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Jesse was forced to resign as chief of police. Zach continued to push Lea away. Cassandra had an abortion. Cara and David talked about their past. Pete persuaded Celia to save a dance for him at the gala.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 29, 2013 on AMC
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Monday, July 29, 2013

At Pine Valley Hospital, Dr. Anders informed Cassandra that hospital policy would require him to schedule the procedure to terminate her pregnancy for a later time. Cassandra pleaded with the doctor to do everything he could to expedite the process, but Anders reiterated the need to follow the rules. "I'll go crazy if I have to wait another day," Cassandra sobbed. Colby, who was still visiting with her friend, pulled Dr. Anders aside and pressed for a way to cut through the red tape. "My friend is in a lot of emotional pain," Colby whispered. "Look, this hospital is full of people in pain," Anders snapped.

Colby asked Dr. Anders to reconsider because her father was on the board of directors and that the Chandlers had "pretty much started" the hospital. Dr. Anders backed down, and said that he'd check to see what could be done. After the doctor had left the room, Cassandra thanked Colby for her help. Forcing a half-smile, Colby admitted that sometimes the Chandler name could get things done. Cassandra told Colby that Colby didn't have to hang around the hospital, but Colby promised to be there as long as Cassandra needed her.

Anders returned later with a consent form but spoke no words. He held out the paperwork and a pen and stared down at Cassandra on her bed. Cassandra looked skyward and wept openly. Colby looked on as her friend prayed silently.

After taking a deep breath, Cassandra took the pen and signed her name on the consent form. She was then wheeled off to the operating room. As she passed by Colby, Cassandra latched on to her friend's hand and maintained the connection until the distance between her and Colby was greater than the span of their arms. Left alone in the hospital room, Colby burst into tears.

A hurried AJ breezed into Chandler Mansion, nearly knocking over his father. As AJ ran to his room for an online video game tournament, JR shouted out a reminder that his son needed to buy a suit for the Miranda Center benefit.

AJ entered his bedroom and found Miranda playing her guitar and singing a song. He proudly admired her until Miranda realized that he was standing in the doorway. AJ praised Miranda's talents then asked her if she'd like to accompany him on a suit-shopping expedition.

Back downstairs, Cara showed JR the front page of the Pine Valley Bulletin with a headline about Jesse Hubbard's arrest on obstruction of justice charges. JR assumed that the arrest had something to do with Cassandra's kidnapping. Cara lowered her gaze and said that parents would go to great lengths to protect their children. When the two regained eye contact, they exchanged a knowing look of understanding.

Later, Miranda and AJ listened to some classic rock. AJ lamented not having been born when his favorite rock legends were in their prime.

As part of a guerrilla marketing campaign for the Miranda Center benefit, Heather was plastering promotional posters all over Pine Valley -- including the window of Jane's Addiction. Celia and Jane offer their assistance with making sure that the poster was level. A somewhat skeptical Pete Cortlandt walked into the coffeehouse and expressed his concern that he'd never be able to live down being called "Pine Valley's most eligible bachelor." He asked to speak to Celia about some of the details of the auction, but Celia was hesitant to sit down with Pete. Heather jumped in and said that she'd email the details to Pete, but Pete insisted that he talk to Celia.

Celia and Pete had just sat down to start their discussion when AJ and Miranda arrived at Jane's. AJ ribbed Pete about the bachelor auction. Miranda, meanwhile, thanked Pete for helping raise much-needed funds for the Miranda Center and told him not to listen to "this goofball" and his jokes. Heather returned for an iced coffee break, and Celia used that as an excuse to head out and take over the poster-hanging duties.

Pete watched longingly as Celia walked off. Heather held up a roll of tape and mentioned that Celia would have a hard time hanging any posters without the tape. Pete thanked Heather, grabbed the tape, and chased after Celia.

Pete caught up with Celia and offered his assistance with hanging the poster. He put his hand on Celia's and helped to adjust the poster. Celia tried to remove herself from the situation, but Pete continued his full-court press. He asked Celia to agree to have one dance with him at the gala. Reluctantly, Celia agreed. She then twirled once as she headed off to her next destination.

Back at the hospital, JR spotted Colby in the empty hospital room. JR was immediately concerned for Colby and asked her if she was okay. Colby swore JR to secrecy before telling him about Cassandra's ordeal. JR assured Colby that her being there for Cassandra in her time of need was the best thing that she could do for Cassandra. Colby apologized to JR for not having visited him during the five years that he was comatose in the hospital.

David bumped into Anders in the hospital corridor and asked for an update on Cassandra. Anders reminder David that he wasn't able to divulge any information. David was concerned that Angie wasn't at the hospital with Cassandra, but Anders said it was none of his business to keep track of patients' parents. David was livid, saying that it was important for a patient having an abortion to have a loved one at their side when they woke up.

As David was lashing out at Dr. Anders, Cara walked in the background. She looked uneasy, avoided eye contact, and darted off. Anders reiterated that he was just doing his job, and remarked that Angie, from what he'd seen on the news, had other matters to worry about.

David eventually caught up to Cara, and the two exchanged small talk about Cassandra and Angie. After Cara mentioned that she couldn't imagine what Angie and Cassandra must be going through, David reminded Cara that she'd had to make her own decision about her pregnancy five years earlier. Cara denied that her situation was anything like Cassandra's. "I went to bed willing without you because I actually cared about you," Cara said, fighting back tears. Cara's pager sounded, and she excused herself.

Before Cara could get too far away, David told her that it was nice to finally hear her admit that the love they'd once shared had been real. JR walked up to them, and David turned and walked away. JR asked Cara what she and David had been talking about, but Cara said she didn't want to talk about.

In the municipal building, Zach introduced Angie to "Sullivan," the attorney he'd hired to represent Jesse. Sullivan promised to do his best work for Jesse, but he explained that the courts took obstruction of justice charges very seriously. A handcuffed Jesse was led into the corridor, and Angie ran over to embrace him. Jesse urged his wife to return to the hospital to be with Cassandra, but Angie assured him that she wanted to be by his side for the hearing. Jesse expressed his remorse for the things he'd put Angie through. "You saved out daughter's life," Angie replied, saying that he'd always done his best to protect their family.

Jesse thanked Zach for bailing him out of jail. The two friends shared a brief embrace before Zach told Jesse to go to the hospital to be with Angie and Cassandra. Sullivan and Lea emerged from the courtroom with news of a deal that would keep Jesse out of jail. Sullivan stated that Lea had been very persuasive on Jesse's behalf and had managed to get the charges against Jesse dropped. There was, however, a condition: Jesse would have to resign as chief of police.

Meanwhile in the coffee shop, Heather gushed about the Miranda Center benefit and the rumors of a surprise act. She suggested that she, Miranda, and AJ "go thrifting" to find some vintage outfits to wear to the gala. AJ was less than thrilled with the idea of going clothes shopping and worried that shopping at a thrift store meant he'd be stuck in a 1970s-era bell-bottom suit.

Zach popped in to Jane's and greeted Miranda and her friends. AJ was puzzled when Miranda bowed out of shopping and told him to go along with just Heather. "This has got to be the first time that a woman has turned down shopping to have coffee with me," Zach mused. Zach sensed that something was wrong

At the police station, Jesse packed his belongings into a white cardboard box. He took one last look at the badge and recalled the moment in 2008 when he was named "Pine Valley's chief of the po-po." Biting his lip, Jesse placed his badge on the desk, picked up his box of personal effects, and took one final look around the office. He sighed and slowly walked away.

David found Angie standing at her locker in the hospital. Angie explained she'd just arrived from Jesse's bail hearing and wanted to freshen up before going to see Cassandra. David informed Angie that Cassandra had decided to go through with terminating her pregnancy. Angie cried out and raced out of the locker room.

Curled up in a ball in her hospital bed, Cassandra had her back to the door. Angie walked in. Angie sat on the edge of the bed and stroked Cassandra's hair. Cassandra turned around, hugged her mother tightly, and wept.

This episode concluded with a public service announcement delivered by Debbi Morgan (Angie Hubbard). The message urged viewers to support the group Love146, a non-profit international human rights organization that works toward the abolition of child sex trafficking and exploitation through advocacy, prevention, and aftercare. For more information, you can call 203.772.4420 or visit

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

At the Chandler mansion, Celia and Colby prepared for the auction. Colby wondered how much Pete would go for. Celia guessed more than a puppy, and Colby asked if Celia would bid. Celia said she'd rather have the puppy, and Colby quipped that Pete was potty-trained and could roll over and beg.

Later, Celia and Colby went to Celia's dorm to retrieve some paperwork. Colby called the décor in there virginal and princess-like but nice. Colby wished her parents had shipped her off to boarding school. Celia thought it had to be cool to have lived with parents; however, Colby revealed that her parents had fought all the time, and then her mother had taken off with her.

Colby shared that she'd lived out of her suitcase, unable to make any lasting friendships as she and her mother had bounced from place to place. Celia said she was sorry, but Colby claimed it had taught her to rely on herself and take care of herself because no one else would. Celia remarked that all she had of her parents were a locket and pictures. Colby said that as irritating as her parents were, she couldn't imagine life without them.

Evelyn arrived to take Celia dress shopping. Colby introduced herself to Evelyn and suggested that Celia accompany Colby to Colby's fitting. Colby promised that Yvette would make a one-of-a-kind gown for Celia. Celia gave Evelyn a questioning gaze, and Evelyn agreed to let Celia go.

Later, Celia returned to her dorm and showed Evelyn a sketch from the designer. Celia revealed that she'd had fun with Colby, but Evelyn warned Celia to be careful of Colby. Celia said Colby was over the thing with Pete, and she and Colby were okay. Celia asked if the guardian would have a problem with the dress price, but Evelyn figured he'd love the chance to dress Celia up.

Back at the mansion, Colby and Yvette finished the fitting, and Colby asked if Yvette had all of Celia's measurements. Yvette had them in her notepad and believed that Celia would be a vision in her dress. Yvette left to retrieve a garment bag, and Colby picked up Yvette's pad and scribbled in it.

At Jane's café, Pete talked to Jane about being the bachelor for the auction. He remarked that he wouldn't be on the block if Celia were interested in him. Jane suggested that he lay on the Cortlandt charm, and Celia would soon be his.

Jane returned to the counter, and Billy Clyde Tuggle introduced himself to Pete, saying, "I knew your father." Billy Clyde and Pete took a walk, and Pete asked how Billy Clyde had known Pete's father. Billy Clyde explained that he and Palmer had each enjoyed the finer things in life.

Billy Clyde turned the topic to Pete's life. Pete explained that he'd arrived to get his father's company back in order, and there had been a girl. Billy Clyde guessed there was trouble in paradise, and Pete said that Celia had broken up with him. Pete thought that Celia was the finest woman he'd ever met, and Billy Clyde urged Pete not to let her get away.

Inside the café, Zach told Miranda it was okay if she wanted to catch up with her friends instead of hanging with her uncle. Miranda looked hesitant, and Zach asked if AJ and Heather were dating. With a shrug, Miranda revealed that AJ had asked Heather to the gala and guessed that could be a date.

Zach assumed that Miranda was attending the party and would also need a dress. "Let's go shopping," he suggested, and Miranda giddily hopped out of her chair to follow him out.

After Zach and Miranda bought what Miranda thought was the perfect dress, Zach insisted that she needed a backup dress and some shoes. Lea happened along, and Miranda recognized her as Zach's bodyguard. Lea said she wasn't anymore and asked what they were up to. Miranda replied that Zach had taken her shopping for a gala dress.

Miranda took her bags to the car, and Lea asked if she could explain why she hadn't been able to look the other way when she'd dealt with Jesse. Zach quipped that she'd chosen her job over Jesse's family. He didn't think there was anything else to understand about it.

Zach and Miranda continued their shopping and then wound up back at the café. Lea was there, and Miranda showed Lea some great jewelry that Zach had picked out. Lea wondered how Miranda would wear her hair, and the ladies discussed some hairstyles Miranda could try.

Zach took Miranda home, and she found a camping bag and note in the foyer. She said AJ wanted to camp by the lake later. Miranda thanked Zach for taking her shopping, and he asked her to take a picture of herself in the dress. She asked if he were going to the party, but he said it wasn't his thing. Miranda persuaded him to go, and he agreed to get himself a suit and accompany her.

At Jesse's house, David arrived, and Jesse grew irritated at the sight of him. David hadn't known that Jesse would be there, but he was glad that Jesse was back with his family who needed him.

David hoped Jesse had a good lawyer to beat the charges. Jesse claimed not to need one because the charges had been dropped. David wasn't surprised that David's daughter had died, and David had gone to prison; however, Pine Valley's own police chief got a pass because he was "such a damned good citizen." Jesse ordered David to get out and to stop hanging around Angie like a mutt in heat.

David said Angie needed someone around that she could trust, but Jesse insisted that David destroyed every life he touched. Reminding Jesse that David had helped Angie regain her vision, David asked for a little gratitude. Jesse recalled that David had blackmailed Angie out of her hospital position, but David shot back that he hadn't left Angie for twenty years while he'd started another family.

Jesse mocked David for the tit-for-tat and said Jesse hadn't had a choice back then. David replied that Jesse always had a choice and always made the wrong one. David cited the baby switch Jesse had done, and Jesse warned David that he was crossing the line. David retorted that it wasn't crossing the line to tell the truth, and Angie deserved much better than Jesse.

Jesse sarcastically quipped that Angie deserved someone like David, who'd shot JR. David replied that JR had aimed a gun at a room full of people, and Jesse asked whose finger had been on the trigger when Marissa had been shot. David called Jesse a "son of a bitch."

Jesse told David not to pretend he had compassion. Jesse claimed that David had no friends in Pine Valley. David replied that Jesse was wrong, and David had supported Angie while Jesse hadn't been around. Jesse stated that he was there for Angie whenever she needed him. David asked where Jesse had been when Cassandra had gotten an abortion. "What?" Jesse asked and rushed out of the house.

At the hospital, the sobbing Cassandra said that Angie should have left her in the dumpster, because Cassandra's mother had thrown her in there for a reason. Angie declared that Cassandra was her miracle and gave her nothing but joy. Cassandra asked if the abortion had given Angie joy.

Angie remarked that there was no easy way back from what Cassandra had suffered, but Angie supported Cassandra's decisions. Turning away, Cassandra quipped that Angie's shrink had told Angie to say that. Dixie, who had arrived during the talk, advised Angie to get some coffee. Angie exited, and Cassandra told Dixie that she didn't need a babysitter.

Dixie said she was there as a friend. Cassandra conveyed that she'd thought getting rid of the baby would make her feel different, but she still felt dirty and disgusting. She guessed the pain would never go away. Dixie agreed but said Cassandra could choose how she handled it. Cassandra wanted to forget it all, but each time she closed her eyes, she saw everything that had happened.

Dixie gave Cassandra a gold necklace with a charm on it. Cassandra thought it was beautiful. As Dixie fastened it around Cassandra's neck, Dixie asked Cassandra to wear it as a reminder that she'd get through it. "May all your tears turn to gold," Dixie uttered.

Later, Dixie located Angie in a waiting room to say that Anders would only let Cassandra remain in the hospital one more night because there was no medical reason to keep her. As Jesse entered, Dixie left to see if she could convince Anders to keep Cassandra longer.

Jesse asked Angie if the abortion had really happened. Angie affirmed it, and Jesse blamed himself for Angie not being with Cassandra for the ordeal. Angie said she'd had to support her husband in front of the judge. Angie was most upset because of Cassandra's belief that Angie hated her.

Jesse comforted Angie, and Angie said she hadn't told Cassandra about the arrest. Jesse revealed that there wouldn't be a trial, and the state had agreed to drop the charges if Jesse resigned. Angie was sorry that Jesse had lost his job, but Jesse said Cassandra's safety was all that mattered.

Jesse went to visit Cassandra, who guessed that he knew what she'd done. He wished he and Angie had been there, and he said they'd do whatever they could to help. Cassandra replied that he'd saved her, and as he hugged her, he wished he'd gotten to her sooner.

Outside the room, Angie watched Jesse hug Cassandra. Dixie told Angie that Cassandra hated herself and was projecting the hate onto others in order to cope. Dixie said it would pass with time, patience, and love. Angie replied that Cassandra wasn't the only one who'd need that, and she revealed that Jesse had needed to resign from his job to keep himself from going to jail.

Angie felt as if their lives had been ripped from beneath them. She didn't know what to do to fix it, and she wondered what would happen if she couldn't.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

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Friday, August 2, 2013

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