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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 18, 2010 on AMC
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Monday, January 18, 2010

At the Miranda center, Madison talked to a young abused woman named Emily while Frankie stood nearby. Madison explained how the Miranda Center had helped Madison when she had been in need. She assured Emily that Emily had found a safe haven. Madison promised the frightened young woman that Frankie was a wonderful doctor. Madison credited Frankie with saving her life when Madison had been at her lowest point.

Later, Frankie thanked Madison for her help with Emily. Madison smiled softly as she explained that it was her job. Madison confessed that she wished that there were more Miranda Centers around the country to help women and children in crisis. Frankie thought that they could use more people like Madison to help out. Madison insisted that the center had done more for her than she could ever do for it.

Madison recognized that a lot of people had helped her to see the potential in herself. Frankie was proud of how Madison had turned her life around. Madison seemed embarrassed by the praise. She revealed that she had taken the job at Fusion, so that she could show everyone that she wasn't the same person who had done "all of those horrible things." Madison confided that she thought perhaps she could change lives one day. Frankie smiled as he confessed, "Feels good doesn't it?" Madison agreed.

At Fusion, Ryan went over various marketing proposals with Val and Erica. Ryan noticed that Erica seemed distracted. Erica admitted that her heart wasn't in the work because her mind was on the children in Africa. Erica confessed that being in Africa had felt right to her. She wanted Fusion to be about more than lipstick; she wanted the company to make a real and lasting difference. After Erica stepped away to take a call, Randi approached Ryan. Ryan confided that Erica was frustrated because her work at Fusion paled in comparison to what she had done in Africa.

On the phone, Erica whispered instructions for a surprise that she had planned for Ryan. Erica quickly wrapped up the call and then rejoined Ryan. She instructed Randi and Val to get in touch with the "Zeitgeist," in order to help them figure out a new marketing strategy. After Erica led Ryan to her office, Randi groaned to Val that they had an impossible task ahead of them.

A short time later, Madison approached Randi. Randi told Madison about Erica's lack of enthusiasm with the recent proposals from the marketing department. Randi explained that Erica wanted to make a difference, as she had done in Africa. Madison suggested that perhaps Fusion should develop a line of products that would donate all of its proceeds to charity. Randi thought that it was a great idea, so she suggested that Madison pitch it to Erica. Madison didn't feel comfortable making any suggestions.

Madison pointed out that Randi had been with the company far longer than Madison had been. She invited Randi to present the idea to Erica instead. Madison promised that she would stand behind Randi. "Stand behind you over what?" Erica asked as she approached the two ladies. Madison quickly explained her idea for a new line of cosmetics, but she carefully credited Randi for the brainstorm. Erica loved the concept of creating a line of products that would raise money for charity. Erica thought that they could use the money to build Miranda Centers across the country.

After Erica walked away, Randi reminded Madison that it had been Madison's idea. Randi was curious why Madison hadn't taken any credit for it. Madison insisted that she owed Randi a lot.

Erica entered her office to find Ryan working. She was quite animated as she told Ryan about her plans to build Miranda Centers across the country. Ryan realized that Erica's excitement was an indication of how important the project was to her. He promised to help her make it happen. Erica was thrilled with his support. She admitted that one of the things that she loved most about Ryan was how alive he made her feel. Ryan appeared a bit surprised by the admission.

At the hospital, Marissa and JR discussed the possibility that JR could be Trevor's father. JR was a bit shaken to realize that he could have another son. As he sat down, he admitted to Marissa that he had been disappointed when he had been told that Trevor wasn't his child. Marissa promised to love Trevor as much as she did Little A. JR was touched by her sincerity, but he felt terrible that Jake and Amanda might have their hopes dashed once again.

Amanda was curious how Jake felt about the idea of Trevor being his son. Jake reminded Amanda that they had discussed the possibility, that he had fathered Trevor, when Amanda had first discovered that she was pregnant. Amanda questioned if she had gone into premature labor, as they had all assumed, or if her pregnancy had actually been full-term. Jake confessed that he had felt a connection with Trevor from the moment he had first laid eyes on the infant. Jake was reluctant to get his hopes up; he feared that it might be too good to be true.

Marissa and JR joined them moments later. When Angie arrived, she led Jake and JR to a room, where Frankie could swab the men's mouths for DNA. Amanda and Marissa waited in the lounge with Trevor. Amanda realized that Marissa probably considered Amanda a slut because Amanda had slept with three men, each of whom could have fathered her child. Marissa clarified that she didn't judge anyone.

Marissa apologized because she felt responsible for what had happened. Marissa believed that she had opened the whole "can of worms" when she had questioned if David's disease could be passed down to his children and grandchildren. Amanda assured Marissa that she was grateful that Marissa had asked questions. Amanda and Jake were thrilled that they had an opportunity to give Trevor his real father. Marissa was surprised by the comment; she explained that she considered her real father to be the man who had raised her. Marissa clarified that David was her biological father.

Marissa insisted that Jake had been there for Trevor since the very beginning. Jake would always be Trevor's real father; a DNA test could not change that. Marissa couldn't help but wonder if David had known the truth about Trevor. Amanda didn't have an answer to Marissa's question, but she was certain that David loved Trevor. Amanda feared that if David had known truth about Trevor's paternity then it meant that David might never give up on fighting for Trevor, regardless what the paternity tests revealed.

In another room, JR was curious if they should discuss the situation with Trevor. Jake didn't see the point of talking about it until they had more information. JR admitted that he had felt blessed when he had first learned that there might be a possibility that Trevor was his son. JR had been reeling from Babe's sudden and tragic death, so a baby had felt right to him. Jake recalled that JR had treated Amanda horribly during that time. JR agreed, but he argued that Jake had been Amanda's salvation.

Jake insisted that he loved Amanda. JR saw the truth in Jake's words. JR promised that, regardless what the paternity tests revealed, he considered Jake to be Trevor's father. Jake was surprised. Jake admitted that he had totally misjudged JR. JR smiled as he confessed that he had changed. Jake appreciated JR's support.

After Frankie took the DNA samples to test, Angie followed Frankie out of the examination room. She wanted a rush put on the paternity tests. A short time later, Angie joined Amanda, Jake, JR, and Marissa in the lounge to confirm that the tests had excluded David as Trevor's biological father.

In Gloucester, David confessed to Greenlee that Trevor was not his biological son. Greenlee wondered how long David had known. David explained that Jake and Amanda had been certain that David was Trevor's father, so David had never thought to question it. Greenlee couldn't understand why David continued to keep the secret. David revealed that Trevor's paternity hadn't changed anything.

Greenlee disagreed; Jake was Trevor's father. David argued that he couldn't be certain of whom Trevor's father was. He claimed that he had no idea how many men Amanda had slept with. David insisted that anyone could have fathered Amanda's son, but he conceded that Jake was likely the father. However, the only thing that mattered to David was that David was not Trevor's father.

Greenlee urged David to tell Jake and Amanda the truth about Trevor. David refused to consider it. He claimed that Jake had used the baby to tear David's heart out, so David didn't feel as if he owed Jake and Amanda anything. Greenlee argued that it was irrelevant; she wanted David to be the better man. Greenlee insisted that it was the only way for David to save himself. David claimed that was exactly what he had been trying to do.

According to David, Trevor was his last chance. David explained that he had worked hard to get where he was. He was the best in his field, he had won awards, and he had earned accolades for his work, but none of that mattered because David lacked the one thing that was truly important to him. David revealed that he had always dreamed of having a wife and children to share his life with. Children were a legacy that he seemed to always lose.

Greenlee was curious if having a family was worth the price of lying to the children. David realized that Greenlee, as well as everyone else, considered him evil. David agreed that he was a monster, but he refused to give up Trevor. Greenlee understood David's pain; she recalled how devastated David had been when Leora had died. Greenlee claimed that she would always share a special bond with David, but she insisted that Trevor deserved to know the truth.

Greenlee feared that the secret would keep David from finding true happiness. She was worried that eventually the lie would tear David apart. David dared Greenlee to pick up the phone, so that she could tell everyone the truth about Trevor. After a few tense moments, Greenlee admitted that she couldn't call anyone.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

In Gloucester, David handed Greenlee his phone and bid her to reveal the truth about him. Greenlee said that she couldn't destroy his life after he'd saved hers. David figured that she expected him to do it himself, though. Greenlee said that David had to reveal the truth before someone else told Jake and Amanda. Greenlee felt that he had to be proactive if he had any hope of gaining Trevor, Marissa, or Little Adam's forgiveness.

Later, Gayle checked on Greenlee and noted that David had abruptly left. Greenlee said he'd returned to Pine Valley to tell everyone the truth about himself. Greenlee stated that he was a hard man to care about, but she was glad that she wasn't the only one who did. Gayle remarked that Greenlee was recovering quickly, and it was almost February.

Greenlee realized that it was Ryan's birthday, and she recalled spending his last birthday with him and Emma. Gayle departed, and Greenlee fell asleep. She dreamed about Ryan rubbing her feet after his birthday party. She suddenly woke up and yelled for Gayle.

Gayle rushed back in, and Greenlee urged Gayle to prick her foot. Gayle did so, and Greenlee shrieked that it was the most beautiful pain she'd ever felt. Dr. Clayton arrived to test Greenlee's progress. Impressed, he decided to start therapy in the morning. Greenlee wanted to do it right then, because the sooner she healed, the sooner she'd walk back into Ryan's life.

At the hospital, Angie announced that David wasn't Trevor's father. Jake stated that it was either JR or Jake. Frankie strode up with more results. Angie read them and announced that Jake was Trevor's father. JR shook Jake's hand, and Jake and Amanda hugged Trevor. "Hi, I'm your dad," an emotional Jake told Trevor.

Jake took his family home, and JR took off to take care of something. Angie asked Marissa if JR were okay. Marissa sensed that JR was very happy for Jake, but JR also wouldn't have minded being Trevor's father. Angie asked how Marissa felt about it. Marissa expressed relief that things were as they should be. Angie saw David in the corridor and quipped that he'd surely had a quick trip to Malaysia.

Angie strode off, and David admitted to Marissa that he'd lied about Malaysia. He further confessed that he'd never been dying, and he'd faked the blood disease. Shocked, Marissa asked why he'd lied. David felt that the reasons didn't matter, but he was sorry for risking losing her over it. He also revealed that Trevor was not his son, but Marissa said that while David had been "off not in Malaysia," everyone had already figured that out. She stated that a DNA test had proven that Jake was Trevor's real father.

Marissa admonished David for causing her, Trevor, and Little Adam to fear that they had the disease. David realized that it was crazy of him to risk losing his daughter to hold on to a child that wasn't even his. He knew that he was screwed up, but he'd wanted to confess to her first, because she was all that he had left. He begged for her forgiveness, but she was too "damned angry" for that at the moment. She agreed, though, that he was one screwed-up man.

When Jake and Amanda arrived home, Jake said that he'd prayed for their paternity miracle, and it was more than he could have hoped for. Amanda replied that David couldn't hurt them anymore. Jake regretted ever saying that he wouldn't have been able to raise another man's baby. He stated that nothing could make him stop loving Amanda or Trevor.

After Jake and Amanda put Trevor to bed, Amanda answered a knock at the door to see David leaning on their threshold. "You bastard!" Amanda exclaimed, striking David's face. David stammered to apologize, but Jake entered and punched him. David toppled onto the sofa.

In Erica's office, Erica said she appreciated Ryan's support. He made her feel alive, and she loved that about him. Erica awkwardly stated that she meant "love" as in "I love these boots." Ryan replied that he loved her boots, too. Erica asked if he were thrown by her use of the term "love." He wondered if she were sure that she hadn't meant something more. As Erica stammered, Ryan smiled and said that they were enjoying their carefree relationship. He felt there was no need to bog it down with earth-shattering terms.

Ryan called Randi on the intercom, and she wished him a happy birthday. Erica pretended not to have known that it was his birthday. She proposed that they celebrate, but Ryan declined to commemorate how much time had ticked away. Ryan left, and Opal called about the plans that Erica had asked Opal to make at Ryan's house. Erica reminded Opal to keep it simple, because Ryan wasn't big on birthdays. Opal urged Erica to get to the penthouse before Ryan did.

Erica rushed to the penthouse, and she grew upset to see that Opal had turned it into "a den of seduction." When Erica saw that Opal's cake wished a happy birthday "to my darling Ryan," Erica shrieked that it sent the wrong message about her and Ryan's friendship. Opal scrawled "friend" on the cake. Erica read it, and huffed, "To my darling Fred, Ryan?" Opal claimed that there wasn't enough room to write it clearly.

Opal urged Erica to celebrate "proper-like," but Erica insisted that Ryan was a good friend, period. Opal didn't understand why Erica wanted to throw away the beginning of something so wonderful. Opal urged Erica to give Ryan the birthday that he deserved.

At the mansion with Annie, Emma drew a rose bush for Ryan's birthday gift. Annie had forgotten that it was Ryan's birthday; however, she grinned and asked if Emma would like a surprise. Annie let Emma call Ryan to wish him a happy birthday.

Later, Ryan arrived at the mansion and Emma rushed into his arms. He told Annie that Emma had called him for a visit, and Emma announced that it had been Annie's idea. The father and daughter hugged and kissed each other, and Ryan said that Emma had made his birthday special. Annie walked Ryan out, and he thanked her for letting him see Emma. Annie wished him a happy birthday and closed the door on him. He sighed and walked away.

Ryan returned to Fusion to see Erica, but Madison said that Erica had left. Madison took one look at Ryan and realized that he'd been downstairs drinking. He said that he'd had a couple birthday drinks, and she decided to drive him home. Ryan wondered why Madison didn't question what she'd seen transpire between Erica and him. Madison shrugged, saying that Erica had already explained it. Ryan wished that someone would explain it to him.

Madison said that Erica and he made a great team; however, Madison didn't understand why they'd want to hide it. Ryan agreed that Erica and he had something great, and there was no need to hide it. He said that it certainly wasn't something to whisper about in the office. On that note, Madison decided to take him home.

Upon arriving at the penthouse, Ryan was surprised to see Erica seated at a romantic dinner table. Erica said that Opal had gotten carried away, but Erica had realized that Ryan deserved it. Ryan read the cake and asked who Fred was. "Why, that's you. You're my Best Fred," she replied. Ryan explained that after seeing Emma, he'd felt discomfited at the mansion. He said that he'd gone drinking at ConFusion. He'd been looking for where he belonged. "And what do you know, I found it," he said, gazing at Erica. She bashfully smiled.

Adam returned home from the hospital, and his family fussed over him. When he went to shower, Colby reminded Annie that the doctor had advised Adam not to get excited-in any way. Annie looked offended as Colby suggested that Annie move out of her bedroom. Scott interjected that Colby was just concerned for her father. Annie quipped that concern was fine, but she wasn't moving out of anywhere.

Annie left with Emma, and Scott warned Colby that accusing Annie of trying to sex her husband to death wasn't the way to stay on Annie's good side. "Whodunit? Annie in the bedroom with a negligee," Colby quipped.

Later, Annie worried to Scott about Adam's health. Scott reassured her that the incident had taught Adam to take it easy. Adam strode in after his shower and said there was no need to worry about him; he felt marvelous. Scott left, and Annie shared Colby's suggestion that Annie sleep in the guestroom. Adam thought that was a crazy idea, and he said that he always wanted Annie by his side. Annie went for a snack, but when she returned, the living room doors were closed. Through them, she heard Adam on the phone discussing estate planning with Barry.

Outside the house, Colby greeted JR, who said that he hadn't intended to see anyone. He'd just stopped by to look at the house and remember what it was like to have a father. Colby implored him to go inside, because they missed and needed him. JR replied that Adam had made his choice, and JR had to concentrate on his own son. He said he'd be there for Colby, and she could call if she needed him.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A disillusioned Marissa went home and told JR that her father was a monster. She explained what David had done, and JR said that after all that David had pulled in the past, his newest stunts shouldn't surprise Marissa. She sobbed that she felt like an idiot for loving David. JR said that she'd always love her father, but she could protect herself. "Take it from me. If you love your father too much, it'll ruin your life," JR asserted.

JR reasoned that as kids, people saw their parents as heroes, but as adults, they realized that their parents were merely human. Marissa wondered if he were hinting that she should forgive David. "For being human, yeah. For being evil, never," JR responded. Marissa hoped that she'd never stop respecting JR, and the two went to the bedroom to make love.

As they cuddled in bed together later, JR and Marissa discussed how their love made them feel strong and whole, as if they could do anything. Little Adam entered and leapt into bed with them. The boy had dreamed that JR and Marissa had left him. JR assured his son that they'd never leave, and the three of them would be together forever.

JR tucked the boy back into his own bed, and Marissa cited that the child's dream would one day be true, because his parents would inevitably perish. JR touted that he'd beat the cancer, and they'd live long, happy lives. Marissa remarked upon how great Colby and JR's relationship was, and she suggested that it was time to give Little Adam a sibling. JR liked the idea and decided that they'd start trying for a baby as soon as his chemotherapy ended.

At Jake's house, Jake welcomed David inside with a few punches. Jake knocked David onto the sofa and wrapped his hands around David's throat. Amanda forced Jake to stop, and she asked David if he were really dying. David uttered that he wasn't, and she stated that they never would have tested Trevor's DNA had it not been for the so-called disease. David tried to explain, but Amanda ordered him to go. "You have nothing here!" Amanda exclaimed.

David hobbled out, and Jake said that David needed to suffer. Amanda stated that David would spend the rest of his life alone, but Jake uttered that it wasn't enough. He figured that David would never give them peace, but Amanda begged Jake to just let it go. Jake insisted that they needed to stand up for themselves. As far as Jake was concerned, David had raped Amanda, and he had to go away for good.

On break at ConFusion, Natalia and Brot discussed a rash of burglaries that had stumped them. When they received a radio call about a burglary at Wildwind, they rushed to the scene to find the front door open and the alarm blaring. Brot noted that the perpetrator hadn't broken a window as he'd normally done. Natalia stated that nothing appeared to be stolen.

David arrived home to see Brot and Natalia investigating the break-in. Brot asked what had happened to the bruised David, and he lied that he'd walked into a wall. David said he'd call them later if something were missing. Natalia and Brot received a report of a stolen car at the Chandler estate, and they took off.

Outside the Chandler estate, Brot and Natalia questioned Colby about her missing car. The officers received a call about a break-in at ConFusion. Brot and Natalia headed there to find that someone had kicked in the back door. The person had opened some cupboards but left empty-handed. Brot found Colby's car at the scene. Brot showed Natalia an evidence bag and said that the content was either U.S. Army or Marine paraphernalia. He drew her attention to the bloodstains on it and said that the perpetrator might have cut himself.

After their date, Rob took Krystal home. She offered him a drink, but he declined because he had a big day ahead. Rob left, but moments later, he returned for a kiss.

At ConFusion, Liza and Tad cuddled in a booth, and were enjoying their evening. Liza mentioned that her heat was out, and Tad replied that there was nothing wrong with the heat at the "man cave." They kissed, and Tad took her home with him. Once there, Tad flipped on the lights and caught Krystal and Rob making out on the sofa.

Krystal pretended that Rob and she had fallen asleep while watching television, but Tad said that the lipstick evidence and the silent television didn't support that. Krystal kissed Rob goodbye on the porch, and Tad made a bed for Liza on the sofa.

Tad received a call from Amanda, who worried because Jake had left after a fight with David. As the called ended, Jake stomped into the house, and Tad said that Amanda was concerned. Jake responded that he wasn't the one that Amanda had to worry about. Tad stated that it was over, but Jake ominously claimed that it wasn't over until David was gone.

Tad sent Krystal to talk to Amanda and asked Jake to cool down. Jake responded that he'd been cool as David had systematically picked apart Jake's family. Tad asked if Jake wanted to kill David. Jake replied that he wanted to, but he wouldn't. Jake asked Liza to help him legally drag David through the mud. Liza advised Jake not to put Amanda through that, but Tad figured that Jake wanted to threaten David with a lawsuit in the hopes of running David out of town.

Jake paced around, spouting off David's crimes. Liza wrote them all down, but she warned that going against David wasn't easy. Jake insisted that Liza file the lawsuit if David refused to leave by morning. Liza left to tell David to leave town or face a lawsuit.

Tad stated that Jake's battle with David had begun to define Jake. Tad wondered what Jake would do with himself once David left. Jake agreed that it was weary and time-consuming. Tad cautioned Jake not to let David prevent Jake from moving forward with his family.

When Krystal arrived to see Amanda, Amanda wondered why Jake couldn't just be there with her and Trevor to enjoy their dream made true. Krystal said that Jake still felt the need to fight for their family. Amanda replied that she didn't want Jake to fight, and she feared what David might do if Jake continued to battle.

Amanda cited that her and Jake's relationship had always revolved around David's machinations, and she worried that it would fall apart once they escaped David's sphere. Krystal believed that Jake and Amanda's love was strong enough to last forever. Krystal stated that she'd been looking for that kind of love her whole life, but she still hadn't found it.

Back at Wildwind, David stitched up a wound on his cheek, and then he stared at some family photos. He picked up one of Amanda and Trevor and sobbed. Liza arrived, and David and she exchanged barbs. She berated him for the "parting gifts" he'd doled out when he'd known all along that he was healthy. Liza broached his deception about Trevor, but David insisted that she give him a break, because she knew what it felt like to have a child taken from her.

David ordered Liza to state her business or leave. Liza said that Jake had retained her to file a civil suit against David, and it would contain a litany of complaints. David scoffed that he no longer cared what Jake did. Liza suggested that there was a way for David to avoid the suit, and David immediately guessed that Jake wanted him to leave Pine Valley forever.

Liza reasoned that there was nothing for David in that city anymore; even his own daughter wanted him gone. Liza added that Jake was suing for untold damages. She asked David to give his word that he'd leave town to avoid the suit, but David ordered her to get out.

Later, David returned to Amanda's doorstep, and she was outraged to see him again. He insisted that his feelings for Trevor and her were real, and he'd done everything out of love. He knew that it was no excuse, but he'd been desperate to have a real family. Amanda said that her family was with Jake, and David didn't even deserve a family after what he'd done.

Jake strode into the house and asked if David had a death wish or something. David announced that he was leaving town, and he hadn't needed threats to convince him to do so. He claimed that he'd arrived there to say goodbye.

Krystal returned home, and remarked to Tad that Amanda feared that she and Jake wouldn't make it without David's chaos binding them together. Tad figured that Amanda had forgotten that Trevor was their glue. Tad stated that no matter what happened, Krystal and he would always be Jenny's parents. Tad and Krystal hugged. Liza entered, but upon seeing the hug, she quietly slipped back out the door.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jake and Amanda awakened and went to Wildwind to see if David had actually left town. They found the house stacked with boxes and bustling with movers. A realtor explained that the owner had decided to sell it, literally overnight. Amanda saw photos in a pile, and a mover said that he'd been instructed to trash them. Amanda remarked that David just might really be gone.

At ConFusion, Tad met Liza and announced that his contacts hadn't seen "hide nor hair of Hayward" that morning. Liza had been proactive in drawing up documents to change Trevor's last name, because she'd wanted to give Jake something to focus on besides David. Tad stated that he'd waited up for Liza the previous night, but she'd never returned to his house. Liza replied that she had returned, but Tad and Krystal had been having a "moment or something."

Tad promised that nothing had happened with Krystal, and Liza realized that her misunderstanding had put Tad and her back to zero. Tad reasoned that they were at least at a four or five. Liza asked how they could get back to a ten, and Tad uttered that they'd find a shortcut.

By the time Jake and Amanda arrived later, Tad and Liza had learned that David had taken off in a jet to parts unknown, and Marissa had received a goodbye letter from him. Jake instructed Tad to pay off anybody he could to find David's location and fly there. Amanda implored Jake to move on, but he didn't know where to start. Tad prompted Liza to hand Jake the name change paperwork, and Amanda asked if Trevor becoming a Martin would help. Jake looked hesitant, and Amanda begged him to let the feud go.

Amanda and Jake went home. Jake said that it would take time to trust that David had actually left town, but Jake promised to try for his family's sake. Amanda and Jake kissed.

Later, Tad learned that David had gone to Gloucester. Tad wanted to tell Jake, but Liza advised against it. Tad had just one question for Liza. "Your place or mine?" he asked.

In Gloucester, David entered Greenlee's room, and with one look at David's face, she guessed that the truth hadn't gone over well. David explained that everyone had already known about Trevor's paternity due to hereditary concerns about his "disease." Greenlee felt that everyone would eventually see that David had acted out of love. She concluded that David would have to work hard to get through to them, but David huffed that he was done with Pine Valley.

David gauged Greenlee's progress and then helped her maneuver around with a medical walker. She remarked that it wasn't like him to slink off and hide. He stated that he'd left town of his own volition. Greenlee wanted to call someone in Pine Valley to announce what he'd done for her, but David figured that they'd see it as just one more secret that he'd kept. He felt that she deserved to return to Pine Valley fully recovered, instead of being paraded around to save his reputation. She asserted that she wouldn't return home without him.

David said he'd help Greenlee recover, but she'd have to return to Pine Valley alone. She insisted that she needed him to bolster her story, but David reasoned that his bruises ought to show her that no one would believe him. As they argued about it, David advised her that she was better off telling everyone that he'd kidnapped her and held her against her will.

Greenlee wouldn't relent, and a frustrated David asked her if she wanted to walk or not, because that was what he'd arrived to help her do. He snatched away the walker and said the Greenlee he knew was too stubborn to fall. She took a step and fell into his arms. "Now we're getting somewhere," David stated.

Greenlee sighed, saying that his method wouldn't work. They exchanged more barbs, and David snickered that she was too weak to walk. Greenlee mustered up the strength to stand again and she took a step without his assistance. "Take that, Hayward," Greenlee gloated.

As Greenlee ate later, David told her about the lawsuit threat. He figured that no one in Pine Valley needed him anymore, but Greenlee stated that she did. He reasoned that she'd have Ryan, but she insisted that David was her safety net. David said that she never needed anyone before, and she didn't at that point, either. Greenlee stated that he liked people to depend on him, so she didn't understand why he was pushing her away.

As Annie put a coat on Emma in the mansion foyer, Annie asked Scott where Adam was. Scott answered that Adam had an early meeting, and Annie wondered if it were with Barry. Scott shrugged, and Annie smiled, asking if Emma were ready to surprise her father.

At Ryan's penthouse, Ryan dreamed of him and Greenlee committing to a Valentine 's Day wedding. Erica awakened him and handed him a heart-decorated mug with coffee in it. Erica went upstairs to shower for her interview, and Ryan heard a knock at the door. He excitedly said that he knew that knock and opened the door to find Annie and Emma on his doorstep. Ryan hugged Emma and tried to shut the door on Annie; however, Annie asked if she could enter.

Annie investigated the romantic setting left over from his birthday. Ryan said that it was none of her business. Annie was glad that he'd moved on, but it felt strange to her to stand where she'd lived with him and Emma. "So foreign, yet so familiar," she remarked. From the kitchen, Emma asked where the jelly was, and both her parents answered that it was on the bottom shelf. Ryan glared at Annie, and she guessed that one never forgot some things. As Annie left, Ryan suggested that she call before visiting next time.

Once Annie departed, Erica walked down the stairs and said she'd thought that Annie would never leave. Erica figured that the next time she saw Ryan, he'd be ready to tell her what had preoccupied him all morning. Erica slipped out so that Emma wouldn't know that Erica had spent the night. Ryan drank from the heart mug and recalled that Greenlee had bought it to commemorate their wedding date. Emma entered and said she liked the mug. Ryan gave the mug to her, and she excitedly ran upstairs with it.

At Fusion, Randi worried to Madison that a tardy Erica had forgotten the interview. The two wondered if someone should call Erica. "Not it!" they stated in unison. When Erica breezed in, the interviewer asked if Ryan would join them. Erica replied that it was her own personal project. Madison offered Erica some talking points from marketing, but Erica confidently said that she knew exactly what she'd say.

Later, Erica ended her interview with a pitch for her nonprofit Miranda line, and she approached Ryan, who'd watched from the back of the room. Ryan admitted that he'd been distracted from their relationship, and he suggested that they go away together for Valentine's Day. Erica said that it was a good idea, but Ryan sensed reluctance in her demeanor. Erica asked why she'd want to go away with him on the anniversary of Greenlee's death.

JR went to ConFusion to meet Colby, and he encountered Adam waiting for a meeting. When Colby and JR went to the bar for smoothies, JR guessed that it was no coincidence that she'd asked him to meet her there. Colby said she'd learned that Adam was meeting Barry that morning, and she figured that Adam planned to will Annie more of his estate. Colby feared that once that happened, there was no stopping Annie from killing Adam.

When Barry arrived at ConFusion, he handed Adam a document but stated that it was highly unorthodox. Adam replied that he was merely doing what had to be done. A short time later, Annie appeared, seeming surprised to see Adam with Barry. Adam asked Barry to put the papers in order. Barry left, and Annie asked what Adam was up to.

Colby and JR watched from across the room as Adam vaguely stated to Annie that he was making some changes to his estate. He noticed that Annie seemed worried, and she wondered why all the secrecy. Adam asked her to throw a family dinner party that evening. She remarked that half of them wouldn't show up, but he felt that they'd make an exception. Annie asked what was going on, and Adam asked her to be patient.

Adam strode over to Colby and JR to invite them to dinner that evening. JR wondered why they'd agree to attend, and Adam claimed that he'd be delivering "the big announcement." Adam was sure that JR would be pleasantly surprised. Adam left, and JR and Colby wondered what Adam was up to. Colby suggested that he was finally ready to kick Annie out of his life, and if that were true, "I wouldn't want to miss it," JR finished for her.

A puzzled Annie returned home and told Scott about the mysterious dinner party. She didn't like Adam keeping her in the dark about things. She worried that his last stint in the hospital had made him reprioritize things, and he'd chosen to shut her out. Annie told herself that she was being ridiculous, and Scott remarked that Adam could smell fear from a mile away.

Later, Annie donned an elegant dress and tripped while setting out hors d'oeuvres. Scott caught her, and Adam walked in to see her in Scott's arms. Adam said that he knew what his first order of business would be that evening. Scott scurried off, and Annie asked Adam to divulge his agenda for the evening, but he wouldn't leak a word.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Marissa met up with JR at ConFusion and was surprised to find out that their evening plans included dinner at the Chandler estate. JR told her about Adam's earlier meeting with Barry, and Colby's theory that Adam wanted to prevent Annie from stealing all that Adam had worked for. Marissa was amazed at the suggestion, and JR said that the only way they could find out was to see it firsthand.

Marissa said she was worried because Adam had always managed to upset JR in the past. JR tried to soothe his wife's fears when he said that he could handle anything, as long as she was by his side.

Annie demanded that Adam tell her why the dinner was being hosted at their house, but Adam wouldn't budge. Colby walked into the house and overheard Adam as he told Annie and Scott that they needed to wait for the others to arrive. Colby made a quick exit and then reentered at the same time her father showed up in the foyer. Before he went upstairs to change, Colby asked about how her father was feeling.

Colby went into the living room, greeted Scott, and then asked if she could talk to Annie alone. Scott granted Colby's request and exited. Colby asked Annie if there were any reason either of them should be worried about the dinner. Annie told Colby that everything would be fine.

Scott let JR and Marissa into the house, and noted his surprise at their arrival. Scott questioned why JR had decided to attend, and JR stated that he didn't want to hear about the night's events from anyone else. Adam descended the stairs, and expressed his delight at JR's arrival. There was another knock at the door, and Adam sent everyone into the living room before he answered it.

Barry entered the foyer and handed over a series of legal documents that he'd drawn up per Adam's request. He assured Adam that all of the paperwork was in order. Adam thanked his lawyer heartily, and bade him farewell. Adam went back into the living room and was so caught up in talking to the three younger Chandlers that he missed Annie as she sneaked out.

Annie dashed out the front door and caught Barry before he left the grounds. She told Barry that she had been thinking about estate planning and wanted to know if Barry could help. Barry revealed that Adam had those kinds of plans well in hand. Her fury building, Annie stormed back into the house. Adam announced that he needed to do some work in his study, and asked the group to try to get along. JR wondered how long Adam would be gone, but Adam refused to give a specific answer.

JR seized the opportunity to stoke the fires of Annie's insecurity. It didn't take much prodding before a shouting match ensued. Adam listened in for a moment from the foyer, and then interrupted the verbal war with his entrance. Annie tried to regard the fight as nothing but a minor disagreement, but Adam wasn't interested. He held up the folder that Barry had given him, and announced that he was ready to reveal the purpose of their gathering.

Adam revealed that he'd set up a trust with specific instructions for everyone. He said that if his directives were followed, each person would be rewarded handsomely. Adam started with Colby and asked her to read her portion aloud. Colby disclosed that she would receive a yearly stipend until she found a deserving partner. This man needed to be of equal economic status and worthy enough to marry Colby. Colby further read that while her stipend would increase while married, it would drop to a minimum if she ever divorced.

Although a few people protested, Adam noted that all of the rules he put in place were tailored for the good of the person involved. Scott went next, and he shared that his task would be to work with JR for a period of one year to make Chandler Enterprises a great company again, and one that was completely ethical in every way.

JR looked at his part of the trust and was seemingly unfazed by the manipulation within. Adam swore that his instructions were meant to foster a positive father/son relationship that would provide a good model for Little Adam to see. JR countered Adam's claim when he shared that in order to receive their parts of the trust, JR would need to move his family back into the Chandler house.

Annie combed through the trust but was worried when she didn't see herself mentioned. Adam said that he didn't want anyone to look ahead and ruin the surprise. Adam pulled an ancillary document out of his inside suit pocket and handed it over. Annie looked it over furiously and was openly stunned by the contents.

Liza and Tad fell into her apartment amidst a passionate kiss. They broke apart for a moment and Tad started to find some wine for them to share. Liza stopped him and said that she could make him forget about drinks. She turned on some music, pushed Tad into a chair, and started to dance in a sexy manner. She held Tad's attention until she failed to take her shirt off gracefully. Liza warned Tad not to laugh, but he couldn't help himself.

Frustrated, Liza tried to give up the seduction scene. She started to turn on more lights and began pulling her shirt back on. Tad refused to let the mood go, and managed to talk himself back into her arms. They ended up on the floor, and were throwing their clothes off as fast as they could. A knock on the door interrupted their progress. Liza pondered ignoring the visitor until Bailey called out to her.

Liza and Tad dressed hastily before Liza opened the door. When she did, Bailey revealed that she had been alone with the baby when police showed up with their sirens blaring. Bailey said that Stuart had become distressed over all of the noise, and Bailey wanted to know if they could stay at Liza's. Both Tad and Liza managed to hide their disappointment before insisting that Bailey stay.

Bailey filled Liza and Tad in on the details of what happened at the Pine Cone. Completely uninterested, Liza pretended to receive a call and, when she ended it, she announced that she was needed at the police station. Tad falteringly offered to stay with Bailey, and Liza sulked as she walked out. Tad didn't realize that Liza had wanted him to accompany her until Bailey made it painfully clear. Tad stumbled over himself in his haste to leave.

Erica was worried that if her romantic getaway with Ryan fell on Valentine's Day, Ryan would be distracted by thoughts of Greenlee. Ryan promised that his thoughts were only on Erica, and only on the future. Erica said that she was in favor of them going away together, but needed to know if the trip was a way for Ryan to avoid thinking about Greenlee.

Ryan wanted to know why Erica continued to question him about his late fiancée. Erica reminded him that earlier, when Greenlee was mentioned, Ryan hurriedly changed the subject. Ryan finally admitted that Greenlee had been on his mind. He apologized for not being completely truthful and said that he'd never been good at sharing his feelings. Ryan also said that he didn't want to hurt Erica, but Erica told him that it made sense that he would think about Greenlee at that time of year.

Erica was pleased when Ryan said that he had been honest about his desire to focus on his future with Erica. Erica then said that she was late to meet up with Opal. They agreed to see each other later to talk more about their escape plans.

Erica apologized for her late arrival, but Opal knew that her best friend was busy, because of the announcement about her new non-profit makeup line. Opal reminded Erica not to forget to have fun as well. Opal segued into an innuendo that Ryan could help to satisfy both parts of her life. Erica seemed astonished and asked when Opal would give up fishing for details.

Erica launched into a description of a hypothetical situation, one in which she and Ryan were together. Erica listed all of the points that tabloid writers could alight on and said that if she did have a relationship with Ryan, she would want to protect it. Opal finally understood and agreed to let it go.

Madison emerged from the file room and caught Ryan staring at a picture of Greenlee. She asked to see the photo and then wondered aloud if it was awkward to talk with Ryan about his former fiancée. Ryan was more than happy to share the history of how Fusion was created. He told Madison that Fusion was Greenlee's legacy, and wouldn't exist without the work Greenlee had put in.

Madison thanked Ryan for the time he took to talk to her about all the past happenings at Fusion. Ryan then said that he had a few things to finish up but encouraged Madison to go home. After Madison left, Ryan took one last look at a photo of Greenlee before he slipped it in a book.

David assured Greenlee that she would be fine on her own. Greenlee pointed out that David thrived on having someone dependent on him, and wondered why David persisted with pushing her away. David said he knew how strong Greenlee was and said that the idea of her needing him was ludicrous. He then reminded her of what a rotten person he was, and said that Greenlee would be better off if she got far away from him.

Greenlee told David that he couldn't scare her away. David said that he was pushing her away because he liked her, and didn't want her triumphant return to be tainted by her association with him. David told her that she needed to get used to being without him because he had no plans to return to Pine Valley.

A physical therapist worked with Greenlee on increasing her mobility. Greenlee demonstrated her ability to stand with a walker and move her legs independently. The therapist insisted that Greenlee take a break, and turned on the television while Greenlee recovered. Greenlee was able to see part of Erica's ad about the new makeup line from Fusion before Gayle showed up.

Gayle turned off the television and told the therapist that David had insisted that Greenlee not be distracted. The therapist was apologetic, but Greenlee was not really listening. Greenlee demanded that the television be removed from her room. Later, after therapy concluded for the day, Gayle returned and apologized for overreacting to the television being on. Greenlee said that the vision she had of what she'd return to in Pine Valley was just as important as the physical therapy and that she shouldn't be distracted.

Greenlee fell asleep and dreamed of returning to Pine Valley. In her dreams, Greenlee took Fusion by storm and ousted Erica from the top spot. As she slept, David checked in on her.

Tad caught up with Liza in the hall and she lightly chastised him for being so clueless. Tad made it up to her when he said that he knew the perfect place for them to go. A short time later, the duo arrived at the Martin household. They were only able to steal a few kisses before Opal barged into the house. Liza hid behind the couch but couldn't help but giggle at the story that Tad spun for his mother. Opal realized what was happening and swiftly went upstairs.

Unwilling to proceed with his romantic notions with his mother in the house, Tad grabbed Liza's hand and they headed out the door. They finally found the secluded spot they'd been in search of, but Liza couldn't stop laughing. Tad finally threw the covers over their heads and found a way to convince Liza that the time for laughter had passed.

Ryan found Erica before she left ConFusion and told her that he didn't know why they were waiting to be together. He asked her if she felt the same way, and Erica responded resoundingly in the affirmative.



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