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All My Children Recaps: The week of February 1, 2010 on AMC
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Monday, February 1, 2010

At Fusion, Greenlee prepared to open Erica's office door. David suddenly appeared behind Greenlee. David covered Greenlee's mouth to keep her from crying out. He agreed to release Greenlee if she promised not to make a sound. Greenlee nodded, prompting David to drop his hand. Greenlee demanded to know what David was doing at Fusion. David reminded Greenlee that Dr. Clayton had instructed her to rest if she hoped to make a full recovery.

Greenlee insisted on seeing Ryan. David warned Greenlee that she shouldn't be at Fusion. He reached for Greenlee's arm and then tried to pull her away from Erica's office door. Greenlee jerked her arm away. David frowned when he noticed that Greenlee had winced in pain. Greenlee ignored David's concern; she wanted to know what David was hiding from her. David promised to explain everything, but he insisted on doing it on the rooftop. Greenlee reluctantly agreed to follow him, but she warned David that he only had five minutes to tell what she wanted to know.

On the rooftop, Greenlee pushed for answers. David suggested that Greenlee didn't have a realistic view of Ryan's life. He pointed out that life had moved on since her accident. David explained that he didn't want to hamper Greenlee's recovery with upsetting news. It dawned on Greenlee that Ryan might be in the office with another woman. David clarified that he really had no way of knowing if Ryan was with anyone. Greenlee didn't believe David; she suspected that he knew much more than he was leading on.

David wondered if Greenlee had expected Ryan to live like a monk after her "death." Greenlee denied that she did; however, she quickly pointed out that it had been less than a year since the accident. She demanded to know how long Ryan had been involved with someone. David claimed that he hadn't kept track of Ryan's love life, but he conceded that Ryan could be in the office with another woman. Greenlee was hurt by the confession. She didn't protest when David offered to take her to Wildwind.

Amanda was worried that Trevor would wake up because of the storm raging outside. Jake assured Amanda that storms were like white noise to children. He suggested that they find something to do, so that Amanda could take her mind off of the storm. Amanda playfully suggested that they wash dishes. Jake had another idea; he kissed her. Their romantic moment was ruined when someone knocked insistently on the door. It was Opal.

Opal was distraught because she had spent the evening reading tea leaves. According to Opal, her tea leaves had indicated that someone from their past was returning. Opal was certain that the person was David; she was equally convinced that David was already in town. Amanda and Jake were confident that David didn't have any plans to return to Pine Valley. Opal wondered if Jake had spoken to David. Jake admitted that he had not, prompting Opal to point out, "Then how do you know?"

Opal reminded Jake and Amanda that David was a liar and completely untrustworthy. As Amanda walked to the window, Jake suggested that perhaps someone else from their past had plans to return. Opal was prepared to disagree until she noticed the silent message in Jake's eyes. Opal nodded in understanding before she loudly admitted that she might have overreacted to what the tea leaves had told her. After Opal left, Jake asked if Amanda was okay. Amanda assured Jake that she was fine; she kissed him to prove her point.

At ConFusion, Rob approached Krystal as Krystal watched Liza and Tad share a passionate kiss. Rob asked if Krystal was okay. Krystal admitted, "Not really." Rob wondered if there was anything that he could do to help. Krystal suggested that he take her to his place. Tad and Liza's kiss ended as Krystal and Rob left. Tad was curious if Liza's kiss had been for Krystal's benefit. Liza replied, "A woman has got to lay claim on her man, doesn't she?"

Liza confessed that she was a bit possessive because she sensed a "simmer" between Krystal and Tad. Tad assured Liza that it was over between him and Krystal. Tad confided that Krystal and Tad were actually encouraging each other to move on. Liza just wanted to be certain that it was over because she wasn't eager to be caught in the middle of another relationship.

Tad realized that Liza was referring to Zach Slater. Liza didn't deny it. Tad promised that he wanted to be with Liza. According to Tad, what he felt for Liza, he hadn't felt for anyone in a long time. Liza invited Tad to run from her while he had the chance. Tad declined the offer. Liza smiled as she vowed that she wouldn't go anywhere either. As they kissed, Tad caught a glimpse of David out of the corner of his eye.

Liza wondered why Tad's eyes had been open during their kiss. Her question was forgotten, when Tad decided to call Jake to warn his brother that David might be in town. Jake pretended that Tad's call was the hospital notifying Jake of an emergency. Tad warned Jake not to lie to Amanda, but Jake ignored Tad's advice. Tad suspected that David was headed to Wildwind, so Jake decided to meet his brother there. After Tad ended the call, Liza announced that she would check on Amanda.

At Wildwind, Greenlee was upset over the idea that Ryan was seeing someone. David reminded Greenlee that Ryan thought that Greenlee was dead. Greenlee demanded to know whom Ryan was seeing. David refused to tell Greenlee about Erica. Greenlee decided to "rise from the dead," so that she could question Kendall about Ryan's new love interest. David informed Greenlee that it was impossible; Kendall and Zach had left town because they had hit a "rough patch."

Greenlee didn't believe David. She doubted that Ryan would allow Kendall and Zach to take Spike out of town. Greenlee couldn't understand why David refused to tell her the name of the woman that Ryan was involved with. It suddenly dawned on Greenlee that it might be Kendall. David admitted that Ryan and Kendall had an affair, but before he could finish the sentence, Tad and Jake knocked on the front door. The Martin brothers demanded that David open the door. Greenlee ducked out of sight before Tad and Jake entered Wildwind.

Tad and Jake wanted to know what David was doing in Pine Valley. David claimed that he was just tying up a few loose ends. Jake accused David of being a pathological liar. David insisted that his stay in Pine Valley was only temporary. Tad questioned why David would be eager to leave town when Marissa lived nearby. David admitted that he had gone too far with Marissa, which he regretted. Tad and Jake vowed to keep a close eye on David. After they left, David called out to Greenlee, but she was gone.

Liza arrived at Amanda and Jake's place. Liza revealed that Jake had lied to Amanda because he had hoped to protect his wife. Amanda insisted that Jake wouldn't lie to her, except in regards to David. Liza confirmed that Tad had seen David in the parking lot at ConFusion. Amanda realized that Opal had been correct about David's return to town.

A short time later, Jake and Tad arrived at the apartment. Tad confirmed that David had been at Wildwind. Jake decided that perhaps he should follow through with his threat to file a lawsuit against David. Amanda wondered what good the lawsuit would do. Jake suggested that it would expose David for a fraud.

In Erica's office, Ryan urged Erica to stop looking for problems. Ryan believed that their relationship worked for them. Erica agreed. The two kissed, unaware that Greenlee stood on the other side of the door.

Later, Erica touched up her makeup before she and Ryan prepared to leave the office. Ryan suggested that they ride out the storm, curled up together, in front of a fireplace. Erica agreed that Ryan's idea sounded perfect. However, Erica had something else planned first. As Erica walked out of the office, Ryan followed her.

At ConFusion, Erica decided to hold another press conference. As the reporters gathered around the podium, Erica announced, "Let the tongues waggle. Let the bloggers bloggle." Erica then confirmed that she and Ryan were "involved." As everyone clapped, Ryan joined Erica on the podium. Ryan and Erica smiled as reporters snapped pictures.

A short time later, Erica and Ryan arrived at Ryan's penthouse. They were surprised to see wine and snacks laid out for them. Erica suggested that perhaps Opal had arranged the romantic setting. Ryan examined the wine. He wondered how Opal had known what his favorite wine was. Erica decided to check the oven. Ryan was rattled when he spotted Emma's drawing. Moments later, Erica returned from the kitchen with news that the oven had been empty.

Erica noticed the picture that Emma had drawn. Ryan admitted that he couldn't understand why Opal had put the drawing out. Erica suggested that perhaps it had been left out and that Ryan hadn't noticed it. Ryan whispered to himself, "I would have noticed it." A short time later, Erica realized that Ryan's hands were cold; she offered to warm them up. Ryan smiled at her invitation. The two kissed and then made love in front of the fireplace.

In the hallway, Greenlee found Ryan's penthouse door locked. She searched for the hidden key and then unlocked the door. Greenlee stood frozen in the doorway as she watched Ryan and Erica making love on the living room floor.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

At the mansion, Adam crept into Colby's room and saw someone in the bed. Assuming that it was Colby, he implored her to talk about their differences. Colby entered and gasped. Adam shot his gaze to her and then back to the bed. Ripping back the bedcovers, he revealed a grinning Damon. Adam asserted that it was his house, and he wanted to know who the man was. Colby said that since it was Adam's house, she'd move out that night. Adam accused her of acting out to get back at him, and he ordered her to get Damon out of the house immediately.

After Adam exited, Colby gave Damon and ice pack and aspirin. Damon thanked for her for believing in him. She figured that he wouldn't have stayed if he'd been guilty. He decided to leave, and she asked if he'd at least see Bailey. Damon didn't see the point in it, since Bailey thought he was guilty. Colby grabbed her phone and said that he wouldn't go anywhere just yet.

At ConFusion later, Bailey wondered why Colby couldn't talk over the phone. Colby expressed her belief in Damon's innocence. Bailey suspected that Colby had seen Damon, and Bailey asked if he'd broken into the mansion. "See, told you she wouldn't believe me," Damon said as he appeared behind Colby.

Damon explained to Bailey that when he'd gone to the mansion for a favor, someone else had broken into the place. Bailey thought that it was too coincidental, but Damon claimed that the burglar had clocked him over the head. He vowed to find the jerk before the police blamed it all on Damon. Bailey warned him not to do anything stupid, but he retorted that it would be stupid for him to do nothing while everyone, including Bailey, pinned the crimes on him.

In the mansion parlor, Scott worked on a company audit. Annie proposed that he teach her about the business, but Scott said that he didn't have time to play teacher. "I can crunch numbers in my sleep," Annie touted and grabbed a report from him. Reading it, she seemed to grasp what he was doing, and he was surprised. Annie said that they'd make a great team, but Scott replied that they wouldn't, and she knew why.

Adam entered, fuming about Colby. Annie announced that Scott was afraid to work with her. Scott dismissed the notion, but he said that he didn't have time to appease her compulsions. Annie claimed that she was just as invested as the rest of the family in the company's future. Adam decided to give her a chance, and she promised not let him down.

Adam left, and Scott directed Annie to do a menial task. After a working while, Scott ran into a perplexing problem. Annie looked over his shoulder and commented that he was looking at the wrong computer file. He thanked her and apologized for being harsh earlier. Annie said that she could really help him, if he'd trust her. Scott replied that he wanted to trust her, but he also needed to trust himself around her. Annie touched his hand.

At Ryan's penthouse, Greenlee peeked through the door and saw Erica and Ryan making love on the floor in front of the fireplace. Shocked, Greenlee closed the door and placed the key on the table. David arrived, and Greenlee told him to just get her out of there.

Inside the penthouse, Ryan and Erica redressed and joked that the next tabloid headline would be "Kane Cuffs Hubby 11." Opal arrived, giddy about the relationship announcement. Ryan thanked Opal for the surprise, but she insisted that she hadn't done it. After Opal left, Ryan wondered who had given them the wine. Erica still suspected Opal, but Ryan remarked that it wasn't like Opal to forgo the credit for something.

David escorted Greenlee to Wildwind, where she asked how long Ryan had been with Erica. When David hesitated, Greenlee yanked him by his lapels and demanded an answer. David guessed that it had been a few months. Greenlee wondered if Ryan had even mourned her. David said that everyone had seen Ryan's pain. Greenlee couldn't believe that Ryan had given up hope, and she charged toward the door, intent upon making Ryan hurt the way that she did.

Stopping Greenlee, David warned her not to let her anger rule her. He reminded her that she hadn't wanted to return unless everything was exactly as it had been. She realized that it could never be that way again, and she asked David to help her find a new life somewhere else.

Greenlee went upstairs, and when she returned, David asked if she were certain about leaving. She said that Ryan had trashed what she'd shared by sleeping with Kendall and then Erica. To worsen matters, he'd handed Fusion over to Erica. Greenlee wished that she could take from them the way they'd taken from her. She got an idea, and she asked David to retrieve something that would help her leave a parting gift for Erica and Ryan.

Later, David arrived at Ryan's house, and Erica answered the door. David said he was moving to Malaysia, but he wanted to give Erica a referral in case Kendall needed another doctor. As Erica searched for a pen, David removed a decorative plate from the wall. Strapped to the back of it was a flash drive. He took the drive and repositioned the plate on the wall.

Ryan strode in and startled David, who pretended to be straightening the crooked wall plate. Erica returned and explained to Ryan about the referral. As David wrote it out, Erica received a phone call and strode away to take it.

Ryan remarked that he'd heard about what David had done to Jake and Amanda. David said that he regretted his actions, but Ryan didn't think David understood the meaning of regret. David asked if Ryan loved Erica and if she'd replaced Greenlee. Showing David the door, Ryan said that David could catch the red eye if he hurried. David replied that he'd be gone before Ryan knew it. "Trust me. I won't be turning back," David added.

After David left, Ryan commented that the visit had been peculiar. He removed the wall plate that David had fiddled with, flipped it over, and noted that David had taken something that had been strapped to the back of it. Erica wondered what it had been, but Ryan had no idea.

At Jake's house, Liza, Tad, Jake, and Amanda discussed going forward with the civil lawsuit against David. Jesse, who had been investigating David's return, called Tad to say that three people had exited David's plane. Jesse's people had identified David and the pilot, but not the third person. Jesse tipped Tad off that the pilot had headed to ConFusion, and Jake and Tad left to see if they could glean from the pilot whom the third person was.

Amanda told Liza that the civil suit might keep David in town even longer. Amanda contemplated holding off on civil action to see if David would actually leave on his own. Liza doubted that would happen, and Amanda decided to go to reason with David face-to-face.

Alone at Wildwind, Greenlee ripped apart the tabloid with Ryan and Erica the cover. She heard a knock at the door and hid as Amanda and Liza let themselves into the house. Liza found the destroyed magazine and concluded that David wasn't happy about Ryan and Erica. A perplexed Amanda said that David had never expressed any lingering feelings for Erica. Liza and Amanda heard a gasp, but Amanda deduced that it must have been the house settling.

Before Amanda and Liza could leave, David entered. He guessed that they'd arrived to dole out more threats to make him leave town, but he reasoned that the boxes stacked around should be evidence of his intentions. He stated that if they wanted him to be gone so badly, they should let him leave in peace, and Liza and Amanda exited.

Greenlee emerged from hiding, and, clutching her back, she asked for a pain pill. David gave her one and helped her out of her sweater to examine her back. He asked what was on the flash drive that he'd retrieved for her, but Greenlee replied that telling would ruin the surprise.

Later, David took Greenlee to Fusion to gain access to the computer system. She didn't know the new password, and he suggested "Erica Kane" spelled backward. It worked, and Greenlee stated that the flash drive contained a virus to crash the Fusion computer system. She and Kendall had agreed to crash the system if the company ever fell into the wrong hands.

Greenlee uploaded the virus, but when it didn't seem to activate, she banged her fists on the desk. She screamed that she wouldn't let Erica win. A sharp pain struck Greenlee, and she cried out. David tried to pull her away from the desk, and in the shuffle, they knocked over a webcam. Just then, Greenlee saw the virus initiate its deletion sequence. She shouted that it was working, and she fainted. David carried her out of the office.

Ryan and Erica stormed over to Wildwind. Erica suggested they call Jesse, but Ryan kicked in the door. Inside, they found a woman's jacket. Erica said she'd assumed that David had lived alone after Amanda's departure. "Apparently not," Ryan replied.

Jake and Tad located David's pilot at Fusion. Tad asked Jake to wait while Tad attempted to strike up a conversation with the pilot. As Tad strode to the bar, Jake overheard the pilot ask the bartender if a package had arrived. Tad introduced himself to the pilot as George Grayson, and Tad lied about being in the Air Force. The pilot stated that his boss had told him all about Tad and Jake, but they wouldn't get anything out of him because David was a good employer. The bartender handed the pilot a package, and the pilot took off.

Jake pulled Tad over to a table and set down a package similar to the pilot's. Jake had intercepted the pilot's delivery outside and switched it with a box from Jake's car. "Now David's going to get a pair of my brand new sneakers," Jake said.

Tad and Jake took the box to Jake's house, where Amanda and Liza waited. The men revealed that David's box contained pain medications, steroids, and immunosuppressants. Jake guessed that David had used the drugs on a transplant or stem cell therapy patient.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

At the hospital, Frankie checked on Krystal, who donned a neck brace in an exam room. Krystal warned that Frankie wouldn't live long enough to regret it if he called Tad about what had happened. Referring to Rob, she embarrassingly asked, "Is he going to be able to-you know-is he going to be okay?" Frankie said that Rob would heal in time.

Frankie gave Krystal a phone so that she could call her family. He encountered Angie at the nurse's station and said that he was putting Krystal's case in the "strange, but true" file. Frankie wondered why Angie had returned to work instead of spending time with Jesse after the party. Angie snapped that, as chief of staff, her work hours were her business.

Krystal called Opal, who had been worrying about where Krystal was. Krystal vaguely said that she needed to take care of a few things, and she abruptly hung up the phone.

Tad took takeout to Liza's house and found her working on the civil suit. At Tad's request, Marissa arrived, and Tad announced that David had returned to Pine Valley. Tad asked Marissa to help figure out why David was back, and she agreed to do so. Opal called Tad and ordered him to go home, because she'd received a weird call from Krystal.

After Tad left, Marissa affirmed her conviction to find out what David was up to, so that no one else got hurt. Liza asked if Marissa were willing to testify against him in the civil suit. Marissa reviewed the legal filing, and she said she'd do it. Liza advised Marissa to think about it, but Marissa was adamant that she'd do what she could to stop David.

When Tad arrived home, Opal fretted to him about the tone in Krystal's voice during her phone call earlier. Frankie called Tad to say that Krystal would literally kill Frankie for making the call; however, Krystal had checked into the hospital after an accident. Tad rushed to the hospital, where he encountered Rob. Tad demanded to know what Rob had done to Krystal. Krystal approached and said that it hadn't been Rob; it had been "the damn bed."

Krystal berated Frankie for calling Tad, but Tad interrupted to learn more about the bed. She explained that Rob's bedroom overlooked other levels of the apartment. "Low railing, high bed," Krystal hinted. Frankie diagnosed her with a bad muscle strain and released her. As Rob hobbled around, Tad chuckled and guessed that Rob had strained a muscle, too.

Tad took Krystal home, where Opal was anxiously baking. They told Opal that Krystal had fallen, but not how the fall had occurred. Opal checked on her brownies, and Tad and Krystal joked about the bed incident. When a worried Liza arrived, Tad said there had been a minor accident, and the other guy wouldn't be "driving" for a while.

Erica and Ryan went to Fusion to discover that someone had tampered with the computer system. Jesse, Brot, and Natalia arrived on the scene, and Jesse said it wasn't the same MO as their other burglar, because the new criminal had used a key and pass codes. Jesse and Ryan assumed that the person had entered to purposely sabotage the computer system.

Natalia analyzed the computer and deduced that a nasty worm had been downloaded from the flash drive on the desk. The worm had erased the hard drive and all the backup files. Erica panicked, stating that everything had been in there from the distributors to accounting. Ryan said that they'd rebuild it all, but Erica replied that it would be a long and costly process.

Natalia bagged the flash drive as evidence, and at Jesse's request, Erica brainstormed suspects and called her employees into the office. Later, Erica met with Val, Randi, and Madison to ask them to cooperate with the investigation. While talking to Ryan, the parking attendant recalled seeing a car with nice rims and a dark-haired driver. The attendant gave Ryan the parking stub and stated that the driver had torn out of there "like a bat out of hell." Ryan grabbed his coat and told Erica that he needed to check something out.

Randi and Val left, and Madison reminded a frazzled Erica that Erica had literally written the book on overcoming challenges. Madison couldn't wait to watch Erica overcome the newest challenge at Fusion. Erica advised Madison to stand back, because Erica intended to hunt down the culprits and stare them dead in the face.

Erica called a press conference about the sabotage, and a reporter asked her what she'd say to the culprits. Erica replied that she'd say that they hadn't won. If they wanted a fight, she'd look them in the eyes as she took them down.

At Wildwind, David checked Greenlee's vitals and berated her almost landing them in a ditch on the car ride home from Fusion. Greenlee had apparently jerked the steering wheel to prevent David from taking her to the hospital. She said she'd rather die than have anyone see her. He gave her a shot for the pain and hoped that she wouldn't require another surgery.

Greenlee fell asleep, and David called Dr. Clayton to apprise him of the situation. David suspected that Greenlee needed more surgery, but she refused to go to the hospital. David stated that he'd do a CT scan, but Dr. Clayton should evaluate her immediately. After the call, David asked his pilot to help position Greenlee in the study for the CT scan.

The pilot gave David a package, and David discovered sneakers inside it. He read Jake Martin's name on the receipt, and the pilot grimaced. The pilot explained that a Martin had pretended to be a pilot at the bar earlier. David rasped that "those bastards" never let up.

David left, and the pilot repaired the lock on the front door. Greenlee awakened, and she hallucinated that the pilot was Ryan, telling her that he'd always love her. Greenlee yelled at the pilot to get out before she called the police, and he hastily took off.

Turning on the television, Greenlee viewed a report about the Fusion break-in. Upon hearing Erica's vow to take down the saboteurs, Greenlee threw the remote control. It knocked open the chimney flue as it landed. She painfully winced as smoke billowed in the fireplace.

At home, Ryan removed the wall plate and slipped his own flash drive into the space beneath the leftover tape on the back of it. It was a perfect fit. Ryan traveled to Wildwind and pounded on the door. He turned to leave, but halted upon hearing the fire alarm blaring inside.

Back at the hospital, Jake and Amanda asked Angie to analyze the box of medications that Jake had snagged from the delivery to David's pilot. As Angie did so, Amanda told Jake that the medications had nothing to do with them, and she felt that a lawsuit would just prolong their involvement with David. Jake insisted that they find out if David had a new victim.

Angie returned to say that the drugs were legitimate. David approached and admitted to treating a patient with the medications. Without saying her name, he detailed Greenlee's treatment plan and said she might need more surgery. Jake asked who the patient was, and David claimed that it was Gayle Walker, who'd had a terrible accident in Gloucester a while back.

David claimed that he wanted better doctors for Gayle than she'd had before, but he wouldn't take her to Pine Valley Memorial because of how she'd been dismissed. He stated that he'd flown Dr. Clayton in from Sweden to look after Gayle, and he requested that Angie ready the blood results and develop the CT films for Dr. Clayton's perusal. Jake balked at David for doling out orders, but Angie agreed to do it for the patient's sake.

After Angie left, David took his medication box and said he had Jake's stinky sneakers in the car. Jake claimed that the shoes were new, and he asked why David was being secretive. David said that it was because he couldn't get anything done without Jake dogging David's every move.

Later, Amanda urged Jake to let it go, but he remained undeterred. He took a call, and Amanda griped to Angie about his relentlessness. When Jake returned to Amanda, she insisted that they forget about David for one night. Jake relented and took her home.

Angie took the lab results to David and Dr. Clayton. After reviewing Greenlee's tests, Dr. Clayton didn't see the need for surgery. He advised David on how to adjust her medications, and then he took off for a conference in California.

Marissa entered the exam room to confront David about why he'd returned to town. She said that his lie about dying and his pitiful goodbye note had shown her that he didn't care about her, and she was embarrassed to be his daughter. She demanded to hear the truth behind his return. David said that he wanted to tell her, but the time wasn't right. "Go to hell, and this time, don't come back," Marissa quipped and stormed out.

At the police station, Natalia and Jesse discussed how the worm had infiltrated the Fusion computer system. Natalia suggested that her tired father go home. Jesse saw no point in that, since Angie wouldn't be there. He said that Angie worked just as long and hard as he did.

Jesse went to see Angie at the hospital, but they spoke only briefly before Jesse received a call from Brot, who'd matched the prints on the flash drive to David Hayward. Angie got a vibrating page and took off while Jesse's back was turned. He ended his call and looked puzzled when he realized that Angie had gone.

Jesse caught up to David as David was preparing to leave the hospital. David said that he didn't have time, but Jesse insisted that David make the time to explain how his fingerprints had gotten on the flash drive found at Fusion.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

JR, sick from his chemotherapy, sat on the floor at home. Marissa stormed in ranting about David. She noticed JR's suffering, and she knelt beside him to find out what was wrong. He asked her to just hold him. After a while, he broke into a sweat and staggered onto the sofa.

Marissa wished that she hadn't arrived so upset about David. JR said that it was okay, and he would have cheered her on, if he'd felt better. He insisted that he wanted to hear how she was feeling. Marissa expressed that she felt like an orphan all over again.

At Liza's house, Colby arrived to implore Liza to keep Damon out of jail. Colby stated that Damon was trying to turn his life around for Bailey and Stuart, and it wasn't fair that he was being accused of the burglaries. Liza became curious about why Colby championed Damon. Colby stated that nothing was going on between her and Damon; however, she was the only one willing to listen to him. Liza felt that Damon was manipulating Colby. Colby stated that Damon was right to mistrust Liza, because Liza was just like everyone else.

Colby went to JR's house for help finding Damon a new lawyer, but she noticed that JR looked ill. He claimed that he had the flu. Colby read his medication and said that nausea pills weren't prescribed for the flu. Colby grew worried, and JR sobbed that he had cancer.

JR explained that only Adam knew about it, but Adam thought that JR was in remission. Colby sobbed when JR said it was his second bout with the disease. Colby cried about losing Stuart and Little Stuart, and she expressed fear that Adam might die. "You're not going to lose me, okay?" JR replied. Colby noted that he couldn't promise that, and she left the apartment upset.

Later, JR left a message for Colby to call him. Marissa offered to find Colby, but JR said that Colby would return when she was ready. He prayed that he'd go into remission, so that he could give Colby good news, and so that he could start living again.

At police headquarters, Brot plopped a stack of police reports on Natalia's desk, and she complained about doing busy work while Jesse was in the field. An officer led Damon and Bailey in so that Jesse could question Damon. Natalia lied that Jesse had asked her to take care of it. Brot called her on her lie, but she told him to mind his own business.

Brot insisted that Natalia couldn't question Damon without his lawyer, and Brot worried that she was becoming a loose cannon. Natalia accused Brot of trying to impress Jesse, even when Jesse wasn't around. When she ordered Damon into the interrogation room, Brot instructed Bailey to call Damon's lawyer before Damon said something that he shouldn't.

During questioning, Damon claimed that he'd been with Colby at the time of the Chandler break-in. Natalia countered that Colby had stated that she'd been at a party at the time. Damon admitted to being at the mansion, but he insisted that he'd been a guest. As Liza entered to end the questioning, Damon stated that he'd stayed in Colby's room.

Liza called Colby to the station and asked Natalia to leave the room. Liza accused Damon of trying to seduce her daughter into covering for him. Damon claimed that it hadn't been that way. Colby entered with Bailey behind her, and Colby stated that she'd invited Damon to stay in her room that night. Bailey grew upset and said she never wanted to see Damon again.

Damon stated that he loved Bailey, and he'd only gone to Colby for money; however, Bailey insisted that she couldn't support him. Bailey took off, and Natalia prevented Damon from following. Damon ordered Natalia to arrest him or let him go. Natalia let him go.

In the interrogation room, Colby accused Liza of trying to rip Bailey and Stuart from Damon, so that Liza could get Bailey as a new daughter. Liza disagreed and stated that getting Stuart back was Colby's idea. Colby proceeded to have a meltdown, and Liza tried to figure out what was wrong. Colby cried that it was JR, but she refused to say more. As Colby left, Liza asked her to stay away from Damon. Colby retorted that she'd sleep with whomever she wanted.

At Fusion, Erica scrambled to recover as much company data as possible. Randi doubted that they could proceed in light of events. Erica quipped that if Randi thought Fusion was finished, she could just get on the elevator and never return. Randi stated that she didn't want to give up; she just didn't know how to manage without phones and email. Madison chimed in that they could use their cell phones and personal email accounts for the time being.

Erica said that was what she liked to hear, and she strode off. Around the corner, she left Ryan a message asking where he was and then called to apprise Kendall of the situation.

Back in the main office, Randi accused Madison of trying to make Randi look bad in front of Erica. When Erica returned later, Madison showed everyone supportive messages from their suppliers and distributors. Erica beamed that they'd definitely survive. Erica and Madison hugged, and a frowning Randi exited.

At the hospital, Jesse questioned David about his fingerprints being on the contaminated flash drive at Fusion. David admitted that it could belong to him. David reported that he'd experienced another Wildwind burglary, and he'd noticed things missing from his briefcase. He listed some items but said he hadn't thought to inventory his flash drives. David assumed that someone had taken the flash drive to frame him for the Fusion sabotage.

David received a call that his fire alarm had gone off. He rushed off, saying that he had to go save his house. Following suit, Jesse murmured that he wasn't done with David yet.

At Wildwind, the fire alarm sounded, and Ryan yelled David's name. Inside, Greenlee woke up, coughing in the smoke-filled room. She heard Ryan outside shouting that he knew David was in there. Firemen arrived, and Ryan said that he'd heard someone coughing inside.

The firefighters rammed the door open and smoke poured from the house. As they checked for victims and the fire source, they opened the closed chimney flue and started ventilating the house. Ryan entered and discovered Greenlee's IV beside the couch.

By the time Jesse and David arrived, the smoke had cleared, and the firefighters were leaving. Ryan persisted that someone had been in the house, and he asked who'd been hooked up the IV. David quipped that it wasn't Ryan's business, but Jesse repeated the question. David stated that the I.V. had been for a patient that he'd considered flying there for treatment.

David announced that he was leaving town that night, and he asked Jesse and Ryan to leave, so that he could prepare. Ryan insisted that he'd heard someone in the house, and he added that he'd found a woman's sweater there earlier that night. David grew upset that Ryan had broken into the house. "I'd prefer to call it stopping by," Ryan replied.

David accused Ryan of closing the flue to "smoke out" David. When Jesse didn't spring into action, David roared that Jesse constantly hounded David; however, Ryan had broken into the house and was there when the alarm went off, but Jesse was doing nothing about it. Ryan remarked that he'd be happy to tell the police everything that he suspected David of being up to. David retorted that Jesse ought to break out milk and cookies for story time.

Jesse and Ryan left frustrated, and David found Greenlee hiding on the terrace. He led her inside and wondered what had happened to Steven, the pilot. Greenlee said she'd ordered him to leave. David announced that she didn't need surgery, and he asked if she were ready to leave that night. Greenlee stated that she had decided to stay in Pine Valley.

Greenlee said that Erica was using the sabotage to put her permanent mark on Fusion. Greenlee felt that she'd lost her edge and made a mistake by covertly attacking Fusion. After Erica had dared her attacker to go one-on-one with her, Greenlee had decided to do just that.

David warned that Greenlee was playing into Erica's hands; however, Greenlee refused to let Erica have any satisfaction in humiliating a dead woman. David asked if the vendetta were about Fusion or Ryan. Greenlee stated that she didn't give a damn about Ryan, whose undying love had been snuffed out rather quickly following her supposed demise. She vowed that she'd make Ryan pay for what he did, and she'd take down Erica, too. Greenlee asked if she'd fight alone, or if David would stand beside her.

David said that she'd reminded him of why Leo had loved her. David reasoned that he had nowhere to go, and no one to lean on but her. He asked how they'd reclaim Pine Valley, and Greenlee stated that they'd start with a ceremony. "You're going to marry me," she announced.

At Ryan's house, Ryan showed Jesse the wall plate and mentioned the strange visit from David just hours before the Fusion sabotage. Ryan continued that a ConFusion parking attendant had witnessed a person similar to David zooming away minutes after the incident. Ryan deduced that David had sabotaged the system by using the flash drive that had been located behind the wall plate. Jesse stated that David's prints had been found on the drive, but David claimed that some drives had been stolen from him. "I never believe David Hayward," Jesse stated.

Jesse wondered how the tainted flash drive had ended up in Ryan's house. Ryan guessed that Greenlee must have hidden it to use as a secret weapon in case things went badly at Fusion. Jesse wondered how David knew about the drive, since Greenlee had been dead for over a year.

Jesse and Ryan took their theories to Erica at Fusion. They wondered why David would target Fusion. Erica had no idea, but she planned to find out.

Friday, February 5, 2010

At the police station, Erica told Jesse she was certain that David was behind the crash of Fusion's computer system. She said that she would take care of finding out David's motives. Jesse said that she needed to let the police do their job, but Erica replied that David would never talk to the police. Because of her history with David, Erica felt that she had the best chance of getting to the truth. Ryan, who overheard Erica's plan, insisted that Erica not confront David on her own.

Erica was indignant at the thought of her efforts being stopped. Erica said that she refused to sit idly by while the police hoped to solve the crime. Ryan requested a moment alone with Erica, so Jesse allowed them to use the interrogation room. When the door closed, Erica told Ryan that it would be useless to try to talk her out of confronting David.

Ryan pleaded with Erica and told her that what happened to Fusion was not her fault. Erica acknowledged that but said that it was her job to rebuild the company. Erica indicated that she would use what she knew about David's weaknesses to get at the truth. Erica convinced Ryan that she was in the right, and tore out of the police station before Ryan could start to object again.

Jesse joined Ryan in the interrogation room, and knew Erica's destination by the look on Ryan's face. The two men hypothesized reasons why David would have made such a sharp departure from his previous vendetta against Jake and Amanda. They concluded that David didn't necessarily have rhyme or reason to explain his actions. Jesse questioned how David could have known about the flash drive.

Jake and Amanda found Angie at the hospital and confirmed that Gayle's surgery had been called off. After Angie was called away, Jake said that the nightmare of having David in town was over. Amanda countered that it would only truly be over if Jake let go of his hatred for David.

Jake said that he was more than ready to watch David leave town so that everyone could move on with their lives. Amanda asked if Jake had plans to drop the lawsuit. Jake said that because all of the charges were valid, he viewed the lawsuit as an incentive to make sure that David left. Amanda urged Jake not to pursue the case or instigate further battles with David.

At the Martin house, Opal read Krystal's tea leaves. Opal announced that something bad was coming that would affect other people. Opal also noted that the trouble was just beginning. Tad and Krystal looked at each other and simultaneously identified David as the likely cause.

Even though David had sworn to his plans to leave town, Tad was the only one that initially claimed it as truth. Opal said that David wasn't done wreaking havoc, but Tad asserted that there was nothing left in Pine Valley for David. Opal revealed that she'd had horrible dreams the night before where she wasn't able to see very well. She indicated that the dreams meant that there were secrets that would be revealed, and that nothing good would happen in their wake.

Tad said that he had a man stationed at the airport that would alert Tad when David's plane took off. He insisted that Opal would sleep much better once they got the word. Krystal questioned what they would do if David changed his mind and stayed. Tad said that Jake was prepared to take care of David.

Amanda and Jake stopped by Tad's house and gloated over the idea that David would really leave town. Jake confirmed that David's patient no longer needed surgery, which was supposedly the only reason that David had returned to Pine Valley. By that point, Tad had lost hope that David had been honest.

Jake asked if anyone had seen Liza, as he was interested in dropping the lawsuit. Both Krystal and Tad were shocked, and Krystal said that Jake might want to wait, as the suit was valid for two years. Jake was temporarily intrigued, but when he looked at his wife, he realized that he needed to keep the promise he'd made to let David leave peacefully.

Opal said that if David actually left, someone needed to figure out the identity of the evildoer in town. At that moment, Tad's phone rang. Tad's contact at the airport was on the other end, and he confirmed that David's plane had just taken off for Gloucester. Opal wasn't convinced that the impending doom had been avoided. Krystal thought that perhaps the vibe Opal felt was coming from Krystal's tea leaves. Opal was one step ahead and offered tea to Jake and Amanda. The couple tried to resist, but Opal refused to let up until they drained the fluid from the offered cups.

David descended the stairs and surveyed his surroundings. He looked out the patio window and was pleased with what he saw. In short order, David joined Greenlee in the chapel and told her that she should be resting. Greenlee exclaimed that she was feeling much better and hardly had any pain in her legs.

Greenlee changed the subject and started to outline how their wedding ceremony would go. Greenlee reveled in the mystery she would have as she walked down the aisle with a veil too thick to see through. Greenlee noted that the veil was a key element to the shock value that would be felt when she finally revealed herself. When David hesitated, she begged him not to say that he was having second thoughts.

David was still in agreement with Greenlee's plans and checked to make sure she still wanted to go through with the marriage. Greenlee said that the marriage would be the first in a long line of things that she planned to unleash on Erica and Ryan. She noted that regardless of what Erica had made the public believe, Greenlee wanted to show the world what a bitch Erica truly was. For Ryan, Greenlee said that she wanted to stay in town and be in his face at every opportunity, and make him live with the regret of having desecrated Greenlee's memory.

Greenlee told David that he had to propose to her in order to make things official. David refused, so Greenlee slowly dropped to one knee and asked "the most conniving man" she knew to marry her, "the most willful and determined woman" he'd ever met. David helped Greenlee to her feet and said that he was unable to reject Greenlee's request. After they hugged, Greenlee revealed that Valentine's Day would be their wedding day.

Greenlee continued to outline her plans, including the use of the same wedding gown seamstress and ideas about the invitation content. David felt that the issue would be in getting people to attend. Greenlee said that even though everyone hated David, they wouldn't be able to leave their curiosity unfed. She sent David off to call the seamstress and said that in the meantime, she would work on her vows for revenge.

David made initial contact with the seamstress, and told her that he would call back once he had more details. He ended the call just as he heard a knock at the door. Erica brushed past David as soon as he opened the door. Erica initially said that she had been in the neighborhood, but quickly changed her tune when she realized that David knew her true motivation.

Erica insisted that David was the only suspect; she said that he needed to let her help. David assured Erica that he was not the guilty party. David said that if Erica found the person that broke into his house, she would solve the mystery of who attempted to destroy Fusion.

Erica took David on a brief stroll down memory lane, and David wondered if the stories Erica told were supposed to soften his resolve. David told Erica that he didn't need her help, and Erica stated that David did need to lessen the suspicion that had been aimed in his direction. Erica suggested that David become an investor in Fusion -- to the tune of ten million dollars. David asked if an endowment of twenty million would buy him the truth.

David admitted that he had known Erica was after information from the moment she arrived. He noted, however, that Erica's quest was futile, as he had no knowledge to impart regarding the crash at Fusion. David committed to contributing ten million dollars and ushered Erica towards the door. Erica told David to get in touch with her if he changed his mind about working together to find out the identity of the real culprit.

As she sat alone in the chapel, Greenlee envisioned walking down the aisle. Erica and Ryan were the only guests. When she reached the altar in her mental picture, she handed off her bouquet and revealed that she had survived her accident. Both Erica and Ryan were stunned. Greenlee was gleeful when Ryan immediately leapt to his feet and refused to let Greenlee marry David. Ryan claimed that he'd never stopped loving Greenlee and had never loved anyone the way he'd loved her. Greenlee sneered and swore that she no longer needed Ryan.

Ryan joined the crowd at the Martin house in an effort to find out reasons why David might have sabotaged Fusion. Everyone was in agreement that attacking the company was not David's modus operandi; rather, David tended to focus on individuals. Ryan asked Amanda if she'd heard any conversations involving Fusion while she lived at Wildwind. Amanda was unable to provide any confirmation but offered a possible lead. Amanda mentioned that she saw the tabloid that featured Ryan and Erica ripped in half at Wildwind.

Tad grabbed a copy of the tabloid and Ryan confirmed that the issue had been released the day before the system crash. Opal made Ryan drink some tea and explained that in doing so, Opal might be able to zero in on what they should expect. As Opal examined the leaves, everyone tried to figure out why a picture of Ryan and Erica would set David off. Ryan thought David's ire could be focused solely on Erica and immediately began to worry about Erica being alone with David.

Tad, Jake, and Amanda went to the police station and told Jesse about the discovery of the ripped tabloid at Wildwind. Jake wanted to know how much jail time David would have to serve if he were convicted, but Jesse wasn't able to specify an amount. Jake asked if the answer would change if there were an eyewitness. Jesse said that it would and asked if Jake had seen anything.

Jake claimed to have seen David go up the back stairs at Fusion the night of the crash. When Jesse went to get his recorder, Tad said that he would call Liza so that Jake could get some sound legal advice. Once alone with her husband, Amanda demanded to know how much of a lie Jake would be willing to tell. Jake said that if he were assured that David would be out of their lives for good, he knew of no limits.

As Krystal cleaned up, she asked Opal what was visible in Ryan's tea leaves. Opal said that the leaves indicated treachery from someone close. Opal went on to say that whatever was going to happen would change Ryan's life forever.

Ryan showed up at Wildwind in pursuit of Erica. David told him that although Erica had stopped by, she had left the property a while before. Without permission, Ryan said that he would take a tour around the house to make sure that Erica was really gone. Furious over the intrusion, David followed Ryan's every step.

Erica returned to her room at the Yacht Club. She heard a knock, and when she answered the door, she was shocked at the identity of the visitor.

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