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All My Children Recaps: The week of August 22, 2011 on AMC
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Monday, August 22, 2011

Tad returned home and told Dixie that Cara was "not doing so hot." He immediately realized that Dixie might not want to hear about the trials and tribulations of his "other woman." Dixie quashed any notion that she didn't care about Cara, adding that Tad's relationship with Cara was important because they couldn't allow Cara to be deported. She also reminded Tad that Cara had fallen in love with him.

Tad questioned how Dixie could be "so annoyingly calm." Dixie shrugged slightly and told Tad that she didn't fault him for marrying Cara. "You thought I was dead," she said. Tad suddenly realized that they were going to be late for the custody hearing. As they were headed towards the door, Marissa arrived with the news that the hearing had already been held. Tad and Dixie were mortified that JR had tried to bribe the judge on the case, and told Marissa that they'd go to check on JR.

At Chandler Mansion, JR questioned how his son "would grow up to be a man with two butch..." Liza, aghast by his tirade, cut JR off before he could finish his statement. She warned JR that he'd never see his son again if he continued down the same path. JR countered that he didn't want his son exposed to "that lifestyle." A seven-year-old, he explained, doesn't understand the concept of having "two mommies."

Liza quickly noted that Miranda seemed to be quite content with having two women raise her. "Bianca can screw up [Miranda's] life all she wants," JR replied angrily. Liza assured JR that the matter wasn't about political correctness, but rather one of common sense. JR glared at his attorney and asked her what his next move should be. Liza shook her head, and advised JR to find a new lawyer. Colby broke her silence and pleaded with her mom not to walk away from JR. "I don't want to lose any more of my family," Colby said softly.

Tad and Dixie arrived at the mansion and offered their support for JR. JR became enraged again, blasting Dixie for thinking that she could "come back from the dead and make everything okay." Tad suggested that JR be open to the idea that Dixie could help. "My entire family is non-existent," JR shouted, momentarily showing signs of hurt.

Tad questioned if JR had been drinking. JR deflected the question, noting that everyone already thought that he was drunk. Colby asked that her brother be nice, but the request fell on deaf ears. "Your online groupies might listen to you, but it's all just noise to me," JR sassed. Tad asked Colby and Liza if he and Dixie could have a moment alone with JR, and the two women were more than willing to oblige.

JR claimed that he had nothing to say to either Tad or Dixie, but that didn't deter them. Dixie recounted the lengths Adam had gone to in order to get custody of JR: Adam had gotten Dixie committed to a psychiatric facility because he thought having custody of JR would earn JR's undying love. JR agreed that Adam's plan had backfired, but he argued that at least Adam had been there for him, an obvious jab at Dixie's two presumed deaths. "There is more to being a good father than possession of a child," Dixie insisted. JR asked if he should give up his fight.

Tad pointed out that if JR had been granted custody of AJ, it wouldn't have changed the fact that AJ was scared of JR. JR was heartbroken over the thought that his own son didn't love him. Tad assured JR that AJ did love him, and Tad vowed to stand behind JR if JR was truly sincere about wanting to get his life back in order. JR's hardened fašade cracked and he embraced Dixie. "I missed you so much," he said. He then promised to make things right so that he wouldn't let his mother down.

Later at Confusion, Colby told her mother that no one else could do a better job as JR's attorney, and again asked that Liza stay on the case. "I'll do it for you," Liza replied. They then clasped hands and smiled.

At Pine Valley Hospital, Greenlee and Ryan were stunned by Zach's praise for David. Zach explained his gratitude for David. "He put my family back together," Zach stated before adding that he wanted to make sure that David could do the same for other families. Ryan reminded Zach how strange it was that David had been able to find Zach after the plane crash. Zach nonchalantly explained that he'd asked David to keep an eye on him. As Ryan and Greenlee listened in disbelief, Zach said that he'd feared something might happen to him and asked David to use the same procedures that he'd used on Greenlee should he fall victim to foul play.

Griffin entered the room and informed Zach that they'd have to alter the levels of his medication, but said Zach appeared to be doing fine otherwise. Ryan pulled Dr. Castillo into the conversation, but Zach refused to back down. Claiming that David could "change the face of medicine," Zach reasoned that David's methods -- even if they seemed questionable -- were completely justified considering the outcome. Ryan couldn't believe what he was hearing. He reminded Zach that David had kidnapped people and used them as "guinea pigs" in an experiment that wasn't approved by the FDA. Griffin noted that the FDA could shut down Project Orpheus and that the end result would be no one benefiting from David's research. Griffin excused himself and headed back to his rounds.

In his room at the Yacht Club, David pulled away from Cara and told her that he shouldn't have kissed her. "You're going through a tough time, and I don't want to take advantage," David said as he took a step away from Cara. He then told Cara that he had some things to tend to, but said that she was welcome to stay in his room as long as she'd like. Cara asked David not to leave, and she assured him that he hadn't taken advantage of her.

Both ceded that the kiss had "felt good," and David went one step further by acknowledging that he liked Cara. It had been a long time, David noted, since he felt that he could speak openly to someone. "I'm not a fragile flower," Cara replied with a wry smile. Contrary to what other residents of Pine Valley might say, Cara praised David for listening to her without judgment. "You're getting a bad rap," Cara stated, adding playfully, "I don't see the horns, the tail, and the pitchfork." David chuckled heartily. "That's because I live in a hotel and it doesn't go with the motif," he relied, deflecting the praise. As an aside, he added, "And the pitchfork is in storage."

Cara assured David that she wasn't kidding; she didn't feel "like an outsider" when she was around David. The two locked eyes and started kissing passionately. They eventually made their way to David's bed and made love.

In the afterglow, Cara exalted, "That was freaking unbelievable." She went on to say that she'd had no idea that she "needed that." Cara then threw her hands into the air and mused, "Oh, look. You saved another person without even trying." David vowed to keep their tryst a secret, and asked Cara to reconsider her decision to leave Pine Valley. He then offered Cara the position that Griffin had held at Project Orpheus. Cara was stunned by the offer and asked for some time to think it over.

Cara got dressed, gathered her things, and prepared to go somewhere quiet to think. As she opened the door to leave David's room, Griffin was preparing to knock on the door. Griffin demanded to know why Cara had been in David's room. David interjected that it was a "personal matter." Cara revealed that she'd been offered her brother's old job, and Griffin was outraged. Griffin demanded that Cara turn down David's offer, but a defiant Cara proclaimed that she would make her own decisions.

Cara stormed off, and David started to close the door to his room. Griffin put his hand on the door and angrily ordered David to stay away from Cara. David turned the tables, claiming that Griffin was standing in the way of Cara's growth.

Tad returned home and briefed Marissa on his visit with JR. Marissa said that she would be willing to work with JR, but only if JR made some significant changes in his life. Shortly after Marissa left, the doorbell rang. Tad opened the door and was surprised to see Cara, suitcase in tow, standing on the other side of the door. Tad said he was relieved that Cara was okay.

Cara explained that she'd been doing some thinking about what she really wanted from her life. "I'm a doctor. I want to make people better," she stated. She then announced that she was seriously considering being a part of Project Orpheus. Tad begged Cara to reconsider.

Back at the hospital, Ryan tried to convince Zach that Zach's opinion of David was blurred by his gratitude. When Ryan noted that David had messed with Greenlee's mind the same way, Zach became agitated. "Is this about him taking Greenlee from you?" Zach asked. Zach then issued Ryan a stern warning: If Ryan continued, he wouldn't just be going against David -- he'd be going against Zach, too. Greenlee and Kendall both asked their husbands to stop arguing. Zach then asked Kendall and Greenlee to leave the room.

In the corridor, Greenlee expressed her surprise that Kendall was suddenly David's cheerleader -- especially since it hadn't been that long before that Kendall had tried to kill David. Kendall admitted that she wasn't necessarily thrilled with what David had done, but since Zach was supporting David, she would do the same.

Zach explained to Ryan that he'd "lost focus" and that was how his casino partners had been able to get the upper hand on him. However, he explained, his near-death experience had taught him to never let his guard down again. Ryan was about to press Zach for details when David entered the room. Zach cheerfully announced that he was feeling great and thanked David again for his hard work.

Kendall and Greenlee returned to the room just as Zach announced that he wanted to help expand David's work. Ryan warned Zach not to fall for David's mind games, but Zach brushed him off. Zach told David that he wanted to work to help get Project Orpheus the backing of the FDA and to then expand the project to help make families whole again -- and to help make David millions. The two men then shook hands and agreed to work together.

Back at the Chandler mansion, Dixie rounded up all of the alcohol in the house and prepared to pour it down the sink. JR confessed that he'd stashed two bottles in his closet to spike his coffee in the morning. Dixie held out her hand and told her son that she'd be there for him any time he needed something to "take the edge off."

Marissa stopped by to talk to JR, and Dixie gave them some privacy. Marissa informed JR that she'd spoken to Tad and heard that JR wanted to make some positive changes. She told JR that she'd do whatever she could to get AJ to want to spend time with him. Marissa left, and JR stood in the parlor alone. He slowly walked over to the fireplace where a picture of his father sat on the mantel. "If someone was taking your kid from you, you wouldn't waste one minute explaining anything to anybody," JR said to the photo. "Well, it's on now, dad. That bitch is about to find out exactly who she's up against."

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

At the Martin home, Tad wished Cara a good morning and moved toward her, but she stepped back and said she'd only spent the night to keep up appearances. He hoped she'd decided not to work for David, but she refused to apologize for her choices. She declared that it wasn't his job to protect her anymore and that he should protect Dixie instead. Tad called Cara one of the strongest women he'd ever known, but he warned that David could sense vulnerability. She asserted that if she decided to accept the job, it would be because of her belief in the project and her ability to make a contribution. She pointed out all David had done for Tad, but Tad cautioned that David never did anything without a price. Cara professed that Tad had gotten what he wanted, and so would she.

Jake and Amanda packed up her things in anticipation of her discharge from the hospital. She was glad she was okay, but she was heartbroken that she would be unable to have more kids. She brightened at the possibility of adoption, but she saw the sorrowful look on Jake's face and felt guilty about what he had lost because of her. Jake confessed that he was angry and sad and that he'd always pictured a sibling for Trevor, but he was fine with adoption. Jake worried about David's constant presence at the hospital, but Amanda refused to allow David to bother them. Jake recognized that his priority was his family, and he and Amanda kissed.

Tad interrupted Jake and Amanda's buss, and Amanda informed Tad that she was about to be released. Tad asked to speak with Jake later, but Amanda suggested that she find Angie to give the brothers privacy. Tad said Angie had planned to attend a gathering Krystal had organized at the Martin home, and Amanda left. Jake asked how Tad was doing, and Tad announced that Cara had decided to stay in town because of David.

Tad complained that David had hurt every woman in his life, but Jake replied that while he understood the desire to rip David's head off, he had closed that door. Jake explained why it would be difficult for a doctor to walk away from something as significant as Project Orpheus. Tad worried about Cara aligning herself with David, but Jake couldn't blame Cara for seeking a life apart from the Martins. Jake wanted to focus on the people who really needed him, and he urged Tad to do the same and to forget about David.

Angie, May a, and Lucy strolled through the park. Angie sensed that something was bothering Maya, who reported that a friend had confirmed that Mookie had moved to California. Angie called it a good thing, but Maya whimpered that she was all alone. Angie assured Maya that she had the Hubbards, including Maya's biggest fan, Lucy. Angie advised Maya to shake off the doubts Mookie had created, and to tap into strength instead of fear. Maya was amazed by Angie's positive attitude, and Angie explained that she'd had to decide whether her blindness would weaken her or make her stronger, and she'd chosen the latter.

At the Chandler mansion, Dixie was surprised when Krystal stopped by, and Dixie immediately asked whether Tad was all right. Krystal replied that Tad was fine, and she voiced her suspicion that Dixie was still in love with Tad. Dixie became flustered, and Krystal explained that she knew about Tad's green card marriage and why Dixie and Tad had to keep their distance. Dixie admitted that Tad's marriage was one reason, but she was also staying away because she was scared to death.

Dixie recounted that she and Tad had experienced problems in the past. Dixie acknowledged that she wanted to spend time with Kathy, but she understood that Cara's life was in danger, and she also felt that she needed to be there for JR. Dixie concluded that it was best for Kathy to be with people the girl already knew, but Krystal suggested that Dixie spend time with both Kathy and Jenny. Kathy ran in and asked if Dixie would attend the party, and Krystal invited Dixie to a get-together that Krystal had planned. The threesome happily departed.

Angie, May a, and Lucy arrived at the Martin home, where Krystal invited them in. Dixie entered to offer the guests apple pie, and she shared a warm reunion with Angie. Angie introduced Dixie to Maya, and Dixie fawned over Lucy. Angie gushed that she couldn't believe she was a mom again, and she recalled how Jesse had delivered Lucy. She couldn't wait for Jesse and Dixie to meet.

Dixie left to get some drinks, and Amanda arrived and informed Angie she'd just been discharged. The women hugged, and Angie congratulated Amanda on being cancer-free. Dixie returned and asked Amanda about Trevor. Amanda became emotional, and Dixie apologized for being insensitive. Amanda commented that both she and Dixie had been given a second chance, but she couldn't hide her anguish. Everyone gathered around to support Amanda, who explained that while she was lucky to be alive, she also felt a sense of loss.

Amanda revealed that she and Jake had discussed adoption, and Krystal recalled that Babe had wanted another child, too. Krystal's voice trailed off when she mentioned having another chance, and she admitted that David had hinted that Babe could still be alive. Krystal couldn't help but have hope after Dixie had returned. Krystal sadly stated that she'd lost a piece of her heart when she'd lost her daughter, and she would do anything to get back her child.

Amanda commented that it was like Dixie and Kathy had never been separated, and Angie noted that the mother-daughter bond transcended distance. Dixie said she'd pictured Kathy many times, and when she'd finally met her daughter, she was exactly like Dixie had imagined. Dixie cried that she was lucky to have her little girl back, and she tearfully recalled how she'd once given Kathy up. Maya listened intently as Krystal explained that she'd also thought she'd done the right thing by giving up Marissa, but even though Marissa had been raised by a wonderful family, Krystal would always regret giving away her child.

Later, Jake arrived to pick up Amanda, and Dixie and Krystal said their goodbyes to Angie. Once alone, Angie apologized to Maya for the women's conversation about giving up their children. Maya admitted that sometimes she couldn't sleep, because she worried about where her baby was and if her tot was happy. Angie pointed out that adoptions were public record, and Jesse could do some research, but Maya was adamant that Jesse not find out. Angie assured Maya that Jesse would want to help her, but Maya confessed that she could be arrested, because she'd abandoned her child.

As they walked home through the park, May a worried about Angie's perception of her, but Angie mentioned that she had adopted her other daughter, Cassandra, after Cassandra had been abandoned. Angie sympathized with how difficult the decision had been for Maya. Angie offered to help Maya find her baby, and Maya agreed, as long as Jesse wasn't involved. Angie promised they'd find Maya's daughter together.

Dixie returned to the Chandler mansion and lay down on the couch. She flashed back to David shining a light in her eyes. He had smiled and had said she wasn't alone. She asked aloud what David had done to her and why she couldn't remember.

At the hospital, Griffin gazed at a photo of him and Kendall, and Greenlee passed by and noticed him. She commented that it wasn't easy letting go, but he felt he didn't have a choice. Greenlee opined that Kendall needed Griffin, since Zach had joined forces with David. David overheard from the hallway and smugly proclaimed that Greenlee couldn't get him off her mind.

Greenlee started to leave, but David bragged about how Zach and Kendall had supported his project. Griffin said there was more to the story, and David chided Griffin for buying into Ryan's conspiracy theories rather than being part of medical breakthroughs. David recalled that he'd warned Griffin against falling for Kendall, and he insinuated that Greenlee and Ryan's marriage would soon crumble. Greenlee refused to let David's mind games get to her.

Later, Cara entered David's office and announced that she was reporting for duty. He suggested that they celebrate and moved in for a kiss, but she called their passionate encounter the prior night a one-time deal. He reluctantly agreed and suggested they get to work, but Griffin interrupted them. David huffed that he'd already heard Griffin's warning, but Griffin refused to back down.

Cara asked Griffin to leave, but Griffin accused David of seeking revenge against Griffin for leaving Project Orpheus. David asserted that while he had been disappointed in Griffin, David was determined to make his project a success, and he had faith in Cara. Griffin warned Cara that David was using her to get to Griffin. She argued that it was her life and future, but Griffin contended that she didn't know the whole story. Griffin had thought his work had been for the greater good, but he had realized that he had just been a sucker who David had manipulated into doing his dirty work. Cara barked that she wasn't Griffin, and she stormed off.

At Krystal's restaurant, Griffin reported to Tad that Cara had accepted David's job offer and that she had been in David's hotel room the prior night. Tad stormed off to get answers. Meanwhile, Cara reviewed Project Orpheus files, and David asked what she thought. She called the project intense and exciting, and he suggested they talk about it over dinner. He insisted that he didn't expect anything more, and she accepted and left. A livid Tad entered and warned David not to hurt Cara. David countered that Tad had vowed to protect Cara, but Tad had dumped her for another woman, so Tad was to blame if Cara was in pain.

Tad tracked down Cara in the park. He expressed his concern and begged her to tell him that her relationship with David was just professional, but she told him she couldn't. Tad demanded to know why not, and Cara retorted that she'd slept with David.

Zach wanted to leave the hospital, but Kendall urged him to wait for the doctors. He felt like she wanted him stuck in bed, and he suggested that she walk away from the marriage while she still could. Zach said Kendall always got hurt because of him, but she declared that he was alive and that everything was fine. He asserted that she'd almost been killed because of his involvement with the casino partners, and he assumed that she wouldn't accept his support of David. She claimed that she already had.

Zach believed that she should have a good life with no sacrifices, but she maintained that she wanted one with him, and she asked if he was testing her. He contended that he wanted her to be safe and happy. She realized he'd found out about her relationship with Griffin. Zach argued that Zach had risked her life, and Griffin had saved it. She wondered if Zach wished he hadn't returned to her.

Zach insisted that he had wanted to return home to Kendall, and she wondered why he was pushing her away. He lamented that it was his fault that Griffin had needed to step in to save her, but Kendall reiterated that she'd never stopped loving Zach. Greenlee eavesdropped as Kendall blamed his demeanor on exhaustion. Kendall swore that she'd always be with Zach, and she wondered what she had to do to convince him that she was committed to him. Greenlee entered and expressed concern, and Kendall explained that they had been setting things straight.

Kendall and Greenlee stepped out into the hallway, and Kendall admitted that things had been tense between her and Zach. Greenlee argued that Zach had just been protecting Kendall, but Kendall countered that she and Zach had worked hard to trust one another again. She had hoped that she had proven herself to Zach when she'd taken his side regarding David, but Greenlee warned that David had a history of destroying marriages.

Kendall recognized that the biggest problem for her and Zach had been lack of honesty, and she felt they needed to put everything out on the table. She understood that the result could be intense, but she was willing to fight to ensure that they'd be stronger in the long run. Greenlee attempted to talk Kendall out of backing David and Zach's partnership, because while the project had saved Greenlee's life, it had also hurt Greenlee. Kendall advised Greenlee not to let David's insinuation that Gillian was alive affect Greenlee and Ryan's marriage.

David remarked to Zach that he was surprised Kendall wasn't there, and Zach claimed that she'd needed a break. David imagined that Kendall wasn't thrilled with their alliance, but Zach maintained that she was fine. David said Zach's involvement would make a huge difference with the project, and Zach wished it had been able to save his mother. David explained that his own father had been his motivation to start the research, but he griped that everyone had simply assumed that David was on a power trip. Zach vowed to do everything he could to get approval to move forward, because he didn't want anyone he cared about to feel as out of control as he had during the plane crash. Zach admitted that while he had recovered at David's medical facility, he'd overheard David say that there were others.

Zach alleged that he and Dixie hadn't been the only ones David had saved, but David vaguely replied that he'd reveal everything in time. David said that trust needed to be earned, not bought, and Zach vowed to earn David's trust. Later, after David had left, Zach made a call and arranged to meet an investor for drinks, and Kendall thought he was pushing himself too hard. Griffin arrived and requested that Zach order David not to involve Cara on the project. Zach refused to intervene.

Griffin became irate, and Kendall pulled him out of the room. Zach shuffled to the doorway and spied Kendall and Griffin talking in the hall. David approached Zach and commented that Griffin was a fine doctor who couldn't be trusted, because Griffin had lost his dedication to science when he'd fallen in love with Kendall. Zach glowered at Kendall and Griffin.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

At the mansion, Dixie told JR that he had to be sincere in his desire to get AJ back. JR asserted that he was on his way back, and he'd prove it. Later, JR received a package with a DVD inside. Alone in the parlor, he stuck the DVD into his laptop, and a video of Bianca and Marissa on the bed played. JR wondered what the judge would think of Marissa's sex tape.

At Krystal's restaurant, Opal, Bianca, and Marissa were excited to see Erica breeze in from Paris. Showing off her ring, Erica beamed that she and Jackson were back on track. Bianca was eager to discuss her love life, too, but Erica said she'd hear all about it after a visit to Zach. Erica left, and Bianca seemed sad that Erica had become more "Erica Kane and less Mom" ever since regaining her stolen identity. Bianca wished Erica had stopped long enough to hear about Marissa, the best thing in Bianca's life.

Later, Marissa sneaked onto her laptop to look at real estate, and Bianca sneaked to the bar to ask Opal where Krystal posted her real estate listings. Opal bet a nice couple with kids could find a lovely house near the park. Opal suggested that Bianca and Marissa take a walk. Bianca walked over to Marissa, who slapped her laptop shut, and the ladies left.

JR slipped in and opened Marissa's laptop, but Liza entered and interrupted him to say she was sorry that his hearing had gone badly for him. She hoped he realized that he'd sabotaged himself, but he quipped that it wasn't over until it was over. Liza strode off, and Opal caught him with the laptop. JR claimed he wanted to load it with new games for AJ. Opal said AJ missed his father, and granting JR to access the laptop, Opal walked off.

Liza saw what JR was up to, and she slapped the laptop shut. She claimed to be preventing him from making an even bigger mistake that would cause him to lose his son for good. JR sniped that he didn't need Liza's help, because he was sure that once Opal had seen the video, she'd spread the news that Bianca and Marissa had made a sex tape of themselves.

Liza stated that a judge wouldn't approve of JR invading Marissa's privacy by secretly recording her; however, JR retorted that a judge wouldn't want a woman "like that" raising a child. Liza scoffed and announced that many same-sex couples were happily raising children. JR rasped that they'd see how happy Marissa and Bianca were once he got AJ back.

After Liza ascertained that the DVD in JR's hand was the only copy, she snatched it away with the intention of burning it. JR told her not to expect any appreciation for supposedly saving him from himself. Liza left, and JR smiled as he whipped out another disk.

At the hospital, Zach spotted Griffin and Kendall in the corridor, and David suggested that Griffin still had feelings for her. Across the hall, Kendall implored Griffin to trust her, but he walked off. Zach returned to his room, and when Kendall entered, he eyed her with suspicion.

Erica arrived and was amazed to see Zach. She touched his hair and laughed because it was really him. Erica was stunned when Zach credited his recovery to David and added that he was backing David's work.

Zach remarked that David had hinted to saving others, and David entered to announce that the hospital would soon be the center of bioresearch. Erica noted that Jane, not Erica, had sold David the hospital. David acknowledged Erica's right to take him to court, but warned that she'd never know whom else he'd saved. David left, and Eric pursued him into the corridor, where he assured her that he did indeed have someone else in his care. He said she'd learn all about it if she'd be willing to give a little. "You mean let you have this hospital?" Erica scoffed. David claimed that she wouldn't be sorry. "To be continued," Erica replied.

Erica retrieved Kendall from Zach's room, and Zach seemed cold to Kendall as she bade him goodbye. David entered Zach's room, and Zach said he'd just gotten a text message that Griffin was trying to talk to the FDA about Orpheus. David regretted trusting Griffin, who had the power to take it all down -- unless they stopped him.

At the penthouse, Greenlee discovered Ryan packing for a trip, and she guessed it concerned David. Ryan revealed his intention to dig into the plane crash incident, and he wondered why Greenlee and everyone else allowed David to manipulate them. Greenlee silently recalled her conversation with David about Gillian. Just then, Griffin arrived to garner Ryan's help in protecting Cara from David. Greenlee frowned as the men left.

In the park, Cara admitted that she'd slept with David; however, she didn't want it advertised, nor did she want to get deported. Tad tried to reason with her, but David approached, advising Tad to back off before Immigration learned that the marriage was a sham. Tad was irate that Cara had jeopardized herself by telling David about the marriage. David countered that the only one jeopardizing Cara was Tad.

Tad claimed that he and Dixie were living apart to protect Cara's immigration status; however, David was putting Cara at risk just to gain another notch on his belt. David asserted that he valued Cara as a doctor and respected her as a woman. David figured that if Tad broadcasted the news of Cara and David to Tad's "fan base," then they'd really see who cared about Tad's supposed wife. Tad stalked off, and David guessed Cara didn't need him fighting her battles. Cara agreed, adding that he didn't get points for putting down Tad.

At ConFusion later, Ryan found Cara at the bar, and she guessed Griffin had sent him to talk her out of working with David. Greenlee appeared to assist Ryan, and Cara said she understood why David felt bullied by the townspeople. She asked where Greenlee's gratitude was for David saving her life. Leading Ryan away, Greenlee guessed Cara would have to experience David's evil firsthand.

Ryan and Greenlee went home, and he expressed his surprise that she'd been there to help him talk to Cara. Greenlee said she couldn't fool herself into believing David wasn't out to hurt anyone. Ryan asked what David had said to jar her, and she revealed that David had hinted that Gillian might be alive. Seemingly unfazed, Ryan said it was ridiculous. He insisted that David couldn't divide them.

Greenlee went upstairs, and Ryan doused the lights and went onto the balcony. Alone, he recalled intense memories of Gillian and her death. Gillian appeared behind him and said she loved him. He said he loved her, too, and he bade his "princess" a poignant goodbye. Gillian disappeared, and he sighed.

Tad went to the mansion to talk to Dixie about David and Cara. Dixie was frustrated that she couldn't remember what had happened while she'd been in David's care. She felt that she was on the verge of remembrance, and she wished she could feel safe enough to delve into her memories. Tad helped Dixie relax into a hypnotic state and asked her questions about her time in David's care. She recalled someone being on a gurney, and then she gasped, sitting up.

Dixie grew incredibly upset. She said she hadn't seen the person on the gurney, only a hand. Dixie insisted that David had kept another woman in the facility, as well.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

In Zach's hospital room, Griffin arrived with Zach's discharge paperwork. Zack wanted to talk business, because he had an offer Griffin couldn't refuse. Zach proposed that Griffin run a clinic from the abandoned house where Griffin had hidden out. Griffin anticipated that Zach expected something in return, but Zach called it a gesture of appreciation. The men agreed that they had issues with each other, but Zach noted that Project Orpheus was a big deal. Griffin maintained that he knew what was being done, and he wanted nothing to do with it.

Zach called Griffin a proud man, but Griffin said his decision had nothing to do with his pride. Zach concluded that Griffin didn't want to work for him because of Kendall. Griffin replied that he'd helped Kendall and had seen her pain, and he felt that Zach was lucky to be loved so deeply. Griffin recalled that Kendall had experienced moments where she'd almost given up, and he had been there as her friend. Zach doubted that was all there was between Kendall and Griffin, but Griffin asserted that Kendall had wanted Zach all along. Griffin hoped for the Slater family's sake that Zach wouldn't allow David to manipulate him.

A forlorn Ryan stood on his balcony. He flashed back to his vision of Gillian professing her love. Greenlee called to him, and she immediately guessed that he had been thinking about Gillian. He admitted that she was right, and Greenlee stated that she had been doing the same thing. Greenlee commented that Ryan hadn't mentioned Gillian in a long time, but David had caused them both to become preoccupied with thoughts of Gillian. Ryan remarked that it was natural to wonder who else could be alive, since others had returned from the dead.

Ryan rationalized that if Gillian had been alive, David would have announced it at his and Greenlee's wedding to keep them from being happy. Ryan was glad Greenlee had told him about Gillian, because by doing so, she'd taken power away from David. She said that she'd learned her lesson, and she felt that both she and Ryan had grown. Ryan noted that they'd changed since they had been with other people, and it was their time to be together. He handed her an envelope containing information about a property he planned to acquire to house the Cambias and Fusion offices. She gushed that it was perfect, and they hugged.

At the Slater home, Kendall arranged balloons, and Spike descended the stairs with a welcome home sign he'd made for Zach. Spike inquired whether Griffin would be at the party, but Kendall explained that Griffin was busy at the hospital, and she instructed Spike to run upstairs to change into his Red Wings jersey. Greenlee arrived, and Kendall asked for Greenlee's help to prepare for Zach's homecoming. Greenlee said she'd taken Kendall's advice to tell Ryan about the possibility of Gillian being alive. Greenlee vowed not to let David make her doubt herself again.

Greenlee informed Kendall about the building for their new offices, and Kendall thought it was a great idea. Kendall became frustrated when she couldn't get Spike's sign to stay on the wall, and she fretted that everything needed to be perfect. Greenlee observed that Kendall didn't seem happy that Zach would be home soon. Kendall remarked that Zach hadn't been acting like himself, but she was trying to be supportive of him and Project Orpheus. Greenlee agreed that Zach's decision to partner with David had been a shock, and she realized that Kendall didn't like it, either.

Kendall promised to stand by Zach no matter what, but Greenlee questioned whether Kendall could continue to support David. Greenlee speculated that David was somehow controlling Zach. Kendall simply wanted to enjoy Zach being home, but Greenlee wondered how Kendall could stand by when she knew something was off. Greenlee pointed out that many people had defended David, including Greenlee herself, and they all had learned the hard way that they had been wrong. Kendall asked Greenlee just to be happy for her and Zach. Greenlee promised that she'd always be there for Kendall, and the women hugged.

Cara cheerily greeted David in his office, and she chirped that she had been so excited that she hadn't been able to sleep, because of him. Cara raved about David's groundbreaking research, and she expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to work on Project Orpheus. David said there might not be a project, if Griffin got his way. David believed that Zach's return had impacted Griffin, but he didn't regret not telling Griffin that Zach was alive. David claimed he understood how important Cara's relationship with her brother was to her, and he didn't want to cause problems between the siblings. Cara proclaimed that she was behind the project, and she vowed to get Griffin on board. She left.

Ryan stormed into David's office and informed David that Greenlee had told him about the possibility of others returning from the dead. Ryan taunted that perhaps David had been able to restore Leora's life, since David had loved her as much as he was capable of loving someone. David became livid, and Ryan pointed out that it was cruel and heartless to suggest that a dead loved one could be alive just to get a reaction. David barked that Ryan had made his point and ordered him out, but Ryan declared that David wouldn't ruin his marriage to Greenlee.

Ryan accused David of doing anything he could to hurt Ryan and Greenlee, including using the memory of David's dead brother. David said his project wasn't about Ryan or Greenlee, and Ryan snarled that everything was always about David. David refused to explain the importance of his work, because Ryan wouldn't understand. Ryan ordered David to stay out of his marriage, and David theorized that the Laverys enjoyed having him as an enemy, because it put life into their union. Ryan swore that he'd do anything to take David down. "I guess that means you're taking me down, too," Zach said from the doorway.

Ryan was horrified that Zach intended to stand by David, but Zach stated that he was where he needed to be. David declared that Zach understood the potential of Project Orpheus. Zach said that Ryan underestimated the value of things, like the commercial property Zach had just outbid him on. Ryan asked how he'd known about the building. "Keep your friends close," Zach mused. "And your enemies closer. Is that what I am now?" Ryan queried. Ryan stalked out, and David marveled that Zach had finally convinced Ryan that Zach was on David's side, but David wasn't as gullible.

David understood that everyone was against Zach's alliance with David. Zach remarked that Griffin didn't like David very much, so Zach needed to make some calls to ensure Griffin didn't harm the project. Zach admitted that he didn't trust David, either, and David felt the same way about Zach. David said he might be convinced of Zach's loyalty if Zach stopped Griffin from interfering. David wondered if Zach had gotten involved with the project to put Griffin in his place. Zach said all that mattered was that Griffin was out of the way.

Greenlee met Ryan in the park and enthusiastically presented him with ideas for the new building. He informed her that Zach had purchased the property to prove that he could make their lives difficult, because they were against Zach and David. Ryan noted that Zach had been acting just like David, and he refused to stand by and watch.

Dixie arrived at the Martin home and moved to embrace Tad, but he brushed her off and quickly closed the door. He explained that Immigration officers were observing the house from a dark sedan parked across the street. Dixie wanted to take Kathy to breakfast, but Tad said that their daughter was at a play date. Dixie offered to leave to avoid making Cara uncomfortable, but Tad disclosed that Cara was with David. Dixie called the situation horrible, and he turned the topic to the person who had been with Dixie in the room where David had held her. She remembered seeing a woman's hand, and Tad suspected that she knew who the woman had been.

Tad surmised that Greenlee had been on the gurney next to Dixie, but Dixie couldn't remember anything other than a sense of dread. She explained that she had been scared for herself, but she had been more terrified for the woman, because she had felt that David had damaged the woman in some way. Tad thought it made sense that Greenlee had been the woman in question. Dixie disagreed and became upset, and Tad apologized for pushing her. She commented that she had been lucky to escape with her life. Tad pointedly said that he was glad some people realized that David wasn't the angel of mercy he claimed to be. Dixie recognized that Tad was worried about Cara.

Tad revealed that Cara had told David about their green card marriage, and Tad was concerned about what David would do with the information. He didn't think Cara realized that David could ruin her life, and he wished Cara would answer her phone. Dixie encouraged him to track Cara down, but he didn't want to let Dixie out of his sight for a minute. He confessed that he'd woken up in a panic the night before in fear that he'd never see Dixie again. He'd looked at the sky to be reassured by the stars, but clouds had obscured them. Dixie reminded him that just because there were clouds didn't mean there weren't stars behind them. She assured him she wasn't going anywhere, and they kissed.

At Krystal's restaurant, Cara looked at her wedding ring and ignored a call from Tad. Griffin entered and expressed hope that she'd reconsidered David's offer, and she hoped Griffin had seen her side. Griffin pointed out that he knew David better than her, and he advised her to steer clear of David. She refused, and he started to leave, but she stopped him and suggested they start over. She acknowledged that Griffin had been hurt by Kendall's reunion with Zach, but he said it didn't matter. She proposed that both she and Griffin put their energy into Project Orpheus, but Griffin begged her not to let her own hurt get in the way of her judgment.

Cara insisted her involvement with Project Orpheus had nothing to do with Tad. Griffin asked her to lean on him, and he maintained that she only knew David's work, and not David himself. She countered that wasn't true, because she and David had spent time together. Griffin slowly realized that something intimate had happened between Cara and David the night Griffin had found her in David's hotel room. Griffin vowed that the next person David hurt wouldn't be Cara, but Cara believed that David had a heart.

Griffin proposed that Cara choose a distant location where they could go together to help people, but she intended to do just that in Pine Valley. He refused to stand by and let David suck her in, and Tad overheard and agreed. Tad reminded Cara that they needed to prepare for an upcoming Immigration interview, and Griffin ordered her to answer her phone when he called. Griffin reminded Tad that Tad had promised to take care of Cara, and he departed. Tad understood that the last thing Cara wanted to do was to work on their marriage, but she was determined to ace the interview, because she didn't want to be forced to leave town.

After they quizzed one another, Tad announced that he and Cara were up to speed, and she said they could convince anyone they knew each other better than they actually did. She requested that he not try to talk her out of working with David, but he called it a mistake. She said she wanted to make a difference, and Project Orpheus would change medical history. Tad insisted that David wasn't a good person, but Cara retorted that it was "only one man's opinion." Tad countered that the whole town agreed with him.

Cara got up to leave, but Tad remarked that he thought the world of her. She said she wasn't a victim and didn't need his support. Tad apologized for hurting her, and he wished there had been an easier solution, but he hadn't found one. He reminded her that he'd truly believed that their relationship had been headed somewhere, but she pointed out that they hadn't even been able to make it to Cape Cod. She tearfully begged him to stop being so nice and to stop apologizing, because it was difficult for her to hate him.

David was surprised to find Dixie in his office, and he asked if she'd stopped by to thank him for giving her back her life. She stared at him incredulously and demanded to know what his intentions were toward Cara. He played dumb, but Dixie warned him not to hurt Cara. He argued that Cara knew what she was getting into, but Dixie knowingly said she doubted it. David assumed that Tad had sent her to fight his battles for him, and she had a moment of realization about what motivated David. She accused him of being jealous of Tad.

David presumed that Dixie was still suffering from confusion from her treatment, but she thought she'd hit a nerve, because Tad was everything David wasn't -- loving, kind, and respected by everyone in Pine Valley. David proclaimed that his reputation was improving and that his project was opening people's eyes about who he really was. Dixie surmised that David had approached Cara because he wanted everything Tad had. She continued that David had made it his life's work to ruin the lives of people Tad loved, because they'd never love David for the lesser man he was. She stormed out, slamming the door behind her.

Griffin arrived to see Kendall, who had been about to leave to pick up Zach. She realized something was wrong, and Griffin informed her that David and Cara were involved. Kendall said she was sorry that David had taken advantage of Cara after Cara had lost Tad to Dixie. Griffin revealed that he'd talked to Zach, but Kendall refused to listen to anything about Zach's partnership with David. Griffin recalled that he'd watch her grieve and almost give up on her own life when she'd thought Zach had died, and he asked why she had looked miserable since Zach had returned.

Griffin asked whether Zach was the same man, but Kendall argued that Griffin didn't know Zach. Griffin compared Zach's behavior to David's, and he questioned whether David's treatment had caused side effects. He worried that there might have been some sort of mind control involved, and he mentioned how Maria and Greenlee had both acted oddly after David had treated them. Griffin said that Kendall was the only person Zach would listen to.

Griffin reminded Kendall that at first, they had been on opposite sides regarding David, but Kendall had swayed him, and he implored her to convince Zach, too. She tried to turn away, but he grabbed her and begged her to realize that he was right. Zach entered and spotted Kendall in Griffin's arms.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Jackson arrived home and found Erica looking through old photos. Jackson expressed surprise that Erica had let David keep the hospital after Jane and David had tricked Greenlee into selling it. Erica wanted to focus on the life she'd missed, and Jackson was glad to have her back, but he wondered why she'd let David get away with it. She admitted that she didn't want to reward David, especially because David had hinted that someone she'd loved and lost was still alive, but he wouldn't say who.

Erica claimed that working on her book had made her want to delve into her past, and she'd been thinking about certain things and people for the first time in ages. Jackson pulled out Mike Roy's obituary, and Erica lamented that no one had told her about Mike's heart attack. Jackson named several of Erica's previous lovers who had died, and he inquired whether she expected any of them to return, but she called Jackson her only love. He reminded her that they had been about to get married when she'd been kidnapped, and he wanted to pick up where they'd left off, but he understood if she needed to do what she had to do. He said that she knew where to find him when she was done, and he headed for the door. She protested, but he said he loved her, and he left.

Later, Erica told Opal about how Jackson had accused her of wishing that a past lover would return from the dead. Opal yearned for Palmer to return, and Erica apologized, because she knew how much Opal missed Palmer. Erica insisted she wasn't living in the past, but Opal pointed out that Erica had kept souvenirs from every relationship she'd ever had. Erica gushed that she and Jackson had just taken an amazing trip and that they'd never been more in love. Opal recalled that Erica had been convinced that David had been behind her kidnapping, but it seemed like Erica was under a spell. Erica declared that she'd rather spend her life living than fighting, but Opal reminded Erica that David was an evil man.

Opal advised that Erica could take her trip down memory lane, but she asked if Erica was willing to risk losing Jackson because of a false promise. Erica thought Opal was overreacting, but Opal observed that the photos were of men who Jackson had battled to win Erica's affections. Opal commented that it was like the men were alive and well in Erica's living room. Erica realized that she had hurt Jackson; Opal thought her job was done, and she left. Erica returned to her photos, and she gazed at Mike's obituary and flashed back to happy moments with Mike.

Maya greeted Tad at the Hubbard home. Tad observed toys strewn about the room, and Maya joked that Lucy was excellent at multitasking. Tad disclosed that Angie had mentioned Maya's baby, and he assured Maya that he was there to help, not judge. He asked for more details, and she explained that she'd secretly given birth to a little girl, and that she had left the baby in a police car.

Tad didn't recall any recent reports about an abandoned infant, and Maya admitted she'd watched the news every day to hear word that her baby was okay, but she figured the police had arranged for a discreet adoption. Tad was sure Jesse could provide the answers, but Maya refused to involve Jesse, because she'd broken the law, and she stood to lose her job. Tad realized that Angie had agreed not to let Jesse know about the situation. Maya begged Tad to find out if her baby was all right, and Tad understood exactly how she felt.

At ConFusion, Jesse met a nervous Brot, who admitted he was sweating. Brot blurted that he intended to ask for Natalia's hand in marriage, and he hoped to obtain Jesse's blessing. Jesse said he couldn't ask for a finer man for his daughter to marry, and Brot hoped she'd accept. Brot showed Jesse an elaborate table he'd decorated with flowers and a cake made of doughnuts, and Jesse said Brot seemed sure of himself. Jesse said to call him after the big event and thanked Brot for everything, because it looked like their secret would stay safe. The men hugged.

Later, Brot greeted Natalia and said she looked beautiful, and she laughed at the doughnut cake. He took her hand, and they sat down together. A puzzled Natalia asked what was going on, and he reminded her that they were in the place where she had told him that she had been ready for a relationship. She recounted that she'd thought long and hard about the risks and rewards, and she was glad she'd taken the plunge. He commented that he knew how life could change in a split second, and his life hadn't been the same since he'd met her, because every day was better with her in it.

Brot proclaimed that he was inspired by Natalia, who he saw as "a beautiful, strong, powerful woman with a beautiful, strong, powerful heart," and he vowed to take care of that heart. He asked her to be his wife, and he pulled a ring box from the center of the doughnut cake. She happily accepted, and they declared their love and kissed. Natalia gushed about the ring and wished she didn't have to leave, but he promised their celebration would extend long past that evening.

Tad arrived, and Brot announced his and Natalia's engagement. Tad happily congratulated the couple and apologized for interrupting. Tad asked for a few minutes alone with Brot, and Natalia said she'd meet Brot outside. Tad informed Brot that he was working on an unofficial case, and he inquired whether Brot had heard of an abandoned baby in a squad car. Brot fibbed that he didn't know anything, and he asked who Tad was working for, but Tad kept his client's name confidential. Tad thanked Brot for his help and told him to take care of Natalia. After Tad left, Brot reached for his phone.

At the hospital, David examined Angie and announced that he was accelerating the timing of the surgery to implant her retinal cells as soon as possible, because Griffin had threatened to contact the FDA, and there was a possibility the project would be shut down. Angie was concerned that it was risky to move up the surgery, but David thought it was a chance they had to take, and he was optimistic about the results. Angie offered to try to convince Griffin not to go to the FDA, but David hoped Griffin would decide to back off on his own. Angie pointed out that Griffin wouldn't have been so determined if David hadn't manipulated him. She reprimanded David for playing God and giving people hope that was sometimes false, and she encouraged him to reveal his other patients' identities, so people would support rather than attack him.

David insisted that his entire project was about saving people, but Angie pointed out that Dixie had ended up in a psychiatric facility. David reasoned that Dixie had left before she had been emotionally ready, and Zach had torn out his I.V. before he'd been physically ready. David maintained that the science was flawless, despite the complications. Angie asked how many other patients David had, but he refused to reveal them until they were strong enough. He turned the topic back to Angie's surgery, and she urged him again to tell the truth, so people would work with him. He cackled and begrudgingly said that no one in the town had ever been willing to work with him. She said she would, if he let her.

David admitted that he never thought he'd hear those words from Angie, and she was just as surprised that she'd made the offer. He asked if she felt a sense of obligation, but she said she'd grown to know another side of him. He remarked that he'd always admired her despite their differences, because she wasn't hypocritical like others in town. She asked if he'd allow her to help him, but he considered her surgery a priority and insisted upon setting a date. She demanded to know who else he'd saved, and she wondered if he'd saved Babe.

David claimed that even if Babe was alive, he'd never allow her to be near JR again, but Angie thought that should be Babe's choice. David snarled that JR had made the lives of both Babe and Marissa a living hell. Angie opined that AJ deserved to have his mother in his life, but David maintained that he'd only reveal who he'd chosen to save when it was in his patients' best interests. She was disappointed that he had reverted back to playing God, but he was determined to restore her sight. She said she could already see him very clearly.

Jesse entered to pick up Angie, and he asked if there was any good news. Angie informed him that the surgery had been moved up, and David explained the urgency. Jesse asked if it was safe, and David promised he wouldn't proceed if he felt there was any danger. The Hubbards started to leave, but David signaled for Jesse to stay and said there was one minor detail. He revealed that Angie's latest round of tests had indicated that she had elevated blood pressure, and hypertension could cause complications. David suggested that Jesse ensure that Angie avoided any drama or stress, and Jesse agreed.

Angie returned home and informed Maya that Jesse had dropped her off before he'd left to tend to some police business. Maya remarked that it had been hard to admit what she'd done to Tad, but Angie said Tad would understand and that if anyone could find Maya's baby, Tad could. Maya was grateful to Angie for helping her, and Angie thought Maya deserved to know that her baby was safe. Maya knew she'd done a horrible thing, but she wondered if it was possible to get her baby back.

At Krystal's restaurant, Tad made some calls but didn't turn up anything about an abandoned baby around the date Maya had given birth. Jesse arrived and asked about the case Tad was working on, and Tad realized that Brot had been quick to update Jesse about Tad's inquiry. Tad planned to try some other contacts at social services, but Jesse suggested that Tad allow Jesse to look into things internally. Tad noted Jesse's strange demeanor and asked what was up. Jesse strongly urged Tad to let Jesse handle it, but Tad said he couldn't.

Tad refused to drop the investigation after everything he'd gone through with Kathy, but Jesse again implored Tad to leave it to him. Tad wondered what he should tell his client, and a desperate Jesse begged Tad that if their friendship meant anything, Tad should walk away. Tad said he'd generally do anything for Jesse, but he'd made a promise to a mother to find her baby girl. Jesse confessed that he knew where the baby was -- the baby was Lucy.

At the Slater home, Kendall was surprised by Zach's arrival, because she had planned to pick him up at the hospital. Zach glared at Griffin and stated that he wanted to be alone with his wife. Kendall embraced Zach and fussed over him, but he was just happy to be there. She indicated that Spike and Ian had planned a surprise party, but the boys were at the park. Griffin started to leave, but Zach asked him to wait.

Cara arrived in response to a page Zach had sent. Zach announced that he wanted Cara to take over his care, and Griffin correctly concluded that it would be under David's direction. Cara accepted, and Griffin lectured her about not being capable of seeing the damage David was doing. Cara asserted that the project could change the world, but Griffin countered that it involved corruption and brainwashing. Kendall argued that David had saved lives, but Griffin said that wasn't enough for David. Griffin offered not to go to the authorities, but only if Cara quit the project and stayed away from David.

Griffin called it a win-win situation, but Cara refused to allow her brother to blackmail her, and she insisted that the project was saving lives. Griffin maintained that in David's hands, it could be lethal, but Zach pointed out that Griffin had worked on the project for years. Kendall said that Zach's recovery had proved the project was legitimate, and she urged Zach to relax. Zach accused Griffin of being angry that Zach's return had thwarted Griffin's plans to be with Kendall.

Zach asked why Griffin was there, and Griffin dared Zach to hit him. Kendall intervened and said that David had saved both her life and Zach's, but Griffin insisted that David's plan would tear their lives apart. Cara tried to get Griffin to leave, and Zach warned Griffin that he'd regret it if he went to the FDA. Zach asked if they understood one another, and Griffin coldly stared at him. Zach headed upstairs, and Kendall purported that David's research had done good and asked Griffin not to go to the FDA. Griffin said Zach had been nothing more than David's sock puppet since Zach had returned, and he wondered why Kendall couldn't see that.

Later, Griffin received a text message from Kendall asking him to meet her somewhere, because she had something to show him regarding Project Orpheus. Griffin arrived at a mysterious location and called out to Kendall. Someone turned on the lights, and Griffin faced off with Zach, who announced that Kendall wasn't going to make it.

Cara arrived to see David in his hotel room and lamented that things were a mess, because Griffin was still determined to go to the FDA. David said that as long as they remained focused, he wouldn't give up hope, and he didn't want her to, either. She still looked irritated, and he pushed her to tell him what was wrong, because they needed to establish trust. She hesitantly asked if he was doing something to his patients to make them act differently than they normally would.

David suspected that his opponents had gotten to Cara, and he scoffed at the idea that he'd created zombies to do his bidding. He opened the door and asked her to leave if she thought he was capable of such things. Cara said she just wanted answers, and David insisted that he wasn't the one messing with people's minds. Cara mentioned the change in Zach's attitude toward David, and David chalked it up to the fact that he'd given Zach his life back. David contended that all it took was a little knowledge to open people's minds, and he cited Angie as an example.

Cara questioned whether Zach and Angie simply felt gratitude, and David declared that most of the people in Pine Valley hated anyone who thought outside the box. He told Cara to make the choice to either be enlightened and grateful, or to stay ignorant. Cara stepped past him and headed toward the open door, which she closed. David pulled her into a passionate kiss.



Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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