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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 18, 2011 on AMC
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Monday, July 18, 2011

At Kendall's house, Kendall and Bianca were shocked when "Erica" accepted David's proposal of marriage. Kendall demanded to know how Erica could hurt Jack like that, while Bianca accused David of having Erica under some kind of spell. A jubilant Jane ignored their objections as she tried to pin David down on a wedding date. David suggested that they not rush into anything, prompting Kendall to wonder what David was really after. David assured Kendall that he had everything that he could want. Kendall was livid, so Jane warned Kendall not to make her choose sides.

After Jane and David left, Kendall insisted that they had to find a way to stop David. Bianca agreed, but she feared that they might not be able to. After Bianca left, Griffin dropped by for a visit. He handed Kendall a bouquet of flowers. Kendall admitted that the flowers were beautiful, but she doubted that they would help her. Griffin was stunned when she told him about David and Erica's engagement.

Griffin admitted that David's proposal didn't make sense because David had recently stressed the importance of staying focused on work, which meant no personal involvements. Kendall confessed that she was eager to know why David had really asked Erica to marry him, so Griffin offered to look into it. Kendall didn't want Griffin to fight another battle with David, but Griffin explained that he was determined to help Kendall. Kendall relented, so Griffin excused himself and then left. Outside, Griffin called David to demand a face-to-face meeting.

Jane smiled with delight when she and David entered his room at the Yacht Club. Jane revealed that she wanted a big wedding with a white dress, but David warned her, "That's not going to happen." David explained that they couldn't have a "royal wedding" because no one would buy it. David insisted that it had to be a simple affair. Jane wanted reassurance that they would get married, so David kissed her. Moments later, David's phone rang.

David became annoyed when the person on the other end of the phone gave him bad news. "Again?" David barked into the phone. "I told you that I wanted you to take care of this," David added before promising to meet the person and then ending the call. Jane was disappointed when David explained that he had to leave. She wanted to discuss their honeymoon, so David assured her that they would.

David gave Jane a quick kiss and then left. Jane squealed with joy as she shouted, "I'm getting married to a doctor!"

At Krystal's restaurant, Marissa told her mother that something had happened. "Good or bad?" Krystal wondered. "Both," Marissa replied. Marissa admitted that she was in love. Krystal assumed that Marissa was talking about JR, but Marissa quickly clarified that it was someone else. Marissa talked about the person whom she had fallen in love with until Krystal realized that it was Bianca.

Marissa nodded and then admitted that she was surprised that Krystal had known. Krystal revealed that it had been a guess, but she had noticed the chemistry between Marissa and Bianca. Marissa admitted that she had been afraid of what she had felt for Bianca, but she assured her mother that Bianca had been exactly what she had been looking for. Krystal agreed that Bianca was a good person; she realized that there weren't any guarantees in life, or love, but Marissa seemed at peace. Marissa admitted that she had a lot to figure out, including how to tell everyone about her feelings for Bianca.

Krystal warned Marissa that not everyone would accept Marissa's relationship with Bianca, but she didn't want Marissa to worry about those people because the ones who mattered would support Marissa. Marissa was moved by her mother's easy acceptance and support. Marissa confessed that she was happy, yet terrified because she had no idea what would happen next. Krystal was proud of her daughter because it had taken a lot of courage for Marissa to admit that she had feelings for Bianca. According to Krystal, the hardest part was behind Marissa.

Moments later, Bianca entered. Marissa and Bianca smiled at each other for a long moment and then greeted each other. Marissa wondered if everything were okay with Erica. Bianca confessed that things were very bad, so Marissa offered to help in any way that she could. Bianca assured Marissa that she already had. Marissa and Bianca then sat down to talk about David.

Bianca reached out to hold Marissa's hand and then admitted that she had thought about doing that for a long time, but she had been afraid. Marissa revealed that she had felt the same way. Marissa and Bianca were smiling at each other when Krystal approached their table. Bianca was pleasantly surprised when she realized that Krystal knew about Bianca and Marissa's newfound relationship, and fully supported it.

At the Hubbards' apartment, May a became anxious as she held Lucy, so she explained that her phone had vibrated and then handed Lucy back to Angie. Maya fled to the hallway on the pretense of answering her phone. Frankie realized that Maya had been rattled, so he made an excuse and then followed Maya. In the hallway, May a admitted that holding Lucy had felt like she had been holding her own baby. Frankie suggested that they discuss it further, but not there.

Frankie led Maya back into the apartment and then offered to pick up dinner for everyone to celebrate finding a new babysitter. Frankie invited Maya to go with him, so she accepted. Jesse followed Frankie and Maya into the hallway, so Maya offered to wait in the lobby while Jesse had a private word with Frankie. After Maya left, Jesse admitted that he was curious about Maya. Frankie assured his father that Maya was a "sweet kid" who would be an ideal babysitter for Lucy. Jesse seemed satisfied, so he returned to the apartment.

Jesse stopped short when he heard Angie assure Lucy that she hoped to see her daughter's beautiful face soon. Jesse was curious if anything had happened during Angie's visit with David. Angie admitted that nothing unusual had occurred, but she wondered why Jesse had asked. Jesse explained that he had heard her talking to Lucy. Angie revealed that the scarring on her retina had not been as extensive as they had initially thought and that she had been responding to the treatment. Angie assured Jesse that there were promising signs that her eyesight might be restored; however, she insisted that David had never made any guarantees.

"Figures, so he can cover his ass," Jesse grumbled. Angie admitted that she still had doubts about David, so Jesse reminded her that it wasn't too late to back out. Angie promised Jesse that David was not trying to hurt her. She confided that David had shown her something that she had always suspected. "He's human," Angie clarified. Angie revealed that David had opened up to her, so she was certain that there was more to David than she had realized.

Jesse argued that David considered himself to be a god, but Angie argued that there were reasons for what David did. Angie reminded Jesse that David had needed to bury his daughter shortly after Leora had been born. Angie wondered if Jesse could imagine what it would be like to anyone to have to go through that kind of pain. Grief momentarily clouded Jesse's expression as he glanced at Ellie's ultrasound picture. Unaware of her husband's pain, Angie praised Jesse for being loving and supportive since she had gone blind. However, she wondered if he became worked up about David because David could help her when Jesse couldn't.

Angie assured Jesse that he had given her something far more precious than her eyesight. He had given her Lucy. Moments later, Brot arrived.

At Krystal's restaurant, Frankie told Maya that Jesse had delivered Lucy, so Maya needed to understand that Lucy was not her baby. Maya assured Frankie that she knew that Lucy wasn't her daughter. She explained that when she had held Lucy, it had felt like she'd been waiting to feel the infant in her arms. Maya conceded that it sounded "crazy," but Frankie admitted that it made sense given what she had been through. However, Frankie confessed that it might not be a good idea for her to watch Lucy. Maya insisted that she needed to get away from the Chandler mansion, but Frankie didn't think that Maya was ready to be around Lucy.

Maya assured Frankie that everything would be fine and then asked him to trust her. Later, Frankie and Maya returned to Angie and Jesse's apartment. Angie offered to go over some basics in caring for Lucy after dinner. Maya asked to hold Lucy, so Angie handed the baby to Maya. Jesse watched as Maya cooed to Lucy, and Angie admitted that Maya seemed to be a natural.

Frankie and Brot were happy that Angie and Jesse had a new babysitter, so they suggested that they all go out to dinner together the next time that Natalia was in town. Jesse was distracted as he watched Maya and Lucy, so he didn't hear Frankie and Brot at first. Meanwhile, May a had a flashback of saying goodbye to her daughter for the last time. Jesse seemed unsettled as he watched Maya place a gentle kiss on the top of Lucy's head.

In Erica's faux bedroom, Erica demanded to know what the knocking noise had been. Ben didn't answer, so Erica began to suspect that someone might be locked in the next room. Ben returned to the control room moments later to explain that the noise had been from the old hot water pipes. Ben revealed that he had gone to check on them because he had been afraid that they had been about to burst. Erica didn't believe Ben, but Ben managed to divert her attention by asking if she had ever made peace with her mother.

"No, not completely," Erica admitted. According to Erica, Mona had died before Erica could say all of the things that she should have said. Erica confessed that she would have given anything to turn back the clock. Ben assured her that he hadn't meant to upset Erica. Erica explained that Mona hadn't deserved to be treated like that, but Ben insisted that Erica was a good person, so she should let it go. Erica thought that was ironic, since Ben had held onto his own guilt by helping Jane to steal Erica's life.

Ben revealed that he couldn't turn his back on Jane because he had been responsible for the accident. Erica argued that Ben could have been supportive without helping Jane in the manner that he had. Ben ordered Erica to stop talking, but Erica pleaded with him to give her back her life. Erica began to despair when Ben didn't respond, but moments later he entered the bedroom. Ben conceded that what he and Jane had done to Erica had been wrong. Erica once again begged Ben to let her go. To Erica's surprise, Ben agreed, but he was curious what she intended to do after she had been freed.

Erica urged Ben to run, but he was more concerned about Jane's fate. Erica didn't have an opportunity to reply because Jane's voice suddenly filled the room as Jane accused Ben of betraying her. Jane refused to release Erica when Jane was on the verge of having everything that she had ever wanted. Erica thought that Jane intended to marry Jack, but Jane quickly clarified that she was engaged to David. Ben was stunned as Jane revealed that David had promised her that she and David would be the new power couple of Pine Valley. Erica warned Jane that she was headed for disaster because Jane didn't have a clue about who Erica really was.

Jane disagreed, but Erica argued that Jane only knew what she had read about in books and magazines. Erica insisted that she would never have been stupid enough to let David manipulate her. Jane refused to lose David, but Erica suggested that it was all a con because David was using Jane. Erica was certain that David would dump Jane so fast that it would make Jane's head spin. Jane disagreed; she believed that what she had with David was real. Jane was certain that she would have a fabulous and classy life with David, so she refused to let Erica take that from her.

Erica argued that she couldn't take anything from Jane that wasn't Jane's to have. Erica suggested that Jane had lived a sexually deprived existence, which had made Jane easy prey to someone like David. Jane was livid, but Ben called out to her. He confessed that David wasn't the only man who had loved her. Jane and Erica were surprised when Ben confessed that he loved Jane. Ben admitted that he had kept quiet about his feelings because he had feared that Jane would never want him after what he had done.

Ben didn't want to lose Jane, so he begged her to stop the charade before she was caught and then sent to prison. Ben realized that he needed to help Jane understand that she could never be Erica, so he asked her to listen to something. He urged her to press play on the recording device on the console in the control room, so Jane reluctantly followed his instructions. Jane listened as Erica's recorded memoirs began to play. Erica talked about Mona, her marriages, Bianca, her turbulent relationship with Kendall, the impact that Myrtle had on her life, and Erica's long career.

Elsewhere, David quietly entered a small room, approached a cot, and then began to gently stroke the top of Dixie's head while she slept.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jake called the hospital to obtain Amanda's test results. Amanda entered and concluded from his expression that the news was bad. Jake reported that the tests had revealed abnormal cells, so Amanda would need to have a biopsy. She panicked that she could have cancer, and he urged her to breathe. He said that he had pulled some strings, and she could have the procedure completed that day.

At the Martin home, Tad caught AJ in his arms as the boy ran in. Tad sent AJ upstairs to play with Kathy and Jenny, and JR said he'd return later to pick up his son. Tad realized that JR couldn't wait for his next drink. JR sarcastically asked if it was too much trouble to watch AJ, but Tad stated that the last thing AJ needed was to see JR fall off the wagon. JR scoffed at the idea that he was hurting anyone, but Tad said AJ would be the first one hurt, and he implored JR to attend an A.A. meeting.

JR grumbled that the woman he loved was a lesbian, but Tad advised JR not to throw his life away. JR blasted Tad for living with a woman who didn't love him, and Cara entered and revealed that she'd heard every word. JR apologized, but Cara reminded JR that Tad's paternal feelings for JR were real. Cara exited, and JR loudly stated that she didn't know him or what he was going through, but Tad said that he understood.

JR retorted that Tad wasn't his father, and Tad wondered what Adam would say, because Tad didn't care how JR got help, as long as he did. JR speculated that Adam would call him pathetic and then have a drink of his own. Tad asked what Dixie would think, and JR barked to leave her out of it, because she'd never know. JR ordered Tad to watch AJ, and he stormed out. Cara consoled Tad, and Tad recalled how as a child, JR had found an injured bird and had successfully nursed it back to health, despite the veterinarian's grave diagnosis and Tad's own doubts.

Cara thought Tad had instilled such sensitivity in JR, but Tad credited Dixie with teaching JR that things worked out the way they were supposed to. Tad lamented that JR had become more like Adam, convinced that everyone was out to get him. Cara thought JR was lucky to have Tad, and Tad was grateful to have a family that loved him back just as much as he loved them. His phone rang, and he answered to Jake, who asked Tad to meet him at the hospital. Tad grabbed Cara's hand, and they left.

At the hospital, Jake informed Tad that Amanda's biopsy was underway. Jake was nervous, but Tad said they'd all get through it together. Tad suggested that Jake sit with Amanda, because she'd feel better with her husband holding her hand. Jake complimented Tad's ability to pull their family together. Tad left to get some food, and the doctor informed Jake that she'd performed the biopsy, and she'd put a rush on the results.

Jake entered Amanda's room, and she said she was scared. He assured her he was right there, and they embraced. Later, Amanda looked at a family photo, and Jake entered and asked if she wanted a visitor. Amanda started to protest, but she turned and saw Trevor, and she hugged her son as Jake kissed her hand.

Cara and Tad arrived home, and Cara headed to the kitchen. Tad responded to a knock at the door and found Liza, who announced that she was working for Caleb, and she handed Tad a box. He called it a blast from the past when he saw the package was from Seabone Hunkle, Dixie's father. Moments later, Cara returned to the room, and a stunned Tad showed her Dixie's diary.

At the Chandler mansion, Scott ran into Marissa and inquired whether the suitcases in the foyer were hers. He asked what JR had done to screw things up, but she replied that she had caused the end of their relationship, not JR. Scott took Marissa's hand and told her not to blame herself. She admitted that she hadn't been honest with JR or herself, but she'd eventually realized that she was in love with someone else. Scott asked who the lucky guy was, and he was shocked when she said Bianca's name.

A flabbergasted Scott asked if Marissa was sure, and after she insisted she was, he noted that she looked completely happy. She explained that she had been trying to force a relationship with JR, and Scott assumed that JR had lost it when Marissa had told him the truth. Marissa worried aloud about JR's state of mind, and a drunken JR entered and expressed skepticism that she cared. She asked how many drinks he'd had. JR spotted her suitcases and bellowed that she'd saved him the trouble of throwing her out. He ordered her to leave and to never return.

Marissa refused to leave before she saw AJ, but JR said their son was at Tad's, so the boy wouldn't have to witness his mommy move out again. JR taunted Marissa that he hadn't yet told AJ that she liked girls, and she could have that "fun conversation" herself. Marissa left, and Scott stared silently at JR. JR asked if Scott intended to kick him when he was down, but Scott said JR was doing a good enough job himself. JR recalled how he'd gotten jealous whenever he'd seen Scott and Marissa together, and Scott said he and Marissa had only been friends, but JR had needed to make it into something more.

JR wondered if Marissa had convinced herself that she was a lesbian just to make him suffer, but Scott scolded JR for considering someone's pursuit of happiness to be a personal attack. JR accused Scott of having feelings for Marissa. Scott declared that he was happy about Marissa's sexuality, because it meant she'd never be with JR again. Once alone, JR looked at a photo of himself with Dixie and wailed that he'd screwed up again. He set a liquor bottle on the table.

Jesse encountered Liza at ConFusion and remarked that he had passed by the D.A.'s office, and her nameplate had no longer been on the door. She disclosed that she had been fired because she hadn't been able to dig up dirt on him. She asked if there had been anything to uncover, and he wondered why she hadn't made something up. She claimed that she was no longer that kind of person. Liza admitted that she had made more than her fair share of mistakes since she had returned to Pine Valley, but she had paid for them by losing a child.

Liza hoped Jesse never had to experience that kind of pain, because she wouldn't wish it on her worst enemy, and he asked if that was what she considered him. She observed a strange look on his face, and he flashed back to visiting Ellie's grave. Liza asked if he was okay, and he snapped that he was fine. She said that while she was no longer D.A., she could still listen to a confession. Jesse was suspicious of Liza's motives, and she understood his hesitation to trust her. She confessed that she was envious of his life with Angie, but it gave her hope that if she lived her life right, she'd find happiness, too.

At the Hubbard home, May a marveled about how tiny Lucy's clothes were. Angie commented that babies grew up fast, and she pointed out how big Frankie had become. Maya said that Angie looked too young to have a son Frankie's age, and Angie joked that the compliment wasn't necessary, since Maya had already won the babysitting job. Maya's phone rang repeatedly, and Angie noted that someone really wanted to talk to her. Maya hesitated to answer, and Angie asked if Maya was in trouble.

Maya cooed to Lucy, and she fibbed that her aunt didn't understand that Maya had work obligations. Angie thought Lucy was taken with Maya, and she commented that Maya would be a good mother one day. Maya unknowingly cuddled with her own baby. When Maya's phone rang again, she excused herself to get rid of the caller. She quickly explained to Mookie that she was visiting a girlfriend and that she would call him back when she was finished.

Angie questioned Maya's conversation with "Aunt Mookie," and she explained that her sense of hearing had become heightened since she'd lost her sight. Angie inquired whether Mookie was Maya's boyfriend, and Maya immediately defended that Mookie was a great guy. "Who says he isn't?" Angie replied. Maya explained that she hadn't told Mookie about her new job, and he didn't like it when she kept things from him.

Angie commented that Mookie sounded possessive, but Maya said she should have told him the truth, because she owed him after he had moved from New York to be with her. Jesse and Frankie arrived with a gift for Lucy, and Maya went to the kitchen to prepare a bottle. Frankie joined her and asked how things were going. She believed that Angie liked her, and she was grateful for the position, because it helped her cope with giving away her baby. An alarmed Jesse overheard.

Brot arrived to see the Hubbards. Jesse pulled Brot into the hallway to supposedly discuss police business. Jesse reported to Brot that he'd overheard Maya mention that she'd given a baby away. Brot realized that Jesse was worried that Lucy could be Maya's baby, and he felt that Jesse was overreacting. Brot assured Jesse that no one would find out the truth. They returned to the apartment, where everyone gushed over Lucy.

Jesse answered a knock at the door, and Mookie asked to see Maya. Maya pushed Mookie into the hallway, and Jesse and Brot exchanged an anxious look. Mookie confronted Maya about taking a second job and demanded to know why she hadn't told him about it. She said she hadn't figured out if the second job would work out, and she warned him not to continue bothering her. He angrily offered to leave, but when she started to return to the apartment, he grabbed her arm and roughly pulled her into an embrace. Meanwhile, Angie and Frankie left the room to change Lucy, and Brot urged Jesse to stop worrying. Jesse wanted to be absolutely sure that Maya wasn't Lucy's mother, and he asked Brot to arrange for a DNA test.

David hovered over Dixie, and she grabbed his arm as he adjusted the medication in her I.V. She cried out as he pried her fingers off, and he resumed administering the drugs until she passed out. He gently scolded an unconscious Dixie for fighting, even though that was what he loved most about her. He said things could have been different for them if she'd loved him as hard as she'd fought him. He stroked her hair, and he departed.

Later, David returned to see Dixie, who appeared to remain unconscious. After he left, she stirred and opened her eyes. She uncovered the I.V. line, which she'd bent to block the flow of drugs into her system. Dixie struggled to sit, and then she slowly managed to stand up.

As Griffin picked up trash in the park, Kendall arrived and asked him how his community service was going. They playfully discussed how disgusting the garbage was, but he quickly realized that she wanted an update about David. Griffin revealed that David hadn't returned his calls. Griffin blasted David for treating him so shabbily after all Griffin had done, and Kendall wondered what he meant.

Griffin asserted to Kendall that he'd put his reputation on the line to defend David to everyone. Griffin said that to become the best doctor, he'd had to learn from the best, but Kendall refused to let David hurt Erica. Griffin opined that Erica was capable of taking care of herself, but Kendall argued that Erica hadn't been acting like herself recently. Griffin understood that Kendall envisioned David as a villain, but Griffin felt that David was more than that. Kendall asked Griffin to explain.

Griffin told Kendall that doctors considered medicine to have boundaries, but David had taught him to test those boundaries and not to accept failure. Kendall conceded that David had saved her life, as well as the lives of her loved ones. Griffin asked if that wasn't enough, but Kendall recounted how David had destroyed the lives of many people, including Krystal, Greenlee, and Maria. Griffin inquired about Maria, and Kendall recalled how Maria had been presumed dead, but David had kept her locked up after she'd lost her memory. Griffin asked how everyone had thought Maria had perished, and Kendall revealed that it had been a plane crash, just like Zach's accident.

Griffin apologized for invoking memories of Zach's death. Kendall felt like Griffin had been interrogating her, but he pointed out that she'd been the one to mention David. Kendall explained that Maria was a sore subject, because Maria and Zach had once been involved, and she acknowledged that her discomfort wasn't Griffin's fault. He suggested they call it a day, but she reminded him that he had more garbage to collect. He asked her to meet him for an early dinner later that evening, and she agreed. They kissed and went their separate ways.

Kendall left a frazzled message for Erica and begged her mother to tell her that Erica's engagement to David was a bad dream. David overheard and told Kendall that she was wide awake. Kendall demanded he stay away and angrily inquired how he convinced women that they couldn't live without him. He joked that it was his winning personality, and he suggested that he and Erica get married on St. Barts. Kendall noted that was where Erica had been kidnapped, and the culprits hadn't been found. She speculated that David was behind the kidnapping.

David crowed that Erica would go anywhere he asked, and Kendall demanded to know if he was admitting guilt. He was tired of Kendall's animosity, and he thought she should be grateful that she and her son were still alive. David declared that Kendall was living on borrowed time that he'd lent her. Kendall asked if he was threatening her, and he quipped that the next time her heart stopped beating, she could find someone else to save her life, because she'd made his life a living hell.

Griffin placed a call and stated that the other party didn't know him, but he needed information regarding David. "What has that son of a bitch done now?" Maria testily inquired.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

At home, Tad told Cara that Dixie's father had died, so someone had sent him some of Dixie's effects from Pigeon Hollow, which had included the diary of Dixie's childhood hopes and dreams. At Cara's urging, Tad read a diary passage about Dixie's birthday wish to marry a handsome boy and have a son and a daughter. Cara said Dixie had gotten her wish, but Tad sadly replied that Dixie had never known her daughter.

Tad decided that he needed to get out of the house and away from the book. Cara asked if he wanted company, and he nodded. They went to the park, where Tad said he'd thought he'd gotten through the grieving for Dixie, but the diary had revived his memories. He talked about how wonderful Dixie had been, and upon sharing his memory of getting lucky with the girls in Dixie's call girl service, Tad recalled that loving Dixie had transformed him.

Tad had thought he'd made peace with his life after Dixie's death, but the memories had surged up, causing him to question who he was all over again. He decided that he needed to gain real closure from Dixie's passing. Cara said she'd felt the same way about her relationship with Jake. Since Tad had helped her through that, she desired to return the favor. A grateful Tad said he wanted Cara to be there when he said goodbye.

Elsewhere in the park, Amanda shared with JR her worries about her biopsy. JR offered his support, but she said he was the last person she'd want to lean on. He reminded her that he'd nearly died from cancer, but she got upset with his talk about dying. She quit her job and said not to try to talk her out of it, because the job wasn't good for her marriage.

Amanda was grateful to still have her marriage, and a cynical JR huffed that at least it was working out for someone. He revealed that Marissa didn't know about him and Amanda; however, Marissa had still left him for someone else. Amanda guessed it was Scott, but JR replied that it was Bianca. "And that calls for a drink," he said and swigged from his flask.

Amanda tried to reason with JR about the drinking; however, he suggested she try it after all she'd been through. Amanda declined, so he offered her something else to make her feel better. JR tried to kiss her, and she told him to stop. He continued, and she shoved him away. She hoped that he'd get his act together, but she declared that she couldn't help him do it.

At home, Asher threw an empty pill bottle across the room. He went to the hospital, where he tried to convince Frankie that Colby had misplaced the pill bottle. Frankie refused to refill it and shared his suspicion that Asher had become dependent. Asher raged that he'd get another doctor. Caleb approached, and Asher realized that Frankie had convened an intervention.

Frankie suggested that Asher see a counselor about the drug habit, and Caleb agreed. Asher raged at Caleb for siding with Frankie. As Caleb and Frankie tried to reason with Asher, Asher stalked off. Grabbing his son's arm, Caleb said he hadn't been the perfect father; however, he was there, and he'd do his job. "You're coming with me," Caleb insisted.

Caleb and Asher went to the Chandler mansion and were surprised to find a toasted JR having whiskey in the parlor. Caleb was upset at the sight of JR, who was supposed to be caring for Asher. JR quipped that Asher was doing fine under JR's guidance. Caleb slapped the drink out of JR's hand and insisted upon moving Asher to Wildwind -- regardless of Asher's opinion.

JR derided Caleb's attempt at fatherhood, and Asher told JR to lay off the booze. JR said he'd tell Colby to find another puppy dog, since Asher was leaving. Asher wondered what had happened to JR. JR said he'd been kicked in the behind by life, and once Asher had lived long enough, it would happen to him, too. JR shouted at the two men to get out. Once they'd left, JR glanced at a photo of Adam and asked what Adam was looking at. Wobbling, JR grabbed his keys and booze and headed toward the door.

At the penthouse, Greenlee awakened with a start. She told Ryan that she'd dreamed she'd seen the Project Orpheus logo on her I.V. drip while David had been treating her. She wasn't sure if it were a dream or a real memory. She also remembered that another person had been on a gurney beside her, but she couldn't recall more. Ryan became worried that David had experimented on other patients.

Greenlee decided that the only way to find out was for her to get close to David. Ryan was unsettled by the idea, because it hadn't worked well when Kendall had done it with Ricky. Ryan thought about it more and decided that together, they could make it happen.

At the hospital, Griffin was taken aback by Maria's response to his call. She apologized and asked if the call were regarding a patient. He responded that it was regarding her and Project Orpheus. Maria said her memory of that time was hazy, but before the call ended, she suddenly remembered that the lying David had convinced her to go on the run because she'd supposedly committed murder. David had given her credit cards registered with the project. Maria said that if Griffin needed help stopping David from hurting others, she'd be there in a heartbeat.

Later, Griffin busted into David's office and demanded to know the truth about the project. David gave him the brush-off, but Griffin insisted that he wouldn't leave until he knew what was really going on. David berated Griffin, who'd been invited on board to save lives, for succumbing to the simpletons of the town. Griffin said David had been known to scheme things and crush people. David agreed, adding that crushing people included Griffin. David warned that he'd cut Griffin loose if Griffin didn't stop snooping and asking questions.

At Krystal's later, Griffin tried to duck out upon seeing Ryan, but Ryan talked him into listening to the story about Greenlee's dream. Griffin figured that dream meant nothing, but then Ryan added the part about the patient on the other gurney. Griffin seemed startled, and Ryan expressed his worry that David was playing God with other people's lives. Griffin remained evasive, saying he'd told Ryan everything he possibly could.

Back in David's office, Greenlee arrived to demand that David find her hospital records. She claimed her new doctor needed them to investigate the numbness in her leg. Once David had heard that she'd been experiencing it for a month, he insisted upon taking a look at her. She pretended to be obstinate about it, but David wouldn't accept the thought of some medical hack ruining the work he'd done on her. David reminded her that when it involved her health, she could always trust him, and she then agreed to let him examine her.

Greenlee left, and Griffin returned to David's office. An indignant David stood up, but Griffin sat him back down in his chair. Griffin demanded to know if the project was primarily research, or if David had already been experimenting on humans.

Greenlee went home, where she told Ryan that David had been begging to examine her. Ryan warned her to be careful with David, and Ryan stated that he believed Griffin was holding something back.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Erica demanded to know why Jane was taking so long to listen to the memoir Erica had dictated, but Ben urged Erica to be patient. Erica retorted that it had been difficult to reveal such painful memories, but she had done so in the hope that Jane would let her go. Ben insisted that while he was in love with Jane, he believed Erica didn't deserve to be held prisoner. Erica worried that Jane hadn't been affected by the recording. Meanwhile, Jane intently listened to Erica describe her desire for her father to rescue her.

Erica called to Jane and said that Jane deserved a life of her own, and she implored Jane to do what was right. Erica heard a tap on the wall, and she was certain that someone else was there and that the sound was a signal. Meanwhile, Dixie pounded on the wall in her room. Erica returned the knock, but there was no response. Ben reiterated that she'd only heard the pipes, because the rooms were soundproof. "Rooms?" a bewildered Erica repeated.

Ben corrected that he'd meant walls, but Erica speculated that someone else was being held prisoner. Ben insisted that Jane was only obsessed with Erica and that there were no other rooms. Erica wondered if someone other than Jane was really in charge, but he attributed the thought to her vivid imagination. The knock occurred again, and Dixie grabbed her arm in pain and stumbled to the other side of her room. She rapped on the opposite wall and inspected the door. She disassembled her I.V. and tried to pick the lock with the needle.

At ConFusion, Greenlee reported to Ryan that David hadn't suspected a thing. Ryan supported her plan to find out as much as she could, but he intended to continue pressing Griffin for information. Ryan suspected that Griffin knew more than he would admit, and Ryan wondered if Griffin had confided in Cara. Greenlee doubted that Cara would be willing to help them, but Ryan explained that Cara might not be aware that she knew something, but he intended to covertly find out if she did.

Jackson arrived, and Ryan left to give father and daughter some time alone. Jane eavesdropped as Greenlee asked how Jackson was doing, and he admitted that he was "definitely not okay." Greenlee mused that perhaps his estrangement from Erica had worked out for the best, since he could walk away permanently. Jane listened with interest as Jackson vowed never to give up on Erica.

Greenlee called Jackson's devotion incredible, but she felt Erica didn't deserve it. Jackson said Erica needed it, because he sensed something was seriously wrong. Greenlee pushed him to accept that Erica was with David, but Jackson insisted that he and Erica loved one another. He swore he'd fight for their life together, though Greenlee remained skeptical that the battle was worth it. They were startled by a loud noise, and they turned to see a flustered waiter, who had dropped his tray when Jane had raced out the door.

Ryan arrived at Krystal's and spotted Cara behind the bar. Cara explained that Krystal had needed help, and Cara had agreed to pitch in for the family. He commented about the importance of family, and he asked if she and Griffin had been close when they had been kids. She said Griffin had always been her rock, even when they had been far apart. Ryan remarked that the Castillo siblings were both doctors, and he inquired if David had been her mentor, too. Cara disclosed that she had been in the field while Griffin had performed research with David, who had become Griffin's best friend.

Cara told Ryan that her cancer treatment hadn't gone well at first, and Griffin had turned to David, who had introduced them to the oncologist who had saved her life. Griffin and David had started working together again, and Griffin had thrown himself into work to keep his mind off Cara's illness. Ryan asked about the kind of research the doctors had been doing, and she wondered why he was interested. Ryan claimed that David had helped Greenlee to walk again against all odds, and Ryan thought the research might have helped his wife's recovery. Cara stated that the research had been merely theoretical in nature. Ryan noticed that Cara had been absentmindedly doodling on a napkin, and she had drawn the Project Orpheus logo.

At the hospital, Griffin confronted David regarding whether Project Orpheus was strictly about research. Griffin demanded to know if David had experimented on humans, and he theorized that Greenlee had been David's guinea pig. David called Greenlee's recovery an amazing success, and he insisted that Greenlee had been the only patient involved. Griffin asked who Maria was, and David accused Kendall of filling Griffin's head with lies. Griffin pressed David to tell him whether he'd experimented on others.

David explained that Maria had already lost her memory when he'd found her on the beach, and he had saved her life and had prevented her children from losing their mother. David pointed out that he'd done the same thing for Kendall, yet everyone in town continued to blame David for everything. Griffin thought perhaps David deserved to be taken down. "Another one bites the dust," David bitterly stated, and he proclaimed his disappointment in Griffin. Griffin argued that David was sleeping with Erica, even after David had lectured Griffin repeatedly about avoiding personal relationships.

Griffin bellowed that he had put years of his life into the project and had defended David, while David hadn't been honest with him. Griffin demanded to know what he'd gotten himself into, but David thought Griffin should be honored to be involved. David recalled that he had been there for Griffin during Griffin's darkest hours, and he felt he had earned Griffin's trust. Griffin requested that David keep no more secrets, and he asked who else had been involved in the project.

David asserted that he'd helped countless people, including Cara. An alarmed Griffin questioned whether David had pulled Cara into Project Orpheus, and David asked if Griffin had told her anything about the project. Griffin was grateful that David had found Cara the help she had needed, but he refused to allow David to avoid telling him the truth. David said Griffin could have a silly romance, or Griffin could be part of something that would change the world. David warned Griffin to choose wisely.

Kendall flashed back to telling Griffin about Maria's presumed death. The doorbell interrupted her thoughts, and she rushed to the door in anticipation of seeing Griffin. She answered it to Bianca, who concluded that Kendall and Griffin had fought, and Kendall muttered that she should quit while she was ahead. Bianca noted that Kendall and Griffin's romance had just started, but Kendall pointed out that they had been friends for a while, and there had always been a wall between them. Kendall was frustrated that he pulled away every time she tried to get close.

Bianca reminded her sister that it was Griffin's first real relationship, but Kendall countered that he shut down every time she asked him a question. Bianca called Griffin complicated, but Kendall said the complication was David. Bianca wondered what she meant. Kendall revealed that Ryan suspected David had a master plan involving the hospital and Erica. Bianca became concerned that Griffin could be on David's side, and Kendall hoped Ryan was wrong.

Kendall surmised that she picked men who were closed off because Erica had turned away from men who were emotionally available. Kendall remarked that Bianca should be glad Bianca wasn't in a relationship. Bianca couldn't disguise an excited smile, and Kendall realized that Bianca was with Marissa. Kendall hugged Bianca and said there was hope for all of them. Kendall exclaimed that Bianca's new relationship was the best news ever, and she suggested they meet Marissa at ConFusion to celebrate.

Bianca balked, because she and Marissa hadn't even been on a first date yet, and she thought things could go wrong. Kendall complained that her own past was getting in the way, and she suddenly had a brainstorm. She offered to give her house to Bianca and Marissa in order to make a clean break from the past. Bianca advised her to think about it more, because it was too soon for Bianca to consider taking such a big step with Marissa. Kendall answered the door to Ryan, and an awkward silence followed. Bianca demanded to know what was going on.

Kendall worried that her sister had been through a lot and was finally in a good place, and Bianca assumed that the situation involved David. Kendall didn't want to put Bianca in an awkward situation by forcing her to keep secrets from Marissa. Bianca agreed, but she insisted that Kendall ask for her help if needed. Bianca left, and Ryan quickly pocketed the napkin. He claimed that he had nothing more than a hunch that he needed to look into before he made any accusations.

Cara found Griffin waiting for her at the Martin home, and she sensed that something was wrong. He admitted that had been thinking about her cancer, and she found it interesting because she had just spoken with Ryan about her illness. Griffin worriedly asked what she had told Ryan. Cara speculated that Griffin was irritated because Ryan had been overprotective of Kendall. Griffin fibbed that she'd guessed the truth, and he purported that Ryan had been acting like Kendall's big brother, and Cara joked that older siblings were the worst.

Griffin stated that he was happy to be with Cara, and she was glad he'd stayed in town. He remembered how he'd felt when he'd almost lost her, and she asked why that time was on his mind. Griffin replied that he would have done anything to save her life. He abruptly stood up to leave for the hospital, but she suspected that getting close to Kendall had reminded him of the time Cara had been sick, and he was attempting to protect himself from getting hurt. She urged him to talk to her, but he departed.

Greenlee ran into David at the hospital, and she snapped that he and Erica were torturing Jackson. She reprimanded him for hooking up with Erica, and he quipped that he'd had to settle for second best, because he couldn't have Greenlee. Jane, disguised as a nurse, overheard. David claimed that he wasn't marrying Erica for spite, but he didn't want to spend his life alone, and Erica wasn't bad for a consolation prize. He said there were practical reasons for their union, like owning the hospital.

Greenlee spat that Erica had been vulnerable after the kidnapping, and David had used the opportunity to his advantage. David said that Erica had wanted him to love her, and he'd given her that, but Greenlee scoffed at the idea that he loved Erica. David bragged that it didn't matter, because he had the hospital, and he hadn't even needed a prenuptial agreement. Greenlee turned to leave in disgust, but he caught her arm and told her that no other woman could ever mean as much to him as she did. After David and Greenlee left, Jane removed her surgical mask and stared indignantly after them.

Erica begged Ben to tell her who was really in charge. Jane appeared in the doorway and mused that every word Erica had said had been true. Jane explained that Jackson had continued to fight for Erica, and Jane hadn't known that love like that existed. Jane acknowledged David was exactly like Erica had described, and she had realized that David didn't love her and had used her. Jane cried that she felt crushed all over again and didn't know how to make things right. Erica declared that she'd tell Jane exactly what to do.

While looking for Ryan, Greenlee found Kendall at ConFusion. Kendall revealed that Ryan was on a secret mission and that he had been tight-lipped when she had asked for information about David. Greenlee suggested that she herself might be able to obtain some information, and she confessed that her target was David. Kendall warned that David was dangerous, but Greenlee boasted that she had been successfully playing David and that working together had drawn her and Ryan closer. Kendall worried that David would become suspicious, but Greenlee maintained that once David saved someone, he believed that he owned them.

Ryan confronted Griffin at the hospital and noted that Griffin and Cara had a lot in common. Griffin tried to leave for rounds, but he stopped short when Ryan showed him the napkin. Ryan said that Cara hadn't even realized that she'd drawn the logo when she'd spoken about how David had helped save her life. Ryan accused Griffin of working for Project Orpheus, but Griffin warned him to back off. Ryan suspected that David had bribed Griffin by providing an expert to help Cara.

Ryan sympathized with Griffin's desire to want to save his sister, but he felt Griffin's expression of gratitude had gotten out of hand. Ryan asserted that Cara was innocent, but David's plans would blow up, and many people would get hurt. Griffin countered that the project was saving lives, but Ryan implored him to stop doing David's dirty work. Griffin called it medical science, but Ryan questioned whether Griffin understood the difference between good and evil.

David placed a call and told someone that people were asking too many questions, and they needed to move everyone, except for one person he preferred to take care of himself. David entered Dixie's room and found it empty.

Kathy and Cara tossed a Frisbee in the park, and Kathy gleefully threw the disc far over Cara's head. As Cara ran off to retrieve it, Kathy spotted Dixie, who staggered aimlessly while clutching her head. "Mommy?" a stunned Kathy called out.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Maya walked into the Chandler living room and caught JR downing a tumbler of alcohol. JR demanded that she close and lock the door between the living room and the foyer. Moments after Maya did so, Tad knocked at the door and requested entrance. JR gave Maya the alcohol and told her to hide it in a drawer. JR slid out to the foyer and closed the door behind him. JR told Tad that a new maid had been hired, and he was teaching her the ropes.

Tad looked at JR skeptically. Tad asked if JR had made it to the A.A. meeting. Tad was saddened to hear that JR felt he had better things to do than to talk with other alcoholics trying to stay dry. JR said that Tad didn't need to check in every time JR had a bad day. Tad, still doubtful, said that checking in was exactly what he needed to do.

In the living room, May a hid the alcohol as asked. When she turned around, she was stunned to see her boyfriend in the living room. He scowled and demanded to know what had just happened between Maya and JR. Mookie said that he thought Maya had acted too friendly toward her boss. Maya said that she had just been doing her job. Mookie roughly grabbed her and said that it looked as though JR had been hitting on Maya.

Maya begged Mookie to let her go, so that no one could walk in and see them. Maya was saved from further confrontation when Scott called to ask if Mookie was on his way. Mookie told Scott that he was on the property and would be at the gatehouse soon. After he ended the call, Mookie told Maya that he would be watching her

Tad and JR walked into an empty living room, and JR tried to redirect the conversation to Tad. Tad tried to resist, but JR continued to push. Tad admitted that he and Cara cared about one another, but noted that love couldn't be forced. Tad said that he often wondered if Dixie was the only true love he'd ever know. JR said that he was the last person that should dole out love advice. Tad said that if JR and Marissa could work things out, his faith in love would be restored.

AJ showed up and played a round of a game that Dixie had made for JR when JR was young. After AJ won the game, he excused himself to go watch a television show. Tad asked if JR wanted to play for second place, but JR quickly spiraled into a discussion of how his life had gone off course. JR said that he'd tried to have the perfect life, but he kept losing. Tad encouraged JR to dig himself out. JR said that in the past, he would do as Tad suggested but had given up after the last failure.

Tad realized that JR had already fallen off the wagon, and asked how many drinks JR had consumed. JR was truthful and added that he planned to have more. JR ambled over to the drawer where Maya had hidden the alcohol, and pulled out the bottle. While Tad looked on helplessly, JR poured the liquid into a coffee cup and downed it in one gulp. After the alcohol slid down JR's throat, JR told Tad that Marissa was a lesbian.

Angie stopped by David's office to get an update on the tests he'd been running. David said that the second skin sample seemed to be accepting treatment. In addition, the ophthalmologist reported limited scarring on Angie's retina. They talked about next steps, and David said that he was encouraged by the progress. Tears welled in Angie's eyes, and David asked what was wrong. Angie said that things had progressed better than she'd dared to hope -- and she owed her gratitude to David.

David added some drops to Angie's eyes, and then marveled that Angie was grateful to him. Angie noted that although David had ruined many lives, he'd saved just as many. Angie said that David gave her hope, much like what he'd done for Greenlee. David waxed nostalgic, and Angie stated that David still had feelings for Greenlee. David quickly changed the subject. Angie remarked that David's resilience and dedication to uncovering new ways to heal was something to be praised. David said that it didn't matter how much good he'd done. David said that the good work didn't matter because the people he loved were gone.

Angie said that she knew what it was like to lose someone important. David was uncomfortable with how close Angie was hitting to home. Angie ignored David's protests and talked about how devastated she would have been if she'd lost Lucy the way David had lost Leora. David said that he had failed his daughter, but Angie disagreed.

Angie realized that David felt the need to play God because he hadn't been able to affect change when it mattered. Because David hadn't been able to save his father, his brother, and two of his daughters, David felt the need to control when he could. Angie asked for confirmation, but David's phone rang before David could find any words. David's end of the conversation was brusque, and when he ended the call, David indicated he needed to leave. David said that he would have a nurse check to make sure Angie wasn't experiencing an adverse reaction. Angie wanted to talk some more, but David flew out of the room quickly.

Jane was incensed when she realized she'd walked into an intervention. Greenlee pointed out that David was often able to get people to do things they wouldn't normally do. Jane tried to blame someone else. She said that Greenlee had never liked her, and planned to use Jane's relationship with David to turn loved ones against her. Jane insisted that she was Erica Kane, but Jack quickly voiced his objection.

Jack said that since the kidnapping, his fiancée hadn't been the same person. Jane said that she had an obligation to her fans. Jack also pointed out that her involvement with Hayward was something that she never would have done before. Jane didn't want to hear the protests and tried to walk out, but Jack wouldn't let her. Jack pointed out that he had caught her with a drink in her hand. Jane insisted that she'd explained her actions, but no one seemed convinced.

Opal piped up and said that she, Kendall, and Bianca missed the way Erica had been. Greenlee added that she knew what it was like to be caught in David's spell. Jane flippantly noted that she was far better equipped to handle David than Greenlee had ever been. Bianca started to say something, and Jane was irate that Bianca was against her as well. Bianca noted that Erica had always talked about the strength of the Kane women and how they would always support each other.

Jane thought that Bianca was referring to an isolated incident, and apologized for the role she'd unwittingly played in Ricky's deception. Jane said that Bianca was fine, and said that they should all move on. Angered, Kendall said that she wasn't fine, and neither was her sister. Kendall said that they wouldn't be okay until they had their mother back. Stunned, Jane asserted that as adults, Kendall and Bianca needed to learn to pick themselves up, as opposed to waiting for mommy to fix everything.

Jane made a quick call, and Greenlee wanted to know who Jane had spoken to. Jane refused to divulge any information and insisted that she needed to be somewhere else. Opal, who had been consoling Bianca and Kendall, demanded to know how Erica could so carelessly attack her own daughters. Instead of answering directly, Jane demanded that if Opal had a problem with something Erica was doing, Opal needed to say so without the colloquialisms of her Southern upbringing.

Jane was determined to leave, but Jack tried to stop her. Before Jack could address any additional concerns, Kendall stood and announced that perhaps Erica was sick. Kendall held out her arms to her mother and said that as family, the group would support Erica until she was well again. Instead of embracing Erica's oldest daughter, Jane stepped back from Kendall and began to laugh. Jane said that the problem was with everyone else, as they couldn't accept "Erica" doing something unfamiliar.

Jack said that everyone was concerned about the drastic changes Erica had exhibited. Bianca again mentioned David and her desire to lessen David's impact on her mother. Without a second thought, Jane said that her relationship with David was one of the smartest things she'd ever done. Jane added that no one understood her relationship with David, professional or personal. Jack wanted to know what Erica meant, but Jane refused to answer. Jack continued to press for answers, but a knock on the door interrupted Jack's quest. Jane answered the door and let David in. The only one pleased to see David, Jane announced that she was in love with the doctor.

Jane apologized to David for not keeping their relationship under wraps. Jane described the inquisition and said that she'd blurted the news out to silence them. No one believed that Erica could have fallen for David. Bianca said that Jack was the only person who'd ever made Erica happy. Jane said that she'd changed since the accident, and that the only person who understood was David. Jane then pointed out that Greenlee had seen Jane and David slightly disheveled and marveled that Greenlee hadn't immediately taken the news to Jack.

Jack reeled from the admission that "Erica" had slept with David, and said that he needed to leave. Jane apologized and gave Jack the engagement ring she'd been wearing. Before he left, Jack said that Erica needed help and a therapist. Opal was the next to go and, on her way out, told "Erica" that they were no longer friends. Greenlee grabbed her things but admonished David for the choices he'd made. Greenlee said she had once thought there was some good in David -- but had been proven wrong.

Jane was glad when Greenlee left, and seemed oblivious to Kendall and Bianca watching her. Jane talked about how the intervention had been so uncomfortable. Jane said that she was unsure what she would have done if David hadn't rescued her. Kendall lost control and demanded that her mother snap out of the subservient role she'd assumed.

Kendall was certain that David was blackmailing her mother, and offered to confess to shooting David. Jane said that for once, her decision had nothing to do with Erica's daughters. Bianca demanded to know what David had done, but Jane intercepted the question. Jane said that David had given her everything she'd ever wanted, simply by being himself. Bianca said that David was using her mother. David finally spoke up and said that there was something he wanted. David got down on one knee, and proposed.

Ben checked in on Erica and asked about the progress on her book. Erica crumpled another page and threw it in frustration. Ben asked what was wrong, and Erica admitted that she'd never taken such a close look at her life. Erica said that she had previously only seen what she wanted to see. Erica told Ben that she wanted to take a different path, and tell the world the truth of what it truly meant to be Erica Kane.

Erica said that in her other books, she had told people what she wanted them to believe. Erica said she'd lied to everyone, including herself. Erica admitted that she had made it seem that she had a wonderful and loving relationship with Mona. Erica said that she had never appreciated the love and understanding that Mona offered. The more Mona had loved Erica, the more Erica had resisted. Erica said that she had tried to make Mona pay for her father's mistakes.

Erica talked about the night of her 14th birthday party and all of the promises her father had made to her. Erica shared that she'd been so excited for the lavish party, and to finally hear her father say that he loved her. Ben realized that instead of her dreams becoming reality, Erica had been plunged into a nightmare because she'd been raped that night. Erica talked to Ben in detail about what had happened that night, and how she'd found out she was pregnant. Mona had taken Erica away to give birth, and Erica noted that she hadn't seen her oldest daughter until Kendall was an adult.

Erica said that all the men in her life had been an attempt to feel safe. Ben asked if Erica had ever found a man that fit the bill. Erica said Jack was the only person who'd succeeded. Erica said that all she wanted to do was put her arms around Jack and make sure he understood how much she loved him. Erica noted that Jane's choices would decimate Jack. Erica was pained because she couldn't do anything to stop Jane.

Ben said Jane didn't know the things that Erica had just revealed to him. Erica said that she was just beginning to understand her truest feelings about herself. Erica was distraught that Jane could ruin Erica's entire life. Erica heard a thudding sound, and she asked what it was. Ben was alarmed but acted as though things were under control. Erica didn't believe him, and asked if someone was on the other side. Ben ran off to take care of the source of the noise.

Brot stopped by to see Jesse. The police chief had his hands full with his daughter, and his attempts to find a babysitter. Brot asked where Angie had gone. Jesse said that Angie had an appointment with David. Jesse mentioned his disgust that Angie would ever put her faith in a man like David. Brot was certain that because Angie hadn't seen the baby that hadn't survived, things would work out even if Angie's sight were restored.

Jesse remembered that it had taken him a long time to put Lucy in Angie's arms. Jesse wondered what he would do if Angie started to remember what had actually happened that night. Brot wondered if things would have been better if he hadn't shown up at the house with Lucy that evening. Jesse refused to let the thought be entertained, as he'd grown to love Lucy as if she were really his own.

Maya went to the hospital and found Frankie. She asked if the opportunity to babysit for Jesse and Angie was still available. Frankie told her that the previous babysitter had just quit, and that Maya's offer would be a great relief to his parents. Frankie asked if things were going poorly at the Chandler residence. Maya said that things had been fine until her boyfriend, the baby's father, had gotten a job there was well.

Frankie got a message from his mother and found her in David's office. Angie said that she wanted to leave the hospital as soon as possible, so she'd sent Chantal, David's assistant, to pick up a prescription. Frankie knew that Angie was worried about Jesse taking care of Lucy on his own. Frankie told Angie that their babysitter problems might be solved by the time they reached home.

Before he left, Brot told Jesse that he would babysit as long as he didn't have to change diapers. Jesse knew that he couldn't guarantee that, so the two men parted with a laugh. Jesse tried to enjoy a few moments of relative quiet while his daughter slept. Moments later, the phone rang, and Jesse was unable to locate it. After numerous rings, Lucy woke up and started to cry. Jesse was frantic when he heard a knock at the door. He opened it and found Maya at the threshold. Jesse remembered that Maya had previously offered to babysit, and gladly welcomed her in.

Angie and Frankie arrived home at that moment, and Frankie told his mother that Maya had arrived. Angie expressed her gratitude that Maya had agreed to help out. Jesse returned to the living room, whimpering daughter in hand, and introduced Lucy to Maya. Maya was worried that Lucy would be scared, but the little girl started to settle down the moment Maya cradled the baby close.



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