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Monday, February 8, 2010

At Wildwind, Ryan demanded to know where Erica was. David informed Ryan that Erica was not at Wildwind. Ryan didn't believe David, so Ryan threatened to search the mansion. David looked up to see Greenlee enter through the front door. Greenlee momentarily froze when she spotted Ryan. David kept Ryan distracted by warning Ryan that he was tired of Ryan and his "girlfriend" treating Wildwind like "Grand Central Station." Greenlee quickly ducked out of sight before Ryan realized that she was in the house.

David continued to make remarks about Ryan and Erica's relationship until Ryan questioned why it bothered David so much. David quickly shifted gears to suggest that perhaps Ryan, not Erica, had been target of the saboteur. Ryan wondered if David was confessing to the crime. David insisted that he had merely presented a possibility. According to David, Ryan was most deserving of an attack of that nature.

David accused Ryan of being a self-righteous person who should examine his own life under a microscope. Ryan realized that David's anger stemmed from something deeper than Ryan's relationship with Erica. Ryan quickly surmised that David might have lingering resentment over Ryan's relationship with Greenlee. Ryan suspected that David was furious because Greenlee had fallen in love with Ryan after Leo had died. As Greenlee eavesdropped, Ryan talked about how he had made peace with Greenlee's death and then moved past the pain of her losing her. Ryan advised David to do the same.

After Ryan walked out, Greenlee stepped out of the shadows. Greenlee was hurt by Ryan's words; however, she had needed to hear them, in order to accept that her relationship with Ryan was truly over. Greenlee acknowledged that Ryan had a right to move on, but she was livid that he had done so with Kendall and then Erica. Greenlee was determined to hurt Ryan as deeply as he had hurt her.

Greenlee was surprised when David announced that he had to go to the police station to explain away the fingerprints that Jesse had found on the flash drive used to wipe out Fusion's computer files. Greenlee felt terrible that she had left the incriminating evidence behind. David wasn't concerned; he was confident that he wouldn't be charged with any criminal wrongdoing. Someone knocked on the door moments later. Greenlee started to hide, but David assured her that he was expecting a delivery.

David returned to the living room and carried several large boxes. He revealed that they were all for Greenlee. Greenlee smiled as David invited her to spend her afternoon sifting through the boxes. He promised to work on their wedding plans when he returned. After David left, Greenlee opened the boxes to find that each one contained a wedding dress. Greenlee tried one of the dresses on and then checked her appearance in the mirror. She was suddenly assailed by memories of her wedding to Ryan.

Ryan entered the police station, and was looking for Erica. Jesse admitted that he hadn't seen her. Ryan revealed that David had confirmed that Erica had been at Wildwind, but David had refused to elaborate about what they had discussed. Ryan confided that David had hinted that Ryan was the reason that Fusion had been targeted. Ryan couldn't understand David's sudden anger, but he suspected that it involved Greenlee. Jesse didn't think it made sense for David to suddenly dredge up past. Ryan hoped that Erica could shed some light on the matter.

Erica was stunned when she discovered Jackson standing on her doorstep. Erica wondered why Jack was in Pine Valley. He revealed that he had left Europe to see Erica. It occurred to Erica that Jack might have heard about the problem at Fusion; she quickly assured her ex-husband that she had everything under control. Jack perked up when Erica mentioned that Ryan was helping her to get to the bottom of the attack on Fusion's files.

Jack showed Erica the cover of a magazine, which featured a front-page picture of Ryan and Erica kissing. Erica commented that she wasn't aware that she had to answer to Jack. Jack wondered if Erica had considered who might be hurt because of her relationship with Ryan. Erica revealed that she had spoken to Kendall and Bianca; neither daughter had indicated that they had a problem with their mother dating Ryan. Jack was curious if it had occurred to Erica that Spike might be upset to see his daddy kissing her.

Erica was horrified at the idea of Spike seeing the magazine. Jack assured Erica that Spike hadn't seen the cover; however, there was a possibility that he could. Erica was outraged that Jack would use Spike in such a manner. Jack easily blocked Erica's attempt to slap him, so Erica marched out of the room. Once she calmed down, she returned to find Jack patiently waiting for her. Erica wondered why Kendall hadn't mentioned that she had a problem with Erica dating Ryan.

Jack reminded Erica that Kendall had her hands full trying to work things out with Zach. Erica wondered if perhaps Jack was the one who had a problem with Erica and Ryan's relationship. Erica suspected that perhaps Jack didn't want Ryan to move on because of Greenlee. Jack warned Erica that she was kidding herself if she believed that Ryan was over Greenlee. Jack worried that Erica was going to have her heart broken. Erica appreciated Jack's concern, but she was certain that Jack feared that he would be the only one left to mourn Greenlee.

Jack admitted that, to some extent, his love for Greenlee "colored" things. However, Jack had made peace with his daughter's passing. Jack acknowledged that he had been furious when Kendall had confessed to her role in the tragic crash. However, Jack had eventually forgiven Kendall. Jack was curious if perhaps Erica was the one using Ryan to get over what she had shared with Jack. Jack recognized that what he and Erica had shared wasn't something that was easily forgotten. Erica's phone rang before she could respond. It was Ryan.

Ryan was eager to find out what Erica and David had discussed, so he wanted to drop by Erica's place. Erica suggested that she and Ryan meet the following day. Ryan couldn't hide the disappointment in his voice, but he didn't push it. He reminded her of their vacation plans, which Erica admitted had slipped her mind. She promised to see Ryan the following day and then quickly ended the call. Jack smiled knowingly as he remarked, "Perhaps it wasn't a wasted trip after all." Erica appeared deep in thought as Jack quietly showed himself out.

At the Pine Valley Police Station, Tad left Liza an urgent voicemail message just as Liza entered the squad room. Liza was following up on a DNA request from her client, Damon Miller. Tad immediately pulled Liza aside to ask for her help. Tad wanted Liza to stop Jake from making a false statement about David to the police. Liza promised to do what she could.

Amanda couldn't believe that Jake would lie under oath in order to get David convicted. Jake was unapologetic as he responded, "If it keeps him out of our lives forever, yeah, you're damn skippy, I would." Amanda dragged Jake into the interrogation room, so that they could continue their argument. Amanda admitted that she wanted David to go to jail; however, she didn't want Jake to lie to make it happen. Jake didn't think that they could count on the police.

Jesse entered the room moments later. Liza and Tad were close behind Jesse. Liza informed Jesse that Jake was her client. Jesse pointed out that a witness didn't need legal counsel, but Liza refused to budge. Liza insisted on speaking to her client before Jake gave his statement, so Jesse left for a few minutes. As soon as the door closed, Tad and Liza tried to reason with Jake. Liza reminded Jake that there was a penalty for perjury. Jake risked going to jail if he lied to the police. Jake insisted that it was time to go on the offensive with David.

Jesse returned to take Jake's statement. Liza remained by Jake's side while Tad and Amanda left. Jake claimed that he had spotted David in ConFusion as David had approached the elevator. According to Jake, David had taken the elevator to the floor where Fusion's offices were located. Jesse was curious what Jake had done earlier that Tuesday evening. Jake pretended to be surprised as he asked, "Tuesday?" Liza's relief was visible when Jake clarified that he had seen David on Monday evening.

Frustrated, Jesse warned Jake, "Next time you want to make a statement, get your frigging facts straight." As Jesse stormed out of the room, Tad and Amanda entered. Tad and Amanda wore matching expressions of concern as they demanded to know what Jake had told Jesse. Liza informed Tad and Amanda that Jake had seen the light. Tad and Amanda relaxed when they realized that Jake had followed their advice. Jake informed them that he remained determined to get David; however, Jake wanted to make certain that the charges stuck.

Jake grumbled as he, Amanda, Tad, and Liza entered ConFusion. Jake wanted to go home to brainstorm, instead of hanging out at ConFusion. Amanda pointed out that Jake had narrowly avoided perjuring himself. Jake wasn't concerned; he decided that he wanted to plant something of David's in Fusion's offices, which would point to David as the saboteur. Liza informed Jake that an attorney was obligated to report any crimes that they had foreknowledge of.

Tad announced that their impromptu get-together was an intervention; Amanda, Tad, and Liza wanted Jake to stop going after David. Amanda realized that David had put them through hell, but she didn't want Jake to fight David by turning into a person like David. Amanda insisted that she was with Jake because Jake was nothing like David. Jake cherished Amanda, but he argued that David had been the instigator.

Liza accused Jake of not understanding what it was like to lose a family. Tad followed Liza as she walked away, visibly shaken. Tad sensed that Liza was distraught about something other than Jake's desire to frame David. Liza confided that Bailey had taken Stuart home to the Wellses. Liza had no idea when, or if, Bailey planned to return to Pine Valley. Liza confessed that she couldn't watch as another family was ripped apart.

David stopped by the police station to make an official statement about the flash drive that had been found at Fusion. David insisted that the flash drive had been stolen during the recent rash of burglaries in Pine Valley. Jesse claimed that he had a witness who could place David in Fusion at the time of the cyber attack. David denied being there, prompting Jesse to play a recording of Jake's confession.

Jesse stopped the tape before Jake's admission that he had seen David on Monday night, not Tuesday night. David accused Jake of making a false statement. David was confident that Jesse didn't have enough evidence to charge David; otherwise, Jesse would have slapped a pair of handcuffs on David.

After David strolled out of the police station, he headed to ConFusion. At ConFusion, David approached Jake, Amanda, Tad, and Liza's table. To everyone's surprise, David invited everyone to attend David's Valentine's Day wedding. Tad wondered who the bride was, but David would only reveal that they had to attend the wedding to find out.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

At police headquarters, Brot swiped case notes off Natalia's desk. Upon reading them aloud, he realized that she'd written him a favorable review. Natalia strong-armed him over the desk and wrested the papers away. Later, she discovered an anonymous Valentine's Day card and candy on her desk. She spotted a bag of candy on Brot's desk and deduced that he was her admirer. Later, Natalia felt embarrassed when she read a text-message from Jesse, who hoped that Natalia liked the chocolate.

In the foyer at the Chandler mansion, Ryan dropped Emma off early, and Annie told him that he couldn't make a relationship with Erica work. After they exchanged barbs, Ryan left. Scott entered, and Annie remarked that Ryan's true love had sent Annie to the "rubber room."

Adam received a call from JR, who canceled on a business meeting, because he had a cold. Colby entered and heard Adam say that JR had sounded half-dead on the phone. Colby revealed that she knew about JR's cancer, and Adam said that it was in remission. Colby asked what Adam would do if it returned. Adam said that he'd have to rethink a lot of things.

Colby hoped that Adam would reconsider the merit trust, and Adam said he was impressed that Colby had tried to use JR's cancer to convince Adam to rescind the trust. Colby huffed that not everything was a manipulation. Annie entered, and Colby stormed out. Annie wondered what the argument had been about. "Control," Adam replied.

Adam asked Annie if he'd made a mistake by invoking the trust. Annie said that while she'd been upset initially, she understood why he'd done it. Adam said that he'd just wanted to protect his children. Adam missed JR and wished they were closer. Annie assured Adam that JR would change and Adam would never lose her. Adam decided that he needed to do something.

Adam left, and Annie worried to Scott that Colby would get Adam to drop Colby's merit trust conditions, but leave the others intact. Scott remarked that he could meet his conditions. Annie said that Colby wanted Annie gone, but as a former master manipulator, Annie could spot Colby's moves before she made them.

As Scott and Annie worked, they reached for a paper and touched hands. Annie said that she didn't scheme anymore. Scott asked how she'd use the trust to her advantage, if she still were a schemer. Annie said she'd manipulate Colby into marrying the wrong man for starters. Scott wondered what Annie would do to him. "Guess," she uttered, touching his face. Scott stated that they'd both be out of the trust, and Annie replied that it could be worth it.

At JR's house, Marissa entered with a red envelope, which contained David's wedding invitation. A shocked JR wondered whom David had drugged that time. Marissa was sick of David's "crap" and angry at his newest stunt to marry some mysterious bride. She decided to give David a piece of her mind, but JR warned her not to get involved.

Later, JR was alone when Colby arrived to implore him to tell Adam about the cancer. JR refused, because he hoped to be in remission again soon. Colby felt that if Adam knew about the cancer, he'd reevaluate his life. "Starting with Annie?" JR presumed. JR said that he didn't want to manipulate Adam with the cancer again. Colby begged JR to do it once more to get the "psycho bitch" out of Adam's life and will, but JR refused to roll around in the mud with Colby.

Colby went to ConFusion, where Damon was filling out job applications. He said that Bailey had taken Stuart to spend time with her parents. Colby ranted about Annie almost killing Adam, and Damon joked, "Death by lap dance. That's how I want to go." Colby moved on to complaining about the trust, and Damon joked that she should take out an Internet ad for a husband. Colby called him a jerk and stormed out.

Back at JR's house, Adam arrived and guessed that JR was out of remission. Adam wondered when it had happened, and JR said that it didn't matter, because he planned to win. Adam and JR hugged.

At Fusion, Madison proposed they hire a reformed hacker to debug the system. Randi scowled at Madison for suggesting that they hire a criminal, but Erica loved the idea. As Erica went to her office, a red envelope arrived for her. Val suggested that Madison add it to the pile of other "wedding proposals," and they'd sort them out later.

Erica called Kendall to press her for her true feelings about Erica and Ryan's relationship. Kendall admitted that it was weird and wrong, but Kendall couldn't blame Erica after Kendall had been with Ethan before she'd married Zach. Kendall couldn't help but wonder if Ryan was really the man that Erica was meant to be with.

Erica called Opal to the office for advice about breaking up with Ryan. Erica worried that she'd been using her relationship with Ryan as an escape from her problems, and she didn't think it was fair to do that to Ryan or to herself. Erica claimed that Ryan and she were friends, and it wasn't meant to be more. She flipped open a tabloid and insisted that Ryan and she donned fake smiles in the pictures. Opal wondered how Erica had gotten a French tabloid.

Erica admitted that she'd seen Jackson Montgomery, and Opal readily assumed that Jack had plied Erica with "Ryan doubts." Opal figured that Jack was staking a claim on Erica, but Erica insisted that Jack had just opened her eyes to things. Erica said that Kendall had also questioned the relationship, and Jack had made Erica realize that she'd never find her soul mate while she was with Ryan. She felt that she needed to end it for both their sakes.

Opal wondered how Ryan would react, and Erica reasoned that Greenlee had been the real love of Ryan's life. Erica figured that he needed to concentrate on recovering from his loss so that he could learn to love someone else.

At home, Ryan made final arrangements for the trip with Erica. He dropped a red envelope on the coffee table and trotted upstairs. Later, he called Erica and noted that she had seemed a little off the other night. He figured that their vacation would provide the perfect escape. Erica stated that she wasn't going away with him.

Ryan went to Erica's house and wondered what was preventing her from escaping for a few days. Erica said that escaping was all they'd been doing, but it couldn't go on. Erica tried to gently break up with Ryan, but he said that they deserved to be happy. Erica stated that she didn't love Ryan the way that he deserved to be loved. She knew that he didn't love her, either, and she said that they couldn't settle for less when true love was out there.

At Wildwind, David told his wedding planner that he wanted his wedding to be an event that no one would miss. As David conferred with the planner, Greenlee, who listened from the stairs, constantly text-messaged him with her instructions. The planner asked about the invitations, and David said that they'd already been sent out.

At the planner left, Greenlee entered and snapped at David for suggesting that they have a spray of roses. David stated that Ryan wouldn't care about the flowers once she lifted her veil. "Payback's a bitch," Greenlee quipped.

Later, Marissa arrived in a foul mood, and David assumed she'd gotten the invitation. She raged that his daughter shouldn't have learned about his mysterious wedding via an invitation in the mail. Marissa claimed that he was back in town for revenge. David didn't deny that, but he said that he wanted to rebuild their relationship, too. David stated that he'd made mistakes like everyone else, but he was the only person being punished.

Marissa argued that David had chosen to live a big, fat lie with Amanda and Trevor, and the new marriage was just another attempt for him to form his perfect family. David claimed that the marriage would give him a way to stay in town, and it gave him hope that he could be a real father to Marissa. She retorted that her real father was dead, and she strode out.

Later, Greenlee offered to talk to Marissa, but David said that Marissa probably wouldn't even show up for the wedding. David noted that Greenlee hadn't invited Jack, and Greenlee said that she didn't want to drag her father into the plot. David stated that Erica had Jack on speed dial, and Greenlee wondered how she'd be the first break the news to her father that she was alive. David suggested that Greenlee check out the estate's chapel.

When Greenlee entered the chapel, Jack had his back to the door. He wondered why David had been sending him messages all day. When Jack turned, his mouth dropped open to see Greenlee standing in the aisle. "Hi, Dad," she greeted.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

At JR's house, Marissa entered as JR and Adam hugged. JR said that he hadn't revealed his disease because he hadn't wanted any pity. Adam stated that JR needed family, but JR rasped that when he'd asked for family, Adam had chosen Annie instead. JR felt that his cancer didn't change anything between him and Adam. Adam offered his help, but JR retorted that Adam just wanted control. JR raged on until he got dizzy and collapsed. His head hit the dresser as he fell.

From the mansion terrace, Colby peered through the parlor window in time to see the chemistry between Scott and Annie bubble into a kiss. Colby videotaped them with her cell phone. Just then, the phone rang, and Colby scrambled out of view. Inside, Scott and Annie repelled themselves from each other and pretended to be working.

Colby entered, and Scott awkwardly said that Annie and he had been going over spreadsheets. Colby quipped that they didn't want to keep the "sheets" waiting, and she left the room. In the foyer, Colby called Damon back, and he said he'd been hired at Fusion. He suggested that she go to Fusion, so that he could make his thoughtlessness up to her.

In the parlor, a panicked Annie was certain that Colby had seen the kiss. Annie said that she'd get kicked out of the house, and Scott would get kicked out of the company. Scott raged that he couldn't believe that he'd let Annie get to him again. She suggested that they concoct a cover story. "You were choking, and I used my tongue to help?" he retorted.

Adam called the house looking for Colby. He told Annie that he wanted Colby to meet him at the hospital, because something had happened to JR. Annie called Colby, who had just met up with Damon at Fusion. Colby looked at her phone, but she didn't answer it. She told Damon that she wanted to make her "step-monster" sweat it out a little longer.

At the hospital, JR learned that he needed stitches and a change in his chemotherapy regimen. Adam spouted that he wanted a second opinion and the very best doctors. Marissa persuaded Adam to leave the room, and JR grumbled that Adam wanted to control everything, as usual. Marissa said that Adam was worried, but JR claimed that Adam meant nothing to him.

In the corridor, Scott and Annie arrived. Annie didn't understand all the fuss over JR's drunken bump on the head, but she frowned when Adam replied that JR had cancer. Having received Annie's message, Colby rushed in, and Adam revealed that everyone knew about JR's cancer. Colby said that she'd given her word to JR that she'd keep it quiet. Hugging her, Adam said she'd done the right thing in being loyal, but he was glad that all the secrets were out.

When Colby visited JR, he thanked her for keeping his secret. The doctor entered, and Colby left. In the hall, Scott asked Colby how JR was. Colby made a snarky remark about Annie, and Scott guessed that Colby had seen the kiss. Colby figured that Scott was finally on board with Colby's plan to rid them of Annie, but Scott replied that he wasn't playing any games.

Colby alluded to the video she'd taken of the indiscretion, and she reminded Scott that she'd warned him to pick a side. Scott replied that Colby was trying to pick it for him. She stated that all he had to do was help her get rid of Annie. He asked what would happen if he didn't. "Then I am really, really gonna miss you," Colby answered.

Alone with Adam, Annie realized that Adam's fear of a cancer resurgence had caused him to insist that JR live with them. She warned that Adam couldn't force JR to make that kind of decision. Adam said that JR needed someone to care for him and his family, if the worst should happen. Colby crept up in time to see Annie hugging and consoling Adam.

Adam strode off, and Colby confronted Annie about her true feelings regarding JR moving into the mansion. Annie stated that the real Colby was back. When Annie sneered that she'd been sick of the sugary Colby, Colby retorted that she'd been sickened to see Annie's tongue down Scott's throat. Annie said that Adam would never believe Colby's assertions. Colby showed Annie the video and wondered if he'd believe it, instead.

Annie snatched the cell phone and snapped it in half. She said that without proof, Colby was just a spoiled and jealous daughter. Adam rounded the corner, and Colby pulled Annie in for a hug. Annie asked what Colby was doing, and Colby uttered that she was playing nice.

Outside JR's room, Scott told Marissa that he felt like a fool for assuming that JR had been drinking. Marissa suggested that Scott pay JR a visit. Scott slunk into JR's room and called himself an "ass." JR said that Scott was JR's cousin. Though JR hated to ask for help, the cancer had given him no choice. JR wanted someone to look out for his family; however, he didn't trust anyone but Scott to do it. Shaking JR's hand, Scott readily accepted the honor.

At Erica's house, Erica told Ryan that they shouldn't settle, because true love awaited them. Ryan wished that it had been her, and she wished the same. They decided that they were still friends and partners at Fusion. He asked how they'd handle the "unannoucement" of their relationship in the press, but she said they shouldn't even bother with that. Ryan was sure that Erica would find someone new, but he felt that he'd already had his great love with Greenlee.

As Ryan lamented his relationship with Greenlee, he said he'd stared up at the moon and hoped to will her back. He appreciated Erica listening about Greenlee, and Erica said that she was honored that he'd confided in her, even if she hadn't been a fan of Greenlee's. The two hugged, and Ryan received a text message from Jesse, who wanted to see Ryan. Erica urged Ryan to go, and he kissed her cheek before heading out.

On the phone in the hallway, Ryan said, "You've got to be kidding me-on Valentine's Day? No, no way in hell!" He ended the call and hurried off. In Erica's house, Erica held the tabloid and recalled her conversation with Jack. She seemed shaken when she remembered Jack telling her that it had been hard for him to get over losing her.

In the Wildwind chapel, Jack and Greenlee hugged each other, and Jack gasped that his daughter was alive. Jack explained how bad the accident had been, and he wondered how she'd survived. Greenlee explained that she'd awakened after a year to learn that someone had rescued her, and Jack asked why the person hadn't contacted her family. David peeped in and saw Greenlee sitting her father down on a pew to talk.

Greenlee explained her reasons for waiting until after the surgery to return to her family. She said that Jack had been the first person to know about her return, and Jack wondered whom he could thank for it. David entered, and Jack asked why David had never bothered to tell anyone that Greenlee was alive. "You've always liked playing God, David," Jack asserted.

David said that Greenlee's life had been uncertain, and if she hadn't made it, he hadn't wanted to crush her family all over again. Greenlee insisted that it had been her choice to tell her father about her miracle in person, and she urged Jack to thank David. Jack stated that David had tampered with DNA and corpses because he wanted to be Master of the Universe, not because he'd wanted to help Greenlee. Jack whipped out his phone to call the police, but Greenlee warned, "If you make that call, I really will be dead to you."

Jack put the phone away, and Greenlee hugged him. He suggested that she live with him and reunite with her loved ones. Greenlee asked David for more time alone with Jack, and David left. Jack ranted about David's motives, but Greenlee didn't want to discuss them. She asked Jack not to tell Ryan or anyone else about her. Though Jack wanted to shout the news from the rooftops, he guessed that she wanted to reveal herself on Valentine's Day. Greenlee said that he was right, and Jack reluctantly agreed to keep quiet.

Greenlee suggested that Jack return to Europe, because it'd be easier for him to keep her secret there. After some debate, Jack agreed to do as his daughter asked. Greenlee left, but before Jack could depart, he received a message from Erica. He called her back, and she said that she wanted to see him right away. Jack stated that it wasn't a good time, but Erica insisted.

In David's living room, Greenlee apprised David of her conversation with her father. The two heard screeching tires, and Greenlee ran to hide. Ryan stormed into the house without knocking and raged at David for planning to marry someone on Valentine's Day. Ryan explained that it would have been his first anniversary as Greenlee's husband, but David chuckled, saying that Ryan had supposedly moved on with Erica.

Ryan quipped that David and his bride would spend their honeymoon incinerating Erica's company. Greenlee grimaced as she listened in, and David asked how Ryan thought that Greenlee would feel about Ryan calling it Erica's company. Ryan slugged David, and David fell to the ground. Ryan warned David to never to say anything about Greenlee again.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

At the police station, Brot invited Natalia to a bowling tournament after work, and she haughtily assumed that he was asking her on a date. Brot said he'd just thought that since they'd won the dance charity, they could conquer the lanes next. He offered to meet her at the bowling alley to quell her suspicion that it could be a date.

At Fusion, Jesse told Randi, Madison, and Val about a break in the virus case. Forensics had found a cyber signature embedded in the virus software. It belonged to Mitchell "the Plague" Lawson. The Fusion crew hoped that "the Plague" could undo the havoc at Fusion.

Later, Jesse, Brot, and Natalia questioned Mitchell at the police station. He admitted to creating the virus, but not to activating it. Mitchell advised them to talk to the women who'd hired him to program it, because besides him, only Greenlee and Kendall knew the codes to unleash it.

Jesse took a break from questioning, and he suggested that Natalia use her computer knowledge to finesse Mitchell. Brot and Natalia resumed questioning, and Natalia complimented Mitchell on his "leet." Mitchell flirted with Natalia, and Mitchell agreed to cooperate in return for a date with her. Brot frowned when she said, "You've got it, and I know just where to go."

Natalia and Brot took Mitchell to Fusion, and Mitchell started putting Fusion back online one branch at a time. Mitchell bargained for dinner with Natalia, who said that if he finished within an hour, she'd throw in dessert. He wondered what he'd get if it were done in twenty minutes. Natalia said that if he upped the stakes, she would, too. Brot rolled his eyes.

Natalia went to get takeout from downstairs. Brot followed her to say that he couldn't believe she'd date a hacker. Natalia stated that she was working all night, not on a date. Brot complained about missing bowling, but Natalia quipped that it wasn't like they'd had a real date.

Jack arrived at Erica's door and thought of his promise to keep silent about Greenlee. Erica opened the door and wondered if he'd planned to knock. He entered, and she announced that she'd broken off her relationship with Ryan. She said that Ryan and she were still friends, but they'd freed each other. Erica thought that she'd find happiness, and she added that Ryan would find "the next Greenlee in his life."

Jack awkwardly asked that they change the subject. Erica said that she understood how difficult it was for him to visit Pine Valley, which was filled with reminders of Greenlee. Erica found it uncanny that Jack had helped her to see the truth and gain closure with Ryan; however, she and Jack had never gained closure for themselves. Jack looked distracted, and when Erica asked if he'd heard her, he agreed that closure was exactly what the situation called for.

Jack abruptly said he had to go, and as he swung open the door, Opal entered, beaming at the sight of him. He hustled himself out of the door, and Opal wondered what Erica had said to him. Erica shrugged, saying she'd just asked him to be honest. Erica conveyed that she'd broken up with Ryan, and Opal sensed that it was because of Jack. Erica fumbled to explain the reasons behind her decision, but then she said she just wanted to change the subject. Opal waved a red envelope and said that David was getting hitched.

Reviewing the wedding invitation, Erica noted that there wasn't even a bride's name on it. Erica wondered if whomever David was marrying had helped him attack Fusion. Erica picked up the phone to call Ryan, but she quickly put it down. Erica said that calling Ryan would be a hard habit to break, and Opal suggested that talking to Jack might make it easier. Erica remarked that Jack had acted as if he'd seen a ghost earlier.

At Wildwind, Ryan slugged David, and Greenlee popped out of hiding. Ryan's back was to her, but he turned. Before Ryan could see her, David punched Ryan back, and Greenlee sneaked back to the stairs. David said that Ryan had shown up uninvited to insult and attack David for having a wedding on a day on which Ryan had staked some misguided claim. David stated that his wedding was about love and moving on, as Ryan had done with Erica. Ryan ordered David to say who his bride was before Ryan beat it out of him.

David advised Ryan to go home and look at his invitation. Ryan quipped that David's bride had to be just as twisted as David was. Ryan bid David to have his farce of a wedding with his stunt bride, but Ryan wouldn't bother attending, because he'd be too busy rebuilding Fusion with Erica. As Ryan left, he stated that David had failed to ruin the company.

Greenlee entered and berated David for ruining everything. Greenlee said that the point had been to make sure that Ryan had a front row seat to the wedding, not to use fisticuffs to ensure that Ryan wouldn't show up. David said that seeing Jack and Ryan had given her the chance to learn how everyone really felt. David stated that it was her chance to change her mind and go after Ryan. Greenlee muttered that she couldn't do that, because Ryan loved Erica.

David sighed and said that Ryan was deluding himself, because he believed that Greenlee was dead. Once Ryan learned that she was alive, it would change everything. Greenlee insisted that if she and Ryan had shared such a great love, then he wouldn't have moved on so quickly.

Just then, Jack beat on the front door. He yelled that he wanted to see his daughter. David let Jack in, and Jack proclaimed that he wasn't leaving town. David left the room, and Jack said that he wasn't okay with leaving Greenlee in David's incapable hands. Greenlee worried that Jack would slip up and tell people that she was alive. Jack wondered what she wasn't telling him. Greenlee stated that returning from the dead was just overwhelming. Jack agreed to keep quiet, but he said that he wasn't going anywhere.

Jack received a business call, and after handling it, he told Greenlee that he'd be stuck handling business in his hotel room all weekend. She seemed excited about that and insisted that he take care of his affairs. She felt that they'd have plenty of time to catch up afterward.

After Jack left, Greenlee told David that she didn't want Jack at the wedding, but he might not actually stay his in the hotel room for the whole weekend. David proposed kidnapping Jack, but she didn't think it was funny. Greenlee recalled that David had gone to extremes to fake her death, and she appreciated how he'd protected her. David cited that Greenlee had looked as if she'd wanted to clobber Ryan for hitting David. He said that not a lot of people would be protective of him. "No one would," Greenlee quipped, and they laughed.

Greenlee still worried that Ryan wouldn't show up at the wedding. David remarked that Ryan hadn't seen the invitation yet. "Trust me, Ryan will be at the wedding," David said.

At a table at ConFusion with Tad, Liza was surprised to see Damon on busboy duty. Damon touted that he was proving that he could take care of his family. Liza remarked that his family hadn't been on his mind when he was in Colby's bed. With his patience tried, Damon insisted that Colby was merely a friend, and his life was none of Liza's business.

While watching Damon serve drinks, Liza grumbled about David's wedding. Tad said that he intended to catch the garter, but he needed a date. Liza advised against getting wrapped back up with David, but Tad sweet-talked her into attending with him. Krystal called Tad to say that Kathy was sick and asking for her father. Tad said he'd be right there.

Later, Tad and Liza arrived at Tad's house, and Tad went upstairs to see Kathy. Krystal apologized for ruining Liza's date and said that Tad's living with his ex-wife certainly put a crimp in the romance. Liza was sure that it was the same for Krystal and Rob. Krystal mumbled that there was no longer a Krystal and Rob.

Krystal explained that Rob was a little frazzled by all the Martin brothers' dramas, but Liza encouraged Krystal not to let Rob get away. Tad returned to the living room, and Liza went upstairs to see Kathy. Krystal said that Tad was the best father around.

A bruised Ryan visited Jesse at the police station, and Jesse guessed that Ryan had congratulated David on his nuptials. Jesse explained that they were interrogating the designer of the Fusion virus, and a partial print on the drive matched Greenlee. Jesse wondered if she could have given David the codes. Ryan insisted that David must have acted alone, or with the help of his mystery bride. Jesse said that it looked as if they had a wedding to attend.

Ryan went to Tad's house to speculate about David's bride. Tad and Krystal thought of Gayle, who'd been intricately involved in David's machinations. Ryan implored Tad to help him find out who David's bride was before the wedding. Krystal stated that the wedding would happen the following day, and Tad said that it looked as if he were going to Gloucester.

After Ryan left, Tad booked his flight. Liza returned downstairs to learn that Tad was going to Gloucester, the city that had a restraining order on him. Liza decided to go, too, because Tad would need someone to bail him out once Gayle reported him. Tad refused the company, but he promised not to get into trouble. Krystal awkwardly looked away as Liza and Tad kissed. Tad assured Liza that he'd make the night up to her.

At home later, Ryan opened the red envelope on his coffee table and discovered a green butterfly cutout tucked in with the wedding invitation.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Amanda greeted her husband on Valentine's Day morning dressed in a sexy negligee. Although Jake was quite appreciative, he knew that Amanda's ploy was to stop Jake from going after David. Amanda swore that Jake was the one who made everything they did about David. Jake said that he was tired of finding out about David's plans after it was too late to do anything.

Liza stopped by and after Jake let her in, she announced that she and Tad would be attending the wedding. Amanda expressed her exasperation over the obsession that Pine Valley seemed to have with David, but Jake exclaimed that he was just trying to protect his family.

Jake stormed out of the apartment, and Amanda wondered aloud how she was supposed to deal with Jake's obsession. Liza revealed that it must be a family trait, as Tad had gone back to Gloucester to see if Nurse Gayle was David's mystery bride. As Amanda absorbed the information, Liza said that the Martin need to protect their own wasn't the worst thing to deal with.

Liza and Amanda shared tales of their experiences loving Martin men. Liza realized that Amanda was just as obsessed with protecting Jake as he was of her. Amanda let out her frustration that she didn't know how to keep Jake out of David's crosshairs with regard to the wedding. Liza told Amanda to the best way to protect Jake would be to attend the wedding and stay by Jake's side.

David checked in with Greenlee on the morning of their wedding. Greenlee admitted to feeling nervous, and said that she needed Ryan to be there to see her move on with her life as quickly as he had with Erica. She also mentioned that she needed Jack to stay preoccupied with work so that the ceremony wouldn't be interrupted. David told her that he'd made sure Ryan would be there, and added that the only person who could stop the wedding was Greenlee.

David said that although their wedding would be far from traditional, he couldn't resist getting Greenlee a few presents. Pleased, Greenlee opened the first box and found a single red rose. David followed with gifts to fulfill the something old (a medallion that belonged to Leo), something borrowed (David's monogrammed handkerchiefs) and something blue (a blue butterfly encased in crystal).

David apologized for not having anything new to give to Greenlee, but Greenlee countered and said that David had given her a new life. She then apologized for not having a gift for David. David told her that the gift of her friendship was more than enough. Greenlee reminded David that she intended to keep her promise to help Marissa and David reconnect.

Ryan showed up at Erica's office and told her what happened when he went to David's house. Ryan also shared that David had enclosed a dead butterfly in the wedding invitation sent to Ryan's house. Erica was properly horrified, and Ryan said that it took every fiber of being not to return to Wildwind and murder David.

Erica advised Ryan not to let David's actions affect him. Ryan realized that David wasn't worth the pain, but said that he had been unable to stave off the feelings. Ryan admitted that Valentine's Day – which would have been his first anniversary with Greenlee – coupled with the full moon and David's wedding was almost too much to bear. Ryan told Erica that in a way, he felt Greenlee's presence stronger than he had in a long time.

After JR recovered from a bad reaction to his chemo, he suggested he and Marissa enjoy some alone time before they picked Little A up from Tad and Krystal's place. Marissa was eager to reconnect with her husband, and said that they would have all night to do so. JR mentioned that they should go to David's wedding. Marissa was shocked, especially because JR had told her not to be drawn back in to David's web of deceit.

Marissa said that nothing would get her to watch David get married. JR suggested that the break with David hadn't been as clean as Marissa wanted to believe. JR said that if Marissa could go to the wedding and sit through it without getting upset, she would really know that she was done with David. JR added that he was curious to see who would marry David. Marissa took one look at her husband's face and said that she couldn't resist his requests.

Opal told Krystal that she got a new dress to wear to David's wedding, and smelling salts to revive anyone that passed out from shock when the bride was revealed. Krystal reminisced about the things that happened while she was married to David. Krystal noted that she would love the opportunity to talk to David's fiancée before the wedding. Opal asked Krystal if she wanted to attend. Krystal pointed out that she hadn't received an invitation, and Opal said that Krystal could be the "+ 1" on Opal's invitation.

Tad called Ryan and asked that Ryan meet him at the police station. Tad had some information about his trip to Gloucester and wanted to share it with Ryan and Jesse at the same time. Ryan ended the call and updated Erica. Erica asked Ryan not to get into another fight with David, but Ryan refused to make a promise he couldn't keep.

At the police station, the man who wrote the virus that almost destroyed Fusion continued to assist Jesse and Natalia with their investigation. The man was able to uncover a bit of video that showed that David wasn't the only person in the Fusion offices that night. Tad and Ryan interrupted the session when they knocked on the interrogation room window. Jesse instructed Natalia to take the hacker out of the room.

Once Tad and Ryan entered the room and shut the door, Tad told the duo that he'd found Gayle in Gloucester. Tad detailed his line of questioning and his revelation that David was getting married. Tad said that Gayle knew nothing of the wedding, but let it slip that "she should have pulled the plug on the bitch when she had the chance". The three men surmised that the medical attention David sought upon his return to Pine Valley had to have been for David's fiancée.

Ryan, Tad and Jesse tried to theorize reasons for David's attack on Fusion, and the identity of the woman that helped him pull off the deed. Tad said that they would find out who had agreed to be David's bride soon, as they had less than an hour before the ceremony. Ryan proclaimed that he would not be in attendance, as he just needed time on his own to mourn what would have been his first wedding anniversary.

Jake went to Wildwind and confronted David. Jake said that he wouldn't wait until the wedding to find out what David's plans were. David tried to assure Jake that the wedding in no way involved a plan again the Martin family, and called Jake paranoid. Greenlee, who almost revealed herself to Jake, hid behind a wall and heard Jake talk about the blackmailing David had used to make sure Amanda wouldn't leave him.

Jake refused to leave Wildwind until he met the mystery bride. When David wouldn't arrange the introductions, Jake shouted up the stairs that David was a bad person to marry. At that point, David escorted Jake out of the house. Once the door closed behind Jake, Greenlee emerged and begged David to tell her the truth about what happened between him and Amanda.

David reminded Greenlee that he'd already said he'd done bad things in the year that Greenlee had been gone. He admitted to manipulating Jake and Amanda to get what he wanted. David told Greenlee that because of his past actions, Greenlee needed to be aware that she would alienate far more people than just Ryan and Erica with the wedding.

Greenlee said that she was committed to the marriage and said that if anyone else had a problem, they needed to deal with it on their own. After a moment, Greenlee asked what David had done to ensure that Ryan would be at the wedding. David tried to brace Greenlee before he admitted that he'd enclosed a dead butterfly in Ryan's invitation.

David apologized for the severity of his actions, but Greenlee felt it was a good move. She added that she didn't think it would be enough, and David asked if she wanted to affect Ryan more. Greenlee said that they had to devise a plan, as all of their hard work would have been for nothing if Ryan didn't show up. David had an idea, but said it was one that Greenlee would have to carry out on her own.

David shared his idea with Greenlee and she thought it was one that would definitely get Ryan to attend the wedding. Greenlee was initially a little uneasy, so David suggested that Greenlee mull it over as she got ready. Greenlee refused to delay any action and said that she was prepared to carry out the plan.

Erica heard that Jack was at ConFusion and went to see him. She overheard Jack making plans for a ritzy celebration. After Jack finished talking to the host, Erica tried to find out the identity of the guest of honor. Jack refused to answer Erica directly. Erica continued to probe, and Jack told Erica that the guest of honor was from out of town and had traveled a long way to get to the party.

Erica began to believe that Jack had met a new woman while he was in Europe and invited Jack to be honest with her. Jack refused to play into Erica's hands, as he'd done so many times before. Jack told Erica that he was bound to protect the identity of his guest of honor. Erica wondered if Jack was trying to outdo David. Jack's confusion was apparent, as he was unaware of the plans that were in the works. Erica revealed that David would be married within the hour but hadn't revealed the identity of his bride. Jack realized that the wool had been pulled over his eyes until that moment, and dashed out of ConFusion.

Jake returned home and was surprised to see that Amanda had changed into longer and fancier attire. Amanda reluctantly admitted that she was curious about the mystery bride, and said that she agreed with Jake's motivation to go to the wedding.

Guests began to arrive at the chapel, and they all experienced some level of uneasiness. David joined them in short order and said that the ceremony would be slightly delayed because the bride wasn't quite ready. Before he could leave, Marissa asked David why he was getting married and about the identity of his bride. David simply said that Marissa would have to wait for more details, just like everyone else.

Ryan returned home and just as he looked at David's invitation again, his cell phone rang. When he answered it, Greenlee quickly said "Happy Valentine's Day, Ryan" and ended the call.

David returned to the chapel with the officiant and told the group that they were ready to begin the ceremony. Greenlee walked down the aisle with a veil that obscured her face, much to the chagrin of those who'd gathered there. The officiant noted that David and his bride wanted to say their own vows, and David started. The crowd sat in stony silence, disbelieving the promises that David bestowed upon the bride.

When David finished, the officiant asked for the bride to say her vows. Jack arrived with Erica on his heels and demanded a reason why. It was then that Greenlee lifted her veil and revealed herself to the group. Everyone was amazed that Greenlee had survived the motorcycle accident. Ryan appeared in the doorway and locked gazes with the woman he had planned to marry the year before. Ryan was so stunned that he could only utter her name.



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