One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 15, 2011 on OLTL

Irene Manning revealed that she had given birth to identical twin boys, Todd and Victor. In order to obtain part of the Lord fortune, she'd had Victor undergo plastic surgery and brainwashing. Madame Delphina couldn't connect with Gigi in the afterlife but provided a clue: Spotted Pony. Rex met a stripper named Gigi at a club called the Spotted Pony. The governor offered Dorian a Senate seat.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 15, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, August 15, 2011

John, Tomas, and Brody burst through Irene's office door. She reached for her gun, but the three men pointed their own guns at her. She'd thought that Tomas was smarter than to break into the government facility. She warned the men that they'd get jail time if they didn't put their weapons down. As Irene pushed a help button under her desk with her knee, John told Tomas and Brody to tear the office apart for information about Todd or Patrick. He added to Irene that he'd "taken out" every man that could respond to the help button. He announced that he was arresting her for attempted murder.

Irene realized that she should have killed Tomas "when I had the chance." John began to read Irene her rights, but she stopped him, wondering what he really wanted with her. John demanded to know which man was the real Todd Manning. Irene was sure that John would sort it out. John agreed, because Irene was going to help him. She wondered why she should help him. He replied that no one knew that the men, or Irene were there. He continued that no one would ever know if one of them were killed.

John told Irene that Tomas was unhappy about all the "dirty work" he'd done for Irene. He added that Brody was "just pissed that he didn't get to shoot Bin Laden." Brody grunted in agreement. John said that he could kill Irene, or she could return with them to Llanview to tell everyone what she knew about Todd.

Mrs. Evans slapped Nora, and demanded to know why Nora thought she'd had a right to mess with Destiny's life. Nora was shocked to learn that Destiny had decided to have the baby. Mrs. Evans told Nora that Nora's guilt-tripping had changed Destiny's mind. Nora thought that Destiny had already had doubts if she'd changed her mind so easily.

Mrs. Evans told Nora that Destiny had plans for her life, but Nora had expected Destiny to have the baby, and give those plans up. Nora disclosed that she and Bo had offered to raise the baby, and that Destiny could be as much of a part of the baby's life as she wanted. Nora apologized for interfering, and offered to talk to Destiny. Mrs. Evans told Nora that Destiny had already changed her mind, and that there was no time left for an abortion.

Nora tearfully apologized for her part in Destiny's change of heart. Mrs. Evans replied that, as sorry as she was that Destiny had to go through such tough decisions, Mrs. Evans was glad to have her daughter back. "How wonderful for you," Nora responded. Mrs. Evans told Nora that the Evans family prayed for Matthew every night, and assured her not to give up hope. Nora hoped that she and Mrs. Evans could learn to get along, since they were both going to be grandparents of Destiny and Matthew's baby. Mrs. Evans only wanted to concentrate on getting Destiny ready to have the baby.

At Capricorn, Starr was practicing a song when Baz entered. She asked about his trip to Paris. He told Starr that his mother had been trying to convince him that Tomas was dangerous. He continued that Tomas had also left him a lot of messages, probably trying to tell Baz that his mother was crazy. Starr, knowing what Tomas wanted to tell Baz, updated Baz on what had been happening with the two Todds.

Starr recapped the events for Baz, who wanted to start working in order to give Starr a distraction. She related that she had plenty of distractions thanks to James. She admitted to telling James that Baz had kissed her. She continued that she'd told James that the kiss hadn't meant anything to her, so James hadn't been worried about it. She revealed that it had gotten Starr and James closer, and Baz realized what she meant. He thought that James was a "lucky guy."

Baz wondered if Starr still wanted to make music. "Why do you think I'm here?" she replied. It was "just work" to Starr. He asked about the song she'd been singing when he'd arrived, which she informed him that Langston had written. Baz admired Starr as she sang the song again. He wanted to make a few tweaks to the song, but thought it was almost ready to record. Starr replied that music helped her to forget about everything else.

Dani asked Téa when the results of the second DNA test would be ready. Téa hoped that it would be soon, and regretted how confused Dani was. Dani replied that everyone was confused. There was a knock on the door, and Téa answered it to Blair. Blair wanted to talk about the "Todd situation." Dani wanted to go see Destiny anyway, so she left.

Dani walked outside, and was surprised to find Destiny. Dani wondered why Destiny wasn't at home, resting. Destiny confessed that she hadn't had the abortion. Dani asked why, and was surprised to learn that Nora had been a factor. Dani wondered what Destiny wanted, as opposed to what Nora wanted. "I want Matthew back," Destiny replied.

Dani had many more questions, but Destiny didn't know what would happen, because she'd just made the decision. She only knew that "the baby won't grow up like we did." She vowed that the baby would know both of its parents. Speaking of parents, Dani realized that she hadn't told Destiny about anything that had been going on. Dani explained the Todd situation to Destiny, and Destiny couldn't believe it.

Dani had been on her way to get food for Destiny. She invited Destiny to the Buenos Dias with her, unless Destiny wanted to stay at home. Dani was happy to know that Destiny was back living with her parents. She wondered how Mrs. Evans had felt about Destiny's decision to keep the baby. Destiny told Dani that Mrs. Evans had been surprised, but she was behind her daughter. "She's not the only one," Dani replied, and the two set off for the Buenos Dias arm-in-arm.

Téa wondered if Blair knew something that Téa didn't. Blair said that Tomas had promised to figure out what was been going on. She filled Téa in on everything Tomas had told her about being an assassin, which completely shocked Téa. Blair also told Téa that Tomas had gone with John to find out what was going on. Both women wondered how they couldn't tell which man was the real Todd. Each wanted to know what the other's kids thought. They shared that Dani and Starr didn't know what to think, but that Jack was "one hundred percent" behind the man they'd called Todd for the last eight years.

Téa suggested that they'd wanted Todd back so badly that they'd seen what they'd wanted to see. Blair had gotten to know Todd as Walker, but hadn't even thought about any differences once she'd found out that he was Todd. Looking back, Téa divulged that Todd had been different in bed. She knew that Todd once had intimacy issues, and had never been comfortable in bed. However, the more recent Todd "sleeps like the dead," and couldn't get enough sex.

Blair related that the man with the scar hadn't seemed to have intimacy issues when he'd kissed her. She updated a curious Téa on what had happened after Téa had left the premiere. Blair continued that the kiss had felt familiar, but her kiss with Téa's husband had also felt familiar. Téa, getting angry, demanded to know when Blair had kissed Todd, and why. Téa had thought that Blair was done with "both Todds." Blair called Téa paranoid, but Téa thought that Blair was desperate for a man.

Screaming, Blair and Téa pushed each other. Blair ran towards the door as Téa yelled at her to leave. The fighting continued until Tomas burst through the door, and separated the women. Both tried to tell Tomas that the other had "lost it." Blair wondered if Tomas had found any answers. He hadn't yet, but admitted that he'd found someone who had some information.

Todd and the man with the scar both sat staring at Irene's diary. Both got up and ran to the diary, but Todd got to it first. Todd held it away from the man, who wondered if Todd didn't want the man to see the diary because it would prove that Todd wasn't really Todd. The man distracted Todd with his sandwich, and grabbed the diary. The two fought over it as Viki entered, and told them to stop.

Viki asked the men to be quieter because Clint was getting settled into the house. She demanded to know what they had been arguing over, and they showed her Irene's diary. Wide-eyed, she asked to see it, so the man handed her the diary. She flipped through the diary, and read an entry out loud about Irene's affair with Victor. She kept flipping through, and found an entry from Irene's second pregnancy. Both men eagerly attempted to read over her shoulder. She told them to stop hovering, and ordered them to sit down.

Viki read aloud about Irene giving baby Todd to Peter and Bitsy. Irene had been glad that she could give a good life "to one of my kids." After scoffing at Irene's thoughts of a good life for Todd with Peter, Viki, Todd, and the man speculated on what Irene had meant when she'd written "one of my kids." Going on, Viki read that Irene missed Todd, "but I'm happy that I still have..." Both men demanded to know how the sentence was finished, but Viki revealed that it looked like the next page had been deliberately cut out.

Todd and the man argued about the missing page, but Viki thought that there was no point in arguing. Viki figured that they'd never know what was on the page, and that it was something Irene had taken to the grave. The doorbell rang, and Viki instructed the men not to talk to each other while she was gone. "God help me if you are both my brothers," she said as she handed the diary to the man.

Viki opened one of the double doors to John and Brody. She opened the other to reveal a woman. A shocked Viki marveled at how much the woman looked like Irene.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Roxy was drinking in the back of Foxy Roxy's when Natalie entered, calling for Roxy. Roxy appeared and wondered what was wrong. Natalie expressed how worried she was about Rex. Roxy said she knew, but Natalie revealed that Rex believed that Gigi was still around. Natalie explained about the meeting with Madame Delphina, and Roxy approved the decision to call Delphina. Natalie told Roxy about Gigi's apparent message of "spotted pony," but both were confused as to the meaning. Roxy believed that it had to mean something, but Natalie thought that Delphina had been "off her game."

Natalie confessed to Roxy that Delphina had also said something about Natalie's relationship with Brody. She didn't know what Delphina had meant, but it hadn't sounded good. Roxy worried for Natalie, but Natalie assured Roxy that she and Brody were fine. Natalie was just sorry that Delphina couldn't help Rex.

Roxy revealed that she'd just been thinking about Gigi, and how she'd been running around getting ready for her wedding. Roxy had given Gigi a tape recorder she'd found, because she'd thought that Gigi could listen to whatever music was on it. Natalie related that the tape recorder, which had turned out to be hers, had a blank tape in it. Roxy knew that it hadn't been blank when she'd had it. Natalie disclosed that John had practically accused Brody of erasing the tape. Natalie didn't think that anything mattered, because Marty was gone, and Liam was safe. Roxy thought Natalie's lack of memory had been eating Natalie alive.

Natalie had to go meet Brody, and mentioned to Roxy that she and Brody were looking for a place together. Roxy was happy for Natalie, but urged her to figure out Delphina's message. Natalie wasn't worried about it. Roxy told Natalie that she liked Brody, but she truly believed that Natalie and John belonged together. She knew that John wasn't yet over Natalie.

Dorian entered her living room, and found the room a mess. She began screaming about calling the police, because she'd been robbed. David entered and admitted that he'd made the mess. He told her about how he'd had to find Irene's diary in order to give it to the two Todds. Dorian reminisced that "that diary brought us together," because a faked entry had gotten her acquitted of murder charges. She began to unbutton his shirt, and said that she was glad she had locked the doors to the living room.

A short while later, David answered the ringing phone, to Dorian's dismay. He had a short conversation, and hung up. He told Dorian that it had been his agent on the phone, who needed to see him. Dorian wanted to go with him, but David wanted to go alone. He told his wife that the agent "has a thing for me." If Dorian weren't at the meeting, the agent would think she had a shot with David, and therefore work harder for him. Feigning acceptance, Dorian let him go. In exchange, David gave her a headshot signed with his new pen.

When David was gone, the phone rang again. "Okay, bitch, he's on his way!" Dorian answered angrily. The agent wasn't on the other end, but it seemed to be someone important. Dorian assured the person on the phone that she was listening.

Viki was shocked to see Irene, alive, in her foyer. "Long time no see," Irene replied. John, Brody, and Irene followed Viki as she made her way toward the living room.

The man with the scar shook out Irene's diary for the missing page. Todd thought that the man was just wasting time by looking. John, Brody, and Irene followed Viki into the living room. Todd held the old picture of Viki and Irene, and was confused to realize who was standing in front of him. Viki said that the last time she'd seen Irene had been when Irene had left Tina with Viki, because Irene had been dying of cancer. Irene admitted that she'd only wanted to give her daughter a better life. She'd wanted to reunite two sisters, and was happy that two brothers had been reunited as well.

Todd and the man wanted the truth. Irene admitted to giving birth to a set of identical twin boys. When Victor had first found out about the second pregnancy, he hadn't wanted anything to do with Irene, or the children. He'd cut Irene off completely, leaving her alone, and unable to afford caring for a child. When she'd had twins, she'd given the one she'd named Todd to Peter Manning, in order to give the child a better life.

Irene had raised the one named Victor Jr. by herself. Viki wondered if it was the first time that Irene had been with both boys since they'd been born. Irene confessed that it wasn't. During Irene's story, Brody informed John that there was backup outside. John thanked Brody for the help, and told him to go home, so Brody left.

In the nursery, Kelly was watching over Liam when Joey entered. He talked about Clint until Kelly started to cry. At Joey's worrying, she insisted she was fine. She missed Zane, and was sad that she'd missed so much of his life. She didn't want to miss anything else, so she told Joey that she'd decided to leave Llanview.

A shocked Joey wondered what would happen to his relationship with Kelly, since they'd just gotten back together. Brody entered, and apologized for interrupting. He picked Liam up, and Kelly advised Brody to enjoy every moment he had with his son. He promised to follow the advice, and left. Continuing the conversation, Kelly regretted having to put the relationship on hold. She knew that Joey needed to stay with his father. Joey related that Clint had always wanted Joey and Kelly together.

"Now that I have you," Joey started, "I'm not going to let you go again." Joey decided to go with Kelly to London, which made Kelly very happy. Joey wanted to tell Clint the good news. Kelly related how tough telling Dorian would be.

A short while later, Kelly arrived at La Boulaie as Dorian hung up the phone. Kelly said that she had something to tell Dorian. Dorian was glad that Kelly was there, because she had something to tell Kelly as well.

John's phone rang, and he answered it as the conversation continued. Desperate for a job, Irene had met a CIA agent, who'd gotten her involved in the CIA. She was explaining how she'd quickly "climbed the ladder," when John announced the matter of his phone call. The second DNA test had backed up the findings in the first DNA test. John wondered how the men had the same memories, but Irene thought she would feel more comfortable speaking openly with John out of the room. With no one noticing, John set a tape recorder down on a table, and left the room.

As Brody walked down the stairs, he assured Liam that he wouldn't let Todd tell anyone about Liam being John's son. Brody bumped into John in the foyer, and John hadn't realized that Brody had moved back into Llanfair. Brody admitted to John that he and Natalie had decided to move in together. Changing the subject, Brody wondered which man was the real Todd, but John didn't know. Brody had to change Liam's diaper, so he went back up the stairs.

A short while later, Brody put Liam back into his crib. He assured Liam that he'd erased Marty's session tape, so no one would find out that Liam was John's son.

Natalie entered Llanfair and found John sitting in the foyer. He told Natalie that he was there to get answers about Todd. Natalie related that she needed answers. Since the Gigi Morasco case was closed, Natalie wondered if the tape recorder that was being held in evidence could be released to her. Even though she knew John would think she was crazy, she admitted that she needed it for a meeting with Madame Delphina. The psychic needed something to "connect her with the spirit world." Natalie thought it might help her remember what had been on the tape she had almost died to get.

Aubrey and Cutter got drinks at Capricorn, and discussed how humiliating it had been to get thrown out of the Vicker Man premiere. Aubrey regretted that she hadn't gotten to find a new "catch." Looking behind Aubrey, Cutter spotted Rex, and suggested that he would be a good mark. Rex had gotten all of Clint's money and holdings, and he'd stolen the Buchanan mansion from Cutter.

Cutter told Aubrey it would be perfect as long as Aubrey didn't fall in love with the mark again. Aubrey refused to hit on Rex, since he'd just lost Gigi. Cutter reasoned that Rex was probably lonely and "desperate for a pretty shoulder to cry on."

Rex told Shane over the phone that he was all right, but he had work to do. Rex hung up, and typed "spotted pony" into the search bar on his computer. Cristian walked over to Rex, and handed him a large, rolled-up piece of paper. He'd been meaning to give it to Rex. Rex unrolled the paper and found a self-portrait of Gigi. Cristian thought that Gigi had had a lot of talent.

Rex asked if there was a wireless printer at the bar, which Cristian confirmed. Rex printed some pages, and looked at Gigi's drawing. Aubrey walked up behind Rex, and told him that Gigi had been beautiful. "She still is," he replied. A short while later, Cristian handed Rex a stack of papers. As Rex looked through the papers, Aubrey thought that he looked frustrated. She offered to buy him a drink, but he needed to concentrate. When Aubrey was gone, Rex looked around the bar. He saw Gigi standing in a corner of the room.

Gigi walked away, and Rex immediately ran after her. Rex bumped into David, who was entering the bar, and dropped all of his papers. Rex returned a short while later, and blamed David for making Rex miss Gigi. Rex said that he needed to find the right Spotted Pony establishment. David recognized the name, and Rex asked if it meant something to David.

Aubrey returned to Cutter, who wondered when she was going to see Rex again. He already had a plan to get his mansion back. Aubrey was distressed because she seemed to be losing her touch. She hadn't wanted to "seduce a guy in mourning" anyway. Cutter thought that Joey had ruined Aubrey's confidence, but Aubrey just didn't want to hurt another nice guy. She reasoned that Rex was preoccupied with his fiancée and his "spotted pony" research project anyway. Cutter seemed to recognize the name.

Irene revealed that, after a while, she had no longer made enough money to support her and Victor. Therefore, she'd agreed to do special work for the CIA. She'd been keeping close tabs on Todd, and was surprised that Victor Lord had left Todd thirty million dollars in his will. She'd wanted to get the same for Victor Jr., but that would have required her to explain where she'd been, and what she'd been doing. She'd realized that Todd could be useful to her in other ways.

Irene explained about how she had sent people to make a business deal with Todd, on the promise of Todd helping his country. Both men who claimed to be Todd remembered denying the deal. The man said that he'd figured out that the money was going to a rogue government organization. Irene continued that she'd instructed a CIA agent to "eliminate" Todd. Viki was appalled that Irene had ordered her own son to be killed. Irene explained that she'd long since stopped thinking of Todd as her son, because of the man she'd seen him turn into.

Irene continued that Tomas had found Todd beaten nearly to death, but he'd delivered Todd to Irene. Neither man remembered being taken to Irene, but she remembered being together with both of her sons. She remembered having Todd tell her and Victor all about his life. She had gotten Victor to take on all of Todd's memories in order to become Todd. She said that Victor had learned everything there was to know about Todd's life, so that even he believed he was really Todd.

Irene revealed that the two men had been identical, except for the scar on the cheek. She'd given Victor a scar on his cheek just like Todd's. Viki wondered how the two men had different faces, and demanded to know which man was really Todd.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Natalie wanted the tape from John so she could see if Madame Delphina could figure out what had been on it. John couldn't believe that Natalie wanted to hire a psychic, but Natalie insisted that she trusted Delphina. She continued that there had to have been something important on the tape if Marty had tried to kill Natalie over it. John eventually agreed, and reminded her to log the tape back into evidence when she was done with it. He wished her luck. She promised that it would be worth it, and left.

Aubrey wondered if Cutter knew what the Spotted Pony was. He claimed not to know. He informed Aubrey that she had a "golden opportunity" in front of her, because Rex was "lonely, single, and rich." Aubrey didn't want to make a play for Rex because of what had happened with Joey. Cutter suggested that Joey had never really loved Aubrey at all. Offended, Aubrey stormed away from Cutter.

Rex demanded to know if David knew something about the Spotted Pony. David replied that he wasn't "a horse kind of guy." Rex explained about his meeting with Madame Delphina. David denied knowing anything, but Rex informed David that the Buchanan family creed was "family first." Rex threatened to go to Bo if David didn't help out his cousin.

As Cutter listened in, David broke down. He admitted that the Spotted Pony was a club in Anchorage, Kentucky, that he "may or may not have been to." "A strip joint?" Rex asked. Rex found the paper with the information, and found that the Spotted Pony was a "watering hole for gentlemen." Rex wondered if David had been there. David replied that if Dorian asked, David had never been there. "Between you and me," David started, "oh yeah, I've been there! This place is awesome!"

Just then, David's agent, Bev, entered the bar. He told Rex that Bev had a big role for him, and walked away. He sat at a table with Bev, who handed David a contract. David was satisfied to see that it was a thriller set in Sweden that would offer him seven figures, "including the decimal point and the dollar sign." The only catch was that David would have to leave Llanview immediately.

Aubrey returned, and wondered why Cutter had been eavesdropping on Rex and David. Cutter revealed that Rex was "ripe for the picking," and vowed to get to Rex if Aubrey couldn't. Aubrey didn't want Cutter to go after Rex, especially since everyone in town was onto who they really were. She left to go back to the motel, but Cutter stayed for another drink.

Madame Delphina arrived at Foxy Roxy's, startling Roxy. Talking to her "sources," Delphina said that Natalie was with her "baby daddy." Roxy confirmed that Natalie had said she was going to see Brody. Delphina wondered if Natalie was getting the blank tape, which Roxy was shocked that Delphina knew about. Delphina questioned who Roxy thought had erased the tape. Roxy explained that Gigi had last been in possession of the tape, so she had probably taken the secret to the grave with her.

Roxy admitted that she was happy about Natalie calling Delphina to help Rex. Delphina replied that Gigi's message of "spotted pony" was important to many people. Delphina's sources were showing her something sharp, like a knife, and she was confused as to why they were showing her "the Have-A-Seat guy." The sources were about to answer the confusion, but Natalie burst through the door, yelling that she had the tape.

Natalie handed the tape to Delphina. Delphina dropped the tape, claiming that it was hot. She picked the tape up with a nail-grooming tool, and put it on the table. Natalie wanted to know what had been on the tape, but Delphina reminded her that the tape had been erased. She did know that the tape had "been around." Natalie wanted Delphina to ask Gigi if she'd listened to it, but Delphina had been having trouble getting a hold of Gigi.

Delphina had gotten a hold of someone else, and tried to pronounce the name. Natalie recognized the name as Dr. Buhari. When Delphina asked the doctor what had been on the tape, the doctor apparently cited doctor-client confidentiality. Natalie wanted to know if anyone else knew what had been on the tape. Delphina disclosed that Todd knew.

Just then, Delphina's phone rang, and she answered it to Rex. Rex had to see her because he'd seen Gigi at Capricorn. Delphina agreed, and hung up. Delphina apologized for not being able to help with the tape, and left. Natalie picked up the tape, and wondered what Todd knew.

A short while later, Rex wanted Delphina to ask Gigi if she'd meant that the Spotted Pony was a strip club. Delphina replied that "the circuits are down." She explained that Gigi had probably run away so that Rex would chase after her, run into David, and drop all of his papers, which led to David recognizing the Spotted Pony. She didn't think it was a coincidence. As Cutter listened in, Rex decided that he needed to go to Kentucky.

Kelly ran into the living room of La Boulaie, and was glad to find Dorian. She had something to tell Dorian, but found that Dorian had something to tell her as well. Both women admitted that they were leaving Llanview. Dorian revealed that she'd been offered "the job of a lifetime" thanks to the governor. The governor had told her that her party's senator for the state had gotten caught in a "sexting scandal," and was resigning. He'd wanted to offer Dorian the job. She was to leave as soon as possible. An excited Kelly told Dorian how proud she was of her aunt.

Dorian wondered why Kelly was leaving. Kelly admitted that she'd missed Zane after leaving him a couple weeks before. She didn't want to miss any more of his life, so she was going back to London. She said that Joey was going with her, which made Dorian very happy. Dorian believed that Kelly and Joey were meant to be. Dorian told Kelly that she was more like a daughter, and Kelly said that Dorian was more than an aunt. Kelly didn't know what she would have done without Dorian when Melinda had died.

Kelly wondered if Dorian had told David about her new job yet, but Dorian said that she'd just gotten the call. She knew that David would be thrilled for her, and called it "the role of a lifetime" for him: her "devoted husband."

Tomas wanted to know what Blair and Téa's fight was about, and told them to stop pacing. Both yelled about Tomas' news about Irene being alive, and responsible for the two Todds, and wondered how he expected them to sit still. He explained that Irene was at Llanfair, and was being interrogated. Blair grabbed her purse to go to Llanfair, but Téa thought she should be there. The two started yelling at each other all over again.

Tomas quieted both women. He informed them that he, John, and Brody had almost died trying to get to Irene, so the women needed to stay put. He assured them that they would know what was going on once John did. Blair insisted on going to Llanfair, but Téa wondered if Blair wanted to kiss Todd again. Tomas was shocked as the women argued about Todd. Finally, Téa demanded that Blair leave, and went to open the front door.

Blair couldn't believe that Téa was kicking her out. When Blair wasn't moving fast enough, Téa began to yell in Spanish. Tomas agreed that space would be good for Blair and Téa. He promised to call if there was any news. "Why don't you just try your taste test again?" Téa spat, and slammed the door shut.

Tomas tried to calm Téa down. She realized that she'd attacked Blair, and that Blair wasn't at fault. Blair didn't threaten her, but she was worried about Todd's identity. She cried in Tomas' arms about what would happen to her marriage if she wasn't really married to Todd.

A short while later, Blair walked through Capricorn with Cristian. She'd filled him in on the Todd situation. She knew she needed to explain her actions to Tomas. "Now's your chance," Cristian said as Tomas entered the bar. She tried to explain to Tomas that she'd only been looking for answers, but that she knew that she'd gone about it in the wrong way. She begged for his forgiveness. "That depends," he said, and kissed her.

Irene explained how she'd successfully transferred all of Todd's memories to Victor. In order to make Victor identical to Todd, she'd even cut his face in the same way as Todd's scar. Viki thought that Irene owed the truth to the men, "now." John returned, and Irene said she had thought that she was in a private meeting. John informed her that the entire conversation was being recorded anyway.

Moving on, Irene had realized that she needed to figure out a way to disguise Todd from Mitch, who'd left Todd for dead. She'd looked at Mitch's file, and found a picture of his brother Walker. Irene had known that it was a good idea to fool Mitch, because Victor could first get to know Todd's family as Walker. Then, Victor would get what he'd been entitled to. Todd demanded to know what Irene was trying to say.

Irene walked over to Todd, and called him Victor. She looked at the man with the scar, and called him Todd.

The man that Viki had known as Todd for years walked over to Viki, and pleaded with her to believe that Irene was lying. "I know who I am. I'm Todd," he stated. Viki agreed that the story seemed far-fetched, but Irene insisted that it was true. Neither man remembered anything, but Irene told them they'd been "brainwashed by the best."

The newly christened Victor demanded that John remove Irene from the house. Irene was proud of her plan, and how Todd's entire family had fallen in love with Victor as Walker. She was proud of Victor for dropping hints of his "true" identity to Todd's smart daughter Starr. Irene hadn't expected Victor to remember anything from before he'd become Todd, but assured him that he'd been "magnificent."

"I don't know about your story," John said to Irene, "but you're a piece of work." Irene thanked him, but informed him that he'd "ruined everything." John started to lead Irene out of the room, as Viki and her brothers were solemn-faced. Irene warned everyone that "this isn't the end," and walked out with John. Viki expressed her sympathy to Victor. "Don't be sorry. I know who I am," he said, and walked out.

Viki wished she could still drink. "Told you so," said the newly dubbed Todd. He asked for a hug, but Viki replied that her brother didn't like hugs. He replied that he'd been locked up for eight years, and the only time anyone had ever touched him was to torture him. "I could really use your hug now," he said, and Viki tearfully hugged him.

Victor unhappily returned home, and found Téa waiting for him. Téa told him that Tomas had found Irene alive. He admitted that he'd seen Irene. Téa wondered what she'd said.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Starr answered a knock at the front door of La Boulaie. She was surprised to see the man with the scar on his face, and she wondered why he was there. "Can't a dad just pop in to see his little girl?" the man asked. She advised the man that just because he said something didn't make it true, and she slammed the door shut. The man opened the door again. He informed Starr that it had been proven. "I am your father. I'm Todd Manning," he said.

Todd explained that the man Starr had believed to be her father for eight years had been revealed to be Todd's identical twin Victor, and Starr's uncle. Todd awkwardly confessed that he'd wanted Starr to be the first to get the news. "Shorty, it's me," Todd insisted. Starr was shocked, but she ran to her father and hugged him. Tearfully, she told him, "I don't need proof. It's you, Dad. You're home."

Todd teased Starr for having tears, and they both began to talk at once. "Why would he do that to me?" Starr wondered. Todd explained that it hadn't been Victor's fault, and he defended the man he had learned was his brother. He jokingly stated that it was a surprise to learn that Addie was the sane grandparent, and he added that Irene was alive and in custody. He noted that Victor was not taking the news very well.

Todd confessed that he'd been "in limbo" for eight years, and thoughts of his family were the only thing that had kept him sane. As the pair chatted, Hope wandered into the room. Todd was ecstatic to meet his granddaughter, and he noticed that she looked just like Starr had when she was younger. He wanted to hold the little girl, and Starr placed her daughter into Todd's arms.

"What's up, Peanut?" Todd asked Hope. He joked that she only appeared to be missing Mr. Peanut's accessories, but he could call her Shorty instead. Starr exclaimed that there was only one Shorty. Todd sat down on the floor to play with Hope and her toys, and he suggested that they all go to the zoo or his penthouse. He paused. He realized that he wasn't certain that the penthouse was still around.

At Llanfair, Brody played with Liam and told the little boy that he would make certain that Todd didn't reveal the truth about the baby's real father. Just then Natalie walked into the room with some news. She took the baby and informed Brody that she'd met with Delphina. The psychic had not only helped out with Rex, but she'd provided Natalie with some information regarding the blank tape. Natalie advised a nervous Brody that she had her first clue.

Anxiously, Brody asked about the clue. Natalie explained that she'd learned that apparently there had been something on the tape that would change people's lives. Brody voiced his skepticism, though he explained that he was always doubtful due to his job. Natalie was only certain that the tape had originally contained Marty's session with the doctor, and that Gigi, for one, had been aware of what had been on the tape.

Natalie wanted to put Liam to bed. She advised Brody that she was excited about the news on the tape. He grew pale and asked who else knew anything besides Gigi. Natalie admitted that it was her uncle Todd, and she picked up the phone to call Todd.

"You can't do that," Brody told her. He took the phone out of Natalie's hand. Brody reminded her that Todd had claimed that he hadn't seen Marty, and Todd wouldn't be able to change his story, or he'd be accused of lying. Brody added that everyone was involved in trying to figure out who Todd really was too.

Natalie agreed with Brody's assessment, but she explained that Delphina had said it was important to get at the information. Brody thought it should all be dropped so that they could just concentrate on their little family. He suggested that they begin to search in earnest for their new home instead. Natalie admitted that she was tired, but she agreed to help out the next day.

"Stay away from Todd. I have to stop this," Brody muttered after he and Natalie had said their goodbyes, and he was alone.

Shane answered a knock at the front door and was not happy to find Jack on the other side. Shane quickly moved to close the door again, but Jack announced that he wanted to talk. He inquired whether Shane would be returning to school in the fall. At Shane's reluctance to answer, Jack added that he'd changed, and he'd see to it that no one bothered Shane.

"It's over," Jack insisted after Shane voiced his disbelief. "Everything," Jack added. He would make certain to tell everyone. Sarcastically, Shane pointed out that Jack would do that because he was the leader, except for the night that Gigi had died. That night, Brad had been the leader, because Jack hadn't known anything, Shane continued caustically.

At Capricorn, Rex told Cristian about having to travel to Kentucky to visit a place called Spotted Pony, and he explained about how it somehow related to Gigi. Cutter lurked nearby to eavesdrop. After Cutter heard that Rex would be visiting the place, Cutter quickly made a phone call. He advised the person on the other end to get to Capricorn right away. He noted that it was an emergency.

Rex wished that he could get to his destination quickly. Cristian reminded Rex that Rex was rich, and he could probably use the family jet. Rex placed a call and made the arrangements. He thanked Cristian for reminding him of his wealth. Cristian voiced his concern over Rex's pursuit of a ghost, but Rex explained that it was necessary for him to go.

Tomas grabbed Blair and kissed her. She was surprised, and Tomas wondered how his kiss compared to her two most recent kisses with her ex-husbands. Blair surmised that Tomas was jealous, but she assured him that it was all complicated due to the two Todds. She maintained that she was over Todd, though, and Tomas felt that if that were really the case, none of it should matter.

Tomas also believed that he'd "had something" with Blair prior to the mess with Todd and the kisses she'd shared with both Todds. Blair clarified that she was also distant because she'd learned that Tomas had been a paid assassin. That had changed her mind about things. Tomas tried to make his past life sound better than it was, and he insisted that type of life was over. He promised to never hurt or betray Blair, but she advised him that she had too much on her plate.

Blair contended that while she was over Todd, he was still the father of her children and therefore in her life. She had to be concerned over what was happening, and she thought that as a father, Tomas should understand. Tomas admitted that he just wanted everything to be over, because he wanted a real and normal life with Blair. She made a hurried exit instead, as she mumbled that she had to check on her children.

Rama showed up to see Cutter, and the two grabbed a table. Cutter accused Rama of tipping Rex off to the Spotted Pony, but Rama assured him that it hadn't been her. Cutter informed her that Rex was on a mission, and they were both worried that Rex would begin asking questions. Rama was certain, though, that Rex's visit had nothing to do with Cutter, and what had happened had been many years in the past.

Cristian stopped at the table to check on drinks and to make certain that the tense-looking couple were okay. Rama assured him they were fine, and Cristian noted how Jessica had been fine, too, but Cutter had duped everyone after he'd married Jessica. After Cristian was gone, Cutter noted that his bout with the Buchanan family had been "child's play" compared to what had happened at the Spotted Pony.

Rama continued to try to reassure Cutter, but he wasn't too sure that things would be all right.

Tomas stopped at the bar to chat with Cristian. Tomas regretted his past life, and he wished that none of it had ever happened. Cristian assured him that Tomas' father would have understood, and Cristian thought that if Tomas treated Blair well, she'd give Tomas a chance. Tomas wasn't happy with his competition.

The man known as Todd for the past eight years, newly dubbed Victor Jr., arrived home. Téa was anxious to hear about the results of the DNA test, but they were interrupted when Dani walked in. The women demanded to be told what had happened, and Victor informed them that Starr had been right. The two men had been revealed to be brothers and identical twins. One had been named Todd and the other Victor. Irene had given one brother away, because she couldn't afford both. Victor had been brainwashed.

"That's sick," Dani exclaimed. Victor advised her that she couldn't hate Victor, because none of it had been his fault. "Who are you?" Téa inquired angrily. Victor announced that he loved his family, and Dani began to shriek. "You're not my dad," she shouted. She began to yell about all they'd been through. Victor chuckled and calmed her down. He declared that he was their father and husband. "I'm Todd. The other guy is nothing."

Dani ran over to him and wrapped her arms around him. "Thank God," Téa proclaimed. Victor announced that he wanted to celebrate, and he thought it was time for a beach vacation in Hawaii.

As Shane and Jack continued to debate, Rex returned home. He demanded to know why Jack was there. Shane put Jack on the spot and announced that Jack had something to say. Angrily, Rex maintained that he only wanted to hear one thing, and he ordered Jack to leave. Jack advised Shane that he'd meant what he said.

After Jack was gone, Rex advised Shane that he didn't have to talk to Jack. Shane acknowledged that Jack had been nice and had offered to watch Shane's back when Shane returned to school. Rex advised his son that Jack was a sociopath.

Shane revealed that Echo had made him dinner, and the kitchen smell had reminded him of Gigi. Rex announced that he had to go out of town, and he would make certain that Todd and Jack were paid back. Rex was hoping to return home with good news, and he might have something for Shane.

Jack received a phone call from the father he knew, who urged him to return home.

As Starr sat and watched Todd, the man with the scar, play with Hope, she received a phone call. It was the man she'd thought was Todd until that day. He summoned her to his house, because he wanted to tell her something. Starr felt uncomfortable. She explained to Todd that she had to go, because Victor had been the only father she'd known for the last eight years. She wanted to put the baby to bed, but Todd stopped her.

Todd thought it was too early for bed, and he offered to babysit. "I missed you," he said to Starr. She declared that she'd missed Todd for years, too, though she'd never understood why.

Victor, formerly known as Todd, urged Dani and Téa to start packing. He was waiting for Starr and Jack to arrive. Téa and Dani were excited and happy to learn that Todd was the man they'd always known and loved. Victor assured Téa that it was okay if she'd doubted his identity, though Téa proclaimed that she'd always loved him. She and Dani marched upstairs.

"You can go to hell, Irene. I'm Todd Manning. This is my house. This is my life. Nobody's gonna take it away from me," Victor declared forcefully while no one was around.

Natalie received a phone call from Rex. He asked her to accompany him to Anchorage, Kentucky, to visit the Spotted Pony. "I'm coming, Gigi," Rex proclaimed after his call to Natalie.

Todd continued to play with Hope, and he used various voices with the little toys. He noted that someone might be different on the inside from the way they appeared on the outside. He didn't hear Blair return home, and she stood and watched them. She heard an engrossed Todd state that love lasted forever.

"I knew it," Jack declared when he returned home and learned that his father was Todd. He deemed the "other guy" to be pathetic. Starr walked in as Dani and Téa were walking down the stairs with their luggage. Starr assured the women that she already knew, and she understood that they would need a place to stay. Jack saw his sister and advised her she'd been wrong. "Scarface" was the one who had been the fake, he added.

Starr looked at Victor. "What did you tell them?" she asked him slowly. She was confused. She thought that Téa and Dani were leaving. The others excitedly informed her of the trip to Hawaii for all. As tears began to roll down Starr's face, she told her family members that Victor had been lying to them, and they couldn't leave with him.

Friday, August 19, 2011

At the Minute Man Hotel, Aubrey packed her suitcase and informed Cutter that she needed to get away from him. When Cutter questioned why Aubrey was leaving, Aubrey reminded him that he had wanted her to seduce a grief-stricken Rex, who was still in mourning over Gigi, and that Aubrey had refused to do it. As Aubrey began to walk out, Cutter begged her not to leave and called her Christine.

Cutter reminded Aubrey that her name was really Christine Carr, the girl that he had fallen in love with. Cutter remembered Christine as a sweet, innocent girl, until they had turned her into Aubrey Wentworth. Cutter stated that he had loved Christine, and that Christine had loved him. Cutter reminisced that he had been able to tell Christine anything, including the truth about himself.

Cutter explained that he had been grifting since he had been a kid, and Aubrey remembered that she had been in debt. They had decided to have Christine play Cutter's sister, Aubrey, but it was only supposed to have been for one time. Aubrey regretted that they had been better at getting the money than they had been at holding onto it. Cutter remembered how Aubrey's eyes had lit up whenever they had bought new things, and he had always wanted for her eyes to light up.

Cutter wanted Aubrey to have all the things that she had never had, so he had asked her to do other jobs. Cutter then admitted that he had never seen that Aubrey would actually fall for her mark. Aubrey insisted that Joey would be the last mark, and Cutter apologized. Cutter then reminded Aubrey that she did not have any money, and he begged her to stay until morning.

Aubrey announced that she would stay, because she had nowhere else to sleep. Cutter sadly realized that after all of their scams and cons, he and Aubrey had somehow ended up in a room that was the exact opposite of what he had always wanted to give her.

In Kentucky, Rex and Natalie arrived at the Spotted Pony and saw several strippers dancing on the poles. Rex insisted that Madame Delphina had said Spotted Pony, and that David had known of the place. As Natalie and Rex watched "Uncanny Annie" do her dance, Rex swore that it had been no coincidence that David had known about it, and that Gigi had arranged their visit there from beyond the grave. The boss, Theo, asked if Natalie was the new girl, grabbed her arm, and said that she was next.

Rex demanded that Theo take a hike and explained that Delphina did not say that Natalie had to end up on the pole. Natalie then informed Rex that Todd knew the truth about what was on the tape, and that she needed to find out what it was. When Rex declared that he would never get over what Todd and Jack had done to Gigi, Natalie feared that Rex still wanted revenge. Rex insisted he just wanted Natalie to get the truth from Todd.

When Rex thanked Natalie for being there with him, Natalie remarked that, of course, she would be there for him, since she was his sister. When a stripper heard Natalie's remark, she propositioned Rex, who saw it as a sign from Gigi. Theo announced the stripper as the next performer, and Natalie joked that Gigi had sent Theo to rescue Rex from Colleen with two e's. Natalie then yelped and exclaimed that someone had just pinched her behind.

As Natalie and Rex walked through the Spotted Pony, Natalie declared, "I'm sorry, Rex, but since I've gotten here, I have been mistaken for a stripper, insulted by a stripper, and fondled by someone who thinks I'm a stripper." When Natalie announced that she was ready to leave, Rex stated that he would have one more drink, and if nothing happened, they could return to Llanview. After Natalie left the club, Theo announced the hottest dancer from here to eternity, Gigi, as Rex looked stunned.

At the Buchanan mansion, Ford carried Ryder in to Jessica and exclaimed that he and Ryder had just been swimming, and that Ryder had loved it. When Bobby noticed that Jessica was troubled, Jessica informed him that she had just found out that her Uncle Todd was really her Uncle Victor, that her father was imprisoned in a room at the mansion, and that Natalie and Brody had left apartment listings around the house to announce that they were totally crazy-in-love.

After Jessica checked on Clint in his room, she walked down the stairs and told Ford that Clint was there because he was sick. Ford reminded Jessica that her father had changed Ryder's paternity test results so that Bobby would not know that he was Ryder's father. Ford felt that Clint was getting off too easy, after everything Clint had done.

Jessica demanded that Ford yell at Clint, so that Clint's heart that Rex had sold him would burst right out of his chest. Bobby asked Jessica what was really bothering her. Jessica indicated that she had been a little upset when she had learned that Victor had pretended to be Todd for eight years, because she and Todd had always been close. However, Jessica stated that she was very upset at Natalie and Brody, and that she hated seeing them together, because Natalie had the life that Jessica was supposed to have had.

Bobby commented that Jessica sounded a lot like Tess, and that he missed Tess. Ford declared that he could see Tess in Jessica's eyes. Jessica wondered why Ford was still goo-goo-eyed over Tess, since Tess was not a real person. Jessica yelled that Tess was "a one-dimensional, over-sexed, soulless creature."

Ford then called Jessica "a spoiled princess, who...who's moping around her castle, taking potshots at Brody and Natalie, instead of just admitting you're in love with your ex." After Jessica yelled that Ford was trying to manipulate her, like he manipulated every other girl, she tried to throw him out. Bobby kissed Jessica.

At the Manning estate, Starr informed Téa, Dani, and Jack that the man they had known as Todd for eight years was not their father, and that he was not Todd Manning. Starr insisted that he was lying, and that he was actually their Uncle Victor Lord Jr. However, Victor claimed that he was the real Todd Manning, and that the other guy was a fake. When Victor begged Téa to believe him, Téa asked Starr why she had believed the other man. Starr indicated that the man had wanted to tell the truth, and Starr hoped that Victor did too.

Victor laughed and said that the other man was trying to manipulate Starr, and that they should all just leave for Hawaii to celebrate. Starr informed Téa that Viki and John had been at Llanfair, also, when the truth had been revealed, and Starr pleaded with Téa to call one of them to verify it. When Téa started to pick up the phone, Victor stopped her.

Victor was hurt that Téa had to even ask who he was, since she had married him. However, Téa insisted that she had to know the truth, and that she trusted Viki to tell her. After Téa made the call and put the phone down, she declared that what Starr had said was true, and that the man in the room was the kids' uncle, not their father. Dani shrieked and begged to know how he could have lied for all of those years, but Téa explained that Victor had been brainwashed, and that Irene had drilled everything about Todd into his head.

Téa stressed that it was not Victor's fault, but Victor still refused to believe that he was not Todd. Victor then wished that he was Todd Manning. Jack insisted that Scarface was not his dad, and that Victor would always be his dad. When Victor asked Dani if she still accepted him as her father, even though she had not wanted to at first, Dani admitted that her feelings had been real as his daughter. Dani exclaimed that even though Victor was not technically her father, she would still think of him as her father.

When Victor asked Starr how she felt, she could not answer. Victor claimed that he felt like Starr was his daughter, and that even though they had drilled a lot of lies into his head, he still had a need to protect Starr. Victor declared that he loved Starr and asked how that could not be real. Starr admitted that even though Victor was not her father, she would always love him. Victor and Starr hugged.

Victor then asked to talk to Téa alone, and the kids left the room. Téa noted that once Starr and Dani had gotten over the shock, they had "come around," and that Jack had never wavered in his feelings. Téa voiced, "You thought they would stop loving you, when they found out that they weren't yours, but they still love you." Victor asked, "And what about you?"

At La Boulaie, as Blair walked down the stairs, she demanded to know how Starr could let a complete stranger watch her daughter. Todd indicated that Starr had known that he was her father, Todd Manning. Todd revealed to Blair that Irene had brainwashed Victor into believing he was Todd. When Blair stated that she needed to talk to Starr, Todd said that Starr had run to his evil twin's side, as soon as Victor had called. Todd hoped that Victor was apologizing to Starr. When Todd maintained that he really was Todd, Blair realized that John had it all on tape, and that Todd was telling the truth. Blair could not believe that all that time, she had believed that Victor was Todd.

As Todd looked at pictures of Jack in a photo album, he remembered that when Todd had last seen him, Jack "could barely spit out a knock-knock joke," and that Jack had still believed in Santa. Blair and Todd then looked at a photo of Starr dressed beautifully in her prom dress, and Todd regretted that he had missed it. When Blair showed Starr's graduation picture to Todd, Todd proudly stated, "Our little girl is all grown up."

Todd then saw a picture of Victor as Todd posed with Starr, and Blair filled him in on the story about Starr's birthday. Todd reflected that his beautiful little girl had a beautiful little girl, which made him and Blair grandparents. Todd regretted that he had not been there and was angry that Victor had been. Todd then yelled that he had lost out on eight years of his life, thanks to Victor.

Todd screamed that Victor had been there for all of the things that Todd should have been there for, and that Victor had warped Jack's mind against Todd and had turned Jack against him. Todd howled to Blair, "And you, you let him do it. You opened up the door to a stranger, and you gave him our children. How could you do that? How could you not have known?"

Todd recollected that he had been shipwrecked, and that he had paddled home to Blair on a homemade raft. He cried that he had battled storms, fever, hunger, and thirst to return to Blair. "I never stopped trying to get to you, and you should never have stopped trying to get back to me." Blair explained that she had not known where to look for Todd.

Todd pointed out that Blair had cozied up to some guy, who had stated that he was Todd. Todd blamed Blair, because Victor had stolen eight years of Todd's life. Blair reminded Todd that he still had his children, and that he already had Starr back. Blair related that Jack hated everyone, and that Todd would get to know Dani. Todd maintained that Victor had stolen eight years of his life, and as he stormed out of the room, Todd yelled that he would find his long-lost brother, and he would kill him.

As Blair blocked the door, she insisted that Todd could not blame Victor, since Irene had brainwashed him. Blair reminded Todd that Victor was Sam's daddy, and that Sam still needed his daddy. However, Blair said that if Todd wanted to kill Victor, then he should do it the right way. Blair showed Todd a gun.

Blair reminded Todd that he had already lost eight years of his life, but if he wanted to throw away the rest of his life, he could kill Victor and be in prison, while everyone rallied around Victor. Blair added that Dani would never get to know her father, and Hope would never get to know her grandfather. Blair pointed out that she knew Todd better than anyone, so she knew that he could be his own worst enemy.

When Todd declared that he had a lot to be angry about, Blair agreed but then added that killing Victor was not the right thing to do. Todd then wrestled with Blair for the gun. Blair vowed that she would not help Todd hurt Victor, and that she would not be around to pick up the pieces. Blair declared, "You are on your own," and stormed out. Todd smiled and walked to the safe, where Blair had placed the gun. As Todd reached for the gun in the safe, Jack entered the room and cried, "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

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