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Monday, January 4, 2010

At the courthouse, James joined Liza in an empty courtroom. Liza assumed that James would plead guilty. James anxiously looked around for Madison, and he revealed that she'd threatened him when she'd visited him earlier.

In the corridor, Jesse and Angie greeted Frankie and then entered the courtroom. Madison arrived and told Frankie that she'd showed up to save Frankie's family. She held up an attaché case that she'd retrieved from her father's house. She said that it was her insurance policy.

Madison and Frankie entered the courtroom just as the judge asked for James's plea. Madison discreetly flashed the attaché case at James, and James pleaded guilty. Liza asked for a moment with her client, but James said he knew what he was doing. He apologized to Madison for bullying her all of her life. He deeply regretted hurting her in any way. James humbly said that he wanted to get help, and he would get it. The judge accepted James's guilty plea.

After court's dismissal, Angie and Jesse asked Madison how she'd gotten through to James. Madison said she'd done what she was good at-blackmailing. She said that the information inside the attaché case could send James to prison for a lot longer than assault charges could. Since everyone was protected, Madison figured that she should get on a plane and start her life over somewhere else. Angie replied that Madison didn't have to run anymore.

When Frankie dropped Madison off at Jesse's house later, Madison thanked Frankie for believing in her. Frankie remarked that not many people would voluntarily make amends as Madison had done. She hoped it would be a good new year after all.

After Frankie left, Madison told Angie that it was hard to believe that it was really over. Angie said that it was over, but Madison still had some battles to fight. Angie reminded Madison that she had many people who'd support her until that nightmare completely ended.

In a hidden location in Gloucester, Greenlee awakened from her comma. She still believed that it was her wedding day, but David informed her that she'd been in a coma for nearly a year. He said that everyone she knew, including Ryan, believed that she'd died.

Greenlee panicked, upset that David had let everyone think that she was dead. She struggled to get out of bed, but David gently restrained her. He explained that he'd rescued her from an icy river after her motorcycle had veered off the road. He'd wanted to ensure that she'd actually survive before revealing that he'd found her. After she'd drifted in and out of a coma for months, he started her on an experimental drug that he'd never expected to work. David stated that he'd saved her life, as he'd been unable to do for his daughter or Leo.

Greenlee again tried to get up, but she suddenly realized that her legs weren't working. "Oh, my God, my legs! What's wrong with my legs?" she shrieked.

David explained that bone fragments lodged in her spine had caused extensive scarring. He'd procured a neurosurgeon that could operate to relieve the swelling and reattach her spine during an experimental stem cell procedure. David warned that the dangerous procedure could kill her. He instructed Greenlee to think about whether she wanted to risk the surgery or return home as she was. He left her alone with a cell phone in case she wanted to call Ryan.

Greenlee stared at the phone and agonized over her predicament. When David returned, she said that she couldn't call Ryan until she knew she was whole. She'd imagined how hard their lives would be if she returned in that condition, and she didn't think it was fair to make Ryan wait through a surgery that might kill her. Greenlee agreed to undergo the surgery, but she told David that if she didn't make it, no one could ever know that she'd survived the accident.

As Greenlee stared at the moon, David remarked that if she went home, life wouldn't be the same. Greenlee said that the moon shined just as brightly there as it did in Pine Valley. She stated that Ryan's love was as constant as the moon. David reasoned that people sometimes moved on, but Greenlee asserted that Ryan could never stop loving her, even if he tried.

When a raging Adam swung open his front door, he was surprised to see Hayley and Mateo on his doorstep. Adam's guests laughed in delight, and Hayley greeted her family and old friends. Annie readily introduced herself as Haley's new mother, but Hayley replied that she didn't think so. Annie stated that she'd indeed married Adam, and they were renewing their vows that very evening. "How sweet," Hayley sourly responded.

Hayley announced that Mateo and she were there to do a documentary on Pine Valley for Wave, because the Atlantic Press had voted Pine Valley "The Best Town in America." Adam wondered who'd been bribed to make that happen. Mateo invited the film crew in, and everyone ignored Annie when she complained that they were in the midst of a ceremony. Hayley talked about interviewing Erica and Adam; however, Adam said they had to finish the ceremony first, and he expected his new wife to be included in his interview.

During the ceremony, Hayley whispered to Mateo that Adam must have completely lost his mind to marry Annie. Scott whispered that Adam actually had lost his mind after Stuart's death. Hayley wished that she'd been around to support the family, but she and Mateo had been on assignment in Australia when Stuart had died.

All the guests scowled as Adam and Annie sealed their vows with a kiss. Ryan went to the terrace, and Hayley followed. She expressed her sympathies about Greenlee and hoped that Ryan had moved on. Hayley caught Ryan and Erica glancing at each other, and Hayley seemed shocked that Ryan was dating Erica. Ryan said he wouldn't call it dating, but Erica and he had been very good friends for a long time. He felt that Erica and he really understood each other.

Ryan decided to head home with Emma. He let Emma say goodbye to Annie, and then he kissed Erica before heading over to Judge Robinson. Ryan remarked that it was interesting that the judge had presided over Annie's ceremony and would also preside over the custody case.

Once Ryan left, Hayley approached Erica for the first interview. Erica said she was about to leave, and Hayley insinuated that Erica was following Ryan. Erica wondered if Hayley was producing an exposé on the town or a gossip piece about its citizens. Hayley stated that she wasn't interested in sensationalism, but she'd like to shed light on some things that had changed in her absence. Erica snickered and said that Hayley could call Erica's publicist to see about possibly setting something up.

As Erica departed, Adam approached Hayley to say that everyone in Pine Valley had changed since she'd last been there. Hayley wondered if he were happy with Annie. Adam explained that Annie had been at his side when everyone had turned against him. He said he loved Annie very much. Hayley decided that she'd accept that-for the time being.

Adam inquired about Hayley's sons. Hayley explained that Max had gotten into trouble, and Mateo and she had enrolled him in boarding school. Adam said that JR and he were butting heads, but JR would probably love to see Hayley.

Aside with Scott, Annie figured that Hayley's expose was the perfect chance for Annie to prove that she wasn't crazy Annie Lavery anymore. Scott replied that it'd take a whole lot more than a smile on a talk show to fix her reputation.

Annie approached Adam and remarked that Hayley seemed nice; however, she might have an agenda. Adam didn't think that Hayley was out to get Annie, but he promised to make them look good in the interview. Colby and Scott disdainfully watched Adam and Annie kiss.

Later, Hayley approached Annie, who was powdering her nose for her close-up. Annie suspected that Hayley didn't like Annie. Hayley responded that she'd known all of Adam's wives, but she just didn't get Annie. Annie said that Hayley didn't have to, because Adam and Annie were still very happy. Hayley stated that Adam was the sole reason that Annie was in the documentary. An offended Annie said she'd pulled herself up from nothing just like all the other Pine Valley residents who Hayley would interview. "You pulled yourself into his bed and bought your stepping stones with his money," Hayley retorted.

Adam interrupted, saying that Annie and he still had a wedding night on the agenda. Hayley rolled her eyes as they walked off. Colby slunk up and said she was glad that Hayley also disapproved of Annie. Colby revealed that it was her mission to break the couple up. Hayley warned Colby to be careful, because Colby reminded Hayley of herself at that age.

Mateo cued Hayley to start interviewing Adam and Annie. Hayley asked Annie about the lure of Pine Valley. Annie said it was Adam, and she praised his characteristics. Hayley remarked that Annie must have felt unwelcomed in Pine Valley after she'd murdered her brother, been locked in a mental institution, and embroiled in a custody battle. Annie's smile dropped. Adam interjected that Annie embodied the spirit of Pine Valley, a place where people went for happiness, love, and a better life. Annie grinned and kissed him. Hayley rolled her eyes.

At Ryan's place, Ryan worried that the judge was on Adam's payroll. Erica asserted that Adam didn't have all the power; she and Ryan would fight back with their own power. Ryan hoped that their relationship didn't get lost in the fight. He decided to forget their troubles and ring in the new year. The couple made champagne toasts to each other. Ryan said that hearing Erica say nice things about him made the future seem a little brighter. They hugged each other and gazed at the moon. Ryan decided that he'd rather look at Erica, and he kissed her.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hayley Santos stood before the camera, introducing a special edition of her talk show, Wave. The episode held special meaning for Hayley because it was being broadcast from her home, Pine Valley, Pennsylvania, a town that had just been named "The Best Town In America."

She recalled how she'd arrived in Pine Valley as a 16-year-old handful. She paused for a moment and corrected herself; she'd been "hell on wheels." Somehow, she said with a smile, she and her father had made it through. Hayley then introduced her father, Adam Chandler, a self-made man who'd founded Chandler Enterprises. Like Hayley, Adam also had not been born in Pine Valley.

Adam denied that a rivalry with Pete Cooney was what took him to Pine Valley in 1984. In actuality, he'd journeyed from Pigeon Hollow, West Virginia, to Pine Valley because of another person: Erica Kane. The media portion of Chandler Enterprises had been shooting a film based on Erica's memoir, Raising Kane. The movie never materialized, but Adam said he realized that Pine Valley had "potential" and he "grabbed it." Adam explained that he moved his company headquarters to Pine Valley. "It was the smartest decision I ever made," Adam said confidently. "I put Pine Valley on the map!"

"I've been told that I put Pine Valley on the map," Erica Kane stated before modestly downplaying that any one person made the town what it is. She then bashfully admitted that when she was younger, she wanted to be anywhere but in Pine Valley. After becoming a star, Erica said that she realized that everything she wanted was "right here."

AMC Recap Photo 100105 Joe Martin recounted how he'd met the "prettiest nurse in the hospital," Ruth Brent, in Pine Valley. Now, as the two prepared to retire to Florida, they discussed what it meant to them to raise a family in Pine Valley. "We have had a wonderful life here," Ruth said, struggling to fight back years. "And even though we're leaving, Pine Valley will always be our home," Joe added.

Tad Martin remembered being found by the Martins in a state park with a broken arm when he was nine years old. Describing that day as "the luckiest day" of his life, Tad praised Joe and Ruth for having helped fix everything that had been broken in his life since that day.

With a mischievous laugh, Brooke English related how she'd arrived in Pine Valley on the back of her boyfriend's motorcycle in 1976. She remembered vividly how her Aunt Phoebe, with a glass of sherry in her hand, gave her a "look of absolute shock." It was the beginning of an incredible ride, she noted.

Krystal Carey was drawn to Pine Valley in 2003 by her daughter's marriage to JR Chandler. Krystal stated that she'd never expected to stick around town, but she "kept putting off the goodbyes" until one day she realized that Pine Valley gave her an opportunity she'd never had before – the chance to have a home.

For conman Ryan Lavery, he'd never had a home when he breezed into Pine Valley in 1998. Unexpectedly, Ryan fell in love with a woman named Gillian Andrassy and his world suddenly changed.

"When I was a hard-headed, straight-up wannabe thug fresh out of Center City, this was a town full of uptight people with their heads so far up... Suffice it to say this was not my kind of town," Jesse Hubbard recalled. Then, he met the beautiful Angela Baxter. As a result, Pine Valley suddenly wasn't so bad.

Angie remembered reuniting with Jesse, some 20 years after he'd supposedly died. Miracles do happen, she said tearfully.

JR reflected on leaving Pine Valley in 2003 to get away from "everything Chandler." He headed to San Diego, where he'd met and fallen in love with Arabella "Babe" Carey. "After all that running, everything I needed was right here in Pine Valley."

For Brot Monroe, after nearly dying in Iraq, the last place he wanted to be was home. Prior to joining the military, Brot was the star of his high school's football team and the most popular guy in school. Now, he doesn't think of the place he grew up as home, he thinks of home as Pine Valley. "It's weird, huh?" he asked rhetorically.

Though she no longer feeds Pine Valley residents at the Chicken Shack or beautifies them at the Glamorama, Opal Cortlandt admitted to still loving the locals, "every single last one of them... well, almost."

"She can deny it all she wants to, but I know she loves me," Palmer Cortlandt interjected in the subsequent clip.

David Hayward stated that he doesn't care what the townspeople think of him. "I have done some of my best work here," he noted as video footage of him pouring Libidozone into a punchbowl aired. "I have saved the lives of countless Pine Valley citizens."

Jake Martin explained that he's had a pattern of coming and going over the years. The idea of being like his father appealed to him, he said proudly. He also noted that he wanted to raise "little Jakes and Jakettes" in Pine Valley with the love of his life, Amanda Dillon.

Joe related a story of how a young Jake approached him with a pine cone and asked why there were so many pine cones on the ground. "The trees drop the cones to remind us that they're up there, looking out for the people that live in the houses below," Joe had said at the time.

Zach Slater called himself a different man than the man that roared into town six years earlier looking for revenge. Pine Valley might not have changed him, but his wife, Kendall, did.

Erica recalled the "difficult times" she'd gone through in her life, a life that had often played out in the tabloids.

People have many reasons for getting married – power, revenge, escape, green cards – but sometimes, Hayley explained, love and marriage find a way to go hand-in-hand.

"I was hoping you wouldn't go there," Erica said softly, bowing her head. "Ten times."

"Um, 13," Adam replied somewhat sheepishly, "if you count Erica twice and Liza three times."

Zach said that his marriage to Kendall on a boat was "romantic," but Kendall quickly noted that the wedding hadn't taken place in Pine Valley. Their vow renewal at Pine Valley hospital wasn't really what she'd wanted either. Zach realized that his wife was dropping a hint. Kendall then turned away from the camera to look her husband in the eyes. She suggested that a big wedding with family and friends in attendance might not be such a bad idea.

"We have had some beautiful weddings here in Pine Valley," Opal reflected. "Not all the marriages turned out so pretty, but the weddings? They were straight out of the movies."

AMC Recap Photo 100105 Maria Santos proclaimed that every wedding should feature a "horse-drawn carriage ride through the snow." Nina Warner remembered her "pure fairytale" wedding to Cliff Warner at Cortlandt Manor.

Opal then appeared on-camera to rib her gal pal, Erica, for knowing how to throw a beautiful wedding because she'd "had a lot of practice."

JR admitted that when Babe died, he thought that he'd never find love again. But that was not the case. JR talked about how much he loved Marissa's dimples. Marissa, meanwhile, confessed a soft spot for her husband's dimples. JR said that he'd resisted falling for Marissa for quite a while. Likewise, Marissa said that she'd been focused on getting her life back on track when JR entered her life.

A segment with Scott Chandler broke up the warm and fuzzy memories as he sourly admitted that he was not married – and not even dating anyone at the moment.

"To find love once is wonderful," Erica sighed. "To find love more than once? It's amazing."

Adam Chandler then attempted to recount all of the women he'd married and the order in which he married them. As he rattled them off, he realized that he'd listed his marriages to Gloria Marsh and Natalie Hunter in the wrong order.

"'I now pronounce you husband and wife.' I know that when that minister said those words he'd said them a thousand times to a thousand different couples," Angie said. "But when he said them to me, I knew they were just for Jesse and me." Jesse agreed, saying that Pine Valley should be renamed the "Love Capital of America."

Brot looked forward to finding the woman of his dreams one day. Natalia was not quite as enthusiastic. "It's like there's something wrong with you if you're not married, or engaged, or engaged to be engaged," she groused. "I mean, if I never find Mr. Right, I'm completely cool with that."

Meanwhile, Adam continued to struggle to place his thirteen brides in their correct order.

Krystal found it amusing that she'd gone her entire life without having anyone put a ring on her finger, only to be married three times since setting foot in Pine Valley.

Liza denied returning to Pine Valley for romance, and said that she'd returned because of her daughter. Tad giddily refused to say if there was anyone that he was interested in romantically. "Things just happen, especially here, for some reason," Liza said with heavy contemplation. Both noted that they'd never rule out the possibility that they'd find love again one day.

"Does the order really matter?" Adam laughed. He then noted that he was married to the only woman he'd ever really loved: Annie.

Annie recalled how she'd "saved" Adam the night that Stuart was killed. "I took him into my arms, and we haven't let go of each other since," she said softly. She then took a deep breath and fanned herself, looking off-camera to see if she'd overdone the emotion.

Jake said that he never doubted that Amanda would be the love of his life. Amanda displayed a plastic, light-up ring and announced that it was her wedding ring. Still laughing, she referred to Jake as the "most amazing man." She admitted to pretending to have a stiff neck so that Dr. Jake would massage it. Separately, Jake remembered that he thought Amanda was "muy, muy, muy caliente hot." Amanda lit up as she remembered how hot their "hookups" had been before they turned into something much more meaningful. Her face then grew somber. "Tell me I'm not gonna screw it up," she pleaded.

Erica Kane Martin Brent Cudahy Chandler Montgomery Montgomery Chandler Marick Marick Montgomery. Erica not only knew all of her marriages in the correct order, but she was able to rattle them off quickly and confidently. "There. Told you I could do it," she beamed. She then sassed that someone had once told her that she should write a soap opera based on her life called All My Husbands. "The truth is, I loved every single one of them... at the time," Erica retorted.

Ryan declared that he refused to believe that there was only one soul mate for each person. Would he ever fall in love again? "Maybe I already have," Ryan responded. Erica, meanwhile, said that she was "counting on it."

Sometimes, according to Hayley, instead of saying pass the salt, you want to scream across the table, "Why the hell did you mess up my life?"

Maria and Mateo reflected on growing up in a big family. For Mateo, the first thing that came to mind was having to share one bathroom with four sisters. "Oh, he didn't just really go there with the bathroom, did he?" Maria asked incredulously. "It was not the horror show that he makes it out to be." Horror show or not, Mateo admitted that he wouldn't have had it any other way.

Ryan, meanwhile, blocked out most of his childhood. "We weren't exactly a scrapbook, photo album kind of deal, if you know what I mean," Ryan stated. As he explained that he'd never wanted to have kids, his daughter, Emma, raced into his arms. Now, he confessed, he couldn't imagine his life without them. Emma then cupped her hands to her mouth and whispered something into her father's ear. "Yes, sweetness, we are going to be on TV," he grinned.

Annie, meanwhile, said that she wanted to be the kind of mother that she'd always wanted, but never had. The kind that gives "hugs, kisses, and love.

After Adam explained that family is the most important thing to him, Palmer Cortlandt was shown giving a rebuttal of that claim. "Adam Chandler? He's a rattlesnake. He eats his young!" Colby stated that she soon needed to pick a major for school. "I'm thinking psychology with an emphasis on family therapy... or circus management." Adam said that he was glad that Colby had finally come to realize the importance of family. He wished that JR would soon come to the same realization. JR bragged that he had the most awesome son, agreeing that every parent probably says that about their child. His eyes began to well up with tears as he said that he'd always love Little Adam, "no matter what happens."

Erica said that she saw much of her mother, Mona, in Bianca. Her other daughter, Kendall, however, was "a little more like me." Kendall asked viewers to "imagine Erica Kane as your mother." After a brief pause, she added, "You can't." Bianca recounted the costs of having a famous parent -- pressure and fame you never asked for. Still, both Bianca and Kendall agreed that they owed their mother for helping make them the women they had become.

"The Martins do have a plan to be fruitful and multiply until we eventually take over the whole world," Tad offered with a devious laugh. Jake called Joe and Ruth incredible parents, but mused that Tad was a "pain in the rump." He added that Jeff and Tara were "golden," but confessed that he had been kidding about what he'd said about Tad.

Frankie Hubbard admitted to being "ticked" that his childhood hadn't been all "hugs and kisses." Randi explained that she'd grown up in foster homes and "never really knew what a family was." Now, thanks to the Hubbards, she finally knew what a family was. Natalie echoed the sentiment, saying that one day it just hit her. "Angie, she's got that fierce mom thing going on, and Frankie... there's nothing terrible about having a big brother."

Scott remembered the death of his mom, Cindy, and how Stuart had taken him in as a son. "I had the greatest dad a kid could have," he said.

Hayley then sadly noted that, sometimes, the things that bonded us together weren't the birthdays or the proms or the fun milestones. Sometimes we were brought together by loss.

Erica recalled the last time she'd seen Myrtle Fargate. They were having tea and Myrtle mentioned a dream she'd had about driving around in a classic convertible with Erica's mom, Mona, the wind blowing through their hair. A few days later, Myrtle passed away in her sleep. "I'd like to think that my mother drove by and picked Myrtle up in that car and they're both driving around together right now having a good laugh," Erica said.

Tad admitted that he still talked to Dixie quite frequently. On a clear night, he said, he'd look up at their wishing star and talk to her. "It took me a long time to accept that she's really gone," Tad said, somewhat uncomfortable. He then shrugged and added, "But maybe she's not. Who knows?" Palmer then added, "My beautiful Dixie. I miss her so."

AMC Recap Photo 100105 Opal then reflected on the loss of her daughter, Jenny Gardner. "Seeing her smile was enough to make your day. Everybody loved my Jenny," she said softly. "I was so proud to be her momma." Greg Nelson explained that Jenny had been his high school sweetheart. "When you start that young, it's supposed to last forever," he sighed.

"My daughter Laura was eight-years-old when she was killed by a drunk driver," Brooke stated. She said that she didn't think she'd be able to go on after her daughter's death, but the memory of her daughter's "bright, beautiful face" kept her going.

"We deserve the best and together we can always get it." That, according to Krystal, was the Carey women's motto. "Babe wasn't just my daughter," she said tearfully. "She was half my heart – and always will be." JR fought tears as he recalled how Babe had died in his arms. He admitted being angry when Babe died, saying that he'd wanted her to fight harder – not for him, but for their son. "When you love someone so much, you fight to stay with them."

David Hayward offered an explanation of why everyone in town hated him. "It's not really me they hate," he offered prophetically. "I confront. I challenge. I push people to their limits. They fall short. That's what they hate -- their own weaknesses. Me? I'm just the scapegoat."

Ryan talked of Greenlee Smythe's death and how in one moment he was thinking about the future with his bride-to-be, and in the next he was searching for her body.

Mateo discussed the pain of losing his sister, Julia Santos Keefer. Maria was moved to tears and was unable to articulate how she felt about Julia's untimely death.

Sitting on a sofa at Chandler Mansion, Adam had an equally difficult time talking about the death of his twin brother, Stuart. "He was the best fly-fisherman on the East Coast. Made his own lures!" Adam stated, referring to the lures as works of art. Stuart, Adam said, always gave back more than he got. "I just wish he... I can't do this. I just can't." Adam rose to his feet, walked over to a painting that Stuart had done of him and Adam as young boys, and sobbed. Hayley left her position behind the camera and embraced her dad.

Though they may disagree on many things, the subjects in the documentary did agree on one thing: no one leaves Pine Valley ... at least not for good.

Nina mused that her father, Palmer, was the reason she moved to Pine Valley – and the reason she moved away from it.

Lily Montgomery offered a more literal explanation of how to leave Pine Valley. "You take the M15 bus from Park and Pine Street at 9:15am, 10:15am, 11:15am..." She then noted that living in Massachusetts at M.I.T. was a lot harder than living in Pine Valley, and not just because one of the school's colors was red.

Greg Nelson and Bianca Montgomery both admitted to still thinking of Pine Valley as home. Maria said that she still kept tabs on Pine Valley online. From time to time, the thought of a holiday picnic or gathering really made her want to "go home."

Jackson Montgomery, meanwhile, offered some hope that he, too, might return to Pine Valley one day. After all, he asked, can any many stay away from Erica Kane?

AMC Recap Photo 100105 "Of course, I'd come back," Brooke stated. Then, with a wink, she asked, "But wouldn't somebody have to warn Erica first?" In the next scene, Erica retorted, "Brooke who?"

The residents also agreed on another thing: it is hope that keeps them all going. After tornadoes ripped apart the town in 2008, the town vowed to rebuild. It wasn't the first time that the townspeople had to take care of each other. The town had previously been leveled by a twister in July 1994. "We rebuilt because we didn't have an option," Tad explained. "We got busy rebuilding our town and our lives." Ryan said that he was proud to have been a part of the effort to make sure that everyone in Pine Valley was accounted for following the tornadoes. Adam playfully recalled that he single-handedly saved Erica's life during the most recent tornado assault. "She owes me her life. She'll never admit it," Adam grinned.

Kendall stated that it was a miracle that she survived the tornado. Bianca remembered having given birth in the middle of the destruction and devastation.

Admitting that she could not be completely objective, Hayley said that Pine Valley deserved its title of Best Town In America. "It might not have the best weather, the biggest attractions, or the lowest unemployment, but it has something much more important."

"I am a lifer," Tad proudly proclaimed. "That's to get my whole family back in this town – every single Martin." Though he said life wasn't all "cupcakes," Jake confessed that he had a very good life – a beautiful wife, a son, and a good job.

Erica brushed off claims that her significance diminished when her television show, New Beginnings, ended. She vowed to continue raising money for the children she'd met in Africa and for the Miranda Center.

JR said that he wasn't planning to leave town, because his family and his future were in Pine Valley. Liza added that she'd finally realized that her home was in Pine Valley -- and it always had been. Little Emma clicked together the heels of ruby red slippers and repeated, "There's no place like home." Ryan was tickled by his daughter's antics. Jesse and Angie announced that the Hubbard family was "staying put." They were then rushed by Frankie and Natalia, and the four embraced. Jesse proudly boasted, "Look at all my children... all my children."

AMC Recap Photo 100105 What makes Pine Valley so special? According to Erica, "Everyone who lives here feels a connection. You don't have to be related – you don't even have to like each other. No matter who you are or what you do, Pine Valley is like a big home with a lot of rooms, and the door is always open."

The last subject of the documentary was a woman that viewers have seen recently as a ghost, but her presence has been felt on-screen for 40 years. All My Children creator Agnes Nixon closed the special episode by reading the show's mantra:

The Great and the Least, the Weak and the Strong, the Rich and the Poor, in sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow, in tragedy and triumph, you are All My Children.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

At the hospital, Angie and Amanda discussed the Pine Valley exposé. David approached, chuckling that the makeup artists had made him look bad. Angie retorted that he'd seemed lifelike. Aside with Angie, David asked if she was insinuating that he was faking his illness. Angie said she didn't know how to respond to a man who'd spent his time digging up dirt on his staff. David claimed that the files he'd given Angie contained facts, and she could use them as she saw fit. Angie quipped that her management style wasn't despicable like David's.

Angie strode off and encountered Madison in a corridor. Madison said that she had a follow-up appointment, but her father's sentencing was that day. Angie convinced Madison to reschedule her appointment to attend the sentencing, because it might give her closure. Madison headed toward the door; however, she suddenly turned around and said she couldn't do it.

Madison seemed amazed that she'd lacked the courage to confront her father after she'd had the audacity to hurt the Hubbards. Angie reasoned that years of abuse at the hands of James and Henry had caused Madison to act out. Madison figured that one of her problems was that she always needed a man to tell her what to do. Angie asked about Madison's mother, and Madison said that she was an embarrassment to her high society mother.

Liza arrived to tell Madison that the court had sentenced James, and he'd be released in about a year if he completed his court-appointed counseling sessions. Angie said that gave Madison a year to learn to stand on her own. After Madison's checkup, Angie referred Madison to a female psychologist. Angie felt that after the negative influences in Madison's life, Madison could use a positive female to talk to. Madison agreed.

David walked over to Amanda, and she confronted him about lying to her and secretly flying to Gloucester. David stated that she had run right to Jake with her suspicions. "I may have lied, but you stabbed me in the back," David replied. He claimed that he'd lied to protect his medication supply. He further stated that he'd taken a restraining order out on Tad and Liza, because he couldn't risk the authorities learning that he had the illegal drug.

David was sure that Amanda would hear about the restraining order, but not about his effort to convince Gayle drop the burglary charges. He seemed hurt that Amanda wasn't any different than the rest of them. Spotting a doctor in the corridor, David said that he needed to consult on a patient. "And in case you're wondering, I'm not lying," he remarked, walking away.

David greeted Dr. Clayton down the hall and said that a plane waited to fly them to Gloucester. Clayton said that Greenlee was a perfect candidate, but she had to possess willpower. David replied that the patient dreamed only of walking again.

At ConFusion, Jake told Tad that David's medications story had checked out. Tad said that it only proved that David was a step ahead of them. Jake figured that Tad still thought that David was up to something in Gloucester. Liza arrived and plopped a restraining order down on the table. She said that she and Tad weren't allowed near the Gloucester bar or David.

Liza had never been served a restraining order before, and she worried that she could be charged as an accessory to Tad's crimes. Tad said Liza was free to walk away, but he intended to go right back to Gloucester for answers. Jake didn't think that Tad should risk violating the order; however, since Jake's name wasn't on the order, he could poke around Gloucester all he wanted. A frustrated Liza realized that neither man was listening to her, and she left.

Tad warned Jake against going to Gloucester, because Jake had a lot to lose. Jake reasoned that the restraining order gave Tad even more to lose. Jake sensed that something brewed between Tad and Liza, and Jake thought that Tad owed her more than a cavalier apology for dragging her into the mess. Tad made Jake promise to alert Tad if Jake went to Gloucester.

Tad exited, and when Jake turned to leave, he saw Amanda standing there. Jake told her about the restraining order, and Amanda said that Jake probably didn't know that David had persuaded Gayle to drop the charges against Tad. Amanda had heard Jake say that he wanted to go to Gloucester, but she said that it was time to back off before Jake somehow prevented David from getting his medication.

A fuming Jake stated that it wasn't the first time that Amanda had sided with David. Jake remarked that, for Amanda's sake, he always held back or bit his tongue around David; however, Jake frankly didn't care if David's medication supply stopped. Jake wished that David would do them all a favor and die already. Amanda berated Jake for talking like that around Trevor, and she pleaded with Jake to have some compassion.

Jake said that his compassion was for Amanda and Trevor, not David. Jake wanted to reveal David for the liar he was. Amanda realized that Jake would go to Gloucester regardless of how she felt, but she wasn't sure that she and Jake could survive his vendetta against David.

Liza returned home and discovered that Tad had let himself in. He apologized for putting her in a bad position. Liza worried that Tad would get himself into real trouble. Tad said that if that happened, she was free to run for the hills. Liza replied that she'd never do that. She admitted that it was hard to stay mad at him. They joked around over takeout food, and Tad kissed her. When he saw a seductive spark in her eye, he did it again.

At home, Ryan stared thoughtfully at a blank television screen. Before Corrina took Emma to a sleepover, Emma asked if he'd watch the Pine Valley exposé without her. Ryan said that he'd forgotten to record it. After Emma left, a messenger dropped off a copy of it.

At Erica's place, Opal was anxious to watch the Pine Valley exposé, but Erica pretended that she wasn't interested in it. Opal sensed that Erica had regretted something that she'd said during her interview. Erica explained that Hayley had asked if Erica wanted to fall in love again, and Erica had responded that she was counting on it. Erica worried about how Ryan would react to her statement, and more importantly, how he'd answer the same question.

Opal figured that Erica was insecure about Ryan, but Erica remarked that she didn't get insecure. Erica said that whenever Ryan and she had an intimate moment, a phone would ring, and they'd allow themselves to get distracted. Erica fretted that it subconsciously meant something. Opal thought that they should just watch the video to see what Ryan had to say, but Erica said that she'd deleted it. Just then, a messenger arrived with a copy of it.

Opal prodded Erica to pop in the DVD, but Erica wanted to watch it in private. Opal called Erica a spoilsport and left. As Erica apprehensively opened the package, Ryan arrived with his copy of the show. He asked if she cared to watch some television.

On the video, Erica successfully recited of all her married names, and Ryan discussed his beliefs about love. When Hayley asked if he thought he'd love again, Ryan said, "Maybe I already have." Next, the video showed Erica saying that she was counting on loving again.

Ryan and Erica glanced at each other and smiled. After the video ended, they admitted that they'd been worried about what they'd said on the video. Erica said that he'd at least had the courage to take the DVD to her house. Ryan said that his anxiety had driven him nuts. Erica wondered what would happen next. Ryan kissed her, and his cell phone rang. Erica looked disappointed, but she smiled when he threw it on the ground and resumed kissing her.

In Gloucester, a groggy Greenlee murmured that she had to get better, so that she could return home to her family and friends. Greenlee drifted to sleep and dreamed that she was at Erica's house, and Erica and Jackson had reunited. Jackson said that if it hadn't been for Erica, he wouldn't have made it through the tough year after Greenlee's supposed death.

As the dream continued, Greenlee said that she planned to surprise Ryan. Erica showed Greenlee to a doorway. Jackson warned Greenlee to knock, because there was no telling what surprises awaited her. Greenlee walked through the doorway to find herself at Zach's house. Zach and Kendall ecstatically greeted her.

Zach and Kendall wanted to know how Greenlee had survived, but Greenlee wanted to hear about them first. They said that they'd survived Kendall's heart problem by leaning on each other. Greenlee's death had taught them how quickly they could lose their loved ones. Kendall noted that Greenlee hadn't inquired about Ryan. Greenlee asked them not to tell her anything, because she wanted to see for herself how he was doing.

Kendall showed Greenlee the door and said that it was time for Greenlee to face her future. When Greenlee crossed the threshold, she entered Ryan's penthouse. She approached him from behind as he stared at the moon. He turned around and said her name.

Greenlee slowly awakened to hear David reciting her name. She grinned and said she'd been dreaming. David introduced Greenlee to Dr. Clayton, who said they'd do everything within their power to make sure that her dreams became true.

Gayle took Dr. Clayton on a tour of the facility, and Greenlee told David that she was scared, but excited. She said her dreams had shown her what her return would be like. David warned her not to put too much stock in her dreams, because there were bound to be surprises. Greenlee challenged him to tell her that she was wrong about Ryan staring at the moon, Erica and Jackson being reunited, and Kendall awaiting her with open arms. David sighed.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

As Liza and Tad kissed on her sofa, a distraught Bailey arrived at Liza's house. Bailey explained that Damon had gotten fired from the casino, and he'd punched a valet on his way out. When Bailey stated that Damon was in jail, Liza practically flew out the door alone to handle it.

Tad said that Bailey should feel grateful, because Liza didn't have to help. Bailey claimed that if she'd had another choice, she wouldn't have bothered Liza. "Yes, you would," Tad replied. He said Bailey knew that Liza would back Bailey up, even if it were unfair to Liza. Bailey realized that Liza had done a lot for Bailey, while Bailey had made Liza's life miserable.

Tad asked how Bailey and Damon were managing. Bailey wasn't sure that Damon was "the one," but he was Stuart's father. She said Damon had given up a lot for the baby. It was rough on Damon and her, but they'd managed to have some fun. Bailey had thought that everything was okay, but then Damon had gotten arrested. Tad asked if family life with Damon was all that Bailey had imagined. "Not even close," she admitted.

Bailey complained that there wasn't enough free time, money, or space in their tiny apartment. She said she'd never ask Liza for a handout. Tad wondered why Bailey had shown up there. She responded that she'd missed Liza, who was the coolest person that Bailey knew. Tad agreed with that and asked where Bailey went from there. Bailey wished that Tad could tell her.

At the courthouse, a handcuffed Damon grimaced to see Liza. He said that, for the record, his victim had been "a tool." Damon hoped that she could make the charges go away, and he claimed that he'd get another job. Liza wondered what he'd do about the rest, but he just shrugged. Liza scowled, wondering if he and Bailey had any idea of what they were doing.

Liza took Damon to her place, where Tad and Bailey waited. Tad wondered if Damon missed being on the road with his band. Damon said he had different priorities, and he and Bailey were doing just fine. Tad scoffed that being thrown in jail for assault was great. Liza said that they'd gotten the assault charges dropped, and she asked if she could hold Stuart.

As Bailey obliged Liza, Tad prompted Bailey to tell Liza that Bailey had missed her. Liza stated that she'd missed Bailey and Stuart, too. Damon said that was the reason that he didn't want Bailey to call Liza. Damon hurried Bailey and Stuart out the door, and Tad apologized to Liza for pushing. He said that it was clear that Liza meant a lot to Bailey, and he'd thought that Liza needed to hear it. Liza replied that he'd been right; she had needed to hear it.

At Erica's house, Ryan and Erica kissed. They suddenly heard Opal pounding on the door and yelling that she'd seen the Pine Valley exposé. She said that Erica needed to get "her fanny" over to Ryan's place. Erica opened the door, and Opal saw Ryan. "Shoot me now," Opal said. Ryan and Erica claimed that they'd merely been talking. Ryan asked if he should go. "No!" Erica and Opal shouted in unison. Opal left, telling them to continue as they were.

Ryan and Erica awkwardly teased each other about where they "were" when Opal had interrupted. Ryan realized that the mood had officially been killed. The couple discussed how their intimate moments always seemed to get interrupted. Erica said that they also seemed to "talk the situation to death." Ryan stated that things should happen more naturally.

Erica decided that Ryan should go, and Ryan started analyzing why she'd said that. He suddenly shook his head and strode toward the door. Erica stopped him to give him his DVD, and he said that he'd liked what she'd said on it. After he left, they both sighed.

Erica changed into a nightgown and robe and ordered room service for one. She sat down and stared at the DVD. Meanwhile, Ryan sat at home, doing the same thing. They both remembered the times they'd shared together in the cabin and going sailing.

When Erica's room service arrived later, she was surprised to see Ryan wheeling it into the room. Ryan said he'd been at home replaying their "greatest hits" in his mind like a movie. When the movie abruptly ended, he'd wound up on her doorstep. Erica said the same thing had happened to her. Ryan decided that they'd finish their movie right then. Erica wondered how it would end. Ryan said that he had no idea. He kissed her and her robe fell on the floor.

After making love with Erica, Ryan gazed at the ceiling. Erica asked if he were watching the ending credits, but Ryan responded that their movie was far from over. She said that it had taken long enough to start, and Ryan joked that he'd never seen so many previews before in his life. They cuddled, happy to finally be together.

At the unknown Gloucester facility, Greenlee challenged David to tell her that her dreams had been off base. David hesitated, and he said that they hadn't been far off the mark. He stated that Ryan had been grieving and focusing on his children. As far as David could tell, Zach and Ryan had forged an amicable existence. Greenlee asked about Jackson and Erica, and David replied, "Yep, they're at it again." Greenlee assumed that Annie was locked away in Oak Haven, and David called Greenlee a psychic.

Greenlee was excited to get started with her treatment, and David said he'd order a full evaluation for her. He decided to return to Pine Valley, so that no one would get suspicious of his trip. Greenlee insisted that no one know about her until she'd fully recovered. David promised to return to help her after the surgery.

In the corridor, David asked Dr. Clayton and Gayle to keep Greenlee in the dark about the life changes that had occurred in Pine Valley. Dr. Clayton wasn't comfortable about lying, but David insisted that they needed to protect Greenlee's fantasy at all costs, or else she'd lose her will to live. Gayle advised David that his plane awaited him.

When Dr. Clayton visited Greenlee, she seemed determined to get well and return to her life as the soon-to-be Mrs. Ryan Lavery. Dr. Clayton said that her spirit was exactly the thing that would help her recover. Greenlee said that she always fought for what she wanted. If she couldn't return home to the life she'd had as a whole person, then she didn't want to return at all.

Later, Gayle entered, and Greenlee sarcastically said that Gayle must love David for sticking her alone with a comatose patient for a year. Gayle replied that David had hidden Greenlee for good reasons. Greenlee understood that, and Gayle figured that David really cared about Greenlee. Greenlee asked if Gayle had feelings for David. Gayle responded that it didn't matter; David needed to play hero, but Gayle didn't need saving.

Greenlee fell asleep, and her dream picked up at Ryan's house, where her last dream had left off. In the dream, Ryan seemed stunned to see her. He said that he'd never given up on her.

At ConFusion, Jake wondered if Amanda were giving him an ultimatum to stop him from going to Gloucester. He was outraged that she'd give up their relationship over David. Jake refused to let the vendetta go, and Amanda replied that she didn't know where they went from there. Jake stated that she knew; she was just afraid to say it.

Amanda asserted that she couldn't let Jake tear down Trevor's dying father. "That's just it; he's not dying!" Jake declared. He said that it was a hoax to manipulate Amanda. She guessed that she was just an idiot then. Jake responded that David was just taking advantage of her good heart. Jake didn't think that David deserved her compassion, and Jake stated that he'd fight for Trevor and her, even if she hated him for it.

Amanda went to Wildwind, and David entered soon after. He said that Amanda had been right; seeing patients was too stressful for him. He decided to go to Malaysia to undergo extensive therapy to ease his pain. He said he'd be gone for a few weeks, but Amanda replied that he was supposed to be spending his time with Trevor. David sighed, and Amanda guessed that he wanted Amanda and Trevor to go with him.

David said he wanted that more than anything, but he'd already asked enough of Amanda. He said Malaysia wasn't a safe place for Amanda or Trevor. She sensed that David's illness had worsened, and she said he seemed to be slinking into the woods to die. David assured her that he wasn't planning to die overseas. He promised her that he'd return to her and their son.

David packed, and Amanda fretted as he headed to the door. He said not to worry, because he was going to a place of hope. Later, aboard a jet, David advised his pilot to deviate from the flight plan to Malaysia to make a stop in Gloucester.

Jake went to tell Tad that Jake was going to Gloucester, but Tad wasn't home. Jake told Krystal about the talk he'd had with Amanda, and Krystal wondered if Jake really wanted to risk his marriage just to stick it to David. She said it wasn't worth it, and she reminded him of how David had ruined Krystal and Tad's relationship.

Opal entered, and she said that Jake shouldn't travel. Jake ignored her and headed for the door. Just then, Amanda entered with Trevor. She explained that David was headed to Malaysia, and from the tone of David's voice, she didn't think that he'd be returning.

Friday, January 8, 2010

JR arrived home and raved about how easily Little Adam had eased back into his school routine after the break. Marissa, who had been gazing longingly at vacation brochures, tried to take her mind off of them by offering to make breakfast. Not one to be fooled, JR zeroed in on the stack of mail on the table. Marissa insisted there was nothing interesting to be seen, but JR knew better when he spotted the brochures.

JR was upset that his disease held so much control over them. Marissa insisted that they had made the decision together to get JR back into treatment. She added that once JR was in remission again, they would have something to celebrate on their vacation. JR was uncertain how long it would take to get healthy again but Marissa was determined to remain optimistic.

Annie was incensed when she saw how casually Colby was dressed. Annie insisted that the day was important, and warranted dressing up. Colby said that Annie's stepmother status didn't allow Annie any say over Colby's life. Adam and Scott walked in as Colby told Annie to go to hell. Adam demanded that Colby show more respect to his wife.

Even though Annie tried to appear earnest as she expressed her concern about appearances at the custody hearing for Emma, Colby refused to back down. Colby announced that Annie had nothing to worry about since Adam had undoubtedly paid off the judge. Scott urged everyone to calm down, and Adam agreed, as they needed to present a united front in court. Colby said that it was more important that Adam know the truth, and stated that what Annie needed was the Chandler name. Colby was certain that Annie would dump Adam as soon as the family name helped to return full custody to Annie.

Adam asked for a moment alone with Colby. He closed the doors between the living room and the parlor once Annie and Scott exited. Adam said that he couldn't force Colby to go to court but said that while living in his house, Colby needed to give Annie the respect she deserved. Colby pointed out that what Annie deserved was a prison sentence; Colby insisted that Annie was the last person that should be raising a child.

Adam maintained that if Annie got custody of Emma, he would play an active role in raising the little girl. Colby said Adam would have no place in Annie's life once Annie got what she wanted. Adam refused to have such a grim outlook and instead told his daughter that Emma didn't need to live in a house filled with animosity. Colby interpreted her father's words to mean that she needed to either fall in line or get out. Adam stated that as an adult, Colby needed to act like one.

In the foyer, Annie vented to Scott about how malicious Colby's actions were. Annie said that Colby wouldn't stop provoking the bad blood between them until Annie was out of Adam's life. Scott noted that Annie's emotional state had nothing to do with Colby and everything to do with Emma. Scott pointed out that Annie was terrified that the chance to win back custody of her daughter had finally arrived.

Annie admitted that she was afraid of the day's outcome, even though she knew the judge was in the Chandler family pocket. She pondered the possibility of additional schemes aloud, schemes that would give her a better shot at success. Scott urged Annie to simply believe in herself and in her ability to be a good mother.

Just then, the door to the living room opened and Adam and Colby emerged. Robotically, Colby apologized for how hard she had been on Annie. She promised Annie support, and then went upstairs to change her clothes. Adam watched his daughter go, and then told his wife that if she could win Colby over, winning custody would be easy.

Colby returned to the living room, and Annie thanked her for being more appropriately dressed. Colby spun some words of encouragement and said that the house would be much better with a child living there. Adam rejoined them and, having heard Colby's last statement, was pleased at how well the family seemed to be getting along. Adam said that they needed to head to the courthouse.

Scott told Annie and Adam to leave and said that he and Colby would follow shortly. Once the newlyweds were gone, Scott asked Colby what she was up to. Colby said that she was keeping her enemy -- Annie - close, so that when Annie messed up, Colby would have a good view of the chaos. Colby suggested that Annie's mistake would probably be with Scott. Scott vehemently pointed out that nothing would ever happen between him and Annie again, but Colby refused to believe it.

Tad and Liza fell asleep on her couch. Liza was the first to wake, and she gently tried to rouse Tad. When that didn't work, she got a pot and spoon and banged the two together near Tad's head. Tad started awake, frazzled due to the noise. Once he settled down, he asked Liza how she was feeling about her run-in with Bailey and Stuart. Liza said that the only child she could focus on was Emma, and making sure that Ryan didn't lose custody.

Liza noted the difficulty she faced, given that Adam had bribed the judge. Tad suggested that Liza get the judge removed from the case, but Liza admitted that she didn't have proof. She then went to get in the shower and, without missing a beat, discouraged Tad from joining her.

Liza returned to the living room and was surprised that Tad was still there. Tad confessed that he had been doing research and had found some usable information. He confirmed that the judge's bank account had benefited from a significant increase recently, and said that the judge had likely received the money from Adam. Liza said she couldn't use the information because it could be easily explained away.

Tad countered Liza's assertion and said that if she approached him outside of the court, she would have better luck. Tad informed her of a standing game the judge had every Friday at the athletic club. He said that if Liza played her cards right, the judge would recuse himself. Delighted at the prospect, Liza quickly gathered her things and prepared to leave. To thank him, Liza playfully punched Tad in the arm, and Tad protested the "abuse." Liza leaned in and kissed Tad softly and then asked it that option worked better. Liza shot Tad a playful look when he indicated that the latter was his preference.

After making love, Ryan asked Erica what she was thinking. Ryan looked distressed when she told him that she was certain the feeling from their intimacy wouldn't last. Erica explained that the way their segments were edited together on Hayley's documentary would make people curious about their relationship.

Erica further clarified that once people started to ask questions, they would certainly want a definition as to who Erica and Ryan were to each other. Erica said that with questions, their time together might seem less special. Ryan suggested that he and Erica keep their relationship to themselves, and feign innocence when people asked questions. Delighted that Ryan's idea sounded like an affair, Erica readily agreed.

A short time later, Ryan got dressed and prepared to go spend some time with Emma before school. Erica said that she would be in the courtroom to support Ryan, because she knew what an amazing father he was. Soothed by her words, Ryan kissed her softly before he headed out the door. Once alone, Erica began to revel in how good she felt, but stopped when she heard a knock on her door.

When she opened the door, Erica was surprised to see Opal. Opal immediately apologized for her interruption the previous evening, but Erica dismissed Opal's concerns. Erica insisted that as mature adults, she and Ryan wouldn't need to sneak around if there were something between them. Opal was ready to believe when she felt a strong masculine presence. Erica suggested that it was the man who delivered room service, but Opal said that the feeling was coming from the bed. Erica refused to entertain Opal's theories, and instead escaped to the shower.

After Erica emerged from the bathroom, Opal continued to drop hints in hopes that Erica would confess to a romantic encounter with Ryan. Erica stuck to her guns and said that a relationship with Ryan wouldn't work. Erica added that although she was used to a life in the spotlight, it would be unfair to expect Ryan and Emma to live there as well. Frustrated, Opal gave up trying to find out any of Erica's love life secrets. Erica told an amazed Opal that the best thing Erica could do would be to keep her distance from Ryan.

At the cancer treatment center, JR begged the doctor to postpone his chemotherapy. The doctor said that they were able to beat the cancer before because they were aggressive. Despite JR's protests to the contrary, Marissa told the doctor that she was okay with waiting until after JR was cancer free before they took a vacation. Upset that neither would concede, JR stormed out of the room. Marissa started to go after him, but the doctor encouraged her to let JR be alone for a while.

Marissa told the doctor about the trip she'd planned before she found out that JR's cancer had returned. The doctor said that Marissa needed to take that trip with her husband. When Marissa protested, the doctor said that sometimes patients weren't ready. She told Marissa that JR knew what was ahead of him, and that he most likely just wanted to retain a modicum of control over his life. She felt that JR would be able to better focus on his health after the trip.

In the hall, JR ran into Tad. Tad took one look at his stepson's face and asked if JR were okay. JR morosely pointed out that he could be dying. JR then detailed how he was being forced to choose between treatment and a vacation with his wife. Tad refused to mince words and told JR that a vacation at that juncture wouldn't be fun for JR or his wife, nor would it cure his cancer. Furious, JR said he needed to make flight reservations, and he left.

Marissa went home and found JR packing for their trip. Marissa revealed that she no longer wanted to go, and JR thought Tad or the doctor had influenced her. Marissa said that she was unwilling to help JR avoid reality. She then said that if JR wanted to go on the trip, he could -- but said that she wouldn't be there when he got back. JR reluctantly agreed to stay, and then admitted that he was scared.

Liza stopped by Ryan's place to tell him that she'd gotten the judge to recuse himself. Ryan was overjoyed, but his positive demeanor was short-lived. Liza said that the replacement judge they drew had a history of siding with the mother. Liza said she had an idea to improve their odds, but Ryan rejected the idea of putting Emma on the stand.

Ryan and Liza went a few rounds on the subject. He told Liza that Emma had been on the stand before, and ended up having to live somewhere other than her home. Liza said that she would prep Emma, but Ryan remained firm. Emma returned home, but when Ryan asked how her sleepover had gone, Emma ignored his questions. Instead, she asked if Liza was going to make her talk to the judge again. Ryan assured his daughter that she wouldn't have to take the stand.

Marissa and the doctor went into the hall and met up with Tad. The doctor repeated her belief that it might be best to let JR do what he felt was necessary. The doctor left to attend to another patient, and Tad told Marissa that taking the trip would be a bad move. Marissa said that she wanted to be supportive of JR, but Tad told her that she needed to be tough with him. Tad insisted that Marissa needed to find the strength to get JR back into treatment.

The Chandlers arrived at the courthouse with their lawyer, Barry, to find that the judge they had secured was no longer on their case. The judge explained that Liza had found out about the money, and had threatened to go to the attorney general. Erica walked in as the judge was leaving, and noted that justice had already been served. Liza and Ryan passed the judge on their way in, and managed not to keep their emotions under wraps. Adam tried to soothe Annie as she became increasingly nervous. Barry went into the courtroom to find out which judge would be presiding.

In the courtroom, Erica thought that Annie's history of mental illness and past crimes would make it easy to paint Annie as a bad mother. Liza explained that in the eyes of the court, Annie had been cleared of all crimes and had been deemed competent, so the process would be a bit more difficult. Erica went to Ryan and assured him that everything would work out.

Ryan was first on the stand, and he said that his priority was to keep his daughter safe and happy. He testified that Annie continually put her own desires ahead of their daughter's welfare. He mentioned that Emma had been forced to lie and keep horrible secrets, and had almost died because of her mother's actions. He told the judge that Annie's choices were the reason he wanted to fight so hard for sole custody.

Annie took the stand next, and admitted that she'd not been a perfect mother. She talked about how she had been to dark places as she worked through the trauma in her life. Annie said that she got well for her daughter, and because she knew her daughter loved and needed her. Wracked with sobs, Annie said that she worked to get to a good place so that she could get her daughter back. The judge, seemingly touched by Annie's testimony, said she'd heard enough and was ready to make her ruling.



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