One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 4, 2010 on OLTL

Dorian replaced Bo as police commissioner, and Blair, Addie and the kids moved in with Todd in protest. Dorian received a visit from Mel's ghost. Rex and Shane were upset over Gigi's decision to be with Schuyler. Rex decided to move in with Stacy to protect his unborn child. Charlie confessed that he was drinking again. Ross showed up in Tahiti.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 4, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, January 4, 2010

A Mitch in Time

At Llanfair, Brody approached Charlie and suggested that they discuss Charlie's drinking problem. When Charlie refused to discuss his addiction, Brody expressed concern that Charlie was headed for disaster. Reminding Charlie of his recent visit to the hospital, Brody insisted that Charlie might have killed Mitch if the guard hadn't prevented Charlie from entering Mitch's room. Charlie stated that the world would be a better place without Mitch Laurence.

Stating that he couldn't continue to cover for Charlie, Brody urged his friend to attend an AA meeting and offered to accompany him. When Charlie claimed that a meeting wouldn't solve his problem, Brody pleaded with Charlie to confide in Viki, but Charlie insisted that he couldn't face his wife. Presenting Charlie with one last option, Brody offered to act as Charlie's sponsor, but Charlie refused to accept Brody's help. Unable to reason with Charlie, Brody advised the troubled man that he couldn't continue to keep his secret from Viki. As Brody declared that he was fighting his own demons, he received a call from the station, instructing him to report for duty. Before leaving, Brody warned Charlie to stay away from Mitch.

At La Boulaie, Dorian examined the front page of the Sun. The article reported Bo's firing, and exposed Bo and Nora's affair. A call from Mitch interrupted Dorian's thoughts . He indicated that he had more work regarding Bo for her to perform. Dorian ordered Mitch to leave her family alone, but a sly Mitch replied, "Not yet, we're not finished with Bo Buchanan!" Reminding Dorian that she had fired Bo for personal reasons, Mitch was concerned that Bo might reclaim his position as police commissioner. A look of fear crossed Dorian's face when Mitch stated that she would soon receive a package that contained damaging evidence, and instructed her to use it against Bo.

As an infuriated Dorian yelled at Mitch, John appeared in Mitch's hospital room and demanded to know who the prisoner was conversing with over the phone. Retrieving the phone from Mitch, John asked Mitch's co-conspirator to identify herself. At that moment, Viki entered the library of La Boulaie and overheard Dorian mention Mitch's name. Before Dorian could respond, Viki blurted out, "Why are you talking to Mitch Laurence?" Covering her tracks, Dorian identified herself. Relating that Mitch was harassing her, Dorian ordered John to keep Mitch away from her.

John questioned Mitch about being in possession of an untraceable cell phone, but Mitch lied and claimed that he'd found it. When Mitch asked if Natalie would face charges for stabbing him, John informed Mitch that the case was closed. Insisting that no one would ever believe that he had stabbed himself, Mitch was adamant that he would be exonerated of all the charges facing him. Unfazed by Mitch's threats, John advised the prisoner to prepare to be transported back to jail.

After Dorian ended her call, Viki questioned why Dorian had fired Bo, Llanview's most trusted official. Viki also wondered why Dorian had been caught speaking with the dangerous criminal that Bo was trying to keep behind bars. Viki threatened to expose Dorian's motives in the Banner, but Dorian reminded Viki that she had resigned her position as mayor, and as a result, Dorian had accepted the post. When an angry Viki related that she had resigned as mayor in order to protect her family, Dorian declared, "I have to protect my family too!" Suddenly, Viki realized that Mitch had threatened Dorian's family.

Dorian denied having any involvement with Mitch, but Viki was convinced that Mitch had blackmailed Dorian into helping him. Pleading with Dorian to turn to her if she was in trouble with Mitch, Viki offered to help Dorian in any way she could. Ignoring Viki's pleas, Dorian showed Viki the door.

Moments later, Dorian's assistant entered the room and dropped off the mail, which included an envelope addressed to Madame Mayor, but Dorian didn't notice the package. Instead, Dorian and her assistant discussed strategy regarding the backlash that she was expected to receive regarding Bo. Informing Dorian that several media outlets didn't support Bo's termination, Dorian's assistant warned her that the termination wasn't legal and that Bo could file a lawsuit against her.

When the assistant suggested that she reconsider, Dorian refused to flip-flop. The assistant advised Dorian that it was necessary to pull out all the stops to ensure that the termination would stick. Noticing the package with no return address, Dorian slowly opened the envelope. Dorian told her assistant that the package contained evidence that could end Bo's career in law enforcement.

Rex was pleased to find Bo inside his office at the police station. Relating that his lawyer had advised him that Dorian didn't have any legal grounds to fire him, Bo declared that he intended to fight for his job. Although Rex offered to help Bo fight the charges, Bo refused to discuss the case. Instead, Bo questioned how Rex's relationship with Gigi was progressing. After explaining that he had convinced Gigi to move out of the cottage to figure out what she truly wanted, Rex wondered if he had pushed Gigi into Schuyler's arms. Bo was convinced that Rex would eventually work out his problems with Gigi.

At Viki's cottage at Llantano Mountain, Gigi was pleased when she awoke in Schuyler's arms. They both agreed that the previous night had been wonderful. While Gigi attempted to prepare breakfast, Schuyler offered to go out and get wood. A modestly dressed Schuyler opened the door and was stunned to find Shane on the stoop.

Shane was shocked to discover his mother draped in a sheet. Relating that Rex was under the assumption that he was staying at a friend's house, the pre-teen announced that he had made a surprise visit to the cabin in hopes of convincing Gigi to return home to his father. A nervous Schuyler picked his clothes off the floor and headed upstairs to dress. Enraged, Shane asked his mother if she was leaving him and his father for Schuyler. Gigi was horrified when Shane stated that he was aware that his mother had slept with Schuyler. As Schuyler returned downstairs, an uncomfortable Gigi related that she was going to get dressed and drive Shane back to his friend's house. Gigi headed upstairs, leaving Shane and Schuyler alone.

Schuyler apologized to Shane, but the youngster lashed out at him. Shane told Schuyler that Schuyler had destroyed his family. Unable to bear the sight of Schuyler, Shane announced that he would wait for Gigi outside, and raced out of the cabin.

When Gigi returned downstairs, she asked Schuyler to remain at the cabin, while she drove Shane back to Llanview. As she tried to convince Schuyler to wait for her, Shane pounded on the door and demanded that they leave the cabin at once. Schuyler promised to have breakfast waiting for Gigi when she returned, and the two kissed goodbye.

Inside Kyle's room at the Angel Square Hotel, after an intense night of lovemaking, Oliver and Kyle lay in bed and shared a passionate kiss. Proclaiming their love for each other, the two men declared that they were a committed couple.

Meanwhile, outside Kyle's room, Roxy read the cover story in the Sun. As Kyle and Oliver enjoyed their time together, Roxy burst into the room. Pleased to find them together, Roxy congratulated her friends on finding their way back to one another. Afterward, Roxy gave Oliver the news about Bo. Roxy was certain that John would replace Bo as police commissioner.

While Oliver tried to process the news that his boss had been fired, he received a call from John, who instructed Oliver to assist Brody in transporting Mitch back to jail. While Kyle was disappointed that Oliver couldn't spend the day with him, Roxy was concerned that Mitch might be released from jail. Oliver assured her that Mitch would remain in custody.

Alone with Roxy, Kyle noticed that the mention of Mitch Laurence had left Roxy in a depressed state. Noting that Roxy was terrified of Mitch, Kyle wondered how Roxy had conceived Mitch's child. When Kyle asked if Roxy had ever been in love with Mitch, she flew into a rage. Referring to Mitch as Satan, Roxy denied ever loving Mitch. Kyle apologized for upsetting Roxy, and insisted that he wanted to help her. Kyle was convinced that Roxy hadn't divulged her true relationship with Mitch to anyone. Roxy warned, "If you really want to be my friend, you'll never mention Mitch's name again!"

Back at the police station, presenting Nora with a copy of the Sun, Jessica and Natalie asked Nora if the accusations in the article were true. Explaining that she didn't want to hurt Clint, Nora admitted that she and Clint had separated and that she had reunited with Bo. Natalie couldn't believe that Nora would leave Clint, but Nora insisted that she couldn't ignore her feelings for Bo. When Nora excused herself to tend to Mitch's case, Natalie became nervous and questioned if Mitch would be released. Nora informed the sisters that she was closing the case on Mitch's attempted suicide. As Natalie and Jessica worried about Clint's state of mind, the sisters were horrified when they noticed John, Brody, and Oliver entering the station with Mitch.

A few feet away, when Nora opened Bo's office door, Rex stood up to excuse himself. Rex frowned as he stood face-to-face with a smiling Mitch.

As Mitch taunted Bo about losing his job, Nora informed Mitch that his stabbing had been ruled an attempted suicide. Everyone listened as Mitch accused John of framing him. Advising Nora not to participate in covering up a crime, Mitch warned Nora that she couldn't endure any more scandal. After defending Bo to Mitch, Rex walked off to answer Shane's phone call.

As Brody and Oliver attempted to escort Mitch to his cell, Dorian emerged and stated that she had a few things to say. After Brody and Oliver took Mitch to his cell, Dorian advised Bo to resign, but he refused. Bo insisted that Dorian couldn't fire him over a personal matter. Opening the mysterious envelope, Dorian stated that Bo was guilty of removing evidence and filing false charges. Removing Jared's bloody letter opener that Natalie had used to stab Mitch, Dorian announced, "This is evidence of a cover-up that goes from John McBain all the way up to the top!"

When Gigi returned to the cabin, Schuyler stated that he didn't want to cause problems between her and Shane. Gigi insisted that Shane would adjust once he realized how happy she was with Schuyler. The two shared a passionate kiss. A knock on the door interrupted their special moment . Rex called out to Gigi to open the door.

While Charlie nervously fumbled with a cup of coffee, Viki entered the room and began discussing her confrontation with Dorian. Realizing that Charlie was troubled, Viki questioned if he was all right. Stating that he had something to tell her, Charlie asked his wife to have a seat. Charlie admitted that he had been drinking.

After explaining the events that had led up to him taking his first drink, Charlie related that he had been drinking ever since his visit to Mitch Laurence. When Viki asked why Charlie hadn't sought help from her, Charlie shocked her when he stated that he didn't want to stop drinking. Viki felt compassion for her husband and offered her support, but an emotional Charlie refused her help and announced that he was leaving. In tears, Viki pulled Charlie close and declared, "You're not going anywhere without me! I don't care how bad it gets, I'm not leaving you and you sure as hell aren't leaving me!" Charlie wept as Viki cradled him in her arms.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Kiss Before I Go

Blair paid a visit to Todd's house and found him lying on his bed. She advised him that she had tried to reach him at work and had been told that he had called out sick. She was concerned because that was something he had never done before. She noted that there was only one cure for Todd's problem and that was Téa. Todd reminded her that Téa had walked out and taken their daughter with her. Blair was certain that Téa still loved Todd and she noticed that he obviously felt the same way about Téa. She thought that Todd should be honest with himself. After agreeing to go back to work, Todd headed back to bed after Blair was gone.

At the Palace Hotel, Danielle admitted to Téa that she felt better, especially knowing that her mother would never see Todd again. Even though Téa suggested that her daughter needed professional help, Danielle refused. She promised that while she despised Todd, she would never really be able to kill anyone. Matthew arrived to see Danielle, and Téa declared that she had an errand to run. Danielle confessed that she had stolen Bo's gun and gone to La Boulaie with the idea of killing Todd, but she hadn't been able to go through with it.

Matthew was appalled and blamed himself for leaving her alone on New Year's Eve. Danielle admitted that she would have merely done it at some other time, since she had hated seeing a happy Todd after he had killed her father. She apologized for the possibility of getting Bo in trouble and fired if something had happened because of her. Shrugging, Matthew admitted that someone was already out to get his dad fired.

Danielle felt that Matthew was the only person who understood her. She figured that Destiny had been happy when Danielle didn't show up at Ultraviolet for the First Night party. Matthew revealed that Destiny had expressed her feelings towards him, and made it known that she loved him. He had been surprised but had told Destiny that he didn't have the same feelings for her, nor did he have them for Danielle. He laughed thinking that Destiny thought he cared for Danielle. He explained that he couldn't lose Destiny's friendship because she had always been there for him when the other kids were making fun of him. She had stood by him through the accident and all that had happened after, and she was much too important to him. Danielle hoped that he didn't lose Destiny's friendship.

He felt that Danielle was a great friend, too, for having helped him "bust out of that boarding school." They recounted all that they had been through in the short time they had known each other. They vowed to be best friends forever, though Danielle disclosed that she and her mother were leaving the country. She was okay with it because she didn't want to be in the same place as her father's murderer. They were going back to Tahiti. There was nothing in Llanview for her except for Matthew, she admitted. They vowed to keep in touch and shared a tender kiss. They said they would never forget each other.

Blair stopped by Elijah's room after receiving a message from him and was surprised to see him answer the door wearing only a towel. He explained that he had just stepped out of the shower after working out in the hotel gym. He asked her to promise not to talk to anyone about Danielle showing up at La Boulaie with a gun, especially since Téa had given her word that it would never happen again. A cynical Blair agreed, but noted that Danielle needed help, not a cover-up. She admitted that she didn't want to see the teenager punished. She asked Elijah if he cared more about Danielle or Téa and mentioned that she had seen him dressed up on New Year's Eve.

Elijah confessed that he had taken Téa out because she had been feeling bad. He thought that maybe they were into each other or would be some time. He knew that she wasn't over Todd yet. He thought that he could be with Téa, and Blair would have clear sailing with Todd, but Blair assured Elijah that she didn't want Todd any longer, even though she hadn't admitted it previously. She realized that she couldn't tell the difference between stubborn pride and love, but she finally admitted to herself that Todd loved Téa.

Blair thought she'd be able to forget Todd with enough distraction and admitted that Ross wasn't that distraction. Elijah was certain that Blair would find someone else, and she believed he would find a distraction from Téa. Elijah thought that maybe he and Blair should get together. "Maybe we should," she said, running her hand down his chest and stomach. They began to kiss.

As Brody locked Mitch into his cell, he assured the man that he would be locked up forever, though Mitch disagreed with Brody's prediction. Brody accused Mitch of driving Charlie to drink and assured him that he'd never be able to break everyone. Brody stressed that they had something that Mitch would never have. Chuckling, Mitch asked if it was love. He and Brody had words about Jessica, but Mitch insisted that he had saved his grandson Shane with his blood, and he could save Jessica. Brody reminded Mitch that others had saved Jessica when her life was in jeopardy.

Mitch insisted that his children needed worthy partners, and Brody was lacking. He advised Brody that he wouldn't be needing another birthstone to add to Jessica's necklace. Brody didn't want to hear anything that Mitch was spouting and advised him that he would be a dead man if he hurt Jessica. Snickering, Mitch noted that he'd heard that before.

In Bo's office, Dorian held up the bagged and bloodied letter opener for Bo to see. She stressed that Jared's initials were on it as well as Mitch's blood and John's fingerprints. She refused to divulge where she had gotten the letter opener and accused Bo of covering up an attempted murder. Bo called John to his office and questioned him. John insisted that he had been framed. Jessica, waiting in the outer office with Natalie, whispered that she hoped whoever made the attempt at killing Mitch got away with it.

Dorian left and returned after the forensics report arrived. John's prints were on the bloody letter opener just as she had been told. Bo insisted that he was taking John's word as a decorated detective, over those of a murderer, that Mitch had attempted suicide. He reminded Dorian that Mitch's fingerprints were on the opener already filed in the evidence room. If John had done what Dorian had said, he would have wiped his prints off, Bo pointed out. Dorian assumed that John hadn't had the time, and she insisted that John always cut corners if he didn't get his way. She was certain that Bo was in on it. She was annoyed that Bo was protecting John and demanded that Bo turn in his badge. John warned her that she was making a mistake.

Brody followed Natalie and Jessica into the office, and Natalie was not to be stopped. She demanded to be heard and insisted that she was the one who had stabbed Mitch and that John was innocent. Bo urged her to be quiet, but Natalie persisted in telling her side of the chain of events. John chimed in that she was covering for him and he ordered Dorian to leave both Natalie and Bo out of it. Bo reminded Dorian that he ran the department, not her. Dorian assured John that there would be a hearing with internal affairs regarding his involvement in the Mitch stabbing. Having heard enough, Bo dropped his badge on the desk. He refused to allow her to run "roughshod" over everyone when she was out to get Bo in the first place.

Dorian accepted the badge eagerly, wished him luck, and headed for the door. Bo called out to her and handed her the bloodied letter opener that she had left on his desk. Once she was gone, Bo shared his opinion that Dorian had been after him, and she would have kept on trying until she got him. Brody wanted to know why she was after him. John wondered if someone else was behind it.

John assumed that Mitch was behind Dorian's actions and presumed that Mitch had something over her. He and Bo wondered who had obtained the letter opener from where John would have stashed it. They arrived at the conclusion that Mitch had people working for him, and they would need to find out who those people were.

A breathless Rex arrived at Viki's cabin after learning from Shane that Gigi might be in trouble. As soon as he saw Schuyler, he realized that he had been victim of a ruse. "Well, isn't this cozy?" he asked, noting that he needed to save Gigi from herself or from Schuyler. He accused the couple of sleeping together, since he saw them together before the holidays. Gigi admitted that she and Schuyler had made love but insisted that it was only once and not before Christmas. Schuyler felt that it would be best for him to leave so that Gigi and Rex could talk together, but Rex accused him of being less than manly for wanting to desert Gigi.

Rex thought that he was partly to blame, since he had asked Gigi to leave to figure things out. He thought that maybe if she and Schuyler had only been together one time, she'd be able to get it out of her system and move back home with him. He likened the occurrence to his one-time fling with Stacy, but Gigi disagreed. As Gigi began to cry, Rex demanded to know if she was choosing Schuyler over him. Telling Rex that she loved him, she added that she had made a decision. She continued that she had asked Schuyler to spend the night with her, and she still wanted to be with Schuyler.

Snarling, Rex announced that his father had been right. Gigi was appalled that Rex had been talking to Mitch and exclaimed that Mitch was dangerous. Rex replied that Mitch had warned him not to be wasting his time with Gigi. She was already in the past tense with her love after only one night with Schuyler, Rex said angrily. He recommended that she "go for it," and they would both do what they had to. He told her to enjoy it while it lasted.

Once Rex was gone, both Schuyler and Gigi admitted that they felt sorry for Rex. Gigi acknowledged that she and Rex had been through a lot together, but she had made her choice. They embraced while, outside, Rex paused to locate an attorney via cell phone. He announced that he wanted custody of his son.

Téa stopped by Todd's place to let him know that Danielle was feeling better and wouldn't go after him again. Wryly, Todd noted that she wasn't able to tell him that Danielle no longer hated him. Téa admitted that she had promised Danielle that she would never see Todd again and it was needed to start healing Téa and Danielle's relationship. Téa assured Todd that she herself didn't hate him and, in fact, she loved him and always would. She knew that his feelings weren't the same. He took her by surprise when he informed her that she was wrong.

Todd admitted that Téa had stuck by him after all he had done, and she still loved him. In addition, she had helped him out when he needed her the most, and their wedding had made him the happiest he'd ever been. He wanted to tell her that he loved her and had never stopped. They joked about their timing and, sadly, Téa informed Todd that she had actually stopped at his place to say goodbye.

Todd shrugged Téa off, but she knew he felt sad about her leaving. He knew that he wouldn't be able to stop her, but he admitted he wouldn't make it easy for her. Téa advised him that Danielle would learn the truth one day about both Ross and Todd. Then they would be able to return to Llanview. Todd grabbed Téa suddenly and pulled her into a passionate kiss.

Dorian visited Mitch in his cell. He noted that she was "growing into your power every day, mayor." She proclaimed that she had done what he wanted her to do to ensure her family's safety, but she knew she'd never fill Bo's shoes. She had wanted him to stay on because she had great respect for Bo. Mitch declared that he had her next task, and he knew who she had to appoint as the next police commissioner. Hearing Mitch's suggestion caused Dorian to laugh and she called it insane. She insisted that it would be impossible, but Mitch stressed that she was the mayor and nothing was impossible.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Let's Get (Meta)Physical

Markko slaved away in the kitchen at the Buenos Dias Café, in hopes of whipping up a new health shake so he could begin his physical fitness regimen for the new year. As Cole watched with trepidation, he told his buddy he knew what Markko's new year's resolution was really all about: Ford. Markko denied it, but Cole knew that Markko was still upset by Ford and Langston's connection. Markko said it was more than that, though; as the teacher's assistant for his film seminar, Ford would be viewing and grading his documentary about Dorian's mayoral run.

In the dining area, Starr and Langston worked on their senior projects, but Langston's head was firmly planted in the clouds, and Starr thought she knew why: Langston couldn't stop thinking about Ford. Turning prim and proper, Langston told her friend she had no reason to think about a guy who nearly ruined her New Year's Eve celebration with Markko. Starr reassured her by saying it was okay to fantasize, but Langston said she had more important things on her mind, like starting work on Llanview High's newest musical. Langston was determined to top the "Prom Night" musical she'd written in 2007, and do something spectacular for her final project as a high school student. She tried to focus on her work, but as she stared helplessly at her laptop, no words sprang to mind.

Cole and Markko joined the girls in their booth, and Langston hid her work, or lack thereof, from Markko; she was ashamed that she'd been unable to buckle down and write. When Langston shifted the conversation to the subject to the leading role she'd promised for Starr, her friend balked; Starr said she'd have no time to perform in the musical while also caring for Hope. Cole saved the day by promising to pick up the slack in the household, which earned him a kiss from his girlfriend. Turning to Markko, Langston turned up the heat and whispered to him to hurry back from the gym so they could have a wild evening together.

Once the boys were gone, Starr and Langston continued to work, or at least Langston attempted to. Dodging her writer's block, she broached the subject of their imminent eighteenth birthdays, but Starr wasn't interested in talking. Starr reminded Langston of how Langston had spent the past several years struggling to write a new musical, but had been sidetracked by all the strife in their personal lives; 2010 meant a new beginning for all of them, and Langston would finally have time to explore her art.

As Starr recounted the teens' turbulent recent past, Langston was struck by inspiration, and seized on the idea of writing a musical all about Starr and Cole. Starr flatly refused to let Langston write about her or her family, even in a fictionalized form, and needled her friend by asking how she'd feel if Starr had written about Langston's obsession with Ford. Langston relented, and Starr said her goodbyes. She headed home to Hope and left Langston still staring at a blank word processor.

At Serenity Springs, Layla was working out in the gym when she caught Ford's roving eye. He hit on her, but Layla politely rebuffed him and informed him she had a boyfriend. "That would be me," Cristian replied, walking over. Ford apologized for being forward and introduced himself as "Robert Ford." He said he was new in town and didn't know many people, but mentioned Langston and Markko by name.

While Layla hit the showers, Cristian and Ford continued to chat. Cris said he'd seen Ford somewhere before, and Ford admitted that he'd been in town the previous summer, when he was producing David's reality show. Cristian reassured him that it didn't affect his positive first impression, and offered to "spot" Ford on the weight bench.

Nearby, Destiny was also "spotting" for big brother Shaun on the exercise mats as he burned his way through an endless exercise regimen. Destiny encouraged Shaun to push through the pain in order to get his mind off Rachel, and said she'd do the same in order to forget Matthew. Shaun took her up on her challenge, but Destiny found herself struggling when the tables were turned. "Do I look like Tyra Banks yet?" she gasped as she strained through her sit-ups.

Shaun told his little sister that he was impressed with how she was taking Matthew's rejection, and asked if she wanted to talk about it. Destiny said there was no need; she was determined not to pine for Matthew, and he'd assured her that he and Danielle were no more than friends. Shaun was skeptical, and said that Rachel had told him the same thing about Greg. "[Matthew] wouldn't lie to me," Destiny informed him.

Shaun told Destiny that she was being brave and facing life head-on, and she'd done good. Destiny said that all they needed to do was keep working out, and they'd find the real people of their dreams. After their workout, they went to the health bar to toast to "new love in 2010," but their bizarre health drinks were less than palatable. Choking on algae, Destiny gave Shaun a high-five to his replacement offer of a hot fudge sundae.

Cole and Markko arrived at the gym, ready to get "pumped up," but, as usual, all Markko could talk about was his rivalry with Ford. Just then, Cole sighted Ford and Cristian by the weight bench. "You got your work cut out for you," Cole said, stunned by Ford's impressive physique.

As the boys began their workout, Markko decided to tackle the weight bench, but found himself in over his head with weights that were far too heavy. He was further dismayed when Ford turned up to save the day and "spot" him. Markko chafed at Ford's condescending suggestion to stick to his weight class, but couldn't help but ask Ford what he'd thought of Markko' film project. Ford hedged and said the instructor would discuss the projects in class, but Markko was determined to hear Ford's opinion.

Mistaking Markko's documentary for a narrative piece, Ford told him that he "didn't buy the story" of Dorian becoming mayor on a gay rights platform, with Oliver and Kyle as unlikely supporting characters. Markko was livid and informed him that the film was nonfiction, which stunned Ford, who said that real or fake, the film had not had a strong or compelling narrative. He offered to help Markko work on story structure, but the humiliated young man begged off and said he'd see Ford in class.

Returning to Cole's side, Markko continued to angrily denounce Ford, who Markko felt had proven superior to him not only in looks but also in talent. Markko was sure he couldn't do anything right. Cole said he was wrong; Markko had Langston, he had her love, and that was something Ford would never have. Cole urged Markko to believe in Langston, and remember that she cared more about him than she could ever care about Ford's abs.

Some time later, Langston was still burning the midnight oil at the Buenos Dias Café, and was desperate to write a single line in her play. Reclining in her seat, she didn't notice as Ford entered the café.

At Todd's, Téa pulled away from Todd's embrace. Todd asked her to stay in Llanview, but Téa said it was impossible; Danielle could only forgive him with time and space. Todd said he understood, and he knew why Téa had to go, but he asked her again to stay with him for just a little longer. Turning mischievous, he reminded her that they hadn't made love since their wedding night, and said he'd wasted too much time hating her for her deception. The truth was, he couldn't hate her; he loved her, and would miss her.

As Todd put the moves on her, Téa succumbed to his advances. She said she'd stay a bit longer, on one condition: "Don't say it's the last time." "It's not," Todd said, taking her into her arms, and they sank into his bed and began to make love.

Afterwards, Todd was over the moon, but still had questions for Téa: how long would it be until she told Danielle the truth? Téa said that Danielle wouldn't be able to hear the truth until she was able to stop hating Todd for what had happened to Ross, and insisted she had to handle things slowly and carefully. In the meantime, Todd asked, "What happens to us?" He wondered what would happen if, while they were gone, Danielle wanted Téa to find love with someone new, like "Uncle" Elijah, who Téa had spent New Year's Eve with.

Téa scolded Todd for his jealousy, and told him Elijah was just a friend, but Todd remained peevish; exasperated, Téa began to get dressed. Growing melancholy, she implied that Todd would reunite with Blair not long after she left, but Todd said that he and Blair were over. Téa didn't believe that Todd could wait for her, but Todd promised to wait forever. He expressed regret for shooting Ross, but Téa reminded him that he'd only done what he'd had to do to save Danielle; she said that everything she did with Danielle while she was away would be to unite them as a family.

"We can be a family," Téa told Todd, who replied with a dubious "If you come back." "I will," she promised, and kissed him once more. As she rose to leave, Todd told her he'd be there waiting for her. "I'll never forget you," he said. "I promise." Consumed with emotion, Téa walked out, leaving Todd sitting alone.

In Elijah's suite at the Palace Hotel, however, an entirely different love scene was playing out as Blair and Elijah tore each other's clothes off. "I'm tired of being odd man out," Blair growled as she threw Elijah onto a chair to have her way with him. "You are definitely no man," Elijah mumbled. "Got that right," Blair said as she kissed him again. Reveling, Blair said that she'd found what she'd needed, to have control over her love life again, but Elijah said what they really needed was to forget the ones they'd loved and lost, and he pinned her to the floor.

Blair pulled away suddenly, and told Elijah she couldn't sleep with him; they barely knew each other, and she wouldn't have unsafe sex. Beaming, Elijah produced a condom, and Blair asked him if he'd been saving it for Téa. "Who are you, Elijah Clarke?" she asked, raking her nails across his flesh, and Elijah countered, asking Blair who she was, other than Todd Manning's ex. Blair tore the condom wrapper open with her teeth and urged him to find out, while Elijah flung everything off his nearby desk and threw Blair on top of it.

Not far away, in Téa's suite, Matthew and Danielle stepped back from their chaste first kiss,. They looked as if they were feeling awkward and unsure. "That's another thing I won't forget when I go back to Tahiti!" Danielle quipped. Matthew wished it weren't a kiss goodbye. Danielle marveled at how kissing felt, and Matthew was shocked to realize the kiss had been a first for both of them.

Neither teen could believe that they were each other's "first," but Matthew said he'd only been kissed once before, by Becca, when she had deceived him with Justin. He recounted the tale of his accident, and said that, in the final analysis, Becca hadn't counted as his first kiss, whereas Danielle was sure to have had suitors, since she was "hot." Danielle said that she wasn't as hot as Matthew thought, and had been a "surfing tomboy" in Tahiti, only competing against boys, never being wooed by them. Danielle shyly said she'd liked the kiss, and suggested they do it again, but Matthew wasn't sure it was a good idea.

Matthew explained that he felt guilty about Destiny, who he'd shot down on New Year's Eve; he'd told Destiny that he was only friends with Danielle, nothing more, and said he wouldn't want to hurt Destiny's feelings. Danielle reminded him that she was leaving town, and Destiny would never have to know. As the kids leaned in for another kiss, a loud noise from somewhere in the hotel stopped them short.

Little did Matthew and Danielle know that that noise was Blair and Elijah, still at it in their marathon lovemaking. As Blair and Elijah wrestled on the ground, there was a knock at the door: it was Renee, asking if she needed to call security. As Elijah answered the door and Blair hid behind it, Renee took in the trashed hotel room and asked Elijah why everything looked and sounded as if a tornado had hit his suite. Elijah lamely claimed he'd had a bad reaction to sleep medication, and promised to pay the damages. As Renee stormed off in a huff, Elijah closed his door and he and Blair collapsed to the ground, laughing.

Back at Téa's suite, Matthew looked for the source of the "noise" in the corridor, but found nothing. Danielle suggested they try kissing once more, as "practice makes perfect." Matthew leaned in, but the kids stopped short just as Téa returned, bemused by the vibe between the two.

Téa asked them if they'd said their goodbyes, and Matthew suggested he take Danielle's picture for posterity. Danielle smiled for Matthew's camera, and Matthew vowed that he'd never forget her-and used the same phrase Todd had used during his final hour with Téa.

In Elijah's suite, Elijah and Blair retired to the bed, to recover from their torrid encounter. "I think I might be bleeding," Elijah murmured. Blair asked if he was over Téa, and Elijah assured her he'd worked the "bug" out of her system; the question was whether she was over Todd.= Considering it, Blair said no, and tackled him back onto the sheets once more.

Afterwards, Blair and Elijah lay on the floor of the suite, covered in feathers and debris; "I think that did it," Blair sighed. As she began to get cleaned up, Elijah offered her his business card for the future. Blair initially refused, and told him she wasn't ready for another relationship. "Who said anything about a relationship?" Elijah asked, and promised her "no strings," just good times. Blair smirked, considering his offer.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nurse Charles in Charge

John was surprised when Natalie stopped by to see him at the Angel Square Hotel. She wanted to apologize for all that had happened since she had stabbed Mitch and John's cover-up had begun. "No worries," he told her nonchalantly. He informed her that his next step was to find out what Mitch was holding over Dorian's head.

Grabbing a file, Natalie proclaimed that she wanted to help, but John wouldn't hear of it. He urged her to go home. She pointed out that all she did was think at home, and he'd seen the havoc she had already wreaked from too much thinking. She declared that she wouldn't mind finishing the job as far as Mitch was concerned, and she would rather be in jail if it meant that Mitch was dead. She was willing to face the consequences. John uttered that he wasn't ready, but they were unable to discuss it further because Marty arrived.

"Am I interrupting something?" Marty wanted to know as an awkwardness descended on the group. Both John and Natalie assured her that she wasn't, and Marty offered to speak with Natalie on a professional level if Natalie would like it. She'd also recommend someone else if Natalie preferred, but she understood what Natalie was going through having survived her own husband's death, Marty told the younger woman. After Natalie left, Marty advised John that Natalie was unstable and needed help before she turned violent.

As John stammered, Marty turned on him and declared that she was afraid he'd go to jail due to his immersion in Mitch's case; she wanted him to stop acting alone with his task. She didn't want to lose him that way and she wondered if he thought she didn't care because she had given him space. John explained that he hadn't wanted to tell Marty about everything because then she'd be an accessory after the fact, and he thought she had just been acting smart. He was merely protecting her. Marty asked him if it was the same as the way he had been protecting Natalie. She blurted out that she knew he was covering for Natalie, and she was aware that Natalie had been the one to stab Mitch. She wanted to help him. John firmly told her that he wasn't about to pull her into the mess.

Stacy phoned Rex and reminded him that she had a pending doctor's appointment. She offered to pick up groceries for him and Shane until Gigi returned home. She was stunned and excited when Rex related the news that Gigi wouldn't be home because she had chosen Schuyler. Hanging up the phone, Stacy jumped for joy. She was curious when there was a knock on the door and opening it revealed an old friend, Nurse Charles.

The nurse wanted Stacy to show her support after she had so graciously given Mitch's stem cells to Stacy. Stacy needed to pay Mitch back, the nurse told her. Stacy was unhappy that the nurse was there and ordered the woman to leave. She assured the woman adamantly that she didn't owe Mitch a thing, and she was not about to give up her baby "to you maniacs" even though Nurse Charles reminded her that Mitch was prepared to deliver Rex just as soon as Stacy did what she was told.

When the older woman grabbed her, Stacy told the nurse she was as crazy as Mitch. The nurse explained that Stacy would go out of town to have her baby due to a difficult pregnancy and then would pretend that she had lost the child. She would return to Llanview and grieve. Nurse Charles advised Stacy that they weren't asking for permission. As the woman spoke, she pulled a syringe from her bag. Calling the serum "happy juice," Nurse Charles ordered Stacy to take her medicine like a good girl. As the nurse walked towards Stacy, the younger woman grabbed at Nurse Charles and the needle and the two women began to struggle. Stacy broke free and ran, but the nurse was able to grab her again. The two women played the game of cat and mouse and tussled over the needle until suddenly the nurse gasped.

Stacy backed off and Nurse Charles fell to the floor with the needle stuck through her chest. Gasping, Stacy headed for the door only to see Mitch standing there. "Looks like someone didn't follow doctor's orders," he pronounced.

As Blair prepared to leave Elijah at the Palace Hotel, he urged her to accept his business card for future after-hours fun. Insisting that the Blair he had seen wasn't really her, Blair turned down his "friends with benefits" request. As Rex arrived, Blair and Elijah awkwardly waved goodbye to each other and Blair tucked the card into the front of her blouse. Rex wanted to talk to Elijah about obtaining custody of his son. Rex informed the attorney that Bo had highly recommended Elijah.

Rex detailed his life with Gigi, and a confused Elijah verified that Rex had nothing in writing regarding Shane's custody and that Rex and Gigi were not married. He wondered if Rex wanted what was best for his son or if he was trying to hurt Gigi. Elijah noted that the courts usually sided with the mother unless the mother was proven unfit to care for her child. Rex knew that he didn't want Schuyler raising his son. Rex vowed that he wouldn't be cut out of Shane's life, because he had already missed many years. He said that he would go to war if necessary.

Elijah couldn't believe that Rex would put Shane through a tough battle after the boy had already fought off cancer. Rex said that he would keep his son out of it. Elijah pointed out all that his brother Ross had been through and what had ultimately happened to him. Rex felt that he was nothing like Ross. Elijah responded that there were always casualties after a war, and Rex would still lose. Elijah was positive that no lawyer would win Rex's case, and Rex would pay for it.

Desperately trying to reach Blair, Dorian was in a state of panic as the press corps began arriving at La Boulaie. She advised her aide that she wanted her girls present before she made an announcement, and she wanted the press stalled until her family showed up. The aide advised his boss that she would have to spin the announcement because everyone would be upset when they heard it.

"Where have you been?" Dorian wanted to know when Blair finally walked through the door. "Working out," Blair replied as she headed upstairs to take a shower. Addie and Starr showed up and Dorian was beside herself that she was unable to gather her family quickly before she had to tell her surprise announcement to the gathered press. Blair returned from her shower and a nervous Dorian revealed that she was about to name a new police commissioner. As the aide announced that the local stations were going live and the new commissioner was on his way, Blair pulled her family members into the study with the press. She told Addie and Starr that they'd find out the news with the others.

The press conference began and a hesitant Dorian half-heartedly made an attempt to answer some questions from the reporters about Bo. She told them haltingly that the new commissioner had great experience and would "hit the ground running." Just then her new commissioner arrived and announced himself. "Stanley Lowell, and I'm ready to serve." Stunned, Addie, Blair and Starr turned to look at Dorian. The Cramer women were furious at Dorian and their eyes flashed their feelings of hate for Lowell. The former mayor declared that there were no charges pending against him and related that all of his actions were part of his cover. As Dorian's aide passed out flyers to the group, the former mayor conceded that he had been working undercover.

Blair yelled out that he said that because he had been caught, while a horrified Starr reminded everyone that he had tried to have Cole killed. Lowell replied that he had only been trying to help Cole, and it had been difficult for him to be so vilified. He had been hidden away for protection recently. Dorian was close to tears as her family displayed their emotions. Lowell stormed out and the press corps followed him. "Have you completely lost your mind?" Blair demanded of her aunt.

Viki thought it was a good idea to have a meal at the Buenos Dias Café with Charlie, since they had many happy times there and at its look-alike diner in Texas when they had lived there. A jumpy Charlie agreed, but just then Gigi walked in and asked to speak to Viki briefly. Viki accepted the keys from her cabin and told Gigi she hoped that Gigi's stay at the cabin had helped her to sort things out. When Schuyler walked in, Viki declared the cabin loan a success.

Gigi introduced Viki and Schuyler and asked if Viki had any questions. She was startled when Viki assured her there were none, and more so when Viki handed the keys back to her. Viki thought that Gigi would be able to use the cabin again. As Charlie waited for Viki to return to their table, his eyes settled on a nearby patron who was drinking a bottle of beer. After the diner left, Charlie rose and retrieved the half-full bottle that remained on the table.

Viki returned as Charlie grabbed the bottle, but he promised her that he was throwing the bottle away. Looking at each other uncomfortably, they both agreed that neither of them was convinced of that. Charlie looked longingly at the booth where Jared had eaten breakfast every morning, and Viki declared that Jared had been grateful with the short time he had spent with Charlie. She was certain that Charlie could not outrun his pain with a drink. Charlie decided that he needed to visit Jared, and the couple headed for Jared's gravesite.

As Langston contemplated her musical at a table nearby, Ford arrived and asked to sit with her. A tongue-tied Langston admitted that she was waiting for Markko, but Ford declared with certainty that he had just seen Markko at the gym. She was sure that Markko would hurt himself competing, she started to say, but cut herself off before the sentence was finished. In answer to Ford's questioning, Langston replied that she was trying to write a musical for school but that Starr had nixed her idea on a story about Starr's life.

"You're a great story," Ford praised Langston, as he reminded her of her own life. As they looked into each other's eyes, Langston received a text message from Dorian, urging her to return home. She told Ford to keep her table, and he told her that he wanted to see her musical when it was performed, especially if it turned out to be about her.

Schuyler assured Gigi that things would turn out okay, though she wondered where she was going to live. She didn't want to kick Rex out of the carriage house, she admitted. "I've already hurt him enough," she said. Schuyler offered to "step up" and increase his hours at his jobs for additional income to help her, but Gigi would have none of it. She figured they would never see each other with him also attending medical school. She knew that Rex would provide some money for Shane's support, and she had managed to save because Viki never accepted rent from her. She was sure that she and Rex would be able to work things out.

Rex showed up at the café and spotted Gigi and Schuyler. "Honeymoon over?" he asked sarcastically. Schuyler told him to "back off" and Gigi added that they didn't want a scene. Rex agreed and asked to speak to Gigi alone.

Natalie headed to Jared's grave and apologized for not getting him justice. She cried that she missed him and that nothing felt right without him. She laid her head on the gravestone as Charlie and Viki watched from a short distance away. Finally, Charlie headed over to Natalie and wrapped his jacket around her. She told him that she couldn't leave Jared even though she knew that Jared probably didn't want them there. He comforted her as she began to sob. Viki stayed behind and looked on sadly.

Langston arrived home in time to hear her family members shouting, and she learned of Dorian's announcement. Blair accused her aunt of lying about her reasons for choosing Lowell and doing his dirty work. Addie felt that her sister actually believed what she had said. Everyone stalked out, and Langston strongly suggested that Dorian undo what she had done and fire Lowell.

Dorian admitted that she couldn't, that it wasn't that simple. Pulling the Cramer women's photo with the crossed-out faces from a drawer, Dorian advised her daughter that some day Langston would understand that Dorian was trying to keep her safe. The rest of the Cramers descended the stairs with luggage in hand. They were leaving and wanted Langston to accompany them. Starr told Langston that she had packed Langston's things. A disgusted Langston left the house with the others.

Alone, in tears and deep in thought, Dorian suddenly heard Mel's voice as he quoted the beginning of a poem by Robert Burns, "My love is like a red, red rose that's newly sprung in June." Grabbing the long-stemmed red rose held out to her, she turned and saw her dead husband. "Mel," she smiled. "Another fine mess you've got yourself into," he replied, frowning.

Marty wanted to know if John thought there was anything wrong about covering up for Natalie and then lying to Marty about it. John knew there were "millions of things wrong," but he felt that the alternatives were worse. Marty asked if there was any way for John to remove himself from his involvement in the case, but he felt the only way to do that would be to resign as a cop. He didn't want to rest until Mitch was dead or in jail. They were forced to stop their discussion when John's phone rang. Someone told him the news of Dorian's announcement as he turned on the television.

Marty was fit to be tied that Lowell was the new commissioner, though John shrugged that Mitch was pulling Dorian's strings. John wasn't able to prove it, but vowed that he would. Marty, upset that her son was almost killed because of Lowell, professed herself to be on a mission. They were surprised when someone knocked on the door and it was Lowell on the other side with two patrolmen. Marty threatened him, and John ordered him to leave. Announcing that he, too, was on a mission, Lowell ordered that John be placed under arrest.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Missing You

Todd was surprised when Blair, Addie, Starr, Langston, and the boys stormed into his home and announced that they needed a place to stay. After explaining that Dorian had fired Bo as police commissioner and hired the corrupt former Mayor Lowell, Blair related that they were appalled by Dorian's actions and could no longer reside under her roof.

Later, Blair pulled Todd aside and asked if he had made any progress toward mending his relationship with Danielle. An emotional Todd informed Blair that Téa and Danielle had returned home to Tahiti. Relating that Danielle hated him for killing Ross, Todd told Blair that Téa had promised the teen that she would never reunite with Todd. He explained that Téa believed that Danielle would forgive him once she had time to process what had happened. Todd also admitted to Blair that he had told Téa that he loved her before she left.

Realizing that Todd was heartbroken over the lost of Téa and his daughter, Blair assured Todd that Téa and Danielle would eventually return to Llanview, but Todd was doubtful. Blair insisted that Téa would never allow Danielle to hate Todd for the rest of his life. While Blair tried to cheer Todd up, Starr interrupted and announced that she was going out. To everyone's surprise, Todd lashed out at his daughter for being disrespectful. Afterward, Blair explained to a stunned Starr that Todd was depressed over losing Téa and pleaded with her daughter to understand.

Once Todd's mood had softened, he asked Blair if she was involved with someone. Blair refused to provide him with any information, and insisted that she was capable of taking care of herself. As Todd continued to pressure Blair for answers about her love life, Jack interrupted his parents and suggested that the family play a game. While everyone prepared to enjoy family time together, Blair removed Elijah's business card from her pocket, and smiled to herself.

Later, Blair observed Todd slip out of the house unnoticed by the others. Peering from the doorway, Blair watched as Todd stood outside and stared at Téa's photo. Blair stepped back inside the house and tightly held onto Elijah's card. Out on the porch, Todd looked up at the sky and called out, "Goodnight, Téa!"

In Tahiti, Téa and Danielle arrived at the home they once shared with Ross. Stepping inside the familiar home, Danielle couldn't help but remember the good times she spent with Ross. As she comforted her daughter, Téa had a flashback of the intimate encounter that she had shared with Todd earlier that day. A sobbing Danielle thanked her mother for returning home.

Back in Llanview, at the drug rehabilitation center, a triumphant Schuyler happily announced to Rachel that Gigi had chosen him over Rex. A call from Téa interrupted Schuyler and Rachel's discussion. Téa phoned to inform Rachel that she and Danielle were in Tahiti. Rachel was shocked to learn that Todd had agreed to allow Téa to leave with Danielle without a fight. Téa told Rachel that Todd had confessed that he loved her and his only wish was for her and Danielle to be happy. Insisting that Todd had changed, Téa added that he would be fine because he would eventually turn to Blair. Rachel wondered if Téa would return to Llanview someday. Observing her distraught daughter, Téa responded, "I hope so. That would mean that I told Danielle the truth and that she's ready to meet her father!"

After ending her call to Rachel, Téa returned to her daughter's side. Reminiscing about her father, Danielle declared, "My father would still be alive if that bastard hadn't shot him!" Attempting to reason with Danielle, Téa reminded the teen that Todd had only acted in her best interest when he shot Ross. Later that night, Danielle made a shrine to honor Ross. Crying uncontrollably, Danielle removed a photo of Ross from the stand and placed it next to her as she lay on the floor. Meanwhile, consumed with thoughts of Todd, Téa stepped outside to be alone. Staring up at the sky, Téa whispered, "I miss you Todd! Goodnight!"

Once she regained her composure, Téa stepped back inside and closed the door. Moments later, a man who was holding his shoulder and grimacing in pain stumbled to the door. The man was Ross Rayburn.

Back in Llanview, Rachel listened as Schuyler discussed his future with Gigi and Shane. Schuyler considered renting a two-bedroom apartment to accommodate Shane. Reminding Schuyler that Shane resented him, Rachel doubted that Rex would allow Shane to reside in a home with Schuyler. To Rachel's surprise, Schuyler presented her with a proposition. Schuyler suggested that he and Rachel become roommates.

At Rodi's, Rex and Gigi met to discuss their separation and Shane's future. Gigi was shocked when Rex informed her that he had consulted with an attorney about seeking full custody of Shane. Convinced that Rex was determined to punish her, Gigi reminded him that it had been his idea to separate while she figured things out. When an angry Rex accused Gigi of being in love with Schuyler for several months, Gigi lashed out at him for sleeping with Stacy.

After an intense argument, Rex told Gigi that it was in Shane's best interest for Gigi to raise their son at the cottage. Rex agreed to move out of the cottage under one condition -- Schuyler was to never to go near Shane. Unable to reason with Rex, Gigi finally agreed to his terms. As Gigi walked away, she looked back at Rex and told him that she still cared for him. Turning away, a devastated Rex simply replied, "Don't!"

Later, Gigi paid Schuyler a visit at the drug rehabilitation center. Excusing herself, Rachel told Schuyler that she had to tell Greg the news. Alone with Gigi, Schuyler informed her that he and Rachel had decided to share an apartment. Noticing that Gigi was distracted, Schuyler wondered how her visit with Rex had gone. Schuyler became frustrated when Gigi related Rex's terms. Upon learning that Rex had agreed to move out of the cottage, Schuyler wondered if Rex might move in with Stacy. After a long sigh, Gigi responded, "Please, don't go there!"

After an intense struggle with Nurse Charles, Stacy managed to pierce the woman with her own syringe. Once the woman fell to the floor, Stacy attempted to flee the loft, but nearly panicked when she discovered Mitch Laurence standing in the doorway. In a stern voice, Mitch declared, "You're the vessel and you're carrying my future. Whether you follow me or you're taken is entirely up to you!"

When Stacy made an attempt to phone the police, Mitch laughed and announced that Lowell was the new police commissioner. Relating that Lowell had dropped the charges against him, Mitch informed her that he owned Lowell. Mitch ordered Stacy to leave with him, but she continued to resist. Losing patience with Stacy, Mitch exclaimed, "You're mine, at least until my grandson is born, afterward, I'll have no use for you! This kid is mine!"

Terrified, Stacy blurted out, "It's not your grandchild!" An amused Mitch listened as Stacy explained that she lost Rex's baby and became pregnant by someone else. While Mitch refused to believe her, they both noticed that Nurse Charles had regained consciousness. Mitch instructed the nurse to help him carry Stacy out of the apartment.

As Mitch and Nurse Charles wrestled with a feisty Stacy, Rex opened the door and demanded to know what was going on. Stacy rushed into Rex's arms and sobbed uncontrollably. Believing that Mitch had escaped from jail, Rex announced that he was phoning the police. Insisting that the charges against him had been dropped, Mitch told Rex that Bo had been fired. Refusing to believe Mitch's claims, Rex phoned the precinct and was shocked by the news.

When Stacy threatened to press charges against him for kidnapping, Mitch claimed that he and the nurse showed up at the loft to provide Stacy with medical care for his unborn grandchild. Showing Mitch the door, Rex warned Mitch to never approach Stacy again. With a sly smile, Mitch stated, "You're not going to kill your father!"

Once Mitch and Nurse Charles had left, an emotional Stacy flew into a panic. She explained to Rex that Mitch wanted to steal her unborn child and then do away with her. Fearing that Mitch would return, Stacy insisted, "He's going to hurt me because I'm all alone!" To Stacy's surprise, Rex declared, "You're not alone. I'm moving back!" A look of relief crossed Stacy's face.

At La Boulaie, Dorian's dead husband, Mel, appeared before her. Presenting her with a rose, Mel exclaimed, "Another fine mess you've gotten yourself into!" Reminding Dorian that he always paid her a visit when she was experiencing a crisis, Mel stated that he wanted to help her. When Mel shook his head in disgust concerning Dorian's recent behavior, Dorian insisted that Mitch would kill her family unless she did his bidding. Mel inquired about Dorian's next move. Dorian pleaded with him to provide her with an answer, as he always had done in the past. Mel stated that Mitch would leave her alone if she were no longer the mayor. Insisting that she wasn't a quitter, Dorian refused to resign from her office.

Appearing defeated, Dorian told Mel that she was helpless and that Mitch owned her. Mel insisted that Dorian was a strong woman and would need all her strength to fight Mitch. Suddenly, Dorian announced that she could kill Mitch. Mel expressed his displeasure at the idea of Dorian committing murder, and related that Mitch Laurence would never remain dead. When Dorian pleaded with Mel to provide her with a solution to her problem, Mel asked her to dance with him. Dorian doubted that a dance would provide her with an answer, but Mel urged her to give it a chance.

As Mel held her in his arms, Dorian moaned in delight, "Oh, Mel!" Mel warned Dorian to save her soul and not to contemplate murdering Mitch. When Mel announced that he had to leave, Dorian pleaded, "You can't go. You haven't told me what to do! Don't leave me all alone in this house!" Looking back, Mel stated that she was never alone because he was always in her heart. Afterward, Dorian sat alone and declared, "You're right I'm not alone! I'm going to figure out something!" Dorian was horrified when Mitch appeared before her and joked, "Honey, I'm home!"

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