One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 8, 2011 on OLTL

Nora tried to persuade Destiny to keep the baby so that they'd still have a part of Matthew. The test results revealed that Todd and the man with the scar claiming to be Todd had identical DNA. John planned a second test. Todd's mother, Irene Manning, presumed dead, was revealed to be Agent Baker's boss. John, Tomás, and Brody paid a visit to Irene's compound in Louisiana. Clint was placed under house arrest.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 8, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, August 8, 2011

Nate revealed to Dani that he'd confessed to Bo about his part in Matthew's injury, although he was certain that Bo had already known. Bo had shown Nate a gum wrapper that Nate had dropped at the Buchanan residence. Nate knew that he could have lied, but Nate admitted that it had felt good to have the weight lifted from his shoulders. "What happens now?" Dani wondered. She was surprised that Nate was still free.

Nate wasn't sure, but he knew that Dani wouldn't have to keep secrets for him any longer. It had meant a lot to him that Dani had agreed to remain silent. Dani believed that even Todd would understand what Nate had done, especially after Todd heard that Matthew had been the one who had killed Nate's father. Todd had always done what he had needed to do to protect his family, Dani clarified.

Nate was relieved that he wouldn't have to worry about being arrested in the middle of the night anymore, and Dani was glad that Nate wasn't in jail. She didn't think that Nora would ever be able to prosecute Nate, but Nate wasn't too sure. He grabbed Dani's hand, but she pulled it away abruptly. Dani proclaimed that if there were a trial, all of the information about Matthew would be exposed, and the Buchanans wouldn't want that.

Nate revealed that Bo hadn't seemed surprised to hear the news about Matthew's act. "Do you think they knew all along?" Dani inquired. Nate wasn't certain, but the teens pondered whether Nora had known about Matthew when she'd held Nate for Eddie's murder. Dani was just happy that Bo had decided not to arrest Nate, though it would be worrisome to see if it happened in the future.

Nate admitted that he had only been worried about losing Dani. If he'd had the chance to do everything over, he would have never made the film, Nate admitted. He would have told Dani the truth in the beginning. Dani was sure that Nate wouldn't have confessed to her, but she felt responsible for Nate's actions also. She'd put him in a strange position after he'd overheard her conversation with Destiny regarding Matthew's act.

Nate wanted another chance with Dani, and he confessed that he had a lot to prove to her and Todd. He loved Dani. He grabbed her hands, but Dani shook her head. She was sorry, but she was unable to give Nate an answer. She was unable to get the images of the porn film out of her head. She did know that the final decision would be hers and not her father's.

Nora was shocked and angry after Bo confessed that he hadn't arrested Nate once the teen had admitted his role in what had happened to Matthew. Bo explained that he'd taken Nate to the station, and Nate had signed a voluntary statement. Nora quickly skimmed the paper that Bo handed to her, and she announced that it appeared to be a confession. It was enough to warrant an arrest and conviction in Matthew's case, Nora believed.

Nora went crazy after Bo declared that he had no plans to arrest Nate, and she ranted and raved about the injury that had caused Matthew to end up in the hospital. Bo informed her that Nate had even been blackmailed to make the porn film, but Nora didn't want to hear it. Bo defended his stance and explained the incident that had occurred between the two boys.

Bo stated that Matthew's injury was similar to one that might occur on a football field, and Nate hadn't set out to injure Matthew's brain. Matthew had been fine when Nate had left the apartment. Nora proclaimed that their son was living in hell, and she demanded that Bo tell her why Nate deserved to be free while Matthew wasn't.

Bo admitted that he'd figured Nate had been involved, because Matthew had told his parents that someone else knew about Matthew's crime. Matthew had allowed Nate to go to jail, and then Nate had learned that it had been Matthew who had committed the crime. Nate had been unable to let it go. It had been a tragedy, but Bo thought it would be worse if the world learned about Matthew.

Nora didn't think that news would leak, but Bo assured her that it would. Nate's motive for harming Matthew would eventually have to be revealed. Nora agreed that she wouldn't want that to happen, and Bo reminded her that Matthew had wanted to confess, but Matthew's parents had stopped him. If anyone were responsible for Matthew's injury, it was Bo and Nora, Bo maintained. They'd taken it upon themselves to hide everything.

Nora couldn't believe her ears. Bo pointed out that they couldn't make Nate pay, but Nora wondered why. She pointed out that Matthew was paying for his crime. Bo thought that Nate was, too, in his own way.

Nora wondered if they were supposed to forget that Matthew might never have a normal life like Nate. She began to cry. She couldn't take it anymore. Bo put his arms around his wife as she sobbed. He thought that for everyone's sakes, they needed to look forward to the future.

At the hospital, Destiny announced that she'd made her decision, and she was certain that Matthew would go along with it if he were able to. She added that Matthew had been upset, and they'd had sex in order for him to forget for a while. While things had changed between them afterwards, they'd never had an opportunity to explore a relationship due to Matthew's injury. They'd never even had a date. Destiny wanted to grow up, but not too quickly.

"I'm not ready for this. I want to have an abortion," Destiny announced to Shaun and Vivian. Destiny insisted that she was sure in response to Vivian's rapid-fire questions. Destiny wasn't happy about it, but she felt it would be the right choice for her. She wanted to know when she might be able to have the procedure. Vivian explained that there was a 24-hour waiting period, which was routine, in case a woman changed her mind.

Vivian rushed off to retrieve a phone number, and Shaun remained behind to comfort Destiny. She apologized for causing so much trouble, though she wasn't sorry about making love with Matthew. It might have been the only time it would ever happen, Destiny maintained. She wanted Shaun's forgiveness, but Shaun promised that there was nothing to forgive. He just wished that she had confided in him.

Destiny pointed out how ludicrous Shaun would have felt if she'd stopped to talk to him about her sex life. The look on Shaun's face indicated that Destiny was right. He suggested that Destiny might have spoken to their mother instead, but Destiny reminded him that her mother was dead. The woman who had raised Destiny had lied to Destiny her entire life, Destiny added. Shaun noted that their mother had lied to him, too, but it hurt a little less every day. The woman had merely tried to do what she thought best, Shaun explained.

Destiny was sorry, but she refused to allow the people she'd known as her parents to make their way back into her life. She ordered Shaun to keep his mouth quiet as well. She didn't want him to say anything about her condition, and she wanted him to promise. Just then, Vivian returned. She advised Destiny that it was a promise that Shaun wouldn't be able to keep. Unfortunately, Destiny was not 18 years old yet. According to the law, Destiny would not be able to have an abortion without her parents' consent, Vivian explained.

Destiny was heartbroken. There was no way her parents would allow it. Shaun suggested Destiny ask them in order to find out their answer. Vivian apologized, but there was no way around the law. "I guess this is a deal-breaker," Shaun affirmed. He added that if his parents wouldn't sign, then Destiny would have a baby that she didn't want.

As family members congregated at the Manning residence to hear the results of the DNA testing, the man with Todd's original face admitted to the fact that he'd raped Marty. That act had affected all of his relationships. Todd remembered committing the same act, but Blair had other news for the man with the scar. The Todd they'd known for the past eight years had tricked Marty into falling in love with him.

The man with the scar on his face was appalled. "None of you figured out it wasn't me?" the man shouted. He would never have been involved with Marty. Todd pointed out that Marty had suffered from amnesia at the time, and John noted that Marty hadn't realized she had been living at the house with her rapist. The man with the scar demanded an explanation, and Todd replied that he'd hoped Marty would find some good in him.

"You know me," the man insisted as he looked around at the family. He condemned Todd as a fraud, though Jack quickly jumped in and assured Todd that he believed in Todd. John announced that the DNA of one of the Todds matched samples found in Marty's rape kit. He read the results to himself first. "It looks like you're telling the truth. You're Todd Manning," John said as he looked at the man with the scar on his face.

Everyone looked at each other silently. "Dad, is it really you?" Starr asked the man who had appeared in Llanview unexpectedly. "You're Todd," Viki said to the man hesitantly. Jack began to shout out a denial, but Tomas proclaimed, "The test proves it." Todd spoke up. He denounced the test results as incorrect and crazy.

The man with the scar on his face, deemed the real Todd, added that the Todd everyone had known as the real one for years was the crazy one. He'd been pretending to be Todd Manning, and worse, everyone had believed him.

"If this man's my brother then who are you?" Viki inquired as she looked at Todd. He lost his temper and began to yell at everyone. The family asked who he was. Todd insisted that he was Téa's husband and Starr's father, and he'd loved and protected them for a long time. Jack agreed with his dad, but the man with the scar thought that everyone was being "played." The man with the scar wanted Todd gone from the house.

Blair still wondered who Todd was after so many years, but Todd assured her that he'd never lied, and he was the real Todd. Blair ordered him to stop playing games. She inquired if he were really Walker Laurence. John held up the second DNA test, and Todd laughed. He noted that John had stolen a toothbrush from Todd's office, and finally Téa spoke up. She wasn't too sure that had been legal.

John insisted that he'd legally obtained it as part of his investigation of Jack, but Todd joked that the DNA had probably been switched between the two Todds. John assured Todd that he'd taken precautions, and none of the results had been altered. "This guy is not me," Todd insisted. Dramatically, he pulled some hair out of his head and handed it to John. He wanted a new test.

John opened the second test results and looked them over. "Looks like he's a match too," John announced. The shock and disbelief showed on everyone's faces. Todd proclaimed that he'd heard enough, and he wanted to leave the house. Gruffly, John told him to shut up. He called him Manning. "That's right. I said it. Manning. According to the test you're Todd Manning too," John pronounced.

Destiny walked into the house that she had grown up in and found Mrs. Evans doing the vacuuming. Mrs. Evans was elated to see Destiny, and she quickly jumped to the wrong conclusion. She assured her daughter that the bedroom had remained untouched, and Destiny would be able to carry all of her things upstairs. Destiny quickly advised the woman that she wouldn't be staying; she wanted the woman to sign a form.

Mrs. Evans accepted the form from Destiny's outstretched hand and sat down to review it. "Oh, my God, Destiny," Mrs. Evans gasped.

After Dani was gone, Nate looked longingly at a photo of the two of them. He eagerly answered the knock at the door, hopeful that it might be Dani, but it wasn't who he expected. It was Nora, and she wanted to talk to Nate.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Agent Baker spoke to an unseen woman at the agency headquarters. The woman was Baker's superior, and she was angry. Baker had destroyed all of her life's work, she admonished him. The woman wanted an update, and Baker filled her in on all that had happened in Llanview as he pursued their fugitive. He advised her that John McBain had interfered, and he wondered why the detective was protecting the man with the scar on his face.

The woman fixed herself a helping of heartburn medicine and explained that she had arranged to have Baker released from John's custody. The fugitive was her priority, though, the woman said as she returned the pink liquid to her desk drawer, right next to a gun. Baker indicated that he had been unable to obtain custody of the fugitive, and the man was too well protected to go after him.

The woman felt that there had already been too much attention given to their fugitive, and it would be worse if there were a trial. Baker had been given one instruction, and that had been to stop the fugitive from having contact with Todd, the woman said irritably. Baker had failed, and it would cost them when the truth was revealed.

Baker thought there might still be a chance to salvage everything, but the woman disagreed. They had been unable to obtain any useful information from the fugitive, and Baker had allowed the man to escape. The fugitive had gone to Llanview, made contact with his family, and met another man who had been living his life. There was no way to salvage anything, the woman pronounced.

Baker noted that there had been DNA tests run, and the family was probably getting the results at that very moment. He guessed that it didn't help matters. The woman agreed.

Mrs. Evans was flabbergasted. She couldn't believe that Destiny was pregnant and wanted an abortion. Mrs. Evans explained that it was a big decision. She also indicated that she would always be Destiny's mother, regardless of what had happened. Destiny admitted that Mrs. Evans was probably thinking that Destiny had gotten what she deserved.

Mrs. Evans was only sorry that Destiny had felt so bad after hearing about the family secret. She blamed herself for handling things the wrong way. "You're the daughter of my heart, and that's what matters," Mrs. Evans declared. She loved Destiny more than anything, and she was there for her. "Let me in," Mrs. Evans pleaded. Destiny began to cry, and she hugged the woman who had always been the only mother she had known.

Destiny was sorry that she'd pushed her parents away, but Mrs. Evans insisted that she understood. Destiny also apologized for some of the mean things she'd said. Her mother promised that it had all been forgotten. Mrs. Evans stated, "Families come together in times of need." She knew that Destiny's decision was difficult, and she promised that it wouldn't be the end of the world. She wondered who else knew about Destiny's pregnancy.

Destiny revealed that only Shaun and Vivian were familiar with her plight. The father had been hurt, and he wasn't aware of the situation. She confessed that Matthew was the baby's father. Mrs. Evans was certain that Matthew would have supported Destiny if he had been able to, because he was a nice boy. She advised Destiny of her options, and she told the teen that she wasn't alone.

Destiny explained that she was still in high school, and she wasn't ready to be a mother. Having an abortion was the right decision for her, Destiny stated. Mrs. Evans agreed to sign the permission form under one condition. She wanted to accompany Destiny to the procedure. Destiny agreed and admitted that she wouldn't be able to go through with it without her mother. Destiny was ready to leave.

Mrs. Evans again stated that Destiny's room was ready and had remained untouched. She wanted Destiny to stay, but she quickly apologized for presuming too much. "I want to come home," Destiny confessed. "I'm so glad," Mrs. Evans said as she wrapped her arms around her little girl. Destiny announced that she had something to do first.

Nora paid Nate a visit. She wanted to have a discussion with him. Nate advised her that he'd already spoken to Bo, but she announced that it was her turn. She wondered if Inez were there, and Nate informed her that his mother was out. Nora proceeded to badmouth Inez, and she blamed her for Nate's most recent turn as a porn star among other things. Nora accused Nate of only telling Bo the truth about Matthew's assault, because Bo had pursued the truth.

Nate insisted that he hadn't set out to hurt Matthew, and he recounted the series of events that had ended with Matthew's landing in the hospital. He was sorry about it all, but Nora snapped that things didn't change merely because Nate had some remorse. It wouldn't result in Matthew being back with them. Nate retorted that his father wasn't able to return either, thanks to Matthew's act.

Nate spoke about the father he'd heard so much about, and he added that Eddie had deserved what had happened to him. He'd wanted to kill Eddie himself, but he hadn't been able to do it. Matthew had ended up killing Eddie, but Nate had been blamed for it. Matthew had never said a word about it, and Nate could have ended up in prison for a long time. Nate admitted that he hadn't been able to let it go, and he'd hit Matthew.

Nate proclaimed that he'd take it all back if he could, and what had happened to Matthew had been Nate's fault. He prayed for Matthew to get better every night. Tearfully, Nora revealed that she did the same. Nate wondered what would happen next, and whether Nora planned to prosecute him.

Nora pieced it together out loud. She realized that if she were to prosecute Nate, then his motive would be revealed. That would mean that Matthew would also be implicated, and both boys would face prison time, she continued. If Matthew were to get well, she'd lose him all over again, and she couldn't bear that, Nora sniveled. Nate posed a question to Nora. He wondered what would happen if things weren't revealed after all.

Nate offered to write a new statement in which he left out the real motive for his visit to Matthew. He would keep the information about his father to himself, and he would write that he had been jealous of Matthew's relationship with Dani. Nora would be able to prosecute Nate and leave Matthew out of it. Nora couldn't believe that Nate would be willing to do that and have Matthew get away without paying for his crime. Nate supposed that Matthew had already paid.

Nora stated that she couldn't allow that to happen, and there were sure to be questions and issues of perjury. Nate suggested that if Nora did nothing, it would be an obstruction of justice. Nora advised him that she'd already "crossed that bridge." She decided that she wouldn't prosecute, and there would be no jail for Matthew. She hoped that Nate was okay with that.

Nate accepted Nora's decision, and she returned his signed statement to him. He told her how sorry he was about hurting Matthew. "I believe you, Nate. It's too bad it's not enough," Nora said tearfully as she left.

David showed up to visit his brother at the rehabilitation hospital in Philadelphia. Matthew remained unconscious as David played Vicker Man and spoke about his terrible experience with Harrison Ford. David missed Matthew, and he could tell that Bo and Nora weren't getting much sleep. He wanted Matthew to know that there was no pressure to rush back, but David didn't think he'd be able to take it much longer.

David admitted that he couldn't fill Matthew's shoes. Bo needed Matthew, and so did David. He begged Matthew to wake up. "You're the future of our family," David proclaimed. David began to cry. He urged his brother to wake up, because they couldn't allow Nate to get away with what he'd done to Matthew.

At the Manning residence, family members were in shock after John read the DNA test results. No one was quite sure what it all meant. "It means there are two Todd Mannings," John declared. John insisted that the tests had been run under his supervision, and he was certain that there hadn't been any mix-ups. The samples had each been kept separated from the other. The men shared the same DNA.

Everyone practically spoke at once as they discussed the possibilities and repercussions. The man with the scar still believed that something had gone wrong with the tests. Téa suggested that someone had tampered with them. "Who would do that?" Blair wondered.

Just then, Dani walked in. There was a police car parked outside, and she wondered what had been going on inside. She was surprised to see everyone standing around. Suddenly, she saw the man with the scar, and she stared at him in confusion. The man looked back at Dani intently.

Téa thought she should take Dani aside to talk to her. Starr began to explain that it was the man who had befriended Sam, but Dani did a double-take. She noted that the man looked like her father before he'd had the plastic surgery. "Danielle?" the man gently called out. "I'm your father. Nice job, Delgado," the man stated. He mentioned how beautiful Dani was.

Todd ordered the man to back off because he wasn't Dani's father, but the man explained when and where Dani had been conceived. He continued to talk over Todd's objections, and he noted that he was Dani's father just as he was Starr's father. Jack disagreed with the man, and Todd insisted that the tests had been incorrect. Viki believed that the tests could be true, and Starr thought that she might have an explanation.

Starr announced the possibility that the two Todds were twins. Both of the men quickly disagreed. Jack loudly chimed in with his disbelief, and he suggested that the men were clones. Everyone looked at each other disgustedly. "But both men believe they're Todd," Téa reminded the family. Both of the Todds did agree on one thing: they both wanted another DNA test to be run.

John took swabs from each man's mouth and placed the swabs into plastic bags. The family began to disband. Blair ran off to have a word with her children. Jack wanted to stay behind with Téa and the man he knew as his father. Blair indicated that they'd get the test results soon enough, and she wanted him home with her. Starr offered to stay with Dani, but Dani felt that she should confer with Téa.

Starr advised her sister that she'd be there for her if need be, and the girls hugged. The man with the scar stated that he was there for Dani, as well, but Dani declined his offer. She ran out of the house. The man called after her, but Téa thought it best if her daughter left. "This has been fun," the man stated.

Viki announced that the man would be staying at Llanfair because he was out on bail, and she'd been the one to pay for it. The man was her responsibility. The man was looking forward to getting his life back. Todd and the man just glared at each other.

Todd poured himself a drink after most of the family had gone. Tomas offered to stay with Téa, but she assured him that she was fine. He left the house. "Thanks for the vote of confidence," Todd snapped at Téa. "I'm here, aren't I?" she replied. She reminded him that they would have more information once the test results were available.

Destiny walked into Matthew's hospital room as David sat and talked to his brother about his film. She apologized to David for not making it to the premiere. He suggested that she watch it then, but Destiny advised him that she wanted to talk to Matthew alone. David graciously left the pair, and Destiny apologized to the still comatose Matthew for not being around. She'd been busy, but she wanted to let him hear about her decision.

Her choice had nothing to do with her feelings for Matthew, Destiny assured him. "I just wanted to let you know I'm not gonna have our baby," Destiny said. Her back was to the door, and she didn't see or hear Nora walk into the room.

Dani arrived at Nate's place and ran inside crying when he opened the door. She was hysterical, and she apologized for what she was about to do. She hated to unload on him but she'd had nowhere else to go. "I needed you," she said. Nate hugged her as she cried.

Blair, Starr, and Jack returned to La Boulaie. The teens argued over the possibility of twins vs. clones, and Blair finally told them to knock it off. As he went upstairs, Jack insisted that "dad is dad," but Starr apologized to her mother for not being so sure. She looked at Blair and realized that Blair wasn't too certain either. Starr reminded her mother that they'd get the results soon enough.

Viki and the man with the scar walked through the door at Llanfair. Viki advised the man to feel free to go about as he pleased, but she asked that he stay on the quiet side. There were small children upstairs. The man thanked her, but she was confused. "For what?" Viki asked. He pointed out that she was probably tired of using her home as a refugee camp, but Viki assured him that she enjoyed having people about.

The man wondered if he really were a crazy stranger. Viki didn't think he was either of those things. "How can there be two of me?" the man wondered. Viki felt that there would have been only one person qualified to answer that question, and that would have been the person who had given birth to Todd. She flipped through some pages of an old photo album and stopped at a picture of two young women.

Viki explained that Irene Manning had been her college roommate and best friend. Unfortunately, the woman had been dead for at least 30 years.

Baker apologized again. He assumed that they'd already seen the worst-case scenario, but the woman disagreed. "No, Mr. Baker, things can always get worse." The woman, though older, resembled the woman in Viki's photo album.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The man with the scar wondered if Viki believed that there could be two Todds, but Viki didn't know. She related that the only person who would have an answer was Irene Manning, who'd been dead for thirty years. The man suggested that Viki call a psychic, but he said he didn't need a psychic to tell him that he was Todd Manning. He wondered if she believed him. "In my heart," she replied.

The man thought that the man calling himself Todd had tampered with the results of the DNA test. However, Viki didn't think that Todd would have made the results say that both men were Todd. Viki wished she could talk to Irene, but figured that Irene wouldn't give Viki a straight answer if she were alive anyway. She told the man how betrayed she'd felt when she'd found out about the affair between Irene and Victor. She related that she would have given Irene a piece of her mind if Irene had been alive when Viki had found out. The man remembered seeing Viki "with the gloves off," and determined that Irene had been better off dead.

Viki admitted that the man seemed like the Todd she remembered. He replied that he wasn't like Todd; he was Todd. He told Viki about all of his loved ones that didn't believe who he was. He continued that he'd fought hard to get home. He hadn't expected everyone to welcome him with open arms, but had counted on Viki to. He was disappointed that she hadn't even offered him a hug. She responded that her brother hated being hugged. "You caught me. I'm nothing but a great, big fake," the man said sarcastically.

The man told Viki that she would want to hug him once the DNA test proved that he was Todd. She wondered what he would do if the results turned out the same. He didn't want to think about it. Viki was going to get a room ready for the man. He didn't want to stay in the room with Victor's portrait, but she informed him that she'd taken the portrait down years before. Viki returned a short while later to tell the man that his room was ready, but he was asleep on a couch. Viki covered him with a blanket, and sat down next to him.

Todd didn't care what the DNA test had said. He still believed that John had messed the test up. "I am Todd Manning," Todd repeated to Téa. Téa wondered if Starr's twin theory could be right. Todd still thought that someone had tampered with the test, and that the man with the scar was trying to steal Todd's life. Téa assured him that no one was going to steal his life.

Todd told Téa that Viki believed the man, because she was letting him stay at Llanfair. Téa tried to reassure him, but he added that the only one who believed in him was Jack. He thought that everyone else looked at him like he was an imposter. He knew that Téa was thinking just that. A short while later, Todd kicked over a picture of him and his family. Téa entered the room with Money Honey, and began to set the game up.

Irene told Baker that it was inexcusable that all of her hard work was unraveling. Baker took full responsibility, but believed that "the situation in Llanview" was salvageable. He assured Irene that the DNA test didn't tell who either Todd really was, and that no one would find out who the real Todd was. Irene knew that Viki was smart, and that the situation would point Viki in Irene's direction. However, she knew that everyone thought she was dead. Irene regretted that Tomas no longer worked for her.

Irene pulled out a gun, and pointed it at Baker. He told her that he'd been nothing but trustworthy and loyal to her for years. "A dog is trustworthy and loyal," she replied. She needed someone competent, but thought that Baker was sloppy instead. She related that Baker knew too much about the Todd situation.

Two guards entered the room, and Irene ordered them to "take care of him." The guards took Baker, and dragged him out of the room. Irene put the gun away. She took out a file folder marked "Confidential," and looked at a picture of her and Viki inside the folder. She took out a picture of Todd, and a picture of the man with the scar, and looked at both side-by-side.

Blair opened the front door of La Boulaie to Tomas. Starr offered to give them privacy, because she was on her way to James's anyway. She told them that they had a lot to talk about, and left. Tomas offered to leave if Blair didn't want to talk to him, but she let him into the house. Tomas wanted to know where they stood. Blair couldn't think about their relationship with all that was going on. Tomas understood that Todd was the father of her children, but wondered what Todd had to do with their relationship.

Blair swore that she was over Todd. Tomas kissed her. Blair pulled away, because she still thought that things were moving too fast. Tomas wanted to know what he could do to make her trust him. She wondered how she could trust him when his job had been to murder her ex-husband. Tomas reiterated that he'd been told that Todd was an enemy of the state. When he'd lied about it, he'd been trying to protect her. Blair spat that she didn't need to be protected. She only wanted the truth.

Tomas said that he'd told Blair everything he knew, except the one thing that mattered. "Damn it, I think I'm falling in love with you," he confessed. Blair was speechless. Tomas knew he'd have to do a lot to earn her trust, but refused to give up. He vowed to do everything he could to get answers about Todd for Blair, and left.

Starr knocked on James's bedroom door, but his music was too loud. She walked into his room, and found him with his headphones on. She jumped on him, and he was pleasantly surprised. He'd been listening to her and Baz's music, and actually liked it. Starr lay down next to James so they could catch up. She started talking about the issues with her dad. "Uh-oh, what'd he do now?" James asked. Starr told James everything, and said she wouldn't blame him if he wanted to steer clear of her crazy family. "Is that what you want?" James wondered.

Starr was surprised that James thought she wanted to break up with him. He felt that they'd been growing apart. He said that before, he had been the guy that was there for her, but it seemed that it had become Baz. Starr related that she'd been avoiding Baz "like the plague," because he'd kissed her. James was livid that Baz would disrespect James and Starr's relationship like that. Starr hadn't told James because it hadn't been a big deal, and she hadn't wanted James to go after Baz. She admitted that she'd "slapped the hell out of him."

Starr told James that he was the guy she wanted to be with, and that she loved him. "I love you, Twinkle," he told her, and kissed her passionately. The two began to undress each other, and moved to the bed.

Bo was surprised to see David sitting in the hallway at Matthew's rehab facility. David related that he refused to leave until Matthew was better. David wondered if Nate was in Statesville. Bo admitted that he and Nora had decided not to charge Nate. Bo explained what had happened between Nate and Matthew, and that it had been an accident. David wondered if Bo needed more evidence, and offered to wear a wire for Bo. He cited his experience from the Supermodel Crime Club.

Bo promised that he and Nora had a good reason for not arresting Nate, and asked David to trust him. David thought that Bo didn't trust him because of how David had first arrived in Llanview, pretending to be Todd in order to get money. Bo insisted that he was proud of how David had changed, and insisted that they hadn't charged Nate for Matthew's sake. Bo said that David was just as much of a son to Bo as Matthew was. "Thanks, Pa," David said, smiling.

Bo asked if David understood why Bo couldn't tell David certain things. "Not really, but I'm cool," David responded. David pulled out a copy of Vicker Man, and asked if Bo wanted to see it. David wanted to show Bo the entertainment system he'd hooked up in Matthew's room.

Destiny told Matthew that she'd decided not to have the baby. Nora entered just in time to hear the statement. Destiny tried to explain it away as her and Matthew's hopes to one day start a family. Nora realized that Destiny was pregnant, and that it was what she'd been trying to tell Nora for weeks. Destiny finally confirmed it. She explained the circumstances, and admitted that she and Matthew hadn't used protection. Nora was suddenly emotional that Destiny was carrying Nora's grandchild.

Destiny revealed to Nora that she wasn't going to have the baby, since she was only seventeen. Nora told Destiny that she couldn't have an abortion without parental consent, but Destiny showed Nora the signed paper. Nora begged Destiny not to get rid of the baby, because it could be the only piece of Matthew that Nora had left. Destiny replied that she couldn't raise a baby. However, Nora told Destiny that she and Bo could raise the child.

Destiny didn't want to dump her child on its grandparents like Greg had done with her. Nora promised that the child would always know that Destiny was its mother, and that Destiny could see the child anytime she wanted. Destiny wouldn't feel right doing that. She informed Nora that her appointment was the next day. Crying, Nora got down on her knees, and begged Destiny to have the baby.

Bo entered the room with David, who announced that he and Bo were going to watch Vicker Man. Destiny grabbed her things, and ran from the room. "She must have read the reviews," David said, and ran after Destiny. Noticing that Nora was crying, Bo wondered if something had happened to Matthew. She tearfully told a surprised Bo that Destiny was pregnant with Matthew's child, but had decided to have an abortion. She said that she'd begged Destiny not to, but Destiny already had her mind made up.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Starr couldn't believe that she and James had spent the night together with no interruptions. James said he would have waited as long as Starr wanted. Starr had to go pick up Hope. She needed to see Hope because of all the issues with her family. James offered to go with her to the revealing of the new DNA test results, "unless you think it'll set off your dad, if he is your dad." Starr related that Todd wouldn't have the time to worry about James.

James wondered if Starr thought that the man with the scar was her father. Starr told James how the man had answered every one of her questions correctly, and about his look of "total love" when Starr had shown him a picture of Hope. James suggested that the man was just a good actor, but Starr didn't think that the reaction could have been faked. She remembered that look from when she was little.

Starr continued that the man with the scar had felt like her dad, but so had the man she'd thought was her dad. Starr hoped that the DNA test would settle things. James wondered what would happen if it didn't. She wished she could stop thinking about the issue with her dad. "I think I can help," James said, and kissed her.

A short while later, James and Starr agreed that it had been worth the wait. James told her that she could use his apartment as a refuge from her family's craziness. He even told her to take Hope along, "even though she hates my guts." Starr thought that Hope would accept James once she saw how happy they were. Starr had to go, but James pulled her back into bed and kissed her.

Rex was watching security tapes from around the mansion when Natalie entered. Echo had told Natalie about Rex seeing Gigi. Rex told Natalie that he was reviewing the security tapes from around the mansion to catch Gigi. Natalie grabbed the remote control and turned the television off. Rex turned it back on, so Natalie got up and unplugged the television. She knew that it had been hard to let Gigi go, but Gigi was gone, and Natalie refused to let Rex believe that Gigi was still alive. She was worried about her brother.

Rex insisted that he'd been in his right mind when he'd seen Gigi. He thought that Gigi needed him because she was in some kind of trouble, but she kept running away from him. Natalie wondered why Gigi would run away if she loved Rex. Natalie picked up her phone, and said that she was going to call someone who could help. A short while later, Natalie told her brother that the person she'd called had really been a help when Liam had gone missing. The doorbell rang, and Natalie went to answer it.

Natalie answered the door to Madame Delphina. Madame Delphina had been expecting Natalie's call since the business with Liam hadn't yet been sorted out. Natalie insisted that it had all been sorted out. "Not according to my sources," Madame Delphina replied, to Natalie's confusion. When Delphina walked into the living room, she yelled towards the ceiling. She said that a Texan kept calling her a "she-devil." Rex was skeptical, but Delphina reminded him that she'd gotten him back from 1968.

Natalie explained Rex's situation to Madame Delphina. A frustrated Rex only agreed to accept Delphina's help if she accepted that Rex had seen Gigi. Delphina agreed, and asked Rex to take her where he'd seen Gigi. When they arrived, Delphina needed something that had belonged to Gigi, so Rex handed her Gigi's wedding ring. They had to "summon" Gigi, so the three sat at a table. Delphina took out a candle and lit it. The three held hands.

Madame Delphina called out to Gigi, and asked why Gigi was still there. She told Gigi that Rex wanted to talk to her. Fed up, Rex got up angrily from the table. Suddenly, the window slammed open, and a gust blew the candle out. "Someone's here," Delphina said. "Is it Gigi?" Rex asked.

Blair opened the door of La Boulaie to Todd. He handed her a copy of the Sun, with the headline "I AM TODD MANNING!" along with a picture of Todd. Todd wanted the brainwashing of his family stopped, and he wanted Blair's help. He vowed to do whatever it took to convince everyone that he was Todd. He called for Starr, but she wasn't there. "At least Jack is on my side," Todd said. Blair had tried to convince Starr, but wondered who was going to convince Blair. Todd wondered what he could do to convince her. "This," she said, and kissed him.

"What the hell was that, Blair? You know I'm married, happily married," Todd exclaimed. She'd wanted to test her memory, because she'd felt something when she'd kissed the man with the scar. "How did I do?" Todd wondered. She replied that she'd felt something familiar, but that was expected since they'd been married. Annoyed, Todd gave Blair a newspaper to give to Starr, and turned to leave. He wanted to "work on Viki." When Todd was gone, Blair thought about kissing both Todds, and then kissing Tomas.

Jessica entered the living room of Llanfair, and told who she'd expected was Todd, that the cover of the Sun should not be considered news. She was shocked when the man with the scar lowered the paper to show her his face. "Libel's always news," he said. Jessica marveled at how much the man looked like Todd before his plastic surgery. She demanded to know who he was, so he told her to sit down.

The man filled Jessica in on his story from the beginning, to the odd DNA test results. He wondered if Jessica was still writing. She admitted that she worked at the Sun, which angered the man. The man wondered if Jessica had ever had any doubt about the man who was claiming to be Todd. Jessica told the man about how she'd been Tess when Todd had returned. When Jessica had returned, she'd thought it was strange that Todd had agreed to keep it a secret that Tess had been out. She mentioned that Tess had blackmailed Todd with the fact that he'd been hiding Marty in his house.

The man promised that he would have taken better care of Jessica. He wondered why no one had questioned "Todd" when they'd found out that he'd had an affair with Marty. Jessica apologized for not saying anything about Todd's odd behavior, but the man didn't blame her. Jessica mentioned that she'd also locked Natalie in the basement, and added that she'd been "onto something." She explained her recent feud with Natalie to the man.

The man wondered if Jessica wanted him to talk to Natalie for her. She appreciated it, but she would see Natalie later at Clint's sentencing. She urged him to take care of his own twin, and she would take care of hers. Jessica hoped that "this mess" got sorted out. She was leaving to spend time with her kids. "Lucky you. Sounds great. Wish I could do that. Hell, wish I could just prove they were mine," the man said unhappily.

A short while later, Todd arrived at Llanfair, calling for Viki. The man walked out into the foyer, eating a sandwich, much to Todd's annoyance.

There was a knock on John's office door. Tomas entered, and requested John's help. Tomas explained that he'd promised to figure things out with the two Todds for Blair, because she couldn't move forward without the truth. John warned Tomas that the mystery could take a while to unravel. He thought that the quickest way to the truth would be through Agent Baker, which was why John had ordered an officer to tail Baker. The action pleasantly surprised Tomas.

John's phone rang, and he answered it to the officer who'd tailed Baker. He asked the officer where Baker had gone, and wrote down the response. He told the man to continue the surveillance, and hung up. John disclosed that Baker had gone to Louisiana to a heavily guarded military base. John had plans to investigate it off the books. "John McBain is going rogue?" Tomas observed, amused. John had to do something, and told Tomas that he was going with John.

Initially refusing, thoughts of Blair caused Tomas to accept. First, John needed to know what had happened with Marty. Tomas explained how Marty had found the disc with information linking Todd and Tomas with Baker. He knew that a friend had negotiated a trip out of the country for Marty, but he didn't know where she'd been taken. Tomas requested that they have another companion, preferably one with military experience. John told Tomas that one of his officers was a former Navy SEAL. "Do you trust him?" Tomas inquired.

At the gym, Vimal told Rama that they should go home and try to give Vimal's parents a grandchild. Rama agreed to go home, but only after she talked to Cristian, who was working out in the next room. Vimal refused to let her talk to Cristian, but Rama told him that it was a free country. She assured him that she'd chosen him over Cristian. She told him to speak to Brody, who was working out with Cristian, and left to talk to Cristian.

Vimal walked over to Brody, who was surprised to see Vimal. Vimal wanted to talk about Liam. He confessed to Brody that Todd knew about Liam being John's son. Brody was livid that Vimal had told Todd, but Vimal insisted that a drunken Todd had told Vimal. Vimal assured Brody that Todd wouldn't tell John. Todd hated John, so he didn't want John to find out that he had a son, and be happy. However, Brody thought that Todd was unpredictable. Vimal agreed, and said that he never knew what to expect at work. "It's like there are two Todds!" he exclaimed. Vimal reassured Brody, and walked away.

Brody picked up his phone to call Todd, but it rang in his hand. He answered the phone to John, who told Brody to get to the station.

Cristian asked how Rama's fake belly had turned out. Laughing, she told him about how it had exploded, and Rama and Vimal had been forced to tell Vimal's parents the truth about everything that had happened. She added that she and Vimal were back together, and happier than ever. She thanked Cristian for the advice he'd given her about how she couldn't have love without honesty.

Rama hoped that Cristian would find someone to marry. "Misery loves company?" he asked. However, she said that he wouldn't be miserable if he found the right person. "What if they're taken?" he wondered. "Then they're not the right one," she answered. She kissed him on the cheek, and hoped he'd find someone to "wrap your Best Arms around." Vimal entered and agreed, as long as Cristian's arms weren't around Rama, and he led Rama away.

Brody arrived at the station, and John showed him a map of where they were going. John told Brody that they were going to raid the military base in order to end the Todd Manning mystery. John showed Brody on the map exactly where Baker was "holed up."

Friday, August 12, 2011

At the Buchanan mansion, Madame Delphina sat at the table with Rex and Natalie and encouraged a visit from a spirit from the other side, when the wind suddenly blew open the door. Delphina asked the spirit to identify itself and then told Rex and Natalie that she believed the spirit to be female. Delphina informed the spirit that they were searching for Gigi and asked if the spirit had a message for them.

After the séance, Delphina remarked that both the encounter and the message had been strange, and that the visitor had only made one thing clear. Madame Delphina delivered the message about the spotted pony, but Rex and Natalie did not know what that meant. Delphina charged Natalie 50 dollars for her visit and laughed with the spirits that Natalie had thought that she would live happily ever after with Lovett.

Natalie chased after Madame Delphina, as she exited the house, and asked her what she had meant by the remark. Delphina cried out that somebody had moved the island, and she ran off. Rex then grabbed Natalie and told her to follow him to the stables. Upon their return from the stables, Rex pondered that he had just rushed to the stables to look for a spotted pony, because some psychic had told him to, since he had been seeing his dead fiancée everywhere.

Rex pleaded with Natalie to tell him that he was crazy, and that he needed to "let go." Natalie realized that Rex was grieving and remembered that she had encountered some problems in moving on after Jared's death. Natalie had hoped that Delphina would tell Rex that Gigi was at rest, which would have given Rex some peace. Rex sadly stated, "I'm never gonna have peace. Not without Gigi."

At the hospital, Destiny received Nora's phone call but refused to answer. Destiny then listened to Nora's message that begged Destiny to not have the abortion, since Nora feared that Matthew would wither away and die. Nora pointed out that Destiny carried a piece of Matthew and insisted that Nora and Bo would be willing to raise the baby, if Destiny could not.

In the exam room, Mrs. Evans thanked Dr. Wright for being there for Destiny, and Vivian recognized that Destiny would need comfort from her mother. When Dr. Wright asked Destiny if she was ready, Destiny wondered what would happen if she decided not to have the abortion. After Destiny expressed that she was still unsure what she should do, her mother claimed that they would all support her, no matter what Destiny decided.

When Mrs. Evans asked if someone had persuaded Destiny to change her mind, Destiny answered that she had talked to Matthew's mother. Destiny indicated that Nora had pleaded with her not to follow through with the abortion, because Destiny's baby would be all that was left of Matthew. Destiny's mother asked who would be responsible for the baby, once it was born, and Destiny revealed that Matthew's parents would raise the baby, if she could not.

Mrs. Evans exclaimed that Matthew's parents should not be interfering with Destiny's decision. Dr. Wright explained that if Destiny changed her mind, there would be no time left for an abortion at a later date, since Destiny was too far along. Vivian declared that it was "now or never."

Once Dr. Wright was in the exam room alone with her, the doctor assured Destiny that she would do everything possible to ensure that the baby was born safe and healthy. Vivian informed Destiny that she would start her on prenatal care, and that Destiny would then have plenty of time to decide whether to keep the baby, or to let Matthew's parents raise it.

At the courthouse, Jessica told Viki about her visit with the man with the scar and with Todd's original face and stated that the man had insisted that he was Jessica's Uncle Todd. Viki related that the only person who would know the whole truth would be Irene Manning, who was dead. However, Viki believed that John was trying to find out how the two men shared the same DNA, especially since they both claimed to be Todd Manning. Jessica indicated that she had not been close to Todd for a long time, but that the new Todd had just wanted to pick up where they had left off eight years prior.

Just as Jessica feared for Clint and his upcoming sentence, a cop pushed in Clint in a wheelchair. The police officer informed Jessica and Viki that Clint had just been in the infirmary. Jessica worried that Clint might have another episode in Statesville and wondered how they would deal with it. During Clint's hearing, after Clint refused to address the court, Judge Lee delivered Clint's sentence of 20 years in Statesville.

When Viki and Jessica expressed outrage at the long length of the sentence, the judge stated that the crime of kidnapping David Vickers and holding him in a Moroccan prison alone earned Clint that much. After Clint's physician reminded the judge that Clint's health was not good, and Jessica cried that 20 years would be a death sentence for him, Judge Lee agreed and announced that he would consider an alternate site, as long as Clint wore an ankle monitor.

After the judge added that Clint could remain on the premises of his house with the ankle monitor, Clint started to laugh. Once Clint revealed that he no longer had a home, because his son had stolen it from him, Judge Lee stated that he had no choice but to sentence Clint to Statesville. Viki then asked the judge if Clint could stay with her at Llanfair.

Judge Lee asked if Nora had any objections, and Nora indicated that she did not. The judge then ordered that Clint be fitted with an ankle monitor. Clint said that he was not sure how to thank Viki, but Viki insisted that he did not need to. Nora told Viki that she was on her way to visit Matthew, and Viki asked Nora to give Matthew a kiss for her.

When Viki thanked Nora for allowing Clint to stay at Llanfair, since she could have stopped it, Nora related that she felt that she did not have the power to stop anything anymore. After Viki left, Mrs. Evans walked up to Nora and slapped her. Destiny's mother demanded to know how Nora had the nerve to mess with Destiny's life.

At the Manning estate, Téa told Dani that she had waited up for her daughter, but Dani said that she had needed time to think. Téa indicated that she had not worried about Dani, although her father had. Dani sarcastically asked which father Téa referred to. Téa informed Dani that Viki had offered Llanfair to the man with the scar, and that Todd was terrified of losing his family.

Dani cried that she should not have run out on Todd, and that Todd had always been on her side, even when she had hated Todd and had chosen Ross over him. When Dani asked Téa which Todd she thought was real, Téa claimed that she could not believe that the man she loved with all her heart was not Todd. Téa said that Dani should have seen the look in Todd's eyes, when he had noticed Téa's doubt.

Téa explained that they had then played a game, and for a brief while, Todd had seemed like his old self. Téa noted, however, that there still was a man with Todd's old face. Téa believed that they would get the answers through John's DNA tests, but Dani cried that she was not sure that she wanted the answers. Dani sobbed that she was really scared.

When Téa asked where Dani had been, Dani explained that she had visited Nate, not to get back together with him, but because she had needed someone to talk to. Dani revealed that she was unable to talk to Destiny, because Destiny had her own problems. Téa indicated that Destiny would get what she needed from her mother, because Téa knew how strong mother-daughter relationships were. Téa insisted that she and Dani would be a lot stronger, once they reached the other side of their problem.

At a security plant in the Louisiana Bayou, two agents dragged in a supposedly unconscious John, and the superior agent wondered if anyone had ever wandered up to their front door in all of their years of operation. The superior believed that the man was not there by accident. After the agents pulled John into a cell, Brody and Tomas attacked and punched out the agents. After John bound and gagged them, he discovered a file in the cell and flipped through it.

When Tomas asked if the man with the scar had been held in the cell, John indicated that the cell had been occupied by another prisoner and showed Tomas a picture of Patrick Thornhart. As John considered busting Thornhart out, Tomas revealed that he had already sprung him. Tomas explained that he had reunited Marty and Patrick and then had sent them off into the sunset.

John remembered that Todd had carried a secret at that time and had exclaimed that John would kill to know what it was. John then announced that Baker was no longer their primary target, and that they needed to hunt down Baker's boss, the director.

Before he and Tomas left to search for the director, John refused to let Brody take any unnecessary risks, because of Natalie and Liam. Just as an agent told Baker that he was sure that the director would put Baker out of his misery, John knocked the agent out, and he and Tomas wheeled Baker inside a cell. John woke Baker up and demanded that he give them the name of the director. Baker stuttered out, "Irene."

Once Tomas voiced that they had to find Baker's boss, Baker insisted that they would need him to get to her. As Baker held up his hand to the scanner to allow them access into Security Area 5B-4, Baker warned, "She'll be ready for you, you know." John and Tomas kicked in the doors.

At Llanfair, after Todd stormed in, the man with the scar and with Todd's original face walked out of the kitchen with a sandwich. When the man with the scar said that his sister was out, Todd exclaimed that she was his sister, but the man stressed "not for long." Todd declared that just because Viki was letting the man stay at Llanfair did not mean that she believed the man with the scar.

Todd revealed that Viki had run off to Paris, Texas; had let two alters resurface; and had even let Tina stay at Llanfair, which would indicate that Viki was not in her right mind. When the man with the scar declared that Todd had ruined his entire life, David walked in and exclaimed, "Oh, come on, it was never that good to begin with."

David speculated that only a vengeful, wrathful God would unleash two Todds on the world. The man with the scar expressed surprise that David Vickers was not dead, especially after the tanning bed accident. David barked, "Tanning think I'm that stupid? My tan came from a can. It's fake, just like one of you two."

David studied the two Todds and cried that it was like Parent Trap's Hayley Mills fighting Parent Trap's Lindsay Lohan. David recognized that a great deal of money was involved. David then announced that he intended to buy the real Todd's rights to the movie, and that David would play Todd Manning. David insisted that he was only authorized to deal with the real Todd Manning, so he had found a way to get to the truth.

David had a foolproof question that only the real Todd Manning could answer. "How many pairs of hands, other than my own, did baby Jack pass through before he got back to Todd and Blair?" The man with the scar began to answer the question, "I thought that Jack was Max Holden's kid, so I gave Jack to a Mexican nanny named Polumba." After the two Todds questioned the nanny's name, the man with the scar continued, "she gave the kid back to Blair," and Todd added, "so I took him to the...." The man with the scar interrupted, "No, I took him to the airport."

Todd continued with the answer to David, "pawned him off on a baby broker." The man with the scar submitted, "but the baby showed up again, so I gave Jack to some Mexican nuns," and Todd finished the sentence, "who gave him to you." The man with the scar reminded David, "Because you said Jack was your adopted love child with your gay lover, Todd." Todd shuddered, "Still gives me nightmares," and the man related, "Tell me about it." David claimed that he had his answer.

The man with the scar laughed and joked that he was glad to see that some things had not changed, and that David was still a complete idiot. The man then suggested that they should just ask his mother, who could confirm that they were twins, when Todd noted that Irene was dead. However, David announced that Irene was not dead.

David emphasized that one did not need to be alive-alive to be alive, and that one only needed to leave something behind, so that one's memory would endure, such as an Oscar, Emmy, or diary. When Todd reminded David that David had forged the diary, David insisted that he had only forged a couple of entries, and that the rest of the diary had been authentic. When the man with the scar wondered if it had mentioned two Todds, David said, "Well, obviously not, or otherwise I would have posed as both of you."

David then asked the two Todds what they would be willing to pay for the diary. The man with the scar warned, "Todds don't bargain," and Todd threatened, "We Todds take." As the two Todds sauntered up to David, who insisted that he was not intimidated, the man with the scar reminded David that he knew where David lived.

After David left the room, Todd wondered if there was anything in the diary, and the man with the scar hoped so, because it would be the only way to settle it. The man finally then bit into his sandwich. When David returned to the room, the two Todds asked if he had retrieved the diary. David held it out and said, "It looks like you two are going to have to learn how to share. Happy Hunting." The Todds glared at the diary, as David laid it on the table.

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