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An anonymous bidder won Celia the date with Pete. Dr. Anders opened up to Dixie about his past. JR stole a prescription pad from Cara. Zach told Lea that he couldn't be with someone who didn't trust him.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of August 5, 2013 on AMC
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Monday, August 5, 2013

Dr. Anders waited anxiously at the hospital, and he looked at a photo of a beautiful woman on his phone. Dixie asked who the woman was, and she immediately apologized for being intrusive, but she remarked that it was the first time she'd seen him smile. He snapped that Dixie was late, and she explained that a patient had needed extra time. The doctor pointed out that there were time limits on therapy for a reason, and she inquired whether he'd ever been to a session before.

Dr. Anders replied that the only way to stay on schedule was to stick to the allotted time. Dixie stated that she had asked him there to talk about Cassandra, and he said that he'd performed the abortion, so Cassandra was ready to be released. Dixie objected because Cassandra wasn't emotionally ready, but he barked that there was no medical reason for Cassandra to be in the hospital.

Dixie angrily pulled Dr. Anders into a private room and asked if he had ever been through something traumatic, because Cassandra could barely get through an hour at a time. The doctor blurted that he had been, and he started to leave, but Dixie accused him of being afraid to be human. Dixie suspected that he was afraid of dealing with what clearly tormented him, and he admitted that if he did, he might not bounce back, because he almost hadn't been able to before.

Dr. Anders continued that he had been frozen for months, and he'd finally decided that he was still alive for a reason, so he had vowed to save as many lives as possible to make up for the one he hadn't been able to save. Dixie said that he'd forgotten to save the life he needed the most -- his own. She offered her time to talk, but he walked out and was obviously distressed.

Opal got ready for the gala at Pete's place. She worried that she'd do or say something wrong while performing her duties, but Pete assured her that she'd own the red carpet. She appreciated his vote of confidence, but she realized that her whole future depended on that night. Opal declared that it was time for her to live her own life, and she wanted to live it large. Pete said that he was her number one fan, and she hugged him.

Colby barked orders to the staff at the Chandler mansion. Cara entered for a session with JR, and Colby dared her to try to drag him away from his computer, because he'd been working all night on the Chandler Media sizzle reel. Cara confirmed that it had been all JR had talked about, and Colby contended that it was about time he'd done something. Cara pointed out that JR had been in recovery, but Colby whined that she missed the old JR. "It's so embarrassing the way Brooke has his balls in a jar. The old JR would kick her ass out by now and would enjoy doing it," Colby huffed.

Later, Cara commended JR for achieving amazing results by sticking to his schedule and not pushing himself too hard, and JR said that he couldn't have done it without her. Colby entered and praised Carmen's cooking, and she handed a protein shake to JR. JR was touched that Colby was looking out for him, and Colby dragged Cara away to show off the plans for the gala. JR spotted Cara's prescription pad and tore off a few sheets.

Cara asked if it was okay if Oliver played with JR, and JR replied that he didn't mind. Cara noted that Oliver had taken to JR, and JR called Oliver an amazing kid. She thanked JR again for allowing her son and mother to stay there, and she called it a gift that she'd always be grateful for. JR commented that parents shouldn't be apart from their children, and she wondered if she'd made a mistake by telling David that she'd had an abortion.

Cara acknowledged that David had done horrible things, but she'd also seen his sensitive side when he'd mourned the loss of his child, and she believed that he could be a good father. JR thought that David had played her five years before and was doing it again, and he encouraged her not to second-guess her decision, because Oliver was safe. Cara hugged JR and thanked him for everything.

David ran into AJ and Miranda outside Jane's Addiction, and he asked if they were going to the gala. Miranda tentatively inquired if David planned to attend, and David disclosed that Colby had invited him. Miranda imagined that it would be hard for David to go back to the mansion, and David remarked that it wouldn't be his first time to return to the Chandler estate, but it would always be difficult to be there.

Miranda hoped that the gala would be great enough to erase the bad memories. David agreed, but he added that he would never forget his daughter, and the most difficult part was seeing JR living the life of a free man. David apologized to AJ, and AJ understood that a lot of people hated his dad, but he believed that JR had changed. Meanwhile, JR injected himself with steroids.

At the coffeehouse, Miranda good-naturedly scolded AJ for sampling the desserts that Jane had prepared for the gala. Jane hoped her creations went over well, and she mentioned that she was closing up early. Jane told Lea that her order would be up in a minute, and Lea looked uncomfortable when Zach entered. Zach approached Miranda and handed her the shoes that she'd left in his car. Miranda gushed that they were the coolest shoes ever and that he was the best, and he told her to save him a dance.

Miranda thanked Lea for the hairstyle idea, and Lea suggested that Miranda send her a picture of it. AJ requested Miranda's help to load the car with the food, and Lea asked if Miranda was excited about the gala. Miranda half-heartedly said that she was, but she reflected upon the last party at the Chandler mansion, and she mused that things hadn't been the same since Marissa had been killed. Zach hugged Miranda as Lea looked on.

Dimitri found Brooke putting together her own reel at Chandler Media, and he realized that she was making a backup in case JR screwed up. Brooke said that she wanted to trust JR, and she knew JR had been working hard, but it was too important to risk. Dimitri agreed that there was no room for flaws, and Brooke hoped that JR surprised her.

Later, Opal arrived at the Chandler mansion and raved that the opportunity to be on the red carpet meant everything to her. Brooke was sure that Opal would be a natural, and Opal promised to impress the viewers. Opal spotted David, and she asked what he was doing there. Brooke was concerned about David causing trouble, and Dimitri offered to take care of it.

Dimitri kindly greeted David, who announced that he wanted to make a sizable donation. Dimitri wondered if there was a catch, but David insisted that the Miranda Center was important to the community and a cause close to his heart. Dimitri thanked David, and he remarked that he was sorry that David wouldn't be at the gala. David replied that he wouldn't miss it for the world.

David ran into JR, and he said that it was a Chandler party just like the old days, and JR told him to shut up. David hoped that JR had learned to play nice, and JR mentioned that it was a big night for Chandler Media. David taunted that there was no way the Chandler family would let JR near the company, and he asked if he should be worried that JR would have a gun at the gala. JR ordered him out, and David growled that it was "textbook spineless JR" to set out to kill everyone when JR didn't get what he wanted. JR roughly grabbed David, and David remarked that the old JR was back.

JR released David and repeated his order to get out, and David asked if JR intended to shoot him. Brooke interrupted to retrieve the sizzle reel from JR, and she inquired whether everything was okay. David said that they had been revisiting the bad old days, and he advised Brooke to lock up the firearms. JR handed Brooke a flash drive with the completed reel, and he proclaimed that it would prove that he could be an asset to Chandler Media.

Evelyn entered Celia's room with Celia's dress, and Celia excitedly went to try it on. Celia cried out in horror when the dress didn't fit, and she emerged with the oversized gown hanging limply on her frame. Evelyn promised that she could fix it by that night, and Celia wondered how it could have happened, since Yvette had carefully taken her measurements. Celia suddenly had a realization.

Celia summoned Colby to the town square, and she flatly stated that her dress had arrived. Celia spat that her gown didn't fit, and Colby snidely suggested that Celia cut out the late-night snacks. Celia argued that Yvette had taken her measurements, and she accused Colby of changing them. Celia wondered if Colby was consumed with jealousy because Pete had sworn that he and Colby weren't together.

Colby said that Pete was secretive about his sex life, and she called Celia a poor virgin who was crushing on a guy she couldn't have. Celia questioned why Colby got ticked off every time Pete talked to or looked at Celia, and she added that Pete looked at Celia a lot. Colby declared that Celia could believe what she wanted, but Pete had the scratch marks on his back to prove it. Pete arrived and inquired if everything was okay.

Pete and Colby followed Celia to Jane's Addiction, and he asked why Celia had run off. Celia claimed that she and Colby had argued about the gala, and she attributed it to the pressure of such a big event. Colby boasted about putting together the event of the year, and Pete said that he was sure Colby would make it a success. Colby cooed over him and kissed his cheek, and Pete departed. Celia condemned Colby for taking all the credit, and Colby complained that Brooke had been too busy playing mistress of the family's company to bother.

Colby wondered why Celia hadn't made a big deal about the dress to Pete, and Celia replied that the blame game was Colby's style, not Celia's. Colby condescendingly called Celia a good little girl who deserved a gold star. Celia refused to apologize for being nice, but she asserted that she wasn't stupid, and she knew who Colby was. Colby dared Celia to try to keep up, and Celia stormed out as David entered.

Colby conceded that Celia was smarter than she looked, and David warned that the nice ones could take them down when they least expected it, but Colby vowed that wouldn't happen. David mentioned the reel that JR had been working on, and Colby explained that the reel was to showcase Chandler Media at the gala. Colby ridiculed JR for begging for the chance to impress Brooke, and she revealed that JR thought that the reel would lead his way back into the company.

Miranda twirled around in her party dress, and AJ said that she looked amazing. She lamented that she'd forgotten her new shoes at Jane's, but he assured her that no one would notice. Heather entered, and she snapped photos with Miranda and AJ. An uncomfortable Miranda said that she'd meet them downstairs, and she stepped out. Heather asked if AJ liked her outfit, and he distractedly complimented her as his eyes longingly followed Miranda.

Evelyn presented Celia with the fixed dress at the Chandler mansion, and she told Celia to have a wonderful time. Celia said that she thought she would, and Evelyn took the dress upstairs. Celia looked lost in thought, and she suddenly had a frightening vision of the creepy man, his shoe, blood on the carpet, and a young girl. Celia gasped for breath, and Dixie walked in. A stricken Celia clung to Dixie.

A man entered a closed, dark Jane's Addiction. Lea burst in with a gun and commanded that he freeze, and she discovered Zach.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

At Jane's café, Lea pulled on gun on Zach. He froze and asked her to lower her weapon. Lea demanded to know why he'd broken into the café, but he asked why she was guarding it. He claimed to be retrieving Miranda's shoes, but he hadn't known the place would be closed. Lowering the gun, Lea couldn't believe he'd committed a felony over some shoes.

Lea explained that there had been break-ins in the area, but Zach found it hard to believe the FBI had sent one of their agents to cover that. Zach was sure she'd arrest him, but he asked to deliver the shoes first. Lea whipped out her handcuffs, and Zach sighed with irritation.

Lea handcuffed Zach because he'd been avoiding her. She said she'd remove the cuffs if he promised to listen. Zach agreed and touched her hair as she uncuffed him. Lea apologized for what had happened with Jesse, but she said she'd taken an oath. She sensed that something good had been happening between her and Zach, and she hadn't felt that way in a while.

Zach said he hadn't either, and Lea asked if they could have a do-over. He reasoned that not everything that felt right was right, and they were too different. He was glad she'd stopped them from going too far. Lea replied that she'd done it because he hadn't been ready. She was sorry about Jesse, and she asked if her getting the charges dropped had counted for something.

Zach replied that it had, but Lea hadn't trusted him enough to involve him. He said that Kendall hadn't trusted him, and she hadn't let down her guard. Kendall's mistrust had destroyed their marriage. He hadn't liked being mistrusted then, and he still didn't like it. Zach grabbed the shoes and strode out.

In the foyer of the Chandler mansion, Brooke descended the stairs, worried about the way she looked. Dimitri told her that he saw a stunning woman who was launching Chandler Media. Brooke appreciated his words, and as she helped him with his cufflinks, they caught each other's gazes.

The maid, Stella, arrived with flowers for Brooke. The card attached was from Adam, who wished he could be there to share in her success. Brooke wished he could be there, too.

Outside the mansion, cameras flashed as Opal greeted Cara and JR on the red carpet. Opal spoke of JR's miraculous recovery, and JR and Cara credited the success to each other. Next, Colby arrived with David, the "ex-con," according to Opal.

As Colby credited herself with garnering the musical talent for the night, Billy Clyde watched from behind some bushes. He wore all black and a skullcap on his head, but he fantasized that he had arrived at the party in a tuxedo. In his dream, Opal called him the most influential member of Pine Valley society since Palmer, and Opal felt that Billy Clyde reminded her of her beloved Palmer.

Billy Clyde snapped out of it as Colby talked about bidding on Pete. Opal warned Colby not to cheat on David because of what had happened the last time someone had lit David's fuse at the mansion. Meanwhile, Dimitri and Brooke got in line and spotted Colby with David. Brooke was sure Colby was with David to get a rise out of Adam.

Next, Pete arrived, and Opal sang the praises of "mama's pride and joy." Pete talked about the jobs that his company planned to open in town, and Opal asked him if he knew who'd be the lucky woman to win him at auction. Pete didn't have a clue but promised the winner an awesome night.

Inside the party, Colby wished JR luck on his presentation, and JR asked why she'd arrived with David. Brooke approached, wanting to know the same thing. "You're so not the boss of me," Colby responded. Brooke didn't appreciate Colby generating negative publicity just to get a rise out of Adam. "As usual, Brooke, you're overreacting to something that's none of your business," Colby quipped.

Colby sauntered over to Pete, who was hoping he wouldn't regret the auction. Colby told him that he was hot, and he should own it. She said he might find true love. Pete remarked that she was there with David, and Colby replied that she was keeping everyone on their toes. Pete warned her to make sure hers didn't get crushed.

Across the room, David startled Cara when he greeted her, and he noted that she was on edge. She stammered until JR approached with drinks. David cited that JR was already off the wagon, and JR downed his clear drink. David walked off, and JR promised Cara that his drink had been soda water.

Cara figured that, but she was upset that David was in the same house as her son. JR promised Cara that David wouldn't find out the boy was there. Though Cara thanked JR, she remained on edge.

David located Colby outside, and she said her lips were lonely. He told her that it was time to cool it between them. "Don't tell me you're dumping me," the pouty Colby said. He figured that they'd had fun and done what they'd set out to do. He added that Adam would be upset once he found out that Colby had "come" with David. Colby giggled, noting a double entendre.

David laughed and guessed Adam would be upset about the number of times Colby had done that with David, too. Colby thought the night was still young, but David said her heart was with someone else. He added that his might be, too. They shook hands and agreed to remain allies.

Back outside, AJ and Heather arrived. When Opal asked who Heather was wearing, Heather said it was vintage thrift shop. Miranda approached the red carpet but shied away. AJ and Heather greeted Miranda and urged her to walk the red carpet. Miranda declined, saying she didn't have the right shoes.

Hunter arrived with his parents, who Opal noted were large investors in Chandler. Hunter hammed it up with the photographers until he spotted Miranda. She froze as he strode over and whispered that she looked hot in her dress. After Hunter walked off, Heather asked what he'd said. AJ threatened to go bust Hunter's teeth out, but Miranda quickly claimed that Hunter hadn't said anything.

Opal insisted that Miranda walk the red carpet because the Miranda Center had been named after her. Miranda claimed she had no date, so AJ offered to walk with her. She said she'd look pitiful if he had to walk it twice for her, and she didn't have her shoes.

Just then, Zach arrived with Miranda's floral heels, and Miranda squealed and hugged him. She threw her other shoes into the bushes, and they bounced off Billy Clyde's head. As Miranda and Zach strode to the red carpet, Heather swooned over Zach, Miranda's prince charming. AJ said Zach was Miranda's uncle. Heather didn't care. To her, Zach was hot.

Dixie arrived on the red carpet alone. She spoke of her position and the generous donation the center had received. Still hiding in the bushes, Billy Clyde rendered Dixie a love-struck grin.

At the party, Miranda watched Heather and AJ dance. Hunter slipped up beside Miranda and noticed that Heather was batting for the other team. He urged Miranda to try it.

Dimitri saw Brooke admiring a diamond necklace in the silent auction category. He placed it on her neck, but she said it would be very inappropriate if she bid on it.

Later, Dimitri and Brooke danced together, and Dimitri hoped the crowd liked the sizzle reel. He asked if she felt guilty about making a backup reel in case JR failed. Shrugging, Brooke hoped they wouldn't need to use her reel.

When Celia arrived with Evelyn, Opal stopped cold and blanched as, in her mind, she caught a flicker of Celia's nightmares. Celia and Pete approached each other, but Opal quickly snagged Pete away and said it was time for the auction.

Opal had trouble getting the crowd's attention, but once she whistled, the music stopped. Opal welcomed everyone to the first annual benefit for the Miranda Center and introduced Pete, the bachelor for auction. Pete promised to pick the winner up in his convertible for a dinner date at a five-star restaurant. "And after that, who knows?" he added. Opal quickly quipped that she'd know.

Opal started the bidding at five hundred dollars. Colby kept putting her number up to bid, but Opal refused to acknowledge it. Colby asked David to bid for her, but David replied that Pete wasn't his type. "Allies, remember?" she snipped and hoisted his hand, which held her bidding card, into the air.

Evelyn asked Celia if she wanted to bid on Pete. Evelyn figured that the guardian would pay for it for charity. Celia said that she and Pete weren't together, and someone else deserved to win.

Opal was about to end the bidding at fifty-four hundred dollars, but Dimitri rushed up with a ten thousand dollar bid that had arrived by phone. David murmured that it was too rich for his blood, and he handed Colby the bidding card back. Opal closed the bidding and declared that they had a winner -- she just didn't know who it was.

Dimitri announced that the winner was Celia Fitzgerald. Stunned, Celia responded that she hadn't even made a bid. Colby stomped up to Celia and asked what Celia was trying to pull. Colby seethed that Celia had no idea what she'd just done.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

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Friday, August 9, 2013

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