One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 1, 2010 on OLTL

Everyone converged on Llantano Mountain in a blizzard. Mitch forced Stacy outside after learning the truth about her baby. Jessica had the electroshock treatments. Natalie had a car accident, and Brody continued to search for Jessica. Rex found Stacy's will, which named Schuyler the guardian for her baby. Mitch had plans for Jessica.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 1, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, February 1, 2010

Pow! Zap!

At Todd's house, as Blair sent Elijah yet another sex-related text message, she was shocked to discover him standing on her doorstep. After a brief foreplay session, Elijah revealed that John was en route to Statesville Prison to await trial. When Blair appeared concerned about John's misfortune, Elijah questioned why Blair still had feelings for her ex-lover. Pushing Elijah on the couch, Blair insisted that John was Marty's problem, not hers. As they prepared to make love, Blair reminded Elijah that their relationship was purely physical. With a sly grin, Elijah agreed.

At Starr's apartment, Starr and Téa enjoyed time together while Danielle prepared for her first day at Llanview High School. When Starr asked about Todd's state of mind, Téa revealed that Todd had dreamt that Mitch had killed both Téa and Danielle. Starr prayed that someone would take care of Mitch Laurence.

At Llanview Hospital, Gigi invited Schuyler a visit to spend Valentine's Day with her at Viki's cabin, and he happily accepted. As the couple discussed their upcoming plans, Stacy's gynecologist approached and questioned Schuyler about the prescription for oxytocin that had been entered on her medical requisition form. Explaining that she hadn't submitted the request, the doctor wondered who had administered the drug, and to whom. When the doctor asked Schuyler if he had any knowledge of a patient whose labor had been induced, Schuyler didn't admit any involvement, but assured the doctor that an authorized medical professional had administered the drug.

At Rex's loft, standing in a puddle of water that she had spilled on the floor, Stacy lied and told Rex that her water had broken, which sent Rex into a tailspin. Kim arrived on the scene as a frantic Rex attempted to transport Stacy to the hospital. As Stacy clutched her stomach and screamed in pain, Kim suggested that Rex park the car in front of the building to provide Stacy with easy access. Once Rex had left the loft, Kim placed a call to Schuyler.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, as Schuyler tried to cover his tracks with the doctor, he received a call from Kim. A look of fear crossed Schuyler's face when Kim informed him that they were en route to the hospital, and instructed him to be prepared to administer the oxytocin to Stacy. Afterward, Stacy expressed her fear to Kim that their plan would fail.

While Kim tried her best to ease Stacy's fears, Rex returned and quickly scribbled out a note to Oliver, in which he explained that Stacy had gone into labor and was en route to the hospital. Sensing that Schuyler had second thoughts on inducing Stacy's labor, Kim warned Schuyler that he would lose Gigi if he failed to cooperate. As Rex rushed Stacy out the door, Kim retrieved the note and tossed it in the direction of the wastebasket, but missed. Once the trio had exited the building, Dorian and Charlie arrived on Rex's doorstep. Both Dorian and Charlie were alarmed when they discovered the front door was open.

Back at the hospital, Kim's call left Schuyler in a state of panic. Gigi wondered if something was wrong, but Schuyler quickly made up an excuse. Moments later, Gigi was startled when Stacy, Rex, and Kim arrived at the hospital. Upon learning that Stacy was in labor, Gigi's face dropped. As Stacy was rushed into a nearby examination room, Gigi confided in Schuyler that Stacy's pregnancy suddenly appeared real.

To Schuyler's surprise, Gigi stated that she hoped that Stacy's baby would have a good life. Gigi felt fortunate that she and Schuyler had a good life to look forward to as well. While he listened to Gigi's confession, Schuyler made eye contact with Kim, who gave him a threatening look. After promising to meet Gigi at the cabin, Schuyler waited for the opportunity to administer the drug.

Kim noticed that Gigi had left and sent Rex on another wild goose chase. Once Stacy and Kim were alone, Schuyler entered the examination room. With a devilish smile, Kim remarked, "Let's pop that kid out of there!" Cautioning him that Rex would soon return, Stacy ordered Schuyler to induce her labor at once. To Stacy and Kim's horror, Schuyler replied, "No, I'm not going to do this!"

Back at Rex's loft, Dorian and Charlie looked for signs of Stacy's whereabouts. Looking around the apartment, Charlie stated that he had doubts about kidnapping a pregnant woman, but Dorian did her best to convince him to continue on with the plan to use Stacy to lure Mitch. Charlie stated that Viki would never forgive him if he kidnapped Stacy and killed Mitch.

Dorian insisted that Charlie would be a hero once he killed Mitch. When Charlie reminded Dorian that she had lost her family as a result of her vendetta against Mitch, Dorian replied, "At least they will be alive!" Charlie responded, "Let's do it!" Dorian spotted Rex's note near the wastebasket. After reading the note, Dorian exclaimed, "I think I found Stacy!"

At the Fort Osborn Geological Observatory, Mitch told a frightened Jessica, who lay in restraints on a table, that she was destined to be a mother to the prophet. Mitch stated that Jessica would realize her place in his cult once he had erased her memory. In tears, Jessica refused to allow Mitch to steal her memories. Once she realized that Mitch intended to follow through with his plan, Jessica promised to accept her fate and raise Rex's child as her own. With a skeptical look, Mitch stated, "I know you don't believe that yet!"

In a desperate attempt to trick Mitch, Jessica promised to do his bidding, and began to ask details about her new home. After instructing Nurse Charles to leave him alone with his daughter, Mitch removed Jessica's restraints and helped her off the table. Mitch advised Jessica that her new home had no exits. Jessica promised that she wouldn't attempt to flee, and asked to see the nursery where the prophet would reside. When Mitch directed her to the nursery, Jessica noticed Nurse Charles sitting on the edge of a bed in the room. As Jessica pointed out several safety hazards and suggested that Mitch correct them, Jessica observed a cell phone on a nearby table. Unnoticed, Jessica slipped the phone inside her boot.

Claiming that she was experiencing a terrible headache, Jessica asked if she could rest. Mitch helped her onto the bed and kissed her goodnight. Alone, Jessica retrieved the phone and quickly placed a call.

Inside the courtroom, Brody pointed a revolver at Police Commissioner Lowell and demanded to know where Mitch had taken Jessica. When Brody fired a shot in Lowell's direction, the police commissioner took cover behind John. As John fell to the floor and blood gushed from his chest, Marty tried frantically to revive him. While Lowell and his men grabbed Brody, no one noticed as John opened his eyes and gave a startled Marty a knowing look. Realizing that John and Brody were planning an escape, Marty played along.

As the press descended upon him, Brody told the members of the media that he had aimed at Lowell, not John. Brody insisted that Lowell had used John as a human shield. Meanwhile, paramedics removed John from the courtroom, and Marty followed close behind. Lowell instructed his men to transport Brody to jail. As he was carted away, Brody pleaded with the reporters to investigate Lowell and his dealings with Mitch Laurence.

Once Brody had been ushered out of the courtroom, Lowell made a statement to reporters. Promising justice for John, Lowell was adamant that Brody would never be allowed back on the force. When the reporters demanded to know why the police commissioner had used a handcuffed prisoner as a human shield, Lowell refused to answer.

In the hall, Brody managed to gain the upper hand and disarm the guards. As Brody held the guards at gunpoint, his cell phone rang.

At the observatory, Jessica phoned Brody, but received no answer. When Brody finally answered the phone, Mitch appeared and grabbed the phone out of her hand. After disconnecting the call, Mitch chastised Nurse Charles for leaving her cell phone in plain sight and instructed, "I want every available man down her right now!"

After rendering the two men unconscious, Brody answered the call, but was too late. Brody realized that Jessica was the caller and raced out the courthouse. Afterward, Lowell discovered the two guards and chastised them for allowing Brody out of their sight.

Meanwhile, outside of the courthouse, Marty and two officers watched as the paramedics placed John in the ambulance. As the officers attempted to ride along, John arose and kicked one of the men in the stomach, and Marty assaulted the other. After retrieving a key from one of the unconscious officers, Mary helped John remove the handcuffs.

Moments later, Brody emerged and told John that he had received a call from Jessica, but lost the connection. Marty lashed out at John and Brody for keeping her in the dark, but John was determined to locate Jessica. Relating that Lowell and his officers were corrupt, John convinced the paramedics to leave the scene. Seconds later, when a car pulled up with an unidentified driver, Brody announced that their ride had arrived. Marty asked to join them, but John insisted that she stay put. As John and Brody stepped inside the vehicle, a disguised Natalie chimed, "Jump in!"

A helpless Marty watched as John and Brody fled in the vehicle. At that moment, Lowell approached and asked what had taken place.

At the observatory, Jessica tried to explain, but Mitch refused to listen. Mitch stated that his daughter had disappointed him. Strapped to the table, Jessica whimpered as Mitch administered the electric shock treatment. Mitch smiled, as Jessica's eyes rolled to the back of her head.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Téa found Todd on the phone when she returned to his house after seeing Starr and Danielle. He was in the midst of firing one of his private investigators who had no luck in locating Jessica. Téa cheerfully informed him that Dani had been registered for classes at Llanview High School and was "in good hands" with her big sister. Todd regretted stopping at Starr's apartment, and Téa commended him for developing a conscience. He didn't think it was good enough to just regret his past actions, but Téa felt certain that Dani would forgive him in time.

Todd was uneasy and explained that he didn't know where he stood with either Téa or Dani. Téa thought that everything would be okay. She confessed that she had wanted to kiss him again. Todd was encouraged and, leaning over, kissed her gently.

Curious about John's arraignment, Cole turned on the television for an update. He panicked when the newscaster announced that John had been shot and wounded during a melee at the courthouse. Cole advised Starr and Dani that he needed to get to the scene to learn more since his mother was there. He grabbed his jacket and left. The girls decided to concentrate on choosing an outfit for Dani's first day at school. Their brief discussion of John McBain marrying Blair turned to Todd and an impasse. Dani didn't want to talk about her father and his exploits again.

Starr asked about Matthew since it appeared that he and Dani were more than friends. Starr declared that she had known Matthew since she was small and he used to follow her around. Dani was taken aback and admitted that it was hard to share her feelings because she had always been alone as a child. She confessed that she and Matthew had kissed, but she hadn't heard from him since he saw her "freaking out" about Todd. He probably thought she was crazy. Just then, there was a knock at the door. It was Matthew.

He disclosed that there had not been any news about Jessica yet, and Starr turned to Dani with excitement. She had forgotten to tell Dani about the rest of her family members. She assured her that though Viki was Todd's sister, she was nothing like her brother. Jessica was their cousin. Dani was overwhelmed and admitted that she was still getting used to the idea of having two brothers. Starr made an excuse to leave the room.

Outside of the courthouse, Marty taunted Lowell who wanted to know why Marty wasn't in the ambulance with John. Lowell realized that Brody and John had planned John's escape, and he urged his men to be on the lookout for the ambulance. He accused Marty of being in on the plan. She denied it, but Lowell ordered her arrest. Cole arrived and threw Lowell up against the wall.

An enraged Cole screamed and yelled at Lowell until Marty was able to calm him down. She assured her son that John was okay and the shooting had been staged. "Cuff me," she ordered Lowell. The former mayor accused Cole of trapping his son, Justin, and making it look like he was buying drugs. Cole disagreed, stating that he had done it for Justin's own good. As Lowell hesitated, Marty asked how he would feel if Justin was in either Jessica's or Jared's shoes. She wanted to know if Lowell would have let Mitch walk. Lowell retorted that his first loyalty was to the law. Marty accused him of being loyal only to himself.

She warned Lowell that once he outlived his usefulness, Mitch would turn on him. She was certain that John would find Mitch and Jessica. Before she was led to a cell, Marty told Cole that while she hadn't known about John's plan, he had filled her in before he escaped. The paramedics on the ambulance were fellow cops in on the ruse. Cole planned on hanging around and assured his mother he would obtain a lawyer. She wondered who the driver of the ambulance was because the person looked familiar.

John was aggravated when Natalie revealed herself as the driver of the getaway car. Brody explained there was no way to prevent her from being involved in their scheme because she was determined to help. John resigned himself and urged her to "quit driving like an old woman and floor it." Brody disclosed that he had received a call from Jessica, but he had no further clue as to her whereabouts. John was worried that he left Marty "holding the bag."

Brody explained that Fish had given him a tracking device with a global positioning system. He had inserted the device into Lowell's phone. If Lowell spoke to Mitch on the phone, they would be able to find Jessica. Suddenly, a police car with its screeching siren began to follow the getaway car. As John shouted out directions to Natalie, he and Brody began to shoot out of the back window. Natalie seemed to enjoy the reckless ride as she called out, "Eat my dust, bitches!" She gave a loud whoop.

John assumed that Mitch and Jessica were close since Mitch was most likely waiting for Stacy's baby to be born. Brody wondered why Jessica was taken, and John pointed out that it had something to do with the baby. Natalie added that Mitch had always been obsessed with Jessica.

At his hideout in the geological observatory, Mitch reassured an unconscious Jessica that she needed to sleep and rest up. He advised her that by the time she awakened, she would have forgotten all about her "false family," and she would be able to create new memories and love Rex's baby as her own. He spoke of a baby's miraculous birth but observed that there would be no joy for the "fallen woman," only anguish.

Nurse Charles revealed that Stacy had gone into labor and had arrived at the hospital. Mitch ordered her to get to the hospital because he wanted the "vessel" fetched and taken to the hideout. They had everything they needed for the delivery there. He wanted Jessica to be the first person that the baby bonded with, and he was hoping that Rex would join his "true family." He told the sleeping Jessica that her heart would mend.

In the hospital examination room, Kim and Stacy were horrified to hear Schuyler announce that he had changed his mind about administering the oxytocin to Stacy. The women refused to accept Schuyler's decision, and they did their best to persuade him to follow through. Kim noted that they had no time to develop a new plan, but Schuyler didn't want to take the chance of harming his child. He added that he had intended to give Stacy the drug but, after having the needle filled with the drug in his hand, he had reconsidered. He wanted to tell Gigi the truth. "Have you lost your mind?" Stacy asked him.

Schuyler was hopeful that Gigi would forgive him for sleeping with Stacy, especially since he had been drugged. The women taunted Schuyler, and Kim stated firmly that Gigi would never forgive him. As Schuyler held out his arm and began emptying the needle, Kim grabbed his wrist. She tried to wrest the needle from him without success. Kim was sure she'd be able to obtain more of the drug, and she berated Schuyler. She was sure he'd pay a steep price for confessing to Gigi, and if he loved Gigi, he wouldn't do it. Schuyler emptied the needle and tossed it onto the floor.

Schuyler advised the women that he was heading up to Viki's cabin to be with Gigi, and he would tell her everything. Kim was sure that Gigi would be destroyed, but Schuyler thought that Gigi was strong. Kim thought that Schuyler would just turn out to be another typical guy to Gigi instead of the rescuing type, and he should think about saving Gigi, not hurting her. She yelled at Schuyler for stringing them along. Schuyler agreed that he wouldn't say anything to Rex, but he thought that Stacy should if she really loved him. Kim was certain she'd figure something out and advised Schuyler that he'd better "step up" if Rex learned that he wasn't the father. Schuyler assured her he would, and he walked out.

Rex ran into Gigi as he headed back to the exam room with Stacy's lollipops. He wanted to make things right for all concerned, but Gigi advised him he was "a little late." They moved into a nearby waiting room to talk. Gigi exclaimed that she knew the day would arrive when Stacy delivered the baby, and all of the pain was rushing back to her. It hurt to see Rex looking after Stacy when Gigi had been alone when Shane was born. Tears filled her eyes as she recalled wondering where Rex might have been so that she could have summoned him to be with her.

Rex acknowledged that he would never stop regretting that he wasn't there for her. Gigi advised him that she was "alone and scared." She continued that things couldn't be changed, and it was no one's fault. She just wished that she had the best of him like Stacy did. Rex noted that while his heart was with his new baby, it wasn't with Stacy. It would always belong to Gigi. "Stop," Gigi urged him.

Her sister was having his baby and his feelings for her wouldn't do anyone any good, Gigi pleaded. She waited for Rex for years and while they had some perfect time together, they agreed that they also had a rough time. Gigi was convinced that Rex had put them out of their misery, and they were better off. She announced that she was heading to Viki's cabin. Rex asked if Schuyler was going to be there, too, and he wanted to know if Gigi loved Schuyler. Rex wanted to start a new life, so "put me out of my misery," he told her. A tearful Gigi said, "Yes, I love Schuyler."

Rex admitted that he loved Gigi and would never change. He disclosed that he felt the same way about seeing Gigi and Schuyler together as Gigi felt about seeing Stacy and Rex together. He only hoped that Schuyler was good to her, and Gigi agreed that he was. Gigi thought that things would work out, and Rex would be fine once he held his baby. He would love it from the minute it was born, she promised. It was a gift, and she wished Rex and Stacy luck and happiness. She walked out in tears.

Unbeknownst to anyone, Nurse Charles entered the hospital.

Back at Starr's place, Matthew admitted he had been worried about Dani but she assured him she had been staying with Starr and was fine. They both confessed to thinking about the other and as they began to kiss, Starr's phone rang. Apologizing profusely, Starr ran out of the bedroom. It was Cole who updated her on what had been happening at the courthouse. She shared the news with Matthew and Dani and headed to the bedroom again. Dani told Matthew that Llanview was "off the hook," and she was happy to be there.

Just as the pair began to share a kiss, Starr burst from the bedroom again. She had forgotten her phone. Matthew and Dani decided that it was a good idea to go out and look for something to eat.

Lowell received a call and was advised that the tires on the patrol car following the getaway car had been shot out. He began to make a phone call but changed his mind.

In the hospital exam room, Stacy worried about Schuyler changing his mind. Kim declared that she would go after him and talk some sense into him before he spoke to Gigi. She suggested that Stacy advise Rex that she had only had a false labor and she was going home. After Kim left, Stacy remained alone in the exam room. She reassured her baby that everything would be okay and that Schuyler would remain quiet.

Rex ran into Schuyler and advised him that Gigi had left for the cabin. Schuyler awkwardly noted that he wanted to get there before the snow. Rex made his way to Stacy's exam room but spotted Kim first. Angrily, he asked if Kim had left Stacy alone. As they spoke, Nurse Charles headed into Stacy's room.

Lowell couldn't resist and placed a phone call to Mitch. He advised Mitch that Brody and John had escaped. Mitch was sure that the men would never be able to find him. "Gotcha," Brody announced in the back of the car as he watched the GPS screen.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Desperately Seeking Stacy

At Todd's, Todd and Téa fell into each other's arms, but Téa pulled away from their embrace, unsure of where they stood after all their trials and tribulations. Todd drew her back in, but Téa again pulled back. Todd told her he wasn't sure where they were or what they were to each other anymore, but he knew he wanted to hold her and make love to her. Téa admitted she still wanted him, and wanted to go to bed with him. "Deal," Todd cracked, holding out his hand to seal the deal.

Téa laughed, but asked him if they were making a mistake. "Won't be our last," Todd replied, and with that the lovers dove onto the bed.

Afterwards, Todd and Téa cuddled, and again pondered if they were making a mistake by reuniting so soon. Reveling in their intimacy, they agreed that, mistake or not, they didn't care.

Across town, Markko returned to the apartment he shared with Langston, Starr, and Cole to find Starr on the phone with Cole, discussing Marty's bail. After hanging up, Starr told Markko about John's escape from police custody, and how he and Brody had faked a shooting to evade Lowell's clutches. The film geek in Markko lit up, sure it would make a great movie, and Starr suggested he get Langston to write the script; unfortunately, Langston was nowhere to be found.

As Markko went over his notes from his film class, Starr said she was surprised he still took something of value from the course despite Ford's presence. Markko told her that Ford wouldn't stop him from learning about the craft he loved. He was confident that the "thing" between Ford and Langston was a one-way street, with only Ford interested, and felt sure that with Langston rebuffing the older hunk, Ford would move on to another conquest. Starr bit her tongue, as she remembered Langston's infatuation with the handsome teaching assistant.

Starr asked Markko if he really wasn't worried about Ford at all, and Markko insisted he wasn't. He trusted Langston; it was only Ford's overt advances that had worried him. He recounted the incident where he and Langston had run across Ford while apartment hunting, and he was inadvertently forced to admit to Starr that he and Langston were looking to move out. Markko assured Starr that, though he and Langston needed more space, they weren't moving out any time soon. As he continued with the story of how he found Langston alone with the half-naked Ford, Starr blanched as she realized that Langston had kept the close encounter from her.

Markko was surprised to hear that Starr had never heard the story about their apartment search, but Starr downplayed its importance and said she agreed with him; it was no big deal, and Langston was devoted to him and only him. Oblivious to her concerns, Markko bemoaned his lack of quality time with Langston since the new semester had begun, and said that she'd also been preoccupied with her latest musical. Starr was still vexed that Langston wanted to write about her real-life story with Cole and Hope.

At Llanview University, Langston breezed into the film department and was looking for Markko. Instead, she found Ford alone in an empty classroom. Langston was surprised that she'd gotten the time wrong, but Ford didn't believe she'd made a mistake. Putting the moves on the young woman, he suggested that arriving late to Markko's class had all been part of her plan to see him again.

Langston laughed off Ford's accusation and refused to entertain a serious conversation about their kiss at Capricorn. Ford said the kiss was passionate and exciting, but Langston claimed she'd only been caught up in the moment and the adrenaline of her birthday bash. Ford didn't buy it; he suspected that, like him, she couldn't stop thinking about their intimate moment.

Langston primly informed him that Markko was the man she wanted, that he was everything she'd ever needed. Ford asked if that meant she'd told Markko about their kiss, and Langston admitted she hadn't. She said the kiss wasn't important, and hadn't meant anything, so she felt no need to hurt her boyfriend unnecessarily. Ford said that it had meant something to him; he'd felt "consumed" with passion for her, and he couldn't stop feeling it. Langston was shaken by his words.

Ford told her that if she didn't want to explore the feelings their kiss had stirred up, then there was nothing else for them to say to one another but goodbye. Langston grasped at straws, as she pleaded with him, and asked if they couldn't still be friends. Ford wasn't sure platonic male/female friendships worked, but Langston was suddenly sure they could, just like the one she had with Cole. Ford agreed to attempt a friendship if she wanted one.

In their first act as "friends," Langston and Ford changed topics to her struggle with the next Llanview High musical. Langston still wanted to write about Starr and Cole's fight to be together, but the real-life couple was having none of her plans. Ford suggested that she could get away with it by changing their names and slightly altering the situation. When Langston mentioned how little space she had to work at the crowded teens' apartment, Ford offered to let her use his often-empty office at the university, and handed her a spare key. "Works for me," Langston said, eyeing the key.

Langston returned to the apartment, and greeted Starr and Markko in high spirits. She apologized for missing Markko at the university, but said she'd gotten his schedule and "everything else" figured out, and wouldn't make the same mistake again. As she kissed Markko, Ford's office key dangled from her bag.

At Llanview Hospital, Nurse Charles skulked through the halls, as she approached Stacy's exam room in the hopes of ambushing her quarry. Entering the room, she found it empty. Moments later, Rex and Kim dashed in and found it empty, as well, only with no sign of Nurse Charles, either.

Rex demanded to know where Stacy had gone, but Kim said she didn't know. Playing for time, she told Rex that the doctors had discovered that Stacy was only in "false labor," and suggested that Stacy had simply headed back to the loft. Rex noted that Stacy's bag was still there, and said she wouldn't have left without it, or without telling either of them. He called Stacy and left a terse voicemail, even as Kim attempted to allay his fears. After heading to the admissions desk, Rex discovered that Stacy hadn't even checked out.

Rex was frantic with worry, but noticed that Kim's reaction was muted at best. He asked her why she wasn't more concerned about her best friend, when she knew the danger Stacy faced from Mitch. Kim said she was attempting to be calm and rational, but Rex suspected it was more than that. Kim flashed back to her and Stacy's confrontation with Schuyler, and remembered how Stacy had felt there was no hope once Schuyler told Gigi the truth about her pregnancy. Rex smelled a rat, and ordered Kim to tell him if she knew of another reason why Stacy might have disappeared of her own free will.

Kim sidestepped his question, and lashed out at Rex; she told him that he and his father were the same, and that both he and Mitch only cared about Stacy for the baby she was carrying. Rex countered that, unlike Mitch, he would not want Stacy harmed. Stacy knew Mitch was dangerous, and feared for her life; Rex knew she would not have left the hospital alone, unless there was some other, secret motivation he wasn't aware of. He pleaded with Kim to tell him the truth.

Kim admitted that she had no idea where Stacy was, and apologized for leaving her alone. Agreeing that Stacy could be in danger, she told Rex to call his friends in the police department. When Rex mentioned that he'd left a note for Oliver, Kim remembered that she'd tossed the note aside as they'd left the loft. She ordered him to call Oliver immediately.

Little did Rex and Kim know Stacy was closer than they thought. In the underground parking lot beneath the hospital, Dorian hurried Stacy down the stairwell and onto the sub-level, all the while assuring her that she was there to protect her from Mitch Laurence and take her to a safe place. Stacy struggled with Dorian, and was clearly skeptical of Dorian's claims, but Dorian insisted that she was acting in her capacity as mayor of Llanview to get Stacy to a safe house where Mitch couldn't find her. Stacy remembered that Dorian and Rex had a rocky relationship, and didn't buy that Dorian was helping a stranger out of the goodness of her heart; she was sure Dorian wanted to stick it to Rex. "Who cares?" Dorian sighed, exasperated. "Let's go!"

Charlie emerged from Dorian's nearby car, and demanded to know what was taking them so long. Dorian introduced Charlie to Stacy as a member of her "private security detail" and said that all they wanted to do was keep Stacy safe. Stacy wasn't sure that she should travel in her delicate condition, but Dorian said that, as a doctor, she could monitor Stacy's pregnancy. "No way are you a doctor," Stacy mumbled. "Way!" Dorian shot back, and begged Stacy to accompany them before it was too late.

Suddenly, Nurse Charles materialized behind Stacy, grabbed the girl, and trained a gun on Dorian and Charlie. Ordering them to their knees, Nurse Charles excoriated Dorian for "betraying the Messenger," and asked her which of her "Cramer girls" would pay the price for her disobedience. Dorian offered the nurse a bribe for Stacy, but Nurse Charles didn't put a price on her faith. As Nurse Charles hurried off into the night with Stacy in her grasp, Charlie told Dorian to get in the car; they would follow Nurse Charles back to Mitch.

Somewhere in the winter night, Natalie, John, and Brody were still speeding down the back roads of Llanview, on the run from the law and on the hunt for Mitch. As the snow began to drift down, Brody cursed at having lost Mitch's GPS signal from his call with Lowell. Using Oliver's borrowed technology, he managed to use his laptop to trace a peripheral "vector" on the signal, and narrowed it down to within five miles of a spot on Llantano Mountain. John suggested they cross-reference the location with details from the forensic report on the letter Mitch sent to Jessica in order to find his location.

As Brody began his research, John worried aloud about Marty, who he'd left at the mercy of Lowell. Natalie suggested he call Marty, but John told her he refused to put her in danger, either, and ordered Natalie to get out at the next gas station. But Natalie refused to be shut out of the hunt; she'd lost Jared to Mitch and wouldn't lose her sister as well. She was going with them to finish Mitch off, once and for all.

John protested, but Natalie told him to shut up and help Brody with his work. Brody said he didn't need the help, but backed down in the face of Natalie's icy glare. "Chicken," John muttered. He reminded Natalie that Viki would be worried about her, but Natalie said guilt wouldn't work and promptly called her mother to inform Viki that they were searching for Jessica and would be okay. After hanging up, Natalie told John he was out of excuses to get rid of her, and they were all stuck with each other.

Brody was still looking over the forensics report, and again noted the trace elements of two obscure types of rock that were found on Mitch's letter; neither rock was from the United States, which suggested that Mitch's location had to be near a place where such unique minerals might be found together in Llanview. John couldn't think of any such place and couldn't find it on their maps, then concluded that the location was unmapped. Seized by inspiration, he remembered the search for Natalie in 2005, when she'd been abducted by Hayes Barber, and recalled that the search teams had discovered a decommissioned military geological station, the Fort Osborn Geological Observatory. Checking their map, John said he could direct them to Fort Osborn, and told Natalie to make a wild U-turn.

As they continued to race up the mountain roads, John commended Natalie on a good driving job despite the accumulating snow and ice. "It's beautiful," Brody said, watching the snow fall. He mused about how he and Jessica had planned a winter vacation with Bree in the mountains, and how Jessica had been making him a full part of her family. It felt so normal to him, so everyday, and he marveled at how she accepted him as a good person despite his troubled past. "She saved me," Brody murmured, and swore that Mitch would never take Jessica away from him.

Elsewhere on the road, Charlie and Dorian were following Nurse Charles's car into the darkness. Dorian wanted Charlie to speed up, but he insisted on keeping a safe distance so as not to tip Nurse Charles off. Dorian reminded him that if the nurse got Stacy to Mitch, it was over, not only for their plan but for Stacy herself. Charlie ordered her to let him handle things his way; Dorian's way had put everyone in danger, including Stacy, who he referred to as "that poor girl." Dorian scoffed at his sympathy for Stacy, and said that if not for them, Stacy would have no chance at all.

Charlie said he knew she didn't care about Stacy; she was only worried about stopping Nurse Charles from reporting Dorian's betrayal to Mitch. Dorian admitted that she feared for her girls, and Mitch's wrath. Lost in thought, she wondered how an evil like Mitch was born, and wondered if there was a fate worse than death awaiting her if she crossed him. Charlie said the only thing worse than death, sometimes, was surviving.

Dorian reflected on Mitch's latest return, and admitted that she'd thought she would be able to stop him by using the powers of her office; instead, he'd almost poisoned her girls over the holidays, and she'd had to find another way. Staring at the Cramer family holiday card that Mitch had vandalized, she admitted she couldn't imagine losing one of the Cramer women, or losing a child, and asked Charlie how he was able to wake up in the morning. "Slowly," Charlie replied. Dorian said it couldn't happen to her, and Charlie assured her it wouldn't, once they took care of Mitch for good; they'd find Mitch before he got to her girls. Dorian thanked Charlie for aiding her in her quest.

Not far ahead of them, Nurse Charles continued to speed down the road in her car, with Stacy, her prisoner, in the passenger's seat. Stacy begged her to slow down, but Nurse Charles said that Dorian and her "puppy" were tailing them, and she had to lose their shadow. She ordered Stacy to concentrate on her "little boy," but Stacy informed her that she was having a girl. "That's not the prophecy," Nurse Charles declared, and called Stacy a blasphemer for suggesting that Mitch would not have a male heir.

Nurse Charles wanted Stacy to focus on her contractions, but Stacy said she wasn't in labor at all, and told the nurse she wasn't due for a month. As the wheels began to turn in Nurse Charles' mind, Stacy asked if the woman remembered when she'd slept with Rex. Nurse Charles said the cult had "the chosen one's" conception marked down to the hour, and Stacy said that she knew that meant that her baby was not Rex's, or Mitch's heir.

Nurse Charles didn't want to believe the truth, and told Stacy she'd examine her at their destination. Stacy said Nurse Charles couldn't take her to Mitch, otherwise they would both pay dearly for the deception, but Nurse Charles said Stacy would be the one in real danger. Just then, Kim called Stacy's phone. Nurse Charles ordered Stacy to answer, but not let on where she was.

Kim asked Stacy where she was, and the frightened girl lamely claimed she'd returned home. Kim called her on her lie, and said they'd checked with Oliver, who was still at the loft, where Stacy wasn't. Collapsing into tears, Stacy told Kim she'd been kidnapped, and begged her to "help me!" As she attempted to describe where they were driving, Nurse Charles grabbed her and began to wrestle with her for the phone.

As Nurse Charles's car weaved across the treacherous mountain road, Charlie, Dorian, Natalie, John, and Brody noticed the out-of-control vehicle in their paths. Each driver swerved to avoid the other vehicles, but failed as the automobiles collided in a screeching crash. In Charlie's car, the Cramer holiday card fluttered to the ground.

Back at Llanview Hospital, Kim continued to yell into her phone as her connection to Stacy dropped. Rex asked what had happened, and the tearful Kim told him that Stacy was in trouble. "They got her."

Thursday, February 4, 2010

All On a Wintry Night

Todd and Téa woke up together in bed. Cheerfully, they decided it was better to stay in bed for the day instead of going outside in the snow. Later, at Téa's insistence, the couple talked about the mistakes they had made. Even though they had just made love, Téa felt that nothing had been resolved and she really didn't know where they stood. She needed a clear head, and she did not have one then.

Todd decided that he wanted to visit Viki but declined Téa's offer to accompany him. He thought she should stay behind in case she heard from Dani. Téa promised to wait for him and mentioned that she would send good thoughts to Viki. She had faith that everything would work out. Todd was hopeful that Téa had some of that same faith in their own relationship. He asked her if she thought they would make it. She honestly didn't know.

A disgruntled Cole returned to his apartment and informed Starr that it looked as though his mother would have to remain in jail overnight. Lowell even had him escorted out of the courthouse because Lowell wanted Marty to suffer. Elijah had been hired to represent Marty and he was trying to get her an earlier arraignment, but he wasn't hopeful. Starr spoke to Cole quietly and assured him that everything would turn out okay. He didn't know what he would do without Starr in his life.

Starr convinced a tired Cole to go to bed for some much needed rest, but he didn't think he would be able to sleep. He was too worried about Marty. Soon after, Cole decided that he should return to the courthouse. Starr successfully talked him out of it. He jokingly accused her of always having the "perfect rational argument." She urged him to count sheep, but Cole confided that he was scared of sheep after an incident when he was a child. Starr was amused and tried to find something else that Cole could count to help him sleep. After he dismissed several of her ideas, she thought they should count his freckles.

At the hospital, Kim was disconnected from her telephone call with Stacy. "Our girl is in trouble," she told Rex. She advised him that Stacy had been taken. Oliver arrived and announced that John had escaped from the courthouse and was out looking for Jessica.

As three cars headed up Llantano Mountain in less than ideal conditions, the car that Nurse Charles drove swerved onto the other side of the road after she tried to wrest the phone from Stacy. Suddenly, there was a crash. While Nurse Charles and Stacy were fortunate, the others were not. The nurse advised Stacy that the messenger was waiting for the baby's arrival, as was the mother. "I'm the mother, bitch," Stacy retorted. She called the nurse crazy and she repeated that the baby was a girl, not a boy as the nurse insisted.

Charlie and Dorian were run off the road but neither had disabling injuries. The car that contained Brody, John, and Natalie crashed through the guardrail and down to the bottom of a ravine. The men were okay, but Natalie was unconscious. John tried to waken her and, finally, Natalie opened her eyes. The steering wheel had her pinned down. John managed to deflate the airbag, but he was unable to get her loose. A heavy piece of metal was still in the way.

Natalie urged the men to seek help without her, but John refused to leave her alone. Brody tried John's cell phone, but he was unable to get a signal. As the trio discussed their next move, sparks started to shoot from the car.

Charlie thought that the other car had gone down into the ravine, and he wanted to see if he could help the car's occupants. Dorian was adamantly against it and wanted to get away from the scene and continue following the nurse's car quickly. She didn't have her doctor's bag with her. She thought it was more important to leave the possibly injured behind and look for Mitch so they could kill him. The pair got back into the car, but Charlie was unable to get it started.

Back at the hospital, Rex stepped aside to make a call, and Kim advised Oliver that Stacy hadn't really been in labor. She didn't want Oliver to tell Rex because she took note of how determined Rex was in his desperation to locate Stacy and his baby.

A fourth car moved slowly along the mountain road in the blinding snow. Schuyler called Gigi to let her know he was on his way. She tried to persuade him to turn around and go home, but Schuyler declined. He was determined to see her because he desperately needed to talk to her about something. There was heavy static on the line as Schuyler related that he needed to talk about the baby. He advised a frightened Gigi that the baby was fine and hadn't been born yet because Stacy's labor had been a false one.

Schuyler thought it best that he talk to Gigi when he saw her, but Gigi was persistent. She wanted to know if he trusted her, and he replied that he did. He trusted her more than anyone else, he told her. He loved her but preferred to talk to her when he saw her, Schuyler told her firmly. Gigi immediately thought it was bad news. "Rex isn't..." Schuyler began but the phone went dead. The connection was lost as Schuyler lost control of his car. When the car stopped, Schuyler's head fell forward against the steering wheel and the car horn. He was unconscious.

Once again outside of the car, Charlie thought he heard another car crash but a freezing Dorian thought that it was the crashing of a tree. They continued to argue over looking for help versus aiding the occupants of the other car. Suddenly, Dorian heard a car horn. Charlie suggested it was the howling of the wind. Both of them tried their cell phones, but they were unable to get signals. Dorian was insistent that they begin the trek towards the road.

Natalie thought she heard a car horn and began to yell. John assured her that no one would hear them. Suddenly Brody's phone began to ring. It was Rex, and the men shouted over the loud static that accompanied the call. They each managed to share some information but not enough for a complete story. Brody learned that Mitch had kidnapped Stacy.

Brody decided that he would scale the embankment and head to the main road and finally to the observatory. He took various items to enable him to complete the endeavor, including a gun with extra rounds. John made his choice to stay with Natalie even though she urged him to go. Brody left, and Natalie called out to John, and referred to him as MacGyver. She wanted to know what his next move was. John smiled. Natalie thought that she smelled gasoline. As the sparks continued to fly, the leaking gasoline was forming a puddle nearby.

In a hospital examination room, Rex, Oliver, and Kim studied a map. Oliver revealed that roads to the mountain had been closed off. Kim was sure there had to be another way. Once an out-of-the-way trail was discovered, Oliver proclaimed that a "four-by-four" would be necessary to climb the trail in the snow. Rex announced that he had such a vehicle at Ultraviolet, and the men departed. Rex was adamant that Kim stay behind and pointed to her high heeled shoes.

At the observatory hideout, Jessica opened her eyes and looked around. Mitch was close by and told her that it was normal to feel disoriented. He planned on leading her to embrace her future, and he told her that her baby was on the way. A confused Jessica remained silent and bewildered. Mitch introduced himself as her father and told her that her name was Jessica Lawrence. He added that her son was the chosen one.

Nurse Charles and Stacy arrived at the observatory, and Stacy ran to Jessica when she saw her. She hurriedly told the woman that they could work together to get away. She noted that she was a dirty fighter. Jessica did not respond and she looked at Stacy sightlessly. "What the hell did they do to you?" Stacy asked.

Mitch was furious when he heard that Dorian and Charlie had followed Nurse Charles. He was angry that he wasn't able to count on Dorian's loyalty, but the nurse smiled. She advised him that she thought Dorian's car had gone over the mountain. Mitch determined that it was time for the baby to be delivered. Stacy let it be known that she was not in labor, and she would refuse to allow anyone to touch her. "Why is she a zombie?" Stacy asked, referring to Jessica who had reached out and touched Stacy's belly. Mitch promised that she would know all about it if she didn't follow his orders.

Smoothly, he told Stacy that she couldn't go outside by herself on the snowy mountain. He wanted the nurse to make sure the baby was doing all right. He didn't think that Stacy could take care of a fragile baby without them.

Relenting, Stacy allowed Nurse Charles to examine her. The nurse advised Mitch that the young woman's labor had stopped and she wasn't really due for three to four weeks. An angry Mitch wondered how that could be since he knew exactly when the baby had been conceived. After Stacy admitted that Rex was not the baby's father, Mitch demanded to know everything.

Stacy related the events of the previous several months to Mitch. She explained how she had been pregnant with Rex's baby and that Gigi had harassed her to have an abortion. This had caused her to lose the baby, she justified. Mitch wanted to know why she didn't tell Rex the truth. Stacy made it clear that the baby was the only tie she had to Rex, and she couldn't bear to lose both the baby and Rex.

She continued the story, and gave the details of Kim's plan for Stacy to conceive again with another man. All she knew was that the baby she carried was not Rex's. She apologized for ruining Mitch's plan. "It's over, right?" she asked him. She figured there was no longer any point to her being there, and she wanted to know if Mitch believed her. She suggested that he check a paternity test after the baby was born. Out of the blue, Jessica spoke up. "Father, is that my baby?" she asked.

Dorian and Charlie moved slowly towards the road as Dorian complained about her freezing feet. She grabbed a branch and used it as a cane. Charlie berated her for not being dressed properly. Suddenly, he saw a light and headed to it. Dorian wondered if it could be Mitch.

John continued to try to remove Natalie from the car. Suddenly, the sparks flew higher and wider and drew closer to the gasoline. A fire ignited and the car burst into flames.

Brody made his way to the road and tried to use his phone, to no avail. Once again there was no signal.

Gigi kept trying to phone an unconscious Schuyler.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sorry, Wrong Baby

All roads leading up to Llantano Mountain were closed, due to the severe blizzard, and the dangerous driving conditions had left several Llanview residents injured and unaccounted for. Near Llantano Mountain, Natalie and John's vehicle burst into flames at the bottom of the ravine.

As Charlie and Dorian trekked up Llantano Mountain, Charlie spotted Viki's cabin up ahead. Charlie noticed the cabin light and was certain that Viki was inside. Concerned for the occupants of the vehicle that had fallen in the ravine, Charlie insisted that they enter the cabin and call for help, but Dorian was determined to locate Mitch Laurence. Reminding Dorian that her toes were frostbitten, Charlie pointed out that Dorian wasn't physically able to search for Mitch. Dorian screamed, "My girls are in danger! We must find Mitch!"

Inside the cabin, Gigi tried frantically to contact Schuyler, but couldn't receive a signal. Meanwhile, an unconscious and badly injured Schuyler lay inside his disabled vehicle.

Fighting the terrible driving conditions, Rex and Oliver drove toward Llantano Mountain. Citing that the trip was a dangerous one, Rex offered to drop Oliver off at the next exit, but Oliver insisted on helping in the search for Stacy. Rex thanked Oliver for showing concern for Rex's child, and the two men continued in the direction of Llantano Mountain.

Schuyler regained consciousness and realized that he couldn't receive a phone signal. Desperate to reach Gigi, a badly injured Schuyler stumbled up the mountain.

Inside Viki's cabin, Gigi became concerned when she was unable to reach Schuyler. Gigi's sprits were lifted when she heard a knock on the door. Hoping that Schuyler had made it through the snowstorm, Gigi raced to the door, but was shocked to find Charlie, who was carrying an injured Dorian Lord.

After lying about their presence at the cabin, Charlie told Gigi about the car that had fallen into the ravine, and asked to use her phone to contact help for the injured parties. Gigi related that she didn't have phone service at the cabin. Convinced that Schuyler was the occupant of the wrecked car, Gigi grabbed her coat and announced that she intended to rescue Schuyler. Charlie attempted to leave with Gigi, but Dorian insisted that it was crucial that Charlie help her locate Mitch and Jessica. Reminding Charlie that Jessica needed his help, Gigi assured him that she would be fine and rushed out the door to find Schuyler.

Alone with Charlie, Dorian insisted that her girls were in danger and pleaded with him to locate and kill Mitch. Grasping the gun, Charlie promised to kill Mitch before Mitch had the chance to hurt Dorian's girls.

At Llanfair, while Viki and Clint awaited word on Jessica and Natalie, Todd arrived to speak with Viki. After relating that Mitch had tried to blackmail Todd into convincing Jessica to accept Mitch, Todd stated that he wished that he had killed Mitch, and Clint agreed. Shaking her head in disgust, Viki insisted that murder wasn't the answer. Once Clint had left, Todd questioned Viki about Charlie's absence during her time of crisis. After relating that Charlie left without an explanation, Viki recalled Charlie's vow to get Jessica back. Viki stated that Charlie had acted in a strange and peculiar manner.

At the apartment, Starr tried to comfort a tense Cole, who was worried about his mother. After Starr had finally managed to cheer Cole up, he received a call from Elijah, who stated that Marty had been arraigned. As Cole and Starr headed off to pick Mary up from the police station, Cole related that he believed everything would finally work out.

At the hospital, Kyle was shocked when Kim informed him that Mitch had kidnapped Stacy, and that Oliver had joined Rex in the search. Upon learning the news, Kyle placed a frantic call to Oliver. Although the connection was weak, Kyle managed to make contact with Oliver. Stating that the situation had spiraled out of control, Kyle insisted that Oliver tell Rex the truth -- either Schuyler or Oliver had fathered Stacy's baby, not Rex. Insisting that Kyle's career would be in jeopardy, Oliver asked if Kyle was sure about his request. As Kyle pleaded with Oliver to do the right thing, the phone connection was lost.

As Rex and Oliver continued up the mountain, they encountered two wrecked and abandoned vehicles. After searching both vehicles and locating identification, they were surprised to learn that Schuyler and Dorian were the registered owners. Rex recalled that Schuyler had mentioned that he was spending the weekend with Gigi at Viki's cabin.

Rex was anxious to continue the search for Stacy, but Oliver suggested that they look for Dorian and Schuyler also. Unconcerned with Schuyler's well-being, Rex insisted that Stacy was in a dire situation. Pointing out that the wrecked vehicles were blocking the road, Oliver stated that they had to continue the search on foot. Agreeing to look for Dorian and Schuyler along the way, Rex searched Schuyler's vehicle for a pair of gloves. Rex was unable to locate gloves, but discovered a form inside Schuyler's car. Rex realized that the document was Stacy's will. As he studied the paperwork, Rex was stunned to discover that Stacy had named Schuyler the legal guardian of her unborn child.

Back at the hospital, Kyle was speechless when an anxious Roxy arrived at the hospital with balloons and announced that she wanted to congratulate Rex on the birth of his child. When Kyle related that Mitch had kidnapped Stacy, Roxy flew into a rage and demanded to know where Mitch had taken Stacy and her unborn grandchild. Upon learning that Mitch was holding Stacy captive on Llantano Mountain and that Rex and Oliver were on his trail, Roxy was consumed with guilt and blamed herself for the possible deaths of all the involved parties.

Fighting back tears, Roxy stated that she felt it necessary to clear her conscious. Declaring that Rex, Oliver, Stacy, and the unborn child might die because of her, Roxy insisted on revealing to Kyle how Mitch had impregnated her. Unwilling to allow Roxy to accept the blame, Kyle told her that he had a secret of his own to reveal -- Rex wasn't the father of Stacy's child. After learning that Stacy had duped Rex, Roxy blamed Stacy for Rex and Gigi's breakup. Gritting her teeth, Roxy snarled, "That bitch is dead!"

At the Buchanan Mansion, Kim told Clint that Mitch had kidnapped Stacy. Relating that she had left Stacy alone, Kim stated that she had failed Stacy. Unnoticed, Nigel listened as Kim blamed herself for the kidnapping. Afterward, Nigel approached Kim and offered her a cup of tea. Nigel expressed his concern for Kim's friend. Recalling how rudely she had treated him in the past, Kim was amazed by Nigel's generosity toward her.

Later, as Clint tried to console her, Kim inadvertently mentioned that Rex wasn't the father of Stacy's baby. When Clint asked her to clarify her statement, Kim lied and covered her tracks.

At the observatory on Llantano Mountain, as a dazed and confused Jessica stood nearby, Stacy tried desperately to convince Mitch that she wasn't carrying his grandchild. Backing up Stacy's claim, Nurse Charles related that the results of Stacy's examination suggested that Stacy's child wasn't due for several weeks. Enraged, Mitch grabbed Stacy by the throat and shouted that Stacy was of no use to him since she wasn't giving birth to the "messiah." To Mitch's surprise, Jessica stated, "Father, stop!" In a slow and stern voice, Jessica remarked, "God's creation shouldn't be killed for the sins of his mother!"

Jessica, Nurse Charles, and a terrified Stacy listened as Mitch called out to the Lord. Referring to Stacy as the Whore of Babylon, Mitch wondered how he could punish Stacy for her evil actions. Suddenly, Mitch announced, "I know what I must do!" Stacy asked if Mitch intended to release her. Manhandling Stacy, Mitch thanked his daughter for showing him the light and proclaimed that he would allow God to judge Stacy. Pushing her out the door and into the storm, Mitch declared, "If you survive the storm, it is God's will; if you don't, then that is God's will also!" Stacy pleaded with Mitch to give her a ride down the mountain, but he responded by slamming the door in her face.

Banging on the door, Stacy begged Mitch to let her back inside. Realizing that she was safer in the storm, Stacy rubbed her stomach and assured her unborn child that Rex would find them. Cold and frightened, Stacy trembled as she trekked down the mountain. Moments later, Stacy cried out in pain. Rubbing her stomach, Stacy screamed, "This can't be happening!"

Back inside, Mitch recalled the Lord's promise that Mitch would raise "the chosen one" with his daughter, Jessica. A bewildered Jessica asked Mitch if she would have a child of her own. Instantly, Mitch received a word from God. Bowing at Jessica's feet, Mitch announced, "You will have a child to raise, and he will be my flesh and blood! Together we will create the chosen one! I will give you a child!" Jessica had no expression.

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