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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of January 18, 2010 on ATWT
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Monday, January 18, 2010

In her hospital room, Liberty took the news of her leukemia poorly. She got hysterical when she realized that she would probably not be able to go to college in the fall, and she began to sob. Liberty yelled at Janet to leave her alone, as Dusty pulled Janet out of the room. He suggested that she try to reach Jack.

Dr. Greg Hern, an oncologist, introduced himself to Janet in the hall outside Liberty's room, and he said that he was the specialist on Liberty's case. Janet gave him permission to see her daughter, and she and Dusty went in with the doctor. Dr. Hern assured a still upset Liberty that they would run more tests and then figure out the best and most aggressive treatment for her. The doctor left to put a rush on the tests, and Dusty walked out, as well. Liberty told her mother that she was scared, but Janet promised that they would fight and win the battle.

Janet and Dusty talked in a waiting room, and they tried to figure out where Liberty's life was going. Janet said she wasn't sure that they even had insurance, since Jack was not employed. Dusty assured her that, as his employee, Janet had insurance. Janet said she hoped that she could be strong enough for her daughter, and they went back into Liberty's room. The girl was not there, however, so they began a search. They looked everywhere, but neither Janet nor Dusty could find Liberty. Dusty continued to search, as Janet received a text message on her phone inviting her to Katie's farewell party at the Lakeview.

Dusty found Liberty in Old Town near the hospital. She was burning her design sketches in a trash barrel, so Dusty talked to her and asked if she was giving up without a fight. He picked up a rock and told her she needed to blow off some steam. He hurled the rock through the window of a nearby building and laughed at the sound of breaking glass. Then he invited Liberty to join in, and they both started to laugh. Liberty threw a rock with the same result, and then another, and an alarm went off. Dusty grabbed the girl's hand, and they took off.

Liberty and Dusty hid around the corner, and Liberty worried that the cops might show up. Dusty said for her not to worry because the owner of the building was "a sweetheart." Liberty asked how he knew that, and Dusty admitted that he was the owner. Liberty did not think that was funny, and she slugged him on the arm. Dusty urged her to hit him again, so she yelled and slugged him until she got it all out of her system.

Janet sat on a bench in Old Town, and Dusty called her. He said that he had Liberty with him, and they were headed to Liberty's room at Memorial. Janet met them there, and Liberty said she was "so going to win" the game of chicken; she was going to make the cancer blink first. Dusty had to leave, so Janet walked him out. She was grateful that Dusty had cheered up her daughter, but Dusty said it was "no big deal." He urged her to keep calling Jack.

Katie packed for her trip with Simon, and he teased her about "packing light." Katie was unhappy that Margo had talked her into staying for a farewell party at the Lakeview, but Simon reminded her that the people who loved her just wanted to say goodbye.

At the Lakeview, Henry helped Margo set up the lounge for Katie's party, and Craig arrived and asked if some "weepy toasts and a walk down Memory Lane" would be enough to stop Katie from leaving. Margo said that they also needed a one-two punch, and that was Craig's job. Margo assigned him to work on Simon and persuade him to change his mind about leaving Oakdale.

At that moment, Jack was kissing Carly in her living room. When they drew apart, Jack said that he was leaving, but as he leaned in for another kiss, his phone rang. He answered it, and Margo invited him to join them at Katie's goodbye party. When Jack heard that his ex and her son were moving to New York with Simon Frasier, he yelled, "Over my dead body!" Jack told Carly that moving had to be Simon's idea, and he questioned his motives in fetching Simon back to help Katie.

Carly had a different perspective, and she suggested that perhaps it was too painful for Katie to stay around all the memories of Brad. Carly said that Jack owed it to Katie to listen to her point of view. Jack asked Carly if she wanted to go with him to the Lakeview, and she agreed.

Katie, Jacob, and Simon arrived at the party, and Craig began taunting Simon. Henry passed out flutes of champagne and toasted Katie and Simon. Jack, followed by Carly, walked in and interrupted Henry's rhetoric. Jack reminded Henry that Simon was a fugitive, as Carly attempted to silence him. Craig took some jibes at Jack, who returned the favor until Margo declared a truce. Henry continued his toast and saluted Katie and Simon, and then he suggested that Katie open her gifts.

Henry handed Katie a gift from Emma, and it was a Snyder family Bible that contained a family tree that already included Jacob. Margo and Henry had gone in together on a nice set of luggage for Katie, in case, said Margo, Simon and Katie had to move around a lot. Katie began to recognize a theme to her gifts, so Craig stepped up and admitted that none of them wanted Katie to leave. Henry told Jack and Craig to stop sparring because they had to accept Katie's decision about her life. He pointed to a big-screen television, opened his laptop, and announced, "Katie, Snyder, This is Your Life."

Henry showed a montage of Katie's life, which included clips from her "Butt Buster" video; her wedding photos with Henry and Brad; her bestseller, Oakdale Confidential; and scenes from Oakdale Now on WOAK. Craig quietly continued to needle Simon, who finally turned to him and said, "Bite me." Katie finally told Henry to stop, and she asked if everyone was trying to make her feel guilty. She wanted to leave, but Margo said she had one last gift for Katie. Margo handed Katie a map of the United States with photos on all the sites where Katie had lived with her mother, Lyla, when Lyla was on the road.

Katie looked hard at it and admitted that she didn't even remember all the places. Craig muttered, "This is going well," and went to get another scotch. Jack followed him into the lobby and asked if Craig was going to just stand there and let Katie leave. Jack said they had no choice, but Carly walked up and suggested that they not interfere. Jack and Craig agreed to go at Simon from both sides.

Henry, however, was not quite finished with his slide show, so he fired up his computer again and kept tugging on Katie's heartstrings. He even presented her with a CD of his singing "Get Along, Little Dogie" to Jacob, in case "the little fellow" ever missed "his Uncle Henry."

Out in the lobby, Jack went after Simon, and Katie heard the ruckus from the lounge. She ran to Jack and was furious that the whole party was "one big setup." She said that she knew exactly what she was leaving behind: "a bunch of selfish, clingy people," who claimed to know what was best for her. She particularly scolded Craig and Jack, and she walked out. "Well done," said Simon, with sarcasm, as he joined Katie back in the lounge. Katie finally told her friends and family that their protectiveness made her feel trapped. Simon said the party had been a stupid idea, but Henry maintained that he still had something to say to Katie.

Carly dragged Jack outside, and they hung around Old Town. Carly said that Jack was still trying to get back at Simon for taking Carly away, and Jack admitted that he couldn't stand Simon. Carly reminded him that they could not change the past, and she urged him to go back to the hotel and say a proper goodbye to Katie and his nephew. They walked back, and Jack apologized to Katie for how he had treated her. He also told Jacob that he'd watch out for his nephew as he had promised Brad. Katie hugged Jack, and Simon asked Katie if she was ready to go. "As ready as I'll ever be," was her answer.

Katie opened the Snyder Bible and looked at the family tree. Suddenly she turned to Simon and said that she couldn't leave. If she took Jacob away, she explained, he would grow up as she did. Simon said he was willing to stay in Oakdale, but Katie reminded him that they had tried that twice before, and it had not worked. She said she couldn't let Simon try to make up for past hurts; he would just end up hating her. She hugged him and said Simon knew what he had to do.

Jack and Carly left and went back to her house, and Jack said he would bunk at the police station until he figured out his life. Then he kissed Carly, and she reminded him that he was "the most married man" she knew. Jack walked out.

Henry, Craig, and Margo shared some wine at Margo's house when suddenly Katie appeared at the door. Simon waited outside while Katie took the baby in. Katie faced them and said that she could not leave Oakdale, and everyone was ecstatic. Henry went out and congratulated Simon for doing a "far, far better thing." Simon lied and said that he wasn't the "settling-down type," but Henry called his bluff and then hugged him. They said their goodbyes, and Henry went back inside. Katie hugged Henry, as Simon watched through the door, and then disappeared.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Damian called Meg's orderly, Sharkey, at Deerbrook, and said that he would be out of town with his wife for a couple of days. He said he expected Sharkey to keep things under control until Damian returned. Sharkey promised that he would, but then he asked Damian for an advance on his payoff; however, Damian shut him down fast. Sharkey went into Meg's room and checked on her, and she appeared drugged. Sharkey threatened her all the same, and then walked out of her room and went off duty.

Holden and Molly arrived at Deerbrook just in time to see Sharkey leaving. They followed him, and the orderly led them to the Lakeview. He met a woman there, and the two of them got a $400 room and ordered champagne. As soon as the couple got on the elevator, Holden approached the desk and asked if Mr. Sharkey always paid in cash. The desk clerk was reluctant to give out information on a guest, but Holden handed over an incentive, and the clerk responded, "Always."

Holden asked Molly how an orderly got money enough to get an expensive room and champagne. They took the elevator up to Sharkey's room, and Holden warned Molly that it "might not be pretty." That didn't faze Molly, so Holden knocked on the door, and she hollered, "Room Service." Sharkey opened the door and was surprised to see the two of them. After a few choice words from Holden, Sharkey gave his "date" some money and told her to wait in the hotel bar for him.

Molly and Holden went into the room, and Holden mentioned that his sister had seemed so much more alert a few days before; it seemed she had taken a turn for the worse. He asked if the doctors were aware of Meg's "setback," and he said Sharkey was going to tell him what he needed to know. Meanwhile, Molly picked up Sharkey's phone and checked it. She announced loudly that his last phone call had been from "Grimaldi." Holden grabbed Sharkey by the collar and demanded to know why Damian was calling him.

Sharkey whined that Mr. Grimaldi was checking on Meg's condition, but Holden said that Damian no longer had any relationship with Holden's sister. Then Holden mentioned how expensive the rooms were in the Lakeview, and Molly said they were leaving. Out in the hall, Holden said he was going directly after Damian, but Molly argued against that. She said that they really hadn't found out anything concrete.

They returned to the farm, and Molly said that they needed some kind of proof that Sharkey was doing "dark and twisty things" for Damian. She said it was possible that Damian had put Sharkey on his payroll just for him to keep a close eye on Meg because he feared for Lily's safety. Holden asked if Molly was actually defending Damian to him, as Lily entered the kitchen and questioned Holden's remark. Holden made up an answer, but Lily was still angry. She said Damian was being nothing but helpful to Luke, and she complained that she couldn't even talk to Holden anymore about their children. She stomped out with a cutting remark to Molly.

Holden and Molly went back to Deerbrook to visit Meg, who told them that the drugs they were forcing her to take were whacking her out. Molly said they could believe Meg all day long, but what they needed was proof that Damian was paying off Sharkey to keep Meg drugged. Meg sobbed that they had to help her, and she begged them to go to the police. Holden promised that he would do everything he could for her situation, and they walked outside. Molly said she had just heard from the Kentucky State Patrol.

Holden was hopeful that Officer Grady had stepped forward with some more information, but Molly said that Grady was no longer with the department. He had taken an early retirement and moved to the Chicago area. Both Holden and Molly had the same thought, and they took off for the Windy City.

At home, Lily asked Luke if Dr. Oliver, the ophthalmologist, had called him back, and a frustrated Luke said no. Finally his phone rang, and Dr. Oliver called Luke "Mr. Snyder." He said that his staff had informed him that "Mr. Snyder" had called close to three dozen times. He imperiously asked Luke why he seemed to think that the doctor had the time of day for anyone who lived in a place called Oakdale, wherever that was. Luke did not know how to respond to such arrogance, so he stumbled over his words. Oliver said his time was booked solid for over a year in advance, so Luke offered to double his fee. The doctor still refused, and when Luke questioned why, Oliver said he had read Noah's file and the case bored him. Dr. Oliver hung up.

A stunned Luke ran to Noah's side to console him. Lily suggested that they get another surgeon, but Noah nixed that. He said that he'd done his homework, and Oliver was the best for his condition. If Dr. Oliver were not Noah's surgeon, then there would be no operation. Noah thanked Luke for trying, as Lily pulled Luke aside and whispered that if anyone could pull off a favor like that, it was Damian. Luke told Noah that he and his mother had to attend a meeting at Worldwide, and Noah assured Luke that he could stay alone.

Meg, woozy from the drugs, used her phone privilege to call Damian at his shipping office. She threatened him and reminded him of what she would do to him when she got released from Deerbrook. Damian was furious, and he yelled at her, just as Lily and Luke walked into the office. Lily was upset at Damian's behavior, but he passed it off as some problem with a rival shipping firm. Luke said they needed Damian's help because the one surgeon who could help Noah had refused to take the case. Damian suggested that Luke offer him more money, but Luke said that had not worked. Lily was hesitant about leaving town for their mini-break, so Damian said he would handle everything.

Damian suggested that Lily prepare the things that they were taking to Faith at her new school, and Damian would work with Luke to solve Noah's problem. Lily left, and Luke explained that Noah had his heart set on having Dr. Oliver, and only Dr. Oliver, do his surgery. Damian handed Luke his cell phone and told him to make the doctor "an offer he couldn't refuse." Luke placed the call, and when the receptionist refused to put him through, Luke threatened her by saying if Dr. Oliver didn't take his call, he would risk losing his medical license.

Oliver came on the line almost immediately, and Luke said that the good doctor should take Noah's case or else Luke would inform the Medical Review Committee in Texas just how many times Oliver had bent the rules "in the name of healing." Luke went on to say that there was a car outside Dr. Oliver's office waiting to take him to the Dallas-Fort Worth airport, where Luke's father's jet was waiting. Luke only asked that Oliver examine Noah and see if he was a candidate for sight-saving surgery. The doctor protested, but Luke continued that when Oliver arrived in Oakdale, a car would take him to Memorial Hospital where Noah would be waiting.

"See you soon," said Luke, and he hung up his father's cell phone. He had sounded just like Damian, and his father declared his performance "stupendous!" Luke was uncomfortable, however, about having to threaten the doctor in order to get him to comply, but Damian assured his son that "the end justifies the means." Luke said it wasn't quite that simple for him.

Maddie worked on her advice blog at the office of Emily's new online paper, the First Edition. Hunter looked over her shoulder and kibitzed by offering his opinion. Maddie kidded him by telling him that he still had the price tags on his new suit, but Hunter was not surprised. He said that he had bought the suit for Casey and Alison's wedding, which was happening on Valentine's Day. Then he realized that mentioning that was in poor taste around Maddie, but she said he shouldn't worry. She said that she was planning on attending the nuptials, as well.

Hunter invited Maddie to lunch, but she begged off because she had to meet with an ex-boyfriend about her blog. Hunter assumed that meant Casey, but Maddie surprised him by saying she was meeting with Noah Mayer. Hunter asked if Noah was gay, and when Maddie affirmed that, Hunter, with his usual finesse, asked Maddie if she was the one who had "turned him." Maddie suggested that Hunter quit while he "was not ahead."

Maddie went to visit Noah at Lily's, and she explained that she was writing a blog for Emily's new online newspaper. She insisted that Noah go with her to Al's for a burger and a nice chat. Noah agreed, but he made Maddie write a note to Luke so that Luke wouldn't send out a posse to look for him. They went to the diner, and Hunter walked in. When Maddie introduced him to Noah, Hunter, in his usual bumbling manner, asked Noah what it was like to be blind. Maddie was horrified, but Noah laughed and was not at all offended. He invited Hunter to pull up a chair.

The young men got along well, and Hunter asked Noah if his other senses had heightened since he had lost his sight. Noah said he didn't know, so Hunter suggested a challenge to find out. Noah was game, so Hunter took them to his place and played very loud music and asked Noah how it affected him. Noah was most concerned that he missed the pictures that usually went with the music, and he explained that he used to make films.

Luke went to Al's, looking for Noah, but his friend was not there. He left a phone message for him in which he said he had talked with Dr. Oliver, who was on a Grimaldi jet on his way to Memorial Hospital. Luke asked Noah to have Maddie take him to the hospital and to call him when he got the message. Lily walked up, and Luke gave his mother the good news: Dr. Oliver was arriving soon to examine Noah. He also said that Damian had "coached" him on how to be persuasive by using threats. Lily was horrified to hear that her husband had told their son that the end always justified the means.

Luke went on to Memorial, and Dr. Oliver arrived. He was still arrogant, and he told Luke as soon as he saw him that he noticed the "big fat silver spoon in his mouth," and he hoped the boy choked on it. He said people usually waited their turn to see him, and he asked where Noah was. Just then, Noah, Maddie, and Hunter arrived, and Luke ran to Noah and said that Dr. Oliver was there, but he was angry. Oliver took Noah into an exam room, but he pushed Luke out.

After some time, Dr. Oliver walked out and announced that he did not like Luke, but Noah said he was a good moviemaker, and arrogance appealed to Dr. Oliver. He would operate on Noah and restore his sight. Then, he declared to Luke, he never wanted to hear from Luke again. Oliver walked off, and Luke went into the exam room. Noah said that the doctor really disliked Luke, but he thanked his boyfriend for giving him a shot at having a full life back.

Damian went home, and the phone was ringing. He answered it, and the caller was Sharkey, who was upset that Damian had not picked up his cell phone. Sharkey said that Meg's brother had showed up at Deerbrook "with some broad," and they had asked questions about Damian. Sharkey reminded Damian that their deal was supposed to be "lucrative and risk-free," but it wasn't nearly lucrative enough, and was full of risk. He asked for more money and then hung up.

Damian yelled into the phone, and Lily walked in again on her raging husband. Lily asked him point-blank if he had "strong-armed" Luke into doing something that he would never have imagined doing on his own. Next, she inquired what or whom Damian was hiding from. Damian was frustrated, and he said that he had arranged a wonderful weekend get-away for the two of them very near Faith's school. He thought that would please Lily, yet his wife thought he had some hidden agenda. Lily said she knew that he had forced Luke to use Damian's form of coercion to get what he wanted.

Damian shouted that it had worked because Dr. Oliver was examining Noah in town that very afternoon. Lily brought up the "end justifies the means" issue, and Damian seemed to think that was legitimate. Lily was angry that Damian was passing on that kind of thinking to Luke. She was unhappy that was how he chose to raise their family, but that especially angered Damian, who blurted out that they wouldn't even be a family if...and his words trailed off.

Finally Damian said he took what he wanted, and what he wanted at that moment was to go away with his wife. Lily seemed to be the only one who recognized the ethical breach that Damian had crossed.

Back at the office, Maddie typed up her blog, while Hunter breathed down her neck. He said that she had written her best work yet, and he was impressed. He was also complimentary about the relationship that Maddie and Noah had achieved. Maddie thanked him for amusing Noah with his loud musical diversion.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Alison sat with Emily, who was still unconscious, and she talked about having feelings for someone like Mick Dante. Alison thought it was because she was a nurse and had a compulsion to help people. She related her weird wedding dream to her sister, as Casey walked in and asked why Alison was talking like that. Alison accused him of eavesdropping, but then she realized that Casey hadn't understood what she had said.

Casey offered to postpone the wedding, but Alison said that was not necessary. She hoped that Emily would recover in time to be at the wedding, and she hugged Casey and called him "the best." The two of them kissed, and then Alison asked Casey to go with her to Fashions and help her choose a wedding dress. Casey was skeptical, but he agreed, and they left the room. Emily slowly wiggled her fingers.

At Fairwinds, Paul wanted to return to the hospital after spending the night there, but Barbara tried to discourage him. Mick was there, too, and he said that he had definitely ruled out his treatments as a cause of Emily's coma, and Susan Stewart had not found anything either. Mick saw how tired Paul was and urged him to take care of himself. Paul agreed to take a shower before he went back to Memorial, and after he left the room, Barbara criticized Mick for "laying it on a little thick." Barbara's remarks angered Mick, who said that Emily would recover when Paul accepted him as James Stenbeck. All Mick wanted was to be back at Fairwinds with his family.

When Paul entered the living room after his shower, he found only his mother. Barbara said that Mick was taking a phone call outside, as Paul's phone rang. The hospital was calling to say that Emily had moved her hand, and she might be waking up. Paul dashed out, as Barbara told Mick that if Emily told Paul that she was with Mick when she lost consciousness, it could be difficult. Mick promised Barbara he would handle it, and he ran out.

Paul sat with Emily again and asked her to move her hand. She wiggled her fingers, and Paul ran out to find a doctor, as Mick and Barbara waited in the hall. Mick signaled Barbara to go with her son, as he entered Emily's room. He retrieved a syringe from his shoulder bag, and prepared to push it into Emily's I.V. line. Suddenly, he experienced an excruciating pain in his head, which rendered him helpless. He willed himself to relax, but he had difficulty concentrating. He forced himself to continue, and he picked up the photo of Alison on Emily's bedside table and put it in his bag.

Mick withdrew the syringe again from his bag and managed to push it into Emily's I.V. line. He put the syringe away, as Paul and Barbara entered the room. Paul spoke to his wife and asked her to move her hand again, but Emily was unresponsive. The doctor joined them and watched Emily for a while, but he said he saw no signs of activity. He promised to check later and walked out, followed swiftly by Mick, who was holding his nose. Barbara went after Mick and found him attempting to staunch a substantial nosebleed, and she urged him to see a doctor. Mick got furious and turned on her angrily, with blood streaming from his nose.

Barbara returned to Paul, who was very discouraged. His mother said that if the doctors could not help Emily, then Mick would. Paul accused his mother of fixating on Mick and believing that the man could do no wrong. Paul asked if Barbara knew something about Mick that he did not, but she denied it. Finally Paul asked his mother to leave, and when she did not, he yelled, "Go!" at her. He turned back to Emily and told her that he couldn't lose her, and he rambled that none of it made sense.

At Fashions, Alison chose a bridal gown to try on and headed for a dressing room. She insisted that Casey accompany her, "to help with the zipper." Casey felt ill at ease in the dressing room, but Alison kissed away his embarrassment. Alison's phone rang, and the caller was Mick. He asked her for immediate help and reminded her that she had offered to listen to him any time he struggled for control. Alison said no, and Mick begged, so Alison hung up. Casey asked who had called, and Alison passed it off as "a survey." Suddenly, Alison changed her mind and pushed Casey out of the dressing room.

Alison put on the dress and looked at herself in the mirror. She flashed back to her strange dream about meeting Mick in the old church in her wedding dress, and then she realized that the dress she had on was the same as the one in her dream. She ran out and asked the clerk to unzip her, but she also glanced out the window of Fashions and saw Mick looking in. Alison ran outside and stopped him, and then she demanded to know why he was in her head and she couldn't get him out.

Mick claimed he had no idea what Alison was talking about, and he scolded her for not helping him when he had needed her. Alison said he was always on her mind, and she needed it to stop. Mick denied that he had done anything to her, but Alison said that she was even dreaming about him. "Who the hell are you?" she asked. Mick grabbed his head and said that he couldn't keep talking to her. Alison implored him to see a doctor about his headaches and nosebleeds, and just then Casey ran up.

Casey said that Lisa had called after the clerk in Fashions had reported that Alison had run out of the store in a wedding gown. Then Casey turned to Mick and asked what he was doing there, and Mick said that he had just been helping Alison, and he took off. Alison said she had felt a little dizzy because the dress was so tight, and Casey asked her again if she wanted to put off the wedding for a while. Alison said she did not want to wait another day to marry Casey, and she suggested that they run off to Las Vegas and get married.

The two of them went to Java, and Alison wanted to know if Casey no longer wanted to marry her. Casey said that was not it at all, but if they ran off, they would regret it for the rest of their lives. He knew that Alison wanted a real wedding, and besides, Casey did not want to agitate the Marriage Gods.

Mick went back to his hotel room and was looking at Alison's photo when someone knocked. He put the frame facedown on the table and opened the door to Barbara. She said that whatever Mick had done to Emily had worked, because her daughter-in-law was back in a coma. Barbara asked for another youth treatment for herself, but Mick said that he had no time. He had to falsify papers that made it appear that he had been researching Emily's condition. Barbara pushed, so Mick yelled, "Not now!" at her. Barbara spotted the picture frame and turned it over.

Barbara broke out in gales of laughter when she saw that the picture was of Alison. She turned to Mick and said, "James, you may look 25 years old, but you're not." Mick was pleased that she had finally called him "James," and Barbara retorted that "all that lying, scheming, and crushing on young girls" had convinced her. Barbara walked out, and Mick took a call from Alison. She asked him to not call her anymore because she could not be his "savior." Mick picked up her photo and hurled it at the wall where it shattered into many pieces.

Damian and Lily discussed their weekend trip as they called on Emma at the farm. When Emma saw who it was, she refused to invite them in. Lily said she had the kids' schedules for Holden since she and Damian were going away. Emma said that Holden was out of town with Molly, and that upset Lily. Emma said further that Holden had a business trip suddenly, but that she was fully prepared to take care of the children. Damian listened carefully and flashed back on his conversation with the orderly, Sharkey, who had said that Holden had been asking questions about Damian. Damian's phone rang, and he stepped away to take the call.

Lily handed the schedules to Emma and called Holden "thoughtless." Emma reminded Lily that she was married to Damian and had her own life, and Holden had the same right. The women heard Damian raise his voice and tell his caller that he would take care of something when he got back in town, but whoever called was arguing with him. Damian was angry, and he told Lily that didn't know whether he would be able to leave for their trip. He kissed her cheek and left hurriedly.

With Damian gone, Emma let Lily into the house, but Lily was critical of what she called "Holden's romantic little getaway." Emma asked why Lily was so concerned about what went on between Holden and Molly, and Lily had no answer.

In Chicago, Molly and Holden entered a pool hall where they had learned that former Officer Grady liked to hang out. There was no sign of Grady there, but Molly said that was good, because Holden had time to disappear. Holden was reluctant to leave Molly there alone, so they compromised by agreeing that Holden could stay hidden on the premises. Grady finally walked in, as Holden stepped around a corner. Molly chose a bar stool right next to Grady and began a conversation with him. Grady looked at her and said, "I know you, don't I?"

Molly had a moment of concern, but then Grady remembered that she was the news anchor from New York who had slept with the congressman. He offered to buy Molly a drink and began paying her compliments. Molly turned on the charm and began asking Grady questions, including what he was "getting away from." Grady only said that he was getting away from "a lot of things." Holden slipped back into the bar room and sat at a table in the back.

Molly poured them both generous drinks from the bottle, and then managed to dump most of hers without drinking it. She learned that Grady was from Kentucky, so she asked what he did down there. Grady said he had been a cop, and the song, "Crazy," began to play on the jukebox. Grady asked Molly to dance, and as they took to the floor, he asked her to go to his place to see what developed. Then he kissed Molly, and it was all Holden could do to restrain himself. He shot to his feet, but Molly gave him a hand signal to back off.

Molly asked Grady to refill their drinks, while she went to make herself "more beautiful." She went out the door where Holden met her, and they had a chat. Holden was worried for Molly's safety if she left the bar with Grady, but she said she could handle it. She suggested that Holden go back to the hotel, and she would meet him there. Molly rejoined Grady at the bar and asked him to tell her about one time when he could not resist temptation. She said he knew all about her temptation with the congressman, so it was only fair. Grady said he would tell her if she would agree to go back to his place, and Molly did.

Then Grady said that he had gotten paid off to cover up DNA evidence that proved that "a guy wasn't dead." He went on say that the man who paid him wanted the other guy's wife. He next volunteered that the people lived somewhere around Chicago, in a place called Oakdale. Molly headed for the ladies' room, but again slipped out the door. She was walking away when she ran straight into Damian Grimaldi. Molly recovered from the shock and told Damian that she had just met a "friend" of his. She taunted him by saying that the "friend" was originally from Kentucky and said he knew Damian "real well."

Damian warned Molly not to stick her nose where it didn't belong, but Molly just laughed. She said Officer Grady had told her how desperate Damian was to marry Lily and how he had paid off Grady to hide the DNA evidence that proved that Holden was still alive. Damian said that was crazy, but Molly turned the proverbial knife by saying that poor Meg had been telling the truth all along. She also accused Damian of paying Sharkey at Deerbrook to continue to make Meg look "like a nutcase." Damian had heard enough, and he threatened to ruin Molly's life if the truth became known.

Damian then made the excuse that just because Holden's body was not the one in his truck, it did not mean that he was still alive. He whined about not giving Lily any "false hope," but Molly was not about to let him off the hook. She continued to warn Damian that Lily would leave him if she knew what he had done, but Damian had a response for that. He reminded her that with Lily free, she would run straight to Holden, and that would leave Molly out in the cold. Molly told Damian to "go to hell," as he advised her that they both had a lot to lose. He suggested that she keep her "pretty little mouth closed," as Molly turned to leave.

Molly returned to the hotel, and Holden immediately kissed her. He asked what had happened with Grady, and Molly's answer was, "It's complicated." When Holden pressed for details, Molly hesitated and then said that Grady had told her nothing they could use. Holden thanked her anyway, and they began to make love.

Lily went home and got a call from Holden. He said that he was on an important business trip, and he had needed Molly's help. Lily was not pleased, and then she told him that the plans for her trip with Damian had unraveled. She then asked if Holden had made all the bad things happen on purpose, but Holden said no. Lily got angry and hung up on him, as Damian walked in. He lied about where he had been and was eager to get started on their trip. He also assured Lily that everything would turn out fine.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Parker complained on the phone to Jack that his mother wouldn't let him go to school because of his broken leg. Jack, who was calling from the Oakdale police station where he had spent the night, offered to pick up the boy's homework from school, and Parker appreciated it. Jack asked to speak to Carly, so Parker yelled for his mother who was in the kitchen pouring him a glass of orange juice. When Carly heard who was calling, however, she kept mum and did not take the call. Jack said he would call back later.

When Carly brought Parker his orange juice, he told her about Jack's call and mentioned that his dad was bringing his homework. Carly flashed back to how Jack had kissed her on his last visit to the house, and she asked Parker if he would be all right alone for a while. She said she had something she had to do, and she hurried out. Carly went immediately to an AA meeting where she shared that she and Jack had really kissed. She referred to Jack as the love of her life, so she wondered if reconciling with him fell under the category of new relationships which the rehab counselors discouraged. She said that, although he hadn't said it lately, she knew that Jack loved her.

Margo arrived at the station and knew where Jack had bunked. He asked to speak with her privately, and they went into the interview room where Jack said that he wanted to return to work. Margo asked if he was ready to resume the responsibility, and Jack gave her his litany of reasons. Margo's response was a resounding, "Bull!" She was worried about the state of mind of a cop who was estranged from his wife, homeless, and brooding about his ex-wife. Jack said he wouldn't have asked for his job back if he couldn't handle it, but Margo suggested that he get his personal life back on track, and then he could concentrate on his job.

Janet and Liberty went to the high school because Liberty did not want to miss her biology midterm, and Janet wished to speak with the principal. Liberty was unhappy that her mother wanted to tell the principal and the school nurse that she was ill, but Janet thought that someone in authority should know about her daughter's condition in case there was a problem at school. Janet said that Liberty needed to reach out to the people who could support her, and she suggested that the girl tell her best friend, McKenzie.

Liberty then asked her mother why she had not told Jack about her condition, and Janet's excuse was that she had been concentrating solely on her daughter. Janet promised to think about telling Jack, and she sent Liberty off to class. She headed down the hall and ran straight into Jack. He explained that he was there to pick up Parker's homework, and Janet said that she was there to speak to the principal. She almost broke down and told Jack about Liberty's illness, but instead she told a fib about having to make her daughter crack the books a bit harder.

Jack apologized for not being around for the girl lately, and then he asked if Janet still wanted to work on their marriage. He said that he'd been staying at the police station, so Janet assumed that he was back at work. He told her, however, what Margo's conditions for reinstatement were, and Janet asked if he wanted to talk with her just so he could get his job back. Jack protested, but Janet turned down his offer of coffee and walked away.

Liberty met up with her friend, McKenzie, and told her about the adventure in the woods with Parker. "Mac" was very worried about the biology midterm exam, and she told Liberty that if she didn't ace it, "Mac" would never get accepted to Princeton. Liberty considered her friend's words but did not follow here into the classroom. Instead she left and walked to Carly's house to see Parker. He was surprised to see her and asked her about the biology test, but Liberty said it was certainly not a "matter of life or death."

Liberty wanted to take Parker out somewhere to "do something crazy," but he explained that his leg hurt every time he moved it. Liberty announced that they would just have to do "something crazy" there at the house, and she began nuzzling Parker's neck. The she asked him to go upstairs with her and have sex, but Parker asked why. He did not understand what Liberty wanted, and that angered her. She made a break for the door, so Parker shouted that he would break his leg again chasing her if she ran out, so Liberty stopped.

Parker said that whatever was wrong, she had to tell him, and they would "fix it together." Liberty began to cry and blurted out that she had leukemia. Parker was silent, and then he began to laugh and said that she was tricking him. Liberty said it was true, and then Parker realized she was not lying, and he hugged her. He said there was no way she was going to die, and he promised to be at her side every step of the way to her recovery.

Teri arrived at Metro, and she irritated Dusty by calling him "Boss." She asked when Janet was starting her shift, but Dusty said that her sister was in no shape to work that day. Teri said she hadn't spoken to Janet in a couple of days, so Dusty broke the news that Liberty was sick. When Teri asked for more information, Dusty said the girl had leukemia. Teri was stunned and wanted to call Janet immediately, but Dusty advised her to wait until her brain had processed the information a bit more. He said Janet shouldn't have to comfort her.

Dusty then said that Liberty was out of the hospital, and they were awaiting the results of more tests. Teri wondered aloud how Dusty knew so many details, and he said that he had been with Janet when she had gotten the news. Teri asked if Jack knew, and Dusty said that he certainly hoped so. Teri said that Janet and Jack would surely put aside their marital dispute to rally around Liberty, as long as nobody got in the way. Dusty asked her whom she meant, and Teri answered, "Carly."

Janet showed up at Metro and told Dusty that she had gone to the high school with Liberty with the intention of telling the principal about her daughter's condition, but instead she had run into Jack. Dusty was disappointed that Janet had not told her husband about Liberty, as Janet said that she wanted to be friends with Dusty. He also remarked that she ought to talk to her husband. Janet admitted that she would rather talk to Dusty than Jack about Liberty.

Dusty said that he had to take Johnny to Memorial for a checkup since Craig was out of town, so he called to Teri in the kitchen to talk to her sister. The women hugged, and Janet told Teri that she had not given Jack the news yet. Teri asked what she could do, but Janet couldn't even discuss Liberty with her sister.

Johnny had his checkup, and as he and Dusty were leaving the hospital, Liberty's admitting doctor called to Dusty. He was looking for Janet, but he was willing to share the girl's latest test results with such a close friend of the family. Dusty tactfully suggested that the doctor discuss that with the family, and he excused himself and took Johnny away. The boy asked immediately if Liberty was sick and Dusty said that she was. Johnny asked if Liberty was going to die "like mommy," but Dusty said that Liberty's family would make sure she had "all the right doctors" so she would get well. Then he offered an ice cream sundae at the diner, and that distracted Johnny.

Johnny was enjoying his sundae when Margo walked in and gave him a big hug. She and Dusty stepped away from the boy as Margo said that Craig had mentioned that Johnny had been talking a lot about his mother lately. Margo suggested that Dusty tell him about Jennifer, and then she said that she hoped Dusty found himself another special woman.

Jack went to a small lake and remembered how, years ago, he and Carly used to meet at a boathouse there. He particularly recalled a day when he was working on a boat named "True Love," which he had named for Carly, and she had walked in wearing a pink dress. They had tried to stay away from one another, but Carly had told Jack that she loved him and could not bear to be apart from him. Jack said aloud, "We've made so many mistakes," and Carly walked up behind him and suggested that they not make another one.

Carly said that after Jack had called, she had attended an AA meeting because he was like an addictive drug to her. She compared him to alcohol, and said she just couldn't stop where he was concerned. It was easier, she went on, never to start with him again, so there would be no more kisses, no more "hanging out." She was insistent, and Jack agreed. He said he had not gone to the lake to feel guilty for kissing her but because he wanted to remember the times with her in the boathouse. Carly suggested they just walk away from each other and keep their distance. Jack concurred, but he said to her, "You first."

Carly told Jack to go home to Janet, but he was sure that Janet was no longer interested in their marriage. He said she had walked away from him at the high school, and he had not bothered to go after her. Instead, he had driven to the lake because it was too late for his marriage. Carly told Jack to leave her alone, and she turned away, but Jack called her back. He said they had to face their feelings, and he thanked her for bringing him back from the brink after Brad's death. He said no one else could have done that, but Carly informed Jack that she couldn't tell him how she felt. Jack asked her to show him, and Carly kissed him. Then she pulled away and insisted that Jack tell Janet face-to- face before he and she went any further. Jack was positive that he wanted to try again with Carly, and he promised to go directly to Janet. Carly said that when he was finished with that, he should return to her.

Carly went home carrying an armful of yellow daffodils. She told Parker that the flowers would cheer him up, and she appeared almost euphoric. "Not likely," remarked Parker, and his mother asked him what he had to be so sad about. Carly said for the first time in a long while, she was excited for life and was looking forward to what would happen next. Parker said his mother's cheerfulness had given him a headache, and he went up to his room. Carly picked up the phone and ordered a large pizza, and as an afterthought, she added a six pack of beer to the order. "For Jack," she said softly.

Jack went to the farm, but he almost didn't go inside. He forced himself, however, and found Janet crying softly at the kitchen table. He asked her what was wrong, and Janet threw her arms around him and said it was about Liberty. Then she told him how thankful she was that he was home.

Friday, January 22, 2010

At Memorial with Luke and Noah, a testy Reid Oliver complained about everything in Oakdale. He agreed to perform Noah's surgery that day, just to get away from there. Luke questioned Reid's decision to perform an impromptu surgery. Reid reminded Luke that Luke had kidnapped Reid to perform the procedure, and that was what Reid would do, if Noah okayed it. Noah responded that he was more than ready to do it that day.

When Reid saw Bob in the corridor, Reid noted that Bob looked important. Bob frowned as Reid ordered an operating room, a "neuro team," and a host of equipment. "Who are you? What are you doing in my hospital?" Bob asked. Luke introduced Reid as the neurologist that Luke had flown in from Texas. Bob recalled granting Reid temporary privileges, but Bob had no idea that Reid intended to perform surgery that day. " you do," Reid quipped.

Luke and Reid returned to Noah's room to get the consent form, but Luke urged Noah to slow down and at least read the paperwork first. Reid noted that Luke had stressed the urgency of the situation before, but Luke's procrastination made Reid think that the trip was a waste.

Bob pulled Reid into the corridor to warn him against rushing Noah into the risky procedure. Bob cited that the surgery could worsen Noah's condition, or even kill him. Reid made a flippant remark, and Bob pointedly said that the patient and his partner were scared to death because Reid had under-informed them. Bob ordered Reid to reassure Noah, and once Reid received proper consent, Bob and the staff would fully assist Reid.

Reid returned to Noah's room to explain that the procedure had no guarantees and it could kill Noah; however, if Noah wanted his vision back, Reid was the best man for the job. Luke said that it didn't have to be done that day, but Noah insisted upon forging ahead.

Noah signed the consent, and Reid took it to Bob. Kim overheard Reid arrogantly spewing orders to Bob, and when Reid strode off, she said that she wouldn't let that man operate on her. Bob said that, though Reid was unbearable, he was a genius.

Reid prepped Noah for surgery, but after reviewing Noah's scans, Reid realized that Noah would require multiple procedures. Reid stated to Luke that Reid had signed on for a "one-night stand," not a long-term commitment. Reid intended to leave, and he remarked that Luke should be lucky that Reid hadn't carved into Noah's brain unnecessarily.

Reid walked off, and Bob and Kim stated that they'd help Noah and Luke map out the next steps later. Luke saw Reid in the corridor again and insisted that Reid help. Reid refused to do "drive-by" surgery with only a 20% chance that Noah would make it. Luke prohibited Reid from taking the Grimaldi jet home, and Reid snickered that it was a big surprise that Luke would take his toys away when he didn't get what he wanted.

Later in Noah's room, Luke broke the news to Noah, who brooded about it in bed. Luke ventured into the hallway to hear Reid on the phone discussing flight delays due to inclement weather. Luke pleaded with Reid to talk to Noah and Luke about a treatment plan, but Reid flatly refused to take Noah's case. Reid said that none of Luke's money or possessions impressed Reid, except for Luke's car, which Reid insisted would take him to the airport.

In the parking garage, Bob walked Kim to her car. Meanwhile, Luke showed his car to Reid, but Luke refused to drive Reid anywhere. Reid decided to drive himself in Luke's car. Luke hopped on the hood, but Reid drove forward anyway. Luke hopped off just before Reid collided with Kim's car as Kim backed out of her parking space.

Jack arrived at the farm to find Janet crying. Janet clung to him and revealed that Liberty had leukemia. Janet explained the situation, and Jack wondered why it had taken her so long to tell him. She replied that she hadn't known how to tell him, and she'd also been unable to locate him. Janet sobbed that Liberty needed her mother, but Janet just wanted to run off and hide. "You don't need to go through this alone. I'm here," Jack stated, hugging her.

Janet asked what "being here" meant, because she needed her husband, not pity or a friend to lean on. Jack responded that he was her husband and Liberty's stepfather. Janet hugged him, and he sent her to rest. Jack grimaced and followed her upstairs. Fully dressed on the bed, Jack cuddled Janet and urged her to nap. She asked about Carly. He sighed and advised her to concentrate on Liberty, not Carly.

At home, Carly prepared for a family evening with Jack. She recalled Jack's earlier promise to end things with Janet. Carly frowned when Craig arrived to discuss a business opportunity. She said she wasn't interested in vodka, water, or clubs anymore. The thought of working on Liberty's design portfolio had helped Carly decide to return to fashion. Craig offered to revive Monte Carlo, but Carly said that it wouldn't happen.

A deliveryman arrived with pizza and beer. Craig worried about Carly having beer in the house, but then he scoffed upon realizing that it was for Jack. "You've got to be kidding me!" Craig exclaimed. He said that he should have known it by how Jack had acted at Katie's party. "And the couch. Nobody sleeps on that thing unless they're hoping for an upgrade," Craig added.

Craig warned that tangling with Jack again would end in disaster. Carly claimed that Jack and she had learned from their mistakes, but Craig replied that there were newer and bigger mistakes to be made. Craig asked if it bothered her that Jack was still married. Carly said that she and Jack wouldn't move forward until Jack's marriage ended. Craig quipped that nothing could stop Carly, because "what Carly wants, Carly gets." Carly swung open the door to toss Craig out, and she saw Jack on the threshold. Craig sarcastically wished them the best and left.

Carly asked Jack how it had gone with Janet, but from the pitiful look on his face, she deduced that he hadn't told Janet anything. In Jack's conflicted silence, Carly assumed that he'd changed his mind about them. She promised that rehab had changed her, and she wouldn't let him down. Jack stated that the problem wasn't Carly; it was Liberty, who had leukemia. Jack felt that it would be different if Brad were alive; however, Jack had been the reason that Brad couldn't be there for Janet and Liberty when they needed him most.

Carly guessed that Janet had asked him to return home, and he'd agreed. Jack explained that Liberty was everything to Janet, and he'd made Janet a vow. Carly recalled that he'd vowed to Carly, too, and more than once. Jack regretfully stated that he couldn't walk out on Janet.

Carly understood who Jack was, and his sense of duty was what she loved most about him. "I love you, too," he uttered. Carly realized that it wasn't their time. She knew what it was like to have all of him, and she refused to settle for anything less. Jack said that he had to go. He leaned toward Carly and nuzzled his nose against hers. She choked back tears as he walked out.

Once alone, Carly trembled and stared at the beer. She went to throw it out but changed her mind. She grabbed her coat and left the house with the six-pack.

Dusty visited Bob to get a recommendation to a New York oncologist for Liberty. Bob agreed to help, but he wondered what it had to do with Dusty. Dusty responded that Janet worked for him, so he wanted to get her daughter the best care possible.

Later, Dusty found Craig drinking at the Lakeview. Dusty noted Craig's foul mood, and Craig said he'd just collided with an immovable force. "To Carjack," Craig bitterly toasted. Dusty asked about Janet, and Craig guessed that she'd be left in the cold, just like Craig. Dusty quipped that Craig deserved it, unlike Janet. Dusty left Craig to enjoy his pity party alone. Around the corner, Dusty called to have his assistant cancel his meetings and arrange an extra airline ticket to New York, so that he could go with Janet and Liberty.

Back at the farm, Janet awakened alone in bed with Jack's scarf. She stroked it against her face and then went to answer the knock at the door. Dusty entered, and a glowing Janet thanked him for urging her to talk to Jack. Dusty seemed puzzled when Janet explained that Jack and she had decided to work on their marriage.

Dusty claimed that he was happy for Janet. "What happened between you and me..." Janet started to say. Dusty said that it wasn't his secret to tell. He handed her an itinerary with three tickets to New York and stated that they were for Janet, Jack, and Liberty. Janet wondered how Dusty knew that Jack would go, and Dusty murmured that it was because Jack was a good guy. Janet hugged Dusty and said that she was glad to have found an amazing friend in him.

On the street in Old Town, Craig saw Jack and immediately derided him for gearing up to kick Carly in the teeth all over again. Craig stated that he'd do anything to have a love like Carly's, and he wondered what Jack did to her that no one else could do. Jack grabbed Craig by his lapels, slammed him into a wall, and snarled at him to shut up. Craig claimed that Jack was no good for Carly, but Jack snapped that he never wanted to hear Craig dictate what was good for Carly ever again.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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