardly re-introduced Rachel to Vivian, who explained that she and Shaun had met at a club in Philadelphia. Destiny was delighted to see her brothers with dates, but Shaun was clearly enjoying Greg and Rachel's discomfort. As the Evans parents, Richard and Phylicia, arrived, Rachel mistook their warm greeting as being directed at her, only to be snubbed when Phylicia and Richard flocked to Vivian's side. Rachel listened helplessly as Phylicia clucked over Vivian and invited her to Sunday dinner.

The party was on when Snoop arrived at Capricorn, ready to reunite with Shaun and meet his family. Snoop turned on the charm with Destiny, who he called "prettier than Beyoncé," and told Phylicia he felt he'd seen her somewhere before; she reminded him of someone who "always delivered the goods." Snoop asked Shaun where Greg was, but Shaun said he couldn't care less. Destiny warned Snoop that Greg and Rachel were talking in private, and she sensed the wrong kind of "heat" between them.

At the bar, Rachel was seething about her ostracization from the Evans family proper. She recalled the many family holidays Phylicia had all but ignored her at, and Greg told her that his mother probably would have disinvited her from Kwanzaa if the family celebrated it.

Frustrated, Rachel headed for the ladies' room, only to run into Téa on the way. She told Téa that she feared Greg suspected she knew more than she was telling about Schuyler and the oxytocin, and Téa said there was only one solution for Rachel's problem: tell Greg the truth. As the ladies spoke, their eyes were drawn to Matthew and Danielle's reunion near the stage.

Not far away, Blair greeted Starr and Markko. She asked them about Langston, and was disappointed to hear her cousin had stayed home to work on the musical. Fearing the worst, Blair suggested Markko rush home and surprise his girlfriend, but Starr shot the idea down and told them that Langston needed space to conquer her writer's block.

By the stage, Danielle chafed under Todd and Téa's watchful eyes, and told Matthew how disgusted she was with Todd's disapproval of him. Overhearing their conversation, Cole told Matthew he could relate to Matthew's position; Todd hated Cole for being with Starr. Matthew told Danielle that Todd would have to hate him too, because he cared for her and wasn't going anywhere.

Todd watched Matthew and Danielle from a distance, but Starr interrupted his dark mood. Starr warned her father not to make the same mistakes with Danielle and Matthew that he'd made with her and Cole.

Todd wasn't the only one watching the kids, however; Bo and Nora couldn't keep their eyes off Matthew. Bo told Nora not to worry about Matthew, or interfere, and drew her close for a kiss. He reminded her that any attempt to hide romantic passion would only make the fire burn stronger.

Suddenly, Blair took the stage to welcome Snoop Dogg back to Llanview, and Capricorn went wild as Snoop performed a blazing set, with everyone from Jack to Phylicia Evans on the dance floor. "Llanview, what it do!" Snoop crowed at the end of his performance.

Back at the teens' apartment, Langston was hard at work on the school musical; answering the door, she found Ford, scarf in hand. Langston took her scarf and nervously attempted to send him away, pleading workload. Ford asked her if she was working on the musical, and offered a helping hand. Langston agreed and returned to her laptop, but Ford nuzzling against her shoulder was too much for her to bear. She rose from her seat, faced Ford, and kissed him.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Unfaithfully Yours

In a Llanview Hospital waiting area, Rex promised Gigi that he would wait with her for news of Sierra. They wondered where Schuyler was, and Gigi assumed he had rejected his daughter, the same as he had for months. Gigi felt stupid for believing in Schuyler all along, but Rex declared that both he and Gigi had been lied to for quite some time. He assured her that Shane was doing well and reminded her that their son was still related to Sierra, though no longer the baby's brother. He also advised her that he was doing well himself though Gigi didn't believe him. She knew how excited he had been at the thought of being a new dad.

Gigi admitted that she had given Schuyler "holy hell" for playing with their lives. Rex was curious to know how she had learned to deliver a baby, and she divulged that it was "on-the-job-training." She had been exhausted afterwards and it felt like she had given birth herself, she said. She had been determined to help her sister. Rex couldn't believe she had done everything for Stacy after all that Stacy had done. He thought that Gigi had heart, one of the biggest there was.

As they waited for news of the infant's surgery, Rex asked about Sierra's name. Gigi explained that Sierra Rose had been the names of the dolls that she and Stacy had played with as children. Stacy had thought about her childhood after the baby had been delivered, Gigi noted. She and Rex spoke of family matters, and Rex assured her that he would be around for Shane forever. Gigi wondered if Schuyler would always be around for Sierra in the same way, and Rex was sure that Schuyler would. He reminded Gigi that Schuyler would always be a part of her life, too, because of the baby.

Brody arrived to pay Jessica a visit, and Natalie explained to Viki that he had an idea to try to help Jessica remember him. "It's you," Jessica exclaimed when Brody entered her hospital room. He was stocked with photos and a DVD of the two of them together that he had put together for Jessica to see. He wanted her to see how happy they had been. He also had to explain what a DVD was, since her memory was stuck in 1997.

Brody started the DVD and Jessica watched as the two of them joked around and then kissed. She went through some of the photos as Brody tried to strike a chord by telling her the story of how they met. Jessica was pretty sure she didn't know the Jessica on the DVD and didn't want to waste more time. She couldn't believe how old she looked on the video. She felt numb. Brody asked for a kiss before he left, sure that Jessica would respond to it, much as she had on the mountain. He was sure that the Jessica he knew had to be inside of her somewhere.

He leaned over and kissed her deeply but Jessica finally pulled away and chuckled. His kiss didn't trigger anything, and it was like they never happened. Brody was visibly upset. She felt she owed him for saving her life, but he just wanted her to keep looking at the photos. They would tell her everything she needed to know, he told her.

In another waiting area, Rachel advised Schuyler that she was there for him because she knew he needed a friend. He exclaimed that Stacy was dead because of him, and Rachel was taken aback. He clarified that it was because he hadn't told anyone the truth. Rachel asked him point-blank about the oxytocin, and it was Schuyler's turn to be surprised. He admitted he had taken it. She was disappointed and had been praying it wasn't true, she proclaimed.

Schuyler made it clear that while he had taken it, he hadn't used it or given it to Stacy. "Hell no," he exclaimed as he noted that too many things could have gone wrong. He wasn't about to destroy any lives, he added. "I knew it," Rachel shouted.

Rachel advised Schuyler that she had stopped Greg from going through Schuyler's things in the apartment as he had searched for evidence regarding the vial of oxytocin. After Greg left, however, she couldn't stop herself and found the empty vial in Schuyler's bag. She admitted that she gave it to Téa, who promised to hide it so that no one could use it as evidence. That worried Schuyler, but Rachel disclosed that while she was Téa's friend, she was also a client. Schuyler confessed that he no longer cared about his career.

Viki acknowledged that she couldn't get over Charlie hurting Jessica or that he had tried to kill someone to begin with. Natalie reminded her mother that she, too, had tried to kill Mitch. While Viki understood that the behavior was acceptable because Natalie was full of grief, her daughter had to remind her that Charlie shared that same grief. Viki only knew how worried she had been, and she was thankful that Natalie was okay. Natalie assured her mother that John had gotten her and himself through it all. Viki had no doubt that John would keep Natalie safe.

Natalie revealed that she had even turned John into someone else. She proceeded to explain how she thought that John was Jared. She had kissed him because of that, she told her mom. The first time, she added. After that, she knew it was John when she kissed him again. Viki wanted to know if her daughter was falling for John, but Natalie assured her mother that she and John were just friends. It was just that their past relationship had been so intense, she concluded.

As Ford tried to get close to Langston in her apartment, she pushed him away and told him to leave. Ford's opinion was that she was too young to be tied down, but she stressed that she had made a commitment to Markko and she loved him. He asked why she kept returning Ford's kisses if that were the truth. He wanted to know if she really wanted him to leave, and she replied that part of her wanted it and the other didn't. He wondered if she thought it or wanted it, because part of it was just noise in her head and the other was from somewhere else. "Talk to me from there," he ordered.

At Capricorn, Markko confided to Starr and Cole that he really missed Langston, but they refused to allow him to call her. They wanted her to have the time and space alone to work on her musical. One of Cole's college classmates showed up and asked to speak to Cole about a class project. As Cole went off with Hannah, Markko accused Starr of being jealous, which was pretty evident by her reaction. He reminded Starr that she once told him that Langston chose Markko because she loved him, and the same went for Starr and Cole. Markko couldn't help himself because he missed his girl. He left to check up on Langston.

Cole finished his conversation with his classmate and returned to Starr. He couldn't believe that Markko had left. Cole explained that he and his friend would be working on a class project together, one that involved the students working in pairs. Starr gulped and asked if Cole had to be the girl's partner. He asked Starr if she was okay, and Starr insisted she was. He told her not to worry, though he wondered how things would be if the tables were turned and she needed to work with a guy. He offered to switch his partner if it was a problem and said it was Starr's call.

Starr began to get upset and questioned Cole. She asked him what the project involved, and he quickly responded "human sexuality." When he saw her face, he could tell she didn't think it was funny and assured her he was kidding.

Cristian expressed his concern about Jessica to John, and noted that the Cristian and Jessica used to mean a lot to each other, and he still cared about her. Marty surprised John when she showed up at the club. She told him about Jessica's memory loss, though she noted that Natalie was apparently difficult for anyone to forget. Marty apologized for being distant with John and realized she should have accepted Natalie's explanation about the kiss Marty had found John sharing with Natalie. John confessed that he had let Natalie believe that he was Jared, the first time.

He didn't know why he let it happen but maybe it was because he thought they might die, he acknowledged. He thought that he had gotten caught up in his past with Natalie, but he was certain they didn't have anything going on in the present. Marty asked how far things would have gone if she hadn't walked in on them. John was sure that things would have gone no further, and he advised Marty that he wanted to be with her, not Natalie. He wanted to fight for them to get through this and asked for her forgiveness.

Ford thought that Langston wanted him to stay and suddenly she turned and locked the door, and made sure to put the chain on. They began to kiss passionately and fell onto the couch. As Ford removed his shirt, Langston stopped him. She realized that they didn't have protection. Ford whipped a condom from his pocket. "Well, aren't you prepared?" Langston muttered. Ford wanted to go to the bedroom, but Langston wasn't keen on that idea.

Langston removed her blouse and the air grew steamy. As she and Ford were about to go to the next level, Markko turned his key in the lock. He was unable to get into the apartment as the secured chain held fast. He called into the apartment and a panic-stricken Langston ordered Ford to hide in the closet. She hastily adjusted her clothing and opened the front door. She told Markko that she had heard a noise in the hallway and felt safer with the chain on the door.

She assured him she wasn't alone, but changed her mind in what she was about to say. She told him the television had been on because she hadn't been able to concentrate on writing her musical. Markko thought that Langston felt warm, and she agreed. She asked him to get her some aspirin and as soon as he left the room, Langston raced to the closet and ordered Ford to hurry and leave. "Like it or not, tonight happened for a reason," he told her. She relocked the door and nervously told Markko that she thought she was getting sick, and he needed to stay away from her. She tried to avoid him as he reached out to touch her more than once. He appreciated that she was being so kind to him and thinking of him by not getting him sick too.

Markko admitted that he had been thinking about the two of them making love that night and he was sorry that Langston had missed Snoop Dogg's performance at the club. She should have been there, he told her. As she continued to push Markko away from her, Langston agreed that she should have gone to the club.

Gigi was tired of talking about Schuyler and just then the doctor emerged from the operating room and announced that the baby's surgery was over. Schuyler wandered over and joined the group. The doctor told them the surgery went well and the baby's heart had been repaired, but all they could do was wait. The next 24 hours would determine the effectiveness of the surgery. Gigi headed to the couch and plopped herself down. Awkwardly, both of her beaus made a move to sit next to her. Rex reached her first and sat down on one side of Gigi. Schuyler, ill at ease, planted himself on the table's edge by Gigi's other side, as there was no more room on the couch.

Viki returned to Jessica's room after Brody left. She didn't want Brody to force Jessica to try to remember him, but she didn't blame him for being upset. Jessica knew that things "sucked" for Brody, but Viki assured her they would live with Jessica's loss of memory if they had to. Jessica thought she was getting close, though, and remembered having feelings after she looked at one of the photos. She looked at it again and her eyes landed on Cristian.

Brody and Natalie headed to Capricorn. Marty, John, and Cristian extended their sympathies for Jessica's plight. Natalie and Marty felt sorry for Brody. John resumed his conversation with Marty, and she agreed that it was time for them to move forward. As he leaned over to kiss her, Natalie looked on unhappily.

Cole and Starr shared a kiss, and Hannah interrupted them because she wanted to say goodbye to Cole. Cole introduced the girls, and Hannah learned that Starr was not yet a college student. Starr decided that Hannah was quite nice. Cole told Starr he loved her, and they agreed they should trust each other.

Friday, February 26, 2010

At the hospital, Clint encountered Brody, who had spent the night outside of Jessica's room. Recalling how hard he and Jessica had fought to get their lives back, Brody was heartbroken that Jessica had no memories of him. Reminding Brody that Jessica loved him, Clint urged Brody not to give up on her. A determined Brody declared, "I'll never give up on her!"

Meanwhile, inside her hospital room, Jessica studied the picture that Brody had given her. The photo displayed Brody and Jessica sitting at a table at Capricorn, and Cristian tending bar in the background. Ignoring the image of Brody, Jessica smiled as her eyes locked on Cristian.

Later, Charlie approached Brody, who informed Charlie that Jessica had survived the surgery. Brody noticed Charlie's guilty demeanor and reminded Charlie that he had aimed at Mitch and hadn't intended to shoot Jessica. Filled with contempt for Mitch, Brody expressed his hatred for Mitch and insisted that he would've taken the same action.

When Brody told Charlie that Mitch had performed electric shock treatment on Jessica and she had lost thirteen years of memories, Charlie expressed concern for Viki. Brody suggested that Charlie contact Viki, but Charlie didn't want to upset her. Insisting that Viki loved Charlie, Brody pleaded with his friend not to give up on her. Suggesting that Brody take his own advice, Charlie asked Brody not to give up on Jessica. Brody promised to fight for her.

As Jessica continued to study the image of Cristian, Clint entered the room and inquired about her mood. Stating that she was ready to receive some answers to some very tough questions, Jessica asked, "Is it true, you're not my biological father?" After Clint explained that he loved Jessica regardless of their blood ties, Jessica asked about her grandfather. Jessica was shocked to learn that Asa had passed away. As Clint detailed Asa's final night, a heartbroken Jessica burst into tears. Clint and Jessica shared special memories of Asa. Recalling the beautiful prom dress that Asa had purchased for her, Jessica remembered that she had worn the gown to her senior prom, and that Cristian had been her escort.

Upon receiving a call from a specialist that he had contact concerning Jessica's condition, Clint stepped away. Retrieving the photo of Cristian, Jessica dialed information and asked for Cristian Vega's phone number.

At the apartment, Cristian teased Ford about leaving Capricorn the previous night to meet up with his mystery woman. Layla interrupted the conversation and inquired about Ford's mystery girl. When Cristian related that Ford was dating a student, Layla warned Ford that he might regret his decision to date a student, and advised him not to break the young girl's heart. When Ford exited the room to shower, Cristian pulled Layla into an embrace and pleaded with her to take the day off from work. Layla succumbed to Cristian's charms, and the two shared a passionate kiss. Afterward, Layla rushed off to work.

Moments later, Cristian was surprised when Jessica phoned and chimed, "I'm at the hospital, you want to come and see me?" A confused Cristian agreed to pay Jessica a visit. At the hospital, Brody encountered Cristian and was surprised to learn that Jessica had contacted Cristian. Brody sulked as he watched Cristian enter Jessica's room.

Upon noticing Cristian, Jessica discreetly placed his photo under her pillow. Displaying a seductive smile, Jessica moaned, "Ahhh, Cris!" Pleased that Jessica remembered him, Cristian told her that she meant a lot to him. Gazing at him, Jessica replied, "You mean a lot to me too!" As Cristian leaned down to give her an innocent kiss on the cheek, Jessica pulled him close and gave him a passionate kiss.

At the apartment, Langston studied herself in the mirror and had a flashback of her near sexual experience with Ford. Starr observed Langston's weird behavior and questioned if Langston was sick. Langston attempted to divert Starr's questioning, but Markko entered the room and informed Starr that Langston was experiencing flu-like symptoms. As Markko explained that he had discovered Langston in a terrible state the previous night, Langston burst into tears and apologized for her behavior. While Markko showed concern for Langston's health, Starr appeared suspicious. When Markko suggested that Langston not attend Dorian's reunion party, Langston reminded him that he had an early class and pushed him out the door.

Alone with her Langston, Starr demanded answers from her friend. Convinced that Langston was hiding something, Starr wondered if her friend was sick or pregnant. After denying that she was keeping an awful secret, Langston blurted out, "I'm feeling guilty! I'm not the person I'm supposed to be!"

Starr insisted that Langston was a good person, but Langston disagreed. Assuming that Langston was concerned about the progress of her musical, Starr suggested that Langston ask Ford for advice. When Starr mentioned that Ford had asked about Langston at Capricorn the previous night, Langston flew into a rage. Realizing that Ford had arrived at her apartment, fully aware that she was alone, Langston rushed out the door.

Wearing a towel, Ford answered the door and smiled when he observed Langston. An irate Langston accused Ford of attempting to seduce her. With a sly grin, Ford declared, "If your boyfriend hadn't walked in, I would've!" An emotional Langston responded by slapping Ford.

Afterward, Langston insisted that she loved Markko, but Ford was adamant that they shared a special connection. Unable to suppress her feelings, Langston kissed Ford.

Cole listened as Starr expressed concern for Langston. When Starr teased Cole about Hannah, his classmate, Cole offered to drop Hannah as his partner, but Starr assured Cole that she didn't have any concern about Cole working with Hannah.

Roxy arrived at the maximum-security prison, and was surprised to learn that Destiny's dad, Mr. Evans, was the head guard. When Roxy announced that she wanted to see Mitch Laurence, Mr. Evans suggested that Roxy reconsider her request.

Approaching Mitch's cell, Roxy related that she was pleased that Mitch was incarcerated and unable to hurt anyone else. Avoiding eye contact with her, Mitch happily replied, "Hello Roxy! What are you talking about? I wouldn't hurt a flea!" Infuriated, Roxy lashed out at Mitch and screamed, "We both know what you did!" Referring to Jessica and Rex, Mitch declared, "I'd never hurt one of my own!"

Gloating, Roxy told Mitch that he would rot in his jail cell. Mitch stunned Roxy when he replied, "Are you sure about that?" A terrified Roxy demanded to know the meaning behind Mitch's statement, but he simply smiled and announced that he planned to write his memoirs while imprisoned.

In a threatening tone, Mitch stated, "I think there are many people who would be interested to learn about my past! Don't you think so, Roxanne?" Mitch's threat struck an intense fear in Roxy. In a wild fit, Roxy raced toward the door and screamed, "Let me out of here!" Afterward, Mitch displayed a devilish smile and reached for his Bible.

At La Boulaie, Blair watched as an ecstatic Dorian prepared for the reunion of the Cramer girls. Dorian instructed Blair to locate Cassie's favorite flower. Beaming, Dorian declared, "I can't wait to show all my girls just how important they are to me!" Expressing her relief that Mitch was behind bars, Dorian maintained that her girls were safe at last, but Blair feared that Mitch's followers might have orders to carry out his devious plan against the Cramer women.

Meanwhile, Kelly and Adriana sat on a plane headed for Llanview. Apologizing for chasing Emil away, Kelly stated that she had thought that he was one of Mitch's followers. As Adriana complained that she would never see Emil again, a slight turbulence struck the plane.

At that very moment, Cassie sat on a plane and waited for takeoff. A nervous Cassie asked a flight attendant for a cup of water for her tea. Retrieving a tea bag from her purse, Cassie told the flight attendant that her Aunt Addie had sent her the soothing tea. Placing the cup to her mouth, Cassie exclaimed, "It's guaranteed to cure whatever ails you!"

Back at La Boulaie, Dorian asked Blair to check on the girls' flights. Dorian grew concerned when Blair informed her that Kelly and Adriana's flight was on schedule, but Cassie's flight had been delayed.

Back on Cassie's flight, while Cassie was missing from her seat, her cup of tea sat nearby. As the tea bag floated in the cup, the pilot could be heard over the intercom making an urgent request for a doctor.

Later, Dorian was pleased when Kelly appeared at the front door. After a brief reunion, Dorian wondered what had happened to Adriana. In a nervous tone, Kelly informed her that there had been an accident. Moments later, Adriana staggered to the door on crutches. Insisting that she was okay, Adriana told Dorian that she had sprained her ankle on the plane. Dorian beamed with pride when Adriana stated that she was excited to see her mother.

While Blair and Kelly exchanged unpleasant words with one another, Starr entered the room and greeted her cousins. When Starr informed Dorian that Langston would be late for the party, a disappointed Dorian stated, "I guess Langston had more important things to do, but at least she's safe!" Sensing her mother's concern, Adriana reminded Dorian that Mitch couldn't hurt anyone because he was in a maximum-security prison.

Later, everyone was surprised when Andrew arrived at the house. When Dorian asked if Cassie had accompanied him, in a somber voice, Andrew announced, "I have some bad news!"

Back at the maximum-security prison, Mr. Evans ended his shift and another guard sat at his post. Moments later, a woman with a raspy voice approached and stated, "My name is Roxanne Balsom and I need to see Mitch Laurence!" Examining the visitor's log, the guard related that she had already paid Mitch a visit. Sporting a long blonde wig, Allison Perkins replied, "I forgot to tell him something! It's important!"

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