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All My Children Recaps: The week of February 15, 2010 on AMC
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Monday, February 15, 2010

At the Chandler mansion, Annie entered the parlor while Scott and Adam were discussing business. Annie announced that news reports indicated that David Hayward was marrying a mystery woman. Annie was furious because she and Adam had not been invited to the wedding. "What do you suggest? We crash the wedding like those clowns at the White House dinner," Adam wondered. Scott argued that they had more important matters to discuss. Scott was eager to review the financial projections for the new initiatives for Chandler Enterprises.

Annie realized that Adam and Scott weren't going to be of any help. She promised to return after she changed clothes. However, instead of changing, Annie snatched a wrap and then left the mansion.

Jackson ran into the chapel demanding, "What are you doing? Why? Why?" Greenlee turned to her father, lifted her veil, and then answered, "I'm getting married, Dad."

The wedding guests gasped with shock when they realized that David's bride was Greenlee Smythe. Ryan stopped short when he entered the chapel moments later. "You're alive," Ryan said with a mix of wonder and disbelief. As Ryan slowly approached Greenlee he asked, "How? Why?" Greenlee recoiled when Ryan reached out to gently touch her cheek. Ryan quickly assured Greenlee that everything would be okay; he promised to take care of her.

Greenlee coldly informed Ryan that David would be the one to take care of her, not Ryan. Greenlee credited David with finding her and then nursing her back to health. Greenlee insisted that she wanted to marry David. Ryan was sickened to realize that David had allowed everyone to believe that Greenlee had died in the accident. Tad accused David of drugging Greenlee. Others joined in with similar accusations. The outcry quickly turned into a melee as fists began flying. Jesse was forced to step in.

Jack demanded that Jesse arrest David. Greenlee objected to her father's demands, but Jesse decided to question David to determine if any laws had been broken. Jack followed Jesse and David to another room. Once the door closed, Jesse proceeded to question David about Greenlee. Jack worried that Greenlee was suffering from a classic case of Stockholm syndrome, but David insisted that Greenlee was fine.

Jack was certain that some type of kidnapping charges could apply to what David had done to Greenlee. Jesse was curious if David and Greenlee had been behind the attack on Fusion. David pointed out that if Greenlee had been responsible for wiping out all of the computer files then it was within her rights as one of the owners at Fusion.

David was confident that he hadn't broken any laws, so he decided to return to Greenlee. As David reached the door, David advised Jack to respect Greenlee's decisions. Krystal was waiting when David stepped into the hallway. David was curious if the "angry mob" had sent Krystal as their spokesperson. Krystal admitted that she sensed that the whole "marriage thing" was for Greenlee's sake, not David's. David didn't respond.

Jake tried to examine Greenlee to make certain that she was okay, but Greenlee refused to cooperate. Greenlee resented how everyone assumed that David had done something to her. Marissa and others tried to explain to Greenlee what David had done over the past twelve months, unaware that Greenlee already knew David's secrets. Greenlee stood up for David and then credited him with saving her life.

Greenlee wanted the freedom to make her own choice. Greenlee suggested that everyone could leave if they didn't like it. Ryan asked everyone to give him some time alone with Greenlee, so that he and Greenlee could talk. Greenlee was annoyed when the wedding guests began to file out, including Marissa who didn't want anything to do with David's latest scheme. The minister invited Greenlee to call when, or if, she was ready to marry David.

Moments later, Greenlee found herself alone with Ryan. Greenlee claimed that David had been there for her when no one else had been. Ryan flinched when Greenlee revealed that she fell in love with David. She denied that she was drugged or under some kind of spell. Ryan pointed out that Valentine's Day was supposed to be Ryan and Greenlee's wedding day. He demanded to know what was going on.

Greenlee assured Ryan that she understood that he was hurt. Ryan insisted that he had never stopped loving Greenlee. Ryan revealed that he had been told that Greenlee could not have survived the currents of the water, where her body had landed after the crash. He confided that he had spent a year trying to accept Greenlee's death, move forward, and get past the pain of losing her.

Ryan understood that Greenlee had a bond with David, but he argued that Greenlee and Ryan had intended to "join their souls." Greenlee knew what it was like to love someone that she thought she would spend the rest of her life with only to have her future go "over a cliff." Ryan was taken aback by the comment. "Is that what this is about?" he asked. Ryan wondered if Greenlee was marrying David because she never forgave Ryan for allowing her to think that he had died.

Ryan was determined to get to the root of the problem, so that he could make things right for Greenlee. Before Greenlee could reply, Annie entered the chapel. "Oh my God, you are supposed to be dead," Annie remarked when she saw Greenlee. Greenlee responded, "And you are supposed to be in the loony bin." Annie wanted answers, but Ryan quickly escorted Annie out of the chapel.

The moment Ryan and Annie were alone, Annie demanded to know what was going on. Ryan refused to tell Annie anything. Annie claimed that she was happy that Greenlee was alive; it was one less thing that Ryan could blame on Annie. Annie added that she hadn't been near the site of Greenlee's crash. Ryan reminded Annie that he hadn't been with Greenlee during the crash, either, because Annie had held a gun pointed to Ryan's head at the time.

Annie gloated that it appeared that Greenlee had moved forward with her life since then, as had Annie. Ryan didn't believe Annie's claims that she was unaffected by Greenlee's return to Pine Valley. Ryan was certain that, deep down inside, Annie was "freaking out," ready to grab a sharp object, and repeat history. Annie denied the accusation, but she admitted that it was satisfying to see that Greenlee wasn't running into Ryan's arms.

Greenlee was alone in the chapel when David entered. Greenlee was shaken after her encounter with Ryan. She had no idea why she had thought that Ryan would be so crushed by her wedding plans that he would walk away brokenhearted. Instead, Greenlee was the only person who had been humiliated. Greenlee was disappointed that she hadn't been in control of the situation.

David wondered what Greenlee intended to do next. Greenlee admitted that she wanted to marry David. David assured her that they could get married, but he urged Greenlee to take some time to think things through. David thought it was important that Greenlee figure out why Ryan continued to get to her. As if summoned, Ryan appeared in the doorway. Ryan demanded to speak privately to Greenlee. Greenlee nodded to David, and assured him that she didn't mind. David invited Greenlee to call if she needed him.

After David left, Ryan pointed out that Greenlee had never answered his question; and demanded to know if she were paying Ryan back for driving off of the cliff. Greenlee denied that her plans to marry David had anything to do with Ryan's crash. Ryan begged Greenlee to explain why she wanted to marry David on a day that held special significance to Ryan and Greenlee. Greenlee didn't answer him.

Ryan once again declared his love for Greenlee. He was certain that Greenlee loved him as well. He wondered if Greenlee had noticed the moon. It had been full, like their moon. Ryan was certain that the moon had drawn them together. Ryan insisted that there wasn't anything to stop them from starting a life together. Greenlee was surprised when Ryan proposed that they run off to get married that very night.

Erica stopped Jack before he could enter the chapel to talk to Greenlee. Erica believed that Ryan and Greenlee needed some time to work things out. Erica was confident that Ryan and Greenlee would realize that they were still very much in love. Jack had no idea what his daughter had been thinking when she had decided to marry David. According to Jack, Greenlee was her own worst enemy. However, Jack agreed to leave with Erica.

At ConFusion, Erica tried to remind Jack that he needed to focus on reminding himself that Greenlee was alive. Erica immediately noticed Jack's sheepish look. She realized that Jack had known about Greenlee before he had entered the chapel. Jack confessed that he had discovered the truth days earlier when David had called him. However, Jack remained mystified why Greenlee would hurt Ryan in such a cruel way. Erica assured Jack that Ryan and Greenlee would work things out.

Scott returned to the parlor to check if Adam had seen Annie. Adam realized that Annie must have headed to the church. Adam was about to track down his wife when Annie returned home. Annie announced that there hadn't been a wedding. Scott and Adam were astonished when Annie revealed that Greenlee was alive. As Annie talked about what had happened at the chapel, Annie referred to Greenlee as "that bitch."

At the look of surprise on Scott and Adam's faces, Annie realized that she might have revealed too much of her inner thoughts. She quickly rushed to assure Adam that she had moved past her issues with Greenlee. Annie insisted that she was living her dream life with Adam.

Marissa and JR returned home. They were still reeling from the shock of discovering that Greenlee was alive and eager to marry David. As JR shed his coat, he winced. Marissa was instantly alert when she noticed JR's grimace. JR attributed it to the uncomfortable pews at the chapel. Marissa seemed to relax as JR sat down on the sofa. After Marissa left to order some dinner, JR dropped his guard. He appeared weak and in pain.

At the Martin residence, Tad, Liza, Opal, Amanda, and Jake discussed the situation with Greenlee. Liza was certain that David and Greenlee had been behind the attack on Fusion. Jake confessed that he hoped that David's "biscuits roast in hell," but Jake had to give David credit. Jake had seen Greenlee's x-rays. According to Jake, Greenlee was alive because of David.

At Wildwind, David appeared troubled as he poured himself a glass of champagne.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Alone with Greenlee at the chapel, Ryan asserted that Greenlee and he had never stopped loving each other. He proposed that they finish what they'd begun a year earlier by marrying each other that night. Greenlee uttered that she couldn't, and Ryan drew her in for a kiss.

Greenlee pulled away from him, and she said that while everyone else had moved on, David had helped her to live on. Ryan doubted that David and Greenlee actually had fallen in love, because not even death could topple Ryan and Greenlee's love. Ryan implored her to marry him, but she refused. Ryan asked why she wouldn't. "Because you didn't wait!" Greenlee hissed.

A confused Ryan asked if she'd expected him to await her to return from the dead. Greenlee claimed that he'd betrayed her memory by allowing Erica to take over Fusion. Greenlee went on a tirade about Fusion, and Ryan guessed that she'd aided David in sabotaging it. Greenlee said that she'd rather have seen it destroyed than in Erica's hands.

Greenlee bitterly stated that before she'd been barely in her "grave," Ryan and Kendall had crawled into bed together. Ryan explained that Kendall and he had made a mistake while grieving. They'd realized it and moved on. Greenlee quipped that she could almost accept that excuse, though Kendall had used the "grief sex" card before. However, it didn't explain every indiscretion. "How the hell did you end up in Erica's bed?" Greenlee asked.

Ryan said he'd seen Greenlee's parting video. Greenlee explained that in the video, she'd asked him to move on, but she hadn't meant with her best friend or worst enemy. He confessed that he'd used other relationships to drown out the pain of losing her. Greenlee raged that his pain had been nothing compared to her grueling rehabilitation. It had been nothing compared to knowing that he'd taken the special dinner that she'd made for him and used it to seduce "that witch." Ryan realized that Greenlee had returned to be with him, not to marry David.

Greenlee claimed that she'd only made the dinner to soften the blow of Ryan learning about her wedding to David. Ryan figured that she'd devised her marriage of convenience to punish him. Greenlee stated that she loved David, and she would indeed marry him. Ryan confidently concluded that once she acknowledged her true feelings, she wouldn't go through with it. "Just watch me!" Greenlee declared, storming out. Ryan grinned to himself.

Jesse arrived at Wildwind and slapped David with a warrant to search the house for the mind-controlling drugs that Jesse suspected David of using on Greenlee. Upon finding no such drugs, Jesse said he intended to question Greenlee. David doubted that his bride-to-be would incriminate him after he'd saved her life. "Not that I've done anything wrong, mind you," David added. As Jesse left, he advised David to move, because no one in Pine Valley liked him.

At the hospital, Jake visited Angie in her office to say that Greenlee had been David's mystery patient and bride-to-be. Angie was working on a press release about the janitorial strike, and Jake offered to help in any way that he could. Angie rasped that she'd already settled it, and she ordered him to leave her to her work. Jake pressed her to talk about things, but she dragged him to the door. Refusing to leave, Jake insisted that they celebrate her victory in the strike. He asked how she'd accomplished it, but Angie murmured that he didn't want to know.

In the corridor later, hospital board members congratulated Angie on her labor dispute settlement. Angie asked them to assure the board that she'd keep doing her best. Further down the corridor, Jesse approached her, and she sullenly informed him of her win. An excited Jesse wanted to celebrate it and Valentine's Day, too. He insisted that they meet up at ConFusion once they wrapped up their business-no matter how late that would be.

Angie strode into her office and scowled to see David behind her desk. She asked what he was doing there, and with a grin, he said, "Starting to feel right at home again." She asked why he wasn't with his resurrected bride-to-be, and David stated that the wedding was on hold. He wondered if Angie planned to thank him for the blackmail information that she'd used to settle the strike. "Welcome to the dark side," David uttered.

David said he'd been waiting months for her to use those blackmail files. He'd feared that her ethics gotten the best of her; however, she'd "come through" for him. He patted her back, and she shoved him. David remarked that Angie had been making mistakes, and he'd heard rumors that the board might replace her. He assumed that her magic in the labor deal would only last so long, and he said he'd clean the hospital up once he resumed his old position.

Angie told David not to get it twisted, because he wasn't getting her job. David assured her that he would. He revealed that he possessed a recording of her blackmailing the union leader. Angie stammered to explain it away, but David said that she had 48 hours to render her resignation and name him as her replacement. He threatened to give the recording to the board if she didn't. Juggling her nameplate, David sneered that she could keep it as a memento of when she'd gotten a chance to play with the big kids. He tossed the nameplate aside and strode out.

Later, Jake crept into Angie's office, despite her cries for him to get out. He offered to help with whatever her problem was. Angie sobbed that there was no way out; she had to resign.

At the Chandler estate, Annie regaled Scott and Adam with the shocking details of David's Valentine's Day wedding surprise. Colby entered and overheard them talking. She advised Adam to lock their guns away from Annie. Unfazed, Annie claimed that her problems with Greenlee had occurred in another lifetime.

Annie and Adam strode into the foyer, where Adam said that he didn't expect Annie to finish her business report under the circumstances. She claimed that she was fine, and she'd have the report done by morning. Adam left for a meeting, and Annie grimaced.

As Annie worked in the parlor, flashes of her battles with Greenlee thundered through her mind. In the last flash, Greenlee's voice echoed, "You seriously need to get a grip...get a grip...get a grip..." Scott entered and noted Annie's distress. Annie pretended to be fine and said that her troubles with Greenlee had occurred "ages ago." Once Scott left Annie to finish her report, she remembered the night she'd conned her way into Greenlee's apartment. Annie recalled warning Greenlee that she couldn't break Annie. Shuddering, Annie dropped her files.

In the foyer, Scott found Colby on the stairs celebrating Greenlee's return with a pint of ice cream. Colby said that she was awaiting the show, because as soon as the reality sank in, Annie's head would spin like a radar dish. Colby cited that Greenlee had unraveled Annie before, and Colby couldn't wait to see what the "Greenster" would do next.

Scott felt that Colby's vendetta against Annie was out of hand. Colby reasoned that if Annie went crazy again, Colby wouldn't have to push Scott to continue seducing Annie. "Not that I had to do too much pushing," Colby added. She imagined a Chandler reunion occurring once Greenlee drove Annie crazy again. Scott doubted that Colby had considered the effect that Annie's insanity would have on Emma and Adam. Colby said she'd look after Adam, and Ryan could handle Emma. "All we have to do is sit back and enjoy the fireworks," Colby concluded.

Scott went to check on Annie. He offered her tea, and they stared awkwardly at each other when she requested "Greenlee." Annie gulped, saying, "I meant green leaf." Back in the foyer, Colby called Oak Haven under the guise of writing an article about former patients.

After Adam's meeting with a Los Angeles City Council member, Adam received a faxed copy of JR's medical records. He grimaced upon reading it.

Marissa took JR to the hospital because he had trouble sleeping. Dr. Kahn told them that JR's chemotherapy treatment wasn't working. She suggested that JR have a bone marrow transplant. If they couldn't find a matching donor among JR's family, Dr. Kahn would place JR on a national transplant registry. JR didn't want anyone to know about it, but Marissa said that his family would have to know. "Not tonight," he uttered.

After they arrived home, JR stopped Marissa from giving him a pep talk about his illness. He urged her to face the reality that he was running out of options. She asked what she could do for him, and he sent her to the drug store to retrieve the sedative that Dr. Kahn had prescribed. Once alone, JR picked up a picture of Little Adam and sobbed. JR yanked open to the door to leave, but on the threshold, he encountered Adam, who wondered where JR thought he was going.

Adam said that he'd leveraged his hospital board membership to gain access to JR's medical files. JR quipped that he wouldn't bother citing the laws that Adam had broken. Deeming Dr. Kahn weak, Adam outlined his plan to get JR the best doctors and a transplant donor. Adam wanted the entire family tested, but JR insisted that he'd handle things his own way. "Fine place that's gotten you so far," Adam retorted.

Adam believed that they should have been more aggressive with his treatment from the start. "What? Now you want to take over my death, too?" JR retorted. A woozy JR insisted upon being left alone to cope with what was left of his life, but Adam stubbornly grasped JR and said, "No. No, son, I can't." Adam warned that he'd fight JR, if he had to. "But then I'm going to fight for you. I'm not going to let you die," Adam vowed.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

At the Chandler estate, Annie gave her report to Scott and went upstairs. Colby sneaked into the parlor and called Oak Haven to leave a message for Dr. Burke, Annie's doctor. Pretending to be Annie, Colby said that she was freaking out because Greenlee had returned to town. When Annie returned downstairs, Colby made a snarky remark about Scott and Annie and then left to spend the night at Corinna's house.

To Annie's surprise, Dr. Burke arrived in response to Annie's message. A confused Annie stated that she hadn't called him. Dr. Burke noted that she looked exhausted, and she said that she'd been working late. She insisted that she hadn't made the call, and she ushered Dr. Burke out before Adam could arrive to see Dr. Burke forcing unnecessary therapy on her.

Later, Scott saw Annie trembling. She sobbed that her life seemed to be falling apart. He hugged her, and she conveyed her fear that everyone was wondering when "Crazy Annie" would snap. Scott assured her that her life was different, because she'd gotten help in the past.

A distraught Annie worried that Greenlee would somehow disrupt her custody agreement with Ryan. Scott wondered if Greenlee had made the call to Dr. Burke. Scott advised Annie to talk to the doctor in the morning, but Annie said that would be like admitting that her recovery had been a lie. "I love my life. Living here, working at Chandler...with you," she said.

Just then, Adam called to say that he wasn't returning home that evening, because he was settling things at the hospital. Annie told Adam that she'd be fine, but when she got off the phone, she pleaded with Scott not to leave her alone in the main house. She worried about her recurring dreams of being locked up in Oak Haven, but Scott thought it was a bad idea for him to stay. Annie begged him to go upstairs with her, and she said that no one else had to know.

In Angie's office, Jake encouraged Angie to stick with her job, but she said she'd sold her soul to avert a hospital disaster. Jake figured that everyone made deals with the devil at some point. "How do you live with yourself when the devil is David Hayward?" Angie asked. Jake tried to cheer her up, but she shouted that she was no different than David.

Jake said that she was doing a great job. He cited that morale was high, and Joe Martin believed in her. Angie conveyed that she'd thought that she had the upper hand on David, but as it turned out, he'd had the union leader in his back pocket. She said David had proof that she'd bullied the union, and he was blackmailing her into resigning. An angry Jake raged about all the things that David had done. Jake strode out, determined not to let David hurt anyone again.

At the ConFusion bar, Tad and Jesse speculated about whether Greenlee would reunite with Ryan and turn on David. Jesse wished that he were with Angie instead of Tad. Jesse worried that he and Angie weren't spending enough time together. Tad advised Jesse to make the time. Jesse stated that time was short, and he didn't know what they were wasting it on.

Later, Jesse took takeout to Angie's office, and he found her in a testy mood. He asked her not to shut him out, but Angie retorted that he'd done it to her on numerous occasions. Jesse apologized for the past, and she explained that she was resigning from her job. He tried to convince her to think about it more, but Angie told him to just go. Jesse reluctantly complied.

When Greenlee entered the Wildwind parlor, David expected to hear that Ryan had gotten to her. David said he wouldn't force her to make a mistake in marrying him. Greenlee stated that inviting wedding guests had been the mistake. She suggested that they reschedule their wedding for the next day, but David said she only wanted to marry him out of fear. Ignoring his statement, Greenlee instructed him to call the minister and reschedule the wedding.

During a casual interview at ConFusion, Erica said that she did not intend to step down from Fusion. The reporter asked how Greenlee's return would affect Erica's relationship with Ryan. Before Erica could answer, Jack phoned her, and she excused herself to take the call. Jack briefly worried about Greenlee, and then he invited Erica to dinner at ConFusion.

Erica strode to the bar, where Ryan was telling Tad and Jesse that Greenlee was "hell bent" upon marrying David just to prove that she was over Ryan. Erica guessed that Greenlee had sabotaged Fusion to punish Erica. Ryan said that Greenlee hadn't outright confessed, but it was clear that she wanted Erica out of the company.

Erica skirted off, and Ryan followed her. She apologized for getting between Greenlee and him, but Ryan said Erica had been honest with him throughout their relationship. He wished that Greenlee would be, too. Ryan left, and Jack called Erica to cancel dinner, because he needed to save a sinking business deal. Erica decided to catch up on work at Fusion, and they agreed to have breakfast together the next morning.

In Erica's office, Greenlee busily typed on the computer. Erica entered and asked "what the hell" Greenlee was doing in Erica's office. Greenlee corrected that it was her company and her office. "Don't let my door hit you on the way out," Greenlee quipped. Erica retorted that after Greenlee had sabotaged and nearly bankrupted Fusion, she had no say over it. Greenlee announced that she was taking back what was hers, whether Erica liked it or not.

"I don't think so," Erica replied. Erica said that if it hadn't been for her, Greenlee would not have had a company to run because Fusion would never have existed. . Greenlee huffed that Erica must have been sniffing too many samples. Erica recalled giving Greenlee her start at Enchantment, and Erica felt that Greenlee should be thanking Erica for running Fusion in Kendall's absence.

Greenlee sneered that Kendall and Erica had teamed up on Ryan in the short year that Greenlee had been gone. Erica said Kendall and Ryan had long been over, and Erica and Ryan were over, too. A sardonic Greenlee found it noble that Erica would step aside for Greenlee, but Erica corrected that it had been over before they'd known that Greenlee was alive.

Greenlee said that Ryan had shown his concern for her by having other women between his sheets. Hurtling Greenlee's coat at Greenlee, Erica raged that she'd had it with Greenlee's disparagement of Ryan. Erica said she'd encouraged Ryan to reunite with Greenlee, but Greenlee didn't even deserve him. Erica ranted that Greenlee wasn't the delicate flower that Jack and Ryan made her out to be. "The truth is, you are just too spiteful to die!" Erica fumed as Jack stepped through the door.

Jack intervened to protect his daughter, and Erica remarked that the scene reminded her of why things had never worked between Jack and her. He asked if they could talk about it in the morning. "I don't think so. Our breakfast date is off!" Erica huffed, and stormed out of the office.

Jack and Greenlee bickered about her nuptials, and she informed him that the wedding was back on. He asked if she actually expected him to support it. "No more than I'd support whatever is going on with you and Erica," Greenlee quipped. She figured that Jack had arrived at the office to see Erica, and Greenlee wondered when he'd learn. She seethed that Erica had taken everything that Greenlee loved, and it wouldn't be over until Erica got what she deserved.

Back at Wildwind, David offered his minister a sizable church donation to reschedule David's wedding. Ryan stormed in looking for Greenlee, and the minister left. David said Ryan should respect Greenlee's decision to move on with her life, and David suggested that Ryan go rescue someone else, because Greenlee wasn't marrying David out of obligation. Ryan quipped that if David thought it was a game, then David was the one in need of rescuing.

Jake went to ConFusion to talk to Tad about Angie's predicament. Jake suggested that they take a page out of David's own book to stop him. Ryan rushed up and said that he had an idea of what to do, but he needed their help to pull it off.

Back at Wildwind, David met with a hospital board member to suggest that the board consider replacing Angie as chief of staff. After the meeting, Jake called David to say that Marissa had been admitted to the hospital. David asked what had happened, but Jake claimed that he was too busy saving Marissa to talk. A frantic David headed for the hospital.

Back at ConFusion, Jake took a bow for his acting skills, and Tad hoped that David had bought the story. Erica overheard Tad and Jake discussing that the mini-van would "come in handy." Jack called Erica to meet for a talk, but as she curiously watched Tad and Jake leave, she declined. She uttered that she had something more important to attend to.

Ryan rushed to Jack's hotel to tell Jack about the plan. Jack warned that Greenlee wouldn't like it. Ryan was certain that she'd fight him every step of the way. At Fusion later, Greenlee sent off an email. She ripped up a poster of Erica and strode to the door. When she opened it, Ryan swept her into his arms and spirited off with her.

Meanwhile, David rushed to the hospital, where Jake admitted that there was no emergency with Marissa. Upon hearing Jake start up about protecting Greenlee, a livid David rolled his eyes and said that it was pathetic, even for Jake. David left, and Jake called Tad to say that David was on the way out. "I'm right behind him," Jake murmured.

Later, Jake and Tad dragged a snoring David into a building that was undergoing renovation. Tad wondered what next, and Jake said, "Now the fun begins."

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The next morning, Greenlee awakened on a bed in a turret room to see Ryan grinning at her. He said that he'd taken her there to begin their life together. As he offered her a breakfast tray, she shoved it at him and bolted for the door. She tried to escape, but the door was locked. Greenlee rushed to the window, but it, too, was locked.

Ryan explained that he'd absconded with her to the castle where they had arranged their first wedding and where he'd first fallen in love with her. Greenlee, however, only recalled how Kendall had tried to drown Greenlee and steal Ryan. Ryan said that Kendall hadn't succeeded, but Greenlee seethed that Kendall had just waited until Greenlee had "died." She pounded on the door for help, but Ryan said that the place was empty. He'd rented the whole castle so that they could be alone. Greenlee insisted that once she was free, she'd marry David.

Ryan remarked that Greenlee had missed the first year of their marriage. He started to describe what their honeymoon would have been like, but she didn't want to hear it. Still, he went on about how he'd planned to kiss her in front of the Eiffel Tower. He imagined their first year of marriage, but Greenlee stated that they'd never get that year back, and their love had died in Connecticut. Ryan persisted that, though she was angry, she still loved him. He intended to keep her locked away until she admitted it. "I-do-not-love-you, Ryan," she claimed.

Suddenly, a sharp pain stung her backside, and she urged him to take her to the hospital. Ryan unlocked the door, and Greenlee slammed it against him as she ran out. He hauled her back into the room and ordered her to take it easy, because he didn't want her to hurt herself for real. Greenlee refused to sit still for his brainwashing, so he decided that he'd just be silent until she said what he wanted to hear. She vowed never to admit that she loved him.

Ryan and Greenlee locked eyes and stared each other down. In her mind flashed memories of him professing his love for her. She remembered him saying that it had always been her, and she was the love of his life. As the memories flooded back to her, the words "I love you" whispered through her mind. Suddenly, Greenlee blurted out, "Okay! I still love you! Are you happy now?"

At JR's house, JR awakened Adam, who'd been up all night calling potential bone marrow donors. Adam was sure that they'd find JR a match right away. JR chuckled to see Uncle Palmer's name on Adam's list. The father and son forgave each other for their past grievances and hugged. JR called Little Adam into the room and explained that JR would soon start a new treatment for his illness. Adam assured Little Adam that it would make JR all better.

At the Martin house, Marissa told Krystal about JR's cancer. Marissa explained that the chemotherapy process had taken a mental toll on her. Marissa had felt so alone, because she couldn't share her fears with JR. Krystal said she was there for Marissa. Though Krystal wasn't Marissa's mother, Krystal intended to earn the privilege of acting like it.

Colby found Scott sleeping on the parlor sofa at the mansion, and Annie explained that she'd asked him to stay in the main house. Colby was surprised that Scott had opted to sleep downstairs. Annie went for coffee, and Scott accused Colby of calling Dr. Burke the other night. Colby feigned innocence and said the last thing they needed was for Annie to go off the rails.

Scott remarked that Colby had felt different the other night, but Colby said she'd decided that an unstable Annie was dangerous for everyone. Annie entered with a newspaper, which featured Greenlee. "Why can't she just stay dead?" Annie murmured. Annie ripped up the newspaper, but quickly recomposed herself. She apologized to Scott and Colby for being on edge. Glancing knowingly at Scott, Colby told Annie not to worry about it.

Colby left, and Annie worried to Scott that Greenlee was after her. Annie assumed that Greenlee had called Dr. Burke. Scott, however, figured that Dr. Burke's office had just confused Annie with another patient by the same name. Scott remarked that "things just happen," and Annie wondered, "What about us? Did we 'just happen?'"

Just then, Adam crossed the threshold and said that they needed to talk. He went to get Colby, and Annie whispered to Scott that Adam assumed that she and Scott had slept together. Scott saw no problem, because they hadn't slept together. Adam reentered with Colby. Soon after, JR, Marissa, and Krystal arrived. JR announced that his chemotherapy wasn't working, and he needed a bone marrow transplant. Adam stated that JR could beat the cancer, but he needed the help of his entire family.

Everyone went to the hospital, where Frankie explained the bone marrow testing and transplant process. Adam wanted to be the first one tested, but given his medical history, he wasn't a good candidate. Adam wished that he could be the one to save JR, but JR told his father not to worry, because they'd find a match.

As the group was tested one by one, Annie said she didn't understand why they wouldn't at least test Adam. Nearby, JR assured Colby that she'd get rid of Annie. Aside from the others, Adam asked Tad to find a woman named Sonia Reyes, who last lived in California. Tad asked why, but Adam wouldn't say.

Jake and Tad had spent the night searching Wildwind for the union blackmail tape, but they'd found nothing. Angie called Jake to order him to stop the search. Guilt-ridden over what she'd done, Angie wanted to face the consequences. Jake, however, refused to give up.

A groggy David awakened to find himself tied to a chair in Erica's new loft, which was still under renovation. David told Erica that he last remembered struggling with Tad in the hospital parking garage, and then Jake had injected David with something. Erica remarked that it wasn't nice to blackmail people like Angie Hubbard. He asked how long Erica planned to hold him hostage. "As long as it takes to seduce you to your senses," Erica replied.

Tad arrived, and David asked what had happened to "Twiddle-Dumber." Tad demanded to know where the blackmail recording was. David just chuckled and provoked Tad to rough him up. Erica deduced that the recording was hidden behind a false brick in the Wildwind fireplace, and Tad took off to find it. David vowed that Erica would pay for that. Dangling a key, she told him to play nicely, because she held the key to his freedom.

David figured that Erica had abetted the kidnapping, not because she cared who ran PVH, but because of Fusion. Erica advised David to make Greenlee back down, because if Erica went after Greenlee, "Well, it's not going to be pretty." Erica said that Greenlee, shrouded by anger, was on a destructive course. "And if you don't get your vindictive bride to walk away from Fusion, I'm going to have to do everything I can to safeguard it," Erica decided.

David figured that it was all about Ryan, not Fusion. Erica informed him that she and Ryan had split up, even before the wedding stunt. David said that Ryan wasn't Erica's type of man. She wondered how David knew that, and he quipped that he'd once been an Erica Kane expert. Erica asked why a talented man like David was wasting his time on a spoiled brat like Greenlee Smythe. David listed a string of Erica's romantic partners, and she called him jealous. He wondered why the two of them hated each other's lovers.

David concluded that they still cared for each other, and he said he regretted their breakup. Erica said she wouldn't go that far. David felt that they were just alike: driven, ambitious, and very attractive. He said they'd known how to spice things up. Erica asked what Greenlee would think of him talking that way. He was sure that Greenlee would cancel the wedding. "We can't have that, now, can we?" Erica rejoined. She stated that she wanted David to marry Greenlee and get Greenlee away from Fusion, Ryan, and Pine Valley forever.

In Angie's office, Angie reread her resignation, and Jesse walked in as she sealed it in an envelope. Jesse was distraught because she hadn't been home all night, and he urged her not to freeze him out of her problems. Angie said there was nothing to talk about, because she was resigning. Jesse guessed that it had something to do with David, but Angie refused to discuss it further. She left to messenger off her resignation.

When Angie returned to her office later, Tad and Jake arrived with the blackmail recording. Angie said she'd already turned in her resignation. Jake didn't want to let David win again, but Angie insisted on owning up to her own mistakes. Jake set a recorder on a table and left with Tad. Angie sadly tossed her nameplate into the trash. Jesse entered, and, waving a letter, he ordered her to put the nameplate back where it belonged. Angie asked where he'd gotten the letter, and Jesse replied, "I stole it."

Angie asked if Jesse had read the letter. Ripping it up, he said he hadn't, because he wanted her to tell him. Jesse needed to know why she'd resigned, but Angie wouldn't tell him. She received a page and rushed out of the office. Undeterred, Jesse waited in the office. When Angie returned, she ordered him to go home. He demanded to know what she was keeping from him. Angie claimed that he'd kept things from her ever since the day he'd "died." Jesse wondered what kind of marriage they had, if she didn't open up to him, and he abruptly left.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Liza and Tad were delighted when they ran into each other at ConFusion. Tad confessed that Adam Chandler was his new client. Mildly surprised, Liza said that she was representing JR. Tad filled Liza in on JR's medical condition. Things that previously hadn't made sense suddenly fell into place. Liza offered to get tested and, although Tad didn't think it would do any good, he appreciated the offer. Tad pulled a piece of paper out of his wallet and told Liza that he'd been hired to find a woman named Sonia Reyes.

The extended Chandler clan gathered at the hospital to find out if any of them were a match for JR. In an effort to fight feelings of exclusion, Annie approached JR. Annie told JR that if she beat the odds and was a match, she would happily donate. JR thought that Annie would hold something of that caliber over his head. When Jake entered the room and said that he was ready to test Annie, JR proclaimed that he would never take anything that Annie had to give.

Adam reentered the waiting room and wanted to know what was going on. Annie insisted that she had no idea what happened. JR said that after all Annie had done, there was no way he wanted anything from her. JR demanded that Annie leave, but Annie begged Adam to let her stay. Adam took one look at his son and decided that it would be best if Annie left. Adam asked Scott to escort Annie back home.

Adam said that he'd identified the top cancer doctor on the East Coast. The doctor had gone to Berlin to present a paper, but Adam said he would fly the doctor to Pine Valley upon his return. Colby noticed something was bothering her father so, with a little prodding, Adam admitted that he had been against sending Annie home. JR said Annie had intended to use JR's illness to score points, and JR said that he wanted no part of it. Adam didn't want to entertain the thought, but JR went on to say that Annie would willingly take out anyone who was in her way.

JR tried to talk to Colby about what life would be like if he didn't beat the cancer again. Colby didn't want to hear her brother talk that way, but JR continued to push her gently. Colby said that she knew what she had to do, and started to walk away. Before he let her leave, JR warned his sister not to do anything stupid.

Liza arrived at the hospital and asked Adam where she could find JR. Adam pointed to the waiting room, then followed out of curiosity. Marissa joined the group moments later. JR turned to Marissa and said he wanted her to legally adopt Little Adam. Marissa was touched and said that she couldn't love Little Adam any more than if he were her own.

Before they could review and finalize the paperwork, Adam interrupted and asked for a moment alone with JR. Liza and Marissa stepped out into the hall and Adam questioned JR's actions. JR insisted that he needed to cover all of his bases, but Adam thought they needed to focus on being positive.

Tad showed up at the hospital and interrupted JR and Adam's conversation. Tad asked for a moment alone with Adam, so JR excused himself. Tad admitted that he hadn't been able to find Sonia, the new assignment Adam had given him. Tad said that he needed more information to go on. Adam thought that he might have something usable back at the mansion, and promised that he would report back to Tad.

Marissa and JR told Little Adam about the adoption. Marissa explained that she would never replace Babe, but confirmed that she loved Little Adam unconditionally. The young boy thought it was a great idea. Colby returned at that moment, and Marissa took Little Adam to the cafeteria so that Colby and her brother could talk. Once alone, Colby told her brother than she'd found a way to push Annie over the edge.

After Erica handcuffed David and slipped the key in her bra, David said that the idea of the wedding being cancelled should make Erica happy. David was surprised at her response. Erica noted that if the wedding were successful, David could take Greenlee away from Fusion and Pine Valley altogether. David was intrigued, but wanted to know how he would benefit from such an arrangement.

Erica asked what David wanted and he mysteriously told her that there wasn't anything that he didn't want. Curious, Erica asked what David hoped to get out of a marriage to Greenlee. David extolled Greenlee's virtues, but Erica pointed out that love was conspicuously absent from his list. Before Erica could express her next thought, David said that Erica likely believed that David was incapable of love. Erica rejected David's claim and instead said she believed that the notion of love scared David.

David maintained that he had loved before and would love again. Erica continued to ask questions, which made David think that Erica had a theory. Erica slowly unraveled her thoughts, and mentioned that David hadn't always been evil. Erica started to talk about David's childhood, but David stopped her. He said that talk of his childhood was off-limits.

Erica apologized for crossing the line, and decided to take another tack to get the information that she wanted. Before she could dive into a new set of questions, David's phone rang. David was worried that it could be Greenlee and tried to use it as a way out of the restraints. Erica smoothly checked the phone and when she realized it wasn't Greenlee, she shattered David's idea of being released.

David's frayed nerves pushed him to the edge. He confessed that while what he had with Greenlee might not be the kind of love worthy of Erica, it was likely the closest thing he would ever get. David said that the comfort of marrying Greenlee lay in the idea that Greenlee saw the world the same way David did.

David left a few tears slip, and Erica was drawn in. David asked Erica to come closer, presumably to kiss. Erica realized David's motives just in time to prevent him from reaching down her shirt and grabbing the key. Erica asserted that the best plan would be for David to assist Erica in getting Greenlee out of town and away from Fusion.

David pointed out that despite multiple mentions, he had failed to give any consideration to Erica's demands. David became increasingly concerned when Erica seemed to tune him out. David watched as Erica checked his phone and laughed. Erica abruptly decided to leave, and David demanded to know how long he would be left alone. The only information Erica offered was that someone from Massachusetts had called David's phone multiple times.

Greenlee admitted that she was still in love with Ryan. She also revealed that she was angry that he'd kidnapped her, returned her to a place from their past, and made her relive all of her dreams of a life with Ryan. Greenlee kissed Ryan passionately, but it only lasted a few moments.

Greenlee tore herself away and Ryan begged to know why. Greenlee said that despite the fact that she still loved Ryan, she couldn't get past the immeasurable hurt he'd caused her. Ryan swore that he would spend the rest of his life making up for all of the things he'd done wrong. Greenlee realized that Ryan got the wrong idea, and told him that her kiss was to say goodbye.

Ryan couldn't believe that Greenlee didn't want to take another chance on happiness with him. Greenlee said that what they'd found with each other was in the past, and should stay there. Ryan wondered how, if Greenlee still loved him, she could be with anyone else. Greenlee said that marrying David was the only answer she had that made sense. Ryan pleaded with Greenlee not to marry David.

Greenlee hoped that if she told Ryan what he wanted to hear, he would let her go. However, when she promised that she wouldn't marry David, Ryan still doubted her. Greenlee began to get upset and frantically told Ryan that they didn't work anymore. She rambled on about how many times her heart, her body, and her spirit had been broken and claimed that she couldn't suffer any additional pain. Ryan tried to calm her down, to no avail. Greenlee hyperventilated and passed out.

Jake was on call when Ryan phoned the hospital for assistance. Jake was able to check Greenlee out and chalked up the fainting to stress and some dehydration. Ryan explained that although he knew Greenlee needed to rest, he continued to push Greenlee to acknowledge their love. Jake understood the frustration and reminded Ryan that Greenlee never did things the easy way.

Jake asked Ryan to get some juice and a cookie from the kitchen so that they could spike Greenlee's blood sugar when she woke up. As soon as Ryan left the room to do as Jake asked, Greenlee's eyes popped open. Greenlee told Jake that she couldn't go back to Ryan because things never worked out between them. Ryan walked up to the door and overheard Greenlee express her fear that she might die if Ryan didn't give up fighting for their relationship.

After Annie and Scott arrived back at the Chandler estate, Annie ranted about how Adam was wrong to be so dismissive of her. Scott tried to calm Annie down, and reminded her that JR had to be the center of Adam's attention. That did little to soothe Annie's frazzled nerves. She was able to down one shot of booze before she dropped the glass. It shattered on the floor and Annie immediately berated herself for her carelessness. As Scott cleaned up the mess, Annie clutched his arm and expressed how grateful she was that she still had Scott in her life. Annie was shocked when Scott pulled his arm away.

Annie told Scott that he couldn't pull away from her when she needed him. Scott was finally completely honest and admitted that he couldn't be around Annie. Scott said that the possibility of running Chandler alone was very real, and noted that he couldn't be distracted by her. Annie seemed genuinely stunned. Scott said that things needed to change and revealed that he would continue to build walls between himself and Annie until she could no longer affect him.

The possibility of living in the Chandler house without Scott to lean on raised Annie's fears of abandonment. She confessed that she'd been recalling all of the hatred she'd had toward Greenlee, and said she couldn't go back to being that person. Scott sympathized but told her that he could no longer help. Annie refused to take no for an answer and continued to beg.

Scott apologized and told Annie that they needed to go their separate ways. Tears fell down Annie's face as Scott walked out of the house. Annie turned and saw a newspaper with a story covering Greenlee's return. Rattled by memories, Annie went out to the patio. Lost in thought, it took her a few minutes to spot the lug nut wrench. Flashes of the night Annie killed her brother mixed in with the thoughts of how Adam and Scott abandoned her.

When Adam returned home and called out his wife's name, Annie did not respond. Adam spotted the open patio doors and walked over. Without words, he watched as Annie contemplated the tire iron she held in her hand.

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