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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 25, 2010 on AMC
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Monday, January 25, 2010

At the Chandler mansion, Annie accused Adam of not loving her. Adam wanted Annie to share the details of the will with the rest of the family. Annie hoped to discuss it privately, but Adam insisted that the family was entitled to know what he had bequeathed her. Reluctantly, Annie read the will aloud. According to Adam's wishes, Annie would get the mansion and property upon Adam's death. However, it would revert back to the family once Annie found love again.

Adam tried to explain why he had decided on a Merit Trust, but JR wasn't interested in hearing what Adam had to say. According to JR, it was nothing more than a way for Adam to control his family from beyond the grave. Adam denied JR's accusation; he claimed that he loved his family. JR made it clear that he didn't need Adam's money. After JR stormed out of the parlor, Marissa started to follow her husband. Adam pleaded with Marissa to reason with JR before it was too late. After Marissa walked out, Adam turned to Colby.

Colby also resented Adam's attempt to dictate her life. After Colby marched out, Adam gave Scott an opportunity to share his thoughts. Scott surprised Adam by assuring his uncle that he understood why Adam had put stipulations on everyone's inheritance. Adam was grateful when Scott promised to talk to Colby. After Scott left, Adam faced his wife. Annie remained furious about the conditions of the will. She didn't think that Adam loved or trusted her.

Adam assured Annie that he had complete trust in her, but he was curious if it was lack of trust or the money that had Annie so upset. Annie insisted that she had never cared about the money because she was in love with Adam. However, Adam's unconventional request implied that Adam believed that she had married him for his fortune. Adam disagreed. He explained that many women had pursued him because of his wealth, but Annie had been different.

Adam was certain that Annie loved him for who he was, not what he had. He wanted the same for Annie after he passed away. Adam decided to take the money out of the equation to ensure that no one pursued Annie for her fortune. Adam believed his terms for inheritance would guarantee that Annie would be loved for who she was, not because she was rich. Adam hoped that Annie would eventually understand and then forgive him.

Annie assured Adam that he didn't have anything to apologize for. Besides, Annie pointed out, she didn't intend to remarry. Adam explained that his terms applied to any long-term affair, not just marriage. Annie was appalled at the idea that someone would be monitoring her love life. She demanded to know who would decide her fate. Annie's irritation turned to disbelief when Adam informed her that Scott would be the one to determine when and if Annie had found love.

Annie recovered quickly. She insisted that it didn't matter because she didn't intend to be with anyone in the event that Adam passed away before she did. Annie wanted Adam to focus on staying healthy, so that they could enjoy a long and happy life together. Adam agreed. After Adam left to take a nap, Annie sat down to re-read the will.

Scott caught up to Colby at ConFusion just as she tried to order an alcoholic drink. Scott quickly informed the bartender that Colby was underage. Colby resented Scott's interference. She was also fuming over Adam's attempt to control her life. Scott assured Colby that Adam only had Colby's best interests at heart. Colby insisted that she wasn't an idiot about boys. Scott agreed; however, he did point out that Colby was inexperienced. Colby bristled when Scott suggested that Colby tended to push guys away because she was afraid to fall in love.

Colby sarcastically demanded to know which romance novel Scott had fallen out of. She insisted that she had more important things to think about than boyfriends and dating. Scott was curious what Colby considered to be more important than love. Colby promptly answered, "School." "And? " Scott asked. Colby floundered for an answer. Scott seized the opportunity to explain that Adam's conditions for Colby were simply parameters that Adam had set up, in order to protect Colby. Colby conceded that she could understand Adam's desire to safeguard her.

Colby switched gears to complain about Annie. Scott made it clear that he considered Annie to be a member of the family. Colby argued that she had seen the way that Scott had looked at Annie. "It's not a family kind of look, " Colby accused. Before Scott could respond, Colby walked out. A short time later, Scott entered the Chandler mansion to find Annie reviewing Adam's will. Annie dropped the bombshell that Adam had decided that Scott should monitor Annie's love life in the event that Adam passed away.

Scott was shocked. Annie claimed that it didn't matter since she would always love Adam. Scott appeared hurt by Annie's words, but he quickly hid it. After Scott left the parlor, Annie sat down. She seemed a bit overwhelmed by her brief talk with Scott. In the foyer, Scott looked at the closed door to the parlor with sadness in his eyes.

JR's anger had not subsided by the time he and Marissa had arrived home. Marissa suggested that Adam was acting out of love, but JR disagreed. JR was certain that Adam wanted to remind them all that Adam was in charge. Marissa regretted that they had gone to see Adam because it had upset JR. JR confessed that it had been worth it to see Adam set up Annie. JR believed that Annie's reaction to Adam's will proved that Annie was "all about the money."

JR admitted that he didn't have a problem working with Scott, but JR refused to move to the mansion. JR believed that it would send Little A the wrong message. Marissa promised to support whatever JR decided. JR promised his wife that they would have a great life, even without the Chandler fortune to pave the way. Marissa didn't doubt it for a second.

JR and Marissa then discussed JR's next round of chemotherapy. JR confessed that he hoped his new treatment would be more effective than the previous course of chemotherapy. Marissa suggested that JR get some rest. After Marissa left to check on Little A, someone knocked on the door.

As soon as JR opened the door, Colby flew into the room. Colby remained agitated about Adam's attempt to control her life. However, despite her anger, Colby loved Adam. Colby admitted that she hated that Adam had to have a pacemaker implanted. She also resented how Adam had made her read the will; it had made her feel as if Adam were about to die. With tears in her eyes, Colby begged JR never to leave her. JR hugged his sister as he promised that he would do his best to honor her request.

Jake and Amanda dropped by Tad's place to pick up a sled, so that they could have some fun in the snow. Krystal sent Jake to the basement, which she referred to as Tad's "man cave." Jake called out to Tad, as he entered the basement, but Tad didn't respond. Jake was surprised when he spotted a pair of women's panties on the floor. Moments later, Liza stepped out of the bathroom, and asked Tad for a towel. Liza was dripping wet and naked. She froze when she saw Jake standing before her. Horrified, Liza shrieked and then retreated into the bathroom.

At the same moment, Tad entered the foyer and was carrying snacks for two. Krystal and Amanda were startled because they had thought that Tad had been in the basement. Before Tad could respond, Liza's scream pierced the air. Tad immediately sprang into action as he raced to the basement.

Later, Jake profusely apologized to Liza when, wearing Tad's robe, she emerged from the bathroom. Jake explained that he had been looking for the sled. When Tad pointed to where the sled was, Jake admitted that he had changed his mind. Jake returned to the foyer, fetched Amanda, and then left. Moments later, Tad decided to take Liza home. After everyone cleared out, Opal asked Krystal if she was okay with Tad and Liza's relationship. Krystal insisted that she was fine, but Opal appeared to have her doubts.

Opal's concern for Krystal faded when Rob called to arrange a late-night date with Krystal. Opal happily agreed to watch the girls, so that Krystal could meet Rob for a nightcap. Opal was thrilled that love was "kicking in" for everyone. After Krystal left, Opal sat down to watch a television show about housewives. She was unaware that someone was lurking outside, and peering through the window.

Later, Opal investigated a noise in the backyard, but she didn't find anything to alarm her. Certain that it had just been her imagination, Opal returned to watch her television show. Seconds later, she jumped with fright when she heard a loud crash somewhere inside the house, which was followed by a power outage.

Jake and Amanda returned home. They were delighted that Trevor was truly their son and that David was out of their lives. Amanda decided to surprise Jake with a special "Father's Day" gift. It was a camera. Jake loved the present. While Amanda checked on Trevor, Jake played with his camera. Amanda returned to the living room a short time later with Trevor in her arms. Jake decided to snap some family pictures with his new camera.

Bailey was disappointed when Tad and Liza walked through the door instead of Damon. Bailey explained that she had tried to call Damon to ask him to pick up some diapers on his way home. Bailey was concerned because Damon hadn't returned any of her phone calls. Liza was certain that everything was fine, but Bailey remained on edge. Bailey worried that something might have happened to Damon.

Bailey feared that the pressure of giving up his dream to take care of his family would push Damon into another altercation. Tad took pity on Bailey, so he offered to look for Damon. Bailey relaxed as she expressed her gratitude. After Bailey left to check on Stuart, Liza thanked Tad for tracking down Damon. She insisted that Tad was a good man. Their conversation was cut short when Tad's cell phone rang. It was Jesse informing Tad that someone had broken into Tad's home.

At the Pine Valley Police Station, Brot was astounded when Natalia suggested that the person who had stolen Colby's car might be a serial killer. Natalia explained that she had done some research, during which she had discovered that two serial killers in the Midwest had started out by breaking and entering. Brot argued that it was a stretch for Natalia to suspect someone of being a serial killer in the making, simply because the person had committed a string of robberies.

Moments later, a man stumbled in to the squad room. Pierre claimed that he had been attacked while painting in a house. Jesse was curious why Pierre had been working at such a late hour. Pierre explained that the owners of the house were due to arrive home within a few days. Pierre and his crew had been working overtime to complete a painting job. Jesse wondered who had been working with Pierre at the time of the attack.

Pierre revealed that he had been scheduled to work with an assistant, but the young man had not shown up. Jesse immediately recognized the young man's name. Jesse recalled arresting Damon Miller the previous week on assault charges. Brot approached Jesse with the news that another break-in had been reported. Jesse realized that the Canyon Drive address was Tad's house.

Jesse, Natalia, and Brot arrived at the Martin residence a short time later. As Natalia and Brot circled around the house, Jesse went through the front door, which had been left ajar. In the dark, Jesse spotted someone racing through the foyer. Jesse identified himself as a police officer and then ordered the person to stop. Seconds later, sounds of breaking glass echoed throughout the house.

Tad arrived shortly after Jesse secured the house. The person who had broken into the house had fled through a window, and shattered the glass. Jesse was certain that the person must have been injured during the escape. Opal was grateful that she and the girls had been unharmed. Opal explained that she had gathered the girls and then hidden in the closet until the police had arrived.

Liza called moments later to check on everyone. Tad quickly told Liza what had happened and then promised to call her back later. Natalia entered the house just as Tad ended the call. Natalia had discovered a DVD in the backyard. Jesse wondered why the thief had stolen a copy of Hayley's DVD about Pine Valley.

At Liza's apartment, Bailey was relieved when Damon arrived home. Damon explained that he had stopped off at a bar to check out a band. Damon claimed that he had lost track of time, so he had missed work. Bailey wondered why Damon had not answered her calls. Damon explained that the battery in his phone had died. Bailey was alarmed when she noticed that Damon's hand was injured and bloody. According to Damon, he had tripped on some ice. Liza studied Damon through narrowed eyes.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Outside Greenlee's room in Gloucester, David snatched a newspaper from Gayle and asked if she had any idea of what seeing it would do to Greenlee. Greenlee wrenched in pain from her therapy session, and he rushed into her room to see what the matter was. Greenlee stated that she hadn't worked out in a year, so it was bound to hurt. Dr. Clayton concluded that she'd simply strained a muscle, and he insisted that she stay focused on her therapy.

Greenlee ranted about Erica running Fusion, and David stated that he'd prohibited Greenlee from hearing outside news because he hadn't wanted her obsessing over it. He warned that if she kept it up, she'd never walk out of there. David figured that Greenlee needed an "Erica-ectomy." Greenlee racked her brain for the reason that Kendall would invite Erica into their company, but David insisted that Greenlee concentrate on her therapy, not Erica. Greenlee agreed and stated that returning to Ryan was the most important thing.

As Greenlee ate, she remarked to David that she loved Fusion and all the excitement it had added to her life. David wondered if it would really be so bad if Erica had done well with the company in Greenlee's absence. Greenlee stated that she'd rather Kendall burn the place to the ground than to give Erica Kane any part of something that Greenlee loved.

Greenlee fell asleep and dreamed that she was with her husband, Ryan, at a press conference, where she announced that she'd fixed all the damage that Erica had done at Fusion. David and Gayle figured that Greenlee was dreaming about Ryan, and Gayle wondered how Greenlee would handle the truth about Erica and Ryan. David suspected that Greenlee would fall apart, but he guessed that he'd be there to pick up the pieces, just as he'd done in the past.

At the hospital, Angie encountered Madison after her therapy session. Angie seemed concerned about all the changes in Madison's life from the job, to volunteering, to the new apartment. Madison said that she was anxious to give back and take responsibility for her actions, because those were the first steps to ending her life as a victim.

Randi arrived to volunteer at the Miranda Center, and Frankie wondered if she were doing it to impress Erica. Randi became offended, and Frankie expressed his worry that a competition might brew between Madison and Randi. Randi stated that Madison had made great strides to mend things, including giving Randi all the credit for an idea at work. Randi felt that she should at least give Madison a chance.

Frankie showed Randi around the center, and they encountered Madison. Frankie took off, and Madison lauded Randi's decision to volunteer. Madison remarked that most of the women at the center really needed someone to listen to them, and she prompted Randi to talk to a new guest named Linda.

After talking with Linda, Randi remarked to Madison that Randi had once been in the same place as Linda. Madison stated that Randi could help Linda the way that Frankie had helped Randi. Randi decided to go to the office, but she commented that Erica probably didn't miss her. Madison suggested that Randi go to Fusion and make herself heard.

In Erica's office, Ryan plopped down brochures and rambled like a tour guide about all the activities that they could do on their trip. Erica said that he was trying too hard, and he realized that she thought that he was trying to keep himself from thinking about Valentine's Day and Greenlee. Erica said that the activities were great, but she didn't need anything but him.

Later, Ryan and Erica met with Val to discuss the marketing campaign. Erica felt that Val misunderstood the message that she wanted to convey. Val left to rework the concept, and he returned later with a beach theme. Erica hated it, too, and she stated that she couldn't go on vacation until they pulled the campaign out of the garbage.

Madison and Randi entered, and Randi pitched the idea of using real women to promote the line. She suggested that they use the women from the Miranda Center, so that consumers could visualize just whom they were helping. Erica loved the idea, and she instructed them to set it in motion. Erica praised Randi's input, and Madison and Randi left. Ryan stated that he loved it when Erica got fired up about an idea. Erica couldn't wait to blast the campaign to the media, so that the world could see what Fusion was all about.

In the hallway, Randi thanked Madison for the advice about speaking up. Randi wanted to tell Erica that Madison had a hand in the ideas, but Madison said that she didn't want Erica to single Madison out. For Madison, working at the center was rewarding within itself.

At the police station, Brot and Natalia deduced that their burglar must have used the Pine Valley documentary to determine which houses to hit. Jesse reasoned that the culprit might have designated the Martin house as his familiar hideout. Jesse suspected Damon, whose new boss had suddenly ended up with a concussion. Natalia said that Damon had access to two of the crime scenes, and Jesse stated that it was enough to make Damon a plausible suspect.

Liza went to Tad's house to express her concerns about Damon's behavior and the bandage on Damon's hand. Tad realized that Liza thought the cut could have occurred while breaking Tad's window. Tad grabbed the phone to call Jesse, but Liza stopped him. She worried that Damon would become the prime suspect, lose his job, and be unable to support Bailey and Stuart. Liza also felt that Bailey would never forgive Liza for turning Damon in. Liza asked Tad to give her a chance to converse with Damon before they did anything.

When Liza went downstairs to question Damon, he stuck to his story about cutting himself on some sharp ice. Liza stated that the burglar had cut his hand on some glass. An offended Damon guessed that she was pinning the crime on him.

Upstairs, Jesse arrived to question Tad about Damon. Tad explained the history behind Damon becoming Pierre's employee, and Jesse wondered if Tad had any significant information about Damon. Tad hesitantly said that Damon had a bandage on his hand.

Just then, Damon barreled up the stairs with Liza on his heels. Before Damon exited the house, Jesse asked him to go to the station for questioning. Damon shot an accusing glare at Liza, who stated that Damon wouldn't go anywhere without his attorney. Jesse escorted Damon out, and Tad tried to explain things to Liza. She said she had no time for excuses, and she left.

At the police station, Liza watched through a viewing window as Jesse questioned Damon. Damon claimed that he hadn't shown up for work, because he'd lost track of time while listening to a band at Diego's bar. Liza entered, but Jesse said Damon had waved his rights to an attorney. Jesse decided not to hold Damon, but then Jesse spotted blue paint on Damon's shoes. Jesse remarked that Pierre had been working with that same color the night he'd been attacked.

Damon claimed that Pierre had Damon mix that color all the time, because it was Pierre's favorite. Damon walked out, and Liza said that had Damon committed the act, he wouldn't have been dumb enough to leave the paint on his shoes. Jesse stated that criminals were dumb as sacks of hammers, and that was why they got caught.

Liza returned to Tad's house to find Bailey distraught about Damon. Liza stated that Damon had disappeared from the police station, but he'd show up once he calmed down. She said that the police only had circumstantial evidence against him. Bailey sobbed that it wasn't fair, and she rushed out of the house with Stuart to find Damon. "Thanks a lot," Liza told Tad.

Liza accused Tad of calling Bailey and Jesse, but Tad swore that he hadn't. Instead, both people had arrived with questions of their own. Liza quipped that Tad had been overly willing to answer those questions. She regretted going to him in the first place, and she stormed out.

Later, Jesse checked the status of the leads in the case and told Natalia that he was headed to Diego's to check out Damon's story. Natalia volunteered to do it for him, so that he could go home to spend time with Angie.

Back at the hospital, Frankie saw Angie and noted how stressed she seemed. She said she was still trying to decipher the mess that David had left. Frankie noted that Angie and Jesse had been too immersed in their jobs to spend time together. Frankie suggested that Angie leave work to spend time with Jesse. After some debate, Angie realized that Frankie was right, and she left.

When Angie and Jesse arrived home, they realized that Frankie and Natalia had manipulated them into spending time alone. The couple discussed how demanding their jobs were, and Jesse suggested that they reconsider some of their choices. Angie figured that one of them needed to step down at work, but she balked when she didn't hear Jesse volunteering. They said that they missed each other, and Angie opted to spend the time kissing, not arguing.

As they kissed, Angie's phone rang. She rushed to the hospital to discover that injured people were arriving from a bus accident. Frankie was upset that someone had called Angie back to the hospital, but she said that the injured people were more important than time off.

Jesse returned to the police station, and Natalia was disappointed to see him back. He said that Angie had been called away, and he decided to go to Diego's bar after all.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

At the Martin house, Kathy presented Tad with a homemade Valentine's Day card and rushed off to do her homework. Tad remarked to Krystal that it was the only card he'd get, since Liza and he had "imploded." Tad explained what had transpired regarding Damon, and Krystal agreed that Tad shouldn't have to lie for someone who might be a danger.

Tad seemed at a loss about how to resolve the problem between Liza and himself, and Krystal stated that if Tad didn't fight for Liza, Liza would think that he didn't care. Tad claimed that he was pacing himself, but Krystal insisted that he had some wooing to do.

Damon frantically packed at the motel, and Bailey implored him not to run. He was adamant that Liza had set him up, so that Liza could have Bailey and Stuart to herself. Damon offered to take Bailey and Stuart with him. Liza knocked on the door, and Damon warned Bailey not to answer it. Liza persisted, and Damon permitted Bailey to open the door.

Liza asked how Damon was doing, and he rasped that she only cared about getting her hands on his kid and Bailey; however, that wasn't going to happen, because he was leaving with them. Liza stated that the police had questioned and released Damon because they only had circumstantial evidence against him. Damon refused Liza's help with the situation, but Bailey said that she needed Liza, who'd been like a mother to Bailey.

Bailey stated that she wanted Liza in Bailey and Stuart's life, and Liza and Bailey hugged. Damon figured that he should just go to jail and let the ladies play house together. Liza said that she'd like to befriend Damon for Bailey and Stuart's sakes. Just then, Natalia and Brot arrived to ask Damon to return to the police station. Bailey took Stuart to the Martin house to ask Krystal and Tad to babysit, and Liza and Damon headed for the police station.

At the station, Jesse checked Damon's alibi with a bouncer from Diego's bar, but the bouncer couldn't confirm seeing Damon, because the establishment had been crowded on the night in question. Liza and Damon arrived, and Damon readily recognized the bouncer. Damon stated that the bouncer had to have seen Damon, who'd been right by the stage. The bouncer claimed that he didn't recall it, and Damon yelled that he was innocent.

Bailey arrived and looked into the interrogation room as Jesse, Damon, and Liza debated the evidence. Jesse revealed that they had blood evidence, and Liza readily volunteered Damon for a DNA test. Jesse left, and Bailey rushed in to learn about the DNA test. She asked if Damon had really gone to Diego's bar on the night in question. Damon huffed that Bailey thought he was guilty, just like the others, and he stomped out. Liza assured Bailey that the DNA test would clear Damon, and Liza refused to let Damon take the fall for the crimes.

As Jesse and Liza worked on setting up the DNA test, Tad arrived in police headquarters, and he asked Officer Torres for a favor. Later, the Officer steered a handcuffed Tad into the interrogation room with Jesse, Liza, and Bailey. Torres stated that she'd busted Tad for flashing. "No, I said, 'acting like an ass,'" Tad corrected. Torres said that Tad had instructed her to play along, and she couldn't help improvising. Tad stated that he was throwing himself on the mercy of Liza's court, and Liza giggled. He lassoed her with his cuffed wrists, and they kissed. Jesse guessed that the "charges" against Tad had been dropped.

Tad and Liza took Bailey and Stuart home. The couple offered to babysit while Bailey searched for Damon. Bailey remarked that Tad and Liza were weird, but they worked together. Bailey left, and Liza said that it was hard to stay mad at Tad. He remembered a time when she could do it for months. Liza stated that they'd both changed, but there was still a little bad in them. Tad replied that, from where he was standing, all he could see was good.

Back at police headquarters, Natalia couldn't believe that Jesse had let Damon go. She claimed that he was a flight risk, and she wanted to tail him, even if she had to do it off the clock. Jesse insisted that she end her shift and remain off-duty before he put her in a holding cell.

Brot and Natalia went for drinks at ConFusion, and Natalia ranted that Jesse cared more about the station's budget than the case. Brot said that she worked too much, and she needed to get a life. She insisted that she had a life, and he challenged her to prove it by having fun. Brot turned the topic to movies, but after a dose of Natalia's cynical banter, he decided that she could brood all alone. He left to enjoy his night off.

Natalia took herself to the movies, and Brot slipped into the row behind her. He tossed popcorn at her, and she rolled her eyes upon seeing him. He hopped over the seat to sit beside her, and he ribbed her for going to a romantic comedy. She stated that she liked happy endings. He did, too, and he asked if she liked popcorn. A frowning Natalia erupted in laughter.

Adam asked Chase Archibald, a potential intern, to excuse the renovations as they strolled through the mansion. Adam, who seemed impressed by Chase's credentials and pedigree, left Chase to await Scott in the parlor. Annie strode up, and Adam claimed that he'd just found Colby's future husband.

Adam hoped that Colby would just "happen" to run into Chase during his visit to the house. Annie wasn't sure that Adam should play matchmaker, but Adam reasoned that Colby wouldn't know how to find the right man if no one helped her. Suddenly, the house alarm blared. A security guard hurried over to say that they were testing the system.

Adam and Annie entered the parlor, where Scott had ended Chase's interview. Adam said there was no hurry for Chase to leave, and Colby strode in to say that she'd gotten her car back from the police. Adam introduced Colby to Chase, and Adam suggested that Colby attend one of Chase's Lacrosse games. Chase left, and Colby wondered if Adam had lost his "flipping" mind. She said Adam wouldn't make her marry someone that she didn't love.

Annie tried to quell the argument, but Colby sent Annie out of the room. Annie listened to the bickering from outside the door. Scott strode by and said that Adam shouldn't have tried to hire a husband for Colby. Annie replied that Adam had meant well, and Chase was well-suited. "He's not exactly a troll," Annie cooed. Scott explained that picking a husband for Colby removed the single ounce of control that Colby had left in the situation. Scott and Annie heard glass break, and they rushed to the door to listen.

Colby whipped open the door to find Scott and Annie huddled on the threshold. Colby berated Scott for trying to get her to go along with Adam's merit trust. Colby accused Adam of giving Chase the internship as a dowry. Adam remarked that he'd done no such thing; Chase was the most qualified applicant for the job. Colby asked if Adam meant the job as an intern or as her husband, and she stormed off.

Annie said that she'd warned Adam against his plan. She wondered if she should try to smooth things over with Colby, but Scott deterred her. Scott felt that it was Adam's responsibility. Adam left to talk to Colby, but the security guard stopped him in the hallway to ask him to review the new security features first.

Later, Scott wondered if he should check on Colby and Adam. Annie flipped through her decorating books as she said that Colby would eventually fall in line with Adam's wishes, because money was a powerful motivator. "We all have a price, Scotty, even you," Annie said.

Colby locked herself in her room and collapsed onto her bed. She sobbed until she saw that her window was open. She walked to the window, knelt on the loveseat in front of it, and peered down to see Damon crouched between the loveseat and the wall.

Damon crawled out of hiding, and Colby saw a purple bag in his hand. She dumped it out, and Chandler possessions fell on the floor. Damon claimed that he wasn't the wanted burglar, but he'd taken things from the house because he needed to get out of town. Colby asked if he'd really leave Bailey and Stuart, and Damon shrugged that they were better off without him.

Colby decided that Damon had made himself into a thief when he'd broken in to rob her. She picked up the phone to call the police, but Damon disconnected it from the wall. Colby reached for her room's panic button, and Damon begged her to just give him a break.

Colby asserted that Bailey and Liza had given him a break, but he was still being a loser. Damon said he needed a second chance, but Colby wouldn't know about that, since her father was there to buy her a whole new bag of second chances. Just then, Adam knocked on the door.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jake and Frankie drank beers at Jake's apartment. Frankie worried about his mother's overwhelming job, but Jake quipped that Frankie had better not dare wish that Hayward were back. Frankie said that he wouldn't wish that on anyone. Jake advised Frankie to resume his physical therapy sessions, and Frankie remarked that he was too busy working extra shifts to help his mother sort out the mess that David had left.

Jake and Frankie commiserated about what it was like to have their parents as bosses. Frankie complained that people questioned whether he actually deserved his raises and promotions. Frankie said that Angie had put the first pennies in his piggy bank, and she signed his checks at work. He considered leaving the job, but Jake dismissed that idea. Jake felt that their lots weren't easy, but they were actually quite lucky to have their parents.

In Gloucester, Greenlee strained to sit up and stare at the full moon. She told Gayle that the moon was a sign that she'd return home to Ryan that very night. David entered, and Greenlee recalled her vow not to return home until she could walk into Ryan's life. She hobbled around and insisted that she was ready to go to Pine Valley.

David commended Greenlee's progress, but he felt that they should remain cautious. He reminded her that she'd just hurt herself, and she was still on pain medication. The two debated it, and Greenlee proposed that they let Dr. Clayton decide if she could leave. David left with Gayle, who said that David couldn't delay telling Greenlee the truth about life at home.

Later, an impatient Greenlee worried to Gayle that David wouldn't call Dr. Clayton, but Gayle asked Greenlee to remain patient. Greenlee fantasized about returning home to Ryan's open arms. As the time passed, Greenlee grew even more restless, and she wondered if David had kept something from her. To Gayle, Greenlee cited that she wouldn't have known a thing about Erica and Fusion had it not been for an accidental glimpse at a television report.

In the corridor with David, Dr. Clayton reported his concerns about Greenlee's M.R.I. Dr. Clayton prescribed a month's bed rest to prevent another life threatening surgery. "We're going to have to tie her to the damn bed!" David exclaimed. Dr. Clayton went to get more films, and Greenlee listened at her door as David told Gayle that Greenlee wouldn't accept the news.

Later, David warned Gayle to duck when they gave Greenlee the prognosis. They strode into the darkened room and found Greenlee's bed empty. Gayle noted that Greenlee had raided Gayle's purse for cash, and David saw that Greenlee had taken the fake I.D. that he'd made her. "Dammit!" David raged as he realized that Greenlee had taken off.

At Confusion with Madison and Randi, Ryan and Erica reviewed preparations for the Miranda line's premiere party that night. Erica asked what the ladies were reading, and Randi and Madison revealed a tabloid with Ryan and Erica on the cover. Ryan said that the party was the hottest ticket in town, and none of them would let the press be distracted by that garbage.

Erica thanked Randi again for her ideas, but a guilt ridden Randi admitted that Madison had helped devise them. Erica commended their teamwork, but she expected honesty going forward. Ryan took Madison and Randi to review logistics, and Erica stared at the tabloid, whose cover read, "Kane and Her Cub Throw Coming Out Party."

Ryan left to change clothes, and Erica prepped Madison and Randi on how to respond to reporters. A shy Madison feared talking to the press, but Erica encouraged Madison to discuss what the Miranda Center had done for her. Erica half-heartedly joked that if she worried about what people thought, she'd never get out of bed. After some thought, Madison said she'd be proud to talk about her experience, and Erica applauded Madison for living life on her own terms. Before Erica left, she trashed the tabloid.

Madison and Randi changed into evening gowns, and as they stuffed party bags, Madison thanked Randi for sharing the credit for the ideas. Randi remarked that she had to do it, because she didn't want to owe Madison anything. Madison wondered if that meant they were competitors, and Randi replied, "May the best woman win."

At Ryan's house, Ryan stared at the full moon. When Erica arrived to pick him up, he noticed that something bothered her. She admitted that it was the tabloid, and Ryan quipped that Erica determined what people thought about her, not the headlines. Erica worried, though, that kids would tease Emma about it. Ryan said that he'd explain things to Emma, and he wondered if Erica were considering taking their relationship public.

Erica decided that she'd rather fool the press into thinking that nothing was going on. Ryan seemed disappointed about continuing to lie. She reminded him that it had been his idea to keep their relationship a secret, and it had actually worked for them. Erica didn't want the press reporting their every touch and kiss, and she felt that lying was the only way to protect what they had. Ryan asked her to tell him the real reason that she was hiding their relationship.

At the mansion, Adam knocked on Colby's bedroom door, and Damian implored her not to reveal that he was there. Colby swung open the door, and Adam said he'd heard voices. As Damon hid, Colby pretended that she'd had the radio on. Adam rambled as he apologized for making Colby feel as if he were setting her up with Chase Archibald. She ushered Adam to the door, and on the threshold, she assured him that she'd get married without him setting her up.

Adam kissed Colby's cheek and went to the parlor, where Jesse had arrived to investigate an emergency call that someone had made from the house. Adam stated that the security team had been testing the system all day. Adam figured that they'd tripped it by mistake. Annie noted how nicely Jesse was dressed, and he revealed that he was headed to a party at ConFusion.

Jesse left, and Annie became outraged that the Chandlers wouldn't be at the prestigious party that evening. She assumed that Ryan and Erica had snubbed them, but Adam replied that he'd declined the invitation, because he hadn't thought Annie would want to go. Annie snarled that they were going to that party.

Scott remarked that the last time Annie had attended an Erica Kane event, Erica had given Annie a swirly. As Adam laughed, Annie held her head up and insisted that they go as a family to prove that the Chandlers were at the forefront of the community. Adam went to change clothes, but Scott bailed on the party. He said that Annie was trying too hard, and people could smell desperation a mile away.

After Adam left Colby's room, Damon emerged from hiding. Colby asked if he still planned to run, and Damon remarked that he'd cleaned up his act for Bailey, but the way she'd looked at him at the police station had made him feel as if it hadn't been good enough. Colby stated that self-pity wasn't attractive, and Damon quipped that she didn't know how it felt to have to prove herself to someone. "Like hell I don't," she retorted.

Colby listed all the bad things that she'd done from stealing a limo to making her family believe that she'd drowned. She said she'd turned out okay because her family hadn't given up on her. Colby advised Damon to work things out with Bailey for Stuart's sake. Just then, Annie knocked on the door, and Damon hid while Colby answered. Annie announced that they were going to the Fusion party. Colby declined to attend, but Annie insisted, saying, "No jeans."

Annie left, and Damon asked if Colby would turn him in or give him another chance. Colby said that she wouldn't turn him in, but it was up to him to find his second chance. After Colby, Annie, and Adam left for the party, Damon lurked around the mansion. He went into Adam's office and hid upon hearing Scott enter for a file.

When Colby, Adam, and Annie arrived at the Fusion party, Annie frowned in disappointment at the setup. She remarked that the host and hostess being late was rude, and she wondered where the paparazzi were. Colby offered to take a cell phone picture and tweet their arrival. Colby spotted Chase at the bar, and she lit into Adam about persisting to set her up with Chase.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Jesse planned on leaving the Fusion launch party until Randi pointed out that Angie had arrived. Randi stepped away after Angie made her way over. Jesse and Angie both haltingly apologized for their separate arrivals. From across the room, Randi noted that it was a good thing that Angie and Jesse would be able to spend time together, despite the interruptions from work. Frankie looked at his parents and said that Angie and Jesse didn't look very united.

A short time later, Frankie confronted his father over what seemed like discomfort between his parents. Jesse denied that he and Angie were having problems. Jesse needlessly reminded his son that he and Angie had been separated for twenty years. Having withstood that, Jesse believed that he and Angie could survive anything.

At the same time, Randi tried to find out how Angie felt about having her date night interrupted. Angie said that given their jobs, interruptions happened. Randi suggested that Angie and Jesse take advantage of their schedules and leave the party. Angie felt that the moment had passed but was certain that the feeling would return.

Liza and Tad arrived at ConFusion, and were glad to finally be away from the police station. Their good mood was somewhat tempered when they saw Krystal sitting at a nearby table. Liza and Tad walked over to say hello, but the ensuing exchange was more than uncomfortable for both Liza and Rob, Krystal's date.

Despite Annie's protests, Colby accused her father of trying to set her up with Chase. Adam swore to the contrary, but Colby was sure her father was lying. It was only when Chase stopped by and revealed that he had escorted his girlfriend to the party that Colby realized she was wrong. After Chase walked away, Adam wondered aloud if he would receive an apology. Colby noted that Adam's marriage clause was still based in antiquated ideals, and she stormed off.

On the flight back to Pine Valley, Greenlee's seatmate expressed concern over the amount of medication Greenlee had taken. Greenlee told the woman that the pills were for pain due to her recent surgery. The woman asked if Greenlee should be flying, and Greenlee replied that she had no choice.

Ryan asked Erica why she was so insistent on keeping their relationship a secret. Erica said that what she shared with Ryan was not for public consumption. Erica added that should their relationship become public knowledge, their life would be under a microscope -- their happiness, and their heartache. Ryan interrupted and asked why Erica acted as though their relationship was destined for failure.

Erica reminded Ryan that her past relationships hadn't worked out, but Ryan thought they could be different. Erica also mentioned that the party was about Fusion, their new nonprofit line, and the Miranda Center. Ryan agreed that the focus should not be on them and returned to putting a tie on. Erica suggested that they arrive at the party separately. Once Ryan agreed to Erica's plan, Erica left swiftly.

The alarms sounded at the Chandler estate, and security guards rushed into Colby's room. They spotted the open window and surmised that they had uncovered the perpetrator's escape route. After they left to see if anything had been stolen, Damon emerged from Colby's bathroom.

Greenlee arrived at Ryan's penthouse door but hesitated as she raised her hand to knock. Before her hand fell, she remembered that Ryan used to keep a spare key hidden under a plant in the hall. She checked and was delighted to find the key was still there. She used the key to gain access to the penthouse, but was dismayed when she realized that no one was home.

Greenlee saw a framed photograph of Emma on a living room shelf, and found a drawing the little girl had done stashed underneath. Greenlee's demeanor became wistful as she started to settle in. She found a box and when she saw the Fusion products inside, she realized that Ryan was at the launch party.

Greenlee wanted to surprise Ryan when he returned from the party, and searched the penthouse for something to wear. She was pleased when she found that Ryan had kept some of her fancier clothes. She lit candles and set out a snack tray before she took an unexpected nap. When she awoke, she turned on the television to check on the status of the party.

Ryan arrived at the launch party and was pleased when Madison told him that things had been going well. Just as he asked after Erica's whereabouts, Erica emerged into plain view, as if beckoned.

Colby ran into Liza and Tad and told them about Adam's plans to arrange her marriage. Liza was furious that Adam would stoop so low. Colby asked if there was anything that Liza could do legally to counter Adam's plans. Liza admitted that it was out of her realm of experience but said she would do whatever she could to help Colby.

After Colby left, Liza confronted Adam. Annie interjected some snide commentary about the bed hopping Liza had done and suggested that Liza should focus on being a better mother. Liza reminded Annie that straitjackets and padded rooms weren't the tools of being a good role model.

Liza shared how appalled she was that Adam couldn't seem to let go of control. She said that once Adam was gone, she would contest the will so that Colby would get what she deserved. Adam revealed that a no contest clause had been put into place so that if she went to court, Liza would be responsible for Colby's loss of money.

Colby arrived home and found out from the security team that the house had been broken into again. They told her that nothing had been stolen and said they were just about to call Adam. Colby concurred with their plan of action.

Angie ran into Krystal and mentioned how things had been strained between her and Jesse lately. Krystal felt that Angie and Jesse would get through any rough patches ahead. Angie wondered how Krystal could be so sure, and Krystal said that Jesse and Angie's story had been akin to a fairy tale. At the same time, across the bar, Jesse sought similar advice from Tad. Tad was just as optimistic as Krystal that things would work out for the best.

Krystal and Tad reconnected, and Tad told Krystal how he had won Liza back at the police station. Once Krystal finished laughing at his tale, Tad said that he was genuinely thankful that Krystal had pushed him to do the right thing. Liza stood behind a barrier and watched the exchange between her boyfriend and his ex. Krystal told Tad that no one knew Tad better than her. Liza's jealousy flared when it seemed that Krystal and Tad were getting too intimate.

Rob found Liza at the bar. Once they spotted Tad and Krystal, Rob felt comfortable enough to reveal that the close friendship Tad and Krystal shared made him feel like an outsider. Rob asked how Liza dealt with that feeling. Liza instructed Rob to watch and learn.

Liza walked over and unceremoniously stole Tad away from Krystal. She laid a passionate kiss on Tad that made Krystal uncomfortable. Rob took the opportunity to see if Krystal was okay. Krystal admitted that she wasn't, and asked Rob if they could go back to his place.

Randi told Erica that the press was ready for her speech. Erica took a microphone and spoke eloquently about all of the good the new product line would do in the initiative to found additional Miranda centers around the country. When she was done, Erica asked for questions.

The press immediately latched on to the tabloid claims that she and Ryan were involved. Both Erica and Ryan tried to deter the line of questioning, to no avail. Erica finally told the press that she wanted to keep the night's focus on the product line and helping women. Her frayed nerves apparent, Erica ended the press conference and ran to her office to recollect herself.

Ryan followed her and said that Erica had handled herself well in the face of all of the press questions. He then said that although Erica didn't owe the press answers about their relationship, they needed to finish the conversation they had started earlier. Ryan said that if he and Erica didn't figure out what they were to each other, he wasn't certain how their relationship could grow.

Ryan wanted to know why Erica was so afraid. After a few gentle pushes, Erica admitted that she was not only afraid of losing Ryan, but also of dealing with that loss in the public eye. Ryan said that he was afraid, too, and that he wanted them to go public to make each of them more accountable to the relationship. He asked if Erica would rather cut their losses and walk away or fight for what they'd found. Before she could answer, Ryan told Erica that what she said didn't matter because he refused to walk away.

Jesse found Angie and told her that he was more interested in taking his wife home than finding out the latest scandal at the party. Angie agreed and the duo left. Frankie caught the exchange and was pleased that his parents were back on track. Across the room, Annie sat on a couch with Adam and gloated over Erica's discomfort level during the press conference.

Adam's phone rang and he got word about the break-in at the Chandler estate. He told the security team that he and Annie would return home immediately. At the same moment, Colby strode into her room to see if anything was amiss. Damon slammed the door behind her and claimed that he hadn't triggered the latest alarm.

Adam and Annie returned home and were baffled as to why someone would break in but not steal anything. Security wanted to know if they should call the police. Adam said that because there had been a string of burglaries, it would be wise if the police had this incident on record.

Upstairs, Damon told Colby that the burglar had run by him on the lower level of the house. Damon said that he tried to chase the burglar but when they got back to Colby's room, the burglar hit him from behind. By the time he was able to stand up again, the burglar was gone. Colby was skeptical at first but started to believe when Damon told her that if he were guilty, he would have left the grounds right after the alarm was tripped.

Adam contemplated talking to Colby so that the air would be cleared before everyone went to bed. Annie advised against it and said that things would seem better in the morning. At the same moment, Damon told Colby that he should leave. Colby, who had been swayed by his story, insisted that he spend the night.

Having changed her mind about her plans for the evening, Greenlee showed up outside of Fusion. She stopped a member of the press to find out if Ryan was still inside. The reporter gave her enough information to make Greenlee believe that Ryan was upstairs, away from the crowd.

When Angie and Jesse arrived home, Angie immediately sat on the couch to rest her feet. Jesse offered to massage them, and as he did, he poured his heart out. Jesse made a promise to keep his work from interfering in their lives, and asked if Angie was okay with that. When he didn't get a response, he turned around and realized that Angie had fallen asleep before he made his confession.

As Ryan and Erica sealed their commitment to each other with a deep and passionate kiss, Greenlee approached the office door and prepared to let herself in.



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