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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of February 15, 2010 on ATWT
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Monday, February 15, 2010

Margo helped Tom with his tie, but she was nervous about Casey's wedding that day. Mick Dante was on the loose, but Tom suggested Margo not tell Casey because their son would be anxious enough, and he needed to concentrate on his wedding. Casey joined them, as Margo set up the camera and took photos. Casey said that he hoped he could make his marriage to Alison as successful as his parents had made theirs.

At Fairwinds, Barbara appeared as Paul was also getting dressed. He berated his mother for still insisting that Mick Dante was his father, and he urged her to concentrate on the impending wedding. Barbara kept insisting that Mick was really James Stenbeck, and finally Paul told her that the wedding was really important to Emily, and he asked his mother not to attend.

At Memorial Hospital, Kim urged Bob to hurry up for fear they would be late to their grandson's wedding. Dr. Reid Oliver walked up and made a crack about Bob's mental health by asking how advanced his dementia was for assigning a patient to him who needed "compassion and reassurance." Kim lit into Dr. Oliver, as Bob brought up Oliver's putting a healthy Henry in quarantine simply because Henry had annoyed him.

Bob reminded Oliver that Oliver had agreed to conform to Memorial's standards when Bob had given him temporary privileges there, but Dr. Oliver whined that he hadn't had a choice because "the rich kid wanted him to take care of his boyfriend." Dr. Bob decided that Dr. Oliver was just the physician to take care of a particularly nasty cyst in room 406, and he and Kim left for the church.

Henry went to pick up Katie for the nuptials, and he told her that he had jumped out of a window at Memorial in his hospital gown in order to escape. Katie giggled, but then she demanded to know what Henry had done to irritate Dr. Oliver. Henry admitted that he had hired a private investigator in Dallas to poke around the good doctor's background. Henry claimed he was only trying to protect Katie, but she crossly reminded him that she didn't need looking after. Katie was really aggravated, and she refused to go to the wedding with Henry.

When Henry argued with Katie, she threw him out of her house. He went back to the Lakeview and knocked on Barbara's door. She was in her dressing gown and told Henry that Paul had forbidden her to attend the wedding. Henry said that he wanted her there, and he persuaded her to go with him to prove to people that she had nothing to be ashamed of. Barbara got dressed in four and a half minutes, and she knocked Henry's socks off when she emerged. He appeared quite smitten, and the two of them flirted before they left for the church.

Emily picked up Alison's dress at Fashions, and Paul surprised her as she was in Old Town. Emily said that Alison had wanted a little "alone" time before the wedding, so she had picked up the dress for her sister. Paul told Emily how much he loved her, and they kissed. Then Emily sent Paul to check on the reception plans, and she headed to All Angels Church.

At the empty church, Alison walked around the sanctuary and looked at the programs. Mick entered through the door to the bell tower, and he said that he wanted to congratulate Alison. She thought Mick had left town the night before, but he said there had been a "change of plans." He announced that Mick was no longer there, and he pulled out a gun. He addressed Alison as "Miss Stewart," and she realized that she was talking to James Stenbeck, who mentioned that he had "a few scores to settle."

First, Mick said that he was taking control of Alison's wedding, but she begged him not to do that. She called him "James," and she asked him to go up to the bell tower and promised to meet him there. He agreed, but he warned her not to even think about double-crossing him.

Emily arrived at the church, and Alison told her that Mick was there, and he had a pistol. Emily immediately called Margo, and she said that Mick Dante was in the church with a gun. Margo asked a few questions, and then she ordered the two women to "find a safe place" and lock themselves in. Instead, Alison went to the bell tower where she continued to talk to Mick as himself. She promised to go away with him, and she protested that she didn't really love Casey. She thought that would break James's hold on Mick, and she kissed him.

Mick pushed Alison away and screamed that she was lying. Margo walked in the door, and several policemen with guns drawn followed. Mick dropped his gun as the officers handcuffed him. He warned Alison that he was never going to forget how she had sold him out.

Emily ran down the steps of the church to embrace Paul, who wanted to kill Mick Dante. Margo led the procession down the stairs, as Casey ran to Alison. She assured him that Mick had not hurt her, and Paul walked in. Mick looked at Paul and said, "Hello, son." Paul was outraged, and claimed to have been looking for Mick to kill him, but Alison continued to defend Mick by saying the man "only needed some help." Casey was worried about Alison, and he suggested that they postpone the wedding, but Alison would not hear of it. She asked only for a minute in which to put on her dress.

The police took Mick away, as Margo opted to stay for the ceremony. The police car pulled away, and Mick introduced himself to the officer driving as "James Stenbeck." Inside the church, Emily took Alison and their mother into the bride's room to help her dress. Alison looked beautiful in her wedding gown, and she declared it was the happiest day of her life. In the church, Lisa told Bob and Kim that she had heard that the police had just made an arrest at the church, but she knew none of the details. Kim, always the newswoman, got out her phone to call WOAK, but Bob reminded her that they were at a special wedding, and business could wait.

When Dr. Oliver finished his shift, he returned to Katie's. He found her dressed for the wedding, sitting glumly on the couch, and inhaling a tub of ice cream. Reid took one look at Katie and announced that they were going to the wedding. He said he needed to "suck up to Dr. Hughes" so that he would not have to deal with nasty cysts any longer. Katie agreed, and the two left for the church as soon as Reid had gotten dressed.

Katie and Reid ran into Bob and Kim in the foyer of the church, and they exchanged almost pleasant remarks. Then they ran into Henry and Barbara, and both Henry and Katie were startled. Reid asked Henry how his "recovery" was going, and Henry gave the doctor one of his killer looks.

Tom and Casey took their places in front of the altar, and the organ music began. Alison appeared and began walking down the aisle alone. She reached the front and turned to Casey, who began his vows, straight from his heart. He praised her for her honesty and for never lying or "playing games" with him. Alison began to speak, and she told Casey how understanding and forgiving he was, and she promised to make him happy for the rest of his life.

Meanwhile, the car with Mick Dante in the back seat, drove through some rural areas. All of a sudden, Mick screamed that his head felt as if it were going to explode, so the officer pulled over and got out. He drew his gun and opened rear door. Mick grabbed him around the neck with his cuffed arms and put him in a strangle hold until the officer was unconscious. Mick rummaged for the keys to the cuffs in the officer's pocket and was able to get free. Then he picked up the cop's gun and took off on foot.

Sitting in a pew in the church, Margo received a text message on her phone that caused her to jump up and whisper to Tom and dash out of the church. Tom looked puzzled, as Paul and Emily stood to read from Shakespeare's sonnet, "True Love." Paul read the first two lines when suddenly a shot rang out, and Paul slumped to the floor. Mick Dante walked into the sanctuary and finished reciting the stanza. He finished by shouting, "God, I like Shakespeare!" as Paul writhed in pain.

Emily screamed that Paul was bleeding, as she, Susan Stewart, Bob Hughes, and Reid Oliver all rushed to the front of the church. Reid found a bullet hole in Paul's thigh, and he made a tourniquet with his tie. Barbara ran to Mick and told him that he had shot their son, and Mick proudly proclaimed, "I know." Then he fired another shot into the ceiling to get everyone's attention. He shouted, "Everyone should listen to the guy with the gun," and he demanded that everyone throw their cell phones into a pile on the altar. Bob yelled for an ambulance, as Barbara said that James Stenbeck would not let his own son die. Mick, however, said, "Why the hell do you think I'm here?"

Paul demanded to be helped up, so Reid and Bob got him standing. He called Mick "Dad" and asked him to let everyone else go. Instead, Mick began taunting Emily. Paul asked what Mick wanted, and Mick answered that he wanted revenge on all of them. Reid made Paul lie down again, because he was losing too much blood by standing. Mick's phone rang, and the caller was Margo, who demanded that he unlock the church doors. Mick insisted that people call him "James," then threatened to kill a hostage if he saw one police car outside. He lost control and screamed at Margo that he would be happy to kill any one of them.

Suddenly, Dr. Bob collapsed on the floor next to Paul. Kim began to scream, and Reid Oliver knelt next to him. Bob opened his eyes and whispered, "I'm okay," and Reid and Kim realized that Bob was creating a diversion. Reid, however, announced that Bob was having a stroke, and Alison pleaded with Mick to let Bob go. Mick considered that, and then he decided that he could handle a smaller group of hostages more easily. He allowed the minister, Lisa, Bob, Tom, Kim, Susan, and Dr. Oliver to line up by the door. He kept Alison, Casey, Emily, and Paul inside with him, as Henry, whom no one had noticed sitting quietly in a pew, asked for Mick to let Katie go. Mick agreed, but he said Barbara and Henry, whom he called "Junior," had to stay.

Mick got on the phone with Margo and asked for an ambulance, but he would not tell her for whom. "You'll find out soon enough," Mick teased. Margo waited outside the door and helped the hostages out. She got frantic when she realized that Casey was not among them, however, and she called Mick back and asked him to release Paul to the ambulance. Mick refused, saying that he wanted to spend some "quality time in the loving bosom" of his family. Casey mouthed off at him, and Mick put the gun directly to Casey's head.

Alison tried to calm Casey, as Barbara urged Mick to run, and she even offered to go with him. Mick laughed cruelly and called her "an old sex kitten," and then he turned his viperous tongue on Emily and her desperate attempts to conceive another child. Alison stepped forward and attempted to talk Mick into handing her the gun. Mick told Alison that was a nice try, but her "little friend Mickey" was long gone. He called her "the little porn queen," as Casey stepped forward to protect her. Mick began to laugh wildly, and he told Casey that he "didn't know the half of it."

Mick turned to Alison and asked if she was going to tell Casey something, but Alison tried to shut him up. Mick then blurted out that he and Alison had had sex in the bell tower, as Casey looked at her incredulously.

At Memorial, Bob insisted that Kim get checked out, but Susan gave her a clean bill of health. Bob stayed with his wife, as Dr. Oliver walked out of the exam room and ran into Katie. She was worried about Henry, but Reid assured her that Henry could take care of himself.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Outside All Angels Church, Margo called the police station and requested that they not send cars because Mick had threatened to begin killing hostages if he saw even one cop car. She was furious when she learned that a SWAT unit was on its way. Tom approached and told his wife that he was there to support her, and she had to do her job and get Casey and Alison out safely so that they could all go home together.

Margo called Mick's cell phone, but he did not answer. Tom counseled Margo to think what James Stenbeck would do under the same circumstances, and she said that he would play mind games with everyone. Margo was upset that the state police had overridden her orders because her son was one of the hostages. She said that Stenbeck had always had a master plan, and Mick Dante's scheme seemed to involve Alison Stewart. Margo asked Tom to make some calls and find out if there was some connection between Alison and Mick that they weren't aware of. Suddenly, they heard a gunshot from inside the church, and they ran to the door while Margo dialed her phone.

Inside the sanctuary, Casey loudly disputed Mick's claim that Mick and Alison had slept together. He said that no one in the room would believe that, as Emily bit her tongue. Mick yelled, "Emily! Front and center," but Paul protested that Emily should stay seated in a front pew with him. Mick reminded Paul that Paul had shot James enough times to know that the guy with the gun always won. Emily stepped forward, and Mick embarrassed her by taunting her that she had once been married to Casey and had chosen to have a tubal ligation to prevent pregnancy.

Mick next gave the rule for his impromptu game: "If you lie, you die." Casey protested once more, so Mick told him to ask Emily himself if Alison had slept with Mick. Just then, however, Mick's phone rang, but he saw that it was Margo, and he chose to ignore it. Mick asked Alison if she had something to say, but Casey jumped in and called Mick a liar. Alison blurted out, "It's not a lie." Casey was stunned as Alison began to apologize to him. Mick bragged that Alison had enjoyed the sex "at least as much" as he had, and at that, Casey charged Mick, and the two struggled for the gun as it discharged.

Mick answered another call from Margo, as Casey lay on the carpet. Mick told Margo that the next time, he wouldn't miss, and he had Barbara shout out to her that no one was hurt. Margo demanded to hear Casey's voice, so Mick held the phone down so his mother could hear Casey say, "I'm okay." Casey got to his feet and asked Mick if he had drugged Ali in order to have sex with her, but Mick said no, because girls always went for "the bad boy." Casey was out of control, but Henry was able to restrain him.

Alison begged Mick to let everyone go, and she said that she believed he was still there. Mick, however, said only James was present, so Alison asked if he had killed the cop in the squad car when he had escaped. Mick put his hand on Alison's throat and explained how he had disabled the officer, as Henry had to hold back Casey again. Suddenly Mick dropped his guard and appeared to experience a horrendous pain in his head. Alison called out to him to fight, and Mick recovered.

Mick ordered Henry to tie Casey and Alison together and sent Henry behind the altar for a rope. He next told Barbara to get a collection basket and gather all the cell phones. Margo called again, and Mick assured her that everyone was content playing "Truth or Dare." No one would be leaving, however, until he won the game. Mick took Casey and Alison out the back of the church to an anteroom and tied them back-to-back in two chairs. Casey promised to kill Mick when he got loose, but he had to endure more taunting and bullying from Mick.

Then Mick went around and got in Alison's face and said terrible things about her past history. It looked as if Mick was about to go back into the main church, but Alison began a conversation with him to stall for time. She was hopeful that, despite Mick's warning that if anyone escaped he would kill her and Casey, the hostages had made a break for it. Mick was wise, however, and he figured out her ploy. He told them that it was just about time for him to run back into the church and shoot the hostages for trying to escape.

In the sanctuary, the four hostages debated whether they should make a run for it. Emily felt that because Alison had called her "Emmy," a name she had used for his sister when she was small, that Alison was sending a message that they should leave if they got the chance. Barbara agreed, and she urged them to help her get Paul on his feet. They all supported Paul as they made their way back to rear of the church where the doors were.

Outside, the state police gave Margo ten minutes to bring her operation to a close, or they would take over. Margo heard Emily cry out from inside the door, and Margo answered her. Emily said that the door was locked and they had no key, and Margo realized they would need a battering ram to get the people out. Suddenly Emily screamed again, as Mick appeared and grabbed her around the neck and put the gun to her head. Mick yelled out to Margo that he was back in control. "You know how families get at weddings," he joked.

Henry, who pointed out that he had no one waiting at home for him, offered to stay if "Dad" would let the others go. Mick said that he still was not done with his number one son, Paul. Mick pushed Paul to the floor and ordered him to beg for his life. Then he lied to Paul and said that Emily had been willing to bear Mick's child and conceal its paternity from Paul. Emily called Mick a monster, and he responded by saying she was "a common whore." Paul refused to beg for his own life, but he begged for Emily to be spared.

Finally, a frantic Barbara cried out to Mick to stop torturing her son. Mick turned his attention to her then, and he accused her of smothering Paul. Barbara called Mick "a freak," and she said that no way was he James Stenbeck. Mick continued to verbally abuse her until Henry spoke up to defend her. Henry made a run at Mick, who punched Henry hard in the face.

Alison attempted to get Casey to work on the knots of the rope, but he was still reeling from Alison's confession. Finally he asked her how long she and Mick had been "doing it," and Alison said it had only happened one time a few days before. Her only explanation was that Mick needed her. She could not understand why she had done it, but she said she was powerless to stop herself. Casey said the joke was on him, because Alison had not changed a bit. He brought up the fact that she had slept with Chris Hughes the night before her wedding to Aaron Snyder, and she had just done the same thing to Casey.

A very angry Casey told Alison that he never wanted to see her again. Alison slipped the ropes from her arms, but Casey would not let her help him. He finally got his hands free, as Alison said she was going back in to talk Mick down. Casey did not want her anywhere near "a madman," but Alison was determined. She finally resorted to saying some hurtful things so that Casey would not stop her.

Outside, the state police notified Margo that their sharpshooters were in place, and they were ready to blow the door. Tom asked for a moment alone with his wife, and he comforted Margo and told her that no matter what happened, she should not blame herself. Margo said she wished that their boys were still little when they were so much easier to protect and keep safe, and that triggered a memory in Tom. He reminded Margo of the time when Adam was in a Christmas pageant at that church, and it had been snowing. Margo then remembered that there had been a tunnel from the classrooms to the church that the children had used that night.

In the church, Mick was back to tormenting Paul to ask for forgiveness for "years of being a crushing disappointment as a son." Paul refused, as Emily held him and sobbed. Paul said that he had love in his life, the kind of love that James Stenbeck had never had nor was capable of giving. Paul then told Emily that he loved her, and she kissed him. "Game's over," said Barbara, "you lose." Mick said to Paul, "Your life is up," and his finger tightened on the trigger. Alison ran in, screaming, "Don't shoot!"

Alison offered to go away with Mick, as Casey ran in after her. Alison said that she knew that Mick Dante was just as much a prisoner of James Stenbeck as the rest of them were. She denied Mick's allegation that she was marrying Casey "for respect," so he changed his tack and related how Alison had "lusted" for him. Casey spoke up and said that Alison had already told him that she dreamed about Mick and not him, and she had admitted that she could not help herself. That appeared to confuse Mick, who asked Alison if that was true. Alison said yes, and she asked him to go away with her. Mick suddenly suffered one of his nosebleeds, so he grabbed Alison's hand and they ran out the back of the church.

Margo talked with the patrolman outside, and he allowed her to try the tunnel approach to the church. She and Tom got inside the church that way and found Barbara, Henry, Paul, and Emily making another attempt to get to the door. They told Margo that Alison had offered herself to Mick, but Casey had followed them.

All the hostages went outside where they waited for the ambulance for Paul. Henry comforted Barbara, as Margo decided to go after Casey. She kissed Tom and took off. Henry drove Barbara to the Lakeview, and he said that when he had offered himself as a hostage because he "had no one at home waiting for him," Barbara had given him "a look." Barbara said that was because Henry was wrong; Henry had Katie. "Not even close," complained Henry.

Henry told Barbara that she was a terrific woman who was "strong and sexy, and had beaten cancer." That, he said, made her much stronger than any James Stenbeck. Henry said that Barbara was a formidable woman and more gorgeous than ever. Barbara suggested that Henry go home, but instead he told her to close her eyes and relax, and he began to give her a neck massage.

Mick and Alison ran away from the church, and finally Mick stopped and told her that she need not keep pretending. Everyone was safe, he said, and Alison realized that Mick Dante was back, and James was gone. She remarked that it was sad that James could take over so quickly and completely. Mick thanked Alison for saving everyone in the church, but it was not necessary for her to pretend that she cared for him. Alison said that she did care for him, and he apologized for all the hurt he had caused. The one thing that Mick was not sorry for was that he had stopped Alison from marrying Casey Hughes, and then he told Alison that he loved her.

Alison smiled and said she was very glad that Mick Dante was back. He asked her to go away with him, but suddenly Casey screamed Alison's name, and Mick raised his gun. Margo sneaked behind Mick and called for him to drop his gun. Mick said, "Goodbye, Alison," and he hurled down his gun and sprinted across the street. A blue van was driving on the street and was unable to stop in time. The car hit Mick, as Alison screamed.

In the hospital, Emily told Paul how much she needed him. She said as long as they had each other, they were complete and did not need another child. An ambulance pulled up at Memorial, and the paramedics wheeled in a gurney with Mick on it. Alison followed right behind, and she asked about Mick's condition. The EMT said it didn't look good, and they shut Alison out of the room.

Also at the hospital, Margo led Casey to Tom. Tom asked where Alison was, and Casey said that he had wanted to tell them both at the same time. He took a big breath and said that he had just found out that Alison had slept with Mick. Margo and Tom were shocked, but Margo had to go check on Mick's condition. Casey said he wanted to wait in the car, so the three of them walked by Mick's room where Alison was waiting. They all looked at Alison, but no one spoke.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Paul awoke in Memorial Hospital and told Emily that he felt very groggy. He said he hoped that she could tell him that Mick Dante had died, but she could not. Mick was also in the hospital, but he was unconscious and on a ventilator. Alison stood and watched through the window as Mick struggled to breathe. Casey walked by and remarked to Alison that she obviously couldn't stay away from Dante, but Alison said that she had been making rounds and had just stopped to see how the patient was doing. Casey said he hoped Mick made a full recovery so that the police could put him in jail for "the rest of his miserable life."

Casey screamed at Alison that she had slept with Mick, and he questioned that she hadn't known what Dante was capable of. Casey didn't want to listen to anything Alison had to say, because she had chosen Mick over him. He wondered why she had wanted to marry him when she had dreamed about and had sex with someone else. Alison protested that she had never stopped loving Casey, but he didn't want to hear any more, and he hollered at her to stay away from him and ran out.

Alison called to another nurse to cover for her, and she followed Casey to Java. She repeated that she still loved him, and Casey demanded to know where she and Mick had their tryst. When Alison told him it was in the bell tower of All Angels Church, Casey could not believe that she had slept with Mick in the very church in which she was marrying Casey. Casey said he was hurt and humiliated on what was supposed to be the happiest day of his life, and he felt like "the world's biggest chump." In true Casey style, he bolted out the door.

Emily told Paul that Mick had been under the control of James Stenbeck, but Paul reminded her that Dante had hurt her, shot him, and ruined Alison's wedding and relationship with Casey. He declared that Mick had to pay for his actions, but Emily said the police were in charge of that. She urged Paul to take care of himself, as her cell phone rang. The caller was Hunter, who had set up a conference call that Emily needed to take. Paul, as Emily's biggest investor, suggested that she go take care of business, and they kissed before she left.

Paul disconnected his I.V. line, and, with the help of a crutch, he hobbled into Mick Dante's room. He stood over the unconscious man and began talking to him. Paul said that "dear old dad" no longer controlled him. Then Paul looked at the ventilator that was assisting Mick's breathing, and told Dante that what he was about to do was his own idea. Paul checked out the machine carefully, as Mick opened his eyes slowly. "I was just about to kill you," said Paul pleasantly. Mick waved one hand towards the ventilator machine, and Paul asked him if he wanted Paul to pull the plug. Mick nodded, so Paul answered, "With pleasure."

Paul shut off the ventilator, and Mick began to labor to breathe. Paul waited a few seconds and then restarted the machine, and Dante appeared out of distress. Paul talked and wished him good luck, and then he hobbled back to his own room. When Emily returned, Paul told her what had happened, and he said that killing Mick would have put his wonderful life with Emily at risk. Nothing was worth that, Paul said, and he was pleased that he might actually turn into someone whom Emily could like. Emily responded, "Maybe I already do."

Jack prepared to leave the farm and mentioned to Janet that he hoped that Liberty's chemotherapy went well that day. He promised his wife that he would be home that night and would "take care" of her. The two of them hugged, and Janet walked Jack out. Liberty walked into the kitchen from upstairs, and she found Janet's folder with her list of potential bone marrow donors on the kitchen table. Janet returned and snatched the list away from her daughter, but Liberty was already upset that her chemo treatments were not working and that she was dying.

Janet assured the girl that she was not going to die and that the donor list was just a backup plan that was a good distraction for her mom. She also reminded Liberty that anyone who got tested was put into the National Donor Bank and could help other people down the line. She apologized for wanting to feel pro-active and needed, and Liberty understood. Janet told Liberty to get her coat because it was time to leave for her appointment with Dr. Hern at Memorial.

When they arrived at the hospital, Janet and Liberty learned from a tech that Dr. Hern was suspending the chemotherapy for a while to give Liberty a breather and to get her white blood count up. Liberty was worried that the doctor had given up on her, but Janet put a positive spin on it, and the two left the hospital.

Carly met Craig in the Lakeview lounge in preparation for an important meeting with Maurice, an investor with whom they had been involved in the Midnight Sun Vodka business. He was a heavy hitter, and Craig warned that there were no other investors lurking on the horizon, so they had better play their roles perfectly. Craig's words to Carly were, "All you have to do is pretend to like me."

When Carly questioned him, Craig admitted that their potential investor had assumed that Carly and Craig were a "couple" again, and Craig had not bothered to correct him.

Carly could not believe that, but Craig said that she only had to be cozy with him for an hour until they locked in Maurice. The investor arrived, and Craig suggested that Carly begin fluttering her eyelashes at him immediately. Carly played the role and made her pitch, telling Maurice that she and Craig had learned a lot from their previous mistakes. The investor said he had to discuss the deal with his partners, so Craig suggested that Maurice step into the lobby to use his phone in privacy. As Maurice stood to make his calls, Craig laid the "sweetheart" role pretty heavily on Carly, and then he leaned over and gave her a big kiss on the lips.

Jack walked into the lounge just in time to see Craig plant the kiss on Carly. He walked up as Maurice was walking out and said sharply to Carly, "What the hell are you doing?" He grabbed her hand and led her out to the lobby to grill her about why she had allowed Craig to kiss her. Carly scolded Jack to get off his high horse, and Jack apologized. He said he had just lost it when he saw Craig and Carly kissing, and he warned Carly "not to go down that road again." Jack admitted that he was jealous, and that had caused him to overreact to what he saw.

Carly told Jack that she and Craig were pretending to woo an investor who was also in the lobby on his cell phone. Carly complained that she needed a project, something in her life she could hold on to. Jack raised his voice and argued with her until Carly yelled at him to leave her alone. Jack warned Carly to be careful, and he said, "You win," as he walked out.

Carly returned to Craig, who told her that Maurice was still consulting with his three sons, who were his partners. He told her not to worry because the sons always did what their father wanted them to. Carly was still irritated with Craig for kissing her, so she packed up her design sketches and told him to "wrap it up" on his own. She drove to the police station and ordered Jack into the interview room. She chewed him out royally for butting into her business meeting, and Jack apologized again. Carly said she was jealous of Janet, too, but she didn't go charging into Jack's life to interfere. Jack said that he knew Craig still wanted her back, and he grabbed Carly and kissed her hard.

Back at the Lakeview, Craig was shocked when Maurice returned and turned down the opportunity of investing in Monte Carlo. He said the problem was Carly, because "chaos followed the woman around in men and in business." Craig realized that Maurice had done a background check on Carly while on the phone, and he admitted that Carly had "a lot of issues," but she had conquered her drinking problem and had talent to spare. Maurice stood up with the pronouncement that the deal was "too risky" for him, and he left the Lakeview.

Janet and Liberty went back to the farm, and Janet offered to make her daughter's favorite "mac and cheese" for her. Janet went upstairs to change her clothes, and Liberty picked up the donor list again and reached for the phone. She called the donor bank and said she was Janet Ciccone, and she asked if there had been any matches for her daughter, Liberty. When she learned there had been none, Liberty grabbed her coat and slipped out the door.

Liberty went to the police station and asked to speak with Jack. The duty officer sent her to the interview room where Jack and Carly were in a passionate embrace. Liberty knocked, so Jack hid Carly behind the door and walked out. He was surprised to see Liberty there, since it was time for her chemo. The girl told Jack that her treatment had been cancelled so that her white blood cells could multiply, but she said she needed Jack's help with another challenge. Liberty said that no one had matched her in the donor bank, and she knew almost everyone in the family had already been tested. She asked Jack to go home with her to help break the news to Janet that there were no donors available. Jack agreed, but he asked for "a moment." He went back into the room and told Carly that he had to go, and he and Liberty drove to the farm.

Janet called the donor bank herself from the farm and learned that no one had matched her daughter. She assumed Liberty was upstairs resting, so she called Liberty to join her downstairs, but there was no answer. Just then, Jack and Liberty walked in, and Janet realized that Liberty had already called the donor bank, and pretended to be Janet. She and Jack put on cheerful faces and sent the girl upstairs to rest. Janet then turned to Jack and said she had never been so frightened in her life. Jack suggested she call her estranged parents, but Janet said they hated her because of Liberty, but Jack talked some sense into her. Janet said she was so tired, and she asked Jack to go upstairs to lie down with her, but Jack said he had to go back to work. Janet was disappointed.

Casey went home and was surprised to see Alison there, packing her things. She said that she knew she couldn't stay there any longer, and Casey gave her no argument. He said that he had wrongly thought that their lives were on the same track, but in retrospect, he wondered if he had pushed Alison into marrying him before she was ready. Alison denied that, and she walked to the door, but Casey called out to her to wait. Alison's phone rang, and she learned that Mick Dante had "taken a turn for the worse." Casey sneered at her and said, "Don't let me keep you," as Alison sadly slipped his engagement ring from her finger and left it on a table. Alison walked out, and Casey picked up the ring and said, "Well, Gram, it looks like you're getting your ring back," and he fought back tears.

Alison rushed to Mick's room and spoke to him about his good side. She said she had tried to be the person he needed, but suddenly Mick coded and an alarm went off by his bed. Another nurse ran in and dashed for a crash cart, as Alison leaned over and kissed Mick on the lips. She looked at the monitor and was amazed to see that his heart rhythm had returned to normal, and she cried tears of joy.

Carly surprised Craig at his hotel room at the Lakeview, and she asked him to take her out for a very expensive dinner. She said they needed to celebrate that Monte Carlo was a "go," and she looked at him with a question in her eyes. In a split second, Craig announced that they absolutely needed to celebrate and that Maurice was very excited to be a part of the project. Carly was happy, and she said she would be ready when Craig picked her up. Craig shut the door and wondered why he had lied to her.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dusty was surprised to see Janet at work so early at Metro, but she said that she needed to keep busy. She also told Dusty that Liberty's chemo treatments had been put on hold because they had compromised her white blood cells. Janet was discouraged that the donor bank had found no matches for her daughter's bone marrow, and she had exhausted all her close relatives. Dusty asked if she had called her parents, but Janet said they had not spoken to her in almost 20 years, and besides that, they were on vacation in Italy. Janet left to take a call, as Dusty reached for his own phone.

Dusty called Information and asked for a number for the Ciccone Hardware Store in Melrose Park, Illinois. He dialed the number and asked for Rocco Ciccone, who was the man who answered. Dusty mentioned that Rocco was back from Italy, but Rocco said he had never gone, and he asked who Dusty was. Dusty said he was calling from Oakdale about Ciccone's granddaughter, Liberty, who was very ill. Rocco said he did not have a granddaughter, and he warned Dusty not to call again and then hung up.

Janet returned and saw Dusty's expression, but when she asked about it, Dusty lied and said he was upset with a supplier who "needed a course in manners." Dusty said that he had to take care of something for an hour or two, and Janet said she would stay at the club. Dusty drove to Ciccone's Hardware and found Rocco standing behind the counter. Dusty's first words were that Rocco could possibly save his granddaughter's life, but the man told Dusty that he had wasted a trip.

Dusty gave some details about Liberty's life and illness, but Ciccone asked why Janet and "that miserable excuse for a father" had not stepped up. Dusty told him that Janet was not a match, and Brad had died recently. "What a loss," said Rocco, with sarcasm. Then he asked who Dusty was and why Janet wasn't asking him herself. Dusty explained that Janet didn't think that her father would "put himself out," and Rocco said she was right. Then he made disparaging remarks about Dusty's relationship with Janet, and Dusty responded, "With all due respect," that was no way to talk about his daughter.

Rocco clearly said that Janet no longer existed to him because she had shamed the family, and he dismissed Dusty by saying he had to get back to work. As Dusty was leaving, he put a photo of Janet and Liberty on the counter. After Dusty was gone, Rocco picked up the picture and looked at it.

Carly cancelled her dinner engagement with Craig by telling him that she had a return to sanity. She hung up on his arguments, as Jack rang her doorbell. He wanted to apologize for running out on her at the police station, and Carly said that they both had to be stronger and not give in to their feelings so easily. Jack confessed that he could not get her out of his head, but Carly pleaded with him to try harder. They moved closer to one another and were just about to kiss when Parker walked in and greeted his parents. He asked if he had interrupted anything important, which Jack and Carly both denied. Parker had to leave for his physical therapy session, so he told his folks to "feel free to continue" whatever they were doing, and he said he would see Jack later at the farm.

Parker departed, and Jack asked Carly if she wanted company for dinner, but she said that was a bad idea. "It's just dinner, Carly," said Jack, but she said that they both knew that wasn't so. Carly told Jack that she had errands to run, and he had a wife he needed to go home to. Carly refused to get "sucked into the insane game" they were playing because it wasn't fair. Jack did not want to leave, but he walked out slowly.

Carly went to Metro to speak with Dusty about some tax matters at the club, but she found only Janet who was dozing in her chair. Janet explained that Dusty was not there, but she promised to tell him that Carly needed to speak with him. Carly asked about Liberty, and Janet said that the first round of chemotherapy had not been as successful as they had all hoped. Carly saw how rattled Janet was, and she called her "incredibly brave." Janet said that she would be a basket case if it weren't for Jack's support. Carly left, not knowing what to say.

Dusty returned to Metro and fibbed again to Janet about a supplier. Janet didn't buy it, however, and she asked why he was really so upset. Dusty shocked Janet by saying that he had just gotten back from seeing her father. "No offense," said Dusty, "but your father is a loser." Janet told Dusty she could have saved him the trip, and she got upset that he had gone behind her back about something to do with her family.

Janet went home and began cooking. The phone rang, and Janet was stunned to hear her father's voice after 19 years and 3 months. Rocco said that a guy named Dusty seemed to care a lot about her and Liberty, and he went on to tell her that he and her mother were getting tested for "that blood marrow thing." Janet thanked him tearfully, as Rocco said goodbye.

Parker visited a gloomy Liberty at the Snyder farm, and he kidded her that she looked as if she had just found out she had cancer. Liberty laughed and did an amusing imitation of dying, although it stung Parker. She also asked why he was not at his physical therapy session, and he answered that visiting her was much more important. Parker also said that appointments and school were not nearly as important as she was, as Jack walked in quietly and heard his son.

Parker returned home, with Jack on his heels. Jack told Carly, who was returning from Metro, that their son had blown off his therapy appointment. Parker defended himself by saying that Liberty was having a really bad day, and cheering her up was more important to him. Both Jack and Carly agreed that Parker could not sacrifice things that were crucial to his life and well-being just because Liberty was sick. "You mean like the two of you?" asked Parker. He explained that he was not clueless, and he had seen the way they looked at one another. He also saw other signs that they wanted to be together, but they could not because of Liberty.

Parker accused his parents of making a sacrifice for Liberty, and he wanted to do the same thing by being there to help her. Jack and Carly argued that it was wonderful that Parker was so caring, but he still had to keep his grades up and take an hour a day to do physical therapy so that his leg would heal properly. Parker said he was confused by the double standard he saw, and he was offended that his parents thought he was just a "dumb teenager" who wasn't responsible enough to make sensible choices. Parker stormed out, and Jack turned to Carly and said, "He's really smart."

Carly put on her coat and told Jack that she was going back to Metro to see if Dusty had returned. Jack apologized for his behavior again and agreed that it had to stop. He suggested that they avoid face-to-face meetings and communicate only by phone and email. Carly looked crushed, but she agreed. Jack walked out, and Carly had tears in her eyes.

At WOAK, Molly told her supervisor that she wasn't ready yet to produce a story on the disappearance of Damian Grimaldi. She did not want to put out any false information, and her story was still "all over the place." Her boss gave her two more days to pull it all together, and he cited Molly's "personal connection" with the family.

At her house, Lily hung up from talking with Lucinda, as Holden rang her doorbell. He was there to pick up Ethan for a birthday party, and Lily mentioned that her mother had hired a private investigator to check into Damian's whereabouts. That upset Holden, as Lily continued to say that the "Fortuna" was the only Grimaldi ship that had left port the day Damian disappeared. Holden swore that he had seen Damian get on a ship, and Lily couldn't imagine that Damian would not get on one of his own vessels. Ethan ran in, and Lily sent him to get the present for the party. She gave Holden a strange look and accused him of not being honest with her.

Lily said that she thought something bad had happened between him and Damian on the docks that day, and Holden wasn't being forthright with her. She insisted on knowing what it was, because a crew member on the "Fortuna" had told Luke that he had seen a bloody body on the deck of the ship shortly before it docked at Malta. Holden said that could have been anyone, and he remarked that everything Lily had mentioned was pure speculation since the "body" had vanished. Holden took a call from Molly then, and she asked him to stop by WOAK as soon as possible, and Holden agreed.

Holden got Ethan and told Lily that whatever happened to Damian, he was definitely out of their lives, and Lily needed to just let go. He dropped Ethan at this party and went to the television studio. He related to Molly what the crew man on the "Fortuna" had said, but he had no idea what had happened to the body. He suggested that Molly distance herself from the situation and from him, but Molly protested that was "not an option." Holden said she shouldn't get herself involved in a murder investigation, and he had about decided to turn himself in and get it over with.

Molly argued that there was no evidence at all against him, and she wanted to continue working on it herself. Holden mentioned the private investigator that Lucinda had hired, but Molly warned him not to panic and feel consumed with guilt. Damian might be lolling on a Mediterranean island, for all they knew. Molly got called to the control room, so Holden said he would consider his choices and call her. Holden walked out, and Molly told her supervisor that the control room would have to wait because she had to follow a lead that wouldn't wait.

Molly drove to Lily's and said she would like to ask Lily a few questions about Damian's disappearance. Lily said she knew nothing about it, and besides, she thought it was "tacky" of Molly to even ask. Molly explained that WOAK was doing a special piece on the disappearance, but Lily told her to "cut the bull" and tell her what the real agenda was. Molly swore she was just doing her job, and she mentioned that she would think that Lily would like to have her side of the story out there for people to know. Lily didn't understand, so Molly elaborated by saying she meant how Damian had "swooped in" and taken advantage of Holden's disappearance to get Lily to marry him.

Next, Molly went through a litany of Damian's sins, including attempted murder of Meg and Holden. She asked Lily why she had loved and married someone like that, and Lily showed Molly a book Damian had given her and asked her to read the inscription. She said that Damian was "a good man who ended up going down a dark path." Molly faked a coughing fit, and Lily rushed to get her some water. While Lily was in the other room, Molly quickly photographed the inscription and snitched a photo of Lily and Damian that was stuck inside the book.

Lily returned with the water, and she said she did not believe that Molly was going to show both sides of Damian in her piece. Molly said a hasty goodbye and went back to the studio. She looked at the photo through a magnifying glass, and she zeroed in on Lily's wedding ring. She called her assistant and asked for the photo to be enlarged, and she also asked the woman to get a list of local jewelers who did fast work.

Holden returned Ethan to Lily, and the first words out of the boy's mouth were that his friend's mother had said that Damian was dead, and Ethan wanted to know if that was true. Holden spoke up and said that Damian had just gone away, so Ethan asked if he would return. Holden said they did not know, and then Lily sent her son to the playroom. She questioned Holden again about what he knew about Damian's disappearance because she needed to know the truth. Holden only said that Damian was gone and would not return.

After Holden left, Lily heard something outside her door. She opened it and found a large envelope with no writing on it. She retrieved it and took it inside to open it. Inside she found a small jewelry box with Damian's wedding ring in it. There was also a note that read:

Cara, I'll hold you in my heart always.


Lily ran outside, calling to Damian, but no one was there.

Holden went to the farm, and Molly walked in. She was very glad that he had not gone to the cops, and she reminded him that "Anything could happen next."

A detective at the police station called Margo to tell her that they had just received a fax from the Maltese police. They had recently recovered a body off the coast that had been positively identified as Damian Grimaldi.

Janet reported back to Metro for her evening shift, and she told Dusty that she had heard from her dad. She said he and her mother were getting the test, and she repeated how grateful she was. Janet said she owed Dusty a lot of thank yous. Janet gave him a hug, and then they pulled apart and looked at one another. They kissed with great emotion, as Carly quietly walked in Metro and could not believe what she was seeing.

Friday, February 19, 2010

At the Snyder farm, Jack arrived home and opened a beer. Molly walked into the kitchen and greeted Jack, who was surprised she was there. Molly asked Jack how Liberty was doing, and he told her that Liberty's chemotherapy didn't appear to be working very well. Molly offered her condolences and told Jack she admired him for hanging in there with Janet. When Jack said that Janet was his wife, Molly told him she realized that his presence came at a cost to him. Jack acted like he had no idea what Molly meant, but Molly just smiled and left.

The phone rang, and when Jack answered it, a man asked for "Janet Ciccone." Jack told the man that Janet's name was Janet Snyder, and the man said he was Rocco, Janet's father. Jack was floored and told Rocco that Janet would be very happy to hear that her father had called. Rocco told Jack that he wanted to let Janet know that both he and Janet's mother had been tested as potential bone marrow donors, and his test results indicated he was a good match for Liberty. Jack was delighted and told Rocco that was amazing news, on many levels. Rocco informed Jack that he would be traveling to Oakdale later that day to meet the doctor at Memorial Hospital. Jack asked Rocco to stop by the farm first, so Rocco could see where Janet was living, and Jack could then take Rocco to the hospital. Rocco said, "This isn't a social visit."

Carly walked into Metro and saw Dusty and Janet kissing passionately. Carly stared, then let herself out quietly, smiling to herself because of the implications of what she'd just seen. She walked through Old Town and found Teri Ciccone. Carly walked up to Teri and started a conversation with her. She asked Teri how Janet was doing, but when Teri answered in terms of how Janet was dealing with Liberty's illness, Carly corrected her, saying, "I was referring to her affair with Dusty."

Teri stared at Carly, who said, "I'm just really worried about Janet." Teri scoffed, but Carly said she was also worried about Jack, and about the trickle-down effect an affair could have on their kids. Teri told Carly that Carly needed to stop saying things like that and drop the subject. As Teri turned to walk away, Carly grabbed her elbow and told her that things didn't stay secret in a very small town like Oakdale. Carly said if someone was going to have an affair, they shouldn't do it in the middle of the Lakeview in broad daylight, because one friend who saw something like that would tell two more friends, and it would spread from that. Teri asked, "Who told you?" Carly smiled and said, "Why, you did, just now!"

When Dusty and Janet stopped kissing, Janet told Dusty not to make it into something it wasn't. She said that she needed to stay grounded, and that Jack helped her do that. Dusty asked, "I don't?" Janet replied, "We don't. I can't." Janet went to work cleaning tables, but Dusty stopped her. Janet told him that they couldn't keep having encounters like the one they'd just had, and then she started to leave, saying she had to pick Liberty up from the library. Dusty reached out to stop her, and asked her not to run away from him.

As Dusty stood with his arm on Janet's waist, Jack walked into Metro and saw them together. Janet walked away from Dusty, and Jack told her that he had something to tell her. He informed her about the phone call he'd received from her father and about Rocco's news that he was a match for Liberty's bone marrow. Janet was thrilled. When Jack said he thought Rocco's conscience must have gotten to him, Janet said she thought her dad's conscience had had "a little push," and she glanced at Dusty. Jack asked what he was missing, and Dusty told Jack that he had visited Rocco in the hope of getting Janet's parents to be tested as potential donors.

Jack told Janet about the invitation he had extended to Rocco to stop by the farm before Rocco went to the hospital, and Jack suggested that they return to the farm together. Janet became flustered at the thought of seeing her father again after so many years, but Jack assured her that they would handle it together. Janet told Jack that because she and Jack each had a car at Metro, she would drive herself back to the farm to change clothes and maybe cook something for her father. She said goodbye to Jack and thanked Dusty for everything, then left.

Jack asked Dusty why Dusty had gone above and beyond for Janet. Dusty replied that he had simply gotten Janet's father to be tested for Liberty's sake. Jack told Dusty, "It's a lot for a friend to do." Dusty replied, "No, it's not," but Jack said, "Do you want me to make my point clear?" Dusty shook his head and said, "No, I think I got it." Jack then told Dusty that although he was glad Janet's father was a match for Liberty, he wasn't happy with the way that information had come to light, and he told Dusty, "The next time you think you can fix a problem for my wife, how about you come to me first?" Dusty replied, "Sounds like a plan," and Jack left.

Janet returned to the farm, and soon, she heard a car pull up in the driveway. Rocco knocked on the door, and Janet let him in. They made small talk for a minute, and Janet asked how her mother was doing. Rocco said she'd had some trouble with sciatica over the winter but had shaken it off. Janet told her father that she had hoped to see her mother, too, but Rocco informed her, "This isn't that kind of visit."

When Rocco made a disparaging remark about the age of the refrigerator in the Snyder kitchen, Janet said he hadn't changed. Rocco replied that Janet had changed, but she said that was what happened after 19 years. Janet told Rocco that she was grateful that he had decided to help, and Rocco replied that he couldn't turn his back on an innocent child. Janet retorted that that was exactly what Rocco had done 19 years before. As Janet reminded her father that he had thrown his teenage daughter out of his home, Rocco told her that if she didn't stop, he would walk out the door.

Rocco told Janet not to bring things up that they couldn't change, but when Janet asked if Rocco would change things if he could, he responded by saying that he didn't like to have regrets. Janet asked if he meant it was okay that they hadn't talked in so many years and he'd never met his granddaughter, but Rocco said, "None of this was ever okay."

Carly went to WOAK and told Molly what she had witnessed, as well as about her conversation with Teri. Molly asked what Carly intended to do with the information, and Carly said she intended to tell Jack "and blow Janet Ciccone Snyder right out of the water!" Molly told Carly that she didn't think that was a good idea. When Carly asked why, Molly answered that it would be better if Carly had further proof that Janet and Dusty were having an affair. Molly also didn't think it would be good for Jack to get that kind of news from Carly, given Carly and Jack's relationship.

Carly pointed out that Janet had recently told Carly how grateful she was that Carly wasn't interfering with Jack and Janet's relationship and how lucky she felt to have Jack there to support her. Molly said she was sure that was true, because of Liberty's leukemia, but Carly said, "That's a separate issue." When Molly asked, "Is it?" Carly replied by asking whose side Molly was on. Molly said maybe the thing between Janet and Dusty wasn't serious, but Carly said it was an affair, which was "as serious as serious gets." Molly then asked if Carly wanted to be the reason that Janet and Jack's marriage ended, but Carly said Janet's affair would be the reason.

Molly asked Carly to wait a little while before telling Jack the big news about Janet. When Carly asked why, Molly said she thought she could talk to Dusty and figure out how serious the affair with Janet was, because Molly and Dusty had once been lovers. Carly agreed to wait a while, and Molly left.

Molly found Dusty at the bar in the Lakeview. Dusty was pleased to see Molly and told her that he'd enjoyed watching her on TV since her return to Oakdale. Molly flirted with Dusty and then told him that she'd been seeing Holden. Dusty smirked and asked how that was working out for her, and Molly replied, "Complicated!" When Molly asked whether Dusty was seeing anyone, he said no. Molly asked if he was "involved" with anyone, and when he asked what she meant by "involved," she said that for her, it usually meant trouble. Dusty responded that his trouble days were over. Molly stopped Dusty before he left and told him that life was too short to be alone for long, and she could tell Dusty was lonely.

Jack arrived at the farm, and he shook hands with Rocco and told Rocco how nice it was to meet him. Janet suggested that they leave to meet Dr. Hearn at the hospital, and Jack said he would be ready as soon as he had a chance to wash up. As Jack went upstairs, Rocco commented about how polite Jack was, and how tall he was. Janet agreed, and Rocco said, "So was the other guy." Janet asked who Rocco meant, and he said the man who had gone to see him to let him know about Liberty's illness. Janet said, "That was Dusty." Rocco said Dusty had been less polite than Jack, and he asked Janet what her relationship was with Dusty.

Before Janet could respond, Teri arrived, and Janet rushed out to the porch to intercept Teri before Teri could enter the house. Teri said she had to tell Janet something that had happened earlier, but Janet told Teri it could wait, and she led Teri into the kitchen. Teri was shocked to see their father there. Rocco hugged Teri and told her that he'd been a match for Liberty on the blood test. Jack walked back into the kitchen and suggested they leave for the hospital. On their way out the door, Janet asked what Teri had wanted to tell her, but Teri said it could wait.

Liberty went to Carly's house to find Parker. Parker was surprised that Liberty was out on her own, and Liberty admitted that she'd had to spend 15 minutes convincing her mother to let her venture out alone. Liberty said she had told Janet that she was going to the library. Liberty told Parker that after all of that effort, she wanted to take Parker out for a latte. Parker asked if Liberty was pushing herself, and Liberty admitted that she was but told Parker that she had to push herself while she still could. Parker tried to assure Liberty that she was going to be fine, but Liberty told Parker she needed someone she could be honest with about her feelings about her leukemia, and she hoped Parker would be that person.

Parker agreed to take Liberty to Java for a latte. When they found themselves talking about Liberty's disease, Liberty asked Parker if they could talk about anything but that. She said she needed Parker to be "normal" for her. Parker changed the subject and began showing Liberty photos on his laptop. The photos were from a school dance, and Liberty found some of them very amusing. Parker noticed that Liberty looked tired, so he suggested that they leave. As Liberty stood up, she felt dizzy and had to sit back down again. Parker let Liberty lean against him, and he realized she felt very feverish. Liberty said she felt sweaty and cold at the same time, so Parker told her that he could call Janet for her. Liberty didn't want Parker to do that, but Parker wasn't comfortable doing nothing, so he told Liberty he would drive her to the hospital.

When Jack, Janet, Teri, and Rocco arrived at the hospital, they waited in the hallway for the nurse to get Dr. Hearn. Janet glanced in the door of a patient room and saw Parker and Liberty. She rushed into the room and asked why Liberty was in the hospital. Parker explained what had happened and told Janet that Dr. Hearn had said that because chicken pox was going around, it would be best to admit Liberty, as a precaution. Liberty noticed Rocco and asked who he was. Janet introduced her father to Liberty and told Liberty about the bone marrow test results.

Liberty was angry and asked why Rocco had waited until she was potentially dying before he decided it was time to meet her. She asked him if he'd waited until it wouldn't be too much of a commitment for him. Although Janet tried to stop Liberty, Liberty continued angrily asking her grandfather if he'd known how hard it had been for Janet to look after Liberty and put food on the table. Teri said, "He's here now, and he wants to help," but Liberty responded, "The hell with that! I don't want your bone marrow!" Liberty asked Parker to make everyone leave, and they did.

In the hallway, Janet apologized to Rocco, and Jack told Rocco that they still needed him. Dr. Hearn walked up and assured Janet that Liberty would be okay. Janet introduced Rocco to Dr. Hearn and told Dr. Hearn that her father was the bone marrow match. Dr. Hearn told Janet that he was afraid Rocco couldn't be the donor, because Rocco had had three angioplasties to combat heart disease and therefore didn't qualify as a donor. However, Dr. Hearn said they still weren't sure Liberty would even need a bone marrow donor, and he told them to "keep the faith."

Rocco told Janet he was sorry it hadn't worked out, and Janet thanked him for trying. Rocco said he should head back home. Jack walked a few steps with Rocco, shook his hand, and thanked Rocco for making the trip to Oakdale. When Jack didn't release Rocco's hand, Rocco asked if there was something else Jack wanted to say. Jack replied, "You abandoned your daughter once when she needed you. Don't do it again." Jack let go of Rocco's hand, and Rocco walked away.

Teri suggested that Jack and Janet return to the farm to pack some of Liberty's things for Liberty's stay in the hospital, and she said she would tell Liberty the bad news about Rocco's disqualification as a donor. Jack and Janet left, and Teri went into Liberty's room and let her know what had happened. Teri told Liberty she would be back to see the girl later, and Teri left. Liberty asked Parker, "What if I don't have a chance? What if I die?" but Parker told Liberty he wouldn't let that happen.

Back at the farm, Janet asked Jack if he thought they should do everything they could to try to save Liberty. Jack said that of course he did. Janet said that on the drive home from the hospital, it had occurred to her that she and Jack could have a baby, who would be a very close relative for Liberty because Liberty would be both the baby's half-sister and the baby's first cousin. Jack was flabbergasted that Janet would consider trying to "manufacture a match" for Liberty. Janet said it wouldn't be just that, it would be a baby. Because they were married, Janet said that she and Jack could have a baby to help complete the bond between them. Jack remained shocked, but Janet pleaded with him to consider the idea; she said she couldn't let her little girl die. Jack promised to think about it.

Janet left the room, and Jack spotted Carly on the porch. He walked out, and Carly told him she needed to talk to him. Jack told her that he was in the middle of something, but Carly said that he needed to listen to her, because there was something he needed to know about his wife.


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