All My Children Recaps: The week of January 11, 2010 on AMC

Opal had a premonition that someone from Ryan's past was returning. Adam was diagnosed with arterial fibrillation. Scott fantasized about Annie. Amanda decided to test Trevor after she researched David's disease.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 11, 2010 on AMC
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Monday, January 11, 2010

At court, the judge decided that she had heard enough to render a verdict. The judge explained that she could see how much Ryan and Annie loved their daughter; she understood that they wanted what was best for Emma. With that in mind, the judge announced that Emma would alternate weeks with her parents. The judge ordered that the first week would be with Annie. Annie clapped with delight as she and Adam rejoiced. Ryan was speechless.

After the judge exited the courtroom, Annie and Adam approached Ryan and Erica. Annie confessed that she hoped that she and Ryan would be able to find a way to get along. Ryan bristled at Annie's lack of sincerity and Adam's smug attitude. Ryan informed Annie and Adam that he would drop off Emma at exactly 6:00 p.m., as the judge had ordered. Annie smiled with satisfaction as she watched Ryan storm out of the courtroom. Erica started to follow Ryan, but Adam called out to her. While Annie went to sign some legal papers, Adam suggested that Erica owed Annie an apology.

Erica wondered if Adam had lost his mind. She made it clear that, regardless of the judge's decision, her opinion of Annie had not altered one iota. Erica insisted that Annie was a menace, so she refused to apologize to Annie for anything.

A short time later, Ryan and Erica entered Ryan's apartment. Ryan couldn't believe that the judge had disregarded the things that Annie had done to Emma, including kidnapping her and then attempting to pin Stuart's murder on her. Erica didn't have any answers for Ryan. Ryan and Erica quickly pasted on smiles when Emma entered the room. Emma was eager to hear what the judge had decided. Ryan explained the custody arrangement to Emma. Emma was overjoyed when she realized that she would be spending the night with her mother.

After Emma threw some things together for her week with Annie, she returned to the living room. Ryan promised to call Emma every day and to fix her bike while she was gone. Ryan also made plans with Emma to watch Snow White when she returned. When Emma remembered that she had forgotten a book in her room, Ryan offered to get it.

While Ryan fetched the book, Emma wondered if Erica intended to stay with Ryan while Emma was gone. Emma didn't want her father to be lonely. Erica assured Emma that she would visit Ryan often. Moments later, Ryan returned to the living room. As they prepared to leave, Erica told Ryan that she thought that he was a wonderful father.

Colby entered the courtroom and found Liza packing up her files. Colby couldn't believe that Liza had "let Annie win." Liza clarified that she hadn't let Annie do anything; it had been the judge's decision. Liza suggested that Annie wouldn't do anything foolish, since Annie and Ryan had joint custody of Emma. Colby reminded Liza that Liza had had joint custody of Colby when Liza had decided to run away. Liza was curious, "Is that what this is about?"

Colby confessed that she was concerned about what Annie planned do to Adam. Liza didn't think it was any of their business, but Colby disagreed. Liza warned Colby not to get in the middle of "that powder keg." She had hoped that Colby would consider moving back in with her. Colby declined the invitation; she believed that Adam needed her help more than Liza needed her company. Liza cautioned Colby about crossing Annie. Liza was certain that Annie would be able to read Colby like a book. Colby confidently bragged, "Well this book has a surprise ending."

Shortly after Colby left, Tad entered the courtroom to check on Liza. Liza was feeling down because she had been forced to say goodbye to Stuart earlier in the week and then she had failed to persuade the judge to deny Annie custody of Emma. Tad looked thoughtful for a moment and then confided that he had heard that they were going to blame "that mess" in Afghanistan on Liza as well. Liza smiled at Tad's attempt to lighten her mood.

At the Chandler mansion, Adam was furious that Annie had not been granted full custody of Emma. Annie was satisfied with the judge's verdict. She didn't think it would have been possible without Adam's help. Colby and Scott soon joined them. Colby apologized to Annie; she claimed that she hadn't realized what Annie had gone through until Annie had testified.

A few moments later, a delivery for Emma arrived. Annie was excited and enlisted Scott's help to unpack the shipment. After Scott and Annie left the parlor, Adam was curious if Colby had been sincere in her effort to make peace with Annie. Colby assured her father that she was. She attributed her earlier resentment towards Annie to petty jealousy.

In Emma's bedroom, Scott looked around at all of the things that Annie had bought for Emma. He questioned if she had gone a bit overboard with the purchases. Annie explained that she was trying to make up for the birthdays and holidays that she had missed with Emma. Scott smiled as he congratulated Annie on the great strides that she had made in her life since she had miscarried Adam's baby. Scott revealed that he had been both impressed and moved by Annie's heartfelt testimony in court.

Scott hoped that Annie had learned that it was better to tell the truth than to lie. Annie was touched by Scott's praise. Shortly after Annie left the bedroom, Colby entered. Colby snidely commented that it appeared that Adam had given Annie a new platinum credit card. Scott seemed to resent Colby's attitude. He told her that Annie had believed Colby's apology. Colby was unrepentant as she replied, "That's all that counts." Scott warned Colby that Adam would not turn against Annie, but Colby disagreed. She was confident that Adam would thank Colby once she revealed Annie's true nature.

Scott argued that Adam and Annie loved each other. He admitted that Annie was flawed, like everyone else, but that her feelings for Adam were genuine. Colby was unmoved by Scott's defense of Annie. She remained determined to expose Annie for what she was. Disgusted, Scott wished Colby well with her plans and then left the room.

In the parlor, Annie threatened to call the judge if Ryan was even a minute late dropping off Emma. Ryan and Emma arrived minutes later. Annie and Emma hugged as Ryan watched them with solemn eyes. After Ryan left, Annie showed Emma the newly decorated bedroom. Later, Emma and Annie entered the parlor, where Adam was waiting with a surprise cake. Colby lurked nearby, watching the scene unfold as Annie presented Emma with a tiara.

Ryan returned to his empty apartment. As he looked around, he noticed a card that Emma had made for him. Just then, Erica walked though the front door and was carrying a bag of goodies. Ryan was surprised to see her; he had been under the impression that she had gone to Fusion to work. Erica set the bag down and then joined Ryan on the sofa. Erica confessed that Emma didn't want Ryan to be alone, and neither did she.

At ConFusion, Amanda was curious why Jake had called her. Jake led Amanda to a quiet table where he presented her with an envelope. Jake asked Amanda to open it, read it, and then destroy it. Uncertain, Amanda opened the letter. She looked up at Jake when she realized that it was a love poem. Jake had written, "My love for you Amanda is bigger than a mountain, cooler than water on a hot day when I'm standing in a fountain."

Embarrassed, Jake asked her to stop reading the poem out loud. He realized that poetry was not his forte. However, he loved her and wanted to stop arguing with her. Amanda was touched by the sweet poem. Jake smiled as he revealed that he had more planned for Amanda.

On cue, a tuba player from a marching band entered the bar to serenade Amanda with "You Light Up My Life." Amanda burst out laughing. Jake explained that he had recalled that Amanda loved marching bands. After several minutes of the unusual music, Jake dismissed the tuba player.

Jake confessed that he had more in store for Amanda. He took her to the bar, where they proceeded to drink shots of alcohol and then dance the limbo. Tad and Liza joined them a short time later. It took little effort for Tad to persuade Liza to join in on the fun by doing the limbo. While Jake fetched some champagne, Amanda's phone rang. She stepped away to answer the call, believing that it was the sitter. It was David.

Amanda asked how David was doing. David took the opportunity to paint a bleak picture. According to David, he was managing despite the oppressive heat, side effects from the treatment, and jet lag. David was curious where Amanda was when he heard the music in the background. Amanda told David the truth. David pretended to be happy for Amanda, but laid on the guilt by asking her to give Trevor a kiss for him when she got home.

As Amanda ended the call, she appeared troubled. Jake approached moments later. Amanda decided not to tell him about David's phone call. She told him that the sitter had called to check in with her. Nearby, Tad and Liza kissed as they slow danced.

In Gloucester, Greenlee remained determined to go through with her surgery despite tests that indicated that she might be susceptible to infection. Dr. Clayton wanted to delay surgery until Greenlee was on a regimen of iron and B12. Greenlee refused to consider it; she was eager to get on with her life. Greenlee agreed to sign whatever release forms were necessary in order to have the surgery immediately.

Later, Greenlee asked David to help keep her mind off of the impending surgery by talking about his life. She wanted to know how things were between David and Krystal. David reluctantly revealed that his relationship with Krystal had ended after she had learned that Amanda was pregnant with his child. David then talked about Amanda and Jake. He claimed that he had noticed how stressed Amanda had been over her living arrangements with David. According to David, he didn't want it to affect Trevor, so David had helped to reunite Jake and Amanda. Greenlee admitted that she was surprised; it seemed very unlike David.

As Dr. Clayton began the operation, Greenlee dreamed of being in bed with Ryan. In the dream, Greenlee asked Ryan if it had been worth the wait. Ryan assured Greenlee that it had been. After they made love, Ryan decided to propose to Greenlee. However, Greenlee became distracted. She stood up and then walked to the front door. When Greenlee opened the door, she saw a bright light. Ryan called out to Greenlee.

In the operating room, Greenlee's vitals crashed. Dr. Clayton and his team raced to save Greenlee's life.

In the dream, Ryan persuaded Greenlee to turn away from the light because he refused to lose her again. Ryan firmly closed the door as he kissed Greenlee passionately.

Later, Dr. Clayton informed David that Greenlee's heart had stopped during surgery. Dr. Clayton was happy to report that they had been able to save Greenlee and then continue the surgery. Dr. Clayton assured David that the surgery had been a success.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Frankie escorted Randi, who was running late for work, to Fusion, and they ran into Madison. Madison had arrived to see Erica, who hadn't shown up yet. In conversation, Madison said that her therapy was going well. Her next step was to find a job and get a place to stay. Frankie prodded Randi to mention that they needed help at Fusion.

Madison said that she wasn't qualified for anything but gambling and mixing drinks. Randi stated that she'd been underqualified once, too, but she was sure that Erica would offer Madison something. Madison said that she didn't want to impose further on Erica's kindness.

Madison went to write Erica a note, and Frankie thanked Randi for trying to help Madison. Randi said that she had an ulterior motive for getting Madison on board at Fusion. Randi figured that Madison working there would free up Randi to play hooky with her husband.

In bed, Erica awakened to her ringing phone. She tossed it aside, telling Ryan that she didn't want to face reality yet. Ryan held her and said there were different types of reality. As they kissed, the phone rang again. Erica answered it and heard Kendall on the line.

Kendall worried about Fusion, but Erica said that she had everything under control. Kendall offered to call Ryan to help Erica, but Erica assured Kendall that Erica knew how to "get a hold of" Ryan herself when she needed to. While dressing later, Erica admitted to Ryan that Fusion really was a mess. Ryan offered to help and cited that it'd give them more time together.

The couple headed to Fusion, where Randi pitched the idea of Madison working there. Erica readily stated that she needed an assistant to back up Val, her executive assistant. Randi frowned, saying that Madison should start somewhere simpler, like in reception. Erica asked Randi to gather everyone, because Ryan and she had an announcement to make.

During the meeting, Erica stressed the need to tighten Fusion's budget. She announced that Ryan had offered his help in restructuring the company. Ryan thanked Erica and Kendall for their faith in him, and he said that he expected great things from the partnership.

After the meeting, Val expressed to Randi how relieved he was to have Madison, because he hadn't had a day off in weeks. Val rushed off, and Madison apologized for stepping on Randi's toes. Madison said that she'd never expected to be hired "over" Randi. Randi quipped that Madison wasn't "over" her; Madison was merely getting Val's overload.

At the hospital, Angie and Frankie discussed Madison possibly working at Fusion. Angie thought it was a bad idea because the office politics might sweep Madison away. Angie warned against pushing Madison into something that she wasn't ready for.

When Frankie returned to Fusion with lunch for Randi, he learned that Madison had not only gotten a job, but according to Randi, Madison would probably be running the place. Randi ranted about all the responsibility that Erica had given Madison, while Randi was still answering phones. Randi said that Erica had overlooked Randi for every position there.

In her office, Erica told Ryan that she needed an escape. They kissed, and Madison entered. A frazzled Madison apologized for interrupting them and hurried out. Erica told Ryan that keeping their secret would be harder than they'd thought.

Jake and Amanda awakened and recalled the incredible night they'd had -- tuba player and all. Jake noted that she'd been pacing all night and assumed that she'd been worrying about David. She claimed that she'd been worried that Trevor might be getting sick. Jake remarked that Amanda should awaken Jake the next time, because as a doctor, he always had the right medicine.

Later, the couple dressed, and Jake left for work. Once alone, Amanda pitied David for the time that he'd miss with Trevor. She called David in "Malaysia" to say that Trevor had gotten a new tooth. David was touched by the call, and Amanda coached him to fight for his life. Jake reentered the house to retrieve his cell phone, and Amanda hurriedly ended her call. Jake noted that he hadn't gotten two feet out of the door before she'd sneaked to call David.

Jake assumed that Amanda had lied about the babysitter calling the night before. Amanda admitted that it had been David, but she hadn't wanted to tell Jake that, because he'd get upset that David had interrupted their night together. Jake retorted that he was upset, anyway, because Amanda had lied to him. She claimed that if she'd told Jake the truth, he'd rant about her compassion for David. Amanda stated that Jake ought to know that she'd never fall for David.

Jake said that half the time, Amanda drifted away, and the other half, she practically dragged David into their house. Amanda insisted that she had a deep, committed love for Jake; however, she felt pity and compassion for a dying David. She knew that Trevor would one day ask about David, and she wanted to tell Trevor that she hadn't abandoned his father to die alone. She sobbed that her mother had done that to her father, and Amanda couldn't forgive her mother for having done it. Amanda cried that she'd given her heart to Jake, and he kissed her.

Alone later, Amanda searched the Internet for malignant erythrotosis. She gasped and rushed to the hospital, where she found Jake on a break. Amanda couldn't believe that Jake hadn't told her that David's disease was hereditary. She said that Trevor could die from it, too.

Jake and Amanda conferred with Angie, and Jake said he hadn't known about the hereditary link. Angie offered to run tests on Trevor. Angie said that a DNA swab from Trevor could tell them whether Trevor had the disease.

In Gloucester, David welcomed a groggy Greenlee back. She asked if she'd be able to walk back into Ryan's life. David informed her that her heart had stopped during the procedure, but she'd made it through. Dr. Clayton explained that they'd removed her scarring and reconnected the tissues. They had to wait to see if the stem cell therapy would generate new growth. David and Dr. Clayton insisted that Greenlee be patient as they monitored her progress.

When David and Dr. Clayton conferred in the corridor, David asked for the truth about Greenlee's progress. Dr. Clayton said that the patient might or might not regain the use of her legs, but the surgery would have been in vain if Greenlee rushed her recovery.

David took Greenlee some soft foods and said she'd have to ease into the solids. Greenlee groaned, wishing that she could fast-forward her recovery. She asked how her funeral had been. David said that it had been lovely, but he reasoned that discussing funerals wasn't uplifting. She asked him to give her happy news about Pine Valley. David mentioned Joe Martin's retirement, and Greenlee wondered about Jake and Amanda. David remarked that they were happily caring for Trevor, who'd just gotten a new tooth.

Nurse Gayle listened at the door as Greenlee remarked that David had retreated to a dark place upon losing Leo. She said that David seemed better, and David stated that it was due to Trevor. Greenlee recalled that she couldn't have children, and David said that biology didn't matter. He emphasized the spiritual connection that one felt to a child. Greenlee asked if David was saying that Jake was just as much of a father to Trevor as David was.

David remarked that Jake loved Trevor, but not as deeply as David did. David's mother had desired to be with another man, and David knew how it felt to live with a tormented parent. David hadn't wanted that for Trevor, and so David had sought to ease the tensions between Jake, Amanda, and him. Greenlee called it brave, however, David said that he hadn't had a choice; the situation had forced his hand.

When David exited the room, Gayle worried that he'd overplayed his hand with Greenlee. Gayle said that Greenlee was friends with Jake, and David should worry that Greenlee would tell Jake. "Tell him what?" David asked. Gayle replied, "That Trevor's not your son."

David pretended that Gayle didn't know what she was talking about, but Gayle had pieced the truth together from David's statement about biology. She noted that he'd faked his illness because he feared losing Trevor. David remarked that her statements hurt him deeply. "Don't you know by now that when I'm hurt, I sometimes lash out?" he asked.

Gayle apologized for offending him, and she urged him to trust her. David suggested that they forget they'd even had the conversation, and Gayle walked off.

Greenlee dreamed that Ryan told Emma that she could call Greenlee "mom." Greenlee grew emotional in the dream, and David awakened her. He saw her tears and assumed she was in pain. Greenlee stated that she'd had a remarkable dream, and David had been right in saying that a connection with a child had nothing to do with biology.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Liza paid a visit to Bailey and Damon's hotel room to give Damon a week's severance pay in cash from the casino. Damon said that he didn't need her doing him any favors. Liza replied that she hadn't done it for him. She additionally gave him the number of a painter who was working on a room in her apartment, and she advised him to head over there to get a job helping. Huffing, Damon took the number and left.

Bailey figured that the severance hadn't been from the casino and Liza didn't really need her apartment repainted. Liza shrugged in admission, and she said that she couldn't stand back while Bailey and Stuart barely scraped by. The women expressed how much they'd missed each other. Liza felt that she wasn't good at keeping people in her life. She said she'd returned to Pine Valley to rebuild her family, yet she was still all alone.

Bailey felt guilty for causing Liza drama and making Colby leave. Liza explained that Colby had moved in with her father to protect him from his wife. Liza wished that Colby wasn't in the middle of it, but Colby wouldn't listen to reason. Bailey told Liza not to give up on Colby.

At the Chandler Estate, Colby decided to help Annie and Emma work on a science project. Adam and Scott entered, and Adam recalled when Scott had exploded his volcano project all over the kitchen. Colby joked about burning down the kitchen once herself. Adam grew sad, saying that it hardly seemed like a family without JR and Little Adam.

Once Emma's planet mobile was completed, Emma thanked everyone for helping. As Scott walked Colby out, he hoped that she wasn't using Emma, and he warned Colby against attacking Adam's marriage. Colby replied that she'd decided to give Annie a chance. Scott assumed that Colby was befriending Annie only to stab her in the back later. Colby challenged Scott to tell that to Annie. "You'll be the one starting the war, not me," Colby said.

Alone in the living room later, Scott and Annie discussed the family growing closer. She tickled Scott and prodded him to loosen up a bit. Adam entered with Emma and said he'd bribed the girl into making a snowman with him. As Emma got a head start, Adam took a business call in the study. Annie realized that she might have made Scott uncomfortable by tickling him before. She said that she didn't intend to break Adam's trust for anyone, including Scott.

Adam's business call caused him to miss making the snowman with Emma, Annie, and Scott. Annie told Emma to say goodnight to everyone, but Emma said it to Scott and Annie, and not Adam. After Emma left, Annie assured Adam that Emma would eventually love him, too.

As Scott and Adam talked business later, Annie waltzed into the living room, wearing lingerie. She closed her robe, and Scott said he was just leaving. Scott ducked out, and Annie said that she didn't want Adam to feel neglected because she'd been focusing on Emma. Annie put on some music and tossed off her robe. Scott peeped in from the terrace and grimaced.

At home, JR suffered severe side effects from his aggressive chemotherapy treatment, and Little Adam asked if JR were going to die. Marissa and JR explained that doctors would help JR get better. Little Adam said that the doctors hadn't helped his mother, and he wondered if JR would live with the angels, too.

Marissa distracted the boy by offering to take him sledding at Krystal's house. He went to change, and JR said he hated lying to his son. Marissa said that they weren't lying, because JR would be fine. JR stated that they didn't know that, but Marissa insisted that she did know it.

After Marissa left with Little Adam, Colby arrived to tell JR that her plan was working. She worried, though, because she'd admitted her real feelings to Scott. Colby figured that Scott might help her just to get a shot at Annie. JR remarked that Scott was on Annie's team.

Colby noted that JR looked like hell, and she asked if he were drinking again. He swore that he wasn't drinking and claimed that he had the flu. Colby suggested that he try Lucretia's miracle soup, but he said he wasn't swinging by Adam's any time soon. Colby said that Adam missed JR. JR stated that, Annie or no Annie, he and Adam couldn't go back.

Colby went home, and Liza arrived. Annie's music blared from the living room as Liza told Colby that they needed to talk. Just then, they heard Annie yelp.

At the hospital, Angie told Amanda and Jake that if Angie got Trevor's DNA sample, she could have an answer for them within a day. Amanda suddenly feared learning if her child had inherited David's disease, and she considered not doing the test at all. Jake said that if they didn't do it, they'd always worry about it, and Trevor would sense their stress. Amanda admitted that she was scared, and Jake offered to be strong for her.

At the Martin house, Krystal and Rob held hands and reviewed the plans for the candy shop. Tad wondered if a candy shop was too limited. He reminded her that the Comeback bar had included all customer types. Krystal said that she'd been living in the past for too long, and it was time for a change. Tad wondered if Rob and she were really ready for one.

Rob decided to leave, and as Krystal walked him out, she tried to explain her situation with Tad. Rob concluded that it was complicated. Krystal wondered when she'd see Rob again, and he vaguely responded that he'd call her.

Rob left, and Krystal accused Tad of sabotaging her new relationship. Tad said that Krystal shouldn't mix business and pleasure, and Krystal accused Tad of "double-dipping" with his ex, Liza. Krystal proposed that they stay out of each other's businesses, but Tad said that he had a better idea. "You tell me all about yours, and I'll tell you all about mine," he proffered.

As the two debated who'd go first, Jake and Amanda arrived in somber moods, and Amanda went upstairs to get Trevor. Jake told Krystal and Tad that Jake hoped Tad was right about David faking his illness; otherwise, Trevor could be sick, as well. Just then, Marissa entered. She sent Little Adam to play with Kathy and then wondered what was going on.

The Martins sat Marissa down and explained the situation about the hereditary disease. Upset, Marissa realized that she and Little Adam would have to be tested. Marissa worried about Little Adam losing another parent. She wondered if it were statistically possible for the disease to have skipped both her and Trevor. Krystal said that Angie would have the answer to that, but Amanda entered, saying that they already knew the answer.

Jake and Tad followed the kids outside to watch them sled. Jake said that he'd prayed that David was really dying; however, if he were, then that meant that Trevor would die, too.

At the hospital later, Tad guessed that Marissa hadn't informed JR about the situation. She said that JR had enough on his mind, but Tad warned her not to make the same mistake that JR had. "Tell your husband what's going on," Tad urged.

Later, Marissa returned home and told JR that Little Adam would spend the night at the Martin house. She explained that she'd been tested that day to see if David had passed his disease to her. She added that Little Adam would have to be tested, too. JR wondered why she hadn't told him while they'd talked on the phone earlier. Marissa replied that he had a lot on his plate. "Well, it's a good thing I got my appetite back," he said as he hugged her.

Back at the hospital, Angie regrettably told Jake and Amanda that 85% of diagnosed patients passed the blood disease to their children. Amanda and Jake went home, and Amanda raged that a 15% chance meant nothing. Jake reasoned that Marissa seemed fine, and David hadn't shown symptoms for a long time. That meant that they had time to find a cure. Amanda said that Jake could give her all the time in the world, but she'd never be ready to let Trevor go.

Amanda considered that Trevor dying would be karma for the way she'd faked his death. She couldn't imagine going through Trevor's funeral for real. Jake promised to devote every second of his life to finding a cure for Trevor, if Trevor had the disease.

Back at home later, Tad told Krystal that she could stop playing strong, because they were alone. Krystal grimaced at the thought of losing another daughter. Tad held her and said he'd help her with whatever she needed. He reminded her that they were the best of friends, who shared their deepest secrets. "Nice try," Krystal said and decided to go kiss the kids goodnight. Tad wondered if she'd ever kissed the architect. "Goodnight, Tad!" she said, heading upstairs.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

In Gloucester, an impatient Greenlee played cards with David, and she noted the name Tammy Smith on her records. David said it was her alias. Greenlee figured that he probably missed Pine Valley. David admitted that he did, but he said that Pine Valley didn't miss him. He stated that he'd done cruel things in his life, but nothing trumped Amanda and Jake letting him believe that Trevor had died. Greenlee remarked that David had done that exact thing to Ryan.

David claimed that the situations were different because Greenlee might not have lived at all; however, nothing had been wrong with Trevor. Greenlee figured that Ryan would know about her when the time was right. David sighed, and Greenlee wondered if he knew something that she didn't. David said that her confidence inspired him, and he didn't want to discourage her; however, she should consider the possibility that her dreams might not be reality.

Greenlee refused to listen. She insisted that she'd make a full recovery. David agreed, but he didn't think she was headed exactly where she wanted to go. Greenlee pouted, no longer wanting to play cards. She challenged him to test her legs. She figured that the sooner she proved herself, the sooner they could return home to their lives.

David touched her toes, but she didn't feel anything. He stuck her with a pin, and she barely felt the prick on the heel of her left foot. David retrieved Dr. Clayton. Dr. Clayton thought the progress was good, but he still wanted her to be realistic. Greenlee complained that they were dousing her hopes, and David took the doctor into the corridor.

Greenlee grabbed David's phone off the table. She called Ryan, but she only got his voicemail. David returned and saw that she had his phone. She said she'd called Ryan on impulse, because she'd needed some hope. Greenlee decided that she should be more realistic, and she wouldn't call Ryan again until she was well.

At Fusion, Erica and Ryan decided to unwind over dinner, and Erica suggested that they leave separately to keep their secret. Ryan remarked that Madison had seen them, and Erica said she'd handle Madison.

Elsewhere at the company, Madison couldn't concentrate on work, because she hadn't seen Erica for hours. Randi said that it was normal for Erica to be in her office all day with the door closed, but Madison worried that Erica had changed her mind about hiring Madison. Randi said that Erica didn't do anything that she didn't want to do. Just then, Ryan approached to say that Erica wanted to see Madison in her office.

Madison timidly entered Erica's office and offered to vacate the premises immediately. Erica said she hadn't intended to reprimand or fire Madison. Erica merely sought to clarify that Ryan and she were just friends, and she didn't want anyone spreading gossip to the contrary throughout the office. Madison promised that Erica could trust her.

Erica was surprised that Madison thought Erica had already given up on Madison. Erica, who felt that she and Madison had a lot in common, revealed that a man that she'd trusted had hurt her, too, and she wouldn't give up on Madison. A tearful Madison didn't know how to repay Erica for all she'd already done. Erica advised Madison to work hard. Madison expressed her desire to volunteer at the Miranda Center, and Erica thought it was a wonderful idea.

Madison said that Erica hadn't needed to explain her situation with Ryan. Madison had been rejected every time she'd tried to love someone, and she'd grown to realize that when love was good and right, there was no need to hide it behind closed doors.

Downstairs at ConFusion, Ryan ran into Opal, who expressed her sympathies about the outcome of the custody hearing. Opal said that at least he had Erica. Ryan pretended not to know what Opal meant; however, Opal stated that he couldn't fool Erica's best friend. Ryan claimed that Erica was meeting him to discuss "business." Opal didn't understand why the couple went to such lengths to hide what was obviously so right for them. Ryan said that Opal had an overactive imagination, and Opal whipped out her tarot cards, which she claimed never lied.

Opal laid out cards and gave Ryan a brief explanation of how it worked. In reading the cards, Opal said that he'd receive a call from someone from his past. Opal didn't know who it was, but she was sure that the person would return to Ryan's life. He chuckled, unable to take it seriously. Opal told him that he'd better be ready, and she took off.

When Erica arrived downstairs, Ryan filled her in on his card reading. Erica figured that the mysterious person in the cards had to have been Kendall, who'd called again about the business. Ryan felt that the mystery was solved, and he took Erica for an evening stroll. He left his phone on the table, and it began vibrating. Ryan realized that he'd left his phone, and when he retrieved it, he noticed a missed call from a private number.

Back at Fusion, Frankie arrived to pick Randi up. While he waited for Randi, he congratulated Madison on her new job. He wondered if she were up for it or if it if were too much too soon. Madison realized that she had a lot to learn and a long way to go, but she figured that she needed to start somewhere. Randi entered, and Frankie invited Madison to eat out with them. As Madison declined, Randi abruptly cut in, saying, "Okay, see you tomorrow."

At the Chandler estate, Liza, Colby, and Scott rushed into the living room and found Adam lying on the floor with a lingerie-clad Annie gasping over him. They helped Adam sit up, and he said that he felt like his heart was about to explode. Scott called an ambulance, but Adam said that he was fine. The paramedics arrived, anyway, and as they checked out Adam, Colby asserted to Scott that Annie had done it on purpose to get Adam's money.

Annie threw her coat over her lingerie and followed Adam and the paramedics out. Colby said that she'd moved to the mansion to protect Adam, but she hadn't realized what she'd be protecting him from. At the hospital later, Frankie admitted Adam. Annie worried that she didn't know the cardiologist on call, but Frankie assured her that Dr. Hawkins was one of the best.

Frankie asked Colby, Liza, Scott, and Annie the cause of Adam's episode. Annie awkwardly explained that Adam and she were on a honeymoon of sorts, and she'd been entertaining him. She embarrassingly ordered Frankie to go back to working on Adam.

Scott berated Annie for landing Adam back in the hospital with her lap dancing. Annie said that there was nothing wrong with what she'd done, but she'd seen Scott watching from the terrace. She figured that he wished it had been him in the chair, not Adam. Scott said she was way off-base, but Annie ordered him to leave the hospital.

Nearby, Liza worried about Colby pretending to be Annie's friend. Colby assumed that Liza thought that Colby was too young and weak to take Annie on. Just then, Annie approached, saying that she'd heard Colby from all the way down the hall.

Colby claimed that Liza and she were arguing about Colby living in the mansion. Colby asserted that Liza was jealous of Colby and Annie's budding relationship. Colby said that she was sorry that Liza had lost Stuart, but Liza couldn't take it out on Colby. Liza stated that Bailey and she were mending fences. Colby advised Liza to mother Bailey, because at least then, Liza would have a daughter who actually wanted her around, and Liza walked off.

Annie went in to see Adam, and Colby caught up with Liza around the corner. Colby apologized for the things she'd said, but Liza figured that Colby had been serious about the Bailey part. Liza warned that stooping down to Annie's level would change Colby, and Liza stated that it might have already changed her.

In Adam's room, Dr. Hawkins said that Adam had suffered from arterial fibrillation, which could cause congestive heart failure. The doctor gave him medications to regulate his heart rate, and Adam wondered if he could die. The doctor said there were ways to avoid that.

Later, Annie entered. She said that it was all her fault for getting Adam too excited. Adam said that she'd been wonderful, and it would take more than a lap dance to kill him.

Scott arrived home and stared at the fire in the living room. Scott recalled seeing Annie's seductive dance for Adam, and Scott imagined that she was dancing for him instead. Enraged, Scott kicked the ottoman.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Krystal nervously flitted around the Martin household in an attempt to make sure everything was taken care of before she left. In soothing tones, Tad said that he was certain that when the test results were returned, Krystal would find that both Marissa and Little Adam had escaped inheriting David's disease.

Colby caught up with her mother at the hospital and apologized again for all of the horrible things Colby had said the night before. Colby was amazed that Liza wanted to see her at a time when Colby really needed her. Colby realized how wrong she had been when Bailey showed up with Stuart and thanked Liza for agreeing to meet up with them.

Upon waking, Marissa asked JR if he was still feeling the effects of the chemotherapy. JR said that he felt better and asked how she was feeling. Marissa said that her mood was dependent on whether or not she had inherited her father's disease. JR told her that since Little Adam had escaped that fate, he believed that Marissa would as well. JR tried to get out of bed so that he could prepare to accompany her to the hospital. Marissa told JR that he should stay home and rest, but JR said that there was no way he would let Marissa go to the hospital alone.

Jake was able to spend a few moments of quality time with Trevor before Amanda joined them in the living room. Jake put the baby down in his crib, took one look at Amanda, and immediately reassured her that Trevor would get a clean bill of health. Amanda reminded Jake about the overwhelming odds Trevor faced, but Jake reminded her that Trevor was a pro at achieving victory in daunting situations. Jake took Amanda down memory lane and reminded her that although she hadn't initially wanted to be a mom, he was certain that she could no longer picture her life without Trevor.

David left another in a series of messages for Amanda and told her that she could call him anytime if she wanted. He mentioned that he was between treatments but felt good. He asked her to kiss Trevor for him, ended the call, and walked into Greenlee's room. David was surprised that she was awake and worried when he realized that she'd overheard his conversation.

Greenlee asked what kind of treatments David was getting, and David tried to spin a tale that would satisfy her curiosity. Greenlee saw through his smoke and mirrors and asked for the truth. David asked if there was a possibility of Greenlee letting go of her inquisition, and Greenlee reminded him that she didn't have much else to do. David admitted that he hadn't told Greenlee the whole truth, and she wasn't surprised. He asserted the importance of not letting anyone find out the truth.

Greenlee guessed that David had convinced Amanda that he was being treated for a horrible disease and asked how poorly David had painted his future. When he didn't respond, Greenlee knew that David had told Amanda that he was dying. David tried to deny it indirectly and asked why Greenlee would think he would do such a thing. Greenlee had gotten to know David pretty well over the years and said that David wanted to suck Amanda in.

Without any input from David, Greenlee figured out David's master plan and asked how he would handle explaining why he didn't die. David said that miracles happened and pointed to Greenlee's case as an example. Greenlee figured that David ultimately wanted forgiveness but said that because of his past, success would be hard won. Greenlee offered to help, but David told her that he didn't need it. Greenlee brushed off his denial and said that saving his life was the least she could do after he saved her.

David said that he didn't need to be saved, but Greenlee insisted that David needed something big to gain the kind of redemption he was looking for. David said that he didn't want to drag Greenlee into his problems but when she kept pushing, David told her that things were more complex than she knew. Disheartened, Greenlee begged David to be completely honest with her.

JR showed up at the hospital and took a moment to catch up with his sister. Annie interrupted them, and Colby turned on the charm to make sure that Annie still believed they were on the same page. Colby's goodwill brightened Annie's mood, but the effect didn't last long after the young girl went to check on Adam. JR tore into Annie for putting Adam in the hospital, and Annie had to force herself not to lash out. Instead, Annie told JR that he needed to focus on Adam instead of the bad blood between them.

Scott arrived shortly thereafter, and he, Annie, and JR filed into Adam's room. Adam thanked everyone for visiting, but JR wasn't in the mood to deal with his father. JR started to leave, but Adam begged his son to stay. He revealed that the doctor needed to operate, and he didn't feel like he had much time.

Adam told everyone that he needed a pacemaker, and everyone was worried about what would happen if the device didn't help Adam the way it was supposed to. Adam assured the group that he had no plans to die, as he still had some issues that needed to be resolved. He told his family that his upcoming surgery made him think about his life in a new way.

Adam encouraged the Chandler clan to turn over a new leaf and embrace each other instead of fighting. He told Colby that he wanted her to find something that would make her happy and said that whether it were a career or falling in love, he just wanted her to have her own life. JR scoffed at the claim because Adam had never shown his son that desire. Adam agreed and said that he regretted the choices that he'd made with JR.

Adam was clear about his hope that JR would find a way to be his own man beyond the Chandler name. Adam moved on to Scott and assured the young man that his search for a place to belong was over. Adam said that Scott should call Pine Valley and the Chandler family home. The doctor interrupted and told everyone that they needed to prep Adam for surgery. Both Colby and Scott hugged Adam before they left, but JR just regarded his father quietly and then walked out of the room. The doctor asked Annie to exit as well, but she refused to leave Adam's side.

The medical staff worked around Annie, and as they left the room to head down the hall, Annie made Adam promise that he would survive the surgery. After Adam was wheeled away, Scott showed his support by wrapping Annie in his embrace. Unnoticed, Colby watched the interaction.

After Stuart's appointment, Liza took Bailey and her son over to Tad's for lunch. Bailey said that Stuart needed a nap, so while Bailey was upstairs, Liza and Tad shared some face time. Damon emerged from Tad's basement and interrupted them, and Liza was amused that Tad had hired Pierre and Damon to paint the house. When Bailey returned to the main floor, she was pleasantly surprised to see her boyfriend.

Damon accompanied Bailey back upstairs so that he could see Stuart, which gave Liza and Tad some additional alone time. Liza told Tad about running into Colby at the hospital and her fear that Colby felt replaced by Bailey. She pointed out that she hadn't had to deal with feelings like that when everyone lived in the same house. Tad suggested that the best solution would be for Liza to buy a big house that everyone she cared about could live in, and he rattled off the proposed occupants. Liza said that Tad had omitted an important person and indicated her last choice with a kiss.

Pierre emerged from the basement in time to see Damon descend the stairs with Bailey. Enraged, Pierre insisted that Damon was worthless and tried to fire him. Tad stepped in and covered by telling Pierre that Damon had convinced Tad to paint the whole house. Delighted at the extra income, Pierre quickly changed his tune and thanked Tad and Damon enthusiastically.

Pierre and Damon went back to work, and Bailey decided to take Damon's car and head home. She thanked Liza and Tad for all they had done and encouraged Liza to take advantage of the romantic momentum Liza had built with Tad. Once the room cleared, Liza and Tad briefly considered being a little more discreet about their attraction but soon discarded that notion and locked into a passionate kiss.

Liza and Tad's passionate make-out session was cut short when they realized that they could be interrupted at any moment. Tad's solution was that they go out on an official date. Liza was delighted and quickly agreed. They sealed their plans with a kiss.

Marissa, Krystal, Amanda, and Jake met with Angie and were delighted to find out that neither Marissa nor Trevor had inherited David's disease. Amanda thought that Jake should be happier, but instead, Jake was curious. Given that a person with David's condition had an 85% chance of passing it on to their children, one of the three should have tested positive. Jake thought the tests were proof that David was lying.

Marissa said that she didn't think that David would be so malicious after he found out that she'd lost both of her adoptive parents. Amanda and Krystal, however, realized that Jake was right, and were incredulous that even David would stoop that low. They attempted to posit reasons why, and Jake thought it had to do with David trying to get Amanda's attention. Marissa tried to process the information and thought that there had to be something that they were missing. Marissa then asked if there was a chance that David wasn't Trevor's father.

Amanda said that she had assumed that JR was the father, but when she'd had her sonogram, the timing had lined up with when she'd been with David. Jake said that they needed to do a DNA test to be sure and said they would need samples from Trevor, JR, and David. Marissa went to find JR, and Amanda worried that David being out of the country would hamper their process. Jake asked if David had cleaned out his locker, and Angie was sure that he hadn't. Jake agreed to break into the locker to find something with David's DNA on it.

Krystal told Angie that she should be grateful to Trevor, as David's obsession with the little boy had ruined their marriage. Krystal wondered how different all of their lives would have been if they'd known Trevor's true parentage from the beginning. Jake interrupted them after he had retrieved a hairbrush from David's locker. Angie took the brush and said she would have it processed right away.

Marissa located JR and told him that both she and Trevor had escaped inheriting David's disease. She said that because of the statistics, it was likely that one of them wasn't David's child. She told JR that there was a possibility that he could be Trevor's father.

Jake and Amanda had a chance to reconnect while the DNA tests were being run. Jake said that if it turned out that JR was the father, Trevor would finally be safe. Amanda lauded Jake for his continued efforts to protect Trevor. Amanda thought that Trevor had always been able to sense that commitment. After a moment, she suggested that perhaps Jake was Trevor's father after all.



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