One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 25, 2010 on OLTL

Bo and Nora took Shane and Bree to Texas for safekeeping. Mitch intended to use electroshock treatment on Jessica in order to force her to comply with his wishes. Danielle wanted nothing to do with Todd. Blair warned Ford to stay away from Langston. Brody accidentally shot John instead of Lowell, the police commissioner who was in Mitch's back pocket.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 25, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, January 25, 2010

Hey Sister, Go Sister, Soul Sisters

Blair arrived at Capricorn and was surprised when Markko informed her that both Starr and Cole had failed to show up, but Langston was present and enjoying the birthday bash. Blair's suspicions were aroused when Markko related that he had invited Ford to the event. Realizing that Langston had disappeared, Markko set out to find her, but Blair insisted that she would locate the teen. While searching frantically for Langston, Blair recalled the conversation in which Langston admitted that she was physically attracted to Ford.

In a secluded area of the club, Langston and Ford shared a passionate kiss. Suddenly, Langston pulled away and declared her love for Markko. When Ford suggested that Langston spend the remaining hours of her birthday with Markko, Langston hesitated for a brief moment, and then pulled Ford into an embrace. Blair appeared and interrupted Langston and Ford's private moment. Ford quickly excused himself, and Blair demanded answers from Langston. Admitting that she had experienced a lapse in judgment, Langston insisted that she loved Markko. After promising that she wouldn't reveal Langston's secret to Markko, Blair warned the teen to be careful.

As Markko approached Ford in the club and asked if the director had knowledge of Langston's whereabouts, Blair arrived on the scene with a visibly shaken Langston. When Blair suggested that Langston and Markko head home, Ford also attempted to leave, but Blair stopped him. Ford was stunned when Blair planted a kiss on him, and asked if he wanted a relationship with Langston. Smiling devilishly at Blair, Ford stated that he could be persuaded to forget about Langston. Pulling away from him, Blair snarled, "You don't give a damn about Langston, you're just a sleazy playboy! You hurt Langston, I'll hurt you!"

At the apartment, Cole and Matthew watched as Starr presented Danielle with photos of their little brothers, but Danielle appeared to show little interest. Disgusted by the news of Todd's past, Danielle wondered how Starr had managed to remain sane while growing up as Todd's daughter. Displaying a picture of Blair, Starr stated that her mother had always kept peace within the family.

Studying Blair's photo, a stunned Danielle related that she had met Blair in Seattle. Recalling Blair's conversation regarding her daughter, Danielle told Starr that Blair loved her. With a loving smile, Starr assured her sister that Téa also loved Danielle. Expressing her fear of running into Todd at Rachel's apartment, Danielle asked Starr if she could stay with her. Starr agreed to provide shelter for her sister only if Danielle promised to contact Téa and inform her of Danielle's whereabouts. Starr assured Danielle that Téa wouldn't force Danielle to face Todd until the teen was ready.

At the police station, Todd, fearing that Danielle had left town, and told Téa that he intended to contact a private security company to locate Danielle. However, Téa was convinced that their daughter was still in Llanview. Both Todd and Téa were shocked when several officers escorted a cuffed John into the station. Todd directed a snide comment at John, but was caught off-guard when John stated that Lowell had arrested John in an attempt to prevent John from rescuing Jessica from Mitch Laurence. Todd immediately recalled the conversation in which Mitch subtly threatened Danielle. Todd related that Mitch had offered to eliminate Cole if Todd helped Mitch gain control of Jessica. Upon receiving a call from a contact, Todd informed Téa that he had located Danielle.

Téa and Todd arrived at the apartment, just as Starr had convinced Danielle to call her mother. Todd appeared hurt when Danielle announced that she would speak with Téa, but not Todd. Starr allowed Téa to enter, but refused Todd entry. Stepping out in the hall with Todd, Starr told her father that she had attempted to help Danielle understand his past, but had been unsuccessful. Giving her dad a hug, Starr pleaded, "Give her some time! Don't push, or you'll lose!" Back inside the apartment, Danielle questioned how her mother could love a rapist. Téa pleaded with Danielle to give Todd a chance.

As Todd remained out in the hall, Starr stepped back inside the apartment. Téa agreed to allow Danielle to stay with Starr and her friends. Téa thanked Star for supporting her sister. Alone with Todd, Téa informed him that Danielle had requested to stay with her sister. Later, when Téa returned with Danielle's belongings, the teen barely looked at her. Danielle watched silently as Starr and Téa shared a loving moment. Starr promised Téa that things would work out.

Afterward, Langston and Markko returned home and were stunned when Starr introduced them to her sister, Danielle. Langston and Markko watched as Starr, Cole, Danielle, and Matthew played a video game. When Markko suggested that he and Langston retire for the evening, a nervous Langston insisted that she wanted to spend time with Starr and Danielle. Meanwhile, a faint smile crossed Danielle's face as she observed her sister and the others.

Inside Marty's office, Natalie received counseling from the doctor. When Natalie related how she had blamed John for Jared's death and later fell apart inside John's apartment, Marty stated that it was perfectly natural for Natalie to feel safe around John because of their past relationship. Natalie grew alarmed when Marty suggested that Natalie was using John to compensate for the loss of Jared. When Marty warned Natalie to stay away from John, Natalie became enraged and lashed out at Marty. Convinced that Marty feared that Natalie was trying to steal John from her, Natalie reminded Marty that Jared had recently died and insisted that she had no interest in John. Marty watched helplessly as Natalie stormed out of her office.

At Llanfair, Brody frantically searched for Jessica. As Brody attempted to question the drugged officer outside, Viki appeared and questioned what had happened. Brody told Viki that Mitch had lured him away from Llanfair and kidnapped Jessica. Viki suggested that they contact the police, but Brody advised her that Lowell was involved in the kidnapping. After Brody detailed what had taken place, Viki wondered if John had escaped Lowell and his men on the docks. Realizing that John was their only hope, Brody placed a call to John.

Lowell paraded around and the police station with John's cell phone and berated John. Lowell answered John's ringing cell phone. Recognizing Lowell's voice, Brody questioned where Mitch had taken Jessica. Alerting Brody that John was in police custody, Lowell suggested that Brody might locate Jessica at St. Ann's.

Afterward, John had a warning for Lowell. John was certain that Mitch would attempt to kill Lowell and his family, once Mitch had completed his work. Referring to Lowell as a snitch, John stated that Mitch would eliminate Lowell out of fear that Lowell would expose Mitch's crimes. Ignoring John's warning, Lowell instructed his men to place John in leg irons.

Back at Llanfair, Brody informed Viki that John was in custody. When Viki appeared to lose all hope, Brody reminded her that Jessica was capable of taking care of herself. After promising to locate Jessica, Brody left. Moments later, Natalie arrived at home and was horrified to learn that Mitch had kidnapped Jessica. When Viki related that John was in police custody, Natalie announced that she had business to attend to at the police station.

Todd showed up at Llanfair and asked Viki for help. Displaying a photo of Danielle, Todd stated that the teen was his daughter. Viki listened in amazement as Todd related that Danielle had recently learned of his past and that he was afraid that he might lose her.

Arriving at the station, Brody discovered John shackled to a chair. Lowell approached and ordered Brody to book John. Lowell answered John's phone again, and smiled when he recognized Marty's voice. With an evil laugh, Lowell stated, "You're boyfriend is indisposed!" Meanwhile, unnoticed by Lowell, John gave Brody the phone number of one of John's contacts. Certain that Mitch's letter contained physical evidence, John advised Brody to present the letter to his contact. John believed that his friend might be able to provide clues to Jessica's whereabouts. Afterward, Lowell told Brody that he was fired.

Later, Natalie arrived at the police station and attempted to attack Lowell when he made a derogatory comment about Jessica. Before she could assault Lowell, John stopped her. Giving John a loving hug, Natalie whispered in his ear, "Don't worry, I'm going to bust you out of here!" At that moment, Marty entered the room and observed the embrace.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Escape to Buchanan Ranch

Schuyler removed his shirt and stared at himself in the mirror. Not liking what he saw, he proceeded to work out until he broke a sweat. He headed back to the mirror, removed his shirt again and smiled. "You stud," he said. He proceeded to put together various outfits but settled on his usual jeans and t-shirt. He began to light candles for a romantic evening with Gigi. He received a phone call from Stacy who demanded to know if he had retrieved the drug to induce her labor. She threatened to talk to her "big sis" if Schuyler didn't follow through.

Gigi arrived, tired and ready to spend the night in front of the television. She noticed the candles and the table set for dinner. She asked if Rachel was having company, but Schuyler assured her that his roommate was out for the evening. He wanted Gigi to relax. He grabbed her phone and placed it on a table with his. He wanted no interruptions.

After dinner, a preoccupied Schuyler assured Gigi he was fine, but he had thoughts of previous threats from both Kim and Stacy.

Bo and Nora stood in the middle of a messy room in a deserted house. They kissed but were disappointed that Delphina didn't leave a bed behind when she left town. Nora began to remove Bo's jacket and insisted that she didn't want to wait any longer to make love.

Later, as the pair gorged on Chinese food, Nora wondered why the sex was "better than ever." She began to discuss the reasons, but Bo quickly shushed her. He wasn't interested in hearing her analyze their lovemaking. Nora admitted that she should never have married Clint, but Bo felt that his brother should never have asked her in the first place. They were sorry about Clint, and Bo hoped that in the future, his feelings of happiness and guilt wouldn't "go hand in hand."

Bo's phone began to ring, and Nora insisted that he answer. It was Viki, and she explained that she was frantically trying to locate Clint. She advised Bo that Mitch had taken Jessica. Nora urged Bo to take care of more important issues, and she would be able to talk to Clint. She learned from Nigel that Clint had returned to the mansion.

Kim admired herself in a mirror. "Looking good Kim. I'd do me," she said to her reflection. She dressed in several outfits in her attempts to decide which looked the best for seducing Clint. Finally, she decided on some sexy lingerie and waited for her boss to arrive home. She struck a pose on the couch by the door. "Welcome home, Daddy," she purred when he walked in.

Clint couldn't decide if the surprise was good or bad as Kim wrapped her arms around him. She told him how grateful she was for her job and home, and added that Clint was an attractive man. She admitted that she liked rich and powerful men. Clint reminded her that he was old enough to be her father. Kim advised him that he was happy that she was around and, grabbing his phone, tossed it aside. Clint acknowledged that Kim was good company and "easy on the eyes."

They began to kiss but Clint pulled away. He uttered that while Kim was sexy and beautiful, he had shared his bed with his wife not too long before. Kim reminded him that Nora hadn't been his wife since she had looked at Bo, and she wouldn't be returning to Clint. She urged him to "get back in the saddle" and make himself happy. Clint wasn't too sure he'd be able to do that, so Kim suggested that he go out of town. "Cheer the hell up," she ordered. She herself would prefer a warm body next to hers, she admitted. He pulled her into a kiss.

The couple moved up to Clint's bedroom but Nora interrupted them when she burst through the door. She was horrified to find the couple in bed again. She explained that Nigel had let her in, and both Clint and Kim began to complain. Clint advised Nora to talk to his lawyer if she had anything to say. Finally, Nora out-shouted the couple to advise Clint that Jessica had been kidnapped. Clint jumped up and headed out the door with Nora. "Kimberly, don't wait up," he called out.

At Llanfair, Viki was near hysterics as she worried about Jessica's kidnapping. Todd offered to use his newspaper in an effort to impeach Lowell, get Bo his job back, and locate Jessica. Téa arrived, worried about Viki and the possibility that Danielle could be in danger too. She admitted that while she was against capital punishment, she would push for it in Mitch's case. Viki thought the only thing they could all do was pray.

Todd wondered where Charlie was, and Viki was evasive, noting that her husband would be around if he could. Todd again demanded to know where Charlie was, but Viki again stated that her husband would be around if he was aware of what was happening. Suddenly, Téa led Bree into the room, and announced that the little girl had been looking for her mother. Viki told Bree that her mother was on a trip. "Is she sick again?" Bree asked. Viki assured the girl that Jessica wasn't sick and would be home soon. Téa advised Bree that Jessica was thinking about her daughter and how much she loved her. Téa suggested that Bree draw a picture for her mother and Téa and Todd took the child to her room.

Greg was pleased when Rachel showed up with a picnic basket dinner at the hospital. She quickly assured him that it was takeout, as she followed in her mother's footsteps when it involved cooking. The pair shared a kiss in the empty exam room, though Rachel was concerned about getting caught. She thought she should leave to help Téa with her concerns over Danielle.

Stacy left Schuyler a threatening message, and was annoyed that he had ended their phone call. Her mood changed when Rex returned home, and she placed their food on the table. He was pleased that she was honest when she admitted to having their meal delivered.

"So how's the baby," he asked. Stacy suggested that they decide on a name for the baby, but they were unable to agree on any. Rex refused to name their daughter Kim and suggested that the baby not be named after anyone at all. He didn't think his baby needed a "hand-me-down" name. He fantasized about the baby's future. He put a damper on the dinner by mentioning the fact that Gigi was alone during her pregnancy. Stacy reminded him that their baby would have both parents around.

After dinner, Rex began to undress for bed, and Stacy invited him to share the bed with her. She insisted it was only because the bed was bigger than the one that he had been sleeping in that was Shane's. Rex didn't think it was a good idea, even though Stacy promised that she wouldn't "come on" to him. She felt ugly because she was pregnant. Rex assured her that she was beautiful. He added that all pregnant women were beautiful. Stacy's smile turned into a frown when Rex clarified his statement. She thought it would be nice for Rex to spend some time with the baby.

When a knock sounded on the door, Rex hurriedly replaced his shirt and answered it. It was Bo, who didn't mince words. "Your sister Jessica is missing," he advised Rex. Bo wanted to make sure that Shane and Stacy were safe. He decided that he would be taking Shane to the Buchanan ranch in Texas, where his employees would be up to the task of protecting the boy. He invited Stacy and Rex to join them, but Stacy advised him that she was unable to fly so late in her pregnancy. Bo assured Rex that he and Nora would take good care of Shane. An upset Rex spoke to Gigi on the phone and filled her in.

Gigi ended the call and informed Schuyler that she had to leave. She explained quickly that Bo was taking Shane out of town for protection from Mitch. She had to pack a bag for her son. Schuyler asked about Stacy being included, but Gigi glared at him. Stacy wasn't her problem, she retorted. Schuyler offered to go with her, but Gigi declined. She needed to say goodbye to her son, and it would be difficult enough.

Clint and Nora arrived at Llanfair, and Viki embraced Clint. Nora quietly left the study and stood in the foyer to call Rachel. She advised her daughter that she was heading to the ranch with Bo and wanted Rachel to look after Matthew. Stacy, Bo, Rex, and Shane entered, and Nora enthusiastically told Shane all about the ranch. She was sure he would love being there. She told Bo that her visit to Clint's house had been "informative." Gigi arrived with Shane's belongings. Rex told a curious Shane why they were sending him to the ranch and assured him it was safe. Shane wanted his parents to go with him. Stacy rolled her eyes.

Viki blamed herself for the kidnapping, and cited how things would have been different if she had retained her position of mayor instead of allowing Dorian to take over. Clint was certain that Mitch would have found another way to make his moves. Viki was worried that Jessica would have another breakdown. Bo and Nora walked into the study, where Bo announced that he had an idea. He thought that Bree should go with them. The others joined them. Rex explained to his son that he couldn't leave Stacy. Clint asked Shane to keep an eye on Bree, and Rex reminded Shane that by the time Shane returned, he'd have a new brother or sister.

A cynical Shane declared that Texas wouldn't be any safer than Llanview. He thought that they could run, but they wouldn't be able to hide from Mitch. The adults all looked at each other quietly.

Stacy remained in the foyer and chatted to Kim on the phone. She was worried about Schuyler not returning her calls and the baby not being delivered on time.

During a musical montage, everyone at Llanfair said goodbye as Nora, Bo, Shane, and Bree headed to Texas. Shane put his hand on Stacy's stomach before he left. He hugged his parents as Stacy shook her head. Schuyler listened to his phone message and threw the phone against the wall. Greg and Rachel kissed goodbye. Kim stared at a photo of Clint and Nora.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One Way or a Mother

At Llanview Hospital, Kim spoke on her phone with Clint, and promised him that she could handle Buchanan Enterprises affairs in his stead as he continued the search for Jessica. After hanging up, she grabbed the passing Schuyler and ordered him to get the oxytocin Stacy needed in order to induce early labor. Schuyler remained queasy about the prospect of returning to his old habits, and reminded Kim of how he'd disgraced his mother and hit rock bottom by stealing drugs from the hospital to support his addiction; Kim told him that if he didn't do it he stood to lose Gigi forever. He warned her that no matter what he did, their deception would not end with the drug, and Rex would demand a paternity test. Kim told him she could handle the paternity issue, and before she left, she suggested he think of doing the theft for Gigi, not for Stacy.

At the loft, Rex returned home without news about Jessica. Stacy reacted with muted concern as Rex feared for both his sisters, and told her that Natalie seemed to be coping with their sibling's disappearance. Tired of sitting on his hands, Rex resolved to head for Llanfair to see if he could help Viki with the search efforts, which perturbed Stacy, who'd hoped for more individual attention for her and their baby. Rex promised an uneasy Stacy that Oliver would watch over the baby like it was his own.

In the corridor, Oliver was standing guard when Kyle arrived with a hot meal. Kyle told his boyfriend that he was also there to confront Stacy about their suspicions regarding the baby's paternity, but Oliver pleaded with him not to reopen old wounds. Kyle was sure that Stacy was playing Schuyler for a fool about being the child's father in order to secure his cooperation, because they knew he'd do anything to keep Gigi. Oliver said he didn't know and didn't want to know, as he'd never thought about being a father. Kyle told him it was time for him to start, but Oliver insisted that Kyle's suspicions were all merely theories.

Just then, Rex opened the apartment door. Kyle and Oliver ended their hushed conversation and glancing awkwardly at Stacy. Rex greeted Kyle before leaving for Llanfair, and Kyle headed to the hospital for his rounds.

Oliver joined Stacy inside the loft and told her of Kyle's suspicions, only for Ms. Morasco to laugh them off. Oliver asked how she could be sure Schuyler was the baby's father and not Oliver, and Stacy claimed she could "feel it." When pressed, she claimed that the doctor had nailed down the exact date of conception, and in any event, none of Kyle or Oliver's theories mattered, since Rex would be the only father her child knew. Oliver admitted that he was relieved to hear Stacy reassert Schuyler's claim to the child, as he wasn't ready to be a father.

Kim rushed back into the apartment, and was jabbering a mile a minute about Schuyler and the hospital; upon seeing Oliver, she fell silent, then covered, claiming she was talking about plastic surgery options. Oliver exited the loft to resume his watch duties, while Stacy and Kim resumed conspiring. Stacy complained about Rex's concern for everyone but her, while Kim was more concerned about Clint's worries over Jessica. When Kim said she wished she could take his pain away, Stacy realized Kim was talking about more than just "sexual healing," and accused her friend of falling for Clint. Kim scoffed and said she cared for Clint; that was all.

As Kim rubbed Stacy's feet, Stacy continued her laundry list of complaints. She was irritated at Schuyler's continued concern for the baby's health, especially because it wasn't even his. Kim assured her that Schuyler would work with them in order to keep Gigi.

At Llanfair, Brody reported to a concerned Viki, Clint, and Gigi on the status of the forensics expert's examination of Mitch's letter to Jessica. He said the investigation was ongoing, but they expected results soon. Clint told Gigi that he'd heard from Shane in Texas, and the boy was doing fine with Bo, Nora, and Bree.

As Brody and Clint stepped into the foyer to talk, Gigi comforted Viki, and reassured her that Jessica would be found. Noticing a conspicuous absence, Gigi asked where Charlie was. "I have no idea," Viki said softly. Her face fell as she told Gigi that Charlie hadn't returned home the night before, and she feared that Jared's death and Mitch walking free had broken both his sobriety and his spirit. Gigi was sure that Viki and Charlie could weather any storm, and that he'd return to her.

In the foyer, Brody told Clint that the forensics report on the letter would be back shortly, and that without Lowell or the police department's help, it was their only lead on finding Jessica.

While Gigi joined Brody in the foyer, Clint returned to the drawing room to speak to Viki in private. He also noted that Charlie hadn't been back all night, and asked her point-blank if Charlie had fallen off the wagon. Viki admitted that Charlie was in a tailspin, but he didn't know Jessica was missing; if he did, she was sure he'd be at her side. She pleaded with Clint to understand Charlie's pain, and said that the only way Charlie would be able to move forward would be to find someone who he could share his rage against Mitch with, someone who could relate to him in his grief and fury.

In the foyer, Brody and Gigi answered the door to see Rex waiting there, eager to help with the hunt for Jessica. Noticing the tension between the exes, Brody quickly left the room. Fumbling through an awkward conversation, Rex and Gigi compared notes on Shane's well-being in Texas. Gigi extended an olive branch, and told Rex she was glad they could still work together in a time of crisis for the sake of their child, just as Viki and Clint had; though she was still angry about Stacy, she was glad to hear her potential niece or nephew was being protected from Mitch as well. She reacted with reservation as Rex told her he'd changed his will to include the baby in case anything should happen to him, and that the child would go to either Jessica or Natalie.

As Brody returned and Viki and Clint reentered the foyer, Gigi made her exit, and told Rex she hoped they found Jessica soon. Just as Gigi walked out, however, Commissioner Lowell walked in, ready to gladhand the Buchanan family over Jessica's disappearance, full of insincere promises about using the full force of the department's resources. Brody and Rex weren't buying Lowell's line, while Viki and Clint were outraged at his insinuation that Jessica had suffered another mental break and disappeared on her own. Clint told Lowell that they all knew Mitch was responsible, and that Lowell wouldn't lift a finger to help Jessica.

Lowell sneered that Mitch had an alibi for the abduction, since Brody and John were assaulting him on the docks. Brody knew the real purpose of Lowell's visit; he was there for information on the family's independent investigation of Mitch.

Down at a darkened shooting range, Charlie was unloading a pistol into a series of practice targets, and envisioning Mitch standing before him in the shadows. Inexperienced with firearms, Charlie found that his aim was lacking, which led to a hallucination of Mitch mocking his prowess. "Not even close," Mitch purred. Charlie told the specter that he was just getting started.

As Charlie began again, Dorian arrived and encouraged him to keep practicing. He'd need to be ready when it was time to pull the trigger on Mitch once and for all. She offered him something to steady his nerves, but Charlie said no, expecting her to whip out a flask; he explained that he'd gotten back on the wagon the day he'd committed to killing Mitch. Instead, Dorian offered a card from Jared's memorial service, but Charlie said he didn't need that either; he thought of Jared everyday, as well as the injustice of Mitch's undeserved freedom, and everything the man had done to his family and to Viki's.

Charlie told Dorian he was forcing himself to ignore Viki's phone calls, because he knew that if he heard her voice, and the love in it, he wouldn't be able to do what was necessary: shut her out, shut his life out in order to wipe Mitch Laurence off the face of the earth. He knew he couldn't be forgiven for his endangering Jared, or for betraying Viki's trust, but destroying Mitch was the least he could do. "You're ready," Dorian marveled. Charlie told her she had to fulfill her end of their bargain, and locate and isolate Mitch. Dorian said she was having trouble finding their quarry, but had an idea about who might know Mitch's location.

Back at Llanfair, Lowell was still verbally jousting with Viki and Clint when his phone rang; it was Dorian, looking for Mitch. Lowell put Dorian off, but Dorian heard Viki yelling at the commissioner over the line. When Dorian mentioned Viki by name, Charlie's interest was piqued. Lowell hung up on Dorian and quickly left Llanfair.

Once Lowell was outside, Dorian called him again, to berate him for hanging up on the mayor of Llanview. Lowell told Dorian he had no idea where Mitch was, but he'd been at Llanfair to speak to Viki, as Jessica was missing.

Dorian was shocked and dismayed by the news, which she relayed to Charlie after hanging up on Lowell. Charlie was furious, sure that Mitch had Jessica. He told Dorian he had to get back to Viki's side immediately, but first, he turned back to the target range for another go-round to vent his anger. "Laurence, you're a dead man," he snarled, and pulled the trigger.

Back at Llanfair, Rex was still infuriated by Lowell's intrusion, and told Viki and Brody that Lowell or no Lowell, he'd find Jessica and Mitch, and he hurried out. Brody briefed Viki and Clint on the finished forensics report, which had found obscure trace minerals on the letter Mitch had written to Jessica, minerals not usually found in the country. What they needed to be looking for, he concluded, was an area nearby which contained these rare minerals.

Alone at the shooting range, Dorian examined Charlie's latest target sheet. On his final try, he'd shot the target through the heart. "Mitch Laurence, you are indeed dead," she purred, poking her finger through the bullet hole and then tearing the sheet apart.

Back at the hospital, Marty was in a session with her colleague, Dr. Levin, and was recounting her disastrous experience counseling Natalie. She said Natalie was an aggressive, determined woman who had suffered a terrible loss, one Marty could understand, and she also understood Natalie's growing reconnection to John. Levin probed at Marty's choice of words, and asked her to dispense with the official report and focus on how she really felt about John and Natalie's relationship. Marty explained that she and John had fallen in love when he'd filled the role of her protector and white knight, and she feared that he was doing the same for Natalie. She wondered what would happen if John's protection developed into something more, just as it had for him and Marty.

After finishing her session, Marty exited Levin's office just in time to run into a nurse with a medicine cart. As Marty grabbed a prescription for a patient, Schuyler watched with interest, as he spotted his chance to steal the oxytocin Stacy needed. As the nurse wheeled her cart down the hall to a patient's room and left it unguarded in the corridor, Schuyler approached, ready to grab the drug.

Before the theft could be completed, Kyle arrived, anxious to speak to Schuyler. He asked Schuyler if he was sure he was the father of Stacy's baby, and Schuyler said yes, and asked who else it could be. Unwilling to get into his suspicions any further, Kyle clammed up and walked away.

Alone again, Schuyler picked up a medical requisition form and checked off "oxytocin." Struggling with his conscience, Schuyler stopped, then moved to throw the form into the trash. Before he could, Gigi entered the corridor and startled him. Gigi vented her troubles to her boyfriend, and told him about her encounter with Rex at Llanfair and the news about Rex putting the baby into his will. Schuyler was perturbed to hear about Rex taking more measures to claim "his" child, but hid his discontent in front of Gigi, who admitted that her anger about Stacy's pregnancy had lessened for one particular reason: the baby had allowed her and Schuyler to find each other.

After Gigi left, Schuyler reconsidered his choice, and returned to the medical cart with the requisition form just as the nurse returned to the corridor. Schuyler handed over the form in exchange for the dose of oxytocin.

Nearby, Kyle called Oliver, and apologized for their quarrel over Stacy. He said there had been a botched operation at the hospital, and it had made him think of Oliver and how much he valued Oliver's love. Oliver told Kyle not to worry about Stacy, because she'd assured him that the baby was Schuyler's and not his. Oliver thought it was just as well, because he had no interest in parenthood, and wanted it to just be the two of them.

In the police station cellblock, Natalie arrived at John's cell. John inquired about the search for Jessica, but Natalie had other things in mind, like breaking John out of prison so he could help her stop Mitch and save her sister. John refused to let Natalie do anything crazy, but Natalie said she had it all figured out. Undoing the top buttons on her blouse, she reminded him that the guard on duty had always had a thing for her, and she was going to get his keys and spring John in no time flat.

John pleaded with Natalie not to endanger herself for him, but Natalie reminded him he'd done the same for her after she'd stabbed Mitch. John warned her that even if she did break him out, he refused to run. Natalie told him that she couldn't help Jared or Jessica, but he could do something about Mitch, and she needed to help him. John asked her to go home. Reaching through the bars, he took her hands and asked if she trusted him; Natalie said she always would.

Just then, Marty arrived, spotting John and Natalie's intimate moment. As Natalie moved away, Marty asked her about Jessica. Natalie said there was no news, and quickly left.

Turning her attention to John, Marty opted to ignore what she'd walked in on, and focused on the peril to Jessica. She wished John could help, and John said he'd be out soon. Marty assured him that Elijah was a good lawyer and would help him at his arraignment, but John seemed oddly confident that no matter what happened, it was his last day in jail. "Please tell me you're not doing anything reckless," Marty said, noticing the glimmer in his eye, but John merely shrugged.

Back at Llanfair, Clint was reluctant to leave Viki, but Viki assured him she'd be all right. As Clint left, Viki ascended the stairs, and soon another scene was playing out in the foyer. Natalie rushed back into the house, ran into Brody, and told him he needed to help her break John out of jail. To her shock, Brody said that he and John already had his escape covered.

As Natalie and Brody rushed down the hall, Viki walked back down the foyer stairs, and found herself face-to-face with Charlie.

Meanwhile, at the secluded Fort Osborn Geological Observatory on Llantano Mountain, Jessica awoke from a drugged stupor to find Mitch looming over her. Jessica asked where she was, and Mitch told her she was finally home. Noticing that she was in a sterile exam room full of medical equipment, Jessica feared what her father had in store for her, but Mitch said the preparations weren't for her; everything was being done to ensure that they as a family were safe "when the time comes." Jessica asked what he meant by that, but Mitch was offering no answers.

Jessica rose to attempt an escape, but was stopped when Nurse Charles sneaked up behind her, and jabbed her with another syringe. The addled Jessica collapsed into a chair, and cursed the creepy nurse, but Mitch scolded her for her harsh language and said it wouldn't be appropriate around "the little lamb." With that, Mitch and Nurse Charles unveiled a bassinet sitting nearby. Mitch told Jessica that the bassinet was for "our own prince of peace," his chosen one, Rex and Stacy's baby. Jessica said she was the child's aunt, but Mitch informed her she would have a much larger role in the baby's life than she'd previously intended: "You're going to be his mother."

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Three Dads

Todd awakened abruptly from a nightmare and knocked a tray full of dishes off the bed. Hearing the clatter, Téa rushed into his room. He thought he had lost Téa, Todd said. He dreamed that Mitch had killed her. Téa assured him that he hadn't lost her and she had also spoken to Starr about Danielle. Their daughter was fine, though there was no news of Jessica. Téa mentioned that she hadn't slept very well in the guest room.

Todd felt somewhat better after showering, but he was still concerned about Danielle. He was worried that his daughter would have nothing to do with him. Téa pointed out that their daughter was almost as stubborn as someone else she knew. The couple drew close and were about to kiss, but Téa broke away. She needed to get dressed, she told him. As she headed to the door Todd called out to her. "Nothing," he said, changing his mind.

Stacy and Kim anxiously waited for Schuyler to show up with the oxytocin. Kim was reluctant to sign the paper that would name her the baby's guardian in the event that something happened to Stacy. She stressed that while she would always look out for the child, she didn't "do kids." She finally agreed to sign if Stacy would stop talking about dying.

Hearing approaching footsteps outside the apartment door, Oliver whipped out his gun when Schuyler arrived. Schuyler informed Oliver that he was an old friend, and a sarcastic Oliver noted that Schuyler wasn't that old. He was aware that Schuyler was the baby's father. An angry Schuyler accused Kyle of breaching the patient confidentiality law and stressed that none of it was Oliver's business. The men entered the apartment and Oliver made sure that it was okay for Schuyler to be there. Stacy asked him for privacy and Oliver stepped out.

Schuyler had the drug but he was still reluctant to be involved with it because of his past. He still felt responsible for his mother's death as a result of his past involvement in stealing drugs from the hospital. Stacy made it known that Rex would go back to Gigi if they didn't take the planned action. Schuyler was worried that Rex would go back to Gigi, anyway, even after they did everything to prevent it. He was concerned that his baby wouldn't have a father and even a mother if Stacy went back to her pole dancing.

Stacy took exception to that and tried to explain that Schuyler couldn't understand, but she had grown very attached to her baby. She was different than before and loved her baby. She vowed to prove it to Schuyler, who turned his attention to the baby's guardianship. He refused to allow Kim to put her name down on the form and insisted that his own name belonged there. Stacy refused, but Schuyler stood firm and Kim had to separate the pair. If they wanted the baby to be delivered on time, they would follow his demands, Schuyler informed the women. He would give them the drug but Stacy would have to submit to a physical first. She would have to pretend she was in labor and go to the hospital. He wanted to make sure the baby was okay.

Schuyler also wanted his name on the form. He signed it and grabbed it for himself. He would make a copy and get it to Stacy. Hiding the paper under his coat, he left the apartment. He stopped to chat with Oliver and advised Oliver that he wanted his visit kept secret. He threatened to expose Kyle and his scams if Oliver mentioned it to anyone. Stacy sadly told her girlfriend that Kim was "off the hook" for having to look out for the baby. She appreciated Kim agreeing to it. She had one more favor to ask and Kim reluctantly agreed to listen. She didn't want to hear the "d" word anymore.

Stacy promised to stop talking about dying but asked that Kim find the baby, her daughter, if something ever happened to her. She asked Kim to tell the baby all about Stacy. She was afraid that the baby would hear things about her mother and how she used the baby as a "tool." She wanted her daughter to know that things changed and she really loved her, she was an angel and the most perfect thing. She really loved her.

At Rodi's, Gigi and Rachel chatted about Schuyler and the new apartment that he shared with Rachel. Gigi wondered if everything was okay with Schuyler since it seemed that something was bothering him. She asked Rachel if she was aware of any problem that Schuyler might have. Gigi felt that Schuyler was covering something up, though she stressed that she didn't want to harm the secrecy that Rachel shared as Schuyler's counselor or co-counselor. Rachel stressed that she wouldn't want to harm the privacy of friendship either. Gigi swore that she could tell from Rachel's face that something was wrong.

Rachel asked if Gigi would be with Schuyler if Rex hadn't gotten Stacy pregnant. Gigi realized that Schuyler thought their relationship was all because of Rex. Rachel wanted to know if Gigi and Rex would get back together in the event that Stacy's baby wasn't Rex's. Gigi had no doubt that it was his, and she was not planning on leaving Schuyler. She cared about him way too much, she promised. Rex still slept with Stacy, she pointed out. She added that even though Schuyler had slept with Stacy "back in the day" he was too good for her "skanky sister." Rachel asked if Rex wasn't too good for Stacy.

Gigi ignored the question and stated again that she would never leave Schuyler. Rachel explained that she and Schuyler were former addicts and they had difficulty in trusting people. They were still compulsive and would cheat, lie, or steal. Gigi admitted that she couldn't picture Schuyler that way. Rachel advised her, "Don't overestimate your power over him."

At Mitch's hideout at the Fort Osborn Geological Observatory, he advised Jessica that she would have a child to call her own, one that was a great gift. As Jessica sat in a drugged stupor, Mitch deemed that Stacy was not the proper individual to take care of her own baby. He thought she was a "soulless, Godless creature." Jessica retorted that he could not take Stacy's baby, and Jessica refused to be a part of it. Mitch thought that Jessica should be willing to cooperate because she wouldn't like the consequences if she didn't.

He believed that Jessica needed to heal after losing Chloe, and he knew how painful it was to lose a child. Jessica pointed out that she had been wrong to take another child, but Mitch disagreed. He thought it was the right idea but the wrong child. It was God's plan that Jessica was meant for greater things, and she would be the mother of the new messenger, he added. Again, Jessica promised that she would have no parts of Mitch's plans, but he assured her that she deserved a baby and this one would need her.

Becoming clearheaded, Jessica stressed that she wanted to go home to be with Bree who needed her. Mitch would see to it that Jessica only wanted and needed him. He assured her that soon, she wouldn't miss everyone else and would forget about her family. Jessica was on her feet and she spit in his face. She told him to "rot in hell." She would never forget her real family. Mitch promised to make sure that she did.

Jessica attempted to get away, but a couple of security guards grabbed her and detained her. Nurse Charles injected another dose of the sedative to quiet her down. Before she fell asleep, Jessica advised Mitch that she would hate him until the day she died. She would not do his bidding, she said. Nurse Charles told her boss that Jessica was disrespectful. Mitch ascertained that she needed training. The nurse wondered what would happen if Jessica didn't do what she was told to do. She noted that Jessica was strong and willful and using up much of the sedative. Mitch was certain Jessica would be fine when he was finished. He would see that she was happy and forgot everyone she used to love.

Rex ran into Dorian at the shooting range and wondered what the mayor was doing there. He sneered and said that she had lots of enemies. He had applied for a license to carry a concealed weapon, he revealed. He was a good shot but denied that it was for the purpose of going after Lowell. He mentioned that Mitch had taken Jessica and would be returning for Rex's baby. Dorian noted that she had heard about the incident. "Incident?" Rex asked incredulously. He advised Dorian that Mitch had a plan, and Rex was certain it had to do with his baby.

Dorian was sorry that Mitch had targeted Rex's family, but Rex didn't want to hear it. He wondered if she thought Mitch was just going to disappear after she saw to it that he was let out of jail. She was sorry that people were getting hurt. Rex instantly blamed her by noting that if Bo were still the police commissioner, Mitch would have remained behind bars. Rex was worried that they would have to wait for Mitch to make a move since no one knew where he was. Dorian didn't think that Lowell knew of Mitch's whereabouts. She offered to place guards or police at Rex's disposal but Rex assured her that he had already taken care of that. "Thank you for throwing us into the pit," he scoffed.

Charlie returned to Llanfair and Viki made him aware that there was still no news of Jessica. He apologized for what happened, but Viki wasn't clear on what he was apologizing for. She asked him if he was sorry about Jessica or the two of them. "It's all wrong," he said. He wanted to help her. An indifferent Viki advised him that she was fine and coping. He was sober and there and hadn't been drinking, he assured her. He suggested that she have him tested and he insisted that he had never lied to her. Viki was reluctant to trust him, and maintained that he had lied about everything. He told her he loved her, but she wanted to know where he had been.

She reminded him that she had followed him to a bar where he sat with a martini. She had asked him to leave with her, but he didn't and instead ordered her to leave alone. Charlie admitted that it wasn't his drink. "Let me help you," Charlie pleaded, indicating that it was most important that they find Jessica. Viki declined, citing the fact that Charlie had his own problems, like grieving for Jared. Charlie acknowledged that he would grieve until he was in the ground beside Jared, and he was still capable of being there for her. He wanted her to lean on him.

Viki began to cry and walked over to hug him. Suddenly, she caught herself and pulled away. She wanted to know the truth. She wanted to know where he went because she felt that he wasn't the same man that she already knew and loved. He told her he loved her and agreed that he had changed since Mitch had entered their lives. Viki took a call from Clint, and Charlie slyly pulled the gun from his coat. As he turned it over in his hands and looked at it, his own cell phone went off. It was Dorian and she demanded that he return to the shooting range. She had a plan. He refused at first, but Dorian insisted that she knew how to get Jessica back. Viki revealed that Clint had nothing new to tell her.

Viki was worried that Jessica had been hurt or worse because she knew how insane Mitch was. Charlie reluctantly informed her that he had to leave. Stuttering, he said that he had to help look for Jessica. Viki told him to go because she didn't have the energy to play his game. Charlie promised that one day she would understand, and they would have Jessica returned to them.

Charlie turned up at the shooting range, and Dorian divulged her plan. They would give Mitch what he wanted the most. "What can we give Mitch that he wants more than Jessica?" Charlie asked. Dorian claimed to know what Mitch's weak spot was, and they had no choice. It wouldn't be easy but they had to do it, she emphasized.

Schuyler arrived at Rodi's and as he stowed his things under the bar, Gigi asked to speak to him. She told him that she was ready to commit and that she and Rex were over. She told him she loved him and Schuyler was speechless. "It wouldn't hurt to hear it back," Gigi kidded him. "I love you too," Schuyler told her as they embraced. He was not looking happy.

Oliver flashed back to Stacy telling him that the baby wasn't his, but was on his toes quickly when he heard someone arriving. Rex announced himself and asked if anyone had been there to visit. Oliver made a face and told him that Kim was there. Rex understood Oliver's expression and Oliver assured him that no one else had been by. Rex told him he could leave, but Oliver volunteered to stay off the clock. Rex expressed how useless he felt without a weapon and wished he could stand guard on his own. After all, he was the baby's father, he stated.

Mitch vowed to take drastic action.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Kill the Messenger

At Todd's house, as Blair stood downstairs and sent Elijah a sexually charged text message, Téa joined her and questioned her adversary regarding Todd's whereabouts. After stating that she had no knowledge of Todd's location, Blair joked about Téa and Todd's night of passion. Téa was appalled by Blair's comment and asked when Blair intended to move out of Todd's home. In an attempt to smooth things over with Téa, Blair related that Todd had missed Téa during her time in Tahiti.

Unmoved by Blair's friendly gesture, Téa informed Blair that Téa and Todd were working things out, and hadn't reunited. Realizing that her presence might cause problems for Todd and Téa, Blair offered to move out with Jack and Sam. After a long sigh, Téa announced that she didn't want to disrupt the boys' lives, and insisted that her only concern was Danielle.

Todd arrived at Starr's apartment and an unforgiving Danielle greeted him. As Todd tried to explain that he didn't want to upset her and that he wanted to check on Starr, Danielle slammed the door in his face. After witnessing the scene, Starr stepped out in the hall to speak with her father. Starr reminded Todd that Danielle needed time to process the revelation that he was he father. Assuring Starr that he didn't want to pressure Danielle, Todd informed Starr that Mitch Laurence was on the loose and had kidnapped Jessica. Todd stated that he had paid the girls a visit out of concern for their safety. While Danielle listened from inside the apartment, Starr told Todd that she loved him and that one day Danielle would feel the same.

Once Todd had left, Danielle reminisced about the loving moments that she had shared with Ross, and was adamant that she wouldn't ever feel the same way about Todd. When Cole entered the room with Hope, Starr introduced Danielle to her niece. Danielle smiled as she became acquainted with the little girl. Later, Starr announced that she would skip school in order to spend the day with her little sister.

Téa was surprised when Todd returned home and mentioned that he had paid Starr and Danielle a visit. Todd was convinced that Danielle would never accept him as her father, but Téa was adamant that Todd would play a role in their daughter's life. Reminding Todd that Danielle would have to eventually enroll in school, Téa made it clear that the teen couldn't live with Starr forever. Stressing that she had developed a bond with Danielle, Blair offered to speak with the teen, but Téa rejected Blair's offer.

Pointing out that Téa had helped Starr over the years, Blair stated that she wanted to help Danielle. Although Todd urged Téa to listen to Blair, Téa announced that she intended to deal with Danielle herself. Later, alone with Todd, Blair offered to move out and give Todd and Téa their privacy. Todd thanked Blair for her offer and stated that she was welcome to remain at his home as long as she wanted.

Téa arrived at the apartment and asked to speak with Danielle. When Danielle criticized Todd for pestering her, Téa apologized for his actions. Danielle was pleased when Téa announced that she wanted to enroll Danielle into Llanview High School, along with Starr. Thrilled, Danielle rushed off to dress for her first day of school.

Inside the courtroom, Elijah smiled as he read Blair's text. When approached by Marty, Elijah admitted that he was concerned about John's hearing. Stating that Nora had left town, Elijah was convinced that the Assistant District Attorney was affiliated with Police Commissioner Lowell.

Lowell smiled as he watched a guard usher a cuffed John down the hall. As Lowell approached John and joked about his impending doom, a clumsy janitor bumped into Lowell. While Lowell focused his attention on the weird character, John wrestled with his handcuffs. Once everyone had entered the courtroom and the hearing began, the clumsy janitor assaulted the officer that was standing guard outside the courtroom. The clumsy janitor was Brody. After rendering the guard unconscious, Brody stole his revolver.

Back inside the courtroom, citing that Lowell harbored a grudge against John, Elijah asked the judge to drop the charges against John, due to a lack of evidence. Pointing out that Mitch Laurence wasn't present, Elijah insisted that his client had a right to face his accuser. Unmoved by Elijah's plea, the judge denied John bail, and announced that John would be transferred to Statesville Prison to await trial.

As a grin crossed Lowell's face, Brody burst into the courtroom and pointed his gun at Lowell. Blaming Lowell for setting Mitch free, Brody insisted that Lowell was responsible for Jessica's kidnapping. Brody threatened to kill the police commissioner, unless Lowell provided him with Mitch's location. Both John and Marty attempted to reason with him, but Brody refused to listen. Brody insisted that his life had no meaning without Jessica. When a terrified Lowell maintained that he didn't know where Mitch was hiding, Brody pointed his weapon at Lowell and replied, "Wrong answer!" As Brody fired a shot in Lowell's direction, Lowell quickly took cover behind John. Grabbing his chest, John fell to the floor.

At Rex's loft, Rex questioned Stacy about her due date. When Rex commented that he expected Stacy to go into labor any day, Stacy stated that their baby might arrive later than anticipated. Appearing troubled, Stacy worried about what would happen to her once the baby was born. Rex promised to continue to provide shelter for Stacy and their child. Placing Rex's hand on her stomach, Stacy asked, "Do you think there's a chance, there could be something between you and me?" As Rex stared at her in disbelief, Stacy wondered if they could be a real family. Before Rex could answer, Stacy gave him a passionate kiss. Pulling away, a nervous Rex stated that he didn't want to lead her on, and stepped away to place a phone call.

As Rex received an update on Jessica's disappearance, Stacy phoned Kim. Insisting that something special had taken place between her and Rex, Stacy told Kim that she wanted to put their plan into motion immediately. While Rex's attention was diverted, Stacy poured a glass of water on the floor. Standing in the puddle of water, Stacy yelled, "Rex come quick, my water just broke!"

At the gun range, Charlie listened in disbelief as Dorian announced that she wanted to lure Mitch out of hiding by kidnapping Stacy. Explaining that Mitch was obsessed with stealing Stacy's baby, Dorian related that Mitch intended to raise the child in his cult. Convinced that Mitch would surface if he learned that they could provide him with Stacy's location, Dorian assured Charlie that neither Stacy nor her baby would be placed in danger. When Charlie refused to kidnap a pregnant woman, Dorian reminded him that Jessica was in trouble and needed their help. Charlie demanded to know what Mitch was holding over Dorian's head. Upon learning that Mitch had threatened to kill Dorian's family members, Charlie agreed to kill Mitch.

At the Fort Osborn Geological Observatory, while Jessica lay unconscious, Mitch insisted that it was necessary to take measures to persuade Jessica to care for Rex's child as her own. When Mitch announced that he planned to perform an electric shock treatment on Jessica, a nervous Nurse Charles cautioned that administering the treatment without anesthesia could result in memory loss or cognitive impairment. Mitch stated that he could help Jessica understand her true calling once her memory was erased. Unconcerned by the possible outcome, Mitch instructed Nurse Charles to prep the patient. Hoping to discourage Mitch, Nurse Charles stated that she had never performed the procedure. With an evil grin, Mitch declared that he intended to perform the procedure himself.

Fearing for Jessica's safety, Nurse Charles warned that a high voltage could possibly kill Jessica, but Mitch ordered the nurse to follow his instructions. After Nurse Charles had prepped Jessica and placed her in restraints, a groggy Jessica awoke. When a frightened Jessica asked what was going on, Mitch assured her that she would be fine after her treatment. Terrified, Jessica promised to do as Mitch instructed, but Mitch insisted that he couldn't trust her because she loved Brody.

Smiling loving at her, Mitch declared that Jessica would be the perfect daughter once he administered the treatment. When Nurse Charles pleaded with Mitch to reconsider performing the procedure without anesthesia, Mitch flew into a rage and declared himself the messiah. Afterward, Mitch regained his composure and calmly remarked, "Now shall we begin?" Meanwhile, Jessica whimpered uncontrollably.

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