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Monday, August 15, 2011

At the hospital, Tad held up Cara's house key as evidence when he asked her why she had moved out. Cara explained that Tad and Dixie had needed some space, but Tad insisted that he hadn't asked Cara for that. Tad's tension eased when he noticed that Cara still had on her wedding ring, but Cara insisted that things were extremely complicated because the love of Tad's life had returned from the dead. Cara admitted that she wanted Tad and Dixie to have the opportunity to figure things out for themselves without Cara making things more difficult by hanging around. Cara tried to walk away, but Tad stopped her.

Tad reminded her that their reasons for getting married hadn't changed; Cara was still in danger of being deported. Cara realized that, so she wanted to keep up the appearance of being married until things were settled. Tad was curious where Cara intended to live, so she explained that she would stay at the hospital. Tad wasn't thrilled with the idea, but Cara insisted that it was just a temporary solution until Tad and Dixie had figured things out. Tad confessed that it hadn't always been easy for him and Dixie to do, even under the best of circumstances. Tad then reminded Cara that the girls would question where she was.

Cara argued that Jenny and Kathy had their moms, so everything would be fine. Cara admitted that the situation might be karma for Cara screwing everything up between Jake and Amanda. Tad refused to believe that because Cara had saved Jake's life. Cara explained that she didn't want to hold Tad back from working things out with Dixie. She just wanted Tad to find love again. Tad seemed at a loss for words as he watched Cara walk away.

At the Chandler mansion, Dixie poured herself a drink, and then admitted that she could use one. JR was horrified as he asked his mother if she were crazy. He reminded Dixie of her bad heart, which JR doubted that David had "fixed." Dixie was curious why JR cared if she died, since he believed that she was an imposter. Dixie started to lift the tumbler to her lips, but JR stopped her from taking the drink. Dixie smiled victoriously because it meant that JR knew that she was his mother.

JR denied that he had said that, but Dixie pointed out that his actions had spoken volumes. JR quickly adopted a fašade of indifference as he wondered who he was to tell anyone not to take a drink. JR emphasized his point by taking a deep swallow of his drink; however, when Dixie started to follow suit, JR ordered her, "Don't." She lowered the glass as she confessed that it was nice to know that he still cared. JR's temper flared as he admitted that he resented her popping pop in and out of his life. Dixie ignored JR's outburst as she threatened to take a drink every time that JR drank.

JR accused Dixie of always leaving, so he suggested that she save them both a lot of grief by simply going. Dixie insisted that she loved JR, so she wanted JR to know how sorry she was that she hadn't been there for him. She promised him that she had tried to get back to him, and their family, but JR didn't believe her. According to JR their family had been a mess long before Dixie had taken her "trip to the great beyond." He snidely reminded her of her one-night stand with David, while she had been married to Tad, and then cruelly suggested that Dixie would find a way to blame David for that, and for fleeing to Europe without a word to anyone after learning that she was pregnant. Dixie admitted that she had made mistakes, but JR argued that she had left him when he had needed her the most.

JR acknowledged that Adam had loved him in his own way, but it had been the wrong kind of love because it had been poisonous. JR admitted that he had tried to be a different kind of man than Adam was, but JR had failed miserably, which had led JR to becoming a drunk. He insisted that Dixie had to live with that. He reminded Dixie that she had been in town for weeks, the last time that she had returned to Pine Valley, before JR had been told. Dixie apologized for that. She realized that she couldn't undo the past, but she was determined to be there for him. JR wondered how long that would last.

Tad suddenly appeared in the doorway. Tad insisted that it wasn't Dixie's fault that Dixie had left, so if JR wanted to be angry at someone then JR should direct his fury at Tad. JR defiantly kept drinking as he informed Tad and Dixie that he didn't need either of them. Dixie argued that she hadn't dragged herself back from the dead to bury her son, so she announced that she would move in, and not leave until she had made things right with JR. Tad and JR strongly objected to Dixie's decision. Tad reminded Dixie that Kathy needed her, and Dixie needed to recover, but Dixie refused to change her mind.

Dixie pointed out that Tad had claimed that JR blamed everyone for JR's problems, just as JR had implied that Dixie had always been the victim. Dixie insisted that it was time for that to stop. Dixie believed that it would be her failure if her son self-destructed. JR advised Dixie to save the "mom of the year" speech for someone who cared. Dixie argued that JR couldn't accuse her of ruining his life without giving her the opportunity to fix it. Dixie reminded JR that he had told her that he wanted someone to care enough to stick around.

"Well, guess what? I'm here. I'm here now," Dixie told her son. JR argued that the mansion was his home, so she was not welcome. Dixie threatened to call Adam, so JR quickly capitulated. However, JR made it clear that he wanted Dixie to stay out of his way. Dixie warned him that she wouldn't. Defeated, JR sat down and then glanced at a picture of Babe and AJ. Dixie wondered what JR needed, so he quietly confessed that he just wanted his son back.

In Amanda's hospital room, Jake sat at his wife's bedside as he watched her sleep. Moments later, the anesthesiologist entered the room. Jake realized that Amanda should have been awake already. The anesthesiologist agreed, so Jake wondered if the brief arrhythmia during the surgery might have been responsible for Amanda's condition. The anesthesiologist didn't discount it, but he decided to run some tests to see what was going on. Jake confessed that he had a patient who had been in a similar situation, but the patient had never regained consciousness.

After the anesthesiologist left, Jake held Amanda's hand as he talk to her about making Trevor breakfast that morning, and Trevor's frustration over not remembering to tell Amanda something. Amanda roused and then groggily explained that Trevor had tried to cheer her up by telling her a joke before the surgery, but Trevor had forgotten the punch line. Jake was immensely relieved that Amanda was awake. Amanda apologized for worrying him, but she confessed that she hadn't wanted to return even though she knew that Jake and Trevor had been waiting for her. "It was so beautiful," Amanda explained.

Jake assured Amanda that the surgery had gone well and that the doctors were confident that they had removed all of the cancer, although they were waiting for tests to confirm it. Amanda explained that the tests weren't necessary because "they" had told her that the cancer was gone. "Who?" Jake wondered. Amanda admitted that she couldn't remember, but she was certain that she was fine. Jake attributed it to a dream, but Amanda disagreed. According to Amanda, she had been in a beautiful place that she hadn't wanted to leave.

Amanda then recalled that she had talked to her father, and that her childhood family dog, Harold, had been there. Amanda revealed that she had been told that something "amazing" was going to happen. Later, Cara entered the room with the results from Amanda's biopsy. Cara confirmed what Amanda had already known; the cancer was gone. Jake told Cara about Amanda's vivid dreams, but Amanda insisted that it hadn't been a dream. Amanda explained that she had seen what would happen, "And it's going to be wonderful, and we are all going to be a part of it," Amanda told them.

In France, Erica admitted that during her imprisonment, she had dreamed of spending time alone with Jack. Jack assured Erica that her ordeal was over. He vowed not to let anyone take her away from him again. Erica smiled sweetly as she explained that it hadn't been necessary for Jack to whisk her away to be alone with her, but Jack insisted that he had wanted her all to himself. Erica was delighted when Jack surprised her with a box of her favorite pastries.

As Erica helped herself to one of the delicious treats, they talked about Jane. Erica couldn't believe that Jack had managed to track Jane down in Brazil, and then had persuaded Jane to return to Pine Valley with him. Erica was grateful that Jack had helped to get Erica's life back. Jack regretted that it hadn't happened sooner. Erica smiled, but she thought that Jack should have known right away that Jane wasn't her. Jack admitted that he had sensed that something hadn't been right, but Erica wasn't satisfied because Jack had slept in the same bed with Jane.

Jack assured Erica that he and Jane had only slept in the bed, nothing else, which greatly eased Erica's mind. Later, Jack noticed that Erica seemed quiet, but Erica promised him that nothing was wrong.

At the hospital, Kendall watched in stunned disbelief as David, and several nurses and doctors, hoisted a barely conscious Zach onto a hospital gurney. Griffin was equally surprised when he noticed the commotion in the hallway. Griffin immediately sprang into action when David called out for Griffin's help as Zach was rushed into a nearby examination room. Greenlee spotted Kendall, so she confirmed to Kendall, "It's really happening." Kendall's eyes filled with tears as Ryan joined them.

Kendall wanted to enter the examination room, but Greenlee urged Kendall to let the doctors help Zach first. Kendall desperately tried to make sense of the situation, so she simply asked, "How?" Greenlee and Ryan briefly filled Kendall in on what they knew as they watched the progress in the examination room. Ryan explained that he didn't have all of the answers, but clearly David had found Zach after the plane crash, and that David had managed to keep Zach alive.

"Just like he did with me after my motorcycle accident," Greenlee added. Kendall explained that she had just started to accept Zach's death. Tears spilled down Kendall's face as she realized that David had held Zach against his will. Ryan pointed out that they didn't know that, but Kendall was certain that Zach would have found a way to get to her otherwise. Moments later, Bianca arrived. Bianca was shocked when she saw the doctors working on Zach. Greenlee and Ryan explained to Bianca that Zach had an infection.

Kendall regretted that she had tried to move forward without Zach, instead of listening to her heart. Kendall was certain that her heart had sensed that Zach had been fighting to get back to them. Kendall started to get angry when she realized what David had put her through, but Bianca urged Kendall to stay focused on the miracle of Zach being alive. According to Bianca, Zach needed their positive energy. Kendall smiled as it occurred to her that Spike and Ian would have their dad back.

In the examination room, Griffin barely contained his rage as he demanded to know what was wrong with Zach. David explained that Zach had a systemic infection, so Zach needed antibiotics and fluids. David then revealed that he had tried to wean Zach off of the Orpheus treatment, but things had gone awry when Zach had pulled out the I.V. Griffin and the rest of the staff quickly started I.V. lines to pump the necessary medication and fluids into Zach, but Zach was slow to respond to the treatment. After everyone left the room, Griffin focused his attention on David.

Griffin was livid that David hadn't told him about Zach. David wondered if Griffin were angry because David hadn't included Griffin on the treatment plan, or if Griffin were upset because Kendall's husband was alive. Griffin ignored the question as he demanded to know why David had put Greenlee in the room with Zach. David confessed that he had hoped that "familiar stimuli" would help Zach regain consciousness. Griffin explained that they had done all that they could to reduce Zach's fever. However, David would regret it if Zach's fever didn't break soon.

In the hallway, Griffin gave Kendall a brief update on Zach, and then expressed concern about Kendall's heart condition. Griffin wanted to prescribe Kendall something to keep her calm, but Kendall refused to take any medication. Kendall demanded to know if Griffin had known that Zach was alive. Griffin was hurt that she felt that she had to ask him that question. He reminded her of their friendship. Kendall relaxed as she realized that Griffin wouldn't have kept the truth about Zach from her if he had known.

Bianca spotted David after he left Zach's room. Bianca warned him that people would go after him for what had happened, but David wasn't surprised because people had always judged him harshly. Bianca explained that all that mattered at that moment was that Zach was alive, and that Spike, Ian, Kendall, and Zach could be a family again thanks to David. David appreciated Bianca for recognizing that. After Bianca walked away, Griffin approached David.

David believed that people would "come around" once David had given them back their loved ones. Griffin doubted that anyone would be putting up a statue in David's honor in the town square any time soon. "Well, just give them some time," David replied with a confident smile. David then suggested that it wasn't too late for Griffin to change sides again, unless Griffin was determined to keep fighting David, along with others in town.

Greenlee called Jack and Erica to tell them about Zach. Erica wanted to take the first flight home, but Bianca snatched the phone out of Greenlee's hand and then explained that the paparazzi was camped outside of Erica's penthouse because of what had happened with Jane. Bianca feared that Erica would lead the press straight to Kendall and Zach, so Bianca thought that it would be best for Erica to remain in France with Jack a little longer. Erica reluctantly agreed, but vowed to see her family soon. After Jack and Erica ended the call, Jack suggested that he and Erica let the world turn a few times without them.

Erica reminded Jack that they should have been married, so Jack suggested that they enjoy their honeymoon. Erica smiled as she promised not to tell anyone. Jack picked her up and then carried her into the bedroom.

At the hospital, Ryan resented how smug David seemed. Greenlee reminded Ryan that David had given them Zach back, which had bought David a lot of forgiveness. Ryan argued that it had also raised quite a few questions, including how David had managed to find Zach after Zach's plane had gone down in the ocean.

Kendall slowly entered Zach's hospital room. She gently reached for Zach's hand as his eyes opened. "Kendall," Zach whispered.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

At the hospital, David arrived for an appointment with Angie, who understood that he'd kept her waiting because he had been busy resurrecting dead people. He corrected that he'd saved his patients from the brink of death, and he asked if she was amazed. She inquired how he'd done it, and he claimed it had started with research, but she countered that no other doctor could report similar results. He condemned other doctors for having a lack of imagination. David asserted that Project Orpheus could help Angie, too, and he intended to make sure she could see her daughter.

Angie asked how David had been able to find Zach at just the right time. David called it a remarkable coincidence, but Angie pointed out that same thing had happened with Dixie. David stated that all that mattered was that they were alive, thanks to him. Angie wondered why David was willing to help everyone, and she remarked that he had a split personality. She reasoned that people had experienced the devil in David for a long time, and maybe it had been the angel's turn to do some good, but she believed the devil would turn up again. David commented that everyone tried to analyze him, including himself, but he claimed that he was incredibly selfish. She disagreed, because she had seen the selfless, giving side of him.

David declared that he always had a motive, and Project Orpheus had given him the power of life and death, which was a huge rush. Angie believed there was more to him than his ego. He scoffed at the idea that she was giving him the benefit of the doubt, but she maintained that she knew there was a dedicated physician inside him. David mentioned how his father had died before his time, and he knew how fragile life could be, so he'd vowed to protect it, regardless of the beneficiary. Angie theorized that David had helped others because he wanted to be loved, just like everyone else.

At the Hubbard home, May a took Lucy from Jesse, who noticed a shadow under the front door. Jesse opened it and found Mookie lurking in the hallway. Jesse demanded to know what Mookie was doing there, and Mookie claimed that he was just waiting for Maya to finish work. Jesse proclaimed that he didn't like Mookie, and he implied to Maya that he didn't want her to see Mookie while she was working. Jesse ordered Mookie to leave before he returned from picking up Angie, and he left.

Maya told Mookie to go, but Mookie closed the door and nonchalantly stated that it wasn't a problem if he stayed. She repeated her request for him to leave and added that he should never return, because it was over between them, but he roughly grabbed her arm. She begged him not to hurt her again, and he yelled at her to shut up and to stop listening to the Hubbards. She asserted that their problems had started long before she'd accepted the nanny job, but he insisted things had been great between them. She reiterated that he'd hurt her and scared her, and she blurted out that his temper had been the reason she'd given up her baby.

Mookie angrily demanded to know if the baby had been his, but Maya fibbed that she'd made the story up. He recalled that she'd gained weight and worn baggy clothes before she'd left New York. He asked where the kid was, but she said she didn't know. He accused her of lying, and she spat that she wouldn't tell him, even if she knew. He ominously insisted that she reveal the child's whereabouts, and she wondered if he intended to beat it out of her. He raged that she'd force him do it, but she contended that she wouldn't allow her baby to be hurt the way Mookie had hurt Maya. Maya refused to allow Mookie to hurt her any longer, and he flung her across the room as Angie and Jesse arrived home.

Jesse barked at Mookie to keep his hands off of Maya. Mookie claimed that Maya had fallen, but Maya admitted that Mookie had shoved her. Mookie berated Maya for giving away his kid, but Angie countered that he had no right to hit Maya. Jesse threatened to arrest Mookie for assault and battery, unless Mookie left town for good within the hour. Mookie purported that Jesse couldn't kick him out, but Jesse warned that Mookie would go straight to jail if Jesse or any of his officers spotted Mookie in Pine Valley.

After Mookie had left, Jesse asked what Maya had told Mookie about the baby, and Maya disclosed that she'd simply mentioned that she'd given the child up. Angie entered with Lucy and wondered why it mattered, and Jesse claimed that he wanted to be prepared in case Mookie sniffed around. Angie admitted that Maya had told her about the baby, and Maya maintained that she'd done what she'd thought had been best for the child. Jesse called Maya brave and smart, and he was confident that she could move on with the rest of her life. Jesse excused himself to check in with Brot, and Angie called him a wonderful man. He paused in the doorway to look back at his wife and daughter.

Jesse met Brot at the hospital and informed him that Mookie knew about the baby and that Jesse had intervened when he'd caught Mookie smacking Maya around. Jesse felt it had been a good thing, because Mookie had the choice to leave town or to go to jail, and Maya had reaffirmed that she'd made the right decision by giving the baby up. Meanwhile, May a remarked to Angie that holding Lucy reminded her of holding her own baby, and she wondered where her baby was.

In the hospital lounge, Ryan and Greenlee speculated how David could have been at the crash scene to rescue Zach, and Ryan suspected it couldn't have been a coincidence. Ryan observed that David was always around when something bad happened. Greenlee knew what David was capable of, but she couldn't explain how David could have been at the crash site. Ryan vowed to find out, but Greenlee said he didn't have to, because Zach wouldn't be alive if it hadn't been for David. Ryan couldn't forget everything David had done, but Greenlee was tired of David being the center of their lives.

Greenlee asserted to Ryan that their hatred of David had cost them enough. Ryan refused to let David get away with his crimes, but Greenlee reminded Ryan about how guilty they'd felt after Zach's crash, and she would have given anything for Zach to have been alive. She named off a list of people who would be positively impacted by the return of the people David had saved, and she begged Ryan to let his vendetta go. Ryan remarked that strings were always attached to David's miracles. Greenlee requested that Ryan take her home, so she could spend the night in his arms.

At their penthouse, Ryan commented that Greenlee was quiet and that she looked like she was about to cry. She reflected back on how David had lured her away by making her think that Leo was alive. Greenlee explained that after David had drugged her, she'd seen Leo in a dream that had felt real. Ryan suspected it had been intense, and she said that Leo would forever be a part of her life because she had loved him, but she needed to be with Ryan. They kissed.

Greenlee and Ryan undressed one another and made passionate love. Afterward, Ryan told Greenlee it was okay that she'd held on to her past. She downplayed her dream of Leo, but Ryan said the past had its place, but the present and future mattered more, and that was what she was to him. He kissed her and held her close.

Outside Zach's hospital room, an overjoyed Bianca watched Kendall and Zach together. Bianca gushed to Marissa that she had never seen Kendall happier. Marissa commented that Kendall wasn't the only one, and Bianca pointedly noted that Zach's homecoming wasn't the only thing that made her smile. David approached them and congratulated Marissa and Bianca for finding love, and he declared that he was happy for both of them. A surprised Marissa thanked him, and Bianca inquired how he'd saved Zach and Dixie. David remained vague about the details and claimed that it wasn't the time for explanations.

David hoped Marissa and Bianca's opinion of him had improved because of his efforts. Marissa thanked him for saving Zach and for giving her and Bianca his blessing. David was stunned when Marissa impulsively hugged him, just as Krystal arrived and spied the embrace. David suggested that he and Marissa get together for lunch, and she offered to meet him the following week. He said goodbye to Marissa and Bianca, and he ran into Krystal, who called him the man of the hour.

Krystal claimed she was happy to see David as a caring father and a lifesaver, and she realized there was a good person inside him somewhere. David expressed surprise that Krystal considered him to be a normal human being, but she countered that while she didn't think he was normal, she remembered that he'd shown his compassionate side sometimes. She recalled the night they had conceived Babe and Marissa. He wondered what had triggered her praise, and she said the heart, because she'd always be grateful to him for her precious girls.

David noted that Krystal was being uncharacteristically sweet. Krystal said she knew how important his daughters were to him, and she'd never forget how David hadn't let anyone else touch Babe the night Babe had been killed. David told Krystal to stop playing him. Krystal insisted she wasn't, but David surmised that Krystal wanted to know if he had been able to save Babe the same way he had saved Dixie and Zach. Krystal became teary-eyed and begged to know if he had, but he walked away.

Bianca asked what Marissa wanted to do, and Marissa pointed out that their kids were with Opal. Bianca suggested dinner, but Marissa tentatively proposed that they spend the night together in Marissa's hotel room. Later, Marissa and Bianca arrived at the hotel, and they shared an awkward moment. Bianca said she'd understand if Marissa wasn't ready. Marissa vowed that she'd never been as sure of anything in her life as being with and loving Bianca. Marissa moved in for a kiss, which became increasingly passionate. They collapsed onto the bed and slowly began to make love.

Kendall caressed Zach's face and marveled that he was alive. He stirred and reminded her that he'd told her that he'd never leave her, because he loved her too much. She moved in close and softly kissed him. Kendall became alarmed when Zach drifted off to sleep, and she anxiously felt for his pulse. He awakened suddenly, and she apologized and asked if his injuries from the crash hurt. He said only when he laughed.

Kendall expressed amazement at what Zach had been through, but he said the ordeal was over. She asked what had happened after the crash, but he didn't remember. Kendall informed him that Ryan and Greenlee had witnessed the crash, and Ryan had tried to find Zach in the water. Kendall wondered who had pulled Zach out and where he'd been kept. Zach murmured David's name, and Kendall mused that David had kept Zach alive.

Zach refused to talk about the crash, and he asked about Spike and Ian. Kendall reported that the boys had grown, and she excitedly planned to have them visit Zach, but Zach wanted to get better first. She suggested the following day, and he agreed. He said that he was tired but that he didn't want any drugs, and he tried to remove his I.V. She explained that he needed the drugs to fight his infection, and she promised that everything would be all right.

Kendall showed Zach his journal, and she revealed that she'd carried it with her everywhere to feel closer to him. He joked that real men didn't keep journals, and she laughed. She opened the journal and read a passage about how Zach had considered what to get her for Christmas, and he'd decided to give her the one thing she'd always wanted that he'd have a hard time giving: himself. She read another excerpt that he'd written before they'd sailed home, which stated that their time at sea had been over, but their time together would always go on. She said that his words had kept her going in his absence, but since he had returned, she knew he would always be there. Griffin arrived in the doorway as the couple shared a kiss.

Griffin interrupted to ensure Zach received his medication. Zach greeted Griffin and requested that Griffin not give him any more drugs. Kendall explained that Zach couldn't stay awake, but Griffin advised that Zach needed to rest. Griffin insisted on administering antibiotics, because he didn't want Zach to die from an infection after all he'd survived, and Zach relented. As Zach snoozed, Griffin pulled Kendall aside and asked if she was okay. She admitted that she was frightened to see Zach close his eyes, because it felt like he was leaving again. Griffin assured her that Zach would survive, but he implored her to take care of her heart. She proclaimed that her heart was soaring, and Griffin tried to hide his hurt.

Griffin checked Kendall's heart, and she insisted it wasn't necessary. He recognized that she should be more than happy, but he was worried about the stress on her heart. She peered at a sleeping Zach, and Griffin commented that she never made things easy for him. She acknowledged that no part of the situation was easy, and Griffin declared that while he was happy for her, he needed her to take care of herself, because he had promised that he wouldn't let her die.

Kendall pledged that she'd never forget everything that Griffin had done and what he'd meant to her, because he'd taken care of her in a way that no one else could have, and she owed him everything. Griffin stated that she made it easy to care about her, and he complimented her smile. He implored her to rest, and he pulled out a chair and insisted she sit. He covered her with a blanket and wished her a good night. She gazed at Zach and closed her eyes. Zach's eyes opened, revealing that he'd overheard Kendall and Griffin's conversation.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

At the hospital, David caught Cara practically living out of a suitcase in the doctor's quarters. He guessed it had to do with Dixie's return, and Cara said David should give her and Griffin warning the next time David wanted to explode their lives. David hoped she wasn't saying he should have let Zach and Dixie die. Cara admitted that the recoveries were amazing, but she felt that David had purposely kept them secret in order to destroy lives. David said that it had been the Martins, not him, who'd played with her heart.

At home, Tad was sorting out his feelings for Dixie and Cara. Opal felt miserable for telling Cara about Dixie, but wondered what Tad would do. Tad said that despite the way they'd married, he and Cara had begun to fall for each other. However, he also figured that he and Dixie were fated for each other. Tad wanted to do the right thing, but didn't know where to begin.

Tad left, and Cara arrived to get her things. Opal still felt guilty for putting her foot in her mouth about Dixie, but Cara awkwardly avoided a talk about it. Cara took her things back to the hospital, and Griffin found her in the doctor's quarters. She announced that she was leaving town. He reminded her of the dangers she'd face if she got deported, and he made her promise not to do anything stupid. He left, and Cara called to book a ticket to some place far away.

At the mansion, JR grimaced to see Dixie having coffee in the parlor. Colby entered, happy that JR had "invited" Dixie to live there. Colby hoped Dixie could help JR, because Colby was fresh out of ideas. Colby left, and Dixie showed JR a tray loaded with his favorite liquor. She reminded him that they were matching each other shot for shot. JR then reminded her that she couldn't drink, and she guessed her life was in his hands.

JR wasn't up for Dixie's games and suggested that she go play dress-up with Kathy, or wish on stars with Tad. JR then guessed she didn't want Tad, because she was still sleeping with David. Dixie smacked her son across the face and said David made her sick.

Just then, Tad arrived. JR said his parents could become helpful by attesting to his sobriety at AJ's custody hearing. JR claimed he'd sworn off drinking, and his parents vouching for him would impress the judge. Dixie and Tad agreed to help, but refused to lie to the judge about the drinking. JR thanked them for nothing and vowed to get his son back without their help. Tad and Dixie headed to the park, where they vowed to help JR together.

Later, JR and Colby were in the parlor when Liza arrived at JR's request. Colby sniped that she hadn't heard from Liza in months. Claiming that she'd given Colby space, Liza said she was sorry about Colby and Asher. "You want his number?" Colby quipped and stomped out.

Liza asked JR what was so important. JR responded that he needed Liza to find out who the judge was in his custody hearing. "If you help me get my kid back, I'll help you get yours," JR deviously added.

Still in the park, Tad said it was time that he and Dixie discussed his marriage. He explained what had led to the marriage, and Dixie said he'd made a big commitment to a stranger. Tad replied that it was more than that, and Dixie said it was obvious Cara had fallen in love with him. Tad responded that he'd been about to go away with Cara on a real honeymoon; however, the moment he'd found Dixie again, he'd realized that Dixie was the only one for him.

At home, Greenlee caught Ryan slipping off to get the goods on David and wondered why they couldn't leave the revenge to someone else. Ryan, who was determined to prevent David from hurting others the way he'd hurt Greenlee, took off to meet Jesse at Krystal's. There, the men discussed how David could have possibly saved Zach. Ryan asked if he could question Ricky, the author of Zach's plane crash. Insisting upon going by the book, Jesse left to talk to Ricky himself. After a while, Jesse returned to inform Ryan that Ricky was dead.

At the hospital, David requested an update on Zach. Griffin begrudgingly explained that Zach was recovering. David said he needed Zach to be one hundred percent ready, and Griffin asked what that meant. David remarked that Griffin had chosen the wrong side, so he'd have to find out when the rest of the mortals did.

Griffin left, and Greenlee approached, demanding to know what David had drugged her with at his facility. He said he'd given her a vasodilator to alleviate her fake numbness. Greenlee believed it had been something more, because she'd dreamed about Leo. David guessed she'd done that because Leo, not Ryan, was the love of her life. David bade her to ask him one final time if Leo were alive, or else she'd just have to settle for dreams.

Greenlee could tell by the look in David's eyes that he, too, had to settle for dreams, because Leo was indeed dead. She hoped that in David's dreams, Leo would say that he hated David for manipulating Greenlee in that way. Alone later, David took a phone call and asked if the caller had taken care of things. David then grinned and said, "They'll be safe for now."

In Zach's room, Kendall panicked to find an empty bed. When Griffin and Zach returned from testing, Griffin insisted that Kendall settle down and watch out for her heart. Zach became grumpy about Griffin's orders, but Kendall said Griffin knew best. Griffin left, and Zach asked if Kendall recalled the letter he'd written in which he'd asked her what she wanted. Kendall responded that all she wanted was Zach, and she was glad to have him back.

Griffin returned to Zach's room and grunted when he saw Kendall and Zach kissing in the bed. Zach said he wanted to go home, but Griffin wasn't sure when that would happen. Griffin and Kendall left to let Zach sleep, and in the hall, Kendall asked Griffin for a favor.

Later, Griffin went into Zach's room to assess whether Zach were ready. Zach asked what for, and suddenly Spike and Ian rushed into the room. Zach explained to the boys that heaven wouldn't let him in, so he'd gone somewhere to recover. The boys ordered Zach to never leave again, and he promised that he was where he wanted to be.

After the visit, Kendall left with the boys. In the lobby, Griffin offered to give them a ride home. Once they arrived at the Slater house, Kendall thanked Griffin for saving Zach; however, Griffin corrected that David had saved Zach.

Back in Zach's room, Greenlee visited. Having returned from the dead herself, she assumed that everything must feel both the same, but different to Zach. He mumbled his agreement, and Greenlee noted that he was preoccupied. She asked if he were worried about Kendall's heart, and Zach said he was worried that Kendall had given it to someone else, namely Griffin.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

In the park, Tad proclaimed that he loved Dixie and that he had never stopped. She nodded and tearfully confessed that she loved him, too. He smiled and hoped that she wasn't going to vanish, and she assured him that she was real and that he meant everything to her, because memories of him had kept her going during her years away. "Together," he said. "Forever," she replied. He touched her cheek, and he leaned in for a long-awaited kiss.

Tad broke away from the kiss, and he bemoaned that the stakes were high regarding his marriage to Cara, and he couldn't afford to have Immigration asking questions. Dixie assumed Cara would be deported, but Tad explained that Cara had a price on her head, and she was likely to be killed if she was forced to go back to Mexico. Dixie questioned whether he'd married Cara to save her life, and when Tad became flustered, she called the gesture wonderful. Dixie concurred that they couldn't do anything that would compromise Cara's safety, and she stated that the kiss they'd just shared had to be their last.

Tad protested, because Dixie had miraculously returned home, and he thought they should make up for lost time. Dixie reiterated that Cara's life was in danger, and Tad agreed that he didn't want to take any risks. Dixie added that she wanted to spend time with her kids. She acknowledged that she wanted him as much as he wanted her, but she'd made a lot of selfish choices. He burst out laughing at the thought that she planned to keep her distance for his sake. She maintained that she needed time with her children to make things right for them.

Later, at the Martin home, Tad tried to convince Dixie to move in, but she insisted that she needed to be with JR. Kathy entered and asked where Cara was, because Kathy needed help taking off a bandage that Cara had adhered the day before. Tad moved to assist, but Dixie jumped at the chance to tend to her daughter. Kathy asked Dixie to kiss her arm, and she inquired whether Dixie would leave again. Dixie assured Kathy that she never would, but she had to stay with JR for a while. Dixie looked forward to living with the Martins again soon, and Kathy happily embraced her mother.

At the hospital, David overheard Cara make a reservation for a one-way ticket out of town. David recognized that humans responded instinctively to stressful situations by either fighting or running away, and he hadn't considered her to be somebody who ran from a fight. Cara asserted that her plans were none of David's concern, but he pointed out that his hospital would lose a terrific doctor if she left. She said Pine Valley would be fine without her, but he noted that she had many positive attributes and that her only fault was an inexplicable attraction to Martin men. She tried to step past him, but he stopped her and recalled when she had been fighting leukemia for the second time.

Cara remarked that she hadn't been able to run away from her cancer. David recounted that the side effects of her chemo had been killing her, and when she had seen the look on her oncologist's face, she'd found the strength to leap up in bed and to order him not to speak. Cara admitted that it hadn't been her prettiest moment, but David said she'd never been more beautiful, because she had stood up to death. She demanded to know his point, and David called Griffin a brilliant physician who would only go so far. Cara retorted that Griffin had ethics, but David countered that as doctors, they should use everything within their means to save a life.

Amanda told Jake to give Trevor hugs and kisses from her, but Jake said she could do it herself the next day, because her blood work had been perfect. She declared that good things were happening to people in Pine Valley, and it was just the beginning. Jake inquired about the feeling Amanda had experienced after her surgery. She said she'd been absolutely sure that she was okay and that she deserved good things, like her health and her family, and she was certain that something good was going to happen related to love. She marveled that Tad and Kendall had both thought their soul mates had died, only to learn the opposite, but her voice faltered when she noticed Cara standing in the doorway.

Cara assured Jake and Amanda that they didn't need to treat her like she was made of glass, and she proclaimed her sincere happiness for Dixie and Tad. Amanda asked for some time to herself, and Jake and Cara stepped outside. Jake knowingly asked if Tad and Dixie's reunion was a done deal. Cara understood that Tad was going to great lengths not to hurt her, but she'd seen the way he'd looked at Dixie, and she compared it to the way Jake looked at Amanda. Cara vowed that she wouldn't settle for anything less than that sort of happiness, wherever she ended up. Jake looked at her thoughtfully, and he realized she was saying goodbye.

Cara implored Jake not to worry about her, but he knew that she tended to leave when she thought she'd create problems for people. She wondered what the odds were of falling for two brothers and getting hurt by both of them. "Two in two million," they said in unison. Cara called Jake and Amanda lucky to have one another. He thanked her, and she walked away.

Jake asked Amanda if there was a balance to happiness in which someone suffered if another person was happy. She thought he was talking about Cara and Tad. Amanda said she'd had her differences with Cara, but once she'd gotten to know Cara, they'd almost become friends. She declared that Cara would be fine, because happiness was infinite, and they'd all find it very soon. Jake complimented her new positive attitude, and they kissed.

Jake kissed a sleeping Amanda and exited her room, and he accidentally bumped into a nurse with a stack of folders. He noticed they were all Cara's files, and the nurse informed him that Cara had instructed her to give them to another doctor. Meanwhile, Cara gazed at a small stack of gold coins in her hand, and Tad arrived to see her. He asked to talk privately, and she concluded that he was in love with Dixie. He confirmed it was true.

Tad promised not to walk away from Cara or their marriage, and he informed her that Dixie was on board with their plan to get Cara a green card. Cara recalled that when she'd first moved in, Krystal had voiced her reservations, but Krystal had openly welcomed Cara shortly thereafter. Cara didn't think she herself could be that generous, but Tad said she didn't know how amazing she was. Cara reminded him that expressing gratitude hadn't gone well for them before. Cara commented that Tad had wanted her to want and to love him, and she did. She placed the gold coins in his hand and recalled that on their wedding day, the coins had been a symbol of him putting his life into her hands. She suggested that he give the coins to Dixie, and she quietly departed.

Dixie dreamed of David taking her pulse and bragging that he could give people back the life they had lost, but that he could also take it away. Dixie awakened in a panic, and Tad remarked that her dream had seemed intense. She called it a nightmare, but she didn't remember the details. He wished her nothing but good dreams going forward, and she realized he'd spoken to Cara. Dixie wanted to check on Kathy and then head over to see JR, and she went upstairs. Tad looked at the gold coins and placed them next to his and Cara's wedding photo. There was a knock at the door, and he opened it to Jake, who announced that he suspected that Cara intended to skip town.

At Krystal's, Ryan guessed that Ricky's death hadn't been an accident. Jesse reported that Ricky had been stabbed with an ice pick in the prison yard. Ryan lamented that Ricky wouldn't be able to help Ryan expose David's involvement in Zach's plane crash.

At the Slater home, Kendall gushed to Griffin that her sons would have a great day, and Griffin surprised her with lunch he'd picked up. She said she didn't have time to stop to eat, but Griffin reminded her that he was still her doctor. She acknowledged that he was more than that, and he assured her that she could be happy in front of him, because Zach's return was good news. Griffin asked Kendall if Zach had mentioned anything about the crash, and Kendall recounted that things had gone dark for Zach after the plane had hit the water. Griffin surmised that Zach had simply been attempting to spare her the details.

Kendall questioned why Griffin was concerned about the accident, and she wondered if he knew more about the accident that he hadn't told her. She said that she hadn't forgotten everything Griffin had done for her, and she didn't blame him if he considered helping her to be a mistake. He told her that as her friend, he didn't want to hear a speech about what could have been, and he asked if she could find her own ride back to the hospital. He told her to take care of herself, and he left. She looked dismayed, and she prepared to leave. She opened her front door and found Ryan, who informed her that Ricky was dead.

Kendall collapsed on the couch in relief and said she'd often wished Ricky dead to have closure. Ryan speculated that someone had wanted Ricky dead, so that no one would find out the truth about Zach's accident. She realized that Ricky's death had generated more questions, and she asked that Ryan approach her rather than Zach with any updates, because she didn't want Zach to experience any additional stress.

Later, at Krystal's, Ryan greeted Griffin, and they briefly discussed Ricky's death. A sullen Griffin didn't want to get involved; he claimed that he was a doctor, and he missed the days when he had no worries outside the hospital. Ryan realized that Griffin had fallen in love with Kendall. Griffin refused to talk to Ryan about Kendall, so Ryan turned the topic to David. Ryan asked if Griffin planned to give up. "What do you think?" Griffin replied.

Greenlee admitted to Zach that Griffin and Kendall had become close, but she insisted that they weren't in a relationship. Zach asked what Greenlee would call it, and she stated that the situation was complicated. Zach begrudgingly noted that Griffin was a good guy. Greenlee explained that Griffin had saved Kendall's life in the back of an ambulance. Zach regretted that he himself had put Kendall there, because his "death" had broken her heart, and Griffin had healed her heart in more ways than one. He asked what else he'd missed, and Greenlee revealed that Griffin had helped put Ricky in prison.

Zach asked Greenlee why she had been in the room with him at David's facility. She explained that she had been trying to get answers from David. Jesse interrupted them. Greenlee warned Jesse to take it easy on Zach, and she departed. Zach suspected from the look on Jesse's face that he had bad news, like someone had died. Jesse asked if Zach had known Ricky.

Jesse requested more details about the plane crash. Zach balked and pointed out that it wasn't a homicide case anymore, and he suspected that Jesse was fishing for something else. Zach realized that Jesse suspected Ricky had been murdered, and he questioned whether Jesse thought Kendall was still in danger. Jesse urged Zach to concentrate on getting better and to let Jesse do his job. Zach insisted that he didn't know anything more about the accident, but Jesse was skeptical. Kendall arrived, and Jesse made a quick exit.

Zach informed Kendall that Jesse had told him about Ricky's death. Zach reprimanded her for putting herself in danger, and he refused to let her or their kids continue to be at risk. She became alarmed, and he blamed his outburst on exhaustion, but she realized he had plans, and she worried that he'd be killed for real. Kendall scolded Zach for shutting her out, and she begged him to trust her. He announced that he had something to tell her, but she wouldn't like it. He asked her to close the door.

David shredded paperwork in his hotel room, and he answered the door to Greenlee. He sarcastically asked which symptoms she planned to feign next, but she demanded to know his intentions toward Zach. David complained that his personal differences with people had overshadowed his accomplishments as a doctor, and she realized he wanted recognition for doing something good. She spotted the paper shredder and accused him of destroying evidence, but he replied that he was simply protecting his research from prying eyes, like Ryan's.

David reminded Greenlee that she'd readily accompanied him to his medical compound, and he hinted that she wasn't the only one holding a torch for a dead person. He suggested that perhaps he had Gillian in his lab, and he taunted whether Ryan might want to see the love of his life again. Greenlee rationalized that Gillian's heart was beating in Laura English's chest. David pointed out that he had performed the transplant, but she refused to let his innuendo cause problems for her and Ryan. He observed that her hands were shaking and that she wasn't able to hide her insecurities. A rattled Greenlee headed for the door, but he called after her to tell Ryan that an old friend said hello.

At their penthouse, Greenlee reported to Ryan that Zach was getting stronger, and Ryan hoped Zach could help answer his questions. He saw that she was upset, and she admitted that she'd seen David, but she insisted that she just wanted to focus on their marriage for a while.

At ConFusion, Cara toasted to the open road, and David approached her. She announced that she was leaving Pine Valley. David said that she owed him a favor, and since the Martins had become her past, he wanted to talk about her future.

Friday, August 19, 2011

After a night of lovemaking, Bianca checked to make sure that Marissa was okay. Marissa confirmed that she was happy with the direction that their relationship had taken. Marissa's cell phone rang, and she pointed out that they needed to return to reality. Marissa took the call and was shocked at what she heard.

Marissa told Bianca that JR had gotten the custody hearing moved up. Marissa was irate at JR's attempt to knock her off her game. Bianca assured Marissa that JR wouldn't be able to take custody from her, and added that both she and Caleb would make sure of it. Marissa asked if Bianca would accompany her to the courthouse.

Liza walked into the Chandler living room as JR was pouring himself a cup of tea. Liza was amazed that the custody hearing had been pushed up so quickly. JR said that he wanted the hearing over with as soon as possible. JR insisted that Liza needed to make sure he was awarded full custody. If that happened, JR promised to help her mend her relationship with Colby. At that moment, Colby walked in and wanted to know why Liza was there again.

JR told Colby about Liza's role in the custody hearing. Colby wanted to know what JR had to do in return for Liza's representation. Colby said that Liza's legal skills in family court were lacking, given how messed up Liza's own family relations were. JR slyly noted that he'd met with the deciding judge. JR felt that the judge was moved by JR's story and financial contribution. Colby was amazed that JR would stoop to such antics. Liza informed JR that the judge would be swayed, but not in the way that JR hoped.

Liza told JR that fundraising ethics was a major part of the deciding judge's platform. Liza was certain that the judge had taken the bribe so that he could make an example of JR. Liza said she needed to clean up JR's mess, and quickly left the room. After Liza exited, Colby laid into her brother about his behavior.

JR tried to deflect blame by mentioning Liza and how she had made mistakes but genuinely wanted to fix things with Colby. Colby told JR that he and Liza were the parents, and said they needed to take a more responsible role in the lives of their children. Colby also trashed JR over his inability to stay on the wagon. Colby said that JR was a selfish drunk, not a loving father.

JR agreed that his drinking was selfish and wasn't helping him to be a positive role model for his son. Colby said that JR needed to stop trying to be Adam. Colby admitted that the custody battle with Marissa was a horrible thing, but said that JR needed to figure out how to deal with it like an adult.

Liza returned to the living room a short time later, and Colby immediately asked what had happened. Liza said that as she suspected, JR's plan had backfired. Liza told JR that he would lose custody of AJ. Despite the setback, Liza said that they still needed to go to the courthouse. JR refused to go, as he didn't want to see his son ripped away. Colby tried to convince JR otherwise, but JR's temper exploded. JR said that he didn't care what he had to do, but he would make sure his son wasn't raised by two lesbians.

Bianca and Marissa stopped in at Krystal's restaurant before the hearing. Marissa was nervous, and she jumped when her phone rang. She took another call from Caleb, but she was slightly more optimistic when it ended. Marissa relayed the information about JR's attempt to bribe the judge. Marissa added that the hearing had become a formality, and that Marissa would be awarded full custody. Bianca was pleased but soon realized that Marissa was worried about how far JR had spun out of control.

Jake told Tad that although Cara hadn't admitted it outright, Jake was certain that Cara planned to leave town. Tad wanted to get Jesse's help in tracking Cara down. Jake stopped Tad and said that Cara's car was still in the parking lot, so she hadn't left town yet. Tad pointed out that he wouldn't be surprised if Cara left. Jake asked if Tad and Cara had fought. Tad admitted he'd told Cara that he was still in love with Dixie.

Jake said that he wished he could help Tad, but Tad knew Jake needed to get back to Amanda. As Jake was leaving, Jake wondered if Cara wished she'd never met either of them. Tad said he wouldn't blame Cara for that line of thinking. Tad said that he didn't care if Cara hated him for the rest of his life, as long as Cara was safe. Tad said that he wouldn't be able to forgive himself if Cara got hurt.

Over drinks at ConFusion, David told Cara that he wasn't surprised that Tad wanted to reunite with Dixie. David remarked that despite the number of times he'd tried to win Dixie's heart, she had always gone back to Tad. Cara asked if David had been in love with Dixie. David admitted that he had a bad habit of falling in love with unavailable women.

After they refreshed their drinks, Cara wanted to know if the affection David felt for Dixie had always been one-sided. David revealed that at one time, Dixie had actual feelings for David. David added that Dixie's relationship with him had tainted Dixie in Tad's eyes, but David thought that Tad had acted like a hypocrite. Cara said that she knew about Tad's "cad" days. David wondered if Cara hadn't been bothered by the stories because she and Tad had still been in the honeymoon phase of their marriage.

Cara admitted that she and Tad hadn't experienced that phase because they'd faked their union. David was impressed that Tad had done something so daring. Cara told David that the marriage had saved her life, but said it was pointless to think about what could have been. David asked what Cara planned to do. Cara said that she needed to go underground to avoid deportation. David thought that Cara had other options.

Cara said that staying married to Tad wasn't really a choice. David thought that Tad would keep up the fašade in order to save Cara's life. Cara agreed, but said that she'd long ago let go of the life where she sat on the outside, looking through the glass at what she wanted. Cara filled David in on what she'd done before she got to town. Cara said that the difference was that in Pine Valley, she felt like she belonged.

David asked if Cara hated him for upsetting both her and Griffin's lives. Cara said that Tad, Kathy, and Kendall were among the sweetest people she'd ever met, and they deserved to be happy. David asked what Cara deserved, but before they could delve into the subject, David spotted Tad when he walked into ConFusion. David alerted Cara, and she quickly hid. Tad reached the main floor and stood near David. After a moment of silent information-gathering, Tad asked David where Cara had gone.

After a brief stonewall, David said that he'd seen Cara but didn't know where she'd gone. As Tad tried to leave, David called out "you're welcome." Curious, Tad asked what he should be thankful for. David was slightly amused that Tad could so easily put Dixie out of his mind. Tad told David that while he was grateful that David had saved Dixie's life, he also knew that David had scared Dixie badly. Tad promised that he would exact revenge upon David once he found out what the good doctor had done.

After Tad left the bar, Cara reappeared, and David told her that he didn't think Tad would give up searching for her. Cara told David that her delayed flight had become even more infuriating because she didn't have any place to stay. David offered to let Cara stay with him.

Cara and David went to his room at the Yacht Club. Cara wondered why David didn't have a house of his own. David said that he'd purchased houses over the years, but none of them had felt like home. David tried to blame that feeling on the unwelcoming citizens of Pine Valley. Cara asked if David had chosen to stay because he had something to prove.

David admitted as much, and said that his desire to finally be accepted by people in town had driven him to create Project Orpheus. David said that it didn't seem to matter how many lives he'd saved or how many miracles he'd performed over the years. Cara guessed that David always felt like he was on the outside, looking in. Cara asked if it bothered David that people refused to accept him. After a pause, David admitted it did.

David said that he'd made mistakes and made poor decisions, but felt that the good he'd done should have helped to change people's perception of him. Cara thought that people just needed time to absorb the magnitude of what David had done, but David remained skeptical. Cara's cell phone rang and interrupted their conversation. When Cara saw that it was her brother, she decided not to answer it. David encouraged her to talk to Griffin. David said that the phone wouldn't stop ringing until Griffin got in touch with Cara. David said that Cara didn't need to reveal her location, but should let her brother know that she was safe.

As Ryan held Greenlee, she thought back to when David had mentioned Ryan's former wife, Gillian. Ryan felt Greenlee tense up and asked what David had said to her. Greenlee insisted that David wasn't at fault. Greenlee admitted that she'd been thinking about the incredible gift that David had managed to give some of their friends and family. Greenlee asked how Ryan would feel if he was the direct recipient of such a gift.

Ryan asked if Greenlee was still thinking about the dream she'd had about Leo. Greenlee said no, and admitted that she was having a hard time taking in everything that had happened. Greenlee said part of her wanted to blast David for letting her and Ryan think that they were responsible for Zach's death. However, the other part of Greenlee wanted to thank David for saving Zach's life.

Ryan said that he couldn't imagine what it was like to believe that Leo was alive again, if only for a moment. Ryan warned Greenlee not to let David get to her. Ryan thought that if David successfully drove a wedge between Ryan and Greenlee, David would win -- and no one wanted that.

As they sat in Zach's hospital room, Kendall reacted negatively to something Zach said they needed to deal with. Griffin approached as the two argued, and watched the scene from the hall as it played out silently. Inside, Kendall said that ever since Zach's return, all she'd wanted to do was take Zach home and lock him up with her and the boys. Zach said that he wanted that, too, but that it would have to wait. Zach reminded Kendall that the bond between them would help them get through anything.

Kendall said that she needed some water, and left the room to find a drink. In the hall, Griffin walked up to Kendall. Griffin said it looked like Kendall needed a friend, and hoped that he could fit the bill. Kendall said Zach had just revealed what he remembered from the flight that had nearly killed him. Though tough to hear, Kendall recognized that it was much tougher to live through it.

Kendall resumed her trek to get something to drink and asked if Griffin wanted anything. Griffin replied that he just wanted Kendall to be happy. Kendall was appreciative, and then took her leave. Griffin made his way into Zach's room to check on the patient's vitals. Zach glared at the doctor and demanded to know what was going on between Griffin and Kendall.

Zach pelted Griffin with questions about Griffin's dealings with Kendall. Griffin fielded the questions with relative ease, and insisted that he had simply honored the oath he'd taken when he'd saved Kendall's life. Out of nowhere, Zach asked if Griffin loved Kendall. When Griffin didn't answer, Zach tried to pry it out of him. Griffin finally said that because Zach had returned, whatever Griffin felt for Kendall no longer mattered.

Griffin left the room so that he could put a rush on Zach's latest round of blood work. Tad spotted Griffin and asked if he'd seen Cara. Griffin said that he hadn't, so Tad had to break the news that Cara might try to leave town. Tad gave Griffin a list of other places he planned to check. The men agreed to call if they found Cara.

Down the hall, Kendall ran into Greenlee. Greenlee asked how Kendall was feeling. When Kendall recoiled from the question, Greenlee noted that Kendall looked as though she was about to jump out of her skin. Kendall admitted that she kept waiting to wake up from a dream and find that Zach hadn't returned at all. Greenlee assured her that Zach was alive, and Kendall wanted to know how Greenlee could be so sure. Greenlee told Kendall that she'd dreamed of Leo when David drugged her.

Greenlee said that she loved Ryan without question, but admitted that the dream had made her think about the possibilities. Greenlee admitted that losing Leo suddenly without the chance to say goodbye had left her with a physical longing. Kendall said that the past didn't disappear just because Greenlee had found love again, and noted that Greenlee had lost Leo too early. Greenlee mentioned Gillian's name, and said Gillian had died too soon as well.

Kendall asked if David had mentioned Gillian's name first. Greenlee said that David had only dropped hints about Gillian. Greenlee admitted that the hints were enough to make her worry about what Ryan would do if Gillian did return. Kendall was convinced that Ryan wouldn't forget the love he had for Greenlee.

At that moment, Ryan walked up and asked what was wrong. Greenlee promised that she was fine, and said that every time she visited the hospital, she was reminded how amazing it was that Zach was still alive. Ryan stepped away, and Kendall took the opportunity to remind Greenlee that Ryan loved her.

Greenlee believed in Ryan's love but reminded Kendall that her relationship with Ryan tended to fall apart soon after it started to do well. Greenlee was afraid of the possibility that something could threaten her relationship again. Greenlee worried aloud that if Gillian returned, Greenlee wouldn't be able to compete. Kendall said that Greenlee and Ryan had always been able to survive being torn apart.

Ryan stopped in to see Zach. Ryan wanted to know if Zach had any theories on how David had managed to be in the right place at the right time to save Zach. Kendall and Greenlee walked in and asked if the two men had been getting along. Zach revealed that Ryan wanted to punish David for his experimental testing. Zach confessed that he was in full support of David, as David was responsible for Zach reuniting with his family. Zach made it clear that if anyone had a problem, Zach would deal with them.

Griffin caught up with Tad at Krystal's restaurant, and each revealed that they hadn't found Cara. Before they could strategize next steps, a call from Cara rang on Griffin's phone. Cara quickly assured Griffin that she was fine and still in Pine Valley then she hung up. Griffin and Tad were confused, but Cara was relieved to have dealt with the situation. In the interim, David thought that Cara might want to rest before her flight, so he made up the love seat. As Cara watched, she told David that despite what she'd heard, she liked David as a person.

At Krystal's, Tad said that he understood why Cara didn't want to talk to him. Tad asked if Griffin thought Cara would do something crazy that would put her in danger. At that same moment across town, Cara admitted that when she first met David, she had been in awe of what he had been able to do. Cara added that she was still impressed. David slowly began to realize that there was something he'd missed underneath Cara's words. His suspicions were confirmed when Cara kissed him.



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