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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 11, 2011 on AMC
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Monday, July 11, 2011

In David's office, David was surprised by Angie's admission that she had faith in him. Angie quickly clarified that she had been referring to his skills as a doctor. According to Angie, he had proven himself over and over again in the operating room, so she knew that he was a gifted healer. To Angie's amazement, David tried to downplay her praise. She realized that, despite his arrogance, David wasn't accustomed to receiving compliments.

Angie switched gears by reminding David that he hadn't answered her question about whether or not he recalled the first patient that he had lost. David revealed that he had worked in the oncology department during his residency, so it had seemed that he had lost patients on a daily basis. "Jim Shelton, thirty-seven years old, husband to wife, Olivia, father to two daughters, Elizabeth and Mandy," Angie replied. She explained that Jim had been involved in a car accident. Angie recalled that she had shown the family into Jim's room, and that they had been grateful that Jim had survived the crash.

However, tragedy struck moments later when Jim had died suddenly from a pulmonary embolism. Angie confessed that she had been haunted by the tragedy for months; she insisted that every doctor remembered the first patient that they had lost, including David. David was silent for a moment and then quietly admitted, "It was my father." David revealed that he regretted that he had never realized how his mother, Vanessa, had tormented his father, until it was too late. Angie quickly guessed that Charles Hayward had committed suicide.

David confirmed her suspicions and then added that he had witnessed his father take his own life. David wondered if she had gotten what she had been looking for in his "brilliant, wounded psyche." Angie apologized for reminding him of the personal tragedy. David realized that she had doubts about him, but he assured her that restoring her eyesight meant more to him than she could ever know.

At the penthouse, Jackson demanded to know where "Erica" had been. Jane tried to distract Jack by asking him to make love to her, but Jack saw through her ploy. He accused her of acting differently since the kidnapping, so he wanted to know what was going on. Jane tried to assure him that she would pull herself together, but Jack urged her to get professional help because he feared that she had posttraumatic stress. Jane insisted that working at the hospital would be all the therapy that she needed. Jack admitted that he might have agreed if she hadn't made a pact with the devil.

Jane immediately went on the defensive by reminding Jack that David was a brilliant doctor and then assuring Jack that she had David where she wanted him. Jane promised Jack that everything was fine, but Jack wasn't convinced. Jane became nervous when Jack admitted that, when he looked at her, he no longer saw the woman that he had fallen in love with. Jack wondered why she didn't want to go back to the way things were before the kidnapping. Jane assured him that she did, so Jack begged her to meet him halfway. Jane promised him that she would, but she just needed some more time.

Jack was frustrated, but he agreed to give her the time that she had requested. However, he warned her that something would have to give soon. Jane assured him that she understood. She leaned down to kiss him and then turned to leave. Jack demanded to know where she was going. Jane smiled sweetly and then explained that she was going to the hospital because it was her therapy.

At ConFusion, Ryan told Greenlee about the keycard that he had found in David's office with the name "Project Orpheus" printed on it. Ryan insisted that he was determined to get to the bottom of the mystery. Greenlee admitted that she had never heard about Project Orpheus, so Ryan revealed that he had searched online for information. However, all he had found were references to art projects, and the myth. Greenlee confessed that she no recollection of the myth, so Ryan filled her in. He explained that Orpheus had been a prophet and musician who had descended into hell to rescue his wife.

"Eurydice," Greenlee suddenly recalled. Ryan was impressed, but he continued with his tale by revealing that Orpheus had lost Eurydice forever because Orpheus had disobeyed the rules. Greenlee admitted that she had done her own research, but on Erica. Greenlee revealed that the spa that Erica had claimed to have gone to didn't have any record of Erica being there. Ryan was curious where Erica might have gone instead of the spa, while Greenlee wondered whom Erica had been with.

Greenlee told Ryan about her recent "run-in" with David. Greenlee revealed that David had insisted that his relationship with Erica had been strictly about business. Ryan realized that Greenlee was worried about Jack, but he wanted Greenlee to promise him that she would stop poking around "a hornets nest." Greenlee expected Ryan to make a similar promise to her, so he agreed. Moments later, Ryan decided to leave. He stopped short when he passed Madison as she arrived at ConFusion.

Ryan admitted that Madison looked like a woman who knew what she wanted. Madison smiled when Ryan confessed that he hoped that she got what she wanted. After Ryan left, Greenlee revealed that Kendall had called to ask Greenlee to give Madison's idea another shot. Madison was curious what Greenlee intended to do, so Greenlee confessed that she could see how hard Madison had worked, and it was clear to her that Madison believed in what she was selling. Madison was delighted when Greenlee agreed to give Madison another chance. Madison promised that Greenlee wouldn't regret it.

Greenlee met her father at Krystal's restaurant. Jack told his daughter about his talk with Erica and then admitted that Erica had seemed unrecognizable lately. Jack feared that Erica would keep moving further and further away until she was out of reach. Jack was startled when Greenlee defended Erica. Greenlee reminded him that David was a master at manipulation, but she was confident that Erica would eventually realize what David was doing. Jack admitted that he was concerned that it might not happen.

Greenlee disagreed. Jack smiled as it dawned on him that Greenlee seemed to want to see Jack and Erica work things out. Greenlee clarified that she wanted what Jack wanted, so she urged him not to give up on Erica. Jack worried that he was running out of steam, so Greenlee jokingly offered to buy him energy drinks. Jack chuckled and then stood up when Greenlee announced that she had to leave. Jack hugged his daughter and then thanked for her support and words of encouragement.

Later, Madison went to Fusion, where she spotted David. Madison quickly approached his table to thank him for his helpful advice. David smiled and then invited Madison to join him. Madison started to sit down, but then changed her mind when she saw Erica walk up. Before Madison walked away, Jane heard her thank David again, so Jane wondered what Madison had been grateful for. David revealed that he had given Madison some advice that had panned out.

Jane wasn't surprised because she thought that David was a genius. David appreciated the compliment, but he deftly changed the subject to find out how things had gone with Jack. Jane complained that Jack thought that she needed professional help, but she insisted that she had "handled" Jack. Jane assured David that she and David could spend more time together. David gently pulled his hand from Jane's grasp and then warned her that they had to be careful. Jane was surprised because she had thought that David liked to live dangerously.

David admitted that he did, so Jane asked him to take her back to his room. She insisted that she missed him. David claimed that he missed her, too, but they had to be patient. They were unaware that Greenlee had spotted them together, and had crept closer to eavesdrop on their conversation. Greenlee was stunned when she overheard David and "Erica" arrange to rendezvous in his hotel room the following day.

At the Slater residence, Griffin admitted that he had stayed in Pine Valley for Kendall. Kendall was touched by the confession because she realized that Griffin didn't consider Pine Valley to be his home. Griffin revealed that it felt as if it could be. Griffin explained that while he had been in the airport, he had started going through the pictures on the camera that she had given to him. Griffin had been moved by the smiling faces of Kendall, the boys, and Cara. It had hit Griffin that he wanted to stay in town with her.

Kendall smiled as she admitted that she was glad that he was there and that he had owned up to the real reason that he had stayed. She then revealed that she had been having the same feelings, but she hadn't said anything to him because she had been hesitant to pressure him. Griffin admitted that he had also been reluctant to push her for more because he knew that she had been through a lot. Kendall appreciated that Griffin had been worried about her feelings, but she revealed that she had been scared when she had learned that his plane had taken off. It had made her realize that she hadn't fully dealt with Zach's death.

Griffin leaned forward as he admitted that he had no idea where they were headed. After a long passionate kiss, Kendall pulled away and smiled, then confided that she felt as if she were a teenager again. Griffin smiled back as he revealed that what he felt for Kendall was new to him because he had always moved on at the first sign that things were getting serious in a relationship. Kendall and Griffin agreed not to rush things. Meanwhile, a keycard with the name, "Project Orpheus" poked out of Griffin's jacket, which he had discarded on the floor in the hallway.

Later, Ryan stopped by to find out if Kendall had heard from Griffin, so Griffin stepped forward. Ryan and Griffin greeted each other and then Griffin updated Ryan about his change in plans. Ryan told Griffin about his concerns regarding David. Griffin realized that David had good reason to be paranoid; people were really out to get David. Ryan told Griffin how David had found Greenlee following the motorcycle crash, and then kept Greenlee stashed away for a year.

Griffin had known that David wasn't an angel, but he realized that there had been quite a bit that he hadn't known about his mentor. Griffin agreed to keep his eyes and ears open, so that they could figure out what was going on between David and Erica. Kendall was relieved because she feared that David might hurt Erica. Griffin vowed that he would do everything in his power to prevent that from happening. Ryan smiled knowingly and then welcomed Griffin back. Kendall chased Ryan out and then apologized to Griffin for the way that Ryan had behaved.

According to Kendall, Ryan had acted as if Kendall and Griffin were going to the prom. Griffin smiled as he realized that Kendall was still in "high school mode." Griffin shifted gears to invite Kendall out to dinner. She accepted, but then warned him that she didn't kiss on the first date. Griffin decided to take care of that by kissing her. Afterwards, Griffin collected his things and then left. Kendall was smiling as she entered the living room, but it quickly faded when her eyes landed on a picture of Zach.

At the hospital, Cara assured Amanda that Amanda's gynecologist would review all the information about the human papillomavirus. However, Cara revealed that women often didn't realize that they had it, so Amanda could have been exposed to it years before. Cara explained that they had run more tests because the results of the initial tests had been inconclusive. Amanda became nervous as she asked what they were looking for. Cara refused to say, but Amanda recalled that cervical cancer had been one of the risks.

Amanda went to the Chandler mansion to tell JR that she had the human papillomavirus. JR was furious because he had no idea how to tell Marissa that she had been exposed to HPV. Amanda accused JR of being a "selfish ass" because he was worried about himself when she might have cancer. JR was startled by the news. He assured her that he didn't want her to have cancer, but he insisted that he hadn't exposed her to HPV. JR reminded her that she might have had it for years, so there wouldn't be any need to tell Jake about their night together.

Amanda accused JR of wanting her to keep quiet, so that Marissa wouldn't find out about their one-night stand. Amanda warned him that she refused to make her crisis about JR. JR wondered what Amanda planned to do. She admitted that she didn't know, but she suggested that next time JR remember to wear a condom when he had sex. After Amanda stormed out, JR decided to go to the hospital to find out if he had HPV.

Cara was startled when JR revealed that he had gone to a bachelor party, where he might have been exposed to HPV. JR wanted to know what he should do, so Cara advised him to practice safe sex, and to warn his partners that he might be a carrier.

Angie dropped by Jake and Amanda's apartment to pick up her crock pot, so that Jesse could make a pot roast. She immediately smelled the fragrance of a delicious meal, and fresh cut flowers. Jake admitted that he had made arrangements to surprise Amanda with a romantic evening because they had plans to try to have a second baby.

Amanda arrived home moments later. Angie admitted that she knew about Amanda and Jake's baby plans, so she told the couple that she was happy for them and then left. Amanda's eyes filled with tears when she realized that Jake had picked up her favorite flowers and arranged for a special dinner.

Jake turned on some romantic music, but Amanda became more upset. Jake wondered what was wrong, so Amanda confessed that she didn't deserve what he had done for her. Jake insisted that he would have given her the world if he could, and then offered to rub her feet. Amanda repeatedly apologized and then ran out of the room, crying.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

In a dream, Tad mused to Dixie that he'd thought he'd lost her, but she told him that love was stronger than anything in the world. He touched her face and said he couldn't believe she was there, but she assured him she would never leave him again. Kathy shook Tad awake and requested more juice. Cara entered and took the girl's glass to the kitchen. Kathy asked if Tad was upset with Cara, because Cara had slept in the "man cave," while Tad had stayed on the couch.

Cara overheard Tad explain to Kathy that he and Cara weren't angry with one another, but they had taken a time-out. Kathy commented that time-outs were only for people who had messed up. Tad hugged his daughter and said she was like her mom, and he clarified that sometimes time-outs were good for people who were trying to figure things out. Cara entered and reminded Kathy not to be late for camp, and the girl ran upstairs to retrieve her backpack.

Tad informed Cara that he'd stayed up late thinking, and he had dozed off on the couch. He admitted that he had pondered their relationship, and she wondered if he had arrived at a conclusion. He maintained that he didn't want kisses based on gratitude, and she regretted that she'd ever used the word, because he meant more to her than that. She suggested that they take a walk so they could talk, but he wanted some more time to think. He murmured that he had a million feelings to sort out, and he asked for a rain check on the walk.

Cara and Kathy discussed Dixie's favorite song, and Cara said that Tad had told her that Dixie had been a wonderful person, and Cara wished she'd known Dixie. Kathy grabbed Dixie's photo from the mantel and asked Cara if she thought Dixie was pretty. Cara called Dixie beautiful, just like Kathy. Kathy remarked that Dixie was with the angels, but Kathy was glad she had Cara and Krystal.

Amanda dreamed that Jake presented her with flowers, and she inquired what the occasion was. Tad entered and said breakfast would be ready in a moment, because the whole family had gathered to express their love for Amanda. JR suddenly appeared and taunted her about having a disease. Amanda cried out in her sleep, and Jake awakened her and informed her that she had been having a bad dream.

Jake called the hospital to announce that he planned to take the day off, but Amanda didn't want him to stay home to take care of her. He assured her that they could try again to get pregnant, and he amorously suggested that they get started. She expressed no interest, and he asked if she wasn't feeling well and offered to take her back to the hospital. She snapped that she'd had enough doctors, and he volunteered to do whatever she wanted that day. He headed off to take a shower, and she departed without a word to her husband.

Jake left a message for Amanda to inquire where she was, and he apologized if he'd said something to upset her. Tad overheard and asked if Jake had lost something. Jake pointedly stated that he hoped not. Jake thought Amanda had been desperate to get pregnant, and he worriedly recalled that she had turned to David the last time she'd been scared and insecure. Tad doubted she'd ever do that again. Jake lamented that he didn't have anyone else to blame but himself.

Jake suspected that Amanda hadn't forgiven him for his kiss with Cara, and Tad said he himself had also been spending too much time on memory lane. Tad admitted that he and Cara had grown closer, but he couldn't move forward and kept pushing her away. Jake realized that Tad's mental block involved Dixie. Tad felt like he'd betray Dixie if he gave in to his feelings for Cara. Jake assured Tad that he was thrilled that Cara was with a good man like Tad, and he advised Tad not to let the past stop him from appreciating what was right in front of him. Jake left, and Tad pulled a photo of Dixie from his wallet. Meanwhile, Dixie cried out Tad's name in her sleep.

Later, Cara encountered a forlorn Jake, and she asked if he was okay. He admitted that he was worried about Amanda, and he explained that Amanda hadn't reacted well to the negative pregnancy test. He inquired whether Amanda's exam had revealed anything else, but Cara reminded him that she couldn't discuss Amanda's medical records. Jake contended that he and Cara had never played by the books. Cara remained hesitant, and he begged her to tell him if there was any way he could help Amanda.

Cara counseled Jake to talk to Amanda, not only because of doctor-patient confidentiality, but also because Cara cared about him. Jake commented that he'd just seen Tad, who hadn't been happy. Cara confessed that she'd said that she had been grateful to Tad, but she quickly pointed out that she had been grateful to Jake, too. Jake noted that his and Cara's marriage had been based on love, and Cara acknowledged that she felt more than just gratitude toward Tad. While Jake felt awkward hearing her admission, he loved his brother and gave Cara his blessing to go for it.

Amanda arrived at Krystal's restaurant, and a patron flirted with her at the bar. Opal observed as Amanda displayed her wedding ring and declared that she was married. The man continued to hit on Amanda, and she intentionally spilled a drink on him. He left, and Opal approached and asked if Amanda was all right. At first Amanda said she was fine, but she broke down and tearfully conceded that she wasn't.

Amanda confessed to Opal that she'd had a one-night stand, and Opal encouraged Amanda to open up. Amanda explained how she'd believed that Jake had slept with Cara, but he hadn't. Opal called Amanda's transgression a mistake, but Amanda said it had been more. Opal advised Amanda to go home and to tell Jake the truth. Amanda whimpered that she couldn't, but Opal maintained that the lie would destroy Amanda.

Opal urged Amanda to talk to Jake, because he loved her and would forgive her. Amanda appreciated the support, but she fretted that some things were unforgivable. Amanda ran out in tears, and Tad approached Opal and asked what had happened. Opal vaguely remarked to kick her the next time she envied married people. She realized that Tad also had something on his mind.

Tad said he was crazy about Cara, and he thought they could have something special, but he'd found himself pushing her away and constantly thinking about Dixie. Opal recalled that he'd felt like a hero when he'd married Cara. She asked if he'd felt like Dixie's hero, but he believed that he'd taken advantage of Dixie and had driven her away because of his own selfishness. Opal noted that Tad and Dixie had been on equal ground. Tad realized that he'd acted like Cara's knight in shining armor, but with Dixie, he had just been himself, because all he'd wanted was her. He called Opal a genius.

Later, Tad and Cara ran into one another at the hospital, and both blurted that they needed to talk. Cara stated that she didn't know where their relationship was going, but she didn't want to give up their walks. He looked pleased, and he accepted the blame for putting her in an impossible situation. She insisted that he had saved her life, and he admitted that he'd wanted her to consider him a hero. He professed that for a real marriage to work, she'd have to settle for him, with all of his faults. She declared that she didn't consider that settling. Cara was paged, and she and Tad laughed about the timing.

In the park, Amanda was overwhelmed with memories of her conversations with Cara, JR, and Opal. She yelled at the voices in her head to shut up. Jake overheard and looked at her with concern. Amanda turned away, but Jake sat next to her and gently told her that she didn't have to say anything, but he wanted her to know that he was there and wasn't going anywhere. As her voice shook, she said that she had something to tell him. She looked at him in shame and confessed that she had contracted an STD.

JR fantasized about his wedding night with Marissa. He toasted his wife and proclaimed that he loved her very much. They clinked champagne glasses and kissed, and she asked him to take her to bed. Marissa woke him up, and JR said he had been dreaming about her. A skeptical Marissa inquired whether Bianca had scripted those words, too.

JR asked if Marissa was mad at him, because he had been truthful about seeking advice from Bianca. Marissa confronted him about the music box and his lie about the picnic. He maintained that he'd been honest, but she accused him of being selectively so. Marissa accused him of using Bianca, and she suspected that he had ulterior motives. She questioned his recent covert texting, but he insisted that he had been tending to work. She said that she couldn't believe him even if he was telling the truth, and she supported Scott's assertion that JR was as bad as Adam.

Bianca greeted Scott at the gatehouse construction site. She handed him a painting that Stuart had given her years before to remind her of Pine Valley when she had moved to Seattle. She felt that since she had returned home, the painting belonged at the gatehouse. Scott thanked her and offered to give her a tour of site, and he suggested that he call Marissa with an invitation to join them. He noticed Bianca's discomfort, and Bianca admitted that she and Marissa had needed to put some distance between them. Bianca suspected that Scott might want the same, after she told him what she'd done.

Scott worried that JR would only hurt Marissa again, but Bianca declared her belief that JR could make Marissa happy. Scott understood that Bianca was just being a good friend, but he argued that JR ultimately destroyed everything and that JR would never change. Later, Scott told Marissa to grab her belongings, because he wanted to help her find another place to live. Marissa asserted that it had been her decision to stay at the mansion, but Scott called JR a lying jerk, and he proclaimed that Bianca felt the same way. Marissa wondered what Bianca had said.

JR found Bianca on the Chandler grounds and spat that his honesty had blown up in his face, and she was incredulous that he blamed her. He said Marissa had felt appreciated until Bianca had spilled the whole truth, and Bianca pointed out that his efforts to woo Marissa had been deceitful. He accused Bianca of wanting credit, and he scoffed at the idea that Bianca knew Marissa better than he did. Bianca contended that she did and that she was glad Marissa knew the truth. JR asked what was in it for Bianca, because he thought Bianca wanted Marissa to be happy. "More than you'll ever know," she stated.

JR angrily asked why Bianca had turned Marissa against him, and Bianca regretted that she'd thought JR had been sincere. Bianca believed that JR did love Marissa in his own way, but he wasn't capable of giving Marissa what she wanted. JR wondered what man could, and Bianca scolded him for assuming that Marissa couldn't get along without a man. JR condemned Bianca for hating men, but Bianca retorted that she didn't hate men or even JR himself, but she trusted Marissa to find the right person. JR assumed that Bianca meant Marissa belonged with Scott.

Scott was disappointed that Bianca had helped JR, but Marissa blamed herself for falling for JR again, because she'd been scared. Scott called Marissa brave, but she reiterated that she was terrified, and he asked why. She stammered that she couldn't say why and that she had to find Bianca. Marissa rushed off, and JR entered and sarcastically complimented Scott for playing the situation well. Scott berated JR for pretending to know Marissa to win her back. JR spewed that Scott pretended to be like Stuart, but Scott replied that he'd never claimed to be half the man his father was, and JR would never be, either.

Scott barked that Adam would be ashamed of JR. JR called Scott a loser who would lose Marissa, but Scott pointed out that she wasn't his to lose. JR wondered what Stuart would say about Scott, and Scott acknowledged that Stuart would have been hurt by Scott's choices but would have forgiven him, unlike Adam. JR bellowed for Scott to get out of his house, and Scott retorted that JR himself was nothing more than a tenant there.

Later, JR removed a bottle of hard liquor from a paper bag, but he quickly hid the bottle when AJ entered. The boy gushed that he was happy that his parents were back together. A guilty JR offered to play catch with his son later. AJ excitedly hugged him, and JR held him close. AJ ran off, and JR retrieved the bottle. He stepped out to the patio, and after a moment of thought, he poured the alcohol into a plant.

Marissa approached Bianca in the park. Bianca was surprised when Marissa asked if couples still carved their initials in trees. Bianca commented that they were more likely to post their romantic status online, and Marissa noted that computers crashed, but trees lived on. Bianca remarked that they'd agreed to keep their distance, but Marissa declared that she missed her friend, and Bianca concurred.

Marissa asked why Bianca had stopped by the mansion, and Bianca explained that she'd dropped something off for Scott, but she revealed that she'd also wanted to see if Marissa was all right. Marissa wasn't sure, because she'd allowed herself to trust JR, and Bianca regretted helping him. Marissa asked why, and Bianca disclosed that she'd thought it had been what Marissa had wanted, and Bianca had known that Marissa would never return Bianca's feelings. Marissa vowed to ignore her better judgment, and Bianca asked what it was telling her. "To run like hell," Marissa stated.

Bianca told Marissa to run if she wanted, because no one was stopping her. "Nobody but me," Marissa remarked. Marissa realized that she'd been running since Bianca had confessed her true feelings, and possibly since she and Bianca had been trapped in the closet together. Marissa admitted that she'd known something had been going on even then, and she commented that she was talking too much. Marissa stepped in close, and she and Bianca shared a tender kiss.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

At the hospital, Tad found David outside an A.A. meeting, ribbing JR about his sobriety. David derided Tad for fighting JR's battles, and after David strode off, JR said David was right. JR said Tad wasn't a Chandler and couldn't understand. JR admitted that each time Scott stabbed JR in the back, JR wanted to slit Scott's throat. That pressure had led JR to the door of the meeting. "But this is as far as I'm going to get," JR declared, stalking off.

Later, Tad found JR at the ConFusion bar, staring into a glass of Scotch. Tad wondered if JR would take the drink, and JR stated that Tad was lucky enough to know who he was. JR recalled Scott saying that JR wasn't half the man Adam was, and Tad replied that JR had taken after his mother. Tad figured that indecision was trapping JR between the man he was and the man he could be. Tad urged JR to either to live down to others' expectations, or to push the drink away and live up to his own. Tad left, and JR pushed the glass away.

In the park, Amanda broke the news about her STD to Jake. Assuming it had involved a past partner, Jake guessed that she'd had an irregular pap test. He advised her that the situation was very common and often benign. "It was a long time ago, right? Before me?" he asked. Amanda confessed that it'd been three weeks earlier.

Amanda explained that it had happened after she'd suspected Cara and Jake of sleeping together. She said she'd feared that she wasn't enough for him, and she'd proved it by drinking and seeking revenge on Jake. She revealed that she'd been with someone they knew: JR.

Amanda felt she deserved Jake's hatred. Jake said he hated it when she deprecated herself. He hated what she'd done, and he hated JR; however, he didn't hate her. Jake assumed responsibility, because he'd set the whole thing in motion with Cara. Amanda said he hadn't done anything wrong, but he continued to blame himself. She advised him to just leave her, but when he kept standing there, a sobbing Amanda strode away from him.

Later, Tad returned home, where Jake had preoccupied himself with a project. Tad mentioned JR's troubles, and Jake rasped that he didn't want to talk about JR. Jake decided to go, but Tad asked what was wrong. "I think my marriage is falling apart," Jake replied.

Jake explained what had happened a few weeks earlier between Amanda and "some man." Jake wanted to pound the guy's face, but couldn't because his own guilt had driven him to forgive her. Tad advised Jake to view the big picture and decide if he still wanted his marriage.

At Krystal's, Amanda grimaced to see JR. JR asked if Amanda knew, but she said they were still running tests. She hoped he was intending to tell Marissa the truth. "Oh, God, no!" JR responded. Amanda guessed it was "the Chandler way" to not care whom he hurt. She revealed that she'd told Jake, and he'd forgiven her. She wondered if Marissa would do the same for JR.

Later, Jake arrived home and saw Amanda there. He said they didn't have to talk, but she told him that the hospital would have her results in the morning. He decided they'd get the results together. "I just want to be with you," he uttered. Sobbing, she said she wanted that, too.

At ConFusion, Tad drew stars on a napkin. Elsewhere, Dixie tossed and turned in her bed as she recalled memories of JR. She murmured for Tad to save her son. Above her was an I.V. bag with a Project Orpheus logo on it.

In the park, Marissa decided that she was done running. She kissed Bianca, but Bianca pulled away and said she couldn't do it. Bianca guessed that Marissa had experimented and could sing along with Katie Perry. Marissa said she'd taken a big leap, and it'd felt right. She asserted that she wanted Bianca, but she wondered what Bianca feared. Bianca claimed that she'd been down that road before, and she'd lost her lover and her best friend.

Bianca told Marissa what people would think of them, but Marissa didn't care about that. Marissa said it had begun in the closet, but the music box had cinched things for her. Listening to the song on it had emboldened her and made her feel good about herself. She declared that Bianca embodied that song, and Bianca made her feel the way the song did. Bianca replied that she didn't want Marissa to get hurt, but Marissa said that Bianca's walking away hurt. Bianca insisted that it was the right thing to do.

Griffin showed up at Fusion to invite his "friend" to a dinner. As he and Kendall kissed, Ryan interrupted because he was hoping that Griffin could fill him in on Project Orpheus. Ryan displayed the cell phone picture of the card, but said he couldn't find any information about the project. Griffin claimed to know nothing about it, but once Ryan left, Kendall wondered what Griffin had been holding back. Griffin snapped that he didn't know anything, and he decided that they should reschedule dinner. With a curt kiss on her cheek, he took off.

When Kendall arrived home later, her sister awaited her. Bianca announced that she'd "done it again." The siblings sat down to talk, and Bianca wondered why she kept falling for straight women. Kendall reasoned that they weren't completely straight, and then she shared her confusion over the cold way Griffin had reacted earlier. The sisters made a pact to not to fall for anyone they liked. After they toasted on it, Bianca wondered if they'd really hold each other to it. "Not happening," Kendall replied, and the two giggled.

Griffin visited David's office to reveal that Ryan had broken in and had seen the Project Orpheus keycard. David got irritated, and Griffin said he hadn't expected to get in trouble when he'd signed on. David said Pine Valley was no different than any other ignorant, mud hut village, and the same people who'd condemn them would beg to benefit from their research. David claimed Lavery wouldn't understand their work's merits, even if they presented them on flash cards. Refusing to make the project public, David insisted that unparalleled success meant not getting personally involved. "Maybe it's too late for that," he muttered after Griffin left.

Ryan arrived and demanded answers about the project. David scoffed and handed Ryan a brochure about an orphanage. "You're using orphaned children?" the disbelieving Ryan asked. Tossing away the brochure, Ryan vowed to keep digging for the truth. David asked for a donation check, but Ryan slammed the door on his way out.

Later, Kendall met Griffin in the park and said she'd been surprised that he'd called. He apologized for bailing on her before, but offered to fix it with a hot dog and a stroll.

At the mansion, Scott found Marissa pouting in the parlor. She declared that she and JR were over, and Scott said he was sorry his cousin had broken her heart. She replied that she'd broken it herself that time, and it was complicated. Scott somehow guessed that Bianca had a thing for Marissa, but Marissa said it wasn't what he thought. Scott figured it had to be awkward, but he knew that the two would figure it out.

JR entered, and Scott told him to walk right back out the door. Marissa agreed to talk alone with JR, and Scott left. JR said he and Marissa needed to face that someone was between them. JR felt that fear had driven her to Scott, the safe choice. Marissa asserted that she wasn't playing it safe, and she wasn't afraid. JR figured that he was the one that she wanted, not Scott. "No, you're not. I don't want you, and I don't want Scott. I want Bianca," Marissa declared. Just then, she turned to see Bianca behind her at the terrace entrance.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

JR suspected that Marissa had chosen to be with Scott, who was the safe option, but she insisted she wasn't playing it safe. JR assumed that she was afraid to admit that JR was the one she wanted, but she declared that she didn't want JR or Scott -- she wanted Bianca, who overheard as she entered through the patio door. JR scoffed in disbelief, and he accused Marissa of trying to get back at him for using Bianca. JR demanded to know if Bianca had sided with Scott. Bianca was flustered by Marissa's admission, and JR turned to Marissa for answers.

Marissa said she'd barely processed her feelings, and Bianca thought that perhaps Marissa had displaced her anger toward JR. JR denounced Marissa for messing with his head, but Marissa maintained that she wasn't trying to punish him, because the situation wasn't about him at all. Bianca skeptically inquired whether Marissa really wanted a relationship with her. JR insisted that Marissa liked men, but Marissa proclaimed that she was falling in love with Bianca.

A stunned JR barked for Marissa to back up. Marissa recounted how Bianca had confessed her own feelings, which had prompted Marissa to acknowledge something she'd forced down. JR was livid to learn that Bianca had feelings for Marissa the entire time Bianca had been helping him. JR realized that Bianca had spilled her guts on the trip she'd taken with Marissa, and Marissa had run straight to his bed afterward. He demanded to know if Marissa had sex with him because she was scared of the alternative, and Marissa admitted it was true.

JR accused Bianca of taking advantage of Marissa, who he felt had been vulnerable and confused. Marissa was angered by his image of her, and she asserted that he was wrong, because she could think for herself. Bianca understood that JR was upset, and she assured him that she'd never intended to hurt him, but he didn't believe her. Marissa told JR to be angry with her, because she hadn't been able to be honest the way Bianca had been.

JR assumed that Marissa had only tried to reunite with him for AJ's sake, but she explained that she had been looking for a new start, and JR had been wonderful, but she had just been running away. JR asked if Marissa had always been attracted to women. Marissa said her feelings were new to her, but they were real. Marissa clarified that she wasn't falling in love with Bianca, but that she already was in love with her friend. She remarked that she was shocked to hear herself admit it out loud.

Marissa told Bianca that she couldn't promise to know what she was doing and that she might need to take a step back sometimes, but she wanted to see where their relationship went. Bianca's phone rang, and she took a call from Kendall. Bianca apologized for the timing, but she had to tend to a family emergency. Bianca said she'd heard everything Marissa had said and would call her. Bianca gave JR a stern look, and she left.

Marissa asked if JR wanted to talk, but JR retorted that she had been perfectly clear. She cried that she hadn't meant to hurt him, and he replied that he'd been kicked in the teeth before, but it had never been such a crushing surprise. Marissa suggested she and JR talk to AJ together, because the boy would be disappointed. "Whose fault is that?" JR snapped. She offered to tell AJ herself, but JR said he would do it. He half-heartedly stated that AJ was young and would bounce back.

Marissa asked about JR's feelings, and he coldly said that at least they wouldn't have to go through another divorce. He bitterly stated that it didn't matter who she ended up with, because she obviously didn't want him. He ordered her to leave, and she tearfully complied. Once alone, JR fought back tears and poured himself a drink. He struggled with the decision of whether or not to take a sip, but he ultimately gave in to temptation and downed the liquor.

Greenlee arrived at Fusion, where a frustrated Ryan revealed that David had claimed that Project Orpheus had to do with a children's orphanage. He looked at the orphanage's web site, where David was listed as a donor, but Greenlee realized that Ryan didn't buy the story. Ryan believed it was a cover-up for something else, and he showed Greenlee his cell phone photo of the Project Orpheus keycard. Greenlee stared intently at the photo, and Ryan asked if she recognized the keycard. She couldn't recall seeing it before, but Ryan noted that she'd experienced a strong reaction to the image.

Greenlee commented that the photo had sent a shiver down her spine, and Ryan speculated that she'd seen something like it when David had nursed her back to health after her accident. She admitted that the photo had thrown her, but she couldn't explain why. Ryan told Greenlee that he intended to talk to Griffin, because Griffin knew David better than anyone. Greenlee wished him luck, and he asked about her day. Her vague reply piqued his curiosity, and she admitted that she'd overheard David and Erica planning to meet in David's hotel room that afternoon, and she wanted to check it out. Ryan warned her against entering a hornet's nest, and she promised to be careful.

Kendall and Griffin strolled hand-in-hand through the park. She thought it was the perfect opportunity to talk, because she wanted to get to know him better, but he called himself an open book. She replied that he was more like a mystery novel, because he hesitated to share personal details. She wanted to know everything about him, and he provided a terse overview of his childhood, medical school, and Doctors Without Borders before he had ended up in Pine Valley. She inquired what had happened in between each of those stages of his life, and he mentioned some boring research work. He changed the topic to food, and she teased him about what his deep, dark secret could be.

Griffin claimed that there were no skeletons in his closet, and he pointed out that not everyone was as layered as Kendall. He offered to make up something to even the playing field, and he concocted a humorous story about injecting a patient with peacock collagen. She observed that he'd stopped making eye contact, and she asked why he seemed uncomfortable. He wondered why she was being so serious, but she felt that he wasn't being honest. He claimed that he knew he could tell her anything, but he remained silent.

Kendall mused that Griffin was similar to Zach, but she quickly regretted comparing the two men. Griffin assured her it was okay, but she insisted upon ending their date. He escorted her home, and she lamented that the afternoon had been a disaster. She recalled how Griffin had returned to town for her and had put his heart on the line, and she felt guilty. He reminded her that they'd agreed to take things slowly and that they both had baggage.

Griffin asked Kendall when Zach had died, and she informed him that it had been less than a year before. Griffin understood that her husband would still be on her mind, especially when she was starting to move on. She thanked him for being patient, but he silenced her with a kiss. He said they'd talk later, and he left. She thoughtfully picked up Zach's Redwings jersey.

Later, at the hospital, Griffin insisted to Ryan that he knew nothing about Project Orpheus, but Ryan doubted David's claim that it involved an orphanage. Griffin asked why Ryan didn't believe David. Ryan revealed that Greenlee had shown a strong reaction when she'd seen the keycard, and he believed that she might have seen it in the past. Ryan theorized that Orpheus was really a covert medical project. Ryan begged for Griffin's help, and Griffin claimed he'd try to learn more.

Ryan handed Frankie a signed notice of consent from Greenlee to release all of the records that David had kept of her medical history. Frankie advised that the request should go through the proper channels, but Ryan explained that he didn't want David to find out. Later, Frankie returned the consent form to Ryan, who said he understood why Frankie couldn't help him. Frankie informed Ryan that he had attempted to recover the files, but Greenlee's records had been wiped clean.

In his hotel room, David tended to some Project Orpheus tasks on his computer and poured himself a drink. He answered a knock at the door, and Jane sauntered in. He reminded her that they had planned to meet later, but she proclaimed that she couldn't wait, and she pushed him onto the bed. She amorously declared that he only had himself to blame, because he'd created a monster.

David pushed Jane away and advised her to think with her head and not her libido, because he had an appointment with the hospital board. She testily inquired if the board was more important than her, and he explained that the board could determine the difference between success and failure. She asked if her desires didn't matter. He said that he appreciated her passion, and she berated him for treating her like a "business peon." She remarked that at one time, she'd only had one goal -- to lose herself in Erica's life -- but David had changed her, and she was determined to have him.

David wondered if Jane was threatening him, and she warned him that she could blow his plans sky high. He dragged her over to the mirror and sternly reminded her that she stood to lose everything, because he had information that could send both Jane and Kendall to prison. She asserted that Kendall wasn't her daughter and that she didn't care about Erica's family and friends -- only David. Jane acknowledged that she'd made extreme choices, but she asserted that she was also human and couldn't help her feelings. David conceded that the board meeting shouldn't take priority over Jane.

David contended that he wasn't accustomed to so much fire in a relationship, but Jane commented that Erica was made of fire. He clarified that Erica showed passion in business, but she'd never displayed raw romantic desire. Jane asked whether David liked it, and he claimed that he loved it. He stroked her face and offered to forget about the hospital, because he wanted only her. He kissed her passionately and carried her to the bed.

After their romp, Jane and David cuddled in bed, and she complimented his sexual prowess. She gushed that there were no words to explain their encounter, and he replied that it had been nice. She questioned his choice of words, but an alarm sounded in the hallway. He cursed and ordered her to get dressed. David and Jane rushed out of the room, half-dressed, and they faced off with Greenlee, who had pulled the alarm.

Greenlee expressed disbelief that she'd told Jackson to fight for "Erica" and that Jackson had been nothing but patient with "Erica's" craziness. Greenlee continued to berate "Erica," who abruptly retreated to the bathroom. David confronted Greenlee about her interest in his personal life, but Greenlee reminded him that he'd asserted it had been all business between him and Erica. He claimed it had just been sex, not romance, but Greenlee didn't think that made the situation any better and called him disgusting. He said that Erica was a hard woman to resist, and he was sure Jackson would agree. Greenlee slapped him across the face and stalked off.

Jane emerged from the bathroom and inquired if David had been able to handle Greenlee, and David worried that Greenlee was armed and dangerous. Jane declared that she didn't regret being with him, and he concurred. Jane realized that things were out of control, because Erica would never cheat on Jackson, especially with David. David counseled Jane to say that they'd acted on impulse for old times' sake and to blame their affair on posttraumatic stress.

Jane contended that her feelings were real, but David urged her to stay focused on her goal. Her phone rang, and she rolled her eyes when she saw Kendall was calling. Jane reluctantly answered, and Kendall begged her to stop by immediately. Kendall claimed that a lawsuit had been filed against the Miranda Center, and Jane said she'd be right there. Meanwhile, Kendall told Greenlee that Erica had fallen for the ruse.

Opal answered her door to Jackson and excitedly showed him the display of food she'd prepared for his visit. He saw the feast she'd made and asked if was just for him, and she sadly revealed that she'd had a lot of time on her hands. He realized that she missed Erica, and Opal wailed that she felt like she'd lost her best friend all over again. Jackson enjoyed Opal's cooking, and she wished Palmer were there to knock sense into Erica. Opal wondered if Jackson thought she was overreacting, but Jackson agreed that Erica had been much different since the kidnapping. Jackson sadly stated that he didn't want to live a life without Erica, but he might have no choice. He answered his phone to Greenlee, and he cried out in anger.

"Erica" stormed into Kendall's home and demanded details about the lawsuit from Kendall and Bianca. Kendall admitted that there was no lawsuit, and "Erica" looked around incredulously as Greenlee, Opal, and Jackson entered the room. "Erica" angrily queried what was going on, and Bianca announced that they had staged an intervention. "Erica" objected, but Jackson said she had no choice. She pointed out that she hadn't been drinking or popping pills, but she had simply been living her life and making her own choices. "Erica" insisted that she was lucid and offered to take a drug test, but Kendall countered that David was far more addictive than any drug.

Griffin entered David's office as David rescheduled his meeting with the board members. Griffin announced that they had a problem regarding Project Orpheus, because Ryan knew the orphanage was a cover. David called Ryan an imbecile, but Griffin worried that Greenlee would remember something related to the project. Griffin disclosed that she had recognized the keycard, and David fretted that the Laverys were getting too close. Griffin admitted that he'd offered to help Ryan, but he wasn't sure how long he could keep Ryan at bay. David proclaimed that he'd put too much of his life into the project to have anything go wrong. "If only they knew all I've done," David murmured.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Maya walked into the Chandler living room and caught JR downing a tumbler of alcohol. JR demanded that she close and lock the door between the living room and the foyer. Moments after Maya did so, Tad knocked at the door and requested entrance. JR gave Maya the alcohol and told her to hide it in a drawer. JR slid out to the foyer and closed the door behind him. JR told Tad that a new maid had been hired, and he was teaching her the ropes.

Tad looked at JR skeptically. Tad asked if JR had made it to the A.A. meeting. Tad was saddened to hear that JR felt he had better things to do than to talk with other alcoholics trying to stay dry. JR said that Tad didn't need to check in every time JR had a bad day. Tad, still doubtful, said that checking in was exactly what he needed to do.

In the living room, May a hid the alcohol as asked. When she turned around, she was stunned to see her boyfriend in the living room. He scowled and demanded to know what had just happened between Maya and JR. Mookie said that he thought Maya had acted too friendly toward her boss. Maya said that she had just been doing her job. Mookie roughly grabbed her and said that it looked as though JR had been hitting on Maya.

Maya begged Mookie to let her go, so that no one could walk in and see them. Maya was saved from further confrontation when Scott called to ask if Mookie was on his way. Mookie told Scott that he was on the property and would be at the gatehouse soon. After he ended the call, Mookie told Maya that he would be watching her

Tad and JR walked into an empty living room, and JR tried to redirect the conversation to Tad. Tad tried to resist, but JR continued to push. Tad admitted that he and Cara cared about one another, but noted that love couldn't be forced. Tad said that he often wondered if Dixie was the only true love he'd ever know. JR said that he was the last person that should dole out love advice. Tad said that if JR and Marissa could work things out, his faith in love would be restored.

AJ showed up and played a round of a game that Dixie had made for JR when JR was young. After AJ won the game, he excused himself to go watch a television show. Tad asked if JR wanted to play for second place, but JR quickly spiraled into a discussion of how his life had gone off course. JR said that he'd tried to have the perfect life, but he kept losing. Tad encouraged JR to dig himself out. JR said that in the past, he would do as Tad suggested but had given up after the last failure.

Tad realized that JR had already fallen off the wagon, and asked how many drinks JR had consumed. JR was truthful and added that he planned to have more. JR ambled over to the drawer where Maya had hidden the alcohol, and pulled out the bottle. While Tad looked on helplessly, JR poured the liquid into a coffee cup and downed it in one gulp. After the alcohol slid down JR's throat, JR told Tad that Marissa was a lesbian.

Angie stopped by David's office to get an update on the tests he'd been running. David said that the second skin sample seemed to be accepting treatment. In addition, the ophthalmologist reported limited scarring on Angie's retina. They talked about next steps, and David said that he was encouraged by the progress. Tears welled in Angie's eyes, and David asked what was wrong. Angie said that things had progressed better than she'd dared to hope -- and she owed her gratitude to David.

David added some drops to Angie's eyes, and then marveled that Angie was grateful to him. Angie noted that although David had ruined many lives, he'd saved just as many. Angie said that David gave her hope, much like what he'd done for Greenlee. David waxed nostalgic, and Angie stated that David still had feelings for Greenlee. David quickly changed the subject. Angie remarked that David's resilience and dedication to uncovering new ways to heal was something to be praised. David said that it didn't matter how much good he'd done. David said that the good work didn't matter because the people he loved were gone.

Angie said that she knew what it was like to lose someone important. David was uncomfortable with how close Angie was hitting to home. Angie ignored David's protests and talked about how devastated she would have been if she'd lost Lucy the way David had lost Leora. David said that he had failed his daughter, but Angie disagreed.

Angie realized that David felt the need to play God because he hadn't been able to affect change when it mattered. Because David hadn't been able to save his father, his brother, and two of his daughters, David felt the need to control when he could. Angie asked for confirmation, but David's phone rang before David could find any words. David's end of the conversation was brusque, and when he ended the call, David indicated he needed to leave. David said that he would have a nurse check to make sure Angie wasn't experiencing an adverse reaction. Angie wanted to talk some more, but David flew out of the room quickly.

Jane was incensed when she realized she'd walked into an intervention. Greenlee pointed out that David was often able to get people to do things they wouldn't normally do. Jane tried to blame someone else. She said that Greenlee had never liked her, and planned to use Jane's relationship with David to turn loved ones against her. Jane insisted that she was Erica Kane, but Jack quickly voiced his objection.

Jack said that since the kidnapping, his fiancée hadn't been the same person. Jane said that she had an obligation to her fans. Jack also pointed out that her involvement with Hayward was something that she never would have done before. Jane didn't want to hear the protests and tried to walk out, but Jack wouldn't let her. Jack pointed out that he had caught her with a drink in her hand. Jane insisted that she'd explained her actions, but no one seemed convinced.

Opal piped up and said that she, Kendall, and Bianca missed the way Erica had been. Greenlee added that she knew what it was like to be caught in David's spell. Jane flippantly noted that she was far better equipped to handle David than Greenlee had ever been. Bianca started to say something, and Jane was irate that Bianca was against her as well. Bianca noted that Erica had always talked about the strength of the Kane women and how they would always support each other.

Jane thought that Bianca was referring to an isolated incident, and apologized for the role she'd unwittingly played in Ricky's deception. Jane said that Bianca was fine, and said that they should all move on. Angered, Kendall said that she wasn't fine, and neither was her sister. Kendall said that they wouldn't be okay until they had their mother back. Stunned, Jane asserted that as adults, Kendall and Bianca needed to learn to pick themselves up, as opposed to waiting for mommy to fix everything.

Jane made a quick call, and Greenlee wanted to know who Jane had spoken to. Jane refused to divulge any information and insisted that she needed to be somewhere else. Opal, who had been consoling Bianca and Kendall, demanded to know how Erica could so carelessly attack her own daughters. Instead of answering directly, Jane demanded that if Opal had a problem with something Erica was doing, Opal needed to say so without the colloquialisms of her Southern upbringing.

Jane was determined to leave, but Jack tried to stop her. Before Jack could address any additional concerns, Kendall stood and announced that perhaps Erica was sick. Kendall held out her arms to her mother and said that as family, the group would support Erica until she was well again. Instead of embracing Erica's oldest daughter, Jane stepped back from Kendall and began to laugh. Jane said that the problem was with everyone else, as they couldn't accept "Erica" doing something unfamiliar.

Jack said that everyone was concerned about the drastic changes Erica had exhibited. Bianca again mentioned David and her desire to lessen David's impact on her mother. Without a second thought, Jane said that her relationship with David was one of the smartest things she'd ever done. Jane added that no one understood her relationship with David, professional or personal. Jack wanted to know what Erica meant, but Jane refused to answer. Jack continued to press for answers, but a knock on the door interrupted Jack's quest. Jane answered the door and let David in. The only one pleased to see David, Jane announced that she was in love with the doctor.

Jane apologized to David for not keeping their relationship under wraps. Jane described the inquisition and said that she'd blurted the news out to silence them. No one believed that Erica could have fallen for David. Bianca said that Jack was the only person who'd ever made Erica happy. Jane said that she'd changed since the accident, and that the only person who understood was David. Jane then pointed out that Greenlee had seen Jane and David slightly disheveled and marveled that Greenlee hadn't immediately taken the news to Jack.

Jack reeled from the admission that "Erica" had slept with David, and said that he needed to leave. Jane apologized and gave Jack the engagement ring she'd been wearing. Before he left, Jack said that Erica needed help and a therapist. Opal was the next to go and, on her way out, told "Erica" that they were no longer friends. Greenlee grabbed her things but admonished David for the choices he'd made. Greenlee said she had once thought there was some good in David -- but had been proven wrong.

Jane was glad when Greenlee left, and seemed oblivious to Kendall and Bianca watching her. Jane talked about how the intervention had been so uncomfortable. Jane said that she was unsure what she would have done if David hadn't rescued her. Kendall lost control and demanded that her mother snap out of the subservient role she'd assumed.

Kendall was certain that David was blackmailing her mother, and offered to confess to shooting David. Jane said that for once, her decision had nothing to do with Erica's daughters. Bianca demanded to know what David had done, but Jane intercepted the question. Jane said that David had given her everything she'd ever wanted, simply by being himself. Bianca said that David was using her mother. David finally spoke up and said that there was something he wanted. David got down on one knee, and proposed.

Ben checked in on Erica and asked about the progress on her book. Erica crumpled another page and threw it in frustration. Ben asked what was wrong, and Erica admitted that she'd never taken such a close look at her life. Erica said that she had previously only seen what she wanted to see. Erica told Ben that she wanted to take a different path, and tell the world the truth of what it truly meant to be Erica Kane.

Erica said that in her other books, she had told people what she wanted them to believe. Erica said she'd lied to everyone, including herself. Erica admitted that she had made it seem that she had a wonderful and loving relationship with Mona. Erica said that she had never appreciated the love and understanding that Mona offered. The more Mona had loved Erica, the more Erica had resisted. Erica said that she had tried to make Mona pay for her father's mistakes.

Erica talked about the night of her 14th birthday party and all of the promises her father had made to her. Erica shared that she'd been so excited for the lavish party, and to finally hear her father say that he loved her. Ben realized that instead of her dreams becoming reality, Erica had been plunged into a nightmare because she'd been raped that night. Erica talked to Ben in detail about what had happened that night, and how she'd found out she was pregnant. Mona had taken Erica away to give birth, and Erica noted that she hadn't seen her oldest daughter until Kendall was an adult.

Erica said that all the men in her life had been an attempt to feel safe. Ben asked if Erica had ever found a man that fit the bill. Erica said Jack was the only person who'd succeeded. Erica said that all she wanted to do was put her arms around Jack and make sure he understood how much she loved him. Erica noted that Jane's choices would decimate Jack. Erica was pained because she couldn't do anything to stop Jane.

Ben said Jane didn't know the things that Erica had just revealed to him. Erica said that she was just beginning to understand her truest feelings about herself. Erica was distraught that Jane could ruin Erica's entire life. Erica heard a thudding sound, and she asked what it was. Ben was alarmed but acted as though things were under control. Erica didn't believe him, and asked if someone was on the other side. Ben ran off to take care of the source of the noise.

Brot stopped by to see Jesse. The police chief had his hands full with his daughter, and his attempts to find a babysitter. Brot asked where Angie had gone. Jesse said that Angie had an appointment with David. Jesse mentioned his disgust that Angie would ever put her faith in a man like David. Brot was certain that because Angie hadn't seen the baby that hadn't survived, things would work out even if Angie's sight were restored.

Jesse remembered that it had taken him a long time to put Lucy in Angie's arms. Jesse wondered what he would do if Angie started to remember what had actually happened that night. Brot wondered if things would have been better if he hadn't shown up at the house with Lucy that evening. Jesse refused to let the thought be entertained, as he'd grown to love Lucy as if she were really his own.

Maya went to the hospital and found Frankie. She asked if the opportunity to babysit for Jesse and Angie was still available. Frankie told her that the previous babysitter had just quit, and that Maya's offer would be a great relief to his parents. Frankie asked if things were going poorly at the Chandler residence. Maya said that things had been fine until her boyfriend, the baby's father, had gotten a job there was well.

Frankie got a message from his mother and found her in David's office. Angie said that she wanted to leave the hospital as soon as possible, so she'd sent Chantal, David's assistant, to pick up a prescription. Frankie knew that Angie was worried about Jesse taking care of Lucy on his own. Frankie told Angie that their babysitter problems might be solved by the time they reached home.

Before he left, Brot told Jesse that he would babysit as long as he didn't have to change diapers. Jesse knew that he couldn't guarantee that, so the two men parted with a laugh. Jesse tried to enjoy a few moments of relative quiet while his daughter slept. Moments later, the phone rang, and Jesse was unable to locate it. After numerous rings, Lucy woke up and started to cry. Jesse was frantic when he heard a knock at the door. He opened it and found Maya at the threshold. Jesse remembered that Maya had previously offered to babysit, and gladly welcomed her in.

Angie and Frankie arrived home at that moment, and Frankie told his mother that Maya had arrived. Angie expressed her gratitude that Maya had agreed to help out. Jesse returned to the living room, whimpering daughter in hand, and introduced Lucy to Maya. Maya was worried that Lucy would be scared, but the little girl started to settle down the moment Maya cradled the baby close.

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