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All My Children Recaps: The week of August 29, 2011 on AMC
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Monday, August 29, 2011

In the park, Bianca revealed that she had decided to move out of Wildwind because she didn't want to continue to impose on Caleb's hospitality. Marissa confessed that she had also been thinking about moving out of the Yacht Club. Bianca and Marissa traded copies of the listings to houses that they had been looking at. Marissa was startled to see that Bianca was interested in buying a four-bedroom house, so Bianca explained that she had been hoping that Marissa and AJ would want to move in. Bianca realized that it might too fast, but Marissa quickly urged Bianca to look at the house that Marissa had been looking at. Bianca was surprised to see that it was also a four-bedroom house.

Marissa explained that she had been thinking along the same lines as Bianca. Bianca feared that Marissa might not be ready to take the next step, because Marissa was still new to being a lesbian, but Marissa was determined to follow her heart. Meanwhile, at the mansion, JR watched a video on his laptop of Marissa and Bianca making love. Dixie entered the parlor, and immediately noticed that JR was engrossed with his laptop, so JR explained that he had been working on getting his son back. JR claimed that he had been working on rescheduling things, so that he could attend daily Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Dixie beamed with joy because JR's commitment to sobriety meant that there was hope. Moments later, JR received a phone call, so he left the room. Dixie decided to call Marissa. Dixie acknowledged that things had gotten ugly with JR, but Dixie assured Marissa that JR was determined to make amends. Dixie wondered if Marissa would consider allowing AJ to visit JR, so Marissa offered to leave it up to AJ. JR returned to the parlor just as Dixie ended the call. Dixie apologized for interfering, but she explained that she had asked Marissa to stop by for a visit with AJ.

JR threw his arms around his mother, and then thanked her. Later, Marissa showed up without AJ. JR furiously accused Marissa of poisoning AJ's mind against him. Marissa reminded JR that AJ was afraid of JR, and then confessed that she couldn't blame their son. JR quickly reigned in his temper, and then apologized for the outburst. JR suggested that perhaps he could take AJ fishing off of the pier at the Yacht Club, which AJ loved to do. Marissa revealed that they would not be staying at the Yacht Club for long because Marissa and Bianca had decided to get a house together.

JR's anger once again flared. He insisted that he had worked hard to straighten out his life, but Marissa undermined his efforts by rubbing JR and AJ's noses in "it." Marissa was curious what that meant, so JR explained that he refused to let AJ live with the embarrassment of being raised by two lesbians. Marissa was shocked; she dared JR to spout his "homophobic BS" to a judge. JR was unapologetic as he warned Marissa that AJ would be subjected to torture and ridicule by his peers, who would relentlessly tease AJ about having a "lezzie" for a mom. JR begged Marissa to give AJ a fighting chance by letting AJ go.

Marissa argued that abandoning AJ was not a gift, and then pointed out that JR frightened AJ more than anyone else. Marissa vowed not to let JR spend time with AJ, so JR picked up his laptop. JR advised Marissa to rethink her stance on visitation, but Marissa refused to back down. "Just remember, I didn't want this to get ugly, but you forced my hand," JR warned Marissa as he clicked on the video. Marissa was horrified as she watched the video of her and Bianca in bed together. JR threatened to post the video for the world to see, if Marissa didn't cooperate.

JR also promised that it would appear as if Marissa had put the video online. "You are a son of a bitch," Marissa accused JR before she stormed out.

At Erica's penthouse, Erica napped on the sofa as she dreamed about her conversation with David, when he had implied that he had saved one of her loved ones. Erica's dream then switched to a time when Mike Roy had passionately kissed her. Erica woke up from the dream, and then quickly placed a call to someone. A short time later, Bianca stopped by to visit her mother. Erica was surprised when she learned that Bianca and Marissa had decided to move in together. Erica congratulated and then hugged her daughter.

Erica promised not to dwell on the negatives, but she hoped that "that apple didn't fall far from the trampy tree." Bianca confessed that she had thought that Erica would have an issue with David, not Krystal. Erica conceded that she'd had problems with David, but Erica was confident that they could learn to coexist for Bianca and Marissa's sakes. Bianca suggested that Erica and Krystal could do the same, but Erica refused to make any promises. The conversation took a turn when Bianca noticed the book, which Erica and Mike Roy had collaborated on, lying on the coffee table. Erica admitted that David had hinted that someone close to Erica might have been saved, but Bianca couldn't believe that Erica had fallen for that.

Erica realized that David might have lied, but Erica insisted that she couldn't dismiss the possibility entirely. Erica wondered how Bianca would feel if the person that David had referred to were Bianca's father, Travis. Bianca argued that Travis had died too long before. Erica agreed, which was why Erica suspected that the person David had been talking about was Mike Roy. Bianca confessed that she hadn't known much about Mike, so Erica explained that it had been complicated because Jack had always been jealous of Mike. Bianca reminded Erica that Erica had chosen Jack, so Bianca advised her mother to ignore David because it could jeopardize what Erica had with Jack. Erica explained that she couldn't do that.

At the hospital, Dixie warmly greeted Frankie when he entered the examination room. Frankie explained that Griffin was unavailable, but Dixie didn't mind because she was delighted to see Frankie. They spent a few minutes catching up before Dixie wondered what Frankie knew about suppressed memories. Dixie explained that she recalled very little about the time that she had spent in David's care, which made her feel as if something were off. Dixie was desperate to recover her memories, so that she could keep David from hurting anyone else.

Later, Dixie thanked Frankie for the referral that he had given to her. Erica walked up to ask to speak to Dixie, so Frankie left. Erica wondered if Dixie remembered anything from her time with David. Dixie shook her head, so Erica suggested that it might help if they talked about it. Dixie agreed, so they sat down as Erica peppered Dixie with questions. Erica was curious if Dixie recalled seeing any other patients during the recuperation.

Dixie admitted that there had been someone else in the room with her, but Dixie had only seen the person's hand. Erica wondered if the person had been wearing a thick silver masculine ring, but Dixie revealed that the hand had belonged to a woman. Dixie explained that she and Tad suspected that the woman had been Greenlee. Seconds later, Dixie recalled seeing a bracelet, which had the letter "B" dangling from it, on the woman's wrist. Erica realized that it couldn't have been Greenlee.

In David's room, David pulled away from a heated kiss with Cara when his cell phone rang. David glanced at the caller identification, but decided that the person calling wasn't important. David made a wisecrack about there really being a God, but Cara suggested that she thought that God had bigger things to worry about than David. "Really? Then I guess I'm one lucky SOB," David replied as he moved closer to pick up where he and Cara had left off. "Not as lucky as you think," Cara responded as she pulled away from the kiss.

David was taken aback when Cara made it clear that their night of intimacy had been a one-time thing. David questioned if perhaps Cara had intentionally seduced him to get some information about the Orpheus Project. Cara laughed, but then turned serious when she confessed that sleeping with David had felt right at the time, but she wasn't interested in getting involved with someone again, so she didn't want to continue a physical relationship with him. David seemed to accept her decision, so Cara resumed reviewing a file while David strolled over to his desk. However, he seemed deep in thought as he watched Cara.

Moments later, Cara expressed her frustration over Griffin's attempt to shut down the project. She offered to try to reason with her brother, but David admitted that that ship had sailed. Cara couldn't believe that David would give up so easily, but he assured her that he hadn't because he had Zach and Angie's support. Seconds later, Cara's cell phone rang. She took the call, and then afterwards revealed that she had to go to the hospital because Griffin hadn't been answering any of his pages.

Later, Erica entered David's office to talk to David. She offered to testify on his behalf if he agreed to give her information about the patient whom he had been taunting her about. David smiled indulgently and then explained that he had business to attend to, so she could see herself out. After David left, Erica searched his office. She found a file on the Orpheus Project, which included a page with a list of initials and facilities. Erica decided to copy the page when she discovered that M.R. was at a clinic on Spinnacle Street in Los Angeles.

At the apartment, Angie was curious if Maya were ready to raise the baby that Maya had given up. Maya wondered if Angie had doubts about Maya's ability to properly care for the baby. Angie reminded Maya that raising a child was a huge responsibility, which Maya hadn't been ready for after the baby's birth. Maya insisted that giving her daughter up had been a mistake. Angie could sense Maya's sincerity, so she promised Maya to help find the baby. Maya confided that she had prayed that her baby would end up with a great family, so Maya wondered what would happen if it turned out that her prayers had been answered.

Angie explained that Maya would handle the situation with sensitivity by thanking the family for caring for the baby. Maya admitted that it would be difficult to do that, knowing that she intended to rip the baby out of the family's life. Angie offered Maya words of comfort and encouragement, so Maya revealed the details about how she had left the baby in a squad car. Angie was hopeful that Jesse would be able to help them find the baby, but Maya feared that Jesse might arrest Maya for abandoning the baby. Maya remained reluctant to involve Jesse, but Angie assured Maya that Jesse could be trusted to help them. Maya relented, so she picked up Lucy and then handed the baby to Angie. Angie suggested that, if everything worked out, Lucy would soon have a new playmate.

At Krystal's restaurant, Tad was stunned when Jesse revealed that Lucy was Maya's biological daughter. Tad tried to get an explanation, but Jesse left. Tad eventually caught up to Jesse in the park. Jesse revealed that he had done everything to cover up, and to make certain that no one would be hurt by what he had done. Jesse insisted that his only goal had been to make Angie happy.

Jesse tearfully confessed that Ellie had been stillborn, so he had handed Angie a baby that hadn't been theirs, and then had prayed that the truth would never be discovered. Tad was shocked when Jesse revealed that the park bench that they were sitting on overlooked Ellie's resting place. Jesse was filled with regret that it seemed like Ellie had been discarded like a dirty little secret. However, Jesse confided that he visited the unmarked grave daily with flowers to show Ellie that she had been loved. Tad was saddened as Jesse talked about what it had been like to try to breathe life into Ellie, to no avail. Jesse admitted that it had felt like he had died, until Angie had woken up.

Jesse reminded Tad that Angie had sacrificed her eyesight for their daughter, so Jesse hadn't been able to give Angie a lifeless baby to hold. Tad watched as Jesse walked over to Ellie's grave and then gently placed a flower on top of it. Afterwards, Tad questioned Jesse about how Lucy had ended up with them. Jesse explained that Maya had left Lucy in a car, with a note that asked that the baby be placed in a good home. Jesse then revealed that it had been a coincidence when Angie had hired Maya to be Lucy's babysitter.

Jesse couldn't believe what a fool he had been to think that he could keep the truth from everyone. Tad reminded Jesse of what Tad had gone through during Tad's search for Kathy. He wondered if Jesse had been prepared to keep the truth about Lucy from Angie for the rest of their lives. Jesse couldn't answer, so Tad advised Jesse to take some time to think everything through. Jesse explained that he had been doing that from the beginning.

Tad regretted that he hadn't been there for Jesse after Ellie's loss, so he offered Jesse his condolences. Jesse confessed that he hated that there was more heartache in store for everyone. Later, Tad returned to Krystal's restaurant to meet Maya. Tad explained that he couldn't help Maya search for her daughter, but he was certain that she would soon understand. Maya was disappointed, but she thanked Tad for telling her.

Tad surprised Maya by suddenly speaking highly of Jesse and Angie as parents. He wanted Maya to remember that his friends had big hearts. Maya was curious what had prompted Tad to say those things, but Tad refused to elaborate. Maya was confused about why he would drop her as a client, and then randomly sing Jesse and Angie's praises. "Did you find out anything about my baby or not?" Maya demanded.

Jesse arrived home and found Angie waiting for him. Angie asked Jesse to take a seat and then explained that Maya's newborn daughter had been left in a squad car. Angie revealed that she had promised to help Maya find the baby, with Jesse's help. Angie sensed Jesse's objection, so she quickly tried to explain why it was important for her to help Maya reunite with the baby. "Stop," Jesse barked at Angie. He immediately apologized for yelling at her, but Angie assured him that she understood. Jesse revealed that he had to tell her something that he should have told her long before.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

At the hospital, Cara left Griffin a message asking if he had left town, because he hadn't returned her calls or responded to the hospital's pages. David overheard and commented that it was strange that Griffin had abruptly vanished, since Griffin had been determined to notify the FDA about Project Orpheus. Cara noted that Griffin had been known to disappear from time to time, but he'd never walk away from his patients. Cara appeared to become dizzy, and she blamed it on a head rush. She started to leave to find out whether Kendall had heard from Griffin, but David stopped her and said she didn't have to run away. She insisted she was just worried about her brother, and she departed.

Kendall arrived home and called out for Zach, who appeared in the doorway behind her. She asked where he had been, and he flashed back to his secret meeting with Griffin. Zach responded vaguely, and Kendall became suspicious, but he said he'd had to do what had needed to be done. Ryan and Greenlee entered, and Ryan accused Zach of attempting to ruin Ryan and Greenlee's lives. Ryan announced that Zach had intentionally outbid him on the commercial building.

Zach smiled smugly and called it a business decision, but Greenlee accused Zach of doing David's dirty work. Ryan wondered if Zach had spied on them, and Greenlee argued that Zach's actions had hurt Kendall, too. Zach said it wasn't up for discussion, and he left the room. Kendall followed him and inquired whether he'd had to purchase the building, but Zach simply stated that Ryan and Greenlee would get over it. He questioned whether Kendall was still with him all the way, and she assured him that she was. Zach mused that everything was going according to plan, and he asked if she trusted him enough to hear another secret.

Greenlee realized that Kendall hadn't known about Zach's building purchase, and she refused to give up on Zach. Ryan thought that more was going on. Meanwhile, after Zach told Kendall his secret, he implored Kendall to stand by him, because he was doing everything for them. The doorbell rang, and Kendall answered it to Cara. Cara asked if Kendall had heard from Griffin, because Cara had a feeling that something bad had happened to her brother.

Cara explained that Griffin hadn't answered her calls, and Greenlee pointed out that he was known for being "MIA." Cara asserted that Griffin had been determined to shut down Project Orpheus, and he never would have left town when he'd thought Cara was in danger. Kendall suggested that he was simply blowing off steam. Ryan pulled Zach aside and asked if Zach knew whether David had something to do with Griffin's disappearance.

Cara received a text message from Griffin apologizing that he hadn't said goodbye. The message stated that he'd returned to Doctors Without Borders, because there had been nothing to keep him in Pine Valley anymore. Cara read aloud that Griffin didn't intend to go to the FDA, because he couldn't say no to Cara, and he would be out of touch for a while, but he'd be thinking of her. Cara apologized for confronting Kendall, and Zach walked Cara out. Kendall expected Greenlee and Ryan to trash Zach, and she asked them to leave.

Greenlee remarked that Zach hadn't seemed like himself since he'd returned. Kendall argued that he'd almost died, but Greenlee maintained that Zach's demeanor was beyond acting confused. Ryan noted that it seemed like David was controlling Zach. Kendall insisted that Zach was just grateful, but Greenlee worried it would get worse. Kendall pointed out that Greenlee had married David after David had treated her, and Ryan said that helped to prove that David was manipulating Zach in a similar way.

Kendall asserted that Zach didn't have to explain himself, but Ryan pointed out that Zach had bought real estate just to prove himself to David. Kendall was glad that David had given her Zach back, and she told the Laverys again to leave, but Ryan and Greenlee insisted that they just wanted to help her. Greenlee observed that Kendall was struggling, and she suspected that Kendall hadn't truly accepted the situation. Kendall blurted that she hated what was going on.

Kendall quickly clarified that Zach's return had been challenging, but Ryan suspected that she knew more. Ryan and Greenlee badgered Kendall to reveal what else she knew, but Kendall retorted that Ryan had been attacking Zach since his return. Ryan surmised that Zach had dragged Kendall into his plans, and Greenlee wondered why Zach would go to such extremes to help David. Kendall repeated Zach's words that he was doing what needed to be done. Greenlee said that Zach didn't take orders from anyone, and an irritated Kendall snapped that they wouldn't understand. Ryan asked her to explain.

At Krystal's, May a demanded to know if Tad had found out anything about her baby. Tad explained that it had been a mistake for him to take her case. Maya was baffled, because Angie had been certain that he'd help Maya find her daughter. Tad declined to say anything more, and he walked out.

Frankie and Randi tried to calm a screaming Lucy in the park, and Maya arrived and instructed Randi how to hold the bottle, to no avail. Maya stepped in and tended to the baby, who immediately stopped crying. Randi and Frankie marveled that Maya had the magic touch, but Maya replied that she'd had a lot of practice. Randi left to return to work, and Frankie complimented Maya's rapport with Lucy. Maya hoped whoever had her baby was doing just as good a job, and she forlornly disclosed that that Tad had mysteriously dropped her case. Maya had a feeling that Tad had found something out that had made him not want to help her.

Frankie insisted that Tad wouldn't hold out on Maya, and he suspected that the case had hit too close to home. Frankie explained that Kathy had been missing after Dixie had given her away, and Tad had spent years searching for his daughter. Maya wondered why Tad wouldn't help, and Frankie speculated that perhaps it was too painful, but Maya believed that Tad wanted her to stop looking. She vowed not to give up, because the longer she was apart from her child, the more she wanted her baby back. She cooed words of comfort to Lucy.

After Frankie left, May a cuddled Lucy and hoped her little girl was as sweet as Lucy. Maya was thankful that she'd learned to be a better mother as a result of her time with Lucy. Maya told the baby that she loved Lucy as if Lucy were her own.

At the hospital, Dixie asked to see Griffin, but a nurse informed her that he wasn't in. David offered to take care of Dixie right away and suggested that he examine Dixie, but she coldly reminded him that he didn't have a medical license. He reasoned that he knew her medical history and had saved her life on multiple occasions, but she countered that he'd also ruined her life several times. He credited himself with her being alive, but she was upset that she had no idea what he'd done to her.

David recalled that Dixie had once trusted him and had given in to her feelings for him, but Dixie spat that she only felt disgust toward him. He asked how he could help and assured her of doctor-patient confidentiality, and she stared at him in shock. He understood that she hated him, but he rationalized that if she needed treatment, he was the only one who could help. Dixie looked crestfallen, and she flashed back to seeing a bracelet with the letter "B" on a woman's hand. Dixie reluctantly agreed to a quick exam.

David listened to Dixie's heart, and she had another flashback to David hovering over the woman wearing the bracelet. David reported that Dixie's heart rate had just spiked. She said the exam reminded her of when he'd previously treated her. He remarked that it should be a pleasant memory, since he had restored her health, but she retorted that she had been in and out of consciousness at the time. Dixie revealed that she'd seen another woman in David's lab, but David claimed that it had been Nurse Gayle.

Dixie was certain that another patient had been next to her on a gurney, but David explained that Dixie had been on many medications, and he concluded that she had experienced a hallucination. Dixie grabbed him and demanded to know who had been in the room with her. Tad entered and was stunned to find David and Dixie together. Dixie explained that she'd stopped by see Griffin, but David had examined her. Tad stormed out, and Dixie prepared to follow him. David snarled that her plan had backfired.

Tad arrived home with Dixie hot on his heels. She wanted to explain, but he said he didn't want to know. Dixie had hoped that if she put herself into a similar position as when she'd been treated by David, she'd remember something. A livid Tad couldn't believe that after everything David had done to them and Kathy, Dixie would let David put his hands on her again. Cara listened from the foyer.

Tad spotted Cara and reminded her that they had their Immigration interview that afternoon, and Cara apologized for interrupting. He suggested they go through their answers again, and Dixie made a quick exit. Tad suggested that Cara change clothes, but she declared that she wasn't going to the interview. He told her that would be a mistake, and she shrugged and acknowledged that she'd made a lot of them lately.

Zach entered David's office, and David told someone on the phone that something didn't make sense. David hung up and declared his surprise regarding Griffin's text message, which he believed hadn't been legitimate. David asked Zach what had really happened to Griffin, since Zach had made it clear that he'd wanted Griffin out of the way. Zach referred to details of the text message, but David demanded to know what Zach had done. Zack remarked that David wouldn't want to know.

At the Hubbard home, Angie assumed Jesse was upset about Maya abandoning her baby, but an emotional Jesse explained that he had something to tell Angie. He professed his love, and he swore everything he'd done had been out of that love. She became scared and begged Jesse to talk to her. He softly said that he should have told her something long before, but he hadn't wanted to hurt her. He confessed that they'd lost their baby. Angie gasped in shock.

Angie immediately freaked out that something had happened to Lucy, and she frantically reached for the phone to call Frankie. Jesse clarified that Lucy was fine, and Angie became confused. She yelled at Jesse to tell her what was going on, and he admitted that Lucy wasn't their baby. Angie didn't understand, and Jesse stammered that Lucy didn't belong to them. He continued that he'd tried everything to save their baby, but she hadn't been breathing when she had been born.

A bewildered Angie remembered when Jesse had put Lucy in her arms, and the baby had been perfectly fine. Jesse agreed that Lucy had been perfect, but Ellie hadn't been. He lamented that Angie had given up her sight for her child, and he had been determined not to let her sacrifice mean nothing. She asserted that she'd stopped taking her medication to ensure her baby was healthy, and the baby had been. Jesse confessed that he had placed another baby in her arms, and he tried to embrace Angie. Angie struggled against him, and he apologized for breaking her heart, but she couldn't believe that any part of his story was true. Choking back tears, he whimpered that their baby was gone. "Stop lying to me!" she bellowed.

Angie began to cry and expressed her disbelief that Jesse could be so cruel. "Tell me the damn truth," she barked. He took her hand and led her to the couch. He blamed himself for taking her to the house where she'd given birth, and he wished he'd rushed her to the hospital when she'd had her first contraction. She contended that it had been her choice to stay, and everything had turned out fine.

Jesse recalled that he had delivered their daughter, who hadn't been breathing, and he had tried CPR and had begged Ellie to take a breath. Angie refused to believe that was what had happened. Jesse bemoaned that he'd done everything he could, but he hadn't been able to save Ellie. Angie screamed that he was lying. Jesse recounted that he had held Ellie in his arms and had apologized to both Angie and Ellie, because he had promised to deliver the baby safely, but he'd let them down. He murmured that Ellie had known they'd loved her, and she was at peace.

Jesse admitted that he'd placed Lucy in Angie's arms, and he had buried Ellie. Angie slapped him and shouted that she didn't believe him. He cried that he'd wanted to tell her, but he hadn't wanted to hurt her. She covered her face in her hands and sobbed, but she gradually calmed down and asked him to take her to Ellie. Jesse balked, and she begged to know what he'd done with their daughter. He said Ellie was under a beautiful tree in a beautiful spot, but Angie wanted him to show her.

Jesse led Angie through the park and told her when they'd reached Ellie's gravesite. Angie knelt to the ground and touched the dirt, and she reacted as if she had been burned. She denied that anything Jesse had said was true, and she refused to acknowledge that her daughter had died. Jesse held her, and she knelt back down again as reality sunk in. "Oh, baby, my baby," she sobbed, "I want her back. Give her back to me!" She tore at the ground with her hands, and Jesse tried in vain to console her.

Angie collapsed to the ground in anguish, and she apologized to Ellie. "Oh, Ellie, Mommy's here," she cried. "I'm so sorry, baby girl, I'm so sorry I never got to hold you, never got to kiss you, never got to say ..." Angie's voice trailed off, and she broke down in heaving sobs. Jesse sat helplessly with his arms around his wife.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

At the hospital, David received a critical patient named Agnes Eckhart. He said he'd do everything he could to save her, because Pine Valley Hospital wouldn't have been on the map without her. Cara evaluated the patient and quickly gleaned that she had botulism. Cara treated Agnes and deduced that she'd be just fine.

When David entered, Agnes said she'd been in the tunnel of light, and David's father had a message for him. Agnes said David's father had been concerned about David making the wrong choices. Cara left the room, and Agnes wished to show Cara some gratitude for saving Agnes. David mentioned Cara's immigration troubles, and Agnes asked to hear more about it.

In David's office later, David told Cara that Agnes loved happy endings, and her friends in the State Department had agreed with her that Cara should be granted legal status based on merit, not marriage. Cara was stunned, and David asked her what was wrong. She told David that she appreciated him calling the situation to Agnes' attention -- more than he'd ever know.

At the Martin house, Dixie was surprised to hear that Tad and Cara hadn't gone to the Immigration meeting. Dixie mentioned David, and Tad said that seeing her and David had dredged up bad memories. Tad preferred to forget about it, but Dixie insisted upon facing their issues, because they planned to have a future together.

Tad told Dixie that it had deeply hurt him when she'd left while pregnant with Kathy. Dixie apologized, and he said he was upset because it seemed to be happening all over again with Cara. Dixie sobbed, saying that she'd hurt Tad badly. Tad comforted her by insisting that the past was in the past. He forgave her for it; however, she said his reaction to seeing her with David earlier had made her doubt he'd ever fully forgive her.

Tad assured her that he'd forgiven her; however, forgetting was the hard part. Dixie blamed herself for Cara turning to David, and Dixie figured that some small part of Tad blamed her, too. Tad explained that he'd moved forward with Cara because he'd decided that he could no longer live in the past. Dixie mumbled that his past had then just shown up. Tad didn't see it as bad. Even though they had a past, he was glad for the chance to pick up where they had left off and get it right. Dixie asked if he had any regrets about Cara, and he shook his head.

Just then, Cara rushed into the house to tell Tad that she'd gotten her green card, and he was free. Cara explained what Agnes had done, and Tad wondered what was next. Cara planned to move out as soon as she could. Tad offered to help her, but she figured she'd used up all her favors. Tad replied that she'd paid him back a thousand times. Cara said she wouldn't forget all he'd done for her. The two hugged, and Cara left. Outside, she removed her ring.

At Krystal's, Marissa informed Bianca that JR was blackmailing her. Bianca was shocked that JR had recorded her and Marissa together. Marissa wondered what she'd do, but Bianca replied that the only way to fight JR was together. The couple discussed whether the tabloid gossip would affect them, and if they'd face prejudice. Glad that Bianca was her partner, Marissa stated that she'd wanted to share their news with the world in their own way. Bianca said it was okay to love whom they wanted to love, because they deserved happiness.

At the mansion, JR prepared for AJ's homecoming. Scott advised JR to get to a company meeting before he lost the company altogether. Planning to deal with the company after he got AJ back, JR touted that he had a secret weapon against Marissa. Scott glanced at JR's laptop and was outraged to see that JR had recorded Marissa and Bianca in the throes of passion.

JR figured Scott shouldn't even care, because Marissa had renounced them and men everywhere. JR insisted that his son didn't need to grow up in that kind of environment, and Scott scoffed to think it could be better to be raised by a blackmailing drunk. JR claimed he was done with the booze, but he doubted Marissa would cease being a lesbian. Scott threatened to stop JR, but JR said that with one click, the video would go viral.

Scott couldn't believe JR's audacity, but JR claimed Marissa, the wimp, would cave in before anyone actually saw the video. Colby entered, and Scott asked if she was in on the scheme. Colby asked if JR had done something to make him hate her. Colby looked at the laptop, and JR snatched it away. Liza entered to work on the custody case, but Colby asserted that JR didn't deserve Liza's help.

Liza was outraged to discover that JR had another copy of the video. She quit being his lawyer, and he called off their deal. Colby wondered about the deal, and Liza admitted that JR had offered to help her get Colby back in exchange for Liza being his lawyer. Liza said it was a stupid thing to do, but if Colby no longer wanted to live with JR, she could have her old room back. "I'll take it," Colby replied and left with her mother.

Scott left, too, but not before warning JR against using the video. Alone, JR said he didn't need any of them because his son was returning home. Later, Scott returned and found AJ nowhere in sight. JR was certain AJ would be there. Just then, Marissa entered with Bianca and said AJ wouldn't be there. JR replied that they knew what that meant. Marissa ordered JR to release the tape, because she wouldn't be blackmailed.

JR found it hard to believe, but Marissa stood her ground, touting that she and Bianca could handle anything together. Marissa stated that JR would be the one to hurt people, not she and Bianca. Marissa added that if AJ asked from where the video had derived, she'd tell him that his father had done it. Bianca and Marissa marched out, and Scott quipped that Marissa wasn't such a wimp, after all.

In the park, a distraught Angie asked Jesse to tell her about Ellie. Jesse sobbed as he described their deceased daughter. Angie and Jesse recounted the moments before and after the birth. Angie realized she'd sensed something had been wrong, and she questioned how another baby could have been put in her arms. Angie remembered how long it had taken Jesse to give Lucy to her, and Jesse recalled that he'd been hopeless until he'd heard another baby's cry.

Jesse explained that someone had left Lucy in a box with the hope that Lucy would find a good home. Angie sadly thought of Maya, who'd wanted the same thing for her baby. Suddenly, Angie gasped and asked if Maya were Lucy's mother. Jesse affirmed it, and Angie couldn't believe Jesse had let Maya care for Lucy under those circumstances. Angie screamed that she wasn't the mother, and she wondered if Jesse had thought about Maya's feelings. Jesse said that Maya had left the baby and hadn't been looking for her at the time. "Well, she's looking now, and we have to tell her the truth," Angie concluded.

Angie figured Maya would want the baby back. Jesse suggested they go home to work things out, but Angie refused to leave her baby. She said she hadn't had the chance to say goodbye because Jesse had chosen for her. Sobbing, Angie decided that she needed time with Ellie to let Ellie know that her mother loved her. Jesse didn't want to go, but Angie wailed at him to leave her alone with her baby. He left and stood among the trees as Angie caressed the ground.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

At her penthouse, Erica showed Opal the file she'd stolen from David's office, and she voiced her suspicion that a patient with a Los Angeles address and the initials M.R. was Mike Roy. Opal thought that Erica had given up on the idea that David was holding Mike, but Erica speculated Mike was alive in California. Jackson entered and hoped Opal had convinced Erica not to chase ghosts. Erica gushed that she loved her life and had no desire to live in the past, but she questioned what Jackson would do if he learned that someone he'd once loved was still alive. Jackson reminded her that he'd already told her to do what she felt she needed to do.

Jackson commented that Erica's book was creating a stir, and her publisher had booked her on talk shows on the west coast. Erica hesitated to leave town, but Jackson mentioned that she'd only need to be in L.A. for a few days. Erica suddenly agreed to go, and Opal shot her a knowing look. Jackson explained that he had work obligations, so couldn't join her on her trip, but he offered to have his office make the travel arrangements. He kissed Erica goodbye, and he left. Opal shook her head and accused Erica of only making the trip to search for Mike, and she urged Erica to tear up the file before Erica's relationship with Jackson fell apart.

At the hospital, David presented Agnes with flowers to thank her for her help with obtaining Cara's green card, and Agnes credited Cara with saving her life. Agnes asked whether he'd thought more about the message from his father, but David was skeptical that his deceased father had told Agnes to advise David to make the right choice. David declared that he already had, because his major medical breakthrough would change the way people looked at life and death. He inquired whether his father had said anything else. "Leave God's work to God," Agnes quoted.

Later, Erica ran into David at the hospital, and she crowed that she was completely happy with Jackson. David wondered if she was trying to convince him or herself, and she declared that she didn't care if David was hiding all of her lost loves. David said he was happy for her, and he exited. She pulled the stolen list of addresses from a folder, and she threw it into the trash.

Erica stepped into Agnes' room to check on her longtime friend. Agnes revealed that she'd had a wonderful near-death experience, but Erica assured her that Agnes would be back up on her feet in no time. Agnes disclosed that she'd seen Mona, who had given her a message to pass along to Erica. Erica understood that Agnes and Mona had been close, but she remarked that Mona had been gone for years. "Be satisfied with your life in Pine Valley," Agnes stated.

Erica insisted that she was happy, because she had Jackson and her daughters, and she wasn't looking for anything else. Agnes pointed out that Mona had thought that Erica was fascinated by life outside Pine Valley, and Erica murmured that Mona was still looking out for her. Erica told Agnes to assure Mona that she would be fine and not to worry, and she left. "Just as you predicted, Mona," Agnes said, shaking her head. Meanwhile, Erica fished the list from the trash and placed it back inside her folder.

Jackson stopped by to see David. Jackson said that while David had people thinking he walked on water, Jackson swore that David wouldn't drag Erica down with him when he sank. Later, Opal met Erica at ConFusion, and Erica asked if Opal believed in the afterlife. Opal absolutely did, and she wondered why Erica was interested. Erica announced that she planned to go to L.A. to promote her book, and she wanted Opal to join her.

Erica asserted that she couldn't tell Jackson about Mike, and she pleaded with Opal to keep her secret. Jackson arrived and informed Erica that she was booked on the next flight to L.A. Opal informed Jackson that Erica wanted Opal to accompany her, and Jackson was relieved that Opal would be there to help keep Erica out of trouble. Opal left to pack, and Jackson remarked that he was proud of Erica for not letting David push her buttons. Erica said it would take more than David to cause problems in their relationship.

At Krystal's, Bianca prayed that JR wouldn't release the video, and Marissa vowed not to allow JR near AJ. AJ noticed the women holding hands, and Marissa explained that she and Bianca liked one another. AJ said that he liked them, too, and he placed his hands on top of theirs. Tad entered and commented that they looked like a happy family. Bianca led AJ to the kitchen, and Tad asked Marissa what JR had done. Marissa informed him about the video, and Tad assumed JR intended to use it to get AJ back.

Marissa hoped Tad could talk to JR, but Tad regretted that he hadn't been able to get through to him. Marissa wondered who could reach JR, and Tad noted that JR had inherited a good side from Dixie, and he thought eventually JR would have to listen to his mother. After Tad left, Marissa fretted to Bianca how she'd explain the video if AJ saw it. "Mommy, look!" AJ exclaimed, as he pointed to something on his laptop.

AJ showed Marissa a picture of a house he'd drawn on his computer. Bianca asked to borrow the machine, and she showed Marissa a house that had just gone on the market. Marissa gushed that she loved it, and she believed they should focus on thinking positively. Bianca suggested they pick up Miranda and Gabby and check out the house together, and Marissa informed AJ that they were about to embark on an adventure.

Marissa and Bianca arrived at the house and were disappointed to spot a sign that stated that the house had been sold. The women admired how well their kids played together, and they agreed that they were already a family. Bianca rang the doorbell and informed Marissa that she was continuing to think positively. Bianca called the Realtor, and she learned that the sale had fallen through, so the house was still available if they wanted it. They danced for joy on the porch.

At the Chandler mansion, JR flashed back to Marissa refusing to give in to his blackmail. He cursed her name and blamed her for forcing him to use the sex tape to save his son. Dixie entered and spotted JR staring at his computer, and she asked if "it" was on the Internet already. JR looked up in surprise, but she announced that the Chandler Enterprises board of directors had ousted him. Dixie explained that the board had called her only because they hadn't been able to reach him, but JR vowed that his first priority was to get his son back, no matter what the cost.

Dixie ordered JR to stop feeling sorry for himself, and she wondered why he was peering at his computer screen so intently. Tad walked in and revealed that JR had made a sex tape to blackmail Marissa with. Dixie was shocked, but JR reasoned that he'd had no choice. JR berated Marissa and thought she should be ashamed of herself, but Tad replied that the only person he was ashamed of was JR. Dixie added that they couldn't do anything to save JR, and she suggested that she and Tad focus on saving AJ.

Dixie condemned JR for spewing hatred, and she pulled out a photo of Adam and JR from when JR had been AJ's age. She asked what JR wanted to pass on to his son and whether he wanted AJ to be like him. Dixie recalled happy moments between Adam and JR, and she hoped AJ would one day remember more than JR's anger. JR swore not to lose his son, but Dixie contended that he already had. Tad recalled that he had been afraid of his own father, and even years after the Martins had adopted him, he had been scared that Ray would return. Tad warned that AJ would sense JR's anger and blame himself, and AJ would think he hadn't made JR happy.

JR said he missed AJ, and Dixie encouraged him to fill the empty pages in the photo album with happy memories. JR asked how, and Dixie counseled him to stop attacking Marissa and to pull his life together. JR grabbed his computer and walked out. Tad hoped they'd gotten through to JR, and Dixie was certain that JR was a good person deep down and that she and Tad had done the right thing. Tad took Dixie's hand and agreed, and she thanked him for never giving up on JR and for being the one constant in her son's life.

At Krystal's, Bianca and Marissa explained to the kids that they would be a special family. Miranda and AJ asked about the house, and Bianca said they were waiting to hear whether their offer had been accepted. Bianca's phone rang, and a dejected look crossed her face as everyone stared at her expectantly. She hung up, and after a pause, Bianca exclaimed, "Yes!" Marissa and the kids cheered excitedly. Marissa and Bianca happily embraced, but their mood turned sober when they spotted JR in the doorway.

Bianca told JR that he had already done enough, and Marissa refused to allow JR to scare AJ again. JR handed Marissa the DVD with the sex video, and he snapped that it was one less scary thing for her to complain about. JR condemned Bianca and Marissa for having been intimate with one another, and the women were appalled that he was blaming them for his actions. He spat that they had stopped him from using the video, but he'd find another way to get his son back.

Jesse awakened Angie in the park, but she told him she wanted to be alone. Jesse stated that he couldn't leave her there, but Angie countered that she couldn't leave Ellie. Jesse suggested that they go home, but Angie proclaimed that she'd seen Ellie, and for a moment, she had thought that Ellie's death had been a nightmare. She had felt Ellie sleeping peacefully in her arms, and she had imagined that Ellie had been dreaming about Angie.

Jesse called the image amazing, and Angie insisted that she and Ellie were connected. She began to cry and questioned why Ellie had needed to die, and Jesse wished he had the answers. Angie begged God to tell Ellie that Angie would always remember her, and she promised to see Ellie's beauty in every child once her sight was restored. Angie vowed to do her best on earth, so that in heaven, she could hold her baby for the first time. "Amen," Jesse softly said, as he fought back tears.

Jesse led Angie home, and he proposed that they wait to tell Maya the truth, but Angie pointed out that Maya was desperate to find her baby. Angie remembered how she'd felt in the seconds after she'd given birth, when she'd suspected something had been wrong, and she refused to make Maya wait one more second. She requested that she tell Maya alone. Jesse kissed her forehead and said he would always love her, and he departed. Angie looked startled when she heard Lucy cry.

At the police station, Brot handed Jesse some coffee. Jesse explained that he'd spent the night watching over Angie at Ellie's grave, because he had told Angie the truth. Brot was stunned, and Jesse explained that Maya had been on a mission to find her baby, so he'd had to confess. Brot wondered if Angie planned to tell Maya. Jesse understood that Angie couldn't lie like he had, but Brot pointed out that everything Jesse had done had been out of love. Jesse wailed that he had lost his daughter, and because of what he'd done, he could lose everything.

Brot offered to take the blame for the situation, and Jesse appreciated Brot's loyalty, but he refused to let Brot risk his badge. Brot thought Angie would eventually understand Jesse's actions, and Jesse promised that he'd spend the rest of his life making it up to her, if she let him. Later, Jesse arrived to see David, who asked if Angie was ready for the surgery. Jesse insisted that they needed to call off the procedure.

David reminded Jesse that Angie was desperate to see again, but Jesse argued that she was in no condition for surgery, because her blood pressure was probably much higher than normal. David agreed to postpone it until Angie was ready, and Jesse thanked him. David remarked that he wanted it done right, so Angie could finally see her beautiful little girl. Jesse looked stricken, but he remained silent.

Angie cuddled Lucy and mused that she'd lost her baby, but she didn't feel like Lucy wasn't hers. Maya rushed in and expressed relief, because she had been concerned when she hadn't found Lucy in her room. Maya noticed that Angie was distraught, and she asked if the baby was okay. Angie assured Maya that the baby was perfectly fine, and Maya hoped her child was half as sweet as Lucy. Angie said Maya's baby was just as sweet and just as beautiful. Maya slowly realized that someone had found her baby, and Angie nodded that it was true. Maya begged to know where her daughter was, and Angie smiled and said she was right there -- Lucy was Maya's baby.

A confused Maya wondered what Angie meant, and Angie explained that Maya had left Lucy in a squad car, and Jesse was chief of police. Maya asked about Angie's baby, and Angie sadly revealed that Ellie was gone and that Jesse had given her Lucy, but the baby belonged to Maya. Maya called the story incredible and expressed her condolences about Ellie. Lucy gurgled happily, and Maya marveled that while she'd hoped her baby had been with a loving family, Lucy couldn't have found a better one.

Angie suggested that Maya hold Lucy, but Maya balked, because she worried that Lucy would remember that Maya had given her up. Angie soothingly said that Lucy had known who Maya was the first time Maya had held the baby at the Hubbard home. Angie believed that Maya and Lucy had found their way back to one another. "Do you want to go to Mommy?" Angie cooed to Lucy, and she handed the girl to Maya. An emotional Maya took Lucy and held her close, and Angie's eyes filled with tears.

Maya realized that it was torture for Angie to give back Lucy, and she offered to leave, but Angie said she couldn't imagine her home without Lucy. Angie asked them to stay until Maya found a place of her own. Maya agreed and offered to let Angie hold Lucy, but Angie hesitantly declined. Jesse arrived home and looked devastated when he saw Maya holding Lucy.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Tad arrived home as Cara was stacking her suitcases in the foyer. Tad insisted that Cara didn't need to move out so quickly. Cara said that Tad had given her the perfect marriage, so she wanted to give him the perfect divorce. Cara said that neither one of them could have expected Dixie's return, and added that Tad deserved time alone with Dixie to figure out where they stood without having to worry about Cara. Tad knew that Cara was making the best choice for all involved, but couldn't leave things like that.

Tad said that he enjoyed caring about Cara, and said that he wouldn't stop doing so just because Dixie was back in his life. They traded compliments about how amazing they thought the other was until Cara started to cry. They joked about how they would split the assets, but ended up sharing custody of the beautiful memories they'd made.

Tad suggested that Jack would likely be able to draw up their divorce papers. Tad then thanked Cara for saving his life. Cara was certain that the reverse had been true. Tad said that he'd been stuck in a rut and had dragged his family in with him. When a wife that he hadn't wanted or expected showed up, he had woken up and learned how to be excited about life again. Tad admitted he was grateful for what Cara had done for him. Cara said that she'd thought Tad wanted more from her than simple gratitude. They each said that they had gotten exactly what they'd asked for.

Tad asked if Cara planned to continue to work with David. Cara said that she would, so Tad asked Cara to keep her eyes open. Cara agreed, and then thanked Tad for what he'd done to give her hope for a future. Tad asked if he could drive Cara to the Yacht Club, but Cara said that Krystal had already volunteered for the job. Tad realized that he needed to let Cara go, so they hugged gently and kissed each other one final time.

When Erica showed up at the Slater residence, Zach told her that she'd just missed Kendall and the boys. Erica said that she actually wanted to talk to Zach. Erica said that Zach wasn't the same person she'd known. Zach reminded her that a near-death experience could change a person. Erica said that there was more, and Zach urged her to make her point. Erica asked Zach to tell her what he was hiding about David.

Zach assured Erica that even though he supported David, David didn't instantly reveal all of his secrets. Erica mentioned that she wanted to pursue a lead she'd found on someone she had once loved. She asked Zach for confirmation. Zach encouraged Erica to drop the search. Erica wanted to know why Zach was protecting David. Zach said he wanted to protect Erica. Zach said that if Erica continued to push, many people would be hurt.

Erica wondered how Zach could equally protect David and warn Erica against him. Erica asked if Kendall and the boys were safe. Zach said that his family would remain untouched by his dealings with David. Zach again told Erica to abandon the pursuit, because the territory she was about to enter was a lot bigger than Erica realized.

Erica thanked Zach for the warning but said that she would solve the mystery she'd uncovered. Erica tried to leave, but Zach urged Erica to sit down. When Erica finally obliged, Zach said that he didn't want anything to happen to her. He then informed Erica that if she continued to push, she would endanger their entire family.

Erica asked if Zach thought she needed to do what he said without question. Zach told her that if she wanted to go to Los Angeles to look for her lost love, she should. However, Zach warned her to stay away from David. Erica couldn't mistake the seriousness of Zach's tone and, before she left the Slater house, agreed to Zach's request.

Later, Zach found Erica at the airport and said that he wanted to make sure she didn't miss her flight. Erica thought that Zach didn't trust her. Zach said that Erica needed to learn how to trust him, despite not knowing the details. Zach then told Erica to return to town soon so that she didn't miss all of the fun.

Frankie found David at the hospital. Frankie asked David to put in a good word with Dr. Glacier so that Frankie could observe his mother's surgery. David said there was no need, as the surgery had been postponed. David related his conversation with Jesse -- he'd explained the risks of surgery, and Jesse said that Angie had been under a lot of stress. Frankie wanted to know the source of the stress, but David was unsure. David urged Frankie to fix things, as the surgery was Angie's only chance to see again.

Jesse arrived home and saw Maya with Lucy on her lap. Jesse admitted that he didn't know what to say, as sorry seemed inadequate. As Angie sat stoically nearby, May a said that no apologies were necessary. Maya said that Angie had told her what had happened the night Lucy had been born. Maya said that she felt horrible for their loss, and couldn't imagine what Jesse had gone through. Maya added that she understood Jesse's actions, as he'd just wanted to protect his wife.

Angie said that sometimes, pain couldn't be avoided. Jesse said that there was no excuse for him lying to both Angie and Maya. Maya said that she had been scared that night, but had known that she had to find a safe place for her baby. Maya was grateful that Jesse and Angie had taken such good care of her daughter. At that moment, Frankie walked in and demanded to know why Angie's surgery had been postponed. Angie was surprised at the news, so Jesse admitted that he'd intervened because he was worried about Angie's health. Frankie asked about the source of Angie's stress.

Jesse said that he'd been harboring a secret. Jesse sat the family down at the table, and then unraveled the lies he'd been spinning the previous few months. As Frankie sat stunned, Jesse added that while he hadn't known in the beginning that the baby was Maya's, he should have told the truth when he found out. Frankie said that he wanted to see where Ellie was buried, so Jesse agreed to take him.

Before they could leave, Angie asked Maya to take Lucy into the bedroom so that she could talk to Jesse. Moments later, Angie ripped into Jesse for postponing the surgery. Jesse said that he'd had Angie's best interests and her health in mind. Angie pointed out that she'd lost two daughters, and needed something good in her life to help her get through. Jesse thought that as a doctor, Frankie could talk Angie out of the surgery. Much to Angie's relief, Frankie sided with his mother. Angie said that it was her life, and she was making the decision to put that life into David's hands.

Jesse took Angie to the hospital to see David. David said that Dr. Glacier was on standby but that the surgery couldn't proceed without knowing what had changed. Angie said that Jesse had postponed the surgery without talking to her, but insisted that she was ready. David wanted to examine Angie alone, but Jesse resisted. Angie told Jesse that she would be fine, and asked him to step out of the room. Once Jesse was gone, Angie asked about her blood pressure. David said it was slightly elevated, but not alarming. David was still hesitant to move forward without certain knowledge of what had happened. Angie calmly told David that her baby had died.

Angie explained that the placental abruption David had suspected had indeed killed baby Ellie. Angie said that Jesse's actions in using Lucy to fill the void left by Ellie's death had been to protect Angie. David caustically noted that Jesse's attempts to play God were viewed as humane, while David's were viewed as cruel. David quickly apologized because he knew how harsh he sounded, given the recent pain Angie was dealing with.

Angie said that she understood David's pain but pointed out that Joe Martin had done all he could. David recoiled and said that Joe hadn't allowed David to be in the operating room. David said that as a parent, he'd needed to know that his daughter was gone.

Angie was aware that she would need to deal with her grief but chose to compartmentalize it until after the surgery. David envied Angie's ability to do so, and Angie admitted that she relied on a higher power to hold herself together. Angie asked David to put aside his awe and focus his talents on restoring her sight. Angie was certain that her body could handle the surgery.

At the Hubbard residence, Frankie told Maya how odd it was that he'd pushed Maya to be Angie's nanny, only to find out that Maya was actually the baby's mother. Frankie asked what Maya's plans were. Maya said that she would stay with Jesse and Angie for a while, but she wasn't sure how long. Maya said that she couldn't have asked for a better family for Lucy. Maya added that while she didn't want to do anything that would hurt Angie, Jesse, or Frankie, she couldn't imagine giving up her baby a second time.

Opal was shocked when she received a message that Sam Brady would be returning to town. Krystal asked what his story was. Opal said that Sam was her first love after she moved to Pine Valley with Jenny. Opal had thought that she and Sam would end up a solid couple, but Verla Grubbs had smashed that dream. Opal thought that she'd had the last laugh because even though Verla had stolen Sam away, Opal had ended up with Palmer. Krystal asked why Opal was so upset. Opal revealed that Sam wanted to see her.

Krystal thought it was great that Opal and Sam would reunite. Opal said that she wouldn't be able to see Sam because she'd promised that she would go to Los Angeles with Erica. Although Krystal thought that Opal could simply bow out of the L.A. trip, Opal said that Erica felt she had a lead on Mike Roy, someone else she believed David had saved. Opal felt that she needed to stick by Erica in case the hunch was proven true.

Opal showed Krystal a picture of Sam. Krystal thought that passing up the opportunity to reconnect with a lost love was the wrong decision. Opal said that she and Erica had been friends for too long for Opal to abandon Erica. Opal protested when Krystal pointed out that Opal did most of the sacrificing in her friendship with Erica. However, when Krystal asked Opal to think of the last time Erica had done something for her best friend, Opal was hard-pressed to think of an example.

Krystal went home to help Cara move out of the house. Krystal said that in the beginning, she hadn't been a fan of Cara's union with Tad. Krystal admitted to having been a bit jealous of the relationship. Eventually, Krystal said, she'd realized how good Cara was for Tad and had begun to support the blossoming marriage.

Tad showed up at the hospital and found Jesse. Tad asked if Angie was in surgery, and Jesse said that David was still examining her. Jesse explained that he'd told Angie the truth about the baby, and had been worried that the effect the news had would make the surgery dangerous. Tad tried to improve the situation when he said that he was sure Angie would forgive Jesse. Dejected, Jesse said that his relationship with Angie would never be the same.

Tad was certain that Jesse's marriage was solid, given what they'd already survived. Jesse felt that things were different because Jesse had lied and kept Angie in the dark while he'd buried their daughter. Tad said that Angie would eventually forgive Jesse because, despite the hurt, she knew what a great man Jesse was. Jesse said that Angie had pinned her hopes for healing on the surgery, with the hopes that her sight could be restored. Jesse admitted that he hated leaving Angie's fragile psyche in David's hands.

Angie found Jesse and told him that David had cleared her for surgery. Jesse said that he would tell Frankie so that their son could watch the surgery. Angie said that while she had met with David, David had talked about Leora. Angie pointed out that David was still angry about Leora's death, even though nothing could have saved her. Jesse realized the parallels, and apologized to Angie again. Jesse said that he'd tried to save Ellie and, when that failed, he'd tried to protect Angie because he loved her. Angie held out her hand and told Jesse that she loved him as well.

Opal showed up at Erica's apartment and found Erica frantic at Opal's late arrival. Opal hesitantly admitted that she wouldn't accompany Erica to Los Angeles. Erica was initially aghast. Opal explained that although she didn't have the fame that Erica enjoyed, Opal still had a life. Opal told Erica about the reunion with Sam and said that at least she knew the man visiting was alive. Erica caved in and made Opal promise not to mention Mike Roy to Jack.

Tad stopped by the Hubbard residence and found Maya. Tad hoped that Maya understood why Tad hadn't been able to tell her the truth. Tad said that he had been certain that Jesse would do the right thing. Maya said that she had understood, and added that it would be easier to make a decision about the next step if the Hubbards were bad people. Maya asked about Tad's search for Kathy. Tad said that he could explain what had happened to him, but couldn't tell her what decision was right for her and Lucy.

David found Cara in a room at the hospital and asked what she was doing. Cara said that she was running a CBC panel on herself because she had been sick and weak, and was afraid her cancer had returned.

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