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All My Children Recaps: The week of February 22, 2010 on AMC
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Monday, February 22, 2010

In Angie's office, Jesse wanted to know the real reason that Angie had decided to resign. Angie blamed it on having a bad moment, but Jesse didn't buy it. Angie insisted that her job was difficult and stressful. She reminded Jesse that Jesse also had a hard time returning to his job with the police department. Jesse argued that he had kept at it instead of quitting. Angie mumbled that it would be better to quit than to be forced out. Jesse was surprised; he quickly guessed that David had been behind the attempt to push Angie out of her job.

Angie confessed she had wanted to do a better job than David had done, but there were politics and compromises that she hadn't counted on. Jesse was confident that Angie was up to the task. He reminded Angie that Joe Martin had believed in her. Angie appreciated Jesse's support. She assured Jesse that she loved him and then kissed her husband. Frankie walked in moments later. Jesse decided to whisk Angie away for the rest of the evening, so Frankie promised to cover for his mother.

Frankie was working at Angie's desk when a doctor, looking for Angie, popped his head into the office. The doctor had a patient with an aortic aneurysm, but no health insurance. The doctor wondered if Angie would sign off on the surgery or if the patient should be transferred to County Hospital. Frankie asked if it was an emergency situation. The doctor explained that the patient required surgery that night, but that it could wait for a bit. Frankie promised to check in with Angie and then get back to the doctor with an answer. The doctor jotted down his phone number and then left.

A short time later, Natalie entered the office. Frankie explained that he was filling in for Angie because Angie and Jesse were spending some much-needed time together. The phone rang, forcing Frankie to field another phone call. After Frankie ended the call, he confessed to Natalia that it was hectic playing the gatekeeper. Natalie hated adding to Frankie's workload, but she needed someone to initial a report of a patient whom she had interviewed. She decided to leave the file on Angie's desk with a promise to pick it up later. As Natalia left, the phone rang again.

Later, Frankie noticed the slip of paper with the doctor's phone number on it. He decided to call to check on the patient with the aortic aneurysm. Frankie was stunned when he was informed that the aneurysm had ruptured; the patient had died waiting for approval on the operation.

Jesse and Angie went to a hotel to spend some time alone together. As they entered the room, it appeared that someone was taking pictures of them. In the room, Angie was curious why Jesse had taken her to a hotel instead of home. Jesse believed that they had been too focused on their arguments, so he had hoped that some time away would help. Jesse wasn't ready to give up on their marriage.

Angie joked that she had hoped that Jesse would treat her to a steak dinner. Jesse suggestively informed his wife that she would have to work before he bought her dinner. The two fell to the bed, laughing. Later, Angie debated checking in with the hospital, but Jesse assured her that the people at the hospital would call if they needed her.

Ryan eavesdropped while Jake and Greenlee talked in the turret room. Greenlee revealed that she desperately needed Ryan to take a step back. Jake didn't understand why Greenlee felt that Ryan's declarations of love would kill her. He suggested that Greenlee's stress was self-induced. Greenlee denied it, but Jake pointed out that Greenlee had decided to make a grand return to Pine Valley by marrying David. Jake cautioned Greenlee that she was in over her head with David. Greenlee disagreed; she insisted that David had been honest with her about everything.

Greenlee was frustrated because no one gave her credit for being able to handle David. Jake argued that it was because Greenlee seemed helpless when it concerned Ryan. Greenlee didn't think it was a fair comparison. Jake suspected that Greenlee felt that she had been passed over or kicked aside because of Ryan's relationships over the previous year. He urged her not to make everything about Ryan's relationships. Jake decided that he had given Greenlee enough to think about, so he offered to fetch her something to eat and drink.

As Jake closed the door behind him, he found Ryan standing in the hallway. Ryan admitted that he had overheard Greenlee admit that Ryan had pushed her to the edge. Ryan thought that he had been doing the right thing by getting Greenlee away from David, but Ryan realized that he might have lost Greenlee for good. Ryan felt as if he had been screwing up since the day that he had been told that Greenlee had died. Ryan regretted not lifting the sheet when Ryan had been asked to identify Greenlee's body. Ryan also wished that he had demanded DNA tests to confirm that the body had been Greenlee.

Jake reminded Ryan that everyone had believed that Greenlee had died. Jake assured Ryan that Greenlee was stressed out and fatigued. According to Jake, Greenlee had brought it upon herself; however, she would survive. Jake insisted that Ryan had a right to fight for Greenlee. Ryan confessed that he didn't know what to do.

Later, Ryan entered the turret room while carrying a tray of food for Greenlee. Greenlee was surprised when Ryan confessed that he finally understood that the Greenlee he had loved refused to be dictated to. Ryan promised to get out of Greenlee's way. He was adamant that the most important thing to him was for Greenlee to get well; he felt that he owed it to Greenlee. Greenlee seemed to relax as she settled back to enjoy the food on the tray.

Greenlee accused Ryan of selecting French toast for a specific reason. Ryan explained that he thought that the dish would give her a good boost of energy. Greenlee reminded him that he had served her French toast on the night that he had given her a big surprise. Ryan smiled when he recalled that she had been referring to the trapeze lessons. Ryan and Greenlee chuckled as they recalled the note that Ryan had written, "butterflies are free" and the various clues that he'd provided to help her figure out what her gift had been.

Greenlee admitted that memories were great, but they couldn't indulge in them until they figured things out. Ryan agreed. He stood up and then retrieved a cupcake, which he topped with a candle. Greenlee was moved that Ryan remembered that it was her birthday. Ryan invited Greenlee to make a wish before she blew out the candle. Greenlee indulged him and then scolded Ryan when he asked her what she had wished for.

Greenlee thought that Ryan should know her well enough not to ask. Greenlee's mood immediately sobered. She promised to eat the cupcake after a nap; however, she admitted that she might be too keyed up to sleep. Ryan recalled that Greenlee's housekeeper, Camilla, used to read Greenlee a bedtime story when Greenlee was a little girl. He sat down next to Greenlee and then started telling Greenlee's favorite story. Within minutes, Greenlee was asleep. Ryan walked over to a nearby chair, sat down, and then watched Greenlee.

At ConFusion, Tad confided to Liza that he had not been able to locate Sonia Reyes. Liza became distracted when she spotted Damon across the room. Liza approached Damon to demand where he had been. Damon answered, "Ohio" and then announced that he had bad news. According to Damon, Bailey had decided to remain in Ohio with Stuart. Damon explained that Bailey had taken a job and that Bailey's parents had agreed to watch Stuart while Bailey was at work.

Liza was hurt that Bailey hadn't called to let her know. Liza and Tad returned to their table. Liza sadly recalled the last time that she had held Stuart. Tad tried to cheer Liza up; he was certain that Bailey would return to Pine Valley. Liza didn't hold out any hope. Tad turned the discussion to Damon. He was impressed that Damon had sought Liza out to let her know about Bailey's decision.

Damon was trying to talk to ConFusion's manager. Damon was desperate to hold onto his job. The manager warned Damon that there would be rules that Damon would be expected to follow. Damon assured the manager that he understood. As the manager walked away, Tad approached Damon. Tad wondered why Damon wasn't trying to return to Ohio, in order to be closer to Stuart. Damon admitted that it was tough trying to be a parent when Bailey didn't want Damon around.

Tad reminded Damon that Damon had rights as a father. Tad was curious how Damon's parents felt about Damon's decision to leave Ohio. Damon didn't think it mattered; he made it clear that he didn't want to discuss them. Tad confessed that he admired Damon for trying to work hard to send money to support Stuart. Tad was eager to help Damon by throwing some work Damon's way. Damon appreciated the opportunity.

Jake found Liza sitting at the table, with tears in her eyes. He wondered who had died. Liza admitted that a piece of her had died and then she quickly filled Jake in on Bailey's decision to remain in Ohio with Stuart. Jake advised Liza to hold on to her happy memories of Stuart. Tad agreed with Jake as Tad joined them at the table. Tad was called to the hospital a few minutes later, when Adam requested a meeting. After Tad rushed off, Damon let Liza know that he was leaving.

Damon handed Liza some recent pictures of Stuart and then started to walk away. Liza called out to invite Damon to look at the pictures with her. As Damon joined Liza at the table, Jake left. Liza and Damon were smiling and chatting about Stuart when Natalia approached moments later. Natalia revealed that DNA tests had confirmed that Damon had been responsible for the rash of burglaries in Pine Valley. Damon was promptly handcuffed, placed under arrest and then carted off to the police station.

Annie stood on the patio and held a tire iron in her hand. Her expression was troubled as she recalled snippets of the night that she had killed her brother, Richie. Adam slowly approached her as he asked if Annie was okay. Annie turned toward Adam. Adam grew concerned by the look in Annie's eyes. He took several steps back just as Scott approached. Annie snapped out of it when Scott demanded to know what she was doing with a tire iron.

Annie claimed that she had found the tire iron on the patio. Colby stepped out onto the patio as a distraught Annie blamed the cruel prank on Greenlee. Annie was certain that Greenlee was trying to rattle Annie. Adam gently guided his wife into the parlor. Inside, Adam confessed that he had been concerned when he had seen Annie with the tire iron. Annie revealed that she had suffered from nightmares of Richie's death for a long time, but they had eventually abated.

Adam admitted that he understood; he had dreamed of Stuart after Stuart had been shot. Annie couldn't believe that someone would intentionally put her through the horror of reliving Richie's murder. Annie panicked when Adam offered to call the police and Dr. Burke. She promised that she would be fine.

Scott glared at Colby as Adam helped Annie inside. As soon as they were alone, Scott accused Colby of planting the tire iron on the patio. "So what?" Colby asked without any remorse. Colby explained that she had merely been trying to show Adam how unstable Annie was. Scott instructed Colby to look into the parlor and then tell him if her stunt had gotten her closer to her goal.

In the parlor, Adam held Annie in his arms as he offered Annie comfort. Colby vowed to succeed the next time. She then turned the tables by observing that Scott had seemed unusually upset. Colby accused him of being mad because Colby was going after the woman that Scott had the "hots" for. Scott looked past Colby's shoulder. Colby turned to find Adam standing in the doorway.

Adam ordered Scott and Colby to follow him to the parlor. Annie was shocked when Adam blamed Colby for the stunt with the tire iron and Scott for lusting after Annie. Adam then turned his anger on Annie to accuse her of leading Scott on. Adam reminded Scott, Colby, and Annie that JR was fighting for his life. Adam threatened to cut them all from the will if they didn't straighten up.

After Adam and Annie left, Scott and Colby admitted that Adam had been right; they needed to focus on JR. Colby explained that she felt frustrated by her inability to help JR; it was one of the reasons that she gone after Annie. Colby viewed Annie as a problem that Colby could attack. Scott softened toward Colby. Colby decided to step outside for some fresh air. As Colby opened the front door, Colby found Annie casually twirling the tire iron.

Annie suggested that Colby might have awakened something inside Annie that had been lying dormant for a long time. Colby bravely insisted that Annie wouldn't hurt her. Annie smiled maliciously as she confidently suggested that Colby's bedroom door would likely be locked that night.

At the hospital, Adam handed Tad a briefcase filled with money. Adam explained that Sonia Reyes' child needed to be tested. Adam revealed that the money was to ensure everyone's cooperation.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

In Angie's office, Angie laughed on the phone with Jesse until she saw a deceased patient's file on her desk. Dr. Simon entered to ask why she'd never called to authorize Mr. Wheeler's surgery. Dr. Simon said that they could have transported Mr. Wheeler elsewhere, but the man had died awaiting Angie's call. Angie was shocked and gravely sorry for the loss. Dr. Simon left, and Angie received a disappointing call about JR. "Oh, God. JR." She sighed.

At the mansion with Adam, Tad reported that he'd located and bribed Sonia Reyes' son, Miguel, to submit a DNA swab for bone marrow testing. Annie entered, and Tad took off.

Annie apologized for adding to Adam's stress the other day, and Adam seemed pleased that she wanted to put JR's health first. Annie decided that she'd better serve the company by working at Tempo magazine than by helping Scott in accounting. Adam mentioned that he wanted a new editor-in-chief for the magazine, and Annie begged him to let her prove herself by taking the position. Seeing how much it meant to her, Adam agreed to think about it.

As Annie and Adam spoke, Angie called Adam to say that they hadn't found a match for JR. Adam informed her that he'd obtained a new DNA swab, and she promised to rush it through. After the call, Adam left for the hospital, and Annie sat down to brainstorm about the magazine. Just then, a visitor knocked on the door. Annie answered it and gasped to see Brooke on the doorstep. Brooke asked a stunned Annie if Adam were home.

At the hospital, Randi found Frankie, who'd just pulled an all-nighter. She worried that he hadn't attended his physical therapy sessions. Frankie, however, could only think about the patient who'd died because Frankie had chosen to give Angie quality time with Jesse instead of calling her to okay the surgery. Frankie knew that Angie would take the blame, and he didn't know how to keep her from trying to protect him from his lapse in judgment.

Frankie went to Angie's office to confess that he'd screwed up with Mr. Wheeler. Frankie said he'd been busy taking messages, and he'd forgotten to call Angie. She informed him that there would be an inquest, and he insisted that she write him up, as she would any other doctor. Angie grimaced, saying that all he'd had to do was make just one phone call. Frankie persisted that he'd take the blame for it, but Angie said she'd handle it.

Just then, Adam arrived to implore Angie to redo the bone marrow tests. Angie assured him that the hospital had done them correctly. Adam then asked that she test him, but she reminded him of his heart condition. Angie stated that she knew Adam would do anything to protect his son. Glancing at Frankie, Angie told Adam that the rules were the rules. Adam stated that he was on the hospital board, but Angie still wouldn't permit it.

After Adam left, Frankie begged Angie to let him take responsibility for Wheeler's death, but Angie said that Frankie was out of it from then on. She figured out that he hadn't called her because he'd wanted to give her and Jesse time together. She insisted that the personal should never affect the professional. Angie assumed the blame because Wheeler could have lived if she hadn't gone home early that night. Frankie yelled that it was his fault, but Angie countered that it was her responsibility. She ordered him to keep his mouth shut about his part in it.

Frankie stated that protecting him was mixing the personal with the professional. He refused to stand by and let his mother "protect his ass." Angie yelled that she'd "fire his ass" if he didn't respect her orders. She demanded that he pull it together while she contained the mess for the hospital. After Angie strode out, Frankie pounded his fist on the desk and winced in pain.

In the hospital corridor, Tad gave Miguel's DNA swab to Adam. Adam explained that no family member had been a match for JR. Adam vowed to find a doctor who'd test Adam, if it turned out that Miguel wasn't a match either. Tad left, and Adam saw Angie exit her office. He handed her the DNA swab package. She seemed hurried and distracted, and as she strode away, Adam shouted that JR's time might be running out.

Over breakfast with his parents, Little Adam announced that he was turning six in a few weeks. JR looked sad and proposed that they celebrate the event that day. The boy decided that he was too big to be called Little Adam, and Marissa proposed that that they call him AJ, which was a combination of Adam and JR.

Later, amid the birthday party décor, JR read the newspaper, and AJ read the comics. JR got up to get AJ a drink, but JR staggered and sat back down. AJ asked if JR were okay, and JR smiled, pretending that he was. They hugged and expressed their love for each other.

JR invited Tad to AJ's party, and the moment that Tad arrived, Tad noted that JR didn't look well. JR confided that he didn't feel well, and he said he wanted to discuss contingency plans. Tad refused to do so, because he was confident that JR would heal. JR insisted that they talk about it-just in case. Tad agreed, but he persisted that "just in case" wouldn't happen.

JR said that Tad was like a second father. JR knew that Adam loved AJ, and Scott would look out for JR's family; however, JR asked that Tad look out for them as well, because JR deeply trusted Tad. Tad said that JR hadn't even needed to ask, and the men hugged. JR got woozy and held his chest. He claimed that it was a sugar rush, but Tad looked into JR's dazed eyes and suggested that they go to the hospital. "Let's get through this cake first," JR replied.

AJ pulled JR toward the cake, and Marissa noticed that JR looked pale. JR chuckled that he was fine, but suddenly, he collapsed into Tad's arms.

At Erica's unfinished loft, Erica strode in and greeted her ornery hostage. An exasperated David claimed that Erica had won. He felt that Greenlee didn't need the stress of fighting for Fusion, a company that he didn't give a "damn" about. He was perfectly willing to marry Greenlee and get her out of town, as Erica had requested. To accomplish that, he intended to convince Greenlee that it was too stressful to hold onto Pine Valley and Fusion.

David asked for his phone to call Greenlee, and Erica noted that Greenlee hadn't called him once. Gayle, however, had called several times. Angry tears popped from David's eyes as he raged that he didn't give a damn about Gayle. Erica stated that she didn't trust David to do what he said he'd do, and it was time for her to take drastic action.

Gayle called David again, and Erica remarked that Gayle was loyal to do all the things she'd done for David. "I bought her a bar!" David hissed. Erica figured that Gayle was smitten with David and asked if Gayle knew about the wedding. Erica reasoned that if Gayle were the jealous type, then, "Hell hath no fury. And a woman like Gayle, I bet she has a lot of fury."

David insisted that Gayle's job was done, but Erica wondered if David had slept with Gayle. He groaned that Erica didn't want the gory details. He swore that nothing had gone on with Gayle, and he hadn't encouraged her in any way. He said that he needed someone smarter than Gayle, who had the brains of a chicken. David proclaimed that Gayle was out of his life. "Maybe not," Erica reasoned. David tensed as Erica yelled, "You can come in now!"

Gayle stormed into the room and raged that she'd broken the law for David, lost her job, and spent months caring for his "precious Greenlee." Erica inserted that it'd be wrong for Gayle to spend a moment behind bars. Gayle complained that she'd become trash to him after he'd pretended that she was the only person that he could trust. Erica spurred Gayle on as David tried to smooth things over. Gayle whipped out her phone and declared that he could marry that "bug-eyed twit," but he'd spend his honeymoon in jail. Though Erica commiserated with Gayle, Erica gently explained that it wouldn't work like that.

Erica agreed that David deserved to be punished for what he'd done. Gayle insisted upon calling the police, but Erica reminded Gayle that they'd agreed to do it Erica's way. Gayle recalled that Erica had said that they were like sisters. Erica promised to help Gayle find a new life, but in return, Gayle had to trust Erica and speak to no one. Gayle agreed to leave and await Erica's call. Walking by David, Gayle suddenly lunged at him and yelled, "One good kick! Just one!" Erica calmed Gayle down and led her out.

Once alone with David, Erica said that Gayle was like a hand grenade, and Erica had her finger on the pin. Erica reasoned that she could keep her finger there, or toss the live grenade into his lap. Erica figured that marrying Greenlee and getting out of town would be a lot more pleasant than "Click, boom!" Erica motioned as if she'd released a grenade.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

At the loft, Erica told David said she'd promised Gayle that he'd burn in "hell," and Erica figured that a marriage to Greenlee was close enough to it. "Fusion's yours," he acquiesced. He reckoned that Greenlee wouldn't immediately give up control, but Erica warned that Gayle was just a phone call away, if David took too long to make it happen.

David reasoned that it might be a moot point if Greenlee reunited with Ryan. Erica didn't want excuses from David, the master at controlling women. She felt that a spurned Gayle also provided him with good motivation. Unlocking his cuffs, Erica asked if he wanted them as a souvenir. David declined, and Erica decided that she'd keep them as a memento.

As soon as David was free, he rushed to Wildwind. Greenlee wasn't there, and she didn't answer her cell phone when he called her. Erica strode in and accused David of having real feelings for Greenlee. He claimed that Greenlee was like family, but Erica worried that he'd have problems double-crossing Greenlee. David asked how Ryan would feel about Erica pushing Greenlee on David. Erica quipped that Greenlee wasn't good enough for Ryan-or David, either.

In the turret room, Greenlee awakened to see Ryan staring at her, and she figured that she was still his prisoner. Ryan replied that she was free to go. He apologized for causing her stress, but she chuckled that it wasn't bad, as far as kidnappings went. Ryan said that he wanted her to be happy, but he believed that they'd reunite. Ryan realized that he couldn't tell her how to feel, but he hoped that she'd see that he was right about them belonging together.

Ryan offered to take her to the Yacht Club, but she took offense that he was telling her where to live. Ryan said he wouldn't to do that, as long as she didn't stay with David. Just then, David called, but Greenlee didn't answer. She felt that she had to "do this" in person. Ryan asked what "this" was, but Greenlee replied that her freedom meant that he'd stay out of her business, too. She opted to call a car to take her home, and Ryan said that it wasn't goodbye.

Later, Greenlee arrived at Wildwind and grimaced upon seeing Erica there. David asked if Greenlee were okay, and she assured him that she'd be fine as soon as Erica left. Greenlee wondered why Erica had to go after every man in Greenlee's life. Erica claimed to be merely visiting a friend, but Greenlee retorted that Erica had kept Greenlee from her father, horned in on her fiancé, and swooped in on David. Erica chuckled that she hadn't done any "swooping." She decided to leave, because she was sure that David had plenty of things to do.

Erica left, and the minister arrived to perform the wedding ceremony. David asked the minister to return later, but Greenlee said that it was the perfect time. David took Greenlee aside to make sure that she really wanted to get married. She said that David would keep her from doing something stupid, like flying into Ryan's arms. David wondered if that would really be so bad. She insisted that she wouldn't be hurt again. David was safe for her, because they weren't in love with each other. Greenlee promised that they'd set the town on fire, and they'd never hurt each other. David gave in, and Greenlee kissed his cheek.

Erica went to Fusion, where Randi handed her a memo from Greenlee. It said that Greenlee had resumed control of Fusion, and the staff was to disregard Erica's orders. Jack entered, and Erica warned that she'd take Greenlee to court if Greenlee didn't desist. Jack gravely stated that he'd arrived to ask Erica to step aside.

Ignoring Jack, Erica requested that Randi draft a memo canceling Greenlee's instructions. Erica also wanted Randi to get the attorney's number. Looking around, Erica wondered where the employees were, and Randi said they'd left when Greenlee hadn't shown up by noon. Erica prompted Randi to rally the troops, because they were still recovering from Greenlee's sabotage.

Erica whipped around to Jack and said that the answer was "No." She refused to leave the company. Jack said that he was appealing to Erica as a friend. "If you leave now, you'll still be one," Erica bit out. Jack implored Erica to allow Greenlee to focus on Fusion as a part of her recovery, but Erica said she refused to allow Greenlee's vindictiveness to destroy the company.

Randi returned with Erica's new memo, and Jack stated that it'd take more than that to stop Greenlee. Erica asked Randi for the lawyer's number, but Randi replied that she couldn't access Erica's office, because someone had changed the locks. Erica rushed over to Wildwind and whipped open the front door to find Greenlee and David in the middle of their wedding.

At the mansion, a tense Annie tried to hurry Brooke away, but Brooke sat down to wait for Adam. Brooke said that she expected to interview for the editor's position at Tempo just like everyone else. Annie announced that it wasn't necessary, because Adam had hired Annie to fill the slot. Brooke was surprised, considering that Annie had significantly less experience than the top editors in the field, who'd petitioned for the job. Annie assured that she could restore the magazine to its former glory, or even surpass it.

Annie attempted to shoo Brooke out again, but Scott entered. He was excited to see Brooke, who said she'd been traveling across Asia with Laura and visiting Jamie in Africa. Annie scowled as Scott said that Brooke's decision to return to Tempo was perfect, because it had never run better than when under her command. Brooke said that Adam had someone else in mind and gestured to Annie. He remarked that Adam would change his mind as soon as he learned that Brooke had returned to town.

Colby entered, greeted Brooke, and revealed that JR was in the hospital. Everyone decided to head over there, but Colby said that Annie shouldn't go, because she wasn't family. Scott encouraged a disappointed Annie to stay home with Emma.

After everyone else left, Annie scanned the Internet for information about Brooke. Annie played a clip of Adam praising Brooke's job at Tempo. In it, Adam called Brooke the love of his life. Annie exclaimed that he'd said that about Annie. Emma entered and asked why Annie seemed sad. Annie replied that she wasn't sad, because she had the best daughter, husband, and job in the world. "You're mommy's going to be the new editor of Tempo magazine!" Annie cooed. Hugging Emma, Annie murmured, "I just have to convince Adam first."

Later, Ryan arrived to visit Emma, and Annie slipped off to call the hospital for an update on JR. The hospital refused to divulge anything, because she wasn't on his list of contacts. She appealed to Angie, but Angie said they needed JR's permission to talk to Annie. Annie returned to the parlor and tried to pawn Emma off on Ryan for the night, but Emma said that she wanted to work on the magazine with Annie. After Ryan left, Annie called Lucretia to babysit Emma.

After JR was rushed to the hospital, Marissa, Tad, and Adam gathered in the waiting area, and Krystal and AJ went to get AJ's birthday cake. Dr. Kahn explained that JR had internal bleeding and needed a transfusion. She also wanted to hospitalize JR indefinitely. Marissa worried that they wouldn't find a donor, but Adam assured her that they would.

Alone with Tad later, Adam insisted that Miguel would be a match. Tad felt that they shouldn't tell JR anything about it until they knew for sure. Tad said that if Miguel was Adam's love child, an extra Chandler could complicate the mix.

Adam didn't confirm or deny the supposition because Brooke walked in with Scott and Colby. Brooke hugged Adam and expressed condolences about Stuart. She hugged Tad and commented about Jamie. Brooke then left to have her bone marrow tested for JR.

Later, Brooke stopped by Angie's office, and Angie cooed to see her old friend. Brooke expressed joy that Angie and Jesse had reunited, and Brooke was proud of Angie for heading the hospital. Angie asked about Brooke, who explained that she'd been a little homesick. Brooke was glad that she'd returned to Pine Valley in time to possibly help JR.

In JR's room, Marissa tried to be positive; however, JR stated that he knew exactly what his status meant. The whole family entered with AJ's cake. They sang happy birthday to AJ, and AJ gave his magic shell to JR. AJ said that it would make everything okay. Before blowing out his candles, AJ wished that his father would get all better.

Brooke returned to the waiting room and greeted Krystal and AJ. Adam introduced Brooke to Marissa, and Brooke strode into JR's room. JR thanked her for getting tested, and Brooke shared that Jamie had formed a basketball team for the kids in the African village. JR remarked on Brooke meeting Annie. He quipped that Adam's taste in wives had deteriorated.

JR expressed that, though Brooke and he had clashed in the past, he felt that he wouldn't be there if it weren't for her. He'd gotten sober, and he'd become a good father and husband, thanks to her. JR felt that she'd been good for all the Chandler men. JR wasn't sure why Brooke had returned, but he was glad that she had.

Later, Marissa returned to JR's room. He promised her that he'd fight for her and AJ's sake; however, if JR didn't make it, he wanted Marissa to know that she'd been his whole life. JR tearfully said that she lived life with love, patience, and grace. He felt that he was the luckiest man. He sobbed, and she hugged him.

Meanwhile, in the waiting area, Tad announced to the family that they'd found a bone marrow match for JR. Everyone cheered and hugged each other.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

At Ryan's house, Jake arrived to ask about Greenlee; however, Ryan replied that Jake would have to ask David. Jake raged that Ryan had to fight for Greenlee. Ryan reasoned that he had to regain Greenlee's trust, and the best way to do that was to let her go. Jake countered that hope would only get Ryan so far, but Ryan felt that hope was all he had. Ryan left in a huff.

At police headquarters, Brot saw Natalia primping, dressed in club attire, and she said she was going undercover. Brot warned her against playing bait to catch an identity thief, but Natalia said that if she wanted to get gussied up for a drink at ConFusion, it was her business.

Later, Natalia settled onto a stool at ConFusion, and, calling herself Michelle, she met a man named Larry. She spotted Brot lurking in the back, and she excused herself from the bar to tell him to get lost. Brot doubted that she had backup or a gun hidden in that dress, but Natalia insisted that she could handle herself. "Don't say I didn't warn you," Brot replied and left.

Ryan arrived at the bar and ordered a bottle of bourbon. Jake followed Ryan in and claimed that he needed to help out Ryan's liver. Ryan poured Jake a glass and warned Jake not to mention Greenlee. As Jake vented about David, Ryan spied Larry doing something suspicious near the purse that Natalia had left on the bar.

Ryan left a ranting Jake and approached Natalia, who had just returned to her seat. Ryan offered to buy her a drink; however, Larry grabbed Ryan's shoulder and said she already had one. Ryan jerked away and socked Larry. Jake held Ryan back as Larry fled.

A bouncer dragged Larry back, and Ryan showed everyone a data reader that Larry had been using to scan data from Natalia's purse. Ryan claimed that the reader could work from across the room. Natalia advised Larry to cancel his plans for the evening, because he was spending the night with her-at the police station.

Jake congratulated Ryan, who said he could spot a con a mile away. Jake murmured that old habits died hard. Natalia thanked Ryan for his help. She said she'd be filing her own theft report instead of processing a criminal if Ryan hadn't intervened. Natalia left, and Jake remarked that Ryan's skills were going to waste. Jake wondered if Ryan would consider returning to his old business if David were Ryan's new mark.

Erica interrupted the Wildwind wedding to ask if they needed a witness, but Greenlee ordered Erica out. Erica was glad to go-once she got her new office keys. As the ladies argued, David exclaimed that he'd promised the minister that they'd finish the ceremony that time.

Jack waltzed in, and Greenlee asked him to get Erica out of Fusion and out of Greenlee's face. Jack wished that Ryan had talked some sense into Greenlee, and Greenlee was surprised that Jack knew about Ryan's stunt. Erica remarked that Ryan was too good for Greenlee, who huffed that Erica just wanted Ryan to herself. Erica claimed that she just wanted the keys, but Greenlee retorted, "Over my dead body." Narrowing her eyes, Erica warned, "Careful."

Jack pulled Greenlee aside, where he tried to persuade her to stop the wedding, but Greenlee wouldn't forgive Ryan for sleeping with her best friend and her best friend's mother. Jack said there might be no chance for heartbreak with David, but there was no chance for real love, either. She asked Jack to leave if he couldn't support the wedding, and Jack stormed out.

Erica pressured David to get her access to her office, and she warned that Gayle was edgy. David said he was working on it, but he had to put a ring on Greenlee's finger before Erica got the keys to the kingdom. Greenlee returned and said that since Erica was wearing an ugly dress, Erica might as well to stay as a bridesmaid. Erica wished David luck and left.

The minister resumed the ceremony and pronounced Greenlee and David husband and wife. David kissed Greenlee's teary cheek. Afterward, the newlyweds had champagne, and David worried about Greenlee's mood. She turned on some music and prodded him to dance with her. David welcomed her into his arms, and they swayed to the music. Afterward, David suggested that they take a break on a nice, secluded beach. Greenlee chuckled and said she really wanted David to clue her in on what was going on between him and Erica.

Later, Erica and Brot entered Fusion, and he wondered what she needed him to do. Handing him a huge axe, she said, "A little remodeling. How's your swing?" Erica explained that she'd been having trouble with her office lock, but Brot worried that he'd be breaking into the place. She assured him that it was okay, because it was her office. Brot stared precariously at the axe, and she prodded him to get started. Erica received a distressing phone call and left.

Erica rushed to her loft to find Gayle in a tizzy about David. Gayle insisted upon knowing if David had gotten married, and Erica affirmed it. Brot arrived, and Gayle hid. Brot said he'd love to help Erica, but he just couldn't. Erica hastily closed the door on Brot, and he looked worried. Erica checked around the loft and discovered that Gayle had slipped out.

At the police station, a disappointed Liza bailed Damon out of jail. Damon apologized for lying. Damon claimed that he'd committed the crimes because he'd feared that Bailey would leave with Stuart if he couldn't pay the bills. With Bailey gone anyway, Damon didn't care if he went to jail. He felt that he had no one, but Liza murmured that he still had her.

Damon wondered why she'd still help him. Liza said that she could see that Damon loved Stuart. She felt that Stuart needed his father, and once she got Damon's charges reduced, Damon could convince Bailey that he deserved to be in Stuart's life. Just then, Liza received a troubling call from Colby and rushed to meet her daughter at the hospital.

Annie arrived at the hospital to find her family celebrating finding a donor. Adam rushed into JR's room to announce the news. As Marissa and JR hugged, JR asked who the donor was.

Adam stammered, and the family poured into the room to hear how the donor had surfaced. Adam said he'd had a one-night stand with a woman he'd met in a California winery. Years later, Sonia had called him to say that he had an eight-year-old son, Miguel. Sonia hadn't wanted Adam in Miguel's life, but she'd needed money. Adam hadn't heard from Sonia since, but he'd instructed Tad to track down Miguel, who was flying to Pine Valley at that moment.

In the corridor, Tad and Brooke gave Krystal the news about Miguel. Brooke disappointedly said fidelity hadn't been Adam's strong suit, but she was surprised that he hadn't fought to be in Miguel's life. Tad was sure that Adam would make up for lost time. Krystal praised Tad's effort, but Tad said he couldn't have done it without Adam. Krystal hugged Tad. Liza arrived in time to see the embrace, but Colby intercepted Liza before Tad saw Liza.

In the waiting room, Marissa and Krystal marveled at JR's miracle. Krystal gushed that it was thanks to Tad, who wouldn't give up. Marissa realized that Krystal still loved Tad. Krystal reasoned that she'd always love him, because he'd given her Jenny. Marissa uttered that Tad and Krystal shared much more than a house and child. Marissa encouraged Krystal to express her feelings to Tad, and Krystal left to check on the children.

In JR's room after Tad had left to meet Miguel at the airport, Adam assumed that JR wondered how Adam could turn his back on Miguel. JR replied that he was only thinking one thing-that he owed Adam his life. Dr. Kahn entered to explain how they'd proceed with the transplant, and JR was anxious to get started. Liza and Marissa took the adoption papers to JR, but Adam thought that the adoption was no longer necessary. A weakened JR said he wanted Marissa to be AJ's mother, regardless of the transplant, and the parents signed the paperwork.

In the hallway, Colby pulled Liza aside to explain that she'd just found out that Adam had gotten some random woman pregnant. Colby stated that a brother that she'd never known about was on his way to save JR. To Liza's surprise, Brooke approached. Brooke said that she'd returned to town for the Tempo position, but it had already been filled.

Annie pulled Brooke away, and Liza told Colby that Bailey and Stuart had left for good. Damon arrived, and Liza explained that Damon was guilty of the burglaries. He apologized for lying, and Colby smacked him in the face. "Dammit! I believed you!" she cried and ran off.

Aside, Annie told Brooke that it wasn't the time to discuss business. Brooke strode off, saying that the etiquette lesson wasn't needed. Scott approached Annie and guessed that Adam hadn't really given Annie the job. Scott felt that Brooke had more experience for it. Annie retorted that she had Adam's ear, and the job was as good as hers. Annie wondered why Miguel, a child from a one-night stand, would be readily welcomed into the family. Scott thought that Annie just worried that Miguel would steal Adam's attention.

Annie approached Adam and asked how long Miguel would be in town. Adam noticed Brooke, and Annie remarked that Brooke couldn't take the hint that it was a family matter. Adam said that Brooke was part of the family, and he strode toward her. Annie hurried behind him.

When Adam spoke to Brooke, she mentioned that Annie had beaten her to the Tempo position. Adam replied that it was the first he'd heard about it. Annie corrected that she'd said she was in the running for the position. Adam decided that because Brooke was interested, they could call off the search. He said that Brooke could mentor Annie, and it would be a win-win situation for everyone. Brooke and Annie scowled.

Later, Marissa cuddled with JR and assured him that the transplant would work. In the corridor, Tad rushed up to Adam and said that Miguel had never gotten off the plane.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Jake asked if Ryan would consider running cons again if David were the target. Ryan said that he had moved past that phase in his life. Jake noted that David had made Greenlee unrecognizable to the people that loved her. Jake asked what additional motivation Ryan would need.

Ryan admitted that David's behavior angered him, but said that he'd promised Greenlee he would wait for her. Jake reminded Ryan of some of the things David had done to the Martin family and their friends, including Greenlee, over the years. Ryan said that he didn't want to stoop to David's level, but after some thought, he wanted to take action.

Natalia returned to ConFusion and told Ryan and Jake that the perpetrator had started naming his fellow con artists in order to cut a deal. Ryan said that the key to bringing David down would be Nurse Gayle. Ryan said Gayle was the one person that knew enough about David to destroy him. Natalia was appalled at the tales of David's misdeeds. She asked Jake and Ryan if she could do anything to help. Jake said that they would appreciate it if Natalia could procure Gayle's phone number.

As Natalia thought about it, Ryan asked if Natalia was sure about assisting them. Natalia realized that helping to bust David after all of the times he had escaped punishment could help her to become a detective. Natalia said that she would get in touch with them when she had information, and left. A short time later, after Natalia called back with Gayle's number, Ryan decided to text Gayle. Ryan told Gayle that he knew what she and David had done, and told her to meet up with him or go to jail.

Erica was dismayed to find that Gayle had gone missing. Erica heard a knock and thought that Gayle had returned. When she answered the door, Erica was surprised to see Opal. Opal had a housewarming gift but soon realized that Erica had other things on her mind. Erica confessed that she needed to find Gayle, as the nurse was the only leverage Erica had against David and Greenlee.

Erica filled Opal in on most of the story and said that Gayle was the key to keeping David under control and getting rid of Greenlee. Opal realized that Erica's concern was about Fusion and asked why Erica didn't ask Kendall to deal with Greenlee. Erica insisted that Kendall needed time with her family and that Erica could handle Greenlee on her own. Erica asked Opal to stay put in case Gayle returned. Erica said that she planned to search for Gayle, starting at Wildwind, and hoped she wasn't too late. Erica insisted that if she weren't able to intervene, her plans would be ruined.

David suggested that he and Greenlee take a vacation. Greenlee said that what she really wanted was for David to be honest with her. Greenlee asked what was going on between David and Erica. David tried to insist that Greenlee was being overly paranoid. Greenlee saw through David's act and reminded him that she wouldn't stop asking questions until she found out the truth. David gave up and admitted that he and Erica were working together to take Greenlee down.

Greenlee was irate that David had actually plotted against her, but David assured her that they could use it to Greenlee's advantage. David said that once they had Erica lulled into a false sense of security, they could oust Erica from Fusion for good. Although somewhat appeased, Greenlee blasted David for lying to her. David told her that he hadn't lied -- he simply wanted to wait for the right moment to fill her in.

Adam was horrified to find out that Miguel wasn't on the flight from California. Tad forced Adam to understand that his long-lost son had taken Adam's money and disappeared. Marissa approached the two men and asked after Miguel's whereabouts. She was alarmed when Adam stormed off to JR's room. Marissa and Tad followed and, upon their entrance, JR asked when he would be able to meet his little brother.

Adam tried to lie to JR and tell him that Miguel's arrival had been delayed. His attempts were unsuccessful, as JR immediately knew that his little brother wouldn't be visiting Pine Valley anytime soon. Tad explained that Miguel hadn't boarded the plane but they didn't know why. Tad said that they would track the young man down, and try to change his mind. Adam added that they also had other options.

Pessimistic, JR questioned what avenues they hadn't explored. Adam revealed that, despite the danger Angie had talked about, he had found an outside facility to test him. JR refused to let Adam risk his life, but Adam wouldn't listen. JR demanded to be left alone with Marissa.

When JR said that he wanted to talk to Marissa, Marissa struggled to stay positive. She told JR in no uncertain terms that he would get better and that he could tell her everything he wanted to say when they were home. Regardless, JR needed to make his thoughts known, and told Marissa how wonderful she had made his life.

Annie tried to play nice with Brooke and said that it would be great working with her. Uneasy, Brooke simply pointed out that the details of her return as editor at Tempo hadn't been ironed out. Annie attempted to ease the tension and suggested that they run a story about how Adam found one son to save another. Brooke suggested that Adam might not want his personal life made public.

Colby expressed her concern to Scott and her mother that Tad had been alone when he returned from the airport. Liza assured Colby that everything would be all right. Liza asked how Colby was feeling after the confrontation with Damon. Colby said she felt fine physically, but emotionally, she was a little shaken that Damon would lie to her.

After Tad and Adam went to the waiting room, the rest of the family filed in and wanted to get an update. Adam tore into Tad for letting inexperienced people handle Miguel in California, and said that he would blame Tad if anything happened to JR. Liza jumped in and told Adam that he had no one to blame but himself. She said that Adam shouldn't have expected family loyalty from a son that was unacknowledged until Adam needed something.

Adam still needed to take his anger and frustration out on someone and continued to aim his vitriol at Tad. Brooke wedged herself between the two men and told Adam that his behavior wasn't helping matters. To Annie's horror, Brooke was able to get Adam to settle down long enough for them to walk away. The rest of the group splintered until JR's doctor returned. The doctor revealed that neither Brooke nor Jamie was a match, and that their only option was to keep JR strong while they waited.

Annie followed the doctor into the hall and asked to be tested. The doctor was confused because JR had specified that he didn't want Annie's bone marrow. Annie said that although JR didn't like her, she wanted to help if she were able. The doctor trusted that Annie was genuine and took her to the lab to be tested.

Marissa found Tad in the hall and said that JR wanted to talk to him. Tad went to JR's room and apologized for letting Miguel slip through their fingers. JR said that they shouldn't be surprised that Miguel didn't feel like he had an obligation to the Chandler family. Tad swore that he would do whatever he needed to do to make up for his shortcomings. JR tried to lessen some of Tad's pain by admitting he wished he and Tad were connected by both blood and love.

After Tad stepped out of JR's room, Adam went in to visit. Adam talked to his son as if he was sure that JR would make it through his latest battle. JR told Adam that he would take as much support as he could get, but that it needed to be realistic. As Adam spoke confidently about how JR needed to face down the disease, JR fell unconscious.

The doctors rushed in to see if they could reverse the decline of JR's health. As Marissa cried in the background, Adam demanded that they change the medication JR was receiving. The doctor announced that JR had slipped into a coma and that there was nothing she could do.

Gayle arrived at the front door to Wildwind, but before she could try the front door, a car squealed up the driveway. Gayle quickly hid in the bushes near the porch. Erica reached the porch and, using the key that she had made, entered the house. As she did, Erica overheard David's plans to double-cross her.

Erica was able to slip out via the front door without detection. Meanwhile, in the living room, Greenlee asked that David look her in the eye and confirm that he was being truthful. David refused, but not to avoid the task. He told Greenlee that she was afraid David would be the last in a long line of Greenlee's men that Erica would steal.

Greenlee insisted that she was over Ryan. David reminded Greenlee how much she'd loved Ryan, and Greenlee said that she could no longer trust her former fiancé. Greenlee asked how she could prove she was being honest. David told her that she didn't need to do anything. Greenlee didn't believe him, and wanted to try to convince him. As Gayle watched through the window, Greenlee placed a kiss on her new husband. When the kiss ended, Greenlee asked a stunned David to make love to her.

Although tempted, David said that Greenlee's friendship was too valuable to jeopardize. David said that they were more than friends and that he cherished having someone that he could trust with anything. Greenlee agreed and they toasted each other with champagne. They talked for a little while longer and then Greenlee decided to go to bed. David said he would do the same after he put the out the flames in the fireplace. As soon as Greenlee disappeared up the stairs, David grabbed his coat and left.

Greenlee descended the stairs to a darkened living room. She flashed back to her marriages to David and Ryan, and then to Ryan's pleas that they still belonged together. Troubled, Greenlee grabbed her keys and left the house.

Erica made her way down to the police station and asked Brot if he'd heard any reports of domestic disturbances. Brot said that he hadn't and wondered if Erica needed help. Erica hastily requested that Brot forget that she'd stopped by, and she ran off. After she returned to the site of her new home, Erica told Opal that she had been unsuccessful in finding Gayle. Opal asked what Erica would do next without Gayle's help. Erica was sure that she would be able to uncover another way to control David.

Later, David visited Erica. He told her that everything was on track to get Greenlee out of Fusion. Erica knew that David was lying but agreed so that he would continue to talk. David warned Erica that Greenlee wasn't stupid and said that they needed to be more careful so that their ruse wouldn't be discovered. When David asked to see Gayle, Erica maintained her cool and deftly dealt with his request without arousing suspicion. When she'd had enough, she showed David out.

Brot confronted Natalia about the con artist bust at ConFusion. Natalia boasted about her success and said that she would be a detective before Brot graduated from the academy. Her confidence was shaken when Brot revealed that he'd heard Ryan was the real hero. Amused, Brot walked away and left a furious Natalia to stew alone.

Ryan and Jake arrived at the airport and Gayle was none too happy to see them. The men assured Gayle that they meant no ill will; they simply wanted to make sure she would show up. Gayle asked why they would want to help her. Ryan said that both he and Jake wanted to help the people David had used, and make sure that David was punished appropriately.

Gayle caved and told them that Erica had contacted her. She went on to say that she foolishly believed that once David saw her, he would know they were meant to be together. Gayle said that she realized her desires were futile because David and Greenlee had gotten married.

Jake got Gayle settled into a room at the castle where Ryan and Greenlee were once married. Gayle expressed her anger and frustration over the whole situation. To get her mind off of everything that had happened, Jake offered to get her food. He instructed her not to open the door to anyone, and he left. As he closed the door behind him, Greenlee walked up. Jake tried to convince Greenlee to go to dinner somewhere, but the only place Greenlee wanted to go was into the room that housed Gayle.

Erica repeatedly tried to call Gayle and was irate when her phone calls went unanswered. She was startled when she heard a knock on the door but quickly composed herself. That composure was rattled when she saw Ryan on the other side, and he told her that he needed her help.



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