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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of January 25, 2010 on ATWT
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Monday, January 25, 2010

A sad Carly took her six-pack of beer out to the lake where she and Jack had met earlier, and she sat on the dock. She tried to tell herself that it was "time to move on," but she opened a bottle and took a drink. Suddenly she heard footsteps, and for a moment she thought it was Jack, but Craig stepped out on the dock. He questioned Carly about why she was sitting alone, drinking, on a dock on a freezing afternoon.

Carly told Craig to mind his own business, but silver-tongued Craig responded by asking if Jack had gotten a "case of family obligations," so Carly had decided to trash her life again. Carly said that she had one sip of beer, and it had hardly ruined her life. Craig said it didn't matter because he was "so done" with Carly, but she didn't believe him. Craig also went on that he had not been overjoyed that Carly had gone back to the "Jack Snyder Wheel of Pain." He said Carly needed something else to occupy her time and energy.

Carly brought up reviving her Monte Carlo design business, and they discussed working together on it. Carly said she needed someone to "run the back office" for her business, and she asked Craig if he was interested. Craig said he would work with her on one condition: if he saw her take one drink of alcohol, he was out the door. He declared that he would not be her police or her enabler. If Carly drank, Craig walked.

Carly gave Craig her word and poured the open beer into the lake. She then said that she was going to an AA meeting. She left the unopened bottles of beer on the dock and thanked Craig for stopping her from losing her hard-won sobriety.

In the parking lot of Memorial, Kim was backing out when Dr. Oliver, who had commandeered Luke's car, collided with her. Bob ran to his wife immediately, as Luke called 9-1-1. Oliver continued to sit in Luke's car and honk the horn, much to everyone's annoyance. Bob made Kim get out of her car and insisted that she go back in the hospital to be examined. Oliver tried to convince Luke that he was continuing to the airport for his flight back to Dallas, but Luke told him that he wasn't going anywhere.

Kim admitted that her neck was a little stiff, so Bob put her in a wheelchair, as Kim urged Luke to let the arrogant doctor leave. A police officer arrived on the scene, and Luke reported that Dr. Oliver had caused an accident. The cop asked Oliver for his license and registration, but the arrogant doctor called him "Officer Fife" and attempted to talk his way out of trouble. The officer wrote out a summons and handed it to the doctor, who promptly suggested that the cop add littering to the charges against him. Then Oliver wadded up the summons and threw it on the ground.

The officer immediately arrested Dr. Oliver and put the doctor in his squad car. Bob asked Luke what the summons had cited Oliver for, so Luke picked it up and they had a laugh over the charges, which included driving with an expired license, operating a stolen vehicle, attempting to leave the scene of an accident, and resisting arrest.

Inside the hospital, Noah asked his nurse for a release form, and he began getting dressed. He was disheartened that Reid Oliver had left with words of gloom and doom and without doing any surgery. Luke arrived from the parking garage and tried to help his boyfriend, but Noah would not allow it. He ordered Luke to "stop hovering," and then he said that the two of them needed some space. Luke asked Noah not to take his frustrations out on him, but Noah said that he was just trying to be honest.

The boys exchanged harsh words, and finally Noah shouted that Luke had no idea what it felt like to be sightless. Then he talked about how much he had changed since the accident, and he said that he did not feel the same way about things, including their partnership. Luke did not believe what he was hearing, and he continued to try to persuade Noah to return to Lily's house until they could make a plan.

Bob examined Kim in the hospital, and she complained vigorously, but she could not talk him out of ordering an EKG for her. He reminded her that her doctor knew best, and he called Reid Oliver "a jerk, but a talented jerk." Meanwhile, Oliver appeared before a judge where the imperious doctor declared that he had run into "a confederacy of idiots" in Oakdale. He protested that the doctors there "all went to clown college," and the cops were "dumber than rocks in a town that time forgot." His fondest wish, he confessed to the judge, was to be able to sprout wings and fly right out of the courthouse.

The judge was tired of Oliver's harangue, and after the doctor's last remarks, he declared him a flight risk and remanded him over for a trial the next month. At that moment, Bob Hughes entered the courtroom and asked to approach the bench. He spoke to the judge, who was obviously a friend, about Oliver's "enormous skill as a physician," which was, unfortunately, in "direct proportion to his enormous ego." Bob asked the judge to release the doctor to him and to allow him to practice medicine under Bob's guidance until his trial. The judge banged the gavel and said, "He's all yours, Bob."

Bob returned to Kim at the hospital, and she could not believe that her husband was going to take responsibility for the egotist Oliver. Bob said he could use Oliver's skills on his staff, but Kim said he would hate having to ride herd on such a hotdog. Bob agreed, but called the man "a genius."

Elsewhere in Memorial, Like wheeled Noah from his room, and they made plans to go back to Lily's. Reid Oliver walked by and asked "Mr. Snyder" if he was proud of himself. Noah could not believe that Oliver was not winging his way to Dallas, so Luke mentioned that the good doctor had "a little accident." Oliver said that, thanks to Luke, he was "stuck in Oakhell" for another month. Luke gave him back some smart remarks and then pushed Noah to the exit.

At the farm with Dusty, Janet talked to the cancer specialist in New York, and she was amazed that Dusty had already arranged for the doctor to get Liberty's medical records. She thanked Dusty for the appointment, plus plane tickets and hotel reservations, and she gave him a big hug. At that moment, Jack walked in, so Janet explained all that Dusty had done for them. Jack called it "an incredible gesture" and shook Dusty's hand.

Jack walked Dusty out to his car, and Dusty told him that they needed "to get a few things straight." Dusty said that he knew that Jack had almost gone back to Carly that day, but Jack interrupted and said that discussion of his marriage was off-limits to Dusty. Dusty warned Jack to be there for his wife and to never let Janet know how close Jack had been to leaving permanently.

Inside, Janet told Liberty that she had good news for a change: they were going to New York! Liberty was thrilled because she thought that meant that she could talk directly to the Fashion Institute of Technology about her application, but Janet said that the visit was about seeing a cancer specialist. Liberty said no to that because she said she had already resigned herself to face chemotherapy. Janet mentioned that Jack would be with them on the trip, and Liberty was unhappy about that. The girl asked her mother bluntly if Jack really loved Janet or just "felt guilty" because Liberty was ill.

Jack walked in and heard Liberty's question. He sat with her and said he didn't blame her for feeling that way, but he assured her that he wanted to be with and take care of her and Janet. Jack said the trip to New York could also be fun, and he suggested they "test the waters" by letting him take his two girls out for a meal. Liberty insisted on Al's Diner, and her other condition was that there be no leukemia talk at dinner.

At Al's, Liberty wasn't eating, and she finally confessed that she had ordered what Brad liked to eat instead of her favorites. She admitted that she had been thinking a lot about her dad lately, so Jack began telling funny stories about the Snyder brothers when they were young. The stories made Liberty laugh, as Jack and Janet both looked out the window and saw Carly watching them. Carly walked into the diner and approached their table. She spoke to Liberty and offered to help her on her fashion portfolio, but Janet was quick to speak up and say that was not necessary.

Carly went to the counter and ordered take-out, and she sat on a stool and waited for her food. Janet excused herself to go talk to the cook, and she went into the kitchen. Alone at the table with Jack, Liberty said that she knew that Jack had returned home just because of her leukemia. Jack protested, but Liberty gestured towards Carly and said, "She changed it." Jack kept talking to his stepdaughter, and Carly got her order and walked out.

Janet was waiting outside to speak with Carly. She pleaded with her to stay out of Jack's life unless it was about the children they shared. Janet begged to be allowed to face Liberty's problems without having to worry about her husband, too, and Carly was moved and hugged her. Janet said she needed to know if Jack was "really back," and Carly assured the woman that he was.

In the Lakeview bar, Craig spotted Dusty downing scotches. Craig said he was celebrating something, but Dusty showed no interest in knowing what it was. Finally Craig said he knew a secret: Jack and Carly were not getting back together. Dusty asked if Craig knew about Liberty's illness, and when Craig said that he did not, Dusty told him about the girl's leukemia.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Paul sat with Emily and urged her to move her hand again, but she remained unconscious. Susan Stewart entered her daughter's room and chewed out Paul for pushing Emily to have a baby with him. She suggested that Paul "take a walk" while she checked Emily's vitals, so Paul went outside. Barbara tried to get her son to eat, but he refused. Susan left Emily's room and approached Barbara to ask if she was still getting "treatments" from Mick Dante.

Barbara confirmed that she was still taking Mick's serum, so Susan warned her that she could be in a coma next. Susan walked away, and Paul said, with bitterness, that he would like to "take a break from Mick." He went back in with Emily, as Barbara hurried out and headed to Old Town.

Alison walked through Old Town, too, and Mick followed her at a distance. She opened the door to Java, but then she turned and looked behind her. She did not see Mick, who was hiding behind a pillar. Alison went inside and looked at photos of bridal gowns, but then she remembered the dress she wore in her dream at the old church. Someone grabbed her shoulder, and Alison overreacted, but it was only Casey. Mick, however, watched her through the glass door.

Barbara walked past Mick, and then she recognized him. She looked at whom he was watching and made a remark about never trusting him. Mick was not pleased that Barbara had witnessed his voyeurism, so he followed her. He told Barbara that he had no desire for Alison; he was just making sure that the girl was focused on her wedding rather than entertaining suspicions about him.

Barbara told Mick that Paul would not leave Emily's side, even to eat or sleep, and he no longer had any trust in Mick. Mick called Barbara "more of an alarmist than an ally," so she remarked that Paul would still be angry with Emily if she hadn't gotten ill. Mick agreed that there needed to be "a permanent rift" between them, and Barbara questioned why Mick didn't just wake up Emily for damage control.

Paul went back into Emily's room, and Susan declared that comas didn't just happen without a medical explanation. She said the only variable with which they were dealing was the serum that Mick was administering to Emily. Susan suggested that perhaps Mick had not given them the real serum to test or that he was hiding something that could kill her daughter. Paul jumped up and told Susan that he was going to deal with Mick Dante.

Susan ran after Paul, and they both went to Mick's room in the Lakeview. Paul pounded on the door until Susan made him stop. Then Paul pulled out a key, and Susan was horrified that he was going to break into the room and possibly get arrested. Paul told his mother-in-law to go away because one of them needed to be available to help Emily. Susan left reluctantly and cautioned Paul to be careful.

Paul let himself into the room and began rummaging in drawers. In one drawer, he found a box that contained a vial of blood labeled "P R." He mused that he had no memory of ever giving Mick a blood sample. In the same box, Paul also found the childhood photos of him, Barbara, and James, and he was stunned.

At the Hughes home, Margo scolded Tom for drinking coffee and reading the newspaper at the kitchen table. She was tidying up in preparation for a meeting with Susan and Alison about the wedding. Margo snatched away Tom's cup and reminded him that the Stewart women would be arriving any minute, and Tom suggested that since they would soon all be related by marriage, perhaps Margo should refer to the Stewarts as individuals instead of an "organism." Margo encouraged her husband to make the day a happy one and not to ask too many practical questions, such as how or where the newlyweds were going to live.

At Java, Casey looked at apartment ads, but Alison was distracted. She blamed it on being tired and worried about her sister. She looked at her watch and announced that they had to go to Casey's right away or they would be late. She was not eager to give her mother and Margo any time alone in light of their families' histories.

Susan arrived at the Hughes's, and she asked Tom if he had mentioned anything about Emily's illness to young Daniel. Tom said no, because Paul had said that he did not want to upset the boy who was away at boarding school. The thought that Paul was making decisions for her family put Susan in a foul mood, and when Margo graciously suggested that they were willing to contribute a large share of the money for the wedding, Susan bellowed, "You people are always trying to run everything." Susan took every offer of help the wrong way, and finally declared herself "mad as hell." Alison and Casey arrived in the midst of one of Susan's tirades, and Casey turned to his fiancée and asked her how elopement sounded to her.

The engaged couple developed a plan while helping themselves to coffee. They decided to be non-committal to all suggestions, so they agreed to look at two different florists, photographers, and other wedding vendors. Then Margo dropped the bomb that she and Tom would love to have the newlyweds live with them at their house, and that caused Casey to abandon the plan and say, "Oh, oh." Casey covered by saying that he and Alison needed to discuss that, and both mothers thought that was reasonable.

Susan offered to help her daughter find a wedding dress, but Alison said that her mother needed to take care of Emily. Susan apologized for not being more available, but Alison freaked out and told her mother to quit putting so much pressure on her, and she ran out on the patio.

Casey joined Alison outside, and she said she was sorry for losing it. Casey said that he'd play the non-committal role again, and they kissed. Casey went back in to talk with his dad, and he told Tom that he had decided to major in pre-law. Tom's reaction was something less that Casey had hoped, and the young man was upset that his father thought that he would make a lousy lawyer.

On the patio, Alison took a call from Mick, but Susan walked out at that moment, so Alison hung up. Susan hugged her daughter and said she had to return to Memorial, and they parted on good terms. Alison then called Mick back to tell him again to stop calling her. Mick reminded her that she had just called him, and he agreed that they should stay out of one another's lives. Before she hung up, Alison asked if Mick had followed her in Old Town that day, and he was pleased that she had felt his presence. He told her to visit Emily soon, and he hung up.

Alison went back inside and told Margo that she had made up her mind: not only would she and Casey like to move in with them after their marriage, but she would like to make the move immediately. Margo was delighted, and Casey was somewhat taken aback. Casey and Alison went to Casey's room to discuss their plans further, but Alison could not keep her eyes open. Casey offered his bed for a nap, since he had to do homework elsewhere. Alison lay down, saying how safe she felt there, but as she fell asleep, Mick Dante watched her through the window.

Tom and Margo talked about Casey's plans to be a lawyer, but Tom reminded his wife that their son was a convicted felon. In order to sit for the bar exam, Casey would have to produce a Certificate of Moral Character and General Fitness, and there were some people in town who would protest that. Tom was afraid that being a lawyer was an unattainable goal for Casey.

Mick returned to the hospital and skulked around until he had a chance to slip into Emily's room. Paul had not returned yet, so when a nurse left, Mick went inside. He removed a syringe from his bag, but he first had to fight through one of his horrendous head pains before he could insert the drug into Emily's IV. Paul suddenly opened the door and found Mick monitoring Emily, and Paul slammed him against a wall and asked Mick why he had photos of Paul in his room. Mick said it was part of his "research" on Paul, but then Paul yelled at Mick, and asked him who he really was.

Both men heard Emily's voice say, "Paul?" They looked at Emily and she was awake. Paul ran to his wife's side and explained where Emily was. She could not believe that she had been in a coma for a week. Mick stepped up and claimed to have found an anomaly in Emily's blood work that was caused by an Indian herb she was using as a supplement. Emily apologized for not telling Mick about the herb, but Paul was more upset that Mick had given Emily some sort of antidote without checking with anyone on the staff first. Mick left the room in a hurry, but he stuck around, peering through the glass.

Emily asked Paul to find her mother, so Paul walked out. Mick slipped back in and plunked himself down on Emily's bed. He made direct eye contact with her and stated that she had no idea how the coma had happened to her, and he needed her to remember that he had saved her life, and she trusted him completely. Emily agreed to all the conditions, and then he said that he wanted to talk about Paul.

When Paul returned, his wife was alone. He asked her about the last thing she remembered before blacking out, and she said that she was sitting on their couch and felt dizzy. She said she was comfortable with Mick's antidote, but Paul was not certain about that. Suddenly Emily said that she remembered something bad, and she got angry. She recalled that she was upset because Paul believed that she had called the police about Meg, and she began to get wound up. Paul immediately apologized for doubting Emily and begged her forgiveness. Emily said she could forgive him if he would let them continue their quest to have a baby together.

Mick returned, and Emily immediately told him her plan to continue the treatments. Paul got furious, and Mick wisely told the two of them to settle their own differences, and he left. Paul looked at Emily and said that he thought there was still something very wrong with her.

Susan was on her way back to Memorial when she ran into Barbara. Barbara asked if there was any news about Emily, but Susan said no. Then Barbara said that she thought Susan should be worried about her other daughter, as well, but Susan didn't understand. Barbara said that Alison had been "seeing Mick Dante," and that disgusted Susan, who walked away. She went up to Emily's room and was overjoyed when she saw that her daughter was awake.

Emily told her that Mick had figured out about the herbal supplement, but Paul said Emily had been talking crazy about wanting to keep trying to get pregnant. Susan totally agreed with Paul that it was way too soon for Emily to think such thoughts, but Emily was adamant. She swore that Mick Dante had saved her life, and she trusted him implicitly.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Paul spoke with Emily, who was refusing any more tests at the hospital. She said that she knew there was nothing wrong with her, and she urged Paul to trust her. Paul said that if Susan agreed to Emily's release, then she could go home. Emily answered her phone, and her face assumed a frozen expression. Mick's voice asked if everything was "on track," and Emily assured him it was. Mick guaranteed that Emily would be pregnant very soon.

Alison awoke suddenly from her nap in Casey's bedroom and looked out the window and screamed. Casey rushed in, but Alison saw nothing. Casey dismissed her upset to a bad dream, and he hugged his fiancée. Meanwhile, Paul went out into the hall at Memorial and called Alison to tell her that her sister was awake. Alison was excited and promised to rush to the hospital, but Paul said that Emily was waiving any treatment and was heading home to Fairwinds. Alison left Casey in a hurry, and while she was happy that her sister was apparently all right, she hoped Emily didn't put herself right back into the hospital.

Paul and Emily arrived home and kissed. Paul begged forgiveness again for believing that his wife had called the cops on Meg. Emily forgave him, as Mick walked in with a bag. Paul was surprised, but Emily said that she had invited Mick to move into Fairwinds with them. Paul was aghast, but Emily explained that they needed Mick in order to make a baby. Paul did not believe that, and he pointed out that Mick was the reason that Emily had been in a coma.

Emily said that Paul was wrong, but Paul suggested that Mick walk back out the way he had arrived. Emily made Paul be quiet, and she asked Mick to wait in another room while she had a private conversation with her "hard-headed husband." Mick complied, and Emily lit into Paul and said she really needed Mick there at Fairwinds. Alison ran in and hugged her sister, and she was amazed to see Emily on her feet and displaying no weakness. Alison said she was very happy that Emily would be at her wedding.

Alison wrongly assumed that Susan and the Memorial medical team had gotten Emily out of her coma, but Emily revealed that Mick was the hero. Mick walked in at that moment, as Emily gave him the credit for reversing her coma. She said she didn't know what she would do without him. Mick said he had just stumbled across why Emily was in the coma, and Emily walked over and kissed him on the lips. He suggested she lie down and rest, and Emily agreed instantly, and she invited Paul to go with her to "tuck her in."

When they were alone, Alison asked Mick "what the hell" was going on. She said she could not understand how a "New Age vagabond with a mysterious plant" did what none of the medical experts at Memorial could do. "Just lucky, I guess," quipped Mick. Alison asked how he had pushed himself into Paul and Emily's marriage and lives, and she didn't even know who Mick Dante was. Alison accused him of spying on her from the window ledge at Casey's, but Mick contended that she had dreamed that.

Alison finally insisted that Mick stop messing with her head, but he interpreted her dreams as her brain's recognizing that the "ideal" life she had planned with Casey was not so great after all. Mick mentioned the collage on the wall of Casey's bedroom, and Alison knew that Mick had been spying. He admitted that he cared about her, but Alison ordered him to leave. Mick said he couldn't because he was too close to his goal. He referred to "this thing" between the two of them as a "distraction" to his research, but Alison denied having any kind of a connection with him. She turned on her heel and ran out.

Upstairs, Emily and Paul began kissing on her bed until she began a serious seduction. Paul was nervous that Mick and Alison were just downstairs, but Emily was a woman on a mission. She did not appear to be just recovering from a week-long coma.

Alison went back to Casey's, and the two of them kissed in his room. They had just begun to get serious when Alison thought that she heard a noise outside. She made Casey open the window and look outside, but there was no one there. Casey joked that there were no "killer spiders or spying squirrels," but Alison was too jumpy to continue. She said she still wanted to wait to have sex until after they were married, so they just cuddled.

At Fairwinds, Mick downed a large tumbler of scotch as Emily and Paul returned to the living room. Paul then asked Mick to move in and become part of their family. Emily was ecstatic that Paul had changed his mind.

Holden visited Meg at Deerbrook, and he told her that he and Molly had tracked down former officer Grady, but unfortunately Grady had not admitted that Damian had paid for his silence. Meg cried with disappointment and declared that Grady was lying, but Holden said that Molly was an experienced reporter and had done everything she could to get Grady to tell the truth. Meg got even more upset and declared that Damian had won.

Molly saw how discouraged Holden was when he walked out of Meg's room, and, with tears in her eyes, she apologized to him. Holden kissed her and thanked her for trying to get Grady to incriminate Damian, and he said that he would never forget what she had done. As the two of them left Deerbrook, Sharkey, Meg's orderly, walked into Meg's room to taunt her. He said that Mr. Grimaldi had called and was sorry that he could not visit her because he was off on some romantic weekend trip with his wife. "Go to hell!" yelled Meg.

Sharkey advised that Meg shouldn't take it out on him because she wasn't "getting any action at the Branford Inn." Meg began to sob, and Sharkey offered her his handkerchief. Meg took it and threw it on the floor next to her bed. When Sharkey bent down to retrieve it, Meg grabbed a metal tray she had hidden between her pillows and bashed Sharkey over the head with it.

On their weekend getaway, Lily and Damian lay on their bed, and Damian kissed her and promised to bring her a cup of tea. Lily then suggested that they head back to pick up Natalie and Ethan, who were at the farm with Holden and Emma. Damian reluctantly agreed, but he left the room to pick up some coffee "for the road." When he stepped outside, however. Damian called Molly on her cell phone, and she confirmed that she had not told Holden the truth about Damian's paying off Grady. Molly reminded Damian, though, that the truth always surfaced. He said the only way for her to keep her relationship with Holden was to continue to hide the truth, but Molly hung up on Damian.

Back at the Snyder farm, Holden was discouraged that Meg had apparently lost her grip on reality. Molly suggested that he not beat himself up about it, and she urged him to get away for a few days. Holden thought for a moment and then suggested that the two of them go to California to visit Abigail. They clinked their beer bottles in a toast to their trip, and then they kissed.

Molly's conscience got the better of her, however, and she announced that she couldn't lie any more. She turned to Holden and admitted that Damian had gotten to her. She began crying that Holden would hate her forever, and then she said that Grady had admitted that Damian had paid him off. Molly was ashamed that she had let Damian convince her that Holden would leave her to go back to Lily when Lily was free again.

Holden could not believe that Molly thought he would leave her. He said it was over with Lily, and Molly was never "the other woman," and she should have trusted him. Molly was afraid that she had really blown it with Holden, and he could give her no reassurance. Holden was especially upset that Meg had been in Deerbrook the whole time for no valid reason. Then Holden realized that Damian had let Holden's whole family believe that he was dead, and he swore that there was "no way in hell" that he was going to let Damian get away with it. He next worried about Lily and said he needed to find her and warn her. Molly cried as Holden dashed out.

Damian cursed loudly on his end of Molly's dropped call. Lily heard him swearing, so she opened the door and asked what was wrong. Damian blamed his bad mood on problems at the office, and then he told Lily that he had a surprise for her. He said that instead of going home, they were flying to Malta on his company jet. Lily said that she needed to go home to take care of her children, but Damian extolled the virtues of "long days on a Mediterranean beach and long nights making a baby" with Lily.

Lily looked at Damian as if he were crazed, and she said that he was not listening to her. She told him she could not leave for Europe without some advance notice. She also felt that she needed to speak with Holden first. Damian lost his composure then and shouted the question of why everything had to involve Holden. Lily was stunned to hear her new husband say that he was sick and tired of hearing Holden's name on Lily's lips all the time. Damian apologized for blowing up, and he said that he felt that certain forces were trying to pull them apart. Lily promised that they would be together, but she was confused by Damian's apparent desperation to leave the country.

They went back into their room, and Lily told her husband that she was sure there was more going on than he was telling her. Damian denied that and only said that he didn't want to lose her again. Lily tried to convince him that her relationship with Holden was finished forever. They kissed, and Lily asked to go home. Damian agreed and said how much he loved her. He suggested that Lily pack their belongings while he settled the bill. Lily began picking up their clothes, but she suddenly thought of something, grabbed her purse and coat, and left the room. A few minutes later, a woman's gloved hand opened the door with a key card and turned off the lights.

Damian returned to the room and asked why Lily hadn't met him downstairs as they had planned. He noticed clothes on the floor and then spotted a person in the bed with the covers pulled up. Damian grinned and assumed that Lily "had a much better idea" than rushing home to their regular lives. Damian pulled off his shirt and pulled back the bedclothes. In the bed, lay an unsmiling Meg. Damian jumped up, called Meg "crazy," and asked how she had gotten out of Deerbrook. Meg denied that she was crazy and slipped a syringe into her right hand.

Meg taunted Damian and then told him that she still loved him. Damian shouted that she was "insane," but Meg got out of bed and walked very close. She leaned up to kiss him and flicked the needle guard from the syringe. Damian began his old litany of lies and compliments to Meg, and when he said he had always loved her, Meg kissed him again and attempted to jab him with the hypodermic. Damian caught her wrist and shoved her back, but Meg recovered and leapt on him. They struggled until Damian was able to force Meg back on the bed, and he jumped on top of her and put his hands around her throat.

Meg writhed and fought, but Damian overpowered her, and eventually Meg went limp. Damian got frantic and, trying to revive her, muttered, "What have I done?" over and over. Lily slipped her key into the lock at that moment and opened the door.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jack was working at his old desk at the police station, but he explained to a co-worker that he hadn't been officially reinstated yet. He was just trying to get caught up on what he had missed. Holden rushed in and told Jack that he needed Jack's help because Lily was in big trouble. He explained what had happened with former Officer Grady, but Jack said that Holden's story had no evidence to back it up. Besides, said Jack, he was not officially on duty yet, but he did offer to call the local police near where Lily and Damian were staying to handle it. He warned his cousin, however, not to go off like a vigilante after Damian. Holden turned around and ran out of the station, as Jack picked up his phone.

At the farm, Liberty took in the mail and found a letter to her from the Fashion Institute. She threw it into the trash without opening it, but then thought better of it and plucked the envelope out of the can. She read the letter and snarled, "Perfect!" and crumbled the letter and stuffed it into her pocket. Janet walked downstairs then and asked if Liberty was ready to leave for her appointment with Dr. Hern. Liberty said she wanted to see Parker instead, but Janet insisted that they keep the appointment.

Janet reminded her daughter that they were leaving for New York City the next day. Liberty said she thought the visits to the New York doctors were a waste of time since she was probably dying anyway. That upset Janet, who asked the girl to be more optimistic. She said the trip was definitely worth it if it gave Liberty her life back.

Liberty asked why Dusty was not gong with them since he had made all the arrangements, and Janet said that it was supposed to be a family trip. She reminded her daughter that Jack was in that family, and he would be going with them. Liberty mused why Dusty had gone to such trouble for them, and Janet said that he was her boss, but Jack was her husband. She advised Liberty to "keep the lines clear."

At the doctor's office, Jack was late, so Dr. Hern talked with Liberty and Janet. He suggested that Liberty undergo chemotherapy, as it was the most aggressive form of treatment. Jack arrived and Liberty caught him up on what he had missed. She said she would be bald in three months, just in time for the prom. She made other caustic comments, but the doctor was not offended. He told Liberty to "stay feisty," because cancer cells hated it. He also encouraged them to keep the New York appointments and wished them well. Liberty left to take a walk, and Jack pulled Janet out of the room and dragged her home.

Carly was drawing at home, but none of her designs pleased her. Molly dropped in unexpectedly, and Carly was grateful for the interruption. Molly was depressed, and Carly said that she bet she could top her cousin in a lousy day competition. Molly agreed to play the "Whose Life Sucks More?" game with Carly, with chocolate chip cookies to the winner. They got cups of tea and sat on the couch, and Molly began her tale of woe.

Molly told her cousin that she had moved into Holden's room at the farm just a week before, and they had been talking about getting a place of their own. Then she talked about Holden's suggestion that they both visit Abigail in California, but Molly said that no matter how wonderful Holden was, she was a "two-faced, self-serving witch." She told Carly that she had found out something very bad about Damian, but she had not told Holden. Molly went on to say that she thought the news would split up Damian and Lily and pave the way for Lily and Holden to get back together. She felt so guilty about the secret that she finally told Holden everything, and it infuriated and disgusted him. Holden was on his way to tell Lily the whole sordid story.

Carly thought she could still win the "Life Sucks" game, so she began her sad story. She said that she and Jack had met by chance at the lake where the old boathouse had stood, and "the passion was still there." Carly went on to say that while they were kissing at the lake, Liberty was in Memorial Hospital finding out that she had leukemia. That, of course, had ended Carly's chance with Jack. Molly graciously said that Carly won the prize, and then, Carly added the clincher: she had also had one sip of beer at the lake, but only one. The two made a pact to honor the premise that work was the new love, and Carly's doorbell rang.

Liberty was at the door, and was looking for Parker. Carly said he had gone to school that day, crutches and all, and she invited the girl in for a cup of tea. Liberty said that she was tired of having people treat her differently because she didn't feel sick. Molly said her goodbyes and left, so Carly suggested that she and Liberty work on the portfolio the girl needed for FIT. She warned Liberty that she mustn't let cancer stop her from living her life.

Liberty reported that she had asked for an extension on her portfolio from the school, but they had turned her down. She also told Carly that she had burned the few sketches she had finished while she was angry in Detroit. Then Liberty noticed the crumpled sketches of Carly's on the floor and picked them up to look at them. She offered some constructive criticism, and instead of being irritated, Carly handed the girl a sketchpad and a pencil and asked Liberty to show Carly what she had.

Back at the farm, Jack tried to tempt Janet with his pancakes, and he did get her to eat a little. Janet was pondering all the things she might have done differently in raising Liberty that might have warded off the cancer. Jack said the only thing that Janet should be thinking of was getting Liberty well. His phone rang, and he was willing to let it go to voicemail, but Janet saw that it was from Carly, and she urged him to take it. Carly said that Liberty was with her, and she urged both of them to join them right away.

At Carly's, Janet and Jack arrived, worried, but Liberty said that for once she had some good news: Carly had offered her a job at Monte Carlo. Carly confirmed that she was reviving her old design company, and Liberty was excited to be her assistant. Janet thanked Carly, but she said they would be "turning down the offer." Her argument was that with school full-time and then a job and dealing with her cancer, it was too much for Liberty. Liberty declared that she wasn't dead yet, and she still had a few sketches left in her.

Jack took Carly aside and asked about Monte Carlo. Carly said that Craig had suggested that they work together again, and Jack was not surprised. Janet continued to nix the idea, but Liberty protested that it was her call. She demanded to have "a life outside of being sick," and she stood up and ran out. Janet then verbally attacked Carly, who defended herself by saying that Liberty had knocked on her door while she was looking for Parker because she was upset about her rejection letter from the institute.

Janet had no idea what Carly was talking about, and she warned her "to stay the hell out" of her daughter's life. Janet went out, slamming the door behind her. Carly defended herself and told Jack that Liberty was actually quite talented. Jack tried to get Carly to see Janet's point of view, however, and he said that he also felt the job would not be good for Liberty if Craig was involved. He mentioned that they were leaving for New York in the morning, thanks to Dusty, and Carly said, "Ah, Dusty. Go figure."

Jack asked what that meant, and Carly assumed a knowing look and commented that Dusty surely wasn't doing it for Jack. Jack didn't catch the innuendo and said that Dusty was very fond of Liberty. He wished Carly good luck on Monte Carlo, if it was something she loved, and Carly said that she did. She went on to say that there was no point in doing something without love.

On the porch, Liberty told her mother that she knew Janet was scared for her, but she wanted more in her life than just chemo and surviving. She wanted something to hang on to that she enjoyed, and she walked away. Jack joined Janet on the porch, and she hugged him in desperation, as Carly watched from inside.

In his hotel room, Damian attempted to revive Meg, whom he had strangled, but he was unsuccessful. He began shouting at her to wake up, as he heard Lily approaching in the hall. Damian put on his shirt and intercepted Lily at the door, and asked where she had been. Lily said she had taken a walk to clear her head, and Damian said he suddenly was craving a cognac, and he suggested that they go to the bar and have a drink. Lily tried to go into the room, but Damian blocked her.

Finally, Lily told Damian that he was acting strangely, but Damian justified everything and let his wife into the room. The bed was empty, and Lily kidded her husband about having another woman in the room. Lily did not notice that part of Meg's clothing was sticking out from an old steamer trunk at the foot of the bed. She and Damian sat on the bed, and Lily apologized for overreacting at Damian's suggestion of a spontaneous trip to Malta. She said that she just couldn't do things on the spur of the moment with young children.

Damian hustled Lily out of the room and said he would meet her in the bar. He said he had packed all their belongings already, but Lily reminded him of two sweaters that she had put in the trunk. She got up and started towards the trunk, but Damian stopped her. Lily was suspicious, but Damian said that he would join her by the fireplace in the bar in ten minutes. He promised to pack everything, so Lily walked out. Damian ran into the bathroom to take down the shower curtain, as Lily sneaked back into the room.

Lily walked to the steamer trunk and was about to open it when Damian appeared with the shower curtain. He claimed it had fallen down, and he said he was almost finished packing. Lily was annoyed and raised her voice, demanding to know what was in the trunk. She lifted the lid and saw Meg's body inside. Lily tried to scream, but Damian clamped his hand over her mouth. Lily was close to hysteria, as Damian held up Meg's syringe and claimed that she had attacked him and caused him to have to fight for his life.

A stunned Lily wanted to know how Damian had killed Meg, and then she guessed that he had strangled her. She was horrified that Damian would never have told her about Meg if Lily hadn't returned to their room. Damian still swore that it had been Meg's life or his, but Lily wanted to call the police. She said if Damian had killed Meg in self-defense, then he had nothing to worry about. Damian said that he couldn't take the risk, and he got furious and accused Lily of not believing him.

Lily said that Damian was in shock and just wasn't thinking clearly. She reminded him that Meg had escaped from a psych hospital and had deliberately lain in wait for him with a hypodermic full of poison. Damian announced that the discussion was over, and they were leaving. Lily took out her phone, but Damian grabbed it and hurled it against a wall. He assured Lily that she had nothing to fear from him, but they were not calling the police. Lily couldn't believe that her husband thought they could go back to Oakdale and resume their lives, but that was not Damian's plan. He said they were flying directly to Malta and would send for the children later.

Lily said that was not acceptable, and running away was the worst thing they could do. A crazed Damian said it was their only option, and he forced Lily to the door. He pulled her out into the hall where they ran face-to-face into Holden.

Holden confronted Damian and said that he knew all about Grady and the faked DNA report, and then he informed Lily that Meg had been right all along. Damian told Holden to get out of the way, but Holden said they were not going anywhere. Lily asked what was going on, so Holden related how Damian had paid off Officer Grady to lie about the DNA of the body in Holden's truck. He went on about Damian's romantic promises to Meg in order to keep her silent. Damian interrupted and said that Holden could never prove any of that.

Damian yelled at Lily that everything he had done had been for the two of them. Lily got hysterical again, as Holden told Damian that his "reign of terror" was over. He said the sheriff's department was on its way, but Damian yelled, "The hell it is!" Damian pulled a revolver from his pocket and aimed it directly at Holden. Lily screamed at Holden that Meg had escaped from Deerbrook and had followed them to their hotel.

Damian ordered Holden to move, but Lily continued to beg Damian to tell Holden about his sister. Lily said that Meg had attacked Damian and was inside their room, but Damian had tried to cover it up. She said Meg's body was in the trunk, and Holden lunged for the gun. He and Damian struggled, and Holden yelled to Lily to call the cops. Damian got control of the gun and Holden, and he told Lily that he would kill Holden if Lily left. Holden called out to Lily to run, but she argued with Damian instead.

Damian herded them into the room, where Holden called out for Meg. Damian told him to save his breath, and Holden vowed that Damian would never get away. Lily said she wasn't going anywhere with Damian, but he ordered Holden to step on to the shower curtain. Damian said Holden and Meg would be found together, as a terrified and helpless Lily looked on.

Friday, January 29, 2010

At the hotel with a gun trained on Holden, Damian implored Lily to leave the country with him. Holden argued with Damian, but Lily agreed to go. Damian pulled Lily toward the door, and Holden sprang toward them. Just then, Meg popped out of the trunk. "I'm not dead yet!" she gasped and loosened the scarf around her neck.

In the confusion, Holden wrestled Damian for the gun. It fell on the floor, and Meg dove for it. She pointed it at Damian, and in a crazed voice, she exclaimed, "You stuffed me in that trunk!" Holden implored Meg to hand over the gun, but she said, "I'm crazy, remember?" Damian made all sorts of promises to Meg, but she yelled, "You tried to kill me!"

Damian stated that there was no chance for Meg and him if she gave Holden the gun. Meg agreed and surrendered the weapon to Holden. Lily jumped on Damian's back, but he flung her off. She hit her head on the trunk as she fell. Holden rushed to Lily, and Damian slipped out the door. Meg chased Damian, and Holden yelled out Meg's name.

Lily reeled from the bump on her head, and Holden held her. She wanted to pursue Damian and Meg, but Holden insisted that she go to the hospital. Sirens blared in the background, and Molly arrived. As Holden recapped what had happened in the room, he obviously seemed upset with Molly still. He advised Molly to wait for the police while he took Lily to the hospital.

Later, Meg returned to Oakdale and stormed into Damian's vacated hotel room. She grabbed a discarded sweater off the floor and recalled Damian asking her to move in with him. Meg cradled herself on the sofa and wondered how it could have happened to her.

At Memorial, Lily couldn't believe that she and Meg had been so desperate to hold onto Damian. Holden reassured her, and Molly entered to report that the police hadn't found Damian or Meg. Holden and Molly went into the corridor while the doctor examined Lily. Molly wondered if Holden could forgive her for making a desperate decision out of love.

Holden raged that Molly's delay in telling the truth had given Damian the chance to almost kill Meg and abscond with Lily. Molly sobbed that she'd been terrified of losing their relationship, and she begged him to give it another chance. Just then, the doctor exited Lily's room and said that Lily wanted to see Holden and Molly.

Holden and Molly reentered the room, but Holden left again to take a call. Lily sensed the tension between Molly and Holden, and Molly admitted that she'd let Damian convince her to keep his blackmail secret. Lily didn't blame Molly for falling for Damian's machinations, but Lily didn't understand Molly's insecurity. Molly said she'd feared that Holden would go running back to Lily. "Guess what? I was right," Molly sadly concluded.

At Memorial, Luke broached the crotchety Dr. Oliver about taking Noah's case. Luke promised to put in a good word with Bob and help the doctor pay his legal fees. Dr. Oliver accused Luke of blackmail, but Luke responded that he'd do whatever worked. Dr. Oliver stated that he couldn't be bought or pushed around, which meant that Luke was out of luck.

At home, Noah threw his movie disk across Lily's living room and called Maddie to the house. When she arrived, Noah griped about making movies that he'd never see. Maddie said that if Noah wanted a pity party, he'd dialed the wrong ex. Noah claimed that Luke had alienated the doctor, and Maddie responded that Luke had probably acted out of love.

Noah asked Maddie to take him to Memorial to beg for Dr. Oliver's help, and Luke arrived as they headed out. Luke said that appealing to Dr. Oliver was impossible. Noah retorted it was for Luke, but Noah had to try for himself. After Maddie and Noah left, Luke received a call from Damian, who requested that Luke go to the office immediately.

In his office, Damian packed up pouches of jewelry and diamonds. He reviewed a freighter itinerary, and when Luke entered, Damian claimed that there wasn't much time. Damian planned to hop a freighter out of the country. A puzzled Luke questioned Damian, but Damian only said that he couldn't leave without saying goodbye. He requested that Luke take over the company, and Luke wondered what Damian had done to make him go on the run.

Damian said that Luke would hear bad things about his father, but Luke should always remember that Damian had acted out of love for his family. Damian said goodbye in Italian, and Luke replied, " careful." Upon hearing the word "dad," Damian turned and hugged Luke tightly. He kissed Luke's cheek and left.

Luke called Holden and reported Damian's bizarre behavior. Luke said that he didn't think he'd see Damian again for a long time. Holden said that he'd explain things later, but Luke needed to meet Lily at the hospital. Holden asked if Damian had stated how he'd leave town, and Luke mentioned the freighter.

At the docks later, Damian stared at the water. He heard Holden call his name. Damian turned and said that Holden just didn't know when to quit. Damian proposed that since Holden had everything, he should just let Damian go. Holden replied that he couldn't do that.

Back at the hospital, Noah explained to Maddie that the Grimaldi side of Luke might have cost Noah his sight. Just then, Dr. Oliver arrived, and Maddie left. Noah told Dr. Oliver that Noah also disapproved of Luke's tactics, but Noah understood that Luke had acted out of guilt. Noah asked if Dr. Oliver wanted to lash out at Luke or add Noah to the list of success stories.

Dr. Oliver examined Noah again and decided to work with him. Dr. Oliver said that Noah needed to be prepared for disappointment, because there were no guarantees. Dr. Oliver said that his help contained a condition, and it was a deal breaker. "Keep Mr. Snyder out of my orbit," Dr. Oliver insisted.

Later, Luke arrived at the hospital to see Lily and he encountered Noah. Noah announced that Dr. Oliver had agreed to work with Noah. Luke thought it was great, and he said that he'd check in on Lily before taking Noah home. Noah declined the ride and stated that Luke had to get used to spending time apart, because Dr. Oliver didn't want Luke around.

A stressed-out Katie visited Henry. She complained about Jacob being sick and her refrigerator being on the fritz. She wished that she had some help, and Henry insinuated that she shouldn't live alone. Katie thought that he was hinting that she should move in with Margo. She thanked him for the idea and took off.

Katie and Jacob went to the coffeehouse, where Jacob continuously cried. Dr. Oliver strode up and quipped that she should quiet her baby. Upon noticing that he was a doctor, Katie asked him to examine Jacob. Dr. Oliver rudely refused, and Katie retorted that she didn't know why she was asking a podiatrist who seemed to have his "foot shoved up his-" Katie turned to go, but Dr. Oliver agreed to look at Jacob before the baby's crying made him a menace to society.

Dr. Oliver quickly diagnosed Jacob with an ear infection, and Katie surprisingly learned that Dr. Oliver was a neurosurgeon being held against his will for the next month, and Dr. Bob Hughes was playing the warden. Additionally, Dr. Oliver hated staying in "germ farm" hotels, where he was forced to share sheets and pillows with strangers. Katie remarked that there were other places in town for him to sleep, and he wondered what she was getting at.

Maddie met Henry at Al's diner, where he explained about how lonely he was without Vienna, Simon, and Brad. With Katie too busy for him, he was on his own. Maddie suggested that Henry see if Katie wanted a roommate. Maddie advised him to pitch his babysitting and foot massaging skills, but Henry insisted that he was looking for a roommate, not a soul mate. "So what if you happen to get both out of the deal?" Maddie wondered. Henry insisted that nothing ruined a good friendship the way that love did.

Henry went to Katie's to find her relaxing with a cup of cider. She explained that she'd taken care of Jacob's ear infection and fixed the refrigerator. Henry stated that he'd talked to Maddie, who'd given him some advice to help Katie. Katie wondered what it could have been, and Henry nervously asked her to give her feet to him. A puzzled Katie complied and melted when Henry began massaging them.

Katie was in ecstasy as Henry massaged her feet, and he commented that if she lived with Margo, Margo wouldn't give foot massages. Henry hinted that Katie needed to live with someone "less related" to her. Before Henry could nominate himself, Dr. Oliver let himself in with a key. Dr. Oliver looked around and said the place would work. Henry wondered who the man was, and Katie introduced him as her new roommate.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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