One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 18, 2010 on OLTL

Charlie reluctantly agreed to kill Mitch. Brody wanted Jessica to disregard a letter from Mitch requesting a meeting. Kyle suspected that Oliver might be the father of Stacy's baby. Danielle was horrified to learn that Todd had raped a woman. Ford and Langston kissed. Starr met her sister, Danielle.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 18, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, January 18, 2010

One Fish, Two Fish, Rex Fish, (Sky) Blue Fish

Outside of the Buenos Dias Café, Viki was discouraged when she placed a call to Charlie, but received his voicemail. When Nora and Bo approached her, Viki gave them an update on Charlie's latest encounter with Mitch Laurence. After confiding in Nora and Bo that Charlie had started drinking again, Viki explained that he had stormed off after his argument with Mitch. Viki expressed concern over Charlie's state of mind, but stated that she couldn't save Charlie - he had to save himself.

A distraught Charlie entered a shady bar and ordered a drink. Nearby, Dorian sat at a table and prayed that a desperate lowlife would enter the bar. Dorian hoped to convince the individual to murder Mitch Laurence. While Dorian contemplated her next move, she heard a familiar voice. Sitting at the bar, Charlie yelled, "Where's that drink?"

As Charlie prepared to take a drink, Dorian appeared and urged him not to. Angered by Dorian's presence, Charlie asked her to leave him alone, but Dorian persisted. Detailing his latest altercation with Mitch, Charlie expressed his grief over losing Jared at Mitch's hands. Dorian tried to convince Charlie that drinking wouldn't bring Jared back or stop Mitch. Dorian had a better idea. Dorian insisted that they could work together and solve their problem if Charlie made the decision to remain sober. Charlie listened in disbelief as Dorian announced that she wanted him to kill Mitch.

Dorian admitted that Mitch had threatened to harm the Cramer girls unless she cooperated with him. Dorian informed Charlie that Mitch was the most dangerous man that she had ever met. Relating that Bo and John were incapable of keeping Mitch behind bars, Dorian was adamant that nothing could stop Mitch as long as he was alive. Although Charlie refused to do Dorian's dirty work, she continued to pressure him. Charlie believed that Dorian wanted to use him in order to hurt Viki, but Dorian made it clear that she didn't want Mitch to cause Viki any harm. Promising that Viki would never learn of their plot, Dorian whispered, "You could kill Mitch and save everyone you love!" Dorian watched as Charlie paused before placing his drink on the bar.

At the loft, Rex noticed Stacy's nervous demeanor. After experiencing a flashback of Kyle overhearing Schuyler's statement that Rex wasn't the father of her baby, Stacy told Rex that she feared Mitch would hurt her and the baby. Rex promised Stacy that he would never allow Mitch to hurt their baby. Stacy panicked when she learned that Rex had hired Oliver to protect her when Rex wasn't around. Claiming that she was famished, Stacy asked Rex to pick up dinner at the Buenos Dias Café. Before stepping away to shower, Rex placed a call to Oliver. When Rex left the room, Stacy made a frantic phone call to Kim.

At Oliver's apartment, Kyle was surprised to learn that Rex had hired Oliver to protect Stacy from Mitch Laurence. Noticing that Kyle appeared bothered, Oliver wondered if Kyle had encountered a problem at the hospital. Admitting that trouble was brewing at the hospital, Kyle stated that he couldn't discuss the case because it would violate doctor-patient confidentiality. As Kyle and Oliver prepared to spend a quiet evening together, Oliver received a call from Rex, who asked Oliver to stay with Stacy while Rex ran an errand. Kyle was disappointed but claimed that he understood.

At the Buchanan mansion, as Kim presented Clint with a romantic dinner, the doorbell rang. Kim was disappointed to find Jessica and a scowling Natalie on the doorstep. As Clint invited his daughters to join them for dinner, Kim was relieved when she received a call from Stacy. Insisting that her life was falling apart, Stacy begged Kim to help her. Before rushing off to check on Stacy, Kim smiled at Clint and chimed, "Wait up for me!" Natalie and Jessica were appalled by Kim's statement. After the girls told Clint about their run-in with Mitch, Clint stated that he prayed for the opportunity to kill Mitch.

Citing Clint's involvement with Kim, Jessica and Natalie expressed concern for their father. After informing his daughters that Kim had moved into the mansion, Clint assured them that he was aware of Kim's true intentions. Relating that he wanted to enjoy his life, Clint insisted that Kim made him feel happy. Clint refused to remain depressed over his failed marriage to Nora.

Oliver showed up at the loft and promised to guard Stacy's child as if it were his own. After Rex left, Oliver recalled his intimate encounter with Stacy at the loft several months before. Mentioning that she had been pregnant at the time they had sex, Oliver regretted the incident. Before Stacy could respond, Kim arrived at the loft. Oliver stepped outside to give the women a moment alone.

Alone with Kim, Stacy stated that her life was falling apart. After explaining that Kyle knew that Rex hadn't fathered her child, Stacy begged Kim for advice on how to carry out the plan. Stacy feared that her lies would be exposed when she delivered the baby a month later than expected. Stacy was also overwhelmed that Oliver, the real father of her child, had been hired to guard her and the baby. Kim convinced Stacy that Kyle didn't have any reason to reveal the truth to Rex - unless Kyle learned that his boyfriend was the real father.

Stacy continued to express concern about her due date. Kim advised her that she had one option -- Stacy had to give birth one month earlier than her true due date. As Kim searched the Internet for possible ways to induce labor, Stacy wondered if there was a way to kill Mitch without leaving a trail. When Kim suggested that Stacy ingest castor oil, Stacy refused to do anything that could harm her child. Kim was surprised to learn that Stacy had actually developed a love for her unborn child.

After an extensive search, Kim discovered a drug that was typically given to women in the hospital to induce labor. Assuring Stacy that the drug was safe, Kim reminded Stacy that Schuyler could provide them with the drug. Rubbing her stomach, Stacy happily announced that she would meet her baby on Valentine's Day.

When Kim returned home, Clint informed her that he had saved her some desert. Following Clint into the dining room, Kim stuffed her Internet research into her coat pocket.

At Rodi's, Schuyler surprised Gigi with a loving hug. Observing the troubled look on Schuyler's face, Gigi wondered if he had experienced any trouble during his tour at the hospital. Schuyler explained that he couldn't divulge a patient's private information. As Gigi and Schuyler shared a loving embrace, an irate Roxy attacked them. Throwing food and silverware at them, Roxy screamed, "How could you do this to Rex?" While Roxy berated the couple, Kyle appeared and ushered Roxy away. Gigi noticed as Kyle glared in Schuyler's direction. Alone with Schuyler, Kyle told him that he deserved Roxy's abusive treatment. Later, Gigi wondered why Kyle appeared to be upset with Schuyler.

At a nearby table, Roxy thanked Kyle for being a good friend. Kyle begged Roxy to stay out of trouble. Roxy told Kyle that Rex and Gigi would still be together if Stacy weren't having Rex's baby. Kyle listened as Roxy related that although she wasn't pleased with the child's mother, she couldn't wait to be a grandmother again. Kyle stepped away to speak with Schuyler. An angry Kyle told Schuyler that Roxy was troubled because Schuyler was keeping the truth from Rex. Kyle urged Schuyler to tell Rex that Rex hadn't fathered Stacy's baby. Refusing to expose the truth, Schuyler declared, "I'm trying to stop the woman I love from ending up with the wrong person, you know what that's like!"

Back at the café, Rex interrupted Viki's discussion with Nora and Bo. After Bo stepped outside to speak with Rex in private, Viki made another unsuccessful attempt to contact Charlie. Viki stated that she had to allow Charlie to make his own decision regarding Mitch. Noticing that Viki appeared somewhat distant, Nora wondered if Viki was upset that Nora had chosen to leave Clint. Admitting that she wasn't pleased by Nora's treatment of Clint, Viki acknowledged that it wasn't any of her business. Although Viki was surprised when Nora informed her that Clint was dating a younger woman, Viki insisted that Clint had to make his own decision -- just like Charlie.

Outside of Rodi's, Rex told Bo about Mitch's attempt to kidnap Stacy and steal the baby. After updating Bo on his breakup with Gigi, Rex mentioned that he had moved in with Stacy in order to protect her from Mitch. Explaining that Shane wasn't a target, Rex declared that he could focus his energy on protecting his unborn child. Rex swore that he would kill Mitch if Mitch attempted to harm the baby.

Bo advised Rex to file for a restraining order against Mitch. Bo stated that the restraining order would legally protect Rex if he used deadly force against Mitch. Instructing Rex to contact him first if Mitch made a move, Bo assured Rex that he could always count on Bo. Afterward, Bo and Nora offered Viki a ride home, but she declined. Viki hoped that Charlie would return to the café.

As Viki prepared to leave the café, Charlie returned. Viki was relieved to see him, and pleased when he greeted her with a hug. Charlie announced, "I figured out how to make peace with what happened! I promise we will all get our lives back now!"

Back at the bar, Dorian studied a picture of Mitch on the cover of the Sun. In a violent rage, Dorian poked holes in the photo.

Later, Kyle paid Oliver a visit at the apartment. Kyle appeared concerned when Oliver stated that he felt obligated to protect Stacy's baby. With a determined look, Oliver declared, "I can't let anything happen to Stacy's baby. I know it isn't my kid, but I understand how a parent would feel in this situation!"

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Manning the Flames of Doubt

Blair and Elijah kissed goodbye at the front door of Todd's house and hoped that Todd wouldn't see them, but they were out of luck. As he walked down the stairs, Todd smiled when the pair awkwardly attempted to make up an excuse for Elijah's visit. Todd asked about Danielle and Téa, and Elijah advised him sadly that the mother and daughter would probably never return to Llanview. After Elijah was gone, Todd informed Blair that he had heard Elijah and her having sex all night. Blair denied it, even when Todd found Elijah's tie in the couch. Pulling on Todd's arm, Blair declared that she wanted to give Todd some happiness. She didn't mean heading upstairs with him as he assumed.

Starr's roommates surprised her with a special meal for her 18th birthday. Starr learned that Addie was looking after Hope so that Starr and Cole could spend some quality time together. Cole spoke to Markko out of earshot and teased him about hearing Markko and Langston having sex all night. Markko divulged that Langston had been really wild. Starr told Langston that she had heard her friend and Markko all night, and noted that she was only worried about all the noise in the apartment. She was afraid the landlord would find out how many people were actually living there. Langston confided that she had a secret to tell Starr.

Blair and Todd interrupted Langston and Starr when they showed up to surprise Starr for her birthday. The young people apologized for the place being so crowded, and Blair assured her daughter that things would be better one day. Todd wondered out loud how long the entire situation would last. He also apologized for being in a bad mood. He handed Starr a large check for her birthday and told her he was proud of her and she was terrific. He mentioned that things never went as planned. "Téa?" Starr asked her mother. "Among other things," Blair replied. Todd left the birthday celebration. Markko told Langston that they had been too loud the night before, but they would have their own place soon.

As Starr and Cole headed out, Langston advised Starr that her secret had been about dying her hair. Markko left and Langston remained behind with Blair. Langston admitted that she missed Dorian but she couldn't condone Dorian's actions. Blair offered to listen anytime that Langston had anything to talk about, and Langston accepted her offer right away. She admitted that she had to talk to someone about something that had been bothering her.

Rex and Stacy showed up at Oliver's apartment so that Rex could pay Oliver for his time spent watching over Stacy. Rex assured both Oliver and Kyle that he was protecting his baby from Mitch. Stacy excused herself to walk out to the hallway to answer the phone.

After Stacy and Rex left, Kyle appeared out of sorts, though Oliver said he felt sorry for Rex. Oliver thought that Stacy was seductive and he admitted that she had even taken advantage of him during his period of confusion. Kyle teased him, but Oliver reminded him that he had his "non-gay" moments. Looking thoughtful, Kyle wanted to know if Oliver had ever slept with Stacy. He gave Oliver the third degree until Oliver described his past with Stacy. He admitted sleeping with her on Valentine's Day of the year before, but that was only the first time.

Appalled, Kyle listened as Oliver revealed that he had slept with Stacy again the night before he "came out." He was confused because Kyle continued to push for all of the facts and Oliver related how he dated Layla and was jealous of Kyle and Nick. He was drunk and ended up with Stacy. The next morning he had a hangover, and after that he "came out." Kyle was worked up and appeared on the verge of hyperventilating. He had something to tell Oliver. He explained that the event at the hospital that he was unable to disclose due to patient confidentiality involved Stacy and Schuyler. He had walked in on them in an exam room and had heard that the baby was not Rex's. Schuyler had said it was his.

Kyle divulged that Stacy had lost Rex's baby and she had a plan to get pregnant again. She tried Kyle who had been involved in other scams with her, but he had refused her. She went to Schuyler and then Oliver. "Oh my God," Oliver proclaimed. Kyle pointed out, "Look at the timing." He recapped that Stacy had lost the baby and had gone after three different guys. "Bingo, she's pregnant," he concluded. "So you're saying that the baby could be mine," Oliver stated in disbelief.

As he headed out the door of his new apartment, Schuyler quickly told Rachel about all of the activities he had planned for the day. He received a call from Kim, who asked him to do her a favor and stop by the Buchanan mansion. He was unaware that Stacy listened in via three-way calling.

Shortly after Schuyler left, Rachel welcomed Téa and Danielle into the apartment. Rachel had lots of questions for Téa, who hesitated and faltered over her words. Finally, Téa just acknowledged that it "felt right coming back." She confided that Danielle knew that Todd was her biological father. She stated that Tahiti had been complicated, but she'd had a revelation. Danielle wanted to get to know Todd. Téa felt that she had to focus on her daughter and not think about her own relationship with Todd. Rachel thought that Téa was giving Danielle too much power over the situation, and was concerned about Danielle learning about Todd's history.

As the women chatted, Danielle eavesdropped nearby. Téa explained that she wanted Danielle to meet the new and changed Todd first before she learned of his past. Téa headed out and Rachel urged the young girl to make herself at home. Danielle admitted that the news about Todd was a shock, and she thought he was a "real jerk." Rachel made it known that she was all too familiar with Todd, because she had attended college with him. She attempted to change the subject and asked Danielle if she had tried to reach Matthew yet. Annoyed, Danielle stated that she deserved to know what Todd was like.

Danielle worried that Todd was a monster since everyone was concerned about her reaction to him. She wanted to know what Rachel's opinion of Todd was, but a phone call interrupted Rachel. Speaking to someone briefly, Rachel ended the call and advised Danielle that she had to head to her office. Danielle spied the laptop and walked straight over to it. She typed Todd's name into the search engine and waited for the information to appear.

Matthew ran into Destiny at the Buenos Dias Café and sat down at her table. He wondered if she was avoiding him because of Danielle, but Destiny disagreed, insisting that she had been busy. She wouldn't be avoiding Matthew since Danielle was gone anyway, she added. She wondered if Matthew missed his new friend, but Matthew didn't want to talk about it. He confessed that he and Danielle had kissed but it hadn't been anything that was planned. They had gone through a lot together, Danielle was leaving, and they were saying goodbye. He didn't think he'd ever see her again.

Matthew was getting used to the idea that he had lost Danielle, and he didn't know how things would have turned out if Danielle had remained in Llanview. He did know that he didn't want to lose Destiny, too, and he had missed her. Destiny had missed Matthew as well. They agreed to be friends again.

Rex and Stacy entered the café and Rex spotted Elijah. He advised the attorney that he and Gigi were working things out and he would not be filing for Shane's custody. He wanted to make sure that his second child didn't fall into the wrong hands though. Stacy introduced herself to Elijah as Rex explained what he and the lawyer were talking about. Rex wanted to discuss paternity and guardianship of his new child, and wanted to make sure that all ties with Mitch were severed. Elijah thought it was a good idea for the couple to have wills that detailed the custody of the child if something should happen to them.

Rex suggested that one of his sisters would be able to take care of his child, but Stacy voiced a loud dissension of his idea. She noted that his sisters hated her. She also shot down his suggestion that Gigi would be a good choice and added that she didn't want anyone in Rex's family to take care of her baby. Rex advised that he would get back to Elijah regarding the baby's potential guardian, but he also wanted a paternity test. Elijah offered to draw up the papers for the wills.

Markko sat at a table and looked at a brochure that advertised one-bedroom apartments that were "perfect for young couples."

Schuyler arrived at the Buchanan mansion and quietly observed as Kim and Nigel had words. Amused, he advised Kim that Nigel obviously hated her. Getting right to the point, Kim asked Schuyler to steal some drugs from the hospital for Stacy's baby. Kim explained that she needed some oxytocin. Disgusted, Schuyler realized that it was for Stacy's labor to be induced, permitting her to have "Rex's baby" on time. He refused to steal the drug and jeopardize his position at the hospital. Kim reminded him that if the baby weren't delivered on time, Rex would be suspicious.

Schuyler suggested that Stacy leave town, cite a distant aunt, and deliver the baby elsewhere. Kim rejected that idea and pointed out that Gigi would know there was no aunt. Again, Schuyler refused to steal the drug, and explained that it was for women who were late. He stressed emphatically that the baby's health would have to take precedence over Stacy's love life. Kim ordered Schuyler to do it, but Schuyler responded that he would tell Rex the truth first.

Annoyed, Kim reminded Schuyler that Rex would call Gigi right away if that happened. Kim wondered how Gigi would handle the news. Schuyler continued to refuse Kim's request. Kim stressed that Stacy was too close to the baby and would never do anything to harm it. She assured Schuyler that if he didn't get the drug for them, she'd be able to find someone else to get it and she would administer it herself. Schuyler called her the "devil incarnate" and she urged him to "step up." Stacy and Rex showed up at the mansion, which interrupted them, and Kim ordered Schuyler to leave through a back door.

Rex asked permission to leave Stacy at the mansion while he headed to Ultraviolet. He didn't have security available at that time. Kim assured him it was fine. She whispered to Stacy that Schuyler had been there and she had told him he'd lose Gigi if he didn't get the drug.

Todd arrived home and found Téa waiting for him. Smiling from ear to ear, he told her he had forgotten about everything that he wanted to say to her except that he loved her. They kissed and he murmured, "You're back." They both said they missed each other, but Téa firmly told him there was something they had to do. She revealed that Danielle knew about Todd and was nervous to meet him.

Disclosing that her problem had to do with sex, Langston waited as a surprised Blair settled herself down to chat. Blair received a text message from Elijah, but she ignored it in order to hear about Langston's predicament. Langston mentioned that Ford was back in town, and Markko was highly jealous of him. She admitted that during sex with Markko, she had suddenly thought about Ford.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

At the Buenos Dias Café, Markko greeted Cristian, who was visiting on his day off. Cris didn't want his friend waiting on him, but Markko said he needed the hours before taking off for Starr and Langston's dual birthday bash at Capricorn. Just then, Ford, ready to ruin Markko's day, arrived and sat down beside his new roommate. When Ford asked about the party, Cristian suggested he check out Capricorn, but Markko pointedly informed the hunk that it was a private engagement. Oblivious to the boys' animosity, Cristian offered to give Ford a spare ticket.

Ford begged off and said he had to work on Markko's class syllabus, but Cristian encouraged him to delay his assignment one night and give Capricorn the once-over. Ford grinned at Markko, and said he'd only go if it were okay with Markko and Langston. Irritated, Markko called Ford's bluff and invited Ford to the party as his personal guest - the party would be so full, he promised Langston wouldn't even know Ford was there.

After Markko left, Cristian quizzed Ford about the tension between the two. Ford claimed it was only about Markko's documentary, then admitted it might have more to do with Langston. He'd had an encounter with Langston the last time he was in town, and Markko had been jealous, but he had no real interest in the girl. Cristian was skeptical, but Ford insisted, "Markko has nothing to worry about."

Back at Langston and Markko's place, Blair laughed off Langston's fears about Ford, and told the girl that fantasies about other men were common and natural. She asked Langston if Markko was bad in bed, but Langston insisted that he was great-a great lover, a great boyfriend, a great guy-and yet she couldn't stop thinking about Ford and his body. Langston laced into herself for her roving eye, but Blair assured the girl that she had nothing to worry about, so long as she didn't have real feelings for Ford. Langston swore up and down that she didn't.

Langston asked if she needed to tell Markko about her illicit thoughts of Ford. "Absolutely not!" Blair cried; Langston needed to stay away from Ford, it needed to be their little secret, and she couldn't tell Markko.

"Tell me what?" Markko asked, walking into the apartment. Blair covered by claiming that she and Langston were conspiring about Starr's birthday gift, and told the kids she'd see them at Capricorn. As Blair exited the apartment, she took another glance at her text message from Elijah and beat feet.

Inside, Markko told Langston that Cristian had taken over his shift at the café, so he was free for more time with his ladylove. He told her that he'd seen Ford at the Buenos Dias, but had taken the high road, and had even gone so far as to offer him an invitation to Capricorn. "Why'd you do that?" Langston cried. Markko said he was being neighborly, and claimed Ford had looked "pathetic" and lonely.

Conflicted, Langston sat down on the couch, as she wrestled with her thoughts. Markko's mind was on lovemaking, but Langston stopped him and asked if he knew how much he meant to her. She said he was a wonderful boyfriend, loving and supportive, and Markko told her she made it easy. Langston embraced him, confused.

Starr and Cole arrived at the Hallowed Grounds coffee shop, still on their birthday spending spree. Starr couldn't believe Todd had been so generous with his money, but Cole said he could understand a father spoiling his daughter on her special day, just as he wanted to when Hope was Starr's age. He admitted he couldn't blame Todd for wanting to shower Starr with love and material comforts.

Mitch Laurence's untimely arrival interrupted the lovers' birthday bliss. Mitch handed the teens pamphlets for his cult while clucking about the sin of their child born out of wedlock, and calling both of them "lost souls." Starr ordered him to leave them alone, but Mitch continued holding forth, and suggested that they couldn't have turned out any less dysfunctional. He cited the sins of their parents and referenced Blair as "the town tramp" and Todd as the rapist. He asked Cole how he could stand to forgive Todd's trespasses against Marty, and reminded him that she'd been "ruined forever" by Todd's actions. Enraged, Cole attacked Mitch and shoved him to the floor.

A security guard stepped in, but Mitch told the rent-a-cop there was no problem; he was merely spreading "the word of the Lord." The guard told Mitch there was no soliciting on the property without a permit, so Mitch took his leave, but not before wishing the shaken Starr a happy birthday.

Starr and Cole cuddled together, and Cole apologized for letting Mitch ruin her day. Starr said that Mitch couldn't ruin her best birthday ever; she had Cole and Hope, and everything she ever wanted. Outside the restaurant, however, Mitch continued to watch the young lovers from the street.

At Todd's, Téa gave Todd the good news: Danielle knew he was her father, and had returned to Llanview to get to know him. Todd was stunned, and angered that Téa had let him believe she'd be gone for an extended period. He questioned what could possibly make Danielle want to know him after he'd killed Ross, but Téa told him that was just it; he hadn't killed Ross. Recounting Ross's miraculous resurrection in Tahiti, Téa told Todd that her ex was the one who had convinced Danielle to go back to Llanview and get to know "the real Todd." Todd wasn't sure that Danielle learning all about her father was the best idea, but Téa reassured him that she'd seen through his "flaws" and their daughter would, too.

Téa told Todd he was lucky, and that Ross's intervention had given him and Danielle a second chance. When Ross had heard about Danielle pulling a gun on Todd, he'd decided she had to know the truth and not follow in Ross's footsteps. Thanks to Ross, Todd and Danielle could start all over. Todd reminded Téa that if Danielle knew the truth, then she'd want to know everything about him. Téa admitted that Todd's past was a minefield, but they both agreed that he had to be the one to tell Danielle.

Cradling Téa in his arms, Todd thanked her for returning to him. Téa thanked him for being there to return to, instead of rekindling the home fires with Blair. Just then, Blair rushed into the house and called out for Todd. She stopped short when she saw Todd and Téa's romantic clinch. "What the hell are you doing here?" the two women said in chorus.

Téa instantly assumed the worst, but Blair said she and the boys were only staying with Todd until they found better accommodations. Smirking, she assured the steamed Téa she no longer had any interest in Todd. She asked what Téa was doing back in town, but the lady lawyer blew her off. Téa told Todd she'd retrieve Danielle, and she stomped out of the house and slammed the front door.

Blair asked Todd why Téa had returned from Tahiti so soon, and sarcastically added, "Were they out of sunscreen?" Todd told her that Danielle knew the truth about him, and it was time that he, Téa, and Danielle became a family. Blair was surprised that things were moving so fast, and warned Todd not to rush; she had a feeling his building a relationship with Danielle would be harder than he thought.

At Rachel's apartment, Danielle began to browse the "Llannet" search engine for information on Todd. She got more than she bargained for, and was horrified by a flurry of articles about Marty's gang rape, Todd's posing as Walker Laurence, the murder of Margaret Cochran, and Marty's second rape in 2008. As the articles began to print, Danielle stared at the computer screen, dazed. There was a knock at the door; from the hallway, Matthew called for Rachel. Overcome, Danielle opened the door to face the surprised boy.

Matthew was stunned to see Danielle back in Llanview and staying at Rachel's, but Danielle said the details didn't matter; what mattered was that she was back because Todd Manning was her biological father. Holding up the ream of printed documents, she asked Matthew if he'd known about Todd's sordid past, and realized that everyone in Llanview had-everyone but her. Matthew was flabbergasted, and admitted he didn't know what to say. Danielle told him there was nothing that could be said when you learned your life was a lie. Matthew alluded to his own identity crisis over Bo and Sam Rappaport, but said he'd tell Danielle the story another time.

Danielle couldn't believe that a man like Todd was her father, but the biggest question in her mind was how Téa could have gone back to him or wanted him after everything he'd done. She didn't know who was sicker: Todd, for all the crimes he'd committed, or Téa, for still loving him. Todd had raped, murdered, escaped prison, even terrorized Matthew's mother, and yet Téa had seen him as more fit to raise Danielle than Ross was. "He's not good enough to be my dad but Todd is?"

Matthew told her that Bo and Nora had fought many times to put Todd in prison, but he'd always walked away from his crimes. Danielle wished she could walk away from Todd and Llanview, but Matthew said that if she did, he'd miss her. Danielle said she didn't want to leave him, or anyone else, but she also had no interest in a relationship with Todd, and Téa was en route to take her to their "family reunion." Matthew asked Danielle what he could do to help her, and swore he'd do anything.

Sometime later, Téa arrived at the apartment, and called out for Danielle. She couldn't find the girl, and failed to notice the open laptop, full of open browser windows all about Todd's dark past.

At Oliver's apartment, Kyle warned Oliver that Oliver could, in fact, be the father of Stacy's baby. When he quizzed his boyfriend on the timeline of their last sexual encounter in August, he realized the dates matched as well; Stacy could be carrying Fish's child. She'd told Rex that she was going to deliver in February, but instead she'd deliver in March. She'd miscarried Rex's baby, and had prowled the town looking for another man to impregnate her, first Schuyler, then Oliver. Oliver was horrified at the thought that he could have spawned Stacy's demon seed.

Neither Kyle nor Oliver could understand why Stacy would've told Schuyler he was the baby's father, or why Schuyler would've gone along with her scheme. They wondered what Schuyler's agenda was. Oliver held out hope that Schuyler truly was the father, but Kyle said they had to be sure, and promised he'd stand with Oliver every step of the way. He said that Oliver needed to use his policeman's instincts and follow the trail of evidence to the source. Oliver continued to grapple with the thought that he could be a father.

At the Buchanan mansion, Kim was ready for a big lunch of Rodi's takeout, and asked a distant Stacy for her order. Stacy, lost in thought, said, "I'm gonna die." She told Kim about her meeting with Rex and Elijah regarding a living will, and said the discussion had reminded her of the danger she faced from Mitch. Stacy was determined to find someone who could be there for her child in the event of her death, and neither Rex's choice of his "biased" sisters nor Gigi would do. Stacy had her own person in mind for her child's legal guardian: Kim.

Kim was taken aback by Stacy's proposal, and said Stacy needn't worry about dying so young, but Stacy wasn't convinced. She felt that Kim was the only person who would keep her alive in her child's eyes, the "real" her, not the person Natalie, Jessica, or Gigi saw her as. Kim was touched by the gesture, but said she'd do anything for Stacy-lie, cheat, steal-yet "I draw the line at diapers."

Stacy pleaded with Kim to reconsider, and said that after Kim won Clint and married him, she could get a squad of nannies and maids to look after the child, so long as Stacy knew the baby would be cared for. Kim reluctantly agreed to sign on the dotted line but said there was no need, as Stacy and Rex weren't going anywhere anytime soon.

Just then, Oliver and Kyle burst into the drawing room. Stacy was put out and told Oliver she didn't need round-the-clock protection at the Buchanan mansion. "No, what you need is an ass-whoopin'!" Kyle snapped. Oliver demanded answers from Stacy about why she had not told him he could be the father of her child.

Stacy denied that they'd had sex the previous summer, but Oliver remembered her confirming their second tryst. "You've known me long enough to know that just because I say something doesn't mean it's the truth," Stacy huffed. Besides, she said, he was too drunk to remember. Oliver didn't buy it, but Kim doubted Oliver had a wealth of experience with the fairer sex to draw on, and said, "You wouldn't know your way around a woman with a GPS!" Kyle warned the stripping duo that if he and Oliver didn't receive confirmation that Schuyler was the baby's father, they'd go straight to him and Rex with what they knew.

Kim called Kyle a once and future blackmailer, and said, "You really give gays a bad name." "You and Stacy ain't exactly doing strippers and sluts any favors, either," Kyle shot back. Kim told Oliver the women wouldn't give Kyle and Oliver any information, and added that if either Oliver or Kyle attempted to go to Rex or Schuyler, she would retaliate by going to the hospital board and informing them that Kyle had used privileged information to blackmail a patient. "Check and mate, bitches!" Stacy chirped.

Kyle told Kim and Stacy they had no shame. "And proud of it," Stacy replied. Enraged, Kyle accused her of putting her obsession with Rex before her own safety and that of the child she was carrying; without her claim that Rex was the baby's father, Mitch Laurence would have no interest in her. Before Kyle could totally lose his temper, Oliver pulled him away, and told Kim and Stacy they were leaving.

After Oliver and Kyle exited, Stacy was shaken as she recognized the force of Kyle's words. Kim told her not to worry; Kyle and Oliver wouldn't tell, because Kyle had as much to lose as Stacy did.

Outside the mansion, Kyle was still furious, and was ready to go to Rex and Schuyler regardless of the consequences for his medical career. But Oliver refused to let him jeopardize his future, and said that they'd wait until the baby was born, and then get a DNA test. In the meantime, he said he'd protect Stacy-and the child that could be his-from Mitch with his life.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Like a Bridge Over Troubled Daughter

Bursting into Marty's office at Llanview Hospital, Todd proclaimed, "I need you." He added that he wanted Marty's help with his daughter. Marty misunderstood at first, since she thought that Todd meant Starr, but he clarified it quickly. He wanted Marty with him when he and Téa met with Danielle because he wanted Danielle to know about the real him. Sarcastically, Marty asked if he wanted his daughter to meet the woman he had raped. "Yes," Todd replied almost cheerfully.

He wanted Marty to "step up" for him for all that he had done to make things up to her. He thought that Danielle could visit Marty's office and see how well she'd done and how she had been able to get past everything. Marty declared emphatically that she had not forgiven Todd and would never forgive him for anything. Todd wanted Danielle to know that he hadn't ruined Marty's life and she had been able to move on.

Scornfully, Marty hissed that she had been civil to Todd only for the sake of their children and granddaughter, but she didn't trust him or like him. She tolerated him, but she was unable to make things better just because he wanted her to. Todd tried a different tack and suggested that Marty just talk about herself. Marty declined. She was extremely angry and yelled that she didn't owe Todd anything.

John ran into Natalie sitting outside of Marty's office and gave her a big hug. Natalie admitted that she was upset and angry, and recognized that she had to do something about the way she had been feeling. She realized that she was spending all of her time thinking about Mitch and how much she hated him. She was obsessive and thought she would take Marty up on her offer to talk about it. She didn't have an appointment because she wasn't sure she was ready to talk, Natalie confessed. She asked John why he was there, and he replied that Marty had forgotten her lunch.

Looking down to his hands, Natalie noted that John didn't have a brown paper bag with him. He laughed and suggested that he was taking Marty out to lunch. Natalie had another idea, and she guessed that John was working on a case. He reminded her that he was no longer a cop, but she pointed out that he was "once a cop, always a cop." John agreed that he thought the most about stopping Mitch who still had his private nurse on his payroll. Natalie realized that the real reason for John's visit to the hospital was to try to find information on Mitch's nurse.

She offered to help John sneak around as he played detective and asked him if he thought it was a bad idea for her to speak to Marty. She noted that Marty hadn't been thrilled to see John and Natalie together. John assured her that Marty was fine with it, and Natalie agreed that she and John were good friends.

Starr and Cole struggled to pull a large box into their apartment. Cole thought that Todd would be upset to find out that Starr had used her birthday money to purchase a playhouse for Hope. Starr disagreed and thought that Todd would clearly understand. "His kids always come first," she pointed out. As the young couple assembled the house, they talked about Todd. Cole was worried about Todd's role in Hope's life and promised that he would always have his daughter's back. Starr thought that while Todd had done some horrible things in his life, he could also be sweet. That was the reason that she kept forgiving him.

Their talk turned to their friends, and Cole was certain that Markko and Langston were cramped and unhappy in the apartment with all of them living together. Starr was convinced that the couple's unhappiness might be due to some other issues. She cited the musical that Langston had wanted to write about Starr and Cole. The couple named the differences and similarities between their story and Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Starr was sure they would have a happy ending, unlike the famous Shakespearean couple. She put her arms around Cole and suggested that they skip her birthday party at Capricorn. Cole thought they had to attend, with so many people on the guest list, but noted that they could probably be a "little late."

A distracted Charlie was oblivious as Viki directed her comments towards him at Llanfair. As he looked over some blueprints, he received a phone call from Dorian, who wanted to see him at the "sleazy bar" they had met at once before. She asked him to do the "right thing." Charlie advised Viki that he needed to meet with a client and he left. Noticeably regretting her choice, Viki grabbed her coat and followed her husband.

As Brody prepared to leave for work, he stooped to pick up an envelope that someone had slid under the front door. It was addressed to Jessica from her father. Brody wasn't happy about Jessica's desire to see it, but they read it together. Mitch apologized for upsetting Jessica's family, but he had merely wanted to see her. He bad-mouthed Brody and called him insensitive, untrustworthy, and predictable. He assured his daughter that her relationship with the "beast of burden" wouldn't last. He knew Jessica and was part of her, he wrote. He was willing to forgive her for trying to kill him, but she would have to accept him as her father. He promised to stay away from her family if she would meet him at the docks.

Brody insisted that Mitch was lying, and he pleaded with Jessica to stay away from the man. He had arranged to have one of his fellow police officers, Jason, guard the house. Jessica felt obligated to meet with Mitch, but Brody attempted to make her understand that Mitch just wanted to get her alone. He grabbed the letter, with the intention to make a case against Mitch at the police station. He was sure that the letter was a tactic and told Jessica that Mitch is "working you."

Jessica wanted to kill Mitch for criticizing Brody, and she stressed that she loved Brody. She hated Mitch and she apologized for dealing with him. Brody emphasized that he loved Jessica and that Clint was her father, not Mitch.

Both Rachel and Téa returned to Rachel's apartment and were dismayed to find that Danielle was gone. Finally, they glimpsed the laptop with windows open to articles about Todd. Téa was frantic. She realized that her daughter had learned about Todd on her own, and Téa was worried about the repercussions.

Danielle and Matthew sat at the docks as Matthew listened to his friend lament the fact that Todd was her real father. She acknowledged that she didn't want to meet her father, "the rapist." She related all of the facts that she had learned about Todd since researching his life on the Internet. She thought that if she were Cole, she'd kill Todd for what Todd had done to Cole's mother. She refused to allow Todd to be her father and wondered how he could be anyone's father.

Danielle tightly clutched the papers she had printed out about Todd's life and Matthew gently took them from her. She advised him that she wanted to go back to Tahiti, though he reminded her that there was nothing there for her any longer. He thought that she needed to deal with Todd because it was a fact that wouldn't go away. He told her that the worst thing to happen would be that her mother would ship her off to boarding school again. If that happened, Matthew would miss her, he said sadly.

Suddenly Matthew's phone rang. Rachel was calling to ask if he had seen Danielle. Matthew played dumb and told his sister that he didn't even know about Danielle and Téa returning to Llanview. He told Danielle that her mother was worried, and Danielle and Téa needed to talk to each other. Danielle stressed that she couldn't talk to her mother or anyone else, but Matthew had an idea. He knew of someone who would understand Danielle's plight.

Charlie met with Dorian at the bar and advised her that the rest of his life would be ruined if he killed Mitch. She countered that his life would be ruined if he continued to drink. She urged him to kill Mitch for Viki, and she tenderly unwrapped a gun that she removed from her purse. She explained that the gun couldn't be traced, and she stressed that he had to do it.

When the waitress approached their table, Dorian stopped Charlie from ordering a drink, but she ordered a second one for herself. Nervously, she reasoned that the drinking helped to steady her nerves, though normally she only drank socially. Dorian told Charlie that she felt dirty in the bar and excused herself to freshen up in the ladies' room. Viki walked through the front door and spied Charlie with the empty glass in front of him.

The waitress returned with Dorian's drink and Charlie flashed back to his encounters with Mitch, who called him a drunk. He remembered how Mitch had taunted him. Viki lightly tapped him on the shoulder and Charlie returned to the present. "You followed me?" he asked in disbelief. She apologized and explained that it was the only thing she could think of. She accused him of lying to her about meeting a client. They began to argue about her lack of trust. She insisted that she understood his pain but assured him that drinking wouldn't help, even though Charlie attempted to make it clear that he wasn't drinking. She pointed to the drink on the table and asked him to explain.

Charlie asked for Viki's trust and suggested she head home. In order to appease her, he asked her if she wanted him to admit that he was drinking again. She insisted that she wanted to help him, but again he told her to go home. He complained that his meetings and prayer didn't help him. He wouldn't go with her. He urged her to forget about him because he couldn't be what she needed him to be. Dorian returned from the ladies' room but spied Viki and remained out of sight.

Charlie firmly told Viki that he had something to settle, and he didn't want her to be mixed up in it. She wanted to help him because they were married and they had promised for better or worse, Viki began. Charlie gruffly stated that he had broken promises before. A dismayed Viki told her husband that her heart was broken. She left the bar. Dorian returned to the table and apologized to Charlie. He had decided that he would kill Mitch, Charlie informed her.

Todd received a call from Téa while he was in Marty's office and learned that Danielle was missing. He stormed out of the office. Marty saw John and Natalie and told them it was "Todd's just being Todd" when they asked if everything was okay. She wanted to know what John and Natalie were doing there. "I assume it's not for couples' counseling," she said jokingly. Natalie quickly assured Marty that Natalie and John had run into each other. Natalie was thinking about taking Marty up on her offer of help. Marty welcomed Natalie into the office. John kissed Marty goodbye and they promised to see each other later on.

Todd showed up at Rachel's place and tried to blame her for leaving Danielle unsupervised. Téa strongly informed him that it was not Rachel's fault and, pointing to the laptop, informed Todd that Danielle had taken it upon herself to learn about Todd. Téa had checked the history of pages searched and she was sure that Danielle knew everything. Upset, Todd sat down. He would have made Danielle see that he was no longer the same person as the one in the news. It was obvious to him that Danielle would not want to know him. "It's over," he muttered

As Cole and Starr embraced, there was a knock at the door. They were surprised to find Matthew with a girl, and Starr wondered if he was there for Cole. Matthew said no and introduced Starr and Danielle to each other. Starr cheerfully stated that she had recognized Danielle because her father had a picture of the girl. Before Starr could continue, Matthew told the girls that they were sisters. Starr opened her mouth but closed it again quickly. She looked shocked but not very surprised.

Jessica called the police station and asked to speak to Brody, but he was not there. He had not reported for work. Concerned, she called John and asked him for help. Outside, Jason stood on guard duty. Nurse Charles crept up behind him and plunged a syringe into him.

As Mitch sat at the docks and read his Scriptures out loud, Brody sneaked up on him and grabbed him from behind.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Already Gone

As Langston and Markko enjoyed a dance at Capricorn, Ford interrupted the couple and wished Langston a happy birthday. While Langston appeared uncomfortable by Ford's sudden arrival, a disgusted Markko stepped away to phone Cole and inquire about Starr's absence at her own eighteenth birthday party. Meanwhile, a curious Langston questioned why Ford had chosen to cast a young woman who bore a striking resemblance to herself as Ford's love interest in his film. Langston was stunned when Ford admitted that he fantasized about her and wondered whether she shared his feelings.

Starr was stunned when Matthew arrived at her apartment with Danielle and informed Starr that the teen was her sister. Expressing her hatred for Todd, Danielle explained how Téa had recently learned that Todd, not Ross, had fathered Danielle. When Danielle continued to refer to Todd as a rapist, Starr stepped away to compose herself. Upon receiving a call from Markko, Cole informed his friend that something unexpected had transpired and that neither Cole nor Starr would be attending the party.

Out in the hall, Starr was overwhelmed by the idea that Danielle was her sister and wondered if Danielle's theory was correct. Cole stated that Starr owed it to herself to find out the truth. After recalling that Todd had a picture of Danielle in his wallet, Starr headed back inside to speak with Danielle.

Back at Capricorn, Markko returned as Langston struggled to answer Ford's question. Realizing that Markko was agitated by his presence, Ford excused himself. After explaining that Starr and Cole wouldn't be attending the party, Markko convinced Langston to allow the couple to handle their problem on their own. Afterward, Markko told Langston that he loved her, and he held her close. Meanwhile, Ford stood nearby and observed them. When Cristian approached Ford and informed him that many beautiful women lived in Llanview, Ford stared at Langston and replied, "I know exactly where to look!"

Later, Langston bumped into Ford, who apologized for assuming that she shared his feelings. When Langston didn't deny her attraction to him, Ford pulled her into an embrace and kissed her.

Starr, Cole, and Matthew listened as Danielle continued to criticize Todd and denounce him as her father. Matthew told Starr that he had hoped that she could help Danielle deal with the revelation that Todd was her father. When Starr questioned how Danielle had obtained her information regarding her paternity, Danielle presented Starr with a copy of the DNA test and announced that Todd had known the truth for a while. Upon learning that Téa didn't have any knowledge of Danielle's whereabouts, Starr suggested that Danielle phone Todd, but Danielle was adamant that she didn't want anything to do with either Todd or her mother. Danielle stated that she despised Todd for his evil past and was embarrassed to learn that her mother could love such a person.

As Starr attempted to describe Todd's good qualities, Danielle criticized her for defending a rapist. Recalling the information that she had uncovered over the Internet, an angered Danielle related the vivid details of Marty's rape. Unable to listen to the graphic details, Cole demanded that she end her tirade. Danielle was stunned to learn that Cole was Marty's son and questioned why Cole didn't hate Todd.

Declaring his love for Starr, Cole informed Danielle that he refused to allow Todd to destroy Cole's life with Starr and Hope. Pulling Cole aside, Starr recalled how she felt the day that she learned that Todd had raped Marty. Starr stated that she had wished that she had an older sister to help her deal with the truth. Cole suggested that Starr be a support system for Danielle.

Hoping to help her sister gain insight into their father, Starr wondered if Danielle planned to live her life as if Todd didn't exist. Danielle told Starr that she had once observed Starr sharing a loving moment with Todd. Danielle was convinced that she could never love Todd, and questioned why her mother loved him. Stating that Téa had learned to appreciate Todd's good qualities, Starr was certain that Téa had hoped that Danielle would learn to appreciate them too. When Danielle inquired about her little brothers, Starr offered to show her photos of Jack, Sam, and Hope.

Todd and Téa rushed into the police station, announced that their daughter had ran away, and demanded that the on-duty officer find Danielle. As Todd and Téa urged the officer to complete a missing persons report at once, Lowell appeared and instructed the officer to accompany him on an in-progress call. When Todd and Téa tried to explain that their daughter was missing, Lowell rudely ignored their pleas for help, and left with his officers to handle a mysterious call.

Unable to obtain any assistance, Todd and Téa sat in the station and waited for word on Danielle. When Téa suggested that they contact Ross, Todd refused to seek help from his enemy. Todd believed that Ross told Danielle the truth about her paternity in hopes that Danielle would learn about Todd's past. Realizing that Danielle would never accept his past, Todd wondered if he should give up hope of building a relationship with her. Todd recalled the day that Starr learned about his past, and stated that the revelation had caused her to view him in a different light. Reminding Todd that he was a changed man, Téa insisted that he do his best to reach out to Danielle.

At Llanfair, when Jessica phoned John and told him that she feared that Brody had gone to the docks to confront Mitch, John promised to handle the situation. Meanwhile, Nurse Charles, with a syringe in hand, stood outside and observed Jessica through the window.

After an unsuccessful attempt at convincing Charlie to return home, a distressed Viki arrived at Llanfair. Concerned for her troubled husband, Viki stared at her wedding photo. Viki told Jessica about Charlie's relapse, and declared that she couldn't help him. Viki was adamant that Mitch had destroyed Charlie's life.

Jessica told her mother about Mitch's letter and his request that Jessica meet him on the docks. Viki pleaded with her daughter to stay away from Mitch. Jessica promised to heed her mother's warning, but she doubted that Brody would stay away from Mitch. Meanwhile, Nurse Charles kept a close eye on Jessica and Viki.

On the docks, an irate Brody attacked Mitch and ordered him to stay away from Jessica and her family. Insisting that Jessica wanted to please him, Mitch stated that Jessica would've showed up at the docks, had Brody not interfered. Hoping to entice Brody to react violently, Mitch exclaimed, "The women are mine for the taking! You can't stop me from taking what I want!" Outraged, Brody picked up a pipe and aimed the weapon at Mitch. Before Brody could make physical contact, John appeared and instructed him to put the weapon down.

While Brody told John about the letter that Mitch had sent Jessica, Mitch encouraged Brody to assault him. Unable to control his hatred for Mitch, Brody attempted to strangle him. At that moment, Lowell and several of his men arrived and demanded to know what was going on. When Mitch claimed that Brody had tried to kill him, Lowell instructed his officers to arrest Brody. Realizing that he had been set up, Brody announced that he was headed to Llanfair to check on Jessica, but Lowell's men grabbed him.

After helping Brody escape, John was placed under arrest. Meanwhile, Brody raced off to save Jessica. Once John had been transported to lockup, Mitch had a warning for Lowell. As a nervous Lowell listened, Mitch remarked, "I only hope for your sake that Officer Lovett hasn't interfered in my plans!"

Back at Llanfair, after her conversation with Jessica, Viki headed upstairs. As Jessica placed another call to Brody, Nurse Charles appeared and attempted to jab her with the syringe. After a brief struggle, Nurse Charles gained the upper hand and plunged the syringe into Jessica's arm. An unconscious Jessica fell to the ground. Moments later, Brody raced into the house and was unable to locate Jessica, but discovered the unconscious guard outside the mansion.

Inside the shady bar, while Charlie agreed to kill Mitch, Dorian appeared to have second thoughts. Insisting that she was at fault for ordering a drink in Charlie's presence, Dorian expressed her guilt over Viki discovering Charlie in the bar with a drink nearby. Convinced that he had ruined his relationship with Viki, Charlie was determined to end Mitch's reign of terror. When Charlie asked Dorian to give him the gun, she hesitated and questioned whether Charlie was capable of taking a life. Charlie had no doubt that he could kill Mitch without a second thought.

Dorian reminded Charlie of the repercussions he faced if he were caught, but Charlie insisted that he didn't fear the punishment because his life had little meaning after the loss of Jared. Handing him the gun in a towel, Dorian informed Charlie that she couldn't be linked to the murder because Mitch's followers would harm her girls. Charlie promised that Mitch would never find out about her involvement because Charlie intended to kill him. Before walking away, Dorian expressed her regret that Charlie and Viki's relationship was in shambles.

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