One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 15, 2010 on OLTL

Gigi and Sierra Rose were saved after falling through the ice. However, Stacy drowned while trying to get to them. Jessica had surgery after being shot, and Sierra Rose was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect. Kelly was worried about Adriana, who had possibly disappeared with one of Mitch's disciples. Kelly and David tracked Adriana to a hotel room where she was playing sex games.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 15, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, February 15, 2010

Ice, Ice Baby

At Todd's house, Todd asked Blair for advice on how to form a bond with Danielle. Unbeknownst to Todd and Blair, Jack stood nearby and overheard Todd refer to Danielle as his daughter. Blair advised Todd to give Danielle time. When Jack learned that Starr was aware of their long-lost sister, he stormed off. Upon hearing the commotion, Blair stepped away to check on Sam, while Todd placed a call to the Palace. Todd learned that Téa had checked into the hotel, but he didn't leave a message.

Inside the deserted cabin on Llantano Mountain, while Natalie and John shared a spontaneous kiss, Marty barged into the cabin. Horrified by the scene she had witnessed, Marty lashed out at John. Recounting that she had been arrested for helping John escape, Marty related that she had trekked up Llantano Mountain, only to find John and Natalie in an embrace.

While John stood silent, Natalie attempted to explain the situation to Marty. Relating that John hadn't been informed that she would be driving the getaway car, Natalie explained that John saved her from the burning vehicle after the crash. Recalling that her head injury had caused her to believe that John was actually Jared, Natalie admitted that she had kissed John. With a look of disgust, Marty exclaimed, "We all know that something has been going on for quite some time!" Natalie assured Marty that John had made it perfectly clear that he was involved with Marty.

When Natalie attempted to stand, she cried out in pain. Marty examined Natalie's leg and determined that Natalie had suffered a terrible sprain. After relating that her car was parked a mile away, a conflicted Marty helped John remove Natalie from the cabin.

At Llanview Hospital, Viki was stunned when Charlie informed her that he had shot Jessica. After explaining that had convinced the FBI agent to allow him to check on Jessica's condition, Charlie recalled the terrible events that led up to him attempting to murder Mitch Laurence. Charlie related that someone had tried to stop him when he fired at Mitch. When Viki questioned who had interfered in Charlie's attempted murder of Mitch, Charlie refused to name his accomplice. Accepting responsibility for his actions, Charlie prayed that he hadn't killed Jessica.

At the observatory on Llantano Mountain, as the FBI agents looked on, Dorian demanded to know which of her girls Mitch had targeted. With an evil smirk, Mitch replied, "You'll find out soon enough!" Pleading with the agents to help her, Dorian exclaimed, "He has followers all over the world who are ready to do his bidding! They could be anywhere!" As an FBI agent led him away, Mitch warned, "Remember Dorian, a daughter for a daughter!" Dorian watched helplessly as Mitch exited the cabin.

Inside a Paris restaurant, Adriana and Kelly were impressed when the handsome stranger approached their table and flirted with Adriana. Introducing himself as Emil, the mysterious gentleman took a seat, and inquired about the women's plans for the evening. When Kelly related that she was leaving for London that evening, Emil clinched his wine glass and stated, "Oh what a pity, you won't be around much longer!"

Back at the observatory, Dorian persuaded the agent to allow her to use his cell phone. Placing a frantic call to Cassie, Dorian informed her daughter that Mitch Laurence was after their family. Upon learning that Cassie was safe, Dorian concluded that Cassie wasn't Mitch's target. Convinced that Blair wouldn't believe her claims, Dorian begged Cassie to phone Blair and instruct her to locate Addie, Starr, Langston, and Hope. Dorian asked Cassie to inform Blair that Mitch had threatened their family.

As Emil explained that he worked for a very powerful person, Adriana received a call from Dorian. Unwilling to speak with her mother, Adriana asked Kelly to do the honors. Dorian tried to warn Kelly about Mitch's threat, but an irritated Kelly hung up before Dorian could relate the news. Afterward, Adriana suggested that Emil taste one of the bistro's specialties. Adriana insisted that the cuisine was "to die for." Smiling intently at her, Emil replied, "What an interesting choice of words!"

Meanwhile, Dorian phoned Cassie again. Detailing her failed attempt to warn Kelly, Dorian explained that Kelly and Adriana were together in Paris. Dorian begged Cassie to warn the girls to be careful.

Back in Paris, Kelly asked Emil if his mysterious employer was based in Paris. With a devilish look, Emil stated, "I work so many hours, it seems like he's everywhere!" Suddenly, Adrianna realized that she had a deadline to meet and announced that she had to rush home. When Adriana mentioned that she would call for a taxi, Emil offered to drive her home. Pulling her to the side, Kelly urged a skeptical Adrianna to accept Emil's invitation. Kelly was convinced that Emil might help Adriana get over Rex.

Once Adriana had left with Emil, Kelly received an urgent call from Cassie. Warning Cassie that Mitch Laurence had threatened the Cramer women, Cassie urged Kelly and Adriana to remain together. Kelly's jaw dropped when Cassie advised her to be careful of strangers.

Appearing visibly shaken, Blair returned downstairs and told Todd that she was going to check on Starr. When Todd asked if something was wrong, a terrified Blair related that she had received a call from Cassie.

As Charlie continued to explain the scene that had taken place at the observatory, Mitch arrived and stated that he had been injured at the observatory. As an irate Charlie demanded to know why Mitch wasn't in jail, Viki lashed out at Mitch for kidnapping Jessica. Insisting that he was concerned about his daughter, Mitch announced that Charlie and Dorian had conspired to kill him.

As Mitch was led to an examination room, Viki demanded to know if Mitch's claims were true. Realizing that Charlie had joined forces with Dorian, Viki asked if Dorian had provided Charlie with a gun to shoot Mitch. Before Charlie could respond, the FBI agent ushered him away. Viki was horrified when she noticed Dorian entering the waiting room.

At Viki's cabin, Kim was thrilled to be reunited with Stacy. When Kim inquired about the baby, Stacy told her friend that Gigi had delivered the child. Recalling how Gigi had saved her on Llantano Mountain, Stacy explained that Gigi had taken baby Sierra to the hospital. Expressing her newfound love for Gigi, Stacy maintained that Gigi would protect baby Sierra. Giving Stacy a knowing look, Kim stated, "I guess it's a good thing that you didn't get your wish -- that Gigi disappeared permanently."

On the lake, as she held baby Sierra, Gigi warned Rex, Schuyler, and Oliver that the ice would give way if they moved any closer. Gigi called out to Rex and informed him that she was holding his child. Rex nearly blurted out that he wasn't the child's father, but instead, told Gigi that he wouldn't allow anything to happen to her or the baby. Fearing that his child was in danger, Schuyler asked Oliver to save Gigi and the baby. After locating a rope, Oliver tossed the line to Gigi and instructed her to tie it around her waist. While holding the baby, Gigi reached for the rope, but the ice cracked. Rex, Schuyler, and Oliver watched in horror as Gigi and baby Sierra fell in the water.

Back inside the cabin, Stacy told Kim that Rex had showed up at the cabin and was furious with Stacy. Recalling that a paramedic had informed her of the miscarriage, not a doctor, Stacy was convinced that Sierra was indeed Rex's child. Stacy believed that Sierra couldn't be Oliver's child because she had arrived earlier than expected. Stacy was convinced that she had never lost Rex's baby. Acknowledging that Rex was angry, Stacy stated that Rex would fall in love with Sierra once he saw the child.

Insisting that she needed to check on Sierra, Stacy attempted to stand on her feet, but Kim prevented Stacy from doing so. Before heading upstairs to locate a blanket for Stacy, Kim gave her friend a hug and told her that she loved her. As Kim headed upstairs, a delusional Stacy responded, "I love you too, Rex! It's not over for us, it's just the beginning!"

Meanwhile, Gigi struggled to keep Sierra out of the water. Oliver tossed Gigi his jacket, and instructed her to place Sierra on the garment. Gigi complied, and Oliver and Schuyler managed to pull Sierra to safety. Gigi called out to Rex, "You daughter is going to make it!"

Upon examining Sierra, Oliver and Schuyler noticed that her lips were blue, and that the baby wasn't getting enough oxygen. While Oliver and Schuyler tended to Sierra, Rex crawled on the ice and reached for Gigi, who had fallen in the lake and was completely immersed in the cold water. Oliver held the baby as Schuyler helped Rex pull Gigi out of the water. As Schuyler performed CPR on an unconscious Gigi, Rex told her that everything would be all right.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Come On In, The Water's Frigid

In Paris, Kelly left Adriana several phone messages as she tried in vain to reach her cousin. She related the message she had received from Cassie that suggested they be wary of strangers. Just as Kelly convinced herself that Adriana was probably off having fun with Emil, she decided that on the contrary, perhaps her cousin was with a killer.

After leaving several additional voicemails for Adriana, Kelly made a call to London for help. She wanted to speak to one of her family members, but Neville assured her that no one was around except for David. She preferred not to speak to David, but she gave in. David was annoyed and busy and didn't have time for Kelly. When she offered him a free trip to Paris, he advised her that he'd leave right away.

Blair arrived at Cole's apartment and demanded that all of its residents pack up to leave. Starr refused to listen to Blair and said that she wasn't taking orders from her mother. A frantic Blair didn't want to take the time to explain it all, but she advised Starr and Cole that everyone related to Dorian was in danger. She thought it was a good idea for them to relocate to Todd's house.

Markko returned home and found Starr and Cole in a state of confusion. Blair explained that she had received the warning from Cassie, not Dorian. She was willing to take Cassie's advice as good advice. Markko headed to his bedroom to retrieve Langston and was beside himself when he discovered that she was not there.

Everyone was concerned about Langston, but Blair didn't think it was a good idea to call the police since Lowell and Mitch controlled many of the officers. Starr assured her mother that Dani was safe with Rachel and Matthew. Markko thought it was worth a try to call Langston.

Langston arrived at Llanview University and let herself into Ford's darkened office. As she made her way inside, she was grabbed from behind. Langston used her instincts and managed to fight her assailant off. As he fell to the ground, she turned on the lights and was shocked to see a half-naked Ford.

Langston apologized for using her kickboxing skills but she had defended herself against a potential rapist, she explained. She had been unable to sleep and thought she could work on her musical since she had the office key. Ford thought she was a burglar. He informed her that he was spending the night in his office because his apartment was without heat.

As she collected her things to leave, Ford attempted to persuade Langston to stay but Langston advised him that she preferred to be alone when she worked. Ford reminded her that she had his work schedule and she should "plan accordingly" for her return visit. As she was about to walk out the door, Ford leaned over and began to kiss her. She returned his kiss, but they pulled apart when Langston's phone began to ring.

At the hospital, Dorian spotted Viki and insisted on speaking to her. Viki was less than thrilled to see her archenemy. "How's Jessica?" Dorian asked. Viki snapped that Jessica was in surgery and fighting for her life, no thanks to Dorian. Viki realized that it was Dorian who had put Charlie up to shooting Mitch, but Dorian insisted that she had good reasons. Jessica might die, Viki added. Viki noted that Dorian always had reasons for her actions but was selfish and unthinking.

Dorian apologized and blamed Mitch for all of her actions. She tried to explain that there had been "dire underlying circumstances" for all that she had done. While Viki accused Dorian of being nothing more than Mitch's pawn, Dorian tried to explain that it was to save the lives of her girls and she was desperate.

Viki faulted Dorian for allowing the entire town to suffer as a result of her actions. Dorian acknowledged that she thought she would be able to fix things eventually. Viki was disgusted that Dorian had seen Charlie as an "easy mark" to use as her "fix." Dorian believed that Charlie would have achieved some peace if he had been able to shoot Mitch. Viki felt that Dorian was willing to trade the lives of her girls for everyone else's.

Dorian admitted that she had made a mistake and she had been trying to stop Charlie from ruining his life. Viki only hoped that Dorian's girls would be safe from Dorian some day. Dorian thought that Viki would be happy to hear that the Cramer women had cut Dorian out of their lives after she had hired Lowell.

Nearby, Brody explained the chain of events at the observatory to Clint and how Charlie accidentally shot Jessica when Dorian intervened. Clint was convinced that Dorian was actually trying to protect Mitch and he was ready to kill the "bitch." Just then, Lowell stepped off an elevator with a couple of his officers and advised Brody he was under arrest. As Clint threatened the police commissioner, he too was placed in handcuffs.

The men were walked out to the area where Viki and Dorian stood. Lowell informed Dorian that her friends had broken the law. After some words between them, Dorian advised Lowell that he was fired. She ordered the accompanying police officers to release Brody and Clint.

Lowell ordered the men not to listen to her. Dorian announced his termination again and requested his badge. She told him it was effective immediately. She accused him of misusing his office and waging a personal vendetta. When Lowell suggested that Dorian had no proof, she retorted that she didn't like him. She held out her hand for his badge.

Dorian apologized to Clint but he turned his back and walked away. She promised Brody that Lowell would not trouble him and his partner any longer. "If you think this squares us, you are so wrong," Viki spat at her. Dorian replied that she hadn't done it for Viki but thought that Lowell was a menace.

Viki advised Dorian that she would never vote for her in the future, but Dorian was sure she might be impeached anyway. She advised Viki that Mitch was a threat to everyone and that if Viki wanted to join forces with her, Viki knew where to find her. Viki couldn't believe that Dorian thought Viki would unite with her. Dorian felt that things would get done if they were together. She pointed to her head and wordlessly mouthed "Think about it," as she left the scene.

Viki was angry at the guys for their exploits. She wondered what would have happened to them if Dorian hadn't fired Lowell. Viki cried on Clint's shoulder that she just wanted to have her babies home.

At the lake, Schuyler performed CPR on an unconscious Gigi after Rex pulled her out of the water. Finally, she revived and coughed up some water. She screamed for the baby but she was assured that the infant was safe. She told Rex that his daughter was named Sierra Rose. Suddenly, Stacy walked towards the group and called out for her daughter. She unknowingly began to cross the cracking ice. The others shouted out to her to stop but she didn't appear to comprehend. She wanted her baby.

In a matter of seconds, Stacy plunged into the icy water. Schuyler was insistent that Gigi and the baby get to the hospital and he led them to a car. Rex and Oliver remained to help Stacy, but they were unsuccessful in getting her to grab onto the same rope that they tried to recover Gigi with. Stacy cried out that she didn't want to die as Rex made his way to her slowly. More of the ice began to crack. She wanted him to know the truth and she told him she was sorry. Suddenly, she disappeared below the surface.

Rex removed his shoes gingerly. He wanted to jump into the water after Stacy. Oliver attempted to talk him out of it, but it was no use. Rex dove in and searched for Stacy. Oliver called out to them both and finally Rex appeared, alone. Oliver was insistent that Rex would die if he remained in the frigid water any longer. He reminded Rex that Shane needed his father. Rex allowed himself to be pulled to safety.

Schuyler made a phone call as he drove Gigi and Sierra Rose towards the hospital. He informed Gigi that a rescue team was on its way to the lake. Gigi was worried about leaving the scene, but Schuyler assured her she had been right. He was concerned about the baby and he was sure everyone would be okay. Gigi explained that she had been outside looking for Schuyler, but she found Stacy lying in the snow. She had accused her sister of not being pregnant with Rex's baby, but after Stacy went into labor, Gigi realized she had been wrong.

Gigi wondered what Schuyler had originally wanted to tell her as he made his way up the mountain. Schuyler was sure that it could wait. He promised that the baby would get help at the hospital. Gigi thought that Sierra Rose was strong, just like her mother and father. Schuyler made another call and advised Gigi that the emergency room was waiting for their arrival.

Langston took Markko's call and advised Ford that she needed to leave right away. She thought it was best to take a cab. When she returned home, she found her roommates packed and ready to go. Markko filled her in on the latest turn of events. In response to Markko's questioning, she stated that she had been at the university library to work on her musical. Blair looked at her skeptically. Before everyone could leave, Dorian arrived accompanied by two FBI agents. She announced that she had fired Lowell and she had some explaining to do.

As a rendition of "You Belong to Me" played on the car radio, Gigi shared with Schuyler that she used to sing the song to Shane.

Rex and Oliver stood by the lake helplessly as a rescue unit arrived. Oliver did his best to comfort Rex. He said that Rex did what he could, but it was an impossible situation. They couldn't believe Stacy was gone. "That little girl doesn't have a mother," Rex pronounced.

Dorian shared a photo with her family. They saw the holiday greeting with the Cramer women's faces crossed out.

Viki, Clint, and Brody waited for word on Jessica as Gigi and Schuyler arrived at the hospital with Sierra Rose in tow. Gigi told the nurse that the baby's parents were on the way.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Le Revenge

At Llanview Hospital, Brody joined a fearful Viki and Clint in the waiting area outside Jessica's operating room. He told them there was no news on Jessica, who was still in surgery. Just then, a nurse walked in and told Viki she had news on her other daughter: Natalie had arrived at the emergency room. Viki and Clint were loath to leave Jessica, but Brody promised to stay and alert them to any news.

Nearby, in the ER, John and Marty helped the wounded Natalie hobble towards an exam room. Sensing the tension between the trio, Natalie pleaded with John to leave her alone, but John was determined to make sure she was all right. After they moved Natalie into the exam room and Marty remained in the corridor to call Cole, Kyle examined Natalie's sprained ankle. He asked John about Oliver, and John told him that Oliver was still searching for Stacy on Llantano Mountain. Natalie urged John to check on Marty.

At Cole and Starr's apartment, Dorian unspooled her story to the assembled Cramer girls, along with Cole and Markko, while the FBI agents stood by. Blair, Langston, and Starr remained skeptical on key points, such as why Dorian had appointed Lowell as Commissioner of Police, and why she hadn't told any of them the truth about Mitch's threats. Dorian whipped out the defaced Cramer Christmas card once more, and explained that Mitch had not only threatened them, but poisoned the holiday eggnog in December, after which she'd agreed to his demands to fire Bo and hire Lowell. Langston and Starr didn't believe Mitch could've been a threat while under lock and key in the hospital and then prison, but Blair agreed with Dorian: due to Mitch's worldwide network of followers, he was a threat no matter where he was.

As Dorian and the girls talked, Cole took Marty's call, and, after hanging up, he informed the others that John, Marty, and Natalie were all right. Dorian was delighted to hear the good news, and hoped that they would all emerge alive from their ordeal with Mitch. She assured Langston that the entire Cramer family was safe, as Cassie, Kelly, and Adriana had all been forewarned. She added that she'd fired Lowell, but the reparations weren't enough for Blair, who blasted her aunt for not telling them about Mitch's threats sooner and for endangering the entire town. Dorian swore she'd done it all out of love for her family, and Langston and Starr found themselves softening to her pleas.

Grabbing Langston and Starr for a huddle, Blair asked them if they were willing to forgive Dorian. As Dorian awaited their answer, the FBI agents told her it was time to go. The other Cramers broke their conclave, curious as to why Dorian was being escorted away. Speaking haltingly, Dorian was forced to explain to the girls that she'd pulled Charlie's gun on Mitch. The girls were stunned when the agents explained that Charlie had accidentally shot Jessica.

Before Dorian could go into more detail, the agents hustled her out of the apartment. As Dorian left, rambling about how she'd been forced to partake of Viki's closet during the snowstorm, she told the girls she'd wanted to do the right thing, for their sakes.

With Dorian gone, the Cramers and their beaus struggled to deal with everything she'd told them. "This is so Aunt Dorian," Starr said with a sigh, suspicious that Dorian had something to do with Charlie's attack on Mitch. Blair was sure Dorian had been in on it but wasn't able to speak in front of the FBI agents, while Cole said he could understand why a good man like Charlie had been pushed too far by the death of his son. Blair said that Mitch got inside people's heads, and was probably the most dangerous man she'd ever met. "Well, that's saying something," Cole replied.

Starr feared for Jessica, and Blair suggested she call Viki for news. As they checked the time, Starr and Langston realized that Cole and Markko were due at their morning classes. The boys were reluctant to leave the girls unattended, but the girls said they'd be fine, as they were aware of the danger and Mitch was in custody. After they left, Starr continued to fume about Dorian's manipulations, but Blair said she could understand Dorian's motives, if not her methods; she suspected the only way to deal with Mitch once and for all was to do something drastic.

Starr headed into her bedroom to feed Hope, which left Blair and Langston still absorbing Dorian's news. Blair surmised that Langston had more on her mind than Dorian, and grilled her about her "night at the library." Langston admitted that she'd gone to Ford's office; she hadn't expected to find him, but they'd ended up kissing again. Blair warned the girl to put a stop to things with Ford before someone got hurt. Langston said she would never hurt Markko, but as Blair left to check on Starr and Hope, she told Langston that she hadn't meant Markko - she'd meant Langston herself.

In the offices of the film department at Llanview University, Ford held Langston's scarf and reminisced about their intimate encounter the night before. Cristian arrived to inform Ford that the heat was back on in their building. When he noticed the scarf, Ford told him he'd had a lady visitor while staying in the office overnight. Ford sneered that his "visitor" was playing hard to get, but he'd wear her down.

Cristian asked if university students were throwing themselves at him, and Ford didn't deny it. Apprehensive, Cris asked Ford if he was really involved with someone from LU, but all Ford would say was that it was not one of his own students, and, after all, he was only a teaching assistant. Cristian said that dating students was nothing but trouble, and added that he was on the grounds to pick up his teaching certificate; he was taking over Nick Chavez's art class at Llanview High while Nick was on leave. Cristian suggested he and Layla double date with Ford and his new lady friend, but Ford quickly said it wouldn't be a good idea.

As Cris left Ford's office, he ran into Cole and Markko, who were on their way into the building. As Cole headed for the cafeteria, Markko stopped to speak to Ford. When Markko entered, Ford shoved Langston's scarf into a desk drawer, and hustled Markko out to talk to him about his latest project.

Back at the hospital, John left Natalie's exam room to look for Marty, but found Mitch being dragged out by two FBI agents. John told the agents to lock Mitch up. Mitch taunted John, and needled him about John's feelings for Natalie, who Mitch still considered his wife. As Marty finished her call to Cole and listened in, Mitch said he'd always be with John.

After Mitch was carted off, Marty made a beeline past John, but John stopped her and asked her to wait. Before they could start talking, Viki and Clint rushed down the corridor, and asked after Natalie. John and Marty led them back into the exam room, and Viki and Clint raced to Natalie's side. As Marty seethed, Kyle reassured them that Natalie would be fine thanks to John's assistance during the storm.

Clint and Viki told Natalie that Mitch was in federal custody, but Jessica had been shot. Natalie assumed that Mitch was the culprit, and was shocked when Viki told her it had been Charlie. Viki said the details didn't matter yet, but insisted Jessica would be fine. Turning to John, she thanked him again for saving Natalie. Disgusted, Marty left the room.

John followed Marty into the corridor and again asked her to wait, but Marty wasn't having it. Pulling away, she told him she was going to check on Jessica.

Inside the exam room, Natalie continued to worry about Jessica. As John reentered, he suggested Viki and Clint go back to the operating ward for news on Jessica, while he stayed with Natalie. Anxious about Marty, Natalie disagreed, but Viki told her that "fugitive" John was not likely to be a priority for the police department with Lowell ousted and no commissioner seated. After Viki and Clint left, Natalie told John he shouldn't be there - he needed to find Marty, and make things right.

John said that he and Marty would work things out, but Natalie feared that Marty would never forgive him for the kiss she'd walked in on. John asked Natalie why she'd lied for him, and Natalie said she'd merely stretched the truth; she had kissed him while hallucinating, but only the first time. Natalie dismissed their second kiss as a desperate act in desperate times, but John wasn't so sure.

"You're right," Natalie admitted. "It could only have been you." But it was only a weak moment, and it didn't matter; she was still in love with Jared, who had her heart, and John had a good thing with Marty if he didn't screw it up. She urged him to go to Marty and save his relationship.

In the waiting area outside Jessica's operating room, Marty visited Brody,to look for news. Brody didn't have anything to report, but told Marty there was more to fear than Jessica's gunshot wound. He explained that Mitch had used electroshock therapy on Jessica, and that when he'd found her, she couldn't remember him or Bree. Marty was horrified that an amateur like Mitch could have wiped out Jessica's memories. Brody didn't know what it meant for Jessica, or for their life together; he asked Marty if he'd lost Jessica forever.

Marty told Brody that most electroshock patients suffering from amnesia recovered in twenty-four hours, or only had partial memory loss, but it was difficult to be sure. Brody admitted that he hadn't told Viki or Clint about the amnesia because he wasn't sure they could take that on top of what he'd told them about how he'd found Jessica. He explained to Marty that Mitch had attempted to rape Jessica. Stunned, Marty feared the worst due to Jessica's compounded traumas.

Marty told Brody that he needed to tell Viki and Clint everything, and assured him they'd only be more hurt by finding out when they saw Jessica. Viki and Clint returned to the waiting area, and Marty headed to her office. As Brody worked his way up to telling them about the amnesia, Viki told him that Natalie was all right, and thanked God for their good fortune; she couldn't take any more bad news.

Brody stood silent as Viki and Clint went over family concerns, such as calling Bo, Nora, Shane, and Bree back from Texas. He winced as Viki spoke about reuniting Bree with her mother. Unable to hold it in any longer, Brody explained to the concerned parents that there was something they needed to know. Before he could spill the beans, however, the nurse returned and told them that Jessica was out of surgery, and that Greg would meet them in the recovery area. As Viki and Clint hurried out, Brody's shoulders sagged, and he trudged after them.

Down in the ER, Kyle returned to Natalie's exam room and sent John packing. In the corridor, John ran into Marty; he asked about Jessica, while she asked after Natalie. John said Natalie would be all right, but Marty questioned whether their relationship was all right. Then, she dismissed her concerns, and said it wasn't the time or the place. Before John could get a word in edgewise, Marty stormed off.

At the police station, Charlie endured a rapid-fire interrogation from the federal agents who had taken over Mitch's case. The agents asked him why he'd shot Jessica, and Charlie insisted it had been an accident; overcome, he said he didn't care what happened to himself, and he'd give his life to save hers. Before Charlie could say any more, Elijah entered and told Charlie to keep quiet. He introduced himself as Charlie's attorney. Charlie assumed Viki had hired him, but Elijah informed him that Dorian had hired Elijah to represent both Charlie and herself, and took Charlie down to the waiting area for a private talk.

In the waiting area, Charlie couldn't understand why Dorian needed a lawyer, and Elijah explained that she'd attempted to kill Mitch as well. As Charlie asked if Dorian succeeded, Mitch, shackled and accompanied by armed guards, sauntered into the station. Mitch warned Charlie that his retribution was nigh, and said Charlie would pay dearly if Jessica died. Elijah ordered the agents to take Mitch away, but Mitch continued to verbally assail Charlie, and called him a man with nothing to live for. Jared was gone, Viki would leave him, and he was facing charges; Mitch suggested Charlie simply curl up into a bottle and die.

Mitch and Charlie continued to lock eyes from across the room as Dorian was escorted into the station. Shortly thereafter, Mitch was hauled down to the cell block, and he taunted Dorian with promises of their sharing adjoining cells once more. Elijah greeted Dorian and told her that the Feds had all but taken over the station, while the LPD were in chaos. As he left to start moving Dorian and Charlie's cases along, Dorian took a seat beside her co-conspirator.

Charlie told Dorian he didn't need a lawyer, and didn't deserve any help; he deserved to pay for what he'd done. Dorian disagreed, and said he had nothing to apologize for. Charlie reminded her that his hand had held the gun, but Dorian said hers might as well have; she'd pushed him into their alliance to kill Mitch. All Charlie could think about was Jessica, and Dorian said she feared for her, as well, but didn't regret stopping Charlie from committing murder. She told Charlie that he reminded her of her late husband, Mel, and said she knew that he was a good man who wouldn't have been able to live with taking a life.

Dorian suggested they pray for Jessica's recovery. Charlie wasn't sure prayer worked, but Dorian said it had helped her keep her girls safe. "Are you sure about that, Dorian?" Mitch purred as he was led back through the station by the guards.

Meanwhile, in Paris, France, Kelly greeted David at the entrance to Café Maisonette. David assumed he had been summoned on an emergency shopping trip to counter-balance what he called Kelly's terrible fashion sense, but Kelly said she'd called him because there was a real emergency and no one else was available. "Well, let's put our heads together and if we end up making out, I won't get mad this time," David suggested. Kelly told him to get serious; Adriana was in danger, and Mitch Laurence was gunning for the Cramer family.

David was skeptical that Mitch's reach extended to Europe, but Kelly said that Dorian and Cassie's warnings had convinced her of the imminent peril to all the Cramer women. David told Kelly to give him the whole story; as the former star of television hit Supermodel Crime Club, he was uniquely qualified to crack the case. Kelly explained that she'd let Adriana leave the cafe with Emile Moreau, the handsome Frenchman they'd met. Emile had told them he'd worked for a "powerful man," a phrase that set off alarms for David. Kelly told David she'd called Adriana over and over but received no answer, and feared the worst - that Emile was one of Mitch's minion.

David said their solution was to trace Emile's whereabouts since the café, but Kelly couldn't figure out how to do so. Nodding at the waiter, David pointed out that the receipts of the most recent customers would still be at the nearby wait station, and that if they could get Emile's receipt, they could track him using his credit card number. Kelly didn't see how the last four digits of Emile's credit card were relevant. "Oh, Kelly," David sighed, "you would be a terrible detective on television." He told her to let him handle things, after she created a diversion.

Snatching up a box of raisins, David told Kelly to use one of the oldest tricks in the book to distract the waiter's attention. Kelly wasn't convinced their plan would work, but David said the raisin gag would work like a charm: "These people love Jerry Lewis." As David crept over to the wait station, Kelly distracted the waiter by making a scene; dropping the raisin in her soup, she told the waiter it was a fly. As the waiter took the soup away, David quickly grabbed Emile's receipt and headed back to their table.

David told Kelly they were hot on the trail of Emile Moreau, "kidnapper and purchaser of fine French champagne." He quickly called Emile's bank, adopted an overwrought French accent, and attempted to bluff his way through a call to track Emile's purchases since the cafe. Unfortunately, David ran into more stumbling blocks with the bank representatives than he'd foreseen, as they requested information he did not have: "'Maiden name of ma mère? This is a trick question!" Fed up, Kelly grabbed the phone and told the bank representative her story about Adriana's potential kidnapping, and begged for information about Emile's last location and purchase.

Kelly was in luck; the bank representative gave her Emile's last known location. David still didn't approve of her methods, though: "Only an amateur would resort to the truth." After she hung up, the duo sprang to their feet. Kelly told David that if Mitch had Adriana, they had to find her fast, and David agreed. With that, they raced out of the café.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

On Frozen Pond

At the Llanview Police Station, John led Mitch to his maximum-security cell. "Enjoy your new home," John smirked at the prisoner. "I won't be here long," Mitch responded. Mitch was sure that Jessica would pull through, and he denied that he had been trying to rape his daughter. He was merely "trying to keep his covenant alive."

Mitch announced that he wanted both Dorian and Charlie to pay for their misdeed. As he toyed with his Holy Bible, he declared, "What goes around comes around." John had enough of Mitch. "Enjoy your new digs," he scoffed at the inmate.

Dorian and Charlie, anxious to hear their fate, sat in the waiting room. Dorian tried to get hold of her girls in Paris, as she was beside herself with worry over their safety. Unable to reach them, she called Cassie in Savannah. Cassie assured Dorian that her windows and doors were locked tight. "We're all fine," Cassie told her mother.

At Llanview Hospital, Brody was about to tell Viki and Clint about Jessica's imprisonment with Mitch, but Greg emerged from surgery and gave everyone the good news. Jessica was a strong and lucky woman who would make a complete recovery, he advised them. Viki and Clint were overjoyed, but they noticed that Brody was quiet. He needed to prepare them for the worst, he explained. He recounted his arrival at Mitch's hideout and his discovery that Mitch had given Jessica an electroshock treatment. She had no idea who Brody was when she saw him, Brody confided to her horrified parents.

Clint was ready to kill Mitch after he heard the news. Brody noted that Mitch wanted Jessica to be rid of "unnecessary details." "Like her family?" Clint asked. Greg advised the family that they would be able to visit with Jessica, and Viki and Clint nervously made their way to their daughter's side. A sleeping Jessica opened her eyes and spotted her parents. "Where am I?" she asked them. She didn't recall being shot but she recognized her parents. Viki and Clint were pleased and told her that there was another person waiting to see her.

They left the room and sent Brody in. Viki was sure that Jessica's memory loss was temporary.

Gigi and Schuyler hovered over baby Sierra Rose as she lay wrapped up in an incubator in intensive care. They were waiting for test results, and Schuyler thought it was a good idea to hunt for the doctor. Gigi opted to stay behind with the infant. Kyle looked through the window and watched as Gigi spoke quietly to the baby girl. She whispered that she admired Schuyler for showing concern for another man's baby. Schuyler ran into an anxious Kyle in the hall. Kyle wondered if Oliver knew about the baby, and Schuyler responded affirmatively.

Kyle admitted that he had confided the truth to Roxy about the baby's father because he cared about her too much. He thought it would be fair if Schuyler reported him for violating patient confidentiality. Schuyler admitted that he had also informed Rex of the truth, but he hadn't had the opportunity to tell Gigi. Kyle suggested that Schuyler tell her before someone else did. Kyle wondered to himself if the baby could belong to Oliver.

Gigi continued to speak to her brand-new niece and confided that she never thought she'd be able to look at the baby. She admitted that her heart didn't care about Sierra Rose's parents, and she loved the baby girl. The birth had reunited Gigi and Stacy, and Gigi realized she had missed her sister. Sierra Rose's birth had been two miracles in one, Gigi cried. She wanted to establish a new relationship with Stacy.

In Paris, Kelly and David located the hotel where Emile had made his last credit card transaction. Thanks to the credit card company, they knew that he had booked a room. A worried Kelly blamed herself for sending Adriana off with a stranger. She had only been trying to help her cousin get over Rex, she said despondently.

Knocking on all of the hotel room doors proved a difficult task. Kelly continued to ignore Dorian's phone calls. When they encountered a maid in the hallway, David offered her some money in exchange for some information. The maid proved to be an excellent informant and Kelly and David were soon standing before one of the rooms. When Kelly didn't receive an answer to her knock, she asked David to kick the door in.

David proved incapable and Kelly took it upon herself to do the deed. With all of her might she gave a kick and the door flew open. "Oh my God," she yelled. Adriana was half-clothed and tied to the bedposts. A shirtless Emile emerged from another room, and Kelly proceeded to chase him with something heavy that she picked up quickly as she ran around the room. "Your days of working for Mitch are over," she yelled.

Adriana finally managed to calm Kelly down as she explained that she was tied up at her own request. She and Emile were playing a "sex game" that was one of her fantasies. An impressed David blurted, "Wow, you really can take the convent out of the girl." Adriana explained that the important man that Emile worked for was the prime minister.

As the search-and-rescue team looked for Stacy in the icy water on Llantano Mountain, they had no luck. The officer in charge called the search off. He advised Rex and Oliver that they had done all they could, and Stacy would not have survived. She was in the water far too long. Rex was upset that the team was giving up, but he calmed himself down knowing that at least the baby's father was with his new daughter at the hospital.

Oliver needed to file a death certificate and he was anxious to get to the hospital to check on Sierra Rose. Rex wanted time alone and advised Oliver that he couldn't be around people. Oliver agreed to inform Gigi of Stacy's death. After Oliver left, Kim wandered into the area in search of Stacy. She was worried that her best friend was lost, she added. She was confused when she saw the rescue team, and Rex began to explain what had happened.

At first Kim misunderstood and thought that Stacy was at the hospital. Rex finally convinced her that Stacy was gone and that she hadn't made it out of the water. Kim shook her head in denial, and she accused him of giving up the search because of his feelings toward Stacy. Soon after, her anger took over as Rex half-heartedly tried to comfort her. "How can my girl be gone?" Kim asked. Rex told her that the baby was at the hospital with her father and Gigi. He then began to press for more information from a grieving Kim.

He wanted her to agree that he was right in stating that Schuyler was the baby's father. As he grew angrier about the ploy that Kim and Stacy had carried on, Kim broke down. She insisted that everything Stacy had done was because Stacy had loved Rex. Kim wanted to take the blame instead. Rex wondered what kind of person Kim was to go along with the plan and wanted to know if she and Stacy had laughed at him. He asked if Stacy had actually mourned his baby that she had miscarried or if she had just moved on quickly to make a new one. He thought that the joke was on him.

Arriving at the police station, Oliver filed his report and revealed what had occurred on Llantano Mountain to a curious Dorian. Elijah had good news for Charlie and Dorian. As he suspected, the FBI had turned their case over to the Llanview Police Department; Dorian and Charlie were free to go but needed to stay in the jurisdiction. Dorian's first thought was to head to Paris to search for Adriana.

Elijah didn't want to know about Dorian leaving because he didn't want to see Dorian back in jail. Dorian pointed out that Mitch's followers were everywhere, even though Elijah assured her that the FBI was trying to round them up. He thought that Mitch could be bluffing, but Dorian felt differently. "He's a psychopath," she uttered. She needed to know that Adriana was safe. Dorian successfully booked her flight to Paris. "I didn't hear that," Elijah called out as Charlie bid her farewell. Dorian was confidant that Viki would forgive Charlie.

Adriana finally called Dorian and assured her mother that she was safe. She was sorry to cause Dorian worry and she made excuses for both herself and Kelly not taking Dorian's calls. She promised to stay in touch with her mother. Kelly apologized for ruining Adriana's date.

Dorian called Cassie to give her the good news about Adriana and Kelly. Cassie was happy and was certain that Mitch's followers couldn't be everywhere as Dorian believed. She told Dorian that she was enjoying the special tea that she had received from Addie.

Oliver left the station for the hospital and hugged Kyle as soon as he saw him. He broke the news about Stacy to Kyle but was unaware that Schuyler overheard. Oliver explained that search-and-rescue had done everything they could. A shocked Schuyler spoke up and advised the men that he needed to tell Gigi. Kyle thought that Oliver could possibly be the only parent that Sierra Rose had.

Gigi continued to speak to Sierra Rose. She confided that she had broken up with the baby's father, but it was okay. She thought that Schuyler was taking care of the infant like she was his own, but she knew that the baby would love her parents. Schuyler wandered into the room and broke the news about Stacy to Gigi. As she began to lament her sister's death, a doctor approached. He had some bad news about the baby.

Brody was thrilled to see Jessica and told her how he had prayed. A speechless Jessica looked on in confusion as Brody was showed his elation to be with the woman he loved. "Who are you?" she asked.

As Viki and Clint lingered in the hallway outside of Jessica's room, Charlie stepped off the elevator. He immediately asked Viki about Jessica and she advised him that her daughter would be fine. Charlie sadly explained that he never meant to hurt Jessica, especially after Jared was killed. He wanted to kill Mitch to settle the score, and he wanted everyone to be free of Mitch. He knew he had been wrong, and he would never forgive himself. He would also never stop loving Viki. She turned away and began to cry.

As Rex continued to bully Kim, she blurted out that Schuyler wasn't the father any more than Rex was.

Friday, February 19, 2010

These Boots

While Todd accosted a nurse at the hospital and demanded answers concerning Jessica's condition, Natalie approached Todd and told him that Jessica had survived the surgery and was doing well. Todd noticed Natalie's cast and inquired about what had happened to her. As Natalie detailed her horrific accident on Llantano Mountain, Todd jotted down notes. Upon learning that John had rescued her from the burning vehicle, Todd joked that John loved to rescue damsels in distress, especially those John loved. Natalie became enraged when Todd implied that John had dumped Marty for Natalie. She maintained that John was involved with Marty, but Todd was convinced that John wanted Natalie, not Marty. In an attempt to avoid further contact with Todd, an angered Natalie reminded an orderly that she had a battery of x-rays scheduled and asked him to transport her to the location.

On the Buchanan corporate plane, Bo, Nora, Shane, and Bree were en route to Llanview.

At the hospital, John stood outside of Marty's office and placed a call to Bo. John informed Bo of Jessica's successful surgery and Stacy's death. Although pleased to hear about Jessica's recovery, Bo questioned if Stacy's body had been recovered. John related that police divers had made several attempts to locate Stacy's body, but had been unsuccessful. Bo stated that he and Nora had decided to return to Llanview with Shane and Bree once they learned that Mitch was in custody. Updating Bo on Dorian's decision to fire Lowell as police commissioner, John was certain that Dorian would reinstate Bo.

Afterward, John entered Marty's office and received a cold reception from her. Marty showed little reaction when John related that her legal troubles would soon be over because Lowell had been fired and was currently under investigation by the FBI. In no mood to speak with John, Marty stated that she was busy and asked him to leave.

Displaying a look of concern, John apologized for hurting Marty and pleaded with her to give their relationship another chance. Insisting that Natalie needed time to grieve the loss of her husband, John was adamant that he wanted Marty in his life. When Marty appeared to resist his charms, John pulled her into an embrace and kissed her passionately. Marty gave in and returned the kiss, but suddenly pulled away. Claiming that she had business to attend to, Marty rushed out of the office, but agreed to meet with John later to discuss their relationship.

After leaving Marty's office, John encountered Natalie in the hall. Commenting that she had noticed John leaving Marty's office, Natalie asked if John had cleared things up with Marty. Reminding John of their kiss, Natalie stated that if she were in Marty's shoes, she would want to know what the kiss meant to John. Natalie appeared dismayed when John announced that he wanted to repair his relationship with Marty. In an unconvincing tone, Natalie remarked, "If Marty is the woman that you love and are supposed to be with, I want you to be happy!" Wheeling herself away, Natalie appeared conflicted over her feelings for John.

Nearby, Todd placed a call to his editor at the Sun, and gave him the headline for the next edition -- John had dumped Marty for Natalie. As Todd continued to joke about John's doomed relationship, Todd turned the corner and bumped into an angry John, who had overheard the entire conversation.

On the Buchanan jet, Nora was horrified when Bo informed her of Stacy's accident. Relieved that the baby was fine, Nora wondered if they should tell Shane about Stacy's death. At that moment, Shane interrupted and asked if Stacy had given birth to his sibling. Nora allowed Bo to speak privately with Shane and tended to Bree.

Shane was speechless when Bo related that Stacy had drowned after giving birth to his baby sister. Bo listened as Shane confessed that he had once hated Stacy and wished her dead. Reminding Shane that Rex was like a son to him, Bo admitted that he had shared much of Shane's dislike for Stacy because of the havoc that she had caused in Rex and Gigi's relationship. Realizing that Shane felt guilt over Stacy's death, Bo tried to convince the child that he wasn't responsible for Stacy's death.

Recalling Shane's kind treatment of Stacy and the loving concern that he had expressed for the baby the day they left for Texas, Bo stated that he was proud of Shane. Bo realized that Shane had behaved graciously because of his love for Rex. Near tears, Shane expressed regret over wishing harm to Stacy. Consoling the child, Bo asked for his cell number and insisted that they stay in contact with one another. Shane happily accepted Bo's offer.

While Bo spoke to Shane, Nora kept Bree occupied. When the child announced that she missed her mommy, Nora assured Bree that Jessica was anxious to see her.

In Jessica's hospital room, after Brody poured out his heart to Jessica, he was stunned to learn that she had no idea who he was. Suddenly, Jessica remembered that Brody had saved her from the weird stranger, who had called himself the messenger, but Jessica had no other recollection of Brody. Brody told Jessica that Mitch Laurence was a dangerous man who had drugged her.

Jessica thanked Brody for rescuing her from the stranger, but flew into a rage when he insisted that she knew him. As Jessica demanded that Brody leave her room at once, Clint and Viki heard the commotion and rushed in. Clint and Viki were dumbfounded when Jessica stated that she didn't know Brody. In an attempt to calm Jessica, Clint ushered Brody out of the room. Exiting the room, Brody looked heartbroken.

Out in the hall, Brody couldn't believe that Jessica had no recollection of him. Meanwhile, Viki spoke with Jessica and tried to calm her nerves. After informing Jessica that Brody had shared a part of her life, Viki attempted to change the subject, by reminding Jessica that Bree was en route to Llanview and couldn't wait to see her. Viki was devastated when a puzzled Jessica had no clue who Bree was.

Outside of Jessica's room, Brody wondered why Jessica remembered everyone but him. Reminding Brody that they were lucky that Jessica was alive, Clint urged him to give her time. Leaving a confused Jessica alone, Viki told Clint and Brody that Jessica didn't remember her own daughter. Relating that she had paged Marty, Viki hoped that Marty would examine Jessica and determine further treatment for her.

When Marty arrived on the scene, Brody and Viki related the news of Jessica's memory loss. Brody stated that Jessica recognized him only as her rescuer at the observatory, and Viki related that she didn't expound on Bree's identity because she feared that the revelation of a daughter might upset Jessica further. Brody was concerned by Marty's admission that the improper use of electric shock treatment could result in permanent memory loss. Marty announced that she wanted to examine Jessica and didn't wish to speculate on her condition. Reminding them that Jessica had remembered her parents, Marty urged them to have hope.

When Marty entered her room, Jessica recognized Marty immediately. Thrilled to see her, Jessica referred to Marty as one of her best friends. As Marty continued to speak with Jessica, she grew concerned when Jessica related that she didn't know that Marty had a son and that Patrick was dead. Further discussion revealed that Jessica remembered her sister, Megan, but not Natalie. Concerned, Marty asked Jessica if she was aware of the current year.

After evaluating Jessica, Marty informed Viki, Clint, and Brody that Jessica was suffering from selective memory and didn't remember anything beyond her high school days.

On Llantano Mountain, at the scene of Stacy's drowning, Rex lashed out at Kim for aiding Stacy in the destruction of his relationship with Gigi. When Rex continued to berate Kim and Stacy for remaining silent about Schuyler fathering Stacy's baby, Kim blurted out, "Schuyler isn't the father any more than you are!" A confused Rex demanded to know who had fathered Stacy's baby. Kim refused to identify the baby's father, and accused Rex of having no sympathy for Stacy. Reminding Rex that Stacy was dead, Kim couldn't believe that Rex appeared unconcerned. Rex said that he was sorry about what had happened to Stacy, but couldn't forgive Stacy for her evil deeds.

Outraged by Rex's lack sympathy for Stacy, Kim insisted that Stacy had risked her life for Rex because she had loved him. Recalling how Gigi had cheated on Rex and then ended their relationship, Kim insisted that Gigi would never sacrifice her life for Rex, the way Stacy had. A shocked Rex listened as Kim screamed, "Stacy loved you more than Gigi did! Go ahead and run back to Gigi, I hope you two are miserable together!" Consumed with guilt, Rex offered to help Kim off of the mountain, but Kim refused his assistance.

Once Rex had left, Kim sat near the waters that had taken the life of her friend. Kim declared her undying friendship for Stacy and vowed to take care of baby Sierra. In memory of Stacy, Kim removed her expensive knee length boots and left them near the area where Stacy had drowned.

Later, near the scene of Stacy's drowning, fresh boot prints were visible in the snow and the boots that Kim had left nearby were gone.

At the hospital, as Gigi stared at baby Sierra in her hospital crib, Schuyler gave her the news that Stacy had drowned in the lake. Relating that Rex and Oliver had made every attempt to save her, Schuyler stated that the several attempts made by police divers had been unsuccessful as well. As Gigi struggled to process the news that her sister was dead, a heart surgeon entered the room and informed her that Sierra had a congenital heart defect and required surgery immediately.

Oliver and Kyle stood outside and watched though the window as the doctor gave Gigi and Schuyler the devastating news about Sierra. Stating that Sierra would die unless the surgery was performed, Kyle related that the hospital would need the father's consent since Stacy was deceased. Oliver said that Sierra's fate was in Schuyler's hands, but Kyle asked if Oliver wanted to learn if he had fathered Sierra.

Oliver reminded Kyle that Schuyler could possibly be Sierra's father as well. Citing how both Gigi and Schuyler had helped Stacy during her final moments, Oliver said that he didn't want to cause them any more pain. Pointing out that several tests had been conducted on Sierra, Kyle offered to swab Oliver's mouth and administer a DNA test. Oliver was adamant that he didn't want to learn if he had fathered Sierra and pleaded with Kyle to drop the subject, but Kyle appeared conflicted.

After Gigi agreed to consent to Sierra's surgery, the doctor stated that the father's consent was also needed. Schuyler nearly panicked when the doctor asked if Rex was available. As Gigi headed off to locate Rex, Schuyler attempted to stop her, but Gigi was determined to help Sierra and exited the room. Oliver, Kyle, and Schuyler watched nervously as Gigi opened the door and stood face-to-face with Rex. Gigi explained Sierra's condition to Rex and informed him that his consent was needed for Sierra's surgery.

When Rex stated that he wasn't able to give his consent, Gigi lashed out at him and demanded that he help Sierra. To Gigi's surprise, Schuyler blurted out, "Rex isn't the baby's father... I am!"

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