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Dorian accused Bo of having an affair with the district attorney and of corruption. Kyle caught Nick in a lie. Kyle and Fish made love. Ford couldn't stop thinking about Langston. Schuyler and Gigi slept together. Rex warned Mitch to stay away from his family. Danielle stole a gun and went looking for Todd. Téa agreed to end her relationship with Todd to make Danielle happy.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 4, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, December 28, 2009

Don't Get Mad, Get Even

Rachel was startled to discover Schuyler residing at the drug rehabilitation center. Schuyler explained that Roxy had evicted him upon learning that Rex and Gigi had separated, as a result of Schuyler's interference. Although he was adamant about pursuing a relationship with Gigi, Schuyler asked Rachel for her opinion. Advising Schuyler to tell Gigi that he had fathered Stacy's child, Rachel warned Schuyler that his relationship with Gigi didn't stand a chance unless he told her the truth. A determined Schuyler announced that he would reveal the truth to Gigi once he was convinced that she loved him half as much as he loved her.

When Gigi arrived at the cottage to see Shane, she was surprised by his cold behavior. Noelle listened quietly as Shane asked his mother to return home, but Gigi maintained that she needed time alone. Shane wondered if Gigi had decided to leave his father for Schuyler. Avoiding Shane's question, Gigi promised her son that she would never abandon him. Upset by his mother's failure to give him a direct answer, Shane stormed out of the room.

While Noelle attempted to console her friend, Gigi feared that she had become a terrible person. When Gigi confessed that she desired to be with Schuyler, Noelle questioned if Gigi loved Schuyler. Never stating that she loved him, Gigi admitted that Schuyler made her feel special, but she also revealed that she felt guilty about betraying Rex. Gigi wondered if she wasn't meant to be with Rex. Suggesting that Gigi follow her heart, Noelle agreed that Rex might not be the right man for Gigi.

Shane returned and invited Gigi to join him and Rex for pizza, but she declined. After a brief hug, a distraught Shane exited the room. Gigi was devastated. Comforting her friend, Noelle advised, "You're a great mother, now it's time for you to be a happy woman. You deserve it!"

Later, Gigi phoned Schuyler and invited him to spend New Year's Eve with her at the cabin.

While Oliver stood guard outside Mitch's hospital room, Rex approached and requested a short visit with Mitch. Meanwhile, Mitch placed a phone call to Dorian. Reminding Dorian that he had provided her with ample evidence, Mitch demanded that Dorian fire Bo as police commissioner. Dorian insisted that she had to confirm that the evidence was legitimate, and asked for more time. Mitch refused to grant her request, and ordered Dorian to complete the task within twenty-four hours, otherwise danger would befall the Cramer women.

At the police station, John asked Bo and Nora to close the case on Mitch's suicide attempt. Indicating that the evidence supported his statement, John requested that his superiors put an end to the madness and focus on the pending charges facing Mitch. Before either Bo or Nora could respond, Natalie burst into the room and announced, "John didn't do anything!" When Nora questioned whether Natalie had provided a statement, John reminded Nora that Natalie had experienced a tremendous loss and suggested that they close the case without a statement from her. Relating that the Internal Affairs division wasn't pursuing the case, Nora agreed to close the investigation.

A nervous Natalie questioned whether Mitch would beat the charges and be released. Nora and Bo appeared suspicious when Natalie expressed concern that Mitch might harm John. Realizing that Natalie's behavior was arousing suspicion, John immediately ushered her out of the office. Afterward, Nora asked Bo if he believed John's claim that Mitch had stabbed himself. Bo admitted that he didn't believe John and wondered if his police lieutenant had done the deed himself. Although skeptical of John's story, both Bo and Nora agreed not to waste department resources smearing a good cop. They decided to focus on charging Mitch for the murders of Wayne Landers and Pamela Stewart.

Observing John and Natalie through Bo's office window, Nora questioned why Clint hadn't told Natalie about the breakup between Nora and Clint. Deep in thought, Nora exclaimed, "What is he waiting for?" Bo was convinced that Clint would move on, but Nora warned him that Clint was out for blood. Bo received a call from Oliver, who alerted Bo that Rex wanted to visit Mitch. Bo asked to speak with his friend. After advising Rex to walk away, Bo finally agreed to allow him to visit Mitch.

When Rex entered Mitch's hospital room, Mitch smiled and declared, "Hello son, I've been expecting you!" An infuriated Rex warned Mitch to stay away from Natalie, but Mitch informed Rex that his interest wasn't in Natalie. Rex was startled when Mitch announced that his only desire was for Rex and Rex's unborn child to become Mitch's followers. Rex stated that he would never leave Gigi and Shane. Rex was stunned when Mitch questioned why Rex would want a woman who had left him for a drug addict. Mitch also stated that Rex already knew the truth -- Gigi would never return to him. Rex couldn't believe Mitch was aware of the problems that existed between Rex and Gigi.

As Rex stared at him in disbelief, Mitch suggested that Rex start fresh and join Mitch's commune once his heir was born. Enraged, Rex warned Mitch to stay away from Gigi, Shane, and Stacy. Referring to Bo as Rex's surrogate father, Mitch blamed Bo for poisoning Rex against him. With an evil smirk, Mitch announced that Bo would be the first person that Mitch targeted.

Oliver observed Rex's nervous demeanor as Rex exited the room. Rex was dumbfounded when Oliver mentioned that Stacy had also paid Mitch a visit.

At Rex's loft, Kim received a call from Clint. The ex-stripper was delighted when Clint requested her presence at the mansion. After hanging up with Clint, Kim observed Stacy, who was deep in thought. Kim was surprised when Stacy related that Mitch wanted Stacy's baby. Explaining that Mitch had promised to help Stacy get her hooks into Rex, Stacy stated that Mitch wanted her unborn baby in exchange for his efforts. Kim questioned how Mitch could make good on the deal if Stacy gave the child away. Stacy told Kim that Oliver had burst into the room before Mitch could provide any details.

Kim wondered how Stacy intended to handle Mitch. Declaring that she was growing close to her unborn child, Stacy admitted that she was torn over keeping her child or having a romantic relationship with Rex. Kim worried that Mitch might harm Stacy if he learned that Rex wasn't the father of her baby. Reminding her friend that Mitch was dangerous, Kim suggested that Stacy string Mitch along until she made a decision. After offering her words of wisdom, Kim raced off to meet Clint.

Clint wasn't pleased when Dorian paid him a visit at the Buchanan mansion. Announcing that a scandal was brewing, Dorian handed Clint a photo of Bo and Nora kissing, and questioned if he was aware of the situation. Realizing that the photo had been taken on the night of the party at the lodge, Clint assured Dorian that her evidence was real. Dorian told Clint that she had planned to endorse Bo at the Mayor's Ball that evening, but she didn't know if that was a wise choice based on the revelation. When Dorian asked Clint to advise her on how to handle the problem, she was surprised when Clint declared, "Fire Bo's ass!" Dorian feared facing Clint's wrath if she exposed the secret and fired Bo, but Clint encouraged her to embarrass Bo and Nora publicly. Clint agreed to be present when Dorian humiliated Bo and Nora at the ball.

Moments later, Kim arrived at the mansion, and was thrilled when Clint invited her to join him at the Mayor's Ball. When Kim stated that she didn't have anything to wear, Clint told her that they were going shopping for dresses. Kim squealed in delight.

Rex stormed into the loft and demanded to know why Stacy had visited Mitch at the hospital. Expressing her fear of Mitch, Stacy told Rex that she had warned Mitch to stay away from her baby. As Rex continued to chastise her, Stacy rubbed her stomach and told Rex that she felt the baby kick. Rex inquired whether that was the first time Stacy had felt the baby kick. He informed Stacy that she should've experienced the child kicking over the past few weeks. Claiming that baby had kicked several times, a nervous Stacy asked Rex to experience the miracle for himself. With his hand on Stacy's stomach, Rex admitted that he felt closer to the baby.

A telephone call interrupted Stacy and Rex's special moment. When Stacy answered the call, Mitch chimed, "Time for my answer!" An arrogant Stacy replied, "No!" Angered, Mitch asked, "Will you give me your baby?" Stacy responded, "No! Don't call again!"

Back at the police station, John and Natalie discussed their dilemma outside of Bo's office. While John tried to convince her that the evidence supported his claim, Natalie feared that the murder weapon might be discovered. John advised her that the case was over, but Natalie mumbled, "It'll never be over as long as that monster is alive!"

As Bo and Nora exited the office and approached John and Natalie, Dorian arrived with invitations to the Mayor's Ball. Bo, Nora, John, and Natalie declined the invitation, but Dorian persisted until they all agreed to attend. Promising to put Mitch away for good, Dorian asked Bo to publicly announce his plans regarding Mitch at the ball. Heading toward the door, Dorian promised that the night would be eventful.

Later, Clint escorted Kim back to the loft. Examining the many garment bags, Kim apologized for being unable to pick an outfit to wear to the ball. Promising to choose a dress for the evening, Kim informed Clint that she would return the other dresses. Advising her to keep all the dresses, Clint related that he would find a reason for her to wear them. Staring at the expensive garments, Kim could barely contain herself.

Out in the hall, Clint received a call from Dorian. Dorian reported that Bo and Nora would be in attendance at the ball. When Dorian inquired whether he would make an appearance, Clint asked, "Do you plan on humiliating Bo and Nora?" Once Dorian promised to expose that the police commissioner and district attorney were having an affair, Clint agreed to attend the event.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

Roxy nabbed Schuyler as he left the Angel Square Hotel after retrieving some clothing from his room. She reminded him that she had kicked him out, and called him a home wrecker. She wanted him to stay away and advised him that she had given up his room to someone else. Schuyler was confused, noting that his room was the same as the way he left it. Gruffly, she asked him where he was going and told him he was a snake who cheated, lied, and stole to get what he wanted.

Down the hall, Oliver was ready to hit the town with Kyle who reluctantly advised his boyfriend that he wouldn't be able to go out because he needed to stay behind to keep an eye on Nick. They headed into Kyle's room as an unhappy Oliver attempted to get Kyle to change his mind. He was sure that Nick would be fine. Nick lay in the bed with his ear buds in his ears, presumably listening to his music. Kyle was worried that Nick might need him. Oliver was suspicious and even more so when Roxy arrived and wanted to know why Nick was still there. She reminded Kyle that she had called him and told him about the freed up room for Nick.

Kyle denied receiving the phone call and imagined that Roxy had it wrong and was confused. After she left, Oliver suggested that someone else had answered Kyle's phone. Pulling the ear buds from his ears, Nick spoke up and denied that Roxy had called. Oliver thought that they should move Nick to the other room right away, and offered to start packing up his things. Nick groaned in pain as Kyle helped him from the bed. "He's working you," Oliver insisted to Kyle who accused Oliver of acting like a cop since he always seemed suspicious of everyone.

Oliver also refused to believe that Amelia had turned down Nick's request for help and thought that Nick hadn't really called her. He thought that Nick was trying to win Kyle back. Oliver and Kyle began to argue until Kyle emphasized that he and Nick wouldn't have been together in the first place if Oliver hadn't been so afraid of "coming out of the closet." Oliver left hurriedly, his feelings hurt.

Matthew confronted Bo in their hotel room, and advised his father that he knew why they were staying at the Palace. The father and son had a heart-to-heart discussion about Bo and Nora being back together. Matthew felt bad for his uncle Clint, but Bo pointed out that Matthew had nothing to do with what had happened. Bo was thrilled that he, Matthew, and Nora would finally be together as a family. He was equally thrilled that Matthew was walking with the use of a cane. Matthew wondered what would happen to Danielle since she was in his family's care.

Danielle arrived to pick up Matthew for the party at Ultraviolet. As she waited, she watched closely as Bo picked up his gun, hit the code on the hotel safe and placed the gun safely inside of it. As Bo headed out the door to the Mayor's Ball, Danielle admitted that suddenly she wasn't in the mood for a party. She urged Matthew to go without her and when they left the room, she left the door slightly ajar. She bid farewell to Matthew at the elevator and slipped back into the room. Entering the code on the safe, she successfully opened the door and removed Bo's gun.

Nora stopped by Téa's room to let her know that Matthew and Danielle were going to Ultraviolet for the evening. She assured Téa that Rex had promised to keep his eye on them. She felt that Danielle needed to be distracted. Téa admitted that she knew about Bo and Nora being together but assured Nora that she hadn't heard people talking about them. Nora declared that Dorian had persuaded her and Bo to attend the ball. and she was relieved that Clint wouldn't be there.

Téa made sure that Nora was aware that she wasn't with Todd and that he had merely invited her to his house for the holiday. Upon further questioning from Nora, Téa disclosed that she still loved Todd. Nora pointed out that Danielle had been through a lot and she was afraid that Danielle would refuse to see her mother if Téa was with Todd.

At the Mayor's Ball, Dorian and Clint anxiously awaited Nora and Bo's arrival. Clint was curious as to why Dorian wanted to fire Bo, but she was elusive. She couldn't believe they were both on the same side and solo for the evening. He greeted Kim with a kiss on the cheek when she arrived. Graciously, Clint introduced the two women to each other, and advised Dorian that Kim was his executive assistant. He advised Dorian that his hands were clean and that the reporters in attendance had been given "pertinent information."

Starr and Cole said goodbye to Blair as they headed out for a night at Ultraviolet. Blair was happy to stay home to babysit for her granddaughter and invited Todd to keep her company after he finished saying goodnight to Sam and Jack. She thought it would be fun to keep watch over Hope together. They spoke about Danielle, and Todd admitted that he would probably never tell the teen that he was her father since she hated him so much. Blair was curious about Téa spending Christmas with Todd and the boys. Shrugging, Todd disclosed that he felt bad for Téa being alone. Blair wanted to know if Todd still loved Téa.

He reminded her that Téa had lied about their daughter, but she quickly asked him if he had ever lied. Blair acknowledged that she had done everything she could to win Todd back but she was finished. That was the reason that she had sent him to Seattle to see Téa. She again wondered about Todd's feelings for Téa. As Todd relented and admitted that he still loved Téa, Danielle showed up and watched from the patio doors, gun in hand.

Clarifying his statement, Todd stressed that he both loved and hated Téa. Offering some unsolicited advice, Blair advised him that he and Téa were both suffering and she urged him to forgive Téa and let things go. She thought that Danielle might start to heal if both Todd and Téa were able to do so. As she went upstairs to check on Hope, Blair urged Todd to visit Téa. Danielle burst through the patio doors with the gun pointed at Todd. She informed him that she wanted to kill him because he had killed her father.

Gigi nervously prepared for her evening with Schuyler at Viki's cabin. "I can't do this," she blurted out as she blew out the candles she had lit. She turned on the light and hastily covered herself up with an oversized sweatshirt. She greeted Schuyler at the door with some hesitation. Shyly, he admitted that he had equipped himself with the ingredients for Gigi's drink of choice, food he had prepared, and a music mix of Gigi's favorite songs. He was confused by Gigi's demeanor, though, and thought she looked like she just wanted to watch the ball drop.

Gigi admitted that she had a confession and explained that she had lit "millions" of candles and was actually wearing a dress that was probably illegal in many states. She felt like a fraud because she had never been with anyone but Rex and she didn't know how to behave. Schuyler assured her that they would take it slowly. They shared a slow dance. Schuyler admitted that he didn't tell Gigi he was kicked out of the hotel because he didn't want Gigi to feel obligated to ask him to stay. She surprised him and asked him to spend the night with her.

Rex prepared Ultraviolet for the all-ages New Year's Eve party and advised his bartender that Gigi would not be there. Stacy arrived and shouted at Shaun and Destiny for bumping into her and spilling a drink. Shaun disclosed to his sist er that Dorian had hired him to watch over Starr and Langston without their knowing it.

Markko asked Langston why she had mentioned Ford at her mother's house previously. Langston promised Markko that he was her one true love and referred to Ford as simply a distraction. She was not unhappy when Ford turned up at the club. Cole and Starr spoke of the ups and downs they had shared during the year before and Cole promised that things would be better. They were ecstatic when they saw Matthew walk through the door on his own. Destiny was thrilled to see that he arrived alone. Starr hugged Matthew who cut Cole off when he started to mention the accident. Matthew assured his old friend it was just a memory as he gave him a hug.

Rex demanded to know what Stacy was doing at his club. He also asked about the paternity test because he had been excited to feel the baby kick. He wanted the truth and wanted to know if her baby was really his. Just then, Oliver arrived alone. Stacy swore that the baby was Rex's. "I wish this was your baby," she whispered in Rex's direction as he walked away.

Destiny chatted with Matthew and confessed that she had something to tell him. Gathering her courage, she told him that she loved him. Matthew's eyes widened in surprise.

After Nora had gone, Téa was surprised to find Elijah on the other side of her door, dressed in a tuxedo and holding a bottle. He asked her to spend New Year's Eve with him and mentioned that he had an extra ticket to the mayor's ball. At first she declined but relented when Elijah assured her she'd have fun. He offered a toast for a good year.

Clint was happy to see Nora and Bo arrive. "Let the good times roll," he muttered to Dorian who headed to the podium. She welcomed everyone to the ball and talked about the accountability and strong ethics that her office stood for. She stressed the importance of fairness and righteousness and pointed out that no one had more integrity than Bo and Nora as her police commissioner and district attorney. She called them up to the podium and cited their honesty and trustworthiness. One of the members of the press called out and asked about the rumors and suddenly, one by one, the reporters shouted out questions about the couple having an affair and living together. Clint smirked as the planted information was revealed.

Pretending to be surprised, Dorian turned to the accused couple. Awkwardly, Bo stressed that he and Nora had separate rooms while Nora admitted that she had left her husband. They denied having an affair. Someone handed Dorian the photo of the couple sharing a kiss on the night before Nora's wedding.

Nearby, Kim, acting on behalf of Clint, told a reporter that Clint was sorry but he had no control over the situation. He only wanted happiness for Bo and Nora. Out of the public eye, Nora and Bo agreed that Clint had set them up, though they wondered what was in it for Dorian. The mayor, appearing to be in shock, announced that she was a mayor of action. She made it clear that she had zero tolerance for anyone who would undermine her office's integrity. As she looked at the Cramer family photo with the crossed out faces, she fired Bo.

Kyle apologized to Nick for Oliver's behavior as Nick sat beside him and massaged the tension in Kyle's back. He leaned in and kissed Kyle soundly.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Because The Night Belongs To Us

Todd was stunned to see his latest daughter aiming a gun at him as Danielle stalked into La Boulaie from the patio doors. Raising his hands in the air, Todd told Danielle she didn't want to hurt anyone, but Danielle screamed at him to stay away. Hearing the commotion, Blair rushed back downstairs and took control of the situation by attempting to calm Danielle. "He killed my dad!" Danielle cried, but Blair insisted that wasn't true; her father was alive.

Unwilling to let his secret be revealed at the worst possible moment, Todd took the reins of the conversation and ordered Blair not to give Danielle "false hope." He told Danielle he didn't blame her for wanting him dead, and said he'd sought vengeance against people who'd hurt his loved ones in the same way, but in the end, he'd only hurt himself. Blair begged Danielle to think things through; she said that, like Danielle, she'd once been a child who'd felt she had no one, but Danielle did have people around her who loved her. Blair told her that her world wouldn't always seem so horrible, and pleaded with the teen not to throw her life away.

Danielle crumpled under Blair's pleas and burst into tears. "I really love my dad," she said simply as Todd walked over to her and took the gun from her hands. Overcome, Danielle collapsed into Blair's arms.

At the Mayor's Ball at the Palace Hotel, Elijah and Téa strained to make a night of it despite her fears about Danielle. They were as stunned as the rest of the crowd, however, when Dorian announced that she was firing Bo. As Kim and Clint laughed at Bo and Nora's misfortune, Dorian demanded Bo's badge. Nora refused to allow Bo to relinquish his position and warned Dorian that they'd fight her.

As Dorian pontificated about the importance of her running a "squeaky clean administration," the press, angling for comments on the latest Buchanan scandal, swarmed Bo, Nora, and Clint. Bo refused to speak, while Clint told one reporter, simply, "actions have consequences." Another reporter asked Dorian if she'd picked a replacement for Bo, but Dorian said there would be time for that in the new year, and wished the crowd a happy evening.

As the crowd broke up, Bo and Nora privately raged at Dorian. They turned around to see Elijah and Téa , who were promising to offer any legal help they could in a wrongful termination suit against Dorian. "I owe you," Téa insisted.

Just then, Téa's phone rang; it was Todd. "I need you," Todd said, and told her to head to La Boulaie, that something had happened with Danielle. Sensing trouble, Elijah and Téa made tracks.

Bo was unable to stop a fuming Nora from making a beeline for Dorian, and found himself confronting Clint and Kim instead. Clint taunted Bo about his various firings and resignations from office, and reminded his little brother that he could no longer go back to Buchanan Enterprises for another replacement job. Bo sarcastically marveled at how much Clint resembled Asa, right down to the gorgeous young woman on his arm; he asked his brother if that was who Clint had become, and wondered how it felt. "I'm great," Clint assured him, as he escorted Kim onto the dance floor, while Bo was left to stare mournfully at his badge.

Not far away, Nora lashed out at Dorian, and asked if she'd planned the entire evening as revenge on her for past slights. She castigated Mayor Lord for making Bo a target in what she believed was a private rivalry between them. Dorian scoffed at Nora's "self-absorption," and said that Nora had hurt Bo far worse than Dorian ever could due to Nora's string of lies and infidelities. Dorian informed Nora that Nora was lucky to be an elected official, otherwise Nora's resignation would have been demanded as well. Dorian suggested that Llanview's district attorney do the right thing and voluntarily resign.

As Dorian slunk off, another battery of reporters confronted Bo and Nora . Bo again refused to comment, but a heated Nora chose to speak for the record: she told the press that Dorian Lord was mayor of Llanview but not queen, and if she chose to "take off [Bo's] head," she would have to face the wrath of the people.

After their dance, Clint thanked Kim for all her help; she'd gone above and beyond the call of duty as an "executive assistant." Smitten, Kim told him he made it easy.

Back at La Boulaie, Elijah and Téa arrived to see to Danielle. Todd handed Bo's gun to Elijah and told him to make it disappear, while Téa rushed to her hysterical daughter's side. "I miss Daddy," Danielle sobbed, lying on the couch. "It hurts so bad!" She told Téa she couldn't understand how her mother could have anything to do with Todd after what he'd done to Ross, and Danielle swore she'd hate Todd forever. Desperate to calm the girl, Téa told Danielle that she and Todd were over, for good, while Todd listened, silent.

While Elijah and Téa escorted Danielle back to the Palace, Blair attempted to console Todd. Todd said he knew Danielle wasn't ready to know the truth about him, and if Téa had her way, the girl might never know. He said he understood Téa's reasoning; she was giving him up for their daughter. Blair assured him that there would be a day when Danielle needed both her parents, sooner or later.

At the Palace, Elijah sneaked in and out of Bo's hotel suite to deposit Bo's service pistol, just in time to meet Bo and Nora in the corridor. Exchanging brief pleasantries with them , he hurried into the elevator and reunited with Téa at her suite below. Téa left the sleeping Danielle's side just long enough for Elijah to inform her that he'd placed Bo's gun back in the wall safe; no one would know Danielle had taken the weapon. Thanking Elijah for his help, Téa wished him a happy new year.

Back upstairs, Bo and Nora shared a champagne toast. Nora told him that Dorian wouldn't get the last word on his career in law enforcement, and apologized for costing him both his job and his family. Bo said he loved both things, but all that really mattered to him was her and Matthew, and with them by his side, he could handle anything. Nora was ready to leave for her room, but Bo asked her to stay; there was no longer any need for them to be discreet, and he wanted them to ring in the new year together.

At Viki's cabin on Llantano Mountain, Gigi and Schuyler continued to kiss passionately. Schuyler broke away long enough to ask Gigi if she was sure that she knew what she wanted; he didn't want to take advantage of her. "Shut up," Gigi replied. "Shut up and make love to me."

As Schuyler unrolled a blanket, Gigi admitted that she was nervous. Schuyler assured her she had nothing to fear, and held out his hand. Slowly, they undressed each other and sank onto the blanket by the roaring fire to make love.

Afterwards, Gigi told Schuyler it had been "amazing." "I love you," he replied. He apologized for being so blunt, but he'd wanted her to know how he felt, wanted to make sure she knew, "this is the happiest night of my life."

At the Angel Square Hotel, all was not so well as Kyle pulled back from Nick's unwanted kiss. Stumbling away, Kyle told Nick that he was with Oliver, but Nick reminded him that Oliver wasn't there; Nick was, and Kyle could have Nick without Oliver ever knowing. Disgusted, Kyle asked if Nick had been lying all along; Kyle asked if Nick had known about Roxy's phone call about the available room. Nick claimed that he hadn't, but gave his lie away when he mentioned Schuyler as the previous tenant, as Roxy had not mentioned Schuyler earlier in the evening. Kyle picked up on the mistake and decided to call Amelia to make sure that there was no room at La Boulaie; desperate, Nick knocked the phone out of his hands.

"Oliver was right," Kyle realized; Nick had been playing on his sympathy. Nick broke down and sobbed as he told Kyle he simply hadn't wanted to be alone. Not long before , it had been as though he'd had everything going for him: a great guy, a wedding, and then he'd found himself alone in a dark alley, beaten nearly to death. Kyle had been at the hospital to help him, and then Nick found that he could no longer handle being alone, not at the hospital nor at home, not even in everyday life. Kyle was overcome as he realized how traumatic Nick's assault had been for him.

Nick apologized for his behavior, and said he'd thought only of his own pain, not of Kyle's love for Oliver. Kyle said he was sorry as well. Nick moved to pack his things, and said he'd find a place to stay, either across the hall or with Amelia; meanwhile, Kyle needed to work things out with Oliver. "Go," Nick urged his ex.

At Ultra Violet, Stacy had a close call as she found Oliver standing right beside her and interrupting her overly vocal musings about her baby's father. Stacy feared how much he'd heard, but was relieved to learn Fish was none the wiser. As Oliver moved away to speak to Rex, Stacy patted her belly and told her unborn child that the situation had been too close.

Greeting Oliver, Rex told him that the table Oliver had reserved for himself and Kyle was ready, but Oliver said it wouldn't be necessary, as Kyle had chosen to be with someone else for New Year's Eve. "I know how you feel," Rex replied sullenly, and offered Oliver drinks on the house in the spirit of solidarity. As they headed for the bar, Oliver politely declined, mentioning the last time he'd drank too much and flashing back to his wild night with Stacy.

Hurrying away from "her two daddies," Stacy once again ran smack into Shaun, spilling yet another drink. The bashful bodyguard and expectant mother again traded barbs, and Shaun warned Stacy that her attitude would eventually warrant a "smackdown" from someone. Stacy sneered that she wasn't scared of Shaun, as her baby's father was right behind them - then, she inadvertently pointed in the direction of both Rex and Fish.

As Kyle arrived at the club, Rex informed him that Oliver had just left. But before he could exit, Kyle was pleasantly surprised to run into Oliver, who was still on the premises. Kyle told Oliver he'd discovered Nick's deception and apologized profusely. He pleaded for another chance at their big New Year's evening together. Oliver agreed and suggested they grab some drinks, but Kyle grinned wickedly and said he had a better idea as he escorted Oliver out.

At the other side of the club, Langston was shocked to see the hunky Ford back in town. She said she'd just been talking about him, and Ford smoothly replied that he'd been thinking about her, too, and all sorts of possibilities. Just then, Shaun arrived, cutting into the moment to give Ford the stare of death and pointedly reminding the young man about Langston's boyfriend. Langston assured Shaun that Ford was no threat and sent him packing. She apologized to Ford for her mother's overprotectiveness.

As Langston asked Ford what he was doing back in Llanview, Markko popped up, irate and eager for an answer himself. Ford asked Markko how his film career was going, and Markko proudly laid out his accomplishments in his first semester at Llanview University. He was dismayed to learn that Ford would be the teacher's assistant for his post-production seminar in the new year, and even more annoyed when Ford waxed rhapsodic about "teaching the kids." Ford offered to get Langston and Markko drinks, then caught himself, grinning as he pointed at Markko and cried, "underage!" He bid the teens goodnight and happy new year.

As Ford strutted away, Langston remained besotted, commenting on how wild it was to see him again. "Wild," Markko muttered. Langston was taken aback to realize Markko was still threatened by the young producer.

Retreating to their individual corners, Langston and Markko spoke separately to Starr and Cole about Ford's return to Llanview. Both Langston and Cole insisted, to Starr and Markko, that Langston had no interest in Ford, but the girls couldn't help admiring the guy's physique from across the club. As Markko noticed other women admiring Ford at the bar, he told Cole he was making another new year's resolution: "I'm hitting the gym everyday!"

Nearby, Matthew was stunned by Destiny's confession of love. "I thought we were friends," he began. Destiny said they had been, but she felt that it was time for them to "level up" and become something more. Tongue-tied, Matthew struggled to form words as Destiny explained that she couldn't let another day go by without letting him know how she felt.

"I really like you," Matthew began slowly, and Destiny's heart sank. "But not like Danielle," she finished, crestfallen. Matthew insisted that wasn't it; he didn't think about Danielle, or anyone, that way for the time being.

Matthew said he wanted them to simply remain friends, but Destiny didn't buy it, and said he wanted the prettier, skinnier girl. Angry, Destiny told him he was just like Rachel; he wanted to have it all and use people to get what he wanted. She told Matthew he could have Danielle, for as long as it lasted, and ran out of the club in tears, with Shaun following close behind.

Outside UV, Shaun consoled his little sister, who said that Matthew was no better than Greg and Rachel; he'd used her. Shaun disagreed, and said that he and Rachel had never had the foundation or rapport she and Matthew did. He asked Destiny if she was really willing to lose Matthew's friendship just because he didn't share her feelings.

Inside the club, Starr and Cole comforted Matthew after his confrontation with Destiny. The couple told Matthew he'd done the right thing by being honest, but Matthew was afraid he'd lost Destiny's confidence forever.

Back at the bar, a lonely Rex found himself comforted by Stacy. She told him her new year's resolution was to become a better person for their child, who needed someone to look up to. Rex wished he could believe her, and Stacy told him to wait and see; she was going to start all over, and they could both see 2010 as a new beginning.

At the Angel Square Hotel, Oliver was surprised to see how Kyle had redecorated his newly vacant apartment, complete with candles and champagne, a gift from Roxy. Oliver studied himself in the mirror, doubtful about their next move, but as Kyle caressed him, he made up his mind. After slowly undressing and kissing, Kyle and Oliver sank onto the bed to make love by candlelight for the first time since their college days.

The countdown to midnight began across Llanview. In the Palace ballroom, Dorian hissed into her phone to tell Mitch she'd fired Bo. She ordered Mitch to "stay away from my girls." And back at Ultra Violet, Rex took the stage to begin the New Year's countdown with the crowd. Langston spotted Ford giving her the eye and managed to drag the sulking Markko's attention away from the hunk. She embraced Markko as the countdown reached "one" and the club rang in 2010. Rex took solace in a private moment with Stacy, who blew a party streamer at him playfully.

As fireworks exploded across the night sky, Gigi and Schuyler, wrapped in each other's arms, watched from Viki's cabin on Llantano Mountain, while far below, Kyle and Oliver basked in the afterglow at the Angel Square Hotel. "Is it always gonna be like this?" Oliver asked Kyle dazedly. "Always," Kyle replied, spooning Oliver and kissing his hand.

At the Palace, Bo and Nora watched the fireworks together. Nora told him they were starting the new year with a lot of trouble, but Bo assured her there was no one else he'd rather face it with, and kissed her passionately.

In the ballroom, Clint took Kim in his arms. "Kimberly Andrews, happy new year," he murmured, and sealed his declaration with a kiss.

In Téa's suite, Téa watched over the slumbering Danielle as the fireworks lit shadows on her windows.

At La Boulaie, Todd stood alone on the patio, and stared up at the sky. Blair noticed his sorrow and walked over to him. She leaned her head on his shoulder in a gesture of comfort.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Due to the extended New Year's holiday, ABC opted to broadcast encore presentations of recent memorable episodes in place of an original episode. This scheduling change was planned for, so there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the pre-emption.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, January 4 and pick up where Wednesday, December 30's episode concluded.

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Due to the New Year's holiday, today's episode of One Life to Live was pre-empted. This scheduling change was planned for in advance and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result. Regular programming will resume on Monday, January 4 and pick up where Wednesday, December 30's show concluded.

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