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All My Children Recaps: The week of September 27, 2010 on AMC
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Monday, September 27, 2010

At the Martin residence, Jake and Amanda dropped Trevor off with Opal, so that they could go to dinner with Annie and Scott. Jake wasn't thrilled at the idea of having dinner with Annie and Scott, but Amanda patiently explained that Annie kept inviting them out, so Amanda felt obligated to accept. Amanda also confessed that she felt sorry for Annie. Opal advised Amanda to be careful around Annie and to keep Jake clear of Annie.

At the Yacht Club, Annie arranged for a bottle of champagne to be sent to her table. Annie's good mood soured when she saw JR enter the restaurant. JR caught a glimpse of Annie as he wrapped up a business call. He was careful to avoid eye contact as he approached the bar. Annie decided to have a word with JR, so she marched up to him. When she reached out to grab his arm, her glass of champagne splattered onto her dress.

Annie complained that he had ruined her dress, but JR reminded her that she had started it. Annie's mouth snapped shut, but she continued to glare at him. She quickly dabbed at the dress, in an effort to dry the stain. JR looked on with a smug expression as he wondered if he made her nervous. Annie vehemently denied it and then informed him that she had a wonderful evening planned with her husband. She bragged that married life couldn't be better. "If you say so," JR told her as he strolled away.

Jake and Amanda arrived at the Yacht Club, but before they joined Annie and Scott, Amanda asked Jake to behave. He promised to try his best. Amanda explained that Annie was trying to get her life together and that Scott was a really nice person, so Amanda wanted to give Annie a chance. Moments later, Jake and Amanda walked up to Annie and Scott's table. Annie greeted the Martins warmly and then invited them to sit.

The conversation didn't flow smoothly. The tension was thick as Annie tried desperately to find a connection with Amanda and Jake. Amanda tried to do her part, but Jake and Scott made little effort to help the ladies. As the evening dragged on, Jake suggested that they order some wine. Annie confessed that she missed having real friends, like Jake and Amanda. Jake smiled uncomfortably and then suggested that they check in with Opal to see how Trevor was doing. Amanda revealed that she had received a text message from Opal to let her know that Trevor was fine.

Amanda was curious if Annie and Scott had any baby plans. Annie stammered that she and Scott had not discussed it, but she assured Amanda that they planned to talk about extending their family soon. Later, Amanda found Annie in the bathroom. Annie quickly tried to wipe away her tears before she turned to face Amanda. Annie explained that she had something in her eye, so Amanda handed her a tissue. Annie dabbed at her eyes as she admitted that she was curious how Amanda and Jake managed to be so happy; Annie confessed that they looked like they belonged together.

Amanda assured Annie that it hadn't always been easy. Amanda admitted that it had taken work for her and Jake to get where they were. Amanda was certain that Annie and Scott would figure things out. Annie confessed that she was happy with Scott, but JR was a thorn in their side. Amanda recalled how intense JR could be, so she knew that JR would do anything to get what he wanted. "Tell me about it," Annie complained. Amanda was curious if JR was causing trouble for Annie and Scott's marriage. Annie confessed that she was trying not to let him, but JR was always there, so it was difficult to keep him from upsetting Scott.

Amanda assured Annie that if Annie truly loved Scott, and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, then that was all that Annie and Scott needed to make their marriage work. Annie pointed out that she had four marriages under her belt, but she insisted that Scott had been her only real husband. At the table, Jake recalled how close Scott and Palmer had been before Palmer's passing. Jake had been Palmer's doctor, so Jake knew that Palmer had been a serious power player until the end. Scott agreed. Jake found it weird that Palmer's company had garnered so much attention lately and that Palmer's nephew had suddenly appeared in Pine Valley.

Scott was curious what Jake thought of Caleb. Jake admitted, "Not much." Jake knew that Caleb had spent some time living in the mountains, but little else. Scott let Jake know that Caleb had recently invested in Chandler Enterprises. Jake chuckled as he compared it to dogs mating with cats. Jake wondered what JR's reaction had been. When Annie and Amanda returned to the table, Annie scolded the men for talking about JR when they were supposed to have been enjoying themselves. Jake smiled as he offered to get the check.

Opal was surprised to see that Jake and Amanda had returned from dinner early. Jake admitted that the dinner had seemed to last forever. Opal offered to keep watching Trevor, who was asleep, if Jake and Amanda wanted to go out. Jake admitted that he didn't want to have to endure another evening with Annie and Scott. Amanda felt bad for Annie. Amanda didn't think that Annie was dangerous, just insecure. Amanda insisted that Annie had a lot invested in her marriage to Scott, but Opal only gave the marriage three months.

At the Chandler mansion, Annie decided to take the dress that JR had stained to the dry cleaners. Scott wondered why she hadn't mentioned it to him before. Annie admitted that she had hoped that no one had seen the stain. Scott clarified that he was talking about JR, not the stain. Annie explained that JR hadn't been worth mentioning. Annie assured Scott that Scott was the man that she wanted to spend her life with, but Scott continued to have doubts about JR. Annie reminded Scott that she had promised him on their wedding day that she would always stand by Scott's side, love him, support him, and build an amazing life with him. Annie wanted Scott to focus on that.

At Wildwind, Miranda led Asher to the living room as she told him about something that she wanted to show him on her computer. Asher promised to check it out after he had taken a look at one of the other computers. After Miranda dashed off to her room, Caleb insisted that children should play outside. Asher sniped, "'Cause you know all about kids." Caleb studied Asher for a long moment, but didn't respond. Caleb sat down as Marissa began to talk about the divorce and custody battle ahead of her.

Caleb could give her legal advice, but family issues were not his specialty. Asher smirked when he heard Caleb's comment. Moments later, Marissa walked up to Asher to talk to him about Caleb's attack. She was stunned that someone had tried to rob Caleb. Marissa feared what might have happened if Asher hadn't been there. She quickly apologized when she realized that she had made Asher uncomfortable. Marissa quickly blamed her fragile emotional state on losing her father.

Asher explained that Miranda was waiting for him. Marissa confided that Miranda spoke so highly of Asher that AJ had expressed an interest in taking computer lessons. Asher admitted that he liked Miranda, but teaching children wasn't really his thing. Marissa was surprised because he was so good with kids; she was curious if Asher had any siblings. "No," Asher quickly revealed. However, Asher admitted that he had always wanted a brother.

Caleb walked up to hand Marissa a document. Asher was curious if Caleb had seen a doctor for the head injury. Caleb grumbled that he didn't like doctors; however, he insisted that he was fine. Marissa waited expectantly for Caleb to thank Asher, but when Caleb failed to acknowledge Asher's help, Marissa spoke up. Caleb reluctantly thanked Asher and then walked away. Asher seemed annoyed as he announced that he had forgotten a tool at work, so he would have to fetch it.

Asher went to the Chandler mansion to demand that JR go after Caleb with more force. JR made it clear that violence wasn't an option. Asher advised JR to find Caleb's weak spot; he suggested that it might be Bianca and the girls. JR clarified that Bianca and the children were not to be touched. JR expected Asher to follow his instructions to the letter. "Sure thing, boss," Asher grudgingly promised JR. "Boss?" Marissa demanded from the doorway.

Asher slipped out of the room while JR dealt with Marissa. Marissa was furious when she realized that Asher had been working for JR. She immediately jumped to the conclusion that JR had paid Asher to attack Caleb, but JR quickly denied it. Marissa didn't believe JR. She informed JR that AJ had seen Caleb moments after the attack.

JR was genuinely concerned as he asked if AJ were okay. Marissa insisted that AJ had been a wreck over what had amounted to a business war. She reminded JR that she had seen JR get ruthless with Adam and Scott in business, so she was curious what would happen if AJ crossed JR's path. JR argued that he would never hurt his son, but Marissa countered, "You already have."

According to Marissa, AJ had run away and gotten into a fight at school because of JR. Marissa accused JR of only thinking of himself, so she was done with him. She made it clear that she intended to file for divorce and custody of AJ. JR wondered what had happened to Marissa's determination to be civil about their divorce and custody. Marissa insisted that she had tried, but it clearly hadn't worked.

Marissa claimed that her whole world had fallen apart when their marriage had failed and her father had died, but she had never neglected AJ. However, JR hadn't even been aware that AJ had slipped out of the house because JR had been too busy with Annie. JR suggested that Marissa had to be out of her mind if she thought that he didn't care about his son. Marissa argued that she would give AJ the stable home that JR could never provide.

JR refused to let her take custody of AJ because she wasn't AJ's biological mother. "Don't even try to play that card with, me JR," Marissa warned him. Marissa clarified that the court only cared about which parent could give a child the best home and that was her. JR threatened to blow her out of the water if she proceeded with her plans. "Go for it," Marissa dared JR.

JR let her know that he would air all of her dirty laundry if he had to. He wouldn't hesitate to let the judge know about her questionable job in a massage parlor, the tainted DNA that she had inherited, and her one-night stand with Scott. JR was curious if AJ had been in the house at the time. Marissa accused JR of being disgusting. JR reminded her that he fought to win. Marissa assured him that she was fully aware of his tactics, so she knew what to do.

Later, JR's private investigator dropped off a file on Asher. The private investigator assured JR that the information had been quite easy to obtain and was accurate. JR opened the file. JR was surprised at what he read; he realized that it had the potential to be either good or really bad. At Krystal's restaurant, Marissa left a message for Caleb to call her. Marissa explained that it was urgent.

At Wildwind, Bianca expressed concern about Caleb's head injury, but he assured her that he was fine. He appreciated her caring about him. Miranda was excited as she entered the living room. Miranda had received a tweet from Erica. Caleb pretended to be completely disinterested in the tweet despite Miranda's attempts to tell him what the tweet had revealed. Eventually, Miranda blurted out that Erica would be home soon.

After Miranda left, Caleb groused that he couldn't understand why anyone would be interested in what Erica had to say online. Bianca explained that lots of people followed Erica's tweets and that they were particularly interested in Erica's wedding plans. Bianca insisted that Erica was deliriously happy. Caleb was glad to hear it. Bianca was surprised by his sincerity. Caleb pointed out that he clearly wasn't the ogre that Erica had made him out to be.

Bianca confided that Erica was happy that he had taken Bianca and the girls in. As for the ogre thing, Bianca suggested that he take a look in the mirror. According to Bianca, he didn't resemble the man that Erica had first met. After Bianca left the room, Caleb recalled rescuing Erica from the plane crash and several other memorable moments during their time on the mountain. Later, Asher returned. Caleb wondered if Asher had found the tool that he had needed. When Caleb turned his back on Asher, Asher picked up a wrench and then answered, "Yeah, got it right here."

At Fusion, Kendall was nervous about meeting Zach. Bianca reminded her sister that everything was out in the open, so there was nothing for Kendall to be afraid of. Kendall hoped that Zach could forgive her and that he was ready to put everything behind them, so that they could move forward. Later, at the park, Kendall called Zach to leave him a message to let him know that she was waiting for him. Shortly afterwards, Kendall was surprised to see her sister walking toward her.

Bianca explained that Zach had called to let Bianca know that he wasn't ready to talk to Kendall. Zach suspected that Kendall had been reluctant to tell him about the arrest because she didn't trust him enough. Kendall was disappointed; she realized that a lack of trust had always been a problem with them. Kendall worried that Zach couldn't forgive her. Bianca suggested that Zach just needed some time.

Kendall blamed herself because she hadn't left Pine Valley after she had learned that Ryan would make a full recovery. Bianca didn't think that Kendall should be so hard on herself. She reminded Kendall that Ryan was Spike's father, so it had been important to her to see Ryan. Bianca assured Kendall that Zach had promised to call her when he had time to calm down.

Elsewhere in the park, Jesse revealed to Ryan and Greenlee that the evidence pointed to Greenlee as being responsible for the forged "suicide" letters. Greenlee denied it, but Jesse explained that the bellman had seen Greenlee enter the room before Jesse had arrived. Greenlee claimed that she had gone there to pick some things up, but Jesse reminded her that she had pointed him straight to the letters. Greenlee insisted that she hadn't killed David, but Jesse argued that the evidence suggested otherwise. Ryan insisted that Greenlee was still in shock over losing her husband, so Jesse should leave her alone. Jesse explained that he needed some answers.

Jesse demanded to know how Greenlee had ended up with the vial of digitalis. Greenlee remembered pulling it out of Ryan's jacket, but she told Jesse that she had found it on the hotel room floor. Greenlee hadn't thought it had been a big deal because she assumed it had belonged to David. Jesse reminded Greenlee that the police had checked the room thoroughly without spotting the vial and that David had stopped practicing medicine after his license had been revoked. Jesse wondered what they would find if they tested the vial. Greenlee decided to call her attorney.

Ryan, Greenlee, and Jesse arrived at the police station a short time later. Jesse tried to send Ryan away, but Ryan insisted on speaking privately with Greenlee for a few minutes. In the interrogation room, Ryan wanted to know if Greenlee had killed David. He promised her that it would be their secret, but he needed to know, so that he could help her. Greenlee assured Ryan that she hadn't murdered her husband. She claimed that she had really found the digitalis on the hotel room floor, so she was certain that the attorney could straighten everything out.

Ryan was surprised that Greenlee hadn't called Jackson, but Greenlee explained that she hadn't wanted to bother her father while he was on vacation. Ryan was worried that Liza would do everything in her power to pin the murder on Greenlee. Greenlee wasn't concerned because she was innocent. Kendall arrived a short time later. Ryan decided to check to see why Greenlee's lawyer hadn't arrived, so he left Kendall and Greenlee alone. Kendall demanded to know why Greenlee hadn't told Jesse the truth about the vial of digitalis.

Greenlee decided that it was her turn to protect Ryan. Kendall warned Greenlee that Greenlee could end up in prison. Greenlee insisted that she was innocent, so she was confident that her attorney would be able to keep her out of jail. Kendall reminded Greenlee that the only reason that Kendall wasn't in jail for Stuart's murder was because Adam had remembered the shooting. Greenlee pleaded with Kendall to keep quiet about the vial of digitalis, so Kendall promised not to implicate Ryan.

Greenlee admitted that she had overheard Ryan's hypnotherapy session with Dr. Frankel, during which Ryan had confessed to loving Greenlee. Kendall wondered why Greenlee hadn't said anything to Ryan. Greenlee claimed that it was because of Madison. Greenlee sensed that Kendall was holding something back, so she pushed Kendall for answers. Kendall reluctantly admitted that Ryan had told her that it didn't matter what he felt for Greenlee because they could never go back to what they had.

According to Kendall, Ryan had acknowledged that Greenlee had been right when she had said that their time had passed. Greenlee was disappointed, but Kendall thought that Greenlee had more important things to worry about. Greenlee agreed that none of it mattered until she had dealt with the possible murder charges.

In the squad room, Ryan spoke on the phone with Greenlee's attorney. He promised that Greenlee wouldn't give a statement until her attorney was present. After Ryan ended the call, Jesse apologized. Ryan argued that Jesse could use the letters to rule David's death a suicide, but Jesse insisted that the evidence wouldn't allow him to do that. Jesse revealed that the test results on the vial confirmed that it had been the same poison that had killed David.

Ryan insisted that it didn't mean that Greenlee had given David the digitalis. Jesse showed Ryan a picture from surveillance footage of the party. The picture showed Greenlee handing David the chipped glass of champagne that had contained the poison.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

JR was impressed with the investigator's report on Asher. He called Asher and demanded to know where Asher was. Colby overheard and asked if Asher had done something wrong. JR asked how well Colby knew Asher.

Colby joked that perhaps Asher was a member of a rich family and that JR wished that she would dump Damon for Asher. Colby contended that Asher wasn't after their money. She claimed that she could spot a leech -- like Annie -- a mile away. JR wondered how Asher had happened to be on the same roof as Colby when she had almost fallen. She admitted that it had been a strange coincidence. Colby remembered her initial contact with Asher in the park, when he had been looking for a girl's lost dog.

Colby commented that JR was giving her "the dad look." JR stated that he wasn't like their father. Colby said that sometimes she wished he was, because it was nice having someone in charge. JR assured her that she could ask him if she ever needed anything. He remarked that he was running the house and the family his own way. Colby insisted that Adam still loved him. JR again pushed Colby to tell him all she knew about Asher. She became concerned, but JR told her that there was nothing to worry about. JR asked about Asher's whereabouts, and she thought that he was at Wildwind. JR rushed out as Colby called after him.

After Marissa left a message for Caleb to warn him about Asher, she answered the phone to Krystal, who asked if she had heard about Greenlee. Marissa said no and queried about what was going on. Krystal asked her to sit down.

At Wildwind, Caleb gazed at the damaged phone cord and asked if the kids had been playing downstairs, but Asher stonily said that they were alone. Caleb inquired how the phone had gotten pulled out of the wall. Asher admitted that he had done it. A guarded look washed over Caleb's face when he saw that Asher was holding a wrench. Asher lied that he had tripped over the phone cord. Caleb told him to be more careful. Caleb started to leave, but Asher demanded that they talk.

Asher declared that he had something to say, and Caleb told him to spit it out. JR sauntered in without knocking. Caleb ordered them both to leave. JR stated that whatever Caleb and Asher had been talking about could wait. JR claimed that he wanted to buy Caleb out of Chandler Enterprises and was prepared to make him a generous offer. Caleb sarcastically said that he would go pack his bags. JR barked that he didn't want any witnesses to their negotiation, and Asher left. Caleb asked what was going on in JR's conniving mind. JR challenged him to figure it out. Caleb threatened that the next time JR showed up, he'd be looking down the barrel of a shotgun. JR sneered and stalked out.

Madison sorted through travel brochures at Fusion. She left a voicemail message for Frankie, as she wanted to talk to him about some ideas regarding her trip with Ryan. Randi overheard and commented that Frankie wasn't the best person to ask about European vacations, as he had spent his time there changing planes en route to Iraq. Madison claimed that she just wanted a male perspective. Randi pointed out that she had just returned from Italy and was surprised Madison hadn't asked for her opinion. "I would be happy to tell you where I think you should go," Randi offered dryly.

Later at Ryan's penthouse, Madison thanked Randi for helping her to select champagne. The women discussed Madison's upcoming vacation with Ryan. Randi raved about how romantic Venice was and named off other cities she had visited while modeling. Madison felt overwhelmed with possibilities, but Randi assured her that Madison would end up choosing what was right for her and Ryan. Madison looked forward to her first trip alone with Ryan, free of interruptions from Greenlee, who Madison called "the gift who keeps on taking." Randi pointedly remarked that no woman liked it when her man was distracted by something else.

Madison realized that Randi had changed the subject to Madison and Frankie. Madison insisted that she and Frankie were just friends. Randi questioned whether their friendship was the same kind that Ryan and Greenlee shared. Madison pointed out that Greenlee and Ryan had a huge romantic history, whereas Madison and Frankie didn't. Randi asked if Madison had many male pals. Madison recalled that all of her relationships with men had been about fear and violence until she had met Frankie. Frankie was the first man who had offered to help her. Randi said that she, too, had experienced a bad history with men. Frankie had saved her, and Randi had ended up falling in love with him.

Madison understood that Frankie was a hero to both herself and Randi, but Frankie had fallen in love with Randi the first time he had met her. Madison insisted that there had never been sparks between Frankie and Madison. Madison asked if Frankie had told Randi about Jenny and Jesse's friendship. Randi wasn't sure what Madison meant. Madison explained that Jenny and Jesse had shared true friendship and had done everything together except fall in love. Madison hoped her friendship with Frankie could be similar.

Randi said that she wasn't used to having friends. Madison extended her friendship to Randi. Randi inquired whether Madison was serious about Ryan. Madison thought so, which was why their trip was so important to her. Randi wanted Madison to get everything Madison wanted, as long as it wasn't Frankie. Madison hoped Randi was kidding. Randi was skeptical that men and women could be just friends. Randi vowed that she'd fight for Frankie and asked if Madison would do the same for Ryan.

At the police station, Jesse told Ryan that he knew that Ryan's first instinct was to help Greenlee. Ryan explained that a grief-stricken Greenlee hadn't been thinking clearly after she had lost her husband. Jesse pointed out that she had thought clearly enough to write the letters without leaving fingerprints. Jesse couldn't overlook the rest of the evidence that implicated Greenlee. Ryan thought that anyone at the party could have murdered David. Jesse and Ryan agreed that things looked bad.

Ryan pointed out that there were many suspects and that Jesse had once been positive that Ryan had murdered David. Ryan maintained that it was still possible that David had committed suicide, but Jesse was doubtful. Jesse declared that Greenlee had obstructed justice by writing the letters. Ryan commented that the letters had provided David's loved ones with peace.

In the interrogation room, Kendall had a bad feeling about all the secrets and lies. She begged Greenlee to tell Ryan that Greenlee had found the vial of digitalis in his pocket, but Greenlee refused, as she was sure that Ryan would turn himself in. She demanded that Kendall keep the information to herself. Kendall accused her of keeping mum because Ryan had declared that he loved Greenlee while under hypnosis. Kendall realized that Greenlee was still in love with Ryan and that she wanted him back.

Marissa stormed in and asked where Greenlee was. She spotted Greenlee in the interrogation room and confronted her. Greenlee started to apologize, but Kendall silenced her. Marissa called the words in David's letter a lie. Greenlee insisted that David had loved Marissa. Marissa accused her of never having cared about her or David. Kendall defended Greenlee, but Marissa demanded to know why Greenlee would play such a sick joke.

Jesse dragged Marissa out of the interrogation room. Marissa blamed herself for believing that the letter was real. Kendall followed and asked Marissa if the words in the letter were what she had wanted to hear. Marissa was upset that Greenlee had made everyone think that David had killed himself and that Greenlee's actions could have allowed someone to get away with murder.

Ryan spoke with Greenlee, who regretfully said that she hadn't meant to hurt anyone. He wanted to call Jack, but she begged him not to. She was confident that she wouldn't be convicted because she was innocent. She said that she was sorry about everything. He told her not to be sorry, just careful. Greenlee realized that Ryan was really worried about her. She assured him that she would be fine. As she gave him a knowing look, she swore that she never gave up ... on anything.

Ryan advised Greenlee to hold off on giving a statement until her lawyer arrived. Greenlee asked if Ryan had found out anything from Jesse, but Ryan thought that she should be taking her predicament more seriously. She wished that Ryan believed her, but he didn't believe that she had discovered the vial of digitalis on her Yacht Club room floor. He sensed that there was something she wasn't telling him.

Ryan's phone rang, and he looked at it but didn't answer. Greenlee correctly guessed that Madison had called. Greenlee didn't want to interfere in Ryan's life and expressed concern that there would be a limit to Madison's patience and understanding. She insisted again that she'd be fine and asked him to leave. He hesitantly did, and once alone, she commented to herself that she had unlimited patience.

Kendall handed Greenlee some coffee and updated her with the news that her lawyer had been delayed in court. Greenlee admitted that she had told Ryan to go home. Greenlee didn't believe that he had meant it when he had told Kendall that he and Greenlee would never be together again. Kendall laughed in disbelief that Greenlee's life was on the line but all Greenlee could think about was Ryan.

Kendall implored Greenlee to face reality. Greenlee wished to focus on anything other than David's death and her role in it. Kendall sarcastically said that she could use a distraction as well. Greenlee asked what was wrong. Kendall was irritated that Greenlee hadn't realized that Kendall's efforts to help Greenlee had caused Kendall's estrangement from Zach. Kendall tried to brainstorm about a way that would keep Greenlee from going to prison and Kendall from being alone.

Greenlee apologized to Kendall for being inconsiderate. She swore that she would help Kendall to fix things with Zach. Kendall didn't think that it would be easy. Greenlee offered to take the blame for twisting Kendall's arm to stay in Pine Valley. Greenlee insisted that she had everything under control. Jesse entered and said that Greenlee needed to be processed. Kendall asked if she could accompany Greenlee to her cell, and Jesse incredulously said no. Kendall left, and Greenlee declared that she was ready.

Ryan arrived home, and Madison informed him that Randi had just left. Ryan said that he had told Greenlee about their trip, but Madison was surprised that Greenlee hadn't already known about it. He had wanted to be clear with Greenlee about where things stood between him and Madison. Ryan informed Madison that Greenlee had been arrested for forging the letters. Madison fretted that the drama still wasn't over. Ryan said that Kendall was looking out for Greenlee, and that it was Greenlee's fight, not his. He embraced Madison, but she still looked worried.

Ryan thanked Madison for surprising him with flowers and champagne. He proposed that they toast to their vacation. He started to get glasses, but Madison hesitated. She declared that they couldn't go on their trip. She knew Ryan would be thinking about Greenlee and understood that was simply part of his nature. Madison wanted his full attention when they finally vacationed together. He agreed, and they kissed.

Marissa arrived at Wildwind and worried to Krystal that she hadn't been able to reach Caleb. Krystal tried to calm her daughter by stating that Caleb had faced bigger threats than JR and Asher. Krystal diverted the topic to what Greenlee had been thinking when she had forged David's letters. Marissa wondered how people like JR and Greenlee could repeatedly get away with doing bad things.

Marissa was glad that Caleb had recommended a shark as her divorce attorney. Marissa mentioned that JR didn't consider her to be AJ's real mother. Krystal assured her that AJ saw her as much more than a signature on his adoption papers. Marissa pondered whether she was being selfish by suing for full custody. Krystal urged Marissa to fight for her son.

Marissa couldn't believe how much she had loved JR before. Krystal commented that she knew first-hand about the Chandler charm. Marissa thought David would have advised her to fight dirty and to beat JR at his own game. Marissa lamented that doing the right thing didn't count anymore. Krystal said that it always counted.

Krystal told Marissa that David was gone and that JR couldn't hurt her, so Marissa should focus on the future and take care of herself and AJ. Marissa thanked Krystal for her words of wisdom. Krystal wished she had taken her own advice, as it would have saved her a lot of trouble. Marissa said that Krystal could leave, because she felt better and could wait for Caleb alone. Krystal declared that she had confidence in her daughter and that she would always have Marissa's back.

After Caleb arrived home, Marissa informed him that JR and Asher had been behind Caleb's attack. Caleb wasn't surprised, as Asher had been acting odd earlier. Marissa apologized for JR's actions. Caleb insisted that JR couldn't hurt him because JR was desperate.

Caleb suspected that Asher was up to something but wasn't sure what. Marissa remembered how a distressed AJ had found an unconscious Caleb, and she was furious that JR was responsible for the assault. Marissa wondered whether JR had sent Asher back to Wildwind to scare Caleb. Caleb said that JR and Asher had made a big mistake.

At the Chandler mansion, JR informed Asher that his cover was blown. JR taunted that he knew who Asher really was. JR said that Asher might be able to screw with Caleb, but not JR. Asher glared at him and began to leave. JR revealed that Asher's last name wasn't Pike -- it was Cooney, and Asher was Caleb's son.

Asher scoffed at the idea that Caleb was his father. JR said that there was no reason to lie and promised not to tell Caleb. Asher suggested that perhaps Asher was working for Caleb. JR pointed out that it had been Asher's idea to bash Caleb over the head. JR asked Asher to fill him in on the details and offered his help, as JR thought Caleb might press charges. Asher claimed that he wasn't scared of Caleb or JR. JR called him clueless.

Asher dared JR to fire him and spat that he didn't owe JR anything. JR determined that Caleb had abandoned Asher. JR said he wasn't Asher's enemy, but Asher claimed that JR wasn't his friend and demanded to know what JR wanted. JR appealed to Asher to use his twisted brain and attitude to get what they both desired -- Caleb on the ground, begging for mercy.

JR explained how he and Asher were related and swore that family meant everything. Asher noted that Caleb was family, too. JR said that it made things more personal when family was on the other side of a battle. JR welcomed Asher to their dysfunctional but functioning clan. Asher proclaimed that he didn't consider Caleb to be his father. Asher admitted that he had never seen Caleb before Asher had arrived in Pine Valley.

JR asked why Asher was in town. Asher gave him a letter from Palmer, who had urged Asher to look for his father. JR thought it must be rough on Asher, knowing that Caleb had never searched for him. Asher asked if JR still wanted Asher to work for him. JR said that as family, Asher would be working with him, not for him. Asher agreed, as long as JR didn't ask any more questions about his past. They shook hands.

JR realized that earlier at Wildwind, Asher had been about to tell Caleb that he was his son. JR thought that was a bad idea, and Asher wondered why. JR believed that Asher held a big card and that it was too soon to show his hand. Asher inquired whether JR's plan was to wait so they could really hurt Caleb with the information. JR implied that was his intention. "Then I'm in," Asher said as he smirked.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Natalia found Jesse in the interrogation room. He was fixated on a whiteboard, which displayed a timeline of David's death. Jesse murmured that something still wasn't right about the investigation. Tad escorted Angie in, and Brot entered to pull up the blinds. In the window, another officer held up a sign that congratulated the Hubbards on their new baby.

Jesse's officers gathered around him and his wife in the main headquarters, and Brot presented the couple with an on-call sheet. Brot explained that the officers had volunteered to drive Angie wherever she needed to go when they were off-duty. Brot additionally offered the couple cleaning and babysitting services. Jesse and Angie were deeply appreciative of the help, but Jesse joked that it didn't mean that he'd ease up on any of them.

Natalia grew emotional, and Brot discreetly pulled her into the interrogation room. Jesse left to take a call from the mayor, and Tad asked Angie how she was holding up. Though the outpouring of generosity from the officers impressed her, she was sad that she couldn't see their faces. Jesse returned, and he, Angie, and Tad left for the Yacht Club.

Once at the restaurant, Angie admonished Tad and Jesse for hovering over her. As she showed off what she'd learned in her blindness classes, she spilled water on the table. The server tried to hand her a menu, and she informed him of her blindness. The server spoke loudly and slowly, but slinked off when Tad stated that she was blind, not deaf. Tad lightened the mood by reading the menu aloud in a terrible French accent.

Back in the interrogation room, Natalia was grateful for everyone's willingness to help her family; she just wished that Jesse and Angie weren't in that predicament. Brot noted that the couple seemed happy, and Natalia decided to stay positive. Brot called her concern sweet, but she joked that she was never sweet. She thanked him for taking her away before everyone saw her crying, but he replied that caring for her family wasn't shameful.

Natalia stated that Angie had said that Brot and Natalia were good together. The grinning Brot was amazed when Natalia asked him out to dinner. He called it a date, but she preferred not to call it that because she was his superior. "How about it?" she asked. To her shock, his smile faded, and he declined the offer.

Brot claimed that he'd declined because he wanted to be the one to ask Natalia out, not the other way around. When he asked her to dinner, she responded, "Absolutely not!" Natalia called Brot a male chauvinist, and they quibbled about whether it mattered who asked whom out. Brot admitted that he'd wanted to accept her offer, and she said she'd wanted to accept his, too. They each bashfully agreed to accompany the other to dinner.

At Krystal's restaurant, Colby saw that Damon had conked out while studying at a table. Krystal let Damon out of his shift, and he left with Colby. Caleb entered, still bitter about Asher's involvement with JR. Krystal asked if Caleb would press charges against Asher for the assault, but Caleb didn't want to bother, since Asher and JR were already on a sinking ship.

In the mansion parlor, Asher wondered why JR wasn't upset that Asher had hidden Asher's paternity. JR figured that their fathers had made their lives miserable. JR had dealt with his father, and he reasoned that he could help Asher do the same. Though JR hadn't yet figured out what Asher's gripe against Caleb was, JR and Asher still had a job to finish.

JR and Asher weren't sure if they could trust each other. JR liked that Asher had the guts to bash Caleb over the head with a laptop; however, JR ordered Asher not to do such a thing again. Asher figured that JR would have liked seeing Caleb go down. "And you liked it too much," JR replied. JR stated that he wasn't interested in what Caleb had done to hurt his son. Asher bitterly said that Caleb couldn't hurt him, because Caleb didn't matter to him.

JR wondered how Asher envisioned everything playing out. Asher claimed that he didn't have a plan, but JR guessed that Asher wanted Caleb to see the error of his ways, throw his arms around his son, and apologize. "Not quite," Asher quipped. JR was glad, because the day Asher stopped needing that from his father was the day he'd become his own man.

The men heard Caleb in the foyer, and Asher rushed to hide. Caleb burst through the parlor doors and accused JR of hiring Asher, a boy, to do JR's dirty work. JR claimed that Asher was just an I.T. guy, but Caleb warned that a cornered animal was very dangerous. JR said he'd remember that the next time he ran into a coyote. "You just have. And now that I'm inside Chandler, I might just take over the whole corporation," Caleb replied.

In Annie's room, Annie dreamed that JR gave her a diamond necklace and professed his love for her. She awakened to hear Scott say the same thing. Scott handed her a key and said he'd stolen time from his schedule to find the perfect house for them. Annie, however, had changed her mind about leaving the mansion. She claimed that JR would win if they moved, and it was unfair to put Emma through another change at that time. Not wishing to traumatize the child, Scott agreed to hold off on buying a new house.

Annie proposed that they throw a corporate party to celebrate Scott's successes. She reasoned that she could also show people that she was more than a trophy wife. Doubting that JR would toast to stealing the nano technology, Scott decided that they should throw a party once they had their own house. Before she could try to persuade him, he hurried off to work.

Later, Annie wore a towel as she brushed her hair. JR barged in, looking for Scott, but Annie ordered JR out because she needed to get dressed. "Don't let me stop you," he replied. She brazenly dropped her towel, and JR grinned at the sight of her nakedness. She advised him to take a good look, because it was the last time he'd see her that way.

As Annie threw on a robe, JR said he needed Scott to deal with the mess he'd created by partnering with Caleb. Annie stated that JR could see Scott at the office; however, if JR wanted to see a show, she'd send him her shower schedule. JR left, and Annie stifled a grin.

Annie dressed and went to the parlor to gloat about the cocktail party that she and Scott planned to host at the house. She was surprised when JR beamed that the house was due for a party. He said he was onboard because she obviously wanted it, and he couldn't wait to see her in a sensually accentuating gown. He also advised her to talk Scott into getting her some decent jewelry. "Diamonds," JR uttered, and her eyes lit up. He stated that he knew what she wanted; he always had, and he always would. Annie strode out, and he grinned to himself.

Upstairs with Scott later, Annie hinted that she wanted jewelry, but he decided that she didn't need it. He said he'd changed his mind about the party, because they'd yet to throw a wedding reception. Cooing in excitement, Annie pushed him onto the bed to celebrate.

In Colby's room, Damon continued to cram for the GED. Colby urged him to take a break, but he claimed that he was too far behind to let up. She noted that he'd made it a long way from his bad boy days. Damon wondered if she missed that side of him, and she admitted that she did a little. He tossed his books aside and pinned her down for a kiss.

As the couple made out on the bed, Asher persistently knocked on the door. Colby answered to find him anxious to take a drive. Asher saw Damon in the room and apologized for interrupting. Asher tried to leave, but his jitteriness caused Colby to wonder what kind of work he did for JR. "A little of this, a little of that," Asher answered. Colby hoped that didn't translate to JR's dirty work. Insisting they'd discuss it later, Asher took off.

Colby seemed perplexed by Asher, but Damon distracted her by pulling her into his arms and reminding her of how they'd felt when they'd been in New York. After the couple made love, Colby resumed her musings about the mysterious Asher. Damon kissed her and said he wanted to get her mind off Asher and back on Damon. "Asher who?" she asked, and they kissed.

The moment Asher slipped out of the house, Caleb grabbed him and threw him up against the wall. Caleb rasped that using Bianca and Miranda to get to him was inexcusable. Asher wondered why Caleb hadn't called the police, but Caleb stated that he didn't need the police. Asher guessed that Caleb wanted to pound him into the ground, and Asher goaded him to do it. "I've been waiting a long time for this," Asher admitted.

Pressing his arm against Asher's neck, Caleb demanded to know who Asher was and what he wanted. Asher seethed that he wanted nothing from Caleb, the coward. Caleb ordered Asher to stay away from Wildwind and everyone who lived there. "Do you understand me? Do you understand me?" Caleb bellowed in a crazed tone. Asher nodded, and Caleb left.

Back in the parlor, JR ended a phone call by saying to give "her" everything she wanted because she had his full support. Asher entered, fuming about his run-in with Caleb. JR advised Asher to stick with JR, and together, they'd drive Caleb back into the woods.

At Krystal's restaurant, Caleb sat at the bar, stewing about JR and Asher. Caleb told Krystal that some men just shouldn't be fathers. She claimed that Marissa was fighting for AJ for that very reason. Caleb said that Marissa should go for it. "I'll make sure she wins," he decided.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

On the phone at the Chandler mansion, Annie excitedly doubled her order of champagne and requested menu changes for her cocktail party. She hung up as Scott and Emma entered, and Annie asked what they had been doing. Emma presented Annie with a picture she had drawn. Annie called it beautiful and inquired if it was for a special occasion. Emma just wanted to tell Annie that she was the best mom in the world. As Emma hugged Annie, Scott called Annie the best wife, too.

Annie, Scott, and Emma decided to hang Emma's picture in the living room. Emma was thrilled that she had a mommy and two daddies. Annie kissed Scott and declared that she had never been happier.

At ConFusion, Marissa handed JR divorce papers. Marissa had wanted to give him the documents in person, but JR wished that she hadn't done it at all. She didn't want to fight. JR opened the envelope and became irate upon seeing that Marissa was pursuing primary custody of AJ.

JR roared that there was no way that Marissa was going to take "his" son. She promised that she wouldn't try to keep JR from seeing AJ, but she accused him of not providing a safe environment for the boy. She cited JR's involvement in the attack on Caleb. JR swore his innocence, but Marissa didn't believe him. She refused to allow AJ to be subjected to any more bloodshed. JR recalled that both Adam and David had failed to take AJ away from him and proclaimed that she would fail, too.

Marissa maintained that JR didn't scare her. JR said that he was simply stating facts and was incredulous that Marissa thought that she could take AJ away. Marissa wanted to be sure that AJ was safe. JR insisted that he was, but she was doubtful. JR accused her of not acting like herself and still having feelings for him. She insisted that JR had driven that part of her away and that she was finally wise to him. She said that she hadn't respected or admired David, but she had learned something from her father. JR asked if it was how to make enemies.

Marissa compared JR to David in that they had both allowed lies and deceit to define them. She didn't want AJ to grow up with JR as a male role model. JR warned her that she had no idea what she was up against. JR swore he would do anything to hold onto his son, and he pointedly said that everything was fair game. She realized that he meant her affair with Scott. Marissa declared that she knew what he was capable of, but she believed that he had no idea what she could accomplish. He ordered her not to take AJ anywhere. She argued that she could do what she wanted until the courts dictated otherwise and that she planned to take AJ to the park that afternoon.

Later, Scott played a board game with Emma and AJ. Marissa entered as the children argued over whose turn was next. Marissa reminded AJ that they had planned to go to the park. Scott suggested that Emma help AJ find his sneakers. After the kids exited, he asked Marissa if everything was okay. She admitted that she had served JR with divorce papers and intended to get full custody of AJ. Scott guessed that JR hadn't taken the news well.

Marissa thought that JR felt that she was trying to hurt him by taking something from him. Marissa's only concern was AJ, and she was ready to do battle with JR. Marissa worried that their divorce would hurt other people. She warned Scott that JR was bound to use her affair with Scott against her. Scott understood if she needed to use JR's affair with Annie as ammunition. He called her a good mother and assured her she was doing the right thing.

Marissa wished things were different, but Scott advised that JR would fight dirty and that she had to do what was best for AJ. He said that he and Annie were strong and would get through it. JR couldn't touch the fact that Scott, Annie, and Emma were a real family. Scott apologized for bragging about his happiness when obviously Marissa was going through a tough time. Marissa reiterated that AJ was the only one who mattered. Scott offered his encouragement and they hugged.

JR entered the Chandler living room and cursed as he threw the divorce papers across the room. Annie asked what had happened and picked up the papers. She read that Marissa was suing for custody of AJ, but JR insisted that wasn't going to happen. JR was livid that the woman who had stood by him through his cancer wanted to take away the most important thing in his life.

JR vowed that Marissa wouldn't stand a chance. Annie pointed out that Annie had lost custody of Emma temporarily, but she and Ryan had eventually worked things out. JR thought Marissa's actions were based out of hate, and he threatened to throw the animosity right back at her. He seethed as he said that Marissa couldn't begin to dream about how much hate he could deliver.

JR regretted letting Marissa adopt AJ. Annie opined that he was a good father and offered to tell that to a judge. He was surprised by her support. She swore that he wouldn't lose his son. JR found it funny that Annie knew him better than anyone else. Annie didn't think that was true. He never thought he'd be comfortable spilling his guts to her. She said she didn't judge because she had been in his situation.

JR recalled how Adam had taken pride in being a great father, but JR scoffed at how Adam's kids had turned out. Annie said that JR had turned out to be much better than Adam, and she considered herself an expert on the subject. She pointed out that JR had Adam's business sense but Dixie's heart, so he was the kind of person who AJ needed in his life. A grateful JR smiled.

Scott entered, closed the door, and announced that he knew about Marissa filing for primary custody. JR expected Scott to taunt JR about it. Scott believed that JR was responsible for his own predicament, but Scott knew of a way to fix things.

Scott suggested that JR needed to convince Marissa that AJ would be safer with JR. JR said that he didn't need anyone to tell him how to take care of his son. Scott blasted JR for treating everyone like an enemy. Scott asked whether hurting people -- including AJ -- would make him happy. JR sarcastically said that he hadn't known that Scott cared.

Scott claimed that he cared about their family. Scott thought that if JR persuaded Marissa to believe that JR cared, they could eventually agree on joint custody. Scott urged JR to attend the cocktail party to prove to everyone that they could all peacefully coexist. JR asked Annie whether she was on board with Scott's suggestion, and she was all smiles as she declared it was a great idea. JR accepted the invitation with false enthusiasm.

At Ryan's penthouse, Ryan and Madison agreed that the Amalfi Coast would be their vacation destination. Madison understood that they wouldn't be able go for a while but reserved the right to pout about it. He joked that she was sexy when she pouted. They began to kiss as there was a knock at the door. Ryan hesitantly answered it to Liza, who had some questions for Ryan.

Liza claimed that the evidence against Greenlee was too convenient. Ryan agreed and declared that Greenlee was innocent. Liza suspected that Greenlee was guilty but that Greenlee had killed David with Ryan's help. Liza was certain that he would do anything for Greenlee. Madison defended Ryan and spouted that Greenlee, not Ryan, had threatened to kill David.

Liza asked when Madison had heard Greenlee threaten to kill David. Ryan implored Madison to keep mum and informed Liza that she wasn't welcome in his home. Liza threatened to have Jesse haul Madison down to the police station. Ryan told Madison not to let Liza push her around.

Madison explained that Greenlee had been upset and hadn't meant what she had said. Liza pressed for details, but Madison claimed that she couldn't remember and refused to say anything else. Liza pointed out that Madison was protecting the woman who had loved Ryan for years. Ryan asserted that everyone in Pine Valley had wanted to kill David at one time or another. Liza stated that the difference was that this time, someone actually had.

After Liza left, Madison expressed regret for her unintentional admission. Ryan was frustrated by the complication. He grew upset that Liza could add a death threat to the evidence against Greenlee and slammed his fist onto the desk. Madison was visibly impacted by the violent action, and he apologized. Madison asked that he consider whether Greenlee really could have killed David.

Ryan and Madison spoke about the hypothetical scenario that Greenlee had killed David. Madison thought maybe Greenlee had snapped, but Ryan was adamant she hadn't. Madison understood that Ryan needed to protect Greenlee and that Greenlee, in turn, would do anything to protect Ryan.

Ryan proposed that he and Madison see a travel agent, but Madison said that they couldn't move forward with their vacation until they had dates in mind. Ryan thought that they could make tentative plans, and she commented that tentative was better than nothing. He realized that it wasn't good enough. She knew that regardless of what they did to distract themselves, their minds would still be on Greenlee.

Madison implored Ryan to visit Greenlee in jail. Ryan said he'd back as soon as he had some answers. She wished that she could take back her statement to Liza, but Ryan assured her that he wasn't angry. He wanted to figure out a way to help Greenlee. Madison asked how she could make things better, and he said she did just by being there. He kissed her and left. Madison sank into a chair with a worried look on her face.

In the interrogation room at the police station, Kendall paced, and an irritated Greenlee ordered her to stop. Kendall admitted that she was nervous and commented on Greenlee's calm demeanor. Greenlee insisted that she wasn't worried because she hadn't killed David. Kendall condemned Greenlee for sacrificing herself to save Ryan.

Greenlee pointed out some of the crazy things Kendall had done for the people she loved. Greenlee insisted that she knew what she was doing and rationalized that if she told the truth about where she had found the vial, Ryan would go to prison. Greenlee dared Kendall to devise a better plan. Otherwise, Greenlee gave Kendall the choice to support her or to leave.

Kendall suggested that they look for a bright side. Greenlee reiterated that she was innocent and had the money to hire great lawyers. Kendall reminded her that Jackson was a wonderful attorney, but Greenlee cut her off. Kendall warned her not to underestimate Liza, and Greenlee advised Kendall not to underestimate Greenlee, either. Kendall agreed, and Greenlee sarcastically thanked her for a semi-positive thought. Greenlee admitted that she owed Kendall for putting her marriage to Zach on the line to help Greenlee. Kendall admitted that it wasn't easy but that she didn't want to see Greenlee go to jail. Greenlee mused that Kendall still cared about her. Kendall hated the idea of running a cosmetics company with her partner behind bars.

Greenlee's lawyer arrived, and Greenlee requested that Kendall stay. Greenlee told him that she was innocent. He said that the prosecution would try to establish that she had motive and opportunity to kill David. He remarked that the digitalis vial was troublesome and asked her to explain how she had found it. She stuck to her lie that she had discovered it in her room, had put it in her car, and had forgotten about it. She explained that there had been all sorts of medications around, since David had been a doctor. The lawyer asked if David had regularly left medications lying on the floor. She became flustered.

Greenlee's lawyer warned that the district attorney would try to match Greenlee's handwriting to the letters. Greenlee confessed that she had typed the letters and signed them. He scoffed in disbelief that she had admitted to the crime in front of a witness. Greenlee informed him that Kendall was already aware of the forgery, and Kendall joked that they had done much worse. The lawyer was not amused and said that he wasn't a magician. He suggested that Greenlee consider a plea bargain to limit her prison time. Greenlee and Kendall looked at one another in alarm.

Greenlee refused to admit to killing David because she hadn't. Liza entered and informed them that Greenlee's bail hearing was in an hour. Greenlee was relieved because she could afford bail. Kendall realized that Liza intended to request that bail be denied, since Liza considered Greenlee to be a flight risk.

Liza wanted to talk to Greenlee and her attorney alone. Kendall mentioned Liza's consistency in screwing over everyone Liza had met since returning to town, and Kendall left. Greenlee's attorney asserted that all of the evidence against Greenlee was circumstantial. Liza wanted to know about Greenlee's threat against David's life. A stunned Greenlee denied it at first, but Liza gloated that she had a witness. Greenlee thought for a moment, then knowingly said Madison's name.

Greenlee's lawyer advised her not to comment. Liza inquired whether Greenlee was denying the allegation, but Greenlee spat that Liza already considered her to be tried and convicted. Liza said a jury would convict her based on the overwhelming evidence. Greenlee swore she hadn't killed David and snarled that the truth meant nothing to Liza. She asked if Liza just liked the attention. Liza claimed that David had been a friend whom she had cared about. Greenlee said that she had cared, too.

Liza warned Greenlee not to paint David as a bad guy in court, as Liza intended to be up-front about David's flaws. Liza planned to show that David had been desperate to hold on to the woman that he had loved, but that woman had been determined to reunite with her ex and had killed her loving husband to do so. With the vial, the letters, and the videotape to consider, Liza believed the jury would surely convict Greenlee.

Greenlee's lawyer declared that his client was finished answering questions and asked whether Liza was going to make an offer. Greenlee again refused to enter into a plea bargain. She said that David had saved her life and that she could never have done what Liza was accusing her of doing. Her attorney requested to go over a few things with Liza before the arraignment. Greenlee continued to profess her innocence as both attorneys exited. Greenlee sat down dejectedly, and Ryan walked in.

Kendall found a distraught Madison at ConFusion. Madison admitted that she had blurted to Liza that she had overheard Greenlee threaten to kill David. Kendall flipped out and bellowed that Madison's statement could send Greenlee to prison. Madison insisted that she hadn't meant to say it, but Kendall was skeptical. Kendall accused Madison of deliberately trying to get Greenlee out of Ryan's life.

Madison stressed that she had nothing to gain by implicating Greenlee and that Madison was in a good place with Ryan. Kendall thought things would be even better for Madison if Greenlee took a "20-year trip." Madison argued that Greenlee's incarceration would tear Ryan up inside. Kendall urged Madison to tell Liza that she had made her story up due to insecurity about her relationship with Ryan. Kendall suggested that if she didn't, Madison's actions proved that Kendall was right about Madison wanting to get rid of Greenlee.

In their bedroom, Annie gushed about how incredible Scott was. He asked if it had been all right that he had invited JR to their party. Annie called him generous and decent, even when being pushed by JR. Scott said that everything was a battle with JR. Annie sympathized that JR was just scared of losing his child. Scott pointed out that Marissa was, too.

Scott remembered that Stuart had told Scott that there was more to life than money and power. He said he felt like Stuart was present during their family time with Emma. He never wanted to lose that feeling, and Annie didn't, either. She professed her love. They kissed and fell to the bed.

JR entered ConFusion and offered to buy Liza a drink. She asked if he was excited about Annie's party. JR was surprised that Liza had been invited. Liza figured that it might raise Annie's stature to have the district attorney attend her party. JR urged Liza not to go, but she had already accepted the invitation. He divulged that he was contacting all the guests to ensure that no one showed up, and he asked her to keep his plans secret. Liza was hesitant, but JR implied that Colby would hate Liza even more if Liza helped to give Annie any credibility. Liza told JR to send Annie her regrets.

Ryan asked how Greenlee was doing. She felt optimistic about her bail hearing. He implored her not to pretend that she wasn't scared. She tried to assure him that she wasn't, but he knew that she was worried because he could see that she had been biting her fingernails. She realized just how well he knew her. Ryan pushed her to tell him everything. Greenlee fibbed that she had, but he didn't believe her. He begged her to trust him and asked again what it was that she hadn't yet revealed to him.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Caleb took a break from the work he'd been poring over. He stared into the fireplace and thought about a moment in his past. In his head, he heard the crackle of a fire raging out of control, a child calling for help. Krystal showed up and interrupted his reverie. Caleb paused for a moment, then suggested that they get to work.

Krystal asked what Caleb had been thinking about when she had entered. Caleb gave her a vague answer, and Krystal wondered if Caleb was angry with her. Caleb said that he was angry with himself, for letting Asher get the best of him. Krystal said that Caleb wasn't the only one who'd been taken in by Asher's act.

Krystal told Caleb that she might not be able to work for him much longer. With Greenlee in jail, Krystal thought that Jack and Erica would be back in town soon. Krystal said that she owed Caleb for all of the things he had done for the people she loved -- especially Marissa. Krystal said she would find someone to step in for her.

At ConFusion, JR instructed someone by phone to close a deal. He told the person on the other end not to let Scott find out who was behind the deal. JR ended the call just as Asher approached his table. Asher joked about taking a date to Annie and Scott's party. JR asserted that he could handle the party on his own.

Asher asked why JR hated Scott so much. JR said that he didn't hate Scott; he simply had a different opinion on most things than Scott did. JR pointed out that Scott wasn't related by blood, the way that JR and Asher were. The mention of blood family made Asher want to talk about Caleb. JR said that Asher needed to be patient, as problems weren't always solved by hitting someone over the head.

JR invited Asher to sit in on some upcoming meetings. Asher hesitated because he didn't view himself as a business guy. JR felt that there was a lot to be learned by listening. Asher asked if the meetings dealt with getting rid of Caleb. JR hinted that they did. JR also pointed out that Asher's skill with computers would be an asset.

Asher intuitively honed in on JR's true motive. JR wanted Asher in the meetings so that Caleb would focus his hatred on Asher, without knowing that Asher was his son. JR didn't disagree. JR said that he would email his schedule of meetings to Asher, and then left for a meeting with his divorce lawyer.

Scott entered the Chandler living room as Annie was going through the party guest list. Annie could tell by the look on Scott's face that something was wrong. Scott told her that he needed to make a quick trip to Paris to meet with the top guy of Chandler's European companies. Annie was worried that Scott wouldn't be at the party. Scott said that he would be back in plenty of time to introduce Annie as a major player in Pine Valley business. The thought was a lot for Annie to take in, as she'd always been little more than eye candy. Scott planned to change everyone's view of Annie.

Annie lamented that she couldn't go to Paris with Scott. Scott promised that they would take their honeymoon there -- without interruptions. Annie was overwhelmed with the love she felt for Scott. She thanked Scott for believing in her, and giving her the life she wanted. She admitted that it felt amazing to have the man she loved really know her.

Annie said that she was excited to get to know the upper crust of Pine Valley and feel on their level. Annie wanted to make a good impression so that Emma would be proud of her, and she could be proud of herself. Annie asked again if Scott would be back in time for the event. Scott said that he didn't want to leave Annie and Emma, and couldn't imagine his life without them. Annie said Scott didn't have to worry about that.

Scott stopped by Wildwind and told Caleb he'd heard about what happened with JR and Asher. Caleb assured Scott that he could handle whatever JR threw at him. Scott then told Caleb about his trip to Paris. Scott mentioned that Annie would issue a press release as soon as the party was underway. Caleb was taken aback that Annie wouldn't be accompanying Scott to Paris. He was more shocked that Scott would leave Annie alone in the Chandler house with JR. Scott said that he trusted his wife.

Before he could leave, JR spotted Annie in ConFusion. Annie indicated that she wanted to be left alone until JR said that he needed to meet with his divorce lawyer. Annie knew well what that process was like, and said that she wouldn't wish it on anyone. Annie advised JR to make sure AJ didn't get hurt during the divorce.

Annie switched tacks, and asked JR not to attend her party. JR agreed quickly, and said that watching Scott try to get in the board's good graces was not his idea of fun. Annie said that the party was for her, because her husband knew what she needed. Annie pointed out that Scott kept her grounded. Annie said staying grounded was important because she was so close to getting what she wanted -- for herself and Emma. JR wished her luck, as things desired often turned out to be different once obtained.

JR met up with the man he believed would represent him in the divorce. JR was pleased with the choice because that particular attorney had a 100 percent success rate with custody cases. The attorney had to decline because Marissa had already retained him. JR was furious, and said that the man wouldn't have had a career if it weren't for the Chandlers. The attorney pointed out that Marissa was still a Chandler. JR demanded that the attorney release Marissa as a client, or accept that he would never work for the Chandlers again. Faced with that certainty, the attorney agreed.

Ryan asked Greenlee if there was anything she hadn't divulged about the case. Greenlee insisted that she had told Ryan everything. Ryan said that he knew Greenlee well enough to be alert to her evasive tactics. Ryan said that of anyone she knew, Greenlee should be able to be completely truthful with him. Greenlee thought back to when she'd found the vial of digitalis in Ryan's coat. She snapped back to the present and admitted that she felt guilty.

Greenlee said that her guilt stemmed from her intrusion into Ryan's life with Madison. Ryan said that Madison had been fine with postponing their trip because she knew how important Greenlee was to Ryan. Greenlee said that she would be fine on her own. Ryan insisted that he would stand by Greenlee until she was released. Jesse interrupted their debate and said that they needed to head over to the courthouse. Despite Greenlee's objections, Ryan promised he would be present for Greenlee's arraignment.

At the park, AJ ran to Marissa after being teased about his parents' divorce. Marissa assured AJ that she would always love him, no matter what. AJ asked why Marissa couldn't love JR the same way. Marissa said that sometimes, the feelings that adults had could change. Although she was upset about how AJ was feeling, Marissa promised to do whatever she could to lessen the amount of fighting.

AJ spotted Asher in the park, and ran over to say hello. Marissa ran after her son and said that she needed to talk to Asher alone. After AJ went to look at the fish in a nearby pond, Marissa made her distaste for Asher clear. Marissa told Asher that AJ continued to have nightmares because of what Asher had done to Caleb. Caleb walked up to the duo just as Marissa told Asher that he would not be allowed to spend time with AJ.

Marissa walked away from Asher moments later. AJ asked if they could go to Wildwind so that he could play games with Miranda. Marissa suggested they stop at the Chandler house beforehand to pick up some clothes, in case AJ wanted to stay with her overnight. Meanwhile, Asher asked Caleb why he didn't have a problem with keeping a boy from a dedicated father. Caleb said that his only problem was with Asher.

When Marissa and AJ arrived at the Chandler mansion, Marissa quickly sent the young boy upstairs to retrieve his things. Marissa spotted Annie in the living room. Annie questioned whether JR knew about Marissa's plan to have AJ sleep at her house. Marissa was offended that Annie dared to question her. Marissa caustically noted that she'd left JR a message, and said that any problems JR had could be dealt with in court.

Annie offered Marissa some unsolicited advice about avoiding the pitfalls of a custody battle. Marissa said that she didn't need any words of wisdom from Annie. Annie said that Marissa's pursuit of sole custody would hurt JR. Annie said that Marissa could have other children, but the same might not be true for JR because of the chemotherapy.

Marissa was insulted that Annie would mention JR's cancer when Marissa had been by JR's side for the entire illness. Annie reminded Marissa that Annie had saved JR's life when she'd donated her bone marrow. Marissa pointed out that Annie had also destroyed a family when Annie cheated on her husband and slept with a married man. Annie pointed out that Marissa had cheated on her husband as well.

Each woman dropped the pretense of being nice, and slung mud back and forth until a traumatized AJ showed up in the living room. Both women apologized to AJ. Before Marissa left, she told Annie that verbal altercations like the one they'd had were proof that AJ didn't need to live in the Chandler household.

A short time later, JR stormed into the Chandler house and demanded to know where AJ was. Annie told JR that Marissa had left a message on his cell phone. JR ranted about how many liberties Marissa was taking with their son. Annie reluctantly told JR about her suggestion that Marissa not drag AJ through a custody battle. Annie also revealed that she and Marissa had fought, and that AJ had overheard part of it. JR was irate, and demanded that Annie stay out of his life.

Scott stopped at home, and Annie unloaded about Marissa and JR. Scott offered to cancel his trip, but Annie rejected the idea. Annie told Scott that he needed to leave soon so that he could return home quickly. Scott packed a small bag and, when he returned to the living room, he caught Annie staring off into space. Scott asked what Annie had been thinking about. Annie said that she was envisioning the party, and the moment where all the sins of her past were erased.

Caleb reminded Asher that Asher had been instructed to stay away from anyone Caleb called family. Asher wasn't intimidated, so Caleb asked if JR made Asher feel important. Caleb pointed out that being someone's lackey wasn't the most respectable job. Caleb continued the assault on Asher's self-worth when he said that Asher's work didn't amount to anything of importance. Caleb told Asher to stay out of his way.

Natalia confirmed with Brot that they would meet up in the park in an hour's time. Before she left the station, Brot suggested that they tell Jesse about their date. Natalia was against the idea. When Jesse stopped over, Natalia told her father that Brot needed to remember that she was his superior. Once Jesse left, Brot asked if Natalia planned to pull rank every time they disagreed.

Natalia said that she pulled rank in that situation because their date violated fraternization rules. Natalia didn't feel like Jesse needed anything else to deal with. Natalia said that their date wasn't a big deal, so it didn't warrant a revelatory conversation with the chief. Disappointment clear on his face, Brot said that their date was a big deal to him.

Ryan and Greenlee returned from the hearing. Ryan was flabbergasted that the judge had bought Liza's story about Greenlee being a flight risk. Greenlee was unfazed, as she had expected nothing less from Liza. Jesse told Greenlee that she needed to leave the main floor. Brot offered to take Greenlee down to the holding area. Jesse thought that Brot's shift had ended, but Brot said he'd opted to stick around.

Jesse opted not to probe into Brot's plans any further, and instructed him to cuff Greenlee. Ryan protested, but Jesse said that they needed to follow procedure. Greenlee interjected and told Ryan that she no longer needed his help. Greenlee said that Ryan needed to live his own life. Ryan started to argue, but Greenlee made it clear that there was no room for discussion. Ryan looked dazed as he watched Brot escort Greenlee away.

Ryan told Jesse that he was worried because Greenlee was claustrophobic. He asked Jesse if he could go to the holding area and help Greenlee get adjusted. Jesse said that there was a limit to what Ryan could do to help Greenlee. At the same time downstairs, Brot offered to hang out with Greenlee. Greenlee appreciated the gesture but knew that Brot was supposed to be off-duty. Brot wished Greenlee luck, and left the holding area. Once alone, the full force of Greenlee's claustrophobia hit her.

Ryan convinced Jesse to let him go downstairs. When he arrived, Ryan saw the panic that threatened to overwhelm Greenlee and sprung into action. He clamped his hands over hers and told Greenlee that she could conquer the fear. Greenlee was doubtful, but Ryan told her that she was a survivor and could deal with being locked up.

Ryan convinced Greenlee to close her eyes. Greenlee was afraid that she would feel like the walls were closing in on her. Ryan spoke soothingly, and crafted a calming scene with his words. Greenlee took a deep breath and felt the calm replace her panic. Ryan asked if she was okay. Greenlee said that she was better, solely because of Ryan's help.

Brot met up with Natalia in the park. He apologized for being late, but said he'd wanted to be the officer that put Greenlee in her cell. Brot admitted that he wasn't sure Greenlee had killed David. Natalia advised Brot not to repeat his suspicions in front of the mayor or the district attorney. A few moments later, Brot and Natalia turned their attention to the food. Brot was impressed that Natalia was a successful career woman and a good cook.

Natalia gave Brot the abridged version of how she'd learned to cook. Then, to take the attention off of herself, she asked about Brot's eye. He told her that he was healing nicely, and Natalia said she'd noticed it looked better. Brot wondered if Natalia saw that he couldn't keep his eyes off of her. Krystal walked up while Natalia was searching for a response. When Krystal remarked that the couple proved that true romance still existed in the world, Natalia became alarmed.

Natalia told Krystal that she and Brot were friends. Krystal said that Angie believed Brot and Natalia were getting closer. Natalia begged Krystal not to say anything. Krystal was confused by Natalia's reaction, but agreed. When Krystal walked away, Brot told Natalia that she caused more suspicion when she reacted so severely. Natalia insisted that she was not involved with Brot. Brot leaned in and kissed her, and Natalia kissed him back. When they parted, Brot asked if the kiss made her consider them involved.

After Marissa and AJ arrived at Wildwind, Marissa sent AJ off to play and vented to Caleb. She told him about what had happened at the Chandler mansion, and said she needed to get AJ out of that environment. Marissa thanked Caleb for suggesting Brent Majors as an attorney.

Caleb noted in passing that Majors would have his work cut out for him because he had to handle a fellow attorney. Marissa realized that meant she'd passed the bar exam. Caleb said that he'd passed as well. Marissa was delighted at the news and ran upstairs to tell AJ. A few moments later, Caleb heard someone pounding at the door. Caleb found JR on the other side of the threshold, demanding to see AJ.

Caleb said that JR would be lucky to see AJ after Majors finished representing Marissa. JR revealed that Majors had opted to represent JR instead. JR wished Caleb luck in finding another lawyer who would be willing to cross the Chandlers. Caleb said that he would take on Marissa's case. JR was confident that Caleb would lose, but Caleb showed no fear. Caleb told JR that as repayment for JR stealing Cortlandt Electronics, Caleb would make sure that Marissa stole JR's son.

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