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Several residents confessed to stabbing Mitch. Starr and Langston moved in with Cole and Markko, however Langston continued to think about Ford. John, Bo, and Brody teamed up against Dorian and Mitch. John realized that Mitch had threatened Dorian's family. Todd refused to team up with Mitch. Ford took up residence with Layla, Cristian, and Oliver.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 11, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, January 11, 2010

After their business trip, Clint escorted Kim back to the loft. Informing her that he had enjoyed her company on the trip, Clint instructed Kim to take the day off. Thrilled, Kim raced into the loft to tell Stacy about her trip with Clint. Meanwhile, Clint studied the latest edition of the Sun, which detailed Stanley Lowell's first executive decision as mayor -- the release of Mitch Laurence.

Inside Rex's loft, Kim listened in amazement as Stacy described her horrific encounter with Mitch and the deranged nurse. Stacy related that Mitch had tried to kidnap her, but Rex had arrived just in time to save her. After mentioning that Gigi had dumped Rex for Schuyler, Stacy made it clear that Rex had plans to move into the loft and suggested that Kim find a new place to live. Observing the look of concern on Kim's face, Stacy remarked that Kim would soon get the opportunity to move into the Buchanan mansion with Clint, but Kim didn't appear convinced.

At Llanfair, as Bo broke the news to Viki and Charlie that John had been arrested, Natalie interrupted and announced that she had something important to discuss with them. At that moment, Clint barged into the room and criticized Dorian for hiring Lowell as police commissioner, but Bo quickly reminded his brother that he had encouraged Dorian to fire Bo.

Interrupting Clint and Bo's bickering, Natalie confessed that she had stabbed Mitch and that John was covering for her. Natalie was adamant that she wanted to protect John by turning herself in to the authorities. Bo pleaded with Natalie to allow Nora to handle the situation. Appalled by his brother's interference, Clint promised to find Natalie an excellent lawyer, but Bo was adamant that Nora had everything under control. Clint balked at his brother's statement.

Upon hearing Natalie's admission of guilt, Charlie excused himself, but Viki quickly followed her husband into the foyer. Enraged that Mitch had nearly caused Natalie to commit murder, Charlie insisted that he needed time alone to process the news. Promising that he wouldn't take a drink, Charlie left the house in a hurry.

Inside his new office at the police station, Lowell tossed Bo's nameplate into the trash and proudly replaced it with his own. He was stunned when Nora entered the office and announced that she couldn't prosecute John. Pointing out that the murder weapon contained Mitch's blood and John's fingerprints, Lowell demanded that Nora do her job.

As Lowell continued to chastise Nora, Jessica stepped inside the office. Placing a bloody letter opener on the desk, Jessica announced that she had stabbed Mitch Laurence. Lowell referred to Jessica as a mental patient, but Nora insisted that she couldn't prosecute John if another suspect existed. Seconds later, Marty entered the office and placed another letter opener on Lowell's desk. Marty claimed that she had also stabbed Mitch.

Before Lowell could respond, Cole arrived with yet another letter opener. Cole insisted that he had stabbed Mitch. Once Jessica, Marty, and Cole had left, Nora smiled at Lowell and stated, "You have three people confessing to the crime. How do you want me to proceed?" Nora maintained that until Lowell sorted out the evidence, she couldn't proceed to trial. While Lowell was adamant that he wanted John prosecuted, Nora maintained that Lowell didn't have a case against John.

Outside of Lowell's office, Elijah informed John that Lowell was determined to charge John with the stabbing of Mitch Laurence. A cuffed John spotted Jessica, Marty, and Cole leaving Lowell's office and questioned why they were there. John was amazed when Jessica, Marty, and Cole announced that they had all confessed to stabbing Mitch. Staring at them in disbelief, John remarked, "But you didn't do it!" With a sly smile, Marty replied, "Neither did you!"

Stepping outside his office, Lowell ordered a guard to escort John to the arraignment hearing, but Nora advised Elijah that she had discovered new evidence in the case. Upon hearing Nora's declaration, Elijah urged Lowell to drop the charges against his client. Lowell refused, but Nora warned Lowell that it was in his best interest to end his vendetta against John at once. Reminding Lowell that he was treading on thin ice, Nora insisted that the media might choose to launch an investigation into Lowell's appointment as police commissioner. Lowell cringed when Nora exclaimed, "I think the people you work for would be very disappointed!"

Cornered, Lowell instructed the guard to release John from custody. Lowell agreed to drop the charges but announced that John was fired from the force. An angered Brody threatened to quit, but John urged him to stay. Afterward, Marty expressed her regret over John losing his job, but John replied, "It's not the only important thing in my life! I have a few more tricks up my sleeve!"

Back at Llanfair, Natalie insisted that she couldn't remain silent about her guilt as long as John was in jail. To everyone's surprise, Nora entered the room and announced that John was a free man. Natalie's mood brightened when John emerged and exclaimed, "Nora and Bo pulled a fast one!" With a smirk, Clint remarked, "That's what they do best!"

When an angry Clint excused himself, Nora chased after him. Out in the foyer, Nora wondered if they could maintain a civil relationship with one another. Relating that he had no desire to have a friendly relationship with her, Clint informed her that his lawyer would be in touch with her about their divorce.

When Natalie questioned why John had covered for her, John replied, "You know why!" Natalie responded by giving John a loving hug.

Viki urged Natalie to lean on her for support. As Jessica joined them, Viki pleaded with her daughters to get over their hatred for Mitch and begged them not to seek revenge. Although she agreed, Natalie insisted that someone had to make Mitch pay.

Outside of Llanfair, Bo and John met up with Brody. John and Bo informed Brody that they wanted Brody's help in taking down Lowell and Mitch. Stating that they needed someone on the inside of the department to help, John and Bo urged Brody to keep his nose clean. Brody agreed to help his friends.

Later, Clint paid Kim a visit at the loft. When a skillful Kim mentioned that she had to move out of the loft, Clint offered her shelter at the mansion. Thanking Clint with a big hug, Kim winked at Stacy.

At La Boulaie, standing inside the foyer, Dorian stared down at a scrumptious breakfast plate. Removing a small bottle from her pocket, Dorian carefully dropped several drops of an unknown liquid onto the innocent-looking meal. Afterward, Dorian opened the doors that led to the living room and placed the plate in front of Mitch Laurence.

Dorian watched closely as Mitch examined the plate. Smiling, Mitch warned, "If anything happens to me at your hand, I can't promise that harm won't come to the Cramer women!" After a long sigh, Dorian removed Mitch's plate and left the room. Mitch attempted to drink the cup of coffee, but hesitated. A look of concern crossed Mitch's face as he poured out the coffee.

Dorian returned and announced that she had done Mitch's bidding and that it was time for him to leave her alone. To Dorian's horror, Mitch reminded her that he had never promised to stay out of her life and insisted that he was in desperate need of funds. A knock on the door abruptly ended the conversation. Heading to the door, Dorian advised Mitch to stay out of sight for both their sakes.

Storming into the house, Charlie demanded to know why Dorian would appoint a former corrupt politician as police commissioner. Charlie advised Dorian to fire Lowell, but Dorian insisted that it would jeopardize her credibility as mayor. Disturbed by Dorian's response, Charlie asked, "How can you live with yourself. Because of you, Mitch Laurence is free!"

Hoping to appeal to Dorian's sense of decency, Charlie reminded Dorian that Mitch had killed Charlie's son. Charlie asked Dorian if she would feel the same way had Mitch killed one of her girls. Appearing strongly affected by Charlie's words, Dorian mumbled, "I'm sorry, Charlie!" Exiting the house, a disgusted Charlie remarked that he should've killed Mitch when he had the chance.

Meanwhile, Mitch received a call. Answering his phone, Mitch stated, "Hello, commissioner. I hope you're calling with news of John's arraignment!" Informing Mitch that he had been forced to drop the charges against John, Lowell apologized to his leader. Advising Lowell that he was responsible for Lowell's sudden good fortune, Mitch exclaimed, "Remember, the Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away!"

Dorian returned and handed Mitch a thick roll of bills and asked him to leave her home. Accepting the cash, Mitch warned, "If I meet an untimely death at your hand, the Cramer girls will be in danger!" Once Mitch left, Dorian removed the drug from her pocket.

At Todd's home, Starr and Blair were surprised when Todd suggested that they consider living with him indefinitely. Starr was convinced that Todd was lonely and distraught over losing Téa. Claiming that his behavior didn't have anything to do with the loss of Téa, Todd changed the subject. Reminding Starr that her eighteenth birthday was on the horizon, Todd offered to give her anything she desired.

Later, Blair questioned Todd about his decision regarding Téa. Convinced that Danielle would never forgive him for killing Ross, Todd believed that he would never see Danielle or Téa again. Blair suggested that Todd move on with his life. Thinking back to her romantic encounter with Elijah, Blair advised Todd to find a new love interest. Todd found it difficult to believe that Blair wasn't chasing after him. Todd and Blair decided to be friends.

Later, Blair slipped away and placed a call to Elijah. Answering her call, Elijah remarked, "It took you long enough!" Although surprised at the location where Elijah suggested they meet, Blair did as she was told.

Moments later, Blair arrived at the police station and questioned why Elijah had chosen to meet her there. Inside Lowell's office, Elijah informed her that she had been a very bad girl. Climbing onto his lap, Blair laughed, "What's my punishment, counselor?" The two proceeded to make love.

In Tahiti, Téa urged Danielle to accompany her mother to the beach, where they could both say goodbye to Ross. Danielle argued, "How can I say goodbye when I expect him to walk through that door!" Meanwhile, Ross peered through the window at them. Téa finally convinced her daughter to head to the beach. Once they had gone, Ross sneaked inside the house and stole money from Téa's wallet. He paused when he noticed Téa and Todd's wedding photo.

Later, Téa and Danielle returned to the house. Immediately, Danielle discovered Ross's necklace. The teen had a flashback of Ross wearing the very same necklace the day he fell into the river. Hiding the necklace from her mother, Danielle asked Téa to run an errand for her. Once Téa had left, Danielle stepped outside and called out, "Dad!" While Danielle continued to search for him, Ross suddenly appeared. A look of relief crossed Danielle's face.

Back in Llanview, Cole paid a visit to Starr at Todd's home. When Todd made a nasty remark concerning John losing his job, Cole lashed out at Todd. An amused Todd advised Cole that he had better learn to get along with Todd because Starr and Hope resided in Todd's home. Turning to Starr, Cole reminded her that she would turn eighteen soon and asked her to move in with him. Stunned, Todd blurted out, "You can't move out! I'm not losing another daughter!" A startled Starr replied, "Another daughter?"

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Markko was surprised when Langston showed up at his apartment and announced that she had walked out on Dorian. She professed that she didn't understand her mother, and she had no intentions of talking to Dorian again. Markko was shocked to hear about Dorian's moves regarding Bo's firing as police commissioner. He thought that Langston shouldn't feel so strong about not talking to Dorian again, as the woman had been a real mother to Langston. Langston admitted that he was right but promised she would never forgive Dorian. Markko invited Langston to move in with him.

A surprised Langston was sure that Markko's parents would "freak" if they knew that she had moved in with their son. Markko was confident that he could persuade them to see things differently, and Langston agreed to move in. Markko grimaced in pain when Langston put her arms around him. He thought that he had overdone it at the gym. Langston admitted to bumping into Ford, who had told her about Markko lifting weights. Frowning, Markko wondered why Langston had never told him about seeing Ford.

Todd made it clear that he forbade Starr from moving in with Cole because he was not prepared to lose another daughter. Starr halted him and demanded clarification, but a stuttering Todd found it difficult to cover and finally just blurted out, "You can't leave." He voiced his loud objection to the idea of losing Starr and Hope, but Cole assured him that he wanted to keep his daughter close just as Todd wanted to.

Todd told Starr that he wanted her to wait, and the pair began to bicker. She tried to explain that she had her own family and wanted to live with them. Todd felt that she wasn't ready, but Starr urged him to treat her like an adult as his gift to her for her upcoming eighteenth birthday.

Danielle was thrilled beyond belief to see Ross appear at their house in Tahiti. Ross explained that he was still alive because he had washed up downstream and Todd had taken a poor shot at him. He was also lucky that the cops hadn't found him. He was vague in his accounting of how he had gotten himself back to the island. There was good news for Danielle as he told her about a new place he had found for the two of them, since they had a second chance to be together.

Téa returned home with the groceries and shrieked when she saw Ross. She dropped her bag, and its contents spewed all over the floor. Shoving her daughter aside, she stood in front of Ross and vowed to kill him if he hurt Danielle. She told him to kill her instead. Ross tried to assure her that he wasn't there to hurt anyone but wanted to take Danielle with him. Danielle declared that she couldn't go with him because she would miss her mother too much.

Danielle thought that the three of them could start over as a family, since she wanted to be with both parents. Téa reminded her daughter of all that had happened in Seattle and what Ross had done. She admitted that things were partially her fault because she had not done things correctly. Those were not the only reasons they could not be together, she said. Sadly, she told Danielle that the couple had not been happy together for a long time. Ross spoke up then and told Danielle that Téa was in love with someone else.

Téa stated that she had chosen to be with Danielle. The teen disclosed that she had tried to kill Todd because she had thought that Todd had killed Ross, who shook his head sadly, certain that he was responsible and had driven Danielle to it. He berated himself for the father figure he had turned out to be. Danielle was confused, stating that he wasn't a figure but was her father. Tearfully, Ross described how he had always loved Danielle, would love her forever, and thought she was a part of him. Téa was also moved to tears.

Ross urged Danielle to promise to "stop hating Todd." Danielle was still puzzled as she expressed her love for Ross, who was her father. "The thing is, I'm not your father," Ross announced. As Danielle looked at the man she knew as her father questioningly, Téa begged her to listen to Ross. "Todd Manning is your father," he announced.

Matthew and Bo shared lunch together in their Palace hotel room. Bo thought it was great that he no longer had to go to work and could spend time with his son. He chalked up Matthew's somber mood to girl trouble, and when Matthew noted that there was no girl to have trouble with, Bo hit the nail on the head. He realized that Matthew was thinking about Danielle. Matthew expressed his dismay that Bo was a cop and that his detective skills were always evident.

Matthew confessed that he and Danielle had kissed, and Bo hid a smile. He informed his son that kissing a person would send feelings into "high gear." Matthew was despondent that everything had changed after he and Danielle had kissed, but she wasn't going to be returning to Llanview. He was pretty upset that she was gone.

Bo acknowledged that he had felt the same when Nora had married Clint, which caused Matthew to apologize for his previous behavior. He understood and could relate. Bo assured Matthew that he would have another chance with Danielle if the relationship were real. He was certain that Danielle would be in touch.

"That son of a bitch," Nora exclaimed after she was served papers at the police station. At the same time, David Vickers ran into the station and headed for Bo's office; he announced that he wanted his father to arrest someone for him. He was taken aback when he walked in on Blair and Elijah, both in a state of undress. They hurriedly put on their clothes as they filled David in on the latest happenings in Llanview, along with the fact that Bo was no longer the police commissioner. They pointed out the new name on the office door. Blair informed David that all of Dorian's family members had moved out of La Boulaie.

David was determined to locate Dorian to insist that she give Bo his job back. After he rushed out, Blair assured Elijah that while she was sleeping at Todd's house, she was not sleeping with him. Nora showed her papers to Elijah. "It looks like you need a lawyer," he told her.

A surprised Renee and Nigel learned that Kim was moving into the Buchanan mansion. Clint introduced the two women and left the group while he attended to another matter. "No red carpet?" Kim asked Renee about her welcome into the home. "A red light is more like it," Renee shot back. "What'd you say, old lady?" Kim growled. The women had words, and Kim assured Renee that she would be in Clint's bed before too long. Since she had Clint's ear, Kim also planned on seeing to it that Renee was residing in the same nursing home as Nigel after Kim had him fired.

Clint returned and was happy about something he had set in motion. "Right about now, steam should be coming out of Nora's ears," he noted. He wondered if he had walked in on something with the group appearing ill at ease, but Kim sweetly asked Nigel to carry her bags upstairs. She assured Clint that everything was fine.

Nora and her new attorney, Elijah, showed up at the mansion with the papers in hand. Nora was furious that Clint wanted her to give him money, and Elijah wanted to know how Clint had arrived at the sum of 42 million dollars. Explaining that he had totaled all of the money he had spent on her, Clint reminded her that she had also had an affair with his brother. He wondered what that was worth.

Continuing, he stated that he had included the time he had lost at Buchanan Enterprises for emotional distress and the damage to his image. He pointed out that there had also been a loss in company stock after the scandal had emerged. Sarcastically, he advised them that he was willing to accept a payment plan but that the price was fair. Nora handed Clint her ring as her first payment. Abruptly, Elijah advised Clint that the mansion would be on the market by the weekend to enable Nora to collect the funds.

Annoyed, Clint insisted that Nora had given the mansion to him, but Nora waved the envelope that contained the papers. Elijah declared that Nora had never signed anything, so the house was still hers. She had no choice, so everyone would have to vacate the house. Kim asked if she could speak to Clint in private.

Moving into the next room, Kim guaranteed her boss that there were other ways to get back at Nora. She hated to see him lose his house and memories. Returning to Nora and Elijah, Clint confirmed that his assistant had given him a new perspective on things. He agreed to drop the damages lawsuit for the house but wanted it in writing.

Nora expressed her dismay at Kim living in the mansion and advised Clint that she still cared about him. She didn't want to see him look like a fool. Clint noted that was Nora's "area of expertise" and yelled at her to get out of his house. Nora tore the envelope in two as she left.

As Bo and Matthew chatted, David arrived to see Bo. He was astonished when Matthew answered the door. "You're all vertical," David proclaimed. He asked if his little brother was still with Destiny, but Matthew informed him that he had met someone else. Sullenly, he added that the girl had left town. David was excited for Matthew's turn of events but was sorry to hear about Bo's job. He announced that he had been looking for Dorian in order to force her to return Bo's job. He wanted to have Robert Ford arrested, he explained.

Sitting alone with Bo, David explained that Ford had stolen his name and his show, and had even recast David. Bo suggested that David needed a lawyer instead. Just then, Nora returned, and David quickly waved a contract in her face. He demanded to know how much prison time Ford would get, because David wanted justice.

Nora decided to share her own news about Clint and his "gold-digging girlfriend" instead. She was sure that Kimberly Andrews would go through all of Clint's money and would be his next wife. David perked up when he heard Kim's name and, while he claimed not to know her, his body language indicated otherwise. Suddenly, he had the need to leave right away. Bo shared Matthew's news with Nora.

Nora was annoyed at herself for not forcing Clint to move out of the house so that she and Matthew could return to it. She agreed that it was silly that she and Bo still had two separate hotel rooms out of respect for Clint. She noted that she and Bo hadn't made love yet, and he was well aware of it. Bo wanted to make a home with Nora and Matthew, and he proposed that they find a place for the three of them. Smiling, Nora said yes enthusiastically.

Blair returned to Todd's place and walked into the argument between Todd and their daughter. Starr pleaded for Blair's help. Pulling Todd aside, Blair assured her former husband that letting go was difficult, but they needed to let Starr go. They would still be there for her if it didn't work out between Starr and Cole.

Blair felt that Starr should make her own decisions, or they would lose her forever. She stressed that Starr wouldn't really be totally on her own, and even though they hated the idea, they had to let her go. Left alone with Cole, Starr was distressed. She didn't want everyone to be angry.

Todd gave in, and he and Blair advised Cole and Starr of their decision. Todd told Starr that she would have to pay for all of her own expenses, and he expected her to be back within a week. Blair quickly hushed him. Cole emphasized that he would look after his family.

Their belongings packed, Starr and Hope were ready to leave with Cole. Todd strongly recommended that Cole take care of them, or Todd would kill the boy. Used to hearing the threat from Todd, Cole muttered his assent. A cheerful Starr kept up a stream of chatter, noting that she'd probably see her parents the next day. She was very happy and assured her dad that she would always be his "one and only little girl." Blair and Todd stood sadly at the door as their daughter left.

Langston enlightened Markko that "all hell broke loose" after Dorian made her announcement, so she'd never had the chance to tell him about Ford. She was angry to hear that Ford had criticized the film Markko had made for class. The talk returned to Langston's moving in, and Markko promised that they would have lots of alone time because Cole was never around. He was looking forward to having sex everywhere around the place -- when he was not in pain.

Kim asked Clint for permission to blast her music so she could dance. He advised her that it was her home, and she could do what she wanted. He praised her for helping him out and, as he left the room, reminded her that they still had work to do. Kim turned on the music and began to dance with her back to the door. Suddenly, the music stopped, and she turned around quickly. "So you're Kimberly Andrews," David said accusingly. He added that he knew her and knew what she did.

As Elijah turned the key in the lock of his hotel room at the Palace, he was surprised to see Blair emerge from the elevator. She was upset about Starr moving out, but she didn't have talking in mind. Tugging on Elijah's tie, she pulled him away from his door.

Cole, Starr, and Hope arrived at the apartment Cole lived in with Markko and found clothes strewn all over the floor. As they pondered the dilemma, a partially clad Markko and Langston appeared from the bedroom. After Langston revealed that she was moving in, Starr related her own good news. She and Hope were moving in too.

As Matthew looked longingly at Danielle's picture on his phone, Todd stared at pictures of both of his daughters, holding them side by side. Suddenly hearing a strange noise, Todd got up to see what it was. "What the hell you doing here?" he asked.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Langston and Markko were surprised when Starr, Cole, and Hope arrived at their apartment to move in with them. Langston couldn't believe that Todd had agreed to Starr's plan, but Starr said he'd had no choice but to let "his little girl" go. She admitted that she felt sorry for him and knew it had to be hard for a father to say goodbye to his daughter. Langston was thrilled to have her friends for roommates, but Markko was struggling to garner enthusiasm for their new living arrangements. The girls quickly pressed Markko and Cole into service to get the rest of Starr's luggage.

After the new Manning-Thornhart clan was settled in, the reality of their new household crashed down on Langston and Markko when Hope's incessant cries interrupted their attempts to do schoolwork. The lovebirds complained about their situation in hushed tones but found themselves scrambling for an explanation when Starr and Cole reentered the living room and asked what they had been talking about.

At Cristian, Layla, and Oliver's apartment, Cristian awoke and found Layla working on her laptop in the living room. Cristian asked his ladylove why she wasn't at the police station, and Layla explained that she'd been asked not to go in. Because Lowell had fired Bo and John, her position was also in jeopardy. Layla feared for her employment, but Cristian told her it would be okay and plied her with kisses to get her mind off her troubles. Heading for the couch, the lovers began to make out.

Just as Cristian and Layla were about to get horizontal, Oliver returned, averting his eyes. As Layla related her job woes, Oliver cursed Lowell and admitted he also feared for his position because of his relationship with McBain. A dark thought sprang to Layla's mind: "We could lose this place."

There was a knock on the door. Cristian answered it and found Ford waiting, ready for their workout appointment. As Cristian rushed to get changed, Layla introduced Ford to Oliver. Just then, Ford got a call from the university, which had bad news for him as well: he'd lost his subsidized housing and no longer had a place to live. Oliver said there was an apartment available in their building, but Ford explained that as a teacher's assistant, he couldn't afford to live on his own.

Seized by inspiration, Oliver and Layla began a summit of whispers about Ford and their living situation. They wondered aloud if he could somehow be a fourth roommate. Cristian arrived to join their caucus, and Oliver explained that he was always at Kyle's, and Layla and Cristian were bunking together, which left one bedroom empty -- plus, they could use the extra rent money. Cristian considered the idea then turned to Ford and offered him the room.

At the Buchanan mansion, David and Kim sized each other up; David gave her his full family title of "David Vickers Buchanan," but Kim said she'd never heard of him. David explained that he'd heard of her, however, and wasted no time in dragging out all of Kim's old skeletons, specifically her past as an "exotic dancer." Kim said that the past was the past, her life was an open book, and she had no secrets, unless he needed a lap dance. David strained to avoid the temptation and keep his mind on family business.

David asked her if she was sure she had nothing to hide. "Is the Pope German?" Kim replied. "I don't know," David murmured, "is he?" After getting lost in the tangle of his own musings about Pope Benedict's ethnicity, David ordered Kim not to change the subject and added, "Remember, I'm smart!" He explained that Neville, "Nigel's dentally challenged look-alike cousin," had told him all about Kim's scheme to destroy Clint's marriage.

Kim played innocent, leading David to probe further: "So you didn't ply Neville with alcohol and promise him that lap dance that you assumed that I wanted, which I do if it's free, and I'll tip you?" Kim insisted she'd never heard of Neville, but David wasn't buying her line. Kim turned the tables and accused David of not caring about Clint but only the family money. David admitted that, like her, it was the Buchanan fortune he was interested in, but the question was which of them was "the smarterest." "Game on," Kim replied.

David slammed Kim for using Neville to do her dirty work and for taking advantage of Clint. "No one can take advantage of Clint Buchanan," Kim declared. Regardless, David warned "Princess Velvet Thighs" that he would not allow her access to wealth that was rightfully his, and he said, "This family isn't big enough for the both of us!"

Again, Kim insisted she was only Clint's faithful assistant and asked David if he'd ever had to claw and scrape in a g-string and heels to get what he deserved. Not surprisingly, this led David to another meandering remembrance of his own sordid past in "Berlin, '97." Finding his way back to the topic at hand, David told Kim he knew she was using her position to worm her way into Clint's confidence -- and his bank account. She'd ruined Clint's marriage to get close to Clint, and David was going to tell Clint the truth. "Tell me what?" Clint asked, entering the drawing room.

Kim was on the spot as David pressed her to tell Clint the truth, or he would. Stumbling over her words, Kim admitted that she'd engineered the deception with Neville in order to out Bo and Nora to Clint but claimed she'd only done it to protect Clint's honor. David scoffed at Kim's lies, and gleefully asked "Uncle Clint" if he was going to throw her out. Kim offered to leave, but Clint told her that he didn't want her to leave; he wanted to shake her hand. He thanked her for giving him the truth when no one else would. Far from firing her, he intended to give Kim a raise.

David was stunned that Clint was siding with Kim over family, but Clint reminded him that, as Bo's son, David was "nothing to me" and told David to get out, showing him the door. Infuriated, David placed a call to Ford, who, still in conversation with Oliver, Layla, and Cristian, ignored it. Turning back to the trio, Ford happily accepted their offer to move in. Outside the Buchanan mansion, however, David was still out in the cold and was angered by Ford shutting him out. "I will find you," David vowed.

Inside, Kim thanked Clint for his understanding, but Clint wasn't taken in by her phony altruism. He told her she wasn't the first opportunist he'd met, and he knew she hadn't busted Bo and Nora for his benefit. It was obvious to him that she wanted a "sugar daddy," but "if I'm gonna be the daddy, sooner or later, we're gonna have to talk about the sugar." With that, Clint headed upstairs and left Kim to ponder the gravity of his words.

Rex returned home to the loft and Stacy after a grocery run and was pleased to learn that Kim had moved out. Stacy gushed that it would only be "the three of us" from then on; her, Rex, and their baby, but Rex included Shane in the equation instead. Stacy managed to feign interest in spending time with Shane and thanked Rex for his support.

Jessica arrived to meet with Rex, who had news for his newfound sister. He recounted Mitch's attempt to abduct Stacy, who explained that Mitch was obsessed with his latest grandchild, the "chosen heir." Jessica was shocked that Mitch had made open advances on Stacy and the baby, while Stacy feared for her life. Stacy knew that she was just "the vessel," and without the baby, her life wouldn't be worth anything to Mitch. Jessica asked about Shane and Bree, but Rex said they were safe. Stacy explained that Mitch wanted a child who was "unspoiled" and new to the world to mold in his image.

Changing the subject, Jessica asked Stacy when she was due. Stacy flashed back to her conversation with Kim and lied that she would be expecting on Valentine's Day, instead of a month later. Jessica told her she was lucky to be "carrying small." Touched by Jessica's concern, Stacy said she hoped they could become friends, but Jessica reminded her that she was well aware of what the young woman had done to Gigi and Shane. Rex stepped in to defend Stacy and said that they'd moved beyond her actions in the past year.

Stacy claimed to be heading for the bathroom, while Rex and Jessica began a private conversation about the mother of his second child. Stacy eavesdropped as Jessica reminded Rex of everything Stacy had done to his family, a family Rex said no longer existed. He told her that Gigi had left him for Schuyler, but Jessica was convinced that Rex, Gigi, and Shane would still be together if not for Stacy's machinations. Rex remained unconvinced.

Jessica told Rex that if he really wanted to protect Stacy from Mitch, there were cops on the force who moonlighted as bodyguards; she suggested he look into available officers. Offering another piece of sisterly advice, she told him to watch out for Stacy, but Rex insisted that pregnancy had changed the lesser Ms. Morasco. Stacy beamed as she heard Rex proclaim that she'd be a good mother.

At Todd's place, Todd stared mournfully at photos of Starr and Danielle, but Mitch interrupted his reverie. Todd wasn't thrilled to see his old nemesis, who feigned sadness. "Is that any way to greet an old friend?" Mitch asked. Mitch and Todd traded barbs as Mitch told Todd that he owed him -- Todd had killed his brother, Walker, and stolen his identity, then used his family against him. "To protect mine," Todd countered, and Mitch reasoned that he could understand that. Mitch explained that he was still all about family and was anxious to claim his heirs, but Rex and Jessica refused to accept him, though they needed his love, much like Starr needed Todd's...Starr and Danielle, he added, noticing Danielle's picture.

Todd attempted to shut Mitch out, but Mitch continued to work on him. Mitch needled Todd about Starr and Cole moving in together; like Mitch, Todd had once again been abandoned by his family. He reminded Todd of the last time that had happened, and how it had led to Todd's "romance" with Marty, his two-time rape victim. After everything that had occurred, Todd had lost his daughter to the bed of his victim's son. Mitch said he could get Starr back for Todd and suggested that if Cole suffered another "accident," a fatal one, Starr would rush to her father's open arms.

Todd was repulsed by Mitch's proposition and told him to get out. Mitch asked if his reasoning was so far removed from Todd's when he'd attempted to steal Hope from Starr and Cole in order to raise her with Marty. Todd pleaded "temporary insanity," but Mitch called his plan brilliant; he'd only wanted to protect his bloodline, and Hope was his second chance, much like Rex and Stacy's child was Mitch's. Mitch said that they could help each other: Todd would convince Jessica and Rex to have contact with Mitch, and Mitch would take care of Todd's problem with Cole and Starr.

Todd refused to be a part of Mitch's scheme, and said Mitch would never know his latest grandchild. Mitch said that his grandson was his heir, and he wouldn't leave Llanview without the child. Todd blew Mitch off, ordered him to leave, and asked him not to return. As Todd closed the door in his face, Mitch said he was sorry Todd had refused him. Walking away, Mitch murmured that Todd would regret that decision.

In Tahiti, Danielle was horrified as Ross told her that Todd was her biological father. Ross said he wished he was, but he wasn't. Shell-shocked, Danielle listened as Téa laid out the story of her dalliance with Todd in the South Pacific and how she'd rebounded with Ross and believed that he was her child's father, until the paternity test. Danielle was convinced Téa was lying to separate her from Ross, but Téa proved her wrong by handing over the DNA test.

Danielle refused to accept the evidence; "You're my father!" she cried, wrapping her arms around Ross. She vowed that Todd would never be her father and turned on Téa for deceiving them. Weeping, Téa insisted that she'd thought Danielle was Ross's daughter for years and had put her one night with Todd out of her mind -- until her return to Llanview. She'd loved Todd, but he'd wanted to be with Blair, and she hadn't wanted Danielle to be Todd's; she'd loved Ross for a long time, and the situation was no one's fault, not Ross or Todd's. Ross added that Todd had saved Danielle's life in Seattle, and Danielle was shocked to realize that Todd already knew he was her father.

Danielle asked why Todd hadn't said anything to her if he'd known, and Téa explained that they'd wanted to give her time to grieve for Ross. Danielle replied that Ross was alive, so there was no need to grieve; they could be a family again, if only Téa would try. Ross said that wasn't possible, as Téa loved Todd, and Danielle needed to get to know her real father. Ross had gotten to raise her and hold her in his arms, but Todd deserved to know her and discover what a wonderful young woman she was.

Danielle asked what would become of Ross, and Téa explained that no one was looking for him; the authorities thought him dead, and he could stay that way and continue to live in Tahiti, on one condition: if Danielle returned to Llanview with Téa, and got to know Todd. Ross told Danielle to go, but she didn't want to leave him behind. Ross told her to forget about him, or Téa or Todd, because she needed to go back for herself, to know who she was. Danielle said she already knew: "I'm Dani Rayburn, Ross Rayburn's daughter."

Danielle hugged Ross, who held her tightly. She told him she loved him and promised to return. "I'll be waiting," Ross replied, fighting back tears, while Téa watched with sorrow.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dorian showed up at Todd's house with a peace offering in the form of an early birthday gift for Starr. She also wanted to apologize to her family members for her offensive behavior involving her hiring of Lowell. A less than receptive Blair informed her that both Langston and Starr had moved out, and she refused to tell her aunt where Langston had gone.

"I understand your anger," Dorian began, but Blair went off on her aunt and reminded Dorian of what she had done. Dorian felt that Langston should be home with her, and she was upset that no one had asked her about Langston's new residence. She was also scared because Blair was once again living with Todd. Blair emphasized that she was only living with Todd and was not involved with him.

Blair reminded Dorian that Langston and Starr were both almost 18 and couldn't be controlled. They were old enough to make their own decisions and mistakes. Blair felt that Dorian should have taken the hint when Langston had walked out of La Boulaie. Dorian had only herself to blame, Blair added. Dorian stuttered that she'd had a good reason to hire Lowell, and it had been for love of her family. "Your love hurts," Blair snapped.

Dorian was emphatic about wanting her family back. "You can't always get what you want," Blair responded. Dorian snarled back that Blair should follow her own advice. Blair pushed Dorian toward the door. "You don't get to comment," Blair yelled at her aunt.

An irritable Markko stepped out of his bedroom and over Hope's toys as he complained about his lack of sleep and privacy. Langston revealed that she was searching the Internet for a new apartment for the two of them to share. They were interrupted when David arrived with his newly hired lawyer, Elijah, who stated that David had cornered him into representing David. David informed Markko that he was suing for copyright infringement, and he wanted Markko involved. Langston, impatient to begin the new apartment search, advised Markko that she would check out an apartment without him.

David urged Elijah to show Markko a new sensational video he had found on the Internet. David was horrified looking at the ugly, nerdy actor who was named Tuc. Markko thought that he resembled David, but David shook his head in disagreement. David was adamant about having a case, though Elijah was far less certain. Markko wasn't sure why he was involved, having only been a cameraman. He didn't want anything to do with David's suit against Ford.

David wanted Markko to watch more of the video, and Markko was appalled to see an actress appear who looked exactly like Langston. The actress, named Brittany, was awful according to David. She began to kiss Ford, who also appeared in the film. He passionately kissed her back. When Markko saw them, he hastily advised David that he wanted to be included in the suit. Markko offered to locate Ford for David. Elijah received a text message from Blair and quickly departed, announcing that he had an emergency. Dorian arrived as Elijah was leaving.

She was shocked but happy to see David, who advised her that he was in town for business. He was in no mood to make nice to Dorian and demanded to know why she had fired Bo. Dorian expressed her desire for support, and David sarcastically noted that Amelia was no longer around.

Dorian admitted that her professional ambition had gotten in the way of her personal life. David agreed that maybe things would have turned out differently instead. Smiling, Dorian reminded David that she had plenty of room at La Boualie, but David growled that he'd hardly be at her place after she fired Bo. He had nothing to say to her, and after Markko located Ford's address, the men advised Dorian that they had to leave.

David stated that they were looking for Ford because the man owed him money. Dorian offered to help, but he firmly told her that he didn't want it, especially if she wouldn't rehire Bo. Dorian noted that it was out of her hands. "Then so am I," he replied. Markko informed Dorian that Langston was out, and Dorian insisted on waiting, since she was not only the mayor but also Langston's mother. "Not to hear Langston tell it," Markko muttered. David repeated that he didn't want or need Dorian's aid.

The men left, and Dorian set up her cards and gifts for Langston and Starr. Suddenly, a gloved hand reached from behind her and covered her mouth.

A shirtless Ford stretched his limbs and asked Oliver to help him out with a muscle problem in his back. Oliver did his best to get out of it but finally relented. As he wrapped his arms around Ford to crack his back, Kyle showed up and walked into the men's apartment without knocking. He found the pair in a compromising position.

Kyle teased that he knew what Oliver was doing in his spare time as Oliver quickly introduced Ford as his new roommate. He explained that Layla and Cristian were sharing a room, so there was an extra bedroom available. Ford was happy to save the money, and Kyle suggested that he could buy some clothes with the extra money. Ford assured Kyle that he was straight.

Kyle persisted in teasing Oliver, who insisted he was innocent. He denied looking at Ford, whom Kyle described as "hot." Oliver reminded his boyfriend that he didn't sleep with straight guys. Kyle suggested that it was only the straight women that Oliver preferred.

Rex and Stacy arrived at the hospital for Stacy's latest obstetrical appointment and ran into another of the doctor's patients, who had spoken to Stacy in the past. The woman stopped to chat and was surprised to hear that Stacy's due date was February 14. Her own date was after Stacy's, and she wanted to know Stacy's secret for remaining so small. Stacy rudely told the woman that she didn't eat like a horse. The doctor was nearby and quickly thumbed through her charts when she heard the date that Stacy had given.

The doctor ushered Stacy and Rex into the exam room, and Rex berated Stacy for being impolite to the woman. Stacy claimed she was stressed, and Rex offered to help calm her down. She wanted to have her examination in private, and she advised him she was safe from Mitch while in the hospital. She accused him of making her nervous, and he finally gave in. The doctor wondered if Stacy was afraid that Rex would learn that the baby wasn't his.

Though Stacy insisted that Rex was the father, the doctor was disbelieving. The doctor, citing patient confidentiality, admitted that she would not be able to say anything to Rex but advised her patient that things would get "sticky," especially when Stacy wasn't close to delivering a baby on February 14. She didn't want Stacy to be stressed. Stacy disclosed her run-in with Mitch.

Rachel and Schuyler moved into their new apartment with Gigi and Greg's help. Gigi was confident that Shane would "come around" in his acceptance of Schuyler in the same way that Shane had accepted Stacy and the new baby. Schuyler wasn't too sure. Greg appeared unhappy with his girlfriend's new living arrangement and grumbled as he headed out to the car to retrieve a box.

Gigi left to pick up some coffee. Left alone, Rachel asked Schuyler about his baby with Stacy again. Schuyler pleaded with her to stop mentioning it. When the other two returned and wondered what was happening, Schuyler thought it was a good time to head to the hospital.

Greg was worried that Schuyler would be making moves on Rachel, but she assured him that he had nothing to worry about. She and Schuyler each had relationships with others. Greg wondered about sharing a place with Rachel, but she stressed that she would not move in with him. She had to get used to being in a relationship first, and Greg agreed that it was the same for him. She told him to be nicer to Schuyler.

Gigi left with Schuyler, and they remained in the hallway to chat. Schuyler felt that Greg was a bit intense, and Gigi warned him to stay away from Rachel. Just then, Langston walked by, looking for the empty apartment. Gently, Schuyler broke the news that he had just signed a new lease, and the apartment was no longer available. Dejected, Langston thought that perhaps something else was available, and she walked away. Schuyler and Gigi expressed how happy and blessed they were feeling and sealed it with a kiss. Just then, Rex appeared.

Rex revealed that he had moved back to his loft to live with Stacy because she was in trouble. He made it clear that it was due to Mitch, who had gone after her and the baby. Schuyler immediately asked if the baby was okay, and Rex related that both the baby and Stacy were fine. He added that the police were no help, with Lowell having released Mitch from jail. He was in the process of lining up full-time protection.

As Schuyler continued to ask questions pertaining to the baby, Rex snapped that it was Rex's baby and therefore none of Schuyler's business. Gigi was sorry for all that had happened and clarified that she still cared about Rex. Schuyler left for the hospital.

Rex thanked Gigi for caring, and the two continued their conversation civilly. Rex was positive that Mitch wasn't after Shane, but Rex was in the process of hiring security for Shane and Gigi as well. He felt it was his duty even though he was unable to afford it. He wouldn't let anything happen to them.

Langston made her way to the apartment that Layla, Cristian, and Oliver shared but was surprised to find Ford there instead. She thought she had made a mistake, but he assured her he was living there too. She explained that she had been looking for a new apartment in the building. Ford offered to help her out. He also wanted to discuss the musical she was writing. He excused himself to take a quick shower and asked her to wait.

Finishing up his shower, Ford rushed out clad only in a towel. He apologized for having to rummage through his bag for clothes and hastily put on a pair of pants. He remained shirtless. He and Langston chatted about her moving in with Markko. She stressed that she was mature for her age, though Ford thought it was a big commitment to be moving in with a boyfriend.

Ford wondered if Langston was sure that Markko was the one for her. She steadfastly stated that she was sure and that she and Markko had been together for a couple of years. They knew everything about each other, she continued. She accused Ford of not liking Markko, since he had criticized Markko's film so strongly.

Ford disagreed and informed her that Markko's film showed raw talent, though it was flawed. He was actually envious of Markko's talent and of his relationship with Langston and really liked him. He had never been serious with anyone or been with anyone that he would have wanted to live with, he explained. He suggested that Langston write her musical about herself and Markko. She didn't want her life on the stage, she responded. She thought that David would be a good person to base her musical on, especially since he was back in town. Ford was astonished to learn that David was around.

Ford continued to pursue David's return to Llanview and was worried when he learned that David had an attorney. Grabbing a newspaper, he sat down next to Langston so they could talk about her musical. They were surprised when Markko walked in.

Oliver dropped Kyle off at the hospital, and Kyle teased him about leaving to head back to Ford. Oliver returned to his apartment building and ran into Rex as Gigi was leaving. Rex offered Oliver the job of protecting Stacy.

Blair and Elijah flirted via text message, and Blair waited for Elijah to show up at Todd's house. When Elijah arrived, she answered the door and was wearing sexy lingerie. They were in a state of undress and on the floor, though Elijah was concerned about Todd returning home.

Schuyler located Stacy's exam room and burst in on her. He demanded to know when she was planning on telling him about Mitch going after his baby. Stacy tried to get rid of him and advised him that she had security to protect her. She was afraid he was going to stir things up, and she wanted him to be quiet. Kyle walked into the exam room as Schuyler asked Stacy how he was supposed to stay away when the baby was his.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Terrified, a bound and gagged Dorian sat inside a closed Rodi's bar. John removed her blindfold and revealed Brody and himself as her captors. Upon realizing that John had abducted her, Dorian ordered him to release her immediately. John agreed to release Dorian once she admitted that Mitch Laurence had blackmailed her into hiring Lowell as the new police commissioner.

Insisting that she hadn't committed any transgressions, Dorian exclaimed, "There's nothing that Mitch could use against me!" With a knowing look, John responded, "Your girls!" Dorian's jaw dropped.

Advising Dorian to fire Lowell and to reinstate Bo, John assured her that Mitch would be prosecuted, but Dorian refused to reverse her decision. John suggested that Dorian step down as mayor and allow Viki to assume her duties. In a fit of rage, Dorian inadvertently admitted that Mitch had threatened her girls. Hoping to appeal to Dorian's sense of decency, Brody related Mitch's attempt to kidnap Stacy and steal her unborn child. After receiving little emotion from her, Brody warned Dorian that Lowell might revert to his old ways and attempt to harm Starr and Hope again.

Although moved by Brody's plea, a frustrated Dorian declared, "Nothing is going to stop Mitch until he's dead. Are you going to kill him, John?" After releasing her, John warned, "Mitch has already committed one murder, are you going to be responsible for the next?"

Inside Ford's new apartment, Markko flew into a rage after discovering Langston sitting beside a shirtless Ford. With David by his side, Markko questioned Ford's motives and demanded to know why Langston was there. While Markko argued that Ford had his sights set on Langston, David informed the director that David was suing him for copyright infringement. David was humiliated by Ford's decision to recast him with a nerdy-looking actor in Ford's Internet film.

Pulling Markko aside, Langston criticized him for his constant jealousy toward Ford. An irate Markko explained that Ford had cast a young girl who bore a strong resemblance to Langston as Ford's love interest in his new film. Although shocked by Markko's revelation, Langston pleaded with him to trust her and end his feud with Ford. Assuring him that she only had eyes for him, Langston urged Markko to apologize to Ford.

Meanwhile, a few feet away, Ford listened to David's ramblings, but also paid attention to Markko and Langston's discussion. David was outraged that Ford hadn't given him a fair share of the film's earnings and insisted that he would file suit against Ford. After explaining that David had no claim to any future residuals, Ford appeared to overhear Langston tell Markko that Ford was a nice guy. To David's surprise, Ford changed his mind and agreed to split the film's royalties with David. David was overjoyed when Ford announced, "You'll receive a hefty 87!" An elated David accepted Ford's offer.

Once Ford walked away to draft a check for David, Langston commented that Ford had done the right thing concerning his dispute with David. A disgusted Markko frowned. Moments later, Ford returned and presented David with a check. Without looking at the document, David told Markko that the deal was sealed.

After reminding David to forward him his share, Markko insisted that Langston leave with him. Langston agreed to leave once Markko apologized to Ford. Markko apologized in a sarcastic tone, but once Langston was out of earshot, Markko added, "Your film stinks!" After Markko and Langston had left, David was stunned when he examined the check and realized that Ford had paid him eighty-seven cents.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Viki listened as Charlie confided in Natalie and Jessica that he had started drinking again. While Viki tried to convince Charlie that he hadn't done anything wrong, Natalie was adamant that Mitch had driven Charlie to drink again and had caused her to nearly commit murder. Agreeing with her mother and sister, Jessica announced, "We need to find a way to get rid of him!" As the family discussed Mitch, they were horrified when he entered the café and approached them.

After directing several snide comments at Viki and her daughters, Mitch set his sights on a disturbed Charlie. When Mitch began to antagonize him, Charlie responded by attacking Mitch. With a tight grip on Mitch's shirt, Charlie threatened to kill him, but Viki and the girls convinced Charlie to release his hold on Mitch. Afterward, Mitch smiled and exclaimed, "I can't stay dead!"

A distraught Charlie ran out of the café, and Viki followed close behind. Meanwhile, Mitch took a seat at a booth. When the waitress asked if she could take Mitch's order, he replied, "No thanks, I believe I'm satisfied!"

Outside the café, Natalie and Jessica left Viki alone with Charlie. Viki did her best to calm Charlie, who had flown into a rage. Charlie was outraged that Mitch was allowed to walk free after murdering Jared. When Charlie vowed to seek revenge against Mitch, Viki pleaded with her husband to end his vendetta against Mitch. Unable to contain his anger any longer, Charlie stated that he needed time alone and rushed off. Afterward, Viki stared through the window of the café and locked eyes with Mitch.

Natalie and Jessica paid John and Brody a visit at Rodi's. Jessica appeared hopeful when Brody informed her that he believed the argument he and John had presented to Dorian had moved her.

Later, a disguised Dorian walked into a seedy bar and ordered a martini. Smelling the rose that she had received from Mel, Dorian mumbled to herself, "You told me to find my way out of this mess, and I think I've found it!" Sipping on her martini, Dorian studied the room and hoped to spot an unsavory character she could convince to kill Mitch. Moments later, Charlie entered the bar and ordered a scotch.

As Oliver attempted to enter his apartment, Rex approached him and enlisted his help in protecting Stacy. Oliver listened as Rex detailed Mitch's kidnapping attempt and Mitch's desire to steal Rex and Stacy's unborn child. Rex asked Oliver to provide Stacy with security. Recalling his past involvement with Stacy, Oliver suggested that Rex hire another police officer for the job.

Citing that both Bo and John trusted Oliver, Rex was adamant that Oliver was the only cop who Rex knew wasn't under the control of Lowell and Mitch. Pleading with Oliver to reconsider, Rex stated, "You wouldn't hesitate if it were your baby!" Finally, Oliver reluctantly agreed to accept the job.

At the hospital, Stacy and Schuyler were speechless when they discovered that Kyle had entered the room and overheard Schuyler's admission that Schuyler, not Rex, was the father of Stacy's baby. Stacy demanded that Kyle keep quiet, but Kyle was appalled at her recent plot. Kyle criticized Stacy for her desperate attempt at capturing Rex's heart.

When Stacy reminded Kyle that he had helped her alter a DNA test in the past, Kyle stated that he had done it for Stacy and regretted his actions. Citing that Rex's mother was a close friend, Kyle urged Stacy to tell Rex the truth, but she refused. Schuyler reminded Kyle of his obligation as a resident doctor -- Kyle couldn't compromise a patient's privacy. Before exiting the room, a disgusted Kyle announced that he had gotten his life together and didn't care what either Stacy or Schuyler did.

Afterward, Stacy was convinced that Kyle couldn't be trusted to keep their secret. Uncertain of Kyle's promise to keep quiet, Schuyler left the room in search of the resident doctor. Meanwhile, Stacy rubbed her stomach and spoke to her unborn child. Stacy promised her child a happy life that included Rex.

Alone with Kyle, Schuyler attempted to explain the situation regarding Stacy's pregnancy. When Kyle criticized Schuyler for sleeping with Stacy, Schuyler informed Kyle that Stacy had drugged and seduced him the night that she had become pregnant. Recalling that Stacy had attempted to seduce him, too, Kyle believed Schuyler's explanation. Declaring that he was happy with his own life, Kyle promised never to reveal Stacy and Schuyler's secret. After his conversation with Schuyler, Kyle received a call from Oliver, requesting to speak with Kyle in person.

Schuyler returned to Stacy's examination room and informed her that Kyle would remain silent regarding her child's paternity. As Stacy gave a sigh of relief, Rex barged into the room and lashed out at Schuyler. Stating that Schuyler had stolen Gigi from him, Rex questioned if Schuyler wanted Stacy and his baby as well. After giving Schuyler a piece of his mind, Rex told Stacy that he would wait for her in the hall. Before leaving, Rex informed Stacy that he had hired a police officer to protect her from Mitch. Once Rex left, Schuyler still had reservations about Mitch, but Stacy was convinced that Rex had saved the day.

When Kyle showed up at Oliver's apartment, he noticed his boyfriend's nervous demeanor. Oliver told Kyle that he wouldn't have much time to spend with his lover because Oliver had accepted a job to protect Stacy from Mitch Laurence. Kyle was speechless.

Meanwhile, Mitch sat in a room and read Bible verses aloud.

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